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seektherapypicturesque: 08:27
seektherapyare you there08:27
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seektherapyoh thank god08:28
seektherapyi need some help08:28
seektherapyI dont have sound on my Ubuntu 8.10 but i did before i upgraded... i see the icon on the top left but when i click it i get an error08:29
seektherapyNo volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.08:30
seektherapyNow.. i did find this site08:31
seektherapyhttp://support.creative.com/downloads/?h=7   but i am so new i dont know how to configure it08:31
domasso, you already know more about sound drivers than I do! :)08:32
seektherapyonly because i just saw that irc has a creative channel for ubuntu and i followed the link08:33
seektherapyI am fairly good at hunting down info..now following directions is the hard part08:33
seektherapydomas: can you please help me ...PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE08:35
seektherapyQuick install08:36
seektherapyIn terminal,08:36
seektherapy1) Goto source directory08:36
seektherapy2) Execute make command as root08:36
seektherapy   make08:36
seektherapy   make install08:36
seektherapydont know how to do that08:37
pwnguin(if it's not kernel related, you should probably take it to /msg)08:37
domas:-( 08:37
domasbtw, my deadlocks seem to have gone away after upgrading to
domaswhich is good thing.08:37
seektherapywell someone told me in the Ubuntu devel channel that it was a kernel problem08:38
domashaving few hundred k of hardware in crashloops ain't fun08:38
domasseektherapy: how to make is a kernel problem? :(08:38
pwnguinsound is a many possible things problem08:38
domaskswapd deadlocks is kernel problem, usually08:39
domasI was ready to blame some hardware issue 08:39
seektherapyI'm getting the run around.. sad and i am a girl trying to really learn Ubuntu and thought i could just hop in here and people would be nice to me08:40
seektherapyInstead i feel like people are pushing me towards windows again08:41
pwnguinwell, we try to organize the channels around subjects and the like.08:41
domasI use ubuntu just on servers, not much of sound experience ;-) 08:41
domasexcept how to make FANS LOUDER08:41
pwnguinteaching end users is just one part of what goes on in IRC08:42
domasbtw, my colleagues told that someone in #ubuntu-kernel told them kswapd activates only when system is out of memory08:42
domasso, I was looking guilty for allocating 31GB to mysqld on 32GB box08:43
domasbut apparently any vfs pressure was causing those problems08:44
pwnguinkswapd should run whenever08:44
domasany vfs pressure should keep it working08:44
domasany direction08:44
pwnguinif you've got unused stuff, it'll kick it out for more cache08:45
domaswe usually set swappiness to 5 or so08:45
domasso that rarely happens08:47
domasanyway, I got those 'soft lockups' against pretty much everything08:48
domasnc, tar, mysql, jfs/xfs, lvm, .08:48
domaswith standard hardy kernels08:48
pwnguina friend was saying he had terrible problems with 8.04 performance. was furious at ubuntu kernel team for patching or something, till he went back to debian and had the same problem08:50
domasI'm quite happy about 8.04 performance08:50
domasif not for crashes on 8-core boxes08:51
domasI think some new nvidia northbridge chipset is causing troubles08:51
domasuh uh, isn't happy either: http://p.defau.lt/?Sz4O_rQGfmNopsaVYmbAKw08:53
seektherapyinstead y'all keep pretending everything is A OK08:58
seektherapythis should really concern y'all08:59
domasseektherapy: *shrug*, I have got 20 new servers that cost >10k$ each, which are not working as they should be, kernel problem08:59
seektherapynot the point08:59
domasI also have my own reasons to be frustrated08:59
seektherapythe point is the adverage comsumer08:59
domasaverage consumer should never care about drivers09:00
domasor kernels09:00
seektherapyAccording to WKOW TV, Abbie Schubert recently ordered a Dell laptop, expecting "your classic bread-and-butter computer." But when she unboxed the $1,100 machine that arrived, she didn't find bread and butter. She found Ubuntu.09:00
seektherapySo she kept Ubuntu, giving up her chance for bread and the butter. Then she decided that Ubuntu doesn't always work like Windows. Her Verizon internet wouldn't load. She couldn't install Microsoft Word. And she said without Word and the internet, she couldn't take online classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College.09:01
domas*shrug*, I'm mac desktop user :)09:01
seektherapythen why are you here09:01
domasbecause I run few hundred ubuntu servers? :)09:02
seektherapykeep shrugging as dell boots you out09:02
domaspowering some of bigger web shops09:02
domasoh, and we have dell servers, poweredges are just fine!09:02
seektherapynot personal computers09:02
seektherapystop it09:02
seektherapyits not about arguing its about the facts09:02
domasand "not being able to install Microsoft Word" is probably the best anti-ubuntu argument09:03
domasso go, stick to it09:03
seektherapydomas: you seem old enough to know... not many women use linux because they dont know it09:04
seektherapynot much user support09:04
seektherapywhen a person goes into a channel they are brushed off09:05
domasthere's very much same user support as you'd get from other OS vendors09:05
seektherapyits like you wont it to fail09:05
seektherapyoh.. no09:05
seektherapynot true09:05
seektherapyI am asking how to run a simple command and no one will help me with that.. most women dont have a clue about commands09:06
domasexactly, you're asking in venue where people don't know how to explain simple commands09:08
seektherapyso you dont know how to create a command09:08
seektherapyi bet if my friend is online.. he would know right off09:09
pwnguindomas: more like want to09:10
pwnguinrunning make is easy09:10
domasindeed :)09:11
pwnguingetting someone who doesn't know make up to speed on all the other deficiencies, that's not fun09:11
domasbtw, which is the best channel for generic linux kernel questions? I have quite a few problems with too, not just ubuntu kernels :(09:12
pwnguinive no idea09:12
pwnguini hear theres a secret irc channel09:12
domasages ago there was #kernel 09:13
pwnguinbut i havent the need09:13
domasactually, it is still there09:13
seektherapyoh god..y'all are so gay09:16
seektherapywasting my time here09:16
Kanohi, did everybody notice
tjaaltonI noticed it's Sunday ;)09:21
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sdfHello 21:02
sdfHow i can enable my second Xeon 550 Processor in 6.06 ?, I think i need a SMP kernel ? kindly Help me 21:04
CarlFKsdf: at some point the default kernel was smp21:08
CarlFKnot sure about 6.06. see if there is a somekernel-smp  package 21:09
sdfCalFk : there is SMP kernel available for 686 , But my system is Xeon 550 dual21:10
sdfIs there any SMP kernel patch for 6.06 on i386 ?21:12
anderskNo need for patches.  The default (-686) kernel already supports SMP and should have no trouble running on your hardware.  Are you sure your second CPU isn’t enabled already? 21:17
anderskTo check, you could run grep ^processor /proc/cpuinfo 21:18
sdfandersk : I am sure it is disabled, cause it is shown but disables in command: lshw, i installed the 686 but it shows blank screen at startup , so i have switched back to 386 kernel, it is running just slow 21:20
sdfshani@CISCOWALL:~$ grep ^processor /proc/cpuinfo21:20
sdfprocessor       : 021:20
anderskThe 386 kernel does not support SMP, but all the other ones do. 21:21
sdfwell dont know why my system donot supports 686 :/ , i thought there should be a SMP patch for 386 kernel 21:22
CarlFKandersk: "686 but it shows blank screen" <- fix that :)21:22
sdfIf you are a developer, then i can help you with more information 21:23
sdfMy system is Dell Xeon 550 dual with 1.5 GB RAM , and 20 GB hardisk , every thing is running as 386 kernel , but my second processor is disables so system is a bit slow21:24
CarlFKsdf: pretty sure that kernel is not being worked on any more 21:24
sdfWhat about 8.10 installer, It is also get hanged before reaching the live CD's Desktop ? it is also not supporting my system, whats wrong ? 21:25
sdfi have changed many CD;s, removed all RAM, tried to run with 512 MB and 1.5GB of RAM, but it just show me a 8.10 logo with moving bar ? 21:27
CarlFKask in #ubutnu - there's a bunch of things you can do.  try the Alt cd would be my idea.21:27
sdfi got this answer from #ubuntu21:28
CarlFKask about: What about 8.10 installer, It is also get hanged...21:30

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