zesssneed help getting my dlink wireless card working03:59
zesssanyone help me with my dlink dwl g12204:02
prontogreat tip: google: xubuntu <release info here> + dlink dwl g12204:06
prontochances are someone has alraedy written up a how to04:06
prontoif that dont work replace xubuntu with ubuntu04:06
zebcan anyone help me install this ralink driver for my wifi card04:44
zebanyone help me to get this wireless card working05:10
prontoi can't but i can point you in the right direction05:10
prontohave you treid googleing : xubuntu <version> <wireless card make and model>05:11
zebwell ive found the forum for it but i dont have a clue how to do anything05:11
cody-somervillezeb, whats the wireless card?05:11
zebdlink dwl g122 in linux its ralink rt7305:11
zebwhats easier using the linux driver or ndiswrapper05:12
pkodonpronto: Hmm, not watching this window, chatting elsewhere.05:30
pkodonpronto: I just got my Linksys wireless card to work, had to replace the network manager with a different one.05:30
prontoawesome :)05:31
pkodonIt wouldn't connect via WEP, but now it does.05:31
prontocongrats :)05:31
pkodonThanks, now I can help the next poor person who has the same problem :)05:31
prontoyou should write it up05:31
prontopost it on the forums or something05:32
pkodonIt's already in the forums, that's where I found it.05:32
pkodonThe problem is, if you look for it in Google, it points you to a page in the forums from 2006, then you have to go to the last page in the forums to get the up-to-date info.05:33
prontothat is always annoying05:33
pkodonAs I recall, I actually found something in Google for version 6, but I searched the forums for "Hardy WMP54G WEP" and found that I had the same problem, started at the beginning of the thread.05:40
prontoyou should make an updated post05:40
pkodonAnyway, the problem turned out to be something about most of the network managers munging the WEP passcode before passing it on to the access point, so the access point can't accept it.05:41
pkodonAny updated post would just be redundant.05:41
pkodonAnd also added to the end of the posts.05:41
pkodonAnyway, the instructions were a bit more complicated, something about not using ndiswrapper, downloading kernel headers, compiling a library, etc.. I'm still using ndiswrapper, just the replacement network manager was enough.05:43
pkodonOnly thing is, I don't yet know how to keep the old network manager from connecting when I reboot (I killed it in the process manager) and get the new one to autoconnect on startup (though technically that's not really necessary, I don't need to be connected 24/7).05:44
pkodonI've got an xubuntu variant called PC/OS, and I've only been using Linux for about 3 months now (having tried several flavors, from Mandriva and Slax to about 6 flavors of Ubuntu).05:46
prontoglad you're liking linux05:47
pkodonWell, I still miss my Amiga, and Windows is only good for playing games, if you can call that good, but I figgure if I'm going to be doing anything with computers and small businesses, I should at least check Linux out. Besides, I think it's safer to surf the web with Linux, download what I need for my Win98SE machine, and move it over there when I know it's okay.05:51
prontoparanoid much?05:51
prontoyou're still running win98?05:52
prontoneat :o05:52
pkodonYeah, I'm an old DOS/Windows gamer from way back, though I have to use DOSBox even in Win98SE to get them to work right on that hardware.06:00
prontonice o.o06:00
pkodonI started out on a TRS80 Model I.06:00
prontono idea what that is O.o06:00
prontohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRS-80  ?06:01
pkodonYup, only the one my friend had (who became my brother-in-law) had the expansion box under the monitor and two 5-1/4" floppy drives, a tape drive, and an interface to a Heathkit weather station.06:03
pkodonAnd ran about 6 different DOSes, and the only way to copy stuff from one DOS's floppies to another was to put the stuff on cassette tape.06:05
pkodonYeah, he was a "Field Engineer" for NCR, and had a ton of Heathkit equipment he had built.06:06
prontoand you're only now using linux?06:07
pkodonYup, PC/OS to be precise, it lets me watch my movies and still have Linux, without having to hunt down all the codecs.06:08
prontoi have had no trouble with codecs06:09
pkodonWell, I tried plain xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu, and a few others, had all the desktops installed but mythbuntu, added in a couple more Ubuntu variants from elsewhere on the internet, and ended up with a frankenlinux that wouldn't update about 300 files any more.06:11
pkodonInstalled PC/OS over the whole lot, and have been happy ever since.06:12
pkodonI might some day like to try SuperUbuntu or UltimateUbuntu (though I don't have a DVD burner, yet).06:13
prontowait what?06:13
pkodonYeah, you need to check the distros at www.distrowatch.com06:14
pkodonDo a search for Ubuntu and you'll find a whole slew of Ubuntu-based distros.06:14
prontoi don't really understand ubuntu based distros , but oh well06:14
prontoi use xubuntu as a base, then compile pretty much anything i use06:15
prontomainly because things just work ... like sound... on ubuntu06:15
pkodonWell, it's like this, Ubuntu only gives you stuff they have certified as free. If you want a super multimedia version of Ubuntu, you have to add stuff, some of which is non-free.06:16
prontothey allow you to add all that other stuff yourself06:16
pkodonIf someone else has already done that, and done all the testing and bug-fixing, you might be interested in that.06:16
prontoyou just have to click "yes i am allowed to have that"06:16
prontolegally no one is going to care if you install drivers or codecs yourself06:17
pkodonYes, but I don't know where to look for some of this stuff, or what it's called in Linux. And I'm not yet comfortable with compiling things or using make.06:17
prontoi was able to find everything i needed in synatpic06:18
pkodonI can compile Inform programs (text adventures), but I'm not ready for large packages yet. I need to learn more about the commands (for instance, all that stuff that my search said to do to get my wireless to work was a bit more complicated than simply clicking on something in Synaptic or it's Kubuntu equivalent.06:19
GINZHi. I am trying to see what files are on a Hard drive from a Windows machine, using Xubuntu8.10 llive boot CD06:20
GINZ Can you tell me how I find the equivalent of Windows' My Compuiter please?06:20
pkodonGINZ: Hmm, well, first the drive's file system has to be mounted.06:21
pkodonGINZ: I would recommend getting the SLAX (Slackware) live CD, it mounts all those file systems at boot.06:22
pkodonIf you just want to look at what's on there or move stuff around.06:22
pkodonNot trying to promote SLAX, it's just something I found that works in such cases. Parted Magic is another one, and a useful set of tools as well.06:23
pkodonAs for Xubuntu, if it's an NTFS drive it's a matter of finding the NTFS Configuration Tool, probably in the System menu, if it's a FAT file system, it's a bit more complicated to mount.06:26
pkodonGINZ: Once you have the file system mounted, it should be found under /media in the root directory.06:27
pkodonGINZ: You still there?06:29
GINZThank you.06:30
GINZSorry I got called away briefly06:30
GINZThat sounds good.06:30
pkodonGINZ: New to Linux?06:30
GINZIt is an old drive and I want to possibly copy the files to Cds then reformat the drive installing the Xubuntu06:31
GINZYes I am new to it06:31
GINZ I had it working on one HD, but it got a problem when I loaded a web gallery06:31
GINZadn I think I killled the drive06:32
pkodonGINZ: Then I'd recommend either the SLAX or PartedMagic (which is specifically a set of HD partitioning and exploration tools).06:32
pkodonXubuntu is great once you have your drive ready for it.06:32
GINZIs the SLAX Cd downloadable from the internet?06:33
pkodonBoth are, you can find links to either at www.distrowatch.com06:33
GINZthanks very much06:33
pkodonYou're welcome.06:33
pkodonGINZ: Which file system is on the drive?06:34
* pkodon used either distro to copy stuff from an EXT2 drive, which Windows couldn't see, to his Win98SE FAT32 drive.06:35
pkodonHmm, just looked at www.distrowatch.com, there's a new Ubuntu 8.04 maintenance release.06:38
pkodonGuess I'd better check for updates.06:38
GINZI think it is NTFS06:41
GINZI should have left the drive in the external case and checked it in the windows machine but think the case was faulty06:42
pkodonExternal case? Was it a USB drive?06:42
GINZbut a proper HD installed in the case06:43
pkodonGINZ: Yes, my other HD in this machine is a 300+ GB NTFS drive from an external USB case that was used under WinXP.06:44
pkodonGINZ: Once I figgured out how to mount it, I just use it for storage for downloads.06:45
zebk i had my wireless card workin and did a restart and now it wont work06:45
GINZI expect mine is mostly photos06:46
pkodonGINZ: I have a little 6GB drive I had formatted to EXT2 and used for moving files between that drive on this machine and my FAT32 drive in my Win98SE gaming machine (had to use that SLAX distro to move the files).06:46
pkodonI'd use CDs, but some files are larger than a CD, and the second IDE isn't working right (killed both my CD-RW and DVD drives in the Windows box).06:47
GINZAs the drive was set as slave, and I had to change that, and then it didn;t have an OS on it, I am hoping it deosn;t need drivers06:48
pkodonGINZ: Umm, what did you set it to? I hope you set it to CSEL.06:48
GINZ I read the diagrams on the drive and set it accordingly06:49
zebmost hd wont need drivers06:49
pkodonGINZ: Is it on it's own IDE cable?06:49
pkodonGINZ: No other drives in the system?06:50
GINZone other06:50
pkodonGINZ: But that's not on the same cable.06:50
GINZslave part of the same cable06:51
pkodonOkay, and it's set to slave?06:51
GINZthe second drive is set to slave, yes06:52
pkodonGINZ: Okay, just making sure, it's an easy thing to put two drives set to either slave or master on the same cable and have a conflict.06:52
GINZand recognised as such as bootup06:52
GINZI have hubby bleating for me to do something. He is not well and expects me to do all his jobs as well as my own.06:53
pkodonGINZ: I think SLAX has a way to check that drive to make sure there's nothing wrong with the file system, once you get it working.06:53
GINZbe back soon06:53
pkodonGINZ: Okay.06:54
pkodonzeb: Sorry, you mentioned a wireless card?07:00
zebhad it running07:00
pkodonWhich one?07:00
zebdid restart07:00
zebdlink dwl g12207:01
pkodonI ask because I had trouble with my wireless card and just got it to work right today.07:01
pkodonOh, not the same as mine. Do you use ndiswrapper and a windows driver?07:01
zebim using ndiswrapper07:02
zeband got it07:02
zebthen i did a restart and now the card only blinks07:02
pkodonDo you have something about Windows Wireless Drivers in your System menu?07:03
pkodonOkay, bring that up and see if your driver is still being used.07:03
zebive reloded the driver07:03
pkodonOh, okay. Now you need the connection manager to connect.07:04
zebsays hardware is present07:04
zebwifi radar07:04
pkodonOkay, somewhere in the lower-right panel you should have some sort of connection manager.07:04
zebim using xubuntu07:05
zebthe wireless part is all gone now07:05
zebbefore when i went to system network there was a wireless option now thier isnt07:05
pkodonIs networking enabled?07:06
zebyup im on the wired talking to you07:07
zebits like its not in the kernel07:07
pkodonOkay, well, I'm using PC/OS, which is based on Xubuntu, there shouldn't be too much difference.07:07
pkodonPerhaps you should try shutting the machine down completely, then restart, see if something's locked up in hardware.07:08
pkodonOh, wait...07:08
zebdone that twice07:08
pkodonThe problem may be that you have the wired connection set up as your only connection.07:09
pkodonIn the network manager.07:09
zebbut the wireless showed up before07:09
pkodonCheck the card, make sure it's completely seated in the slot.07:10
pkodon(Turn the computer off first, though.)07:10
zebbrb i have tried another usb too07:11
pkodonOh, it'07:11
pkodonIt's USB?07:11
pkodonBring up the Device Manager and see if it's recognized.07:12
zebdlink dwl g122 wireless g usb adaptor07:12
zebwheres the device manager07:12
pkodonShould be in the System menu.07:12
zebhardware drivers07:13
zebdont see device manager there07:13
pkodonHmm, maybe you have to install it with the Synaptic package manager.07:14
zebk ill check07:14
pkodonOtherwise, look in your other menus.07:15
pkodonAlso check the system settings.07:16
zebdo i want the gnome device manager07:16
pkodonWell, you can use that, but I'm not sure that's the one.07:17
pkodonHold on...07:17
pkodonYes, that's the one.07:17
zebk installin07:18
zebdevice manager open07:19
pkodonIt should be listed under whichever USB port it's plugged into.07:19
pkodonWell, I hope it's not a bad device, or a bad USB hub.07:20
zebusb works in other machine07:21
pkodonI've got a flakey usb hub in my computer, sometimes it doesn't recognise the mouse, so I have to unplug it and plug it back in.07:21
zeb4gb flash drive works in same port07:22
pkodon(on boot/reboot)07:22
pkodonAnd, this wireless device is new07:22
zebi had to black list some old drivers07:23
zebcould that be it07:23
pkodonHmm, don't know. I know for my PCI wireless card, I could only use one of the drivers that came with it.07:24
pkodonAnd if I didn't use ndiswrapper and the windows driver, my connections (to a low-quality signal from an open access point) were even slower than with the windows driver.07:25
pkodonBut, that doesn't help your situation.07:25
pkodonI wish I could be of more help, but I have no experience with usb wireless adapters, so beyond what we've tried, I'm out of ideas.07:27
pkodonAll I can say is that it needs to show up in that device manager, or the system isn't going to see it as available.07:28
zebill go back to the turtorial07:28
zebi can see the device with lsusb07:28
pkodonOkay, hope you get it figgured out.07:28
zeboh snap07:35
zebgot it07:35
pkodonWhat was it?07:35
zebwas a wrong sys file07:35
pkodonAhh, okay.07:35
pkodonI have to go figgure out how to stop the old connection manager from running when I reboot.07:36
pkodonBut I'm not going to do that now.07:36
pkodonWell, I had to replace the connection manager, as it was messing up the WEP passcode.07:37
DaemonXPObama gets to keep his Blackberry07:37
DaemonXPwith I knew the email address07:37
pkodonI live in a guest house, and we have our own wireless router, but I couldn't connect to it because it couldn't recognize the passcode.07:38
pkodonDaemonXP: And, just what would you tell him if you did have it?07:38
DaemonXPpkodon: Basically to give them hell.07:39
pkodonWell, I didn't vote for him, but if he can do some good, I won't fault him for trying.07:40
pkodonHe can't do any worse than the last one.07:40
DaemonXPI have a policy of only voting for the Democrats or Libertarians07:40
DaemonXPIf it's just a Republican on the ticket, I write myself in and vote for me07:41
pkodonWell, I think I would only vote for Conservatives or Libertarians, regardless of what party's ticket they're running on.07:41
pkodonBut, this isn't the channel for this discussion.07:42
zebdid you miss mee07:46
zebwireless working great now07:46
pkodonzeb: Great, that makes two of us.07:47
zebya this adapter was actually broken but i solderd it back together07:47
zebgood to know my soldering job works07:48
DaemonXPhmmm, thunderbird won't open links in Firefox.....07:48
pkodonDaemonXP: Umm .... oh, nevermind.07:50
zebooooooooo i love when people try to get on my wireless07:52
pkodonzeb: Really? That's great.07:52
pkodonzeb: Oh? You have an open router?07:53
zebi use mac address filtering and left it off so i can get this wifi workin i goto turn it back on and there is someone on it07:53
zebthey stupud using dhcp on my router i can see thier hostname and ip and packet information07:54
zeband i kill thier ip07:54
pkodonzeb: Ahh. Well, that's how I got this system up and running, downloaded what I needed using someone else's router till I could figgure out what to do to get it to work on our router.07:54
zeblol now i need to configure a different security for work but i can figure that out07:55
zebcan you get past mac address filtering07:55
pkodonzeb: Well, I figgure, if you're going to leave your wireless router open, you've got to expect that someone's going to use it.07:56
zebits not open07:56
zebyou need to have a mac address thats on a list07:56
zebit wont assign you an ip address if your mac address isnt on the routers list07:57
pkodonzeb: Hmm, okay, but you said you had that turned off. While it was turned off, it was open, right. Anyway, I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about whomever I connected to with the open 2Wire router.07:57
pkodonWhat is a "Nick collission from services."?07:59
pkodonEr, forgive the spelling.07:59
zebtry to log in more than once08:00
pkodonOh well, I think I'm going to go do something else, been here long enough. Goodnight all.08:02
=== wormsxulla_ is now known as wormsxulla
rozilla_this has been happening a lot in the past few days. can't open Trash when i click the icon. and all open instances of File Manager are frozen10:15
rozilla_i don't know what else to do other than reboot10:15
rozilla_can someone help me with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/109302/  It's been happening a lot the past few days. Can't open Trash, and all open instances of File Manager are frozen. Stays that way and then I always have to reboot to get things back to normal.10:46
^Alitahi to all11:42
^Alitai'm in trouble with xfce4-panel: ho can i reset it? now all icons are disappeared...11:43
ablomen^Alita, if you right-click on the panel theres a restart options11:47
^Alitaablomen, i've tried it, nothing happened.11:49
^Alitai've killed it, too, but when i restart manually it, it appears the same11:50
^Alitai think i've lost it's original settings11:50
^Alitabut i don't know how to replace them11:50
ablomen^Alita, can you add new items too it? or doesnt that work either?11:53
^Alitait seems the panel it's working: right clicking on it i can access to the preferences, and i can add items. i've just added the recycle...11:57
kahrnthis is a long shot12:07
kahrnanyone know how I can modify the installation program on the ubuntu mini.iso to run my own installation routine/script?12:08
rockoWINBLOWS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMCDhYUWSlU12:09
duryodhanHi .. I want to install a xubuntu based distro (http://excelixis.wordpress.com/excelixis/) .. any idea how I can install without having to burn the DVD ?12:10
duryodhanI tried just copying over the iso to my linux partition and the kernel images to /boot12:11
duryodhanbut the initrd doesn't allow me to do -o loop and mount the iso so that it can chroot to it12:11
duryodhan(which anyways would have also required squashfs too)12:11
knomeduryodhan, sorry, but we don't give any support for distros based on xubuntu12:12
duryodhanyeah I know .. but this isn't some company paid support channel ... I thought you guys could generally help out as it is an interesting problem12:13
knomedepends on the guy looking at the problem :)12:13
duryodhanok ..12:14
knomepersonally i don't think it's interesting at all, because you can install all that software in xubuntu12:14
duryodhanare there instructions on installing xubuntu without writing dvd ?12:14
duryodhanknome: you will be surprised by how bad internet speeds are in developing countries ...12:14
duryodhanknome: I got the iso somewhere and I am glad cos it has all the software ..12:14
duryodhanknome: it will take me ages to download on my net connection12:15
knomeduryodhan, actually i have only 384kbps line now also12:15
JuanantonioHello, good day all12:15
duryodhanthats like insane broadband where I live12:15
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate12:15
knomeduryodhan, there is something which might help.12:16
knomehello Juanantonio12:16
duryodhanknome: that tinyurl.com link .. I already did that ... I am pretty good at linux .. I use slackware a lot12:17
duryodhanknome: but as I said .. it got stuck12:17
JuanantonioI bought a 22" TFT/TV with HDMI connection and with damm Vista it works perfectly, will I have any problem when I use it with Linux? I am using in this moment a 15" CRT12:17
duryodhanJuanantonio: only 1 way to find out12:17
knomeJuanantonio, you shouldn't12:17
duryodhanJuanantonio: nvidia ?12:17
JuanantonioYes, nvidia 710012:17
duryodhanJuanantonio: it should .. atleast it did for me .. but 7100 seems pretty old ..12:18
duryodhanuse the nvidia config tools etc.12:18
duryodhanknome: why he shouldn't use a bigger screen ?12:18
JuanantonioWill my xorg file readapt to show me 1680x1050?12:18
knomeduryodhan, he shouldn't *have any problems*12:19
JuanantonioAnd with the sound output?12:19
duryodhanJuanantonio: as I said .. only 1 way to find out12:19
JuanantonioYes, to prove ;)12:19
Juanantonioknome, thing is that I bought that TFT/TV to use it as monitor screen and see some TV, and with Vista works, and I suppose that with Xubuntu / Kubuntu will be the same: perfect image, clear sound12:21
knomeJuanantonio, yeah, as i said, you shouldn't have any problems.12:21
Juanantonioknome, has something to do the problems that I had because of the older Nvidia driver?12:22
knomeJuanantonio, the driver is the only weak link. but everything should be fine at least if you're willing to use propietary drivers.12:23
JuanantonioI have in this moment 177.80 for 64 bits12:23
knomeyou also might be really well with the non-propietary driver.12:23
knomei have no idea of the drivers, sorry12:23
knomeyou should try it anyway.12:23
knomeand as this isn't a xubuntu-specific thing, you can also ask #ubuntu if you want :)12:24
JuanantonioNo, I had a lot of problems with non-propietary drivers: GL acceleration did not work12:24
knomeok. i suppose you will be ok then.12:24
knome(if the propietary driver helped)12:25
JuanantonioOk, I will try in Ubuntu channel, thank you12:25
knomebecause the monitor is only displaying what the driver sends to it12:25
knomebest you can do is connect your monitor oand boot ;)12:25
JuanantonioHaving my monitorm connected before booting the PC you say?12:26
knomeyes, or power off, connect and power on12:26
knomei don't know if you should do something else12:27
JuanantonioOk. And how can I change the resolution?12:27
knomeprobably not, then use nvidia-settings12:27
knomedisplay (preferences) from settings manager12:27
knomeanyway you can always ask more if you're in trouble.12:28
JuanantonioOk, and pray for that resolution appears ;)12:28
JuanantonioHDMI sound depends on digital out mixer, does not it?  mean, if I see perfect but hear nothing, I will go for Mixer digital out12:30
knomei have no idea.12:30
JuanantonioOk, knome, thanksa12:31
JuanantonioMy point of view is: if vista can do it, and I passed from Vista to Kubuntu and Xubuntu, both of them will be able to do it better ;)12:32
knomeJuanantonio, yes, it should be like that.12:33
knomeJuanantonio, however the HW manufacturers don't always tell the specs for their HW, so we (linux folks in general) have to reverse-engineer the drivers12:33
JuanantonioYes, I know that12:34
JuanantonioI am learning a lot since I am using 64 bits multitask multiuser multisession SO as linux12:35
Juanantonioknome, in this moment I have sessions running simultaneously in Xubuntu and Kubuntu12:38
JuanantonioWill be Windows capable of that? No way!!12:38
knomeyou're right.12:40
JuanantonioI tried even LXDE desktop with Xu applications, and the uninstalled as simple as that12:41
JuanantonioI am linux conversed, hehehe12:41
JuanantonioI want to install also X 8.10 into a laptop with a USB Sound Card, will I be able to play it? With SuSE, I wasn't able to do it12:44
knomeno idea.12:48
JuanantonioI tne page hardware support for Ubuntu appear some USB sound cards, but this of mine did not, but maybe is works with another driver for another containing the same chips ;)12:51
JuanantonioI will have a look when I install all the PCs in this room with the KVM and the 22" tft12:52
JuanantonioI know that also Ati 7000 and Ati 9000 can display 1680*1050, so I am very happy with this purchase12:54
knomeJuanantonio, why be staisfied with one 22"? i have 2x widescreen 24" attached to one pc ;)13:00
JuanantonioMmm, that's amazing, yes. You will be very satisfied ;)13:01
Juanantonioand I have seen Compiz making dreams in two monitors mode13:01
knomeheh, i don't use compiz ;)13:02
knomeuhm.. i like simple things.13:03
JuanantonioI have customized it to use it with shortcuts, to be the fastest way to see my desktops and windows13:03
JuanantonioI don't like using the mouse13:04
knomeme neither, but keyboard shortcuts can be used without compiz also13:04
JuanantonioYes, but with Compiz are more direct, at least for me, of course13:05
JuanantonioYou have the two monitors connected via DVI, I suppose13:05
knomeyeah. could be with hdmi as well, but i'd need a new GC13:05
JuanantonioYes. Which resolutions display 24"?13:06
Juanantoniocool, wonderful. What are you using your PC?, if I can ask you so13:07
knomeoh, what for? i have a company here in finland + i'm the marketing lead of xubuntu ;)13:07
knomemostly graphics/web design13:08
knomeand ircing with a CLI client ;)13:08
Juanantoniobuff, hehehe. You are a machine...almost13:08
knomenaah.. not really ;)13:08
knomebut anyway, once you have two monitors for a short while, you can't live with one anymore13:09
knomethat accidentally happened to me first13:09
JuanantonioNice to meet you, I am back in 20 minutes, I am having lunch, You know Spanish timetables13:09
knomethen i updated my 17" and 19" to these13:09
knomei have to go in 513:09
knomebut maybe we see later13:09
knomei'm *very* often online13:10
JuanantonioWell, knome, I have this one and the TFT. I can try to have both13:10
JuanantonioYes, thank you. Have a nice day13:10
knomeyou too.13:10
knomebye :)13:10
knomehello everybody o/13:10
nikolamjust one short question for people here.13:30
nikolam.. how do you play MIDI files (.mid)?13:30
nikolamI use Hardy/64bit13:31
nikolamI even have Rosegarden installed and can see notes but iy won`t play.13:31
nikolam(Failed to connect to JACK audio server) I even installed JACK13:32
gabkdllynikolam: timidity can play midi files13:35
gabkdllynot sure if it works with rosegarden (I don't even know what rosegarden is)13:36
nikolamrosegarden is midi editor etc13:36
nikolammidi is music standard for notetaking and musical instruments note information exchange13:37
nikolam10x gabkdlly i will see it13:37
nikolamIt was just strange for me that it wasn`t playing in any application i tryed to, and risegarden wanted Jack server etc.13:38
gabkdllyyou installed jackd?13:38
gabkdllyqjackctl is also suggested for rosegarden13:38
gabkdllyyou can always see what packages are recommended and suggested on packages.ubuntu.com13:39
nikolamah i have qjackctl installed13:40
gabkdllyhmm, that should have pulled in jackd (at least it does when installing with aptitude)13:41
gabkdllylooks like apt-get would have as wel13:41
nikolamuhh i was never thinking that simply playing one .mid file will require reading documentation. hm13:44
nikolamI found something https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Midi/SoftwareSynthesisHowTo13:45
nikolaminstalling timidity13:45
nikolamuh, if anyone remembers where I set what program opens dvd?14:04
nikolamI forgot14:04
nikolamand totem as default don`t play dvd: on insert14:05
jarnosnikolam: Removable drives and media in Settings.14:13
nikolamah yes, 10x jarnos :)14:31
tinglehi, i cant open encrypted dvds could someone help me out?15:36
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:36
flammenwurferhi guys, I recently installed the newest ATI video driver from the Intrepid Proposed repo to fix the video issues when playing 3D games16:10
flammenwurferNow, my login screen is kind of messed up.  It doesn't fill the whole monitor16:11
flammenwurferonce I login however everything is fine16:11
paolo_hi. which program can I use so to manage wi-fi connection ?17:42
paolo_hi. which program can I use so to manage wireless connections ?17:42
kahrnNetworkManager comes with Xubuntu17:44
paolo_ok, thanks17:46
rockothere is a bug17:47
rockoin thunar17:47
rockowhen I check show hidden files and uncheck it goes away but not for other things17:47
rockolike when the dialog opens up for firefox to select where to download it shows the hidden files now17:48
rockoand it did not before until I did the show and it is not currently checked in thunar and it is still doing it17:48
paolo_kahrn: how can I launch it ?17:49
kahrnpaolo_, it should already be running iirc17:50
kahrntop panel, in/near system tray17:50
paolo_kahrn: I can't see the top panel anymore17:51
paolo_is there a way to launch it manually ?17:51
paolo_(I don't use xubuntu, but kubuntu with xfce)17:51
kahrnyou can launch it manually17:51
kahrniirc it's nm-applet..17:52
paolo_which is its command ?17:52
paolo_i don't have any command which starts with network*17:52
kahrn/usr/bin/nm-applet ?17:53
paolo_ah ok! thanks!17:53
rocko/usr/bin/nm-applet is da a website?17:53
rockojust joking hehehe17:54
paolo_kahrn: I've just tried nm-connection-editor ...  I can edit the connection but there's no way to start it18:06
paolo_in addition, I can't launch nm-applet18:07
kahrnsudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start18:07
kahrnand then maybe sudo nm-applet might help18:07
kahrnnot actually sure though.. but worth a try :)18:07
paolo_sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start <--- it's ok , but then ?18:09
paolo_(nm doesn't launch yet18:09
kahrnare you sure it is not running? ps -A | grep nm-*18:10
paolo_kahrn:  8280 ?        00:00:01 nm-system-setti18:11
kahrnso when you start nm-applet, why does it not start?18:12
paolo_kahrn: (nm-applet:813): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed18:12
kahrnhave you tried 'sudo nm-applet' ?18:13
paolo_kahrn: yes18:14
kahrnI'm stumped then :)18:14
paolo_ok, thanks anyway for your help :)18:14
paolo_maybe I have to install xubuntu alone, instead of kubuntu with xfce18:14
kahrnmight be worth trying wicd instead18:15
paolo_what is wicd ?18:15
kahrnalternative to NetworkManager18:15
paolo_I don't have it in the package list18:15
paolo_ok, found it18:16
paolo_let's try18:16
paolo__kahrn: great! thanks18:23
paolo__now, I have one last problem... I can't see the taskbar anymore... It has disappeared and now I dunno how to recover it18:25
kahrntried running 'xfce4-panel' ?18:27
csc_is there a way to not be prompted for installing updates of specific packages only ? i have an updater daemon running on the desktop but i dont want to unselect the packages i modified for my needs  each time19:14
jarnoscsc_: I wish there was.19:16
paolo_hi, how can I avoid that the xfce panel doesn't overlap applications (or viceversa)19:22
jarnosI wish there was a way to mark a package update as seen so that the tray icon would not be there for that update only. It should be possible to mark it without giving a password, to make it fast.19:23
TheSheepjarnos: why?19:36
TheSheep.oO(update notifier is the first thing I uninstall)19:37
jarnosTheSheep: Suppose you have some package that you get daily updates for, but you don't use every day. It is better to get updates before you use the application, not when they come available.19:39
TheSheepwhy? in-version updates are just bug fixes anywys19:40
jarnosTheSheep: If you use update-manager, it shows the icon, if there is at least one update available. It doesn't really notify you, if you don't update all.19:41
jarnosTheSheep: You can update more by one password givinig.19:41
TheSheepthe question is, why would you want to do selective updates in the first place?19:42
TheSheepif the updates are bugfixes19:42
jarnosTheSheep: Well, I do security updates automatically.19:44
jarnosTheSheep: I suppose I can't get all updates install automatically.19:45
jarnosTheSheep: Sometimes installing some updates is not as urgent than installing others. You may prefer to install unurgent ones with urgent ones, once the latter updates are available. Less authentication job. Using update manager takes time...19:50
BongolianHello. Am trying to use the menu editor to customize where certain applications go. For instance, I'm trying to put Twhirl (Twitter client) under the network category but am seeing no easy way to do this. Maybe I'm missing something?20:27
knomeBongolian, editing the .desktop file for twirl should  work.20:30
Bongolianwhat's the file path?20:31
Bongolianif I can edit it then I should be good to go20:31
knomei am not sure - search with catfish20:31
knomeor eh, i think it's not included in intrepid20:32
knomeat least by default20:32
BongolianCatfish seems to be pulling up a number of files. Perhaps it would be (name).desktop?20:32
Bongolianwell it does not seem to be there thought it is installed in the /opt folder and runs20:38
knomeBongolian, did you search 'Twhirl.desktop' also?20:40
knomeBongolian, (note casing)20:40
ablomentwirl == adobe air, and i havnt seen air making .desktop files20:41
BongolianI did and it's not there for some reason.20:41
Bongolianthough I did notice that there's a de.makesoft.twhirl. and some seemingly random characters after this20:42
ablomenexcept for in ~/Desktop that is20:42
Bongolianinteresting. I see there is a corresponding icon for it under usr/share/applications20:43
knomeBongolian, and the name is? :)20:43
Bongolianjust that I can't tweak it under Mousepad20:43
knomeBongolian, you need to be administrator. alt+f2: 'gksudo mousepad /usr/share/applications/twhirl.desktop'20:44
BongolianI added the Categories=Network to twhirl when I open it in Mousepad and I get "can't open file to write".20:45
knomeBongolian, see previous line Å20:45
knomeBongolian, Å=^20:45
Bongolianwill do. just noticed that....20:45
jarnosrocko: Why do you think so?21:12
rockobecause thunar freezes on me a lot21:13
rockoand pcmanfm does not21:13
rockopcmanfm was tabs21:13
rockothunar does not21:13
rockopcmanfm uses less ram21:13
rocko*has tabs21:13
jarnosrocko: I think tabs are a handy when you e.g. copy/move something to another folder.21:14
rockoyes they are21:15
rockothat is what I use them for21:15
jarnosrocko: What if you could switch easily between Thunar windows?21:15
rockowell I really do not care for that21:16
kahrnhm I might have to check out pcmanfm.. looks good21:16
rockobecause thunar freezes on me too much21:16
kahrndoes it integrate well with xfce?21:16
rockoso of21:16
rockoyou have to let it manage the desktop21:16
rockoif you want it to open up when you click on the desktop icons for folders ..etc21:17
rockoI just setup a keyboard shortcut to open up pcmanfm21:17
rockothe same as in windows21:17
rockoor mac+e21:18
rockocause I am on a mac keyboard21:18
rockosuper_L+e for linux21:19
rockohow can you jarnos ?21:19
jarnosrocko: Well, I think it could be a new feature in Xfce to cycle between windows of an application: http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=478821:20
jarnosrocko: by e.g. Ctrl-Tab21:20
jarnosrocko: Alt-Tab cycles between all windows, you know.21:22
jarnosrocko: does pcmanfm take over your desktop once you install it?21:24
jarnosrocko: or how do you let it manage the desktop?21:25
rockoyes I know that21:26
rockono you have to manually do it21:26
kahrnI think I might end up going back to fluxbox21:27
rockofluxbox is nice21:27
rockokahrn you can get icons on the desktop via pcmanfm on fluxbox too21:28
rockojarnos you have to manually check it for managing the desktop21:29
rockoin its preferences21:29
jarnosrocko: yes. You don't have "file system" shortcut in pcmanfm.21:29
rockoyou have to first disabled fxce management of the desktop though21:30
rockowhat do you mean by that jarnos ?21:30
jarnosrocko: In Thunar you have "File System" item in side pane.21:31
rockoyes you do21:31
rockoin pcmanfm21:31
jarnosrocko: what it is called there?21:32
rockofor my main hard drive21:32
rockoand it is the normal name for the external one21:32
rockojarnos view - side pane - show location pane or show directory tree21:35
rockoit has bookmarks too21:35
rockoso you can bookmark certain folders so they come up on the side pane with the other folders below the line21:35
rockojarnos are you a developer for xubuntu?21:37
jarnosrocko: Not, but in #xfce there is a new guy called paolo_ who wants to contribute something. I am just a bug reporter and may I say a  visionaire.21:41
rockoI see21:42
jarnosrocko: And you may find more Xubuntu developers at #xubuntu-devel21:42
jarnosrocko: you are welcome.21:42
rockoanother cool thing about pcmanfm21:43
rockois that you can have a termial open up in the current directory of the folder you are currently in at with pcmanfm21:44
jarnosrocko: I have 9 Volume items in pcmanfm. Not so easy to tell which is which.21:44
jarnosrocko: you can do that in Thunar, too.21:45
rockoI see21:45
MelikXFCE is so much better than gnome :) i just installed it last night, and wow.21:46
rockowell I am not really liking thunar since it freezes a lot21:46
rockopcmanfm has not so far for me21:46
rockoso that is way I like it better21:46
rockoI just want a file manager that is going to work21:47
rockoand not freeze on me21:47
jarnosrocko: right-click on a folder.21:47
jarnosrocko: but it opens terminal in that folder, not current one.21:48
rockoI put my hardware to really heavy use so maybe that is why thunar freezes a lot21:48
jarnosrocko: Actually that is a custom action that you can add in Edit > Configure custom actions... Pretty nice feature.21:49
jarnosrocko: It has newer done it for me.21:49
rockoI see21:49
rockothis is a brand new install21:49
rockoand it does it to me all the time21:49
jarnosrocko: What release?21:52
jarnoscody-somerville: You asked sometime what could Thunar learn from pcmanfm. The latter has handy way to change between directory tree and shortcuts at the bottom of the pane.21:55
jarnosrocko: I see. Could freezing has something to do with volume management?21:56
jarnosrocko: in thunar preferences / advanced.21:57
jarnoscody-somerville: I use directory view very seldom, though.22:09
kahrnIt'd be nice for thunar to have tabbed browsing... but I think that was already rejected.22:10
rockopcmanfm is where it is at22:11
jarnosSome new ideas updated here; an alternative for tabs and would work for every application, not just file manager: http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=478822:19
jarnosMelik: I like it more than gnome, too.22:22
Melikjarnos, gnome is way too bloated22:32
Melikxfce, is way nicer, simpler, stable, faster, and lightweight :)22:34
kahrnI dunno22:46
kahrnafter you've used fluxbox you kinda just thing everything is bloated22:46
rockofluxbox is NICE :D22:46
Melikive used fluxbox22:46
Melikwasnt too fond of it :$22:46
rockowhat do you mean?22:47
rockoit is really easy to compile too22:47
rockotakes less than firefox22:47
rockotheses fluxbox themes are my favorite kahrn http://tenr.de/styles/22:48
kahrnyeah, fluxbox is great, but it must be configured extensively to be so22:50
rockoyeah but the config files are fairly easy22:50
rockoto use22:50
rockocompared to config files to other desktop environments22:51
jarnosrocko: Like icewm?22:56
jarnoshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie suggests there is gdevilspie in some repository. But I can't find it in any.22:56
Moochdoes anyone have a linmodem?23:09
Moocha winmodem where a modem has a hack code what I was told23:11
MoochI have a modem that was made for windows but some drivers were made to work with linux23:12
Moochanyways I am having a hard time upgrading my comp because the moment I do this my modem won't be detected23:13
Moochdon't have the $$$$ to buy an external at the moment so I 'm trying to get this system to work right so if anyone has any suggestions let me know23:15
nikolamMooch, use lspci to identify what modem U use. Also you can see on the card what chip it is on it. I suppose it is PCI modem card.23:28
rockolspci, lshw, dmidecode Mooch23:36
=== j1mc is now known as j1mc_
PorkSod1nikolam: how do you look up the kernel version23:55
nikolamuname -a23:56
PorkSod1in the terminal right23:56
PorkSod1nikolam: so the version must have updated correct23:58
nikolamit looks old to me.23:59
nikolamsee what is in /boot/grub/menu.lst23:59

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