RAOF__spiv: Sensible laptop!00:03
spivRAOF__: :)00:04
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* spiv -> lunch02:20
thumperjelmer: ping02:22
jelmerthumper, pong02:22
thumperjelmer: how goes the bzr-git import stuff?02:23
thumperI was just looking at your samba page for dulwich02:23
jelmerthumper, so, dulwich (our underlying git library) has seen a release yesterday02:23
thumperI knew there would have been a reason for the name of the library02:23
thumperbut I didn't know what it was02:23
jelmerthumper, :-)02:24
jelmerthumper, I've also frozen the current mappings02:24
thumperjelmer: have you changed the generated rev ids to use v1 rather than experimental?02:24
jelmerso if you use current bzr-git to do an import it won't break in the future (barring bugs, of course)02:24
jelmerthumper, yep02:24
thumperI'll move our plans along then02:25
thumperhas there been a release of bzr-git officially?02:25
jelmernot yet02:25
thumperplanned one?02:25
jelmerthere's some regression that broke remote branching that I'm working at fixing at the moment02:25
* thumper nods02:25
thumperjelmer: can I get you to email me when you have a release?02:26
jelmerafter that I hope to do a 0.1 release02:26
thumperwe'll work on the git imports for LP on that02:26
jelmerthumper, yeah, np - I'll cc you on the announcements02:26
solitude`hey, I'm very new to versioning clients, I have bzr installled... i'm wondering what approach I should use for making a CMS for users to login and see the files and edit them... Like, do I make a php script/page that connects to the bzr server to modify/update the different files??03:54
solitude`Because I need some sort of interface for staff members to edit the site, and folks are saying to use subversion for that, but bzr looks less complex.... am I on the right path?03:55
thumperso you are writing a content management system?03:57
solitude`I wrote on in PHP last summer but ran into a roadblock when I was trying to figure out how to let staff members edit differnt files/pages of the website, and now I hear that this is the best approach03:58
thumperwell, bzr is written in python03:59
thumperso you could either call into python at the system command level...03:59
thumperor use the python bzrlib somehow03:59
thumperalthough from PHP, I don't know how03:59
solitude`well I know some python, and I know how to pass variables between python and PHP04:00
thumperunless someone has embedded python into PHP recently04:00
solitude`I just make a simple python socket and have PHP connect to that , kinda like sql04:00
thumperpython socket?04:00
solitude`yeah, a python script that listens on a port and runs on the server04:00
solitude`so the python script could communicate with bzr04:01
thumperok, well, you could have your python script accept "commands" with text and have that script use bzrlib04:01
solitude`bzrlib = bzr, right?04:02
solitude`I'm still figuring out bzr :)04:02
solitude`I just wanna make sure I'm approaching this correctly04:02
thumperbzr is the command line tool04:03
thumperbzrlib is the python library behind it04:03
thumperbzr comes with bzrlib04:03
solitude`don't you just need the command line, to make any changes??04:03
thumperyou could do it that way04:03
thumperbut you don't need to04:03
solitude`i see04:04
thumperto be honest, it may be your quickest way of getting something working04:04
solitude`just using hte command line?04:04
solitude`or the bzrlib04:04
thumperyes, to start with04:04
thumperyes commandline04:05
solitude`What does bzrlib offer that command line doesnt?04:05
thumpercomplete program flexability :)04:05
solitude`okay, I'll have to look into that once I get the basics of bzr down and the CMS04:06
solitude`thank you thumper =)04:06
bialixdoes LarstiQ around?05:02
bialixhey guys, when typically LarstiQ hanging there? (timeframe)05:03
* bialix will try later05:08
sadmachow do I set the email address that shows up with my commits?06:18
spivsadmac: "bzr whoami"06:24
sadmacspiv: figured it out. thanks06:25
vilahi all07:29
* thumper looks around for someone to upload bzrtools into the ~bzr PPA08:06
speakmanhi folks! Is there any way to undo a pull, which has screwed up the log?08:36
spivspeakman: you can pull -r SOME_REV --overwrite08:36
spivspeakman: but what do you mean by "screwed up the log"?08:36
speakmanit replaced the log mainline with the log of the log of the branch which has some strange merges and stuff08:38
speakmanwhat I wanted to do was a merge.08:38
spivOk.  So yes, bzr pull as I said above to bring the branch back to the point it was at before.08:39
speakmancan I use -r -1 for it?08:41
spivspeakman: pull -r -1 would be a no-op08:43
spivOh, unless you mean to pull -r -1 of some other copy of the branch onto your copy.  That would work.08:44
spivBut if you don't have another copy, then you'll need to look at the log and and find where the mainline stops being what you wanted (i.e. commits from someone else).  That's the point at which the other branch diverged from yours, and so you want to go back to that revision.08:45
* spiv -> dinner08:45
speakmanIt did work, thanks alot.08:53
spivspeakman: great.  glad I could help.08:59
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Lo-lan-doI'm still struggling to find a way to get git and bzr to cooperate... I may be missing something, but I can't seem to get it working.10:52
Jc2kLo-lan-do: ?10:55
Jc2kare you playing with bzr-git or something else..10:55
Lo-lan-doI tried bzr-git and git-bzr.10:57
Jc2kbzr-git doesnt have push yet, but bzr branch should work against git://10:58
Jc2ki think it can only get the master branch, tho10:58
Jc2ki think there is a git-import to get the full repository10:58
Jc2kpush should come soon. i've been working on some parts of it in dulwich10:59
Lo-lan-doI managed a branch, but when I added a commit into the git dir then I couldn't branch it again.10:59
Jc2kwhat error?11:00
Lo-lan-do  File "/home/roland/.bazaar/plugins/git/dulwich/dulwich/repo.py", line 223, in _get_object11:01
Lo-lan-do    assert len(sha) in (20, 40)11:01
Jc2koh cripes.11:01
Jc2kdont suppose the git repo is online somewhere?11:02
Lo-lan-doIt's a clone of git://git.debian.org/apt-build/apt-build.git11:02
Lo-lan-do(I took a random reasonably-sized one :-)11:02
Lo-lan-doThen I added a simple commit inside.11:02
Lo-lan-doMight be relevant: I upgraded to git 1.6 after the cloning.11:03
Jc2khmm, i cant imagine they changed the object format in 1.611:03
Lo-lan-doDunno.  When I tried to push (earlier), bzr complained about not finding a .git/inventory file or so.11:04
Jc2kyeha, push isn't implemented at all. most of the pieces are there for dpush i think, just need to tie it all together.11:05
Jc2kLo-lan-do: did you do the simple commit with git or bzr?11:05
Jc2ki can reproduce, at least :]11:07
fullermdSheesh, get a room.11:08
Lo-lan-doI'm off to lunch, but I'll be back soon :-)11:12
CaMasonhi guys. I've got an SVN repo with some projects in, and I'd like to create a bzr branch from one of the specific folders in that SVN repo11:53
CaMasonany hints on how to do that? I tried bzr branch /srv/svn/myrepo/myclient/project/ but got an error about different rich-root support11:54
fullermdYou're trying to branch it into an existing repository, which isn't rich-root capable.11:55
fullermdYou need to do it into a new repository (standalone would quality), or change your existing repository to rich-root, which you probably don't want to do since it will shove all the branches in it through the trapdoor.11:56
CaMasonwhat does the rich-root do?11:58
Lo-lan-doCaMason: I think it allows bzr to track information on the root directory, whereas non-rich-root formats only track it for the files inside.12:09
Lo-lan-doBut I'm far from being an expert in these matters.12:10
Lo-lan-doJc2k: Any timeframe for a working push?  Weeks?  Months?12:10
fullermdRoughly that, yah.12:11
CaMasonok. well, they way I have my folders set up is, I have a shared-repo (no trees) per client12:12
CaMasonthen there are project folders, then the branches inside of that12:12
CaMasoneither way, do I need to make a shared repo with rich root support12:13
fullermdWell, you could make a separate shared repo for it, sure.  Or you could just make it standalone.12:13
CaMasonthere's no branches in that particular repo atm12:14
fullermd(probably have to make it elsewhere then move it in place for that; there's no easy way offhand I know of to make it standalone from the start without doing a lot more rather annoying steps along the way)12:14
Lo-lan-doJc2k: By the way, I upgraded the git plugin (and installed dulwich) and the bug seems to have gone away.12:15
CaMasonwill rich-root cause me any problems with normal bazaar projects? (or other cons?)12:15
Jc2kLo-lan-do: interesting..12:16
Jc2kLo-lan-do: im just merging head into my branch so i guess it will go away for me in a sec to12:16
Lo-lan-doWell, since I'm tracking your branch....12:18
Lo-lan-doI was hopeful when I saw a log message by jelmer stating "Let's implement push", but no such luck.12:18
Jc2kthat was me in dulwich12:19
Lo-lan-doOh, right, sorry.12:19
Jc2kin theory dulwich would support push right now, but the stuff to assemble a push is missing for a git repo and for a bzr repo12:19
Jc2ki was working a git implementation in dulwich to make sure the API is up to scratch, then i was going to start on the bzr one. assuming jelmer doesnt beat me to that :)12:20
oleavrhi. is there an easy way to replace the parent location for a number of branches? like, some way to clear it off a branch and specify it in locations.conf12:25
Jc2khey oleavr :)12:26
oleavrmorn Jc2k :) how's it going?12:27
Jc2kgoood thx :) yourself?12:28
james_woleavr: http://theironlion.net/blog/2009/01/13/using-bazaar-launchpad-making-pushing-easy/12:28
james_wcheck the bit there about configuring locations12:28
fullermdCaMason: Rich root support is a trapdoor.  Revisions made with rich root support can't be used in non-rich-root repositories.  So you don't want to move any branch of a project into rich-root unless you're prepared to move EVERY branch of that project (anywhere) into rich root.12:29
oleavrJc2k: nice :) pretty good. what are you hacking on these days?12:31
oleavrjames_w: thanks, but I've tried that already.. 'bzr pull' still pulls from the parent location ('Using saved parent location')12:32
oleavrjames_w: so I need some way to clear that remembered value so the one in locations.conf gets used12:32
Jc2koleavr: i've been toying with bzr-git lately (wrote a git server than stores its stuff in bzr)12:33
Jc2koleavr: reading branch.py, looks like there should be a parent file in the .bzr dir for your branch12:34
oleavrJc2k: awesome! asabil told me about that project. sounds really neat!12:34
fullermdOnly if you have a very old branch.12:35
oleavrJc2k: aha, thanks! *looks*12:35
Jc2kotherwise it goes through the normal config stuff12:35
Jc2kand i guess there would be a branch.conf too12:35
oleavrhmm, branch.conf seems to be the culprit12:35
Jc2kit looks like you can branch.set_parent_location(None) to unset it12:37
Lo-lan-doJc2k: Could the git server be installed as /usr/bin/git, for remote usage through ssh?12:37
oleavryay, simply just setting parent_location in locations.conf did the trick (thought I tried that already)12:37
Jc2kah, good.12:37
Jc2kLo-lan-do: bzr-git ships with bzr-receive-pack and bzr-upload-pack scripts to symlink in place of git-receive-pack and git-upload-pack12:38
Lo-lan-doLovely.  Do they already work?  That would really make my day :-)12:39
Jc2ktheoretically :)12:40
* Lo-lan-do gives it a try12:40
Jc2kbut the mappings need more love before it can handle bzr revisions12:40
Jc2katm it can only handle git revisions12:41
Jc2k(its easy to get a sha1 off a git revision, but to get it off the bzr revision i'd have to scan the entire history of that revision)12:41
Lo-lan-doOh, so git→bzr one-way again :-/12:42
Lo-lan-doI'm almost to the point where I'd like to say "We're using bzr.  Deal with it."12:44
Lo-lan-doProblem is that there are three of us, one a bzr user, one a git user, and one who doesn't care.  And I don't have any particular moral authority to impose bzr.12:45
Jc2kboth should work real soon.12:45
Lo-lan-doNice to know, because we're on a wobbly standing currently, without any public SCM so far.12:46
CaMasonis there any way I can make an SVN repo into a bzr branch without rich-root support?13:10
Lo-lan-doI don't think so.13:12
fullermdNot with bzr-svn anyway; it uses rich roots.13:14
CaMasonnot that.. I want to migrate this svn repo branch to a bzr branch13:15
CaMasonso I can leave SVN behind13:15
james_wtry bzr-fastimport13:15
CaMasonjust reading up about that now13:16
CaMasonis it a plugin? The docs just say "grab the latest source"13:17
CaMasonseems so13:19
james_wyeah, you can "bzr branch lp:bzr-fastimport ~/.bazaar/plugins/fastimport"13:22
CaMasonI can't see any docs on how to use it properly. I'd need to filter the repo as I only want one of the folders inside of it13:23
james_wwell, it has two parts13:25
james_wsvn-fast-export that exports the SVN repo to a text stream13:25
james_wand then bzr fast-import that imports that stream in to a bzr branch13:25
james_wyou can edit that stream in the middle if you like13:25
CaMasonah right13:26
james_wbzr help fastimport13:26
james_wmay give some documentation13:26
CaMasonyes it does, but it says to check on the web for further docs, which don't exist13:26
CaMasonI assume fast-import-filter would be helpful though13:27
CaMasonwould be good to try exporting to a file first then. I'll see if I can figure how to use fast-export-filter.py13:30
CaMasonfast-export.py sorry13:30
CaMasonok I'm getting there. Getting an error that I'm looking up13:42
CaMason"Can't open file '/srv/svn/clients/db/revs/154': too many open files"13:44
jelmerCaMason, what is the problem with rich roots?13:48
CaMasonI don't know, I was told it was a 'trap door'. All I would like to do is create a sole-branch out of a folder in an SVN repo, and keep it as an SVN branch13:49
jelmerCaMason, that's correct - you can't downgrade from rich root to the current default format, but rich root will be the default format at some point in the future13:51
CaMasonoh right13:51
CaMasonwell this bzr repo is empty at the moment, so could I just re-create it as rich-root, then do a bzr-svn branch into there?13:52
* CaMason tries that13:55
* Lo-lan-do cries13:59
Lo-lan-doYou can track a git branch in bzr with bzr-git, and a bzr branch in git with git-bzr, but when you do a round-trip the revision-ids are different so the branches have no common history :-(14:00
jelmeryes, the two are incompatible14:01
CaMasonjelmer: thanks for that, I seem to have imported my svn branch successfully :)14:03
CaMasonand it's now a bona-fide bzr project14:03
CaMasonno more .svn pollution :)14:06
Lo-lan-doAnd your working copy is smaller while containing your whole history.14:07
CaMasonthe main thing is I can now work on this project whilst on the train :)14:08
CaMasonand I love that about bzr14:08
CaMasonsvn died on me twice this-morning when I deleted a file manually. It hates that14:09
Lo-lan-dojelmer: Is that something that can be fixed with the push support in bzr-git, or will stuff be forever split?14:14
rkistneri'm having trouble with a lock14:16
rkistnerwhen i try to push my branch to launchpad, i get the error "Unable to obtain lock lp-46722000:///~ralf-kistner/pidgin-mxit/main/.bzr/branch/lock"14:16
rkistnerlocked 67 hours, 23 minutes ago14:16
Jc2kLo-lan-do: bzr-git will eventually have full two-way support, introducing git-bzr is always going to introduce pain tho.. unless we have some kind of 'bzr upgrade' to fix a git-bzr branch..14:17
rkistnerbut when i try to break the lock with "bzr break-lock lp-46722000:///~ralf-kistner/pidgin-mxit/main/.bzr/branch/lock"14:17
Jc2kLo-lan-do: i dont know enough about git-bzr, though14:17
rkistneri get the error Could not acquire lock "(remote lock)"14:17
Jc2krkistner: thats a known bug with the error message (fixed recently i think)14:17
Jc2krkistner: i think you want bzr break-lock lp:~ralk-kistner/pidgin-mxit/main14:18
rkistnerthanks, that worked14:19
rkistnerwhat would cause the lock in the first place?14:19
Jc2ka write operation that was interrupted14:19
Jc2k(i think, not my area of expertise tbh)14:20
Lo-lan-doJc2k: Great, thanks :-)14:20
jelmersvn-upgrade has some code that could be factored out to supported rebasing a git-bzr-based branch on a bzr-git based branch14:22
Lo-lan-doNext question... can one (or will one be able to) access other branches than "master" with bzr-git?14:24
jelmerLo-lan-do, not yet, for this colocated branches in bzr would have to be supported first14:24
jelmerI sent a spec for this to the mailing list a while ago14:25
Jc2kLo-lan-do: the server part can expose multiple branches, tho14:25
Lo-lan-dojelmer: Interesting14:34
GooseyHello, I am helping to solve [Bug 320968] and was asked to do "bzr init -Dtransport" to write a ".bzr.log". I did this but I do not see the log file. Am I doing anything wrong?15:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320968 in bzr-svn "bzr init in the base of a subversion checkout crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32096815:18
jelmerGoosey, bzr will always be writing this file (every time it runs) but I'm not sure where it's located on Windows15:19
jelmeron Linux it's in your homedir15:19
GooseyAh ok, i will look where it may be..15:19
james_w"bzr version" tells you I thin15:19
Gooseyyes it does15:20
Gooseyi have it, thanks :)15:20
speakmanMy bzr is saying "No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"" all the time. Any changes lately?15:46
Odd_Blokespeakman: Do you get it with '--no-plugins'?15:46
rbriggsatuiowahow do I change the push branch in bzr info?15:47
Odd_Blokespeakman: I have no further thoughts on the matter. :p  Someone else'll know what's up.15:48
speakmanrbriggsatuiowa: bzr push --remember sftp://new.place.com/somewhere ?15:48
speakmanOdd_Bloke: ok, thanks for trying. This is really annoying though :)15:48
speakmanThis = It's15:48
speakmanit's also very verbose, showing every output twice and one of them with both pid, timestamp and debug level:15:51
speakman[12133] 2009-01-26 16:49:42.154 INFO: added src/pkt.c15:51
speakmanadded src/pkt.c15:51
rbriggsatuiowaspeakman: thanks15:53
speakmanOdd_Bloke: rm -f ~/.bzr.log*  did it15:53
Odd_Blokespeakman: Weird.  Possibly worth filing a bug.15:54
speakmanthere already are a few regarding the same issue, that's where I found the solution. :)16:00
Odd_Blokespeakman: Fair enough. :)16:03
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Ngin the output of bzr info, what's a submit branch?16:35
beunoNg, where "bzr send" will compare against16:40
Ngbeuno: has it appeared because I merged at some point? I've never seen it before and never used send16:40
beunoNg, yeah, it's usually where you branch from IIRC16:40
NfNitLoopyeah, that one confuses me too.16:41
Ngfair enough. I tend to merge from branches that only exist for short periods, which is what I found a little confusing16:42
* Lo-lan-do loves the new branch aliases16:42
NfNitLoop... branch aliases?16:42
Lo-lan-do:bound, :parent and :push16:42
NfNitLoopoh, handy.   can we make custom ones? :)16:42
Ngbeuno: thanks :)16:42
Lo-lan-doNo idea, and they're not even particularly documented anyway.16:43
Lo-lan-doBut I like to be able to "bzr missing :bound".16:43
luksNfNitLoop: no, but there is https://launchpad.net/bzr-bookmarks16:54
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fullermdWuff.  Unshelve sure doesn't like the new progress bar stuff...17:57
aruettenhello everybody, sorry if now follows a boring question. I got a branch of a projekt from launchpad by using bzr lp:/<project_name> and I did some changes in there. What is the right way to commit my changes for my personaly and not to copy them back to LP?18:06
luksbzr commit18:07
aruettenso simple? ok and when i want to put my changes up to LP bzr push will be the right?18:08
ollieone thing about bzr that is really buggy me. I want a config file to exist in my repository but I need it to be ignored when i do a checkout as the settings are local18:09
luksdoes *any* VCS have a solution to that?18:09
ollieso when a new developer does a checkout they need to get the config file but then when they edit the config file it needs to be ignored18:10
lukswhat I normally do is version the default version of a config file18:10
luksand the developer has to copy/modify it18:10
olliebut i can't ignore a versioned file18:15
ollieand then when a do bzr up i get conflicts18:15
luksollie: no, I meant that you version foo.conf.default and ignore foo.conf18:16
ollieoh i see right that makes sense18:17
olliethanks :)18:17
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LarstiQhmm, no bialix19:21
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Gooseyjelmer, ping!20:03
jelmerGoosey, pong20:03
Gooseyjelmer, I figured IRC may be more rapid than the buglog whenever you are interested (ref to #320968)20:04
jelmerGoosey, yeah20:05
* Lo-lan-do discovers bzr-email20:10
* Lo-lan-do discovers bzr-cia too20:11
jelmerGoosey, Did you see my last reply?20:11
Lo-lan-dojelmer: You should make a bzr-allplugins package, it'll make life simpler for everyone :-)20:11
jelmerLo-lan-do, bzr-cia is already packaged20:11
Gooseyjelmer, last reply from you I have is your request for the -xml logs on the smaller revision set20:12
Lo-lan-doI think you mean bzr-email... I just aptitude-installed -email, but rmadison doesn't mention -cia.20:12
Gooseyjelmer, I made a reply to that, but as I said in my reply I don't think I can share those log files directly due to NDA20:12
jelmerLo-lan-do, it's in cia-clients20:13
jelmerLo-lan-do, along with the git/svn/etc CIA plugins20:13
Lo-lan-doOh, sorry.20:14
jelmerGoosey, I'm not sure what's going wrong exactly20:21
jelmerGoosey, it looks like a bug in subversion, but I can't really tell20:22
jelmerGoosey, are the subversion you're using directly and the one bzr-svn uses the same?20:22
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Gooseyjelmer, the same repository, you mean?20:22
jelmerGoosey, no, the instance of the subversion libraries that's being used20:23
Gooseyjelmer, I am not sure about that. I am using the precompiled 1.11 windows binaries for the bzr-svn side, do you know I command I can use to query the svn version?20:24
jelmerGoosey, bzr-svn will report it in the .bzr.log file20:24
Gooseyjelmer, bzr-svn: using Subversion 1.5. and.. 1.5.5 for my direct SVN client20:28
jelmerGoosey, what's the minor version of the svn used by bzr-svn ?20:32
jelmerit should print 3 digits20:33
Gooseyjelmer, ah sorry, 1.5.420:33
LarstiQmoin lifeless21:16
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lifelessjelmer: ping21:26
jelmerlifeless, pong21:27
lifelessjelmer: dulwich isn't reconstructing texts quite right for me21:27
lifelessjelmer: in bzr-compressbench21:27
lifelessjelmer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lifeless/+junk/bzr-compressbench21:27
lifelessgrab that21:27
lifelessits got a _very_ minimal versionedfiles implementation for dulwich21:28
lifelessI take a pack repo, fully pack it21:28
lifelessthen construct a dulwich.pack.Pack on that pack21:28
lifelessI can get out a plain text21:28
lifelessand maybe a two-or-three delta (not sure where it breaks), but doing a full benchmark run EFAIL21:29
jelmerand this works ok using e.g. git itself?21:29
lifelessthe dulwich VF is subclasses from a 'invoke git as a subprocess' VF21:30
lifelesshave a look at the code, its pretty straight forward, and in true benchmark style no tests :P21:30
jelmerWhat sort of failure do you get?21:30
lifelesskeyerror I think21:30
lifelessgrab the code, edit the repo reference, run --delta git --delta dulwich --limit 10000000021:31
lifelessand you'll see21:31
lifelessback shortly, eating21:31
jelmerlifeless, runs fine so far21:50
lifelessjelmer: garh21:52
lifelessjelmer: in which case, you can see how you stack up speed wise :)21:52
jelmerlifeless, yeah, that bit is useful - thanks :-)21:52
lifelessI use git for the compression because I want to see how big it is21:53
lifelessbut the git decompression has fork and datastructure warmup overheads, so I wanted to see 'native' decompression and see if it was faster21:53
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hsn_i am geting error: Unable to load bzr-svn extensions - did you build it? - bzr1.11 on windows using python installer22:03
jelmerhsn_, did you install bzr-svn manually ?22:04
hsn_jelmer: no. i deleted python and reinstalled python and bazaar again, its fresh install22:04
hsn_there is directory sitepackages\bzrlib\plugins\svn - should i delete it?22:07
hsn_deleting svn directory fixed problem22:09
Gooseyjelmer, my repo seems to be cursed. I was messing with Mercurial and after 'hg init' 'hg add' 'hg status' on the root my checkout my montitor started flashing to black22:39
Gooseyit is as if a demon was angered. A digital demon.22:39
jelmerGoosey, the only thing I can think of that would explain this is if the svn folks fixed a bug in svn 1.5.522:41
LarstiQcan anyone read http://www.ukr.net/mta/err.html#enduser? ?22:45
* LarstiQ has trouble mailing bialix :(22:45
jelmerLarstiQ, Yes22:45
jelmerLarstiQ, it's Ukranian :-P22:46
LarstiQjelmer: :P22:46
LarstiQjelmer: so what does it tell me to do mail bialix? hmm?22:46
jelmerLarstiQ, he was asking around for you here this morning I think22:46
LarstiQyeah, I noticed, but he wasn't here when I got back22:46
jelmerLarstiQ, have you tried google translate?22:46
LarstiQjelmer: he emailed me too22:46
jelmerhi _mathrick22:47
LarstiQjelmer: oooh, it does Ukrainian22:47
_mathricka buglet I just noticed: bzr get bzr+ssh://path/to/a/lightweight-checkout fails because it refers to the parent branch as a plain pathname, which is then interpreted locally22:47
LarstiQjelmer: aha, it doesn't like my reverse dns22:48
* LarstiQ sent a message via launchpad and hopes that gets delivered22:53
LarstiQand now, to bed22:53
jfroy|workjelmer: quick update on 0.5, no explosions so far. still watching my steps, but it is promising22:53
LarstiQjelmer: can I provide more info on bug 320113?22:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320113 in bzr-svn "svn-upgrade fails with a KeyError (in rebase generate_transpose_plan)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32011322:55
jelmerof course :-)22:55
* LarstiQ rephrases22:55
LarstiQjelmer: what needs to happen to move it forward? :)22:55
jfroy|workLarstiQ: hum, does one need to run that command when moving to 0.5?22:59
jelmerLarstiQ, is there any reason you're using svn-upgrade at all rather than just doing a clean branch ?23:00
jelmersvn-upgrade should only be necessary for branches that are not yet in svn23:00
LarstiQjfroy|work: not per se23:02
LarstiQjfroy|work: but I want to use the new mappings, and branches based on the old ones don't interact with new ones. Which is very nice in that I can (and already do) have some branches be 0.5 based without biting other 0.4 based ones.23:03
LarstiQjfroy|work: however, I'd like to switch some current 0.4 ones if possible, other options would be removing them all, and just branching again23:04
jelmerLarstiQ, ah, that makes sense23:04
jelmerI hadn't considered that use case23:04
LarstiQjelmer: which use case?23:05
lifelessjelmer: so it works without crashing for ou23:05
* _mathrick regrets there's no way to branch only the history concerning specific files23:06
jfroy|workSo it is actually possible to concurrently use 0.4 and 0.5 on the same svn repository? I assume as long as the same "branch" is not accessed with both.23:06
LarstiQjfroy|work: yes, no23:06
asabilhi all23:06
LarstiQjfroy|work: I use 0.5 and 0.4 for different 'branches' in svn, that works fine.23:06
LarstiQjfroy|work: I've also used 0.4 and 0.5 on the same branch, that also works.23:06
jfroy|workLarstiQ: :o23:06
asabilI am writing a plugin that involves iterating over all the "commits" from an input branch, and reapplying them on another output branch23:06
jfroy|workjelmer: tip of the hat23:06
jfroy|workI was worried about that.23:07
LarstiQjfroy|work: but then gets me into 320113 if I try to svn-upgrade a 0.4 one23:07
lifelessasabil: isn't that rebase?23:07
asabilI amnot very familiar with the bzr internals, can someone point me to a starting point please ?23:07
asabillifeless: not really, I want to rewrite the whole branch23:07
LarstiQjfroy|work: what you can not do, is communicate between the 0.5 and 0.4 branches directly with bzr. The communication has to go through svn.23:07
lifelessasabil: yes, replay (in the rebase plugin) can do that23:07
asabilI need to get access to the commit data23:08
jfroy|workLarstiQ: right, because they likely will have divergent histories23:08
asabillike the commit message and the state of the tree23:08
LarstiQjelmer: so the reason I'd like svn-upgrade, is that I don't know what my colleagues have done, and telling them to 'bzr svn-upgrade' would be easier than trying to manage it in a different way.23:08
LarstiQjfroy|work: yup, their revisions are always different.23:09
lifelessasabil: anyhow, I'd look at the rebase code; or the graft code23:09
asabilok thanks23:10
lifelessasabil: historic data is available via repository.revision_tree() and repository.get_revision()23:10
alfhello all, as I was browsing the bugs I stumbled on bug #31860423:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318604 in bzr ""bzr diff" after "bzr push" does not display changes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31860423:12
alfand I got really confused about what is happening23:12
_mathrickmathrick@hatsumi:~$ bzr st .emacs23:12
_mathrickbzr: ERROR: .emacs is not in the same branch as .emacs23:12
_mathrickI got this after bzr failed mid-commit due to dbus plugin failing23:13
LarstiQ_mathrick: dbus failing, luckily, is post-commit23:13
LarstiQ_mathrick: but it is a very sucky failure mode23:13
_mathrickit still managed to bork my repo23:13
alfthe answers seem to find the bug invalid but I don't understand why is this23:13
LarstiQ_mathrick: your working tree might be out of date23:13
LarstiQ_mathrick: at least, this is from my experience23:14
_mathrickLarstiQ: no, I updated it after it told me to23:14
LarstiQ_mathrick: ah, bah23:14
lifeless_mathrick: thats interesting23:14
lifeless_mathrick: the stage it fails at is after the commit, before the update23:14
lifeless_mathrick: so just 'bzr update' should unwedge things23:14
_mathricklifeless: I already did23:14
_mathrickthat came *after* the up23:14
lifeless_mathrick: is .emacs a subdir ?23:15
lifelessor a symlink?23:15
_mathrickoh, right23:15
lifelessalf: what are you  trying to do?23:16
asabilanyone here able to branch the graft plugin ?23:18
alflifeless: the bug as I understand it is: have branch X on machine A, make a copy of it (eg bzr branch) on machine B23:18
alflifeless: change/commit something in A and push the changes to branch on machine B23:19
LarstiQasabil: I do know the graft code has bitrotted23:20
alflifeless: if after push the user enters "bzr diff" in the branch on machine B nothing is printed23:20
lifelessalf: thats normal23:20
asabilLarstiQ: yes probably, but this looks to me like a bzr.dev bug23:20
lifelessalf: 'diff' shows the current changes made in the tree - and no changes have been made on machine B23:20
asabilBzrDir.sprout is called with an invalid keyword argument23:20
lifelessalf: I believe 'bzr st' will tell you that the tree is out of date and should be updated23:21
LarstiQasabil: TypeError: sprout() got an unexpected keyword argument 'source_branch'23:21
asabilsame issue here23:21
* LarstiQ goes to bed23:22
alflifeless: is 'tree' something different from the set of files that are in the working directory?23:22
lifelessasabil: pastebin it ?23:22
jelmerLarstiQ, sorry23:22
jelmerLarstiQ, I need to look into this code again, it's been a while23:22
lifelessalf: its that set yes23:22
jelmerLarstiQ, I'll get back to you23:22
lifelessasabil: the full backtrace from ~/.bzr.log please23:22
asabilyep wait a second please23:23
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LarstiQjelmer: thanks23:24
asabillifeless: http://pastebin.com/d726b27c623:24
asabilremoving the extra argument solves the problem btw23:25
alflifeless: bzr diff shows the changes in the tree with respect to what?23:25
lifelessalf: to the basis tree23:25
alflifeless: which is different from the branch tip?23:25
lifelessalf: it can be23:26
lifelessalf: the branch tip is the last commit made to the branch. working trees also know the last revision they were set to (and any pending merges done too)23:27
lifelessalf: the basis tree then, is the last revision the tree was set to - e.g. by 'commit' 'uncommit' 'pull' or 'push' - but the latter three operations can only change the tree when they are run locally, because remote operations introducing conflicts is bad23:28
lifelessso we don't alter working trees over the network23:29
alflifeless: if I understood correctly the basis tree is stored as text (the tree contents) somewhere in .bzr/ , not only as a plain revision number23:35
lifelessasabil: I think its very old format bitrot, or possibly a plugin. I'll look deeper - but could you please file a bug23:36
asabillifeless: sure, but the issue is obvious isn't it ?23:36
lifelessalf: the basis tree inventory is stored in .bzr/checkout, the file texts are stored in the repository (usually .bzr/repository)23:37
asabillifeless: BzrDir.sprout () doesn't take the source_branch keyword argument, since it's the self23:37
lifelessasabil: I don't know what command line options you used for instance. Bug reports are good :).23:38
lifelessif you don't want to file a bug report, thats fine, I'll try to figure it out how to reproduce later.23:38
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lifelessbut if you could file one it is extremely helpful to capture the data23:39
lifelessas for the problem - the fix might be easy, but I needto track down - why didn't tests catch it, are there other old formats suffering the same issue, etc23:40
asabillifeless: ok, done: bug #32169523:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321695 in bzr "bzr branch fails with "sprout() got an unexpected keyword argument 'source_branch'"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32169523:43
alflifeless: I can't understand why we can't change just the remote basis tree (.bzr/checkout not the working tree) when doing remote operations?23:54
alflifeless: would that lead to any conflict?23:54
lifelessalf: it would mean that it no longer matched the content of the users tree23:54
lifelessalf: for a file F23:55
lifelessthere is a current basis Fb, and there is the one in the tip Ft, and the one the user has been editing, Fu23:55
lifelessif the user has made changes, Fu != Fb23:56
lifelessif you tell the tree that Fb is now Ft, then the user will see changes from Fu to Ft, which conflates their intended edits with the changes from Fb to Ft23:56
lifelessthis is bad because it makes it harder for them to accomodate the changes made by [Fb,Ft) in Fu23:57
lifelessmuch better to let them merge or revert at their own discretion23:57

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