bobbob1016Any ideas?00:17
captain_howdy howdy howdy00:44
captain_got a bt848 card, can't record any sound -- sound comes in through motherboard's CD-In port, is /dev/dsp the right audio device for that?00:45
MythbuntuGuest09I am a total noob and reading sticky thread 'HOWTO: DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4 Rev 1 and Rev2 with remote tutorial'.01:11
MythbuntuGuest09I can use the terminal (very basics though). do i just type like for like in the terminal from sudo -i down to exit for the driver install?01:17
MythbuntuGuest09I am using Ubuntu 8.10 with mythbuntu 8.10 addin install on top of it.01:18
captain_using mythbuntu too -- anyone know what the "/dev" string is that I can use in mythbuntu to get cd-sound-in recorded?01:20
MythbuntuGuest09My last question relate to getting the Rev 2 remote to work.  I dont really understand what to do with all the replies.  Some say it works others mention changes to the code, and again other say even with the code changes that it doesnt work.  What do i do here???01:23
MythbuntuGuest09Thanks for any assistance.  Chipppy (I dont have IRC on my work Windoze machine)01:24
NineTeen67CometHello, is there a way to assign an image for a directory? Like I've got the Cosmos series, and each episode's cover, but in the Cosmos directory it only shows as a Folder icon.02:02
hadsNineTeen67Comet: Mythvideo plugin?02:41
NineTeen67CometYeah, I've got that installed. I can theme it and all, add dvd covers to the individual videos but the directories are still just themed folder icons ..02:42
hadsHmm, I did remember something like that but I can find it in the source.02:44
hadsTry putting a folder.png in the directory, that's what I remembered02:46
NineTeen67CometI'll give that a try .. thanks .. I think I'll have to do a little more though because I initially put all my images in another image directory than the default (I've got a server just full of pictures, and it's with them).02:49
NineTeen67CometIt worked, thanks hads .. the folder file shows up inside the directory now too (not as an image, but as a plain file) .. I can live with that =) .. thanks03:11
hadsYou can ignore filetypes in the setup somewhere.03:11
NineTeen67Cometoh yeah, I remember that .. thanks I'll jump in there as soon as my kids are off it (ssh -X ) hasn't been working for me today ..03:12
twitchnlngreetings, has anyone had any luck with hvr-1600?03:12
d0netsFNwhat is different about the volume and sound controls in mythbuntu than ubuntu04:53
d0netsFNcause i cant get my mic input working04:53
d0netsFNi always run my 360 sound through my pc mic input04:53
d0netsFNand mythbuntu is giving me issues in that area04:53
darthanubislirc (0.8.4a): Installing module.04:55
darthanubis..........(bad exit status: 7)04:55
darthanubisanyone else seeing this?04:55
BatshuaI'm fighting with my WinTV-HVR-1250.06:51
BatshuaSo far, scan on every general ATSC file has rendered NO frequencies.06:53
BatshuaAm I doing something wrong?  Is my card defective?06:53
tritiumBatshua: have you looked at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Adding_Digital_Cable_Channels_(For_ATSC/QAM_Tuner_Cards_--_USA/Canada), and perhaps tried any of that?07:13
BatshuaLemme load the page and check.07:14
Batshuawait, what, using scan?07:15
BatshuaOr did you mean something else that I'm missing?07:15
tritiumBatshua: yes, using the command-line utilities07:20
Batshuayeah, scan?  Not working.  At least, I assume it works but that the card can't find anything.  Or were you suggesting another utility?07:20
BatshuaI'm sorry, I'm having trouble parsing lately, so I'm gonna ask REALLY dumb questions.07:21
lucas2Hey. I'm looking for a comfortable way to launch firefox on my mythbuntu.  The default applicationmenu in the topleft is too small to be able to use for me.   I'd like to just have a HUGE firefox button on my desktop.  Does anybody know how I could make that happen?11:28
oobelucas2, put an icon on you desktop12:06
oobelucas2, type this in console cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop ~/Desktop12:08
oobethat will do it without complications12:08
oobe"cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop ~/Desktop"12:09
oobewithout quotes12:09
Redhammer_the_O1I have a question regarding an antec fusion black with mx200 remote, I have my remote working but am not sure how to "generate" shortcuts in mythtv - for instance it has an eject button which IRW shows but I do not understand how I link that into the mythsetup -- it does not get shown as a key12:30
oobeyou need to editing your lircrc file12:31
oobeyou need to get the keybindings that mythtv uses to correspond with the key presses of your remote12:32
oobeRedhammer_the_O1, i found somthing that may help you http://mythtvblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/getting-imon-0038-lcd-working-with-lirc.html?showComment=1224268440000#c751692132904414673612:35
Redhammer_the_O1thanks, that is what I used to get it working but I am still not sure how I get some of the odder buttons to work12:36
Redhammer_the_O1as per that post, when I run IRW and press the responding buttons then I get the right recognition, I just cannot find where to link them to mythtv, as the "keys" part of the setup does not respond to the odder keys on there12:38
Redhammer_the_O1how do I make the key give the right response? (list here) http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User_Manual:Daily_Use -- do I modify the lirc0.conf and lirc1.conf to spit out other text ?12:40
Redhammer_the_O1I am probably missing something really daft and easy but I am a bit daft sometimes12:41
oobeyou dont need to modify those files if IRW recognises all keys the only file you need to modify is lircrc12:41
oobeyour lircrc file by default is located somewhere where i cant remember as i prefer to keep mine somewhere else12:42
oobebut you cant locate it by searhing for lircrc from console "locate lircrc"12:42
Redhammer_the_O1ok, let me search for that12:43
oobeyou can also try mythbuntu-lirc-generator but your remote is new and it may not support it i would back up your configs first in /etc/lirc and your home directory12:45
Redhammer_the_O1the lirc-gen is a bit wild it has knocked me off my socks before12:46
Redhammer_the_O1that has been useful, I will go and try to have some success12:46
=== Redhammer_the_O1 is now known as Redhammer-afk
oobeok Redhammer-afk you can use any remote setup guide as far as getting key bindings to work12:48
oobei can send you some example lircrc files that have most things you need not eject though12:48
oobeall you need to do is change one small part of each key presss12:49
jdugganhey guys, i can play dvds just fine, but when i try and import one, when i click begin ripping it says no jobs and nothing else to do, am i missing something?14:41
mr_bmhanyone help me to config the Mythbuntu Control Centre?14:44
mr_bmhI could not login into database14:45
oobejduggan, do you have libdvdcss installed15:01
jdugganlibdvdcss2                                 1.2.9-2medibuntu4#15:03
bobbybinhi everyone15:34
bobbybinI am having trouble with the alt install.  For some reason, I can never get the mythtv database setup.  After install I don't even have the mythconverg db.15:35
bobbybinsorry ... that is the alt install for 8.10 available on the website...15:36
bobbybinTo get one part to work I ended up Grant all on *.* to mythtv@%.... just to be able to login as mythtv...that doesn't quite "feel right" if you know what I mean.15:39
bobbybinIt seems like something is not getting set right in mysql at the install.  Should I retry the install and see if that works?  Any ideas?15:41
gregL_bobbybin : did you go into synaptic and install the database?15:45
bobbybinnaw...at initial install from the .iso, I picked FE/PrimaryBE...after the install Mysql was running, just no mythconverg db.  I did have to later add my user to mythtv group and delete the mythtv user stuff.  wondering....15:47
d0netsFNcould someone please help me15:54
d0netsFNi have been trying to get help in here and other channels for over a week with 2 problems in mythbuntu 8.1015:55
d0netsFNthe first problem is my usb media, it shows up in dmesg fine, and in fdisk -l fine15:55
d0netsFNbut it doesnt show up in places or /media/15:55
d0netsFNi plugged a 1 gb card with a card reader in15:56
d0netsFNhere is the fdisk -l : http://pastebin.com/m11bfef6715:56
d0netsFNhere is the dmesg : http://pastebin.com/m6940683915:57
bobbybinis it in etc/fstab?16:00
bobbybinare you mounting it?16:00
d0netsFNi shouldnt have to16:00
bobbybinsure you do16:00
d0netsFNin ubuntu it auto mounts and shows up in places and media16:00
d0netsFNand im running ubuntu desktop and gnome btw16:01
bobbybinsounds like its not mounting is all...16:01
d0netsFNtheres my fstab16:01
bobbybindo you have a picture of a harddrive on your desktop16:04
bobbybinwith its name on it?16:04
d0netsFNwell i have my other drives16:05
d0netsFNbut not this one16:05
d0netsFNthats what i mean16:05
d0netsFNi get no icon on the desktop, i get no icon in places, and i get no folder in /media/16:05
d0netsFNlike i would in ubuntu16:05
bobbybinwell that doesnt always work in ubuntu either..... I've seen that behavior with USB thumbdrives before too.16:06
d0netsFNwell its every drive i have tried16:07
d0netsFNi have a g116:07
d0netsFNit does the same thing with the g1 sd card16:07
d0netsFNand 3 other cards in various card readers16:07
d0netsFNjust to show you what i mean, my hard drives show up16:07
d0netsFNand my xp partition16:07
bobbybinI understand that, are your harddrives usb?16:08
d0netsFNsata and ide16:09
bobbybindifferent interface, different behavior16:09
d0netsFNim just showing that i get no icon for my usb drive16:09
bobbybinI know16:09
whoDatbobby: usb is fast enough for mythtv video files?!16:09
d0netsFNso any ideas on how to fix16:10
bobbybinyeah...I have streamed 2 off of usb before.....you do have to be more careful with it though...thats usb216:10
bobbybindonetsfn: you could try mounting it yourself16:11
bobbybinor sometimes with thumbdrives I've had to sudo sync16:11
d0netsFNright im wanting it to perform like ubuntu16:11
bobbybinthen disconnect16:11
bobbybinthen reconnect...16:11
d0netsFNi dont want to manually mount everything16:11
whoDatbobby: nuts16:12
bobbybintry umounting16:12
bobbybinafter a good sync16:12
whoDatubuntu 8.10 really screws with multimedia keys, etc. has been a pain.16:13
bobbybindisconnect and reconnect...that sometimes helps with usb thumbdrives on my ubunut16:13
d0netsFNthat didnt work16:13
bobbybinhave you ever been able to connect this USB device to your ubuntu automatically?16:14
d0netsFNyes, ubuntu though16:15
d0netsFNnot mythbuntu16:15
d0netsFNi have had this problem, and the inability to get my mic input working16:15
d0netsFNever since i installed mythbuntu16:15
d0netsFN(about 4 weeks ago)16:15
d0netsFNbut my gfs father had a heart attack and spend 3 weeks in the hospital, then a close family friend killed himself, so we hhoused the immediate family and catered to the other family and friends while they were dealing with all that16:16
d0netsFNso im just now getting a chance to get back to my "me stuff"16:16
d0netsFNspent 3 weeks in the hospital before passing away*16:16
bobbybinsorry to hear that16:16
bobbybinI would imagine at that level mythbuntu and ubuntu are the same...although I don't have mine setup quite like yours.  I do know that from time to time my ubuntu desktop box has a similar problem with usb thumbdrives.  I just manually mount it after plug it in.16:19
bobbybini guess I am lazy16:19
MythbuntuGuest25does anyone know how i can get the tmdb script to work on my mythbox?23:48
MythbuntuGuest25is there even a tmdb script?23:48

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