aramorning all :-)05:43
jpdsmorning ara et. all.07:49
aramorning jpds07:49
arajpds: your name always remembers me of that song from belle & sebastian07:55
jpdsara: Hehe, my real name or irc nick?07:59
arajpds: real name07:59
davmor2Good Morning All :)08:58
davmor2ara, schwuk:  can you have a quick look at http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Applications and just double check I haven't missed a desktop version that is tested please.09:54
aradavmor2: sure, will do09:55
davmor2I've tried to lay it out so it is canonical supported first and then community supported after09:56
* davmor2 goes off to layout the /system side of things now09:57
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aradavmor2: I think that the list is complete, but you should ask cgregan if he thinks that Mobile/Netbooks should be separated10:46
davmor2ara: Yeah I was pondering that too.  Plus there may still be room for oem based mobile and mobile team based installs10:47
aradavmor2: sure10:47
davmor2ara, schwuk: any idea why /neboot on this page http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/System isn't acting like a link?11:11
aradavmor2: because is not a wiki link11:12
schwukdavmor2: because it's not a WikiWord11:12
aradavmor2: you have to put NetBoot11:12
aradavmor2: or something like that11:12
schwukdavmor2: either use /NetBoot, or [[/Netboot|/Netboot]]11:13
davmor2ara: Ah okay thanks :)11:13
davmor2schwuk: too :)11:14
* ara takes a break11:24
* davmor2 goes on long break head is hurting trying to remember all the different installation methods :(11:33
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davmor2schwuk: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-testcases/+bug/321464 hopefully that makes sense14:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 321464 in ubuntu-qa-testcases "Randomising Script" [Undecided,New]14:30
davmor2schwuk: you know your theme change on the qa wiki will it include the favicon?14:44
schwukdavmor2: do you want it to?15:25
davmor2schwuk: I think it would complete the overall feel currently the ugly M isn't the most tied in look in Ubuntu online land and you'd expect a little polish from the QA team :)15:26
schwukdavmor2: noted15:30
lfaraoneWhen will intrepid be stable _enough_ to test on my main laptop? (ie no kernel panics in everyday use, etc)19:24

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