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ubot2In #ubuntu-se, einand said: !einand is <reply>Världens coolast och bästa människa12:26
glade88'lo -- I was told in some channel that ubuntu irc team has private wiki pages. is that true? and if it is, I'd like to know how (interests the brainstorm moderator team)12:51
elkbuntuif we do, it's the first i've heard of it13:00
glade88elkbuntu: hehe.. thanks.13:02
A4Techjrib: ?13:48
muzanakaI'm here13:49
jribA4Tech: Hi, muzanaka is trying to join #ubuntu-ru.  The ban on 91.145.* is catching him though.  He's here now13:49
A4Techjrib: http://itmages.ru/view.php?action=view&id=1731&key=ad68c7 - i'm don't now who is banned him13:50
muzanakaWhy I was baned?13:50
A4Technow == know13:51
muzanakaWhy  was I baned?13:51
jribA4Tech: it's a pretty wide ban though, I doubt it's muzanaka, but just someone with a similar ip.  He seems fine in #ubuntu and here13:51
A4Techperhaps coincided network13:52
muzanakaWhen I can connect to #ubuntu-ru?13:53
A4Techjrib: I have to write down the address, because I do not know who blocked it, but we have other people's taboos operators are untouched13:54
A4Techmuzanaka connect to #ubuntu-ru13:55
jribA4Tech: I see13:57
muzanakaI'm veru glad, that you helped me)13:59
* emmajane waves.18:58
Nafallohi emmajane :-)18:58
* Netcowboy looks18:58
emmajanepleia2 sent me here and said that I can get "hooked up." Really I just want a cloak though. /me is an Ubuntu Member.18:58
emmajaneNafallo, hey :)18:59
* Nafallo have forgot who to ping about that :-)18:59
Nafallonalioth? ^--18:59
pleia2emmajane: just hang about :) someone will show up to handle it soon enough19:00
* emmajane nods at pleia2 19:00
Nafallojpds, Myrtti: one of you would need the procedure to add a cloak? :-)19:01
jpdsemmajane: Make sure: "/msg NickServ info" shows that you have a grouped nick and email set.19:03
emmajanejpds, yup :)19:04
jpdsemmajane: Prefect, that should be all.19:04
emmajanejpds, that's it?19:06
emmajanejpds, it'll just cloak me from now on?19:06
jpdsemmajane: As soon as you identify to NickServ, it'll apply your cloak.19:06
jpdsemmajane: But you'll have to wait for nal. or Price.y to turn up to set the cloak.19:07
emmajanejpds, cool :)19:07
jpdsubot2: info figlet19:20
ubot2jpds: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.19:20
jpdsstdin: Odd, looks like it's still failing on Description-cc_CC parsing in lastest trunk.19:24
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