PriceyBah, forgot setting that fixes hilight -line if you're using format_identify.pl. Anyone remember before I find it googling logs of this channel?00:12
FlannelPricey: Remember any parts of it?  I can just grep the logs of this channel00:17
PriceyFlannel: /set00:18
FlannelPricey: And did you say it or did someone else?00:18
Priceyi 'think' stdin00:18
FlannelI... don't see it, but : http://paste.ubuntu.com/109182/00:19
jussi01stdin: is aroundish I think...00:19
stdinyeah, but I don't use irssi (much)00:20
Priceyaha, 2008/03/03/#ubuntu-ops.txt:[16:31] <no0tic> Pici, PriceChild /set hilight_nick_matches off did the job00:21
Priceythen adding a manual hilight for it00:21
PriceyI've been sat there, checking that setting is on 'on' and meh00:21
PriceyThanks Flannel.00:21
FlannelUm... that's odd.00:32
FlannelThe vim on the 8.04.2 CDs is newer than the one in the repos.00:33
stdinvim 1:7.1-138+1ubuntu3.1 is in hardy-proposed01:21
Flannelyeah, its also in 8.04.2 alternate and server ISOs01:22
Flannelbut not desktop01:22
Flannel(and yes, that's odd)01:22
FlannelBoooo password stealing idiots01:23
stdinhmm, this is odd01:23
Cpudan80Balzac is in #ubuntu02:10
Cpudan80He needs a permanent kline in my humble opinion 02:10
Cpudan80He does nothing except cause trouble in ##windows -- wanted to give you a heads up02:10
Seeker`Cpudan80: anything we can help you with?02:23
Cpudan80just wanted to give you a warning02:24
Cpudan80of course he seems uncharacteristically well behaved02:24
ubottuunop called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:30
ubottubaseballer790[Np called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:30
nickrudwell that was very suprising02:31
Cpudan80Mez: sorry02:31
Cpudan80I didn't know the word itself would highlight...02:31
Cpudan80I only highlight on the command02:31
Meznah, he got klined :D02:32
Mezor I'd have kb'd02:32
nickrudCpudan80, don't sweat it. Amazing how fast that happened02:32
ScottKGood $TIMEOFDAY.02:53
ScottKDGMurdockIII is link spamming at least #ubuntu-motu and #ubuntu-devel a bit.  I've asked him to stop.02:54
ScottKI'm not saying he should be kicked right now, but I'd appreciate it if someone would keep an eye on him.02:54
ScottKLooks like he left.02:59
ScottKGood night.02:59
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
* stdin dislikes the term "g rated"05:17
nickrudreally? Seems most people understand it 05:20
stdinwe don't all know what the motion picture association of america rates as "g"05:21
nickruda point. I guess 'disney' has been the operative word there05:23
stdinI could say to people "keep it u rated", but I don't ;)05:23
stdin(U == Universal, suitable for all audiences)05:23
nickrudnah, that's unrated, it has 'everything' :)05:23
stdinuniversal refers to the audience, as do all the other ratings we have here05:24
nickrudthink disney cartoon movies05:24
stdinso no swearing, but shooting of deer is ok? :p05:25
nickrudyep. blood sport is good, ask anyone :)05:26
FlannelUh... what?05:53
Flannel"I have 300GiB of data to sort through because I'm moving to the US and only want to take up to about 40GiB with me"05:53
FlannelDoes that make sense to anyone?05:53
nickrudsorta. Maybe he's worried about legality :)05:58
seektherapyanyone here?07:23
nickrudseektherapy, what can we do for you?07:23
seektherapyok.. I went into the Ubuntu support channel and asked for help with my soundcard, no one can help me there.. Been dealing with this for over a month now .. 07:25
nickrudsound is hard to find help with sometimes. However, this channel is for resolving issues relating to how #ubuntu is moderated. It's not a help channel07:25
Flannelseektherapy: You didn't say a word in #ubuntu07:26
seektherapyyessssssssssssss, i did07:26
seektherapyopps.. i am in kubuntu07:26
nickrudtry asking in #ubuntu, more people are in there normally07:27
seektherapyFlannel: i am so tired of this.. why cant Ubuntu be more women friendly07:27
Flannelseektherapy: Um, what?07:27
seektherapyi bet i wont get help...but i guess i will try07:28
Flannelseektherapy: I don't think gender has anything to do with it.07:28
Flannelseektherapy: If you have no further business related to this channel, please don't idle here.  Thanks.07:31
seektherapyfine Flannel... no girls aloud.. understood07:32
FlannelNow seektherapy is in -bugs07:36
stdinI don't get how the problem is apparently she's a she, and that changes things somehow....07:39
stdinhow did that happen? anyone?07:40
* stdin is clueless07:40
nickrudcould be blowback from other experiences.07:40
stdin[07:36]<seektherapy> Chipzz: i am actually very new at the OS .. One reason why woman do not find it user friendly07:40
stdinthat's in response to "there are other ways of getting support. the forums, and filing a launchpad support ticket for example"07:41
* Flannel isn't even going to touch this.07:41
Flannelstdin: The only thing I can think of is that the "eyes on the back of the head" thing gets in the way.07:41
stdinit's like, I understand the words, but that's it07:42
stdinput the words together and my brain melts :p07:42
Flannelstdin: It's possible that seektherapy isn't a girl, but is trying to play the "omg I'm a girl, ^_^" card in order to get attention/sympathy/whatever07:43
FlannelOr she is a girl, and .... uh... I don't know.07:43
* nickrud is truly not going to touch this one, except to note that there's an #ubuntu-women for a reason07:44
stdineither way, someone who has super cow powers should watch him/her/it/them/us/everyone in #ubuntu-devel07:45
stdinjust in case07:45
nickrudI only have veal powers, sorry07:45
Flannelstdin: in -devel now too?07:46
stdinfor 25 mins now07:46
FlannelAnyone have -ot whos handy?07:58
stdinit's official, #freenode has gone insane08:05
FlannelAre parasites eating at its brain?08:05
stdintrolling jesus and tor flooders08:06
stdinhow's that for a sentence! :p08:06
* Flannel scolds himself for adding purely useless factoids.08:13
FlannelAnyone awake?09:19
* Flannel crosses fingers.09:19
FlannelHi Scubidus09:26
ScubidusSo whats the point in a perm ban?09:26
FlannelScubidus: No one said anything about a perm ban09:27
ScubidusI am banned from #ubuntu09:27
Scubidusyour the one who did it09:27
Scubidusam I wrong?09:27
FlannelIndeed, you're banned.09:27
FlannelDo I really need to quote you?09:28
ScubidusDo you really have no sense of humor?09:28
FlannelScubidus: You were warned about your language, ad you responded with "fuck im sorry I will", so you were removed as a warning.09:28
FlannelThen you returned, and said nothing else until you said "Flannel, You Suck Donkey Balls09:29
ScubidusDo you really have no sense of humor09:29
FlannelI'm not really sure what's humorous about either of those.09:29
GaryScubidus: #ubuntu is a support channel, not a chat channel09:29
FlannelWhile I certainly am not personally offended by either of them, they're definately not appropriate behavior.09:29
Scubidusare u 12 or something, or was this like the first time you got OPs?09:29
Scubiduskickin people left and right is an abuse of power09:30
FlannelScubidus: Going back to your original question, no, it's not a permanent ban.09:30
FlannelScubidus: We ask everyone follow the channel guidelines09:30
FlannelYou weren't.09:30
ScubidusWhen Is my ban up?09:30
GaryScubidus: all ubuntu channels follow their code of conduct, which relates to language used, as well as other things, the general idea is to keep those channels family friendly, and *nice* for all users09:31
FlannelScubidus: That depends entirely on you.09:31
ScubidusChrist kid you want an apology or somethin09:32
FlannelScubidus: No, I want you to understand and agree to follow the rules.09:32
FlannelIn case you missed them, they're the following two documents, mixed with some common sense: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct09:33
tritiumScubidus: you're not showing any remorse for violating the channel rules.  Why should your ban be lifted until you do?09:33
FlannelScubidus: If you're hazy about the common sense part, we can suppliment those with all of the following (you can enquire with /msg ubottu factoid)09:33
ubottuUnsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...09:34
FlannelBut, most of those are purely common sense.09:34
Garyas Scubidus has said in pm to me, it seems he did not realise the importance of keeping #ubuntu solely support related, he now knows this09:36
tritiumAll I see above is bad attitude.09:36
FlannelScubidus: With that said, and seeing your current behavior, I suggest you spend a day mulling over the IRC guidelines and especially the code of conduct.  I don't really see any benefit of drawing this out further, but those sorts of things generally best set overnight.09:37
ScubidusGo fuck yourself and ur gay ass IRC09:37
Scubidusyour sorry09:37
FlannelWell then, maybe a single day isn't appropriate.09:38
tritium(And poor spelling and grammar)09:38
FlannelHopefully he'll take at least a dozen hours or so to come back, and we'll see how he behaves then.09:38
Garythat was odd, in pm he was totally different09:40
FlannelNot that it's likely to be an issue any time soon, but anyone's free to remove that ban.09:40
FlannelGary: Yeah, I imagine it was just him getting emotional.  He likely was originally joking (although, I don't see how its amusing), and then hurt that we're reprimanding him for something he thought was playful.09:41
tritiumI certainly won't.  He displayed all attitude, and was incredibly rude.09:41
Garytritium: in pm he was the total opposite09:42
FlannelGary: Certainly odd indeed.09:43
FlannelWith that, however, I'm running off to sleep.09:45
tritiumGood night, Flannel.09:48
tritiumI'm off to bed as well.09:48
Garythats a lovely ircname AE 09:58
AEIts been my handle for a couple years now10:01
AEI have a little ASCII image of an AE in old english made of the connected AE's10:01
GaryI meant your ircname, not nick10:02
AEoh lol10:02
AEI know dont you love it?10:02
Garynot really10:03
AEI just came in too add someone to a list10:03
AEbut thanks for the semi compliment10:03
AElater Gary10:03
cwilluwhat the policy on recommending the removal of standard ubuntu services?10:14
cwillui.e., fixing audio by removing pulseaudio, fixing wireless by installing wicd?10:15
stdinusually by creating a blueprint for review10:27
cwillusorry, by which I meant: people who regularly suggest people remove such packages to other people in #ubuntu10:32
cwillujust spent a while unbreaking somebodies system after somebody had them uninstall pulseaudio to fix their lack of mixing :(10:33
cwillunot trying to pick a fight, I just want to know what the policy is regarding that, so I know if I should bother or not :p10:33
cwilluor should I be asking this in #ubuntu-irc :p10:44
shepherdhi i got banned for talking about religion with warning, but i did not take the warnign seriously.   i'm sorry, will not happen agian please unnnnnban me from ubuntu off topic10:48
jussi01shepherd: where were you banned?11:06
jussi01!coc | shepherd11:08
ubottushepherd: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/11:08
jpdsHmm: 11:08:01 < ~shepherd> why isn't sudo apt-get pron wokring?11:08
shepherdheh :)11:08
shepherdsry i'll sign off now11:09
shepherdbut i really was banned becuase i dont  believe in god from ubuntu off topic11:09
shepherd!coc | shepherd11:13
ubottushepherd, please see my private message11:13
jussi01!idle | shepherd11:31
ubottushepherd: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.11:31
topyliiirc i banned shepherd. if he thinks he was banned because he doesn't believe in god, he hasn't learned much11:47
elkbuntuwho has ubot4?13:17
elkbuntuit just seems odd to skip it :P13:17
jussi01elkbuntu: it was around for a while...13:20
jpdselkbuntu: I thought no0tic had a 4 at one point.13:20
elkbuntui have no idea. they just seem to appear13:21
jpdsThat would be my fault.13:22
elkbuntuubot5 just needs a namechange13:26
jpdselkbuntu: I'll look into it later today.13:37
elkbuntuit's not specifically your fault, and it's probably a fair assumption to believe that there needs to be the space filled properly anyway13:38
jpdsThere we go.14:03
Tm_Thi Adola how can we help you?14:49
AdolaO.o um, I've stumbled in here...On accident 14:49
Seeker`x1250: how can we help you14:49
Tm_TAdola: see topic14:49
oobeHi i have been banned from #kubuntu its on my list of auto join channels and i didnt notice at first i was wondering if i could be unbanned i dont know why i am banned if someone could help i would appreciate it14:50
x1250Seeker`, there's a guy on #ubuntu-es giving fork bomb commands publicly. This is not the first time he do such stupid things, I want him k-lined or banned from #ubuntu-es14:50
Seeker`jpds: you still about?14:51
Tm_TTrabzonspor: hi how can we help you?14:52
Seeker`oobe: 2008-12-20T22:21:13 <oobe> i would just like to say penis fucker14:52
Seeker`oobe: ring any bells14:52
Trabzonsporthat person is true what he said I seen it too 14:52
Tm_TTrabzonspor: what person where?14:53
jpdsSeeker`: Nop.14:53
Trabzonsporsee Seeker`, there's a guy on #ubuntu-es giving fork bomb commands publicly. This is not the first time he do such stupid things, I want him k-lined or banned from #ubuntu-es14:53
Trabzonsporthat chat14:53
Seeker`jpds: you're on the access list for -es?14:54
jpdsSeeker`: Haven't been there in ages tho.14:54
Seeker`oobe: that is the most recent event that matches your nickname on  the bantracker14:54
x1250the guy's nick is "dzup"14:54
Seeker`jpds: have a look at the guy doing forkbombs?14:54
bazhangTrabzonspor, please depart if you have no business here14:54
TrabzonsporOK why 14:54
jpdsOn it.14:54
bazhangTrabzonspor, check the channel topic14:55
Trabzonsporso what use going to do 14:55
Tm_TTrabzonspor: thanks for the heads up, it will be dealt with14:55
TrabzonsporOK if I was a admin I would block him or band him for weeks14:55
jpdsx1250: Appears to be silent at teh moment. Will keep eye on it.14:55
oobeoh ok Seeker` i didnt know what i did somtimes i random banter when the channel is to quite i wont do it again 14:56
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:56
Seeker`Trabzonspor: Thankyou for letting us know. We will deal with the issue14:56
Tm_TTrabzonspor: thanks, you can go now (:14:56
Seeker`oobe: stdin is the one that banned you, you should talk to him to get unbanned, when he is around14:56
oobehm heh its not that important14:56
oobei guess i dont really need to be there i dont require support and i only answer questions occasionally14:57
Seeker`well, if you want to be unbanned, you need to speak to stdin when he is around14:57
oobeoh ok 14:58
Seeker`I dont know when he will be back, but I would say come back in 2 hours and see if he is back14:58
x1250jpds, here's what happened: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109414/   he asked what that command did, and asked people to run it.14:59
Seeker`oobe: until then, please leave the channel14:59
jpdsx1250: I speak Spanish, don't worry.14:59
x1250jpds, ok, thanks :)15:00
Jack_SparrowAny other ops think we should change our factoids for languages to /join #Ubuntu-whatever as the users never seem to get that right and we end up telling them manually15:03
topyliJack_Sparrow: a standard like "this channel is english only. to chat in klingon, do "/join #ubuntu-kl" might work i guess16:25
Jack_Sparrowtopyli I didnt mean to add a factoid as much as change where we tell them the channel to include the actual command and not just the channel name16:26
Jack_Sparrowtopyli Sorry took me a sec to understand that Kilngon isnt a language adopted by any country.. yet16:27
topyliyes i do see. they usually say something like "klingonese chat in #ubuntu-kl". might change to be more helpful16:27
nickrudJack_Sparrow, that's the undiscovered country16:28
Jack_SparrowActually would be cool to have one for that16:28
topylias far as i'm concerned, klingon is welcomme on any channel!16:28
Jack_SparrowAtlantis adopts Klingon as official language16:28
Jack_Sparrowtopyli Make the channel.. and they will come16:29
topyliwe would need an operator there who actually speak klingon16:30
topylii couldn't tell when users are offtopic16:30
Jack_Sparrowwho would care?16:30
topyliheh, true16:30
Jack_SparrowHalf would go there just to learn it16:31
topylithere's a finnish MP who has a homepage in finnish, swedish, english and klingon16:32
Moniker42i'm sure that was at the web designer's request :D16:45
topylidunno, he is a genuine nerd. he does admit in the comments that he had the translation done and doesn't actually speak it himself16:48
Flannel8.04.2 vim trouble #219:49
mohiwe dont have locobot in #ubuntu-ir. he finished?20:58
jpdsmohi: Try: #ubuntu-eu, they run the bots.21:00
mohiok ty jpds21:00
[SkG]I was banned from #ubuntu because of issues with my connection, I fixed it, can remove my ban please?22:26
[SkG]—› raw 470: #ubuntu ##fix_your_connection Forwarding to another channel22:27
Mez@bansearch oobe22:32
ubottuNo matches found for oobe!n=oobe@220-244-162-235.static.tpgi.com.au in any channel22:32
Myrttihello babes22:33
MezMyrtti: that @ me?22:33
Mez@bansearch [SkG] 22:33
ubottuNo matches found for [skg]!n=dark@unaffiliated/skg/x-897332 in any channel22:33
[SkG]ewww that bot is broken22:34
Mez[SkG]: I can't see any forward to that channel22:35
[SkG]still forwarding22:36
[SkG](23:35:51) ([SkG]) uhm22:36
[SkG](23:35:55) —› raw 470: #ubuntu ##fix_your_connection Forwarding to another channel22:36
MyrttiMez: to everyone in general22:37
MezMyrtti: ah22:38
* Mez waves22:38
Mezmight have found it [SkG] one sec22:41
[SkG]ok, ty22:41
Mez[SkG]: unfortunately, I can't tell if it's actually you22:42
[SkG]uhm why?22:42
[SkG]it's an ip ban?22:43
Mezyeah, and you have a mask22:43
Mezwhich SHOULDNT ban you22:43
Mezremember WHEN you were banned?22:44
[SkG]eww yes22:44
[SkG]Session Close: Fri Jan 23 08:30:23 200922:44
[SkG]Session Start: Fri Jan 23 08:30:23 200922:44
[SkG]European time22:44
[SkG]uhmm... 84.76....22:44
Mez.xx1.11 ?22:45
Mezyour clock is 20 seconds out :D22:45
Meztry joining22:46
[SkG]ty ^^22:46
Mezdetective work22:46
Mezhow're you Myrtti ?22:46
[SkG]seems that ip bans are strong22:46
Mezapparently so :D22:46
[SkG]ty for all22:47
MyrttiMez: just back from Littlehampton, knackered but happy. Just had a mug of hot choc and cheking my flickr and stuff22:47
Mezah, back in finland?22:47
Myrttinope, Warboys22:47
Mezwhere the **** is that?22:48
Meznever mind, google maps to the win :D22:48
* Mez just finished his last shift at work !22:48
Myrttiit's amazing how small place England is and how cramped it is22:51
Mezlol, yeah... but we do have some nice countryside :D22:52
MyrttiI'm just looking at the flickr map of my pictures and watching the route we just drove back home, and can't believe that short trip can take so little time - but then I always somehow imagine bigger of the Isles is about the size of Finland.22:53
Seeker`Mez: how did it go?22:53
Seeker`sorry, should me Myrtti 22:53
* Mez doesnt feel loved22:54
MyrttiSeeker`: very nicely, I finished my knitted gift shawl for the Mum just before we left this morning :-) Lovely people.22:55
MyrttiI had cream tea yesterday :-D22:55
Seeker`Myrtti: cool. How long did the journey take?22:55
Myrttiquite nice and proper :-P22:56
Myrttithe car ride took about three-ish hours22:56
Myrttione way. We left on Friday evening and just returned about an hour ago22:56
Seeker`went via the dartford tunnel / bridge on the M25?22:56
Myrttiyup, did a detour to Basildon22:57
Myrttithat bridge took my breath away22:57
Seeker`my girlfriend hates driving over it22:58
Seeker`Myrtti: meeting the parents went ok then23:02
MyrttiI've got a bag full of Rock from Littlehampton :-D23:10
Seeker`how much longer are you in england for?23:17
Myrttione week :-/23:18
Seeker`whatcha got planned?23:23
Myrttinothing really. Work. prolly Cambridge.23:27

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