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nelleryI get this error when running apt-get update to update my PPA, anyone know how to fix this?01:02
nelleryW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4A42D1C1E825A17701:02
thumperis your gpg key with a key server?01:02
nellerythumper: yes, it is uploaded to keyserver.ubuntu.com, and on LP01:03
nellery(I'm updating my own PPA)01:03
thumperhas it worked for you before?01:03
nellerythumper: yes, but I that was before keys for PPA's existed01:04
nellerymentions I need to confirm it01:05
nelleryBut I don't see how this is possible.01:05
thumperit isn't some apt-key thing is it@?01:05
thumperI don't know that much about ppas01:06
nellerythumper: I've updated my PPA on my system many times before, but never with signed PPAs.  I'm guessing that it's because of that01:07
nelleryand the error mentioned on the help pages looks to be the same.01:07
thumperI think it is due to PPAs now signing things01:08
thumperand what you are seeing is a warning from apt01:08
thumperas it doesn't know about the key01:09
thumperhowever I'm not sure how to tell apt about it01:09
thumperI'm sure someone here does though01:09
* thumper looks around01:09
thumperthanks james_w01:22
james_wnellery: you need to use "apt-key add" to inform apt to trust that key01:22
nelleryjames_w: got it, thanks!01:32
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* jelmer wished somebody uploaded python-launchpadlib to Debian :-/04:12
bialixhi, I have a question about difference between maintainer and driver roles06:42
bialixI want to create new team for my project. Does I understand correctly the team members can work on the same branches?06:43
bialixeven if the team is not associated to specific project?06:43
bialixand if I set the team as driver all members will be responsive to triage bgs?06:44
bialixdoes it correct?06:44
bialixanybody home?06:45
spivbialix: it's been pretty quiet in here so far today... I guess it's still the weekend for many people.06:46
spiv(And it's a public holiday in .au)06:46
bialixspiv: oh, ok.06:46
bialixbut may be you know the answer ;-) ?06:46
bialixand today is chinese new year too06:47
spivOh, yeah, that's right.  A busy day for holidays :)06:47
spivI don06:47
spivI don't know the difference between drivers and maintainers, though.06:48
bialixI'm just never realized that the team can share code without be attached to particular project06:49
bialixheh, ok. thanks anyway06:51
HewHi. It looks like edge has a problem with making private bugs public, as the private checkbox is not filled. Can someone else verify this? Do I report this against Malone / Launchpad / something else?08:58
spivHew: yes, file it against malone.09:00
Hewspiv: Thanks, will do.09:00
stdinis bazaar working for anyone on staging? seems to be down for me09:02
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milovanderlindenHi there, I am maintainer for merkaartor. How can I change project details? I cannot find an edit details button anywhere13:26
jribHi, can I search for a project by programming language?  I'm on edge by the way13:29
cprovmilovanderlinden: let me check for you.13:31
cprovmilovanderlinden: right, you are the maintainer and a link called 'Change details' (with a yellow pencil at the right) should be presented to you on the page upper-right corner13:33
milovanderlindencprov; ok, thanks13:33
cprovmilovanderlinden: do you see it now ?13:33
milovanderlindenThis is the project url https://launchpad.net/merkaartor13:34
milovanderlindencprov: yes, there is a change details button now, thank you!13:35
cprovmilovanderlinden: you are welcome.13:35
milovanderlindenAnother question; I am requested to set translation to be maintained in launchpad (done) and translation owner to "openstreetmap". How can I change the owner for translation?13:45
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jtv3milovanderlinden: there's no owner for translation as such,13:46
jtv3milovanderlinden: though if you're using a translation group, that does have an owner.13:47
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milovanderlindenCan I see if openstreetmap as such is owner of a certain translation group?13:47
jtvmilovanderlinden: (note: a project doesn't own a translation group, since one group can manage translations for multiple projects)13:48
jtvmilovanderlinden: it's indicated here and there in the translations UI, let me dig it up for you.13:48
jtvmilovanderlinden: are we talking about josm?13:49
milovanderlindenno, about merkaartor which is the QT, C++ "based brother" application for JOSM13:50
jtvmilovanderlinden: oic13:50
jtvmilovanderlinden: I suppose a lot of non-Dutch people will be wondering about that name...13:50
jtvSo this one? https://translations.launchpad.net/merkaartor13:50
jtvmilovanderlinden: the information you're looking for is on the right, in the pink box.  It says Translation group: Not assigned.13:51
jtvmilovanderlinden: if you want somewhat tighter control of the translations, you may want us to set up a translation group; or you could choose the Launchpad translation group as your translation group.13:52
milovanderlindenOk, thanks for the hint. I will consult the german person who contacted me on setting up localization. I see other issues coming up because merkaartor uses ts (Qt) templates for translations and I am not sure launchpad will handle those?13:53
jtvmilovanderlinden: unfortunately, no, we don't support those.13:54
milovanderlindenok, clear. thanks13:54
jtvmilovanderlinden: glad to be of help.13:54
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loic-mI've got problems with the doc at https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions17:24
loic-mI'm trying to upload my package so it's build for Intrepid and Hardy17:25
loic-mhowever "Upload to ~<lp_name>/ubuntu/<suite> and the suite you specify will override the suite named in the upload changelog"doesn't make sense17:25
loic-mI do either "my launchpad name"/ubuntu/intrepid, ~"my launchpad name"/ubuntu/intrepid or my_ppa/ubuntu/intrepid17:26
loic-mBut I get "no host ### found in config"17:26
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calcwould it be possible (or is there already a bug) to have x-launchpad-rationale added for to Blueprint emails?17:27
cprovloic-m: first you cannot build the same source in more than one series when you have a pool/ based repository.17:30
cprovloic-m: it would result in the same set of binary packages (same name and version) with conflicting contents.17:30
cprovloic-m: regarding the the dput error, which fqdn are you using the your dput configuration ?17:31
loic-mcprov: fqdn = ppa.launchpad.net17:32
loic-mcprov: what is the solution if I want to provide packages for multiple releases of Ubuntu (+ maybe Debian)?17:34
cprovloic-m: dput on ppa.l.n works fine from here. Does `ftp ppa.launchpad.net` works for you ?17:36
loic-mcprov: I can dput fine for Jaunty, the only problem is for other targets17:37
cprovloic-m: dput itself should work, but the upload will be rejected and you will receive an notification about it17:38
cprovloic-m: is that what happens ?17:38
loic-m cprov: ftp works fine too (I can login)17:38
cprovloic-m: assuming you use `dput -f ...` or remove the '.upload' file before re-uploading.17:38
loic-m"No host ppa/ubuntu/intrepid found in config"17:38
cprovloic-m: oh, you have to create new configuration snippets for series-specific uploads.17:39
loic-mcprov: `dput -f ...` won't overwrite the packages for Jaunty?17:39
cprovloic-m: no, it won't, it will just ignore the '.upload' file created locally by the previous upload.17:40
loic-mcprov: "you have to create new configuration snippets for series-specific uploads" - I didn't find that information. Do you have a link?17:40
cprovloic-m: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions, right where you are.17:41
cprovloic-m: in the previous section it describes how to create dput.cf sections for each PPA you have access, the it describes how to create new section for series specific uploads17:42
cprovloic-m: it doesn't say run `dput ~<lp_name>/foo/bar`, does it ?17:43
cprovloic-m: either way, the series-override only helps when you want to upload a pristine source package, for instance a debian source to a ubuntu distroseries.17:44
loic-mcprov: you're right. However it doesn't say you have to create that in dput.cf either. i'll try right now17:44
loic-mcprov: what I want is to upload a package for Jaunty and build it for Intrepid/Hardy17:45
cprovloic-m: yup, I will tweak that paragraph to make it clearer. It's confusing the way it is17:45
cprovloic-m: right, you can't do this in a pool/ based repository, as I said before. Did you understand why ?17:46
loic-mcprov: thanks a lot. Could you also add the command to run -or say you need the -f option)?17:47
loic-mcprov: I understand it's because "it would result in the same set of binary packages" as you said17:48
cprovloic-m: exactly, so you have two alternatives17:48
cprovloic-m: you could build the source in the oldest series you think it will work, let's say hardy; then copy source and binaries to the newer series17:49
cprovloic-m: since the toolchain is very likely to be backwards compatible, the binaries will work fine in intrepid and jaunty.17:50
loic-mcprov: I copy them in Launchpad (web interface)?17:50
cprovloic-m: OR, if you really depend on series specific features (libraries/ABI) you have to create a new source version and reupload it.17:51
cprovloic-m: yes, on the first alternative you can use launchpad.net/people/+me/+archive/+copy-packages UI17:52
cprovloic-m: after the source was fully built in the oldest series.17:52
loic-mcprov: I'm not sure I'm looking for either solution ;)17:54
oojahloic-m: And copying like that ^ means the process is a lot quicker.17:55
cprovoojah: copying binaries means you don't have to wait them to be rebuilt; so quicker when it fits your needs.17:56
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oojahcprov: Exactly my point :)17:56
loic-mcprov: in the link you gave me, there's an option "Rebuild the copied sources"17:56
loic-mcprov: could I use this option so I upload to Jaunty, then it rebuild packages for Intrepid & Hardy?17:57
cprovloic-m: yes, and if you select it together with 'this PPA' (copy destination) is will fail if the source being copied has already built a binary in the same repository17:58
loic-mcprov: you're right, it did17:58
oojahloic-m: To clarify, you can use that option only if you tell it to rebuild in a different ppa.17:58
cprovoojah: yes17:59
loic-mcprov: so if I want to support Hardy and Intrepid along with Jaunty, the only solution is either to accept building it for Hardy, or having multiple ppa?17:59
oojahI've struggled with this myself in the past, it's not immediately obvious.17:59
cprovoojah: it might confuse your mind, but you can also rebuild the same source in a newer suite if its original builds have all failed.17:59
cprovoojah: but that's a corner case.17:59
oojahaaargh :)17:59
oojahloic-m: You could use different version names as well - name-1.0.0-1~ppa1~jaunty18:01
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oojahloic-m: But if your package doesn't need to be rebuilt for different releases, then just do the copy. afaict, the most likely cause that you need to worry about rebuilding is if you depend on a library that breaks abi compatibility.18:02
loic-mcprov: that's an idea, however it will confuse other people18:02
loic-ms/cprov/oojah/ sorry18:03
loic-moojah: I think I'll do a copy then. It would just have been nice to have it working like pbuilder-release-arch work though. I must be spoilt18:04
cprovloic-m: we have plans for automatic rebuilds, where we could automatically dispatch new builds without requiring source changes and adding a rebuild-index ('+b<index>')  to the resulting binaries.18:06
cprovloic-m: but it will take some time to be implemented.18:06
loic-mcprov: that's really good news.18:08
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loic-mbtw, any reason why a build for Jaunty amd64 works on my en with pbuilder, but fails on my ppa?18:08
cprovloic-m: let me check.18:12
cprovloic-m: missing build-deps, the buildlog list them after 'The following packages have unmet dependencies: '18:13
cprovloic-m: I don't know exactly what changed in jaunty regarding gtk18:14
cprovloic-m: you could check with MOTU guys in #ubuntu-motu, they know everything ;)18:15
loic-mcprov: I'll do that. Thanks for checking.18:16
pkthi, my ppa has reached its quota?18:16
pktI got an email saying I 'm using 1927MB from 1024MB18:17
pktBut I can't see how this is happening18:17
pktI have eclipse which takes a total of ~400MB18:17
cprovpkt: what's your PPA url ?18:17
pktbut the rest are small packages, I can't figure out how they can be taking 1.5G18:18
pktunless the deleted packages count too?18:19
cprovpkt: well, counters don't lie, you repo uses about 2GiB18:21
pktstrange, I don't say anything is lying, I just can't figure out how this happens18:22
cprovpkt: you have 3 eclipse publications using the same orig.tar.gz18:22
pktaha, that could be it18:22
pktbut I only see one18:23
pkteclipse - 3.4.1-0~pkt218:23
cprovpkt: but the old version were removed from disk on 18th and 19th, so it's not the problem.18:23
pktyes, I remember deleting them18:24
cprovpkt: 1.1G    ./f/firefox-qt18:24
pktI never expected firefox to be that big!18:25
cprovpkt: but it also says -> Removal requested       3 minutes ago.18:25
pktyes, but I cleaned this up after I got the email18:25
cprovpkt: you will be back into your quota very soon18:25
pktso this could well be the problem, thanks :-)18:26
cprovpkt: you have to wait the repository clearner process to run, hourly.18:26
pktyes, I don't mind :-)18:26
pktthanks again a lot for your help :-)   Now things make sense18:27
cprovpkt: the upload warning will become a rejection next cycle and we will re-add the "repository size" section to the PPA index page.18:28
pktwhat do you mean "next cycle?"18:29
cprovpkt: by the end of the next 'month', roughly.18:29
pktIf quota is to be enforced, it would be nice if very large packages in a ppa could be flagged as such18:30
cprovpkt: next Launchpad release cycle.18:30
pktThis way I would never have copied firefox-qt from the other ppa in the first place18:30
cprovpkt: that's an interesting idea, could you file a bug on soyuz product, please ?18:31
pktcool, I will :-)18:31
pktcprov: ok, it is now bug #32156518:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321565 in soyuz "Please flag very large packages on a PPA somehow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32156518:43
cprovpkt: thanks a lot.18:43
pktnp, thank you for your help :-)18:44
maxbcprov: What does a milestone of "pending" mean in the context of Soyuz? Particularly with reference to bug 311952? Thanks!19:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311952 in soyuz "Packages-arch-specific blocking of a single binary blocks the entire source package" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31195219:13
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cprovmaxb: it means that the task wasn't scheduled yet19:14
maxbbut somehow different from "no milestone" ?19:15
cprovmaxb: it's there just to not fall off into the ocean of confirmed bugs in soyuz :-/19:15
maxba sort of "in tray" for bugs, then19:15
cprovmaxb: yes, sort of.19:24
maxbWhat does this mean for the likelyhood of it happening during the jaunty cycle? Indeterminate, at the moment?19:25
mkanatgmb: Had a chance to look over the APIs?19:27
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cprovmaxb: well, in my understanding we have to find time for it before jaunty freeze. However I confess it doesn't look easy.19:36
maxbWell, there's always the option of "Ignore any P-a-s info for binary packages, and get the file fixed upstream to refer to the source package when it refers to all binary packages of a source", I guess19:38
loic-mHow can I make a package deleted from my ppa appear again?19:51
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ftaOOPS-1122EC281 ?20:12
ftatimeouts everywhere :(20:12
* Ursinha-prQA looks20:15
Ursinha-prQAfta, which page?20:15
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Ursinha-prQAfta, ppa/+index?20:24
Ursinha-prQAcprov, ^20:24
cprovfta: I'm on it, something introduced recently is making PPA index to suffer on package lists with a lot of binaries.20:25
cprovfta: apparently, I haven't had time to investigate it properly yet.20:25
ftacprov, ok. thanks20:25
cprovfta: try passing ?batch=20 (or smaller)20:26
ftai was passing batch=150 as i need firefox and xul which happen to be on different pages now and it's very slow to change page20:27
cprovfta: yes, that will mostly timeout from what I can see.20:28
ftabtw, what happened to the 10+ ppa builders per arch? i see just a few now20:29
cprovfta: they were redirect to other tasks temporarily. They will be back soon.20:30
ftaok, great20:30
Chris` Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.20:36
Chris`Try reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.20:36
Chris`Anyone else experiencing that?20:36
anderskIs it known that the PPA builders lychee and hassium have been stuck on the same builds for 5 days?20:52
cody-somervilleandersk, neither of those buildds are currently in the pool20:53
cody-somervilleandersk, Those buildds are disabled.20:54
cprovandersk: there are probably being used by other internal tasks20:55
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attilacyilmazlaris ther any turkish guy here???22:09
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MFenwhen i want to 'target this bug to a release', there's only one release, 'trunk'.  how do i get other releases in there?23:45
MFeni hope the answer isn't 'register a bazaar branch', because i can't23:45
MFeni've looked high and low for a list of releases or a place to add one23:46
MFenoh hell, there it is on the front page23:49
MFenis "link to ubuntu package" intended to be used with PPA packages?23:57
MFeni don't intend to try to get my package into ubuntu. not sure what, if any, advantages there might be in having a link between my project page and my ppa23:57

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