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brycetjaalton: michael larabel says he doesn't have the logs or output02:38
brycetjaalton: I told michael that it's sort of like going to a restaraunt where you can see into the kitchen, and then complain about all the undercooked food you see back there03:06
tjaaltonbryce: lol :)07:08
tjaaltonmmmm, Ubuntu Cola...07:12
tjaaltona coworker brought me one can from Sweden07:13
brycetjaalton: awesome07:31
tjaaltontastes good too, even unchilled07:39
bryce morning17:27
Alexia_Deathbryce: just out of curiosity, where are you located? because around here its about bed time.20:09
bryceAlexia_Death: I'm in Tigard, Oregon, where it's right about noon20:10
Alexia_DeathO_o timezones are weird.20:10
brycecan't live without them ;-)20:15
tseliotfederico1: the detect button works well here as it's likely that XRRGetScreenSizeRange() does hardware probing21:40
tarimarithere is a ppa for xorg crack pushers. when these new version will be backported at intrepid?21:48
brycetarimari: you need to ask tormod21:49
tarimariwhere's he?21:49
bryceah wait21:49
federico1tseliot: but then you want to avoid that slow function as well, in the "I don't need to detect" case :)21:49
federico1bbiab; lunch21:49
brycethose items in the ppa are not planned to be put into -backports21:49
tarimariso only at jaunty21:50
tarimarii see21:50
tarimarii installed them by i did not see any significant change. i hope i dont miss something :)21:50
tarimarii also installed 2.6.28 kernel which is suppose to have gem21:50
tarimarii have intel 965 card21:50
tarimaribut i did not see any improvement in speed of google earth for example21:50
tseliotfederico1: you're right but it still helps to call only 1 expensive function instead of 2 ;)21:50
brycetjaalton: 23:12
bryce<maxb> Anyone else seeing update-manager disinclined to install a lot of libx11 / libxcb updates?23:12
bryce<Turl> just found 2 broken packages,   libx11-6 and libxcb-xlib0-dev23:12
bryce can you look into them?23:12

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