loolWouah /var/lib/dpkg/info/hwtest-gtk.postrm00:08
loolpackage=`dirname $0`00:08
lool. $package/hwtest.postrm00:08
loolhwtest-gtk needs hwtest, hwtest needs checkbox, hwtest-gtk depends checkbox-gtk, checkbox-gtk conflicts with hwtest-gtk hmmpf00:11
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cjwatsonebroder: no00:37
cjwatsonLaney: documentation is handled case-by-case: see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/licensing00:38
cjwatsonLaney: there's a fair bit of precedent for permitting GFDL+invariants in main/universe, although I would still recommend trying to persuade upstream otherwise since there are GPL-compatibility implications; there is also precedent for just syncing stuff from Debian's non-free component and leaving it in multiverse because nobody cared enough00:39
cjwatsonlool: ugh, that's pretty dire00:39
Laneycjwatson: I understand - so it's pretty much left up to developers' conscience00:40
cjwatsonlool: the checkbox-gtk conflicts on hwtest-gtk is versioned, though00:40
cjwatsonLaney: more or less, yes00:41
Laneywe've an irritating situation with ghc6 now where we merged a Debian revision that only corrected DFSG-freeness of GFDL docs00:41
Laneyand now have a load of uninstallable deps00:41
cjwatsonhow did that produce uninstallability?00:41
Laneysome libraries have weird deps on ghc6 (< 6.8.2-999)00:42
ubottuDebian bug 511756 in ghc6 "ghc6: Includes GMP, which has non-free GNU documentation" [Serious,Closed]00:42
cjwatsonif you've already gone forward, there is no way to roll that version back such that the dependencies will be happy, regardless of our stance on the GFDL00:44
cjwatsonyou'll have to adjust the packages with the dependencies00:44
Laneyyeah, I was just seeking clarification on if it was necessary in the first place00:45
LaneyI realise that we're committed now00:45
cjwatsonfrom the Debian bug, it looks as if fixes are available in unstable?00:45
cjwatsonnot strictly, although we'd presumably have ended up with it at some point in a merge anyway00:45
Laneyjust a bit of busy work00:45
cjwatsonit's not usually worth reverting a package split in Ubuntu00:45
billisnicedoes anyone know how to install the codec on 9.04 like the ones at http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-mplayer-and-multimedia-codecs-libdvdcss2w32codecsw64codecs-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html00:59
maxbbillisnice: #ubuntu-devel is emphatically not a support channel, and you asked and got an answer in #ubuntu+1. If you didn't like the answer, then follow up there.01:08
billisnicedid not know01:08
maxbChannels have topics for a reason01:08
* cjwatson saves lots of time clicking on LP bug tasks to set them all to fix-released, on a bug with 14 tasks01:20
cjwatson>>> bug = launchpad.load('https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/bugs/309435')01:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309435 in libjboss-xml-binding-java "Please move jboss related packages to universe" [Undecided,Fix released]01:20
cjwatson>>> for x in bug.bug_tasks:01:20
cjwatson...     if x.status != 'Fix Released':01:20
cjwatson...             x.transitionToStatus(status='Fix Released')01:20
LaserJockcjwatson: nifty01:21
CyLWould someone please recommend a good IDE for ubuntu (C ansi)?01:41
LaserJockanjunta or eclipse01:42
LaserJockand asking #ubuntu would probably be better01:43
CyLLaserJock: thanks and sorry01:43
DGMurdockIII(doctormo): hi02:28
DGMurdockIII(doctormo): you still here02:28
DGMurdockIII(doctormo): if you go there http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9400m_g_us.html click buy now you will see who is using them02:29
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doctormothat was odd, I don't think he meant me02:57
calcugh i think i'm getting beaten on by the iowait issue in the kernel again :\ i wish that bug would get fixed already04:02
calcnothing much is using cpu except in iowait but i can barely use vmware04:03
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HydrantHi all, how can I tell what compiler was used to compile an Ubuntu package?04:49
HydrantI need to use the exact same compiler, and perhaps flags for something04:49
stdinlook at the build log for the package04:50
stdinhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/<release>/+source/<source package>/+builds04:51
stdinbut it'll usually be the same version that apt-get install gcc gets for you04:51
Hydrantmabye it's a library linking error or something, I'll check that log thanks04:52
cody-somervilleHydrant, if you gave more context to your problem, someone might be able to help you.05:09
HydrantI can't get exception handling to work properly in an OpenOffice add-in I'm writing, and this may be due to me using a different compiler05:12
HydrantI'm trying some workarounds now05:12
calcHydrant: you may want to test against the official openoffice.org as well, its always possible you are seeing a bug in Ubuntu's version :-\05:13
* calc <- maintains OOo for Ubuntu05:13
Hydrantit's a pain... I've tested that I can just throw an exception, and it will never get caught, OOo will just die instead05:14
Hydrantit seems there was a fix for this a while ago, I'll try official ooo05:14
Hydrantcalc: where do I get the official binary?05:15
Hydrantyou mean the debs from oo's site?05:15
Hydrantnm, that was just for OO305:16
calcHydrant: http://openoffice.org/ :)05:17
calcHydrant: yea they have debs there i think05:17
calcHydrant: linux dists patch OOo heavily and sometimes break things05:17
Hydrantwhy does every distro patch everything so much anyways05:18
Hydrantnever understood that05:18
Hydrantother than everyone having their own paths05:18
calcHydrant: linux dists use go-oo.org due to issues surrounding OOo, pretty much all linux dists have the same patches its just all different from upstream OOo05:19
calcthere are something like 600 patches to upstream OOo05:20
LaserJockhmm, cheese finally works, but now everything has a green tint05:21
LaserJockgreen cheese, ewww :(05:21
* kees needs a way better webcam05:23
* calc wonders why cheese isn't in standard Ubuntu desktop05:24
LaserJockhmm, so gstreamer-properties gives me the same green tint when it didn't before05:24
calcseems like something that would be good to have since most laptops have webcams now05:24
LaserJockso maybe it's not cheese's fault05:24
calcLaserJock: did you paint your lens green?05:24
LaserJock.... I don't think so :-)05:25
LaserJockI can actually see when it first starts up its got the right color05:25
LaserJockjust for a split second05:25
LaserJockthen it "adjusts" to the green05:25
ScottKIsn't Gnome's color green?05:31
ScottKMaybe it's a feature.05:31
LaserJockbut it worked just fine in gutsy and hardy05:31
seektherapyI have a problem and no one in the Ubuntu support channel can help me .. Figured since you guys say you developed this OS you could help me07:20
Chipzzno-one in ubuntu knowing is still not a valid reason for asking here07:32
seektherapyJesus christ people !! did y'all create the OS or not07:32
seektherapyand its not just me either07:33
seektherapypersonally i think its a developer problem07:33
Chipzzseektherapy: channel rules. plain and simple07:33
Chipzzthere are other ways of getting support. the forums, and filing a launchpad support ticket for example07:35
seektherapyChipzz: i am actually very new at the OS .. One reason why woman do not find it user friendly07:36
seektherapyI am lucky to have found this channel07:37
Chipzzwe, otoh, are not so lucky :P07:37
Chipzzseektherapy: look, plain and simple, like I said: the rules are there for everyone, that includes you07:37
seektherapyhuh ? you made a statement and i responded07:38
Chipzzif everyone started thinking like you, the devs would be spending all their time giving user support instead of actually developping07:38
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.07:38
seektherapyI am in the channel07:39
seektherapyI was told sound is hard to troubleshoot ..maybe because its underdeveloped ??07:42
stdinno really07:43
stdinit's just difficult to troubleshoot07:43
Chipzzit's a sunday. most of the devs are not here anyway07:43
ubottuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.07:43
seektherapywhats  better channel to ask other than the ubuntu07:46
Chipzzseektherapy: anyway, like I just told you: if no-one in ubuntu know, you can ask in the forums, are file a launchpad support ticket07:46
Chipzzs/ubuntu know/#ubuntu knows07:47
Chipzzs/are file/or file/07:47
seektherapywonders how long dell will promote Ubuntu with this kind of bad attitude07:50
seektherapywaste of time...bye07:52
stdinthere are other avenues of support you can take, it's your choice to take them or not. please do not insult us for nothing07:52
seektherapyand i am trying to bring up a good point and its falling on deaf ears..Just google Ubuntu and soud card probles.. its a huge problem and not by the users07:54
stdingoogle any distro and "sound card problems" and you'll see the same, it's more global than Ubuntu07:55
seektherapyi mean only one user07:55
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seektherapystdin: you may want to book mark this page08:09
seektherapyits a popular sound card that has a linux driver08:10
stdinok, and?08:11
seektherapyyou would know how to configure and install but i probably wont be able too.. maybe i am wrong but i thought developers strived to make an OS user friendly?08:11
stdinI'm still wondering what this has to do with me? drivers are to do with the kernel08:12
seektherapyoh...so is there a Ubuntu kernel channel08:13
Chipzzwork is continuously being done to make the OS more user-friendly. and the less time the devs have to spend giving support, the more time they have to actually DO that08:14
seektherapyand they do have a kernal channel.. i bet i see one of you guys in there08:15
stdinthe kernel channel is no more a support channel than this08:15
stdinand finding beta drivers for one card is nothing to do with making the OS user friendly08:16
Chipzzseektherapy: I'm starting to loose my patience, really08:16
Chipzzseektherapy: we already told you what the correct support avenues are. why don't you just follow these and stop wasting all of our time?08:16
Chipzz08:35 < Chipzz> there are other ways of getting support. the forums, and filing a launchpad support ticket for example08:17
Chipzz08:46 < Chipzz> seektherapy: anyway, like I just told you: if no-one in ubuntu know, you can ask in the forums, are file a launchpad support ticket08:17
seektherapythen dont read what i write... i have never addressed you.. Plus i am probably old enough to be your mother08:18
Chipzzand you still lack basic reading comprehension skills :)08:18
Chipzzrofl :)08:18
seektherapythats it08:18
seektherapydoes your mother know Ubuntu?08:19
seektherapyrofl...doubt it08:19
stdinChipzz: please don't antagonise people, it's against the CoC08:19
ChipzzI don't see what my mother has to do with all this :)08:19
Chipzzstdin: luckily I never signed it, then :)08:19
seektherapyi didnt he did08:19
stdinChipzz: it's a rule of the #ubuntu channels that the CoC be followed, and against the IRC guidelines as set out by the IRC CC anyway08:20
seektherapysome of you boys need to understand.. this doesnt come easy to older people.. ay least i am trying to learn..you know?08:21
Chipzzseektherapy: yes, and you can learn on the forums08:21
Chipzz4th time08:21
seektherapyChipzz"s: mom is probbably a very nice women and would be ashamed to see him acting like this08:22
stdinseektherapy: #ubuntu is the place to ask on IRC08:22
stdinplease keep personal attacks out of this channel08:22
seektherapyyah, i am wasting my time in herr08:22
seektherapythat wasnt personal08:23
stdinwhatever you consider it08:23
seektherapyit ws a general comment08:23
stdineven if you don't consider it a personal attack, it's completely off topic for this channel08:24
seektherapyhe started it08:24
seektherapyok..ok.. now you are making me feel like a child08:24
stdinthat is never an excuse08:24
seektherapyi do need to go08:25
seektherapythanks for all the support, encouragment and help.. i am forever greatful08:26
seektherapygoodbye ...bitter developers08:26
stdinif you have no further business in this channel, please part08:26
seektherapylearn to read std08:27
* Chipzz wonders why some ppl feel better than others, because the channel rules appear to not apply to them08:28
ChipzzI wonder why this channel is not set +s anyway, to prevent users from "finding" it08:29
stdinbecause we like to be transparent08:29
Chipzzanyone who has any business here will/should be smart enough to find it regardless08:29
pwnguinif you set it to +s you get a secret code of silence08:30
Chipzzstdin: +s doesn't technically prevent anyone from joining, it only prevents the channel fmor appearing in the output of /list08:30
Chipzzwhich IMO would be a very good thing08:30
stdinall someone would have to do is ask "where is the development channel" in #ubuntu and +s is pointless08:31
Chipzz"Hrrrm I didn't get any support in #ubuntu ... Let's see what other channels there are. Oh there's #ubuntu-dev, the ppl there will likely help me!"08:31
stdinbesides, most people who join here are not insane :)08:31
StevenKNo, but it helps ...08:31
stdinpeople who join are mostly sane. people who idle here are mostly not08:32
Chipzzstdin: ppl in #ubuntu in 99.99% of the cases have no reason to refer anyone here08:32
Chipzzstdin: did you just call me insane? :) and isn't that a violation of the CoC? ;)08:32
stdinno, it's not an attack, as I love the insane :)08:33
Chipzzthen again, I didn't call it an attack, I called it an insult :)08:34
stdinproof I'm insane, I choose text to convey a spoken difference in words08:37
calclovely i'm getting ICE in gcc now08:37
* calc isn't sure whether he hopes it is his pc having problems or the compiler08:37
Chipzzcalc: your pc would be the obvious choice as that would limit the problem to 1 pc ;)08:38
calcICE on compiling OOo on amd64 jaunty :-\08:38
calcChipzz: yea, but that would still suck for me, heh08:38
calci'll have to build a chroot on my laptop to test it out later i'm going to bed now08:39
Chipzzthat it would08:39
calcdoko_: ping09:39
* Hobbsee sighs, and speaks to seektherapy10:08
directhexsomething amiss, sarah?10:10
* calc heads back to bed10:11
* calc hopes the new g++ building now fixes the weird ice he got on OOO10:11
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rzrcjwatson: hi , about moving tuxguitar to universe, is this because it's free now ? can I help since i am the maintainer11:15
pittidirecthex: poke back11:16
rzrcjwatson: well i am not motu i guess no11:16
rzrwhois nijaba11:18
Chipzz!weekend | rzr12:22
ubotturzr: It's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.12:22
Chipzz!motu | rzr12:22
ubotturzr: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU12:22
Chipzzrzr: #ubuntu-motu is probably what you want12:22
Chipzzrzr: #ubuntu-dev normally is only about packages that are in main12:22
rzrChipzz: ubottu : happy new chinnease year , dont trust other 2009 is the year of pinguin !12:23
Chipzzrzr: ubottu is a bot and hence won't care much for your wishes ;)12:24
Chipzzand: thank you :)12:24
rzrBTW i came here just after i got a LP mail alert about tuxguitar12:25
rzrwell i'll stay here roaming12:25
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rzrcjwatson: actually u released it :) thx13:15
Hydrantcalc: hey13:55
LordMetroidIf I want to write an software installer, can one access the repositories and fetch whatever requirements necessary that isn't already fulfilled instead of just telling the user "requires glib >= version x"?14:48
cjwatsonrzr: yeah, I don't think any help is needed for that bug, I was just acting on a request to move the package to a different component since as you say it only uses free Java now14:49
cjwatsonrzr: BTW, I know nothing about tuxguitar; I was just the ftpmaster on duty and there's probably not much point talking to me about the details of the package :-)14:50
cjwatsonLordMetroid: that's what apt does14:50
cjwatson(unless your system is in a broken state of some kind)14:50
LordMetroidI know apt does that... Can I use apt as a part of my own installer though?14:52
cjwatsonapt is a library as well as a program, and has things like Python bindings (the python-apt package), so in principle yes, though of course it depends on the details14:54
directhexisn't packagekit meant to abstract it so you can use the same code on fedora, suse, etc?14:54
LordMetroidHmm, that sounds mighty intersting...14:55
directhexi think that's how gstreamer (or perhaps totem) handles codec installation. and possibly abiword for fonts, judging by these screenshots14:56
cjwatsonplanned to but doesn't yet14:57
cjwatsonbut yes, it probably should. The main outstanding problem with packagekit is that it can't cope with debconf at all - we need to marshal the debconf protocol over dbus or something14:58
LordMetroidPromising, I am hoping to create a software installer program that can be used to allow people to write commercial software and have the average Joe user be able to install it on his system without trouble, I think that is mainly what is holding adaption for the Linux desktop back14:58
LordMetroidMy own goals are in indie games though'14:59
directhexdoesn't icculus' replacement for loki installer do that?14:59
LordMetroidGoogle isn't very helpful on icculus15:01
LordMetroidahh, the software developer15:01
cjwatsonLordMetroid: you mean like gdebi?15:01
cjwatsonthe problem is not that there is no way to install commercial software without trouble15:02
cjwatsonthe problem is that there are *too many* different ways15:02
directhexcjwatson, he's writing a distro-agnostic .bin installer, and asking about package manager integration to install the app's deps during install15:02
cjwatsonsure, and tools exist for that as well15:03
cjwatsonbut not every software vendor delivers their package in any one single format15:03
LordMetroidany one single format?15:04
cjwatsonrealistically, the choices are (a) deliver packages in a few choices of distro-specific packaging (b) deliver LSB packages (I think we can install those without too much pain, but it might be worth looking at streamlining that process)15:04
cjwatson".bin" is meaningless as a format. It's usually a self-extracting executable of some kind that rarely has any parseable dependency information15:05
LordMetroidI was thinking, compiling everything on system and fetching all that is necessary15:05
cjwatsonI would recommend producing LSB packages instead15:05
directhexLordMetroid, xfce installer15:05
cjwatsonat least that way you aren't sailing against the wind15:05
cjwatsonat all costs, do not invent your own format15:05
directhexLordMetroid, the xfce4 installer downloads & compiles things, if you want that route15:05
cjwatsonlook up the LSB Package API15:07
cjwatsonthough also bear in mind opinions of qualified people who've looked at it :-) http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2008/06/24/lsb-package-api/15:08
LordMetroidI will keep that in mind...15:08
* cjwatson tries to find an actual real-world LSB package to test-install15:09
LordMetroidI am mainly concerned about how to create an installer that will install my software without hurdles for the user to jump over15:09
cjwatsonthe worst thing anyone can do at this point is to develop yet another installer that tries to be generic but in reality only really supports their corner of the world15:10
directhexLordMetroid, can't beat real distro packages, really15:10
cjwatsonsince there are two possible existing approaches you can use (distribute distro packages, or distribute LSB packages), it seems foolish to invent another one15:10
directhexLordMetroid, some ISVs opt to include the kitchen sink in their packages & install somewhere "safe", as a way to avoid the dep question15:11
directhexnot that that's ideal either15:12
directhexi like the approach where an isv has some distro repos, e.g. opera. then again, that leads to the "how to add a repo" question which only suse handles gracefully15:12
LordMetroidThe problem I bumped into was that I am using bluecove for the Java Bluetooth API, which required a fresh compile in order to work properly on my system(same problem which occured on a friend of mine's system)15:13
rzrcjwatson: ok acknowledge15:13
gordonjcpis there a good way of detecting if a package is being compiled under Ubuntu?15:21
gordonjcpsome sort of autotools thing, but what should I be testing for?15:22
directhexgordonjcp, lsb tools15:23
cjwatsontest "$(lsb_release -is 2>/dev/null)" = Ubuntu15:24
directhexgordonjcp, lsb_rewhat cjwatson said15:24
gordonjcpdirecthex: basically I need to detect if someone is trying to compile on Ubuntu, and apply a bunch of workarounds15:24
gordonjcpand maybe also warn them not to attempt it on Ubuntu ;-)15:25
directhexgordonjcp, i use lsb_release to detect whether a package is being compiled on debian or ubuntu to pick between installation folders based on local distro things15:25
* directhex wonders how much longer he's gonna be waiting for debian NEW15:26
gordonjcpideally I'd like it if Ubuntu supported USB MIDI properly in the -rt kernel, but since no-one seems keen to make it happen I need to warn users about possible brokenness15:26
Adri2000kees: I updated my MoM branch with better escaping and file locking - if you could take a look... :)15:55
KeybukI swear, I spend more time chasing valgrind bugs/issues than real ones16:28
keesAdri2000: sure, yeah.  I've added it to my todo list16:44
calcHydrant: eh?16:56
slytherinHi, is anyone looking into FTBFS of xorg-xserver on non i386/amd64 arch?17:18
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cody-somervilleIs there a definition/criteria of what a release critical bug is anywhere?17:51
pochucody-somerville: for Debian?17:52
cody-somervillesure, I'm just looking for examples17:52
pochucody-somerville: severity >= serious (so serious, grave and critical)17:53
cody-somervillepochu, I'm more looking for the criteria a bug has to meet to be given that severity17:53
Keybukwe don't have any formal criterion17:53
cjwatsoncody-somerville: http://release.debian.org/lenny/rc_policy.txt17:53
Keybukother than "someone says so, and slangasek doesn't disagree"17:54
pochucody-somerville: http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer also explains the severities17:54
cody-somervillethanks :)17:54
cody-somervillemuch appreciated pochu, cjwatson, and Keybuk17:54
Keybukinformally, things are release critical if they're broken and something we consider essential17:54
Keybukif OpenOffice didn't work, that would be RC17:54
slytherinneed a bit help please. I am using jaunty latest and permissions are broken for /dev/null, /dev/urandom, /dev/tty*18:10
directhexsounds like udev being started twice18:14
directhexat a guess18:14
directhexlook in /etc/rc.d/ for stray udevs18:15
slytherindirecthex: let me take a look18:15
slytherindirecthex: doesn't look to be the case18:18
directhexhm, okay, that's what caused it for me last time18:18
cjwatsonslytherin: invocations of 'udevadm trigger' are known to cause this; see Scott's recent post to ubuntu-devel18:18
cjwatsonslytherin: you'll probably need to reboot to sort it out all the way, I suspect18:19
cjwatsonslytherin: but it would be worth trying to figure out what caused the trigger18:19
cjwatson(dkms is one culprit that's already been identified and (mostly) fixed)18:19
slytherincjwatson: reboot doesn't help. In fact the current kernel (2.6.27) is not booting at all. I am booting 2.6.2518:20
cjwatsonwow, no idea, you need Keybuk18:20
directhexand a beer, i suspect18:20
slytherinSo I guess this is the root cause of all other problems.18:23
Turlany idea how can I create a ppa for my team?18:28
pochuTurl: you want #launchpad18:28
cjwatsonit's shown in the UI18:29
Turlpochu: they don't speak at #launchpad :p18:29
Turlcjwatson: thanks :)18:29
slytherincjwatson: any idea where should i look for problem?18:31
slytherinor how can I remove the triggers that are causing the permission problems?18:39
slytherinand lastly how can I fix the boot of linux-image 2.6.27?18:40
directhexgrep -r udevadm /etc!18:40
keeswin 3218:41
slytherindirecthex: something called mouseemu in /etc/rc* has udevadm.18:42
calcdoes evolution do regex match?18:59
calcer for filtering?18:59
calci have some launchpad rationale's that are like Subscriber (foo) @bar18:59
calcand then some that just have Subscriber @bar18:59
calcso i need it to ignore the (foo) part and just match all of them19:00
calcwould that be Subscriber.*@bar ?19:02
mabafuhi there19:07
mabafuanybody listening?19:07
mabafuI would like some hints on ubuntu development...19:09
cjwatsonslytherin's gone, but mouseemu only does udevadm settle, which is OK19:11
cjwatsonmabafu: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment should help you19:11
mabafutks cjwatson19:12
rexbronHi, would I be able to get a core-dev to take a peak at bug 311804?20:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311804 in libraw1394 "Update libraw1394 to version 2.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31180420:11
tilgovianyone have any tips for how to use git with ubuntu packages for kernel20:15
tilgoviI feel like I can never cleanly merge because make-kpkg dumps that debian directory in my source tree20:15
zultilgovi: check the wiki there is loads of information there20:15
tilgoviam I missing something?20:15
tilgovizul, I'll do more reading, but I thought maybe someone would have a quick, stupid answer for that20:16
rexbrontilgovi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam should have the required info20:16
zultilgovi: the kernel package doesnt use make-kpkg afaik20:16
dtchenyou'd want to read debian/rules more carefully20:16
tilgovidtchen: thanks20:17
tilgovirexbron, that's very helpful, thanks. I'm understanding better now.20:20
bmhmHi, I need a quick hint with pbuilder: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/393885/20:36
cjwatsonbmhm: I'm not sure what we're meant to be looking for - there's no error in that paste as far as I can see21:30
bmhmoh wait a sec21:31
bmhmold log21:31
bmhmline 106821:31
calchow do you write a regex to not match if a character exists?21:32
bmhmgrep -v ^^21:33
bmhmwell its [^a] for not matching a21:34
bmhm^a would be lines beginning with a, common pitfall21:34
calcbasically i want a regex that matches for "Assignee blah" except when there is a @ eg "Assignee @ubuntu-laptop"21:35
bmhmah i see21:35
calcso far I have Assignee.* matching for everything but adding [^@] doesn't remove the @ matches21:36
bmhmwell "Assignee[^\@].*" should work21:36
bmhmescape it (\@)21:36
calcgrep -E "Assignee[(^@)].*" then doesn't match even when @ doesn't exist in the line21:37
bmhmwell its not what I said21:38
bmhmif you use grep try21:38
bmhmgrep -v "Assignee@"21:38
bmhmgrep -e "^Assignee[^\@].*"21:38
cjwatsonyou don't need to escape @21:38
bmhmthe round brackets are wrong btw21:39
cjwatsoncalc: is this procmail?21:39
calccjwatson: evolution regex21:39
calccjwatson: but can't get it to work even with simple grep21:39
cjwatsondo you know if it supports extended regular expressions or not?21:39
calccjwatson: it seems to afaict21:40
cjwatsonI think ^Assignee[^@]+$ is what you want then21:40
cjwatsonor else "Assignee [^@].*"21:40
calcah that works in grep too :)21:40
cjwatsonthe space there is likely to be important ...21:40
cjwatsonthe first ensures that there's no @ anywhere in the line; the second is "Assignee, then space, then any character except @, then any number of characters"21:41
cjwatsonthe final .* probably being unnecessary since evolution probably doesn't forcibly anchor the regex to start and end of line21:41
cjwatsonbmhm: looks like the source package doesn't contain po/Makefile.in.in?21:42
bmhmwell yes it does, but it's a symlink21:45
bmhmanyway, I will try 7.2 instead of the svn21:45
cjwatsonto what?21:45
cjwatsonis it an absolute symlink to /usr/...?21:46
bmhmto uhm... /usr/...sth about translation/21:46
bmhmtransutil or sth?21:46
cjwatsonthen you need to pass --copy to one of the relevant autotools21:46
cjwatsonthough I didn't think gettext did that nowadays21:46
bmhm"though I didn't think" ? =)21:47
cjwatsonI think it does it if you explicitly (and unwisely) use the --symlink option21:47
cjwatsonwhere "you" is perhaps upstream21:47
cjwatsonif it's that way in the upstream package, send them a cluebat :)21:48
bmhmwell I was trying to pass this package to the motu-team21:48
bmhmor lets say https://edge.launchpad.net/globalmenu21:48
bmhmI know how to build rpms (we got SLES at work), but I'm new to debs, allthough I use ubuntu for about three years now ^^21:50
cjwatsonthis is not really specific to building debs at all21:51
cjwatsonthe problem is that the source package you've built (and presumably also the tarball you have) contains a symlink to something not guaranteed to be on the system21:52
bmhmI see, but copying the file didn't help either21:52
bmhmwell anyway, last try build for today, got to get to bed soon21:53
bmhmso i am quite sure it's not a problem with the symlink21:55
bmhmoh well22:06
bmhmwhen using pbuilder it says configure: error: The intltool scripts were not found. Please install intltool22:07
ScottKThen you're missing a build-dep.22:07
bmhmdo i need to recreate source pakage?22:07
bmhmi just added intltool to debian/control but it didn't help22:07
ScottKThen you need to rebuild the source package, yes.22:08
bmhmok thx a lot22:08
ScottKdebuild -S22:08
bmhmdebuild? I was using pbuilder22:08
bmhm> sudo pbuilder create *.dsc22:08
jpdsI think he might use debuild to create the source package.22:08

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