Kanohi, did anybody port snd-bt-sco to 2.6.28 yet?00:12
johanbrthat's been deprecated for a long time00:12
Kanoand is the new varinat working or not00:13
Kanoas that required a kernel patch too00:13
johanbrworks for me00:13
Kanowhats the package with the client tool00:14
johanbrbluez... at least in jaunty00:17
Kanowill take a look00:18
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Kanohi rtg 13:28
rtgKano: 'morning13:29
Kanoare you working on yet?13:29
rtgyep, just haven't pushed it yet as its an ABI bump13:30
amitkrtg: when do you expect to push?13:30
Kanoi know, i have got a new alsa workaround13:30
Kanojust need to find the correct postition13:30
Kanowho was the alsa maintainer here?13:30
rtgamitk: likely today. I'm traveling beginning Wednesday, so if I don't get it started soon, I won't get all the packages uploaded in time.13:31
rtgKano: what is the alsa workaround?13:31
Kanothis system needs model=laptop13:32
Kanoto get the mic working13:32
rtgKano: you need to talk to TheMuso about patches in user space.13:33
Kanoi created other alsa patches already, just to need to remember the correct postition13:34
Kanosometimes it is easy when you can use other patches as example13:34
Kanoyou still have got snd-bt-sco in media but not enabled it seems13:37
Kanowell it must be in connexant file it seems13:38
Kanowill test it13:40
Kanothere are already some other hp workarounds in there13:41
`emgent`BenC: around ?13:47
`emgent`there is a critical problem in hardy kernel, some times dhcp association with ethernet card (driver r8169) work and some times not.. i found a fix in kernel.org GIT13:49
`emgent`someone can take a look ?13:49
Kanomost likely that,but will do a test 13:49
`emgent`kanotix ?13:50
`emgent`BenC: anyway when you have time take a look danke.13:51
Kanortg: can you push it now? i dont want to compile -5 kernel and then -6 again...13:53
smb_tp_`emgent`, Do you have a lp bug number for that?14:03
`emgent`smb_tp_: no, and i dont have a lp account here.14:05
`emgent`i'm at work and i'm involved in a project based on ubuntu hardy.14:05
`emgent`so, i found bug and fix..14:05
rtgamitk: I pushed 2.6.28-6.16. How long does it take you to test build an ARM kernel?14:08
smb_tp_`emgent`, do you have an account privately? if not I file one but it would be good if you could then mail me a bit more information about it.14:08
Kanortg: thanks, will add my patch and compile14:09
rtgNCommander: whats the story on this ARM kexec patch that Rusty is objecting to?14:10
amitkrtg: too long14:14
amitkrtg: are there config changes?14:14
rtgamitk: ok, I'll just take a chance that ARM will actually compile. it takes me about 10 hours to build a test kernel.14:15
`emgent`smb_tp_: ya i have an account. I'm Master Of Universe Ubuntu Devel.14:15
amitkwasn't infinity giving us a porter machine or two14:15
rtgamitk: no config chnages that I'm aware of.14:15
rtgamitk: yes, I thought the porter was gonna be ready any day now.14:15
rtgamitk: do you have an opinion on this kexec patch that I took on faith from NCommander? Is it really borked  as Russel says?14:16
smb_tp_`emgent`, Great, if you could create a report later and assign it to me stefan-bader-canonical, so we have something to track the stable updates process, that would be awesome.14:17
`emgent`ya will do when i'm back to home.14:17
amitkrtg: yes. Which is why I forwarded it to arm list for comments. I would say, revert it for now.14:17
`emgent`smb_tp_: danke.14:18
smb_tp_`emgent`, bitte14:18
rtgamitk: done. I thought it had been tested and worked.14:18
MalikLaminhi guys, I need to make my helloWorld driver works on my kernel, its version is  2.6.27-9, it should printk helloworld at the module init, I guess it is the version dependency15:03
MalikLamincould someone help me15:04
MalikLamini  'd like to write a module wich is intended to work in multiple versions of the kernels , how do I solve the version dependency????15:16
mjg59You can't build a module that will work with all kernel versions15:20
mjg59It has to be recompiled against the target kernel15:20
MalikLaminyeap, but there are macros that make it possible, not for all kerns, but for some of them...15:24
MalikLaminso I dont know what is wrong with my sourcecode15:24
MalikLaminit should at least print hello 15:25
MalikLaminprintk( KERN_ALERT "HELLO")15:26
apwlooks to be missing a ;15:42
MalikLaminno man, not becouse of that15:49
apwso what does it say when you try and use it16:15
DGMurdockIIIi havy a qustion about a driver16:32
DGMurdockIIIthat i want to be added16:32
Kanortg: do you remember the kernel patch for alsa? it is verified now17:25
rtgKano: there have been about a zillion alsa patches. which one in particular did you have in mind?17:27
apwcking, yeah i agree, and telling the size of each set is tricky18:45
ckingapw: perhaps a recap of the points is required?18:46
apwmy gut is that if the other os does it that way we are less likely to have regressions turning it on, than if it did no18:46
apwso we have a some recently released amchines which have synaptics touchpads18:47
apwwhen we suspend and resume those touchpads get lost, not reinitialised correctly18:47
apwbus analysis shows we are not resetting the auxillary ps/2 bus before trying to reaquire them18:47
apwand this is preventing them from being picked up18:47
apwother ps/2 mouse drivers commonly do reset before reaquiring the device on resume18:48
apwand it is suggested that drivers for other OSs do the same18:48
apwthe question outstanding is how to add this reset where it is needed without breaking the existing user set18:48
apwoptions are:18:48
apw1) enable it on the assumption it is benign and offer a module option/dmi list to disable it where this is wrong18:49
apw2) leave it disabled, and add an option to enable it when required18:49
apwto my mind if it is true that commonly other OSs reset first then this should be low risk, but it is hard to know for sure18:50
apwso one option would be to enable this for Jaunty with an override available and see who hollers18:50
apwthe basic question is which set is larger the set which are happy with a reset or those which will break with it18:51
ckingIt is something that we only know if we get a suitable amount of alpha testing18:51
apwwe have two sets of information18:51
apw1) noone has complained before and we do not have it now in our kerenls18:52
apw2) the other OSs do do it18:52
smb_tp_my guess would be, that with 2) there never will be known whether the assumption is true because who will enable an option if nothing is wrong18:52
smb_tp_how badly will be the bad case is the question?18:52
apwyeah, going 2) is the safe route but will never tell us the answer18:52
ckingThis is a dilemma.18:52
apwwell we might regress all synaptics touchpads out there18:52
apwi think smb_tp_'s point is quite compelling, if we go 2) we will never ever know18:53
apwif we go 1) we get shouted at an go 2) if we were wrong18:53
smb_tp_So the worst that happens is that a lot of touchpads might not work unless an option is given...18:53
apwso 1) is higher risk, but lower maintenance18:53
apwthat would be the worst case yes18:53
apwplanning on having a 'disable the new reset' option available18:54
ckingI am convinced that option 1) is a good idea as we have heard that other OS's do it that way 18:54
apwi feel 1) for now, with 2 as a fall back18:54
smb_tp_Hm, what about an printk to say "if your touchpads goes on strike use this option"?18:54
apwsmb_tp_, we could do that18:55
apwif we believe people look at dmesg of course18:55
apwrelease notes perhaps too if it makes it to release18:55
ckingsmb_tp_: well we will see it when they report a bug :-)18:55
smb_tp_That would remove searching for users. And we could say please mail to us if that is not working. So we know whether this hits18:55
ckingAlso, the extra port write should be relatively benign18:56
smb_tp_apw, Release notes yes. Unfortunately who really really reads them? ;-)18:56
apwheh noone of course18:56
ckingapw: This is a good opportunity to try it - it's not an SRU fix which could mess up a whole load more 18:57
smb_tp_Personally I would vote for 1) with a printk. It is nothing critically that renders a machine unusable. With the print it will be pretty obvious what ifs wrong if it goes wrong.18:58
ckingVery try - it will be catagorised as a suspend/resume regression.18:58
smb_tp_Actually for Jaunty it is not a SRU, yet18:58
smb_tp_rtg, What would you think?18:59
apwok i think we have a concensus here.  that 1) with option to turn it off and a printk warning when its on19:00
ckingapw: I'm happier with that now we've thought it through19:01
apwi think if i pencil in the dmi matching code, then switching the default would be a trivial 1 bit change to the patch should it be deemed crap by release19:01
ckingapw: good call19:02
* smb_tp_ nods19:02
rtgsmb_tp_: what do I think about what?19:03
apwok i'll take that as the plan, and if rtg changes things, its only a 1 bit change still19:03
* rtg is ripping his hair over CRDA.19:03
smb_tp_rtg, About what we discuss here. Its is something for Jaunty you know. :)19:03
rtgsmb_tp_: and you want me to read 47 minutes of scroll back? 19:04
apwthe short summary is that some synaptics touchpads do not work following resume if they are not reset first, the other OS apparently does so we do not19:04
rtgdidn't I already see a patch for that?19:05
ckingyou are kidding?19:05
apwso the options are we add it and allow it to be disabled, or we allow it to be enabled, but the belief is all new synatics will need it19:05
apwwhere did you see a patch for that?19:05
rtgI think it came from Mario at Dell. It might already be in the Jaunty tree19:06
* apw checks, but i am using very recent jaunty kernels19:06
apwmario did file the bug which you would have had email from too19:06
rtgapw: It'll come to me eventually.19:06
apwnothing since july in those drivers (patch wise)19:07
apwhe has been hastling about it as some of their machines are affected19:07
rtgnothinhg in Hardy or Intrepid?19:08
ckingand I've been drowning in "Critical" issues to fix it so I passed it to apw19:08
rtgand its 'hassle', no T19:08
* apw goes check19:09
* cking notes that the problem with dictionaries is that one needs to be able spell correctly to be able to look up the word you need to check19:10
apwindeed.  and that if you are dyslexic at all then you can't even see the error19:11
rtgapw: whats the only thing I ever hassle you about :)19:12
apwthere is no obvious difference in reset handling from hardy to jaunty19:12
apwso it must be something else related i guess19:12
apwheh ... not using this channel?19:12
rtgmaybe I was hallucinating, but I sure thought I remembered a touchpad reset patch.19:13
johanbrI believe you're talking about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31727019:13
ubot3Malone bug 317270 in linux "Dell Studio XPS 16 touchpad doesn't return from resume" [Medium,In progress] 19:13
rtganyway, a DMI based reset is fine with me.19:13
apwrtg the main question is the default, on or off19:14
rtgwe should annoy upstream with it as well. they might have some thoughts.19:14
apwwe are tending to on for jaunty 19:14
apwyes if we wanted to defualt on, upstream would be the first place i'd wanna send it19:14
rtgdefault to off for Intrepid preserving current behavior?19:15
apwwe have been only asked for Jaunty19:15
apwso i wouldn't be looking to modify there, but i guess off if it went there19:15
apwand on in jaunty19:15
rtggo for it then. we have time to find regressions.19:15
apwthanks all, i call that concensus19:15
ch05enHi, I've got a repeatable bug in the UDF filesystem that enables me to crash my box at will19:49
ch05en If you create a file with illegal utf-8 filename and copy it over to a writeable udf filesystem you panic the box19:49
lagach05en: report a bug and mark it as a security vulnerability19:49
lagai'd say ;)19:50
EagleScreenany plan to move to 2.6.29 for Jaunty?20:23
rtgno plans20:24

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