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pwnguinis mapi support gonna be in jaunty?20:00
pwnguinwill evolution support mapi in jaunty?20:00
hggdhpwnguin, not sure yet20:08
pwnguini saw seb or someone in an evolution irc meeting talking about debian packaging20:09
hggdhyes, probably seb20:10
hggdhbut I personally do not know how stable MAPI is, right now20:10
pwnguindoesnt matter20:10
pwnguinevolution-exchange crashes20:10
pwnguinthe only way it could be worse is deleting email, and frankly, i dont think i'd mind20:10
hggdhwell, if you are willing to build & test evo MAPI, please to so -- the more testers, the more stable we can get it20:11
pwnguini may need some help configuring it20:13
pwnguinim not sure what the urls for our exchange are20:13
hggdhon the schedule: http://www.go-evolution.org/Evo2.2620:15
hggdhand this will also (hopefully) help: http://www.go-evolution.org/MAPIProvider20:16
hggdhat least the basic depends for MAPI are already available on Jaunty -- openchange >= 0.8, and samba4alpha620:19
cjyou guys stop hiring yet? :)23:52
cjor more specifically, what do I need to do to get hired for that OpenGL position?23:57
Hobbseeemail hr with a resume, generally23:58

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