pwnguinis there a patch in X to try drivers in a specific order for a given PCI?08:21
pwnguinlike, try nouveau, then nvidia, then nv?08:21
tjaaltonpwnguin: no08:23
tjaaltonthe selection only works if there's no xorg.conf08:23
tjaaltonthat's why there's no patch to add those08:24
pwnguini mean, obviously it only auto selects if you dont have an xorg.conf08:24
tjaaltonit's a different codepath08:25
pwnguinwhat is?08:25
tjaaltonand likely fixable to apply also to the case where you have an xorg.conf but no driver specified08:25
tjaaltonthe auto selection uses the ids files in /usr/share/xserver-xorg/pci08:26
tjaaltonlook at hw/xfree86/common/xf86AutoConfig.c :)08:28
tjaaltonhrm, the intel vblank freezes are annoying08:53
tjaaltonsigh, braindead check for xserver 1.6 in wacom09:29
tjaaltongrr, I hate this drier09:43
tjaaltonafter poking configure it does recognize the headers are from xserver 1.6 but still leaves the variable undefined09:51
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: I wonder how you managed to build wacom on jaunty :)10:13
tjaaltonit took some time to make build10:14
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: I havent built 0.8.2-2...10:14
tjaaltonwell someone has posted the patches there to make it build10:14
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: I have selfpatched 0.8.2-110:14
tjaaltonand if fails10:14
Alexia_Deathwhy it fails?10:14
Alexia_DeathYou got it building?10:15
* Alexia_Death is trying now10:15
tjaaltonfirst because it only checks for xserver 1.6.0 (which doesn't exist), and when I make it to match 1.5.99 it still doesn't generate a correct src/include/xdrv-config.h10:15
tjaaltonWCM_XORG_XSERVER_1_6 is left undefined10:16
tjaaltonso how do I use your daemon?10:17
tjaaltonI've got that10:19
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: thats the latest version10:19
Alexia_Deathsome bugs fixed.10:19
Alexia_Deathit contains an udev rules file.10:20
Alexia_Deaththat tho not mandatory should be used instead of the current wacom one.10:20
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: it depends on python-gtk2 and python-notify.10:21
Alexia_Deaththen run watahod and plug in your tablet.10:21
Alexia_Deatheraser starts with wrong bottomX bottomY, bug in wacom driver. You can set it to correct values with xsetwacom and then save defaults and every time you plug it in they are set correctly10:23
tjaaltonI need to restart udev first?10:24
Alexia_Deathreload, yes10:25
tjaaltonusbParse: Exceeded channel count; ignoring the events.10:25
Alexia_DeathIt uses device names to remember prefs so if you change your rules later it wont pick up the prefs again10:25
tjaaltonthat's all I get in the logfile, maybe the driver is just buggy for me10:25
Alexia_Deaththats a bug in the driver yes.10:26
Alexia_Deathit was debugged in the list...10:26
Alexia_Deathand there was even a patch for it...10:26
Alexia_Deathbut it wasnt passed publicly, ping just let someone try it out...10:26
tjaaltonit should be included in
Alexia_Deathwhat tablet do you have?10:27
Alexia_Deathcan you pass me a patch for your build fix?10:27
Alexia_DeathI have a bamboo and an old inuos one serial tablet. neither have exhibited this behaviour...10:28
tjaaltonaiptek 10000U, a waltop OEM model10:28
Alexia_Deathand it works with wacom driver?10:29
tjaaltonused to10:29
Alexia_DeathIt was recognized and loaded by the daemon?10:30
tjaaltononly the first hunk of the patch is included in ....10:30
tjaaltonyour daemon? yes10:30
Alexia_DeathPing hasnt been that good with this release...10:31
Alexia_DeathPerhaps patching 0.8.2 with the crashfix patch and the other one gives better results.10:32
tjaaltonthe crashfix is in10:32
tjaaltondoesn't crash X when I unplug it10:32
Alexia_DeathThats the broken define10:32
Alexia_Deaththat you fixed.10:33
Alexia_DeathIt basically removes a double free. X insists now freeing somehing that the driver has already freed and assigning NULL to it did not get where it should have gotten to.10:34
Alexia_Deathjot the driver just wont free it for now10:34
tjaaltondoesn't work even with the other hunk10:36
Alexia_Deathit worked with 0.8.2?10:37
tjaaltonno, with
tjaaltonI'll restart X to see if it helps10:38
Alexia_DeathCan I see your x log?10:42
tjaaltonhmm, now even the previous version fails to work10:43
Alexia_Deathand Id still like to have a build patch for the 0.8.2-2 if you can make one...10:43
tjaaltonI'll try to make one10:44
tjaaltonbut all you need to do is change the VERSION in configure to be 1, 5, 9910:45
tjaaltonand then change src/include/xdrv-config.h.in to #define WCM_XORG_XSERVER_1_610:45
tjaaltonthen it should build, at least the package10:45
Alexia_DeathOK. Will try10:46
tjaalton0.8.1.6 does work after all, I just needed to kill X first10:48
tjaaltonbecause the new module was loaded10:48
Alexia_Deathdoes it work hotplug for you?10:53
Alexia_Deathor does it crash on remove?10:53
Alexia_Deathit should crash.10:54
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: but look up where that define is used, you should see the bad free immediately.10:54
tseliottjaalton: hey you uploaded my patches, I thought you had taken a new release from debian instead.10:55
tseliottjaalton: which is good :-)10:55
* Alexia_Death is going to have to kill x to test the new module10:55
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: it does crash10:56
tjaaltontseliot: new release?10:56
tseliottjaalton: of synaptics10:57
tseliotI thought you did another merge10:57
tjaaltonthere is no new release10:58
tseliotAlexia_Death: is the crash caused by that xfree(priv); in wcmConfig.c?10:58
tjaaltondebian has 0.99.3-110:58
tseliottjaalton: well, I didn't check10:58
Alexia_DeathXserver tries to free that again10:58
tseliotAlexia_Death: why don't you add something like if (priv != NULL)10:59
Alexia_Deaththere is.10:59
Alexia_Deathit does not wotk11:00
Alexia_Deathtseliot: Is I understand the problem, it checks if the priv elements pointer in driver controll structure is NULL11:00
Alexia_Deathhowever, the priv in driver is just a local variable11:00
Alexia_Deathso doing priv=NULL means nothing to the server.11:00
Alexia_Deathand it tries to free it again.11:01
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I can find you the bug about this in X bugzialla11:01
tseliotthis one, right? http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1917611:03
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19176 in Server/general "CheckMotion for uninitialized devices segfaults the server" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]11:03
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/Xorg.0.log11:03
tseliotok, so we have a patch for X and a patch for the wacom driver11:05
Alexia_Deathtseliot: in the end of that is the discussion yes11:06
tseliotAlexia_Death: so doing "local->private =NULL;" should fix it in the driver11:06
Alexia_DeathI havent had time to investigate it much further11:07
tseliottjaalton: do we have the patch in comment 18 of the bug report?11:07
tseliotif we do, then I can experiment with the wacom driver and fix this problem11:08
Alexia_Deathtseliot: checkmotion patch is in11:09
Alexia_Deaththe buttons patch isnt and it does not apply right either :(11:09
Alexia_DeathNot on top of other patches in the source package anyway...11:10
Alexia_Deathsomething conflicts..11:10
tseliotok, I'll fix that too11:11
Alexia_DeathI dont know why yet. 11:11
Alexia_Death:) that would be great.11:11
tseliotAlexia_Death: did you touch the udev rules to make sure that multiple devices are hotplugged?11:12
tseliote.g. for the pen, pad, eraser, etc.11:13
tseliotyou said that you created a script which uses dbus11:13
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the pack contains a new udev rules mainly to make sure that the wacom devices have sane disdinguishable names.11:13
tseliotto make sure that not only the pen but also the other components work when you plug in the tablet11:13
Alexia_Deathnot directly. indirectly I need to know what devices a particulat tablet has. So currently theres some guessing based on name11:14
tseliotdid you create a package?11:14
tseliota deb package11:14
Alexia_Deathtseliot: no, right now theres just a tar archive.11:14
Alexia_DeathIts not stable enough to package yet11:15
tseliotcan you give me the link to it?11:15
Alexia_Deathtseliot: http://a.death.pri.ee/watahod-0.3.2.tar.gz11:15
Alexia_Deathtested yesterday on some arch users.11:16
Alexia_Deathshould more or less work.11:16
Alexia_Deathtseliot: if you are already debugging the wacom driver, perhaps you can also fix the erasers bottomX and bottomY not being initzialized right.11:17
Alexia_Deathon hotplug that is. its done right when added in conf AFAIK.11:18
tseliotdoesn't that depend on the specific tablet?11:18
Alexia_Deaththe values yes, but the tablet is capable of guessing them11:18
Alexia_Deathdriver that is.11:18
tjaaltonit's likely "updated wcmUSB.c to ignore unparsed data" which broke it for me11:18
tjaaltonyay for version control11:19
Alexia_Deathit does it right on coldplug and for stylus in hotplug11:19
tjaaltonor the nonexistence11:19
tjaalton*of it11:19
tjaaltonI've no idea what kind of a patch that was11:19
tjaaltonor is there a public VCS repo somewhere?11:19
tjaaltonwith history and all11:20
Alexia_Deathwacom has a a git repro somewhere11:20
Alexia_DeathIve built it once...11:20
tjaaltonon git.debian.org, but it's not what ping uses11:20
tseliotAlexia_Death: I would like to modify xsetwacom so that it can read settings from a configuration file, so that we can apply the settings once the device is hotplugged11:20
Alexia_Deathtseliot: it works now, but having conf dump&load would be good.11:21
Alexia_Deathtseliot: look in the python code, its very simple.11:22
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the daemon even mainains a conf directory under .wacom11:22
tjaaltonmaybe better use .config/wacom11:22
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: why?11:23
tjaaltonto not pollute ~/11:23
Alexia_Deathright about that...11:23
Alexia_Deaththe .xxx mess is annoying.11:23
Alexia_Deathits just a path anyway. easy to change. but Im reluctant to do so untill there is no conf tool.11:24
Alexia_Deathdecent conftool.11:24
Alexia_Deathwacomcpl does not count.11:24
tseliotmy tool will be written in Python and will write a configuration file which the C program will parse and apply11:26
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: I have the url of the git that ping uses in my mail archives somewhere, but since kmail is not installable right now its abit hard to acccess.11:26
Alexia_Deathtseliot: why not use the same format Ive used in my tool?11:27
Alexia_Deathtseliot: lets just collaborate and make one thing?11:27
Alexia_Deathdaemon+conf tool.11:27
Alexia_DeathIve requested a sf project for it.11:27
Alexia_Deathbut perhaps laouncpad would be better.11:28
tjaaltonsf is crap :)11:28
* Alexia_Death shrugs11:28
Alexia_DeathI like SVN:P11:28
tjaaltonsvn is too :)11:28
Alexia_Deathyeah. git lovers.11:28
tjaaltondvcs ftw11:28
tseliotlaunchpad should be good enough11:29
tseliotand so is bzr (IMO)11:29
tseliotAlexia_Death: the daemon should be written in C though11:29
Alexia_Deathtseliot: why?11:29
Alexia_Deathwhy is not python good enough?11:30
tseliotnot many people would like to see another daemon written in python11:30
Alexia_Deathit does not do anything much11:30
tseliotbecause they want something which doesn't slow down startup11:30
Alexia_Deathit does not11:30
tseliotand they are concerned about wasting resources11:31
tseliotI love Python ;)11:31
Alexia_Deathits too trivial a task to complicate it with C.11:31
Alexia_Deathit needs to be flexible.11:31
tjaaltonwhere should this daemon be run? in the user session?11:31
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: yes11:31
Alexia_Deathit needs to run in user rights.11:32
Alexia_Deaththis daemon only listends to dbus and reacts to some device add events... does nothing else.11:33
tjaaltonbut maybe not on every desktop11:33
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: ?11:33
tjaaltonI mean that the users should install it themselvers11:34
tjaaltonit can't be a dependency of wacom, since it's installed on every machine11:34
tseliotAlexia_Death: people were not happy at the UDS when I talked about daemons in Python11:34
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: not for wacom, but for wacom tools perhaps11:34
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: or may be even completely different.11:34
Alexia_Deathit does need xsetwacom11:35
tjaaltonthe driver only Suggests -tools, so it's not installed by default11:35
Alexia_Deathxsetwacom is in tools?11:35
Alexia_Deaththen tools depend on this daemon.11:36
Alexia_Deathsaemon depends on tools11:36
* Alexia_Death is wee bit hung over today...11:36
tjaaltonmy sympathies :)11:37
Alexia_Deathtseliot: Id agree about system daemons. this is a user daemon and very much optional.11:37
tjaaltonhmm, maybe I'll take a break and do something else for a change ->11:37
tseliotwe already have a printer applet and the update notifier11:39
tseliotwhich run as daemons and are written in Python11:39
Alexia_Deaththose are much more common. this one is just for wacom users.11:39
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I do have a command line utility with all the same fucntions for people who do not want to run the daemon.11:40
Alexia_Deathuses the same "lib" python file as the daemon.11:41
tseliotAlexia_Death: do you suggest that we enable the daemon only after users configure their tablet in the UI?11:41
Alexia_Deaththe daemon has no deep point unless theres a a tablet configured. It should be just a wizard that ends with registering the daemon for startup11:42
Alexia_Deathand in the configuration utility there needs to be a way to remove it from startup easy.11:43
tseliotok, this is better than I thought11:43
Alexia_Deathand people can even chose to run it manually when they are using a tablet and not on startup at all.11:44
tseliotsomething like pressing a "detect" button in the UI?11:44
tseliotor "load settings"11:45
Alexia_DeathMore like just selecting the daemon from the menu as a common app and running it.11:45
Alexia_Deaththose functions you listed are present in the daemon now11:45
Alexia_Deathas menu items from the icon11:45
Alexia_DeathMostly for serial tablet11:46
Alexia_DeathI have one connected through USB serial adapter.11:46
Alexia_DeathCurrently serial tablets are configured in a conf file.11:46
tjaaltonI agree that this is good as a 'proof-of-concept' daemon, but in the long run there should be maybe only one user session daemon to handle input devices. frontends can be whatever the desktop requires11:47
Alexia_Deathon load serial it checks if listed device nodes exist and loads them, if they do.11:47
tjaaltonit could just be the generic configuration daemon of the desktop11:47
tjaaltonwhich means extending the current one(s)11:47
Alexia_DeathSo the daemon runs without GUI and is driven by DBUS calls?11:47
tjaaltonsomething like that, I don't know how it all works 11:48
tseliotI would like to see one daemon to deal with input devices and tablets11:48
tjaaltonintegration is the hard part, applies to everything11:48
Alexia_DeathAll tablets and input devices? 11:48
tseliotAlexia_Death: in the case of tablets we could use dbus11:49
tseliotxinput for the rest of input devices11:49
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: I meant that integration in general is what's lacking from the linux "desktop"11:49
tseliotand of course the same should be done for outputs11:49
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the problem is, only wacoms are nicely configurable through xsetwacom.11:49
tseliotAlexia_Death: doesn't a C library for wacoms exist?11:50
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: what does integration mean in this context?11:50
tjaaltonwhy couldn't wacom support X input properties11:51
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I dont know what you mean by c library...11:51
Alexia_DeathI dont know those things...11:51
tseliotAlexia_Death: a library which we could use for the daemon instead of having to call xsetwacom11:51
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: integration with the existing desktop tools.. especially when it's not clear what the ultimate solution is11:51
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I dont think so.11:51
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: right now, I see a doable wacom daemon/conf tool. and even that is hard to do right because I just dont have the hardware to test it.11:52
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: what hw are you missing?11:53
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: tablets. theres tonns of tablets.11:53
tjaaltonwhy would you need all of them?11:54
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: not all of them. But there are some types.11:54
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: like screen tablets.11:54
tjaaltonwhich are serial11:54
Alexia_Deathnot all of them11:55
* tseliot reboots11:55
tjaaltonno, but most11:55
Alexia_DeathI have a serial tablet and an usb tablet.11:55
Alexia_Deathscreen tablets have something that is totally unhandled gui wise, thats the callibration.11:55
tjaaltonbut how does a serial screen tablet differ from a serial handheld tablet?11:55
tjaaltonwell that's what tseliot is doing11:56
Alexia_Deathtseliot has one to test?11:56
tjaaltona screen tablet? dunno11:56
Alexia_Deaththats hard to do right If you dont have one.11:57
tjaaltonbut now some LittleBigPlanet ->11:58
* Alexia_Death takes her hangover elsewhere too.11:59
Alexia_Deathtseliot: do you have a screen tablet?12:04
tseliotAlexia_Death: no, only a USB tablet12:05
tseliotbut I know someone who owns 20 tablets12:06
tseliothe could help us testing things12:06
* Alexia_Death has serial and usb, but somebody with screentablet needs to do calibration12:06
Alexia_Deathtats good12:06
* tseliot nods12:09
tseliotAlexia_Death: do you know what kind of patch system does wacom-tool use?12:16
Alexia_Deathxsewacom? its maintained in GIT afaik.'12:16
tseliotthe debian package12:17
tseliothehe "checking XInput extension version... >= 2.0"12:31
tseliotI would like to see how it uses Xinput12:31
tseliottjaalton: any ideas on how to apply patches to wacom-tools?13:38
tseliotAlexia_Death: setting local->private to NULL did the trick14:05
tseliotX doesn't freeze if I plug in and then unplug my tablet14:05
tjaaltontseliot: there is no patch system afaik14:13
Alexia_Deathtseliot: send patch to ping?14:13
tseliottjaalton: yes, I applied the patch manually14:13
tseliotAlexia_Death: sure14:13
tjaaltonwhat patch is this14:14
tjaalton0.8.2.2 doesn't crash on unplug14:14
tseliottjaalton: and is 0.8.2 in jaunty?14:15
tjaaltonbecause it doesn't work for me, and I think it might break for others too14:15
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: its the proper fix instead of the build switch.14:16
tjaaltonI've got it packaged though14:16
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: ok14:16
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: it should be enough to make 8.1-6 not crash too14:16
Alexia_Deathso you should get your tablet working.14:16
tjaaltonsure, maybe just use that for now14:16
tseliottjaalton: what do you mean by "it doesn't work for me"?14:17
Alexia_Deathtseliot: pastebinify the patch?14:17
tseliotyes, let's stick with 8.1.614:17
tseliotAlexia_Death: http://pastebin.com/d3a66dcb714:17
Alexia_Deathtseliot: tjaalton has a tablet that has a problem with 0.8.214:17
tseliotAlexia_Death: now I would like to make sure that your patches for X apply14:18
tseliotAlexia_Death: can you document your patches, please?14:20
tjaaltonI just get a bunch of those "usbParse: Exceeded channel count; ignoring" -errors when the pen is close to the tablet14:21
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the patch set I gave you is no longer needed.14:21
tjaaltonwith that it14:21
Alexia_Deathtseliot: X went up a version.14:21
tseliotAlexia_Death: aah, right14:21
Alexia_DeathThe patch that does not apply cleantly and does not is this:14:21
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19282 in Input/Core "Events handled wrong when master button map differs from the originating device..." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:23
Alexia_DeathIt should apply on clean rc1 but it does not apply on top of the already included patch set at least.14:24
tseliotAlexia_Death: so are you saying that upstream has it already but we don't or what?14:25
Alexia_Deathtseliot: yes14:25
tseliotok, so I'll make sure that this patch applies: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=2177514:26
Alexia_Deathyep. that should fix the buttons issue.14:27
tjaaltonperhaps it's in master but not 1.6-branch14:27
Alexia_DeathLet me know when you are done.14:27
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: AFAIK it was cherrypicked on 1.6 a little after rc1 tag.14:28
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: nope, there are no commits after rc1 was tagged14:28
Alexia_Deaththen im wrong14:28
Alexia_Deathits just in master then.14:29
tjaaltonbut it's on the list of proposed patches14:29
Alexia_DeathIts somewhat important tho. the stylus buttons are mapped wrong without it.14:29
tjaaltonwe'll get it with the next rc14:30
Alexia_Deathyeah, but tablets are serious pita to use as is.14:30
tseliotso is it useless if I get it to work now?14:30
tjaaltonyeah, crashing and all :)14:30
Alexia_Deathwhen is next rc due?14:31
Alexia_DeathI wouldnt say useless...14:31
Alexia_Deathno schedule?14:31
tjaaltonmaybe next week though, since LCA is over14:32
Alexia_Deathtseliot: untill next week we can make due with the hack if we must ;)14:33
tjaaltonhehe, now phoronix has picked up the intel "regressions"14:50
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I looked at your patch... you have removed the free.14:51
tseliotAlexia_Death: ok, the patch applies now14:51
Alexia_Deaththe free should stay if the NULL trick works.14:52
Alexia_Deathtseliot: Great. Share?14:52
tseliotAlexia_Death: ah, right. so I should add just add that line instead of replacing the xfree one with it14:53
tseliotAlexia_Death: it applies but I'm trying to build X now14:53
tseliotapplies != works14:53
Alexia_Deathhmm... 8.1-6 wont build for me15:14
tseliotok, X compiled15:14
tseliotI've rewritten the patch for wacom15:14
tseliotok, wacom driver built. Now, I'll restart X to try it. Then I'll try the new (patched) X15:17
* tseliot restarts X15:18
tseliotwacom doesn't freeze X15:21
Alexia_Deathwhat version of wacom driver you have?15:22
tseliotthe one in jaunty15:22
Alexia_DeathIt wont build for me.15:22
tseliotwhat's the error?15:22
Alexia_Deathxf86Version.h is missing.15:22
Alexia_Deathand some interface error15:23
Alexia_DeathI think my env is borked somehoe.15:23
tseliotit could be15:23
tjaaltonno, you just need to include the right headers15:23
Alexia_Deathbut I dont have clue how to fix it.15:23
tseliotlet me try the new X15:23
* tseliot restarts X15:23
tjaaltonlook at 8.2.2 how it's done15:23
tseliotAlexia_Death: what can I do to see if the patch for X fixes the bug?15:28
tseliotor how can I reproduce the problem with button mapping?15:28
Alexia_Deathtseliot: if you can click by taping with the stylus it works15:29
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the maping used to be shifted. tap does nothing, first stylus button clicks etc...15:30
tseliotyes, I can click and double click15:30
Alexia_Deaththen it works.15:30
Alexia_Deathbtw, the source package from repro does build. so Id be happy if I got your patch for wacom&for X... 15:30
Alexia_Deathtseliot: do you have a ppa?15:31
tseliotAlexia_Death: yes, but I haven't uploaded my patches15:31
Alexia_DeathLet me know when I can have them from somewhere...15:32
tseliotok, first, I'll send the patch to Ping so that we can have the fix accepted by upstream15:32
tseliottjaalton: if you're interested, I can do a debdiff or simply upload the patch for X somewhere15:33
tseliotyes, it's like a diff between different versions of the same package15:35
Alexia_Deathnever used it...15:35
tseliotpoint 7-815:36
tseliotAlexia_Death: I've just sent the patch to Ping and CCed you15:48
tseliotand this is the patch for X15:48
tseliottjaalton: I've just attached the patch for the wacom driver to this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wacom-tools/+bug/32075315:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320753 in wacom-tools "unplugging wacom tablet in jaunty reboots X" [High,Confirmed]15:52
tjaaltontseliot: thanks, but like I said, that's included in
tjaaltonwithout the #ifndef stuff15:56
tjaaltonI mean  *with*15:56
tseliotoh, right15:56
tseliotif we ship with the current version though you may want to use my patch15:56
tjaaltonI'll add it, tired of fighting with it15:57
tseliotat this point a more conservative approach wouldn't be a bad idea15:57
tseliotadd what?15:57
tjaalton0.8.2* is supposed to be the stable branch15:57
tjaaltonthe patch...15:57
tseliothehe it's *supposed* to be stable15:58
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the patch wont apply for me.15:58
tseliotwhich one?15:58
Alexia_Deaththe  X one15:58
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: what version are you using?15:58
Alexia_Deathpatch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input.15:58
tjaaltonwrong patch :)15:59
tseliotshall I reupload my patch?15:59
tseliotwithout using pastebin15:59
Alexia_Deathyes please. it seems theres a formating issue somewhere.15:59
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: how did you copy it?16:00
Alexia_Deathcopy from text box below. trying download now16:00
tjaaltonwhat editor did you use? maybe the lines were wrapped16:01
tseliotwget it ;)16:01
Alexia_Deathpatch had cr-s ... O_o16:03
Alexia_DeathThanks again:D16:03
tjaaltonwell, patched doesn't work either16:29
tjaaltonbut I uploaded the update before I got to test16:30
tjaaltonsilly me, didn't actually install the driver package, only -tools16:34
tjaaltonworks now16:34
tjaaltontap-to-click too, without patching the xserver16:35
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: so your daemon should add more than just the stylus?16:40
Alexia_Deathyes, it does. the whole set16:40
Alexia_Deathsometimes pad might be missed16:40
tjaaltonit doesn't seem to do anything for my device16:40
Alexia_Deatheraser is sinitally misconfigured tho16:40
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: you have a bit different device. What is its device node?16:41
tseliotit seems to add the eraser and the cursor here, however, if I try to use the eraser I can't see the mouse cursor16:42
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: where do I get that?16:42
Alexia_Deathtseliot: you need to set bottomx bottomYfor eraser. thats the bug in the driver.16:43
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: Bus 005 Device 006: ID 172f:0501  16:43
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: what you have under /dev/input?16:43
Alexia_DeathYour ID is not wacom16:43
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: the udev rules don't match16:44
Alexia_DeathYou can set it up as a serial device...16:44
tjaaltonthe device nodes shouldn't matter16:44
tjaaltonbecause it breaks the idea of input hotplug16:44
tseliottjaalton: it works with the current udev rules too16:44
tjaaltontseliot: your device, which is listed in the rules file16:45
Alexia_Deaththe add does not match the add device notify criteria the daemon lists.16:45
Alexia_DeathI use the rules to know WHAT was added.16:45
Alexia_Deathand to load devices that are present at the moment of start.16:45
Alexia_Deathit works hotplug just fine, it just expects some info from UDEV nodes.16:46
tjaaltonbut you do understand that this doesn't scale16:46
tjaaltonyou need to add every tablet there or things don't work right16:47
Alexia_Deathwhat do you mean?16:47
Alexia_Deaththere arent that many tablets.16:48
Alexia_Deathby type16:48
Alexia_Deaththeres perhaps 3 new models per year.-16:48
tjaaltonwell you need to have every product id there16:48
Alexia_Deathyour waltop is special.16:48
Alexia_Deaththere already is.16:48
tjaaltonand how many special devices are there?-)16:48
Alexia_Deathwaltop is the only one I know of.16:49
Alexia_Deaththere is no other way.16:49
tjaaltonok, enough ranting then, I'll add this sucker there16:49
Alexia_DeathWont be enough.16:49
tjaaltonwhy not?16:50
Alexia_DeathDeviceAdd notifies.16:50
Alexia_Deaththey are filtered by the manufacturer ID.16:50
Alexia_DeathYours needs to be added.16:50
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: give me your device specs, Ill make a new pack in 5 minutes.16:51
Alexia_Deathits in the waatahod script tho.16:52
tjaaltonok, can't find it.. the vendor id is 172f and product id 50116:54
tjaalton"Waltop Media Tablet" I guess16:54
tjaaltonthere are many products with the same hw16:54
tjaaltondon't know what the equivalent wacom device would be16:58
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: http://a.death.pri.ee/watahod-0.3.3.tar.gz17:04
Alexia_Deathshould work.17:05
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: that was exactly what I had in mind when I was talking about hardware issues... there a are changes I have to do blind and just hope they work.17:07
tjaaltonok, now we are talking17:10
* Alexia_Death giggles17:10
tjaaltonI've got a stylus and an eraser17:10
Alexia_Deathno pad...17:10
tjaaltonno cursor, no pad, no touch17:10
tjaaltonwhat's a pad?17:10
Alexia_Deathit has all of those?17:10
tjaaltonI don't know17:10
Alexia_Deathpad is a set of putons17:10
tjaaltonthis has 26 buttons around the area17:11
Alexia_Deathok, then you have pad.17:11
Alexia_Deathcursor is a mouse... it has it?17:11
Alexia_Deathits a screentablet?17:12
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: there is no way to know what device has what, thats why device database is needed.17:13
Alexia_Deathif its an USB tablet it has no touch devce anyway.17:13
tjaaltonit has a pen and an area to draw on, no external mouse17:17
tjaaltonadn two rotating wheels with a button in the middle17:17
Alexia_DeathOk, then it has stylus, eraser and pad for buttons.17:17
Alexia_Deathgive me 2 minutes17:19
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: http://a.death.pri.ee/watahod-0.3.4.tar.gz17:23
Alexia_Deathshould give you a pad too.17:23
tjaaltonshould I be able to configure them?17:32
tjaaltonI see the device in the list but no properties for it17:33
tjaaltonand what is the kernel module for? it's unused17:34
tseliotAlexia_Death: hotplugging my tablet just works now. I made the daemon set the bottomx and y for the eraser too17:52
Alexia_Deathtseliot: theres conf files for that, I hope you found them17:53
tseliotI simply get those values from the stylus and apply them to the eraser automatically17:53
Alexia_Deathtseliot: the rigth way (tm) is to use defaults files under .wacom...17:54
Alexia_Deathand the best is a patch to fix it tin the drvier ofcourse17:55
tseliotI agree with the latter17:56
tseliotI only used the daemon17:56
tseliotnothing else17:56
tseliottherefore I have no .wacom17:56
Alexia_Deathyes. its created if you save defaults once17:57
Alexia_Deathits an option under menu.17:57
Alexia_Deathtseliot: it supports setting options with watever and dumping them mostly to file and reloading.17:58
tseliotaah, in the icon tray18:00
Alexia_Deathbuttons dumping is disabled for now...18:02
tseliotok, I hope to have time to play with it sooner or later18:08
* tseliot > dinner18:08
brycetjaalton: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_904_intel&num=121:28
tjaaltonbryce: yeah.. pissed me off21:28
tjaaltonmaybe they didn't have DRI21:29
tjaaltonI'd appreciate if they'd come here to see if there's something going on to cause something like that21:29
tjaaltonbut I guess the media don't have to ;)21:29
bryceI've emailed him to ask for Xorg.0.log's21:31
tjaaltonI almost did, but couldn't find the right words21:33
brycealso asked for glxinfo and xdpyinfo21:33
bryceare you seeing the performance issues yourself?21:35
jcristauisn't phoronix a load of crap most of the time?21:36
tjaaltonI'm seeing the EXA freezes with vblank21:36
tjaaltonveery annoying, but I think it only happens after the first time you suspend/resume21:36
tjaaltonUXA OTOH crashes on resume21:36
brycejcristau: all performance testers are loads of crap, it's just a matter of how high the particular pile is21:37
tjaaltonI'll reboot to see if it helps with the periodic freezes21:38
bryceoh hey I have something to show off21:40
tjaaltonnice colors21:42
tjaaltonmight want to do the same for totals :)21:43
tjaaltongood to see the grid21:43
bryceyeah, still experimenting a bit21:43
bryce+1 for alpha blending :-)21:43
brycesince these are svg, there's a good bit I can do to them further21:44
brycethese are basically straight from gnuplot21:44
brycebut I like having all the states in one graph; in the old plots each went to a different chart so you had to do a lot of mental comparisons21:45
brycealso I think viewing 3-months at a time is better than 1 month or 6 months21:45
tjaaltonhaving a dynamic one would probably be overkill :)21:46
brycehttp://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Graphs/xorg-2008q4.svg is my favorite - that's a monster!21:46
bryceI was surprised how quickly they generate; takes less than 30 sec to generate all the plots 21:47
brycewhat do you think happened in q2008 that drove the xorg bug numbers so high?  was that simply from testing?21:49
tjaaltonit's the "default" component that triagers reassing the bugs21:49
brycereassing :-)21:49
tjaalton-sign, duh21:50
bryceI like reassing better21:50
tjaaltoncertainly does ring a bell21:50
bryceI like in these charts that you can quite clearly see where I've been running my new/expire scripts thursday each week21:50
tjaaltonso much fun trying to figure out what those bugs are about..21:50
bryceI don't have the data for it yet, but I want to also track triaged-bugs-forwarded-upstream, too22:01
tjaaltonbtw, what do you think about not having an xorg.conf by default?22:12
tjaaltonhmm ok22:13
bryceI'd like to see Virtual become completely unnecessary before we switch to xorg.conf-less22:13
tjaaltonwell it's the gui that adds those22:15
tjaaltonI was going to point out bug 319854 as an example, but then again the driver fails to load if it doesn't list the pci-id22:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319854 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "x.org not using ati/radeon driver" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31985422:16
* bryce nods22:16

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