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daeron666does anybody know how to change pureftpd's default folder?11:13
[NikO]daeron666, support channel is #ubuntu11:13
jpds...for ftp might want to ask in #ubuntu-server.11:17
ubot5In #ubuntu-uk, josh13 said: !foo is foo12:40
[NikO]lol the bot12:41
matoxxxhello, where can i request for Ubuntu cloak, or to whom ?13:00
[NikO]matoxxx, you need to put your launchpad page here13:02
matoxxxso i need to register to launchpad ?13:03
pleia2matoxxx: you have to be a member of the ubuntu project to get an ubuntu cloak: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember13:04
matoxxxaha, i just thought ubuntuforums membership is enough, too bad i am not a contributor, thx for the information13:06
* jussi01 waves to pleia213:10
* pleia2 waves to jussi01 13:10
* jpds waves to pleia2. hi.13:11
pleia2jpds: bot is running better :)13:11
jpdspleia2: Yeah, I can load balance with ubot2 now. :)13:12
pleia2oh cool13:12
jpdsSo it should be behaving better.13:14
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drubinHi. Suggestion for this channel: Can't the people mentioned here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam  acctually have visible ops so if some one has an issue they can see clearly who acctually have authority?19:38
drubin14 active members > 49 current memebers19:38
Flanneldrubin: You may be looking for #ubuntu-ops20:02
drubinFlannel: I don't think so20:03
drubinFlannel: You guys are ones that have ops in the offical #ubuntu-* channels no?20:04
Flanneldrubin: This channel is mostly LoCo channel things, -ops is the place for 'official' channels (not that LoCos aren't official)20:05
drubinFlannel: hehe I copied the wrong def for the wrong channel.20:06
drubinsorry guys20:07

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