Peddypersia, are you there?04:00
persiaMy apologies.  I have poor diurnal habits.  Had you also installed libpulse-dev ?04:03
Peddyno problem :)04:03
Peddyok, I''ve install libpulse dev 0.9.13, thing is, I can't log in without failsafe GNOME (I get an error saying "couldn't exec /usr/bin/pulse-session; no such file or directory), but with failsafe gnome I can log in. My question is, can I debuild openjdk with the 0.9.13 dev libs installed, and then revert back to 0.9.10?04:05
PeddyI've purged and reinstalled pulse etc.04:05
persiaYou can, but openjdk will be linked against a different version of pulse than you have installed, which may cause runtime errors.04:06
persiaDepending on how the library packaging is set up, it may also cause issues with dependencies.04:07
PeddyHm. Do you know how I could fix the current PA install, then?04:07
persiaHow do you mean "fix" and "current"?04:07
PeddyFix it so that I pulse works, and by current I mean the version I have installed, which is 0.9.13 from themuso04:08
Peddy's PPA.04:08
persiaOK.  You'd have to track down why pulse is causing the GNOME session to crash, and fix that bug.04:09
PeddyWell, I have an idea.04:09
persiaThen you're off to a good start :)04:10
PeddyAt the end of the first post (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/294541) it says [pulse-access] is no longer needed, because pulseaudio is being started by a different mechanism.04:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 294541 in pulseaudio "Can't start session after removing pulseaudio (/etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio remains)" [Undecided,Fix released]04:11
Peddyis 0.9.13 the version that's in Jaunty?04:11
persiaTry running `rmadison pulseaudio`04:11
Peddyaha, Jaunty has 0.9.14. Are there significant changes in PA that would make it a bad idea to install the Jaunty version in Intrepid?04:14
persiaI think that the solution of that bug is related to also having a newer libcanberra.  You can try ithe suggested solution, but I don't know how well it would work.04:14
persiaIt's almost never a good idea to install a version compiled for one release on another release.  The most common exceptional case is in the other direction (e.g. sometimes you can install things compiled for intrepid on jaunty).04:15
persiaThat said, you could try to see if the 0.9.14 version also compiles on intrepid (a backport), but I suspect it depends on the newer libcanberra, and you'd end up in fairly deep recursion.04:16
Peddywell, openjdk is actually still debuilding (it's been going for a long time now), after it's done have a look at the backport.04:17
Peddyif it doesn't work :/04:17
persiaI'm tempted to think the answer to your original questions "Can Java use pulse for audio in intrepid" is "No", and that you'd be engaged in a long and arduous path to make it work if the current attempt fails.04:18
persiaYou'd probably do better to either work on something else, or, if you can, consider testing jaunty: if it doesn't work there, you can file bugs, and your patches and solutions may be applied to be part of Ubuntu.04:19
PeddyWell, themuso's 0.9.13 backport is supposed to work for Intrepid, and that's all the latest openjdk depends on, isn't it?04:19
PeddyHow stable are people saying the Jaunty alpha is?04:20
persiaWell, yes, but.04:20
persiaYou could ask in #ubuntu+1, but generally speaking, every development release is fairly unstable: remember that things are changing all the time.04:21
* Peddy is still waiting for openjdk to debuild.04:24
Peddypersia, I assume you have Pulseaudio and Ubuntu, could I please have a look at your /usr/bin/pulse-session file?04:37
persiaI think there's a typo in it :)04:38
PeddyWe should file a bug.04:39
Peddybug report*04:39
Peddyafter it's done debuilding, what should I do?04:41
persiaYou should end up with a .deb.  You can install this, and see if it works.04:44
PeddyI execute 'debuild' in the openjdk-6-6b12 directory, correct? It's been going for about 15 minutes now.04:46
persiaFor more advanced usage, you'd execute `debuild -S` and then use something like pbuilder or sbuild to build it, but as long as you're only planning to use the result on your local system, just `debuild` is safe.04:49
Peddypersia, is debuild meant to just build a deb, or run tests or something? because it started a process called 'java', and it's still running.05:08
persiaIt does everything considered important to create a .deb.  For things like the Java runtime environment, this involves running a number of tests to make sure it isn't broken beforehand (as otherwise it might be hard to get it built again)05:09
Peddyaha, I thought so, because checkinstall makes a deb, and it only takes a few seconds :D05:14
persiacheckinstall doesn't make a very reliable deb.05:14
persiaBut really, the normal process can also be fast, when it's not being so careful.05:18
persiaIn this case, it's extra-careful, because a bug in Java is a bug in *lots* of packages.05:18
Peddywhen I download source code, can I use debuild instead of checkinstall (or make install, for that matter)?05:23
persiaYes, but you'd have to prepare the debian/ directory.05:24
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports05:24
persiaThe guide doesn't cover a lot of Java stuff, but it at least introduces many of the concepts.05:25
persiaIf you do package something, and it's working, it's best to try to get it into the repositories, so nobody else has to package the same thing.05:25
persiaAnd, of course, if you get the source with apt-get source (for which you *don't* need sudo), it comes already packaged.05:26
Peddyawesome, thanks.05:28
InHisNamePlease install build and header for Kernel     - 2.6.24-21-generic    what apt-get do I do ?06:07
PeddyInHisName, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.24-21-generic06:09
Peddypersia, it's still running. Do these things usually take this long?06:10
persiahttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/6b12-0ubuntu6/+build/748817 should give a guideline for expectations.06:12
persiaI've had builds that finished in a few seconds, and ones that took 15 hours.06:12
Peddyexcellent, thanks.06:13
Peddypersia, it just finished! :D08:22
Peddypersia, it finished debuilding and installing, and I fixed the pulseaudio problem, but the java app playing through openjdk's javaws does not play sound through pulseaudio. Am I doing something wrong?08:37
PeddyI'll be right back, rebooting for good measure.08:41
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Peddytpersia, I'm now getting this from the Java programs: JavaSoundPlayer: mixer not found: Intel [plughw:0,0]. I'd really appreciate some help.09:22
persiaPeddyt, My apologies, but I'm not sure how to debug that.09:33
persiaThat does look like an ALSA error though: are other applications working as expected with pulseaudio?09:56
tvgv_hello lucid12:52
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FuriousGeorgehey all17:54
FuriousGeorgeany way to get sun-java-1.6.10 on 8.0.4?17:54
c00ldIcEHello, I'm searching for a code example which parde checkip.dyndns.org or print my IP21:44
c00ldIcECan anyone help me?21:44

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