cjI've already done that.  Do I need to close gnome bug #119189?00:00
ubottuGnome bug 119189 in general "Add OpenGL support to GTK+" [Enhancement,Assigned] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11918900:00
Hobbseeoh.  I've no idea.00:01
Hobbseethat would probably be a good idea, though00:01
cjhokay.  I am going to take a weekend to come up with something to offer to the core devs, then.00:02
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didrocksHi seb128 :)08:38
seb128lut didrocks08:38
didrocksdid you have a nice week-end?08:39
didrocksstudious one :)08:42
didrocksI worked on python-gnome2-extras. The merge is done and I think is in a great shape08:42
didrocksso, I tried to update it to the last version08:42
didrocksbut I need libgda4-dev08:42
didrockscan I update it / is there someone supposed to do it?08:43
didrocks(we currently only have libgda3-dev)08:43
seb128didrocks: cool08:44
seb128didrocks: I think huats has this update on his list08:44
didrocksok. So I will wait for huats (and usual :p)08:44
seb128didrocks: otherwise the update was not too hard to do?08:46
didrocksor I will ask him if I can do it (I really want to update a library)08:46
didrocksseb128: well, when you take the time needed, it's ok :)08:46
seb128right ;-)08:47
didrocksand I am happy that we can push a lot of our patch out because they are taken in debian or upstream :-)08:47
didrocksbut I couldn't testbuild (for the update itself) as I do not have the library :)08:47
pittiseb128: do you know what a package has to do in order to appear in gdm's session list?08:55
seb128pitti: install a .desktop in /usr/share/xsessions08:55
pittiseb128: merci08:56
seb128de rien08:56
pittiseb128: also, does gnome-session still have hardcoded applications (such as starting panel) or are all these expressed as desktop files nowadays?08:59
seb128pitti: desktop files nowadays08:59
seb128pitti: what are you trying to do?09:00
pittiseb128: document the startup sequence09:00
pittiand I want to understand it myself09:00
seb128pitti: the new gnome-session has some stages09:01
seb128pitti: /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/filemanager has the required components, it uses corresponding .desktop installed09:01
pittiah, that's in gconf?09:01
seb128pitti: then is starts the autostart directory in /usr/share/gnome09:02
pittiah, I see09:02
seb128pitti: only the required components are in gconf, since you might want to decide to change your file-manager and you don't want several of those started09:02
seb128pitti: the other software are simply autostarted09:02
huatsmorning everyone09:12
seb128lut huats09:13
didrockshello huats09:13
huatshello didrocks09:13
huatshey seb12809:16
seb128lut crevette09:19
didrockslut crevette09:23
pochuhey folks09:33
pochuseb128: do you use azerty? :)09:33
seb128pochu: hi, yes, why?09:34
pochuI read that in the wiki :)09:34
seb128crevette, didrocks, huats too09:34
seb128that's what french keyboards use09:34
pochulooks like an strange layout :)09:34
pochuSébastien uses X-Chat, although no-one can quite work out why. It has D-BUS support, although no-one can quite work out why. One day the session bus crashes, and Séb's IRC client vanishes into thin air. While irrelevant to this spec, he also uses AZERTY, although no-one can quite work out why.09:35
pochu^ I bet dholbach wrote that ;)09:35
seb128I don't think that was dholbach, rather daniels09:35
pochuI don't think I know daniels :)09:36
didrocksqwerty keyboard are evil, there are so many kinds of them (and I hate Irish one for personal reason :p)09:36
seb128pochu: he used to maintain xorg for ubuntu09:38
crevettepochu, daniel Stone09:39
seb128the thing other people don't like about azerty is that you need to use modifier to type brackets or numbers ;-)09:40
pochuI guess he wasn't in Prague09:42
pochuin the Spanish layout you need to use modifiers for many punctuation symbols09:43
pochubut not for numbers :)09:43
pochuis it already known where next UDS will be?09:43
seb128next uds will be in catalonia09:43
didrocksseb128: that was the only benefit that I saw from Irish keyboard09:43
didrocksbut now, I code more into python, so... :)09:43
seb128no, daniels wasn't at uds, he stopped working for canonical some years ago09:44
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asacseb128: "evolution: converting pop account to imap requires restart to show imap folders"11:54
asacknown issue?11:54
seb128asac: I would guess so but I don't have the bug number handy12:03
seb128that's a detail though, you don't change account type often12:03
asacseb128: really minor. just ended up in that situation ;)12:07
seb128I think I've read bugs about that but I'm being lazy to search for one now12:08
seb128how come you are using evolution and not thunderbird? ;-)12:08
asacseb128: hmmm ... i couldn't find a dupe ... filed gnome bug 56917912:08
ubottuGnome bug 569179 in Mailer "converting pop account to imap requires restart to show imap folders" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56917912:08
asacseb128: if you are sure i can invalidate it again12:08
seb128let me check, maybe somebody told me about the issue but that was not a bug12:09
asacseb128: i am going through apps to check for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Jaunty/DesktopNetworkChanging12:09
seb128ah ok12:09
seb128asac: that's similar to gnome bug #209239, not sure that's the same though12:10
ubottuGnome bug 209239 in Mailer "Second IMAP account doesn't show up until restart" [Major,Resolved] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20923912:10
seb128asac: let it open they will triage it12:11
asacseb128: yep. will drop  a hing about the other bug12:11
asacseb128: err. that one is resolved for 8 years ;)?12:12
seb128yeah don't bother12:12
seb128that's the only one I found using a quick search12:12
seb128I know I've a frequent issue which is that new boxes are not listed until restart but that's probably a different bug12:13
seb128I use procmail on the server and which it moves things to a new box it's not listed until restart12:13
asacseb128: new box == maildir?12:24
asacor mbox?12:24
seb128dunno, folder or the imap server12:24
seb128or -> on12:24
seb128whatever the server is using for storage I don't know12:24
asacso evolution behaves quiet nice on network manager reconnects as it seems12:42
asacmaybe send/receive when disconnected waits for timeout instead of fast failing12:42
asacyes it does12:43
asachmm seb isnt here ;)12:43
* asac should unignore PARTS12:43
pochuso, you report a bug in malone, and people subscribed to the package receive a [NEW] mail with some Message-Id. Then if you add a comment from the web UI, you get a mail with a References: the original Message-Id, no matter if it's the 1st or the 10th comment. That's ok. But then somebody reassigns the package from foo to vinagre, and I get a [NEW] message with a new Message-Id, and when somebody adds a comment, his mail has a References to the 12:48
pochumaybe when somebody reassigns the package, I could be sent the old initial mail, so that it has the same Message-Id12:49
* pochu is not sure12:50
pochuor maybe that's a bit of a corner case it's not worth it :)12:50
huatsfta: ping12:53
pedro_mvo: hey!, are you going to be around this Thursday (29) ? I'm planning to run a compiz hug day, the package currently has ~300 bugs in new state12:55
seb128ok, this gtk update is no fun, it crashes gdm there which autorespawn, it stops doing that after starting some xorg server due to an xorg limitation apparently but dpkg was craching after trying to dpkg -r gdm-new then12:56
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mvopedro_: yes, I'm here13:02
* pochu waves at pedro_ and slomo :)13:03
pedro_mvo: great, it'd be just in case someone has a question regarding a report that day, i'll set up everything then, thanks you!13:03
pedro_hey hey pochu13:03
pochupedro_: hi! how's everything?13:03
pochupedro_: I've been told next UDS is in Spain! maybe I can go :)13:04
pedro_pochu: going great, how about you?13:04
pochugood, finishing my exams for this semester13:05
pedro_pochu: yeah Barcelona. Yup, you're pretty close right? like an ~1 hour flight or so13:05
pochuyeah, more or less13:07
* seb128 kicks bugzilla not responding13:12
* pedro_ hugs seb12813:13
pedro_bonjour seb12813:13
seb128hey pedro_13:13
seb128now it's responding13:13
seb128ok, it seems they screwed gtk 2.15.113:13
* seb128 downgrades gtk and reinstall gdm13:13
seb128ok, back to a normal working session13:31
seb128no cookie for gdm today13:31
seb128or gtk rather13:31
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crevetteseb128, the session loading is uberly long these days, don't you feel ?15:24
seb128crevette: yes, I blame vuntz and the new gnome-session15:24
crevetteah okay, it is true I see the disk idling for a long time, I guess a component wait something that doens't happen15:25
slomoseb128: please sync gst-plugins-good0.10 0.10.13-2 :)15:30
seb128slomo: will do, thanks for the quick update ;-)15:30
andreasnmpt, ok, spinner-thingy done15:46
andreasnmpt, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55836715:46
ubottuGnome bug 558367 in general "process-working should be a spinner rather than a foot" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:46
emberwhen adding launchpad-integration, the lpi menus have to stay between "contents" and "about" or can we just start with the lpi menus?15:49
asacseb128: you know anyone who uses ekiga?16:03
seb128asac: no16:03
seb128asac: I think pitti and dholbach have accounts, not sure if they use those though16:03
dobeyandreasn: guess i'll have to actually make a 2.25 release now, eh?16:04
asacseb128: thanks.16:04
asacpitti: can you check whether ekiga does something sane when NM goes offline/online?16:04
andreasndobey, yes, if you want to make mpt happy :)16:05
* asac looks in ekiga code for hints now16:05
asacseems they even have advanced NM handling somewhat16:08
* mpt hugs andreasn 16:13
pittiasac: I use it occasionally, in times when my network isn't too slow16:13
pittiasac: yes, let me try16:13
pittiasac: ekiga doesn't do anything, connections just die; and if it gets back up, it doesn't auto-reconnect (i. e. auto-register to your accounts again)16:15
pittiOTOH, pidgin DTRT now \o/16:15
asacpitti: hehe16:16
asacpitti: now the more complicated part: change of primary route: when connect to wireless or 3g (and wired unplugged) ... and then plugging in wired your primary default route will change16:17
asacpitti: i think all apps have to reconnect in that case ... probably nobody implements that though16:17
asacprobably because previously there was no such thing as multiple devices16:18
asaca bit strange. ekiga has all the backend code to track individual interfaces being upped/downed etc. not sure why thats not connected. lets file a bug16:19
asacpitti: ^^16:21
seb128asac: you can try asking on irc.gnome.org they have an ekiga channel there16:22
pittiasac: but isn't the very purpose of keeping the old interface up that programs don't have to reconnect?16:22
asacpitti: not really sure. but i guess when a socket is opened on a specific IP it will route the packages through the default route for that device? (even if priority is less)?16:24
seb128mpt: what locale do you use?16:25
asacin any case: worth a try ;)16:25
mptseb128, I don't know, I was just trying to find out and couldn't work out how to :-]16:25
seb128mpt: "locale" on a command line or use apport to open bugs16:25
mptLanguage Selector doesn't tell me (though it will in Jaunty!)16:25
mptand GDM doesn't tell me, it just says "Last Language"16:25
seb128mpt: your trash bug is a translation issue16:25
mptah, ok16:26
seb128mpt: I would recommend using apport to send bugs16:26
seb128mpt: so you get those informations for free in the bug16:26
seb128and the package version you are using, etc16:26
mptSo it's the Australian translators' fault16:27
mptMight have guessed ;-)16:27
cjmorning folks16:27
asacmvo: what can be done for jaunty + update-manager + NM connect status?16:27
asacmvo: am i supposed to deliver you example code or something?16:27
asacor patch around directly in update-manager :-P16:27
seb128mpt: I reassigned the bug to the language pack now16:27
seb128you're welcome16:30
dholbachhello my friends16:45
* dholbach hugs y'All16:45
dholbachdoes anybody of you have an idea why the icon does not show up for me on        https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xsane/+bug/129687         ?16:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 129687 in xsane "xsane menu icon looks ugly" [Undecided,Fix committed]16:47
andreasndholbach, in /usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/devices/16:53
andreasndo you have scanner.png there?16:53
andreasnand does it work if you change from human-icon-theme to gnome-icon-theme?16:54
andreasnas your icon theme16:54
seb128pitti: is there anything blocking the evolution-data-server evolution evolution-exchange 2.24.3 updates to move to intrepid-updates?16:56
dholbachandreasn: gnome-icon-theme icon is there - rugby471 is trying to figure this out... using the same icon in the gimp desktop file it all works nicely16:57
pittiseb128: there are three verification-failed, but unless they are regressions we can just leave them open16:57
seb128pitti: right, that fixes a lot of issues, some bugfixes didn't work though but I don't think we got complain about new issues16:58
seb128pitti: the current intrepid-updates version crashes when trying to edit any account setting16:59
seb128pitti: so having the new version moved to updates would be useful16:59
seb128pitti: well I don't want to force the update if you have an issue, we just have users waiting for those updates so I was wondering if they were blocked on something17:02
pittiseb128: no, that's fine; thanks for the ping17:02
pittiI didn't look at SRU today yet17:02
seb128pitti: thanks!17:03
andreasndholbach, does it look the same if you browse nautilus to /usr/share/applications?17:03
rugby471andreasn: good idea17:03
dholbachandreasn: no, it has the proper icon17:04
seb128dholbach: are you the only one to get the issue?17:04
rugby471dholbach: can you cd into ~/.local/share/applications and list any files in there?17:04
pittiseb128: done17:05
seb128pitti: danke17:05
dholbachrugby471: just deleted the whole thing :)17:05
dholbachkilled gnome-panel, still looking ugly17:06
seb128dholbach: I've an idea what the issue is, try using a non-de locale17:06
dholbachseb128: need to do that later, on a call right now17:07
rugby471when you are ready :-)17:07
seb128we had similar issue before due to the gettext change17:07
seb128it's trying to translate the icon17:08
seb128if there is a string in your locale which has a different translation it'll try to use the translated name as an icon17:08
rugby471seb128: so how do you solve it?17:08
seb128you don't right now17:09
seb128that's a bug in the gettext patch we have17:09
seb128though pitti's work should fix that17:09
rugby471so when will that be fixed?17:09
seb128when somebody send a patch to fix the issue or find a good way to do that?17:09
seb128that's really a corner case17:10
rugby471oh so there is no fix atm17:10
seb128that's not every day that you get an icon name matching a word translated in the same application17:10
rugby471so if it is that problem, would we update xsane anyway?17:10
seb128why not?17:11
seb128the issue seems german specific there17:11
rugby471I was just asking, first bug I have fixed17:11
seb128I didn't read the details about what you want to change17:11
seb128but that's not really an application bug17:12
rugby471yeah just a visual improvement17:12
rugby471all it does is substitue the old xsane icon for a generic scanne ricon form gnome-icon-theme17:12
dholbachseb128: en_UK works17:17
seb128dholbach: ok, so that's the german translation having a string identic to the icon name17:17
seb128and they translate it to something different17:18
seb128and it's trying to use the translated name17:18
rugby471dholbach: so how do we go forward?17:22
dholbachrugby471: I can upload it - the patch is good, we should just forward it upstream :)17:22
rugby471kl :-)17:23
rugby471seb123 & andreasn : thanks for your help!!17:23
seb128you're welcome, thanks for your work17:24
mvoasac: if you have example code that is fine17:25
mvoasac: but I don't think there is anything really required from you except for maybe a example how to detect 3g connections17:25
dholbachrugby471: uploaded17:27
mvoasac: I need to leave now, lets talk about it tomorrow17:38
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