jmarsdenLintian warning of debian-changelog-file-is-a-symlink (using CDBS on Intrepid) is a Debian/Ubuntu philosophy difference I can ignore, right?00:03
mok0The symlinks are a Ubuntu specialty00:06
mok0To save space on the CD00:06
LaneyAnyone got a pending sync? I want to test a fix to requestsync00:14
mok0Laney: can't you use staging?00:15
LaneyIf I knew how to tell requestsync to00:15
mok0Laney: I'm sure it can be done but I can't tell you how00:17
* Laney trolls the rcbugs page00:18
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mok0Laney: are you hacking the requestsync code?00:20
Laneymok0: Just a small fix00:20
Laneyfor bug #32098400:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320984 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync fails with 401 unauthorized when adding subscribers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32098400:20
LaneyI filed it and then felt guilty about being too lazy to fix it00:20
Laneyso decided to do so00:20
mok0Laney: good for you!00:21
mok0Laney: the file common.py has a lot of refs to launchpad00:21
LaneyI think it's get_launchpad00:23
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mok0get_launchpad? I don't see that anywhere00:25
mok0Hm, my copy must be out-of-date00:27
Laneythis is latest bzr00:27
mok0I have revision 9900:27
Laneyoh, interesting. requestsync seems separately broken00:27
Guest56275Hi, I packaged the new version of zekr (0.7.2), the old version in ubuntu is 0.5.1. Can anyone take a look please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=zekr00:30
Laneyjpds: functions.py misses copyright info00:31
Laney(it was you, right?)00:31
Laneyyes, it was00:31
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Laneybah, staging seems interminably slow00:35
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Laneymok0: If you have time, I proposed my branch for merging01:10
mok0Laney: ok... what do you want me to do01:12
mok0where's your branch01:13
Laneymok0: bzr merge lp:~laney/ubuntu-dev-tools/dev in your copy01:14
Laneyreview my changes then push it up if you'd be so kind01:14
mok0Laney: actually, my copy is my own experimental branch01:15
mok0I don't think I can push that elsewhere?01:15
Laneyyou can bzr get a fresh copy of trunk01:15
LaneyI don't know if there's a better bzr workflow, probably is01:15
mok0Laney: yeah... I only have a very rudimentary understanding of bzr... I use git mostly01:16
mok0Laney: I'm getting a whole bunch of error message01:17
Laneymok0: when doing what?01:18
mok0bzr branch on your branch01:18
mok0but the source is here now01:18
Laneyyou should branch from trunk and then merge my branch01:19
LaneyI think that's the proper way01:19
mok0Ah, ok, I'll try that01:19
Laneyhope I didn't break bzr...01:19
mok0Well, it did something... let me pastebin the error message for your reference01:20
LaneyOh yeah, I think that's just LP not supporting the newest bzr repo format yet01:24
mok0Laney: I dunno... is it your branch that needs bzr upgrade??01:24
Laneymaybe, it's harmless anyway01:24
Laneylaney@chicken:~/bin/ubuntu-dev-tools$ bzr upgrade01:24
Laneybzr: ERROR: The branch format Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1 is already at the most recent format.01:24
mok0Anyway, what should I look at?01:25
Laneyyou can "bzr diff" to see my changes01:25
mok0bzr diff?01:25
Laneythen test a sync if you'd like, to see if it sets the bug as wishlist01:26
Laneyobviously I couldn't test that as I'm not in the team01:26
mok0The change in functions.py, is... ?01:27
Laneyusing the same name caused an error01:27
Laneyurlopener = urlopener...01:28
mok0oh yes of course01:28
mok0was that never tested?01:28
mok0Hm, so now I need to find a sync01:29
Laneycheck multidistrotools01:29
Laneypretty easy to find something worth syncing on there01:29
Laneyquadrispro: syncs should be new until acked01:32
Laneymok0: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/01:32
LaneySid version > Jaunty version is a good place to look01:32
mok0Oh that01:33
quadrisprooh Laney, I'm very sorry (and very tired) :) good bye01:34
quadrisprobye guys!01:34
mok0Laney, hang on looking for a good one01:34
Laneymok0: I'm not off yet01:35
maxbCan syncs ever happen from places other than Debian?01:35
mok0Laney: ./requestsync --help gives traceback01:38
Laneynot here01:38
mok0NameError: name 'EDGE_SERVICE_ROOT' is not defined01:39
mok0I'm an edge user01:39
LaneyI am too, but I don't see that. Where does the traceback come from?01:40
Laneymaybe it's your version of python-launchpadlib01:40
Laneypython-launchpadlib: Installed: 0.2~bzr25-0ubuntu101:41
mok0I don't have it01:41
Laneythat'll do it01:41
mok0Is it using staging?01:42
Laneyif you add from launchpadlib.launchpad import STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT and then pass STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT as the second parameter to get_launchpad01:43
Laneybut I don't think staging is working atm01:43
mok0I tried, and got a stacktrace01:43
Laneytry and visit http://staging.launchpad.net - it's dead01:44
mok0He, yes, it's off on weekend01:46
Laneyyou need the --lp param to use the new code01:46
mok0oh yes01:47
mok0That gave another problem but no exception01:47
Laney(and to ./manage-credentials -c ubuntu-dev-tools)01:47
Laneyyep, you need credentials to use lplib01:49
mok0That's new01:50
mok0I need to give my lp password?01:50
Laneyno, you just need to authorise the application in launchpad01:51
Laneymanage-credentials will open a browser window to do this01:51
mok0Oh, I'm remotely connected to my box via ssh01:51
mok0I'm on my mac right now01:52
LaneyI don't know what it'll do then01:52
Laneyjpds wrote the tool01:52
mok0I'm more trouble for you than it's worth01:53
mok0Ah, it open elinks01:53
mok0Laney: so now I'm on a screen where I need to authorize application01:56
Laneyyeah, that's right01:56
mok0What privs does it need?01:57
mok0"Read non private data"?01:57
Laneyand write, I think01:57
mok0"Change non-private data"?01:57
Laneysounds about right01:58
mok0That can't hurt01:58
mok0Ah credentials succeeded01:59
mok0So now I will try requestsync again01:59
mok0OK, it printed the changelog, and asks me if I want to edit the report02:00
Laneygood, that's what it should do02:00
mok0(I wander wtf this rcconf is for )02:01
mok0done. Bug 32100402:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321004 in rcconf "Please sync rcconf 2.0 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32100402:02
Laneywishlist \o/02:02
mok0Laney: well thanks for the intro to launchpadlib02:03
Laneyyou're welcome. It's going to be the way for apps to interact with lp02:04
skorasaurushi, how do i figure out what packages are required for a package ?02:05
mok0Laney: so apps need to be authenticated, but can then manipulate the LP database?02:05
mok0skorasaurus: for what purpose?02:05
mok0dpkg-checkbuilddeps may be what you are looking for02:06
skorasaurusmok0, the package (jabref) is updated upstream (by the dev), but debian hasn't updated their package to the newest stable upstream02:06
skorasaurusif it's not too big of a task for me, I'd like to update for ubuntu.02:07
LaneyThat's how I understand it, yes. You authenticate applications to manipulate LP on your behalf02:07
mok0skorasaurus: hm, normally you download the existing source package, and use uscan02:08
mok0skorasaurus: but the watch file for jabref is broken02:09
skorasaurusmok0, which src package ? the debian one ?02:09
mok0skorasaurus: no, the ubuntu one02:09
mok0skorasaurus: because jabref is a merged package02:09
ryakubohttp://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-start.en.html <-- this mentions being updated for potato and woody. is there anything newer I should be reading?02:25
DGMurdockIIIif you go there http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9400m_g_us.html click buy now you will see who is using them02:32
ScottKryakubo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/FAQ has link to a number of good docs.02:36
ryakuboScottK: yeah, I'm checking everything out. This was linked from the wiki, I just wasn't sure if it was the most recent copy... looks like it is.02:41
ryakubomm, videos02:44
ryakuboi'm a sucker for convenience :)02:44
DGMurdockIIIif you go there http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9400m_g_us.html click buy now you will see who is using them02:45
ScottKDGMurdockIII: Spamming every Ubuntu IRC channel isn't going to win you any friends.02:45
ryakuboi don't think nvidia even needs to spam. definitely not in a linux channel... :P02:47
soothIs there an easy way to add keys from the keyserver?03:12
sooth(to apt)03:12
ScottKLook at the instructions on backports.org.  It tells you how.03:23
dooooomiScottK: weird, the pyliblo package built fine for me. i take it instead of adding debian/tmp to the paths i could also just take the manpages directly from the scripts directory?03:57
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ScottKdooooomi: Are you building in a pbuilder or similar chroot?04:10
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dooooomiScottK: no, i'm afraid not04:13
ScottKYou have the package installed on your system, right?04:13
ScottKdooooomi: ^^04:14
dooooomiScottK: pbuilder?04:14
ScottKdooooomi: No. pyliblo04:14
dooooomiScottK: yes, but after your comment i tried uninstalling it and then rebuilding the package, still worked fine04:16
ScottKOK.  You're .manpages file had /usr/share/man/man1/send_osc.1 in it.04:16
ScottKNote the leading /04:16
ScottKSo that absolute path is where it was looking.04:17
ScottKI'm guessing it worked for you because it was picking up the installed man pages.04:17
dooooomiScottK: oops, you're right. for some reason there were uncompressed manpages in /usr/share/man/man1 which didn't get deleted when i uninstalled the package04:20
ScottKSo that explains it.04:21
dooooomiScottK: ok, but scripts/send_osc.1 instead of debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man1/send_osc.1 would work?04:21
* ScottK looks04:22
ScottKdooooomi: Yes.  Use that instead and delete the copies from your debian dir.04:22
ScottKI didn't realize upstream shipped man pages.04:23
dooooomiScottK: there are no manpages in the debian dir, except for the "installed" ones in debian/tmp04:24
ScottKAh.  Youre setup.py installs them.04:25
ScottKSorry.  It's late and I'm doing too many things at once.04:25
ScottKdooooomi: In that case debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man1/send_osc.1 is the way to go.04:27
ScottKdooooomi: This is also a good lesson on why building in a clean chroot is important.  The fact that you weren't masked a bug in your package.04:28
dooooomiScottK: ok, i've changed the paths and uploaded a new package04:34
dooooomiScottK: and setting up pbuilder is very high up on my todo list :)04:35
ScottKdooooomi: If you install ubuntu-dev-tools it's as simple as pbuilder-dist jaunty create04:35
AnAntScottK: Hello04:44
ScottKAnAnt: Hello.04:45
AnAntScottK: I have a question regarding zekr package04:45
AnAntScottK: the one in REVU04:45
ScottKIt's 0.7.2.  All I found at zekr.org was
AnAntScottK: if I attach a diff.gz file to a bug report, how will you get the orig tarball ?04:46
ScottKFrom upstream.04:46
AnAntScottK: oh, I will see with upstream about that04:46
AnAntScottK: 0.7.2 was in SVN, and not tarball'ed it seems !04:47
AnAntScottK: I04:47
ScottKIf you want to adjust your package for 0.7.1 we could go ahead.04:47
ScottKThen you could update it once 0.7.2 is released.04:47
AnAntScottK: I think they just forgot to release 0.7.204:48
ScottKOK, well I can't upload something called 0.7.2 until they do.04:49
ScottKAnything particularly wrong with 0.7.1?04:49
AnAntScottK: yes, of course, I'll contact upstream about that04:49
AnAntScottK: I dunno what's new in 0.7.2 actually, I am just co-maintaining the package with Derakhshani04:50
AnAntScottK: so, will it be reviewed when attached to bug report ?04:54
AnAntScottK: 0.7.2 is released it seems04:56
AnAntScottK: http://zekr.org/quran/quran-for-linux04:56
AnAntScottK: last link04:56
ScottKAnAnt: Got it.05:01
* ScottK will look at it.05:01
ScottKdooooomi: Looks good.05:03
ScottKAnAnt: You need to consolidate all the ppa debian/changelog entries.  Those packages weren't in Ubuntu so they aren't relevant.05:23
ScottKJust add the useful bits into the current entry.05:23
ScottKAnAnt: You also need to set the Maintainer to MOTU again.05:24
AnAntcan it be set to a team mailing list ? Ubuntu Muslim Edition Team <ubuntume.team@lists.launchpad.net>05:27
AnAntah, nevermind, the team name must change anyways05:27
thepxchi! I have a quick question about my freshly created PPA. I've uploaded a package using dput, which does not let me upload again (since I already did). However, the package hasn't yet shown up in my PPA. When should I expect it/what can I do?05:29
ScottKthepxc: PPA's have nothing to do with Ubuntu.  Ask in #launchpad.05:30
EagleScreenit takes some hours05:30
thepxcthanks and sorry for asking in the wrong place05:31
thepxcI didn't mean to interrupt :-P05:31
ScottKNo problem.05:36
binarymutantAm I allowed to change setup.py like a Makefile so that everything installs under /usr/bin instead of /usr/local/bin?06:24
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jpdsLaney: manage-credentials opens up w3m if it can't open Firefox.09:56
jpdsAnd I'll add the copyright to functions.py.09:56
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WebspotIf there are any MOTUs available, would they be able to review my packages on REVU: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyofa - Thanks :)11:12
fabrice_sp_Webspot, I'm not a MOTU, but I saw in your diff that you change a file outside the debian directory (build.cfg). Either patch it or if it's a temporary file. delete it in clean target11:16
Webspotfabrice_sp_: Thanks. I'll take a look at that.11:17
fabrice_sp_by the way, it's a huge version: 1.0.3+hg20090101+a08112357b8011:17
Webspotfabrice_sp_: Is that bad? I included the date of the code checkout and the revision ID.11:18
fabrice_sp_Webspot, I thnik the date is not usefull if you have the revision id11:26
Webspotfabrice_sp_: The revision ids aren't ordered though, so a new revision could have an ID that is less, when ordered, compared to the last one, meaning it's not a newer version.11:28
fabrice_sp_Webspot, then only put the date11:29
Webspotfabrice_sp_: Okay. Will do. Thanks for your help :)11:30
fabrice_sp_Webspot, you're welcome :-) I'll continue to check you're packe, to see if I see errors11:31
iahello. i have a question about reprepro (it's a tool for creating deb repo) - does exist some way to turn off asking passphrase(but not signing packages for repo) each time, when package are putting in repo?11:45
binarymutantis it allowed in the packaging policy to change a setup.py like a makefile so that everything is installed in /usr/ instead of /usr/local/?11:59
directhexno package can install to usr/local12:00
binarymutantI know, but am I allowed to change an upstream's setup.py like a makefile so that the source builds in /usr ? setup.py defaults to /usr/local12:02
binarymutantif that makes sense...12:04
Laneybinarymutant: Is it normal for setup.py to install in /usr/local or is this a particular upstream curiosity?12:11
fabrice_sp_binarymutant, by patch, yes12:11
Laneyyou can either patch it, or use dh_install to put the files in the right location, or maybe cdbs/dh7 will take care of it automatically if this is a common case12:11
binarymutantI'll patch it, thanks for the help12:12
binarymutantwhat if my package made it to the new queue but I know there's something wrong with it? Should I reupload to revu?12:12
fabrice_sp_binarymutant, yes. It's quite common to upload several times, without review12:13
binarymutantthanks for the info :)12:13
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fabrice_spWebspot, your package FTBFS12:25
fabrice_spI think you miss some build dependencies12:25
Webspotfabrice_sp: Sorry? FTBFS?12:25
fabrice_spFail To Build From Source12:25
WebspotI'll have a look at that. Thanks again for looking at it.12:26
fabrice_spdo you want the log?12:26
fabrice_spI can pastbin it12:26
WebspotYes please.12:26
fabrice_spgood luck ;-)12:27
DktrKranzLaney, hi! Do you plan to manage haskell transition? I was looking at it, so we can share efforts12:37
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LaneyDktrKranz: I was going to look at it today, shouldn't be too bad12:40
DktrKranzLaney, good! quadrispro is after it too, so we can have this done very soon.12:41
Laneybtw we needn't have had it at all12:41
Laneythe merge wasn't necessary for us :(12:41
DktrKranzyup, but now it's in, so we have to do it anyway12:43
fabrice_spHi mok0: do you have time to re-review dvdstyler? ScottK find some things that I fixed in the last upload (like splitting the package in 2). You can find it at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler. Thanks.12:56
DktrKranzLaney, I'll add some more tasks on bug #320946, just to make sure we won't miss anything12:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320946 in haskell-utf8-string "Packages require rebuild due to new GHC6" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32094612:56
DktrKranz(unless you already filed similar bugs)12:57
LaneyDktrKranz: No, I just had to do that one for darcs. Please add all that are affected and I'll pitch in in a bit12:57
Laneysome will be syncs fro sid12:58
DktrKranzgood. please ping me for sponsorship once ready :)12:58
Laneyjust playing l4d \o\12:58
* directhex startles the witch13:00
Laneyexpert is pretty imposible13:02
mok0fabrice_sp: yeah, sure13:06
mok0fabrice_sp: I'll look at it later today13:06
bmmIf I run "sudo mount --bind -o ro /bin bin" from my home directory, then the files in bin are not read only and sudo vim bin/zless can still change the files. Mount says (ro,bind), but still ro is not applied. What is going wrong?13:17
* bmm thinks he is overlooking something stupid, but can't figure out what13:18
quadrisprohi! anyone on bug 321124?13:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321124 in installation-report-generator "Please update installation-report-generator 0.2.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32112413:19
bmmOoh! I found it, I need to issue a remount after the mount :D13:20
Laneybmm: Try #ubuntu for support13:22
quadrisprohi Laney!13:23
bmmLaney: just found it and already tried that. But found the solution online already :D13:23
bmmLaney: seemed you need to remount ro after the bind to get it to work.13:29
loic-mjames_w: ping13:48
LaneyDktrKranz: Just building everything14:51
Laneydebdiff flood imminent14:51
DktrKranzLaney, cool!14:51
Laneythere's a couple that have to be done before some others14:51
DktrKranzI'm testbuilding packages to be synced and file them once ready14:51
Laneyoh, I Was doing that too14:52
Laneybe aware that hdbc needs to be done before any of the hdbc-* ones14:53
directhexsigh, i dislike the debian bts14:54
Laneymore than LP?14:54
DktrKranzLaney, no problem then, I'll ACK syncs once they catch up14:57
Laneynhandler: Haha, I just found an amusing bug in pull-debian-source14:58
Laneylaney@chicken:~/dev/ubuntu/packaging/haskelltransition/sync$ pull-debian-source omg-h unstable14:58
LaneyUSAGE: pull-debian-source [-h] <source package> [target release]14:58
Laneyit parses the -h in the package name as asking for help14:58
Laneyeasy fix, add a ^ anchor to the regex15:00
directhexLaney, more than LP. debian has no "invalid" or "notabug" for one thing15:07
didrocksI have my package waiting in REVU and have some typos issues and some sentences to rephrase. Can somebody just correct typos as I am not en English native speaker? Thanks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109419/15:25
LaneyDktrKranz: debdiffs are up15:28
Laneybug #32094615:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320946 in haskell-utf8-string "Packages require rebuild due to new GHC6" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32094615:28
DktrKranzLaney, I'll have a look right now (and I commit pull-debian-source fix to bzr branch)15:29
LaneyDktrKranz: I'm off out but I will file any remaining syncs when I get back. They all seemed to build except for hdbc which I expected to fail15:29
DktrKranzLaney, sure. Once filed, please ping/mail/subscribe me and I'll ACK them15:30
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anakronhi all15:45
WebspotHi. I'm having problems with pkg-config, while trying to package something for jaunty. On my intrepid system, "pkg-config --cflags libavcodec" gives me the cflags back, whereas jaunty just sends back a blank line. Can someone help me please?15:45
anakronHi all15:48
anakronwhat do you think about it15:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312123 in xsane "xsane name in .desktop file is too long" [Undecided,New]15:48
anakronit must be changed or not? im asking because i wanna know if it's right to do changes to this desktop file15:49
mok0anakron: yes15:49
loic-mdidrocks: there's at least a spellchecker in gedit and kate. Running your text through it is a good habit if you want to contribute any text/doc in English15:49
anakronok ill do some changes in the desktop file15:49
mok0anakron: it's a merge anyway15:49
loic-mdidrocks: f.e., "essentiel" would never pass any spellcheck afaik15:50
anakrondo you think that english comment and french must be changed15:50
anakronor only french15:50
anakronbecause french is too large15:50
anakronits obvious that is a program15:50
mok0anakron: what the bug suggests sounds perfectly reasonable15:51
didrocksloic-m: hum, I will see how to have a English spellchecker in gedit in addition to my French one :)15:51
anakronok thanks :) ill watch it in debian too15:51
mok0anakron: great15:51
pochuWebspot: do you have the appropriate -dev package installed in jaunty?15:52
didrocksloic-m: I think this is you who reviewed my work. Was my English so awful? :)15:52
loic-mloic-m: tools>choose language... the English one is there by default15:53
Webspotpochu: Yeah. I've also looked in the libavcodec.pc file in /usr/lib/pkgconfig. The Cflags line seems to be missing "/libavcodec" on the end. Is this right, or am I totally wrong?15:53
loic-mdidrocks: tools>choose language... the English one is there by default (sorry for the bad copy/paste)15:53
didrocksloic-m: thanks. I am on it (I am more worried about rephrasing some complicated sentences)15:54
loic-m didrocks: tools>Set language actually ;)15:54
didrocksloic-m: yes, I corrected myself :)15:54
anakronbut is this issue is real15:55
loic-mdidrocks: split them so it's simpler, the rest a native English speaker might improve, but at least you get a good habit for other uploads15:55
anakroni must take out all the "program" added15:55
anakronor i must adjust to the bug15:55
didrocksloic-m: ok. I will try. I have fixed other changes. Just this one is remaining15:55
anakronin russian in can't do something15:55
loic-mdidrocks: pastebin it when you're done15:56
didrocksloic-m: ok, thanks :)15:56
anakronping mok015:56
pochuWebspot: it can be ok as is, look at the changelog for what the reason was16:00
Webspotpochu: Ok. I'll have a look. Thanks.16:00
mok0anakron: ah you did ping me :-)16:02
Turlsurely a n00b question, but is there any way I can set up dch to use my correct mail and address?16:03
TurlI hate to edit them by hand every time16:03
Webspotpochu: Sorry. I'm quite new to all of this, shouldn't pkg-config --cflags libavcodec show "-I/usr/include/libavcodec/"?16:07
jcfpTurl: set DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME16:07
Turlthanks jcfp :)16:08
didrocksloic-m: is it better http://paste.ubuntu.com/109443/ ?16:09
loic-mdidrocks: I'm having a look16:11
didrocksthanks a lot :)16:11
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fabrice_spmok0, did you had time to have a look at dvdstyler?16:32
fabrice_sphi mib_pt8tdy9116:33
mok0fabrice_sp: not yet16:35
fabrice_spok. Thanks anyway! :-)16:35
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp: hi16:36
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp: whats dvdstyler?16:36
fabrice_spa DVD Authoring tool that I packaged, and uploaded to REVU16:37
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp: is it like anyother DVD authoring tool or its special? :)16:40
fabrice_spwell, it's the only one that really worked for me in Ubuntu16:41
fabrice_sp(and I was using it in Windows before switching)16:41
Turlfabrice_sp: is it like devede?16:42
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp: give a link to your app16:42
fabrice_spyou can find it in my ppa16:43
fabrice_spTurl, yes, it seems so16:44
Turlfabrice_sp: does it allow you to set several soundtracks and subtitles for 1 movie? I need that functionality, and devede doesn't provide it16:45
fabrice_spTurl, I have to check, but I remember making DVD with 2 audio tracks16:47
loic-mTurl: Avidemux doesn't either, I had to use mencoder :(16:47
Turldevede uses mencoder iirc, it won't be difficult to add that functionality then16:49
fabrice_sp_Turl, it can: http://dvdstyler.wiki.sourceforge.net/FAQMultipleAudio16:50
mib_pt8tdy91QUESTION: How are versions made?If I start a new project is there any standards that I should follow?( for learning purposes)16:59
slytherinDoes anyone have any idea why would /dev/null have permissions 600?17:00
Turlslytherin: no idea :/ mine is crw-rw-rw- (read-writeable by all)17:01
slytherinTurl: yes, that is correct.17:02
fabrice_sp_mib_pt8tdy91, what do you mean by version? Packaging an existing program, you mean?17:03
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp_: no I want to start a new project I have just packaged it and I want to give it some meaningful name that corresponds to [project name]+[stable release no]+[beta release no]+etc17:06
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp_: I think thats when version comes into the scene..Am I right?17:07
fabrice_sp_mib_pt8tdy91, sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Are you asking for the package name of the app name?17:18
Guest92828Hi ScottK, ScottK-desktop, thank you for reviewing zekr. Will you be kind enough to look over my new upload again.17:18
mib_pt8tdy91fabrice_sp_: yes exactly17:18
Guest92828ScottK: Sorry I forgot to give the link: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=zekr17:20
Turlmib_pt8tdy91: iirc, it's packagename_upstreamversion-debianrevision17:21
Turlso for example, if my app is called hello and version is 3.9, bash_3.9-1 for a first revision of that version17:21
slytherinTurl: he is not talking about versions in debia/ubuntu17:22
Turlslytherin: then I don't get what he means :p17:22
slytherinmib_pt8tdy91: I don't understand how can we advice you on the version number for your project.17:22
mib_pt8tdy91slytherin: I am asking what is the importance of version number and why its so complex like bash_3.9_1 instead of hello1, hello2 and so on...17:25
Turlwhat does this mean? W: aircrack-ng source: patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff patches/000-Airmon_needs_bash.diff and 1 more17:25
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: I didn't get u!!!17:26
slytherinmib_pt8tdy91: probably to separate name from version17:26
slytherinTurl: you are using some patch system in the package. but some source is directly patched.17:26
Turlyeah, I'm using quilt17:27
Turlbut quilt pop -a reports no source is patched17:27
mib_pt8tdy91slytherin: There are many releases and patches and to separately identify the order they were released we use version numbers...right?Are there any standards?or simply we keep it as we like?17:28
rugby471quick question, if you were replacing an image in a deb, how do you create a debdiff?17:28
Turlmib_pt8tdy91: the version number should be the same as upstream, if that is what you want to know17:29
bholtsclawrugby471: uuencod'ed patch ?17:29
slytherinTurl: can't help much without looking at package.17:29
rugby471bholtsclaw:what's that?17:29
Turlfor example, application "myapp 5.9.8 was released". package would be myapp_5.9.8-1 for a first debian revision17:29
fabrice_sp_Turl, did you export QUILT_PATCHES ?17:29
bholtsclawrugby471: a way to patch images in deb's17:30
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: I am kinda new to ubuntu devs can you explain whats upstream?17:30
=== bholtsclaw is now known as imbrandon
Turlfabrice_sp_: nope17:30
fabrice_sp_Turl, should point to debian/patches17:30
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: I got it17:30
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: but whats upstream?17:30
Turlmib_pt8tdy91: upstream is the (group of) people who code the app17:30
rugby471bholtsclaw:how does it work? is documentation of it on the wiki?17:30
mib_pt8tdy91Thanx Turl slytherin fabrice_sp_17:31
Turlfor example, the "dd" upstream is GNU, ubuntu's upstream is debian, ...17:31
imbrandonrugby471: i'm sure, lemme look17:31
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: The debian people develop and you distribute?17:31
=== fabrice_sp_ is now known as fabrice_sp
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: *you means Ubuntu17:31
Turlmib_pt8tdy91: not really, but debian is the "source" of ubuntu17:32
Turlubuntu is based on debian17:32
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: so Ubuntu takes some of the apps from debian edit its source code and then release it.17:33
Turlsometimes, sometimes not17:33
mib_pt8tdy91ya thats why I wrote "some" of the apps17:34
Turlsorry, that one is a bad example17:34
mib_pt8tdy91which one?17:34
Turlthe debian-ubuntu one17:34
mib_pt8tdy91anyways I got the essence17:34
Turlyou know gcc, the C compiler? upstream is GNU17:34
Turlor brasero, the upstream is the GNOME guys17:35
mib_pt8tdy91Turl: OK17:35
Turlwell, the W: aircrack-ng source: patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff patches/000-Airmon_needs_bash.diff and 1 more still is there, even after reextracting the original source and copying the debian dir, reimporting the patches and debuilding17:40
fabrice_spTurl, do you have a patches directory in the root directory?17:42
fabrice_spit seems that upstream is shipping this file17:43
Turlfabrice_sp: i have debian/patches17:45
fabrice_spTurl, and not patches/000-Airmon... ?17:47
Turlthe patches in /patches are a totally different thing, except for the one "000-Airmon_needs_bash.diff" one17:47
fabrice_spso it seems you modified this one17:47
fabrice_spdo you have patch to modify this patch?17:48
fabrice_sphave a look at you diff file to see what has been changed17:48
Turlit's the same patch I have in debian/patches17:49
Turlok fabrice_sp17:49
rugby471don't owrry I found it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/BinaryFilesInDiff17:49
Turlfabrice_sp: it seems quint modifies both series files17:51
fabrice_spTurl, if you set QUILT_PATCHES to debian/patches, it shouldn't17:51
Turlfabrice_sp: working fine now, thanks :)17:54
fabrice_spTurl, you're welcome ;-=17:55
Turlhow much time can it take for a sponsor to look at a bug?17:59
fabrice_spTurl, it depends. Did you subscribed u-u-s?18:04
Turlfabrice_sp: yep18:06
fabrice_spTurl, if you put the status to Confirmed, it should be a couple of days18:07
Turlit's already confirmed18:08
quadrisprohi guys18:11
quadrisprow-scan needs some love :) -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan18:11
* Turl hugs w-scan18:13
PiratenaapjeIs anyone welcome to fix the [needs-packaging]-bugs in the ubuntu launchpad buglist?18:16
fabrice_spPiratenaapje, I think that you will be more welcome if you fix others bugs report18:17
WebspotHey. If there are any MOTUs around and available, could they review my packages at REVU? One is osm-gps-map, which is a GTK widget for embedding openstreetmap. And the other is pyofa, which creates audio fingerprints for files. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyofa - Thanks :-)18:18
PiratenaapjeI should just reply to the bug and say that I'm trying to package it?18:19
PiratenaapjeOr do I need to offer mentorship?18:19
WebspotPiratenaapje: I understand you assign the bug to yourself, and set it to in progress.18:20
slytherinPiratenaapje: if you are going to package it, assign the bug to yourself18:20
PiratenaapjeAh alright, thanks18:21
PiratenaapjeI have a question again: I want to package a program of which upstream development has stopped, but I've made some changes to it myself, to make it work a bit better.18:49
PiratenaapjeIt isn't ok to package it with a higher version number I guess, so what should I do with it?18:49
pochuPiratenaapje: put your changes in a patch, and patch the upstream version when building using a patch system18:58
Piratenaapjepochu: Is it ok to release under a new version number then?18:59
pochuPiratenaapje: no18:59
pochuuse what upstream has18:59
pochubut patch it before building18:59
pochue.g. if upstream is 1.018:59
pochuyou package it as 1.0-1, put a patch in debian/patches, and when building the patch is applied with your modifications19:00
pochuthe version is 1.0-1, that's not a problem19:00
Piratenaapjepochu: But what if I want to actively develop it further?19:00
pochu(if it's free software)19:00
pochuPiratenaapje: then take over upstream19:00
PiratenaapjeRelease it under a different name?19:00
PiratenaapjeHmm ok, guess I'll try to contact the old developers19:01
pochuPiratenaapje: you can do either that, or contact upstream telling you want to continue the project19:01
mabafuhi there19:09
pochuhi mabafu19:10
mabafuhi pochu19:10
mabafuI don't know if this is the propper... channel...19:10
mabafuwould like some hints on ubuntu development19:11
pochuyeah, this is a good place19:11
pochumabafu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing is a good place to start19:11
mabafutks pochu19:13
fabrice_spOne hour to start building a package in my ppa! Is there something heavy building?19:14
hyperairpochu: you're a motu right? could you revu some packages for me? =p i'm missing a final advocate for two of them19:17
pochuhyperair: which ones?19:22
hyperairsigx and bansheelyricsplugin19:22
hyperairpochu: ^19:23
pochuhyperair: for bansheelyricsplugin, you want a review from directhex, but he's not a MOTU yet19:26
hyperairpochu: hmm?19:27
hyperairpochu: actually regarding bansheelyricsplugin i've uploaded it to mentors.debian.net19:27
pochuah, cool19:28
hyperairpochu: so perhaps i should archive it or something19:28
pochuI'm gonna review sigx19:28
hyperairpochu: thanks19:28
pochuhyperair: you can get it uploaded... jpds reviewed it and said he was happy, perhaps he would advocate it now19:28
pochuhyperair: if you want it in jaunty, I suggest you get it uploaded to Ubuntu directly too19:29
directhexwith the same orig!19:29
directhexfakesync sucks19:29
* directhex is still waiting for moon to pass NEW19:30
directhexand i suspect mono 2.2 will need to be 0ubuntu1's due to NEWness19:30
fabrice_spScottK, I've split dvdstyler in 2 packages, but doing so, I lost your advocate. Can you please check it? (or any other motu ;-) ). It's at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler19:32
hyperairjpds: could you advocate sigx please? you've reviewed it before19:33
hyperairpochu: get it uploaded directly meaning?19:34
pochuhyperair: weird that Debian #470532 isn't fixed19:36
ubottuDebian bug 470532 in cdbs "cdbs: please add scons rules file" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/47053219:36
pochuhyperair: yeah, I mean don't wait for the package to get into Debian and pass NEW, because then it may be too late for Jaunty19:37
hyperairpochu: in that case i should attempt to get one more advocate for bansheelyricsplugin on revu?19:37
pochuhyperair: yes19:37
pochu(not me)19:38
hyperairpochu: heheh why not?19:38
pochuif there were no advocates, maybe, but I'm not used to C# packages, so... :)19:38
pochuhyperair: have you already asked sigx upstream to release a .tar.gz tarball for you? :)19:40
hyperairpochu: eh no?19:40
pochuhyperair: then do it so that you don't need to repakcage their tarballs ;)19:41
hyperairbut i've already repackaged it19:41
pochuhyperair: yeah, I mean for the future19:42
pochuscons -c distclean || return 019:42
pochuI think you want || true19:42
hyperairpochu: i'll upload another with the change19:43
pochuhyperair: wait, I may find something else :)19:44
hyperairpochu: alright19:44
pochuI would use the changelog version for $UPSTREAM_VERSION, but that's just my opinion, it's fine as is19:44
pochuhyperair: and $(DEBIAN_DIR) is just ./debian, no need for so many hacks ;)19:45
hyperairpochu: according to the get-orig-source spec, it's supposed to be callable from any directory19:46
hyperairpochu: ./debian only works if you're calling from the source directory19:46
pochuhyperair: ah, ok19:47
pochuhyperair: are you using debhelper compat 7 for any reason? if it works with 5, use 519:47
pochu(doesn't look like you use anything from 7)19:47
hyperairpochu: i think dh_make made it like that =\19:48
pochuhyperair: so change it :)19:49
pochuhyperair: and remove libsigx-2.0-dev.lintian-overrides, that's just a warning, it's Ubuntu specific and you can ignore it19:49
hyperairpochu: i thought lintian had to be clean19:50
pochuhyperair: mostly, but that's from an Ubuntu hack19:51
pochuhyperair: and hiding a warning isn't exactly cleaning it :)19:51
pochui.e., if there's a reason to ignore it, just say so and we will ignore it when reviewing ;)19:52
hyperairpochu: oh. okay then19:52
hyperairheh. i had a whole bunch of lintian overrides for this issue in codelite19:52
hyperairand that's already accepted19:52
hyperairno wait, uploaded, but not accepted19:52
pochuhyperair: and remove the other override too, that's not even a warning! :)19:56
hyperairpochu: eh okay19:57
hyperairshould i document all of this in README.source or something?19:58
pochuwhat? the lintian warnings? nope19:59
pochu^ that looks not very FHS compliant...19:59
pochus/looks not/doesn't look/19:59
pochuhyperair: libsigx-2.0-doc.docs shouldn't have docs/html, that should be in libsigx-2.0-doc.install20:00
hyperairpochu: some other MOTU told me to shift it from .install into .docs20:01
hyperairpochu: i think it's in the comments somewhere20:01
hyperairpochu: also, why not?20:01
pochuthat's not a doc, they are a bunch of files :)20:01
hyperairpochu: those are docs20:01
hyperairpochu: once you run scons doc20:01
hyperairpochu: also, in my defence about /usr/lib/sigx-2.0/sigxconfig.h.. there's a similar file in sigc++20:02
pochuhyperair: README looks more something to be read by the person building it than the one using it... I'd remove it from docs20:04
hyperairpochu: alright.20:04
bmhmhi all20:04
pochusame for TODO (looks for people developing sigx)20:04
pochuhi bmhm20:04
bmhmcan someone help me with pbuilder pls?20:04
bmhmjust a small issui (i guess)20:04
hyperairbmhm: ask and ye shall receive20:04
bmhmwhere does the+ trap - exit sighup come from?20:05
hyperairpochu: i think the TODO might be good for telling the developers who use sigx what hasn't been implemented and so on20:05
pochuhyperair: ok20:06
pochuhyperair: the -dev package should be arch: all20:06
pochuhyperair: I think other than that, it's good20:07
pochuwell, I haven't looked into copyright20:07
hyperairpochu: okay i'll make another upload20:07
pochuhope you got that fine :)20:07
hyperairpochu: well i followed licensecheck's output and made sure i covered everything =\20:08
bmhmanyone got an idea?20:08
pochuhyperair: looks fine, yes20:09
hyperairpochu: are you sure the -dev should be arch: all? i get some non-binmuable lintian error20:09
pochuhyperair: I also do `grep -Ri copyright *`20:10
hyperairpochu: and it seems i need to work around it by using Depends: libsigx-2.0-2 (>= ${source:Version}) and (<< ${source:Version}.1~) or something20:10
hyperairbmhm: dyou have any strange pbuilder hooks?20:11
bmhmwell I'll post my pbuildrc, second20:11
bmhmOTHERMIRROR="deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid universe multiverse"20:12
pochuhyperair: ok, leave it as arch:any, its size is small so it's fine20:12
pochuhyperair: ok, I think that's all from me :)20:13
hyperairpochu: okay20:13
bmhmoh and I just found a hook20:13
hyperairpochu: okay, i've made a new upload. could you look through it, and if nothing's wrong, advocate it please? =p20:15
jmehdiCould someone review my package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webstrict, I've fixed the latest problems (I hope)20:17
bmhmwell... any ideas now?20:18
pochuLogged in as pochu (Contributor).20:19
pochuRainCT: ^ I want my Advocate checkbox back pliz :)20:19
RainCTpochu: uhm?20:20
pochuRainCT: REVU thinks I'm not a MOTU :/20:20
RainCTREVU doesn't like you :P20:20
RainCTdid you do something bad to it?20:20
pochunot really... I almost never visit it :)20:21
RainCTpochu: so, you did something bad *G*20:21
RainCTok, you're reviewer20:22
pochudoesn't REVU know that from LP anymore?20:22
pochuhyperair: advocated20:23
hyperairpochu: thanks20:23
RainCTpochu: nope, that's on some long TODO list :P20:23
pochuRainCT: ah, ok20:24
hyperairmok0: sorry to ask this of you again, but could you look at sigx again? i've made a new upload.20:24
nelleryif a new copyright year is added to a new upstream release, should that be added to debian/copyright?20:24
pochuRainCT: ~motu is a member of ~revu-contributors so that MOTUs can upload to REVU, right?20:25
RainCTpochu: revu-contributors is deprecated, obsoleted and whatever you want :P20:25
pochuerr, ~revu-uploaders20:25
RainCTerr, revu-uploaders ;P20:25
pochuah, good20:25
jpdsQue raro.20:25
pochuso I want ~motu not be a ~revu-uploaders member anymore please :-)20:25
RainCTpochu: logging in once is enough to be able to upload20:25
nhandlerpochu: We stopped using that team when we switched to openID for the logins20:25
jpdshyperair: sigx looks good to me. Better without the *.symbols file.20:26
pochuRainCT: so, can you remove MOTU from https://edge.launchpad.net/~revu-uploaders/+members? thanks :)20:26
hyperairjpds: thenn could you advocate it? =p20:27
RainCTpochu: won't that send a mail to everyone?20:27
pochuRainCT: don't think so, there's a ML for the motu team20:28
pochuand it will get moderated I guess20:28
RainCTpochu: ML is only for bugmail20:28
* RainCT learned that the hard way :P20:28
jpdsRainCT: Well this time if something bad happens, you can blame pochu.20:29
pochuah, right20:29
pochuhehe, yeah20:29
pochuand I will blame Launchpad :P20:29
PiratenaapjeHmm I've run into a problem: the program I'm currently packaging installs ode by downloading it, this is not the same version as is included in Ubuntu, which it won't compile with. Is it a problem if the configure downloads and installs a package?20:30
jpdsPiratenaapje: Yes, there is no networking on the build daemons.20:30
PiratenaapjeAh crap20:30
Piratenaapjejpds: would it be ok to have configure just build it, without downloading it?20:32
jpdsPiratenaapje: Could you upgrade the other package needed in Ubuntu first?20:32
jpdsPiratenaapje: Or you could patch the one you're working on right now so that it didn't download the other.20:34
bmhmwhere can I ask about my problem then?20:34
Piratenaapjejdps: It's a custom version of the library, so that's not a possibility20:34
jpdsPiratenaapje: Hmm, tricky.20:35
Piratenaapjejpds: Patching the configure, and including the ode.tar.gz is allowed?20:37
Laneyconvincing upstream to not need it is the best way20:39
Piratenaapje"ODE is released     by distros in a lot of various versions (0.3x, 0.5, 0.6, CVS), wich makes     things very complex for us" is the reason they give for using their own version20:39
Piratenaapjeso not going to happen I'm afraid20:40
LaneyThey can require a particular version (say 0.5), and then for a distro to use their software they must update the lib to 0.520:41
jpdsLaney: They use a custom version appartently.20:41
Laneybroken distros aren't really their problem20:41
LaneyThen they should try to upstream their patches20:41
PiratenaapjeWell anyway, there hasn't been a new version released in 2.5 years, so I doubt anything is going to change :p.20:42
Laneythen you should consider whether we want to maintain unsupported software20:42
PiratenaapjeI was trying to package it because a [needs-packaging] bug was filed in launchpad20:43
PiratenaapjeNot by the actual developers I suppose20:43
Laneywe don't have to fulfill every needs-packaging bug20:43
bmhmwell can someone tell me why pbuilder gets an sigHUP?20:44
PiratenaapjeLaney: so I suggest I stop trying to package it?20:45
LaneyPiratenaapje: It certainly sounds like something we don't want to maintain20:45
Laneybut if you want to fork it and become upstream...20:46
PiratenaapjeGuess it won't be packaged then :p20:46
ScottKfabrice_sp: Why put all the usr/share/ stuff in the main package and not in the -data package?20:48
hyperairjpds: thanks for the advocate20:48
PiratenaapjeLaney: thanks for saving me work :)20:48
jcfpLaney: could you take a look at sabnzbdplus? You reviewed it recently, all issues you raised have been fixed (including upgrading the mochikit package)20:49
Laneyjcfp: I'm not a MOTU sadly20:50
bmhmoh wait... http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/393888/ line 1063++20:50
bmhmcan you just take a look at it please?20:50
jcfpLaney: bummer, you should be ;)20:50
Laneyjcfp: I never looked into it before, but the /etc/default behaviour seems odd. Did you get that from somewhere?20:52
PiratenaapjeWhat would be the best way to take over a old package? Take over upstream, or just fork it?20:53
jcfpLaney: no created that myself, what's odd in it?20:53
Laneyjcfp: I'd expect it to just work I guess20:53
Laneyis there any reason why you can't create a sabnzbd user?20:54
pochuRainCT: so, are you gonna remove it? :)20:54
jcfpLaney: that creates other problems, such as permissions on download (they'd be owned by that user, etc)20:55
Laneyjcfp: The most similar package I can think of is torrenflux. Maybe you could look into how that package does it?20:55
jcfpand also not everybody will want to run it at boot20:55
jcfpi'll check20:55
Laneyjcfp: Right, then /etc/defaults/sabnzbd becomes a boolean flag20:55
Laneystartonboot = true20:55
jcfpit already is, just that in this case the user being filled in or not functions as the kill switch20:56
jcfpLaney: is there any "best practice" when it comes to creating users accounts like this?20:58
LaneyI really don't know - that's why I referred you to torrentflux :(20:58
jcfpk, np20:59
Laneyactually, maybe that wasn't a good example20:59
LaneyI think torrentflux might be a PHP script20:59
Laneythink of your favourite daemon and see how it does this20:59
Laneyhow strange, I don't get bugmail for new syncs any more21:10
oojahPiratenaapje: If you can contact upstream and they're happy to hand on development, then I'd say doing that would be better than forking. Just my opinion.21:28
Piratenaapjeoojah: I've sent them a mail, but I'm not really expecting a response, their sourceforge page has been dead for over 2 years, and all I had was their sourceforge addresses :S21:29
PiratenaapjeI'll wait a week or 2 to give them a chance to respond though21:30
oojahPiratenaapje: Sounds reasonable.21:34
=== kc8tad is now known as rrittenhouse
dtchenforgot to sub u-u-s, done now if someone wants to sponsor the fix for bug 31382022:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313820 in ircd-ratbox "built source package crashes with buffer overflow" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31382022:31
dtchen(see the #ubuntu-devel irclogs from 2009-01-04 for verification from the reporter)22:32
WebspotHey. If there are any MOTUs around and available, could they review my packages at REVU? One is osm-gps-map, which is a GTK widget for embedding openstreetmap. And the other is pyofa, which creates audio fingerprints for files. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyofa - Thanks :-)22:46

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