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sto_hHello. I have switched from windows to kubuntu. I used on Seamonkey on both OS, and tryed to copy the default user from win to linux.09:20
sto_hmost of the Perferences work now after I changes the paths in prefs.js. Except the Mail and Newsgroup windo wont work.09:21
sto_hIf i go to the mail and news account-settings I can see the correct data like in the old windows seamonky.09:23
sto_hbut the left collum of the mail window still is blank. Any Idea what I have forgoten?09:24
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heikkicould someone (asac?) review/sponsor my patch: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozvoikko/+bug/29716912:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297169 in mozvoikko "mozvoikko depends on iceweasel, should depend on firefox" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:45
asacheikki: is mozvoikko in the archive yet?12:47
heikkium, some version: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/mozvoikko12:48
heikkibut in the changelog there is "no changes upload for nss/nspr SONAME mini-transition12:49
heikkichanges I made for version -1ubuntu1 (same bug report) are not in the archive12:50
asacdidnt i upload that from the branch?13:02
asacto debian?13:02
heikkito ubuntu13:02
asacheikki: do we really need a heavy weight patch system?13:08
heikkiwell, not really, but I didn't want to touch files outside debian/ dir13:09
asacheikki: is Makefile.xulrunner from upstream? can you send them the patch please?13:10
heikkiyes i'll do it13:10
asactell them for 1.9 or later noone should use rpath anymore :)13:10
asacheikki: sponsored13:12
asacheikki: if that fails again let me know13:13
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asacbug 32144213:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321442 in network-manager ""system"-level connection doesn't start up until nm-applet is launched" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32144213:49
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nxvlis there any QA guide for thunderbird?15:42
nxvllike this one -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/QA15:42
asacnxvl: unfortunately not yet. you can help set one up ;)15:53
asacnxvl: what i do are things like: 1. startup with fresh profile -> setup pop and imap account15:54
asac2. start with existing profile -> see nothing is gone15:54
asac3. move messages from folder to folder in same account15:54
asac4. move messages from folder to folder across accounts15:54
asac5. send a message15:54
asac6. install enigmail and send an encrypted / signed message15:54
asac7. check that you can unencrypt it15:54
asac8. check that you can verify it15:55
asac9. go through all preferneces tab and check that nothing is visually broken15:55
asac10. check that a random langpack still works and that no dialog is visually broken15:55
asac11. check that blogs work15:56
asac12ff add more if you have more ideas ;)15:56
nxvlthank you!15:56
nxvli will ping you if i get something else15:56
asacno problem15:56
asacnxvl: can you paste this stuff to the QA page?15:56
asacwhat i just wrote15:56
nxvlok i will15:57
asacmany thanks15:57
nxvlasac: done16:01
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BUGabundoasac: Jazzva ping17:58
JazzvaBUGabundo: hey17:58
JazzvaBUGabundo: I noticed your question about extension when you were offline, so I couldn't ping back.17:59
BUGabundodo you have time to help me debug a ff addon?17:59
JazzvaBUGabundo: a bit, go ahead :)17:59
BUGabundohope pidgin won't crash to much now17:59
BUGabundoaddon fullerscreen17:59
BUGabundodo  you know it?17:59
Jazzvanope... but what seems to be the problem?17:59
BUGabundoits a much better Full screen then FF2.x add18:00
BUGabundothat didn last muc18:00
BUGabundobad pidgin18:01
BUGabundoas I was saying18:01
Jazzvawhy don't you use some other program which won't crash a lot?18:01
BUGabundobetter then 2.x and a bit better then 3.x18:01
BUGabundoneed to find the bug in it!18:01
BUGabundotry and error18:01
BUGabundoplugins off, accounts off! audio off18:01
Jazzvagood luck18:02
BUGabundobeen posting gdb logs to LP but no luck! #pidgin aint helping eitehr!18:02
BUGabundonever mind that18:02
BUGabundojust expect my failing many times18:03
BUGabundoProgram received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe.18:03
Jazzvaok... so, what is the problem with fullerscreen?18:03
Jazzvathat must be frustrating...18:03
BUGabundonow from xchat18:07
Jazzvayay :)18:07
BUGabundohere is the page of the plugin18:08
BUGabundogrr addon18:08
Jazzvaok... so what's the problem with it?18:08
BUGabundowell its hard to explain18:09
BUGabundou can see for your self18:09
BUGabundowith 3.1 and 3.218:09
BUGabundou cant use it in many pages18:09
BUGabundosuch as LP18:09
BUGabundoCSS goes trully bad18:09
Jazzvathis '"Fullerscreen" will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates'?18:09
Jazzvaok, I installed it from addons.mozilla.org18:10
BUGabundojust a sec18:13
BUGabundotalking to npinheiro from KDE18:13
JazzvaBUGabundo: ok, I see... it messes up native full screen support18:14
JazzvaBUGabundo: I'm not really sure where's the bug. Seems to me it disables CSS on some pages. Maybe you should report this upstream.18:36
BUGabundowhere is that?18:41
BUGabundoon the addon? or mozilla Jazzva ?18:41
JazzvaI suppose addon, since this happens when you install the addon.18:42
BUGabundothanks Jazzva !19:55
BUGabundogot to go!19:55
ftais identi.ca broken? gwibber keeps reporting Connection refused20:45
ftahm, Connection refused everywhere. could be my ISP20:57
ftaor my box20:58
ftareload the box20:58
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