MythbuntuGuest25it seems that on new installs of mythbuntu causes imdb not to pull cover art00:06
MythbuntuGuest25my previous mythbuntu installs work fine00:06
arrenlexHey, all. I am new to mythbuntu but trying to see if I can get my cable dongle working (usb). This is what dmesg says when I plug it in: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/dafac2b01:10
arrenlexWhat does that mean? Did the kernel find it or no? How do I test it?01:10
DraggorAnyone here have experience with mythbuntu and using an nvidia ti4400 vid card?01:11
DraggorI keep having the issue that my desktop isn't fully displayed on my screen01:15
Draggoroop, was my tv01:19
encmonkeyHowdy all - did this latest weekly fixes update break mksquashfs for anyone else?  I tried updating a diskless client image and instead of the normal progress indicator it very quickly scrolls a whole lot of nothing on the terminal.  It nuked my image so now none of my frontends can boot.01:20
encmonkeyI don't think it's the mksquashfs file itself, as I installed squashfs-tools onto another machine, tested it, and copied it over.  Got same result.  The diskless client stuff had been working beautifully prior.01:22
bobbob1016I'm running Mythbuntu 8.10, with an nVidia 8200 on the mobo and the propritary drivers.  I'm not getting a gui anymore.  I checked /var/log, and the files don't seem to have been updated for a while.  Any ideas?01:55
encmonkeydid it just stop booting into the gui, or did you just update to 8.10?01:57
bobbob1016encmonkey, Just stopped getting to gui.  I updated a while ago, when it came out basically, been working until now01:59
bobbob1016I get a text login, ssh works, so I think it is something else.01:59
encmonkeydo you install the weekly fixes?02:00
bobbob1016I usually update when there is one, is there a problem with an update?02:01
encmonkeyWell, I dunno so far, but yesterday I let the weekly update run and now some dependency for mksquashfs is broken so none of my diskless clients can boot.02:02
bobbob1016encmonkey, It isn't a diskless02:02
encmonkeyit worked fine right before.  I haven't been able to figure out what library or ?? changed so far.02:02
bobbob1016encmonkey, I have no idea, I'm looking for help too.02:03
encmonkeyI get that - but mksquahsfs is a simple binary - something more core broke02:03
encmonkeyI don't know what else would have been affected02:03
bobbob1016encmonkey, I have no idea, as I've said02:03
encmonkeywhat does the xorg.log tell you?  just a "no screens found" or ??02:04
bobbob1016encmonkey, No, as I said, no logs have been updated in a few days, since before I've had this issue02:04
encmonkeyThat I didn't get.02:05
encmonkeywhen you try a startx, what happens?02:06
bobbob1016encmonkey, Nothing, and /etc/init.d/gdm start says "starting ok"02:07
encmonkeybobbob1016, have you tried using just the generic "nv" driver in your xorg.conf to see if something went amok with the nvidia binaries?02:16
aegishave any of you had any luck getting audio through HDMI on the nvidia cards?02:43
aegisI've spent two days trying and am at a stand still....02:43
rhpot1991_laptopaegis: can't help much, but my understanding is that  it only works on certain chipsets02:44
aegiswell, I  think it supposedly works with my chipset...  ALC883...02:47
aegisand I got it to show up in aplay -l02:48
aegis**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****02:48
aegiscard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]02:48
aegis  Subdevices: 1/102:48
aegis  Subdevice #0: subdevice #002:48
aegiscard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 1: ALC883 Digital [ALC883 Digital]02:48
aegis  Subdevices: 1/102:48
aegis  Subdevice #0: subdevice #002:48
aegiscard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 3: NVIDIA HDMI [NVIDIA HDMI]02:48
aegis  Subdevices: 1/102:48
aegis  Subdevice #0: subdevice #002:48
stiev3you're close.  I have it going with my onboard card, did it a while back though.02:49
aegisbut no progress since then...  and I had to install the nvidia drivers from the nvidia website and the alsa drivers from alsa-project to get even that far...02:49
rhpot1991_laptopaegis: use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/ instead of spamming things02:49
stiev3a big step was getting it to list in aplay -l02:49
aegisstiev3: then what though?  My HDA NVidia is actually showing up as an OSS Mixer in System > Preferences > Sound02:50
stiev3with no volume bar correct?02:50
stiev3Let me see if I recorded my steps from that point02:50
aegisstiev3: well, that app doesn't have volume bars02:50
aegisstiev3: it's the one where you have Autodetect and Test...02:51
aegisstiev3: thanks... any help would be much appreciated...02:52
stiev3there was a point at which I set a default audio device I think.  I recall running some test app (maybe mplayer) and specifying card:0 device:3 for the audio02:58
aegisyup...  I created /etc/asound.conf trying to do that... card 0 device 302:59
aegisit's frustrating that I'm so close! lol...02:59
stiev3Digging through my bookmarks, I've only found this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6589810#post658981003:05
aegisstiev3: yup... been there... :)  I've even upgraded to a new version of alsa03:08
aegisstiev3: thank you for your help though... and encouragement! :)03:11
stiev3yeah I don't really know then.  I remember using the upgrade script and it only partially updating everything to 1.0.18, at some point i got everything to 1.0.18 and ran the tests listed in thread on some test.wav file and heard sound after 3 days of crying03:12
bsusahello all03:22
bsusacould someone please reccommend me with a good tvtuner that works with mythbuntu and configures the keys correctly on the remote instead of using the keyboard commands as buttons on the remote?03:24
bobbob1016bsusa, The keys aren't configured by the tuner, mythtv configures the buttons.  Did you try setting up buttons in the config page?03:27
aegisstiev3: did you edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base ?03:29
bsusau mean in the Edit Keys section of mythcontrols03:31
bobbob1016bsusa, Yes, you can modify the buttons there.  Or if you're using a remote, you can enable it in the mythbuntu settings03:32
stiev3aegis, no, didn't touch that file.03:33
bsusai assiigned buttond their but they use keyboard commands03:36
bsusafor example play is 'a'03:37
bobbob1016bsusa, Yeah, it should use both, as in whatever button on the remote, and a keyboard press03:38
bsusathen 'a' is multiple buttons03:39
bobbob1016bsusa, ?03:43
bsusawhat i dont understand is why for example play is not assigned as the play button03:44
bsusanot the character 'a'03:44
bsusathen for example '0' is about half of my remote03:45
bobbob1016bsusa, ?  Not every keyboard has a "play" button, and not all "play" buttons have the same input when you press them.03:45
bobbob1016bsusa, '0' is half of your remote?  What do you mean?03:45
bsusathe thing is then i cant use all my buttons on the remote properly03:46
bsusai mean say i press FF RR or pause eg they are all showing the charactec '0' as the keypress03:46
bsusaso all those buttons are the same03:46
bsusaeg i have 3 play buttons it means03:47
bobbob1016bsusa, Are you reading what I said?  You enable it, and it works basically fine, you just tweak it a bit.  My remote has a back button that wasn't being used, I went to edit the keys in myth, set it to back, and it worked.03:47
bobbob1016bsusa, Just enable it in the mythbuntu settings.  You have to enable your remote.  It could also be that your remote doesn't have Linux drivers.03:48
bsusathe remote isnt in the list, in lirc its on none but still works03:50
bsusai can use up down left right etc fine, its other keys that i cannot set because they conflict wth other keys03:51
bsusathats the main issue03:51
bobbob1016bsusa, It doesn't work.  If it did, it would be registering everything correctly.  It probably sees it as a keyboard.03:51
bobbob1016bsusa, Which is why "play" doesn't work, but all the other standard keyboard keys work03:52
bsusaplay is the letter 'a' it does worj03:52
bsusabut just say i want to set another key and that comes up as 'a' then it will conflict03:53
bsusai had a look at some drivers but i could not get them working or maybe i just didnt understand03:53
bobbob1016bsusa, Yes, so the remote isn't working, since two buttons are showing up as 'a'03:53
bobbob1016bsusa, The remote isn't woking, or actually is only partially working.03:54
bsusais their a way of configuring it03:54
bobbob1016bsusa, Yes, install the drivers.03:54
bsusaor is their a tvtuner out their and remote that is auto detected by myth03:55
bsusai need something consistant03:55
bobbob1016bsusa, As I said to begin with, it is *not* your tuner.  It is your remote.  Google is a great tool, I mean you can type in "mythtv remotes" and get this as a first hit http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MCE_Remote03:57
bobbob1016bsusa, It is not your tuner in any way shape or form.  If the remote connects through the tuner *could* be drivers, but if the tuner shows tv, it is not your tuner.  Your tuner has nothing to do with how the buttons are setup.03:58
bsusaso if i get a different remote it will work03:58
bsusaa supported one03:59
bsusabecause the same thing happend when i used my logitech harmony remote03:59
bsusait detects it the same way03:59
bobbob1016bsusa, Yes, it should.  I say should because there can always be complications.04:00
bobbob1016bsusa, Harmony isn't in that list.04:00
bsusau mean on the link u showed me04:00
bobbob1016bsusa, Yes, on the link I showed you.04:01
bsusaso i can use they remotes with my current tuner04:02
bobbob1016bsusa, Yes.  You can use those remotes with any tuner.  Your tuner does *not* in any way shape or form change anything remotely to do with your remote buttons.  Your tuner is an input device, it does not say anything about any buttons on anything anywhere.04:03
bsusathanks for the info04:08
bsusai gotta go now04:08
bsusathanks again04:08
tgm4883bobbob1016, thats not entirely true04:11
bobbob1016tgm4883, Which part?04:11
tgm4883depending on the IR receiver, it might not work with a certain remote04:11
tgm4883IIRC, the PVR-150 on card IR receiver doesn't like any remotes except hauppauge ones04:12
tgm4883but a separate ir receiver like the MCEUSB2 ones are great and to my knowledge dont block that04:12
bobbob1016tgm4883, I said that, kind of...  "If the remote connects through the tuner *could* be drivers, but if the tuner shows tv, it is not your tuner."04:14
bobbob1016tgm4883, I meant it as the tuner has no bearing on how buttons are mapped.04:15
tgm4883bobbob1016, ah ok04:15
tgm4883yea i just skimmed the last part04:15
tgm4883so some tuners with on card ir receivers won't accept any input except from their remotes.  By input, I mean you can't use their IR receiver with other remotes, but you can use other IR receivers04:16
bobbob1016tgm4883, I figured that.  I was just helping him get that it wasn't his tuner.  Which is why I was a bit more forceful with saying "in any way shape or form".04:19
PontiacHey all;  I have a Win2K PC setup via SVideo to my television set.  Its got no keyboard, no mouse.08:57
PontiacCurrently I'm using VLC and the HTTP interface but its seriously buggy.08:57
PontiacDoes Mythbuntu have some sort of HTTP server to get this HTPC to show video on the TV?  I'm not interested in streaming to any of the `controlling` computers.08:58
cannseems like a odd way todo it, but i guess you could use VNC and some custom scripts to output to tvout. has very little to do with mythtv though09:20
cannbtw mythtv is for linux. there are some windows ports of frontends i think but i never tested them09:21
PontiacYeah, I don't mind blowing away the OS.09:22
PontiacThe question was geared towards blowing it away, is there PC based remote control via web interface, or something?09:22
PontiacRather not get into installing X-Emus on the PC.09:22
hadsSo, what exactly do you want to do?09:23
PontiacWhat I want to do is have this PC hooked up to my television and watch movies I rip from DVDs and watch them.  The thing is, I want to control the machine from another PC in the house.09:24
cannif you just want to play meda files . i would just install a remote desktop software like vnc or freenx and use vlc directly09:24
canndosent really matter what os you use09:25
hadsmythfrontned has a telnet control interface.09:25
cannohh see i dindt know that =)09:26
PontiacI saw that.09:26
PontiacDoes it still require a L/P?09:26
PontiacOr is it just wide open?09:26
hadsL/P is?09:27
hadsNo, it's assumed it is on a trusted network.09:27
hadsYou could use an IR remote also.09:27
PontiacI have one, but, at least in Windows, the USB IR receiver doesn't seem to open a COM port, at least in windows.09:28
PontiacNot sure if LIRC (Thats the controller, right?) actually will do what I want with this particular device.  If it DOES, then its a matter of finding an old remote control.09:28
hadsLIRC is the software which does IR remote control, yes.09:29
PontiacI'm gonna need to read through the manual a bit more, but does LIRC work out of the box, or is it trainable with a particular remote?09:30
hadsLIRC is configurable, yes.09:31
PontiacDownloading the Live ISO right now.  I'll play with it as a live OS to see if I can get it to do what I need it to.09:33
bogus-just buy a windows media center remote for 25 euro09:33
bogus-guaranteed to work09:33
hadsUnless it's broken :)09:34
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walkerHey. I'm running a mythbuntu 8.10 server with mythweb, but i can't get mythweb to show the coverart? I tried to link it in differing ways. Anyone who could give me a hint?12:08
willembI need some help with pal vs ntsc please14:07
willembIf I enable svideo on any of my video cards, i get black and white output, but the picture looks clean14:07
willembI live in south africa, so our standard is PAL-I.14:07
willembMy tv claims to support both PAL and NTSC, and terrestrial tv looks right14:08
willembhowever, if I manually specify PAL-I in my xorg.conf, the colour on the tv looks messed up14:08
willembblue lines wavering accross the screen14:08
willembdistorted images14:08
willembBefore I go through trial and error, is there any chance that using one of the other PAL options will give me more joy?14:10
a1fa_my nvidia-settings does not overscan settings16:17
dupondjehellow, how can I scan for channels and import them into mythtv ? cause the scanning in mythtv doesn't seem to work :s18:37
garrettnHi all, I am a couple questions about tuners...18:59
garrettnI live in the US and have cable.  What type of tuner would be best for me?19:00
garrettnI live in the US and have cable.  What type of tuner would be best for me? What are my choices?19:02
garrettnOops, didn't mean to repeat myself.19:02
dupondjeWhen I want to start LiveTV, it just goes back to main menu19:54
dupondjeand doesn't show anything19:54
dupondjehow can I see where it goes wrong ? :s19:54
dupondjecause totally no debug now19:54
ZinnIf you try to watch tv and are greeted with a blank screen and a return to the menu then please check the permissions on your recording directory.  It should be owned by mythtv:mythtv, have permissions of 775, and not be inside your home directory21:00
rhpot1991someone asked about that before ^21:01
Shadow__Xhey anyone here uses totem with mythtv22:30
tgm4883Shadow__X, not anymore22:40
Shadow__Xaww how come22:40
Shadow__Xsitll they didnt release it for 8.10 only jaunty22:40
tgm4883Shadow__X, the only way to use totem with the backend is via UPNP, as they have removed the mythtv plugin23:07
Shadow__Xis there a way to easily use that23:07
Shadow__Xwith buffers23:07
tgm4883not that I know of23:08
tgm4883I just use mythfrontend23:08
Shadow__Xhmm i have multiple backends and trying to find a good way to watch stuff from both23:08
Shadow__Xboth in sep remote locations23:09
tgm4883you could write a launcher script that copied the right backend info into the mysql file?23:10
tgm4883or watch it via flash in mythweb23:10
wjs_ltopHello,  I've been having a problem going into mythvideo recently.  It just seems to hang there, and then mythfrontend crashes.23:39
wjs_ltopI am able to go into the manage videos and see the videos listed.23:39
wjs_ltopThis is the 8.10 release of mythbuntu23:39
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.23:40
Shadow__Xtgm4883, hmm what about with buffers23:40
wjs_ltopOk, do I need to turn on logs in the myth setup screens?23:40

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