rwwBmap: or, for the whole ubuntu desktop, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:00
luke_BLZ, I'm just not  sure if I am supposed to do this or not00:00
luke_ActionParsnip, maybe you can hhelp again?00:00
Bmaprww i will only be running firefox00:00
lifeboat8888@ rww: thanks a lot. I'd obviously not do that. @ kitche: thanks, too. I dont use wine (and that sucks of the viruses to do that )00:00
Bmapi dont need the desktop00:00
jasondvdrecord -blank that didnt work00:00
ActionParsnipBmap: sudo apt-get install  xserver-xorg00:00
lifeboat8888:) thanks guys see ya00:00
ActionParsnipluke_: sup00:00
rwwBmap: then go with the "xorg" package00:00
ubuntuokay,  serious and strange issue here... so lets see what we can do;00:00
ubuntuI have a harddisk failure I'm recouping some lost files using photorec00:01
ubuntuhowever this happens to be my large disk,  I have but 30g free on my other hdd in the machine.00:01
ubuntuthe total of the files exceeds 100gb...00:01
luke_ActionParsnip, I followed Arrs advice, got a CD of that Super Grub Disk, now was about to run the repair but it said something about backing up my mbr00:01
luke_ActionParsnip, is it ok to run it or do I have to do that?00:01
=== more is now known as less
ubuntuI do have a ton of DVDs I can burn these too,  but only one drive and I'm on a live CD at the time00:01
zackenBLZ: /usr/bin/jockey-gtk00:01
ElipsisCan someone please help me? There are 199 tools that I need to install, 65 of them debian packages.00:01
ubuntuis there a way I can mount an image in place of this livecd and use my drive to burn this data so I can continue to extract it from this disk?00:02
BLZzacken:  is that how i start it?00:02
Bmaprww how can I get firefox to load on start up00:02
zackenBLZ: programm for hardware driver00:02
ActionParsnipluke_: if a backup is offered, i'd take it00:02
jasoni really need to format this dvd rw00:02
rwwBLZ: /usr/bin/ should be in your path, so you should just be able to run "jockey-gtk".00:02
luke_ActionParsnip, i dont have a floppy or floppy drive...00:02
BLZi see okay00:03
luke_ActionParsnip, I dont even know what a MBR is, so I'm quite the beginner, dont want to mess up my computer..00:03
inikBmap - system preferences - session00:03
exodus_msmaster boot record00:03
jasondvdrecord -blank00:03
ghoneluke the MBR is the part of the hard drive that your00:03
ActionParsnipluke_: mbr == master boot record00:04
tweak66that's where GRUB is00:04
ghonePCs BIOS looks at for a program to start up before it loads an OS00:04
ElipsisCan someone please help me? There are 195 tools that I need to install, 65 of them debian packages.00:04
luke_ActionParsnip, I know that, I just dont know what it does, and whether or not I need to back it up before doing this00:04
ActionParsnipluke_: id research what you are playing with instead of running headlong into a possible catastrophe00:04
Bmapinik can i bypass the login? so I dont have to type in the username and password when i start up ubuntu00:04
tweak66elipsis : i pmd u00:04
luke_ActionParsnip, This is what I was told to do....00:04
ubuntuI have an issue:   I have an 800gb drive with a bunch of data I need to recover,  its partition tables puked themselves and a lot of the data is also corrupt.  I'm using photorec to extract the files I need.  the total ends up being around 60gb.  my other harddisk is only 60gb and only has 32gb free   Is there a way for me to remove the livecd (ubuntu hh)  and some how still be able to burn a dvd in the drive of the files?  currently if I do this the command00:05
ElipsisCan someone please help me? There are 195 tools that I need to install, 65 of them debian packages.00:05
exodus_ms!repeat | Elipsis00:05
ubottuElipsis: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:05
ubuntulike could I strip out an ISO and mount it and ubuntu run its live system via this?00:05
inikbmap : system administration - login window - security00:06
zackenxfce4 has xfce4 appfinder, kde has kappfinder and gnome has?00:06
luke_ActionParsnip, do I needgrub for windows or just linux00:06
aegisHas anyone been able to get sound over HDMI?  I've installed the latest nvidia and alsa drivers, but nothing...00:06
ghoneubuntu: Have you considered booting from a liveCD image on Flash to free up the optical drive?00:07
exodus_msluke_: you need grub if you want to choose00:07
ActionParsnipluke_: grub will boot linux and windows, the windows bootloader is weak and can only boot windows00:07
grkblood13does any1 here have server setup through apache that can be accessed online?00:07
jasonnvm i found out how00:07
ubuntughone: can't do it00:07
jasonsudo dvd+rw-format -force /dev/dvdrw00:07
ghoneubuntu: any other options for bootable removable media or possibility of network booot to free up the optical?00:08
ubuntunot on this machine00:09
ubuntuits sort of...in a lot of trouble00:09
ubuntubut the data is vital00:09
ActionParsnipubuntu: do you have a backup?00:09
ubuntusome of it yeah00:10
ubuntubut not all of it00:10
ubuntuproblem is photorec doesn't exactly give you a lot to work with as far as filenames go00:10
ActionParsnip!recover | ubuntu00:10
ubottuubuntu: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:10
rudzaki33ubuntu: and do you try to fix partitions00:10
ubuntuand sifting through 3000 files is a mess since they all have names like f383jsd.ext00:10
Gtwyi am trying to get a vnc server installed to do the following.. spent a good bit of time on this today and am out of answers00:10
ActionParsnipubuntu: foremost is ok00:10
ubunturudzaki33: yep broke00:10
ActionParsnipubuntu: the filenames are stored in the FAT so will be lost if its corrupted00:10
rww!vnc | Gtwy: have you tried the VNC howto?00:11
Gtwyi want the vnc service to start when the computer starts00:11
ubottuGtwy: have you tried the VNC howto?: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:11
rudzaki33Good program for recovering testdisk00:11
=== ubuntu is now known as robf
nitenHey guys00:11
kabukan1is there a burning program for ubuntu that will allow burn items over several disks???00:11
ActionParsnipGtwy: if you are VNCing over WAN, use an SSH tunnel. VNC traffic is unencrypted00:11
nitenIs anybody else having trouble with 3d, on an Intel driver on a 64-bit proc?00:11
GtwyActionParsnip: i am VNCing through xrdp00:11
Elipsisubuntu: TestdISK00:12
robfbut here is my wonder....00:12
break19here's a useful question.. I have only IDE drives... so why is ubuntu referring to them as scsi drives?00:12
robfif I have an iso of this livecd00:12
GtwyActionParsnip: already got it working but after a reboot i have to MANUALLY start tightvncserver i cant get it to start automatically00:12
ActionParsnipkabukan1: you'd need to tar them to span the disk sizes and burn the tar files, then untar them00:12
robfcan I remove this physical one,  and mount the iso?00:12
ActionParsnipGtwy: does your pc autologin?00:12
GtwyActionParsnip: no and i feel that would be insecure00:12
ActionParsnipGtwy: ok just checking00:12
rwwbreak19: The Linux kernel pretends that most hard drives, including IDE ones, are SCSI. Has done for a while.00:12
ElipsisI would like all 65 of my .deb to be installed into a certain directory. I'm getting a new error whilst processing dpkg -i --instdir=/tools/debian hexedit_1.2.12-3_i386.deb: http://mibbit.com/pb/zUMySb How do I fix this error? Or how do I change the default install directory for apt-get?00:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about autorun00:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about autoplay00:13
break19rww: for how long has this been happening?00:13
ActionParsnip!startup | Gtwy00:13
ubottuGtwy: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot00:13
grkblood13anybody hosting their own server here?00:13
GtwyActionParsnip: that is when you log in though00:13
GtwyActionParsnip: once ive logged into my gnome session00:13
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:13
robfActionParsnip: yeah I know why the filenames are gone00:13
rwwbreak19: several years. I'm not sure exactly how long.00:13
robfI'm just saying I can't just reduce the number effectively00:13
robfI need to burn this whole lot to dvd00:13
rudzaki33robf: I don't think so00:14
GtwyActionParsnip: i dont understand how to write init scripts00:14
robfrudzaki33: hrm,  why would that not work?00:14
ActionParsnipGtwy: its a symlink to a bash scrpt afaik00:14
robfrudzaki33: I mean iso or physical disc should it truly matter once mounted?00:14
linuxman410how do you remove your old openpgp key if u got a new one00:14
rudzaki33robf:  I about extracting livecd00:14
ActionParsnipGtwy: let me see if theres a very specific guide00:14
GtwyActionParsnip: is there a vnc service that comes WITH an init script?00:15
robfI'm going to try this00:15
GtwyActionParsnip: ive found a couple user created init scripts for "tightvncserver" on google, but none of them work (i hacked around with them for a while trying to see if they just needed tweaking but no go)00:15
ActionParsnipGtwy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16953  post 2 at the bottom00:15
ActionParsnipGtwy: although i'd use a+x instead of o+x00:16
BmapFirefox will not run at all without the following libraries or packages:00:17
Bmap    * GTK+ 2.10 or higher00:17
Bmap    * GLib 2.12 or higher00:17
Bmap    * Pango 1.14 or higher00:17
Bmap    * X.Org 1.0 or higher00:17
Bmapif im installing ubunutu from the minimal cd, will I have to install these seperately and if so, would I just use apt-get install?00:17
kabukan1->ActionParsnip: dont know if that is possible really, my parents win xp comp fd up so i am rescueing there data with ubuntu would there be a better way???00:17
linuxman410 how do you remove your old openpgp key if u got a new one00:17
rwwBmap: Just use apt-get. It'll download all the stuff firefox needs automatically.00:17
break19rww: well that sucks... hdparm wont let me change dma settings, because the drive "isn't IDE" meh00:17
=== tweak is now known as Guest97897
ActionParsnipkabukan1: sure, mount the partition as normal (read only is default without ntfs-3g) and then reinstall the windows00:18
ActionParsnipBmap: then satisfy it00:18
Bmaprww ok thx. very cool. i was worried i would have to install everything manually00:18
GtwyActionParsnip: this is what confuses me00:19
ActionParsnipBmap: yes, you 'd use apt-get install00:19
GtwyActionParsnip: he says he creates a text file, /etc/init.d/rc.local00:19
LinuxJunkeneed help installing a ralink rt260000:19
GtwyActionParsnip: that file is already there and its full of stuff00:19
ActionParsnipBmap: yuo can use apt-cache search to find the package names00:19
ActionParsnipGtwy: then use a different name, all the files in that folder get ran according to their number00:19
=== geo_ is now known as geo
ActionParsnipGtwy: S99 just makes it last, just use a free number00:20
GtwyActionParsnip: do i need to use update-rc.d to add it to the run level or will it load the rc scripts automatically00:20
LinuxJunkehaving trouble installing a compusa pci wireless adapter with a ralink rt2600 chipset anyone help me on this?00:20
ActionParsnipGtwy: i think it'll be ok00:22
ActionParsnipGtwy: if not, run the command00:22
gkffjckHI all I my rhythmbox stopped playing... trying to run with the --debug option says  playbackerror while playing: Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument00:22
d0wnhow can I convert an .iso to .img via command line?00:24
PB_G3where can I find md5sums for ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-powerpc.iso00:24
jrib!iso | d0wn00:24
ubottud0wn: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.00:24
ElipsisI would like all 65 of my .deb to be installed into a certain directory. I'm getting a new error whilst processing dpkg -i --instdir=/tools/debian hexedit_1.2.12-3_i386.deb: http://mibbit.com/pb/QWr34s How do I fix this error? Or how do I change the default install directory for apt-get?00:24
zelrikriandohow to change the language for a particular user on ubuntu00:24
balrog__how do i setup ubuntu server so it _receives_ a dynamic ip address through dhcp?00:24
jribd0wn: hmm , that only does img -> iso so never mind00:24
linuxman410 how do you remove your old openpgp key if u got a new one i need to remove first key i have two of them00:25
d0wnYeah, that's been my issue00:25
rwwPB_G3: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/8.04.1/release/MD5SUMS00:25
jribd0wn: out of curiousity, why?00:25
d0wnjrib: i'm doing a diskless pxe install of fedora from my ubuntu server00:26
rwwlinuxman410: if you don't get an answer in here, try #gnupg on this server00:26
kitcherww: not sure what gnupg will help with openpgp00:26
rwwkitche: linuxman410 is using gnupg, according to an earlier message00:27
wat_is anyone in here? lol00:27
ghonewat: no00:27
d0wnjrib: nevermind. the .img file i need is not the iso. it's something inside of the iso that i've got to extract. thanks for your help, though :P00:27
ActionParsnipwat_: no one but us chickens00:27
kitcherww: hmm I just see mention of openpgp00:28
dakirashort question.. how can I display the current time in a terminal?00:28
wat_so i was wondering if anyone could help me00:28
wat_i have a pretty big prob.  i get 503d everytime i try to join my ftp00:28
wat_using proftpd00:28
zelrikriandohow to change the language for a particular user on ubuntu00:28
jribdakira: date00:28
wat_and that irc channel is dead00:28
ghonedakira: date00:28
ActionParsnip!grub > kabukan100:29
ubottukabukan1, please see my private message00:29
* ghone is slow00:29
Black0leanderhi, my mom just got ubuntu 8.10 and has been using it for about 2 weeks, she rebooted the machine and now gnome hangs after login00:29
rwwkitche: I talked to him earlier. I should also point out that openpgp is a standard, not a program. gnupg is openpgp-complient.00:29
rwwcompliant **00:29
Black0leanderis there anyway to fix it without reinstalling?00:29
linuxman410yeah i am using gnupg i need to remove first key i have 2 of them00:29
jribBlack0leander: create a new user and see if it still happens.  That will tell us more.00:29
Black0leanderhow can she create a new user without the gui?00:30
jasonwill nero burner run in wine00:30
ActionParsnipBlack0leander: try renaming all the .gnome folders in /home/<username>00:30
sectechWhat's nvidia support like for jaunty? do we still have restricted drivers?00:30
ActionParsnipBlack0leander: boot to recovery mode, root cosole, rename them and reboot00:30
kitcherww: true just that he should have said a gnupg key then00:30
ActionParsnipBlack0leander: you'll probably find that fixes it00:31
wat_sudo newuser "name" "group"00:31
rwwsectech: Jaunty discussion in #ubuntu+1, please :)00:31
=== KB1OHY_Rich is now known as Sergeant_Pony
ActionParsnip!jaunty | sectech00:31
ubottusectech: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.00:31
wat_sudo useradd00:31
HorizonXPi need to recompile a package. how do I figure out what configure options were being used in the default package?00:31
ActionParsnip!adduser | Black0leander00:31
ubottuBlack0leander: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo00:31
dakirajrib, ghone: thanks ;)00:32
ElipsisPlease help me, here's my topic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105057000:34
Gtwyis there any vnc package available that comes out of the box able to start automatically00:35
JAFAPESThello i am in excessive need of help with ubuntu00:35
wat_go go go00:36
* Elipsis goes back to work on his linux distribution [- http://panarchy.wordpress.com -] - Please read my topic http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1050570 and reply [if you can!] - Thanks00:36
JAFAPESTdoes anyone know how to get my wifi card for my mx7118 working in ubuntu00:36
wat_wifi cards are such a pita00:36
gkffjckGtwy what does your vnc server need to do?00:36
wat_i just got a pcmcia card and it worked automatically00:36
JAFAPESTyea but i have no money00:37
wat_and then 8.10 came out and my card was supported00:37
eugmanIs there any program to translate text(specifically german to english) or am I forced to use web based translators?00:37
wolterhi, my "Creative Labs Optical Mouse" is not working under my laptop. Its a usb wireless mouse...00:37
Gtwygkffjck: start automatically on its own00:37
wat_go to bestbuy and get one for 15 dollar00:37
JAFAPESThmmm i live to far from the city right now00:37
gkffjckstart when automatically? on system boot on user logon on install?00:37
Gtwygkffjck: boot00:38
Gtwyor right after X starts00:38
Gtwywhatever works00:38
ActionParsnipwat_: some cards do, my netgear WG311T works out of the box00:38
Gtwybut before someone actually logs in00:38
wat_who knows their way around a ftp config file00:38
wat_i tried many tiems00:38
wat_and failed00:38
ActionParsnipwat_: in what way??00:38
wat_i get a 503 when i try to remotely authenticate00:39
gkffjckGtwy there are several ways of doing this... one second Ille throw you some links00:39
JAFAPESThmmm i just need some drivers so i can install them00:39
ActionParsnipwat_: is the user a user on the system?00:39
barn__anyone know what file to edit to scale down screen resolution in ubuntu 7.10?00:40
gkffjckGtwy I would just look into the "vncserver" meta backage... do an aptitude search vncserver then do some googling this should do what you want.00:40
Gtwygkffjck: i am looking for the SIMPLEST solution. ideally, i just want to apt-get a package and then add the init script to the default run level,... this is how you do it on red hat... there has to be a way to do it on ubuntu00:41
gkffjckis the machine headless?00:41
Claire2009hi - have a question - i need to add a file in startup manager to change my grub splash, but it says i'm root when i try to add file. how do i change that so i'm using my regular account?00:42
Claire2009to see my files?00:42
wolterhi, my xorg is causing system stalls, does that have anything to do with my graphics card?00:42
Gtwygkffjck: headless?00:43
JAFAPESTbcm94318mpg is my wirelesscard00:43
Gtwygkffjck: also, i dont know if this exists or not, but it would be nice if the VNC connection would allow the user to pick the login/password they want to use, instead of everyone connecting into the same user00:43
Claire2009it'd be nice if someone could answer my question00:44
gkffjckdo some googling on the vncserver package... It or look at x11vnc they both should be useful...00:44
=== berat_ is now known as hellues
gkffjckx11vnc can be used with gdm00:44
gkffjckvncserver can be used on a per-user basis.00:45
rwwClaire2009: You mean that when the window pops up asking you for a file, you're in a root folder? Navigate to /home/username/ to see your files.00:45
rww!helpme | Claire200900:45
ubottuClaire2009: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:45
=== ryan_ is now known as ryanprior
redvamp128!ask | Claire200900:45
ubottuClaire2009: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:45
kvhWhen I use my kvm, the mouse button order is reset back to right-hand (although the prefs still has left-hand); any idea how to fix?   Any suggestion where to even look?00:46
matsClaire2009: What's wrong with being root? In order to open the startup manager, you'll need to put in your sudo password00:46
vz07mkLooking for help istalling ubutu server 810 on dell poweredge 1400sc00:47
vz07mkgetting incompatible ship error00:47
JAFAPESTu ppl are usless00:47
Panxywhy does ubuntu by default set my brightness of laptop to medium at boot time ? is there a way to set it to maximum by default ?00:48
Panxybrightness of screen i mean00:48
zelrikriando<JAFAPEST> u ppl are usless < what s up with that guy00:48
wat_he is mad that not every wifi card in the world works automatically00:49
vz07mkCan anyone direct me to specific channel for ubuntu servers00:49
gaxiignore him ;)00:49
wat_i am the ubuntu server king00:49
wat_been using it for 5 days00:49
wat_is it a super easy q00:50
vz07mkmost of the time00:50
vz07mkThis dell PE00:50
rwwvz07mk: #ubuntu-server00:50
vz07mkgiving me incompatible chip error00:50
vz07mkanyone seen it b400:50
PB_G3Jordan_U: thx00:50
wat_um no00:51
matsQuestion: When trying to change permission of a folder I do "chmod 777 folder_name". It doesn't give write permission to the group and others though. How would I do that?00:51
techIIim trying to use a 3rd party package from inside a 32bit chroot (intrepid) on a 64bit machine (intrepid), the application aborts complaining about X00:52
phazeI am runnning mythbutu and I have another computer on same router running winxp... I want to share files... yesterday both computers were on xp and they could share... can someone help me connect them again00:52
KhalinexusHi! How do i know what is my version of GTK + since a program says i don't have Gtk + 2.+?  I have Intrepid and find odd that it doesn't have 2.+!00:52
wat_sudo chmod foldername a+w00:52
asmodeushi...i just updated to ubuntu 8.10.00:53
ElipsisHow do I link a folder to /usr/sbin?00:53
techIIhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/109609/ i am specificly trying to run boxee (xbmc based media center software)00:53
wat_ln folderaddress /usr/sbin00:54
wat_i think00:54
matsAfter doing "chmod foldername a+w" it's still drwxr-xr-x00:54
asmodeusI can't find the kde control center anywhere...anyone know what the executable name is?00:54
rsyn`SmedI'm getting "mount: not a directory" when trying to mount an external hard drive automatically through fstab. Can someone please help me?00:54
Panxyi assume brightness is set here: /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness how could i make this to 100% at system startup ? Cuz it's really annoying setting it each and every time i start ubuntu...00:54
asmodeusbreak19: not there...any idea what package it's in?00:55
* phaze sits down and crries00:55
Gtwywhere is gdm.conf located at? its not in /etc/X11/gdm/ (there isnt even a gdm folder)00:55
techIIPanxy: look at "/etc/rc.local", this script is run when your system boots00:55
Gtwynevermind its moved to etc00:55
break19asmodeus: not really.. havent really used ubuntu much... i'm an ol' debian freak.. givin ubuntu a whirl..00:56
Travis_Touchdownthere is no kcontrol in 8.10, it's called systemsettings00:56
phazewhat do I need to hook up to another computer running winxp??? software wise00:57
PanxytechII well you suggest me adding the line in there ? maybe there is some setting anywhre else that would set default brightness of the lcd of laptop to 100% at boot time.00:57
=== gaxi is now known as carboxis
matsThis is weird: "chmod 777 foldername" sets permissions of that folder to drwxr-xr-x. What am I missing00:58
cdennyfor managing finances, should I use Gnucash or Grisbi00:59
techIIPanxy: i can't think of any other way to do it, but im not that familiar with everything that goes on after gdm starts00:59
mriedelhi. i'm looking for a git gui (neither git-gui nor gitk) for gnome whose name i can't remember. it basically just displayed the revision graph (which is all i need). anyone know it00:59
break19... my ubuntu install is sittin at 15% "calculating files to skip copying" mouse and keyboard are still responding, so far, (which is an improvement from before), as is pings from this machine (also an improvement from previous attempts)00:59
break19oh. wow.. it only took 20 minutes to decide which files to skip.. lol00:59
techIIanyone know anything about weird problems with X11/opengl apps running from inside chroots?01:00
break19GDI!!@! I spoke too soon01:00
ghonebreak19 I had the same problem a few weeks ago, but it hung for hours.  I eventually tried another copy (same version) and all was good.01:01
=== _Lucretia__ is now known as _Lucretia_
break19eff it. I've spent all damn day tryin to install this. I'm goin back to debian01:01
cdennydoes anyone have an opinion of gnucash vs grisbi01:01
woltershould i install the latest nvidia drivers for linux? 18001:01
IndyGunFreakcdenny: i like gnucash..01:01
d0wnHow do I make my internet connection use wlan0 instead of eth0?01:01
wolterwould that cause driver errors later, maybe?01:01
cdennyIndyGunFreak: k thanks thats what Ill use01:02
Panxyroot@intrepid:/etc# echo "current: 100" >> /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument01:02
IndyGunFreakcdenny: they are both ok, i just prefer gnucash.01:02
Panxyit wont go that easy...01:02
cdennyIndyGunFreak: i am talking in #gnucash, they seem nice01:02
techIIPanxy: mine only goes up to 70, i think there is an other file in proc that tells you the values it accepts01:03
matsd0wn: System -> Administration -> Network lets you modify WiFi/Cable01:03
d0wnmats: but can I set to use wlan0? my server that is connected via eth0 is running a dhcp server01:03
Panxyone thing for sure, i can't set it manually with echoing correct values...01:03
techIIPanxy: actually, read the contents of the brightness file, it tells you in there (at least on this laptop)01:03
Panxyyes but i cannot modify the file...01:04
Panxyno permission.01:04
Panxyi mean, write error.01:04
heatmzzris there a console based mms player i can use non-graphical?01:05
matsd0wn: I'm not sure, I use WICD that has a more powerful GUI01:05
wolterneed help building gspca-source....01:05
techIIPanxy: can't think of anything else to do, so if someone else has any ideas...01:06
d0wnmats: is WICD available in the repos?01:06
IndyGunFreakd0wn: they have an intrepid repository available.. google "wicd homepage"01:06
rwwd0wn: not for intrepid or earlier, no. There are install instructions on the wicd website.01:06
heatmzzris there a console based mms player i can use non-graphical?01:07
prince_jammysheatmzzr: what's "mms"?01:07
IndyGunFreaki think he means xmms01:07
heatmzzrstreaming audio01:08
heatmzzrcan use use gxine text based?01:08
Panxyaudacious > xmms...01:09
prince_jammysheatmzzr: try cmus or mocp01:09
IndyGunFreakPanxy: i tend to agree w/ that01:09
zackenheatmzzr: mplayer [options] [path/]filename01:09
devin_hey, what's the default root password in ubuntu?01:10
prince_jammys.. or mplayer, yeah.01:10
heatmzzrmplayer wont play this stream, only thing i could get to work is gxine01:10
prince_jammysdevin_: none. it's disabled01:10
jrib!root | devin_01:10
ubottudevin_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:10
mikebotCan anyone help me with the following? I have a .nrg and apparently it is PAL (so says my ps3), and so how can I get it to play on said ps3?01:10
nerk1devin go terminal, sudo passwd root yourpass yourpass01:10
devin_I tried to su and I couldn't01:10
jribmikebot: how is this an ubuntu question?01:10
rwwdevin_: there isn't one. The root account is disabled by default in Ubuntu. To run programs with administrative options, use sudo or gksudo.01:10
jribdevin_: read the link ubottu gave you01:10
mikebotjrib: In ubuntu.01:10
nyaaPanxy have people suggested turning acpi off?01:10
zackennerk1: no thats bullshit01:10
rww!noroot | nerk101:10
ubottunerk1: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)01:10
zackenuse sudo -s01:11
rww!ohmy | zacken01:11
ubottuzacken: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!01:11
mikebotjrib: All of it is taking place in ubuntu, so I imagine that whatever I use to change the file will be an Ubuntu-specific piece of software..01:11
Gtwyi would like to add something to the bot01:11
karamazovwhat the hell does sudo: cp: command not found mean?01:11
mikebotjrib: Or linux based or something, but this is my only resourse.01:11
jribmikebot: adding "in ubuntu" at the end doesn't really make it on-topic.  What task do you want to accomplish exactly?  You want to burn a .nrg?01:11
karamazovhow can i cd to directories that i don't have permission to read?01:11
Gtwythis guide shows someone how to setup vnc to run when the computer starts http://www.movingtofreedom.org/2007/02/16/howto-remote-desktop-with-vnc-in-ubuntu-edgy-gnu-linux/01:11
prince_jammyskaramazov: paste the command that caused that error01:11
lvlefistoi want to run a shell script on session start, how can i do that?01:12
Gtwyits awesome and it took me 5 minutes to do what took me 6 hours of research today01:12
karamazovsudo cd /yedek/digerhdd01:12
prince_jammyskaramazov: can't cd with sudo. cd is a shell builtin01:12
mikebotjrib: Yes, I want to burn a .nrg file and have it play on my ps3... I think it has to be NTSC, not PAL.01:12
Opiemsith1how do i reformat an encrypted drive that doesn't have a passphrase attached to it?01:12
mikebotjrib: And I'm wondering what (if any) software in ubuntu can make that change.01:12
prince_jammyskaramazov: sudo runs commands in your PATH. 'cd' is built into the shell. sudo can't run cd01:12
nightrid3rmikebot: its clearly a ps3 question01:13
rwwGtwy: It'd probably be better to add the information or a link, to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH somewhere01:13
karamazovdo you have any scripts that check if samba stopped and if stopped, starts it again?01:13
jribmikebot: as far as I know a .nrg is an image file.  ubottu will send you info on converting it to a .iso so you can burn it01:13
jrib!iso > mikebot01:13
ubottumikebot, please see my private message01:13
mikebotnightrid3r: the ps3 people won't know how to convert it... the problem comes way before the ps3 comes into play.01:13
mikebotjrib: I downloaded nrg2iso, but it said that it was already an image when I attempted it.01:14
techIIanyone have an idea why a X11/opengl program in a chroot (containing 32bit libraries, etc) would not work when using the X client on the 64bit host machine? (using fglrx)01:14
ryanpriorHow do I check my CPU temperature?01:14
evilGUICan anyone recomend a web interface for my Ubuntu server?01:14
Gtwynow i have a real simple problem that i cant seem to figure out01:14
Gtwyeverytime i reboot the computer reverts to DHCP01:14
rww!lm-sensors | ryanprior01:14
ubotturyanprior: You might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto01:14
ryanpriorevilGUI: What sort of interface do you need?01:14
evilGUII want somthing like cpanel01:14
techIIevilGUI: webmin?01:15
Gtwyi thought at first it had something to do with "search saturn.local" in the resolve.conf file, but when i remove it gets added again01:15
nerk1Hello, I just installed ubuntu again, when I booting choosing to press esc to get to the grub chooser thingie, the list are doubled up. Also, when I installed cairo dock just now, none of the applets or anything is showing, the menu choice is there but pressing it causes nothging but an empty window01:15
techIIevilGUI: ebox possibly01:15
evilGUIThanks everyone01:15
mikebotI think ultimately it is the great PAL vs NTSC debate...01:15
nightrid3revilGUI: for hosting?01:15
mikebotjrib: Thank you, by the way.01:15
evilGUInightrid3r: nah not for hosting it's just for my use01:15
ABCDI would like to be able to install ubuntu on this machine (which currently has a couple other distros on it), but I know that my network card requires out-of-kernel drivers (rt2570, to be precise - the rt2500usb driver that ships with the vanilla kernel doesn't work), and was wondering how hard it would be to get everthing set up - I would also prefer *not* to have to burn a cd, again if possible01:16
nightrid3revilGUI: webmin then01:16
nerk1   neither is the cairo-dock showing in system tools thingie, the menu isnt even there :S01:16
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:16
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/01:16
techIIebox was discussed as a "default" web interface for ubuntu servers awhile back01:17
hubarQuestion, how do I set up pulse audio on my ubuntu 8.1? It keeps complaining that connection refused.01:17
techIIbut i think it insists on controling more of the system (can't tweek the actual config files) more so than webmin01:17
evilGUIAlso on my server all I have running is apache and mysql and it's taking 111MB of ram out of 256 does that sound about right?01:18
werdnumevilGUI: Sounds fine.01:18
evilGUIThe amount of memory used keeps going up01:18
ABCDok, I realise that that last comment probably prompted a tl;dr... 1) is there any way to install Ubuntu *without* burning (or otherwise obtaining) a CD?01:19
werdnumevilGUI: Yeah, but does the 'cache' amount go up?01:19
werdnum!nocd | ABCD01:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nocd01:19
techIIevilGUI: webmin then, ebox uses postgresql iirc01:19
rww!usb | ABCD: You can install it from a USB flash drive01:19
ubottuABCD: You can install it from a USB flash drive: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:19
werdnumABCD: There's a section in the online help about that.01:19
evilGUIwerdnum: ah it caches it01:19
hubarAnyone with good idea of how to set up pulse audio?01:19
rww!install | ABCD: There are also more esoteric methods linked off the Installation page01:19
ubottuABCD: There are also more esoteric methods linked off the Installation page: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate01:19
werdnumevilGUI: The 'cached' section of memory usage is stuff that's cached from disk, but which can be put away if the space is needed.01:20
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Opiemsith1how do i reformat an encrypted drive?01:21
ryanpriorrww, thanks.01:21
devin_I can't get my broadcom (4311) to work01:22
devin_I tried this "fix", but I can't get it to work01:22
jonathanturnerwhat's a good place to ask about software packaging?01:23
jonathanturnerif you're interested in packaging software for ubuntu, or whatnot01:23
rwwjonathanturner: #ubuntu-motu01:23
devin_can someone help me with my broadcom card?01:24
=== Keith is now known as KeithGS
techIIdevin_: if you can't find any native drivers, look at ndiswrapper01:24
hubarQuestion, how do I set up pulse audio on my ubuntu 8.1? It keeps complaining that connection refused.01:25
baldurI need help with my browser it doesnt play sound from flash. And i know what to do i've done befor but i cant find the locations of the command lines i need to put it i got them here.  they where on a ubuntu help site ?? anyone understand this ?01:25
devin_well, I tried this fix that I was recommended, but I can't get it to work01:25
DaveWdevin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4311_rev_01_(ndiswrapper)#Broadcom%20BCM4311%20802.11g%20mini-PCIe%20(14E4:4324)%20Wireless%20Adapter%20using%20ndiswrapper%20Installation%20(Plus%20%20NetworkManager%20and%20WPA)01:25
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devin_and my only connection is wireless, I'm using to laptops right now01:26
baldurI need help with my browser it doesnt play sound from flash. And i know what to do i've done befor but i cant find the locations of the command lines i need to put it i got them here.  they where on a ubuntu help site ?? anyone understand this ?01:26
techIIdevin_: from when i was using it (new atheros chipset, wasn't supported by madwifi at the time), it was buggy, and i had to make sure that the madwifi drivers didn't get loaded (/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist)01:26
devin_I don't know if I've messed it up with this fix though, or if it didn't work, would another one work? would I have to go back and undo everything that I did?01:27
techIIanyone know if there are any issues caused by fglrx and opengl/X between a host machine, and a chroot?01:28
Travis-42hello, I have thunderbird installed in ubuntu 8.10 but it doesn't show up in the applications menu.  how do I get it there?01:28
IndyGunFreakTravis-42: are you sure its installed?01:29
Opiemsith1how do i reformat an encrypted drive with no passphrase?01:29
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Travis-42IndyGunFreak: yes, I can run it from the command line01:29
Travis-42and add/remove shows it01:29
vz07mkany server kings here?01:30
techIIdevin_: i would usually look back through the process, it might take a bit of judgment01:30
xnevermoreHey guys. Can someone tell me how to set up a quick, temporary filesharing network between an ubuntu workstation and a windows vista workstation?01:30
devin_I got a bunch of errors, I don't know what they mean either01:30
xnevermore... via ethernet cable directly from one host to the other01:30
IndyGunFreakTravis-42: right click the menu.. edit menu.. Click the Menu on the left where you want to add it(Internet), New Menu Item.. TYpe: Application, "Name" Thunderbird.. ."Command:" thunderbird... it should assign an icon automatically, but if it doesn't, assign it one by clicking on the pic and navigating to a t-bird icon01:30
Travis-42thank you IndyGunFreak01:30
vz07mklooking for server help...please01:31
vz07mk8139c+ incompatible chip01:31
vz07mkon scsi01:31
indiekid97hey everyone, I have a real quick question, I'm right in the middle of installing ubuntu on my new machine and I was wondering if I could use the FAT32 pagefile partition for swap without formatting it?01:32
techIIthe internal workings of weird "black magic" things ndiswrapper, are a bit beyond most people's (and my) grasp (whoever made it had to implement all the features and some of the bugs found in the windows driver interfaces, and has most likely done so at various levels of success)01:32
tsrkI disabled NetworkManager using "sudo update-rc.d -f NetworkManager remove", but now I want to re-enable it.  How would I do so?01:33
bliZZardzQ; my sound in Ubuntu Hardy(Acer 64 bit) is totally messed up after doing some changes in pulseaudio. am trying to get things right but looks like i am nowhere close. am hearing a screeching sound almost always - whnever i play any mp3.01:33
techIIxnevermore: samba, possibly some http/webdav thing, if you can find a script that does that01:33
bliZZardzwhich is better for skype-on-ubuntu : alsa or pulseaudio?01:33
indiekid97@bliZZardz: it really doesn't matter01:34
techIIxnevermore: samba is what the filesharing gui tools included with ubuntu use, so it might be easier (just uninstall samba if you don't want it anymore)01:34
indiekid97skype doesn't do any kind of intense audio development01:34
bliZZardzindiekid97: anything like 'recommended'?01:34
indiekid97are you using intrepid?01:34
xnevermoretechII: well that part I know. what I need to know is how to set up the network itself. I assume I need to set up a dhcp server to listen on eth0, but i'm not sure how to do it, especially how to do it temporarily, using network profiles or something01:34
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: pulse tends to be more buggy than alsa, but they both should work.01:34
indiekid97nevermind, I'd just say ALSA because it's more stable01:35
bliZZardzIndyGunFreak: any idea about the screeching noise?01:35
aegisHas anyone managed to get audio over HDMI working in Ubuntu 8.10?01:35
techIIxnevermore: get a crossover cable, if you are only connecting two machines01:35
indiekid97Pulse is mainly for reducing latency when you're recording audio or something01:35
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: sorry, i don't do skype... it might be your mic..01:35
xnevermoretechII: I've also read that firestarter will help, and additionally let me share my wireless internet connection with the windows box as a bonus.01:35
bliZZardzIndyGunFreak: without even skype in picture.this happens even when i play some audio.01:36
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: i see... are you using 8.10?01:36
bliZZardzIndyGunFreak: Hardy01:36
techIIxnevermore: yes, iirc it will run a dhcp server for you, haven't used it though01:36
PB_G3Do you guys know anything about getting ubuntu on the OLPC XO?01:36
d0netsFNhey this is prolly a windows question01:36
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: that might be it, i've always felt pulse was rushed in hardy... its still not perfect in Intrepid, but way better than hardy.01:37
d0netsFNbut i just installed a new hard drive01:37
nibsa1242how can I temporarily manually bring up and set the IP for eth0 on my machine?01:37
bliZZardzfollowed the sound troubleshooting wiki link - but of no avail.01:37
d0netsFNnow when i select the vista longhorn bootloader from grub, it says bootmgr missing01:37
techIIxnevermore: if you are fine with editing configuration files look at dnsmasq, its simple and a lot of home routers use it01:37
d0netsFNany idea how to fix this?01:37
bliZZardzIndyGunFreak: how do i disable pulse?01:37
baldurI need help with my browser it doesnt play sound from flash. And i know what to do i've done befor but i cant find the locations of the command lines i need to put it i got them here.  they where on a ubuntu help site ?? anyone understand this ?01:37
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: i believe its in the sound options.01:37
xnevermoretechII: yes, the other problem is that firestarter seems to conflict with NetworkManager in that NetworkManager won't let me have two network interfaces enabled at the same time, so firestarter reports that eth0 is not ready01:37
nibsa1242IndyGunFreak: bliZZardz Pulse was very rushed, didn't work at all in Hardy for me on my laptop, and I it didn't work in Intrepid after the first update.01:37
techIIxnevermore: right now im assuming you have the physical connection taken care of01:37
vz07mkanyone know how to make a peanot buttter and jelly computer01:37
xnevermoretechII: that is correct01:38
PB_G3baldur: I've had that problem too, I fixed it by reinstalling flash01:38
nibsa1242baldur: what version of flash are you using?01:38
IndyGunFreaknibsa1242: i've had no problem w/ it in Intrepid, but it was awful in hardy01:38
bliZZardznibsa1242: what are you using then?01:38
techIIxnevermore: NetworkManager isn't made for a machine that has more than two connections, though i think newer versions (not included in ubuntu yet) might have done something about it01:38
baldurnibsa1242:  flash 10 the latest01:38
baldurPB_G3: i have allredy reinnstalld flash01:39
techIIxnevermore: so you might have to make the choice between autoconfiguration and shared internet ...01:39
PB_G3purge it then01:39
nibsa1242bliZZardz: Alsa01:39
xnevermoretechII: I'll read up on dnsmasq, although like I said, I don't want this setup to be permanent, so altering global system files might be inconvenient01:39
baldurPB_G3:  how do i do that ?01:39
bliZZardznibsa1242: any idea with the screeching sound?? i get to hear some interference even when i type!!!01:39
PB_G3Synaptic Package manager01:40
Gtwyi just spent a half hour struggling to find that all i had to do was remove network manager01:40
Gtwythat app is useless to me01:40
nibsa1242IndyGunFreak: I have not issue with pluse on my Desktop, but there is apparently a known issue with the soundhardware in my laptop and Ubuntu's implementation of pulse01:40
nibsa1242bliZZardz: sorry never had that issue... either my sound works or it doesn't01:40
IndyGunFreaknibsa1242: intelhda?01:40
linuxsoom!<how to setup you webcam>01:40
bliZZardznibsa1242: and you just used alsa - basic install?01:40
Gtwyanyone suggest any good backup applications which are cross platform (linux and windows)01:40
baldurPB_G3:  I fixed this prople befor by putting in some command lines allowing the computer to do something (cant remember name) and then it got fixed but after that i had some failur so i needid to boot the computer up from an older date to fix and i cant find the command line again01:41
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:41
bliZZardzQ: what is ubuntu-desktop? (this is removed if i remove pulse - should i bother?)01:41
xnevermoretechII: how do I go about disabling NetworkManager?01:41
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: its a meta package, dn't worry about it.01:41
rww!ubuntu-desktop | bliZZardz01:41
ubottubliZZardz: k/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.01:41
nibsa1242IndyGunFreak: Its an ATI IXP SB400 AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02)01:41
IndyGunFreaknibsa1242: ..ah01:41
d0netsFNwhy cant i format my new hard drive to ntfs in gparted?01:41
PB_G3d0netsFN: tell me more01:42
youngprinceare u trying to install ubuntu onto a ntfs partition?01:42
nibsa1242IndyGunFreak: they are mainly found on AMD based gateway laptops I believe01:42
d0netsFNits a storage drive01:42
IndyGunFreakxnevermore: youc an right click it, clic disable..01:42
d0netsFNi want to use it in ubuntu and windblows01:42
nibsa1242how can I temporarily manually bring up and set the IP for eth0 on my machine?01:42
d0netsFNi click new partition01:42
d0netsFNbut ntfs is greyed out01:42
PB_G3is it set to primary01:43
PB_G3is it more than 4 TB01:43
bliZZardzdamn damn!! the screeching !!01:43
d0netsFNno its 1 tb01:44
PB_G3oops oh01:44
rcoutohi, all... could anyone point me to any documentation about compiling a driver module inside the kernel source package, without having to recompile the whole kernel?01:44
IndyGunFreakd0netsFN: format it in ntfs w/ Windows?01:44
nyaad0nets what tool are you using to format it01:44
vz07mkserver server01:44
d0netsFNyea thats what i usually do indygunfreak, i reboot to windblows01:44
vz07mkany help for servers01:44
d0netsFNnyaa i was wanting to use gparted01:44
PB_G3gparted, he said01:44
d0netsFNindygunfreak, i am having issues now that i installed the drive01:44
d0netsFNi get bootmgr missing when i try to boot windblows from grub01:45
d0netsFNcause i was going to boot to windblows to format the drive01:45
d0netsFNbut i cant01:45
vz07mkim going back to windows01:45
IndyGunFreakd0netsFN: its probably got an NTFS file system by default to be truthful01:45
vz07mkat least theres help there01:45
IndyGunFreakmaybe fat32 i guess01:45
BigMike???how can I get tv out dual monitors???01:45
IndyGunFreakvz07mk: good luck01:45
PB_G3delete any other partition on the drive and try again01:45
d0netsFNpb_g3 there wasnt a partition on it01:46
d0netsFNits a new drive01:46
LiNewbiehello guys, just have trouble while installing Ubuntu... I have an LCD that can do only 1440x960@60Hz and the installer does something else in graphic mode. How can I change resolution on X display? (Ctrl-Alt-NumPad+ doesn't work)01:46
d0netsFNi want a msdos partition table right01:46
balduraudiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=music: Could not open audio device for playback.  ... What does this error mean ?? i am trying to test my sound device01:47
jausenbrothey guys, is anybody using nxserver with fluxbox?01:47
IndyGunFreak!res | LiNewbie01:47
ubottuLiNewbie: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:47
ubuntuwhat the hell are we talking about01:48
IndyGunFreakubuntu: read the topic.01:48
LiNewbieubottu: Thanks a lot, and there is any text installer, without graphics on Ubuntu CD?01:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:48
IndyGunFreak!alternate | linenoise01:48
ubottulinenoise: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent01:48
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: see above01:48
bliZZardzin  /system/preferences/sound , when i set ALSA in sound capture and test it. i get a dialog which keeps on having a progressbar. and i dont seem to get ny response back01:48
balduraudiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=music: Could not open audio device for playback.  ... What does this error mean ?? i am trying to test my sound device01:49
ubuntuok i get what we are talking about01:49
rdvonzanybody run sins of a solar empire through cedega? it doesn't show text whenever I try to play i01:50
kajbliZZardz the alsa sound capture test records an .ogg format to a temp folder i believe01:50
jausenbrotwhen i run a nx session with fluxbox, i can only see the taskbar, anybody knows a fix for this problem?01:50
bliZZardzif i do that : am getting an error now : "gconfaudiosink profile=chat: Could not open audio device for recording"01:51
histoughh have some serious issues. Just had to restart my computer after 20 some days of uptime and now I can't log in01:51
jausenbrotcan anybody see what i'm writing anyways?01:51
kajwe see it01:51
baldurubottu !mediaubuntu01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mediaubuntu01:51
bliZZardzwhats the differnece between 'Mic' and 'Front Mic'?01:51
baldurubottu !mediubuntu01:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mediubuntu01:52
kajalsa will default to the back inputs outputs01:52
IndyGunFreakbaldur: "/msg ubottu !medibuntu" no quotes01:52
h4x0rmediaubuntu have a nice wiki info01:52
rww!medibuntu | baldur01:52
ubottubaldur: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:52
bliZZardzQ:difference between Mic and Front Mic?01:52
Flannellinuxsoom: Can we help you?01:52
baldurIndyGunFreak: thanks01:52
h4x0ris not mediabuntu you are talking about backtrack301:52
IndyGunFreakbaldur: :)01:52
linuxsoomim trying to setup my webcam01:53
jausenbrotokay, so nobody is using nx server instead of vnc or other alternatives?01:53
rebel_guibliZZardz, the connection/port01:53
kajone is Mother board usb 2.0 and one is build in hardware for mic, front mic01:53
bliZZardzIndyGunFreak: whats the diff between Mic and Front Mic?01:53
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: i don't use my mic, i realy don't know.01:53
IndyGunFreakbliZZardz: coudl be there's an internal mic, and there's a mic port01:53
rww!botabuse | techII, linuxsoom01:53
ubottutechII, linuxsoom: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:53
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: I'm just running from Ubuntu's CD, the only console browser is lynx that says: This client hasn't SSL support (https://wiki.ubuntu..) :(01:53
bliZZardzrebel_gui: one used for speaking - as in - hedphones with mic is Mic or Front Mic?01:53
histoSo i can't log in I try and it just puts me back out login prompt this occurs in GUI and VT also if I try to ssh in to the box same result.  Any ideas would be great. The only access I have is recovery console root prompt01:53
techIIrww: just checking to make sure that there wasn't a botnet parked in here, that responded to that trigger01:54
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: what was your question again?01:54
rebel_guibliZZardz, the difference is the jack you plug into, mic should be your rear (standard) microphone jack and front should be your front (additional) microphone jack01:54
rebel_guibliZZardz, they are two different inputs01:54
kajfront mic linewbie01:54
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: how to change resolution of graphic installer or how to install with text installer?01:54
rebel_guibliZZardz, at least what mine is on just a desktop and basic ubuntu install01:55
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: the text installer, is a different iso.01:55
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: so you're only getting to a command line, and you need to fix your res?01:55
bobbob1016I'm running Mythbuntu 8.10, with an nVidia 8200 on the mobo and the propritary drivers.  I'm not getting a gui anymore.  I checked /var/log, and the files don't seem to have been updated for a while.  Any ideas?01:56
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: Understood. So I'll try to cheat with /etx/X11 where I suppose to find sth interestning to change default high resolution01:56
LiNewbieof gdm01:56
=== pitoow is now known as pitoow_ZzZ
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: wait, you're on the live CD, and it can't boot to the desktop, is that what you're saying?01:56
kajcan anyone tell me can you fine tune network settings via wine to ubuntu ports01:57
IndyGunFreakkaj: via wine?.. why would you do that01:57
kajfor guildwars a online game01:57
ubuntui am using a ubuntu live disk on windows vista so can i  install the ubuntu live disk on microsoft  virtual machine?01:58
McQueenhi, i have just download the ubuntu 8.10 server edition... i have hot a old pc.. p-133 nd 32 mb ram. i want to run this pc for only mail server... does my pc support ubuntu 8.10 server edition?01:58
IndyGunFreakubuntu: yes, there's a lot of instructions for putting ubuntu inside a virtual machine01:58
kajif your running a 133 i would use DSL linux for a mail server01:58
Gtwywhat do i press to see both of my workspaces side by side01:59
lazarus_lupineIs there a quick fix to get rid of titlebars in gnome when using adobe air?01:59
histoAnyone know how I can get out of a login loop. I enter username and pass and get prompted again. This happens in GUI console and ssh01:59
Gtwyi bumped something on the keyboard accidentally and it zoomed me out01:59
Gtwyit was real cool01:59
Gtwybut i dont know how to get back to it haha01:59
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: I'm running on install iso from ubuntu.com, just want to install it on my pendrive. After welcome screen and language choosing system is loading and something is start, but my monitor comes black and I see monitor message that says: "Cannot display video mode. Best resolution is 1440x960@60Hz"01:59
rww!requirements | McQueen01:59
ubottuMcQueen: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu01:59
rebel_guiMcQueen, crux is another good option for a small, fast mail server01:59
ubuntuthanks :)01:59
CompactDstrxiongtwy Ctrl-Alt-Down Arrow?01:59
KenBW2i have a TV card on my PC, but it's only for analogue TV. Would there be a software-only way to convert that into Freeview (UK Digital TV)?02:00
McQueenubottu: thanks for your help.... and rebel_gui....02:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:00
GtwyCompactDstrxion: i will try that02:00
rebel_guiMcQueen, np, crux is very advanced, but it will do what you want very very well02:00
=== paulj1 is now known as pauljw
PB_G3everybody thinks ubottu is a person!  Hint: u**bot**tu02:01
CompactDstrxioni think what your describing gtwy is a feature called expo02:01
kajtheres bots in all chats lol02:01
histoAnyone know how I can get out of a login loop. I enter username and pass and get prompted again. This happens in GUI console and ssh? This is system wide and critical!!!!!02:01
CompactDstrxionand i think the shortcut is ctrl alt down arrow02:01
CompactDstrxionbut i'm not booted into ubuntu right now02:01
CompactDstrxionso not 100% sure02:01
PB_G3kaj, not mine #mac-old02:01
aegisHas anyone managed to get audio over HDMI working in Ubuntu 8.10?02:01
Travis-42all of a sudden, all sound has stopped working in ubuntu 8.10.  is there a way to restart it?02:02
werdnumCompactDstrxion: doesn't do anything on my box.02:02
McQueenrebel_gui: i want to run mail server for only 5-10 mail acount... so i dont need speed... but i dont know what is crux...? any link?02:02
werdnumMcQueen: Just use google apps.02:02
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kajor you can go to www.distrowatch.com and get crux, or DSL linux too02:03
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* werdnum <3 /ignore02:03
rebel_guiMcQueen, crux is a very very small linux distro, its for advanced users. http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=crux is a good place to start02:03
* _Lucretia_ hopes that's a bot02:03
cappicardircw go the fsck away02:03
McQueenwerdnum: its an other way... your right about google apps...02:03
aegisHas anyone managed to get audio over HDMI working in Ubuntu 8.10?02:03
McQueenrebel_gui: thanks for your link02:04
devin_what's the firmware directory for ubuntu?02:04
__mikemjrib, that same bot tried that stunt in #freenode yesterday02:04
rebel_guiMcQueen, thats my favorite for servers, good luck02:04
McQueenrebel_gui: thanks02:04
devin_what's the firmware directory for ubuntu?02:05
zackendevin_: whereis firmware02:05
phrostbiteI am trying to play starcraft with wine and I followed all the instructions at the wine db site and the game works just fine however it runs slow. I tried all the tips on there and it still will not work properly. Any suggestion?02:05
devin_okay, thanks02:06
kajphrostbite: i am having the same problem with guildwars its somewhere between the wine and ubuntu network settings02:06
ubuntuim only 12 but i know alot about this stuff02:07
devin_I'm having trouble with my broadcom card, I can't get it to work02:07
phrostbiteKaj, I am just trying to play single player. I am not even going online. Which confuses me because it is acting the same as if i was in a laggy room or something.02:07
Omikane_With RAM when it says something like PC5400 or PC6400 what does that mean?02:08
kajthen i would say hardware acceleration02:08
phrostbiteIt also does the same thing for warcraft 2 bne. The menus are fine but when i go to start playing through single player it laggs so bad.02:08
PC_NerdAttempting to connect to an ftp server (vsftpd) my account has write priviledges to the filesystem, and I can connect but it wont list any files, write anything etc.... only port 21 is open.  is it a firewall issue?02:08
kajwhat i had to do for GW is set the .dat file as exeicutable02:09
DaysonI cant get passed the login screen, It keeps telling me the I haver the wrong password02:09
comradekinguOmikane_:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAM_bus02:10
phrostbiteI also tried using wine doors which somebody reccomended to me but that confused me even more02:10
wolterhi, i have to use low graphics mode now that i just installed the new 180 nvidia drivers.. can anybody help me?02:10
skate2is it possible to do a bash for loop all on one line?02:10
Gtwywhats the best remote backup management software for linux and windows?02:10
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:11
kajphrostbite/ did you try to set the permissions to read write for the exe and dat files in starcraft?02:11
netsurf3wolter, yeah, did you run the nvidia xconfigure script?02:11
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: Maybe it's a bug? My monitor is Philips 190 SW, that can do 1440x960@70 Hz and strange that default install X installation gets something more. My graphics card is based on Radeon 3850. I suppose, that installation program should search a graphics mode as good as possible, not to high, isn't it?02:11
ubuntu_is_dabestis there a way to start remote desktop & samba service at the startup of ubuntu? because it doesn't start if i don't log it in02:11
netsurf3you may also need to restart gdm (or your computer)02:11
phrostbiteThey are read write02:11
Gtwywerdnum: i just need a few choices to start with here02:11
wolternetsurf3, nvidia-xconfig? yes/02:11
netsurf3so you have run that?02:12
Gtwywerdnum: the only lead i have is bacula but id like to see what other people are using02:12
histoAnyone know how I can get out of a login loop. I enter username and pass and get prompted again. This happens in GUI console and ssh? This is system wide and critical!!!!!02:12
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: ATI graphics are far from perfect on Linux, installing to a pen drive though, is a bit of a pain sometimes, you're probably gonna need the text installer anyways02:12
histoIs ther a way to list user accounts?02:12
rwwhisto: cat /etc/passwd02:12
phrostbiteCould me driver be out of wack?02:12
kajdoubtful you have the gui and its laggy02:12
histowtf I have no idea how this is even possible.02:13
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: Ok, so I'll get a text install. Thank you for help IndyGunFreak  :) And what did you say about installing on a pendrive? It's not good idea you think?02:13
kajyou have to set the permissions to read write and check the box to make the exe and the dat files as executible02:13
phrostbiteI have tried running with opengl and not, tried as 640 x 48002:13
Daysoncant log into 8.10, help please02:14
phrostbiteArn't they already like that Since its installed?02:14
IndyGunFreakLiNewbie: just good luck w/ it.. you'll either have success, or you'll have a problem w/ grub, its just not worth it in my opinion, instal like a normal person, and usually everything is fine02:14
kajno the dat will be read only and the checkbox will be unchecked02:14
KenBW2i have a TV card on my PC, but it's only for analogue TV. Would there be a software-only way to convert that into Freeview (UK Digital TV)?02:14
phrostbiteI don't see any dat files in the starcraft folder in wine02:14
phrostbiteThats why i am so confused02:14
ubuntu_is_dabesthow to start services without having to log in to my desktop?02:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scripts02:15
Gtwyubottu: which service02:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about which service02:15
LiNewbieIndyGunFreak: Ok, Thanks once more for a suggestions :)02:15
Gtwyubuntu_is_dabest: which service02:15
dgarr /join #mythtv-users02:15
ubuntu_is_dabesteveryone of them02:15
kajahhh then copy the dat from the disk and transfer to the c drive in the home/wine02:15
pyro2927Is there any way to have a script that writes your external IP address to a text document?02:15
ubuntu_is_dabestbecause nothing is started, i can't remote it either02:16
ubuntu_is_dabestunlike win32 services started when the system does02:16
phrostbiteWhat will that do? I no longer have the disc. I had to use a no cd patch to be able to play.02:16
LiNewbie /quit02:16
kajthat could be the problem since the script most likely was written for windows cgi02:16
phrostbiteWhat does that mean?02:17
ubuntu_is_dabesti mean, i wish my ubuntu system could be like that too, because i don't have keyboard and mouse on that computer anymore, since it is supposed to be a server now02:17
kajwell if the script was made to run with certain libraries then the wine crossover libraries would be different02:18
histoPlease anyone know how I can get out of a login loop? I'm stuck can't login via GUI console or ssh. Only recovery console works atm. This occured after I rebooted after 20 some days of uptime.02:18
kajdid you configure wine to run the starcraft.exe as win xp or 9802:19
phrostbiteWell I have the wine installed but I see something called crossovers.02:19
phrostbitewhat is that?02:19
pyro2927phrostbite: its just another program that emulates windows02:19
kajgo to apps/wine/configure wine02:19
kajit will pop up a screen02:20
pyro2927phrostbite: http://www.codeweavers.com/products/02:20
drzindoes anyone know where to find KVM settings?02:20
phrostbiteoh so it is not absolutly required?02:20
kajyou have to pay for crossover02:20
phrostbiteAhhh. I see02:20
KemrinHHas anyone heard of photosynth?02:20
phrostbiteOk I am at the configure wine screen02:20
wat_USER sauron02:20
wat_331 Password required for sauron02:21
wat_PASS xxxx02:21
kajso what does it list for programs in the screen02:21
wat_230 welcome !!!02:21
wat_215 UNIX Type: L802:21
wat_TYPE I02:21
wat_200 Type set to I02:21
wat_257 "/" is the current directory02:21
wat_Loading directory listing / from server (LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-8)02:21
wat_Connection to newnet.linuxsecured.net timed out02:21
wat_Disconnecting from site newnet.linuxsecured.net02:21
click170Why the fuck is it when you open a folder with hundreds of files in it Gnome shows you the folder before it's finished populating it?  You can't do anything ^in^ the window because its too jittery to select any single file... It serves no purpose but to frustrate users.02:21
ryanricardhey, all of a sudden my wireless network went away. I can see the card with lspci, but no network in iwconfig and network manager gives me nothing02:21
rww!pastebin > wat_02:21
ubottuwat_, please see my private message02:21
kajdefault settings and ???02:21
rww!ohmy | click17002:21
ubottuclick170: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:21
drzindoes anyone know where to find KVM settings?02:21
phrostbiteit says applications then down in the other box it says default settings. then for windows version it says windows xp02:21
kajok so hit the add app box below that02:22
KemrinHDoes anyone know how we're going to get Photosynth stuff working in Ubuntu?02:22
kajadd starcraft.exe and switch to win 9802:22
wat_sorry bout that02:22
wolterI NEED HELP! I have to boot in low-graphics mode after installing the newest nvidia drivers!!!!02:22
phrostbiteok I did that02:23
wat_so why is my ftp still not working.   i get this error02:23
kajthen apply and retry it02:23
=== rachel is now known as Guest12383
phrostbiteok one moment02:23
wat_tried reinstalling too02:23
nightrid3rwolter: system -- management -- nvidia02:23
trailbrainLooking for an FTP app that will process queue from 1-5am......  Anyone got any ideas?02:23
wolternightrid3r, i have no such menu as management02:24
wolteradministration or preferences?02:24
wat_and im looking for an ftp that works02:24
Alice22How can i open a .rar in ubuntu what do i need?02:24
rww!rar | Alice2202:24
ubottuAlice22: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free02:24
nightrid3rwolter: well t is in the system menu, second option, i don't have english menu so don't know proper name02:24
drzindoes anyone know where to find KVM settings?02:24
wolternightrid3r, what language? i know spanish...02:25
trailbrainwat_ :I use filezilla for most of my FTP02:25
nightrid3rwolter: dutch02:25
ubuntu_is_dabestdoes anyone know how to set services to run without having to login on desktop?02:25
wolternightrid3r, are you telling me to run nvidia-settings?02:25
nightrid3rwolter: thats the one02:25
Alice22!info unrar-free02:25
ubottuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-1 (intrepid), package size 21 kB, installed size 108 kB02:25
wolternightrid3r, well, if you run in the terminal 'nvidia-settings', does that bring the same tool?02:26
nightrid3rwolter: i guess so02:26
gaintsurais there a way to list programs in order of last used or how frequently they are used?02:27
wolternightrid3r, ok. what next? I get an error...02:27
wolternightrid3r,  NVIDIA X driver02:27
nightrid3rwolter: did you reboot after installing the nvidia driver02:27
wolterno, i restarted x02:27
nightrid3rwolter: you need to restart to load the nvidia kernel module02:28
wolternightrid3r, the settings alert me saying that there is no  NVIDIA X driver.02:28
_Vi_gaintsura: you mean the programs that are being ran currently? htop has that feature02:28
ldiamondI'm trying to play a DVD on ubuntu, but it doesnt work at all!02:29
ldiamondI tried VLC and mplayer02:29
Dillizarwhat is the smallest internet browser??02:29
ldiamondDillizar, you can use FF and resize it so its very small02:29
dayo_lynx rox02:30
Dillizarldiamond, if its smaller will it open the pages faster??02:30
nightrid3rldiamond: ubuntu doesn't support encrypted dvds out of the box, have a look at medibuntu02:30
dayo_i use it on the servers02:30
quicksilver_Anybody find out why WEP doesnt work with 8.10 anymore? Ive seen a few links on it, but nothing has solved my issue. With 8.04, I had no problems using WEP to connect, but now I cant connect even when I turn WEP off. Ideas?02:30
drzindoes anyone know where to find KVM settings?02:30
Dillizarquicksilver_, did you upgrade it or re installed it02:31
nightrid3rdrzin: ùost setting can be found in /etc have a look there02:31
ldiamondnightrid3r, is that in the repo?02:31
quicksilver_Dillizar: I reinstalled it.02:31
nightrid3rldiamond: its a repo you have to add, just google for medibuntu02:31
Dillizarquicksilver_,  are ya on laptop???02:32
bullgard4[web design] How is any of 216 colors called that all browsers will render alike and wihout a pattern?02:32
quicksilver_Dillizar: Not right now. But my laptop is right next to me (also plugged into the switch)02:32
drzinthen how do i disable the KVM02:33
Dillizarquicksilver_,  your WEP doesnt work on the lap top? maybe is hardware02:33
jtajibullgard4: web safe colors... no one too much worries about them anymore btw, hardly anyone is still running 8-bit color02:33
rstecklerIs it just me, or is it way more reliable to install stuff (tomcat6, for example) from the official site instead of apt-get.02:33
quicksilver_Dillizar: Its not working in ubuntu, but works just fine in Windows, Same problem with another computer Ive got.02:34
wolternightrid3r, i restarted, but there were some error messages... 'failed to initialize nvidia kernel module, please ensure gpu is supported, files have been correctly installed.02:34
rstecklervanila tomcat 6 install throws errors when shutting down.02:34
Dillizarquicksilver_,  btw why are you useing the wep for02:34
mobodowhat are my options if I'd like to mirror a 1920x1200 display on a 1024x968 monitor? is it possible to ask the graphics card to scale down?02:34
Cewex_Cutefffddddddddddd2222df ghgjert                  dhgg4333402:34
Jack_Sparrowrsteckler Best to stay in the official repos.02:34
wolternightrid3r, i think i have to reinstall02:34
nightrid3rwolter: seems like your card is not supported by the driver,02:34
quicksilver_Dillizar: So my neighbors dont use my wireless. The issue isnt hardware or "why use wep" its that it just doesn't work with 8.10.02:34
rstecklerJack_Sparrow: This is from the main repo.02:34
Jack_Sparrowrsteckler have you looked for bug reports on it02:35
nightrid3rwolter: try the nvidia website if you are adventourus / desperate02:35
antonehenryNeed help with iPod + Podcast + Banshee02:35
antonehenryany takers?02:35
wpgmbI just fried my mobo... Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe (Intel 775).  If I purchase a new board and transfer my drives and other h/w to it, will I encounter many problems booting the system back up into Ubuntu 8.04 (64 bit)?02:35
wolternightrid3r, it has to be.. i downloaded the driver for geforce 8m series, and my card is 8600m gt02:35
bullgard4jtaji: Thank you for anwering. I agree that this only a problem for some special equipment.02:35
Jack_Sparrowrsteckler It is possible to install something else manually that mess's this program up02:35
wolternightrid3r, i think i will perform an uninstall02:35
rstecklerJack_Sparrow: I've been through ~6 problems with the tomcat install.  Google keeps helping me get through one at a time, but it's getting a bit cumbersome.02:35
Cewex_Cute    02:36
Dillizarquicksilver_,  sorry dunno i had more problems with 8.10 thats why i am on 7.10 :D but why dont you try the forum there are a lot of problems with 8.10 maybe some one has the same one02:36
rstecklerOr, I could just wget and install from the official tomcat site and everything works out of the box02:36
quicksilver_Dillizar: Ok, thanks02:36
Jack_Sparrowrsteckler Then do that02:36
nightrid3rwolter: uninstall for now and check nvidia site for other drivers or mail nvidia support02:36
rstecklerFor sure.  I'm just curious if that's a common situation though.  Is it generally considered more reliable to get from official sites, as opposed to apt-get installing stuff?02:37
foxjazzIs there a way to use file browser as root02:37
nightrid3rwolter: make sure you include as mutch info as possible in your mail02:37
jtajiquicksilver_: from your description it sounds like it's not just WEP that's not working, but even without it?  What is your wireless device?02:37
antonehenry>Need help with iPod + Podcast + Banshee -  anybody got any experience with an iPod not being able to sync Podcasts?  Thanks!!02:37
Jack_Sparrowrsteckler Not at all.  generally safer to get from supported repos.02:37
PB_G3foxjazz: yes go to terminal and type sudo nautilus02:37
carnageanyone know where the display resolutions are stored other than xorg.conf?  mine in stuck on the wrong one and it seems to be independant of the stuff in xorg.conf02:37
Jack_Sparrowfoxjazz dont use that command02:37
quicksilver_jtaji: Im not sure. But its not working on 2 different wireless computers. How do I check what the device is?02:38
Jack_Sparrowfoxjazz gksudo nautilus   is much safer02:38
Dillizarquicksilver_,  try Kwlan i think it will work on gnome with no problems02:38
rww!gksudo | PB_G302:38
ubottuPB_G3: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:38
Jack_Sparrowfoxjazz gksudo nautilus   is still a very dangerous and unforgiving command..02:38
quicksilver_Dillizar: Ill give that a try.02:39
MisterKMHey all, wondering how I can make disc ISO images?02:39
Dr_willisMisterKM,  i tend to use k3b. but theres other ways02:39
nightrid3r!iso | MisterKM02:39
ubottuMisterKM: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:39
Dillizarquicksilver_,  tell me what will happen02:39
antonehenryNeed help with iPod + Podcast + Banshee -  anybody got any experience with an iPod not being able to sync Podcasts?  Thanks!!02:39
Jack_SparrowMisterKM Create ISO of CD Rom... dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/$USER/Desktop/file.iso bs=2k02:39
PB_G3oh, my ICEathoraty on my XO didn't work because of this02:39
jtajiquicksilver_: try 'lspci | grep -i wireless'02:39
nightrid3r!burn | MisterKM02:40
ubottuMisterKM: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:40
drzinnightrid3r, thanks02:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mercury02:40
wpgmbI just fried my mobo... Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe (Intel 775).  If I purchase a new board and transfer my drives and other h/w to it, will I encounter many problems booting the system back up into Ubuntu 8.04 (64 bit)?02:40
quicksilver_jtaji: Nothing comes back02:40
Dillizarwpgmb, nope02:40
d0netsFNhey i was having issues with the vista bootmgr missing02:41
Tekumelwpgmb: Unless you're running raid, you shouldn't02:41
d0netsFNso i used the vista disk to repair startup02:41
d0netsFNnow i get error 22 in grub02:41
d0netsFNany ideas?02:41
Jack_Sparrowd0netsFN Please keep your question on one line and not use 4 to ask your question02:41
wpgmbTekumel: thx. Now off to shopping for a better board, and RMA the old one. Wanna buy a RMA'd board :-P02:41
d0netsFNsorry i like the enter button02:42
Dillizarwpgmb, i had my hdd on 3 different pc's and there are just minor things you need to do like drivers but you will find them02:42
Tekumelwpgmb: I'm a big fan of the Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R. If you don't need onboard video I'd give it 2 thumbs up.02:42
wpgmbDillizar: thx. Hopefully I'll be up and running again tomorrow. I'm working from my laptop right now, and its' d***n tempting to sell everything and get a desktop-replacement laptop....02:43
wpgmbTekukmel: I'll check it out02:43
aegisHas anyone managed to get audio over HDMI working in Ubuntu 8.10?02:43
wolterhey nightrid3r, i ran the uninstall and it is back as it was02:43
antonehenryI cannot get any good podcasting results with any program.  Everything is flawed.  Banshee won't sync to ipod, Songbird won't get track names and not recognize all of them, amarok is a disgusting program all together.  can anyone help?02:43
histoI'm stuck in a login looop and need help badly. I can't login via console ssh or GUI only recover console works atm.02:44
wolteris there somebody here willing to HELP ME INSTALL THE NVIDIA.COM DRIVERS ??????02:44
Dillizarwpgmb,  Restricted Drivers Manager will tell you if you need new drivers and will install it self02:44
nightrid3rwolter: i checked and there is no support for your card in th lates driver02:44
tonsofpcshisto: why can't you?02:44
Jack_Sparrowwolter Please lose the caps..02:44
histotonsofpcs: it just loops and asks for user and pass again no error02:44
wpgmbDillizar: thx. I'm not to worried.. logged on here for extra peace of mind. Thanks though!02:45
histotonsofpcs: something with auth is serious jacked on this thing. This after i've been using it for months and a 20 day uptime. I just rebooted cuz cups crashed and now this problem.02:45
wolternightrid3r, no? I read that there was a 'Added support for...' and my card wasn't listed there.. but that doesn't mean it is not supported.02:45
nightrid3rwolter: the output of the error should be a clue02:46
PB_G3can you skip downloading language packs safely?02:46
optikalmouseanyone know where to get the Mono VB.NET compiler?02:46
optikalmouseit's called vbnc, but I can't find the package in any of the repos I have.02:46
histoOthers on the forums have had the same problem but no solution.02:46
antonehenry>Need help with iPod + Podcast + Banshee -  anybody got any experience with an iPod not being able to sync Podcasts?  Thanks!!02:47
DillizarPB_G3, just press skip and it will nothing bad will happen02:47
tonsofpcshisto: check your login terminal and login script settings02:47
tonsofpcserr, shell and script02:47
histotonsofpcs: I just found a pam bug that may be it.02:48
skate2how can i run a program from the menu as sudo?02:48
Jack_Sparrowskate2 what program02:48
skate2i need sudo to edit files in /var/www02:48
ubuntnewthat's intresting, i wanna know that too02:48
danes_this is a dumb question, but how can I mount an ext3 partition?02:48
wpgmbTekumel; local store sells GA-EP45-DS3L for Cdn $110.  I'll go look for that one, or the Asus P5QL PRO for about the same cost02:49
Jack_Sparrowskate2 go to terminal use sudo for root access or gksudo if the app is a   gui02:49
_Vi_how is that a dumb question danes_ ?02:49
skate2you cant get to gksudo from the menu?02:49
ubuntnewmout -t ext302:49
fellojell_oI've been having trouble with firefox (amd64) ubuntu02:50
wpgmbskate2: open a terminal, cd to the directory you want and then do sudo gedit [file]02:50
PB_G3skate2: What do you mean Alt + =?02:50
chronographerHi I need help. I installed guarddog (a firewall) and it weems to have changed my settings for iptables to be very unpermissive! This can be fixed by installing firestarter, but firestarter conflicts with my wireless usb card and so I can't keep it installed... anyway ... how can I stop guarddog (I think its residual settings) from blocking internet access?02:50
Jack_Sparrowdanes_ sudo mkdir /media/drive4you then sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/drive4you substitute your drive for sda102:50
chronographerWhat I want to do is check default iptables settings and change them to permissive. How to do this?02:50
CoJaBoWhat does the "virtual machine host" option on the Ubuntu server installer do?02:50
skate2the problem with running gksudo gvim is it's not loading my ~/.vimrc02:50
gizmobayI'm trying to troubleshoot my printer. This is what CUPS says for the location. usb://Samsung/CLP-300  Where's the mount point for this?02:50
Jack_Sparrowskate2 use a terminal program or create a launcher if it is something you will do often02:50
Dillizarchronographer,  why you dont just remove the new firewall :D02:51
chronographergizmobay: my clp300 worked out of the box.02:51
chronographerI did02:51
chronographerapt-get removed it02:51
wpgmbCojabo: are you planning on running an other OS inside Ubuntu as a guest OS? Google for "Virtual server"02:51
chronographerbut on restart the settings are changed and I can't get on the internet.02:51
danes_Jack_Sparrow, I tried that way, but got this message: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.02:51
gizmobayMine worked in 8.0402:51
Dillizarjust go to add/remove chronographer02:51
gizmobayI just upgraded to 8.1002:51
chronographerI already removed guarddog02:51
MisterKMThose instructions only shows how to burn an image, I want to make an ISO.02:51
Jack_Sparrowdanes_ sudo fdisk -l  .............look at fstab etc02:52
CoJaBowpgmb: What VM software does it install? (Sorry, my question was a bit vague...)02:52
chronographerwhy do my firewall settings changeon restart?02:52
danes_Jack_Sparrow, the problem is that grub was messed up and I cant access anything. I need to mount the drive to restore grub I think...02:52
Jack_SparrowMisterKM I showed you earlier02:52
DillizarMisterKM,  try to select image and not the Writer02:52
gizmobayI can't figure out why I get a port failed when I do a the test with the Unified Driver Config02:52
Jack_SparrowMisterKM Create ISO of CD Rom... dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/$USER/Desktop/file.iso bs=2k02:52
chronographergizmobay: you want to use samsung drivers?02:52
wpgmbCojaBo: couldn't tell you. I don't use that feature02:52
gizmobayI have both foo and Samsung02:53
Jack_Sparrowdanes_ are you running livecd02:53
danes_Jack_Sparrow, yes02:53
wpgmbMisterKM: Google for: linux create iso from hdd02:53
chronographer gizmobay: its not as good as the open source one. it prints fuzz around letters!02:53
danes_actually I'm in other computer02:53
chronographerI only use the open sourceone02:53
wpgmbMisterKM: you'll get more to read than you care for02:53
gizmobaythe foo or Samsung?02:53
danes_I have a minimal terminal running right now on the affected machine02:53
chronographerbut I remember that installing with teh .sh file installed perfectly for me last time02:53
gizmobayprints fuzz02:53
chronographerfuzzy text02:54
CoJaBowpgmb: Ok, any suggestion of where it might be documented?02:54
danes_Jack_Sparrow, actually I'm using pmagic in order to see if my information is still there, and there is a terminal emulator, which I plan to use to fix it02:54
gizmobayI use the Samsung one for pics02:54
chronographeryeah I have too, but I use my mac for pics now!02:55
wpgmbCojaBo: many threads on 'buntu forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98763102:55
Jack_Sparrowdanes_ then you are not  currently in a livecd02:55
wpgmbOops... paste a link - sorry!!!02:55
ubuntu_is_dabestd0netsFN: as far as i know, microsoft system does not recognize linux file tables.02:56
Xpistoshey does anybody know a good ubuntu based distro that will run on old hardware?02:56
chronographeryou can chekc cups in the web UI : http://localhost:631 it may have details for you02:56
danes_Jack_Sparrow, sorry, I'm newbie, I just want to recover everything before formatting02:56
Cpudan80Xpistos: xubuntu?02:56
gizmobayit says "can't find any devices on usb://Samsung/CLP-300"02:56
histotonsofpcs: I think I might have fixed it.02:56
XpistosI thought maybe crunchbang, but no luk02:56
Cpudan80Xpistos: similar to gnome, but uses less resources02:56
Cpudan80same kernel02:56
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr02:56
Dr_willisXpistos,  Crunchbang works here.02:56
tonsofpcshisto: only one way to find out02:56
Cpudan80at least I think its the same kernel02:56
danes_Jack_Sparrow, and I know it is possible to fix the grub, that is the only thing that is messed up. Everything else is fine02:56
Xpistosmaybe I just need to redownload02:56
nightrid3rd0netsFN: there is a extfs driver for windows on sourceforge02:56
histotonsofpcs: rebooting now to see i removed /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb and reinstall libpam-smbpass02:57
Jack_Sparrowdanes_ Im off for the night.  someone will answer02:57
Cpudan80Is it possible to set different desktop backgrounds for each desktop?02:57
XpistosI am trying to install on an old toshiba to give my son like a word processor and cd, minimal internet02:57
XpistosI will try those oiut02:57
danes_Jack_Sparrow, thanks02:57
Cpudan80like if I have 4 desktops ... can I have 4 different backgrounds ?02:57
Dr_willisCpudan80,  not under gnome at this time.02:57
chronographerCpudan80: in KDE yes, gnome I think is hard02:57
Cpudan80well no way in hell Im using KDE02:57
bliZZardzdamn! still now working ...ala :(02:57
Dr_willisCpudan80,  use what you want. :) we dont care. ;p02:58
wolternightrid3r, it is supported, check out http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/180.22/README/appendix-a.html and seek for 8600m gt02:58
Cpudan80I used kde for a little while02:58
CoJaBowpgmb: Problem I'm having is that the name of the option itself is pretty vague lol. Googling "virtual machine host" doesn't get very far. I guess I'll leave it blank and install my own VM host software later.02:58
danes_anyone knows how can I setup the internet so that all adult content will be filtered. I need it for my nephew.02:58
Cpudan80it didnt seem all that intuitive to me02:58
Dr_willisCpudan80,  set up a random wallpaper changer.. and dont worry about it02:58
Cpudan80Dr_willis: but I want the same beautiful babe on desktop 2 all the time!02:58
Dr_willisCpudan80,  there may be a way to do it with using compiz to manage the background.. but that then causes other issues...02:59
wpgmbCojaBo: yup. Might want to do that. Does your CPU support VM?02:59
Dr_willisCpudan80,  the gnome powers at be.. decided thats too 'comfusing' an option :)02:59
chronographerdanes_: he will find a way around it. . . just supervise (or get your bro/sis to supervise him02:59
olethri0sHey guys. If I want to completely remove compiz from my box..... I can just go into synaptic and completely remove all the files that have 'compiz' in them right?03:00
Dr_willisolethri0s,  you are proberly safer just not using it.. then 'removing' it.03:00
CoJaBowpgmb: No, its a Celeron, unfortunately :/ so no hardware VM acceleration.03:00
nightrid3rdanes_: dansguardian03:00
wpgmbCojaBo: then prepare for some painfully slow guest OS...03:00
olethri0sDr_willis: Because I want to use fluxbox now for practicality.03:01
Bryce_I can't decide which Ubuntu distro to get. Mint, Myth, etc.03:01
Dr_willisubuntnew,   j just saying someones name dosent fo a lot of good. :)03:01
chronographerolethri0s: you can probably go and set System : Prefs : Appearance : Desktop Effects : None03:01
danes_nightrid3r, thanks :) ;)03:01
histotonsofpcs: maybe not lets see it locked up that time but I know i'm on the right track now. Just have to figure out the easiest way to do this.03:01
Dr_willisBryce_,  i suggest just the normal Ubuntu. and install what you need.03:01
bazi am having trouble mounting my network share in FSTAB so that I can delete files without having to sudo. I read the article "MOUNT USB STICK READ AND WRITABLE FOR USER" and didn't get much out of it. My fstab line is: // /media/diskstation cifs  username=(un),password=(pw),umask=000  0 003:01
riddleboxis it wise to rsync two machines back and forth? or will it get messed up?03:01
wpgmbBryce: Sorry.... that just too funny.... Which Ubuntu distro? Your choices are NOT ubuntu03:01
PB_G3How do the developers compile the software without installing it first?03:01
chronographerolethri0s: install fluxbox : select flux as session. you will soon be back to gnome!!!03:01
Dr_willisolethri0s,  if you set to use fluxbox.. then you wont be using compiz at all.03:01
histotonsofpcs: got it working03:02
PB_G3(of ubuntu)03:02
histotonsofpcs: nvm03:02
aegisHas anyone managed to get audio over HDMI working in Ubuntu 8.10 with an Nvidia 9400?03:02
dtzitzdoes anyone know of a guide out there that could help me remove my linux partition and have the space returned to the windows partition?03:02
olethri0sOh, alright. That sounds good too... and if I decide to go back I can just select that at startup right?03:02
Bryce_Well, I'm going to be dual booting it with Vista on a reasonably powerful machine, so I don't want to install a 'low power' version like Xubuntu or anything like that.03:02
Huene`Ubuntu is scanning for new networks ever minute or so, how can I turn that off?03:03
skate2where should i put my vimrc file so root can read it when i sudo vim?03:03
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209803:04
CoJaBowpgmb: Hopefully fast enough at least to run a printer/scanner and smartcard reader under XP (Printer and card reader have 0 linux support :/ )03:04
chronographerolethri0s: yep03:04
olethri0schronographer: Thanks man :D03:04
wpgmbCojaBo: I still think you're better off dual booting in that case03:04
chronographerolethri0s: you can even try Sugar (from OLPC) its great!03:04
chronographeror KDE or XFCE or anything03:04
_Vi_skate2: /root so it would look like /root/.vimrc03:04
chronographerinstall it and select it in sessions03:05
wolterwhich is the xserver-xorg dev package?03:05
joljamI an trying to create a usb startup disk for ubuntu intrepid...need help03:05
wolterhow do i see my xorg version?03:05
jobot11011Don't know.03:05
chronographerwolter: synaptic?03:05
bliZZardzQ: am getting "Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the multimedia..." when i click on App/Sound/Sound Recorder" - any help would be GREAT!!!03:05
jobot11011What is xorg?03:06
robfif I ejected the livecd,  how can I remount it?03:06
robfso its not all retarded,  now that I got done what I needed done from the drive?03:06
FezzlerAnyone use a Palm with your Ubuntu?  I can't seem to get Mail to sync with Evolution03:06
yuriy_omg cant switch to runlevel 8 need help! init 8 wont work03:06
wolterjobot11011, some wierd stuff03:06
werdnumyuriy_: Why do you want to switch to runlevel 8?03:06
CoJaBowpgmb: Running as a server, so dualbooting isn't really an option. Hopefully it will be supported or I can get it working in Wine later on. The printer/scanner is Lexmark, not sure what the card reader is.03:06
bliZZardzIndyGunFreak:  any thooughts?03:06
tudonX -version wolter03:06
werdnumyuriy_: runlevel 5 doesn't actually exist.03:07
werdnumerm, runlevel 8 doesn't*03:07
jvaiwhat would be the best software to turn my current install/configuration into an .ISO image?03:07
werdnumrunlevel 6 is the highest.03:07
robfany ideas how the livecd is mounted or how it is used when in the live OS?    cos I ejected it because I had to do some things using my cd drive,  but now I need to remount it so the live os can use it and not be somewhat retarded03:07
nyaain star trek: linux they go to runlevel 9 but runlevel 10 is sketchy03:07
wpgmbCojaBo: Ah. The rock and the hard place. Well - if you don't have a second box for the Windows part. there's only so much you can do.03:08
harwinhola a todos03:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:08
robfnyaa: 9.999C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C9... is by all necessity run level 10 however...this is how they made it work in ST canon03:08
robfoh man,  what was all that crap03:08
MeVsTheVoicesHey guys, I'm getting an error 13 of grub coming from windows, the MBR is fine, double checked, and the other windows drive boots fine, this comes after a fresh grub-install btw03:08
_Vi_lol robf03:08
rwwrobf: You shouldn't be able to eject it in the first place. It's not designed to work properly if you somehow manage to. If you need to run a Live environment and  use your CD drive, make a LiveUSB.03:09
robfrww: oh I had no trouble ejecting it03:09
robfsudo eject03:09
MeVsTheVoicesI keep finding solutions to ext2/3 and linux drives but there is no solutions, that I can find, the correlate to winidows03:09
robfbut now its back in,  anything I can do to make it less wonky?03:09
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: /etc/fstab users03:10
robfI don't think that'd work as a command were i to try and do that03:10
rwwrobf: reboot :P03:10
robfrww:  can't unfortunately03:10
robfin the middle of a hdd recovery process03:11
robfit has about 5 hours left03:11
mikemhi, when i run `monop <assembly>` or `monop2 <assembly>`, I get an error message: "Could not find <assembly>" even though the assembly is in the current working directory. does anyone know where to begin debugging this?03:11
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Its not a command, append the users option to your cd drives in fstab, dippy03:11
sybaseI am hear for understanding the sybase installation on Ubuntu03:11
yuriy_oh no my ubuntu keeps restarting, how do i not let it call the BIOS?!?!?03:11
bullgard4Where from will the command 'hostname -d' fetch its answer?03:11
MeVsTheVoicesmikem: You on GNU use gcc, its'l do both AT&T asm and I386 standard, man gcc /.asm/03:11
robf(leave me be I'm a gentoo user,  ubuntu has some caveats that go against my logic so I assume illogical things to me may work ;)...dippy ;-\03:11
jrgpI just upgraded to jaunty on my system76 darter03:12
jrgpI can't login03:12
* mikem slaps forehead... need to add -r: switch to point monop2 to the assembly03:12
jrgpgnome and fluxbox don't work, only failsafe terminal does03:12
kushalsejwalGreeting everybody03:12
CoJaBowpgmb: Have a second system (a laptop currently being used as the server), but hope not to have it running all the time any more. With any luck, I might be able to get the printer and reader working with SANE or Wine or something so I don't need the overhead of an entire VM and Windows XP just to scan something lol03:12
robfbut MeVsTheVoices I still don't see how that would help,   where does the livecd usually mount itself03:12
nightrid3rjrgp: #ubuntu+103:13
mikemMeVsTheVoices: sorry, i'm referring to assembly in .NET/Mono terms, which is basically either a .so or executable binary03:13
robfI mean I can mount it need be,  that isn't the exact issue at hand =s03:13
bazwhats the best way to share files and folders from linux to linux without worrying about windows compatibility03:13
kushalsejwalI am new to database concepts and want to learn practise SQL queries how can  I do so in ubuntu?03:13
mikemMeVsTheVoices: either way, the problem was just my sillyness...03:13
nightrid3rbaz nfs03:13
rdw200169kushalsejwal, try mysql03:13
robfkushalsejwal: postgres is much sexier,03:14
kushalsejwalrdw200169: is it there in the synaptic?03:14
kushalsejwalrobf: postgres ? what is it?03:14
rdw200169kushalsejwal, both are, sudo apt-get install mysql-server03:14
MeVsTheVoicesmikem: Fair enough03:14
robfpostgresql,  another sql db03:14
wpgmbCojaBo: yup, that sucks. I was struggling with the same a while back. Now, my laptop although not state-of-the-art, is dual booting FC10 and WinXP to support my printer, income tax program and the ability to print photo packages via PS Elements03:14
MeVsTheVoicesHey guys, I'm getting an error 13 of grub coming from windows, the MBR is fine, double checked, and the other windows drive boots fine, this comes after a fresh grub-install btw03:14
rdw200169rdw200169, and sudo apt-get install postgresql-server03:15
bliZZardzam getting "gconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat: Could not open audio device for recording." when i click on Preferences/Sound/Audio COnf/03:15
robfMeVsTheVoices: what device is that windows partition on?03:15
kushalsejwalrdw200169:  is the syntax of mysql same to that of what there in oracle sql plus?03:16
robfkushalsejwal: similar...it is sql.03:16
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: It is /dev/sda1 or b1, hang on a sec03:16
rdw200169kushalsejwal, i dunno, i don't buy software03:16
robfsome differense03:16
robfMeVsTheVoices: k ,  just know sometimes its goofy if you use sdb03:16
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: It is /dev/sda103:16
robffrom sda grub cos windows wants to be 003:17
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: grub cos?03:17
hyphenatedkushalsejwal: most of the SQL parts are the same, but connecting, changing databases etc are different.03:17
robfMeVsTheVoices: , cos (because)03:17
kushalsejwalhyphenated: thanks I got it, I would start using mysql now.03:18
robfI just wondered cos you'll get weird wonky stuff going on if windows is on the secondary drive....you gotta swap the devices.03:18
kushalsejwalfor installing MYSQL into my system sudo apt-get install mysql-server is enough?03:18
robfMeVsTheVoices: paste your grub.conf?03:18
Cpudan80kushalsejwal: yep03:18
ohhaiHi, I'm running ALSA 1.0.17 on my Interpid Ibex, 32 bit, which in turn runs on my ASUS W3J laptop with HD-Audio Intel card that is identified as AD198x. In most of the settings for alsa-base I get situation 1) sound output working, but no sound input. The only time when sound input seems to work is with the 2) "options snd-hda-intel model=3stack", but then, ironically, sound output stops working. My laptop has only two jacks (one for microphone,03:18
seektherapyHow can i upgrade my kernel .. I partitioned my harddrive and installed the newest version of ubuntu 8.10 and i am not using the current kernel ..why?03:19
Cpudan80!mysql | kushalsejwal03:19
ubottukushalsejwal: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:19
MeVsTheVoicesMy menu.1st?03:19
Cpudan80I didnt want lamp!03:19
robfyeah that...03:19
robfsame thing ;p03:19
AngryElfI've got my nvidia card hooked up to my 1080P TV w/ a DVI->HDMI.  How do I definitely tell what resolution I'm viewing at? As far as I can tell I can't get the TV to tell me03:19
robfmenu.lst -> grub.conf03:19
Cpudan80seektherapy: the isos from the website dont have the newest of everything03:19
robfits a symlink iirc in ubuntu03:19
Cpudan80seektherapy: you need to do sudo apt-get update03:19
Cpudan80seektherapy: then you should see the updates available in update manager03:19
nightrid3rseektherapy: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:20
robfok see03:20
rdw200169AngryElf, i think 1080P is only a certain resolution03:20
MeVsTheVoiceshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/109639/ device.map03:21
AngryElfrdw200169: yea, but I dont know what signal is getting sent out from the video card03:21
robfMeVsTheVoices: why you mapping them around like that if its on 0 already?03:21
rdw200169AngryElf, you could see if /var/log/Xorg.0.log gives you any cles03:21
rdw200169AngryElf, clues*03:21
qnn007hi, i m new to Ubuntu.  Could someone help me with the equivalence of the rpm commands in Ubuntu?  For instance, what's the equivalence of rpm -qa?03:21
MeVsTheVoicesI unno, ask grub-install03:21
robfih nvm I see the other one..03:21
robfyeah I always do this by hand so had to wade through all the commentary03:22
nightrid3r!apt-get | qnn00703:22
ubottuqnn007: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)03:22
robfdoes the second entry work ok?03:22
robfmy suggestion is this03:22
alexb92hey guys, im a noob when it comes to this and i was wondering, if someone wouldbe able to help me to install ubuntu onto my external hdd03:22
alexb92i have a partition all ready to go03:22
[VGN]StarlockHi I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04.2 and when i press enter to install all i get is a I/O Error please help (also happened with the v8.10 as well)03:22
OmikaneI just installed a 20" display and for some reason it's cutting off the left side of the screen. the res is 1680:105003:22
=== [VGN]Starlock is now known as Starlock
robfweird.   XP home edition ste is not really any diff than josh.03:22
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: /dev/sdb1 works03:22
robfcos you're reversing the device order...03:22
qnn007thanks, you guys are fast03:22
robfso hd1,0 = hd0,003:23
baznightrid3r, thanks03:23
robfis that sdb one booting the right thing?03:23
chronographerOmikane:  did you push the 'auto adjust' button?03:23
chronographerOmikane: otherwise google for modelines03:23
robfI mean is that the right windows install that sdb is supposed to load?03:23
=== Starlock is now known as StarlockUV
sychoI have just recently installed 8.10 x64 and I have run into the problem that if I download and enable the fglrx drivers through "hardware drivers" when my system restarts I get the error "no screens found" and I am prompted with a terminal to login into. Has anyone else encountered this problem or know how to fix Xorg when this occurs? I've had to reinstall twice now as its the only way I could get Xorg to work again.03:23
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Actually no, they're mixed up, didn't realize03:24
robfalso,   the STE one03:24
qnn007is there an equivalence of fedora's yum utility ie. yum search, yum install?03:24
nightrid3rqnn007: apt-get03:24
robfsee hd0,0 down there is sda,    hd1,0 map ==-> hd0,003:25
sychoqnn007: apt-get or aptitude03:25
chronographerqnn007: apt-cache search fire03:25
robffor the one labeled sda  I think that is incorrect also03:25
robfso it's gonna act fruity03:25
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: I flipped the roots03:25
travmon69(11:22:36 PM) [VGN]Starlock      cd must have a error03:25
chronographerqnn007: sudo apt-get install fire03:25
bullgard4Where from will the command 'hostname -d' fetch its answer?03:25
qnn007thanks, i'll look into the apt-get utility03:25
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: No the map should map hd1 to hd0 and vice versa03:25
StarlockUVtravmon69 2 times on 2 differant writes03:25
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: *now*03:25
chronographerqnn007: and apt-cache03:25
robftry this though03:26
qnn007what;s apt-cache03:26
travmon69i had it with 8.1003:26
chronographerit searches for packages03:26
chronographersudo apt-get install will install03:26
robfmap (hd0) (hd1) | map (hd1) (hd0) | rootnoverify  (hd1,0) | chainloader +103:26
StarlockUVtravmon69 happened on 8.10 and 8.0403:26
chronographerapt-cache search will give you a list of similar named packages03:26
robf| = newline03:26
robfyou're calling root before the map which is oddball too03:26
slewdoes anyone know how to turn off an automatic dns suffix?03:26
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: After makeactive?03:26
alexb92whats the best way to install it?03:26
qnn007yah, i would need to search for a desired package prior to making a dicision to install it03:26
sychochronofire: won't aptitude also search for packages if its not spelled correctly?03:26
travmon69i burned it  using barreso in 9.04 same image an it worked03:26
StarlockUVtravmon69 using blindwrite to write iso to cd03:27
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: for Josh (hd1,0)?03:27
chronographerqnn007: or you can tab03:27
robfto be honest... I never used make active03:27
sychoerr, chronographer ..03:27
robfso I don't even know what that does,  what I just showed you for ste...03:27
chronographersudo apt-get install fire<tab> or ... <tab><tab>03:27
robfwhich one works first or second one03:27
sychochronographer: : : won't aptitude also search for packages if its not spelled correctly?03:27
travmon69never heard of it starlockuv03:27
chronographerwill it?03:27
Dexihey guys i somehow defaulted to OSS and my music sounds kinda crappy, is this a common thing?03:27
chronographeroh aptitude03:27
travmon69what os you using?03:27
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Brb03:28
chronographerI don't use aptitude.. its gui is weird .. either apt-get or synaptic for me =)03:28
StarlockUVtravmon69 atm winxp trying to move to ubuntu03:28
qnn007installing wireshark now with apt-cache search followed by apt-get install :)03:28
seektherapyhow can i tell if it worked  nightrid3r03:28
travmon69what speed you burnig @?03:28
sychochronographer: I've never used apt-casche, I've never used aptitudes gui. only command line. its the same as apt-get, except it searchs for package if its not found or mispelled03:29
nightrid3rseektherapy: the output from the commands will tell you when it downloads the new kernel03:29
StarlockUVtravmon69 to be honset couldnt tell with that one shall i try another and write slow speed?03:30
CyLHow do I change the character encoding used ubuntu from en_US.UTF-8 to iso8859-1?03:30
StarlockUVtravmon69 also it wouldnt be becuase i trying to install on a laptop would it ?03:30
bullgard4Where from will the command 'hostname -d' fetch its answer?03:31
kushalsejwalfriends, I have installed mysql server now how do I run it to practise some SQL queries03:31
travmon69 try  slower like 8 or 12 takes longer but less error03:31
alexb92is it also possible for grub to boot up a mac install?03:31
travmon69no laptop should be no prob03:31
alexb92or at least lead it to the mac bootloader?03:31
StarlockUVthanks travmon6903:31
jribalexb92: most people use rEFIt03:32
travmon69i had that prob for 5 or 6 tries.  is it a rewriteable cd?03:32
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: So Xp Ste worked perfectly, but Josh just hung at starting up....03:33
robfah ok03:33
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: missing Map?03:33
zirodaybullgard4: where all system files are stored in /etc. In this case /etc/hostname03:33
robfhow ccan you mispell map03:33
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Maybe Josh needs to map03:33
robfits 3 letters03:33
robfjosh is on sda right?03:33
robfhe's ok03:33
MeVsTheVoicesNo, sdb03:34
werdnum03:33 < robf> how ccan you mispell map03:34
werdnumhow can you misspell can03:34
werdnumit's 3 letters?03:34
* werdnum wins.03:34
_Vi_werdnum: i was bout to day that too lol03:34
a1fa_i have nvidia 6600gt, but i can't get hdmi to display on tv, it works fine on the monitor.. cable is also fine with another computer and the same tv.. I am I missing anything03:34
Flannelrobf, werdnum: it's offtopic.03:34
werdnum_Vi_: how can you misspell say, it's 3 letters :D03:34
travmon69your welcome starlockuv03:34
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: According to the interwebs only the second drive needs a map that is hd103:34
robfFlannel: .... it is relevant hat is wrong with you people in #ubuntu03:35
seektherapywhat would it say nightrid3r03:35
FlannelMeVsTheVoices, robf: you want to map twice.  hd0 to hd1 and hd1 to hd0 (or whatever the real numbers are), or else you wind up with two hd0s, etc.  Not happy.03:35
werdnum03:33 < ziroday> bullgard4: where all system files are stored in /etc. In this case /etc/hostname03:35
werdnumWhat question was that in response to.03:35
robfFlannel: yes that isn't the issue03:35
robfthat map'd ddrive works03:35
robfhe's ttwo windows partitions03:36
zirodaywerdnum: it was in response to bullgard4's question03:36
robfone on sda / other on sdb,   map is only needed for the slave partitoon03:36
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:36
MeVsTheVoicesIs not partition, is drive03:36
werdnumziroday: obviously, but I can't find it. I seem to recall that it was 'Where does the information from $ hostname come from?'. If so, that's not true.03:36
robfMeVsTheVoices: the Ste one does boot yes?03:36
robfthe one with the map  commands?03:36
werdnumThe hostname is in the kernel, but it's reset to what's in /etc/hostname when you boot up.03:36
MeVsTheVoicesNo need for map when using partitions, hang on I'ma check something out03:36
seektherapyI'll just restart03:37
alexb92oh right03:37
zirodaywerdnum: urgh, if he wants to change it he has to change /etc/hostname03:37
alexb92like i said before im a noob when it comes to this03:37
robfwell crap03:37
robfFlannel:  he may wanna ttry rootnoverify instead of root03:37
alexb92so how do i configure that to be able to recognise the mac partition?03:37
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nightrid3rseektherapy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109645/03:37
=== yhuang is now known as help
bullgard4ziroday: Your answer is wrong. The content of /etc/hostname differs from the output of the 'hostname -d' command.03:37
=== __dmsuperman is now known as dmsuperman
=== help is now known as yhuang
ZerroShadowsAnyone now anything about beryl?03:38
zirodaybullgard4: well thats because you have to put the dns line into /etc/hostname03:38
histoAlright trying to share a printer that is connected to my server. I install cupsys and cupsys-client i've edited the config and told it to listen on *:631 but when I got ot he ip:631 I get a forbidden03:38
dmsupermanZerroShadows: It's been refused into compiz-fusion03:38
ZerroShadowsIs that why whenever I try to install it doesnt work?03:39
travmon69STARLOCKUV  you  trying to install from livecd or alternate install03:39
seektherapynightrid3r: oven.. i think thats what mine did.. thanks03:40
phrostbiteI have a really dumb question for you all. Is there a program that will simulate a mouse click like every few seconds or however often I determine it should do so?03:40
seektherapydutch oven.. i meant03:40
bullgard4ziroday: Your second answer is also wrong. On another Ubuntu 8.04.2 computer the 'hostname -d'command outputs a result which is not stored in the file /etc/hostname.03:40
robfMeVsTheVoices: get it?03:41
robfwell.. okay03:41
werdnumbullgard4: to change your hostname at runtime, type 'hostname $new_hostname'03:41
robfwhats it failing on when you boot it (and confirm,  it's the first drive that is not booting,  tthe one on sdb works)03:41
Gerinychi can't convert an .rpm package into .deb, says "failed at /usr/share/perl5/Alien/Package/Rpm.rpm line 155"03:41
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Now Josh boots up stehome, and stehome gets a error 1303:42
jribGerinych: don't use alien (or rpm)03:42
zirodaybullgard4: if you read the man file for hostname it says it gets it from /etc/hosts03:42
CyLHow do I change the $LANG environment variable for my system?03:43
Gerinychjrib, well, i can't find a .deb package for what i'm trying to install03:43
seektherapynightrid3r: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109647/03:43
robfMeVsTheVoices: try rootnoverify insteaad of root03:43
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: I changed it back to steve having the maps and rootnoverify03:43
jribGerinych: try telling us what you are trying to install?03:43
jribCyL: why?03:43
robfMeVsTheVoices: do you know what the purpose of the remapping is?03:43
phrostbiteI have a really dumb question for you all. Is there a program that will simulate a mouse click like every few seconds or however often I determine it should do so?03:43
Gerinychtrying to install LaCie LightScribe Labeler, but there's no .deb package and .rpm won't convert with Alien.03:43
nightrid3rseektherapy: you already have the latest SUPPORTED kernel03:44
robf(windows requires it be the first drive...and never second)   so if it is installed on sda(1) then map is not required,  in fact it will not work03:44
CyLjrib: I want it to show the correct characters when I use dead keys on the keyboard...03:44
jobot11011What is a good server to connect?03:44
jobot11011Does anyone know?03:44
bullgard4ziroday: I am reading 'man hostname(1) dated 28 Jan 1996. What line in it do you refer to?03:44
robfjobot11011: for what03:45
jobot11011I don't know for just meeting people and chatting I guess.03:45
zirodaybullgard4: Line 30, about the FQDN03:45
jobot11011And for computer related chat.03:45
seektherapynightrid3r: thats after i did the upgrade03:46
robfmost linux OS distro names-chat  or -offtopic,   #ubuntu-offtopic  #gentoo-chat etc.03:46
CyLjrib: Can you tell me how do I do that03:46
nightrid3rjobot11011: youre already there for the computer part03:46
robfyou'll find them to be full of people who talk versus tell you to hush for being off topic..03:46
MeVsTheVoicesWith ste as rootnoverify and no maps at all, no work03:47
robfits not going to03:47
robfste is on sdb03:47
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: No, ste is on sda03:47
jribCyL: are you sure that resolves your issues?  ie changing LANG now fixes things?03:47
seektherapynightrid3r: now i need to figure out how to install the latest creative driver to get my sound working03:47
robfMeVsTheVoices: thats not what is going on in the paste you showed me03:47
robfyou're booting from sdb03:47
PB_G3when I boot with my Lucent Tech ORiNOCO PCMCIA wireless card on my PB G3, it crashes or panics an days Oops: Machine check, sig:703:48
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: I know, I changed it03:48
PB_G3and a whole lot of hex03:48
robfyou're mounting root @ hd1,0 (sdb1)03:48
robfso that partition works03:48
robfwhich should be josh03:48
CyLjrib: I'm not sure, but I really don't know what to do anymore... I'm struggling with this for more than a week now...03:48
MeVsTheVoicesMap the drive FROM_DRIVE to the drive TO_DRIVE. This is necessary03:48
MeVsTheVoices    when you chain-load some operating systems, such as DOS, if such03:48
MeVsTheVoices    an OS resides at a non-first drive.03:48
bullgard4ziroday: My manual says: "Usually ... you can change it in /etc/hosts." This is not what you told me.03:48
jribCyL: what exactly is happening?03:48
robfgrub 13 is saying it doesn't know what the hell it is. you sure that windows install is in working order?03:48
d0netsFNhey could someone plesae help me with grub?03:48
nightrid3rseektherapy: that will probably require compiling, i cant help you with that one03:48
xenophilewtf: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/w/webalizer/webalizer_2.01.10-31_amd64.deb  404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:48
d0netsFNim having issues03:48
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Yes, they both will run by themselves if I run from BIOS03:49
Melikguys i did ctrl + alt + F4, and now im in a shell how can i switch back to my GUI?03:49
d0netsFNi installed a new hard drive and grub said bootmgr was missing, so i inserted the vista disk to repair startup, now i get error 22 in grub03:49
PB_G3ctrl + alt + F703:49
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: I really fucking hate grub, its been nothing but problems, I miss my lilo alot03:49
robflilo is balls,  grub is so much better03:49
nickrudMeVsTheVoices, so install lilo (and please, think disney for language guidelines)03:49
nightrid3rxenophile: mirror is probably out of sync try again in 1 hour03:49
robfbut thats an argument for elsewhere03:50
d0netsFNrobf then help me fix my grub03:50
robfI'm trying03:50
aronhi,I want to change my dns server to OpenDNS,but every time i restart my computer,the file will be change to default one,I use ADSL,ubuntu8.1003:50
CyLjrib: I cannot have the right characters displayed when I type some key combinations (for example '+c should give me cedilla, and not ć, and '+m shoul give me 'm, and not ḿ)...03:50
robfoh not you03:50
robfI'm working on MeVsTheVoices at them oment you'll be in queue03:50
nickrud:) don't mind me03:50
* PB_G3 says lilo is a small man03:50
zirodaybullgard4: I thought you would work it out and I didn't have to spell it all out for you03:50
mr_polite8.10 is absolute garbage. "upgrades" arent supposed to brake useable systems. just patch my security holes and introduce STABLE enhancments. PulseAudio sucks and NVIDIAs closed source drivers for the new Xorg suck03:50
MeVsTheVoicesDisney just funded a film about a small kid getting gassed in Nazi Germany, that is way in line03:50
travmon69d0netsFN  fix grub with supergrub disc03:50
PB_G3ok, MR_POLITE03:50
xenophilenightrid3r: thank you03:50
d0netsFNand is it automatic?03:51
zirodaymr_polite: then use 8.0403:51
robfMeVsTheVoices: anyhow,  you sure about the partition also?  sda1?03:51
d0netsFNcause i dunno wtf im doing03:51
MeVsTheVoicestravmon69: i cannot, the current super grub disk refuses to support ext3 filesystems, and I'm on 8.1003:51
MeVsTheVoicesrobf: Yes03:51
whatevis there a better gui irc client for gnome than xchat?03:51
travmon69?  google for supergrub disk03:51
jobot11011So this is just Ubuntu then...  anyone in here running Ubuntu on a eeepc?03:51
PB_G3when I boot with my Lucent Tech ORiNOCO PCMCIA wireless card on my PB G3, it crashes or panics an days Oops: Machine check, sig:7 and a whole lot of hex03:51
jribCyL: well you can change the language at the login screen, just click on options.  I don't know about what you ask though03:51
Melikthank you PB_G3, also i have one more question how can i kill X?03:51
zirodaywhatev: there is pidgin and xchat-gnome. What are you looking for exactly?03:51
chaddywhatev: try pidgin03:51
MeVsTheVoicestravmon69: No, super grub disk will not work with 8.1003:51
mr_politeziroday: were i sane id still be using 8.04, but i figured 3 months after release 8.10 would be stable03:51
d0netsFNyea im using ubuntu 8.10 too03:51
whatevziroday something like mirc, with tabs03:51
d0netsFNso it wont work03:51
d0netsFNthis sucks03:52
MeVsTheVoicestravmon69: A fantastic lesson that took me hours to diagnose03:52
zirodaywhatev: xchat has tabs03:52
=== obama is now known as Guest81531
travmon69really i never had grub issuse since 6.0603:52
d0netsFNi hate the world03:52
zirodaywhatev: so does pidgin03:52
john522xchat sux compared to mirc no offense03:52
whatevdoes pidgin have as many features as xchat?03:52
CyLjrib: changing the language on the login screen wouldn't change my system interface language?03:52
* MeVsTheVoices kicks grub until it bleeds03:52
nightrid3rPB_G3: weird thats an ancient card and has always worked with linux, might be hardware problem03:52
jribCyL: it would03:52
zirodaywhatev: not quite, try both out and compare03:52
PB_G3Melik: killall X03:52
Melikok sec03:52
Meliklet me try it03:52
travmon69what about ultimate boot cd?03:52
urugTON #ubuntu-arizona03:52
jribCyL: even if that's not what you want, try it to see if it fixes the issue03:52
bullgard4ziroday: I see.03:53
robfMeVsTheVoices: I see nothing wrong with the grub.conf03:53
robfmenu.lst or whatever you want.03:53
MeVsTheVoicestravmon69: That'd be great if it weren't using super grub disk for the grub stuffs03:53
MelikPB_G3,  i get..  X: No processes killed03:53
robfwhy do you even do that?03:53
zirodayurugTON: you have to type in /join #ubuntu-arizona :)03:53
nightrid3rtravmon69: look at hirens boot cd03:53
john522is there a Ubuntu texas??03:53
PB_G3type init 303:53
zirodayjohn522: yes03:53
robfwhy not just use standard grub from ubuntu install and manually add the fcrap you need, what in the world is a super grub disc03:53
travmon69oh my bad03:53
CyLjrib: just a second please, I'll see if that works03:53
MeVsTheVoicesjohn522: That'd imply theres a knowledgeable person in Texas03:54
Melikstill same thing :/03:54
Meliki even tried to running it as root03:54
robfd0netsFN: what is happening when you try to boot?03:54
Glu3_I am getting a driver compile error and I am unsure how to solve it http://paste.ubuntu.com/109649/03:54
d0netsFNwell right now i get error 22 with grub03:54
alexb92hey guys03:54
nightrid3rMeVsTheVoices: there is but he's wise enough to hide :)03:54
MeVsTheVoicesnightrid3r: HAHAHAH03:55
d0netsFNbefore it would boot grub but when i hit vista bootloader it said missing bootmgr03:55
skate2 /quit03:55
alexb92do you know how to install ubuntu onto an external hdd with a prepared partition?03:55
bullgard4Where from will the command 'hostname -d' fetch its answer?03:55
werdnumthe kernel.03:55
robfd0netsFN: you sure that partition exists?03:55
=== c is now known as Charitwo
d0netsFNwhat partition03:55
robfd0netsFN: where is your windows installed03:55
robfthe windows partition at the bottom of that grub conf.03:55
travmon69nightrid3r i'll check it out  but i been lucky with grub since 6.0603:55
MeVsTheVoicesgrub--, grub--,grub--03:55
robfwhat're you trying to boot that is returnign error 22?03:55
d0netsFNwhen i could get into ubuntu i did fdisk -l and it looked like my OS drive was sdd03:56
d0netsFNits right after it says GRUB loading, please wait...03:56
d0netsFNthen Error 2203:56
robferror 22 = partition isn't there03:56
d0netsFNso wtf does that mean03:56
robfyou're telling it to mount a partition that is not there.03:56
robfit means you're saying root(hdx,y)   where x,y is not a valid existing partition03:57
CyLjrib: Changing tha languagem at the login screen partiallly worked03:57
somethingtodobullguard4:    /proc/sys/kernel/hostname     you can write to that proc file to change it without rebooting, but it will reset after boot if you don't change it in the config files too.03:57
robfwhat entry is it that does not boot? d0netsFN03:57
travmon69error 17 is messed up grub menu?03:57
robf17 means it can't mount selected partition03:57
robffor whatever reason...03:58
CyLjrib: some characters are now displayed the correct way, others don't03:58
robfusually because the partition type is unknown eg.  grub doesn't understand the partition type.03:58
d0netsFNgrub doesnt liste the entries03:58
d0netsFNit just gives the erro03:58
robfwait what?03:58
robfmeh...whoever though using uuid isn't of hd(x,y) designations needs to be throat slit03:59
robfI hate this.03:59
nightrid3rCyL: you probably need to instaal support for your language03:59
U-b-u-n-t-uI just took an Sata out of a windows machine and pluged it into my ubuntu machine.... I was going to format it and use it in the ubuntu machine but its not showing up under computer ..... suggestions?03:59
CyLnightrid3r: I already installed it...03:59
Paddy_EIRE!gparted | U-b-u-n-t-u03:59
robfd0netsFN: how did you set up grub?03:59
ubottuU-b-u-n-t-u: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:59
d0netsFNi didnt04:00
robfd0netsFN: who did?04:00
d0netsFNi just reinstalled ubuntu today04:00
robfor what , rather04:00
robfso its livecd installer04:00
d0netsFNit was working fine until i installed a new sata drive04:00
ALEKSEYconnect      Counter-Strike 1.604:00
robfthat makes sense04:00
veritosIs there a way to control more precisely which suggested packages are installed?04:00
U-b-u-n-t-uPaddy_EIRE so I need to use gparted before its even showing up under computer?04:00
whatevis there a way to make it so i can edit the files in /var/www/ (my document root) without having to sudo to root? having to do so makes it really hard for my custom vimrc to work04:01
nightrid3rU-b-u-n-t-u: yes04:01
reduz_HELP!: hi, my sound dies in a DADADADADADADA loop (buffer repeating all the time) and sound completely stops in ubuntu, any clue?04:01
robfI'm guuessing this d0netsFN  you installed a new drive,  and grub is looking for hd(x)  and you installing that drive moved thigns aeround04:01
robfso it cannot find /boot04:01
CyLjrib: Do you thing changing $LANG will help to solve the issue?04:01
robfand thus is lost04:01
U-b-u-n-t-uok going to use gparted then thanks nightrid3r and Paddy_EIRE04:01
chaddywhatev: change permissions on the directory04:01
jtajiwhatev: you could make yourself the owner of /var/www04:01
whatevis it ok to do so?04:01
d0netsFNwell robf right now i unplugged all the other drives04:02
d0netsFNall but my os drive04:02
d0netsFNi have tried all 4 sata ports04:02
d0netsFNand i get error 2104:02
whatevdo i just: chown whatev /var/www?04:02
robfd0netsFN: my suggestion?   reinstall grub04:02
jtajiwhatev: yep, you'll need sudo04:02
somethingtodoreduz_: you can do what I have to do every other day when my sound stops:     alsa --force-reload04:02
robfget into linux,   type grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/hda04:02
nightrid3rwhatev: chown -r04:02
d0netsFNcan i do it without reinstalling ubuntu04:03
robfwhere /dev/[hda]  = your drive where /boot resides04:03
CyLGetting my keyboard to work as expected in Ubuntu is being so creepy that I don't realize how harder tasks were made so easy... could someone please indicate me a reading about entirely remapping the keyboard in Ubuntu?04:03
whatev-R ?04:03
jtajiwhatev: yeah use -R04:03
yuriy_would ubuntu make a good os for my server that has to run without reboot for the next 15 years?04:03
robfd0netsFN:  yes you can04:03
jribCyL: you said it was a compose issue04:03
robfyou just need to do that from a root prompt04:03
robfand point it as your drive with /boot04:03
robfso if it's on sdc04:04
d0netsFNscrew it im just about ot start over04:04
d0netsFNand format the ubuntu partitionj04:04
d0netsFNand reinstall grub04:04
robfthen you'd type 'grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/sdc'04:04
=== squiddy is now known as Guest22226
robfyo don't have to do that ;)04:04
reduz_somethingtodo, i tried that, but it seems to be completely fucked up (still doesn't work) if i reboot, it works fine04:04
d0netsFNi just worry that it wont pick up my windows bootmgr again04:04
d0netsFNand then i will be back at square 104:04
robfthats not an issue04:04
robfI'll help you with that04:04
robfjust do what I just told ya04:04
d0netsFNso robf do i type that from the live cd?04:04
CyLjrib: well, I believe it is, since all the keys seem to be in the right place... anyway, how may I change the composing pattern?04:05
somethingtodoreduz_: is pulseaudio running?04:05
robfas long as it has grub on it04:05
robfwell grub-install04:05
robflemme see if it does04:05
reduz_somethingtodo, oh wait, i tried starting jack and it works, but no alsa app works04:05
somethingtodoreduz_: and do you have a soundcard listed (aplay -l should print it out for you)?04:05
reduz_somethingtodo, no idea, how do i test?04:05
robfit does d0netsFN04:05
somethingtodops -A | grep pulseaudio04:05
robfactually no wait04:06
robfdon't do that04:06
=== c is now known as Charitwo
reduz_somethingtodo, nope, nothing04:06
robfI'm retarded hold on lemme get you exactly what to do here d0netsFN04:06
hubarhi Does anyone know where do I change the setting for kubuntu power management? (like for lid closed)04:06
somethingtodorun this:  pulseaudio -D04:06
robfcos you've got some weird set up there as it stands with drives moved about n such04:06
_Vi_anyone know a good and free online wiki?04:06
whatevit's amazing how much faster you learn linux when you use it as your own o/s rather than just having an ssh account on someone elses04:06
reduz_ pulseaudio -D04:07
reduz_W: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.04:07
reduz_but it seems to have worked04:07
jribCyL: no idea how compose is configured.  What you described is normal behavior afaik.  cedilla for example, you should get by composing ,c04:08
reduz_somethingtodo, oh, it works again after i started pulseaudio04:08
sridis it possible to install packages by compiling from source much like gentoo?04:09
U-b-u-n-t-uafter scanning with gparted the partition didnt show up nightrid3r and Paddy_EIRE04:09
CyLjrib: now I'm getting cedille, but I wouldn't like to get ḿ qhen I type '+m...04:09
somethingtodocool.   I opened a bug for that here:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/315824, feel free to add info if you find anything else about it.04:09
sriddependencies must also be automatically compiled04:09
jribCyL: what do you want to get?04:09
CyLjrib: it is so strange, because other linux distros used to work perfectly on my system04:09
ardchoillesrid: It is, but remember to check the repos before you go through all of that04:09
Ahadiel!checkinstall | srid04:09
ubottusrid: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!04:09
nightrid3rU-b-u-n-t-u: could be that your sata controller is not supported04:10
ott0how can i get it so i can type the first letters of a folder's name and have nautilus select it?04:10
sridAhadiel: checkinstall won't install dependent package sources04:10
CyLjrgp: I would like to get 'm (accents anly have meaning above vowels in portuguese)...04:10
Ahadielsrid, Oh yeah, that's right.04:10
sridardchoille: any pointers?04:10
ott0for me, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't04:10
U-b-u-n-t-uits an ECS mobo04:10
U-b-u-n-t-uolder one even04:10
Ahadielsrid, apt-get build-dep packagename?04:10
sridif I want to compile python2.6?04:11
jribCyL: but 'm shouldn't be doing anything unless you also press the compose key04:11
CyLjrib: it is such a stupid behaviour for portugues that I don't uderstand why the portuguese implementation of ubuntu embraces it...04:11
AhadielAssuming it has the same deps as the python version in the repos.04:11
Ahadielsrid, ^04:11
_Vi_how come some apps you install will ask you a 'y/n' if you want to install it or not, and others, just install without asking?04:11
ardchoillesrid: To be honest, I stopped compiling things long ago, the Ubuntu repos are well stocked. I follow this path: 1. check the repos; 2, look for an ubuntu .deb; 3. compile04:11
jtaji_Vi_: it asks when it needs to install packages beyond what you've specified04:11
_Vi_ah makes sense thanks jtaji04:11
sridardchoille: ok. I had this requirement when I noticed that ubuntu repos does not have python 2.6. so i was thinking maybe gentoo would have helped me here04:12
hubarhmm Does anyone know? @@04:12
CyLjrib: I'm not pressing the compose key, and I get ḿ all the time I typ '+m04:12
ardchoillesrid: you can always compile, but beware that the package manager won't manage things if you compile and you need to resolve deps yourself04:12
rdw200169_Vi_, stuff coming from the main repo doesn't ask, i think04:13
Ahadielsrid, If you want a somewhat source-friendly distro try Archlinux04:13
sridardchoille: so apt-get build-dep is no better than doing a 'make' and 'make install' by hand?04:13
Ahadielsrid, No, apt-get build-dep grabs the dependencies for the specified package.04:13
ardchoillesrid: you can't always guarantee that the deps will be in the repos04:14
sridAhadiel: I was looking at archlinux before, but sadly the ubuntu live cd does not allow me to burn any ISO :(04:14
sridas the cd is already mounted04:14
PB_G3Help, My Lucent Tech ORiNOCO Silver 802.11b Wireless PC card isn't letting ubuntu 8.04 ppc boot info: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/109655/04:14
CyLjrib: What I mean is that the ' should only be composed with some keys04:14
jvaiwhat would be the best software to turn my current install/configuration into an .ISO image?04:14
jribCyL: what option in system -> preference -> keyboard -> layout does that?  That's not normal behavior04:14
Ahadielsrid, I think you can copy it to ram04:14
sridAhadiel: how so?04:14
Paddy_EIRE!best | jvai04:14
ubottujvai: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:14
Ahadielsrid, I'll look it up right now04:14
jtajijvai: what are you trying to do?04:15
sridAhadiel: i tried boot options.. but there isn't way to make it load in ram04:15
Arrickhey, what is "Manage system with Landscape" on the server install04:15
CyLjrib: US International (with dead keys)04:15
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Aughi2all! can any help me?04:15
Paddy_EIRE!ask | Aug04:15
ubottuAug: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:15
jtajiArrick: landscape is a Canonical product to manage multiple systems04:15
_Vi_just use puppy cd to make the ubuntu cd, i know for sure puppy can be suspended to ram, so you can use your burner04:15
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=== irfan is now known as Guest34383
jvaijtaji i want to make an image or back -up of my current install from wallpaper to apps , also email configs & printing04:16
Guest34383cahbserver:i want to ask a question04:16
arooniis there a way to make ubuntu dload & install ALL updates in the background?  im really tired of seeing the red/orange arrow clickin on it, and following the prompts04:16
jribCyL: hmm, well I know how to modify a keyboard layout.  I guess that stuff should be defined there.  Read /usr/share/doc/xkb-data/README.Debian04:16
CITguy09Is there a way of updating Hardy to the 2.24 GNOME without installing the Ibex crap?04:16
jribCITguy09: no04:16
Guest34383chanserver: i want to ask a question04:16
Arrickahh ok, thanks jtaji04:16
jtajijvai: http://clonezilla.org/04:17
Ahadielsrid, hrm, seems to requrie alot of work https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM04:17
_Vi_!ask | Guest3438304:17
ubottuGuest34383: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:17
Ahadielsrid, I know in other distros you could just append "toram" or "copy2ram" to the boot line.04:17
sridAhadiel: I vaguely remember doing that in knoppix once upon a time04:17
CyLjrib: Well, if you thing this would help resolving the issue, I'll go trough it, but all he keys are on th right place on the keyboard (I actually do own a US keyboard, although I type in portuguese), the problema is the compositions of deade keys04:17
Ahadielsrid, If you have a spare USB stick ( > 512 ) you can put the arch installer on it04:18
sridAhadiel: anyway, I'm almost done with installing ubuntu on my HD (after screwing up the freebsd installation). I will install sawfish and keep a minimal interface04:18
Ahadielsrid, k04:18
sridAhadiel: I tried that too (put arch img in 8gb usb stick.. but grub failed with error 17)04:18
ardchoillesrid: Have you looked at fluxbox?04:19
jvaijtaji ahhh thanks! let me see if i can burn it to a disk a experiment with this04:19
Ahadielsrid, Strange.04:19
sridardchoille: yes, but the reason for choosing sawfish is that it is extensible in lisp (and I myself have some lisp scripts for sawfish)04:19
Ahadielsrid, How did you copy the img over? dd?04:19
Aug!ask Iam use Ubuntu Server 8.04. it work all ok. i changed motherboard from ASUS P5B-VM to ASUS P5K-VM... Problem: it is long loading on load modprobe modules... very long on: [    6.221367] ACPI: Power Button (CM) [PWRB] [  185.761627] loop: module loaded    How it tune?04:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:19
ardchoillesrid: Ah, ok04:19
sridAhadiel: yes. dd if=arch.img of=/dev/...04:19
jribCyL: right, you can probably modify the dead key behavior in the layout.  I've never looked into this though04:19
ZerroShadowsWhat is the <super> key?04:20
sridwhat is !ask Aug?04:20
_Vi_windows key04:20
AhadielZerroShadows, The Windows key generally.04:20
ohhaiHow do I get Linux Kernel Sources (required by ALSA)?04:20
rdw200169ZerroShadows, it's also the Mac key on mac keyboards04:20
newbI like Ubuntu <304:20
sridardchoille: I have a feeling that GNOME takes up a lot of screen space. it is as if I'm working on a 800x600 resolution although the actual pixel resolutin is 1400x...04:21
CyLjrib: is there a way I can keep in touch with debian developers to complain abot this?04:21
whatevin ubuntu how can i change apache's docroot from /var/www/ to /media/usb/docroot?04:21
newbI'm new to Linux,sorry.04:22
Fire_Lordnewb, huh?04:22
ardchoillesrid: I have 1400x1050 and got rid of the bottom panel (put everything on one panel) and it looks fine to me. But you need to be comfy so.. :)04:22
rdw200169whatev, /etc/apache2/site-available/default04:22
nightrid3rwhatev: /etc/apache2/apache2.conf04:22
jribCyL: bugs.ubuntu.com04:22
rdw200169whatev, or something like that04:22
CyLjrib: thanks...04:22
imnewb: if you are new to linux welcome, now sit back and enjoy the chat:)04:23
Fire_Lordohhai, apt-get install linux-(whatever version you are running)-headers04:23
whatevyeah which one do i edit though the site-available one or the direct apache2.conf04:23
jtajiwhatev: the clean way is by working in /etc/apache2/sites-available/, you'll need to edit default as a start04:23
imNewb - you will learn alot:)04:23
Fire_Lordsomething like that, there should be code for that version stuff..04:23
ZerroShadowsThank you very much04:23
AhadielFire_Lord, sudo apt-get install linux-`uname -r`-headers04:23
ZerroShadowsJust installed Ubuntu and compiz fusion today.04:23
rdw200169whatev, my version has a Include line vor /etc/apache2/sites-enabled04:23
jtajiwhatev: look into the a2ensite and a2dissite commands too04:23
ZerroShadowsSo far I love it04:24
rdw200169whatev, and in there was the file 'default'04:24
Fire_Lordohhai, what Ahadiel said. :)04:24
rdw200169whatev, which contained all the actual site config stuff04:24
rdw200169whatev, then you set DocumentRoot04:24
MethinXanyone know of a Ubuntu torrent, or Linux only torrent site? some place that gives like linux native games ? that are free, not illegal?04:25
d0netsFNisnt a TB == 1024 GB?04:25
sridhmm, installation is stuck at the stage 'configuring apt' scanning the mirror....04:25
d0netsFNwhy the F is this drive only 931.51 GB?04:25
jtajiwhatev: you could create your own file there and just disable default, it's up to you04:25
AugIam use Ubuntu Server 8.04. it work all ok. i changed motherboard from ASUS P5B-VM to ASUS P5K-VM... Problem: it is long loading on load modprobe modules... very long on: [    6.221367] ACPI: Power Button (CM) [PWRB] [  185.761627] loop: module loaded    How it tune?04:25
rdw200169d0netsFN, you're thinking of the distinction b/w bits and bytes04:26
werdnumd0netsFN: when drive manufacturers sell their disks, they think 1000 GB = 1 TB04:26
werdnumbecause it's much easier.04:26
werdnumto sell them04:26
Fire_LordMethinX, linux native games? have you checked the apt repos for some games?04:26
d0netsFNok i will deal with 1000, but where did the other 70 gigs go04:26
d0netsFN70 gigs is lots of space...04:26
sridd0netsFN: my guess is that according to manufacturer, 1 TB = 1000x1000x1000 bytes. also - some data is wasted as unused partitions.04:26
rdw200169d0netsFN, they explain here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte04:27
MethinXWill redhat games work in Ubuntu?04:27
ardchoilleMethinX: redhat games? Can you list some?04:28
arooniis there a way to make ubuntu dload & install ALL updates in the background?  im really tired of seeing the red/orange arrow clickin on it, and following the prompts04:29
MethinXunfortunately Im alittle confused as to what if any difference between the different Linux's, like win98 games work in win vista if you do some tinkering04:29
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php04:29
d0netsFNaroonie yes04:29
nightrid3rarooni: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:29
d0netsFNgo to system/admin/software sourfces04:29
Augwho can help with modules on load...04:29
d0netsFNtheres an option to run updates in the background04:29
phiqtionwhat is the best way to play age of empires III on ubuntu?04:29
ardchoilleMethinX: open a terminal and run:  apt-cache search game04:29
d0netsFNyou might have to do it in synaptic04:30
arooninightrid3r, i can put that in sudo crontab right?  how often should i do it?  nightly?04:30
Fire_Lordphiqtion, do you know if it runs on linux?04:30
Arrick!static IP04:30
nightrid3rarooni: yes that sounds ok04:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about static IP04:30
Arrickwhat the heck04:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about static04:30
rdw200169arooni, check System -> Administration -> Software Sources; then check the Updates tab.  check 'Install security updates w/out confirmation'04:30
Fire_Lordack, that did nothing04:30
phiqtionFire_Lord: according to this, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=3795&iTestingId=36407 , yes04:30
arooninightrid3r, when i type 'sudo crontab -e'  do i need to use sudo within the crontab file?04:30
newbIt's helpful unlike windows.04:30
aroonirdw200169, but i want all updates ! ;p04:30
Arricksomeone have a sample, or link to the wiki on how to setup a static IP on the LTS server install?04:30
Fire_Lordphiqtion, yeah, thats in wine... do you have wine installed?04:30
MethinXdo KDE games work in gnome?04:30
Arrick(Its not the gui stuff)04:30
nyaaMethinX if you want to install redhat packages in ubuntu look up alien in synaptic package manager04:31
ardchoilleMethinX: yes04:31
phiqtionFire_Lord: yes sir04:31
Fire_LordMethinX, yeah, as long as you let apt pull down the packages for KDE04:31
MethinXthank you everyone you all rock04:31
ardchoilleMethinX: Alien is dangerous, I recommend you don't use it04:31
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)04:31
rdw200169all that typing just to get yelled at!04:31
nightrid3rrdw200169: nice tip, thanks04:32
MethinXthanks ubottu, nyaa, Fire_Lord and ardchoille04:32
Fire_Lordphiqtion, looks like its supposed to work good... in the terminal, jsut run wine setup.exe04:32
xnevermoreHey guys. I keep getting the error "Not configured to listen on any interfaces!" when trying to run dhcp3-server. does anyone know what could cause this error?04:32
phiqtionFire_Lord: thx04:32
rdw200169xnevermore, check /etc/defaults/dhcp3-server04:33
Fire_Lordphiqtion, if you have trouble with it, #winehq may be able to help you more....04:33
newbwine =[04:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about IP04:33
nbeebohow to install latest qt 4,1?04:33
rdw200169xnevermore, whoops, /etc/default/dhcp3-server04:33
Arrickhow can the bot not have a link to setting up a static ip in here04:33
nightrid3rardchoille: alien will allow you to shoot in your foot, don't use it04:33
ardchoillenightrid3r: exactly04:33
newbI'll be back later,Thanks Fire_Lord.04:33
phiqtionFire_Lord: is there nother app to play games on linux?04:33
rdw200169xnevermore, you have to put the interface you intend to run a dhcp server on in between the ""04:33
=== marko__ is now known as marko-_-
Fire_Lordnewb, wine allows you to run some windows programs on linux04:34
jtajiarooni: you might want to check out the cron-apt package04:34
Fire_Lordphiqtion, wine is the one that i am most familiar with for running windows games on linux04:34
xnevermorerdw200169: when searching the net for a solution, I found that many times. I have tried that with no luck04:35
ardchoillephiqtion: What types of games?04:35
phiqtionardchoille: windows games04:35
ardchoillephiqtion: Thanks for narrowing it down04:35
phiqtionardchoille: no problem04:36
TraceRoutedo any of you have ushare installed?04:36
xnevermorerdw200169: I think I may have to set eth0 to a static ip. where would i go about doing this?04:36
jaywaywho uses crunch bang linux04:37
whatevif i sudo mkdir /media/usb/ will that directory remain there forever so i can mount files to it?04:37
ardchoillewhatev: unless you rm it04:38
rdw200169xnevermore, you also need a subnet declaration in your dhcp3 config that matches the network assigned to the interface it listens on04:38
rdw200169xnevermore, i.e., you static assign to the interface, then declare a range of to  that would work04:39
rdw200169xnevermore, then tell the dhcp3 server that the gateway is
rdw200169xnevermore, /24 is = subnet, i.e. -
bullgard4Although 2 Ubuntu-8.04.2 computers are in the same LAN, they respond to 'hostname -d' differently. Why?04:39
Cpudan80How can I show the progress bar in an embedded mplayer window?04:40
Cpudan80It had one ... but it went away04:40
foxjazzhow do you make the screen saver not lock the computer04:40
robffoxjazz: turn off lock timer04:40
rdw200169xnevermore, the ip range in the dhcp3 config *has* to fit inside the subnet assigned to the interface04:40
rdw200169xnevermore, but, on a side note, you can have several networks assigned to the same interface (not ifconfig, iproute2), and use any *ONE* of them for dhcp04:41
foxjazzrobf yea, I see that icon on my desktop04:41
robfthere's an icon for it?04:41
robfit should be under the options for yer screensaver under system somewhere04:42
ZerroShadowsI came =D04:42
ryanpriorHow do I tell a process what CPU core to run on?04:42
aroonijtaji, what does that mean04:42
aroonijtaji, how does it work04:42
Tully12does anyone have a xorg.conf for a 9800gtx? im getting a no screens found error04:43
rdw200169Tully12, chances are you need the *latest* nvidia drivers...04:43
Tully12rdw200169, i just installed them04:43
TraceRoutewould it be possible to make a symbolic link to /dev/sda1 (NTFS) partition and have ushare to be able to access files from it?04:43
rdw200169Tully12, you've installed nvidia-glx, or newer?04:43
foxjazzsorry wrong OS04:43
Tully12got 180 off nvidia site04:43
rdw200169Tully12, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:44
tritiumTully12: 180 is in the repositories.  Use the ubuntu packages.04:44
Tully12under the restricted drivers only 177 is there04:44
rdw200169Tully12, but the Xorg logs are a little tricky; go to that directory, and read the Xorg file with the most recent timestamp using ls -l04:44
Fire_LordTraceRoute, a symbolic link to it? wouldnt you want to have ushare access /dev/sda1 mounted somewhere? like /media/windows?04:44
rdw200169Tully12, chances are, there's a kernel module mismatch04:44
Fire_LordTraceRoute, unless i am confused what ushare is supposed to do04:44
jtajiarooni: install that package, then check the config file /etc/cron-apt/config, man page, etc..  here's the description http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/cron-apt04:45
rdw200169jtaji, good tip!04:45
Tully12ive been reading on google for the past 3 days and i cant find a fix, i think that nvidia-xconfig is whats messing things up04:45
robf./window 304:45
rdw200169Tully12, yeah, the module matching can get a really screwy, i've had to do some crazy things in the past to get Nvidia drivers working04:46
rdw200169Tully12, i helped a friend do it over the phone and SSH, took us 3 hours, it was something crazy, i can't remember what anymore, though04:46
D-Boduring 8.10 install a package "startup-tasks" was corrupt.04:46
D-BoWill this hurt the install, and can I install it after it completes?04:47
tritiumTully12: precisely why we recommend using ubuntu-packaged drivers.04:47
Tully12i see "Warning couldnt open module type1"04:47
somethingtodoD-Bo:  startup-tasks - "This package contains the definitions of tasks essential for normal startup of a Linux system."04:48
rdw200169Tully12, the most common is 'GLX Module is a different version from so and so' that is a dead give-away as to what your problem is04:48
Tully12and then "Primary Device is: no device found"04:48
[TK]D-FenderHello all small question today : running 8.10 w/ nvidia 6150 onboard and the Proprietary 177 driver + compiz have some bugs concerning the window decorations intermittently disappearing.04:48
Tully12but lspci shows both cards04:48
rdw200169Tully12, yes, but in Xorg.X.log it never acutally detects your card?04:49
D-Boanyone want to donate me a free scsi cdrom drive?04:49
D-Boevery single one ive owned has broken.04:49
[TK]D-Fendernot "completely" disappearing, just getting mangled.  They redraw if I float over them back and forth a bit.04:49
Fire_LordD-Bo, i tend to use ide cdrom drives... :/04:50
rdw200169Tully12, is the card even supported via the Nvidia website documentation?04:50
TetracommAzureus doesn't seem to be working, could someone recommend a good Bit torrent client? (not bit torrent itself)04:50
rdw200169Tully12, wait, are you trying SLI w/ 9800gtx's?04:50
rdw200169Tully12, you mentioned 'both cards'04:50
Fire_LordTetracomm, i know some people use command line based rtorrent04:50
Tully12no im just wanting to get one of them to work atm04:51
Fire_LordTetracomm, i used to like deluge04:51
CoJaBo-AztecHow do I change resolution and refresh rate in Xubuntu? There doesn't seem to be an option anywhere.04:51
TetracommNot command line either.04:51
TetracommThank you, though.04:51
Fire_LordTetracomm, Deluge is not command line04:51
rdw200169Tully12, do you have the BIOS set for that?  i think you have to tell the BIOS to de-link the SLI cards; used to be you had to flip a card on the motherboard, i think it's in the bios now04:51
cretepis it ok to ask about wine here?04:52
Fire_LordTetracomm, i think its in the repos, take a look at http://deluge-torrent.org/04:52
Tully12rdw200169, no i have a 780i no option for that, only ram, and the sli bridge is out right now04:52
Fire_Lordcretep, just ask, if it isnt somethign we know, then we just send you where you need to be....04:52
irfananybody can help me04:52
=== irfan is now known as Guest29794
rdw200169Tully12, you could try taking out one of the cards; even though i know Xorg can support multiple cards SLI and non-SLI04:53
rdw200169Tully12, i just don't know about 9800gtx, that's pretty darn new!04:53
TetracommThank you, installing it fire_lord. :)04:53
cretepi have 8.10, installed wine. only program is the Notepad, there seems to be something called "internet explorer on "C" but it jus topens a blank window. What's up with that?04:54
Tully12rdw200169, yea damn me for buying something new and expecting it to work on nix :P04:54
Fire_Lordcretep, i think there is something in winetricks for that...04:54
flyback<flyback> any easy way in 8.10 once fully installed to swap X.org server for Xvnc one04:55
flyback<flyback> so it's not trying to pumpa outdated video card and get lagged to death04:55
cretepum what and where is winetricks04:55
rdw200169Tully12, well, the nvidia website says that the 9800gtx works since 17304:55
rdw200169Tully12, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_173.08.html04:55
Fire_Lordcretep, winetricks is at http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks but I am not sure if its what you need04:56
=== zez is now known as zeez
Tully12rdw200169, i tried installing 177 in the restricted drivers, rebooted and got tty, then 180 manually and got tty, so i guess ill try 173 now04:56
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap04:56
Fire_Lordcretep, you may get more help on that in #winehq04:56
rdw200169Tully12, no, dont' go back!04:56
Arrickhow about just formatting an extra installed drive04:57
Tully12no? lol ok ill stick to tty then :P04:57
cretepwell i will look. It's not that I want to *use* IE, but just try out wine with something other than Notepad.04:57
Tully12i got wine to run photoshop a while back04:57
Fire_Lordcretep, take a look at appdb then04:57
Fire_Lordcretep, it has a list of programs that work and dont work with wine and you can find some free ones to try out04:57
cretepok (new new new) what and where is appdb?04:58
rdw200169Tully12, i hate to say this, but try taking out one of the cards; that, or make absolute sure your xorg.conf has the 'nvidia' driver specified04:58
Fire_Lordcretep, http://appdb.winehq.org/04:58
Fire_Lordcretep, looks like they redesigned it from the last time i was there04:58
Tully12rdw200169, it does have nvidia as the driver i made sure of that, instead of nv or vesa as some have on google04:58
grumpy_I've got a friends hard disk and she expects me to put the latest ubuntu on it so all she had to do is put it back in and hit the power. How do I do that?04:58
=== zeez is now known as z-e
imthanks Fire_Lord! for the info:)04:59
rdw200169Tully12, and you've never tried it w/only one card?04:59
Fire_Lordim, no problem, what info?04:59
Tully12rdw200169, no not yet i have 2 monitors and would prefer to use both as they cost an arm and a leg lol05:00
Tully12but ill give it a go05:00
rdw200169Tully12, alright, fine, then consult your motherboard manual and05:00
rdw200169Tully12, make absolute sure there isn't something you missed; as far as, what it can and can't do concerning SLI and not-SLI05:00
imFire_Lord: appdb - I have some newbies crossing over this will be great for them!05:00
Tully12rdw200169, ive memorized my mobo manual05:01
rdw200169Tully12, alright, just trying to cover the bases here05:01
Fire_Lordim, ah, no prob... its the first thing everyone in #winehq will point people to.. if they dont check it first, they will be sent to go check it...05:01
imFire_Lord: I personally stay clean away from anything  MS:P05:01
goblinI am trying to unmount a partition in order to resize it. The command that i used is: umout /dev/sda1. The error message was: /: device is busy  (In some cases useful info about processes that use  the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1)). What do I do now? any help would be appreciated.05:01
rdw200169Tully12, can you post your xorg.conf and your Xorg.X.log?05:01
berbsdHow can I configure the right command key to emulate the mouse right click on a macbook pro?05:01
Tully12sure let me up it to my ftp05:01
Fire_Lordgoblin, is /dev/sda1 your root partition?05:02
nightrid3rgoblin: /dev/sda1 is probably you ubuntu system05:02
rdw200169berbsd, it's a feature of the synaptic driver; try 'man synaptics' to learn more05:02
grumpy_I've got a friends hard disk and she expects me to put the latest ubuntu on it so all she had to do is put it back in and hit the power. How do I do that? Perhaps an url to a howto?05:02
rdw200169berbsd, you're looking for something like 'double finger tap = right click'05:02
goblinit is, but i want to resize it so that i can establish another partition for another os.05:02
Fire_Lordgoblin, what other os?05:03
cwillugrumpy_, install it (8.10, or wait a couple months for 9.04 to come out), install ubuntu-restricted-extras, and the video/wireless if they're not already, and then you're pretty much done05:03
nightrid3rgoblin: ever try to change a tire while driving, it will not work, boot from your ubuntu cd and use that05:03
goblinsorry, but its windows05:03
Fire_Lordgoblin, if its windows you are going to have some trouble with it...05:03
cwillugrumpy_, (-restricted-extras will install the mp3 codecs, flash, etc)05:03
berbsdrdw200169: I am looking to map the right command key to show the contextual menu. I don't want to do it with the touchpad only05:03
bonez45anyone running with Intel 82815 video? I have that on one machine here and can't get more than 800x600 resolution..05:04
Babayidoes anyone know how to monitor the cpu utilization of each application on each processor?05:04
Fire_Lordgoblin, yeah, that tends to cause issues with bootloaders and stuff... if there is nothing important on your ubuntu, i recommend the easy way...05:04
chirankaHey, I have 8.10 and my xserver version is 1:7.4~5ubuntu3, at various times (especially noticeable when using a curses program such as vim,) the screen fails to update correctly, is this a known issue?05:04
bonez45I found the .rpm on intel's site.. did the alien thing.. installed it from a newly minted .deb.. still no higher res...05:04
Fire_Lordgoblin, basicly, install windows on the whole drive, then install ubuntu again...05:04
rdw200169berbsd, oh, you mean the mac-way05:04
rdw200169berbsd, i dunno then05:04
chirankaI am using a compiz currently, pretty much a vanilla install.05:04
goblinoh. is that the only way?05:05
chirankausing compiz*05:05
Fire_Lordgoblin, no, not the only way, just the easiest05:05
cwilluchiranka, what video card?05:05
FirefisheAsking again as I got booted:  What does quiet mean in this line in menu.lst?:  # defoptions=quiet splash05:05
berbsdrdw200169, yes, you are correct. I used to do it with xmodmap, but I wonder if this is still the right method on  intrepid and jaunty05:05
Fire_Lordgoblin, you can do the way you are thinking, but you will need to install the boot loader again from the ubuntu cd after the windows install05:05
nightrid3rgoblin: grab the gparted iso from sourceforg.net05:05
ohhaiI'm running 8.10, having compiled the latest ALSA driver, I have the input that comes to my Mic streamed directly to my headphones, with the actual system sounds/music I play being kinda muffled in the background. I was fiddling with the alsamix lately, so maybe there's a way to fix this, that is rever the possible damage I might have done?05:05
goblinis that hard way explainable, because i do have things on my ubuntu. not much but i do care about them.05:05
grumpy_cwillu, i'm at a loss on how to physically install it. I can connect to her sata drive to my laptop but when I don't know what to do from there...05:05
Fire_Lordgoblin, and then you will have to add an entry for windows05:05
cwilluFirefishe, how much output it dumps to the screen (which you won't see if splash is on anyway :p)05:05
rdw200169berbsd, i don't see why not, you should just be able to use your config file for xmodmap05:06
chirankacwillu, pretty sure it's an intel, but it might be an nvidia, let me check.05:06
cwillugrumpy_, oh, you don't have the actual machine?05:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mkfs05:06
cwilluchiranka, lspci|grep -i vga will tell you05:06
Fire_Lordnothing about mkfs?05:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mke2fs05:06
Arrickwhy isnt anything I need to know about in ubottu anymore Seveas ?05:06
cwilluFire_Lord, gparted05:06
goblinok, too hard. Ill just trash the ubuntu, load windows and install ubuntu after05:06
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php05:06
chirankacwillu, nvidia05:06
grumpy_cwillu, no I don't have her computer. Just her hard sata disk and my laptop...05:06
Arrickcwillu, there is no gparted in a SERVER install05:06
Tully12rdw200169, http://zerodayexile.com/xorg/05:06
Fire_Lordcwillu, not for me..05:06
Firefishecwillu:  So if I just remove the splash, and leave the quiet part, save the file, then do -- sudo grub-update --  I should have my splash screen turned off?05:06
ryanpriorArrick: You're welcome to help add factoids. Ubottu knows a lot.05:06
d0netsFNwhats the best way to format an ntfs partition in ubuntu05:07
d0netsFNin gparted, the option for ntfs is greyed out05:07
Fire_Lordgoblin, yeah, its not that its to hard, just long and confusing to explain05:07
=== arturo is now known as borreguito
Arrickryanprior, yeah, i've added them before and then it was locked down so nobody but authorised people were able to add to it05:07
goblinOk. thank you Fire_Lord05:07
rdw200169Tully12, heh, you could have just used the pastebin service...05:07
cwillugrumpy_, well, you can install it (just run the live cd, and point it at the sata drive to install, assuming you can plug it in via sata), but you won't be able to do anything with the graphics driver if you need it05:07
Fire_LordArrick, what are you trying to do?05:07
ryanpriord0netsFN: Why do you want to format something NTFS?05:07
d0netsFNstorage for all my os's05:07
cwilluFirefishe, if you want to see the 'normal' linux bootup, get rid of quiet as well05:07
d0netsFNits my mythtv drive mostly05:08
ryanpriord0netsFN: The only reason I can think of would be for Windows compatability, in which case you could just use Microsoft's formatting utility.05:08
[TK]D-FenderOk, before I go and FUBAR anything, I've installed the 180 Nvidia driver ".run" from nvidia's site and would like some advice on installation ebfore I pull the trigger.05:08
bonez45anyone? got a solution for ubuntu 8.10 with Intel's 82815 chipset for video?05:08
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, don't05:08
chiranka[TK]D-Fender, don't05:08
tritium[TK]D-Fender: use the ubuntu-packaged nvidia-glx-18005:08
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, there's a ppa repository with the nvidia 180 driver packaged up for ubuntu, give me a sec to find it05:08
[TK]D-Fendercwillu: chiranka : Ok... plan B?05:08
grumpy_cwillu, I tried booting my laptop off the iso cd thinking I could install ubuntu using the software but it did not see the /dev/sdb drive as a drive for installation.05:08
AzharnHaving problems installing eggdrop on a fresh install of kubuntu. It says it requires tcl, but I did "sudo apt-get install tcl" and "sudo apt-get install tcllib" and it still can't find it when I do ./configure for the eggie. Suggestions?05:09
[TK]D-FenderHolding.. thanks for the advice...05:09
chiranka[TK]D-Fender, as tritium said, use the premade package.05:09
tritium[TK]D-Fender: plan B is above05:09
borreguitoany boy that say to me how can i uninstall realplayer11???  please05:09
Firefishecwillu:  Thank you.  That answers it.05:09
Firefishecwillu:  I appreciate it.05:09
nightrid3rAzharn: tcl-dev05:09
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, I _think_ this is the repo I'm using for it: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/thomas-creutz/ubuntu intrepid main05:09
AzharnI knew I forgot something05:09
tritiumIt's in the repo05:09
tritium!info nvidia-glx-18005:09
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 9046 kB, installed size 26444 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)05:09
mheathCan anyone here provide some insight on the lpia arch vs the i386 arch for Ubuntu, on atom powered systems? Does it have any positive benefits like faster speed or increased battery life on portables?05:09
cwillugrumpy_, the 'alternate' cd might work easier for this (has more install options than the desktop installer)05:09
rdw200169Tully12, surprisingly, you're not having problems w/loading the driver or the module05:10
cwilluooo, they've updated it tritium ?05:10
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, ^^^05:10
chirankaHey, I have 8.10 and my xserver version is 1:7.4~5ubuntu3, at various times (especially noticeable when using a curses program such as vim,) the screen fails to update correctly, is this a known issue? (nvidia card, compiz enabled)05:10
Tully12rdw200169, lol so everythings good except something05:10
tritiumcwillu: it's been available for some time.  It's not automatically installed if you have nvidia-glx-177, though.05:10
grumpy_cwillu, I'm not aware of the 'alternate' cd option.05:11
cwillutritium, no, it hasn't been, it wasn't at the beginning of the year at least :p05:11
Azharnnightrid3r, thanks... completely spaced on it.05:11
cwillugrumpy_, it's a different cd05:11
bonez45tritium: got any ideas about intel 82815?05:11
grafixbadnowchir> I'm in the exact same boat. I've noticed, but it doesn't bother me too much. when I minimize then maximize the window, everything updates05:11
rdw200169Tully12, i think you have to specify a BusID; consequentially, it DID detect both of your cards, i can't mention a line number, but it's about 1/3 of the way down in your log05:11
tritiumbonez45: what about it?05:11
Tully12i was just about to ask that rdw200169, thanks05:11
rdw200169Tully12, the bus id's it gave were 3:0:0 and 4:0:005:11
rdw200169Tully12, gimme a sec.05:11
[TK]D-Fendercwillu: 3rd party source added, confirming new package availability05:11
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, you missed that05:12
bonez45tritium: a box upon which I just installed 8.10 desktop.. has the 82815 video from intel, on mobo.. I can only get 800x600.. would like to boost it05:12
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, 180 is in the normal repo's now apparently05:12
ethana2I just got a Motorola bluetooth headset and I don't know how to make it act as a headphone thing05:12
tritiumcwillu: you're not paying attention...05:12
tritium[TK]D-Fender: ^^05:12
grafixbadnowchir> i don't think I had the problem until I got compiz-fusion05:12
tritiumcwillu: sorry, wrong nick ;)05:12
[TK]D-FenderLooking around in GENERAL now..05:12
* cwillu pokes tritium with a stick05:12
=== rachel is now known as Guest10633
cwillu[TK]D-Fender, remove the repo you just added, nvidia-glx-180 is in the normal repositories now, I didn't know that05:12
Fire_Lord!bluetooth | ethana205:13
tritium!info nvidia-glx-180 | [TK]D-Fender (please pay attention to what I've told you)05:13
ubottuethana2: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:13
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 9046 kB, installed size 26444 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)05:13
borreguitohow to uninstall realplayer11????  help me... i am from mexico05:13
ArrickFire_Lord, Im trying to make a file system ext3 on /dev/sdb105:13
[TK]D-Fendertritium: Yes.. I've noticed the repeat warnings :)  I'm backtracking now....05:13
ryanpriorI mounted an ISO and every file name has ";1" appended to it. How do I fix that?05:13
tritiumAh, finally some acknowledgement...05:13
Fire_LordArrick, that should be highly googleable... hold on...05:13
grafixbadnowborreguito> use the synaptics package manager05:13
tritiumbonez45: have you perused the info for !fixres?05:14
ArrickFire_Lord, all I find on the wiki is https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html05:14
tritiumubottu: tell bonez45 about fixres05:14
ubottubonez45, please see my private message05:14
Fire_LordArrick, mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb105:14
Fire_LordArrick, have you tried that05:14
Fire_LordArrick, hold on, are you making it or converting it?05:14
Arrickdid that, it doesnt recognize it05:14
Arrickmaking it05:15
ArrickI already created the new partition with fdisk05:15
bonez45tritium: going to read that now..05:15
grafixbadnowborreguito> entiendes?05:15
Fire_LordArrick, doesnt recognize it?05:15
bonez45thank you05:15
tritiumbonez45: good luck05:15
scribawfhow do I be root to install updates using ClamAV GUI?05:15
Fire_LordArrick, as in it cannot create it, or it does not recognize the command?05:15
Arrickmount says it cant find the ext3 filesystem on /dev/sdb1 when I try to mount it05:15
rdw200169Tully12, don't worry, i'm getting there, just a sec.05:15
borreguitoSi entiendo05:16
Arrickit acts like the command works05:16
[TK]D-Fendertritium, cwillu, chiranka : Found the newly available package and its replacing 177 (173 remains).05:16
Tully12thanks rdw20016905:16
ethana2Fire_Lord: thanks05:16
Arricklol Fire_Lord05:16
nightrid3rscribawf: man freshclam05:16
d0netsFNso nobody can tell me how to format my new drive to ntfs in ubuntu?05:16
Fire_LordArrick, what did i do?05:16
Arrickhelps if I notice that I put /dev/hdb1 in instead of /dev/sdb105:16
Fire_LordArrick, lulz05:16
tritium[TK]D-Fender: great.  If you have trouble with it, you can revert back the 177.05:17
grafixbadnowborreguito> en synaptics package manager, busca "realplayer"   debes ver la linea por 'realplayer 11.0.0.-0.2medibuntu'05:17
scribawfnightrid3r; as run that in terminal?05:17
Fire_LordArrick, so it works now?05:17
nightrid3rscribawf: yes05:17
scribawfnightrid3r;  OK Tnx much05:17
borreguitono lo encontre en synaptic.. pero deja veo otra vez..05:17
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:17
rdw200169Tully12, take a shot at this; i don't know which video card it will end up being05:17
grafixbadnowborreguito> sistema / administracion / synaptics package manager05:18
[TK]D-Fendertritium: Package and some dependant bits installed, but I don't see it available in the "proprietary drivers" selection app.05:18
[TK]D-Fendertritium: Do I need to reboot?05:18
z-ewhat is good solution for backup disk - image05:18
ryanpriorWhen I type "mount -o loop my.iso /home/me/mydir" it mounts the ISO as I would expect, but when I right-click the ISO and choose "open using Archive Mounter", all the files have ";1" appended to the end of their names. Can anybody tell me why that is? Should I file it as a bug in Launchpad?05:18
tritium[TK]D-Fender: no, but you need to at least restart X (sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart)05:18
grafixbadnowborreguito > digame si no puedes encontrarlo05:19
borreguitono aparece05:19
tritiumborreguito, grafixbadnow: #ubuntu-es for Spanish, please.05:19
ryanprior!es | borreguito05:19
ubottuborreguito: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:19
Tully12k, rdw20016905:19
[TK]D-Fendertritium: Just because IIRC that'll nuke enough of what I'm doing, I think I'll splurge and go for a reboot :)  Bank in a few...05:19
nightrid3rryanprior: if i remember correct it has to do with the iso being created on windows, i had something like that years ago05:20
tritiumborreguito: no worries05:20
a1fa_anyway to make hulu not choppy?05:20
Tully12a1fa_, get moar inets05:20
ryanpriornightrid3r: why would the `mount` method result in a different outcome than the "archive mounter" option, though?05:20
kevdog.swf player anyone??05:20
SiVA_I just installed ubuntu-desktop on top of my Kubuntu. Now my firefox is all screwed up. The screen flickers anytime the app has to repaint (alt-tab, or right-clicking), and the title bar doesn't appear05:20
nightrid3rryanprior: beats me :(05:20
SiVA_this is only for firefox... not even thunderbird05:21
rdw200169Tully12, and this is what were headed for: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109663/; this is what i use for dual monitors on *one* nvidia card; the same rules apply, just w/different BusID's05:21
a1fa_Tully12: 8mb down05:21
a1fa_its frames per second05:21
a1fa_that i am complaining about05:21
rdw200169Tully12, you don't have to do a full restart, just /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:21
somethingtodoa1fa_: I've seen weird issues with hardware accelleration in flash...   right click on the flash and go to options to disable it...05:21
morbidwhy my browser always close? My paginator is firefox05:21
Tully12rdw200169, yea i got that05:21
morbidthat`s really sucks05:22
a1fa_somethingtodo: its disaled05:22
a1fa_settings in flash are disabled05:22
tritium!enter | a1fa_05:22
ubottua1fa_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:22
Tully12so rdw200169, just replace my old xorg.conf with that one?05:23
rdw200169Tully12, yes, the first one i pasted05:23
[TK]D-Fendertritium: No dive... not in the selection box...05:23
whatevhow can i chmod something to have be drwxr-xr-x05:23
a1fa_[TK]D-Fender: hi :P05:23
BossmanbetaWhen I have Firefox running locally, then try to run a second instance of it over ssh -X, it fails. Other apps run fine over ssh -X. It seems Firefox is checking for a locally-running instance of firefox, and laucnhes another copy locally, any way to force it to load over SSH when a copy is running locally?05:23
rdw200169whatev, chmod 75505:23
[TK]D-Fendera1fa_: z0mg, stalkers!05:23
a1fa_I <3 U :P05:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vhosts05:24
tritium[TK]D-Fender: it's not supposed to be in the selection box, as far as I recall.05:24
Fire_Lordwhatev chmod 766 i think... not sure though05:24
tritium[TK]D-Fender: if you installed it, you're running it.05:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about virtualhost05:24
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:24
nightrid3rmorbid: some sites make firefox crash (youtube does this after using it for a wile, think it has todo with flash movies05:24
chirankaHey, I have 8.10 and my xserver version is 1:7.4~5ubuntu3, at various times (especially noticeable when using a curses program such as vim,) the screen fails to update correctly, is this a known issue? (nvidia card tested on 177 and 180 drivers, compiz enabled)05:24
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, nah, firefox is picky about that; do it as a different user and it will work fine05:24
Tully12rdw200169, the busid's dont look the same05:24
rdw200169Tully12, what do you mean?05:24
AzharnI'm trying to install mysqltcl 3.05 via a .tar.gz file and when I do ./configure I get this "checking for mysql header... configure: error: Cannot find mysql.h in /usr/include/mysql use -with-mysql-include=?" I know that mysql is installed... what am I missing?05:25
dmzhowdy everyone, anyone have any suggestions on why the 2.6.24-23-generic kernel on hardy wouldn't support a fb device (ie splashy doesn't work and when i do vga=ask it only lists text mode options)05:25
z-echiranka, try to choose in the GRUB Boot menu --->>> ......... generic (recovery) ....... and see if it is works...05:25
rdw200169Tully12, ah, the output from lspci is in hex, you needed base1005:25
Fire_LordArrick, you can /msg ubottu for factoids05:25
rdw200169Tully12, that was *my* BusID05:25
[TK]D-Fendertritium: Intersting.. the nvidia control dialog sure seems to attest to that...05:25
Tully12rdw200169, i must have missed something05:25
morbidnightrid3r: it happens with youtube, some site about tech and other stuff05:25
rdw200169Tully12, the first i posted has yours05:25
[TK]D-Fendertritium: a tad awkward, but its the ends that count...05:25
timobAzharn: maybe the -dev package?05:25
Bossmanbetardw200169, you mean, like over ssh -X so a gksudo firefox?05:25
chirankaz-e, as in, try to narrow it down to just xserver?05:25
Tully12rdw200169, link again i dont see it05:25
morbidnightrid3r: is there something to do about?05:25
tritium[TK]D-Fender: ok, good05:25
Azharntimob: there is no mysql-dev package.05:26
z-ei want to help you05:26
[TK]D-Fendertritium: Indeed my window decoration issues seem resolved so this was a great lesson on several fronts05:26
rdw200169Tully12, i forgot to Ctrl+v, whoops, hold on!05:26
nightrid3rAzharn: mysql-dev <--- you'll notice a patern :)05:26
Tully12haha thanks05:26
grafixbadnowz-e> i'm eavesdropping. I have same behavior as chiranka05:26
timobapt-cache search mysql | grep -- -dev05:26
[TK]D-Fendertritium: many thanks for the background info05:26
kevdogAzharn: sounds like you are missing the developmental files05:26
tritium[TK]D-Fender: any time!05:26
rdw200169Tully12, i meant this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109662/05:27
nightrid3rmorbid: i have no solution :(05:27
[TK]D-Fender(incase there's karma to be had05:27
grafixbadnowz-e>for what it's worth, i didn't have the problem until installing compiz-fusion05:27
[TK]D-Fenderalrighty, off till my next little thing pops up!05:27
tritium[TK]D-Fender: there's not, but thanks for the consideration ;)05:27
Fire_Lordwhat does -J do?05:27
rdw200169Tully12, sometimes i do stupid things...05:27
Tully12rdw200169, so you just added the busid to the device section right?05:27
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, no, i think firefox refuses to run 2 instances of itself using the same configurations. i.e. the .mozilla directory05:28
morbidnightrid3r: is there some way that my solution is to change the browser, like opera or netscape?05:28
Azharnkevdog: how do I get the developmental files? lol I'm not used to ubuntu's commands.05:28
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, so, if you use a different regular user, it should work fine05:28
Bossmanbetardw200169, but one is running locally, the other over an ssh session05:28
tritiumAzharn: you install the -dev version of the library package05:28
nightrid3rmorbid: give it a try, it might work05:28
Azharnmysqllib-dev ?05:28
kevdogAzharn: Let me look and see what I can find --- Its the apt-cache search command05:28
tritiumAzharn: apt-cache search for it.  That's likely not the right name.05:29
Tully12OMFG rdw200169 IT WORKED!05:29
CoJaBoIs it possible to change resolution and refresh rate in Xubuntu?05:29
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, applications don't care where they are running; the same user logging in over ssh or tty is the same thing according to linux; they all use the hidden folders in the /home directory for configurations05:29
Bossmanbetardw200169, I just tested it gksudo works.... but if I try to run it as a regular user which = the local username, it fails... so that helps some... any way around forcing a run of the application as a diff user?05:29
kevdogstandalone .swf player?05:29
tritiumAzharn: "apt-cache search libmysql" should find it.05:29
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, just login as a different user; or create another user, su to them in the terminal, then run firefox05:30
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, gksudo is bad, bad, bad! don't run firefox as root, shame!05:30
cwilluBossmanbeta, you can't run two firefox's against the same profile at the same time05:30
Bossmanbetardw200169, it was just a test :)05:30
Azharntritium: "libmysqlclient15-dev" sound right to you?05:30
cwilluBossmanbeta, what are you trying to do?05:30
whatevi ran sudo chmod 755 /media/usb but it sitll has the permisssions drwx------ how is that possible?05:30
TheMusicGuySomebody please help...this is driving me crazy:  I keep getting logged out at random for no reason!05:30
rdw200169Bossmanbeta, but it proves my point, firefox won't run *as the same user* twice05:30
cwilluwhatev, you have to set it from inside the mount05:30
Tully12thanks alot rdw200169, your a life saver05:30
Bossmanbetacwillu, trying to run 1 firefox locally, then a 2nd instance of it via ssh -X05:30
nightrid3r!info opera05:30
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in intrepid05:30
tritiumAzharn: I have no idea what you're trying to do, or what library you need.05:30
cwilluwhatev, cd /media/usb; sudo chmod 755 .05:31
rdw200169Tully12, did it work?05:31
Tully12rdw200169, yes workes great05:31
cwilluBossmanbeta, run it as firefox -P -no-remote05:31
tritiumnightrid3r: opera is (or at least was) in the third-party (partner) repository05:31
Tully12rdw200169, all the special effects and cute shit works too05:31
Fire_Lordwhatev, is it mounted currently?05:31
miranda_psirdw200169: you should be able to if you use two different profiles, since the lock is in the profile...05:31
kevdogAzharn: could be libmysqlclient15-dev package05:31
rdw200169Tully12, alright! lemme crunch something out real quick that will make it dual monitor... what resolution you running at?05:31
Bossmanbetacwillu, is there a reference for those options?05:31
whatevyeah it's mounted05:31
cwilluBossmanbeta, firefox --help05:31
Bossmanbetathank U cwillu05:32
Tully12rdw200169, 1440x900 both monitors05:32
tritiumAzharn: why do you need a development library, and yet not know which one you need?05:32
rdw200169miranda_psi, i dunno, can you help him w/that?  i don't know about profiles05:32
rdw200169Tully12, and that's what your monitor is running at right now?05:32
cwilluwhatev, you _have_ to do it from _inside_ the mount, chmod /media/usb is not the same as cd /media/usb; chmod .05:32
Fire_Lordwhatev, you may need to umount and then change the mode, but try what cwillu said first...05:32
cwilluwhatev, cd /media/usb; sudo chmod 755 /media/usb/. might work though05:32
Tully12rdw200169, PCI:3:0:0 is the 1st monitor, PCI:4:0:0 is the 2nd, each monitor is on a single card05:32
cwilluwhatev, sudo chmod 755 /media/usb/. might work though05:32
Azharntritium: I'm trying to install mysqltcl 3.05 and it keeps giving me an error saying it can't find mysql05:32
Bossmanbetayea the -p tells it to use a diff profile05:33
Tully12rdw200169, 1440x900 on both monitors05:33
bonez45tritium: ok, I am working through those steps. in the wiki.. but still doesn't explain why I can't get ubuntu 8.10 to recognize the hardware I have.. and configure itself accordingly05:33
rdw200169Tully12, do you want 'TwinView' or separate screens per monitor05:33
cwilluFire_Lord, unmounting it and setting it will do absolutely nothing to the mounted fs :p05:33
rdw200169Tully12, but is it actually running at the resolution?05:33
rdw200169Tully12, i.e. not 1024x768 or something like that05:33
Fire_Lordcwillu, yeah, but hes trying to alter the folder, not the mounted fs05:33
Tully12rdw200169, yea im at 1440x900 right now05:33
cwilluFire_Lord, whatev, depending on the fs, there might be a mount option to force the owner to a particular user05:33
Tully12rdw200169, and i would prefer to have the 2nd extended from the first05:34
rdw200169Tully12, and the other question; one big desktop, or two05:34
cwillu(whatev) Fire_Lord, what?  why?05:34
kevdogAzharn: what?05:34
cwillumakes no sense to chmod an empty folder in media05:34
rdw200169Tully12, ok, let's do 2 first, then i'll see if i can't work out TwinView05:34
tritiumbonez45: why do you say it's not recognized?05:34
Tully12kk thanks alot rdw20016905:34
cwilluseeing as it'll have no effect on an fs mounted in that folder05:34
efefefewho know song "Casey last ride" ,how last name this  Casey ?05:34
Fire_Lordcwillu, because its the mount point... if you have the mount point in a mode where it cannot be accessed, you cannot get to the mounted media right?05:35
SiVA_this is only for firefox... not even thunderbird05:35
Fire_Lordunless i am mixed up...05:35
rdw200169Tully12, gimme a sec.05:35
SiVA_I just installed ubuntu-desktop on top of my Kubuntu. Now my firefox is all screwed up. The screen flickers anytime the app has to repaint (alt-tab, or right-clicking), and the title bar doesn't appear05:35
Tully12rdw200169, kk05:35
Azharnkevdog: mysqltcl-3.05 so I can run an eggdrop script I need... it requires libmysqltcl3.05.so05:35
cwilluFire_Lord, it's only a mount point if something is already mounted in it.  It's just a regular empty folder otherwise, and the permissions on the empty folder don't affect the permissions of something mounted over it05:35
Fire_Lordcwillu, ah... i see... thanks.. learn something everyday i guess. :P05:35
morbiddamn it05:36
morbidit happens again05:36
cwilluFire_Lord, think about where the permissions of / come from :)05:36
kevdogAzharn: You install mysqltcl05:36
rdw200169Tully12, and for safeties sake, make a copy of what you've got that works, and name it something like: xorg.conf.itreallyworks05:36
bonez45tritium: if I run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg on other systems, it recognizes the hardware and sets up the appropriate entries in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but not on this system with the 82815 intel video hardware..05:36
kevdogAzharn: You installed mysqltcl?05:36
rdw200169Tully12, then you can always get it back if we mess things up ;)05:36
Azharnkevdog: yeah, but it's only 3.00 and this script requires 3.05 which I downloaded the tar for.05:36
cwillubonez45, the new xorg's don't use much in xorg.conf anymore05:36
Tully12haha rdw200169, already done that and uploaded it05:36
tritiumbonez45: what driver do you normally use?  i810?05:36
cwillubonez45, what's the problem?05:37
kevdogAzharn: Link?05:37
Azharnkevdog: http://www.xdobry.de/mysqltcl/05:37
sekyourboxHow do you make Terminal auto load bash?  What would be a reason to not want to do that?05:38
Fire_Lordsekyourbox, it should already do that...05:38
tritiumsekyourbox: it does that already05:38
sekyourboxDash, i think05:39
sekyourboxever since i crashed my old usr acct05:39
Fire_Lordsekyourbox, i guess a reason not to do that is if you like a different shell05:39
bonez45cwillu: the problem is that on this box where I just installed 8.10 desktop.. the only two resolutions I get are 640x480 or 800x600.. really no fun...05:39
Fire_Lordsekyourbox, the way to change it should be in the user settings05:39
tritiumsekyourbox: no, bash is default05:39
cwillubonez45, pastebin the output of xrandr05:39
TraceRouteany wizards in here good with dvd::rip?05:39
bonez45cwillu: I'd like to have at least 1280x1024 ..05:39
cwillu!pastebin | bonez4505:39
sekyourbox$=bash or dash?05:39
ubottubonez45: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:39
Fire_Lordsekyourbox, most people i know use bash05:40
cwilluFire_Lord, dash is the default symlink for sh though :p05:40
cwillucauses me no end of grief :p05:40
d0netsFNim getting something about buffer i/o error on devicesdb on startup05:41
nyaadoes anyone know why sometimes youtube has a white, blank screen (not even a  timer, volume, and play bar in it)?05:41
d0netsFNany ideas?05:41
john522UBUNTU 8.04 Q: how to change the taskbar icon (currently the ubuntu icon) to the original gnome icon??05:41
Huene`Can I speak with someone who knows something about networks?05:41
d0netsFNit does it a few times and then finally starts up05:41
joelsolankiHi all.05:41
Fire_Lordcwillu, but how did his terminal setting get set to dash then i wonder...05:41
sekyourboxnot sure?05:41
Fire_Lord!hi | joelsolanki05:41
ubottujoelsolanki: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:41
joelsolankimy friend has installed ubuntu and it seems openvpn and ssh both are not working05:42
joelsolankiopenvpn give error read UDPv4 [ECONNREFUSED]: Connection refused (code=111)05:42
cwillujohn522, I think it's just the icon theme, but I don't know for sure05:42
joelsolankiand ssh give ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host05:42
TheMusicGuyI really need help getting to the bottom of this random logout / X server crashing issue.05:42
joelsolankiso it seems tcpwrapper is blockin it.05:42
john522ya someone told me how to change it but i forgot05:42
rdw200169Tully12, take a shot at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109680/05:42
jvboomjoelsolanki: Latest version of ubuntu?05:42
john522i know there are some commands u can use in terminal to replace it05:42
john522but i dont want to try something that isnt going to work on this ver05:43
joelsolankii kept ALL : ALL : ALLOW in /etc/hosts.allow05:43
joelsolankiis this correct ?05:43
joelsolankithis allow all things to work ?05:43
kevdogAzharn: I tried to compile and it keeps telling me -- checking for Tcl configuration --WARNING: Cant find Tcl configuraion definitions05:43
sekyourboxFixed,  Just ran custom command "bash" :-)05:43
Huene`how do you keep Ubuntu from searching for networks every few minutes?05:44
cwillubonez45, still there?05:44
tritiumsekyourbox: that's not required, unless you changed your shell to begin with05:44
joelsolankianyone i want to stop using tcpwrappers or allow all thing in tcpwrappers.05:44
joelsolankihow can i do  ?05:44
tritiumsekyourbox: to make it your default shell again, since you apparently changed it, run "chsh"05:44
Azharnkevdog: I don't know what I did, but I tried the ./configure again and it worked. That dev thing I did must've worked.05:44
rdw200169Tully12, an interesting problem with a 'spread' desktop, is full screen goes across *both* screens, i hate that05:44
Azharnkevdog: you need the tcllib05:45
sekyourboxtritium, how would I have changed it?05:45
rdw200169Tully12, this is why i prefer separate x screens per monitor05:45
kevdogAzharn: What was your /configure statement?05:45
bonez45cwillu: still here, the other box. runs ubuntu.. having trouble sending it from that box to here..05:45
tritiumsekyourbox: you tell me.  But bash is certainly the default shell.05:45
bonez45I'll just go there05:45
cwillubonez45, don't have network on it?05:45
cwillubonez45, ah, k05:46
sridback to ubuntu. feels good.05:46
Azharnkevdog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109681/05:46
sekyourboxtritium, I'm just wondering if you know how its done, because I dont..05:46
wolteris there such package as xerver-xorg-dev05:46
Tully12rdw200169, the first screen worked only, and i got a message saying "the pannel encountered a problem while loading: OAFIID: GNOME FastUserSwitchApplet05:46
tritiumsekyourbox: like I said above, run "chsh"05:46
sekyourboxoh, thx05:47
tritiumwolter: find out for yourself, via "apt-cache search xserver-xorg"05:47
rdw200169Tully12, yeah, i think i had to do some screwy things to get it working 'just right'05:47
tritiumbonez451: I never saw a reply from you...05:47
kevdogAzharn: Give me a sec05:47
bonez451tritium: here it is.. and for cwillu:   http://pastebin.com/m7d275d9205:47
woltertritium, uh, there is not. is that i get asked to have that from the nvidia site, to install the latest drivers...05:48
tritiumwolter: do you want the 180 drivers?05:48
=== l1d is now known as nsideoutboy
woltertritium, i do.05:48
tritiumwolter: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18005:48
efefefejohn522 : mb replace icon  in /usr/share/pixmaps/05:48
kevdogAzharn: I install tcllib and same thing!05:48
woltertritium, but i am having trouble with them''05:48
wolterok, nice05:48
tritiumwolter: we never recommend direct nvidia.com downloads.  Package-managed drivers are much preferred.05:49
woltertritium, has no installation candidate05:49
Azharnkevdog: install the tcl dev files as well... sorry forgot that part.05:49
tritiumwolter: then you need to enable the proper repo.  Are you on intrepid?05:49
tritium!info nvidia-glx-18005:49
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 9046 kB, installed size 26444 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)05:49
cwilluwolter, if you tried installing via nvidia's installer, and you got the installer to uninstall preexisting drivers, you probably have a somewhat broken setup05:49
woltertritium, yeah.. well, is that i am getting this periodical system stall, and now i know that xorg is to blame, so i guess drivers were a possible solution.05:49
tritiumwolter: as you can see above, it's in the restricted repo05:49
kevdogAzharn: ok give me another sec05:49
cwillubonez451, pastebin me your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file05:50
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd05:50
Arrick!ftp server05:50
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP05:50
bonez451cwillu: coming up05:50
cwillubonez451, also, check system | preferences | screen resolution, and check if the drop down will give you the option of using 1280x102405:50
Arrickwhats the current choice for an ftp server?05:50
woltercwillu, dont worry, i didn't remove a thing before installing the other one, now i am running with 177, finely, because the uninstalllation returned everything to the state it was before installation.05:50
rdw200169Tully12, super googling...05:50
tritiumbonez451: I had asked what driver you normally use.  i810?  Is your /etc/X11/xorg.conf configured to use that?05:51
woltertritium, i am on intrepid, now gona google the repos... tritium, which 180 is that driver? is it 180.22?05:51
nightrid3rArrick: your choice, i prefer vsftpd but its a mater of taste05:51
Tully12rdw200169, http://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6473245 <- theres someone that got 6 to work, ill see if i can take 4 screens off05:51
woltertritium, i think that package is from jaunty.. isn't it?05:51
tritiumwolter: you don't need to google the repos.  Just enable them in System -> Administration -> Software Sources05:52
cwilluwolter, no, it's in intrepid now too05:52
tritiumwolter: no05:52
Bossmanbetaonce SSH'ed into a server, is there a way to add local listening ports to forward (e.g. -L 1234: on the fly? Or must I log out and redo the SSH command?05:52
whatevok i tried unmounting /media/usb and doing sudo chmod -R 755 /media/usb but all the files/dirs are still just rwx------05:52
tritiumwolter: I just showed you above that it's in intrepid's restricted repo05:52
cwilluwhatev, I told you already that won't do anything05:52
john522if i MOVE the icon will it work05:52
woltertritium, ah ok05:52
blankthemuffinI'm looking for a way to enable emulate the system beep function, is there an application which does this?05:52
cwilluwhatev, what is the file system on the usb?05:52
woltertritium, ah, ok sorry, i couldnt manage to read, thank you.05:52
bonez451cwillu: http://pastebin.ca/131831305:52
tritiumwolter: no problem :)05:52
kevdogAzharn: installing the mysqlclient15-dev package now that I can reproduce your original error05:53
blankthemuffinBy emulate I mean run though the normal sound system, rather than the PC speaker.05:53
cwillubonez451, did you see that other thing I mentioned?05:53
bonez451cwillu:  that's where i went FIRST..05:53
cwillubonez451, also, check system | preferences | screen resolution, and check if the drop down will give you the option of using 1280x102405:53
whatevi need it to work because my document root is located on my usb05:53
whatevso it can be portable05:53
cwillubonez451, and it didn't show?05:53
whatevfor testing05:53
woltertritium, they are all enabled... in the ubuntu software right?05:53
bonez451cwillu it only shows 640x480 or 800-x60005:53
bonez451tritium: take a look at the pastebin.. it shows NOTHing in there05:53
wolterbonez451, are you having graphica driver problems?05:54
woltertough louck...05:54
tritiumwolter: the restricted repo05:54
bonez451wolter: YEAH...05:54
tritiumbonez451: that's not your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and it doesn't tell me what driver you normally use05:54
cwillubonez451, xrandr --output default --preferred05:54
woltertritium, Propietary drivers for devices (restricted) is enabled/05:54
cwillubonez451, tell me if it changes anything05:54
cwillubonez451, if not, try:  xrandr --output default --mode 1280x1024_60.0005:55
woltertritium, perhaps i need to refresh the software sources... how do i do it?05:55
tritiumwolter: make sure you update the package list then, and then install (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180)05:55
rdw200169Tully12, keep waiting...05:55
bonez451scott@scott-desktop-8:~$ xrandr --output default --mode 1280x1024_60.0005:55
bonez451xrandr: cannot find mode 1280x1024_60.0005:55
woltertritium, since when are those drivers up n runin?05:55
djyoung4im trying to set up a dual boot system but i get an error everytime i try to install05:56
cwillubonez451, try:  xrandr --output default --mode 1280x102405:56
davew009hey, can someone help me with my menu.lst?05:56
djyoung4i dont know why any suggestions05:56
bonez451cwillu: does not change anything05:56
Tully12rdw200169, ill be here all night05:56
kevdogAzharn: ok, got it compiled05:56
bonez451tritium: http://pastebin.ca/1318313  most certainly IS my xorg.conf......05:56
tritiumbonez451: you had shown me xrandr output05:56
rdw200169Tully12, take a shot at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109682/05:57
bonez451scott@scott-desktop-8:~$ xrandr --output default --mode 1280x102405:57
bonez451xrandr: cannot find mode 1280x102405:57
Azharnkevdog: so it was the mysqlclient15-dev that was giving me the problem apparently?05:57
bonez451tritium: now though? you see that one too, of my xorg.conf?05:57
dartagnon1234I need some help networking.  I can see my router and whole network, but can't get online.05:57
cwillutritium, he pastebinned botth05:57
kevdogAzharn: Thats what I conclude b/c after adding that package I could complete the ./configure process05:57
rdw200169dartagnon1234, have you checked the dns?05:57
tritiumbonez451: yes05:57
bonez451dartagnon1234: how then are you chatting with us?05:57
Azharnkevdog: awesome, thanks for the help05:58
rdw200169dartagnon1234, are you using linux for a router?  or is it a wireless router or something/05:58
bonez451cwillu: does that help?05:58
cwilluwhatev, you have to include my name on the line, or I'm going to miss half of your messages05:58
dartagnon1234I'm on a windows computer.  @rdw200169, I'm a networking novice.  it is a RTP300, but I don't think it's the router05:59
joelsolankiALL : localhost in /etc/hosts.allow will allow to connect to that machine ?05:59
cwillubonez451, edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, in the device section, add:  Driver "intel"05:59
rdw200169dartagnon1234, ok, did you check dns? try 'cat /etc/resolv.conf'05:59
djyoung4i need help05:59
djyoung4with install help05:59
rdw200169dartagnon1234, is there line in there that says 'nameserver' with an IP address?06:00
cwilluwhatev, how are you mounting it?  from the terminal, or just letting the desktop mount it when you plug it in?06:00
whatevcwillu my truecrypt partition is mounted on /media/usb/ and it contains /media/usb/docroot, which is where i put my public web files for development. but running http://localhost/ gives me 'permission denied' errors because /media/usb doesnt have the right permissions. but cd'ing to /media/usb and typing sudo chmod -R 755 . isnt changing anything06:00
dartagnon1234thanks rdw, give me a minute to bring that up.. my Ubuntu box is in the other room06:00
woltertritium, AWESOME. you saved my life. I hated the nvidia.com installation since the second i knew i had to do it without gui.06:00
bonez451cwillu: is that it?06:00
cwilluwhatev, that you're using truecrypt would be relevant information :p06:00
bonez451cwillu: just add that to the device section?06:00
cwillubonez451, actually, pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log first, just to check06:00
rdw200169Tully12, if the screens are backwards, you don't have to switch them around, just swap Screen0 and Screen1 in the Server Layout, for future reference ;)06:01
tritiumwolter: I'm glad you got it working ;)06:01
cwilluwhatev, what's the mount line you're using?06:01
Tully12rdw200169, no need screeen1 doesnt work still06:01
whatevi'm letting truecrypt mount for me06:01
ubottuTruecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume06:01
caveman26How do I make my touchpad respond faster in gnome?... its a lil SLOW... mouse dont move very fast at all.. tried the mouse settings but no effect :/06:02
woltertritium, well, now i am getting myself delighted with the option 'Select Best Server' from Software Sources... intrepid is awesome..06:02
seektherapyanyone know anything about alsa and configurations06:02
djyoung4i have install problems.  i have a hp pavallion entertainment dv2000 laptop and i try to install ubuntu 8.04 and i get an error06:02
Bossmanbetaonce SSH'ed into a server, is there a way to add local listening ports to forward (e.g. -L 1234: on the fly? Or must I log out and redo the SSH command?06:02
Tully12rdw200169, if i were to have both monitors on one gpu would that make thing alot easier?06:02
rdw200169Tully12, shouldn't matter, the BusID line takes care of that06:02
seektherapyIf so people need help in   irc://irc.freenode.net/alsa06:03
tritiumwolter: I'm glad you're happy, buddy06:03
rww!ot | seektherapy06:03
ubottuseektherapy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:03
jarcodjyoung4, it is better to just say the error. That way if ppl know about it they can help :D06:03
woltertritium, haha, sometimes i dont say that intrepid is awesome, but those canonical guys are making some damn good effort.06:03
rdw200169Tully12, but I don't know for sure; i think your problem right now is related to the 'modelines' in the Screen Configs06:03
djyoung4ok i will try and figure that out06:03
rdw200169Tully12, did that work at all?06:04
Tully12rdw200169, the first screen works great, 2nd one even flash or show anything06:04
davew009hey guys, in grub, ubuntu can work fine if specified the root and not uuid, right?06:04
tritiumwolter: yep06:04
rwwdavew009: yeah06:04
dartagnon1234rdw200169, cat /etc/resolv.conf returned one line and it was commented out06:04
woltertritium, wow, i knew mit's server was the fastest...06:04
rdw200169Tully12, can you post the latest version of Xorg.X.log?06:05
bonez451cwillu: can't get varlog to paste.. it dies .. in the attempt..06:05
roccity_has anyone ever had problems with changing xorg and it affecting there wireless?06:05
bonez451cwillu: suggestions on how to capture it and pastebin it?06:05
Tully12rdw200169, sure06:05
cwilluwhatev, sorry, it's going to be a config setting on truecrypt, which I'm not really familiar with06:05
rdw200169dartagnon1234, yeah, you don't have a DNS server specified, did you manually assign the IP address06:05
cwillubonez451, how are you pasting it?06:05
tritiumwolter: probably depends on where you are06:05
cwillubonez451, I'd expect pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log would work06:05
cwillubonez451, (apt-get install pastebinit)06:06
roccity_I was trying to get xinerama working and it didn't work but it would try and connect to my ethernet06:06
woltertritium, yeah, well, i am far away from it, but the national ubuntu servers (COsta Rica) are not as good... at all.06:06
dartagnon1234rdw200169, yeah, trying to get ssh working.  what should I do to get my DNS working?06:06
rdw200169cwillu, that sounds useful. i've been copying + pasting06:06
blankthemuffinI'm looking for a way to enable emulate the system beep function, is there an application which does this? By emulate I mean run though the normal sound system, rather than the PC speaker.06:06
dartagnon1234I can actually putty into my comp so that should save a couple seconds : P06:06
rdw200169dartagnon1234, the easiest way is to set it in System -> Administration -> Network06:06
whatevcwillu well do you know how i can mount a filesystem with 755 permissions on every file?06:07
rstecklerOther than disable root ssh, close all ports except http and 8080 (tomcat), change phpmyadmin's folder, is there anything else I need to do to secure my server?06:07
ethana2so I've got sound out of my headest06:07
dartagnon1234rdw200169, I tried looking in there a few times... I didn't see anything that sounded like gateway or dns06:07
bonez451cwillu: http://pastebin.com/f539c8fb506:07
ethana2but it's not working with pulseaudio06:07
bonez451cwillu: there ya go06:07
ethana2it crashes everything06:07
ethana2it crashes the server, every app that tries to play sound06:08
rdw200169dartagnon1234, fine, just edit resolv.conf to get it working for now; make sure that's the problem06:08
ethana2I have to restart06:08
ethana2or log out06:08
rdw200169just add this line to it:06:08
tritiumwolter: gotcha06:08
davew009quick question for my grub again, i have ubuntu installed on /dev/sda6, which is, with its swap partition on /dev/sda3, so in grub should i point root to sda6 or sda3?06:08
cwilluwhatev, mount ... -o umask=... should do something for you06:08
cwillubonez451, thanks06:08
wolterallquixotic, hey, whats up. I haven't been able to fix this problem I fight with, but I wanted to tell you that the 180 driver for nvidia is now available from the restricted repos on intrepid06:08
ethana2davew009: the root is /dev/sda606:08
rdw200169dartagnon1234, gimme a sec.06:08
dartagnon1234rdw200169, no problem06:09
miranda_psiwhatev: if its a filesystem that supports linux  permissions then it can be done, otherwise just mount it using an fstab entry with the option umask=002206:09
davew009ethan, fanastic man, thanks a bunch06:09
ethana2davew009: no problem06:09
Tully12rdw200169, http://paste.ubuntu.com/109685/06:09
bonez451cwillu: is this like brain surgery... over the phone? hehe06:09
whatevcwillu looks like i need "rw,sync,utf8,uid=1000,umask=0000"06:09
anonbadgerhello room06:10
rdw200169dartagnon1234, nameserver
rdw200169dartagnon1234, that's opendns, it's safe06:10
anonbadgerI am having some trouble burning the ubuntu iso to disc06:10
Bossmanbetait is doable06:10
anonbadgerwhat am I doing wrong?06:10
ethana2anonbadger: how did you get the image?06:10
Paddy_EIREanonbadger, what OS are you on06:10
Paddy_EIREanonbadger, if you are on windows use "imgburn"06:10
anonbadgerI downloaded it with bittorrent06:10
Tully12anonbadger, what program and you trying to use06:10
Hilikushey guys, what program do you recommend to burn dvds? i want something that lets me do multisession dvds06:10
ethana2anonbadger: ok good, that means the file should be already checksummed06:11
cwilluwhatev, okay, you're on intel already (which isn't surprising)06:11
anonbadgerand tried burning it with NERO in windows AND using the Fedora burning program06:11
cwillubonez451, ^^^06:11
Paddy_EIREanonbadger, And you have a .iso file yes?06:11
cwillubonez451, sec though, something else isn't right06:11
anonbadgeryes .iso06:11
Paddy_EIREanonbadger, use imgburn06:11
bonez451cwillu: ok..06:11
Paddy_EIREanonbadger, http://www.imgburn.com/06:11
anonbadgerok thanks06:12
Tully12anonbadger, have you conf'd your bios to boot from cd first?06:12
anonbadgeryes that's ok06:12
Paddy_EIRESimplicity.. just to get you on your way anonbadger .. keep it simple :)06:12
anonbadgerthe image would not burn to disc06:12
ice_creamo.O fx and xchat look so much better with a diff gtk2 theme06:12
ethana2ethan@home:~$ pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=bluetooth06:13
ethana2Connection failure: Connection refused06:13
John```I got cut off06:13
woltertritium, drivers finished installing.. should i just reboot, or just relog?06:13
cwillubonez451, in section "screen"...06:14
cwillu SubSection "Display"06:14
cwillu               Virtual 1280 102406:14
cwillu        EndSubSection06:14
tritiumwolter: it's up to you.06:14
cwillubonez451, add that06:14
rdw200169Tully12, ah, line 172: (EE) Screen 1 deleted because of no matching config section.06:14
cwillubonez451, and restart x06:14
woltertritium, so relog is fine to use the new drivers?06:14
whatevcwillu yeah those mount options worked :D06:14
cwilluwhatev, k :p06:14
tritiumwolter: yes06:14
whatevthanks for the help06:14
John```my question was.. How to restore the 'gnome foot icon' on the panel in ubuntu 8.04... current screen resolution is 1024x768...06:15
greatcaffeineDoes anyone know if there's a way to increase the amount of VRAM used by Intel graphics cards?06:16
ice_creamand  nice package gtk-chtheme06:16
ethana2greatcaffeine: nope.06:16
ethana2greatcaffeine: vRAM is all built in and the driver will use all that's available06:16
ethana2no wait, wait06:17
greatcaffeineYeah, it's a GMA 950.06:17
ethana2I think so, but I don't know how06:17
greatcaffeineNo BIOS options, unfortunately. :(06:17
ethana2I think it may be a BIO-06:17
cdennywhen i try to change the default mail client in firefox for mailto, evolution is the only one and i want to use thunderbird.  how do i add it?06:17
cwillugreatcaffeine, the driver should manage it internally06:17
ethana2cwillu: he has no vRAM06:17
ethana2only system RAM06:17
allquixoticwolter: Good to know06:17
ethana2it's all software06:17
cwillugreatcaffeine, """For the 830M and later, the driver will  automatically  size  its06:18
cwillu       memory  allocation  according  to the features it will support.  There‐06:18
cwillu       fore, the VideoRam option, which in the  past  had  been  necessary  to06:18
cwillu       allow  more  than  some  small amount of memory to be allocated, is now06:18
cwillu       ignored."""06:18
rdw200169Tully12, take a shot at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109686/06:18
cwilluethana2, you of little faith :p06:18
ethana2cwillu: ?06:18
dracnoccdenny: change your preffered email in System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications06:18
jtajicdenny: set it in system > prefs > preferred applications06:18
cwilluethana2, and the amount of system ram it uses is managed by the driver06:18
wolterhey allquixotic and tritium !!! My problem got fixed! At least till now... THANK YOU SO MUCH06:19
ethana2cwillu: yeah.....06:19
ethana2cwillu: what's with the 'little faith' thing/06:19
tritiumwolter: that rocks!  Nice job, man.06:19
greatcaffeineWell, next question then...  anyone know why xorg.conf is completely blank in Ubuntu 9.04?06:19
cwilluethana2, "he has no vRAM"06:19
rwwgreatcaffeine: Jaunty support in #ubuntu+1, not here06:19
ethana2intel integrated06:19
cdennythank you so much, i love this channel!06:19
ethana2system RAM only06:19
greatcaffeinerww: thanks06:19
woltertritium, nice job... YOU nice job. Thank YOU.06:19
cwilluethana2, in response to me saying it was managed internally06:19
rwwgreatcaffeine: the probable answer, though, is "because Xorg autodetects it all"06:19
* ethana2 is confused now06:20
tritiumwolter: any time, buddy!06:20
ethana2am I going to get my bluetooth headset working tonigh?06:20
cwilluethana2, probably not06:20
ethana2or should I just give up until tomorrow/06:20
dartagnon1234rdw200169, so that worked.. am I going to have to do that every time I restart?06:20
rwwethana2: I'm guessing you tried the stuff in !bluetooth already?06:20
rdw200169dartagnon1234, yes, until you set it in the Gnome Network Manger thing, or in /etc/network/interfaces06:21
ethana2rww: yes06:21
ethana2rww: I got it to play sound06:21
ethana2I just can't get it to not brutally murder pulseaudio06:21
allquixoticwolter: How did you fix it?06:21
rwwethana2: can't say I blame it. I want to brutally murder PulseAudio regularly.06:21
dartagnon1234rdw200169, what line should I add to my /etc/network/interfaces file?06:21
wolterallquixotic, i installed the nvidia-glx-180 package from the repos, like you said, it was all about the video drivers...06:21
wolterallquixotic, should I run nvidia-xconfig to get all the effects enabled?06:22
wolteri mean, tritium06:22
tritiumwolter: which effects?06:22
allquixoticwolter: No, if you were using the binary drivers before then nvidia-xconfig won't do anything more for you06:22
cwilluwolter, appearances | effects | ->extra should do it06:22
woltertritium, i dont know... with nvidia-xconfig there is always an extra section with a lot of options06:22
DWITA_99why am I always banned freom dalnet06:23
DWITA_99why am I always banned from dalnet06:23
tritiumDWITA_99: this is freenode, not dalnet06:23
rwwDWITA_99: No idea. Go ask dalnet.06:23
woltercwillu, not those effects, i have compiz enabled... i mean the buffer stuff and all that alien gpu options06:23
tritiumwolter: if you're referring to compiz stuff, see cwillu's response above06:23
rdw200169dartagnon1234, use dns-nameservers06:23
cwilluwolter, nvidia-settings?06:23
cwillubonez451, still there?06:24
rdw200169dartagnon1234, i.e. in the section for the interface for the internet, which should have been set up already w/ the address/netmask/gateway, add the line 'dns-nameservers'06:24
woltercwillu, thanks then06:25
rdw200169dartagnon1234, here's where i found your answer, if you want to read more: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-gateway.en.html06:25
tritiumrdw200169: excellent use of a good reference06:26
Tully12rdw200169, http://paste.ubuntu.com/109689/  <-- I GOT IT!06:26
rdw200169tritium, i try to help06:26
dartagnon1234rdw200169, thanks-you've been a big help.06:26
tritiumrdw200169: nice work.  Thanks!06:26
Tully12rdw200169, thanks alot for your help man i really appreciate it06:27
rdw200169Tully12, hey, not to much different from what i did ;)  you found the very well hidden nvidia driver documentation; that, or a good forum...06:27
cwilluis there anyway to make aptitude reinstall do a purge of the package, rather than just doing a normal reinstall?06:27
rdw200169Tully12, hey, no problem !06:27
rdw200169Tully12, i remember what heck i've been through trying to do the same thing...06:28
Hilikushey guys, how can i split a file into several parts but so that they don't have to be all the same size? i just want the first slice to be of a different size and everything else the same06:28
dracnoccwillu: add the --purge option to the command06:29
rdw200169Tully12, ah, i see what it was: you aren't using DFP monitors (digital)06:29
rdw200169Tully12, i should have put CRT in the modelines...06:29
cwilludracnoc, thanks06:30
U-b-u-n-t-uI formatted a Sata drve on my computer but it wont let me make a new folder or copy paste anything on to the drive for back up any idea why?06:30
rdw200169Tully12, shoot, you could *seriously* upgrade your monitors!  i'm running dual on a Geforce 7X series and i've got much higher resolutions, + 3D acceleration06:30
cwilludracnoc, --purge isn't a commandline option in man though06:30
Tully12rdw200169, i didnt do that nvidia-settings did LOL, so idk dumb luck i guess06:30
Diehardyare there any actual chat rooms i can go to?06:30
rdw200169Tully12, yeah, that's what it did then06:31
rww!ot | Diehardy06:31
rdw200169Tully12, it only made a couple minor changes06:31
ubottuDiehardy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:31
dracnoccwillu: try it without the --06:31
cwilludracnoc, that's a purge then, not a reinstall06:31
Tully12well rdw200169, thanks again for everything, im off to go customize everything to hell and back nao06:31
rdw200169Tully12, does compiz work on ea. screen?06:32
ziggleshi guys, if i want to make a host on my network respond to something.domain.com, what should be installed on that host?  do i need bind?06:32
rwwU-b-u-n-t-u: Newly-formatted drives are often configured to be only writable by root. You could try "sudo chown -R yourusername:yourgroup /path/to/mountpoint" or "sudo chmod -R ugo+rwx /path/to/mountpoint" to remedy that.06:32
Tully12rdw200169, yep everything wigglez06:32
cwilludracnoc, nvm, just using dpkg directly06:32
dracnoccwillu: lol, fair enough.06:33
U-b-u-n-t-urww thanks and its mounted in media/disk06:33
rdw200169Tully12, you may notice that video and such doesn't work right; if that's the case, you just disable compiz on *one* the monitors; it was a bug in compiz.  i don't know if it's there anymore; i'm still using 8.0406:33
U-b-u-n-t-uits that where it should be?06:33
rwwU-b-u-n-t-u: sounds about right. You'd replace "/path/to/mountpoint" with "/media/disk/" in the commands above.06:33
Tully12ahh ok thanks rdw200169 for the tip06:33
* cwillu purges hal and pm-utils06:34
U-b-u-n-t-urww thanks I am going to change the permissions now then06:34
rdw200169Tully12, in order to do that, (Alt+F2 for all this): metacity --replace; move mouse to the screen you want compiz on; then: compiz --only-current-screen06:34
movieboxHi - When I type in places it does auto spell check - but it is set to another country's language somewhere - how can I change it to English ? ?06:34
zigglesanyone know how i can name a computer something like host.domain.com ?06:35
Tully12rdw200169, saved that cuz i wont remember it lol06:35
rdw200169Tully12, even though you can't drag windows b/w the screens, the benefit is that you can do full screen on *one* screen; i.e. watch a movie on one and play a wine game on the other, and still be able to mouse b/w them06:35
rdw200169Tully12, i do that alot!06:35
cwilluyay, I can reboot from the menu again :p06:36
U-b-u-n-t-urww worked perfectly thanks!06:36
cwillurdw200169, most apps  (well, movie players, and some games) do that even with xinerama06:36
rwwU-b-u-n-t-u: You're welcome! Glad I could help :)06:36
Hilikushow can i split a file into several parts but so that they don't have to be all the same size? i just want the first slice to be of a different size and everything else the same06:36
cwillurdw200169, i.e., doubleclick totem on one screen, you can still drag stuff from screen to screen, and totem's fullscreen stays on the screen it started on06:36
John```How to restore the 'gnome foot icon' on the panel in ubuntu 8.04... current screen resolution is 1024x768...06:37
MethinXI have a question concerning Auto CAD for Linux.... does it exist?06:37
rdw200169cwillu, yes, you just can't drag stuff, and there won't be icons on the desktop on Screen106:37
cwillurdw200169, ... no.06:37
rdw200169cwillu, but the mouse goes freely back and forth06:37
mib_lr2xddhow can i change the destination folder for a download that has already been added to transmission? 8.04 and Transmission 1.2206:37
cwillurdw200169, I've got compiz on both screens, normal dual screen setup, can drag windows across, and can fullscreen normally (i.e., to one monitor)06:37
rdw200169cwillu, Nvidia?06:37
KungfuJoeWhat is the difference between Hardy, Feisty, etc, and How do I know which one I have?06:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about autocad06:38
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.06:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about CAD06:38
cwillurdw200169, nvidia, radeon and intel, I've done it on them all :p06:38
shadokKungfuJoe: cat /etc/lsb-release06:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind06:38
rww!version | KungfuJoe06:38
ubottuKungfuJoe: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »06:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind906:38
rww!botabuse > ziggles06:38
ubottuziggles, please see my private message06:38
cwillurdw200169, this desktop is nvidia, 2x1280x102406:38
lanoxx-where does ubuntu store source code for applications?06:38
cwillulanoxx-, apt-get source <packagename> will download the source for that package06:39
rdw200169cwillu, i found that since i have un-equal monitor sizes, that it was *much* more reliable having completely separate screens; that and the compiz problem i already mentioned06:39
rdw200169cwillu, i'm still using 8.04, i haven't tried w/8.1006:39
* cwillu shrugs at rdw20016906:39
cwillurdw200169, been doing this since 7.0406:39
lanoxx-cwillu, thx06:39
rwwKungfuJoe: You can find out which version of Ubuntu you have with "lsb_release -a". Hardy, Feisty, etc. are different versions of Ubuntu; you can see a list of all Ubuntu versions at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases06:40
KungfuJoeOk, so I have intrepid. Does it make a huge diff which one I have? I'm under the impression that these are codenames for the different releases, right?06:40
cwillurdw200169, what was the compiz problem you were having?06:40
lanoxx-cwillu, what the respective command for aptitude?06:40
zigglesAnyone know how to rename a host to host.domain.com ???06:40
rdw200169cwillu, choppy video w/compiz on both screens06:40
jtajiKungfuJoe: you have hte latest, 8.10 (october 2008)06:40
* Tully12 hi fives rdw200169 and hands him 12 dollars worth of asian porn06:40
cwillulanoxx-, no idea, but I'd imagine aptitude --help would tell you :p06:40
KungfuJoeOk, thanks guys06:40
cwillulanoxx-, aptitude isn't really giving you anything for that case though06:40
rwwKungfuJoe: Intrepid is the current version of Ubuntu. It was released in October, 2008 and will be supported until April, 2010. The next version of Ubuntu will be coming out this April.06:40
KungfuJoeJtaji: Porn's free06:40
KungfuJoeCool, thanks guys06:41
cwillurdw200169, ah, I just turn off vsync06:41
* rdw200169 goes to bed; he has a lot of college stuff to do tomorrow!06:41
cwillurdw200169, unredirect fullscreen might help too06:42
lanoxx-cwillu, where are the sources stored after i downloaded them?06:42
AzharnIn bash, how do I add tables to a database?06:42
Azharn(in mysql)06:43
cwillulanoxx-, folder in the current directory06:43
webbhawk_h4x0r58im trying to d/l ubuntu .. im in firefox and it says it has zero bytes remaining to d/l .. in firefox06:44
webbhawk_h4x0r58but it wont finish06:44
webbhawk_h4x0r58says unknown time remaining06:44
John```did u try a different mirror webbhawk_h4x0r58?06:44
rolnzyxI am trying to make a launcher icon that runs a command on a terminal and doesn't close it wen I am finished. I can't find that "dont close terminal" option. Any hints?06:44
c0l2e1how can I fix my Compaq Presario 2100 to work with Taxan Projector??06:44
webbhawk_h4x0r58John```: not yet it took 27 mins to d/l this one06:45
webbhawk_h4x0r58and its stuck06:45
wolteris there a downloadable pygtk tutorial/ref manual from the ubuntu repository? the pygtk site is down...06:45
cwillurdw200169, might have some luck just setting the refresh rate by hand for compiz (turning off auto-detect)06:45
John```id try downloading from a different mirror06:46
adantehowdy - anybody know of a guide for installing a copy of ubuntu onto a hdd for use in a laptop without cdrom/floppy, using a windows based machine?06:46
jtajiwolter: aptitude search python-gtk06:46
c0l2e1how can I fix my Compaq Presario 2100 to work with LCD Projector06:46
jtaji!install | adante06:47
ubottuadante: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate06:47
zigglescan someone please point me in the right direction for naming my computer as such: host.domain.com ???06:47
jtajiziggles: put host in /etc/hostname, in /etc/hosts leave the line alone but in the next line put: IP host.domain.com host06:49
TelQuelhey, anyone around...06:49
jtajiziggles: then sudo hostname -F /etc/hostname06:49
movieboxIs samba & samba tools all I need install to access a windows computer on my network ?06:50
MethinXHi all, can anyone help me find a program?06:50
zigglesjtaji: thank you but will this only work on host with the edited hosts file?06:50
TelQuelI have a very basic question about keyboard settings: why do my shift number keys not give the correct symbols and backslash does not work...06:50
zigglesjtaji: i was hoping to setup the computer so i could reach it from anywhere on the net by using a fqdn06:50
movieboxMethinX; What are you looking for?06:50
TelQuelI have tried setting my keyboard layout to toshiba sattelite but it is the wrong model or something because the keys are not mapping properly.06:50
c0l2e1how can I fix my Compaq Presario 2100 to work with LCD Projector06:51
adantethanks jtaji06:51
jtajiziggles: you're using a cable modem, with a router?06:51
rolnzyxI am trying to make a desktop launcher icon that runs a command on a terminal and doesn't close it when it's finished . If I do right click on the desktop and then select create launcher, I can't find that "don't close terminal option" Any help making a that non closing terminal launcher?06:51
zigglesoh sorry, the host i want to do this on is not06:51
jtajiziggles: your hostname in ubuntu doesn't really matter06:51
TelQuelanyone know why my keyboard will not function correctlyÉ06:52
zigglesjtaji: the host i would like to set this up on is exposed to the net... no router blocking06:52
jtajiziggles: go to dyndns.com and get yourself a free domain name, and probably your router has a ddns client which can update that domain name with your current IP06:52
TelQuelthat accented E was meant to be a question mark... wait, is my keyboard set to french perhapsÉ06:52
seektherapyHow can i find my configurations for my sound card?06:52
cwilluTelQuel, yesÉ06:53
TelQuelhow the hell do I make it englishÉ06:53
MethinXCould anyone help me find a program that resembles AutoCAD? or any type of program that designs homes?06:53
AzharnIn bash, how do I create mysql tables within a database?06:53
jtajiziggles: you still only have 1 dynamic IP address from comcast so you'll want to use dyndns to map that to a domain name06:54
Paddy_EIREGah.. selinux is a pest06:54
TelQuelI am trying to switch to usa in keyboard layouts instead of canada but it won let me06:54
=== lstarnes is now known as Starnestommy
jtajiziggles: you can set your linux system up with that dyndns domain name.. or do you own your own domain name?06:54
zigglesjtaji: i have my own :)06:55
TelQuelthe keyboard settings have not saved or something06:55
zigglesjtaji: if i set the host's dns servers to point at the same DNS that my domain points at... can i then simply rename the host and have it pinging?06:56
TelQuelfinally I have struck a blow for functionality with this infernal machine.06:56
moojahey, new to linux - can 'ls' command show the size of each directory like windows explorer? I would like to sort directories by their size, but can't find how to do it in a man page06:56
TelQuelAhhh to be able to punctuate again! Is this what separates man from beast?06:56
jtajiziggles: the problem is your comcast IP address can change06:56
jtajiziggles: unless you want to use and pay for dyndns's custom dns, you can set a CNAME in your domain's zone to point to the free dyndns domain06:57
zigglesjtaji: what if my IP was static?06:57
=== family is now known as somethingclever
jtajiziggles: then it's easy :)06:57
zigglesjtaji: lol awesome because i have ANOTHER host i need to do this for that 100% of the time has a static ip06:58
=== scientes__ is now known as scientes
somethingcleveri know about wine, i use it and love it, is there anything to run mac apps (intel based apps) on linux06:58
zigglesjtaji: is it as easy as just setting the record in the nameserver?06:58
=== antoine_ is now known as fenoamby
TelQueldoes anyone know of other office software aside from openOffice that is good?06:58
TelQuelalso free.06:59
patmanpatois there a way (or tool) to upgrade nvidia drivers to 180.22 ? (im using 177.82 in intrepid)06:59
DasEiTelQuel: abiword06:59
ice_creami suppose you could find separate apps not all bundled in a suite06:59
cwilluTelQuel, koffice06:59
jtajiTelQuel: there is koffice, and abiword/gnumeric/etc..., we'll leave the evaluation to you ;)06:59
zigglesjtaji: maybe an A record?07:00
TelQuelwhat do you fellas use?07:00
jtajijtaji: yeah07:00
zigglesjtaji: that's really it?! lol... i have been blowing this out of proportion i think lol.07:00
zigglesjtaji: thanks man!07:00
TelQuelI need something that accomodates the navy blue background/white text layout for word processing because I write a lot and it hurts my eyes to use black/white.07:00
jtajiziggles: yeah no problem07:01
cwilluTechnoviking, so you're really looking for a good text editor/word processor in particular07:01
zigglesjtaji: sorry one more Q.  Does the host need any kind of configuration?07:01
cwilluTelQuel, ^^^07:01
ice_creamwhite text doesnt hurt your eyes? o.O07:01
cwilluTelQuel, abiword in fullscreen mode perhaps?07:01
cwilluice_cream, inverted colour schemes have uses07:01
jtajiziggles: you might want/need to set the IP statically in /etc/network/interfaces07:02
ardchoilleTelQuel: Thought about changing your gtk theme?  http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk207:02
ice_creami've sort of setup my own little light blue theme with varied black and white text07:02
zigglesjtaji: got it, thanks again sir!07:02
ice_creambut to type a lot on a dark background with white text...i dont see how that'd make it easier on the eyes07:03
cwilluice_cream, less light07:03
TelQuelYeah, I want to try to get my whole system the least eye-blazing I can. Does anyone know how to change colour layout in openoffice?07:03
zigglesgod i want some ice cream07:03
cwilluice_cream, especially on a crt, staring at a black screen all day is _way_ easier on the eyes07:03
cwilluice_cream, don't forget, you don't have to keep contrast and brightness cranked up on the monitor :p07:04
TelQuelice cream: the brain does a very poor job with monochromatic contrast07:04
TelQuelice cream: that is why so many optical illusions involve grayscale07:04
patmanpatoanyone know if there is there a way (or tool) to upgrade nvidia drivers to 180.22 ? (im using 177.82 in intrepid)07:06
jtajiTelQuel: Tools > Options ... OpenOffice.org > Appearance07:06
cwillupatmanpato, apt-get install nvidia-glx-180?07:07
cwillu!info nvidia-glx-180 | patmanpato07:07
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 9046 kB, installed size 26444 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)07:07
cwillupatmanpato, (I only found out about that today, I'd been using a ppa with -180 in it before)07:07
* cwillu huggles tritium in patmanpato's general direction07:08
patmanpatocwillu: oooh, ill try it07:08
TelQuelI installed ubuntu as a backup for my windows XP installation but I think I am going to completely eliminate my doze now.07:08
TelQueljtaji: thanks.07:08
jtajiTelQuel: enjoy07:08
TelQuelNow I need to gets some fonts like palantino07:08
patmanpatohaha, eliminate ur doze :P sounds funny07:09
TelQuelso that my prof accepts my damned papers heh.07:09
TelQuelhaha, I am working the overnight shift... eliminating doze is a big priority!07:09
cwilluTelQuel, apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:09
cwilluTelQuel, installs flash, mp3 codec support, and the ms fonts07:10
cwilluamong other things07:10
TelQuelmy windows installation got a nasty case of the vundo virus last week... came through java07:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sis07:10
ubuntnewTelQuel: what does that virus do07:11
TelQuela lot.07:11
ipooptoomuchi have ubuntu 8.04 is the laptop killing bug patched in this version?07:12
TelQuelthe newer incarnations install themselves in a plethora of different places07:12
ipooptoomuchi read around and i cant figure it out07:12
TelQueland rename themselves frequently07:12
MrPeepers310 hey in kde 3 i had a setting were a windows toolbar (i.e. File, edit, etc...) would show up on the top of the desktop. (like in mac os X) now in 4 that toolbar just pops out and acts as an actual window. Is there a way to undo that mac osX style setting?07:12
queinIs there away to remember to hookup to a shared folder on another computer - I guess same as or similar to mapping a drive in windows ?07:12
cwilluipooptoomuch, I can't decide whether to ignore you or to answer your question (might start by using a, um,  different, nick07:12
TelQuelthen it spies on you for a while hoping that you buy some stuff online or what have you.07:13
cwilluipooptoomuch, but which bug?07:13
ipooptoomuchthe one that makes your hard drive park and unpark07:13
ipooptoomuchwith ac power on07:13
TelQuelThen it starts trying to hijack your administrator account and if your virus protection is weak then its pretty much game-over07:13
skate2is there a keyboard shortcut for showing your desktop?07:14
cwilluipooptoomuch, don't know.  Haven't had any issues myself07:14
TelQuelif you try to remove it it often remotely downloads another copy somewhere else, pretty annoying07:14
ubuntnewwow, that's pretty bad07:14
cwillubug #10453507:14
TelQuelworst virus I've dealt with in years07:14
ubuntnewhave u kill it07:14
cwilluubottu, bug #10453507:15
cwilluand listen when I talk to you07:15
=== hayes is now known as HayesWilliams
* cwillu smacks the bot07:15
TelQuelI'm just going to wipe my windows installation because it is dirty anyway and I am thinking of expanding my familiarity and partition size for Ubuntu heh07:15
ubuntnewgood for u07:15
TelQuelthe real kicker is that it came in through sun's java platform07:15
TelQuelI sort of feel like I'd rather not run even the outside chance of having this sort of thing happen again. heh.07:16
FlannelTelQuel: Please keep the discussion on topic.  Windows Viruses aren't.07:16
HayesWilliamsi am chasing a bug in ifconfig and i need an ip address someone pm it to me!07:16
ipooptoomuchi keep windows install on seperate partition it makes wiping easy...theres a cd iso somewhere that will auto install windows with one keypress07:16
TelQuelflannel: sorry, I got asked a question and got carried away with the answer.07:16
mib_lr2xddhow can i change the destination folder for a download that has already been added to transmission? 8.04 and Transmission 1.2207:17
cwilluipooptoomuch, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969507:18
TelQuelanyone know of a good beginner guide for using the terminal?07:18
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:18
dmsupermanTelQuel: You mean using bash?07:18
cwilluipooptoomuch, seems to imply that it's fixed in hardy and intrepid07:18
ipooptoomuchthanks... i read and i wanted to make sure07:18
TelQuelindeed, thanks ubottu07:18
dmsuperman !bot07:19
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:19
ubuntnewheh, i guess ubottu is a robot07:19
werdnum!best | ubottu07:19
ubottuwerdnum: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:19
TelQuelI am polite even to NPCs haa07:19
ipooptoomuchi used an ubuntu 5 cd and did all the upgrades to 8.04... is my install going to be slower than a clean install from a 8.04 cd07:20
cwilluipooptoomuch, launchpad.net is usually fairly authoritative information07:20
cwilluipooptoomuch, way more authoritative than something like ubuntuforums, for instance07:20
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: I would generally avoid a full upgrade, especially one with so many versions, and instead just do a fresh reinstall07:21
TekumelI'd like to install Teamspeak Server from the package repository (instead of downloading from Teamspeak's website), but I don't want to run as a default user. How would I go about changing the user it runs as at startup?07:21
phorensicMy playlist in vlc doesn't let me drag and drop items into it. Also VLC will not change the skin, it remains on a certain one even after sudo apt-get remove --purge vlc then reinstall, any ideas?07:21
ipooptoomuchwell i used ubuntu 5 because my laptop has no external drives other than the hard drive (i used a desktop to install it to the hard drive and then moved the hard drive to my laptop in the middle of the conversion)07:21
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: You could run a network install if your laptop supports booting from the network07:22
phorensicipooptoomuch: USB install???07:22
ipooptoomuchno usb support07:22
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:22
ipooptoomuchand i tried network and never got it to work07:22
TelQuelI am trying to get the restricted extras package but I keep getting an error saying it is temporarily unavailable. What gives? I need those fonts. heh.07:23
TelQuelahhh it's because there's an update running07:23
fmeff001what can i do, if there's no keycode assigned to my Super_L-key???07:24
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: Either way, linux isn't typically like windows, you can usually move it around and it will continue to function normally07:24
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: Try putting the drive in your desktop and installing the latest version there, then move it back07:24
ipooptoomuchbut this is the only thing that worked out of my 8 os cds07:25
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: Intrepid Alternate install CD doesn't work?07:25
ipooptoomuchi havent tried... and i dont want to go through and reinstall from the same old cd in case it wont work07:26
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: Well, just keep it in mind, if you end up having issues because of all the upgrades, then that's one way you may be able to get the latest version installed07:27
ipooptoomuchyeah i had to download over 1000 packages... its doing its job07:27
UsmanI have a problem detecting the wireless network card of my laptop with Ubuntu07:27
cwilluipooptoomuch, dmsuperman, that being said, it's possible to have a clean install through a bunch of upgrades, but it really helps to know what the major changes were for each update, and then checking the workarounds added and removing the ones you don't actually need07:28
UsmanLaptop is HP Pavilion DV 1251NR07:28
dmsupermancwillu: It's certainly possible, but with that many changes you're a lot more likely to have a conflict07:28
ipooptoomuchwell... worst case scenario what kind of performance hit am i looking at07:28
Usmanand Ubuntu version 8.0407:28
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: Theoretically none07:28
Usmancan anyone help me with detecting it?07:29
FlynsarmyWhat's a bluetooth GUI program i can use for gnome?07:29
cwilluipooptoomuch, after it's all done, creating a new user (admin, etc) to use instead of the one you started with will get rid of some clutter07:29
c0l2e1how can I fix my ubuntu to work with LCD Projector?07:29
ipooptoomuchyeah this pentium 3 386mb ram is about as fast as my p4 2gb ram windows machine07:29
dmsupermanUsman: Try typing "lspci" and pasting the results into http://pastebin.com/ then give us the URL it takes you to07:29
phorensicFlynsarmy: Doesn't it have one already installed?07:29
TelQuelwhat browser do you guys use?07:30
Flynsarmyphorensic, the default bluetooth icon isn't appearing in my taskbar. i dunno how to get it back. gnome-bluetooth is installed07:30
dmsuperman!poll | TelQuel07:30
ubottuTelQuel: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:30
phorensicFlynsarmy: system-prefs-bluetooth07:30
UsmanOkay,I am doing it now07:31
Usman2 mins07:31
Flynsarmyphorensic, already tried it. i set it to appear always. no dice. i also went applications - accessories - bluetooth ifle sharing and now have an icon up there. but when i right click all i hvae is 'about' and 'quit'07:31
ipooptoomuchonce i get up to 10+ tabs though i get lag but thats on this $200 beater laptop07:31
dmsupermanFlynsarmy: Type "bluetooth-properties" into a terminal and see what it says07:31
Flynsarmydmsuperman, no output07:31
dmsupermanFlynsarmy: Does it return you to a prompt or continue to run something?07:31
phorensicFlynsarmy: Is it a laptop, the bluetooth is turned on and everything07:31
Flynsarmydmsuperman, returns to next prompt07:32
Flynsarmyphorensic, it's a laptop. pretty sure the bluetooth is turne don because in the system - preferences - bluetooth is found my phone07:32
dmsupermanFlynsarmy: What about "bluetooth-properties --singleton"07:32
dmsupermanphorensic: Shouldn't matter, I don't even _have_ bluetooth but it opens up for me on my desktop07:32
Flynsarmydmsuperman, unknown option07:33
phorensicdmsuperman: True .. it opens fine for me too...07:33
phorensicFlynsarmy: try which bluetooth-properties07:34
Flynsarmyphorensic, dmsuperman already got me doing that. it just went to next prompt with no output07:35
UsmanI am using intel wifi 5100agn lspci shows intel corporation unknown device 432707:35
dmsupermanFlynsarmy: No, "which bluetooth-properties"07:35
phorensicFlynsarmy: with the "which" in front?07:35
Flynsarmyphorensic, i'm able to 'bond' my laptop with my phone but dunno how to transfer files. i did that by hitting the '+' button in the system - preferences - bluetooth07:35
ipooptoomuchwhen i create a new user how do i make sure that user has admin access07:35
dmsupermanUsman: Pastebin the entire output07:36
Flynsarmyphorensic, dmsuperman /usr/bin/bluetooth-properties07:36
cwilluipooptoomuch, put him in the admin group07:36
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: sudo usermod -a -G admin USER_NAME for the command line way to do it07:36
ipooptoomuchoh theres gui shit here \o/ woot07:37
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!07:37
phorensicFlynsarmy: bluetooth-browse07:37
ipooptoomuchbut i was named after a sailor07:37
menloI have a dell optiplex with integrated ADI 198x audio card. anyone knoow the way to get it running?07:37
dmsupermanipooptoomuch: That's no excuse07:37
Flynsarmyphorensic, that got it! thanks!07:37
phorensicFlynsarmy: hey07:38
phorensicFlynsarmy: What I did was type in which blue and then hit tab and it gave me a list of programs starting with blue (autotab feature is very useful)07:38
UsmanI have sent it07:38
dmsupermanUsman: You have to tell me the URL it takes you to07:39
Flynsarmyphorensic, ok. thanks for the tip07:39
TelQuelI am trying to install the ms fonts and I can do that by doing "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras" in terminal once my other updates are done, correct?07:40
=== rsteckler is now known as cryptyk
clearzenso I want to make a raid array that is larger than 2TB do I need to be running 64 bit software to do this?07:40
cwilluclearzen, don't think so07:40
UsmanI got this URL http://pastebin.com/m7bd4601107:40
=== Kunalagon_ is now known as Kunalagon
clearzenI have heard that there is a problem with the memory addressing on 32 bit systems on volumes above 2TB. That is will only show 2 TB and not the actual space available07:41
cwilluclearzen, memory addressing isn't related to harddrives though07:41
phorensicclearzen: I don't think that matters, is this hardware or softwre raid?07:41
clearzenIt's hardware07:42
dmsupermanTelQuel: You could just do sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts but yeah I think that does it too07:42
cwilluclearzen, unless you have a bugreport about it07:42
cwilluTelQuel, yes, and also a bunch of other useful stuff07:42
phorensicclearzen: I can't se this being a problem at all.07:42
UsmanYes I have sent you the URL07:42
TelQuelhrm why do I get an error window when I try to visit youtube? haha. I am using firefox and it seems to think I am trying to install something to www.youtube.com on my hard drive or something.07:43
cwilluclearzen, the 32/64bit is about how much address space (ram, basically) a single process (program) can use07:43
cwilluclearzen, you can even use more that 4gb memory on a 32bit os, as long as the os support pae.  Any given program would still only be able to use at most 4gb of ram though07:44
skate23gb ram vs up to 8gb?07:44
dmsupermanSo I'm reading this about how to use bluetooth, but what if lsusb doesn't list my bluetooth adapter? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup07:44
nightrid3rwow after messing arround for 6 months i finaly got my laptop resolution right, managed to find a driver in .deb format for my SIS 771/671 laptop chip07:44
cwilluskate2, it's quite a bit more actually, but it's only implemented incrementally by motherboards07:44
TekumelI'd like to install Teamspeak Server from the package repository (instead of downloading from Teamspeak's website), but I don't want to run as a default user. How would I go about changing the user it runs as at startup?07:44
clearzenphorensic: well look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext3fs#Size_limits am I reading it wrong?07:44
cwilluskate2, 64 GB07:45
phorensicclearzen: One possibility is the file system you are using, lemme see the doc07:45
nightrid3rfor those interrested see wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelineaC154107:45
cwilluclearzen, that's the file system, unrelated to 32bit/64bit processors07:45
cwilluclearzen, 8kb block size is up to 16tb, as listed on that page07:46
nightrid3rcwillu: on a very low level it might be relevant when blockcount goes over max adress size07:46
clearzenyeah, but I can only get a 8kib block size with a alpha architecture07:46
cwilluclearzen, eh?07:46
cwilluclearzen, block size is set by the file system, nothing to do with the hardware07:47
clearzensorry 8kib pages like alpha07:47
cwilluclearzen, ext4 (which is supported in jaunty when that comes out, and can also be used in intrepid with some changes) supports up to 1 exabyte filesystems, and 16tb files07:47
ubuntnewhow to set firefox work with mplayer-plugin07:47
cwilluclearzen, this isn't talking about vm pages07:47
clearzenlook at the note for 8kib block sizes07:47
nightrid3rwow 16tb files for ma pron :)07:48
phorensiccwillu: ext4? What additions did they make is is just larger file size support?07:48
cwilluphorensic, there's lots of changes07:48
clearzenanyway, I'm using 6.06. Could I still use ext4 partitions?07:48
theatrusclearzen, not without upgrading your kernel manually07:48
TelQuelhrm how do I adjust my screen brightness? It's not under appearance?07:49
cwilluclearzen, okay, so 16tb then07:49
cwilluclearzen, you'd need to be using a kernel with ext4 support.  intrepid's is the earliest with ext4 support, and it's still flagged as dev there07:49
clearzencwillu: at what point during partitioning can I specify block size?07:49
cwilluclearzen, if you're planning on using a raid, you really should have a good understanding of all the commands, so I think I'm just going to refer you to the man pages07:50
clearzencwillu: well, I am not going to be setting this up for a few weeks so I have time to choose what I want to do.07:50
cwilluclearzen, okay07:50
clearzencwillu: okay, I guess I'll just dig around07:50
cwilluclearzen, if you have a spare drive, play around with lvm + dmraid + partitioning, to get a good grip on it07:50
adantehi, is there no way for me to prep a hard drive for a ubuntu install (for a laptop with no floppy/cdrom) from another machine?07:50
clearzencwillu: or RTFM07:51
cwilluclearzen, gparted can get some of that started, although you'll really want to understand everything that is involved07:51
Usmandnsuperman: the link I got is:  http://pastebin.com/m7bd4601107:51
cwilluclearzen, if you have to stay on 6.06 (or an old kernel, etc), you might also want to look at the other possible fs's07:51
nightrid3radante: must be very old laptop07:51
fmeff001whats happening if i get keycodes for my Super_L and Super_R keys with <showkeys>, but xev only shows a keycode for Super_R????07:51
cwilluclearzen, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems#Limits07:52
cwilluclearzen, jfs might be useful07:52
clearzencwillu: sweet thanks for the link07:52
adantenightrid3r: its somewhat old, yes thanks for your concern07:52
TelQueldoes anyone know where to adjust my screen's brightness? I do not see it in preferences.07:52
nightrid3radante: you can do it but i suggest you install xubuntu as it needs less resources than ubuntu07:53
clearzencwillu: i'm thinking raid 5 or 10 but I need to figure out the size limits involved and do some further study I think. Thanks.07:53
cwilluclearzen, in a terminal, mkfs<tab> will give you a list of ones you should be able to use (although alot of them will be uninteresting)07:53
brotherhandI'm having a problem with this random occurrence every couple minutes making the Login sound07:53
cwilluclearzen, how many drives?07:53
adantenightrid3r: thanks i was actually wondering if there was a guide to explain how this was done as i could not see anything in the community documentation07:53
brotherhandit is accompanies by this log07:54
brotherhandJan 26 02:51:08 system kernel: [45640.143959] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 1507:54
brotherhandJan 26 02:51:08 system kernel: [34216.860694] usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 1607:54
brotherhandJan 26 02:51:09 system kernel: [34217.051048] usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice07:54
nightrid3radante: put hd in good laptop, install, put hd in old laptop, boot, :)07:54
clearzencwillu: if I do raid 10 I will use 8 drives07:55
brotherhandthere arent any performance problems, but can anybody tell me how to stop the Login sound from happening every couple minutes?07:55
nightrid3radante: it might complain about xorg but that can be solved07:55
clearzencwillu: I was thinking about the seagate 1.5TB07:55
cwilluclearzen, I kinda prefer 10 if you're not on a budget that is severely restricting the number of drives you use07:55
Glu3im a guy07:55
clearzencwillu: yeah, scalability is always a plus07:55
adantenightrid3r: hm so no way to do it by connecting hdd to good computer via usb, doing some steps and then plugging hdd into old laptop again?07:55
cwilluclearzen, on the other hand, I'm also a fan of simply using dmraid/lvm instead of a hardware raid :p07:56
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
cwilluclearzen, easier to switch hardware around, no raid card to die, etc07:56
nightrid3radante: no, /dev/hdXX settings have to match07:56
cwillunightrid3r, mounting et al happens by uuid now, not by physical device path07:56
Usmanhttp://pastebin.com/m7bd46011 doo you have a lolution for this?07:57
skate2i reassigned the keyboard shortcuts for volume up/down to ctrl+alt+up and ctrl+alt+down, but nothing happens when i press itl. any ideas?07:57
cwillunightrid3r, and it's /dev/sd* for most everything now too :p07:57
nightrid3rlearning something new evry day :)07:57
cwilluskate2, if you have compiz enabled, make sure the desktop wall plugin isn't using those shortcuts (even if you don't have a vertical virtual desktop, it'll still grab the keys)07:58
skate2i dont have compiz07:58
cwilluno idea then07:59
nightrid3rcwillu: so i guess adante can go with the usb thingy07:59
cwillunightrid3r, firm maybe :p07:59
skate2what's better to do for a laptop when turnin it off at night, hibernate or standby?07:59
cwillunightrid3r, I think the desktop installer won't install to a usb drive by default, but I don't know for sure07:59
cwilluskate2, I just leave mine on, not really any practical difference between the two though07:59
PeoplesAdvocateif I installed webmin using dpkg how to i uninstall everything that was installed with it?08:00
cwillueither way, the drive should be in power saving08:00
skate2cwillu,  neither use any battery power right?08:00
flodinskate2: Standby will strain the battery08:00
MechdavePeoplesAdvocate, use sudo apt-get autoremove08:00
cwilluPeoplesAdvocate, unless it keeps track, you'd have to know what you installed and remove it via dpkg/apt/synaptic/etc08:00
MechdaveOops dpkg08:00
PeoplesAdvocateok cool thanks08:00
cwilluskate2, suspend will you a very slight amount of power (my laptop can stay suspended for days before it goes dead)08:00
cwilluskate2, best thing is to leave it plugged in anyway08:01
skate2i dont like leaving it plugged in because the charger uses a lot of electricity08:01
cwilluskate2, modern batteries prefer to be tricklecharged, they should either be in use, or be plugged in08:01
cwillunot really08:01
nightrid3rPeoplesAdvocate: i don't think webmin installs additional software, except maybe some perl module which won't hurt your system08:01
cwilluskate2, it's better for the battery life, which is a bigger win over all (longer time before it ends up in a landfill)08:02
TelQuelanyone know whether I can set screen brightness in ubuntu?08:02
PeoplesAdvocatewhat if it was a .deb ? does it apply or is there a easier way to uninstall08:02
TelQuelI find it a bit eye-blazing at present08:02
cwilluskate2, suspend/hibernate while plugged in with a fully charged battery should be negligable08:02
cwilluTelQuel, I think it's under power settings08:02
cwilluTelQuel, fn+left/right might do it too08:02
cwilluPeoplesAdvocate, deb files are what apt/dpkg/synaptic do08:03
cwilluPeoplesAdvocate, synaptic has a filter for 'local/obsolete' packages, which should list anything installed through a deb without a repository08:03
TelQuelI don't see it under power settings08:03
phorensicTelQuel: Cant do it manually on the monitor?08:04
PeoplesAdvocatecwiilu: how do i get to it08:04
cwilluPeoplesAdvocate, system | admin | synaptic08:04
TelQuelit's a laptop, so no.08:04
phorensicTelQuel: There should be a function shortcut on the lappy08:04
PeoplesAdvocatecwillu: oh im sorry, im on the terminal, sorry forgot to mention that08:04
PeoplesAdvocateim doing this via ssh08:05
phorensicTelQuel: Try looking at the F-keys for a brightness icon08:05
PeoplesAdvocatefrom work08:05
TelQuelyeah, but without the shortcuts from windows software the function isn't going to do much.08:05
TelQuelI have the function shortcut but it doesn't work in linux08:05
cwilluTelQuel, uh, try it08:05
phorensicTelQuel: Oh bummer.. mine works08:05
TelQuelI have08:05
cwilluTelQuel, what model of laptop?08:05
TelQueltoshiba satellite08:06
cwilluwhat model08:06
TelQuelA100 I believe08:06
cwillu... can you check?  :p08:06
cwilluthis only work if I have good information to go on :p08:06
TelQuelit is the a10008:06
ayandedoes ubuntu come with preinstalled firewall08:06
cwilluayande, yes, but it's not enabled by default, nor do you generally need it08:07
ayandei have a desktop edition08:07
cwilluyou don't need it unless you're planning on using it as a router/gateway, basically08:07
TelQuelASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!08:07
TelQuelStack Trace:08:07
TelQuel0:ENSURE_WARN(false,_installLocation: engine has no file!,2147500037)08:07
PeoplesAdvocateayande: I use firestarter to mess with my firewall08:07
phorensicayande: If you are really paranoid there are a couple options you can use08:07
TelQuelthat's what happens when I try to use firefox now haha08:07
ayandebut doesnt that mean that ppl can connect to my pc through all ports?08:07
cwilluTelQuel, sec08:08
cwilluayande, no, it doesn't work like that08:08
ayandei need to install firestarter `?08:08
cwilluayande, people can only connect to a port that has an application listening on it08:08
ayandei see08:08
PeoplesAdvocatesudo apt-get install firestarter08:08
ayandeso no need to set it08:08
PeoplesAdvocateits only to configure your iptables08:08
cwilluayande, ubuntu has no applications listening on ports by default (windows does, which is the causes of alot of grief)08:08
ayandePeoplesAdvocate will that mess things up at all?08:09
ayandei see thanks cwillu08:09
UsmanI have a problem detecting the wireless network card of my laptop with Ubuntu08:09
PeoplesAdvocateayande: no, you can always undo what you did08:09
Mechdavecwillu, lol08:09
cwilluMechdave, eh?08:09
UsmanLaptop is HP Pavilion DV 1251NR08:09
cwilluTelQuel, pastebin me the contents of lsmod08:09
cwillu!pastebin | TelQuel08:09
ubottuTelQuel: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:09
Usmanand Ubuntu version 8.0408:09
ayandethanks PeoplesAdvocate, cwillu and other for helping08:09
PeoplesAdvocatehold on08:09
ayandei go try now08:09
Mechdavecwillu, s/causes/cause = perl replace reg exp08:10
PeoplesAdvocatelet me get you the docs for it08:10
cwilluMechdave, did you want an /r on the end of it so it'd be a vim search/replace? :p08:10
Mechdavecwillu, can if you want but I can't drive vim :(08:10
PeoplesAdvocateayande: check this site out. Should have all info on firestarterhttp://www.fs-security.com/08:11
ayandethanks alot08:11
ayandeill lread up08:11
Mechdavecwillu, I also missed the / off the end08:11
cwilluMechdave, 'i', 'r', 'esc', ':w', ':q', '/search<enter>n'08:11
cwilluTelQuel, lsmod in a pastebin, please08:11
TelQuelsec, my terminal is stuck on a user agreement for sun microsystems that doesn't appear to want to accept "ok"08:12
djyoung4im having problems partitioning my harddrive when i go to install ubuntu.  the error just says there was a problem resizing it.  any suggestions08:12
cwilluTelQuel, so, open a new one :p08:12
cwilludjyoung4, reboot into windows, run a chkdsk c: /f, reboot twice (cleanly!!), and try again08:12
PeoplesAdvocatecwillu: Im trying to uninstall webmin from terminal, im doing this through ssh at work. I was hoping maybe you can point me in the direction of where to look so I can unistall it.08:12
suigenerishello. i have a problem. volume is up, alsamixer says that too. but i don't have sound. how come?08:13
djyoung4cwillu:  ive done that and i get the same problem08:13
PeoplesAdvocatesuigeneris: well first of all...are your speakers connected? lol08:13
TelQuelcwillu ^^^08:13
cwilludjyoung4, might be that there's some bad blocks on the drive08:13
suigenerisalso speaker icon has a red circle08:14
cwilludjyoung4, there's an option to chkdsk to do a bad block scan (/? to show the list), it'll take a few hours to run though08:14
phorensicdjyoung4: What are you using to resize?08:14
=== heinrich1 is now known as heinrich
ramavadakattui have made an entry to /etc/crontab like */1 * * * *  root  python /home/rama/djangoprojects/doloto/cronjobs/fetchffeed.py      but how08:14
suigenerisPeoplesAdvocate, this is a laptop08:14
ramavadakattuhow to start it08:14
ramavadakattuand how to know whether it is working or not08:14
TelQuelhrm what should I do with this hung terminal? I keep hitting "y" "enter" "o" but nothing will accept the damned user agreement08:14
phorensicdjyoung4: Perhaps you can try partitioning with partitionmagic or something more windows based??08:14
=== robson is now known as vasoq
suigenerisramavadakattu, when you save it, it will be started every minute08:15
Sludge321Hey guys. I'm thinking about getting a new phone - either an iphone or Nokia N96. Anyone have any experience with either and Ubuntu? 2 things I am most concerned about are bluetooth 3G boardband modem (I understand maybe a 3rd party app for the iphone would be required), and the syncing of contacts/calendar/music.08:15
phorensicTelQuel: tab to get it onto yes?08:15
ramavadakattusuigeneris : how to confirm08:15
phorensicTelQuel: or maybe arrow??08:15
TelQuelarrowed, thanks!08:15
suigenerisramavadakattu, ps aux08:15
odracir34Sludge321: buy a nokia 3230 is the best thing to do.08:15
vasoqmy laptop was shippe with 2 40 gig partitions. i have windows on the first, and the second has nothing on it. how should i install ubuntu to dual boot? can i partition manually?08:15
ramavadakattusuigeneris : ok08:15
vasoqi don't like the way it tries to resize it automatically, and it failed trying to do it automatically anyway08:16
TelQuelonce I get used to the terminal it will be smooth sailing heh08:16
Sludge321odracir34: does that have GPS/mapping functionality?08:16
suigenerisvasoq, use fdisk08:16
phorensicvasoq: Pop in the disk and manually configure it08:16
vasoqi don't see that option08:16
odracir34Sludge321:  nope you dont need that shit, because it never works good anyway08:16
suigenerisvasoq, use the livecd, then fdisk08:16
vasoqis the "manual" option essentially fdisk?08:17
phorensicvasoq: So you have a free 40 gigs just chillin waiting to have ubuntu installed onto it?08:17
Sludge321odracir34: ok, cheers - will go check out the specs08:17
cwilluTelQuel, what happens if you close the lid for 4-5 seconds, and then try to set the brightness?08:17
djyoung4ok thanks for the advice08:17
suigenerisvasoq, oh, are you already on the livecd?08:17
TelQuelsec, I'll try doing that in a sec, testing new fonts08:17
vasoqphorensic, yes, though i don't think i want to use all 4008:17
phorensicvasoq: Basically it gives you control over how to split up the paritions and what to mount, filesystem type etc08:17
vasoqsuigeneris, i'm going thru the install process08:17
ramavadakattusuigeneris : it is not there in the list. (ps aux)08:17
vasoqi've used fdisk before08:18
ramavadakattusuigeneris : may be some thing wrong08:18
phorensicvasoq: The livecd should be easy to figureout the partitioning part.. there are a few caveats08:18
TelQuelhaha the one font I need didn't come in the pack: palantino. brb.08:18
cwilluTelQuel, if that works, make a launchpad.net account, and make a note on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/10209908:19
suigenerisramavadakattu, try top08:19
suigenerisramavadakattu, that is updated every second,08:19
TelQuelit doesn't work.08:19
TelQueldoes the same thing it did before... it flips between windows on here or if on desktop... it does nothing. brb, must restart firefox.08:20
ramavadakattusuigeneris : please check the  crontab file http://dpaste.com/hold/113067/ once (will try top)08:20
suigenerisramavadakattu, you can use * * * * * rather than */1 * * * *08:21
TelQuelwell firefox is working again08:21
TelQueltime to get a real irc client next, and to find out how to get palantino to work on ubuntu08:21
KungfuJoeGuys, I'm in deep shit. I was messing with my xorg.conf file, and now my graphics are severely messed up.08:22
KungfuJoeI changed the file back, but it still won't fix08:22
KungfuJoeHow can I reset my video?08:22
phorensicKungfuJoe:try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ??08:22
TeePOGKungfuJoe: press "Rewind".08:22
KungfuJoeI tried that, didn't work08:22
KungfuJoewhat's rewind? This isn't a VHS08:23
TeePOGKungfuJoe: sorry, kidding. move /etc/X11/xorg.conf away from there and press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace08:23
phorensicKungfuJoe: Are you using a gfx card?08:23
djyoung4anybody have a suggestion for a good cellphone that i could maybe install a ubuntu type os onto08:23
phorensicKungfuJoe: Ok so I think the way nvidia handles there shit reconfiguring xorg doesn't affect the right files08:24
chilludjyoung4: A netbook won't do? :)08:24
nightrid3rdjyoung4: openmoko08:24
koshariKungfuJoe as a lasty resort you can boot a live session and copy thats xorg file accross08:24
KungfuJoeTeePOG: I'll try that, brb...or not if it works ;)08:24
chillunightrid3r: what's openmoko?08:24
cwilluKungfuJoe, did you install nvidia's driver from their site, and it broke?08:24
koshariKungfuJoe and of course next time you will back up xorg :-)08:24
nightrid3rchillu: open source cellphone08:24
phorensicKungfuJoe: Does your xorg file make calls to other files for the display info?08:24
jrgpI've got ubuntu setup with identical dual monitors. is there a way of getting a different wallpaper on each monitor within gnome?08:25
fmeff001whats happening if i get keycodes for my Super_L and Super_R keys with <showkeys>, but xev only shows a keycode for Super_R????08:25
cwillujrgp, in a word, no08:25
cwillujrgp, you could make a wide background of the right size out of two backgrounds, and set that as your background08:25
chillunightrid3r: I'm stuck on a VT with elinks :D Don't really want to check out stuff on google myself..08:25
cwillujrgp, they call it (that feature): "unnecessary complexity" :p08:25
jrgpah, ok08:26
cwillujrgp, I think kde can do it though_:p08:26
jrgpthat's what I've been doing08:26
phorensicjrgp: Create the background to make it appear that they are 2 different ones but really its one big one stretched and cut perfectly?08:26
cwillujrgp, some day they'll add it, but not this release :(08:26
djyoung4openmoko is sweet what service providers would i have to go through though08:26
chillugot tor working. _finally_. The man tor is all wrong! I had to copy settings from a torrc generated from an XP machine and use that. Works like a charm!08:27
=== Starnestommy is now known as sheep
cwilludjyoung4, any provider that works with gsm.  Probably won't be able to find a subsidized one08:27
djyoung4what do you mean subsidized08:27
TelQuelbrb on xchat08:28
nightrid3rdjyoung4: subsidised = sing 100 year contract and get free phone08:28
cwilludjyoung4, when you buy a phone from a service provider, and they make you sign up for 1 year contract or whatever, they're giving you a discount on the phone in exchange for the contract08:28
djyoung4ok thanks gotta do some research then08:29
d0netsFNhey my ssh isnt working, and it has done this before and i had to remove some file, any idea what that file might have been?08:31
jrgponce one masters emacs, is it better than nano?08:31
jrgpd0lphin_n0el, try rm -r ~/.ssh/08:31
TelQuelxchat definitely has a different appearance, I am not at all used to this style of irc.08:32
cwillu.ssh contains stuff you may not be able to replace08:32
cwillukeys and the like08:32
jrgpif it doesn't work at all, it might fix the problem08:32
nightrid3rdjyoung4: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Main_Page08:32
cwillujrgp, mv ~/.ssh ~/.ssh.old would do the same thing, and not cause any other issues08:32
cwillujrgp, i.e., preventing him from logging on to machines that only allow id_rsa logins, etc08:33
cwillutry to avoid suggesting rm -r as a fix, especially when you don't know if its the problem08:33
nightrid3rjrgp: emacs requires 12 fingers to use it08:33
djyoung4thanks nightrid3r i was looking at this one called the t mobile wing which runs windows mobile whatever but this is so much better08:34
cwilluit's right up there with the usual advice of deleting all the .gnome/.gconf folders to 'test' if they're causing the problem08:34
UsmanTumhari maa ki08:34
cwilluyes, you fixed the problem, by killing the patient08:34
UsmanI got the ansmwer08:34
cwilluand maybe you didn't fix the problem either :p08:34
TelQuelis there not a way to increase the font-size in xchat?08:34
TelQuelhaha killing the patient is such an elegant solution.08:35
happycodemonkey_jrgp: emacs has a pretty high learning curve, but many people think it's worth it in the long run08:35
jrgpTelQuel, settings > prefs > text box. click browse font08:35
jrgpwell, I've gotten used to screen's strange interface. I guess emacs isn't that harder08:35
TelQuelI only see Edit > Settings > no text box present08:36
TelQuelreplace settings with preferences08:36
jrgpoh, you're using gnome-xchat, TelQuel?08:36
Usmanall of u motherfuckers08:36
cwillujrgp, no, he's not using gnome-xchat08:36
Usmanfuck off08:36
TelQuelI figured it out though thanks08:36
TelQuelyeah, is there a different version I should be using?08:37
cwilluTelQuel, xchat-gnome is utter crap :p08:37
jrgpI agree08:37
cwilluTelQuel, 'xchat' is more useful08:37
cwillu!info xchat08:37
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.6-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 315 kB, installed size 840 kB08:37
jrgp!info irssi08:37
TelQuelok, well then point me to the righteous path... hehe.08:37
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.12-4ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 1056 kB, installed size 2908 kB08:37
jrgp /win08:38
cwilludidn't think it was even the default :/08:38
TelQuelI just did a search and this is what I found08:38
d0lphin_n0eljrgp why?08:38
jrgpirssi is awesome08:38
rolnzyxI am trying to make a desktop launcher icon that runs a command on a terminal and doesn't close it when it's finished . If I do right click on the desktop and then select create launcher, I can't find that "don't close terminal option" Any help making a that non closing terminal launcher?08:38
nightrid3rdjyoung4:  CellBuntu 9.04 would be a great idea :)08:39
TelQuelcwillu: where can I get the non-gnome version of xchat then?08:39
cwilluTelQuel, 'xchat'08:39
KilleroidTelQuel: sudo apt-get remove xchat-gnome && sudo apt-get install xchat08:39
cwilluTelQuel, instead of xchat-gnome08:39
djyoung4nightrid3r: on what08:39
nightrid3ron yhe openmoko08:39
TelQuelrighte-o, back in a jiffy then.08:39
=== bizkit is now known as yourmom
gerberneed help setup network ubuntu with windows xp08:40
djyoung4o gotcha do you have an openmoko08:40
nightrid3rno iys still in beta, only for developers08:41
cwillugerber, make sure windows firewall is set to allow window file sharing, then share the folder you want:  you'll be able to access it from ubuntu in nautilus via:  smb://windowsComputerName/share08:41
djyoung4i could buy it right now if i wanted to08:41
cwillugerber, alternatively, from nautilus, right clicking on a folder, and hitting 'sharing' should let you go the other way08:41
djyoung4its like 400 bucks though08:42
cwilludjyoung4, most phones cost around that08:43
=== yourmom is now known as bizkit
gerberwhen i go to network is nothing there08:43
cwilludjyoung4, phones are expensive when your provider isn't subsidizing most of the cost :p08:43
TelQueland I'm back08:43
djyoung4thats true but what did you say was only open to developers08:43
FinnishWhat is the best tool to extract audio from video?08:45
tokiHey guys any reason i cant find screens and graphics on 8.1008:45
nightrid3rdjyoung4: read the main wiki page of openmoko.org08:46
koshariFinnish avidemux?08:46
TelQuelwhy is my text always gray?08:47
kernelMaybe, do you using Xchat?08:47
TelQuelI am, I am finding that gnome had easier colour options08:47
gerberwhere is nautilus ?08:47
Finnishkoshari: IT's .dv-video, Avidemux can't open it?08:48
djyoung4yeah i read it   it needs a keyboard though i cant do the touchscreen thing08:48
gerberwhere is nautilus ?08:49
seektherapyseektherapy, you have got two sound devices08:49
seektherapy<LinuxCode>which one do you want to make work ?08:49
tokihey guys  would anyone know why i cant find "screens and graphics" in my options for main menu in 8.1008:49
TelQuelis there a way to make my text not appear grayed out in xchat because as it is it is very hard to read08:50
djyoung4or i could make one08:50
fosco_TelQuel: Settings - Preferences - Colors08:52
tokihey guys  would anyone know why i cant find "screens and graphics" in my options for main menu in 8.1008:52
fosco_toki: that app is not available in 8.1008:53
Uplinkhow can i install the game Juiced 2 in my ubuntu PC?08:53
fosco_toki: most similar is gnome-display-properties08:54
tokifosco_: ok so how do i adjust for a monitor that isnt being detected08:54
fosco_toki: manually08:55
tokican you walk me through that08:55
ubuntnewhow to make mozilla-mplayer play .wma file on the web08:55
fosco_edit /etc/X11/xorg.cong and put you monitor settings there08:55
CoolkidI have a ubuntu live CD, and while installing , it is giving SQUASHFS error08:59
Coolkidi want to install ubuntu to an external disk and i have another laptop. Is there anyway for me to copy the live CD image to the external disk (from the other HDD) and boot with the external Hard disk image and install with the HDD09:01
Coolkidread it as -> from the other Laptop09:01
TelQuelthere we go, xchat is looking much nicer now and my keyboard seems fixed.09:01
Coolkidany possible help?09:02
rwwCoolkid: there are a whole bunch of possible installation techniques on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation . Take a look through and see if any would work for you.09:03
Coolkidwhat does it mean by persistant mode?09:04
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rwwCoolkid: persistent mode (e.g. for USB install) means that if you change settings or install stuff while booted into the Live Desktop environment, those changes will be saved and still there after a reboot. (as opposed to the normal, non-persistent LiveCD, where changes are lost on reboot)09:05
TelQuelI still can't fix my screen brightness09:05
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gerber_when i double click windows net work i can not see my windos xp pls help09:06
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gerber_my folder is share in ubuntus09:08
somethingcleverhey i just got my ubuntu set up PERFECTLY. anyway to create a usb start up disk that imitates my system settings taht i have set up already or do i have to start over?09:08
gerber_when i double click windows net work i can not see my windos xp pls help09:09
gerber_when i double click windows net work i can not see my windos xp pls help09:09
sheepgerber_: is windows xp running on another computer09:10
gerber_ubuntu and xp09:10
gerber_i can see my laptop from xp09:11
gerber_but ubuntu no09:11
ayandehow do i make my user administrator in ubuntu?09:12
jordanhow come i can't just unplug one monitor and connect another one?09:12
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gerber_how can i talk each other ?09:12
quibblerayande, add the user to the admin group09:13
Guest33389how come i can't just unplug one monitor and connect another one?09:13
somethingcleverGuest33389, because god hates you09:13
ayandefrom the menus? quibbler09:13
rwwayande: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Usage for information on running programs with administrative privileges. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Users to add a user to the list of people who can run programs with administrative privileges.09:13
ayandeor command?09:13
ayandei check09:13
gerber_they are diferent computer09:14
quibblerayande, system>administration>users and groups09:14
Guest33389maybe he does09:14
ayandethanks quibbler09:14
* dapper-daniel is searching someone who is running xen and nvidia drivers... Does ist work?09:14
kosharisomethingclever what exactly do you want to acheive? you could copy the sys to a usb device orbackup the sys to a usb device,09:14
Guest33389but of all things why does he screw with my monitors09:14
somethingclevernevermind i answered my own question09:16
Guest33389how do i get my other monitor working?09:16
rww!test | Knetboo09:17
ubottuKnetboo: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.09:17
uniquepotWhat is best way to install Fluxbox ? currently using ibex/gnome desktop09:17
uniquepotjust use stnaptics?09:18
rwwuniquepot: install the "fluxbox" package. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox09:18
uniquepotrww; thanks much09:19
rwwuniquepot: you may or may not need the detailed install instructions on that page, depending on if the bugs it mentions got fixed.09:19
uniquepotrww; nah - doesn't look like it this box - is solid as a rock stable NO problems here - just use Synaptics then or Terminal09:21
tuntunI've got a problem with window borders. How do I disable the compiz border translucency?09:22
adanteanybody here setup a netboot server? i am trying but my client is throwing a PXE-T04: Missing mode error09:22
uniquepotrww; Can I use sudo apt-get install fluxbox  ?09:23
adantei'm trying to figureo ut why but this error does not seem to be so common09:23
phorensicuniquepot: yes09:24
phorensicuniquepot: atleast that is an available package that can be installed09:25
quibblertuntun, what is the problem with the border?09:26
uniquepotphorensic; already at synaptics - will do same install correct - ctr/alt/backspace (twice) to restart session and select fluxbox - this of course would be after install ?09:26
phorensicuniquepot: yep09:26
uniquepotphorensic - thx - going to go w/out kde install this time....09:27
tuntunquibbler, the window buttons dis/appear randomly.09:28
phorensicuniquepot: What you use now?09:28
quibblertuntun, open the compiz manager and make sure windows decorations is checked09:28
phorensictuntun: u using metacity??09:28
Theebi lost my icons tray, network icon,  and some other icon from my panel and i cant find them in the "Add to Panel". any idea how to get them back or restore the panel to the original settings09:28
tuntunphorensic, no, im using gnome.09:29
phorensicTheeb: its under a funky name09:29
fosco_Theeb: add notification area09:30
phorensictuntun: no which window decorator?09:30
phorensicfosco_:  yes i think thts it09:30
Theebfosco_, thnx fosco_09:30
fosco_tuntun: gnome + compiz or just gnome?09:31
alcoholHow do I install extra plugins for gedit?09:31
tuntunquibbler, it is enabled. The border does not disappear (like when 'window decorations' is disabled), the window buttons do, and the top border turns white.09:32
alcohol.gnome2/gedit/plugins does not exist09:32
tuntunfosco_, gnome + compiz09:32
alcoholcan I throw them in .gconf/gedit-2/ ?09:32
phorensictuntun: Are u using emerald??09:32
tuntunphorensic, no09:32
fosco_alcohol: sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins09:32
ubuntu_is_dabesthow do i set services to run without having to log in the desktop on the startup of ubuntu?09:32
alcoholfosco_: does not contain some of the plugins I want09:32
gordonjcpalcohol: so add them then09:33
DavidVWallinWhere is the httpd-binary located if i have apache2 installed on ubuntu 8.10 please?09:33
fosco_alcohol: manually create .gnome2/gedit/plugins09:33
alcoholfosco_: ok (:09:33
FlannelDavidVWallin: /usr/sbin/apache209:34
gordonjcpDavidVWallin: "which apache2"09:34
Mpolehi all.09:34
Mpolewhere else can i download Skype for Ubuntu? every time i try to download it from skype.com it keeps breaking off... i cant download it. any mirrors elsewhere?09:35
phorensictuntun: I use emerald because I was having some funky issues with my bars dissapearing09:35
Coolkid, now when i try to create a USB start up disk from the live OS, it is not showing the USB disk in the window09:35
phorensicmpole: medibuntu.org09:35
Coolkidi could see the USB drive icon on the desktop09:35
phorensicMpole: Go there add the reo and the key then you can  sudo apt-get install skype09:35
Mpolephorensic: thank you.09:35
NeelabhHow can I use the "install" command in live CD?09:36
user_1989Good day ladies and gentlemen. Anyone running World of Warcraft under 8.10?09:36
NeelabhI am unable to find a web resource09:36
phorensicMpole: YW09:36
TeePOGuser_1989: I can't comment on that, but my Linux-native Neverwinter Nights is broken under Intrepid but worked in Hardy09:36
phorensicNeelabh: what are you trying to do?09:36
fosco_Neelabh: you have an install icon on the desktop09:36
Mpoleanother question: how do i find out what is missing, in my new online upgrade of Ubuntu 8.10? i have a feeling i have a partial upgrade.09:37
NeelabhActually my CD drive is too slow to reach that point within 1/2 hrs09:37
tuntunphorensic, the title bar is still there it just turns white on and off, including the window min/max/close buttons.09:37
NeelabhEven if I reach there, I can't perform the seven steps09:37
NeelabhThe drive is too slow09:37
phorensictuntun: you could give emerald a try? I like their presets anyway09:37
fosco_Neelabh: knowing its name wolt speed that up09:38
nite_johnboyIs there a way to get to another ubuntu box on my network while in fluxbox session ?09:38
NeelabhWell, from the shell, I can do my work09:38
phorensicMpole: hw do you figure you have a partial upgrade? Did you do sudo at-get uupdate && sudo apt-get upgrade?09:38
Neelabhusing the install command09:38
fosco_Neelabh: use alternate iso instead09:39
tuntunphorensic, I might have to try it.09:39
nite_johnboyIn gnome I have Places/Network - pretty easy ....09:39
NeelabhI have downloaded a DVD09:39
NeelabhLive one09:39
fosco_Neelabh: no DVD just alternate iso09:39
phorensictuntun: I always install it on my desktops.09:39
Mpolephorensic: i didt the upgrade via Synaptic Upgrade Manager09:39
NeelabhIs there no other way?09:39
tuntunphorensic, I'll see if it helps.09:40
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phorensicMpole: I see, try using the terminal command and see if there was any missing packages09:40
bullgard4What does the command 'sudo dhclient eth0' effect? While being verbose, I cannot find the answer in 'man dhclient'.09:40
Mpolephorensic: which one? apt-get update or apt-get upgrade?09:41
phorensicboth copy and paste that whole command09:42
oskar-bullgard4:  it executes dhclient as superuser, which then requests an ip configuration via dhcp protocol. a dhcp server should answer this request09:42
Finnish_I'm still trying to mess with extracting audio from video. Avidemux can't help me because its a dv-file09:42
Mpolephorensic: u mean sudo apt-get install | apt-get upgrade ?09:43
phorensicno not | use '&&'09:44
phorensicsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade09:44
Mpolephorensic: ok... the medibuntu package of skype failed... i think my upgrade isnt complete... lemme upgrade09:46
bullgard4oskar-: What do you mean by "an ip configuration"? eth0 was configured even before I issued the command 'sudo dhclient eth0'. That is, it had "an ip configuration".09:46
phorensicMpole: Did you follow their repository how to?09:46
oskar-bullgard4:  then the command will try to get a new configuration, and on success reconfigure the device eth009:46
Mpolephorensic: no. i probably should?09:46
phorensicMpole: You have to yes09:46
c4ptwhat are the ram limits for ubuntu x86?09:47
bullgard4oskar-: Thank you for explaining.09:47
seravitaemore than you have.09:47
SlimeyPetec4pt: 4GB address space, which means ~3GB usable RAM09:47
c4ptSlimeyPete, ok thanx09:47
phorensicMpole: Because you need to add their key and the correct repository09:47
oskar-64 g, i suggest09:48
seravitaeSlimeyPete - he said the architecture, not the cpu bitwidth09:48
Coolkidhow to get the command prompt from ubuntu GUI?09:49
phorensiccoolkid, or you can set it as a keyboard shortcut in ccsm09:49
Coolkidcan't i use cfdisk, if i boot into live OS?09:50
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Coolkidright now am in live OS, and trying to set up a USB boot disk. How do i know, what is my USB drive mapped to in /dev/sd*09:51
zackenCoolkid: fdisk -l09:51
Coolkidzacken, it is giving "cannot open /dev/sda/sdb09:52
koshariCoolkid are you using casper/initrd? or a full system?09:52
Coolkidam using live CD. Not sure what you mean.09:52
alexb92hey guys, ive tried installing ubuntu and when it gets up to the partitioning section, an error occurs and it leads me to the manual section09:52
SlimeyPeteseravitae: I assumed he meant 32-bit as he didn't say amd64/emt6409:52
alexb92any ideas on how to fix?09:52
phorensicCoolkid: its either sda or sdb not sda/sdb09:53
CoolkidMy laptop's CD drive is having some problem. So trying to set up USB boot and trying to install from external disk09:53
koshariif you are trying to make a usb live disc it will be irrelevent how your currently mounted live cd sees the usb device09:53
SlimeyPeteseravitae: the ubuntu 32-bit ISO is named x86, whereas the 64-bit one isn't.09:53
Coolkidphorensic, i got two error message. "cannot open /dev/sda" , cannot open /dev/sdb"09:54
phorensickoshari: Can you even make a usb boot disk from live cd?09:54
koshariphorensic yes you can with the 8.10 live cd,09:54
alexb92can grub run a mac install?09:54
Coolkidi have 8.10 live CD09:54
phorensicCoolkid: I forget the process to do this09:54
Coolkidbut, how do i make the USB boot disk09:55
koshariCoolkid just run the usb creator09:55
Coolkidi dont want to make anything happen to HDD's in that laptop.09:55
=== garrett is now known as Guest38689
Coolkidkoshari, how to get there? i  mean, usb creator09:56
koshariCoolkid so you want a live usb device with persistance?09:56
phorensicsys-admi-create usb...09:56
ludditehi all - i have a laptop and it has to go in for repair (screen flicker issue) so i have to back up the HDD on it. Can you Ghost the disk or is there another way so i dont have to re-install?09:56
Coolkidsys-admi-create usb --> the window doesn't show my USB drive09:57
CoolkidUSB disk to use: column is empty09:57
koshariCoolkid is your usb device formatted correctly?09:57
koshariCoolkid see if gparted sees the usb device09:57
Coolkidi formatted from windows. size is 4GB and formatted with fat09:57
phorensickoshari: Isn't the format supposed to be somehing like fat only?09:57
Coolkidnot fat32. i think that is the problem09:57
phorensicmaybe thats it09:58
Coolkidnow how do i reformat it?09:58
koshariphorensic possable , i havnt used the persistance tool for a while and dont jhave a 8.10 disc handy to check09:58
koshariCoolkid use gparted to format the disk09:58
phorensicCoolkid: yes use garted09:58
Coolkidthanks, am running sudo gparted09:59
Coolkidit doesn't show my USB disk09:59
Coolkidit shows only the laptop HDDs09:59
phorensicCoolkid: In future try to use gksudo for graphical programs09:59
ubottuGuides for smartphones and portable devices can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/10:00
phorensicMaybe your usb drive is broken?10:00
Coolkidphorensic, it is 250GB HDD. I just created a 4GB fat partition and rest of the spaces are unallocated10:00
idrissmrabtiHello, Ive installed Ubuntu on MBP and I've a problem in network10:00
phorensicCoolkid: sounds like it isn't being found/mounted10:00
Coolkidphorensic, i could see the 4GB drive on desktop with USB icon on it10:01
koshariCoolkid theres a pull down menu on the left of the applet to select different devices10:01
idrissmrabtiThe problem is that I can Ping website but cannot get to them using firefox10:01
koshariCoolkid on the right sorry10:01
idrissmrabtiHelp Please10:01
Coolkidthanks, yeah i found10:01
Coolkidnow it shows the disk10:01
phorensickoshari: Oh you thinking hes only o say sda, when he needs sda1 or sdb??10:01
Coolkidit is /dev/sdb10:02
idrissmrabtiIt's weird10:02
koshariphorensic iam guezsing your prediction of it needing to be fat32 is likely on the money.10:02
Coolkidit shows fat1610:02
Mpolephorensic: u were right, it seems there were a lot of packages and libraries that were not updated... it is still updating and upgrading... thanks10:02
idrissmrabtiI've internet and I can ping Website but cant get to them using firefox10:02
Coolkidbut there is key just near to /dev/sbd10:02
phorensickoshari: I just remember some strange filesystem depend..10:02
Coolkiddoes it mean, read only?10:03
phorensicMpole: no problemo bro10:03
Coolkidhow do i make the disk read/write?10:03
koshariCoolkidm prolly ,means its mounted10:03
idrissmrabtiany help10:03
idrissmrabtiI'm Stuck10:03
koshariCoolkidm close gparted, unmount the device and open gparted again10:04
idrissmrabtiand dont' to abondan Ubuntu juste for this problem10:04
phorensicidrissmrabti: thats funky... try any other browser?10:04
koshariCoolkid as a rule you cannot edit mounted parttiitons10:04
Coolkidthanks koshari10:04
idrissmrabtiI cant even Download package from synaptic10:04
Coolkidyeah, now am there in gparted10:04
Coolkidwhat should i format it to?10:05
phorensicidrissmrabti: perhaps any kind of firewall restrictions???10:05
koshariidrissmrabti sounds like dns server issue to me10:05
laegbluetooth is borked in 8.10, but it works for me with the 8.04 livecd but i can install opensync because it's running off a cd, is there a way to run opensync of a usb key when i'm in the live cd?10:05
koshariCoolkid how bigs the device?10:05
idrissmrabtiFirewall on Ubuntu Or What ?10:06
=== [pErry] is now known as [perry]
laegidrissmrabti: it's called firestarter10:06
Coolkidkoshari, this partition is only 4GB. I want to create a boot disk, with which i want to install Ubuntu to another partion10:06
idrissmrabtiAnd How to disable it10:06
Coolkidi want to install it in another laptop. Not the one, the external HDD is connected to10:07
laegidrissmrabti: applications > internet > firestarter10:07
ext4-issuesI just tried to change to ext4 and I have got into issues like: http://pastebin.com/m528bf09710:07
koshariCoolkid ok so 2 gig should be enough and use the rest of the space for persistance10:07
Coolkidand that laptop's CD drive is having some problem10:07
ayandewhen i do sudo su it doestn require password10:07
ayandehow can i set pass for it?10:07
idrissmrabtiI've a clear Installation10:07
idrissmrabtiIs it installed by default with 8.1010:07
phorensicCoolkid: fat32 from what i gather10:08
idrissmrabtiBecaus I've juste installed 8.10 yesterday10:08
koshariCoolkid so delete the existing partition(s) , make a 2 gig fat32 one at the beginning of the drive, and then try the installer again, the usb persistance installer should set the partition to bootable if not you can set the flag with gparted10:08
phorensicidrissmrabti: no firestarter is not installed by default.. on the router I was thinking10:09
idrissmrabtino I've no firewall on The router10:09
idrissmrabtiInternet Connexion seem to be fine on OS  X and Windows, Ive this issue only on Ubunut10:09
nyaawith a name like ext4-issues its got to be good lol10:10
koshariidrissmrabti have you got the dns server details entered into the router for the clients to set up off?10:10
ext4-issuesnyaa: :P10:10
phorensicext4-issues: haha you actually using ext4?10:10
koshari idrissmrabti you can check if its a dns issue by typing a websites numeric  ip addy directly in the browser10:11
Coolkidkoshari, now it shows 2GB used and 2GB unused, then 230GB unallocated10:11
ext4-issuesphorensic: tried to :(10:11
phorensicext4-issues: issues? lol10:11
koshariCoolkid ok give it a go10:11
ext4-issuesphorensic: yup :D10:11
koshariCoolkid make sure you click apply changes10:11
idrissmrabtiWhen I ping a site a ping with it name and it work10:11
phorensicext4-issues: Maybe wait for jaunty??10:11
ext4-issuesphorensic: such kind of nick will really help people undestand what's my problem10:11
Coolkidnow the drive icon is not there in desktop10:11
Coolkidhow do i mount?10:12
ext4-issuesphorensic: it doesn't work under intrepid?10:12
nyaais there any background to the problem? how did you go about getting to what you have on pastebin?10:12
idrissmrabtiAnd the router that I ve is Delivered by my Isp10:12
koshariidrissmrabti ok well forget the dns isseu then10:12
phorensicext4-issues: Well i read it will work but in jaunty the support is native????10:12
idrissmrabtiThis is the content of my resolv.conf file10:12
scienteshow can i keep pon and poff from editing my resolve.conf?10:12
idrissmrabti# Generated by NetworkManager10:12
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext410:13
koshariidrissmrabti thats an intranet address?10:13
eth01idrissmrabti, is it cable or ADSL?10:13
Coolkidkoshari, how do i mount?10:13
idrissmrabtino ADSL10:13
koshariCoolkid unplug it and plug it back in10:13
idrissmrabtiIt's ADSL10:13
eth01koshari: lots of routers have builtin DNS functionality.10:13
eth01so it's perfectly alright to use the routers IP address as [ a ] DNS resolver.10:13
idrissmrabtiand also it act as a DNS10:14
=== sheep is now known as lstarnes
kosharieth01 they may well do but most just redirect to a www dns server10:14
eth01koshari: DNS is not WWW.10:14
eth01koshari: DNS is DNS.10:14
kosharieth01 well i meant a www range ip addy10:14
Coolkidkoshari, still the USB drive is not showing in the sys-> admin-> make usb disk10:14
eth01koshari: i think you're getting confused between the router GUI and DNS concept here.10:15
koshariCoolkid but it is on the desktop showing a fat32 drive?10:15
eth01idrissmrabti: have you tried opendns for e.g.?10:15
Coolkiddesktop shows 2.1 GB Media10:15
Coolkidwhen i check the properties, it shows filesystem type:msdos.10:16
phorensicidrissmrabti: im sure you tried reobtaining a ip lease from the router and make it obtain dns info?10:16
eth01idrissmrabti: i think you should.10:16
Coolkidwhere as it shows, Permission of disk could not be determined10:16
burghello. i can`t create ubuntu partitions using guided partitioner with free space only10:16
eth01idrissmrabti: try rebooting your modem - it will resync the connection.10:17
idrissmrabtiThe thing is in the etc/resolve.conf i've the correct adresse of my DNS10:17
burgi get an writting error, then it tells me that i don`t have root partition10:17
idrissmrabtiand my IP adress is static10:17
eth01idrissmrabti: you can still use external DNS10:17
Coolkidkoshari, Mount point/file system/mount option , all are blank in the "Volume" tab's settings part10:17
idrissmrabtilike the one i used in Windows10:18
gmathewsHi I am trying to connect my phone via USB and i get this error -> [11877.029026] usb 1-5: device not accepting address 14, error -6210:18
gmathews[11877.029270] hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 510:18
gmathewsIt works fine in Windows though10:18
eth01idrissmrabti: a static IP address won't really affect DNS. other than a manual config.10:18
adamdoes anyone here have experience of using prestashop, the ecommerce platform, or know of any IRC chatroom dedicated to it?10:18
idrissmrabtiso what the solution10:19
koshariCoolkid i cant imagine why its not showing up in the options for the device , i dont have a 8.10 live disc handy so iam running off memory here,10:19
Coolkidhow do i add write premission for the USB?10:20
Coolkidfor sdb1 -> permission is brw-rw----10:21
Coolkidis that okay?10:21
ludditewhats the best way to back up the entire ubuntu install?10:21
ludditeand my data10:21
koshariluddite for the system i like partimage, for dat a i like rsync10:22
ksatuxluddite: clonezilla10:22
randomswhats the name of the file in ubuntu where you can open ports? or do you have to do it manually trough iptables?10:22
phorensicCoolkid: Why is the thing not mounting?10:22
Coolkidphorensic, am not sure what you mean, i could see the drive icon on the desktop10:23
Coolkiddrive icon with a USB sign on it10:23
ksatuxrandoms: do it with ufw >> man ufw10:23
phorensicCoolkid: oh, then you should be able to select the drive from create usb..10:23
Coolkidphorensic, but in the window, USB disk to use" part is empty10:24
Coolkidand it asks, "please insert a USB disk"10:24
Coolkidor is it that, i need to load some driver's ?10:24
burgcan anyone tell me why can`t i make my partitions?10:24
burgwhat might be the problem?10:25
randomssudo? :>10:25
henry-nicolasHi, does anybody know when the will get into intrepid-update (it's actually in intrepid-proposed) ?10:25
Coolkidin the documentation it says, need to make sure usb-storage kernal module is loaded10:26
Coolkidhow do i check?10:26
phorensicCoolkid: Hmm when I did it I had to do it from a hard install using that thing, but you can do it another way10:26
TeePOGCoolkid: lsmod | grep usb-storage10:26
TeePOGhi fiona10:26
phorensichenry-nicolas: Any features that are noteworthy?10:27
Coolkidusb-storage module is not loaded. grep gave 0 results.10:27
Coolkidhow do i load the  usb-storage module?10:27
henry-nicolasphorensic: fixing a bug on my laptop10:27
ftabhow do I update my vi editor in Ubuntu 8.10, my default vi do not support the sytax coloring neither the arrow keys10:28
phorensicext4-issues: hey.. aybe your kernel doesn't support ext4???10:28
nyaaext4-issues all I can find that supports it is the next release which is jaunty so if you aren't using 9.04 then I don't see how you'd get it to work 0_o10:29
ext4-issuesphorensic: nyaa: please follow me on #linux10:29
ksatuxany one here rum Compiz on Itnel VGA ?10:29
Coolkidso conclusion is, with in Live CD, i won't be able to load the  usb-storage kernal module ?10:29
ftabhow do I update my vi editor in Ubuntu 8.10, my default vi do not support the sytax coloring neither the arrow keys?10:30
TeePOGftab: you need to install the vim-full package10:30
ftabTeePOG: how do i do that?10:30
TeePOGftab: and then you edit /etc/vim/vimrc and uncomment syntax highlighting10:30
phorensicksatux: i think i do lolz10:31
TeePOGftab: you can't install packages but you want to use vim? rather use nano or kate10:31
ftablet me try apt-get vim-full10:31
ftabthat might help I guess10:31
TeePOGftab: good plan10:31
ftabTeePOG : thank you :)10:31
ksatuxphorensic: which module ?10:32
TeePOGftab: if you can, rather use aptitude though10:32
TeePOGftab: aptitude is better because it cleans up after itself10:32
ftabwhat's the difference between aptitude and apt-get10:32
phorensicksatux: module?10:32
hajarmy computer become very slow??10:32
phorensicftab: one is more verbose?10:32
liyun100Why doesn't my gtk-pppoe work?10:32
TeePOGphorensic: not that simple10:32
hajarmy computer become very slow .. what can I do??10:32
liyun100My gtk-pppoe doesn't work.Why?10:33
TeePOGaptitude is a unified front-end for all the apt-{get,cache,remove} tools. also, apt-get doesn't clean up unused packages whereas aptitude does10:33
phorensicTeePOG: at-get autoremove??10:34
TeePOGphorensic: yes, but you need to run that manually. aptitude does that every time10:34
Coolkidphorensic, i found the usb-module driver from net. but it says to use aptitude / synaptic. how do i use?10:35
phorensicCoolkid: It isn't already on the disk?10:36
chicaoI'am behide a router, if I set some dns servers at /etc/resolve.conf my machine will still look the servers ?10:36
Coolkidhow do i check?10:36
bobby-im having a problem with bridged networking, i have created br0 and bridged eth0 to it, then im using dhcp to get an ip for eth0 (purpose for the bridge will be to connect some openvz instances to it later on), eth0 gets the right ip from dhcp but when im trying to ping anything it doesnt see the arp reply from the gateway, i see the arp reply ok in tcpdump both in eth0 and br0, what could keep it from storing the reply in the arp tables?10:36
Coolkidphorensic, how do i check the package available on disk, and if available how to install?10:37
ayandehow can i set vnc so i can connect to my pc without need to login and user10:37
phorensicCoolkid: Your running a live disk right? Can you install to a live disk? Doesn't make sense to me10:37
Coolkidi thought, i could load it to memory10:38
ayandedo i have to set my user to autologin if possible?10:38
phorensicCoolkid: maybe i just never tried10:38
phorensicCoolkid: if that was possible you could just sudo apt-get install packagename10:39
phorensicCoolkid: how come you dont have hard install?10:39
ksatuxayande: no dont , its a Security risk10:39
ext4-issuesany way to mount a ext4 volume under ubuntu, say for the time I copy the files over...10:39
ayandebut i cant access the vnc when i have rebooted my pc from it ksatux10:39
burgthanks a lot for help10:40
gmathewsHow can u play .asx files in ubuntu?10:40
gmathewsI aqlready have ubuntu-restricted-extras10:40
woohello all, anyone know how I can copy several folders while booting from a live cd? I can't start the normal installed ubuntu so want to back up and reinstall.10:40
phorensicext4-issues:   you need a kernel version 2.6.19-rc1 or later and the latest e2fsprogs, <-- from a post on forums10:40
ayandeksatux do you have any suggestions of how i can make it possible to use vnc after rebooting pc?10:41
ksatuxayande: no , sorry10:41
ksatuxayande: use ssh with X forwarding , this more secure than VNC10:42
ext4-issuesphorensic: 2.6.27-11-generic is what  have...10:42
jajaHi, anyone know how to solve this problem (Intel DG45ID very low volume)??  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/27151910:42
ayandei used suse kde before and there is was possible to get into the login screen but i just installed ubuntu and dont know how to do it10:42
ext4-issuesphorensic: and my system is fully upgraded10:42
ayandeksatux how does that work do i get a graphic style view?10:43
woohello all, anyone know how I can copy several folders while booting from a live cd? I can't start the normal installed ubuntu so want to back up and reinstall.10:44
phorensicayande: terminal server client can work too if u want an easy graphical setup10:44
ayandei see10:44
phorensicwoo:  copy and paste??10:44
ramavadakattuusing crontab -e i have made an entry for a cron job.  (like */1 * * * *  python fetchfeed.py) .But it is not running.Can anyone please guide me in solving this problem10:45
woono permissions10:45
ayandeim not familiar to ssh since i never used it and im no good with commands couse im just a linux beginner10:45
phorensicayande: i think you have to install the vnc support though10:45
ayandei see10:45
phorensicwoo sudo??10:45
woo<phorensic> no permissions, and I can't see anywere to give them10:45
ayandenot just use set it up from menus? phorensic10:45
ksatuxayande: googeling :) , http://www.google.com/search?q=ssh+forward+x+like+vnc&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu::unofficial&client=firefox-a&safe=on10:46
ayandei check10:46
rainflow01have 8.10 nvidia resolution to hires?10:47
randomshi. ive messed up my mysql install, and it will not start anymore. what is the easiest way to make clean, and reinstall it? (including configuration files)10:47
ksatuxluddite: clonezilla >> http://clonezilla.org/10:48
phorensicksatux: hey did u want to knwo which intel card i have?10:53
henry-nicolasphorensic: no info about a potential merge of 27.10 into recommended-updates ?10:54
phorensichenry-nicolas: you lost me10:54
nyaaif I wanted to really streamline an install/kernel to my machine for performance etc, where's a good place to look?10:56
henry-nicolasphorensic: indeed, I was gone for a few mins10:56
paul68does anyone know where ubuntu stores the info over wlan as in essid and such?10:56
DIFH-icerootpaul68: i think /etc/network/interfaces  but dont know excactly10:58
paul68DIFH-iceroot: No not there its empty sorry10:58
randomshow can i open the mysql port 3306, on ubuntu for remote connections?10:58
DIFH-icerootpaul68: then sorry i dont know10:58
paul68DIFH-iceroot: no problem10:58
DIFH-icerootrandoms: just start mysql which is listing on this port10:59
phorensicpaul68: perhaps another program could assist..kismet maybe??10:59
Coolkidphorensic, in reply to "how come you dont have hard install?". I want to install ubuntu in my laptop (IBM TP), but the CD drive has got some problem. While installing giving SQUASHFS error. Now the option i have is to create a USB boot disk with the external Hard disk and install with that. I was trying to create USB disk by loading Live OS with friend's laptop10:59
randomsmysql server is running, but it does not accept remote conenctions10:59
hajarmy computer become very slow .. what can I do??11:00
phorensicCoolkid: ahh friends lappy i get it11:00
phorensichajar: delete windows: install ubuntu11:00
henry-nicolasrandoms: edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf11:00
DIFH-icerootrandoms: have you configuired the mysql to accept these connections? skip_networking in the my.cnf?11:00
hajarI have ubuntu only11:01
paul68phorensic: problem is that it works correctly however when I want to display the info as ssid and bitrate and link quality in conky it doesn't show them in conky11:01
randomsyes, but you are sure it will automatically open the port?11:01
phorensichajar: no you can look for processes that are going nuts or unused processes11:01
DIFH-iceroothajar: is top showing a high cpu-usage?11:01
DIFH-icerootrandoms: yes11:01
henry-nicolasrandoms: also do not have bind-address and the user that want to remote connect must have appropriate perms11:01
hajarsorry but how can I find it ??11:02
henry-nicolasrandoms: you can set those user perms using phpmyadmin11:02
phorensicCoolkid: try googling for a tutorial, they have a lot of step by stpe ones that should do the trick. All i know is it worked when I did it from hard install11:02
hudahello all,11:02
DIFH-iceroothajar: just type "top" in the terminal11:02
randomshenry-nicolas: the problem is not there. the server refuses connection11:02
paul68phorensic: problem is that it works correctly however when I want to display the info as ssid and bitrate and link quality in conky it doesn't show them in conky11:02
phorensichajar: open a terminal and type top11:02
henry-nicolasrandoms : so check for a potential firewall or your my.cnf file11:03
Coolkidphorensic, i tried many ways. But for all that, i need to write in to the USB disk , which am not able to do with the live OS11:03
henry-nicolasrandoms: you can pastebin your my.cnf11:03
hajarand then??11:03
pauljcexcuse, hello - er mori