LirazSirigood morning y'all06:41
tycheIt's time to show the world how a REAL team works.  Hee hee15:58
* myrtlebeachbums puts on his hip waders 15:58
kennymc0what? you mean delegating all the work to the newest guy on the team?15:59
kennymc0or is that how a normal team works and we are supposed to be a "real" team :P15:59
* kennymc0 going to be quiet now15:59
tycheBut . . . but . . . but kennymc0, you passed it back UP the food chain.  Just like a good virus.16:00
kennymc0what i'm a virus now????16:00
kennymc0if i'm going to be called a virus i deserve a raise16:00
tycheBesides, giving the new guy all the dirty jobs is a time-honored tradition!  How ELSE is the new guy supposed to learn what to avoid when he gains in rank.16:01
tyche(And yes, I suppose I am calling you "rank")  Hee hee16:01
tycheAs for the raise, you got that last week.16:01
kennymc0that was for the upcoming events section16:02
kennymc0and with what you are paying me you can afford to double my salary again16:02
myrtlebeachbumsYeah, aren't you making a billion times what you made on your first UWN issue now? I know I am.16:02
tycheWhat???!!!!????  You want me to double your pay AGAIN????!!!!????16:02
tycheOK, 2 * 0 STILL = 016:03
kennymc0See. that wasnt that hard16:03
tycheThe unmitigated gall of some new troupes.16:04
tycheOr is that Gaul.  Hee hee16:04
tyche"All gall is divided into three parts"?16:04
johnc4510tyche: did you read thru the UDW piece in GCN??16:08
tycheI had read through the original.  I haven't read your teaser yet.16:10
johnc4510when you get a chance please, it was a lot of adlib i had to put in from sources16:10
myrtlebeachbumsSo tyche, about that bringing the one article for ITB up to the group.... You want the honors?16:10
johnc4510myrtlebeachbums: what about it?16:12
tycheI hereby bestow upon johnc4510, by the authority vested in me through my B.A. in BS, the honorary degree of PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper).  Hee hee16:12
johnc4510so what are we discussing here??16:14
myrtlebeachbumsThe ITB entry we spoke about. tyche proposed debating it here.16:14
tycheThat's the one you're supposed to be condensing down.16:15
tycheIn a polite way.16:15
johnc4510it may make the final cut and may not. we'll see16:16
myrtlebeachbumsYep. I accepted that one. I'll stop procrastinating now and work on i.... OOOH! SHINY THING!16:16
johnc4510i'm trying to get something in to make the community realize that flaming isn't wanted or needed16:16
tycheBTW, johnc4510, Nick's Ubuntu Podcast 18 is out now.16:19
johnc4510tyche: ah ok16:20
tycheHey johnc4510?  What the heck is adsobtion? (Meeting Summaries, Mobile Team, first bullet point.)16:27
johnc4510should probably be "absorbtion" i think16:28
tycheOH!!! OK, that makes sense16:28
johnc4510change it if you could please16:29
johnc4510ITP: Don't fear the penguin: nice job of the write up on that one :)16:32
johnc4510kennymc0: can you correct the two typo's in the last sentence of the first article ITB "foudn taht"16:34
kennymc0wow i made a mistake like that16:34
kennymc0maybe i should start doing them in open office instead of just a text doc16:34
kennymc0spell check is my friend16:35
tycheGedit can spell check.  You just have to go in and turn it on every time you start.16:35
myrtlebeachbumsFirefox 3.x does inline spell checking. Pay attention to the lil' red lines. ;)16:35
myrtlebeachbumsI saw that a request for Gedit is for Wiki syntax highlighting. Note that I said "requested", not "implemented".16:36
johnc4510kennymc0: also the 3rd article next to last sentence:"adn16:36
kennymc0u was kinda tired when i wrote that one16:36
myrtlebeachbumsEither someone's going to make that or by UWN 150 I'll be frustrated enough to learn how to make it myself.16:36
kennymc0so i can understand a mistake like that in that one16:36
myrtlebeachbums"u was kinda tired"... and you're wide awake now?16:37
johnc4510kennymc0: nice job on the 3 ITB that are up16:37
kennymc0tyche: if you could let me know when you are out of the UWN so that i can post another ITB16:41
tycheSaving now16:42
kennymc0kk thx16:42
kennymc0ok i'm out now16:44
kennymc0made those changes johnc451016:44
johnc4510kennymc0: thx16:45
kennymc0ok another ITB is up16:50
kennymc0now it's up to myrtlebeachbums to finish it off16:50
* myrtlebeachbums notes that it's officially all on his shoulders. 16:50
tycheI'm working on the glossary.  I discovered more as I was going through correcting some typos16:51
myrtlebeachbumsjohnc4510 - it's pasted in now. Let me know what you think.16:53
myrtlebeachbumsGee, spot the verbose guy's post in the ITB section. :-P16:57
myrtlebeachbumsGAH! Missed a camelback. Fixing.16:57
tycheYea, with the CamelBack that I had to fix16:57
tycheHee hee.  Too late.  Already done16:58
myrtlebeachbumsI just saw that. Thanks tyche.16:58
tychemyrtlebeachbums: You did a good job on the "Woman Quits College" one, but I still don't like it.17:06
myrtlebeachbumsHeh heh heh. NP17:07
kennymc0that's why i didnt want to do it17:07
tycheJust my opinion.17:07
myrtlebeachbumsThere's no easy way to wrap that up as a feel good story in the end.17:07
tycheIt isn't a "feel-good" story.  You're right there.17:07
myrtlebeachbumsAs usual on the internet, a few highly opinionated idiots made the rest of the community look bad.17:07
johnc4510kennymc0: i altered the last 2 ITB summaries to expand them17:08
* myrtlebeachbums hands kennymc0 a +5 ITB shovel17:08
johnc4510myrtlebeachbums: i'll take a look at the flame war now17:08
kennymc0thx for expanding them johnc4510 there wasnt a whole lot of material in the last 217:09
kennymc0stats look good so far17:13
kennymc0just running a quick check17:13
boredandblogginghi guys17:14
kennymc0morning boredandblogging17:14
boredandbloggingcan we include a link to the Developer News in the UWN?17:14
johnc4510boredandblogging: we can17:15
johnc4510myrtlebeachbums: tyche kennymc0, try the college lady piece now17:16
johnc4510made some changes17:16
tycheLooking . . .17:16
myrtlebeachbumsAddition by subtraction. Looks good johnc4510.17:17
tycheBetter, but I don't think it gets the point across.  Unfortunately (I've read the article) I'm not sure one could from the article.  It's implied, not stated.17:17
johnc4510hopefully the community gets the idea17:17
tycheWell, we may hear about this one.17:18
johnc4510although it's not really our people doing it i don't think17:18
johnc4510if we do we do17:18
tycheNope.  Zelots (not the person with the nick)17:18
johnc4510news is news...it's not always good news17:18
myrtlebeachbumsSadly enough, if they read UWN chances are they're not in the group of people that need to be hit with a clue by four while being told "HELP THE N00BS! - DON'T DISCOURAGE THEM!"17:18
tycheTrue.  And that I can accept.17:18
johnc4510boredandblogging: should i put the dev news in17:19
johnc4510GCN or ION17:19
tychekennymc0:  I thought you said that there were 30 some entries for Upcoming Meetings.17:20
kennymc0yeah i made a mistake17:20
kennymc0i looked at the wrong week17:20
tycheAH!  WHEW!!!  You scared me.17:20
kennymc0i told you that after i realized it but you probably had gone to bed by then17:20
kennymc0i scared myself17:20
tycheYea, I didn't see it.17:21
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: lets drop it at the bottom of GCN17:21
johnc4510boredandblogging: kk17:21
tycheOf course, fighting this cold, I probably miss a lot17:21
boredandbloggingalso, please use use lp.net instead of edge.lp.net17:21
johnc4510where at?17:22
johnc4510ah in the tech board runoff17:23
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: technical board run off17:23
boredandbloggingyeah, but I kinda meant as a general thing as well17:23
johnc4510yeah, i'm not sure where is got that17:24
johnc4510i think off the mailing list link17:25
johnc4510boredandblogging: ok, done and done17:25
boredandbloggingedge is for people who are LP testers, if I'm not mistaken17:25
johnc4510i'll keep that in mind17:25
johnc4510not that it will stick hee hee17:25
boredandbloggingi bet it redirects17:26
johnc4510james_w: ping   boredandblogging told me to ask you about updates for 6.06 and 7.10. we haven't had any to put in the UWN since dec. 0817:54
boredandbloggingjames_w: are you going to post the UDN on the fridge?17:54
james_wboredandblogging: I'm not sure, I didn't think it was the right audience17:54
james_wjohnc4510: you mean package fixes in those releases?17:54
james_wit's possible that there haven't been any17:55
james_wlet me have a look17:55
boredandbloggingjames_w: I think we can post a summary, like the "in the news we have" highlights17:55
boredandbloggingdon't need to post the whole thing17:55
james_wif you think it's worth I would be happy to17:56
boredandbloggingjames_w: think it would be good17:56
boredandbloggingplus once we migrate to the "new" fridge, it should be there17:57
johnc4510james_w: we draw from here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/gutsy-changes/ and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/feisty-changes/17:57
johnc4510for the UWN17:57
boredandbloggingjames_w: and I'm about to put it on the planet17:57
* johnc4510 to UWN team, nice work all. I'll publish a little later after i do my final edits18:12
tycheThanks, johnc4510.  Nice words that mean a great deal to me.18:13
johnc4510you guys are great!!!!18:14
LirazSirihey guys19:02
LirazSiriactually, it's 9pm over here :)19:06
kennymc0it's noon here19:06
LirazSiriwhere is everybody?19:06
kennymc0they left for lunch i suppose19:07
kennymc0a lot of the people that work on the uwn are in AZ19:07
kennymc0at least 3 of us19:07
LirazSirireally. I live in Israel. Small world19:08
LirazSiriI popped in because I wanted to discuss taking over the updates and security and stats sections officially19:08
LirazSirithe main thing is I want to prevent someone else from working on that accidentally and duplicating the effort19:09
LirazSirialso, if I get that role, I can do it a bit later with confidence and the stats will be a bit more up to date19:10
LirazSiriI can stick around for a bit longer, but if the guys don't come back we'll have to discuss this over email19:10
kennymc0as of right now there is no one else working on it19:11
kennymc0i believe they are cool with you working on it officially i just think you should talk with them19:11
kennymc0cause you are basically taking over what i used to do and they have moved me on to other parts of the uwn19:12
LirazSirireally what are you doing now?19:12
kennymc0i'm working on the summaries for the in the blogosphere and the upcoming events19:13
kennymc0well it's time for me to head out have to go pick up my little brother and get something to eat19:16
kennymc0talk to ya later19:16
LirazSirihi john19:30
johnc4510-laptopLirazSiri: hey bud19:30
johnc4510-laptopsaw you had done the updates and security section this wk19:31
johnc4510-laptopnice job19:31
LirazSiriand the stats19:31
LirazSirikenny recommended I come talk to you guys about doing this role "officially"19:31
LirazSirican you see the channel log before you came in?19:31
johnc4510-laptopsure, we're glad to have you19:31
LirazSirialright, what I'm trying to prevent is duplicated effort19:32
johnc4510-laptopnah, i sat down with my laptop19:32
johnc4510-laptopnp, when are you planning to have those in by in each issue?19:32
johnc4510-laptopjust for my knowledge19:32
LirazSiriI'm flexible on that19:32
LirazSirithat's what I want to talk to you about19:32
LirazSiriI know this stuff benefits from being done as late as possible19:33
LirazSirie.g., the stats, the package and security updates19:33
johnc4510-laptopright, but i know you are on a different time zonw19:33
LirazSiriI am19:33
johnc4510-laptopk, so, what time is it there now?19:33
LirazSiriwe can use UTC as a point of reference19:33
johnc4510-laptopk, can you have them done each wk by 17:00 your time?19:34
LirazSiriI'll put that down as the deadline on my end19:34
johnc4510-laptopok, that would be great then, that's about the time i start looking things over19:35
johnc4510-laptopsounds great19:35
LirazSirianother thing that kenny mentioned is that you guys wanted everyone on the channel "to work as a team"19:35
johnc4510-laptopbe sure to start documenting your contributions on your wiki page19:35
LirazSirithe problem is I am not sure I can be available on evenings (my time)19:36
johnc4510-laptopyeah we try to do it as a group when we get close to finishing up the issue19:36
johnc4510-laptopi understand19:36
johnc4510-laptopwe can work with that19:36
LirazSirialright, I have to run off now. ttyl19:36
johnc4510-laptopgreat, looking forward to your contributions19:37
johnc4510-laptopserver is having problems, i'll bb in a bit to finish up20:55
TumieLoves conquers all things except poverty and toothache21:20
james_wboredandblogging: thanks for the blog post. Do you think that same text should be what is on the fridge?21:53
boredandbloggingjames_w: the list of contents under "In this issue we have21:57
boredandbloggingshould be good enough21:57
james_wI just applied to join ubuntu-fridge so that I can create the post22:00
james_wwould you approve if for me?22:00
boredandbloggingjames_w: done22:01
james_whttp://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1821 for you to review and publish at your leisure22:09
boredandbloggingjames_w: published, thanks22:12
james_wthank you22:12
johnc4510-laptopnew UWN issue #126 is out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue12622:43
james_wnice work as always22:56
johnc4510-laptopjames_w: thx22:59

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