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ftaasac, still there?02:04
ftaasac, 9 patches already for openkomodo :(02:04
asacfta: 9 patches?02:47
ftaasac, yes, just to make the custom xul build02:47
asacyou mean --with-libxul-sdk=... ?02:47
ftanope, not even that02:48
asacwhy are you trying to a do a custom xul build?02:48
ftabecause it's not possible otherwise02:48
asacmake install alone doesnt work?02:49
asaci mean, building firefox without a system xul is possible too ;)02:49
ftathey don't even have a confvar.sh02:49
ftathey patched configure02:50
asacor at least configure.in ;)?02:50
asacwhere is the openkomodo source?02:51
asacfta: what patches get applied?02:53
asacall in patches-new and patches-official?02:54
asacwell, http://svn.openkomodo.com/repos/openkomodo/trunk/mozilla/patches-new/02:54
asacthere are patches02:54
asacand there are branch directories;)02:54
ftapatches-new/ + patches-new/MOZILLA_1_9_102:54
asacand patches-official?02:54
asacthats garbage?02:54
fta        --official02:55
fta            build a clean unpatched mozilla or firefox02:55
fta            (Note: I don't trust that this is what you get. --TM)02:55
asacfta: doesnt it work with the fixed 1.9.1 xulrunner?02:55
asaci mean the one with the proper pyxpcom?02:55
asaclet me get the full tree ;)02:56
ftano idea yet. i just want that thing to build & run before i try to break it with our xul02:57
asacfta: well. if thats just .py files i would go straight trying to run that with our xul ;)02:57
asacok seems that they have native stuff though ;)02:58
asaca good first step would be to know what is supposed to come out of if02:58
ftayes, that's why i'm doing it this way, i need a base02:59
asaci will download http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/releases/5.0.3/Komodo-Edit-5.0.3-2767-linux-libcpp6-x86.tar.gz now ;)02:59
asacquite heavy weight ;) for the binary03:00
asacseems to have some chrom additions03:03
asac(and based on 1.8?)03:03
ftad'oh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109220/03:05
asacwell on top the mozilla build failed03:07
asacthat would explain the rest03:07
ftathat stupid thing is rebuild everything03:25
asaclook at laste 3 lines ;)03:26
asacthe magic time03:27
asacto sleep before exit03:27
ftaholly s*t, they run something like make -f Makefile.ref clean all distbin BUILD_OPT=1 MOZ_OBJDIR=/src/bzr/build-area/openkomodo-5.1.0~a1~svn20090124r2851/build-tree/openkomodo/mozilla/build/moz1.9.1/mozilla/ko-rel-gtk2-ns-tools03:49
ftaasac, how do i fix that: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109238/ ? headers from xpcom/glue/04:06
heikkihi, could someone review/sponsor my patch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozvoikko/+bug/297169 ?08:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297169 in mozvoikko "mozvoikko depends on iceweasel, should depend on firefox" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:49
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ftaasac, help ):12:46
asacfta: on what?14:07
ftaasac, <fta> asac, how do i fix that: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109238/ ? headers from xpcom/glue/14:08
asacfta: for mit seems like the headesr didnt get installed properly14:08
asacfta: have you tried to run make in xpcom/glue explicitly?14:08
asacor even xpcom/14:08
ftathose headers are not in dist14:09
asacfta: yes. thats what i am saying14:09
asacfta: yesterday your first built failed .... i suspected that it aborted and never installed a bunch of headers14:10
asacfta: they are supposed to be in dist/inclue/xpcom/14:11
asaccd xpcom/; make ... should do the trick14:11
ftai should probably retry from scratch, as i fixed a bunch of issues since14:11
asacfta: or that yes. but for this issue just make there should be enough14:11
asacfta: or try to run make in mozilla/14:11
ftait rebuilds everything14:12
asacfta: if you run make in mozilla/`?14:12
ftait has an objdir14:12
asacfta: usually make in mozilla/ rm -rf dist/ ... and builds there14:12
asacfta: mozilla build system removes all the dist files on make in top level14:13
asacbut not the objects14:13
asacso while it takes a bit longer it shouldnt take the full rebuild cycle14:13
ftausually, i know how to fix that but here, i don't understand what's wrong14:13
asaci think that mozilla/ tree build failed ;)14:15
asac(still the same idea)14:15
ftahm, now this is different. a make in xpcom: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109391/14:16
ftaI'd say i'd better restart from scratch14:17
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/109476/  xul builds fine, the re-run in komodo too (seems it's not even needed), but they build js separately and it fails there17:12
asaccool ... next: try to eliminate the need for mozilla/ tree ;)17:15
ftawhy do they need to do that ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/109478/17:15
asacsorry... all is slow here ... i am currently scanning all my home dirs for cruft17:17
asacfta: the js standalone interpreter wasnt built in 1.8917:17
ftaseems i'm not done yet17:17
asacdo we ship that?17:18
asacits a binary called "js"17:18
fta-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 791644 2009-01-23 01:26 /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b3pre/js*17:18
asacfta: yeah. dont build the standalone interpreter if you are on >= 1.917:18
asacor was it 1.9.1?17:18
asacnot srue17:18
asacso 1.9 doesnt need it17:19
asacwell. afaik its built by default on 1.9.117:19
asacmaybe its not pumped into dist/bin though17:19
ftayep, i remember i had to run configure there since 1.9.117:19
asacyou mean in js/src?17:20
asacmight be that they build it since that refactoring17:20
asacbut i dont think that17:20
asacpreviously js/src got auto build17:20
asacnow it has its own build system17:20
asacbut still the js is build by default according to stransky ;)17:21
asaci havent verified17:21
asaclet me check17:21
asaci have /var/builddir/asac/moz_objdir/obj-3.2.pre/dist/bin/js17:21
asacand also /var/builddir/asac/moz_objdir/obj-xul1.9.1/dist/bin/js17:21
asacso either packages-static lacks that file or we forget it17:22
asac(given that its not in)17:22
asacdump me17:22
asacsaw that you found it17:22
asacyeah. so not needed on 1.9.117:22
asac(and me typing for nothing - again ;))17:22
ftaoh my! http://paste.ubuntu.com/109485/17:25
ftaasac, silo_python !17:26
asacone should really forbid using python for building17:26
asaceven outlaw ;)17:26
ftawhat is target_regmozbuild() doing?17:28
ftaregmozbuild.register_build(gConfigFileName) ???17:28
asacdo we really care? ;)17:28
asacnot sure where is regmozbuild defined ;)?17:29
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ftaasac, why no memory cache ?17:58
asacleaktest ;)17:59
asaci ended up with ffox 3 consuming 50% of mem17:59
asacnow i am checking how well it works with mem cache disabled17:59
asacactually i even saw firefox releasing memory already17:59
asacthink was the first time i recognized it ;)18:00
asacso far mem usage seems not to grow18:00
asaceven though i have tinderbox reloading constantlyx18:00
asacwhen closing tab the mem goes down ;)18:00
asacand performance isnt really worth either18:01
asacguess its fast enough to get content from disk18:01
asacproblem with memory cache is that in code you can see that there is no memory pressure implemented ;)18:01
asacso cache will grow endlessly18:01
asaceven taking swap at some point from what i can tell18:01
asacthere are still leaks :(18:06
asaci am up to 7% from 6%18:06
asacwith the same tabs open that i had in the beginning18:07
asaceven forced garbage collection just in case18:07
* fta blames Mozilla18:11
ftasiloing `/usr' to `build/moz1.9.1/mozilla/ko-rel-gtk2-ns-tools/dist/python'18:13
ftarunning 'cp -R "/usr" "build/moz1.9.1/mozilla/ko-rel-gtk2-ns-tools/dist/python"'18:13
ftaso much for --python=/usr/bin/python18:13
asacthey copy the whole /usr/ tree?18:14
asacwhats that?18:14
ftathey want their private copy of python :(18:15
asacwell ... but why copy whole /usr  then?18:15
asacdoenst sound minimal ;)18:15
ftai assume i'm not supposed to use --python=/usr/bin/python18:15
asacwe cnanot distribute it with in pkg copy ;)18:16
asacreally :)18:16
asacthats too dump18:16
ftai wanted it use our system python18:16
asacyou have to18:16
ftai know18:16
asacyeah. kick them18:17
asaci mean file upstream bugs18:17
asacand when they start to become desparate, you become the hero by submitting the patches :)18:17
asacfta: ever heard anything about when we get subPPAs`18:20
ftaasac, no18:22
asacfta: when did you do the last snapshot?18:23
asacnm. i upgrade ;)18:23
ftathis silo thing is seriously getting on my nerves18:24
asaci dont understand why folks use python18:25
asacthey could use C ;)18:25
asacwould make things much more complicated18:26
asacfta: did you figure ubiquity?18:46
asacand how that could use build-system?18:46
ftaJan 16 17:45:13 <fta>   Jazzva, i think ubiquity needs to be patched. it wants access to $(OBJDIR)/dist/bin (at least to run xpcshell) which should not be needed for us as we have that in our xul package.19:08
ftaJan 16 17:45:13 <fta>   Jazzva, so an installed xul + the build system should be enough.19:08
ftaso it's not very difficult19:08
ftabut i'd like to finish o-k first19:09
asachave you talked to ok upstream about pkging?19:09
ftajust wanted to use it myself for a long while, and no one is working on it19:13
asacthis memory cache disabling seems to be the cure19:21
asaci mean without doing anything i ended up at the same mem where i started19:21
asace.g. whatever i do i move between 5% and 7.5% ;)19:22
asacwell ... not more than a bunch of tabs19:22
asacbut seems to be ok19:22
asacgood crack19:22
asacyes its so cool that i feel high ;)19:25
asacbut seems that 3.2 doesnt have similar issues as 3.0 even with memory cache19:29
asaceven better ;)19:29
ftaasac, i'm stuck with http://paste.ubuntu.com/109542/  the python tests are obviously failing (i disabled the silo-ification), and now that.19:58
ftaeverything depends on the siloed python :(20:01
asachave you checked whether this stuff builds at all if you dont modify it?20:19
ftaasac, i give up for now. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+junk/openkomodo.head20:49
ftaasac, how do i know what kind of connectivity i have with my 3G key ? (3G, edge, gsm, ...)22:53
asacfta: you shouldnt need to know22:54
ftait's primitive :( no info about anything22:54
ftanot even connection time (elapsed time)22:55
ftait says "automobile broadband (gsm) connection"22:55
ftais that 3G?22:55
asacfta: do you have libmbca0 installed?22:56
asacyes. support for 3G is quite basic in NM 0.7 ... modemmanager will bring some relief to that22:56
ftano libmbca* installed, should I ?22:57
ftai should disable update-manager23:02
ftathere was a blueprint about doing all that iirc23:02
fta200:05:26 (181 KB/s) for 40MB.23:06
ftawith 238 KB/s peaks23:08
asacfta: networkchanging spec that is23:40
ftapeople are complaining about the noise in !ubuntu, that was my 1st fear when joining.23:41
ftaasac, ff is worse with mem cache disabled. 370M -> 530M23:43
ftabut VSZ 1200M -> 990M23:44
ftathat's after a reboot23:46

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