vz07mkHavng trouble with dell poweredge 1400sc install of ubuntu 81000:54
vz07mkgiving incomptible chip error00:54
vz07mkdell server is an older one with scsi aic 7899 controller00:55
vz07mkwondering if anyone has senn this b400:55
vz07mkerror is somethng like 8139c+ is not a compatible chip00:56
vz07mkthen says to try the 8139t00 driver instead00:56
altf2oNIS + NFS appear to be working just fine, i CAN login as an NIS 'exported' user, however i get: Your home directory /home/<user> doesn't appear to exist, do you want to use / (root) as your home dir? (You likely won't have access to much) , or similar. I haven't found a tutorial that mentions how to make sure the users are using their home dir on a central server? And NOT on the local computer.00:57
vz07mkalert shows something like /dev/disk/by-uuid/b728fabt...does not exist00:58
vz07mkdropping to shell00:58
vz07mkanyone out there?01:00
vz07mkIs this a server help chat01:00
Bizzehhi, i am just about to reinstall my home server, and looking at replacing my hacked together system built on win2k3 (running apache rather than iis).. does ubuntu server force that POS shoshin (sp?) patch on me or does it allow me to run a vanilla php ?01:04
rdw200169Bizzeh, you mean suhosin?01:07
Bizzehthats the one01:08
rdw200169Bizzeh, yeah, ubuntu's got it, this should help you though: http://ambitonline.com/nextrelease/archives/113-How-to-Ubuntu-PHP-Remove-Suhosin.html01:10
Bizzehwhy isnt it an optional extra?01:11
rdw200169who knows...01:11
Bizzehseems a bit of a dictatorship there.. "your going to use this patch because we say so"01:12
rdw200169i think it would be a little two difficult to offer both options01:13
rdw200169i don't know though; all i *do* know is that it can't be an 'option' because of how significant the php patch is01:13
Bizzehwhat? php5.2.x-vanilla and php5.2.x-suhosin as 2 conflicting packages isnt doable?01:14
Bizzehdoes it add features, or significantly change features where that if i was to transplant the app written in php to a non suhosin server, it would break?01:16
altf2ohmm, update to my question. I have a user on my server (scubasteve) and if i'm on my client and create an empty: /home/scubasteve , then manually: sudo mount <server_ip>:/home/scubasteve /home/scubasteve , i can log in without question! So it appears NIS + NFS is working correctly, it's simply a matter of how to tell the clients to automount /home/<user> from the server?02:11
* altf2o looking @ autofs , but not finding many /decently coherent/ tutorials explaining the process. I'm gonna keep going in the mean time.02:12
altf2oalright incase anyone is interested, i got it simply by adding: /home /etc/auto.home -rw , in /etc/auto.master , then in /etc/auto.home itself: * <serverIP>:/home/&  , restarted autofs\nis, works exactly as expected! :). This is actually a really neat way of doing things. Now to try and secure\lock it down as much as possible.03:37
AugIam use Ubuntu Server 8.04. it work all ok. i changed motherboard from ASUS P5B-VM to ASUS P5K-VM... Problem: it is long loading on load modprobe modules... very long on: [    6.221367] ACPI: Power Button (CM) [PWRB] [  185.761627] loop: module loaded    How it tune?04:31
Aug3 minutes it freeze on load04:32
PC_NerdHi,  is there any program/daemon etc  that allows me to monitor CPU, memory and network usage of selected || all proccesses running on the machine?06:40
PC_Nerdultimately im looking at creating a small web based panel (CGI script) that will display graphs of recent activity, logs of network usage etc.06:40
jtajiPC_Nerd: nagios, munin06:42
jtajithey are web based with graphs06:43
PC_NerdThanks, Ill look into them06:43
quizmeon ubuntu should prefix=/usr instead of prefix=/usr/local  ?09:21
andolquizme: In which situations?09:23
jpdsquizme: I think all packages install their stuff to /usr.09:23
jpdsHey andol.09:23
quizmelike for example09:23
andoljpds: good morning09:23
quizmei just installed ruby, rubygems, openssl, from source09:24
quizmeand it seems they are going in /usr/local/bin09:24
quizmeinstead of /usr/bin09:24
andolquizme: If you install yourself from source I'd put them in /usr/local, or somewhere completly else.09:24
_rubento avoid conflicts with packaged stuff, i'd put such stuff in /usr/local09:24
quizmeso it's good that i kept it in /usr/local ?09:24
andolquizme: Actually, putting them in /usr/local works pretty well with existings paths, library inclussions, etc09:25
_rubenbuilding from source is highly discouraged though09:25
hadsIf you really have to install something by hand then, yeah, use local09:25
quizmeit's just that, it seems like there is a dependency tree, where the packages i install in /usr/local look for dependents in /usr/local as well, so i have to double install all the dependents in /usr/local even if they were previously installed in /usr (thanks to apt-get)09:26
_rubenif you need newer versions/specific features .. rebuild an existing package with a newer source tarball .. or create a new package from scratch09:26
quizmeso i guess i'm doing the right thing09:26
_rubenbuilding from source is bound to cuase a dependency hell later on09:26
quizmejust by accident09:26
quizmei'm experiencing it09:26
quizmeit's just that09:26
quizmei want to use the latest version of ruby09:26
hadsThe easy way to fix it is to not install from source :)09:26
_rubenthe properly buid a .deb for the latest version of ruby09:27
quizmeand i'm on 8.04 and it installs only ruby 1.8.609:27
_rubenif you start building from source directly, you might as well install slackware or gentoo09:27
quizmei don't know how to get the latest .deb09:27
hadsSlack isn't a source distro :)09:27
quizmehow do i get the latest .deb file ?09:28
_rubeneither find one on the net, backport the package from intrepid/jaunty, or roll your own .deb as described in the url i pasted09:28
quizmei'm using 8.0409:29
quizmeshould i be using 8.10 if i want to be current like that ?09:29
_rubendepends on your definition of "current"09:30
hadsDoes ruby change that much?09:30
_ruben9.04a3 probably has even newer packages09:30
quizmemainly i want to use Ruby 1.8.709:30
quizmehads: not really, but i'm OC like that09:30
hadsOh, then just don't be.09:30
quizmehads: they recommend using 1.8.7 on the ruby on rails main page09:31
quizmethat's the main reason09:31
barduckHey...can anyone recommend good bittorrent client that can run as daemon without a gui and and has built-in web interfance for remote controlling ?09:31
lukehasnonamertorrent might?09:36
barduckit doesn't seem to have a web interface though09:37
barduckhads: I'll check, thanks09:40
quizmegot disconnected :(09:56
quizmehow do u install from a deb file if apt-get is not giving you what you want?10:01
quizmeyou just need to download a .deb file?10:02
quizmewho is smarter? the guys who built RoR or the people who use RoR ?10:23
domasquizme: neither?10:30
quizmedomas: you are correct, you win $10,00010:31
domastransfer them to paypal account donate@wikimedia.org10:32
quizmeummm later10:33
_rubenif only we could properly integrate mediawiki into our sharepoint environment .. damn windows network :p10:33
* [gnubie] waves10:46
[gnubie]for production setup, do you use LVM on the database partition? if yes, does it have a big impact with its disk i/o or tolerable? please share your ideas. thanks in advance.. ;)10:46
gate_keeper_any recommends for ssl jabber server and good tutorial too?10:52
quizme[gnubie] i heard that an xfs freeze stops database activity for around 10-15 seconds.10:52
domas[gnubie]: LVM snapshot is 5x slowdown10:52
domasquizme: no need to do xfs freeze10:52
andolgate_keeper_: I like jabberd2. Its main documentation is pretty good.10:52
domasat least with new kernels10:52
domas[gnubie]: I run special LVM-based replication slaves I do snapshots on, not on main machines10:53
[gnubie]gate_keeper_: look for the ejabberd10:53
domas[gnubie]: and... if you go for high performance/high concurrency environment, LVM can add 20% overhead in normal operation10:53
[gnubie]quizme and domas: does it mean that i will not use LVM for database storage?10:54
domasum, maybe 10%, not 20%, I'd have to rerun my benchmarks10:54
domasdepends on your load10:54
quizme[gnubie] i don't know about this stuff.  ask domas10:54
domasis your machine doing 10000 queries a second?10:54
domas10000 write transactions a second, that is10:54
gate_keeper_ok, thx guys10:54
[gnubie]quizme: i'm still about to setup a database server10:55
domasLVM gives you quite some freedom10:55
quizme[gnubie] i run on ec2, do you use that10:55
domasbut snapshots cost10:55
[gnubie]domas: sms targetting (hopefully) a million sms a day10:55
domas[gnubie]: it all depends on your application :)10:55
domasanyway, if you can tolerate 5x lower i/o performance, you can use LVM snapshots10:55
domasif you can tolerate 5% lower i/o performance in general cases, LVM is all good10:56
[gnubie]domas: if let's say, i will not use lvm.. i will have raid-1.. if in case the hard disks are almost used up, how do you extend or migrate to a bigger drives without or limited downtime?10:57
domasyou grow your RAID array :)10:58
domasquite a few RAID controllers support online growing10:58
[gnubie]domas: oh, there will be a downtime for adding 2 hard drives and removing the old ones afterwards10:58
[gnubie]domas: you mean, just add another 2 hd drives10:59
domashehe, some or our db boxes: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wmf_sdtpa_servers_2009-01-20_42.jpg ;-)10:59
[gnubie]domas: does it mean that there will be 4 HDDs configured as RAID-1?11:00
domasraid 1011:00
domasor raid 0+111:00
domasdepends how you call it11:00
[gnubie]domas: currently, i will be planning to set the 2 HDDs as RAID-1.. does it mean that later if i add 2 additional HDDs, i can easily add these 2 HDDs to the RAID 1 setup?11:02
domasdepends on your controller11:02
domasI wonder how kernel would detect a volume size increase11:02
domasmight need a reboot :)11:02
domasof course, you can use LVM11:02
domashehehe, we do manage servers in a bit different way11:03
domasany hardware change = immediate reinstall11:03
domaswith full data wipe11:03
[gnubie]domas: btw, do you prefer hardware raid 1 over software raid 1?11:03
domasyes, I prefer hardware raid11:03
domassoftware raid for databases is shooting into one's foot11:04
[gnubie]domas: i wonder red hat prefers software raid and lvm for their setup.. any idea?11:04
domasdo they?11:04
domasLVM makes managing easier11:04
[gnubie]domas: not sure.. but to think that they are actively promoting software raid and lvm even on their docs11:04
domas[gnubie]: software raid is probably better than no raid11:05
domascould be a reason for promotion11:05
domashardware raid is much much much better11:05
domasthere's one very simple reason11:05
[gnubie]domas: i agree..  ;)11:05
domaswrite-behind caching with battery11:06
domasyou can't beat that with software ;-D11:06
[gnubie]domas: what raid controller can you recommend if the server is just a clone amd64 based server?11:06
domas*shrug*, any expensive one ;-)11:06
[gnubie]domas: what are those?  ;)11:07
domasadaptec,lsi,etc :)11:07
[gnubie]domas: 3ware?11:07
domasdidn't have good experiences with 3ware :)11:07
domasoh, and had some bad :)11:08
[gnubie]i see..11:09
domasdidn't have too many 3ware based boxes11:09
domasbut random corruption isn't something I like to keep in-house :-)))11:10
[gnubie]going back, i wonder if adaptec or lsi raid controllers supports online extending of raid 1 arrays11:10
[gnubie]too bad..11:10
domasghm, ones I have I guess do11:11
[gnubie]domas: what do you have in there?11:11
domaswe got a batch of Sun X4240s shipped with 'sunraid' raid controller, which is Sun branded Intel-manufactured stuff with Adaptec software ;-D11:12
[gnubie]domas: how sweet.. ;)11:13
[gnubie]domas: if i can just go back from the past..  ;)11:13
[gnubie]domas: maybe i will try to check their websites and see..11:14
[gnubie]domas: another question.. in the early 200x, i used ReiserFS for Maildir partitions and XFS for database.. nowadays, what can you recommend?11:15
domashhahahaha, I remember very nice reiserfs corruption on some maildir hosts ;-)11:16
domasI prefer XFS11:16
[gnubie]domas: i heard that xfs has been discontinued11:19
domasby whom?11:19
[gnubie]domas: is that true?11:19
domasjoin #xfs and you'll find most lively filesystem development channel ;-)11:19
domasanyway, XFS is the only linux filesystem that supports concurrent DIO ;-)11:20
domasif you have hardware raid, make sure you turn off write barriers though :)11:21
[gnubie]domas: write barriers? where can i turn it off?11:22
domas'nobarrier' mount option11:22
domasyou may want to use it if you have direct disk access, and have write-behind caching at _disk_ level11:23
[gnubie]domas: ok.. thanks for the advice..11:23
andoldomas: next time I have to do disk optimization I'll have to remember to ask for your advice :)11:40
domasandol: just read my blog11:40
domasmost of my 'wisdom' is there ;-)11:40
andoldomas: nice, url?11:41
domasdammit.lt, or google for 'domas'11:41
* andol takes a closer look at the article on ZFS and MySQL...11:43
domashahaha, caused some internal noise with this :)11:43
paltI have a ubuntu server which corrupts big files. I have some dvd isos that doesn't get the right md5sum. Small files say 200MB however works just fine.13:26
paltI have 2 discs in a software raid 1.13:26
paltI have tried several dvd's and both wget them and scp from another box, but they still gets corrupt13:27
geekboxjockeygood morning14:38
geekboxjockeyI was wondering if anyone here who runs Xen could answer a quick question for me,14:39
ScottK!ask > geekboxjockey14:39
ubottugeekboxjockey, please see my private message14:39
geekboxjockeyI am using disk images for Xen, not LVM and was wondering what others may recommend for VM backups with this setup. (I am fine with full machine image backups, not sure about snapshots)14:41
jdstranddidrocks: re around?> I am now :)15:08
jtajigeekboxjockey: I do a mysqldump then rdiff-backup the whole system from my home machine15:10
geekboxjockeyjtaji: so rdiff-backup is incremental and works with a .img right?15:14
geekboxjockeyso if i have 20-50  gig images, and run rdiff-backup for say 3-4 machines, would that cripple operations for the duration of the backup?15:15
jtajigeekboxjockey: it's incremental in that it stores diffs to go back in time15:19
jtajiit doesn't deal with the image, it runs on the running filesystem15:21
jtajigeekboxjockey: example: http://www.linode.com/wiki/index.php/AutomatedRdiffBackup15:22
geekboxjockeyso if i need to restore, i just drop files in a fresh image?15:24
geekboxjockeythank you for the link :)15:24
jtajigeekboxjockey: I guess if you have access to dom0 you can just backup the images... I have never done it from that end15:26
jtajiI think Linode is working on implementing that type of backup solution for their customers15:28
geekboxjockeythe only issue with image backup is that the images are the full size of the disk, regardless of the actual usage size15:33
geekboxjockeyive seen some documentation for LVM but was advised to stay away from LVM15:33
padhuDear Xperts15:41
robertjI installed 8.04.1 Server x64 on a R200 and it all works fine but I don't have video if I leave it unplugged and plug it back in a while later16:05
robertj(like a month)16:05
Faust-Canyone tried out samba4 yet16:07
paltIsn't it in alpha version still?16:07
Faust-Cyeah but ive read of ppl actually using it (idk how much truth is to it being used in production)16:08
paltCool, well I guess samba alpha is quite stable, but I haven't tried it yet :/16:09
Faust-Ctheyve had success w/ it being a DC for windows systems16:09
Faust-Clike a 2003 DC not 2000 mixed mode16:10
isaacuhm, I am converting LDAP schema files to LDIF as explained in https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html16:37
isaacand it's splitting the lines in a weird way16:37
isaacis that normal?16:37
isaacexample: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109874/16:38
sommerisaac: yes, it should be fine16:42
isaacsommer: ok, thanks :)16:42
sommerisaac: I believe as long as there's a space at the start of a new line it's valid LDIF16:42
isaacgreat :)16:43
Blah78anyone knows how to make fb work with ubuntu-server in a vmware? Can't find /dev/fb016:45
phreestyle-workhello all. I'm having a very strange problem with postgresql: everytime I reboot the server, all data in the tables is gone. All the sequences are still intact but none of the data is...any thoughts?16:50
incorrecthow much disk space do i need to build my own repository?16:50
andolincorrect: A complete mirror, or just a repo for a few packages you've built yourself?16:54
incorrectcomplete mirror16:54
incorrecti am going to have a server farm of ~500 systems,  thought it would be easier for me to mirror16:54
andolincorrect: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/mirror/216:55
incorrectthat is nothing,  i had 4TB reserved for it16:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #321526 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess post-installation script gab den Fehlerwert 1 zur?ck" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32152617:10
crackintoshcan I run a cron job as www-data? do I just change the user in /etc/crontab or do I have change www-data's cron17:22
incorrectcrackintosh, sure, give it a shell then su - www-data17:28
Deepscrackintosh: you can do it eitherway. using /etc/crontab or /etc/cron.d/ is easier to maintain later, than having separate per-user crontabs though, especially for services17:30
crackintoshDeeps: I have some php software that requires me to run a cron script: *  *    * * *   www-data    cd /var/www/sugarcrm; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&117:31
crackintoshI have never seen a cron with all asterisks17:31
Deepsmeans it runs every minute17:32
Deepsof every hour17:32
crackintoshperhaps I should change it to: 1-59  *    * * *   www-data    cd /var/www/sugarcrm; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&117:32
Deepsof every day of the month17:32
incorrectyou can set */1 just to make it easier to read17:32
Deepsor just *17:32
crackintoshthe script keeps failing.17:32
Deepsfailure isnt due to the asterisks17:32
Deepsredirect output to a file17:32
Deepsstdout and stderr into a /tmp file17:33
Deeps*  *    * * *   www-data    cd /var/www/sugarcrm; php -f cron.php > /tmp/sugarcron 2>&117:33
Deepsand see why it's failing17:33
Deepsyour asterisks are not the problem17:33
incorrectrun it manually17:34
incorrectwhen you are happy set up the cronjob17:35
incorrectalso are you sure your script runs in less than 1 minute?17:35
incorrectyou aren't running hundreds of them ?17:36
Deepsif that does occur, file a bug with sugarcrm as they should account for that in their cron.php17:36
incorrecti once saw this guy who had an rsync job on cron, one day it look longer than 5 minutes,, that was fairly amusing17:37
crackintoshApparently cron was setup correctly, something within the application was not18:40
Deepscrackintosh: i believe i said that ;)19:07
DawnLighthello. i'm trying to set up exim4 as an MTA for an "internet site". i'm not sure why, though blindly following the simple instructions, exim doesn't ask for smtp authentication.  how do i change this and why is this default behaviour?19:37
Deeps!serverguide | DawnLight19:42
ubottuDawnLight: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/19:42
Deepscovers how to enable smtp auth19:42
Deepsincluding over ssl/tls19:42
Deepsas to why it's the default, good question, seems a bit silly really, there may be some info in /usr/share/doc/exim*19:42
Deepsthen again, it may not relay mail for domains: * by default19:44
Deepswhich would explain why19:44
DawnLightDeeps: i'm sorry. i've followed https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/exim4.html only. i don't see anything else and in this document i don't see anything about requiring passwords, which is what exim isn't currently doing19:49
DeepsSMTP Authentication19:50
DeepsThis section covers configuring Exim4 to use SMTP-AUTH with TLS and SASL.19:50
Deepsmind, you may need to change that url to reflect the version of ubuntu you're using, heh19:50
Deepsie if you're using intrepid, change the 8.04 to 8.1019:50
DawnLightheh - my bad. the gnome thingo was keeping my password for that account even though i've deleted that account from evolution... it does ask for a password. smart exim! love exim!19:52
DawnLightthanks Deeps19:52
Deepsno problem19:52
melteris there an alpha 3 server release of jaunty?20:41
martin___hi all20:59
martin___hope someone can help me20:59
martin___i try to make a linux software raid20:59
martin___raid 5 to be exact20:59
martin___something strange happens21:00
martin___when i create the raid 5 with my three disks all seems fine but when i reboot the 3rd drive is kicked out "failed"21:00
ivoksdid you check dmesg?21:01
martin___it is not the disk (tried 2 brand new ones and moved between slots21:01
knoppixdid you tryed remounting redecting somehow ?21:01
martin___what is interesting is that 2 of the disks are on the motherboard; standard sata II21:01
martin___the other disk is on a sil 3124 RAID PCI controller21:01
martin___that is the disk that gets kicked out at reboot21:02
martin___I see with lsmod also that dmraid is active (although i don't want and use it)21:02
martin___could that somehow conflict with mdraid?21:03
martin___ivoks: yes but i could only see it being recognized as failed21:03
martin___knoppix: Yes added, repartitioned and tried again several times21:03
martin___it is a long proces rebuilding; almost 8 hours per try21:04
ivoksmartin___: right, purge dmraid21:04
ivoksyou don't have to wait for it to rebuild21:04
martin___ivoks: I wish I would know how.21:04
ivoksapt-get purge dmraid21:04
martin___I entered in grub nodmraid21:04
martin___ivoks: I removed that dmraid package but the modules are still loaded by ubuntu server21:05
knoppixwhen power gets late they are ignored by linx21:05
knoppixi see this problem commonly21:05
knoppixbut im not sure if its some as your pblem21:05
ivoksmartin___: add /etc/modprobe.d/my-custom-config21:06
ivoksmartin___: and put in it 'blacklist dmraid'21:06
ivoksmartin___: run depmod21:06
ivoksmartin___: and update-initramfs -u21:06
knoppixanyway what im talking about is not linux spesific21:07
knoppixits just about bioss detect time..21:07
martin___going to write that down21:07
martin___what should i put in my-custom-config file?21:08
ivoksblacklist dmraid21:08
martin___btw: the modules i talk about are called dm_mirror dm_log and other two i forgot21:09
ivoksyou need those21:09
martin___so I should enter lines like:21:09
martin___blacklist dm_mirror21:09
ivokssilly me21:09
ivoksdmraid module doesn't exist at all21:10
ivoksmartin___: you need dm_* modules21:10
ivoksmartin___: that's software raid21:10
martin___can you use that wildcard or specify them one by one?21:10
ivoksmartin___: don't blacklist them21:11
ivoksmartin___: i was wrong, dmraid module doesn't exist21:11
kajeI changed the permissions of /etc/sudoers to 640 in an attempt to edit it and now I can't sudo to anything because it complains the permissions are wrong. I can't even sudo chmod 440 to fix it... How do I fix this?21:11
ivokskaje: add init=/bin/bash argument in grub21:11
ivoksfix it and reboot21:12
ivoksmartin___: everything is fine with your modules21:12
kajeugh, there is no way to fix it without rebooting? this is a server I'd rather not take down...21:12
maxbOr, acquire root by another means, e.g., ssh, su21:12
martin___ivoks: but aren't those modules i mention like dm_mirror for fakeraid (so raid on a software raid card) instead for linux software raid?21:12
ivoksmartin___: put output of dmesg on paster.ubuntu.com21:12
ivoksmartin___: no, that's linux software raid21:12
ivoksdm is from device mapper21:13
martin___ah ok21:13
martin___then i am going to reboot my newly created raid 5 with 4 disks now21:13
martin___before i do, any other interesting logs i should safe after creating the raid before rebooting?21:14
ivoksno, just reboot21:15
martin___going down :)21:16
martin___while booting another complete different question: during boot i get a message like about something: CPU does not support KVM extensions21:19
martin___any idea what that is?21:19
martin___i have an atom processor in it21:19
ivoksatom doesn't support kvm21:19
ivoksso, that message is normal :)21:19
martin___so no problem, just a message, thx21:19
ivokskvm is for virtualisation21:20
martin___64bit ubuntu didn't work also while the specs says 64bit capable21:20
martin___ok it has rebooted21:20
martin___going to pastebin21:20
ivoksmartin___: which atom is that?21:21
ivoksnot every atom supports 64bit21:22
martin___it is a different one as in my eeepc21:22
martin___becuase it shows 4 CPUs in system monitor21:22
ivoksthat's doesn't mean anything21:23
ivoks64bit atoms are atom 230 and atom 33021:23
martin___model name: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU  330   @ 1.60GHz21:23
martin___so a 33021:23
martin___but after grub loaded initrd with the setup ubuntu server crashed21:24
martin___so I had to install 32bit21:24
ivoksdid you try live cd?21:25
martin___nice device but I run into some issues with it and ubuntu :( (no 64bit, raid issue). It is a BBS2 from tranquilPC21:25
ivoksraid issues have nothing to do with processor21:26
martin___Yes, I booted from USB stick (only option, no CDROM avaialbe)21:26
martin___btw paster.ubuntu.com gives address not found21:26
martin___that's better :)21:27
martin___ok it's pasted21:29
martin___under Martin21:29
martin___For completeness I also now pasting the dmesg from before the reboot where you can see the creation of the raid array is complete21:30
ivokscould you paste the link?21:30
ivoksmartin___: link?21:31
martin___aft reboot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110019/21:31
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martin___ivoks: before reboot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110020/21:32
ivoksraid5: raid level 5 set md0 active with 4 out of 4 devices, algorithm 221:35
ivokslooks ok to me21:35
martin___yeah: just did a cat /proc/mdstat21:35
martin___this is strange, very strange21:36
martin___itried for days21:36
martin___it seems using 4 instead of 3 disks helped21:36
ivoks'before reboot' paste was... what?21:36
ivoksthese are different configurations21:36
martin___the dmesg just after creating the array with 4 disks instead of 321:36
ivoksyou mean before?21:37
ivokscouse, i can see here two raids21:37
ivoksone mirror and one raid521:37
ivoksi'm talking about http://paste.ubuntu.com/110020/21:38
martin___that's right: that's another try i did21:38
ivoksthere's mirror of sdb1 and sdc121:38
martin___after trying to build raid 5 with 3 disks several times (that failed) I made a RAID0 on the sil3124 controller disks21:39
ivoksand raid 5 of 3 disks, but only two are found; sde1 and sdf121:39
martin___i did that to expiriment (out of sensefull options)21:40
martin___another thing i did was assigned as partition type linux raid to all disks instead of linux21:40
martin___so compareds to the failing config with 3 disk (where one was marked failed) it either helped i changed partition types or using 4 instead of 3 disks in the array21:41
martin___What do you think?21:41
martin___oh yes, i also made a chunk size of 128KB instead of 64K now21:42
ivoksnoting failed in these logs21:43
martin___yes, as i said21:43
martin___it did in the situation with 3 disks but i don't have the log21:43
martin___going to create ext3 on the array now21:44
ivoksit's hard to say why it failed, if there aren't any logs21:44
martin___that is mkfs.ext3 /dev/md0 right?21:44
martin___ivoks: i understand, till now i am just happy it seems to work now after reboot. But I am very sorry that i asked for help of you while it works now. I assumed too much my last fiddling didn't help after having fiddled for days now :)21:45
martin___ivoks: but your help is very much appreciated anyway21:46
ivoksanyway, a friend of mine does have 64bit ubuntu on atom 33021:46
martin___that is strange huh? I really got a dump message. Well it is not that big of an issue cause it is just a home server21:47
martin___i think performance wise it won't make a real big difference21:47
ivoksprobably, yes21:48
martin___is mkfs.ext3 /dev/md0 the right command?21:49
mathiazkirkland: are you looking into the iscsi SRU for hardy? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/open-iscsi/+bug/23664021:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 236640 in open-iscsi "iSCSI install fails under hardy" [Undecided,Won't fix]21:51
kirklandmathiaz: not particularly21:51
ivoksmartin___: yes21:51
ivoksmathiaz kirkland ;) hi21:51
kirklandivoks: howdy21:52
mathiazivoks: bonjour!21:52
ivoksmathiaz: ca va?21:52
martin___ivoks: thx again m821:52
mathiazkirkland: well - you're assigned to the bug21:52
mathiazivoks: oui - et toi?21:52
ivoksmathiaz: bien, merci21:52
mathiazkirkland: and slangasek assigned another iscsi SRU for hardy to me.21:52
mathiazkirkland: so it seems one of us should look into doing one SRU for hardy21:53
kirklandmathiaz: i won't stand in your way, if you're volunteering ;-)21:53
binspaceHow do you do a non-interactive install of postfix? I already tried export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive.22:09
lamontbinspace: mostly it's with a crowbar22:10
lamontused as a bludgeoning instrument22:11
binspacelamont: Aah, so expect?22:11
lamontit _can_ be preseeded, but it's not pretty22:11
lamontbinspace: nah - you have to tell it answers22:11
lamontso you _could_ use expect, but preseeding is easier22:11
lamontit just kinda doesn't make it trivial22:11
binspacelamont: What do you mean by preseeding?22:11
lamontbinspace: providing the debconf answers to debconf in a file is generally done through the process called 'preseeding'22:12
lamontwherein you hand debian-installer a preseedfile22:12
lamontlearning how to do that is on my todo list. :=(22:12
binspacecool. we're already doing this for mysql-server, but what are the debconf options for postfix?22:13
lamontthat's the part that postfix is not exactly friendly about22:13
lamontI had my reasons for making it unfriendly, but it's still unfriendly in that way22:14
binspaceSo how can I automate the install?22:14
lamontmaybe bugs.debian.org/436294 has ideas?  dunno22:15
binspaceok. For now, I'm thinking apt-get install postfix <<< '\n\n\n'22:16
binspacelamont: Thanks. I'll give it a shot.22:18
Baptiste_Mansonhi there22:39
Baptiste_Mansoni'm trying to find a good dedicated hoster in USA22:40
Baptiste_Mansonwith ubuntu server22:40
Baptiste_Mansonany tips ?22:40
Baptiste_MansonTo sum up I'm trying to find a hoster in USA, with dedicated servers under ubuntu servers for app. 10 servers22:47
_CidBaptiste_Manson:  no idea here - I thought several of the providers out there allowed you to determine your own OS?22:50
_CidI run a "hobby" server myself (of a dynamic IP now, eeew)   you could do the same to :P22:50
Baptiste_Manson_Cid: not really, the US server market seems mainly centered around centos and redhat22:51
_CidBaptiste_Manson:  I am sure you researched, but top google hit: http://www.m5hosting.com/ubuntu-dedicated-server.php :)22:52
_Cidoh, dyndns offers ubuntu as an option - those guys rock:  http://www.dyndns.com/services/springserver/22:53
Baptiste_Manson_Cid: right, it was somehow to see if one of the american hoster was far better than others from your experience22:53
_CidBaptiste_Manson:  never used dyndns for hosting, but using a few different other services of theirs, I like them .... shooting in the dark, I might go with them ;-)22:54
Baptiste_Manson_Cid: thx22:54
ScottKBaptiste_Manson: I use http://softlayer.com/ and have been happy with them.23:02
Baptiste_MansonScottK: thx23:03
kajeDoes anyone know how to make module-assist pass a -y option to apt-get so I don't have to accept the packages it wants to install every time?23:07
Baptiste_MansonThx for the testimonials about hosters providing dedicated servers under ubuntu server in USA (I got 3 names now : m5hosting, softlayer and dyndns)23:08
kajecari.net also does, but they have $75 setup fee if you choose ubuntu (which I think is dumb)23:10
kajeI use cari.net for a server and they have been very professional and reliable...23:10
maxbubuntu, as opposed to?23:11
kajeas opposed to fedora, suse, and one other I can't remember23:11
maxbhow peculiar23:11
maxbWhat's to stop you just reimaging as soon as you're set up?23:11
kajeyeah, I agree... it is probably just that they don't have a lot of experience with it...23:11
erichammondBaptiste_Manson: You might consider Amazon EC2.  I maintain Ubuntu images for EC2 listed on http://alestic.com and there is a support group at http://ec2ubuntu-group.notlong.com23:11
kajewell, nothing I guess... except how would you reinstall ubuntu through an SSH connection?23:12
kajehmm, maxb... that's an interesting idea...23:13
kajedo you know of someone that has been able to remotely image a system and blogged about it?23:13
maxbThe systems guys where I work have done ~10 remote slackware->debian overwrites.23:14
maxbI think via the magic of "borrowing" the swap partition to be a minimal temporary OS23:15
kajethat's a pretty cool hack =)23:17
Baptiste_Mansonerichammond: amazon ec2 can be a good technical solution though, sadly it is really hard to say to a client that their data will be hosted by amazon23:21
Baptiste_Mansonbinspace: Elastic Compute, this is cloud computing as far as I know23:22
binspacesorry. Yes, I recommend ec2 :-)23:22
binspaceor I've used it and have been happy23:22
binspacelamont: Do you know which config file the postfix system mail name is stored in?23:23
binspaceActually, I'm trying to set the postfix debconf, and run into the System mail name prompt23:24
lamontbinspace: /etc/mailname, per policy23:24
binspaceAnd I'm using the template from bugs.debian.org/43629423:24
uvirtbotNew bug: #321689 in openldap (main) "openldap (slapd) installation fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32168923:32
martin___HI all, anyone who can help me with a RAID issue23:35
martin___I create a linux software RAID5 with 4 1TB disks, chunk size 128K and ext3 filesystem on it23:36
martin___Now the issue is I have really reasonalbe read speeds but unacceptable slow write speeds: Writing is only done at 2,8MB/s23:36
martin___none who can tell me why I have such slow write speeds on my RAID5?23:42
thehook_Hello :) I am making some simple scripts to setup and configure a mailserver, and was wondering if it's possible to "supress" the big blue screen asking for input during a scripted apt-get installation of mysql-server for example? And maybe have them as variables in the script or something..23:57
thehook_I have also made such script for installing a nginx web server with php support and mysql. And would really appreciate some feedback :) You can find it on http://insecure.no/2009/01/easy-nginx-php-and-mysql-installer-script/23:59

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