TorgotonI've got a bit of time and thought I'd start to get a machine ready to help with installer development. Would Ubuntu 8.10 be the platform to start with?16:41
Torgoton... I'd appreciate using my handle in a response in case I'm away.16:45
rdw200169you will probably want to go w/jaunty16:50
rdw200169i.e. ubuntu +116:50
TorgotonWhere can I find it? (I'm usually a Fedora user. Shhhh.)16:51
Torgotongot it.16:54
TorgotonI suppose I can't really complain about downloading a 700MB image in 9 minutes, can I? :)16:55
Torgotonok. nearly ten minutes. still.17:04
yownanymouswould this channel deal with wubi?21:32
cjwatsonyes, but probably more usefully during European working hours :)21:38
yownanymousI am in Europe21:38
yownanymousjust ridiculously late21:38
yownanymousI should really go to bed21:40
yownanymousI have an exam in the morning21:40
djblocI would like to end up with an encrypted persistent storage file used in conjunction with the live CD. I can see from the initial ramdisk how the unencrypted is added to the root using aufs.23:10
djblocCould I get some advice on what changes to make.23:10

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