dilomohi all09:07
dilomoanmyone here using New Wave + Eclipse?09:07
primes2hkwwii: Hello, did you see messages I left here?11:05
kwwiiprimes2h: nope12:29
kwwiibut the bug is fixed, it seems12:29
primes2hkwwii: I just would like to know what happens now. Will stockmail... be removed? or what?12:43
kwwiiexplains everything12:57
kwwii(the changelog)12:57
SiDihuh ?13:00
* _MMA_ waves13:02
SiDiwell,  hello :$13:03
* thorwil waves, too13:03
primes2hkwwii: I was talking about bug #31999113:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319991 in icon-naming-utils "Strange behaviour of some emblem icons." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31999113:03
* _MMA_ has new art uploaded to Studio-Jaunty. Wonders if the disks will work soon.13:04
_MMA_(also wonders if his ISP will kill him for downloading (legally) 450GB worth of hi-def NIN video in a month)13:05
thorwil_MMA_: oh, wow. how many hours is that?13:07
primes2hpitti: Thanks for accepting my patch.13:09
primes2hops, wrong channel.13:09
_MMA_thorwil: Most likely a week or so. There are 3 torrents. 3 different shows. Im working on the 1st now. (got about a day left)13:09
_MMA_thorwil: Or 2 depending on ho many seeds drop off.13:10
_MMA_thorwil: http://forum.nin.com/bb/read.php?52,37816613:11
SiDi405 GB... crazy13:12
SiDiWith my  bandwidth, in direct download, it'd take me a good year \o/13:12
_MMA_It's best that "normal" people wait for the edits to come out. There are a couple of people working on 'em. http://thisoneisonus.org13:14
thorwil_MMA_ isn't normal :)13:15
_MMA_I got a 500GB drive just to store 'em. :P13:15
_MMA_Gonna try to edit with Blender or Cinelerra.13:16
* thorwil recently bought 2 1GB drives13:16
_MMA_Nice. :)13:16
_MMA_I was nuts and paid $380 when they 1st hit. I won't do that again.13:17
_MMA_kwwii: So what's gonna happen with Murrine? Are you gonna push to update it to latest SVN? I'd like to chat about it if you are.13:17
* _MMA_ goes to make breakfast/get the kids off to school.13:19
SiDi_MMA_: i didn't begin my own school day yet (which is pretty cool knowing its almost 3PM :D)13:21
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, I was thinking about it13:29
kwwii_MMA_: hit me up when you get back13:30
_MMA_kwwii: Does current murrine-SVN break old themes again?13:48
Cimi__MMA_, I introduced a dummy control, it just prints that you should update the theme, but they will look correctly14:02
Cimi_the only thing needed is GtkScale::trough-side-details = 114:03
_MMA_Cimi_: Ahh.... Killer. kwwii: I don't have any issue then.14:03
SiDiSee you peeps14:03
Cimi_if you don't add it the GtkScale won't have the colored fill14:03
_MMA_Cimi_: Gotcha. It won't affect anything if I add it now will it?14:04
Cimi__MMA_, it will affect old themes14:04
Cimi_themes on the old engine14:04
_MMA_Ok. So Ill add it but comment it out for now.14:05
Cimi_that modification is required because now the applications could specify if they want the fill or not14:06
Cimi_this is particulari useful on the new audio mixing application14:06
Cimi_and, for example, when why have a left/right pan volume control, where a blue fill on the left part of the scale is quite idiot14:06
Cimi_now the applications may specify "do not draw the fill on the pan volume control"14:07
_MMA_Cimi_:  GtkScale::trough-side-details = 1 is correct? Spelling on "trough" looks odd.14:17
primes2hkwwii: I was talking about bug #31999114:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319991 in icon-naming-utils "Strange behaviour of some emblem icons." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31999114:17
kwwiiprimes2h: yeah, not much I can do about that one I guess14:17
primes2hI just would like to know if it will be removed (in your opinion)14:18
_MMA_Cimi_:  Nevermind. It's actually in my theme already, just set to: 0. So leave it there for now but set to 1 later?14:18
primes2hthe stockmail-.... emblem of course14:18
kwwiithat name is included as a legacy naming from older gnome stuff14:19
kwwiithe _m makes the m in mail a hotkey14:19
kwwiioh, the jockey icons are now removed from emblems14:19
primes2hso that _m made the link error?14:20
primes2hI imagine.14:20
Cimi__MMA_, set it to 1 when you update the engine14:21
_MMA_Cimi_: Ok.14:22
kwwiiprimes2h: yes14:31
primes2hkwwii: Just another thing: why there are gnome emblem in nautilus even with human theme? there is "Downloads", Erase" etc...14:38
primes2hmoreover there is an inconsistency in the "erase" one.14:40
kwwiiprimes2h: no idea, really14:40
kwwiiprimes2h: the inconsistancy is because they come from different themes14:41
primes2hIt's present in Edit->Backgrouns end emblems-> Emblems, but not in Properties->Emblems in right-click on a folder14:41
kwwiiprimes2h: my guess is that that place is the only one in which you can add emblems14:42
primes2hand there is a blank place between the "marketing" emblem and "Erase" emblem.14:42
* _MMA_ guess is that it hasn't been reported, and if it has, hasn't been a priority.14:42
kwwiithe entire idea of emblems is out-dated anyway14:42
kwwiiwhat we need is tags14:42
kwwiithe system should take care of emblems (like the dekstop one for instance)14:43
* _MMA_ hasn't personally seen the need or value in emblems/tags.14:43
primes2hwill they be replaced soon? by tags I mean14:43
kwwiiI really have no idea about that as it is an upstream issue14:44
kwwiiI would think not14:44
primes2h_MMA_: you are right, but at least it should be consistent in the system itself ;-)14:44
primes2hkwwii: the emblems filtering seen in nautilus is in the nautilus package itself?14:46
primes2hOr where?14:46
primes2hI could have a look14:46
kwwiiprimes2h: I would guess, but I am not sure14:47
primes2hwho could know this?14:47
primes2hin your opinion...14:48
kwwiiprimes2h: someone in #ubuntu-devel14:48
savvas_MMA_: It could be useful mostly for pictures, tagging them by date, occasion, friend circle, group, etc. This is used in f-spot photo manager14:49
primes2hkwwii: you told me jockey emblems will be removed. is there a fix for jaunty already?14:50
primes2hsavvas: You're right14:50
_MMA_savvas: That's pretty much what I do.14:51
_MMA_But, not to a large extent.Maybe I just don't have that large a photo collection (few thousand) but F-Sport sorts things by date. My mem is good enough I know where to look for a pic. Only think I ever make a effort to keep tagged is Music. Even though, it's not for search purposes.14:53
_MMA_I've just never been a big searcher. :) I don't use Tracker or Beagle. Oh well. :P14:53
kwwiiprimes2h: yes, pitti moved them in the package from emblems into the actions dir15:00
primes2hkwwii: OK, thank you very much.15:02
savvasprimes2h: you might want to update the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/human-icon-theme/+bug/31999115:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319991 in icon-naming-utils "Strange behaviour of some emblem icons." [Undecided,New]15:08
savvasor martin pitt will do it probably :P15:08
chaslinuxHmmn the background without the prehistoric bunny is probably better. I suppose I should recreate the bunny in Inkscape. Thought it would look cool if it was vicious, but it doesn't. I do like the BG colours though: http://www.charlesmccolm.com/sites/default/files/images/JauntyBackground-alpha.preview.jpg23:42
_MMA_I wouldn't use the bg as it will band on LCDs.23:45
chaslinuxBecause of the gradient?23:46
chaslinuxMy LCD went poof six months ago ;-(23:47
chaslinuxIt seems fine on my notebook, why would it band?23:48
kwwiiin any case, to check out banding you should look at several monitors, trust me on thisone23:52
chaslinuxThanks guys... would it band on a smaller LCD or just large ones? I have access to smaller ones at work, but nothing larger than 17"?23:53
chaslinuxMaybe I'll just stick to Inkscape stuff ... ;-)23:54

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