linuxman410 how do you remove your old openpgp key if u got a new one00:21
linuxman410 how do you remove your old openpgp key if u got a new one i need to remove first key i have two of them00:26
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sectechNot looking for support,  just a general question and are looking for a general answer.   Are there still Nvidia restricted drivers in Jaunty?00:33
sectechyes/no is all I am looking for00:33
sectechGood enough00:34
RAOF__There are also shiny new open-source nouveau drivers, too.00:34
sectechAwesome....  Someone post to our newsgroup saying that there arn't any Nvidia restricted drivers in Jaunty, which made no sense so I thought I would verify00:35
sectechI just bought a 22 inch monitor and are now running dual monitor support lol...00:35
RAOF__nouveau is awesome for that :)00:35
sectechIt probably WILL break when I upgrade.... but I can fix it00:35
RAOF__The nvidia restricted drivers still need an xorg.conf option, because they don't officially support our Xorg version.00:35
sectechFinally though some decent nvidia drivers that arn't closed source.00:36
RAOF__No (supported) 3d from nouveau, though, and no suspend/resume.00:36
sectechmaybe now when I triage bugs and they deal with nvidia stuff I won't be thinking they are up the creek without the paddle...00:36
RAOF__But better 2d performance than nvidia, and nicer dual-head support.00:36
sectechmeh, don't care about 3d that much.... I don't use it00:37
sectechIs there going to be a doc with all the changes when it comes to that?00:37
sectechit might get a little confusing trying to triage nvidia stuff if we don't really know what changed00:38
RAOF__Yeah, the release notes as normal.00:38
sectechIt's a start I guess00:38
RAOF__Well, the nouveau drivers are in Universe; the only people using them will be those who want to test them.00:38
sectechyeah but I end up triaging the reports that come in... (I'm a member of bug-control), I'll talk to my clan about some kind of guideline to go by for those then00:40
RAOF__launchpad.net/nouveau has some guidelines for bug reports against nouveau; basically, they're worthless without an Xorg.0.log _and_ a dmesg log with an appropriate option.00:42
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FFForeverhow do i get rythmbox-client?01:03
anderskBy spelling it correctly (rhythmbox-client).01:04
FFForeveryeah kinda figured that...01:05
NaddiseoOK, so how do I create a patch? (for gnome-panel)01:11
NaddiseoI spent the day creating a patch for bug #19200901:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 192009 in gnome-panel "gnome panel has no way to specify on which screen it should appear" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19200901:11
Naddiseomodifying gnome-panel's source*01:12
NaddiseoNevermind, found the docs.01:25
jrgpI just upgraded to jaunty and keep getting this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-932634.html03:13
jrgpI can get into failsafe terminal fine03:13
jrgpbut when I try to login to normal gnome or fluxbox, I get the error in that post03:14
jrgpright, so...any ideas03:14
lamalexhey, I just selected ext4 as my fs, but it created an ext3 partition04:30
lamalexwhat gives04:30
Teknomy firefox is missing icon05:21
Teknoin firefox.desktop there is icon=firefox05:21
Teknobut icon file seems to be missing05:21
Teknohow to fix?05:21
kabTekno, my firefox.desktop looks like this05:29
kabExec=firefox %u05:29
Teknowell i tried that firefox-3.005:31
Teknodoesn work either05:31
greatcaffeineDoes anyone happen to know why xorg.conf is completely blank in 9.04?06:20
Teknobecause Xorg generates it itself when needed in startup06:21
greatcaffeineSo are the configuration values stored anywhere?06:22
greatcaffeineInteresting...  thanks for the info. :)06:22
tritiumgreatcaffeine: if you need to specify specific things, you *can* create one06:22
Teknoyea, it reads xorg.conf, but if some of configuration isn't there, that  will be generated06:23
greatcaffeineWell, what I was specifically trying to do was manually increase the amount of RAM allocated to my GMA 950.06:25
greatcaffeineI know there used to be a "videoram" option, but I'm not sure if it does anything.06:25
greatcaffeineAnd then I was surprised when xorg.conf was totally blank. :)06:25
Teknobut guess what06:26
Teknoi was very surprised when I found that also FSTAB was empty on my system06:27
jrgpfor me /etc/fstab is not in any way empty06:27
Teknoyea, that's only empty if HAL does mounting06:28
greatcaffeineYeah, my fstab has some junk in it.06:28
jrgpmakes sense considering I've a slightly complex hd layout06:29
greatcaffeineHave you guys gotten sound to work in Jaunty?06:31
jrgpgreatcaffeine, it does work06:31
jrgpit's just set very very low06:31
jrgpyou've got to use alsamixer + a certain argument and raise it higher06:31
greatcaffeineI've looked around in gnome-alsamixer and all of the levels look fine...  nothing is muted.06:32
jrgpI mean the command line version of alsamixer06:32
jrgpthere's a certain switch which shows everything06:33
pwnguinok, ive been wondering this for a while now, what determines when a package is held back?07:27
pwnguinfor example deluge torrent07:28
cwillupwnguin, depending on an old version of a package that you don't have, or that other packages need the newer versions of07:28
pwnguineven dist-upgrade won't touch it07:28
cwillupwnguin, mark it for upgrade in synaptic, and see what packages it says will be removed (aptitude would tell you too)07:30
pwnguincwillu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109699/07:30
pwnguini thouhgt dist-upgrade didn't care about removing packages07:30
cwillupwnguin, obsolete packages07:31
cwilluit won't break the dependencies of stuff that is installed though07:32
pwnguinim confident it's fine07:32
cwilluit's just willing to remove packages in order to do it07:32
cwillupwnguin, did update-manager offer to do a partial upgrade?07:32
pwnguinbut im not sure why dist-upgrade won't do this07:32
pwnguincwillu: nope07:32
pwnguinits grayed out in distribution updates07:33
cwillupwnguin, I mean, it didn't pop up a dialog when you started it?07:33
pwnguini dont run the gui tool often07:33
pwnguinbad habit i guess07:33
cwillunot terribly07:34
cwilludist-upgrade in apt-get?07:34
cwilluor aptitude?07:34
pwnguini just tested aptitude and it seems willing to do it07:34
cwilluaptitude is recommended over apt-get these days iirc07:34
mvopwnguin: from first glance it might be a glitch with the resolver in apt that you are hitting, that it things the new version is not that interessting because   deluge-torrent-common needs to be removed -o debug::pkgproblemresolver=true will tell you for your07:35
cwillu...because of the dependency handling07:35
pwnguini thought apt-get was just a frontend to aptitude for lamers like me these days07:35
cwilluapt-get is a frontend to dpkg07:35
pwnguinmvo: you got cut off07:35
mvoits really that apt-get and aptitude are frontends to libapt07:35
mvobut aptitude has some additional goodies :)07:36
mvolike a different resolver for dependency problems07:36
pwnguini just figured there was some circumstance that triggered these sorts of things07:37
pwnguinobviously dep resolution is complex, if it can be reduced to sudoku07:37
cwillupwnguin, it can also be reduced to packing boxes into your car07:38
cwillu(as can sudoku, as a matter of fact)07:38
pwnguinwell, if its just a failure and not some packaging heurestic i wasn't aware of, i feel better07:39
mvowe usually help the poor little resolver in apt by helping in cases like this with transitional pakcages and this like07:40
* cwillu huggles banshee-107:41
cwillu!info banshee-107:41
ubottuPackage banshee-1 does not exist in jaunty07:41
cwillu!info banshee-1 intrepid07:41
ubottuPackage banshee-1 does not exist in intrepid07:41
cwillunevermind that's a ppa transitional package...07:41
jrgpbanshee-1's only available in a special launchpad repository07:47
cwillujrgp, yes, I believe I said that :p07:57
naught101is is currently impossible to akonadi and amarok together?10:06
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naught101for me, akonadi depends on mysql-server-core-5.0, and amarok depends on mysql-server-5.1, which conflict..10:06
cwilluweird, my suspend/pm-utils/dbus/gnome-power-manager issues went away after unhooking the inhibit call, suspending, and then hooking it back up11:10
cwilluwon't reproduce now11:10
BUGabundocwillu: come again?11:10
BUGabundoI can't make my suspend work, but hibernate and resume works fine!11:11
cwilluBUGabundo, pm-suspend would work, but suspend through gnome-power-manager wouldn't work at all11:11
BUGabundowas about to report a bug with GPM11:11
cwilluwould disconnect the network, and reconnect, but nothing else would happen11:11
BUGabundo'cause it won't manage lcd bright after resume11:11
cwillutraced the execution into the same pm-suspend that I was running by hand:  it was getting there11:11
cwillubut getting caught in a inhibit hook11:11
cwilluwas trying to figure out which one, and changed the inhibited function to always return no11:12
cwillususpended from gnome, worked as expected11:12
cwillureverted the change to inhibited()11:12
cwilluand... it still worked11:12
* BUGabundo is lost!11:13
cwillu(inhibited is in /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions)11:13
cwilluno idea why it's working now, some state must have been changed in a file somewhere to make it start working again11:13
cwillubut it was persisting across reboots, dpkg -P remove's of pm-utils and related, etc11:13
cwillubut now it works...11:13
cwilluBUGabundo, toshiba satellite?11:14
BUGabundoOEM S37S11:14
cwilluthey have a problem like that11:14
BUGabundoAsustek/ASI barebone11:14
cwilluBUGabundo, try closing the lid for 4-5 seconds (at least, long enough that the screen turns off)11:14
cwilluafter a hibernate11:14
cwillu...and resume11:14
cwillualternatively, try killing gnome-power-manager and restarting it, see if that bring it back11:15
BUGabundostupid question: Why?11:15
cwillubecause it works around it for the toshiba, apparently :p11:15
BUGabundowhat does closing the lid do that is so special?11:15
cwilluBUGabundo, triggers some acpi related something somewhere11:15
cwilludon't make it sound like I said anything useful explanation-wise :p11:16
cwillu'cause I didn't :p11:16
cwillubut never underestimate what sideeffects things can potentially have :p11:17
* cwillu checks his hibernate11:17
* cwillu 's hibernate works11:17
cwillunow, we just need to get that silly "gnome-power-manager polls xorg in a horrible way causing massive performance problems on intel" bug cleared away11:18
BUGabundoi0m using usw and it works great11:18
cwilludoesn't work on my lappy11:18
BUGabundoregular hibernate was also working well with old kernel11:19
BUGabundohaven't tested with -511:19
BUGabundobut suspend (or better yet resume from suspend) is broken11:19
BUGabundoI also have an Nvidia, what can be the cause for the brekage11:19
BUGabundoor my eth card11:19
BUGabundocwillu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/32141511:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321415 in gnome-power-manager "LCD dim and power managements doesnt work after hibernate" [Undecided,New]11:20
cwillubug #30730611:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730611:20
BUGabundocwillu: session??11:21
BUGabundoplease explain?11:21
BUGabundothere were great changes in gnome session11:21
cwilluBUGabundo, not gnome-session, the session in general11:21
BUGabundothat will make it wait a few more secs until everything is really loaded11:21
BUGabundoas oposed to before where stuff will be appearing at bits11:22
cwilluwe're talking about pauses a couple times per second, mouse cursor jumping around, etc11:22
cwilluxorg's log shows that it's polling for edid information several times a second11:22
BUGabundocheckout my bootcharts11:22
BUGabundoand see if you can relate the events11:23
cwilluit's not a bootup11:23
cwilluit's not boot up at all11:23
BUGabundoI know11:23
BUGabundobut I record mine past 90 secs after login11:23
BUGabundoso I cacth extra stuff11:23
* BUGabundo thinks we are talking about diff stuff, right?11:23
cwilluboot charts aren't legible, won't show me anything above the 595px version, and you can't see anything11:24
cwilluBUGabundo, I'm not talking about gnome-session11:24
cwilluI'm talking about the Gnome Session11:24
cwillui.e., you're logged into gnome11:24
BUGabundoso u fell the desktop experience is sluggish?11:25
BUGabundois that right?11:25
cwilluit's clearly buggy11:25
cwilluthe mouse cursor jumps back to where it was half a second ago, and then flashes back11:25
cwillukeystrokes aren't registered for several seconds11:25
cwilluxorg is pegging the cpu11:25
cwilluand killall -STOP gnome-power-manager makes it all better11:25
BUGabundoI'm confused11:26
BUGabundois this during regular use, ie, all day11:26
BUGabundoor just after the inicial login11:26
cwilluthis is from the moment the session starts11:26
BUGabundofor a few secs?11:26
cwilluand it never stops11:27
BUGabundosure... I see that too...11:27
BUGabundokinda looks like WinXP11:27
BUGabundoafte login, stuff is still being loaded!11:27
cwilluno, it's not for a few seconds, it's for as many hours as I'm willing to let it run11:27
BUGabundonot me....11:27
cwillutell you what, you reread _everything_ I just wrote, and then start talking to me again :p11:27
BUGabundofor me its about 20-30 secs after login11:27
BUGabundothen I have FULL crontrol11:27
BUGabundothat's why I presented you with my bootchatrs11:28
BUGabundoits visible there, those few extra sec where stuff is still beeing loaded11:28
BUGabundoand then it stops11:28
cwillu...but I never said anything about boot up, or session start :p11:29
BUGabundoI may have miss understood11:29
BUGabundoso in your case GPM is not stopping11:29
BUGabundoafter the inicial steps11:29
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bullgard4Where can I find an account how NetworkManager has changed since hardy?13:22
SiDibullgard4: look at intrepid's change notes, network-manager has changed a lot since then. I think you should look for the network-manager page on launchpad.net for full changelogs13:23
SiDibullgard4: the next ubuntu is jaunty by the way :)13:23
bullgard4SiDi: Thank you for your advice.13:24
bullgard4SiDi: Full changelogs à la https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/network-manager/0.7~~svn20081018t105859-0ubuntu1.8.10.1 is not what I am looking for. I am rather interested in a higher-level overview. Can you advise one?13:41
SiDibullgard4: if you're still under hardy, then i suggest you get on an intrepid/jaunty livecd :P13:41
SiDiThey made a lot of changes, esp. for wireless connexions, but it's been a few months ago so i forgot about it13:42
bullgard4hm. Thank you for commenting.13:42
SiDiHere, they speak about it13:42
bullgard4SiDi: Thank you very much again for your help.13:56
SiDibullgard4: you're welcome13:56
shadowhywindhay all, having an issue. When ever i have kaffiene try to open anything (avi,mkv,mp3) it closes. Nothing gets reported on the console14:08
histoupgrading to jaunty now15:17
khalidmiando u recommend installing jaunty ? after all im in intrepid ibex which is not a LTS15:17
histokhalidmian, not for your normal system15:18
histoI wouldn't install it on a machine that you need to have any reliability right now.15:18
khalidmianhisto: when u say not for normal system - what does that mean?15:19
histoIf you can deal with it being broken and possibly having to reinstall due to some update that they are working on then yes install it. Otherwise stick witht he releases.15:19
khalidmianhisto: i have installed kubuntu within windows and dont have any imp stuff in it = can uninstall kubuntu and reinstall it im assuming applies to jaunty too?15:20
histoIs there a reason you want to install the alpha version?15:21
khalidmianhisto: ty ill give it a try wosrt come scenario ill revert to interpid ibex15:21
khalidmianhisto: fun - ?15:21
histoKeep in mind if it aint broke don't fix it.15:21
histowell in that case then go ahead wth.15:21
khalidmianhisto: ive uninstalled and reinstalled kubuntu quadra million times- a newbie so i just enjoy experimenting with it i guess15:22
khalidmianhisto: which means bottom line im just a regular user not a developer or a wizz kid15:23
histok.  See i use it as my only OS on some machines to installing jaunty on those wouldn't make sense. But I have a box that I just install this sort of thing on just to test and see if there are any bugs with my hardware.15:23
histoAlso you can use virtualbox and create virtual machines if you wanted.15:24
khalidmianill try it for now i only use kubuntu within windows so i see no harm15:24
khalidmianty for suggestion though15:24
khalidmiankdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list15:27
khalidmianError: "/var/tmp/kdecache-khalidmian" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.15:27
khalidmianError: "/tmp/kde-khalidmian" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.15:27
khalidmianwhy on earth is it saying that15:27
khalidmianis there a way for me to upgarde to jaunty via sudo or adept?15:31
fosco_khalidmian: update-manager -d15:32
maxbReally really don't try to upgrade just by editing sources.list15:32
khalidmianfosco_: im on kubuntu this only installs synaptic15:36
fosco_don't know about adept, but you can install update-manager15:37
khalidmianbash: kdesu: command not found15:37
charlie-tcaOkay, Did brasero break on Ubuntu today? Or, is it just Xubuntu that broke it with the updates?15:50
maxbcharlie-tca: Define break? Upgrade problem? Already fixed in the archive.16:06
charlie-tcaOne package won't update, brasero won't burn cd's because of today's updates16:11
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DrHalanhey i want to compile against librt on AMD64 but it complains about -fPIC not begin set18:13
lamalexhas anyone done an ext4 install? I tried last night but even though I told the partioner ext4, it did ext3 anyway18:14
kablamalex, I do18:14
kab:) /dev/sda2 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)18:14
lamalexhmm I wonder why mine REFUSED18:15
lamalexmy whole partitioner was buggy18:15
lamalexcouldn't edit partitions, had to delete then create new ones18:15
lamalexthe iso checked out ok18:15
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histoWhat up with th restrcited drivers tool?18:24
histoIts showing none availible for my card. nvidia?18:24
kabhisto install your nvidia driver with synaptic or apt-get18:41
Edicowhy ubuntu doesn't have default aliases configured for the shell?18:48
Edicoit should have18:48
EdicoIt's so odd for a linux distribution to came default with desktop effects and without a minimum aliases set!18:48
charlie-tcaEdico: There is normally a minumum set of alias in ~/.bashrc18:49
lamalexhisto: i'm pretty sure nvidia is totally fsck'd right now18:49
histolamalex, What is all this garbage about ignoreabi I'm trying to catch up18:50
Edicocharlie-tca, I meen colors for user@host18:50
lamalexignoreabi? no idea18:50
histoIts annoying the way ppl chat on launchpad18:50
kabhisto, you can avoid this error in /etc/gdm/gd.conf18:51
kabthis lines gdm.conf:621:command=/usr/X11R6/bin/X -br -audit 0 -ignoreABI18:51
kabgdm.conf:636:command=/usr/X11R6/bin/X -br -audit 0 -terminate -ignoreABI18:51
kabgdm.conf:650:command=/usr/X11R6/bin/X -br -audit 0 -ignoreABI18:51
histoI don't have any erros atm I'm running the nv driver18:52
histoWondering about getting a proper driver installed though thats why i'm trying to catch up to the current state but it appears people are confused whether 180.22 fixes it or not.18:52
lamalexcould try the neuveau drivers too18:52
lamalexlol I would hardly call the nvidia driver "proper"18:52
kabhisto, ohh, if you want to run with the nvidia driver do that18:52
histokab, and then what install the nvidia-glx-180 package?18:53
kabhisto yes18:53
kabyou install the nvidia-glx-180 and modify the /etc/gdm/gd.conf, then your can use this driver18:54
histotryign it now18:56
kabhisto, good luck!18:56
histowell still dl'ng18:57
maxbkab: I really don't think that's the recommended way to do it. /etc/gdm/gd.conf says: "This file should not be updated by hand" on the third line19:05
maxbI would suggest configuring it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf instead, since really it's nothing to do with gdm19:06
kabmaxb, In xorg.conf don't function with me19:07
maxbworks for me19:07
maxbSection "ServerFlags"  Option "IgnoreABI"  EndSection19:07
kabmaxb, how  do you have the server flag section? or19:07
kabmaxb, I will try this in my next reboot19:08
blueyedCan anybody help with or reproduce bug 309205 - using a MS Natural Ergonomic keyboard?19:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309205 in linux "2.6.28: Keyboard not usable during boot (cryptsetup passphrase)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30920519:36
hanasakijust installed alpha 3 and have the updates..installed on ext4... cfdisk says its a ext3 disk.. whatsup?19:51
charlie-tcaIt may be just an misprint yet?19:52
blueyedhanasaki: probably cfdisk isn't aware of the new format yet? Similar to programs seeing ext3 as ext2, if they don't recognize ext3.19:53
* charlie-tca thinks that's what I tried to say, too19:53
Volkodavhanasaki, what does it say on boot ?19:53
doedelwhere can I read about the cool new features of 9.04?20:34
tawmasdoedel: have you tried the release notes? http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha321:10
PeddyI'm running Jaunty alpha 3, how would I completely remove KDE and all KDE apps?22:49
loic-mIs there any plans to have thunderbird 3.0 in Jaunty or is it completely off?22:50
PeddyHow would I enable the Nvidia drivers in Jaunty? I have nvidia-glx-180 and the kernel source installed.23:17
anderskAdd these three lines to /etc/X11/xorg.conf: Section "ServerFlags", Option "IgnoreABI" "True", EndSection23:18
Peddythanks andersk23:21
x1250Peddy, this should remove all kde apps: sudo aptitude purge kdelibs-data kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5 kdelibs5-data libqtcore423:43
Teknohow do I install Netbeans23:51
PeddyTekno, type 'sudo apt-get install netbeans' into a terminal.23:55
PeddyTekno, you might want to try #ubuntu in the future, this is a channel for discussing Ubuntu Jaunty (unreleased alpha).23:56
PeddySo you'll get more help there :)23:56

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