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KDeskIs possible to transfer AAC audio files from Amarok to an iPod?00:15
jammen33i believe so00:16
KDeskI can't...00:23
jammen33is it drm protected?00:24
Dr_willis'protected' what a 'positive' term... it really 'protects' me :)00:25
Dr_willisDRR - Digital RIghts Restricted00:26
mefisto__speaking of drm... in Xorg.0.log I see lots of references to drm. is this ati trying to "protect" me, or something other than digital rights management?00:29
kaddiis there a known bug for the otr-plugin and kopete in kde4?00:36
vitalmefisto__: Direct Rendering Manager00:40
mefisto__vital: thanks, that makes more sense00:41
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compilerwriterCan anybody tell me a quick and dirty way to select a certain set of pages in okular to print out of a document?00:53
mefisto__compilerwriter: you mean not a range (eg pages 3-12)?00:56
compilerwriteractually mefisto__ a range will do.  I am scanning through the Okular handbook now, but am not finding anything yet.00:56
compilerwriterI have not used okular much on many multipage documents.  It is also rare that I print anything from it period, but this time it would really be useful.00:57
mefisto__compilerwriter: when I click the print button, it's in the options. print all, or pages from _ to _00:57
compilerwriterThanks mefisto__00:58
carolninguem responde??01:14
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lovrehi all01:20
hubarhi there!01:21
lovrei have problems with sound. WHen i watch a flash movie in firefox, for example on youtube, it plays sound, but the suddenly it just stops, and nothing is heard anymore, not even in amarok. I have to restart x to get sound back. What is happening?01:21
juacom99i delet the kmenu panel :S01:21
juacom99and i can get i back01:21
lovrejuacom99: do you use kde4?01:22
juacom99this is the first time i use it in fact01:24
lovrejuacom99: you removed the kmenu icon that pops up the main menu?01:24
juacom99i was using the the old one01:24
juacom99can i bring it back?01:24
lovrejuacom99: right click on the tray and select Unlock Widgets01:25
lovrejuacom99: then click right click again, and select Add widget01:25
lovrejuacom99: there in the list find the kmenu and click Add widget01:25
lovrejuacom99: thats it i spose01:25
mefisto__lovre: what version of the flash plugin do you have?01:26
juacom99that bring me aonly the k menu01:27
lovremefisto__: how do i check this?01:27
juacom99not the full panel :S01:27
lovrejuacom99: you can find panel in that list too01:27
lovrejuacom99: and other things if you removed them, everything is there01:27
lovrejuacom99: just add widgets as you want01:27
mefisto__lovre: go to about:plugins in firefox, listed under shockwave flash01:28
lovremefisto__: is this it:Shockwave Flash 10.0 r1501:29
lovremefisto__: i have two listed, Shockwave Flash, and FutureSplash Player01:30
juacom99i can't find the panel you said :S01:30
mefisto__lovre: yes, you have flash 10 plugin01:30
juacom99i found the systray01:30
juacom99one call pager01:31
juacom99i cna't add01:31
juacom99and de task menu01:31
lovrejuacom99: pager is not systray, its just buttons that swith between desktops01:31
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juacom99i gount 301:32
juacom99that 3 i mention01:32
lovrejuacom99: its called Task Manager01:32
lovremefisto__: any idea?01:33
khalidmianwhat happened to games arnt there any games in kubuntu01:33
mefisto__lovre: I don't know what's wrong with sound in flash, but instead of restarting X, you can restart alsa (and any app using it will be killed) with: sudo alsa force-reload01:34
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khalidmianneeds the sudo command to get vlc player01:37
khalidmianatleast help on that pls01:38
kaddikhalidmian: i was as suprised as you, when i noticed that the games were missing, you can simply install them via adept01:39
kaddiand there are loads and loads of games :D01:39
khalidmiankaddi: i thought somegames came as default but it seems not so in kubuntu01:40
kaddii seem to recall as well that this has been the case in earlier version, but apparently not any longer01:40
kaddihow did you install vlc?01:41
khalidmiansudo apt-get install vlc01:43
hubarQuestion, how do I set up pulse audio on my kubuntu 8.1? It keeps complaining that connection refused.01:44
kaddikhalidmian: hmm.. i ain't a kubuntu-guru either... have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it? (typical windowsapproahc. :D )01:47
kaddielse, you could check if you find vlc in your /usr/bin folder and check the permissions on the file01:48
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juacom99is there any way01:48
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression01:48
juacom99to change top up panel down?01:49
JohnFluxhubar: I had that once and rebooted.  that solved the problem01:49
hubarJohnFlux: hmm that sounds easy :)01:50
kaddi khalidmian:  else, you could check if you find vlc in your /usr/bin folder and check the permissions on the file01:50
JohnFluxhubar: sorry I can't help any more than that :)01:50
hubarI did it once under my old ubuntu 8.1.01:51
hubar(I mean reboot)01:51
hubarBut it doesn't work anymore. :( (With kubuntu)01:51
JohnFluxhubar: dunno sorry01:52
mefisto__hubar: is there a reason you need pulseaudio?01:54
khalidmianhubar: yeah why do u need pulse audio lol01:54
hubarmefisto__: not anything in particular, do you have any other things to recommend?01:55
liberviscoAnyone trying 4.2 RC?01:55
liberviscoand having plasmoids cause plasma crashes and forgetting settings?01:56
khalidmianhubar: what did u want to use pulse audio for01:56
dtchenhubar: you need to install all the recommended pulseaudio bits (including policykit) and configure arts/phonon to use esd mode01:58
AdolaIs there anywhere I can get some epsxe help?01:59
hubardtchen: err, PA was easy to install and get it to work under ubuntu, :( So what is a good sound server program for KDE?01:59
dtchenhubar: phonon does an admirable job by default02:00
dtchenthat said, phonon certainly is capable of using xine-lib or GSt configured to PulseAudio02:01
hubardtchen: The reason I use PA is I no longer was bothered by annoying error message that said "XXX is using this device / This device is locked". Can phonon do that?02:06
OmikaneWith RAM when it says something like PC5400 or PC6400 what does that mean?02:08
mgroman!ohmy | Omikane02:08
ubottuOmikane: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:08
Omikane!ohmy | mgroman02:09
ubottumgroman: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:09
dtchenhubar: phonon isn't really a sound server.02:09
hubarObviously RAM had become a dirty word. :)02:09
dtchenhubar: it's up to phonon's backend to handle that, be it xine-lib or GSt02:10
OmikaneI see...02:10
hubardtchen: What is GSt?02:10
dtchenhubar: of course, xine-lib and GSt both can use oss, alsa, pulseaudio, esound, etc.02:10
mefisto__linux sound is not complicated at all...02:12
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dtchenmefisto__: depends how you look at it: http://www.trilug.org/~crimsun/linuxaudio.png02:16
mefisto__dtchen: my new desktop background!02:18
kaddiif i had to make this kind of pictures which program would be the best? :D02:19
dtchenkaddi: graphviz, specifically, dot02:20
khalidmiandamn i forgot the place from where one can make kopete auto login/start02:21
khalidmianpls help i think i have new kopete version cant find auto start02:24
mefisto__khalidmian: settings, configure, behavior. turn on "connect automatically"02:28
khalidmianmefisto__: would that be the same as setting initial status:online02:30
khalidmianmefisto__: as i cant seem to find connect auto02:30
khalidmianmefisto__: i am on ver 0.60.82 in kopete02:32
mefisto__khalidmian: I have 0.60.202:33
cjaeHi what the quick command to set KDE back to default sudo mv ~/.kde or something like that I really messed up my panel02:35
mefisto__khalidmian: maybe there's something in account settings?02:35
* cjae should have locked widgets02:35
khalidmianmefisto__: looked everywhere no option for auto connect just a setting for initial status02:35
Anarchkdesudo not found on fresh install of kubuntu-desktop onto an existing Gutsy.  Tips?02:39
mefisto__cjae: sudo mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.backup (which renames .kde to .kde.backup) but do that when not logged in to kde02:39
mefisto__Anarch: I think kdesudo came with hardy. is there kdesu ?02:40
Anarchmefisto__: checking ...02:41
Anarchmefisto__: kdesu is a symlink to kdesudo under Gutsy kubuntu.02:42
mefisto__Anarch: tried installing it?02:42
Anarchmefisto__: Yes, but it's already up-to-date.  So I did --reinstall, and now I'm about to check the result after reboot.02:44
Anarchmefisto__: BTW, this is coming up because I'm trying to fix the screen rez.  Of course, what I'd really like to do is fix it by editing a config file, but I've never found the text file in which KDE stores its default rez.  (I'd better fix kdesudo anyway though.)02:45
Anarchmefisto__: Same problem after --reinstall then reboot.02:46
mefisto__Anarch: does the file /usr/bin/kdesudo exist?02:50
Anarchmefisto__: Yes.  /usr{,/X11R6}/bin/kdesudo are hardlinks of the same file.02:51
oresthi guys02:53
Tinasonkde 4.2 is released tomorrow. how long b4 it hits repositories?02:56
mefisto__Anarch: don't know if it will make any difference, but you could maybe try downloading the deb and installing that way: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/i386/kdesudo/download02:56
Anarchmefisto__: Well, it's a thought ... I'll probably try it ... but it'd also be super-cool to know how to change the kubuntu-desktop screen resolution by editing a config file, because doing that with sudo will Just Work.  Any idea in what file that resolution is stored?02:57
mefisto__Anarch: I think it's just xorg.conf but that is not specific to kde. you already have ubuntu/gnome installed right?03:00
Anarchmefisto__: Yes, Gnome is installed and already knows that I want 1280x1024.03:01
Anarchmefisto__: I've had this problem continuously since Feisty: every reboot requires fixing screen rez by hand.  The problem of kdesudo not working is new.  kdesu does work under Feisty.03:02
jonathan__Mmm What do I need to install to access this pc from my Windows' on my laptop to get files and all?03:05
ohhaiHi, I'm running ALSA 1.0.17 on my Kubuntu 8.10, 32 bit, which in turn runs on my ASUS W3J laptop with HD-Audio Intel card that is identified as AD198x. In most of the settings for alsa-base I get situation 1) sound output working, but no sound input. The only time when sound input seems to work is with the 2) "options snd-hda-intel model=3stack", but then, ironically, sound output stops working. My laptop has only two jacks (one for microphone,03:06
mefisto__Anarch: so you can set the screenrez but it is lost after reboot?03:08
oresthi guys, sorry if this is not the right channel, how can i program java for my mobile?03:08
Anarchmefisto__: On Gutsy I can't set the rez at all because the only way I know to do it is a GUI that fails because kdesudo fails.  On Feisty, I can set it, but it is lost on reboot.03:08
mefisto__Anarch: krandrtray is a panel applet that lets you change resolution03:10
Anarchmefisto__: I'll try that.  BTW, I'm trying Konsole:`kcontrol &`,03:10
Anarchmefisto__: wait ... actually, I'm trying `sudo kcontrol &` in an xterm,03:11
laptopfavor -- im using kubuntu --- any site for compaq v3617tu driver for WiFi -- hard to find one03:11
Anarchmefisto__: and that gets me the config screen, but when I "change" resolutions, nothing happens.03:11
mefisto__Anarch: does /etc/X11/xorg.conf have any resolution settings in it?03:12
Anarchmefisto__: Section "Screen" lists many settings from 256x256 up to 1280x1024; 1280x1024 is first, and nothing anywhere in the file suggests that 1024x768 should receive preeminence.  This is why I believe there's some other text file determining it.03:14
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Anarchmefisto__: `apt-cache search krandrtray` -> ""03:15
laptop[22:11] <laptop> favor -- any driversite for kubuntu ---  compaq v3617tu driver for WiFi -- hard to find one -- sorry im a newbie03:16
khalidmianwhy cant i see other parties cam on kopete03:16
LinuxHack3rKatapult for kde4...anything?03:22
Omikane_I just installed a 20" display and for some reason it's cutting off the left side of the screen. the res is 1680:105003:22
mefisto__Anarch: krandrtray is probably already installed. I think it's part of kcontrol, and you said you have that03:23
JohnFluxLinuxHack3r: don't think so03:23
LinuxHack3rJohnFlux: Any alternative?03:23
mefisto__LinuxHack3r: alt-F2, pretty much the same functionality03:23
LinuxHack3rmefisto__: For the most part...correct.03:24
mefisto__LinuxHack3r: I read somewhere that the katapult dev intends to retire it and contribute to whatever the alt-F2 thing is called if some katapult functions are missing03:25
Anarchmefisto__: Yes, krandrtray is installed.  However, with KControl I got an interseting error cascade at <http://paste.ubuntu.com/109640/>.  `locate displayconfig03:27
Anarchmefisto__: does find stuff; so does `man displayconfig`; experimenting ...03:27
LinuxHack3rmefisto__: Cool...that'lll do ok. Katapult was cool..but if alt-f2 was to make it so that it reads the menu items...then ok. I just have added a few menu items and such..I'll just have to do something else though.03:28
juacom99does someone knows how to put the kmenu panel back down03:32
mefisto__Anarch: displayconfig is the module that kde uses to change display settings. it should look the same whether it's from kcontrol, system settings, or started simply with "displayconfig"03:33
Anarchmefisto__: Right, it does.  I ran it by hand ... and it nuked my rez down to 640x480, and after reboot no higher option is offered!03:34
mefisto__Anarch: type kcmshell --list   to see all the available modules. to use them, kcmshell <modulename>03:34
Hiryuhow do you configure X?03:35
Anarchmefisto__: Ahh, xorg.conf got nuked on the previous reboot.  Trying to restore.03:37
mefisto__Anarch: I was just going to suggest looking for a backup xorg.conf (usually xorg.conf.20090126 or something with the date/time appended)03:38
Hiryuthere's no utility to configure X with??03:38
mefisto__Hiryu: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:43
Hiryumefisto__: didn't give me options to specify my max res, my drivers, etc03:43
juacom99can anyone plese help me put my kmenu panel in the top down part of the screen with kde403:45
HiryuI had to copy over my xorg.conf from debian03:45
mefisto__Hiryu: there's kxgenerator but I've never used it03:46
mefisto__Anarch: maybe kxgenerator is something worth looking into?03:46
Anarchmefisto__: I'm saving all your suggestions and will try them, but I don't like these black boxes.  BBs are only useful if they Just Work; when they Just Fail, they're major work-stoppers.  I'm diddling xorg.conf now, guessing modelines.03:48
Anarchmefisto__: The fact that my config got nuked down to 640x480 /MAY/ indicate that the default is truly in xorg.conf, but I can't tell.  The most recent backup the system saved is from 15 minutes ago.  I still really need to know about any text config files KDE keeps that'd allow me to do configuration with vi instead of these failing GUIs.03:50
mefisto__Anarch: gtf 1280 1024 60   will give you correct modelines for 1280x1024 @6003:51
Anarchmefisto__: Thank you ... I suspect I need @50, based on how the GUI behaved when I tried to take it up to 1280x1024.03:51
cjaeanyone catch my pastebin03:52
Anarchmefisto__: /me reads `man xorg.conf` to find out what "gtf" means ... "get this fixed" maybe.03:53
Anarchmefisto__: Pattern not found03:53
juacom99cjae: i read it buy i don't know what could be03:57
mefisto__Anarch: gtf apparently is generalised timing formula03:57
Anarchmefisto__: Interesting that it wasn't mentioned in `man xorg.conf`.03:58
Anarchmefisto__: Too late now ... rebooting with a mad savage hack of a restored xorg.conf ...03:58
Anarchmefisto__: Not unexpectedly, this hack brought me back up with KDM displaying 1280x1024, then KDE desktop reverting to 1024x768.  This is what used to happen on Feisty.  I conclude that KDE has its own file telling which rez I want, and I haven't found where that file is.04:00
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hubarquestion, where do I change the setting for kubuntu power management?04:02
hubarI wanna change the setting for when laptop lid closed.04:02
mefisto__Anarch: could I see your xorg.conf ?04:03
khalidmiancant see my friends cam via yahoo plugin in kopete any help?04:04
cjaeI must just be an issue with plasma because it seems to be an issue on another distro and my good, good copy of xorg does't work either04:05
* cjae sets up twinview again04:06
khalidmianalso wants to know how to dcc04:06
Anarchmefisto__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109652/04:06
mefisto__Anarch: I had that problem (kdm correct rez, kde wrong) on my previous ati card. putting in a "Display" subsection with Virtual 1280 1024 fixed it04:06
Anarchmefisto__: Strange ... I thought I already did that.  See <http://paste.ubuntu.com/109652/> line 128.04:07
Anarchmefisto__: I'm wandering thru ~/.kde, a maze of twisty passages, all different ...04:08
mefisto__Anarch: that's the subsection I had in my old xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/109653/04:08
madraykinI just upgraded to jaunty (I know it's unstable :P ) .. but my sound doesn't work. I get an error message saying the alsa device won't work. Is there a way to configure my sound card?04:10
Anarchmefisto__: Not seeing a significant difference between yours and mine.  I suspect that some black box observed the hack in your config and changed a ~/.kde file, for which I am still searching, like a character in a play by Beckett.04:10
Anarchmefisto__: WOOHOO I FOUND IT!!!  <~/.kde/share/config/displayconfigrc> specifies the config!04:13
mefisto__Anarch: well done! but does it have any effect?04:14
Anarchmefisto__: Note that this doesn't solve the problem of kdesudo being "not found" when it's obviously there and in /usr/bin of all not-not-findable-in places, but still, this is Good, if it survives a reboot.04:14
Anarchmefisto__: I'll let you know ...04:14
hubarhmm Can anyone help?04:15
tom_maybe ubar04:15
FirefisheHow do I negate the Kubuntu splash screen at startup?04:15
tom_up arrow to top is kubuntu down arrow to bottom is xp?04:17
mefisto__Firefishe: you mean you don't want any splash screen?04:17
Firefishemefisto__:  Correct.  I prefer to watch the output, rather than the progress bar.04:18
tom_whoops negate i was thinking negotiate04:18
Firefisheturn off the kubuntu progress bar04:18
Firefisheat startup04:18
Firefishenosplash in /etc/fstab on the proper line?04:18
Firefisheor in  /grub/menu.lst?04:19
mefisto__Firefishe: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and find # defoptions=splash   and remove "splash" from default kernel options04:19
mefisto__Firefishe: then when it's saved, sudo update-grub04:19
Firefishemefisto__:  Thank you.  And just add it again if I want it back?04:19
mefisto__Firefishe: then check menu.lst to make sure update-grub changed all your kernel lines to not include "splash"04:20
Anarchmefisto__: Yes, editing ~/.kde/share/config/displayconfigrc worked to change my per-user screen rez.  Also, another clue I found and saved many moons ago: /etc/usplash.conf contains the /default/ screen rez for the system startup.04:20
mefisto__Firefishe: yes, anything in that defoptions line will be added to every kernel line in grub, but you have to "update-grub" after editing04:21
Firefishemefisto__:  K.  And Anarch:  Informative, I hadn't knownt hat.04:22
mefisto__Anarch: good info. splash resolution gave me a headache with my old vidcard also04:22
tom_what can I do to make a printer work on a network like it does in windows xp04:23
ohhaiHow do I get Linux Kernel Sources (required by ALSA)?04:23
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hubarWhere do I change the setting for kubuntu power management?04:23
tom_system preferences power management04:25
khalidmiancant see my friends cam via yahoo plugin in kopete any help?04:25
mefisto__khalidmian: port forwarding in your router for the port kopete is using04:25
hubartom_: Where is that?04:26
hubartom_: system prefs only exists in ubuntu.04:26
khalidmianhubar: under computer/system settings04:27
tom_yeah i got ubuntu04:28
hubarkhalidmian: hmm04:29
hubarkhalidmian: I don't have it.04:29
truetothegametry using kde-power-manager04:29
truetothegameyou can change from dynamic to preformance04:29
mefisto__khalidmian: look at the 2nd question in troubleshooting http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=kopete webcam support04:30
hubarthat command doesn't exist either. :(04:30
hubarCan you look it up?04:30
mefisto__khalidmian: 'http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=kopete webcam support'04:30
truetothegameor kde-guidance-power-manager04:31
khalidmianhubar: do u have a small battery icon in tray on right04:31
truetothegamenot kde-power-manager04:31
mefisto__khalidmian: http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=kopete%20webcam%20support04:32
hubarkhalidmian: yes I do04:32
hubarkhalidmian: I just wanna set it to suspend when I close lid. :(04:32
truetothegameright click it and see if it says cpu policy04:32
khalidmianhubar: double right click on battery icon04:32
truetothegamethen click the powersave option same result04:33
hubarhmm, there must be a configuration tool that I can use to configure that...04:34
truetothegameif you want to save battery life while using the actual os use dynamic04:34
truetothegameif you have it pluged in use preformence04:34
hubarhmm nothing happened.04:34
hubarI double right click it.04:35
khalidmiansingle right click?04:35
khalidmianleft click?04:35
khalidmianon bat icon04:35
hubarand kde-guidance-p-w doesn't exist either.04:35
hubarkhalidmian: Yeah a small menu pulled up04:35
truetothegamedouble click on battery icon or kde-guidence-pm and then at the bottom it says that and click suspend04:36
khalidmianwhat about left click04:36
truetothegamedownload it do hAVe 8.1004:36
hubarYeah I know it has suspend option...04:36
hubarleft click worked.04:37
truetothegamethe package is available online04:37
truetothegameif you dnt04:37
truetothegamehave it04:38
hubarhmm what is that guidance pm gui called?04:38
truetothegamei think04:39
truetothegamei was drunk when i researched it04:39
hubarThat is GUI executable's name or package name?04:40
Anarchpa #apache04:42
truetothegamepackage but it should install the gui i think but i havent checkjed you could also use powersave or kpowersave04:43
hubarkde-guidance-powermanager - A frontend to HAL's power features for KDE (dummy package)04:43
truetothegamekpowersave does the same thing as kde-guidance-powermanager04:44
truetothegamewhat about 2pac04:44
TraceRoutewould it be possible to make a symbolic link to /dev/sda1 (NTFS) partition and have ushare to be able to access files from it?04:44
truetothegamedownload the other package mentioned in the same website or download kpowersave04:44
truetothegameidk trace04:44
truetothegameknoppix will let you do it though04:45
hubarahha here we go04:45
hubarkpowersave - HAL based power management applet for KDEkpowersave - HAL based power management applet for KDE04:45
hubarsneaky bastard, finally found it.04:45
truetothegameyou could even transfer files from one partiton to another or one hardrive to another04:46
hubarGonna go to bed now, nite all!04:46
truetothegamegood nite enjoy04:46
FirefisheI"m editing  my /boot/grub/menu.lst file.  Can someone tell me what this does, and what `quiet' means?: # defoptions=quiet splash04:53
tom_if u screw it up will not boot04:54
tom_the only thing i changed was default = 6 or somethin like that made xp boot if nothing touched04:57
ohhaiI'm running Kubuntu 8.10, having compiled the latest ALSA driver, I have the input that comes to my Mic streamed directly to my headphones, with the actual system sounds/music I play being kinda muffled in the background. I was fiddling with the KMix, so maybe there's a way to fix this?05:04
DarkTani seem to have lost my title bars and the ability to enter data in to several programs under my main desktop and my vnc desktop05:06
DarkTanhow might i fix this?05:06
mefisto__DarkTan: alt-05:12
mefisto__DarkTan: alt-F2, then type: kwin --replace05:12
DarkTancrap, can't use that either, guess i'll have to reboot and see if that work05:13
mefisto__DarkTan: alt-F2 doesn't work?05:14
DarkTanit works, but i can't enter text05:14
mefisto__DarkTan: can you paste with the mouse?05:15
DarkTannot sure, i'll try that05:15
DarkTanok that worked, thanks05:16
mefisto__DarkTan: can you enter text by typing now?05:16
DarkTanand i got my title bars back05:17
silv3r_m00nhi there05:30
masonCould somebody help me to install kde 4.1.4?05:31
masonI got kubuntu with kde 4.1.3, so I've never done this before...05:31
masonCould somebody help me to install kde 4.1.4?05:37
mefisto__Firefishe: did you get your menu.lst done?05:44
Firefishemefisto__: Yeah, it's done, but I can't reboot right now to test it out. :)05:45
Firefishemefisto__:  One thing that I'm wondering about.  If I kill the 'quiet' and leave the 'splash,' what will that do?05:46
mefisto__Firefishe: quiet is supposed to suppress some messages (with or without "splash") so "spash" without "quiet" should give you the progress bar with some messages underneath it. you could also replace "quiet" with "verbose" but I think just removing "quiet" is the same as "verbose"05:49
Firefishemefisto__:  Thank you for that.  I'm now able to reboot and test it out.  I've always wondered how to configure this, so now is as good a time as any.05:49
masonCould somebody help me to install kde 4.1.4?05:50
masonI don't know how :'(05:50
Firefishemefisto__:  I'll get back to you and let you know how it went.05:50
Firefishemefisto__:  Thanks for your assistance.  Bye for now.05:50
PseudoOnehey :)05:55
masonDo you think you could help me out?05:55
masonHow do I install a new version of kde xD05:56
masonI have no idea05:56
masonI want to get kde 4.1.405:56
masonBut I don't know how05:56
PseudoOneI have a weird "crunch" sound playing in my system periodically that I dislike.  I checked through System Notifications but it is not there, and I don't know where to look for it. What should I do to disable it?05:56
progmanoswhy use kde 4.1.4 when you could use 4.2 (which is more stable and feature complete)?05:57
mefisto__mason: I don't have intrepid/kde4 and I've never done this upgrade, but I could try if you're willing05:57
masonmefisto__: Sure, that'd be really cool. You'd have a better chance than me xD05:57
DaSkreechmason: what version of Kubuntu are you on?05:58
DaSkreechmason: Hardy or Ibex ?05:58
masonhoold on a second I think progmanos just kicked my ass in terms of not being an idiot xD05:59
progmanosi would seriously skip 4.1.4 and upgrade to 4.2.  it's so much better06:00
masonIs it the same way to upgrade?06:00
masonOr is it harder?06:00
mefisto__progmanos: can you tell mason how to do the upgrade to 4.2?06:00
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progmanosthe link is in the chat header (or whatever you call it)06:02
DaSkreechSame way06:02
DaSkreechprogmanos: topic06:02
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.06:02
ohhaiWhat's the best software for recording sound in Kubuntu?06:02
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progmanosthanks DaSkreech06:02
masonI'm in 8.1006:03
masonDoes that mean it's not compiled?06:03
DaSkreechmason: It is read the link http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc106:03
Anarchohhai: I use arecord06:04
mefisto__ohhai: what kind of recording? are you creating music? do you need to do any processing to the recording? or you just want a simple recording of what your mike picks up?06:05
ohhaimefisto__: I gotta know if my mike is working, and audacity seems not to provide the desired outcome under KDE.06:06
ohhai(Internal Laptop Mike) =)06:06
masonrestarting x06:07
masonI'll be right back to find out if it worked :)06:08
DaSkreechThat was a fast upgrade06:08
progmanosArdour is pretty good, although it's probably not written using the KDE API.06:10
masonIt didn't work :'(06:10
masonI'm still on 4.106:10
mefisto__progmanos: ardour is overkill for just testing an internal mike06:11
progmanosoh, nvm06:11
mefisto__progmanos: but ardour is excellent06:11
DaSkreechmason: That sounded like a very fast upgrade. What did you do?06:11
progmanosmason: could you still me what you did?06:11
progmanoshorrible typo06:11
masonWait, I'm gonna see the instructions I did first, just so I don't sound like an idiot if it was something stupid...06:12
masonto "Remove the koffice-data-kde4 package," do I just do sudo apt-get remove koffice-data-etc.?06:12
masonI don't think I have it, but I'm not quite sure xD06:12
masonI know what I did wrong06:13
masonNot saying though xD I'd be labeled the most idiotic imbecile here :P06:14
DaSkreechI doubt ut06:14
DaSkreechWe do have a bot06:14
DaSkreechDumb bot06:14
masonBy the way, what does restarting x mean?06:14
mefisto__mason: I think koffice-kde4 is what you want to remove, then sudo apt-get autoremove06:14
DaSkreechmason: Logout then press alt=E06:14
masonI know how, but what's it mean?06:14
DaSkreechmason: It means shutting down X and starting it back06:15
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:15
DaSkreechIn UNIX everything is broken up into small parts06:15
masonSo, restarting X would be for when I don't need to restart the entire actual computer?06:15
DaSkreechSo your GUI is done by a program Which is called X06:16
DaSkreechX.org in this case06:16
DaSkreechmason: As long as it's in the GUI. Restarting X won't help your Web Server any but will give you nice fonts06:16
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progmanosWill the final version of KD06:17
progmanosWill the final version of KDE 4.2 include support for Google Gadgets?06:17
masonSince K is the desktop environment, I'd only need to restart X, right?"06:17
DaSkreechmason: correct06:18
DaSkreechprogmanos: yes06:18
LynoureDaSkreech: remember my network card problem? seems it used ever so slightly older kernel and the cd itself already had also a newer one on it, so fixing the problem was easy.06:19
DaSkreechLynoure: See? :)06:20
DaSkreechYou  are aok now?06:20
progmanosmason: how's the upgrade coming along?06:21
LynoureDaSkreech: No further help needed now, and blogged about the solution, even.06:21
DaSkreechoooh where?06:22
LynoureDaSkreech: just my normal blog... tiny entry, http://lynoure.org/blog/index.php?/archives/297-Kubuntu-8.10-Alternative-and-P5Q-Pro-network-card.html but maybe still enough to save someone some worry06:24
masonDaSkreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109688/06:24
DaSkreechLynoure: does that mean that they have 2 kernels on the CD?06:25
masonTrying to recover...06:25
DaSkreechmason: sudo apt-get -f install06:25
LynoureDaSkreech: -7 gets installed, -9 is there too, yes.06:25
DaSkreechHmm thats probably a bug Lynoure06:25
LynoureDaSkreech: I assumed something like that, as one would expect both of the install cds to have the same kernel version, kinda :)06:27
Ratchethey all06:28
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!06:28
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Guest69708im told that i need to replace pulse audo with E-sound to make second life voice work., how would i go this?06:29
masonI think it's done.06:29
masonI'm gonna try again now06:29
Guest69708odd i could have swoen i typed the work about after go XD06:29
=== Guest69708 is now known as Ratchet_
progmanosmason: if that didn't work, i know this  will... http://shreevatsa.wordpress.com/2006/04/16/dpkg-error-trying-to-overwrite-x-which-is-also-in-package-y/06:30
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Ratchet_the_foxim told that i need to replace pulse audio with E-sound to make second life voice work. how would i go about doingthis?06:31
masonDaSkreech: I'm in 4.2!06:32
masonSorry to sound ignorant and all, but WHY is 4.2 better? I like the theme :)06:33
mefisto__it's 0.06 more than 4.1406:35
masonmefisto__: Woah! You're right! Man, this 4.2 kde is ze shitz!06:35
progmanos"For the 4.2 release, the KDE team has fixed literally thousands of bugs and has implemented dozens of features that were missing until now in KDE 4.2."06:38
mefisto__is there a ppa for 4.2 for hardy?06:38
s0rgHi eveeryone06:39
masonMy desktop just totally bugged out on me.06:41
stdinmefisto__: not for hardy06:41
mefisto__what about a kde3 ppa for intrepid?06:43
progmanosmason: what happened to your desktop?06:45
masonprogmanos: Oh, it fixed after I logged out. It was just a grey screen.06:45
Ratchet_the_foxim told that i need to replace pulse audio with E-sound to make second life voice work. how would i go about doingthis?06:46
progmanosmefisto__ : according to a commenter in reddit, the hardy packages will be ready for the official 4.2 release06:48
DaSkreechmefisto__: No PPA for hardy06:48
DaSkreechmefisto__: KDe 3 PPA for ibex exists06:48
progmanoslink the actual comment (reddit is cool!)06:49
DaSkreechmason: What's going on?06:51
DaSkreechhi jono06:51
progmanosmason: try lancelot for your menu06:51
jonohey DaSkreech06:51
masonProgamanos: What?06:51
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LynoureSeems I have more questions: I created the Private encrypted directory during installation, but cannot see it anywhere. Where could it be?06:52
DaSkreechmason: you got 4.2 ?06:52
masonDaSkreech: Yep.06:53
progmanosmason: lancelot is a new menu that's based on a no-click interface06:54
masonprogmanos: is it apt-getable?06:55
progmanosit's part of kde 4.206:56
progmanosjust add the widget to your panel06:57
masonprogmanos: Woeh06:58
masonit's wierd xD06:58
masonI'm not used to it and I think I just accidentally opened about three things...06:59
progmanosyou can change the settings.  right click the menu icon07:00
progmanosand the go to Lancelot Launcher Settings07:01
masonprogmanos: How do I get the  temperature system monitor to work?07:07
patmanpatoim finding kde 4.1 quite slow on my machine, and a friend suggested i upgrade my nvidia drivers from 177.82 to 180.22, is there an easy way to do this?07:07
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.07:08
leonhi all07:08
leonneed some help.07:09
leoni'm using wubi and its installed to a diffrent partition than my WOW install.07:09
leonis it posible to mount the other partions07:10
leonhow, if i may ask?07:11
masonprogmanos: Something messed up...07:12
ubottuPartitioning programs: !GParted or !QtParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter07:12
masonIs this the same as 4.1 where, if I log out with ctrl atl backspace, I'll lose all my updated desktop settings?07:13
progmanosi don't think so07:14
masonI'm gonna try it07:14
progmanoswhy are you "logging out" with ctrl alt backspace?07:14
leonprogmanos: how disks and filesystem is nowhere to be found.07:14
progmanosdo you know which drive is slave or master?07:17
progmanosdo you have sata?07:18
leonits a sata in a laptop07:18
leononly one harddrive07:18
masonDoes anyone know how I can get the System Moonitor for the temperature working?07:18
progmanosleon: create a pastebin link using http://paste.ubuntu.com and post the output of fdisk -l07:22
leon wanna kick? Cannot open /dev/sda07:23
leon;; ;07:23
leonbut i know its the second partion on the first disk.07:23
leonthat help?07:24
progmanossorry, sudo fdisk -l07:24
masonprogmanos: How do I get myself to login as root?07:27
OxDeadC0demason you don't want to login as root, just use sudo07:27
progmanosto KDE as root?07:27
progmanosi don't recommend it07:28
progmanosfollow OxDeadC0de's advice07:28
masonI need to get the hddtemp dameon to work (or something.... I'm pretty lost)07:28
OxDeadC0demason sudo apt-get install httpd07:28
masonE: Package httpd has no installation candidate07:29
OxDeadC0desry, apt-get install apache2 .. if you want php, and mysql you may want to look into setting up an ubuntu LAMP07:29
OxDeadC0dethere's a program already on ubuntu i forget what it's called though that lets you install everything for apache/php/mysql with a single press of return07:30
OxDeadC0deand mason, get used to "aptitude search some-program" (or use kpackage or adept depending on if you're in 4.2 or 4.1 respectively) (with some-program replaced with apache, mp3, whatever..)07:31
progmanosit's under tasks in aptitude07:31
OxDeadC0deI like aptitude :P07:32
masonThere's a serach option? woeh I had no idea xD07:33
masonThis makes things...07:33
masonsomewhat easier07:33
OxDeadC0deway easy for me :P07:33
progmanosyeah, aptitude rocks07:33
OxDeadC0delot better than going to some website, find the downloads page, navigate through ad's etc, finally get the archive, download it, clck open, walk through install process07:34
OxDeadC0demove on to next07:34
progmanosfor some reason, synaptic, adept, and smartpm refuse to show realplayer (and certain other packages) as available for installation but aptitude does!07:35
masonI'm getting pidgin xD I honestly do NOT like kopete07:35
OxDeadC0deodd, for me synaptic always shows everything, don't use adept much except for updates sometimes (but in 4.2 it's gone replaced with kpackage i think)07:36
OxDeadC0delachniet? can't be.. can it?07:36
progmanosi still have adept with 4.207:37
OxDeadC0deoh hmm, nvr mind then07:37
stdinkpackagekit is the plan07:37
stdinbut it's under review currently07:38
patmanpatoi just installed kde 4.1 on my ubuntu8.10, now i hear 4.2 is coming out in the next few days... is it likely to be easy to update ?07:38
stdinpatmanpato: yes, probably available in intrepid-backports07:38
OxDeadC0depatmanpato yes and by me a very recommended update (I'm nobody though, i don't work for ubuntu or anything)07:38
patmanpatoawesome :)07:38
patmanpatoim already in love with kde 4.1 after 30 mins07:39
patmanpatoit was interesting that upgrading from nvidia 177 to the 180 driver made a *massive* difference in kde 4.107:40
OxDeadC0deit kind of reminds me of windows in a way :| sad to say that, but I mean by all the bugs in it but it's still alright to use (4.1 that is.. 4.2 will have less bugs but I already know of a few that are being worked on or fixed and lots of untested stuff)07:40
patmanpatowell it was a massive massive leap from 3.5 to 4, so i'm guessing the kde team are doing alright considering the circumstances07:41
patmanpatoand considering microsoft has a lotttt of money to fund development :P07:42
OxDeadC0deoh yea I have nothing bad to say about the devel team at all, I like em :P, just wish QT and all the apps were put through the ringer a bit more stringently (valgrind etc)07:42
OxDeadC0debefore calling it a release07:42
LynoureAfter installing there was a Restricted driver thingy asking me if I want one. I closed it. How can I get it back?07:43
patmanpatoi guess so :-)07:43
stdinQT is Quick Time, Qt is the too kit07:43
OxDeadC0desorry, I should know that as I've been writing QGraphicsBlah a lot lately07:43
stdinand Qt is put through QA before release, by Trolltech/Nokia07:43
patmanpatois Qt pronounced "cutie" or "cute" ?07:43
patmanpatooh ok, ill keep it in mind so i dont sound like an idiot when talking about it :p07:44
OxDeadC0deI'm sure they do, but i've already come acrossed numerous issues with variables being used in it under conditational circumstances without being initialized07:44
stdinOxDeadC0de: in Qt code? where?07:45
OxDeadC0destdin mostly in their buggy qgraphics stuff07:45
OxDeadC0destdin can make valgrind logs easily enough07:45
stdinvalgrind isn't completely reliable07:45
OxDeadC0debut I'm not using trunk so I won't bug them, because it may have been fixed07:45
stdinbut I think the QGraphics* stuff is begin developed more recently07:46
OxDeadC0deit's no secret qgrahpics stuff is buggy :P, and that's what plasma is07:46
stdinstill, better than working in C code07:46
OxDeadC0deyeah, and 4.5 will ROCK!!!07:46
OxDeadC0deI can't get over it, the plasmoid I made for fun will be able to play youtube and other junk then07:47
LynoureHow do I open Restricted Drivers Manager in Kubuntu, or is there no such thing?07:47
OxDeadC0deLynoure jockey-kde07:47
stdinKMenu -> System -> Hardware Drivers07:48
progmanosstdin: and gdb doesn't support reversible debugging yet07:49
Lynourehmm, seems I cannot contact the xserver right now... better wait till the rsync ends, and fix that first07:49
masonWhat's the apt-get command to reinstall?07:50
LynoureI think the rsync override my .Xauthority , as I did not think of that early enough.07:50
stdinmason: apt-get --reinstall install <package>07:51
masonstdin: Exactly like that?07:52
stdinmason: replacing "<package>" with the package you want to reinstall07:53
masonI know07:53
masonapt-get--reinstall install kopete doesn't work...07:54
stdinwith sudo?07:54
stdinsudo apt-get --reinstall install kopete07:54
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mefisto__why did they name it awesome? it's such an overused word these days, it makes it very difficult to google it08:33
=== ocs is now known as faLUCE
tokihey guys  would anyone know why i cant find "screens and graphics" in my options for main menu in 8.1008:50
afdalallow ....08:51
stdinplease stop that09:04
oobeafdal, allow to you to09:09
mjbrooksIs there a downgrade option to KDE 3.5? I'm getting tired of the bugs09:26
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jillsmitti want to try create a programm with a graphical user interface in kubuntu 804 what can i use for it? what kind tools i have?09:52
LynoureI tried to use jockey-kde for activating the Ati proprietary driver, but it just would not activate it (kept showing it as not activated), does that mean a manual install is needed?09:58
noaXessis there any kde4 tool that automatily disable/enable desktop effects if in battery/no battery mode?.. powermanager doe only dim my monitor..10:16
noaXessor is there any other tool like powermanager that can disable desktop effects on battery mode?10:17
mefisto__can anyone give me a clue about awesome, or point me to a howto somewhere?10:19
LynoureWhat _is_ awesome?10:19
mefisto__a desktop environment10:19
mefisto__or is it a window manager?10:20
mefisto__whatever, it's an alternative to kde, gnome, xfce, etc10:20
noaXess!info awesome | mefisto__10:21
ubottuawesome (source: awesome): dynamic floating and tiling window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.2-1 (intrepid), package size 126 kB, installed size 504 kB10:21
jillsmittwhat ER modellers are actuil today (i am on kubuntu804)10:21
mefisto__noaXess: do you know how to use it?10:22
noaXessmefisto__: no..10:22
noaXessi'm searching for a laptop tool that automatically disable desktop effects on battery mode..10:23
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williamkann mir bitte jemand sagen welchen HD manager zum Mounten von NTFS laufwerken ich in Kubuntu 8.10 nutzen kann10:38
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:39
williamsorry not a problem10:39
williamcould someone please advise which disk manager I can use in Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 410:40
williamI can't mount my NTFS drives.10:40
noaXess!info ntfs10:41
ubottuPackage ntfs does not exist in intrepid10:41
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE10:41
noaXess!ntfs | william10:41
ubottuwilliam: please see above10:41
williamis there some prog like in KDE3.510:41
noaXesswilliam: hm.. normaly if the ntfs-3g tools are installed, you should only connect it and see it in dolphin10:43
arezeyis there a way to retrieve the kde3 kcontrol?10:47
williamnoaXass: there is my problem I don't use dolphine I use crusader.10:48
williamI'd like to mound the drive so that it can be accessed from any browser10:49
rjbI want a user who exceeds some limit of idle time while logged in to be automatically logged out, is there some simple way to implement that?10:49
rjbBTW i mean (text-mode) remote logins via ssh, not window system login10:50
RurouniJonesssh does have timeouts10:55
rjbRurouniJones: I'm sorry, I can't find anything pertinent in man sshd_config10:58
rjbperhaps you can recall what the option was?10:58
RurouniJonesGoogle and ye shall receive11:00
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RurouniJonesALso TCPKeepAlive might be of interest11:00
rjbI don't think that does what I want, though11:00
RurouniJonesClientAliveInterval and ClientAliveCountMax are what you are after11:02
rjbiirc it's for checking whether the network connection is alive11:02
rjbnot about the user forgetting to log out11:03
rjb(IIUC, even;-)11:04
jillsmittchecking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp11:05
jillsmittconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check11:05
jillsmittwhat can i do?11:05
rjb(BTW it seems like the `autolog' package may have a solution)11:09
rjb(`timeoutd' also seems promising)11:12
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dmmainouhi guys, I'm trying to install the nvidia drivers from terminal and says I need the libc header and the precompiled kernell. can anyone point me int which apt get ... thing I heed thanks...11:21
dmmainouHI can someone help me to install the nvidia restricted drivers in terminal..... I have a blank screen11:25
dapper-danielyou can install nvidia-180-kdernel-source via apt or aptitude11:26
dapper-danielit should bild the drivers for you11:26
SlimeyPeteor you can just install one of the nvidia-glx binary packages11:27
dmmainouOk so 'sudo apt-get nvidia-kdernel-source' ?11:28
dapper-danielthe version number is important11:28
dapper-danielwait a second...11:28
dapper-daniel-173 or -18011:28
dapper-danielor -9611:28
dapper-danielthis should then also install the right nvidia-kernel-source11:29
dmmainousudo  apt-get  nvidia-glx-177.80.22 ??? By the way I'm installing K 7.1 64 bit...11:30
dapper-danieli'm not sure about the .80.2211:31
dapper-danieltry both with .80.22 and if you get an error try without11:31
dmmainouI'll try 'sudo apt-get nvidia-glx-177'11:32
dapper-daniellooks good11:32
jussi01youll need an "install" in there...11:32
dapper-danielright apt-get install ...11:33
dmmainoucant find the package11:33
dmmainoufound it .....  sudo apt-get nvidia-glx-new11:34
dapper-danielso now to my problems with nividia:11:34
dmmainoudo I need to do anything else when it finishes?11:35
dapper-danielwhich drivers work with xen 3.3 and kernel
dapper-daniel180 an 96 give me just black screens11:35
dapper-danielcompiling works fine11:35
dapper-danieland i'm also able to load the module11:35
dapper-danielbut xorg then just shows a black screen11:36
dapper-danielany ideas?11:36
dmmainouyes ... same problem...11:37
dmmainouno ... If I install 8.1 it works briliantly but the bloody pvr I want to un only works in 7.1 at the moment.11:38
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dapper-danieldmmainou: whats your problem?11:40
=== ahox__ is now known as ahox
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dmmainouI want to install linuxmce which runs in 7.1 there is only an alpha version for 8.1.11:45
dmmainouI think I will try mythbuntu and try to install Asterisk in parallel.... but I don't knw if one will crash the other....11:46
dmmainoudon't have enough knowledge.11:46
dapper-danieland what does not work with the nividia drivers?11:46
dmmainouAsus p5n7a-vm when I install 7.1 I have a blank screen ... just cant boot unless it is in recovery mode.11:47
dmmainouthus trying to install the drivers from terminal11:48
dapper-danieldo you use "nivida" in /etc/X11/xorg11:48
dmmainouI've tried both alternate cd's (64 &32) and both live cd's .11:48
dmmainouI'm not sure what you mean....11:49
dapper-danielso you cant even install?11:49
jussi01dmmainou: linuxmce has different repositories than us, we dont support it.11:49
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate11:49
dmmainouok at this point in time I have NOT installed linuxmce11:49
dmmainouI'm just trying to install 7.111:50
dapper-danieland the live cd does not work right?11:50
dmmainouthe live cd works fine once I install it goes to a blank screen11:50
dapper-danielok ok11:50
dmmainouI presume it is the nvidia drivers....11:50
dapper-danielso you tried to install the nividia drivers11:51
dapper-danielyou have to change the config for X11:51
dmmainouyes through apt get and through compiling with no joy.11:51
dapper-danielthere is a section drivers11:51
dmmainouguys... 1 q.11:51
=== andres_ is now known as epica
=== epica is now known as andres__
dapper-danielI think the problem is just that you have to tell Xorg to use the drivers11:52
dapper-danielthats all11:52
dapper-danielhave you ever worked with nano (a small editor)?11:53
dmmainouok let me try to reboot the thing again...11:53
dapper-danielfirst you have to change the config!11:53
=== andres__ is now known as Moa
SlimeyPetethere's a script included in the nvidia-glx packages11:54
SlimeyPetenvidia-config or nvidia-setup IIRC11:54
=== Moa is now known as Minina
SlimeyPetethough in theory xorg should just auto-detect now11:54
SlimeyPete(on Intrepid)11:54
dapper-danieldmmainou: are you still here?11:55
dmmainouhi yes... the computers are on different rooms11:56
dapper-danielok so edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:56
dapper-danielsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:56
dmmainouwhat do I change there11:57
dapper-danielSection "DeviCE"11:57
dapper-danieldriver should be "nvidia"11:57
dapper-danielnot "nv" or "vesa"11:57
dapper-danielchange this and exit with Crtl+X11:58
dapper-danielsave changes Y11:58
dapper-danieland then just hit ENTER11:58
dmmainouok it does say nvidia11:59
dapper-danielit already did say nvidia?11:59
dapper-danielor did you changed it?11:59
dmmainouit already said... tried startx and said no screens found. could it be that it's sending the display to the HDMA/DVI port rather than the vga?12:00
juacom99can anyone please help me, i'm new to KDE 4 and a have a porblem12:01
dapper-danielcat /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:01
dapper-danieland seach for Errors (EE)12:01
dmmainou...failed to initialize Nvidia Kernel module...12:01
dapper-danielok what you can do to at least get Xorg running is change the driver to "nv"12:02
ubuntuhi all, can i boot the live cd from my hard?12:02
ubuntuwithout using cd12:03
dapper-danieldmmainou: something went wrong during the install12:04
=== ubuntu is now known as hayig2000
adrian_ubuntu and how do you want to do that?12:05
dmmainounothing seemed to go wrong on install12:05
dapper-danielok try sudo modbrobe nvidia12:05
dapper-danielmodprobe sorry12:05
dmmainouwell yes ... one of he nic cards was not recognized... but that's it12:05
hayig2000can i do that?12:05
dmmainoudone  no responce12:06
dapper-danieltry startx again12:06
dmmainoudone 1 error EE nodevices detected12:06
hayig2000changed my nickname12:06
dmmainouno screens founs12:06
dapper-danielare you sure you have a nvidia card?12:07
hayig2000adrian_, can i do that?12:07
dmmainouI think I'll pass on mce ... have you used mythbuntu?12:07
dapper-danielnope... i just installed mythtv on ubuntu12:08
adrian_hayig2000: well nope.12:09
dmmainouok .... can I run myth tv and asterisk at the same time without crashing each other?12:09
dmmainouI just want to manage my voip (been using trixbox) and my media in one box12:10
adrian_hayig2000: but... You might be interested in one thing. Brb let me look12:10
dapper-danielshould work i think12:10
adrian_hayig2000: VMware Workstation Google for it, might fit your needs instead of doing magic12:11
dapper-danielfor example i have xen mythtv samba and ftp server running on one server12:11
dmmainouI've been using ubuntu for 3 months thats it.... not very experienced.... I haven't turned on my vista machine in 3 months yeeeey12:11
hayig2000ok thanks for help12:11
dmmainouok that sounds lik me..... is it a server installation or a desktop plus packages.....12:12
juacom99can anyone please help me, i'm new to KDE 4 and a have a porblem12:12
juacom99i delet the kmenu panel12:12
jussi01juacom99: the whole panel? or just the kmenu?12:13
dmmainoujuacom99 ... right click add pannel12:13
juacom99the hole pannel12:13
juacom99i did that12:13
juacom99dmmainou but the panel i get is in the top up section of my screen12:14
juacom99and i can't get it down12:14
dmmainoudoesn't matter then add the widgets you want... and then dragg it to wherever you want12:15
dmmainouunlock it12:15
juacom99is undragable :S12:15
juacom99is unlockd12:15
hayig2000adrian_, i was thinking about copying the conteants of the live cd to my hard, then set the grub kernal and initrd commandss12:16
dmmainoudapper danniel> hey mate are there any weird things I should know to install mythtv?12:17
hayig2000i did that but it stops at : waiting for root system12:17
juacom99but stell i can't drag it12:17
adrian_hayig2000: why would you want to do that for? is it a cafe pc or so?12:17
hayig2000the cd is slower than hard12:18
morgan_nessuno italiano?12:18
hayig2000and i want to save my work if possible12:18
adrian_so you can't just install it normally on the drive?12:18
dmmainouadd your widgets and gett the k menu et all dragging it down is the smaller part12:18
hayig2000i can, but i am looking for the rescue system12:19
adrian_hayig2000: try then "rescue linux distros"12:19
socramsoy nuevo en el kubuntu este12:20
socrammerece la pena o me recomendais otro en base linuz12:20
hayig2000googe rescue linux distros?12:20
adrian_i did send you a link thous are distros12:21
adrian_that weights 10-20mb12:21
adrian_they load fast12:21
juacom99dmmainou: ok but i don't have a panel to add them to12:21
adrian_and have lots of tools12:21
dmmainousocram... ubuntu o kubuntu funcinonan a toda madre....12:21
dmmainoujuacom right click add panel... even if it shows in the top part12:21
adrian_you got it on your private12:22
juacom99i got a pannel in the top part12:23
hayig2000yes thanks12:23
juacom99woth all the widgets12:23
adrian_try googling for the resuce disc that fits your needs hayig200012:23
juacom99what next?12:23
socramgracias lo malo es para instalar el gamba me hago la picha un lio12:25
dmmainouno te entendi,,,,12:27
socrammañana pregunto que devo ir a trabajar12:27
juacom99dmmainou: hablas español O.o12:28
dmmainou perdon12:29
juacom99ja ja ja y yo hablandote en ingles XD12:29
dmmainouno importa clickderacho add pannel12:29
dmmainouaunque este arriva agregale los widgets que necesits....12:30
juacom99si eso ya esta echo12:31
dmmainouluego vez como le haces para arrastrarlo....12:31
juacom99ese es el porblema12:31
juacom99todo eso que me dices lo tengo echo desde ayer12:31
juacom99pero no logro arastrarla12:31
dmmainouok pannel settings12:32
dmmainouright click pannel settings12:32
dmmainouse va a hacer grande...12:32
=== selcuk is now known as selcuk_
dmmainouluego cierras los settings12:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.12:33
juacom99ok ya pruebo12:33
dmmainougracias ubott.... gracias por eso..... solo salio que los dos hablebamos espanol....12:34
dmmainouhappy to talk english12:34
AdolaThis is an english channel12:34
Dr_willisubottu,  is a bot. :)12:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is a bot. :)12:34
HellowAnd you /really/ think that spanish-speaking people are going to understand us saying "This is an english channel"?12:35
Dr_willisHellow,  they seem to assume often that when i say ' No Hoblo'  that i CAN speak spanish......12:35
AdolaNo, but someone knew.  This is not a general discussion channel >.> Use #kubuntu-offtopic for that :)12:36
ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:37
dmmainoumate .... live in Oz these days a bit of spanglish once a blue moon should be ok.... its K related...12:37
dmmainouanyway have mooved the conv to a private channel12:37
cjaehow come I can't install opera12:42
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser12:43
ActionParsnipcjae: opera rocks in ubuntu12:43
cjae  its not listed anywhere in adept and cannot insall from command line either12:44
Dr_willisOpera i in the 3rd party/assoicates repository12:44
Dr_willisor go get it from the oprea web site12:44
wesley_ive created a live usb, but i get boot error, someone knows how to solve this ?12:44
Dr_willis## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from Canonical's12:45
Dr_willis## 'partner' repository. This software is not part of Ubuntu, but is12:45
Dr_willisPartner repos have Opra - i belive. :)12:45
cjaewell I would like to keep my kde install as gnome free as possible that's why I am opting for opera over firefox12:45
Dr_williswesley_,  it will totally depend on the error12:45
Dr_willisI finmd theres too many good gnome and kde apps to Limit myself to one or the other.12:46
ActionParsnipcjae: i just find it a better browser than firefox, its a shame loads of websites dont like it12:47
ActionParsnipcjae: you could always install firepup, it runs in its own little folder and is snappy and doesnt need the gnome rubbish12:47
wesley_Dr_willis, the error says :Boot error12:47
juacom99is there any web to download more widgets for kde 4?12:48
Dr_williswesley_,  sounds like the boot loader is either not installed right.. or confogured right..  thtas just one step beyond an error message saying "its broke' :)12:48
wesley_strange, either way, gues should try create a live usb from a ubuntu live cd, because i cant believe the memory stick is broken12:49
cjaeis it because I have  kde 4.2 that opera is not availiable because I  have had all the repo's enabled for wuite some time12:50
wesley_ive being creating them with usb-creator, worked, but till my little brother had the stick i needed to recreate it12:50
cjaehow do I make irc text bigger in konversation12:51
Dr_williswesley_,  some times it can be an annoyance gettting the usb sticks bootable .12:51
Dr_williswesley_,  you may want to tyr the 'unetbootin' tool also12:52
wesley_should see what that does12:52
Dr_willisI built my own '4 disrto' bootable thumb drive the other day. :) Ive learned a lot about syslinux12:53
Dr_willisbut im not sure what tool to boot the ubuntu boot usb thing uses.12:53
Dr_willisYOu coul try manually setting up syslinux on the thumbdrive12:53
ActionParsnip!usb | wesley_12:53
ubottuwesley_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:53
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
wesley_Dr_willis the strange thing is, ive used with succes usb-creator12:54
Dr_williswesley_,  so have i  and often the issue is getting the thumbdrive bootable the first time12:54
juacom99cjae: get in Preferences->Konversation configuration12:54
Dr_willisIve had to manually run syslinux on a few of them after using that tool12:54
juacom99cjae: go to font type12:54
juacom99the firs one is the chat text12:55
juacom99click in de checkbox12:55
juacom99and click on the button12:55
wesley_Dr_willis, i should try that to, because i need a live usb12:56
Dr_willisUsage: syslinux [-sfr][-d directory][-o offset] device12:57
cjaejuacom99: thanks kindly12:57
ActionParsnipcjae: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?t=274713:01
ActionParsnipoops wrong channel13:02
cjaehe he13:03
RurouniJonesOO USER! GET IM!13:03
* RurouniJones grabs pitchforks and flaming torches13:03
cjaeRurouniJones: what wrong with OO13:03
Dr_willistoo many o's13:04
RurouniJonesNothing, I just felt that since ActionParsnip appeared to have a moment of weakness we should capitalise13:04
cjaebesides having to agree to some crappy licence terms, I love that Sun is destrying MS cash cow13:04
Dr_willisthe "We still havent learned our lesson about annoying EULA  Elua" :)13:05
RurouniJonesI have also heard horror stories from the deep regarding the OOo codebase but I choose to remain in blissful ignorance13:05
Dr_willisAparently kde4 and OOoo3 has issues. :)13:06
ActionParsnipRurouniJones: huh?13:06
RurouniJonesNothing, just using you as comedy foil for my award winning routine *cough*13:07
Dr_willis"Its the ActionParsnip  and RurouniJones  Show!"13:07
RurouniJonesWell when there (unusuall) no people screaming for help we gotta pass the time somehow13:08
RurouniJonesand god knows I don't do it by doing my homework13:08
ActionParsnipoh thats cool B)13:08
* ActionParsnip passes an award for "best comedy ever" to RurouniJones13:08
wesley_Dr_willes the usb stick got to flags: boot and lba13:09
Dr_williswesley_,  and is it using syslinux or grub to boot?13:09
wesley_there are syslinux maps13:10
Dr_willischeck that syslinux.cfg exists and try reinztalling syslinux on the thing13:10
Dr_willisUsage: sudo syslinux  /dev/device13:11
wesley_does it install it then?13:11
Dr_willisthat will make sure syslinux is installed13:11
Dr_willisyour error 'Boot Error' sort of tells me that some how theres nobootloader on the device13:12
wesley_can be, i almost bought a new usb stick from 16 gb for 20 euro, but i though i should fix that 1 gb thing13:13
juacom99someone knows some web where i can download widgets for kde 4?13:15
Dr_williskde-look.org would be first place i would look13:16
juacom99i already look there13:16
juacom99but ther's so few :S13:16
Dr_willisthen i guess its to the GOOGLE...13:16
juacom99i google too13:16
Dr_willisIm not suprised that thers  so few13:16
juacom99is not that new :S13:17
juacom99hi DexterF13:17
Dr_willisBecaus ekde4 is very much  'new' and  a work in progress13:17
DexterFneed debug symbols for kmail. what do i need to install?13:17
juacom99it got like 4 month now dosn't it?13:18
Dr_willisand 4 mo is still 'new'13:19
juacom99well yes..13:20
deiabom dia a todos13:41
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spiders13:54
bluI'm lookin' for yes man13:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about roaches13:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bored13:57
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde413:58
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shadowhywindhay all, having an issue. When ever i have kaffiene try to open anything (avi,mkv,mp3) it closes. Nothing gets reported on the console14:12
ActionParsnipshadowhywind: does it happen with other media players?14:17
demarcohelp. i run ubuntu 8.10 and my ATI Radeon 9600 will not recognize. Stuck in 800x60014:24
shadowhywindActionParsnip: mplayer seams to play ok, I think i might know the issue, my user was not part of the video group14:28
ActionParsnipshadowhywind: hmm, strange how you didnt get any permission errors in terminal when you launched it there14:29
demarcois there a command to default your video settings?14:39
wesley_Dr_willes still here ?14:42
ActionParsnipdemarco: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:50
ActionParsnipdemarco: use that to default the x server settings ( mouse, keyboard, display )14:51
demarcoback. running your suggestion14:56
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DaSkreech!ru  | ubuntu15:02
ubottuubuntu: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:02
jussi01!gr | ubuntu15:02
ubottuubuntu: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes15:02
jussi01hostmask DaSkreech :D15:03
DaSkreechI just woke up give me a break15:03
* DaSkreech mumbles and goes for breakfast15:04
demarcoActionParsnip: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" only handles my keyboard on its menu screens15:05
demarcoActionParsnip: is there a more specific command to target video?15:06
ActionParsnipdemarco: that command will default the video driver and settings too15:08
=== bernhard is now known as Raylz
demarcoActionParsnip: should i restart to see the change?15:10
khalidmiancan one get kubuntu jaunty via adept?15:10
khalidmianor sudo?15:10
khalidmianor does one have to dl the iso and burn it to dvd/cd and reinstall kubuntu15:13
ActionParsnipdemarco: might help15:14
ActionParsnip!jaunty | khalidmian15:14
ubottukhalidmian: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.15:14
khalidmianubottu: do u recommend installing jaunty ? after all im in intrepid ibex which is not a LTS15:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelligence15:17
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=== luisvejar_ is now known as luisvejar
tyler_d1so I created a directory /media/SHARE on the client machine, and installed sshfs on the host machine. When I do sshfs user@host:/path/to/mount /media/SHARE on the client machine I am unable to browse to this share ??15:25
DaSkreechtyler_d1: huh?15:29
blahjaketyler_d1: are you running sshfs with sudo?15:29
blahjaketyler_d1: if so, try adding: -o allow_others=true15:30
luis__hello guys good morning15:31
luis__ i like to ask for your help, i got a pc del pentium III is old, anyway, the thing is that it was working just fine but now everytime i turn it on appears this: Memory write/read failure at 097E5008, read 7917EA5 expecting 7E917E91 Decreasing available memory Diskette drive 1 seek failure Primary hard disk drive 1 not found Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility15:44
luis__and if i hit F1 nothing happens15:44
afeijohey guys15:44
afeijohow can I disable a user thru shell?15:44
luis__can somebody help me pls???15:44
DaSkreechluis__: This is before boot up?15:46
DaSkreechafeijo: disable the password?15:46
luis__no this is when i boot up15:46
afeijoDaSkreech: yes15:46
luis__never get to see nythng but that15:46
luis__it was ook but suddendly happens this i just cant turn it on15:47
luis__because of this15:47
gorgonzolahello all, how can i install a package for jaunty in intrepid?15:47
afeijoDaSkreech: usermod -L [user]?15:47
DaSkreechluis__: I meant is this at the BIOS screen or after Grub15:48
luis__i guess after grub15:48
DaSkreechafeijo: That will do it15:48
DaSkreechluis__: ok then use a live CD and run a memory check sounds like you RAM is getting testy15:49
blahjakeluis__: that has to be your BIOS, it says hard drive not found15:49
luis__i am sorry something things i dont get but this happens when i press power button it appears Dell and that stuff form the manufacturer and after that appears all that15:49
luis__the thing is that i already place a live cd but it just stay there15:50
gorgonzolawhat is the preferred method i i want to install a pckage for jaunty in intrepid?15:50
Raylzany kde 4.2rc packages that are patched to this day available?15:54
Raylzmy packages from the rc version has not been patched since the release15:54
luis__DaSkreech i put the live cd again after awhile those phrases again so i hit F1 and it appear something weird, cursor is on left top on the screen and down the screen i got this: BUG: Int 14: CR2 ffffb0f0 EDI 00000 ebx 00000046 err 00000000  Stack: c011410e...15:57
blahjakeluis__: does it have multiple physical sticks of RAM?15:57
DaSkreechluis__: You are set to boot from CD ?15:58
blahjakeluis__: try booting with only one in, if it fails, try with just the other15:58
zomboris kubuntu set up to connect to SMB shares with the default install? I don't see "Connect to server..." under the Places menu?15:58
luis__it work16:00
luis__THANKS A LOT GUYS16:00
luis__BI IT DIDT16:00
Raylzblahjake: nice work decrypting kernel msges^^16:01
lawihi guys, anyone worked with aspeditor on mono?16:04
=== adam is now known as Adola
semistud2354can anyone tell me whats the deal with amarok with mysql 5.116:09
=== lawi is now known as fleet
=== fleet is now known as HighRider
Raylzsemistud2354: u shouldnt use mysql 5.1 since its unstable16:10
adrian_hmmmm Can i connect throwards "Telnet" into a Windows XP machine ? (using Kubuntu console)16:11
Raylzsemistud2354: for more infos i recommend #amarok ;)16:11
gorgonzolaHow can i install the jaunty version of a package under intrepid?16:13
demarcohelp. tried to update my video drivers and am stuck in 800x600hell. keeps showing a display error at the startup of ubuntu. How can i solve this issue?16:14
gorgonzolademarco: are the correct modes set in xorg.conf?16:16
johannes_i ahve got weird graphic probs with the intel gma x3100 on kubuntu 8.1016:16
demarcogorgonzola: how can i check?16:16
gorgonzolademarco are yuo sure the kernel is loading your desired driver?16:16
johannes_eg screen bright ness flickering and changing when i type16:16
johannes_strokes in xfce16:17
gorgonzolademarco what card yuo ahve?16:17
johannes_could any body help?16:17
demarcogorgonzola: no. i am novice to linux16:17
demarcogorgonzola: ati radeon 960016:17
gorgonzolacan you open a terminal?16:17
demarcoits open now16:17
gorgonzolatype fglrxinfo16:18
gorgonzolademarco, what did fglrxinfo say?16:18
demarcogorgonzola: X Error of failed requestL BadRequest (invalid request code or no such oper...)16:19
gorgonzolai'm affradi that's above me :(16:19
gorgonzolahave you beeen able to start X?16:20
gorgonzolaie, do you have a graphical environment?16:20
demarcoi have a user interface similar to safemode on windows. stuck at 800x60016:20
johannes_hello? andy body into graphics, drivers?16:20
jillsmitthttp://img150.imageshack.us/my.php?image=76039647pv6.jpg - why?16:21
gorgonzolaok, seems yuor system is not using the correct driver16:21
gorgonzolaand it has reverted to mesa drivers.16:21
jillsmittgorgonzola: driver from the disk16:21
demarcowhat do you suggest16:21
jillsmittgorgonzola: when i use compixe artefacts gone, but i dont need compiz16:22
gorgonzolais this a first time install?16:22
jillsmittno of course16:22
gorgonzoladid you have the fglrx driver wroking before?16:22
gorgonzolasorry, that's for demarco :P16:23
demarcooriginally. yes16:23
jillsmittgorgonzola: i dont know, but how can i check it?16:23
demarcotried to install drivers. i know things have gone awry since16:23
gorgonzolademarco: i have a radeon card, and i have had a lot of trouble in the past setting it up, but that *should* have been fixed...16:24
DaSkreechadrian_: try telnet16:24
gorgonzolademarco: i could give you some pointer on how to fix it, but the optimal solution would to get kubuntu to install and use the correct driver. since i have not have to deal with that in a long time, my advive might no be up to date...16:25
gorgonzolafglrxinfo is an app that comes with fglrx.16:25
demarcolocated in synaptic package?16:25
gorgonzolaif it throws that error, most likley fglrx is not properly installed, or is not being loaded correcrtly16:25
FrozenballIs Kubuntu stable?16:25
adrian_DaSkreech: yeah i tryed /Telnet o [ip]16:26
adrian_but it's like dead16:26
RaylzFrozenball: debian stable?16:26
Frozenballusable stable16:26
DaSkreechadrian_: Know the port?16:26
RaylzFrozenball: yes16:26
DaSkreech hi jono16:26
adrian_mhmmmm the port should be 23 always16:26
FrozenballI have heard it uses KDE 4.x, is this correct?16:26
RaylzFrozenball: jep, it uses 4.1.4 but tomorrow 4.2 packges will be released16:27
Raylzso you can upgrade16:27
demarcoi will format then :/16:27
Raylzi hope so :)16:27
demarcothank you for your help16:27
demarcodo you know what version of ubuntu has best graphical support?16:27
gorgonzolademardco: wll, that should not be necesary.16:27
gorgonzolai'm on intrepid and have had no issues...16:28
RaylzFrozenball: im using 4.2rc packages and it runs rly well16:28
jonohey DaSkreech :)16:28
gorgonzolademarco: and in any case, solving this is not really hard...16:28
demarcoim on ubuntu 8.1016:28
DaSkreechhow are you jono?16:28
Tm_Tjono bono!16:28
* Tm_T hides16:28
jonoDaSkreech, last time I checked :)16:28
gorgonzolademarco: and you did not get any message from the restricted drivers maanger?16:28
demarcocan i pm u gorgonzola?16:29
=== adam is now known as Adola
demarcocan i pm u gorgonzola?16:32
gorgonzolademarco: yes16:32
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
nahyi need to open file manager as root. i type kdesudo but it show nothing but an error thingy????!!!!16:35
mefisto__about 3 times out of 10, boot process halts completely when kdm should start. I get a black screen and cannot switch to virtual terminal. I've tried many xorg.conf configs, with the same result, unless I don't load ati flgrx driver or do something that disables direct rendering (eg vesa driver or booting an older kernel that doesn't fully work with the fglrx driver) Any thoughts?16:36
nahyi need to open file manager as root. i type kdesudo but it show nothing but an error thingy????!!!! am i mistyping something?16:37
mefisto__nahy: well, what are you typing?16:37
nahyi type kdesudo16:38
mefisto__nahy: you're leaving out the file manager. eg kdesudo konqueror  or  kdesudo dolphin16:38
nahyOK thank you16:39
=== vancorte is now known as bipbiip
vbgunzI always get a launch error when trying to open ktorrent through a torrent file... something about ktorrent could not be launched (but it launches just fine)16:43
vbgunzanyone know why ktorrent always yields this error?16:43
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)16:45
SiVA_how do I install the 4.2 stuff?16:52
bazhangSiVA_, the RC?16:53
SiVA_bazhang: yes16:54
bazhangSiVA_, check the /topic here16:55
manarehi, i'm running intrepid amd64 + nvidia. After some updates a couple of days ago, desktop effects stop working and kde says I dont have composite and damage ext. xdpyinfo says I have. any help?16:55
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=== Maniac is now known as Guest15126
familiaalguien me lee??17:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:03
familiaalguien por ahi???17:06
bazhangfamilia, /join #ubuntu-es17:07
familiaanecesito hacer una consulta...17:07
bazhangfamilia, english here17:09
familiaok ok17:10
familiai understand17:10
mefisto__about 3 times out of 10, boot process halts completely when kdm should start. I get a black screen and cannot switch to virtual terminal. I've tried many xorg.conf configs, with the same result, unless I don't load ati flgrx driver or do something that disables direct rendering (eg vesa driver or booting an older kernel that doesn't fully work with the fglrx driver) Any thoughts?17:21
mefisto__um no, I mean 3 times out of 10 I will successfully boot. 7 out of 10 fails when X starts17:22
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=== shadeslayer is now known as solebum
=== erling is now known as wrez
FuriousGeorgehey all17:25
FuriousGeorgesomething terrible has happened to my ability to fetch updates from repos17:25
FuriousGeorgei keep getting stuff like:   99% [3 Translation-en_US bzip2 0] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers]bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.17:26
mefisto__FuriousGeorge: have you tried different download mirrors?17:27
DaSkreechAnyone good at backtraces?17:28
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: i have not17:30
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: /etc/apt/sources.list?17:31
mefisto__FuriousGeorge: it will save some typing if you just do it with the gui: kdesudo software-properties-kde17:32
mefisto__FuriousGeorge: and there's a list of servers to choose from17:32
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: im ssh'ed in and x-tunneling seems not to work17:33
mefisto__FuriousGeorge: ok, maybe edit sources.list, taking out "us" from us.archive.ubuntu.com17:34
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: i have a content filter in place that blocks communication on port80...  you think that could be the cause?17:35
mefisto__FuriousGeorge: if I'm not mistaken, port 80 is http requests, so yeah that is probably it17:37
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: you're not mistaken17:38
spot_Hi! Is there anyone here there can tell me if it's possible to enable "The Cube" in Kubuntu 8.10?17:40
spot_Man kan måske sagtens skrive på dansk i denne kanal?17:41
JontheEchidnaspot_: If you install KDE 4.2 you will have a Desktop Cube effect17:42
marcel_what packages i must to install for a good java ... ??17:43
Mamarok!dk | spot_17:43
ubottuspot_: For at få dansksproget support til Ubuntu, bedes du venligst gå til #ubuntu-dk. I denne kanal forefindes kun engelsksproget support.17:43
=== mits is now known as mitsarionas
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: that fixed it17:47
mefisto__FuriousGeorge: opening port 80?17:47
raidenovichcan i display a x desktop with ssh?17:48
surgyim using kde 4.1 and my kde menu stopped working17:48
raidenovichor can i just use the terminal17:48
FuriousGeorgemefisto__: yeah, well, technically i put the ltsp-server on the exception ip list...  i assume the ltsp clients will still be blocked17:49
spot_Sorry for talking danish! :-)17:49
surgycan anyone help me?17:50
mefisto__spot_: cube is possible in 8.04, so I'm sure it will work in 8.1017:50
surgywhat is the command to start the kde menu? and why would it crash?17:50
ActionParsnipsup dudes17:51
surgyand kdesu doesnt work anymore?17:51
FuriousGeorgeahh, shoot.  i need java 1.6.1 and its not available...17:51
ActionParsnipis there an email client that can store emails from an account on the local system from a google account (webmail spec) but has a web interface for send / reading etc etc17:51
marcel_how can i get java, please... ?17:52
ActionParsnipso the emails are pulled down in the normal way (polling every now and again) but i'd love a web interface to teh stored mails, is that possible17:52
tobormarcel_: did you try apt-get install java?17:52
ActionParsnipmarcel_: if you are running 64bit ubuntu, use icedtea17:53
ActionParsnip!java | marcel_17:53
ubottumarcel_: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper17:53
mefisto__ActionParsnip: so a mail client that does gmail?17:53
marcel_thank you...17:53
marcel_sun java is better then others ?17:54
surgyumm im having a few problems with kde 4, the screen flickers sometimes, and my kde menu dissapeared.....17:54
surgyok.... well will someone please tell me the terminal command to start the kde menu..17:55
mefisto__surgy: kde4?17:55
surgymefisto__: yes17:56
FuriousGeorgelooks like java 6.10 has been available for a while...  is it safe to say that it is never coming to kubuntu-8.0.4?17:56
mefisto__surgy: you need to add a widget to the panel. I think you right-click (and unlock if it's locked) and then, add widgets17:57
surgyiok i got it17:57
surgyapp luancher17:57
ActionParsnipmefisto__: kinda but the files storing the emails to be accessed via a web interface17:57
surgyok thnx17:57
surgymefisto__: also my screen seams to gitter every few seconds, any ideas as to what that could be?17:57
mefisto__ActionParsnip: so you don't want the emails stored locally at all?17:58
ActionParsnipmefisto__: like thunderbird makes msf files for the account but i wanna access the files via web etc17:58
surgyhow do you move an icon on the taskbar in kde4?17:58
ActionParsnipmefisto__: theyd be stored on a central box polling the account for new emails17:58
ActionParsnipmefisto__: doesnt have to be thunderbird, i dont mind changing email app17:58
ActionParsnipsurgy: right click plasma, unlock icons, then drag them wherever17:59
mefisto__ActionParsnip: sorry, not following you. but you know thunderbird can do gmail, right?18:00
surgyActionParsnip: its not locked and not letting me drag anywhere....18:00
ActionParsnipmefisto__: ok i'll break it down18:00
ActionParsnipmefisto__: you have a webmail account and it is being accessed by your chosen email app (kmail, thunderbird, whatever)18:00
ActionParsnipmefisto__: the emails are downloaded and put into the inbox storage file in some way and read by the client and displayed and all that fluff (normal email client stuff)18:01
mefisto__ActionParsnip: I think I got you now. you want those downloaded mails to be accessible over the web on other machines18:02
ActionParsnipmefisto__: now, if I'm on another system and want access to those files18:02
ActionParsnipmefisto__: exactly18:02
ActionParsnipmefisto__: if there is a different client then i'm willing to change18:02
mefisto__ActionParsnip: but you could get to the same mails by just using a browser, no?18:02
ActionParsnipmefisto__: i'd have my system removing the mail off the server18:03
ActionParsnipmefisto__: i could forward x but i kinda want it available any place18:04
mefisto__ActionParsnip: I use thunderbird with gmail, and both tb and gmail web interface are in sync and have the same mails18:04
ActionParsnipmefisto__: how can i enable the tb web interface?18:06
=== solebum is now known as shadeslayer
surgyumm kde 4 kindof sucks18:09
surgyi mean its nice but nothing works right at all18:09
ActionParsnipsurgy: its not for everyone18:10
ActionParsnipsurgy: i use kde4 but not kwin4 :)18:10
surgyActionParsnip: if i could just fix a few of the big problems im having i would love it18:10
ActionParsnipsurgy: sounds like you have a project18:10
Pconfigsurgy: have you looked at 4.2 beta?18:10
surgyPconfig: no and if 4.1 isnt close to stable than im not even going to consider 4.218:11
Pconfig4.2 is way better18:11
Pconfigand will be released tomorrow18:11
ActionParsnipi'll get t tomorrow but fluxbox will stil reign supreme18:12
venik212WHen I copy a large file from one place to another, I get a small window that shows the tranfer, but in a few seconds the window closes, and (although the transfer seems to continue) I lose the ability to see the progress of the transfer.  WHat is going on?  KDE 1.41, Kubuntu 8.1018:12
surgynothing works right, i mean i cant move widgets around on the task bar, the screen gitters..... and every time i try to make the taskbar a bit smaller it cuts the icons in half, so i make it a bit bigger and half of my icons dissapear18:12
x_linkkubuntu-kde4-desktop, will KDE4 be installed if I install that file?18:12
venik212using the proprietary nvidia driver (1.80)18:13
surgyPconfig:  is that an oficial stable release tommorow?18:13
Pconfigsurgy: alot of improvement has been made on the icon tray and plasma in general18:13
Pconfigsurgy: if everything goes as planned.. yes18:13
Pconfigit's already been tagged so18:13
ActionParsnipx_link: looks like it, yes18:13
surgyPconfig: and it will be in the repos, so i can use adept to upgrade right?18:13
ActionParsnipx_link: i'm guessing you are using hardy: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-To-Install-KDE-4-1-On-Ubuntu-8-04-91034.shtml18:14
x_linkActionParsnip: Alright, thanks.18:14
x_linkActionParsnip: Yes, I use Hardy cause I don't like KDE4.18:14
Pconfigvenik212: some computer icon should show up in your icon tray, if you click on it, theb bar will appear again18:14
x_linkBut I still want to try it out all the time hehe18:14
Pconfigsurgy: you may need to add an alternate ppa repository18:14
Pconfigsurgy: no idea if it will officialy get backported18:15
venik212pconfig-- I agree that it SHOULD appear, but I do not see it...18:15
surgyPconfig: i downloaded this cd image from the kubuntu website, and i gotta say im dissapointed, badly18:15
ActionParsnipx_link: you can always uninstall it18:15
mefisto__ActionParsnip: in tb, just create a new account, and choose gmail. the server and port stuff is explained at google's gmail help. In fact I think they walk you through setting it up in thunderbird and other clients18:15
x_linkActionParsnip: Yeah I know.18:16
x_linkActionParsnip: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main so that's the repo that I need and then "sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop-kde418:16
Pconfigsurgy: same thing for me. I didn't use kde 4.1 but when i started tested 4.2 i went for it. I'm using it as my main DE18:16
surgyPconfig: do you know the repo that i will need?18:16
x_linkActionParsnip: I mean kubuntu-kde4-desktop18:16
ActionParsnipmefisto__: i have the account setup, i just want to access the email files on my system from another via web interface18:16
Pconfigvenik212: no extra icons?18:16
mefisto__ActionParsnip: I've set mine up using imap, rather than pop mail18:16
venik212none that I can see18:16
surgyand kmix crashed...18:17
Pconfigsurgy: it will appear on the kubuntu site tomorrow or the day after most likely18:17
Pconfigit's say, try that one out, it works very good for me18:17
Pconfigi'd say*18:17
mefisto__ActionParsnip: yes but the mails on your system will be the same as in the gmail browser interface. your tb and the gmail account will have the same content. that acheives what you want doesn't it?18:18
surgyPconfig:  i would have thought they would tell us the repo before it was actually released so we could add it to adept and have an automated update18:18
venik212in general, I find KDE 1.4 to be a nice looking interface, with many broken features18:19
ActionParsnipmefisto__: i have my system removing the files from the server18:19
x_linkvenik212: I think KDE 3.5.10 looks better ;D18:19
jussi01surgy: there is a experimental repo, but its just that, it has the RC1 in it. BUT it is experimental only...18:19
Pconfigsurgy: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc118:19
venik212it certainly seems to work better.... fewer broken things18:19
surgywill that be the same repo they use for the official release tommorow?18:20
Pconfigprobably not, as it says experimental18:20
surgythe big "but" in opensource rears its ugly head18:23
venik212pconfig-- found the icon, but the transfer had stopped18:23
venik212and now the icon is gone... I must have clicked on one of those silly side buttons18:24
Pconfigvenik212: if the transfer is done for a few seconds it disappears18:24
venik212The transfer crashed-- was NOT finished18:24
venik212how do I see ALL the icons in that tray?18:25
Pconfighm? i see them all all the time actually18:25
x_linkActionParsnip: I installed it with synaptic now, I hope it will work.18:26
ActionParsnipx_link: you will have to log off, select the new DE then log on18:29
bmungerwhat command can i use in crontab to set the computer to sleep?  i tried /etc/acpi/sleep.sh but it just makes the system freeze to the point it wont return18:29
x_linkActionParsnip: Yeah I know, I will try it soon =)18:30
Pconfigbmunger: take a look at apmd18:31
bmungeralright thanks18:32
Stalker72How do I auto-align and/or auto-arrange icons at my desktop?18:34
bmungerPconfig: no kernel support for it18:34
filenoxhello, i'm a moderator at a forum, and some people have reported that they can't use the live-cd, because i don't automaticly logs in, can somebody give me some login-data please ?18:34
filenoxkubuntu 8.10 btw18:34
FuriousGeorgeshould i uninstall sun-java-6 from hardy before attempting to install the .deb from intrepid?18:35
Pconfigbmunger, does the sleep function in your menu work?18:36
=== iago_ is now known as Elloc
EllocAnybody know how to install FrostWire ?18:36
filenoxthere is a .deb for18:36
filenoxbut you need java18:36
Ellocbut when i run it18:37
Ellocnothing happens =/18:37
Ellocand i install Java too18:37
bmungerPconfig: the sleep function when i close the laptop lid works just fine18:38
Pconfighm, if it doesn't use apmd it should use the sleep.sh no idea then sorry18:39
x_linkSo KDe 4.2 will be released tomorrow =)18:39
trojkolkawhat is the average time that a package gets published to show up on your updates...18:40
bmungerwhy is it when i cron ifconfig eth0 down, it stays down for about 30 sec then comes back18:40
trojkolkai dont have a desktop18:40
Stalker72How do I auto-align and/or auto-arrange icons in Kubuntu?18:40
mefisto__do we know when kubuntu will have 4.2 in official repos?18:40
trojkolkakde-workspace is not on same version number as libplasma3... i just saw the 4.4.2 workspace package has been released 30 minutes ago18:41
trojkolkathat would fix my issue of not having a desktop18:41
trojkolkabut when can i expect it to show up in my updates when it is released just a couple minutes ago18:41
filenoxdoes somebody know why kubuntu doesn't automaticly login on the LIVE-cd ?18:41
x_linkDoes anybody here know if it's possible to make KDE4 to just like KDE 3.5.10?18:42
The_Rebelhow do i get multiple X sessios working with KDE 4?18:43
The_Rebeli am using the restricted nvidia drivers18:44
The_Rebelall i get is an X cursor on the second display18:44
The_Rebelno KDE desktop18:44
blahjakeThe_Rebel: are you using Switch User or something else?18:45
The_Rebeli have two displays hooked up.. usually i get two desktops with this configuration18:46
PconfigThe_Rebel: any reason why you want seperate xsessions?18:47
x_linkDoes nobody know?18:47
The_Rebeli get less tearing with two displays + compiz18:47
blahjakesounds like he didn't actually mean sessions18:47
bazhangx_link look exactly the same?18:48
The_Rebelyes i mean sessions18:48
ActionParsnipmefisto__: do you think squirrelmail will support gmail?18:48
x_linkbazhang: Yes, or atleast pretty much the same.18:48
The_Rebeli saw an option to configure each output with the opensource nv driver18:48
PconfigThe_Rebel: last time i checked, it wasn't supported yet by kde4 as there was no maintainer of the multiple monitor module at the moment18:48
bazhangx_link I would doubt that in the extreme18:49
PconfigThe_Rebel: twinview works just as good for me18:49
mefisto__ActionParsnip: don't know anything about squirrelmail18:50
ActionParsnipok man, i'll let you know how it flys18:50
x_linkbazhang: Alright.18:53
bazhangx_link, if you want 3.5.10, need to use hardy afaik18:55
x_linkbazhang: I know, but I just want it to look like KDE3.18:57
x_linkI'm not a big fan of KDE4.18:57
x_linkBut I guess I can try to change the look as much as I can18:57
bazhangperhaps check kde-look.org18:57
mefisto__what I don't like about kde4 is how chunky it looks, you know?18:58
kalphello ppl19:00
irannakedfrom being born on windos and switching to linux, i likey!!19:01
kalpi got a prob guys19:02
kalpcant detect wireless networks19:02
kalpcan any1 help19:02
irannakedi might be able to19:03
irannakedyou right click on the network in the "start menu" and enable wireless?19:03
kalpthere is no start menu in kubuntu!!19:05
kalpi see network services option in it19:06
mefisto__this has always bugged me: why doesn't the kmenu icon use the kubuntu logo instead of the default kde K?19:06
SiVA_kde 4.2 is much better19:07
xiongi'm angry and frustrated; i can't seem to get anything done19:07
mefisto__is there somewhere on kubuntu.org like a wishlist, where you can make suggestions?19:07
xiongtrivial tasks require extensive research and experiment19:08
irannakedtry having 160 gb's or movies gameas and tv shows deleted due to installing ubuntu19:08
irannakedthat blows19:08
xiongintermediate-level tasks, i'm unable to succeed with at all19:08
xiongand never mind actually getting any work done19:08
xiongwhat am i doing wrong? where do i begin? how can i unravel this system?19:08
irannakedwork??? getting work done?? i cant even look up my colleges class' :(19:09
irannakedsystem> admin> network tools19:09
irannakedcheck there19:09
irannakedyou see a wireless interface listed?19:10
xiongi read this discussion of klipper19:11
xiongi don't understand the point19:11
xiongwhy would i want to think about the clipboard??19:12
irannakedcopy and paste?19:12
xiongyeh, i don't think of copy and paste as related to a specific applet19:13
mefisto__what's to think about? click the icon, there's a list of things you've copied recently19:13
irannakedyeah right. it should be applied to everything19:13
irannakedcopy and paste a url19:13
xiongrather, it's a method of dealing with stuff that cuts across all tools19:13
irannakedsmall text19:13
irannakedwhy couldnt bill gates make linux?19:13
xiongi'm really having a tough time filtering out the noise from the meat19:13
SiVA_hrm... spoke too soon. Looks like NetBeans now crashes intermittently... so much for my 4.2 upgrade19:14
kalpi dont see anthing in network settings19:14
xiongplease tell me why it is so tough to configure the K menu19:14
xiongor is there a simpler replacement?19:15
irannakedbecause you diddnt read their 22423423 page manual on how to work the OS19:15
irannakedmy best guess19:15
=== rob is now known as Guest84832
xiongi'm really struggling with these mans19:16
xiongam i using the wrong distro?19:16
irannakedwhat are you loged into now and typing on?19:16
SiVA_how do I edit the menu in kde 4.219:16
pindais it just me, or is plasma in jaunty completely broken atm? (crashes directly after start)19:16
xiongsiva that is exactly my question19:17
SiVA_oh.. hehe19:17
xiongi find that if i right-click, i come up on a box where i can crudely add items19:17
xiongbut it's just all so wonky19:17
x_linkActionParsnip: Now I'm in KDE4. ;D19:17
mefisto__right-click the K, there's a menu editor, no?19:17
irannakedfreaking codes19:17
JontheEchidnapinda: kde4libs 4.2.0 got uploaded, but the rest of 4.2.0 hasn't built yet19:17
xiongwhat i want to do is open the menu up, like a folder, and drag stuff around19:17
JontheEchidnaand pimlibs got uploaded, but kdebase-workspace hasn't built19:17
xiongi can't figure out how to create a symbolic link either19:18
pindaJontheEchidna: ah, so that should hit the repos shortly?19:18
irannakedget intrepid19:18
irannakednot jaunty19:18
xiong"alias" in my tongue19:18
trojkolkakdebase has been published an hour ago19:18
trojkolkadoesnt show up in updates just yet19:18
JontheEchidnapinda: dunno, the X guys decided to break X in the middle of our KDE upload :/19:18
trojkolka-workspace i mean19:18
mefisto__xiong: calm down. it's not good for your health19:18
pindaJontheEchidna: that sounds like fun ;)19:19
JontheEchidnamaking certain header packages uninstallable19:19
SiVA_well... back to regular ubuntu.19:19
JontheEchidnamaking KDE packages fail to build19:19
=== shadeslayer is now known as solebum
pindaJontheEchidna: good luck fixing that.19:20
JontheEchidnayeah.... thanks19:20
trojkolkaso JontheEchidna... any luck in the next hour that my desktop will return? (read: kdebase-workspace gets updated to 4.4.2 and pushed a updated on my system)19:21
irannakedfuk 4.4.219:21
JontheEchidnatrojkolka: probably not19:21
JontheEchidnaeven if it is working it usually takes an hour to build19:22
trojkolkabummer any change on how i get my wireless network with WPA psk running from terminal then?19:22
irannakedlaunch the gnome desktop19:22
xiongi have studied several web pages addressing the question of kubuntu running on a dell latitude C60019:22
irannakedand chill on kde intill they fix it19:22
xiongthe problem is the screen resolution, which defaults to 800x60019:22
irannakedsafe mode when you install xiong19:22
xiongthe native display resolution is 1400x105019:23
irannakedthen update video drivers19:23
xiongokay irannaked that is info19:23
xiongbut i don't understand19:23
irannakedthow it at mee19:23
xiongwhat is safe mode, how do i enter it, and do you mean to say that i must reinstall kubuntu from cd all over?19:24
xiongalso, how would i update the video drivers?19:24
trojkolkaxiong safe mode is in your login screen options menuy19:24
xiongokay, hold on; i have to go see this for myself19:24
irannakedok, safe mode is what i used on my widescreen because nothing was viable or clickable19:24
xiongi very rarely see the login screen19:25
irannakedso i installed and ran in safe mode to fix the video problem19:25
x_linkIs it not possible to right-click on a desktop-file and choose "Rename"?19:25
x_linkI'm a bit confused in KDE4 actualy.19:25
irannakedand to update System>admin>update19:25
x_linkNo kcontrol, I can't remove dolphin and use konqueror.19:25
x_linkI can't move icons on my taskbar.19:26
filenoxdoes somebody know why the live-cd (kubun.) doesn't logjn automaticly ?19:26
SiVA_hrm... netbeans doesn't work in Xubuntu either19:26
irannakedwait, did you straight up install kubuntu?19:26
x_linkThere is some things I really don't understnad.19:26
xiongokay i have been to the login screen; there is no19:26
xiong"safe mode"19:26
SiVA_ok, I upgraded to kde 4.2, by following the instructions at the link in the /topic. Now my netbeans ide keeps crashing... any suggestions?19:26
irannakedwait, did you straight up install kubuntu?19:26
xiongalthough there is a "failsafe" option19:27
Pconfigx_link: the desktop widget isn't meant to be a full file manager, only able to launch files quickly from it19:27
xiongyes, i installed kubuntu on a freshly partitioned drive19:27
SiVA_ok... how do I *remove* the kde 4.2 stuff I just upgraded? Maybe that will make my netbeans work again19:27
Pconfigx_link: you can more icons around on your panel when you click panel settings19:27
xiongi did this about a month ago; since then i've been updating it and trying to wrestle it into shape19:27
mefisto__x_link: you can move icon on the taskbar. click that button at the right and you can move them all around19:28
xiongirannaked: did i do wrong?19:28
SiVA_is there such a thing as a "downgrade"? I want to go back to kde 4.119:28
irannakedtry launghing kde in safe19:29
xiongsorry, i can't seem to make the connection19:29
xiongyou want me to reinstall? i installed kubuntu 8.10 in the first place19:29
xiong... and i'm still pretty sure i don't understand19:30
xiong"safe mode"19:30
x_linkmefisto__: Okej19:30
irannakedwhen you login click options and select kde in safe19:30
x_linkmefisto__: There is no right button on the icons in my taskbar.19:31
xiongthat larsen-b link; i assume that those are lines to type into the command-line shell?19:31
mefisto__x_link: the cashew-shaped thing, like the one at top right of the desktop19:31
x_linkBaaah KDE4 is very different from KDE319:31
irannakedthe terminal or Konsole19:32
xiongwill all my preferences go away? and will it help for me to reinstall kde4?19:32
irannakedshould help reinstall kde4 properlly19:32
irannakedif anythings missing it should reinstall it19:32
xiongi have figured out how to get a shell window19:32
x_linkmefisto__: I just get a new "taskbar" when i press that.19:32
irannakedi havent had much of a problem running ubuntu and then upgrading to KDE 419:33
irannakedruns pretty smooth19:33
xiongi'm completely confused now19:33
irannakedthen type the command and click run in terminal19:33
xiongall of the web discussion about the screen resolution problem revolves around xorg.conf19:34
xiongwhich is a configuration file19:34
mefisto__x_link: now when you click an icon, it should show arrows left right up down, meaning you can move that icon around19:34
x_linkI'm switching back to KDE4, I really don't like KDE4.19:34
xiongtinkering with this, i've been able to get to 1240x768 in thousands of colors (depth 16)19:34
x_linkmefisto__: I can only do that on the desktop-icons, not in my taskbar.19:34
xiongwhich sucks but is better than 800x60019:34
xiongi have 8Mb of video ram, i think i should be able to get this to go right19:35
Pconfigxiong: what graphics card do you have?19:35
mefisto__x_link: you have hardy with kde4 from the ppa repos, right?19:35
xiongx_link: switching to kde3?19:35
xiongPconfig: not sure, it's a long name19:36
Pconfigxiong: what brand? :p19:36
xiongit's not really a distinct card at all anyway19:36
x_linkxiong: ??19:36
xiongi mean, it's all one one board, right?19:36
Pconfigok, so it's an intel card?19:36
xiongthis is a dell latitude C60019:36
x_linkdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main19:37
x_linkmefisto__: I use that repoo.19:37
xiongi assume all the video stuff is soldered into the motherboard19:37
x_linkSeems more difficult to change things in KDE4.19:37
xiongsome sort of ati chipset19:37
x_linkAlot of things are alot different.19:37
Pconfigxiong: do you have the propriatary drivers installed?19:38
xiongPconfig: that sounds like a wise question to ask19:38
xiongbut i have no idea how to answer it19:38
xionghow would i know?19:38
xionghow would i do it, if i knew it had not been done?19:38
Pconfigxiong: kmenu ==> programs ==> system ==> hardware drivers19:39
x_linkWell well...going back to KDE3.19:40
x_linkThey should just changed some things.19:40
x_linkHave kcontrol etc and everythign else as it was.19:40
x_linkAll the settings at the same place as it was before etc.19:40
x_linkwell well, not much to do.19:40
Pconfigx_link: kde4 is meant to be future proof19:40
mefisto__x_link: I have the same as you. let me log in to kde4 and I'll tell you how to move taskbar icons19:40
xiongPconfig: "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system."19:40
Pconfigxiong: are there any drivers listed?19:41
xiongnope, just two blank boxes and a dim "enable" button19:41
deepfriedsquirreHmm, I wonder why my system is using all my 2GB of RAM just after I start up and start a KDE4 session.19:41
deepfriedsquirreSeems to be running fairly fast and all19:42
EagleScreendeepfriedsquirre top command can be useful19:42
deepfriedsquirreOh, maybe it was th fsck19:42
deepfriedsquirrepoint... lol19:42
bitmonsterhi, can anyone help me to use mkinitrd in order to include the libata module?19:42
Pconfigxiong: that's odd, so where did you try to change your resolution?19:42
deepfriedsquirreMeh nothing seems to be using huge amounts of memory19:42
xiongPconfig: surfing, i see many driver downloads available for C600 but they are all for windoz19:42
deepfriedsquirreMaybe it's just the result fo what fsck did earlier19:42
deepfriedsquirreCheers, see you19:43
Pconfigxiong: are they ATI or intel?19:43
mefisto__x_link: it's just what I said. click the cashew, that extra panel with config buttons pops up. hover the mouse over an icon and the arrows will show. then just drag the icons to a new position19:43
xiongah, all the pages on the latitude/linux screen issue say to edit xorg.conf19:43
enigHello, can anyone explain me why the movie playback is slower then normal? i mean the timeline is the same but it seems to skip about 30 to 40 percent of the frames. I've tried Kaffeine and Dragon player both with the same problem.19:43
irannakeddo it then xiong19:43
xiongtrouble is, they all prescribe a different blend of snake oil and claim different results19:43
* revourbis Hello.19:43
Pconfigxiong: did you try to follow those guides?19:43
irannakedwant a example .conf?19:44
xiongyes; and some did not work at all; others gave me the 1240x768 at thousands of colors19:44
surgyPconfig: your right kde 4.2 rawks19:44
mefisto__x_link: you can also resize the height of the panel. there's a handle at the top of that extra panel you can drag up or down19:44
xiongif, say, i use a modeline for 1024x768 at millions of colors, i get a blank white screen19:45
xiongthis is bogus; with 8Mb of vram i should be able to get at least that -- indeed, others report 1400x105019:45
x_linkmefisto__: Okey, I'm not very good with this. I think KDE3 is alot easier and looks alot easier.19:45
irannaked# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings19:45
irannaked# nvidia-settings:  version 1.0  (buildd@palmer)  Mon Nov  3 08:46:46 UTC 200819:45
irannakedSection "ServerLayout"19:45
irannaked    Identifier     "Layout0"19:45
irannaked    Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 019:45
irannaked    InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"19:45
irannaked    InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"19:45
irannakedSection "Files"19:45
x_linkMore organized or something like that, don't know how to really explain it.19:45
irannakedSection "Module"19:45
Pconfigirannaked, don't flood the channel please19:45
irannaked    Load           "dbe"19:45
irannaked    Load           "extmod"19:46
irannaked    Load           "type1"19:46
irannaked    Load           "freetype"19:46
x_linkirannaked: Use pastebin.19:46
irannaked    Load           "glx"19:46
irannakedSection "ServerFlags"19:46
irannaked    Option         "Xinerama" "0"19:46
x_linkirannaked: Read!19:46
irannakedSection "InputDevice"19:46
Pconfigsurgy: glad you like it :D19:46
irannaked    # generated from default19:46
irannaked    Identifier     "Mouse0"19:46
xiongyeh, i'd find pastebin more useful too19:46
irannaked    Driver         "mouse"19:46
irannaked    Option         "Protocol" "auto"19:46
irannaked    Option         "Device" "/dev/psaux"19:46
irannaked    Option         "Emulate3Buttons" "no"19:46
irannaked    Option         "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"19:46
irannakedSection "InputDevice"19:46
irannaked    # generated from default19:46
irannaked    Identifier     "Keyboard0"19:46
irannaked    Driver         "kbd"19:46
Pconfigxiong: this guide should work19:46
irannakedSection "Monitor"19:46
irannaked    # HorizSync source: edid, VertRefresh source: edid19:46
irannaked    Identifier     "Monitor0"19:46
irannaked    VendorName     "Unknown"19:46
irannaked    ModelName      "ViewSonic VA1912wSERIES"19:46
irannaked    HorizSync       30.0 - 82.019:46
irannaked    VertRefresh     50.0 - 85.019:46
irannaked    Option         "DPMS"19:47
xiongthe trouble with using an xorg.conf file from somebody else is that it is highly specific19:47
irannakedSection "Device"19:47
irannaked    Identifier     "Device0"19:47
irannaked    Driver         "nvidia"19:47
irannaked    VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"19:47
x_linkirannaked: Can't you read?19:47
irannaked    BoardName      "GeForce 7800 GT"19:47
irannakedSection "Screen"19:47
irannaked    Identifier     "Screen0"19:47
irannaked    Device         "Device0"19:47
irannaked    Monitor        "Monitor0"19:47
x_linkLooks like he doesn't care ;D19:47
irannaked    DefaultDepth    2419:47
irannaked    Option         "TwinView" "0"19:47
irannaked    Option         "metamodes" "1440x900_60 +0+0"19:47
irannaked    SubSection     "Display"19:47
irannaked        Depth       2419:47
irannaked    EndSubSection19:47
EagleScreen!paste | irannaked19:47
ubottuirannaked: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)19:47
irannakedcrap, my bad people19:47
irannakedi wanted to show xiong my conf file so he can edit his19:47
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu__
surgyi have a ntf partition that mounts fine  it just requires a password to mount. therefor amarok and vlc cant access my media collection automaticly. i assume this is a permissions problem. I want me and all of my programs to have 100% access to this partition all the time. how do i do this? im using kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.219:48
revourbis_Maybe someone could help me here... I can't get Amarok to play mp3's or internet radio stations :( Is this common?19:48
x_linkirannaked: You must pastebin that, not copy/paste to the channel, not that many lines19:48
surgydam irannaked leave room for us to talk19:48
irannakedthanks for the link19:48
x_linksurgy: Hehehe19:48
irannakedok shut up now19:48
x_linkirannaked: ?19:48
irannakedonce is plent to reread over 15 times19:48
Pconfigrevourbis: did you install the correct packages?19:48
irannakedi dont see the point on resaying it19:48
x_linkYou expect to get help when you talk like that?19:49
surgycan anyone help me? do i just "sudo chmod +RWX /media/drive" ?19:49
irannakedi dont need help i AM the one helping19:49
x_linkGood for you.19:49
surgylooks like your being a nuesense19:49
Pconfigsurgy: chmod 777 /media/drive should work19:49
Pconfigi assume it does the same as RWX ;)19:50
irannakedsudo apt-install kde-desktop19:50
irannakedtry it19:50
surgyPconfig: thank you, and will that permanently set the permision level to that mount point? or will it reset when i log out?19:50
mefisto__surgy: is this ntfs? and how is it mounted? is it in fstab?19:50
Pconfigsurgy: it will probably reset19:50
x_linkIt's called "kubuntu-desktop"19:50
bazhang!info kde-desktop19:50
ubottuPackage kde-desktop does not exist in intrepid19:50
surgymefisto__: i honestly have no idea, it was mounted by defualt which is nice, just requires root access to read or write19:51
bazhang!info kubuntu-desktop19:51
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.101 (intrepid), package size 20 kB, installed size 48 kB19:51
irannakedthats what i ment19:51
Pconfigsurgy: NFS mounted by default?19:51
mefisto__Pconfig: I think that was meant to be ntfs19:51
surgyPconfig: yes sir 8.10 is the shit19:51
irannakedhere;s the site i was just one19:52
irannakedfor all your kde needs19:52
bazhangsurgy, please watch the language here19:52
jussi01!ohmy | surgy19:52
ubottusurgy: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!19:52
yusnielHi my friends, I have a problem. I need to convert a avi video to 3gp video for my cell phone.19:52
xiongPconfig: looking at that page19:52
xiongthink i saw it before19:52
irannakedgoogle search ".avi to .3gp linux"19:52
xiongi've googled this problem hard19:52
Pconfigxiong: did you try it?19:53
bazhangirannaked, please dont use that term here19:53
xiongtrouble is, no one solution is pointed to by all pages19:53
surgymy bad19:53
irannakedwhat term? search....19:53
xiongrather, everyone seems to have a slightly different fix19:53
yusnielI am using ffmpeg but this command try this mistake Unsupported codec for output stream #0.019:53
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.19:53
Piciirannaked: This is a support channel, and thats not helpful.19:53
surgyany ideas on how to give it permanent RWX forever even after reboot?19:53
coreymon77what in the world is 3gp, i have never heard of that format before?19:53
irannakedreminds me of the winblows xp chat room i was once in19:53
xiongi've tried several; what with re-editing, rebooting, and getting out of the bad corners, seems to take about 20 min to check out one of these19:53
irannaked3gp is the format your cell phones video camera uses'19:54
yusnieland this is the command ffmpeg -i cama.avi -s qcif -r 12 -ac 1 -ar 8000 -b 30 -ab 12 ArchivoSalida.3gp19:54
coreymon77irannaked: this is irc, not aol or msn chatrooms, the rules are slightly different here, thats all19:54
enigquick question. how do i change to root in console.? whasn't it sudu su?19:54
Pconfigsurgy: well i have no clue how filesystems get mounted automaticly if they're not in fstab19:54
irannakedno enig19:54
bazhangenig, dont use that19:54
coreymon77enig: the command is sudo -s19:54
bazhangenig, use sudo19:54
irannakedsystem>admin>login screen19:54
coreymon77just stick with sudo though19:54
coreymon77its safer19:54
irannakedi ment window19:55
xiongPconfig: i'm going to try again19:55
irannakedsudo su doesnt work correctly19:55
xiongsee you in a half hour19:55
blahjakewhat's the problem with sudo su -?19:55
yusnielany idea?19:55
enigoh ok. because i have to mount the hard drives everytime19:55
Pconfigxiong: Modes "1400x1050" "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480" <== this line is important19:55
irannakedyou can LOGIN to your root account19:55
coreymon77irannaked: thats just dumb19:55
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)19:55
bazhangirannaked, ^^19:55
enigi tried to put the lines on fstab but they still don't mount19:55
Pconfigxiong: before rebooting, paste your xorg file on pastebin and let me check19:56
irannakedin the security tab select allow  local system admin login19:56
surgyPconfig: it might be in the fstab, whats the directory to the fstab again? is it /etc/x11/fstab ?19:56
yusnielyes, 3gp is the format19:56
irannakedwow you guys are fucking idiots!19:56
Pconfigsuryg: /etc/fstab19:56
irannakedFUCKING BIG IDIOTS!19:56
bazhangirannaked, watch the language19:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!19:56
surgyPconfig: ok19:56
coreymon77thank you19:56
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)19:56
revourbis_I've been disconnected serveral times because of my ISP so, I'm sorry for repeating, does any one know how to solve the amarok not playing mp3's problem?19:57
bazhangrevourbis_, did you install kubuntu-restricted-extras19:57
Pconfigrevourbis_: have you installed the right packages?19:57
surgyPconfig: http://pastebin.com/m5ac5eb79 thats my fstab19:57
mefisto__revourbis_: you should have got a message from amarok about installing the non-free codecs (needed for mp3 playback)19:58
revourbis_non free codecs?19:58
coreymon77non open source19:58
Pconfigsurgy: it's not in there :|19:58
EagleScreenyes revourbis, you have to install a package called "kubuntu-restricted-extras"19:59
enigOh and does anyone know why is movie playback skipping about 30 to 40 percent of frames?  it's the same on Kaffeine and Dragon PLayer!19:59
surgyPconfig: blkid gives me this line "/dev/sda5: UUID="3C9C294F9C2904CC" TYPE="ntfs""19:59
marceli need some help...19:59
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
ugarevourbis: by default ubuntu doesn't install any codecs that are patent encumbered (non-free)20:00
ugarevourbis: so folow EagleScreen's suggestion and install that pack20:00
coreymon77!ask | marcel20:00
ubottumarcel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:00
Pconfigubottu seems to know alot :p20:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:00
marceli try sudo apt-get -f install sun-java6-jdk | but the instalion process is blocked - what shoul i do ??20:00
coreymon77why are you using -f install?20:01
surgymarcel: log out and back in and try again20:01
EagleScreenmarcel blocked by..?20:01
Pconfigsurgy: i have no idea, sorry20:01
marceli have no ideea20:01
surgycan anyone else help me to permanently give RWX permisions to my allready mounted NFS partition?20:01
EagleScreenmarcel do u obtain any error or report?20:01
marcelUnpacking sun-java6-bin (from /sun-java6-bin6-100ubuntu2_i386.deb) ...20:02
EagleScreensurgy may be in /etc/fstab options20:02
marcelan i wait 1 hour ....20:02
surgyEagleScreen: the partition isnt even in my fstab, yet its mounted....20:02
revourbis_Now Amarok tells me that Xine engine claims that it cannot play mp3 files but in the configure screen there is no other engine but xine... what now? :-s20:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs-config20:02
marcelso much time spend the installation process ?20:02
EagleScreensurgy do you have that permissions in the whole partition? (all files and folders)20:03
mefisto__surgy: try installing ntfs-config. (but I'm not sure if it's in intrepid)20:03
EagleScreen* do you want?20:03
Pconfigmefisto__: it is, i just checked, worked for me before (didn't need it in intrepid though)20:04
surgyEagleScreen: only sudo has permision to RWX. which is making it inconveniant to store my media library there, since it prompts for sudo PW everytime amarok needs to access my music directory20:04
EagleScreenmefisto__ it said NFS not NTFS20:04
PconfigEagleScreen:  <surgy> Pconfig: blkid gives me this line "/dev/sda5: UUID="3C9C294F9C2904CC" TYPE="ntfs""20:04
=== mtux_ is now known as mtux
EagleScreensurgy are you talking about a NFS or NTFS partition?20:05
mefisto__EagleScreen: I think it was NTF, which I think is ntfs20:05
surgyEagleScreen: NTFS sorry20:05
revourbis_Now Amarok tells me that Xine engine claims that it cannot play mp3 files but in the configure screen there is no other engine but xine... what now? :-s20:05
EagleScreensurgy it should be easy20:06
bitmonstercan anyone tell me how to install mkinitrd?20:06
Pconfigrevourbis_: did you install that package?20:06
surgyrevourbis_: the only package you need for amarok mp3 is "libxine-plugins-all"20:06
EagleScreensurgy be sure you have ntfs-3g installed20:06
surgyEagleScreen: i allready "sudo chmod 777 [mount point]" but wont that reset when i log out ?20:07
mefisto__surgy: put this line in your fstab: /dev/sda5 /media/<the-mountpoint-you-want> ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_AU.UTF-8 0 020:07
surgymefisto__: and install ntfs-3g and it should be fixed?20:07
mefisto__surgy: replace the locale and mountpoint with whatever you need, and make sure the mountpoint exists20:07
=== mtux is now known as mtux_
surgymefisto__: and what exactly is the "locale" ?20:08
=== mtux_ is now known as mtux__
revourbis_I've found "Xine extra plugins" but I cannot click it it appears in grey on the list.20:08
mefisto__surgy: your language/location20:08
mefisto__surgy: eg, I'm using en_AU because I'm in australia20:08
surgyrevourbis_: open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install libxine-plugins-all" and press enter and install that then restart amarok20:09
EagleScreenlocale=es_ES.UTF-8 for Spanish (Spain), en_US.UTF-8 for English (USA)...20:09
surgymefisto__: ah got ya20:09
EagleScreenselect your language and country code20:09
revourbis_Ok thanks, one second then...20:09
surgyrevourbis_: leave out the "" though20:09
mefisto__surgy: ntfs-config does all this for you, so install that too and just find NTFS config tool in the kmenu20:09
EagleScreenntfs-config is an option20:10
revourbis_E: Couldn't find package libxine-plugins-all20:10
surgymefisto__: ok so the easy route is to install ntfs-3g and ntfs-config and then use the gui provided?20:10
EagleScreenyes, ntfs-config edit /etc/fstab for you20:10
shawn__hello I was wondering if anyone has some tips on how to get thumbnail previews working for videos in dolphin?20:10
surgyrevourbis_: sorry i told you wrong20:10
revourbis_No problem.20:10
surgyrevourbis_: use this " sudo apt-get install libxine1-all-plugins "20:10
mefisto__surgy: ntfs-config is impossible to get wrong. you could do it in your sleep20:11
=== mtux__ is now known as mtux
surgymefisto__: will do, but those two are sepperate toold and i need both right?20:11
Pconfigrevourbig_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras  <== this will install other video support and stuff too20:11
surgyrevourbis_: make sure you completely close amarok and reopen it after you install that package and you will have mp3 support20:11
Pconfigsurgy: ntfs-3g should already be installed, it's the driver20:11
surgyPconfig: ok kewl20:12
mefisto__surgy: ntfs-3g is needed to mount and use ntfs filesystems, ntfs-config is just to set up fstab and mountpoints, etc20:12
revourbis_Damn it gives me somekind of error related to sun java dependency...20:12
mefisto__surgy: you could remove ntfs-config after it's set up if you want20:12
surgymefisto__: the drive is alrleady mounted and writable20:13
mefisto__surgy: well it must be installed by default on intrepid. I'm on hardy still20:13
surgyi just have to manually mount it as root before amarok can access it which is a pain20:13
Pconfigshawn__: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=309482020:13
shawn__thanks I'll give that a look20:14
* revourbis_ Be right back.20:14
surgyrevourbis_: sounds like you have a whole list of problems then, i dont remember the command for rebuilding all deps20:14
shawn__Pconfig: I have already installed mplayerthumbs, still no luck20:16
surgyon a different note anyone know a good site where i can shop around for widgets? i kindof want a weather widget20:17
mefisto__surgy: there is kweather-kde4, but it doesn't work for me :(20:17
surgyshawn__: get the restricte-extra package i think that has something to do with how some file associations interact20:18
surgymefisto your on hardy though, is it in the repos?20:18
Pconfigsurgy, mefisto__: it works on kde 4.220:18
surgyPconfig: i took your advice and moved to kde 4.2 i am thoroughly impressed20:19
mefisto__surgy: I installed kde4 from a ppa repo. lots of things don't work20:19
shawn__I already have kubuntu-restricted-extras20:19
Pconfigmefisto__: you could always embed some html applet in a konquerer widget?20:19
surgymefisto__: get the 8.10 disk image with kde 4.1 from kubuntu.com and then use the "experimental" repo for kde 4.2 works perfect!20:19
mefisto__surgy: I don't want to lose kde3.5 though20:20
Pconfigshawn__: does it show no thumbs at all?20:20
xiongPconfig: i have tried the solution listed20:20
surgymefisto__: ahhh20:20
Pconfigxiong: sounds like it didn't work?20:21
shawn__for images and such it does just no videos20:21
xiongwith the mod that i left out 1400x1050 -- too ambitious, i think20:21
xiongi just tried 1024x768 at depth 2420:21
xiongno dice20:21
nasparciao a tutti20:21
Pconfigxiong: please past your xorg.conf file on pastebin20:21
gorgonzolahello... culd someone please explain to me how i can instal a jaunty package under intrepid?20:21
xiongcompletely ignored the change; i'm now getting 1024x768 at depth 1620:21
nasparvolevo sapere se qualcuno poteva risponderemi ad una domanda .. e' possibile scaricare qui come si fa su windows ? (mirc) ?20:22
naspargrazie :)20:22
mefisto__surgy: ntfs-config will make it easy. good luck. bye20:22
Pici!it | naspar20:22
ubottunaspar: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)20:22
gorgonzola(was there some big update to fglrx/xorg/kernel that we've seen all this xorg conf problems today???)20:22
xiongPconfig: this, xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/m158eee4620:26
nasparthnak you ubottu20:27
nasparhello to everybody, i would like to know if is there any programs to donwload files such as mirco for windows ? thanky for any answer .. :)20:27
xiongPconfig: and this, the resulting log file output: http://pastebin.com/m3f448bc620:28
Pconfigxiong: care to explain why you have that much display groups?20:28
xiongum, copied from elsewhere20:28
xiongsee comments at top of file20:28
PovAddictwhen somebody messages me on MSN, Kopete tray icon starts spinning20:28
gorgonzolanaspar: you mean an irc client? Like mIRC?20:29
PovAddictwhen I click the spinning icon, 2 out of 3 times, the chat window from the one who messaged me opens20:29
xiongthe default kubuntu install creates an almost entirely empty xorg.conf20:29
nasparyeah ..20:29
PovAddict1 our of 3, *X crashes*20:29
nasparsorry .. i did wrong . .the right name is mirc20:29
xiong...which seems to work pretty good, considering20:29
gorgonzolammm, konverstino? what are you using now?20:29
xiongi assume it all defaults to something, somewhere deep inside...20:29
naspari just back from windows and wanted to install something look like mirc20:29
nasparwith the same funtionality20:29
surgykweather definately crashes the plasma dashboard every time20:30
Pconfigxiong: it says you have a ati graphics card but you don't have the drivers installed?20:30
Pconfigyou can't just copy one's file20:30
nasparkonversatoin .. ok .. but is possibvle to add server such as puffolandia or excalibur ?20:30
xiongPconfig: shall i simply delete all other depth subsections? or change default depth?20:30
Pconfigi would type this in cmd if i where you20:30
PovAddictnaspar: of course, what use would be an IRC client if you can't connect to any server?20:30
xiongwe already worked over that driver issue, didn't we?20:31
Pconfigsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg20:31
xiongdon't have the first notion where to get it20:31
xiongi have already got that trick20:31
Pconfigxiong, normally ubuntu detects what driver you need but in your case it doesn't which i find strange20:31
xiongwhen i do it, it erases my xorg.conf entirely and replaces it with a blank one20:31
marcreichelthi there20:31
nasparu right20:31
Pconfigyes, that's a good start ;)20:31
marcreicheltwhat is the most desireable way to install OpenOffice 3.0 on Kubuntu 8.04?20:32
xiongi don't follow20:32
nasparok, i dont know how but right trying to connnect to sdome channel20:32
nasparthank you ;)20:32
xiongi can delete the existing file at any time20:32
xiongi have climbed over that bar20:32
PovAddictnaspar: press F2 :)20:32
xiongi consider this all to be madness20:32
marcreicheltis there a repository available for OOo 3.0?20:32
nasparhahaha .. really . .so simple ?20:32
PovAddictclick New and add some stuff20:33
xiongi don't even see a menu or tab or anything in the system settings/display module for screen depth20:33
xiongwhy is this all so hard?20:33
PovAddictyou can set up autojoin channels for each server too20:33
xiongis there no tool available for directly changing screen resolution and depth? something i could work?20:33
nasparthaaaanku PovAddict20:33
xiongthere is no feedback when fooling with this config file20:34
Pconfigxiong: for some reason i think there's something wrong with your drivers20:34
PovAddictXorg backtrace when crashing usually has only three entries, and they don't seem useful...20:34
kaddimarcreichelt: i just had a look at my repositories20:34
xiongit is just shouting different stuff and hoping to get lucky20:34
PovAddictis X doing something fancy with crash handling that causes a useless backtrace?20:34
xiongyou say, something wrong with my drivers -- how to fix??20:34
kaddiseems to be in the main packages, so you should be able to find it with adept/apt-get/aptitude20:35
Pconfigxiong: you need to make sure which graphics chip is in your laptop first20:35
marcreicheltkaddi: on Ubuntu 8.04?20:35
micettonerohi, i've a problem with kopete and msn20:35
xiongPconfig: wait, i have downloaded a hardware prober20:36
tarimarixiong: krandrtray ?20:36
tarimarihi guys20:36
* revourbis_ Back.20:36
kaddimarcreichelt: no, im on 8.10,20:36
micettonerokopete seems to connect to the server but it show all my contacts as offline20:36
micettonerowith kmess i haven't any problem20:36
mohbanahi, do i install KDE 4 on ubuntun20:37
xiongtarimari: okay, this is one of the big problems i have with linux altogether20:37
gorgonzolamohbana: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:37
tarimarikde 4.2 will be released tomorrow.  when do u think it will be available at backports for intrepid, or updates for intrepid.  OR when do u think it will be available at kubuntu-experimental ppa?  if today i install dke 4.2rc1, will i have normal upgrade later to kde 4.2?20:37
xiongit seems that stuff has phoney public names and real secret names20:37
xiongyou said, "krandtray" and i thought you meant something new and powerful20:38
xiongbut that is just the true name of the display panel from system settings20:38
gorgonzolaxiong: actually, the name of the real thing is XrandR20:38
gorgonzolaxiong krandrtray is just a fronte end.20:39
tarimariactually xrandr works better than krandrtray20:39
gorgonzolatarimari: i have never been able to get any of them to work at all20:39
xiongthis is very frustrating20:39
kaddimarcreichelt: i found this howto which might make you happy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98265220:40
tarimariit depends the graphic card etc, how much lucky you are, how many months you spend on it , how much patience you have to wait..20:40
marcreicheltk, thanks20:40
kaddiit's seems that it is not in the repositories for 8.04 (i actually missed the "3" the first time i read your post ;) )20:40
tarimarianyone know about when kde 4.2 will be ported at intrepid?20:40
gorgonzolacould someone please explain to me how i can install jaunty packages under intrepid?20:40
tarimariany kde 4.2 packager here?20:41
tarimarigorgonzola: you want single packages or upgrade totally?20:41
xiongPconfig: okay, here goes20:41
gorgonzolatariamri: i want only one package. intrepid is at version 1.4,5 jaunty has v 1.4.7, i was instructed by upstream to try that before bitching about some bug :)20:41
mohbanaare you certain of the command gorgonzola20:42
Pconfigtarimari: ping JontheEchidna20:42
tarimarithanks Pconfig20:42
Pconfighe was here an hour ago ;)20:42
gorgonzolamohbana: yes. that will install a meta package that depends on the compelte kde desktop. after that, tyou should have the option of launching either KD or GNome as desktop.20:42
tarimarigorgonzola: one way is to google search for packages.ubuntu.com or something, then download the coresponding package for jaunty, save it at desktop and double click it20:43
xiongVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02): Subsystem: Dell Device 00bl20:43
aloneaI am still having some issues with my touchpad. If I so much as graze it while typing my cursor gets moved or some text pasted.20:43
tarimarithe other way is to add jaunty repos, install the package, and remove it20:43
JontheEchidnatarimari: 4.1.96 (4.2 RC1) packages are already available, see the kubuntu.org website. 4.2 packages should be available tomorrow at the earliest20:43
aloneasince we moved to hal, the old stuff doesn't work anymore and I am lost on how to fix it20:43
gorgonzolatarimari: ok, i thought it would be something lie that, but i was wondering if there was some way to do it "from within" apt20:43
revourbis_Question: I have KDE 3, would it be hard to upgrade to KDE 4?20:45
shawn__yay got video thumbnails working in dolphin, had to install mplayerthumbs 1.1, the one included with intrepid wasn't working20:45
gorgonzolarevourbis: without upgrading to intrepid?20:45
revourbis_Sorry linux newbie here... intrepid?20:45
Pconfigxiong: seems like you're not the only one with problems :s20:45
xiongno, not at all20:46
gorgonzolarevourbis: are you using kubuntu?20:46
xiongthe C600/X problem seems to be very common (that is, all users)20:46
xiongthere's plenty of talk about it -- many pages, i've been reading for weeks20:46
gorgonzolarevourbis_ intrepid is the codename of kubuntu 8.10. if you are in kubuntu and are not in kde, then chances are you are on hardy heron (8.04) or previous.20:47
Pconfigxiong: it's hard to help you with this as i didn't have this problem myself (other card and such) so your only hope is to find the correct guide :(20:47
xiongthe infuriating thing is that all solutions given are different and none work for me20:47
Pconfigxiong: it's frustrating, but with newer cards this is fixed20:47
Pconfigxiong: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/warty/+source/xorg/+bug/29970 did you try this one?20:47
gorgonzolarevourbis_ the easiest way to get kde 4, is to follow the upgrade path, and move on to intrepid, howver, this might no be what you want.20:47
xiongwhy is there no simple straightforward utility that allows you to do video stuff directly?20:47
Pconfigxiong: it all has to do with metamodes20:48
xionglike SwitchRes?20:48
Pconfigxiong: like a said, the driver for those cards are outdated20:48
gorgonzolarevourbis_ as hardy heron (i'm asuming you are on tht) is much more stable, being a "long term suport" release.20:48
Pconfigxiong: graphics card drivers under linux only recently got alot of attention from the manufacterers20:48
coreymon77afaik hardy is not an lts for the kubuntu release20:48
mohbanawhat's a display manager?20:48
gorgonzolaxiong: 'coz Xorg is a steaming pile of messy spagheti code, of inmense complexity.20:48
mohbanagdm or kde20:48
mohbanai want gnome ... shall i use gdm20:49
xiongi have been using the os 9 version of switchres for two years, controlling all sorts of monitors, often two at a time20:49
gorgonzolamohbana: a display manager is the program that launches the desktop. Gdm is gnome's display maanegr20:49
revourbis_So you suggest I stick to this one?20:49
xiongdoesn't matter what it is, i can fool around with it -- try different resolutions and depths on the fly and see which work20:49
coreymon77mohbana: in other words, you can still run kde through gdm20:49
xiongand lock out the ones that don't20:49
xiongstupid simple20:49
gorgonzolamohbana :kdm is kde's. both whould work with either desktop. if you are on ubuntu, gdm will be in line with the overall look of the system and splash screen20:50
aloneaanyone know where touchpad options are?20:50
coreymon77mohbana: the main noticeable difference between kdm and gdm are the login screens20:50
xiongwill someone just tell me honestly if linux still requires an MSCS to use??20:50
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto20:50
gorgonzolamohbana, in any case, choose gdm if that is what you are confortable with, and you can always try kdm later. changing that is really easy and harmless.20:50
mohbanaok thanks alot gorgonizer et. al20:50
xiongis there a distro where i can just jam in the disk, follow the prompts, and get a working system out of it in a few days?20:51
gorgonzolarevourbis: that depends a lot on your preferences. if you really want kde 4, and intend to stick with kubuntu, then you should by all means upgrade to intrepid, as this release includes kde 4 by default.20:51
coreymon77xiong: a few days?! since when does it take that long anymore20:51
xiongi'm patient. a few hours would be better20:52
aloneaPSiL0: don't need extra mouse buttons..I need touchpad options. I sometimes see reference to a touchpad tab, but have yto see thiset20:52
xiongi've been trying to get kubuntu up for over a month20:52
xiongbefore that, i wrestled unsuccessfully with suse for about two months20:52
PSiL0alonea: That was for my reference ;)20:52
xiongi'm extremely angry and disappointed20:52
aloneaah ok, sorry20:52
coreymon77the last time any linux distro took me a few days to get working was back when i was still using wifi cards with broadcom chips20:52
gorgonzolarevourbis: however, if you want a rock-stable system, where everything is tested thoroughly and the bugs are minimun, but without newwer fetures, stay on hardy. Personlly, i upgrade to current release as soon as i can, but that's me20:52
PSiL0alonea: I'm trying to map a button on my mouse lol20:52
Pconfigxiong: btw ctrl+alt+backspace works aswell :p20:52
coreymon77xiong: whats the matter20:52
Pconfiginstead of rebooting20:53
PSiL0alonea: As for touchpad options -> to disable: sudo rmmod psmouse; to enable: sudo modprobe psmouse...20:53
xiongcoreymon77: in a word, i don't understand any of this stuff and i don't think it works well even for those who do understand20:53
xiongthe screen is bad, the20:54
aloneaPSiL0: and then where is the touchpad settings tab at?20:54
xiongK menu is hard to configure, "dolphin" is strange and difficult, and it seems that everything takes a very long time20:54
coreymon77xiong: okay, first thing, calm down20:54
xiongthis C600 is a P3; that is not the latest and greatest but neither is it an antique20:55
xiong750MHz processor20:55
xiongthere is no reason for everything to run so godawfully slow20:55
coreymon77xiong: linux distros take a little time to learn20:55
coreymon77xiong: and you have to expect stuff to be strange, its different than what you have been using before20:56
aloneaxiong: which kubuntu version are you trying to run?20:56
coreymon77i assume you came from windows?20:56
Pconfigxiong: try vista on it and slow will get a new dimension for you :o20:56
xiongcoreymon77: i'm as calm as i ever get20:56
gorgonzolaxiong: besides, what you are trying to do is not an easy feat in my experience... reviving old hardware requires a lot of patienec :)20:56
xiongthis is not a new crisis after all20:56
xiongi do *not* come from windoz20:56
coreymon77xiong: how old is the computer?20:56
xiongi'm the last mac os 9 user on the planet20:57
aloneaxiong: with that old of hardware, I would go for kde3, not 4. 4 isn't made for that P3.20:57
coreymon77wait a minute?20:57
xiongthe dell latitude C600 was new in 200120:57
revourbis_This OS is great and everything but was it that hard to integrate out of the box mp3 playback...?20:57
revourbis_I'm tinkering with it for almost an hour...20:57
gorgonzolaxiong: yaeh, me too. i got a p4@2.4 and is not exactly flying...20:57
coreymon77os 9? but werent macs still powerpc computers back then?20:57
gorgonzolarevrubis_ that's a legal issue :)20:57
Pconfigrevourbis_: ubuntu purist rules..20:57
xiongyes, they were20:57
revourbis_You gotta be kidding.20:58
gorgonzolarevourbis_ and ideological, if you want it. but mainly legal: mp3 is patented. you can't distribute it as such20:58
xiongi get extremely respectable speed from a PPC running at 300 MHz under os 920:58
aloneaxiong: and computers are considered out of date usually within a year or two.20:58
gorgonzolarevourbis_ no, not really.20:58
xiongthat PPC is about 15 years old and works great20:58
xiongbeige G320:58
revourbis_Aw well...20:59
coreymon77ya, ppc linux distros arent exactly all that well supported anymore, they were also kinda buggy20:59
xiongbut i'm not here to boost mac -- i'm switching to linux because, no matter how great os 9 *was*, it is no more20:59
xiongso the mac is in storage and now i have the dell laptop20:59
aloneaxiong: so download kubuntu 8.04 if you havent and use that instead of 8.1020:59
gorgonzolaxiong: i'd say tht a g3 is more box than a p3 any time. In any case, you have enough hardware to run kunbuntu, but probably your hardware specs are not that standard. believe me, i have tried to get a p3 running newer stuff, and its incredible how old stuff ets unsupported...21:00
xiongand kubuntu and a huge bottle of aspirin21:00
coreymon77xiong: with an old computer like that, i suggest against using kde421:00
xiong8.04, eh?21:00
revourbis_And is there any way around it...? I would really like to listen to some music while tinkering with kubuntu here and there.21:00
Tm_Tcoreymon77: why?21:00
aloneaxiong: yes, that has kde321:00
xiong8.04 uses kde321:00
gorgonzolacoreymon77: plsease develop :)21:01
xiongokay; new question21:01
gorgonzolayour idea that is21:01
Pconfigrevourbis_: it still doesn't work? :o21:01
xiongone strategy that served me well for about 20 years was to have several different bootable hard drives in the same machine21:01
aloneaxiong: which will run fine. kde4 needs more up to date hardware. dont take offense to this, but you could get a new laptop for really cheap these days.21:01
gorgonzolarevourbis: what do you mean? you got no mp3 support? didn't amarok compain about that and offered to download the codecs?21:01
revourbis_No not really.21:02
aloneaxiong: but for your current laptop you should be good with that version. i gotta go. ja21:02
revourbis_I'm trying to get Audacious to run now...21:02
coreymon77gorgonzola: kde4 requires better hardware21:02
xiongcan i do this with linux? download and set up a new distro without ditching the old one?21:02
revourbis_I've had it back on Puppy Linux and I liked it.21:02
kaddihow can i get virtualbox to see the ".virtualbox"-folder in which it saves the virtual machines? how can i show "hidden" folders21:02
coreymon77gorgonzola: plus, when first learning to use linux, kde 3 is much more stable and reliable, plus easier to use21:02
Tm_Txiong: ofcourse21:02
gorgonzolacoreymon: kde3 o 4? i thought you suggested im to go with 4...21:02
revourbis_I mean it runs, it gets the music in it's playlist but on play... does nothing at all.21:02
gorgonzolaoooh, ok. you mistypedit above, and suggested kde4.21:02
Pconfigrevourbis_: but amarok still doesn't play mp3?21:02
Pconfigso what did installing "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" give you?21:03
xiongTm_T: how?21:03
gorgonzolaxiong: no. a distro is an opertaing system. kubuntu is a distro.21:03
revourbis_Well it installed that's sure.21:03
coreymon77gorgonzola: no, read what i said, i suggest AGAINST using kde421:03
Pconfigand what does amarok say now?21:03
Tm_Tcoreymon77: I repeat, why?21:03
gorgonzolacoreymon77: ok, my bad :P21:03
shawn__maybe you need libxine1-ffmpeg revourbis_ ... I did21:04
Tm_Txiong: just install them in their own partitions, GRUB should be able to handle them just fine21:04
coreymon77Tm_T: i just said above21:04
Tm_Tcoreymon77: how it requires better hardware?21:04
gorgonzolacoreymon77: but wasn't kde4 supposed t be lighter?21:04
coreymon77and i still think its stabler and easier to use21:04
revourbis_I'll try.21:04
gorgonzolacoreymon77: without desktop effects, sure.21:05
shawn__ya it worked for me right after install that21:05
xiongokay well guys thx for all the help21:05
xionggtg now21:05
xiongwill try more stuff tomorrow21:05
gorgonzolaxiong: be sure to come back if you have any problems...21:05
Tm_Tcoreymon77: I can run KDE4 in P3 600 MHz with 128 MiB ram just ine21:06
Pconfigi'm sorry it didn't work xiong, don't give up yet! :p21:06
gorgonzolaxiong: and try kubuntu 8.04, is much more stable than intrepid :)21:06
shawn__wow I ran kde on a 900 Mhz machine and I didn't consider that fine.21:06
shawn__*kde 3.521:06
revourbis_I allready have that one installed.21:06
Tm_Tshawn__: perhaps it was your settings then (:)21:06
revourbis_And amarok sais... wait a sec pls.21:07
xiongthx all21:07
shawn__maybe it was at college21:07
revourbis_Some media could not be loaded (not playable).21:07
pawanHi all21:07
neothecatgood afternoon (EST).  does anyone know a public calendar that synchs up seemlesly with kontact?  i do not want to use gcaldaemon or anything like that.  thanks!21:08
Pconfigrevourbis_ that's a different message as your first one?21:08
pawancan somebody tell me wav to MP3 converter21:08
* revourbis_ is sharpening that ol' rusty axe.21:08
pawanapart from LAME21:08
athlon1Hi, can any tell me where are all the optios of konqueror in kde4 (bluetooth, printers, cd-audio, devices,...). They where in kde3, but what happens in kde4?21:08
Pconfigrevourbis_ right click the mp3 file ==> properties ==> permissions (do you have read access) ?21:08
neothecatpawan: sox21:09
neothecatpawan: sox works really good for a lot of conversions.21:09
enigI have an issue with Video playback at my Kubuntu. both Kaffeine and Dragon player seem to be skipping frames and i get some ocasional slowdowns. is this fixable??21:09
revourbis_And ownership goes to root.21:09
pawanthanks <"neothecat">21:10
Pconfigrevourbis_ are those files on a different drive or something?21:10
Pconfigprobably a windows drive?21:10
Brad777HEllo everyon cane u tell me how to fix this error: "Error API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has version 177.80, but this NVIDIA driver component has version 180.22. Please make sure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version"21:11
neothecatpawan:  i would suggest looking up "sox wav mp3 conversion".  there are so many options, i just find it easier to copy and paste it21:11
revourbis_Those are in the root folder as stated by Dolphin.21:11
Pconfigrevourbis_: could give the exact path?21:11
shawn__good luck revourbis_ I have to go I searched google a bit but didn't find any other things that would help you21:11
Brad777I bought the 9800GTX+ and tried to install the proprietary driver21:12
revourbis_Thanx Shawn, I apreciate.21:12
revourbis_Root - host - music.21:12
athlon1kubuntu 8.04 is LTS or is 8.10?21:12
Tm_Tathlon1: latest Kubuntu LTS is 6.0621:13
Pconfigrevourbis: that's a strange folder :s how did they get there?21:13
revourbis_Well I installed Kubuntu "inside windows" as the installer titled because it wouldn't start normally after reboot would return some funny errors and yeah.. So...21:14
Pconfigrevourbis_: aww i don't have experience with wubi21:14
athlon1And, which is going to be the next kubuntu LTS?21:14
revourbis_I gave Wingooze 30 GB, drive F: 21GB and the rest 105GB to the linux thingy.21:14
Pconfigbut let me look, at has something to do with file permissions21:14
neothecatis kubuntu also going to have KDE 4.2 release in the repos tomorrow?21:16
Pconfigrevourbis_: try typing "sudo chmod 777 /host/music -R" in a terminal21:17
athlon1I'll try again: with konqueror kde3 supported many protocols: man: bluetooth: print: media: ... Is possilbe to add that protocols to konqueror kde4?21:17
revourbis_No such file or directory.21:18
eniganone knows how to speed up playback so it doesn't have slowdowns or skipping frames? like switching priority ore something?21:18
Tm_Tathlon1: next LTS is propably 10.04 but future is unknown factor21:18
Pconfigrevourbis_ what does cd /host/music do?21:19
athlon1Thanks Tm_T21:19
revourbis_Do where?21:19
Pconfigwhen you type it in a terminal "cd /host/music"21:19
=== eric is now known as Guest13915
revourbis_Aw, sorry ;))21:21
revourbis_One moment.21:21
revourbis_No such file or directory.21:22
revourbis_This is so gay... like ok, it's illegal to distribute mp3 bla bla bla... but does the format belong to anyone?21:23
revourbis_I'd say no.21:23
Pconfigthis has nothing to with playing mp3 anymore21:23
Pconfigyou can play mp3 files now21:24
Pconfigbut you can't access your windows drive properly21:24
Pconfigsome read/write file permissions are wrong21:24
Tm_Trevourbis_: watch your language21:24
revourbis_Gay is not a offending word thank you for your atention.21:25
revourbis_And I was not refering to anyone, but to the situation in a whole.21:25
revourbis_Pconfig, what would you suggest?21:25
Tm_Trevourbis_: it is when it's used the way you did21:25
Pconfigwell, find someone who has experience with wubi (that how ubuntu under windows is called)21:26
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revourbis_@Tm_T Did I call you or anyone here in the room gay? No.21:28
Pconfignope, but calling a situation you don't like 'gay', offends being gay as a whole21:28
Pconfigor something21:29
neothecati didn't think people used "gay" as an insult after they passed the age of 12.21:30
OzoneNerdHello all, Q: I thought the Kubuntu printer set up was great, but now the printer has changed IP adresses and printing silently fails.  What to do?21:30
revourbis_I don't consider myself the worst thing that happened to humanity let alone to gay/lesbian people with which I got nothing against them.21:30
revourbis_I got no ideea where to go to... what if... what if I would do an update to the whole thingy?21:30
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Pconfigrevourbis_ you could try at http://ubuntuforums.org21:32
revourbis_I'l try to get some help there too thanx, but after I test if it works after upgrading.21:33
Pconfigwhat are you going to upgrade?21:33
neothecatrevourbis_: replace "gay" with jew, black, or any other group, and maybe you will understand what the problem is.  using the word gay to mean the same as "stupid" or "bad" is very insulting.21:34
Matt123Hi! Is there a channel for jaunty?21:34
revourbis_@neothecat: Jew, black, mexicans etc. are born that way, gay people on the other side don't. And I refered to as gay at the situation beying out of the ordinary. I honestly think that having problems with a driver here or a compatibility thingy there with a new OS it's ok byt not beying able to play mp3 files is absolutely gay=out of the ordinary21:36
neothecatrevourbis_:  are you serious?  are you really serious.  and by the way, as someone who is was born into a jewish family and is now any atheist, being jewish is a choice.21:37
mohbanahi, how do i open the terminal in the current DIR i'm browsing with Dolphin21:37
OzoneNerdI'm not much for being offended in any case, but that was a stupid comment.  What about crippled people?  They often aren't born that way.21:37
david_edmundsonpress F4 in dolphin21:37
revourbis_Atheism is not a religion.21:38
david_edmundsonok, all of you - move on or move to #kubuntu-offtopic21:38
neothecatrevourbis_:  i never said it was.  i said being jewish is.21:38
david_edmundsonmohbana: was pressing F4 what you wanted?21:40
mohbanadavid_edmundson: no exactly, i wanted it to launch in a separate window21:42
neothecatif anyone wants to continue that conversation in #kubuntu-offtopic, please do.21:42
=== Brad777_ is now known as Brad777
Pconfigmohbana, richt click the folder ==> open with terminal?21:43
david_edmundsonmohbana: you can drag the terminal widget outside of the window21:43
enigQuestion! how can i configure the firewall that comes with KUBUNTu 8.10?? because it's blocking DC++ nad aMule too :S21:43
Pconfigi mean, actions21:43
mohbanaok thanks that works.  but i wanted something like gnome's ver. where i can right click on the folder and open terminal.   anyhow, thanks21:45
Pconfigmohbana, it's in the actions menu when you right click a file or folder21:45
Pconfigenig: maybe try isntall kmyfirewall?21:46
mohbanasorry ... big mistake.  i meant, whilst in a folder21:46
david_edmundsondoes Kubuntu have a firewall by default? I don't think so - probably a NAT issue21:46
JontheEchidnaMatt123: You'll need to wait until packages for the rest of KDE are available21:47
JontheEchidnacurrently only packages for kdelibs and kdepimlibs have finished building21:48
enigso why i keep getting dennied connections low Id on amule and on DC++ i can't download and search? how can i fix this? :S21:48
Matt123JontheEchidna - Ok my friend - is it because the packages are being built and I only have some of the packages?21:48
Jonty /part21:49
JontheEchidnathough there might be a delay since a recent upload of libxcb broke anything that needs it to build21:49
mohbanaso i'm using dolphin cause the gnome browser is vvvverry slow21:50
wesley_So ive placed my laptop hd into my mini itx, the hd was broken from the mini itx :(21:51
wesley_Guys only 1 hour and 5 min till kde4.2 is released21:55
aapzakwhen will we see it in ubuntu?21:55
Matt123Hi is anyone going to a release party for 4.2?21:55
mohbanawhy is the gfx so damn slow21:56
mohbanaconsidering my gfx card is so powerful i'm surprised this lagging that much21:56
aapzakmohbana: there must be something wrong with your drivers21:57
aapzakI'm running on poor hardware and its running pretty smooth21:57
pindamohbana: what card and what drivers?21:57
aapzak4.2 RC1 that is21:58
mohbana8800gts nvidia, the latest one from the repo, i just updated a few minutes ago21:58
pindamohbana: on the repo from which version of kubuntu?21:58
mohbanai just installed kubuntu about 10 min ago21:58
pinda8.10 didn't have nvidia 180.x right?21:59
pindamohbana: 8.1021:59
mohbanaoh last intrepid21:59
spot_How to handle .tar.gz in Kubuntu?21:59
pindamohbana: yeah, 180.x is really a difference of light and day21:59
spot_I have downloadet firefox21:59
wesley_Matt123 my parents forbidden me to go to germany21:59
mohbanapinda: do i need to install that manually?22:00
pindaspot_: why don't use the firefox from the repo22:00
pindamohbana: yes22:00
spot_pinda: Where do i find that? Im newbie :-)22:00
wesley_How can I make a live cd of my existing kubuntu ?22:00
Matt123anyone from New Zealand having a release party?22:00
Pconfigspot_: Kmenu -> programs -> Add/remove software22:01
pindamohbana: kde4 uses a like of Xorg goodies that weren't used very much before, and some drivers have been seriously lacking in that regard, like the older nvidia drivers22:01
spot_wesley_: When you DL it, there is already a live version on, unless you choose it not to be there22:01
Walzmynwhenever I watch a movie in Kaffeine the sound is really quite. I've got everything maxed but the sound is much quiter than other apps - anybody got a suggestion on how to fix this?22:02
spot_Pconfig: Thanks! :-)22:02
pindaspot_: yeah, what Pconfig says... the package manager is the way to install applications on any linux platform... a lot less hassle22:02
david_edmundsonWalzmyn: does it have it's own volume control?22:02
david_edmundsonDragon does.22:02
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mohbanapinda: will that be the next release of ubunut22:02
Walzmyndavid_edmundson, yes,  and it's maxed22:02
pindaspot_: and ALL your software get's updated automatically22:02
pindamohbana: yes22:02
Pconfigmohbana: i think it's in the backports22:03
Pconfiglet me check22:03
david_edmundsonWalzmyn: bust open alsamixer from the command line, and max everything there22:03
Walzmyndavid_edmundson, done22:03
david_edmundsonKaffiene will output via PCM which Phonon (new KDE4 stuff) wont22:03
aapzakWalzmyn: cover your ears :)22:03
wesley_spot, look I just want to have a complete version of my kubuntu on a iso22:03
Walzmyndavid_edmundson, i'm on 8.0422:04
david_edmundsonoh ok22:04
david_edmundsonat that point I've no idea22:05
Pconfigmohbana, you sure it's not in your package manager?22:05
Walzmynok, thanks22:05
wesley_would be ideal to just have your copy and place it on other machines22:05
david_edmundson..unless all your movies are just very quiet :-P22:05
mohbanaPconfig: how do i find out from the CL?22:05
Pconfigmohbana: try sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18022:05
spot_Pconfig: pinda: Thanks alot to both of you! :-)22:06
Pconfigspot_: you're welcome ;)22:06
mohbanaPconfig: thanks it's available, but i don't want to risk breaking my system22:07
pindaspot_: np... it's a bit of a switch from the windows way of thinking where your seek tha interwebs for an installer.... one central place for all your software. :) nice, aint it?22:07
zicadasay, what timeframe are we talking from KDE4.2 release tomorrow to package availability in kubuntu ?22:07
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
Pconfigmohbana: i'd give it a shot. Backup your xorg.conf file, install it and if it doesn't work, just install nvidia-glx-177 again, put your xorg.conf file back22:08
Pconfigthe 180 driver is a world of differnce22:09
Pconfiganyway, i'm off, goodnight22:09
pindayeah, with the 177 driver, plasma is even faster with the "nv" driver22:09
wildchild_alguien sabe como cambiar un tema en  kubuntu 8.10?22:12
aapzakalguien sabe hablar ingles?22:12
wildchild_alguien me ayuda?no se como se hace y me estoy volviendo loco22:12
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat22:12
surgyso who can i help today?22:13
jussi01!es | aapzak22:15
ubottuaapzak: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:15
spot_pinda: Prette smart, and pretty nice! Now i just have to get my fingerprint reader to work, and webcam, then theres only my RAW files i ask if they can be converted to JPEG22:16
aapzakjussi01: ??22:16
spot_pinda: Pretty*22:16
aapzakwildchild needed help, not me :)22:16
jussi01aapzak: sorry, didnt see that.22:16
aapzakjussi01: np :)22:17
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aapzakI'm not gonna wait here for 4.2 to be released, gtg sleep, byebye22:24
nicholaidoes anyone know how I should get the system to "apt-get update" automatically ie on every boot or daily22:26
nicholaiI have to do it manually now so that the kde-update-notifier reacts22:27
marcel_if you want to install java install from Synaptic instead of sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk // works better :)22:28
mohbanapinda: about the nvidia drivers, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180, is that from backports?22:29
pindamohbana: I'm not sure, I think so. you've got backports enabled?22:32
blahjakenicholai: cron22:32
mohbanapinda: no i don't.  but will that be the default driver in the upcoming rlease22:33
nicholaiblahjake: shouldn't there be a default cronjob then? before upgrading to intrepid I didn't have to do this myself22:33
pindamohbana: extremely likely22:34
blahjakenicholai: that's probably true, check /etc/cron.daily and friends on a box that does it itself22:34
blahjakenicholai: gotta run, but in case it helps here's the contents of /etc/cron.daily/apt on a fresh (not upgraded) intrepid install that is noticing updates on its own: http://rafb.net/p/W4IshG21.html22:41
spot_What is KDE Wallet ment for?22:42
Dannilionspot_: it stores all your passwords and stuff, with a master password22:44
Walzmynspot_, best I can tell, it's supposed to open an anoying dialog box everytime you try to do anything22:44
spot_Dannilion: Ok! :-) Cool! Thanks22:44
spot_Walzmyn: Ok :-)22:45
what_ifare there any cons still to using 64 bit kubuntu on the desktop ?22:45
tommo78Trying to sample Kubuntu 8.10 via the LiveCD: it appears to load to an extent, but then fails on every attempt. I see "Checking battery", then it changes to a black screen with a load of blue pixels all the way down the left quarter of the screen. It then goes back to "Checking battery" and the process repeats itself. Completely stuck. Anyone got any ideas?22:46
FoxBlitzzwhat_if: Not from what I've tried of it, got Flash and WINE working, but then again I haven't tried 32-bit22:46
Walzmynwhat_if, iv'e not had any problems other than Opera being a bit fussy22:47
Walzmynwhat_if, and Ventrilo only makes a 32 bit client22:47
what_ifanyone use the nvidia driver on 64bit ?22:47
what_ifthats a big one for me ...22:47
Walzmynwhat_if, yes - had no troubles22:48
what_ifI will give it a shot then.22:48
what_iftried tu upgrade and ruined my system...22:48
what_ifWalzmyn: did you get opera to work? Won't 64 bit run both 64 and 32 software ?22:51
morenosomebody whos peak spanish22:51
what_ifmoreno: #kubuntu-es22:51
tommo78Trying to sample Kubuntu 8.10 via the LiveCD: it appears to load to an extent, but then fails on every attempt. I see "Checking battery", then it changes to a black screen with a load of blue pixels all the way down the left quarter of the screen. It then goes back to "Checking battery" and the process repeats itself. Completely stuck. Anyone got any ideas?22:58
what_ifsounds like a video driver issue22:58
tommo78Anything I can do to remedy that?22:59
tommo78It's not a very inspiring first experience of Linux, that's all :P22:59
what_ifput vga=792 on the kernel command line22:59
what_ifthe ubuntu live cd's are not that great22:59
what_iftry knoppix23:00
tommo78Thanks, what_if. I'll hit google.23:00
what_ifnot a great installed system, but the best live cd in my opinion23:00
tommo78Ah, I was only using the LiveCD to ensure everything worked before I wiped Windows23:01
tommo78How would I go about altering the kernel command line to see if that fixed my problem?23:02
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Guest87079Puta que bariu!!!Ta tudo em ingles?23:02
Guest87079Server Brazil?23:03
what_ifel canal #ubuntu-es es para habla espanol23:04
zicada4.2 final released, i demand packages :D23:04
Walzmynwhat_if, it will run, it's just slow as all crap.23:04
Walzmynno offence to my brothers in the FOSS movement, but I hate Firefox, so it kinda miffs me I gotta use it. But i'm sure opera will get this bug worked out.23:04
aloneaI tried to get an explanation earlier, but had to go. where are the touchpad options???23:05
aloneaanyone? I used to have an app I could go to before, but not in intrepid. I can't do it xorg.conf since its now hal. What do I do?23:09
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wesley_yeah kde4.2 is released23:19
oobeim still using kde323:20
wesley_Grampa does maby use kde123:20
oobebut i said i would upgrade once 4.2 came out cause of some missing features23:20
aloneawhere are the touchpad options???23:21
jpedrozaalonea: Most are in /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:21
jpedrozaalonea: Input Device23:21
aloneajpedroza: but we dont use that anymore!23:21
aloneajpedroza: its hal now23:22
wesley_oobe i am running the rc, thats pratical the final23:22
oobewesley_, i havent kept up but last time i tried kde4 it was missing a lot of essential things like an administrators menu in the control centre does it have that all fixed now23:23
jpedrozaalonea: I will have to check23:23
aloneajpedroza: intrepid is on new system. its these wierd .fdi files. my xorg doesn't have much of anything in it anymore.23:23
jpedrozaalonea: That would explain why my trackpad tap and scroll don't work23:24
aloneajpedroza: not including comments, its only 11 lines23:24
wesley_oobe its much better then 4.0 and cleaner the 4.123:24
aloneajpedroza: *nods* and I don't have any settings menu anywhere that I can find for touchpad. or anything at all that even says I have a touc23:25
jpedrozaalonea: I have this: /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi23:25
aloneajpedroza: I wont have a clue how to fix my problem with that...23:26
aloneajpedroza: if I so much as barely brush my touchpad while typing my cursor goes all over the place.23:26
aloneaI can try though.23:26
jpedrozaalonea: Trade ya? Mine barely works23:27
aloneajpedroza: lol. I can pastebin my current settings if that helps any.23:27
aloneaI wonder if changing this line:23:27
alonea<merge key="input.x11_options.PalmDetect" type="string">0</merge>23:27
aloneato a 1 would fix it23:28
jpedrozaalonea: looks like a simple xml file that uses the same basic options as xorg.conf23:28
jpedrozaalonea: pastebin would be great23:28
aloneaok, gimmie a sex23:28
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jpedrozaalonea: freudian slip23:29
jpedrozaalonea: when you say one thing and mean your mother23:29
jpedrozaalonea: Need to reboot. brb23:30
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marceloola amigo preciso de ajuda com wireless23:39
marceloquem pode me ajudar23:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:40
aloneano problem23:41
marceloi need help23:41
marceloabout wireless23:41
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aloneaoh fun. what card? broadcom?23:41
marcelomy computer is dell23:42
marceloI use kubuntu23:42
aloneawhat wireless card. if you go to a terminal and type in "lspci" it will be listed under there23:42
aloneait will look something like this: 02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)23:43
aloneaalso, what exact problem are you having with wireless? is your card not being detected?23:43
DaSkreechHi alonea23:44
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marcelowhat command in terminal ?23:44
aloneahey DaSkreech. why is there not an easy settings menu for the touchpad? I don't think users know to automatically go to /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi to then play a numbers game23:46
aloneamarcelo: lspci23:46
DaSkreechPeople weren't naturally born with that knowledge?23:46
aloneaDaSkreech: *mock glare*23:46
tommo78How do I switch to the vesa driver when using the livecd?23:47
* DaSkreech writes a stern letter to the midwives23:47
tommo78It appears the ATI HD 2400 isn't supported by the default driver23:48
tommo78... sucks for me23:48
aloneaDaSkreech: heh. and I am still lost on what most of that stuff in the file means...kinda bad to just start putting random stuff in. ^^;;;23:49
jenniferi need help setting up my external mic to use with SKYPE23:49
DaSkreechalonea: backups are good23:50
aloneaDaSkreech: oh yesh23:50
aloneaDaSkreech: but the bad thing is, I really haven't found a page explaining this. *pout*23:50
DaSkreechalonea: As you said there really shouldn't be one. It should be easier23:51
jennifercan someone plez help me23:52
aloneaDaSkreech: really! there used to be an app that did this for you. you just clicked and played with sliders and set it up how you needed23:52
marcelo00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) SMBus Controller (rev 03)23:53
marcelo06:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4328 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 03)23:53
marcelo07:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 02)23:53
DaSkreechalonea: Remember what it was called?23:53
DaSkreechjennifer: What's the problem?23:53
jennifermy mic isnt working for skype23:53
jenniferits a usb plug in23:53
spot_Is it not possible to "unrar" a rar archive in Kubuntu? I have Ark + rar installed23:53
aloneaDaSkreech: Synaptics. and its not compatiable anymore. they were made for the old way of things23:54
marcelono reconized23:54
spot_It seems like the file is to big, its about 4.47Gb23:54
DaSkreech!info ksynaptics23:54
ubottuPackage ksynaptics does not exist in intrepid23:54
DaSkreech!info gsynaptics23:54
ubottugsynaptics (source: gsynaptics): configuration tool for Synaptics touchpad driver of X server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.14-6 (intrepid), package size 39 kB, installed size 392 kB23:54
DaSkreechspot_: What Filesystem do you have the drive formatted in?23:54
DaSkreechalonea: tried gsynaptics ?23:54
aloneaI can't get it to work at all. I can try again though.23:54
aloneaDaSkreech: oh yes...month ago23:55
spot_DaSkreech:  ext 323:55
z666any 1 familiar with the bct1523:55
z666any 1 familiar with the bct15  ???23:55
DaSkreechspot_: Should work then23:55
DaSkreechjennifer: Is it working elsehwere?23:55
spot_DaSkreech: Where do i chek it?23:55
jenniferi can hear but i cant talk out of it23:55
DaSkreechspot_: try unrar x rar.rar from the command line23:56
DaSkreechjennifer: The Skype test call doesn't pick it up?23:56
aloneaDaSkreech: you end up with this sorta hell: GSynaptics couldn't initialize.23:56
aloneaYou have to set 'SHMConfig' 'true' in xorg.conf or XF86Config to use GSynaptics23:56
spot_DaSkreech: Im newbie, so i dont know how :-D23:56
jenniferit says problem with audio capture23:56
aloneaDaSkreech: it hasn't been updated in ages and thus works on old system.23:56
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)23:56
DaSkreechspot_: do you know where the file is?23:57
spot_DaSkreech: ca23:57
z666any 1 familiar with the bct15  ???23:57
DaSkreechalonea: Well first of all bug it23:57
DaSkreechz666: What is that?23:57
z666bearcat 15 scanner /radio23:57
messeupi want to install Kubuntu on my Asus eee. it got xandros "which sucks imo" however i do not have a usb pen. is it possible to install it from a usb disk ? got a 300GB mybook usb disk,23:57
spot_DaSkreech: home/spot/film/title.rar.r00 - rar.9923:58
DaSkreechz666: ahmm I'm not.23:58
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC23:58
mimmoxdcc send23:58
DaSkreechspot_: try cd to it then unrar x title.rar.r0023:58
spot_DaSkreech: It's splittet in ca 100 pieces23:58
aloneaDaSkreech: bug it? like "bugger"? or something for me to actually do. cause I looked high and low to get gsyn to work in intrepid and I did not find a successful case I dont think.23:58
messeupDaSkreech read my question beffore you linke me to a howto install from cd and usb pen23:58
z666the problem i have is with the com port detection not so much th bct1523:59
DaSkreechjennifer: Try swap the input audio device in skype options23:59
spot_DaSkreech:  cd?23:59
jenniferhow do i do that23:59
jenniferim new at skype lol23:59
DaSkreechmesseup: You want to install right off the ISO?23:59
DaSkreechspot_: change directory the command for that is cd23:59
DaSkreechso cd film23:59
z666the problem i have is with the com port detection23:59
messeupwell i got a usb "mybook" disk.. and i want to install kubuntu on it.23:59
z666the problem i have is with the com port detection23:59
DaSkreechjennifer: Open the options and go to audio23:59
spot_DaSkreech: in "Run command"?23:59

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