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mptnewz2000, you mentioned too many links as a clue to lack of credibility in a Web site10:57
mpthttp://www.zmogo.com/gear/the-new-year-linux-resolution-day-5/ includes the morsel: "So, the first step in my clandestine scheme is to get Wine set up. I chose Wine mainly because its site is more appealing looking than VMware’s, which has all the sleek design features and well-considered organization of an expired domain name..."10:58
mptand looking at the respective sites you can see he has a point11:02
newz2000mpt: yes, good examples14:53
newz2000yet if you worked at VMware what would you tell the people on your team was wrong with your website?14:55
mptIt hadn't occurred to me that I can tell whether a site is a parked domain within about 1 second14:55
mptnot sure why14:55
mptMaybe I have a subconscious synonym detector. :-) (Parked domains often have lots of synonyms)14:56
newz2000Wow, that would have to be a remarkably fast synonym detector to operate within 1 second14:57
newz2000mpt: do you like the wine website better than vmware's?14:57
mptThey're both pretty dire14:58
mptbut the Wine one has at least stuff that's obviously supposed to be looked at first14:59
mptIt has a focus.14:59
mptWith the VMWare site, there are five-ish areas of text that have almost identical emphasis, and the other big block looks like a banner ad.14:59
mptI think the single biggest improvement to the VMWare site would be to freeze the animation, and make it colored text on white background instead of white text on colored background.15:01
mptThat would make it look 90% less like an ad.15:01
newz2000By banner ad do you mean somethign that people instintctively ignore?15:02
newz2000i.e. is that why you dislike it?15:02
newz2000I mean why do you dislike the idea of banner ads on a homepage promoting stuff? You've mentioned this complaint before about the graphics on ubuntu.com15:05
* newz2000 is curious, not trying to go psychiatrist on you15:05
jpdsnewz2000: I think I'll sigh at bug #258444.22:27
ubot3Malone bug 258444 in ubuntu-website "Please change Turkish mirrors location to Europe" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25844422:28

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