InHisNameHow can I tell when I have enough pieces of java installed into ubuntu that java IS complete?04:09
InHisNameI have installed several java items, such as jre such and such, java6 etc. and others.  I have Hardy 64 bit with 64 bit browsers.04:10
InHisNameI have two online classes from different schools and both have java tests and both fail.  One I cannot even log in, says applet running but wont ever accept text at input boxes.  It will work in firefox under XP.   A java applet not running right under ff in Hardy.04:14
PeddyIs there a way to get Java apps to play sound through Pulseaudio?09:19
persiaPeddy, Yes, but it's new.09:26
Peddypersia: I'm willing to give it a try.09:26
persiaI'm just checking to see which you need now.09:26
PeddyThanks persia09:27
persiaLooks like the version in jaunty is preconfigured to work with the regular sound API.09:28
persiaFor intrepid, I think it needs to be configured differently.09:28
persiaBut I can't find a configuration file :(09:29
PeddyIs it just a newer version of PA?09:30
persiaIt's also passing --enable-pulse-java when building openJDK09:30
PeddySo I could just build my own openJDK, and use those parametres?09:31
persiaThe version in intrepid Recommends pulseaudio, but doesn't depend on it, which makes me uncertain.09:31
PeddyIf I have a Java app that uses ALSA rather than PA, will the sound card still be locked?09:32
persiaWhat are you using to make sound?  javax.sound.* ?09:33
Peddyprobably, right, since the ALSA stuff is still piped through PA?09:33
PeddyI don't know, I'm just running someone else's Java program.09:33
persiaWell, it depends on how they've coded it.09:34
Peddyok, I'm going to go with the openJDK pulseaudio thing.09:34
persiaIf it uses some special library (e.g. tritonus), it may not switch.09:34
PeddyOk, I'm going to download the openjdk source. Once it's done, could you help me with compiling it correctly?09:35
persiaIf it's just using javax.sound, it should just automatically use pulse if that's enabled in the JRE.09:35
persiaHold on: there's probably a simpler way.09:35
PeddyOk, I've downloaded the source, and the binary plug thing.09:42
PeddyThe binary plug is asking where to install itself, where should I install it09:42
persiaFrom where did you download it?  Nothing in Ubuntu should ask anything like that.09:45
Peddynevermind, I can install the binary plugs to anywhere.09:45
Peddypersia, I'm compiling the latest openJDK with --enable-pulse-java09:45
persiaAh.  I'd consider that the hard way :)09:45
Peddywell, it seems to be the only way for me right now :) besides, it's already compiling.09:46
persiaIf I were doing it, I'd have used apt-get source to get the version in intrepid, edited the commented-out with_pulse = yes in debian/rules to match the change in the patch at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/19830233/openjdk-6_6b13%7Epre1-0ubuntu2_6b13%7Epre1-0ubuntu3.diff.gz and used debuild to create a package.09:47
PeddyHow do you apt-get source in Ubuntu? That's something I never knew how to do.09:48
persiaFrom a terminal, run `apt-get source openjdk-6`09:48
persiaThat will download the source for openJDK, and the build infrastructure used to create the packge.09:49
Peddywhere does it download it to?09:49
persiaThen you can run `sudo apt-get build-dep openjdk-6` to get all the support libraries you need installed.09:49
persiaIt downloads to the current directory.09:49
Peddygreat, thanks.09:49
PeddyI'd rather do that, anyway.09:50
persiaYeah.  Saves a few headaches in dealing with known fixes for Ubuntu, and package installation/removal :)09:50
Peddyok, it's downloaded.09:51
persiaOK.  Now install the packages required to build with apt-get build-dep09:52
persiaNext, in the openjdk source directory, you want to edit the debian/rules file09:53
Peddywait, it's apt-get build-dep openjdk-6-jdk, right? or -jre09:53
persiaJust openjdk-609:53
persiaapt-get build-dep works on source packages.09:54
Peddyit's downloading09:54
persiaOK.  While that's going on, you can edit the rules file.09:54
persiaFind the place where it has with_pulse = yes commented out.09:54
persiaI've made an edit from the jaunty patch to work on intrepid that you can see at http://paste.ubuntu.com/109301/09:55
persiaJust delete all 5 commented out lines, and add those three lines to build with pulse on intrepid (you are running intrepid, right?)09:55
persiaOnce you save your edits, then from the package directory, run `dch -i`09:56
persiaThis will create a changelog entry where you can document the change.  I'd recommend something like "* Configure with pulseaudio in intrepid"09:56
* persia waits09:57
Peddywhere is the rules file?09:57
PeddyI was in the directory of the manually-downloaded openjdk when I apt-get source, so that kinda messed everything up :/09:57
persiaIn the directory where you ran `apt-get source openjdk-6`, it should have created a directory containing the unpacked source code.09:58
persiaAh.  You might want to start in a new scratch directory :)09:58
PeddyI did, and that's what took so long xD I had to download everything again.09:58
PeddyI'm in /debian, what's the file called again?09:58
persiaOK.  So, in that directory, there is a directory named "debian".09:58
persiaThe instructions for the build are in debian/rules09:58
Peddywhich lines do I un-comment?09:59
persiaLook for "with_pulse = yes"09:59
Peddygot it10:00
persiaThen, delete 5 lines and add three lines as outlined at http://paste.ubuntu.com/109301/10:00
Peddywith_pulse wasn't actually commented.10:00
persiaI've just been guessing off the patch for the upload that said it was enabled.  Now I actually have to look :)10:01
PeddyIt says this: ifeq ($(with_pulse),yes)<newline>CONFIGURE_ARGS += --enable-pulse-java, maybe I should compile like that?10:02
* persia is reading the rules file for intrepid10:03
persiaOK.  Di you see where it has DISTRIBUTION_PATCHES10:04
persiaJust above that, there are five lines that have logic to set with_pulse10:04
persiaYou want to delete those lines, and instead use the three lines from the pastebin.10:05
Peddywait a sec chmoding10:06
PeddyI can't save file :/10:06
persiaDid you run `sudo apt-get source ...` ?10:07
PeddyYes L.10:07
Peddyapt-get, right? I'm so used to using 'sudo'.10:08
persiaOK.  This is recoverable without downloading everything again.10:08
PeddyYeah, I'm changing the permissions.10:08
persiaNo, don't do that.10:08
persiaSome of the permissions are important10:08
persiaSo, go back to your scratch directory, which should have the source directory, a tarball, a .diff.gz file, and a .dsc file.10:09
persiasudo rm -r the source directory10:09
PeddyI'm in here.10:09
Peddyrm -r?10:09
Peddythe openjdk-6-6b12/ directory?10:09
persiaYes.  You want to delete the unpacked source, and keep the tarball, etc.10:09
persiaThen, as a normal user, run dpkg-source -x on the .dsc file.10:10
persiaThis will give you an unpacked source directory controlled by your user.10:10
Peddyok, I can write to it.10:10
PeddySorry about my noobishness, and thanks for your patience :)10:10
persiaNo problems :)  Thanks for taking the trouble to do it the Ubuntu way, rather than giving up and using upstream sources.10:11
PeddyOk, I've edited and saved the file.10:11
persiaOK.  Next, from the package directory, run dch -i10:12
persiaThen add a note to the changelog that you've configured it with pulse10:12
persiaNow, run debuild to build your modified package10:14
PeddyOk, I have to go :(. After debuild, do I just configure with enable-pulse-java, or does debuild make a deb package?10:15
persiadebuild makes a deb package.10:15
persiaThe change you made to debian/rules will cause that package to be configured with enable-pulse-java10:16
Peddyok, thanks a lot for your help.10:16
Peddybye! I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.10:17
Peddytok, my mum told me to get off, but i've sshd in from my phone with irssi, persia.10:24
persiaPeddyt, It's late.  Tomorrow will be fine :)10:25
Peddytdebuild says i need some pulseaudio dev stuff.10:26
persiaOh, right, because it wouldn't have that in Build-Depends, because it wasn't enabled.  I'll dig it up.10:26
Peddytit's not so late where i live :)10:26
persiaYou aren't in NZ?10:27
persiaIsn't that UTC+12 ?10:27
persiaYou need libpulse-dev and pulseaudio.10:27
persiaIt seems like you need versions > 0.9.12 though, and intrepid only seems to have 0.9.10, so I don't promise it works.10:28
persiaThere's a pulseaudio 0.9.13 in this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~themuso/+archive10:29
persiaThat's the person who usually makes changes to pulseaudio in Ubuntu, so I'd expect a reasonably safe PPA, but it is a PPA, so no promises it works, and when it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.10:29
Peddytit's 2330 and i do not have school for a while ;)10:29
persiaOh, +13.  I always forget about DST.10:30
Peddytit says i only need 9.11 so i think i'll be ok.10:30
persiaintrepid is only 9.10, but good luck.10:31
Peddytive tried that ppa it crashed ubuntu10:31
Peddytexcuse lack of grammar :/10:32
persiaI suspect it's good as PPAs go, but PPAs are special.10:32
Peddytok i can't really try java stuff using ssh, so i'll leave it to tomorrow10:34
Peddytcould you pastebin this convo please?10:35
persiahttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/01/25/%23ubuntu-java.html doesn't have all of it yet, but it will in about half an hour.10:36
persiaIt updates about once an hour.10:36
Peddytexcellent, thanks.10:37
Peddytwell, goodnight/day. thanks again.10:38
schmiedci am new to packaging and read the debian policy for java15:15
schmiedcjust one question about that. how can i understand the CLASSPATH15:16
|aspire|is there any one here?18:49
|aspire|schmiedc: how are you19:23
schmiedcfine thx, and you?19:27
PeddyHi persia, I have installed Pulseaudio from 0.9.13 from themuso's PPA, and like I suspected, I can't log in. It gives the 'session lasted less than 10 seconds' thing with some messages, including "Couldn't exec /usr/bin/pulse-session; no such file or directory". Do you know what could be causing this?21:27
PeddyLogging into failsafe GNOME works.21:28
Peddyeven with the 0.9.13 libpulse installed, when I'm debuilding openjdk, it still says 'configure: error: Could not find pulseaudio>=0.9.11 libraries -     Try installing pulseaudio-libs-devel>=0.9.11" Do you know why this is?21:31
* Peddy purged and reinstalled, brb21:34

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