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Stskeepsanyone expericing HAL crashes on armel?16:38
persiaStskeeps, I haven't seen that.  Can you reproduce with a stock rootfs?17:07
Stskeepsmm, things might be a bit special since it's on the nokia tablets, i'll see if i can reproduce in a second17:08
persiaStskeeps, If you can reproduce, even on the tablets, with no extra-repo patches to HAL, it's probably worth filing a bug.17:11
Stskeeps*nod* we didn't touch HAL whatsoever, so17:11
persiaIn that case, it's probably a valid bug.  While there's no kernel that works on those, it's certainly one of the devices considered for the port.17:12
ian_brasilpersia: doesn't the maemo kernel work?17:14
persiaian_brasil, Sure, but I don't think we can file bugs on the maemo kernel on LP.17:20
persiaOr at least not against Ubuntu.17:20
* Stskeeps unpacks newest rootfs17:23
* Stskeeps ponders where to find dbg package for ha17:55
persiaWith debug symbols?17:58
Stskeepsnot sure there is one :)17:58
persiaThere's a repo for them all at ddebs.ubuntu.com I think.  I'll try to dig up the wiki page17:58
Stskeepswe both have the HAL problem (fixable by using older version) on the very-close-to-ubuntu-rootfs and mer, so :P17:59
persiaCrash is with 0.5.12~rc1-0ubuntu7 ?18:03
Stskeeps0.5.12~rc1+git20090120-0ubuntu1 , most recent18:03
persiaOops.  Forgot dpkg version ordering != ASCII sort order :)18:05
* Stskeeps grabs his trust dbg18:06
Stskeepser, gdb18:07
persiaYou might also try apport, especially if you're filing the bug.  I like it because it automates the extraction of the stack trace post-crash, without needing to run gdb on the process.18:08
Stskeepsk, will read up on it18:08
persiaNeeds kernel support though, which may or may not be possible in your environment.18:09
Stskeepscurious, crash in leds_add18:18
Stskeepslooking further18:18
jonpackardOgra - I see you've updated your build-arm-rootfs script.. want any help testing it?19:33
jonpackardOr if anybody else would like some help testing anything.. I'm fairly experienced with running an arm system with qemu ;-)19:41
Stskeepshttp://rafb.net/p/Qw09fQ38.html <- occasional HAL crash i'm running into20:25
jonpackardHello. Has anybody had success with X in qemu with Jaunty-armel yet? I'm still getting the problem with no keyboard or mouse repsonse once X starts.21:31

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