nikolamdid you boot from CD using rescue alternate cd or from hd, choosing rescue?00:00
nikolamWhy would you boot to rescue if only modem was a problem?00:00
PorkSod1well I did a recovery mode00:00
nikolamis it telephone line modem or any other line type modem?00:00
nikolamPorkSod1, why from recovery mode?00:01
nikolamis it USb modem or PCi modem?00:01
PorkSod1I couldn't think of anything else00:01
nikolamare you in X windows or in shell?00:01
PorkSod1in the shell00:01
nikolamwell boot normal with default kernel.00:02
nikolamyour modem IS working now with THAT kernel, right?00:02
nikolambut when you boot normally, doesn`t00:02
PorkSod1it won't work with the updated packages that downloaded00:03
nikolamfirst you need to know what modem you exactly use00:03
nikolamuse lspci command to identify modem00:03
nikolamrocko> lspci, lshw, dmidecode Mooch00:03
PorkSod1so I think I need another driver but don't know the right one to download00:03
nikolammaybe only some action is needed after kenle update. Like it is on my wireless on eeepc I have.00:04
PorkSod1Modem: PCTel Inc HSP MicroModem 56 (rev 02)00:04
PorkSod1I know I need a driver but how do you know what kernel version the updates contain?00:05
nikolamPorkSod1, http://linmodems.org/00:05
PorkSod1I am on the actual site of my modem driver00:06
nikolamuse pastebin.ubunut.org to paste content of your /boot/grub/menu.lst00:06
PorkSod1where is that located00:06
PorkSod1oh that is a website00:07
PorkSod1nikolam: that is a website?00:07
nikolampastebin.ubuntu.org typo, sorry00:08
PorkSod1nikolam: u think I need another driver?00:10
nikolami don`t  knoow. did you ppaste  it?00:11
PorkSod1no not yet give me a minute00:11
nikolamPorkSod1, see this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/2039900:15
nikolamand this: http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/pctel-linux/00:15
nikolamHere is a way I think: http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/pctel-linux/pctel-ubuntu.txt00:17
nikolamPorkSod1, http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/pctel-linux/pctel-ubuntu.txt00:17
DaveDixonIII would like to note that on xUbuntu, after playing music for some time the music starts to skip. This doesn't happen in Ubuntu00:20
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RediXepackage architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)      Anyway to install the .deb file or am I foobar'd?00:24
PorkSod1 http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/pctel-linux/pctel-0.9.7-9-rht-10.tar.gz this is the driver00:25
nikolamRediXe, not recommended. What you are installing?00:25
nikolamPork There are explanations there00:26
RediXenikolam, http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/5.1.html00:26
PorkSod1nikolam:    let me ask you this:  will the updates give any specs on what kernel version is being updated?00:28
RediXenikolam, that link was followed from: http://www.fabforce.net/downloads.php00:29
PorkSod1another words how do you know to what version is being updated to00:30
nikolamRediXe, i didn`t paste fabforce link.00:31
RediXenikolam, ?00:32
nikolamPorkSod1, Just see explanation there and information how to install inside archive.00:32
nikolamPorkSod1, My guess is that you download it now00:32
nikolamand that after that installation process is done under updated kernel with default boot00:32
RediXenikolam, the second link is just the site that sent me to the first link00:32
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nikolamanyway, take a look to ubuntuforums.org, too00:32
PorkSod1alright thanx00:33
nikolamPorkSod1, yes, i pasted same link twice00:34
PorkSod1oh sorry I see it now00:35
PorkSod1 nikolam pctel-0.9.7-9-rht-6_for_Ubuntu-2.6.15-23-386.tgz thats the driver I have now00:37
nikolamPork Read instructions. You know how to unpack it?00:37
nikolamPorkSod1, I would do installation when I am under default boot if i am on your place.00:38
nikolamPorkSod1, also i use external SER(RS232) modem for those reasons. This days, modems are tooslow for updates anyway.00:39
PorkSod1what I did on the old one was extract it then open up the driver with the terminal then cd src then sudo make install like the old one00:40
PorkSod1rs232 modem ? hmmm how does it work00:40
PorkSod1what kind of modem is that?00:42
PorkSod1nikolam:  You still there?00:44
nikolamhah PorkSod1 I never installed winmodem in my life, but shoot00:46
nikolammaybe you would be amused to know that pork is console-based AIM client :)00:47
Moochnikolam: you still there00:49
MoochI had a question if I did a recovery mode will my updated driver work or not00:51
Moochfor my modem that is00:51
Moochor does anyone know If a recovery mode is done can you download a new driver for your modem and will it work ?00:54
nikolamPorkSod1, modems are old technology. Serial modem is the same as rs232. external beast that attaches itself to serial port of computer (9-pin) if you have a port like that. It just works with every OS form MSDOS to ..whatever.00:54
nikolamMooch, read some instructions in that archive00:55
nikolamand on those sites00:55
nikolambut now when you have archive regular install is ./configure , make,  sudo make install00:55
MoochI will I have bookmarked them so the rs232 is the external your talking about correct00:55
nikolamBut search a bit around, for every thing i was searching for, i found multiple solutions and hints everywhere00:57
Moochwell the easiest is external modem00:57
MoochI plan on buying one soon00:58
Moochwhich is what you were referring to as the rs23201:01
MoochI did the recovery mode does that eliminate the updates or what does the recovery mode do01:02
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Moochnikolam: I hate to bother you but tell me what does the recovery mode01:04
nikolamMooch, in my experience I used to use recovery mode by booting from alternate cd in command line so that I could fix /etc/boot/menu.lst so i can boot.01:06
nikolamI mostly never used desktop cd but only alternate to do first install01:07
Moochok since I did it didn't affect my updates01:07
nikolamalso i use 8.04/hardy01:07
MoochI am using 6.06 lts01:07
nikolamWOW that is old01:08
nikolamwhy not 8.04?01:08
Moochyeah trying to upgrade once I get my modem driver01:08
nikolamthere is 8.04.2 available01:08
nikolamit would be too much traffic to download with 56k modem..01:08
Moochif you know knome he told me to upgrade to 8.04 then 8.10. yeah I know don't have broadband where I live makes me angry01:09
nikolamEven like that it would be better to download 8.04.2 alternate (or desktop) xubuntu CD and install from that01:09
Moochthats just it I can't get a cd anywhere with the alternate and the download is a pain getting01:10
nikolamYou can ask for someone in your closest LoCo (Local community) to give you a copy of Ubuntu DVD LTS (8.04.1 or 8.04.2 if it is out)01:10
nikolamOr request CD`s to be mailed to you on ubuntu web site.01:11
nikolamI got my first ubuntu that way, by cd`s in mail :)01:11
Moochbut they don't have Xubuntu do they?01:11
nikolamAnd I also had modem for a Year and a half :)01:11
nikolamI think not, but never mind, xubuntu-desktop fixes that :)01:12
nikolamYour local LoCo would be place to start requesting copy of Cd`s and dvd`s01:12
nikolamMooch, where do you live?01:12
MoochI'll try that01:12
Moochin the US Mississippi01:13
nikolamwell you must have bunc of comuter clubs or just some internet caffe there. or shop. Ask from them to Write ubuntu DVD for you01:13
nikolamalso look at the loco list on ubuntu pages for nearest.01:14
MoochI will do that because I need a cd bad or even a dvd01:14
nikolamYou can even contact someone who lives nearest to you, for DVD`s and CD`s01:14
Moochdownloading is such a pain01:14
nikolamin my opinion it is best to have Xubuntu alternate CD + ubuntu DVD01:14
Moochoh really Ubuntu as well tell me why01:15
nikolam:) I downloaded 6.10 and then 7.04 with modem, I know :)01:15
nikolamDVD have more software on it the CD :)01:15
Moochyeah very true01:15
nikolamYou add DVD as repository and you can add more software to installed xubuntu :)01:16
nikolamto dowload less :)01:16
nikolamMooch, What cpu/Ram/disk you have?01:16
Mooch128mb amd Athlon 30gb used to be my dad's01:17
MoochI plan on upgrade the ram and the hard drive01:18
nikolamRam is first thing.01:18
Moochoh thats my plan01:18
MoochI was gonna do a dual boot with my windows comp but wanted to try Ubuntu and learn how to use it01:19
nikolamYes I did the same thing 2 years ago01:20
nikolamI also have one P3-733 384Mb installed with Xubuntu 8.0401:21
Moochhow much ram do you really need to run 8.04?01:21
nikolamAlso use Firestarter to set up firewall when you finish everything01:21
nikolamon that machine it is usable.01:21
nikolamI think 256 is ok to work.01:21
nikolam128 il a bil low i think.01:22
Moochyeah very true01:22
nikolamsee xubuntu.org for requested hardware01:22
Moochyou said use firestarter isn't Xubuntu secure?01:22
nikolamMooch, hahaaa see this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/PcTel01:24
nikolamMooch, it is advised to have firewall active. Firewall is integrated in Linux in kenel Firestarter is just GUI to set things up. it is not required to be on screen after set up01:25
nikolamxubuntu is very secure upon install because ubuntu in general is desktop system and does not open Any services to network01:26
nikolambut I like to see things tight and nice :)01:26
nikolamafter install and everything, firestarter is available from synaptic01:27
Moochyeah true01:27
Moochok good I will definitely use firestarter01:27
nikolamMooch, seen that pctel page from Wiki?01:27
Moochno I havent01:28
MoochI bookmarked the link you posted01:28
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nikolamha ha I think that is Detailed Howto for PcTel on Ubuntu01:28
nikolamyou can find ton of things on help.ubuntu.com01:29
Moochgreat I appreciate that01:29
MoochI plan on the external modem for sure01:30
nikolamMooch, I hate that Howto. i think it is old.. :(01:31
Moochoh the links01:31
nikolamit is best. You can get one from ebay or something very cheap. Hust look for external serial one .01:32
MoochI will01:32
nikolamMooch, Maybe last few commands on the bottom of that dovument could be used01:33
Moochyeah I was reading that01:33
MoochI got lost when I was reading this page the first time01:34
Moochafter trial and error walahh it dialed:)01:34
nikolamMooch, see also this. Seems it works with 8.04 but after update it needs recompilation http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171163&page=301:36
Moochthe driver installed and I was like I'm now in the linux world. if you haven't read the recent news about Linux and another windows operating system in the works most people are preferring linux01:37
MoochI don't blame them windows is too overrated01:38
Moochthanks for the links and info I appreciate that nikolam01:39
nikolamlinux is still missing wide support from games developers but there is ton of games working on linux, some free some with wine etc. Also some graphic/pro sfotware is not ported, intentionally (adobe, autodesk) but rest things you don`t need Microsoft anymore for nothing.01:40
nikolamMooch, I am glad I could help a bit01:40
nikolamMooch, I am from Europe, Serbia, btw. It is 02:40am here now :)01:41
nikolamMaybe I should sleep a bit :)01:41
Mooch2am yes u need sleep01:41
Moochlet me add you to my friends list01:41
Moochits barely 7:44pm here:)01:42
Moochbut let me get going and if I run into some trouble I'll let you know01:43
nikolamhah nice.01:43
nikolamCU then :)01:43
Moochthanks again01:44
Moochtake care get some sleep01:44
rockoI switched01:48
rockoback to fluxbox :D01:48
rockoI use gtk-chtheme to manage the gtk themes :D01:48
mgroman!ohmy | knome02:16
ubottuknome: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:16
antonehenry>Need help with iPod + Podcast + Banshee -  anybody got any experience with an iPod not being able to sync Podcasts?  Thanks!!02:46
Melikhow can i kill X server?03:50
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CoJaBo-AztecHow do I change resolution and refresh rate? There doesn't seem to be an option anywhere.04:49
CoJaBoIs it possible to change resolution and refresh rate?04:59
mgroman!ohmy | ubottu05:52
ubottumgroman: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!05:52
the-ermis it possible to have 2 monitors work in xubuntu?07:26
the-ermif so ... how?  a url for a how-to would be nice :)07:27
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead07:28
the-ermthanks TheSheep07:29
tingleis there some sort of http page where new planned releases are listed?10:04
tingleim using 8.10 now and wondering when new release will come10:04
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases10:04
tinglefor hardware upgrade uses..10:04
tinglemkay ty10:04
knometingle, 8.10 means october (10) 2008 (8)10:05
tinglehehe diddnt see that10:06
tingleso the next one will prolly come arround april correct?10:06
knomeat the end of april, yes.10:07
knomeif you're adventurous and don't mind breaking something in your system (or your system) once in a while there is already alphas of jaunty10:08
age6racerHi all, I've been having difficulty with Xubuntu 8.10 and certain broadband modem routers. The one at my Dad's (Orange UK) and mine at home (02 UK) both act very weird.10:08
age6racerI get an IP from both of them but I cannot ping any address on the network or get acess to internet10:08
age6racerany ideas?10:08
tingleknome: yeah i just read something about it but i dont think i really have time for it. would like to try to though xD10:09
jajaHi, anyone know how to solve this problem (Intel DG45ID very low volume)??  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/27151910:43
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Guest3115Hello i have problem whit alsa sometimes no sound functioning som tines only rhaigt cahnnel sound13:13
Guest33761hello to everybody13:36
Guest33761can anybody here help me to get the netbook-remix started?13:37
Guest33761ich suche jemanden der mir hilft den netbook-remix zum laufen zu bringen, bin am verzweifeln13:38
dayo__versuch's mal mit #ubuntu-de13:41
dayo__gern geschehen13:41
dayo__hier ist meistens tote hose13:41
Myrttiplease use English since you know where the German channel is13:42
dayo__Myrtti: i was referring him to said german channel13:42
dayo__chill out13:42
Myrttidayo__: I saw you referring to the said german channel, I just have a vague idea what the two *other* lines are for... but sure, have a nice day13:43
dayo__i was letting him know that it's quit dead in here, and he'd be better of asking for help in the german channel13:44
dayo__have a nice day too13:44
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mrbichelI am searching for some advice on configuring my touchpad in xubuntu. Do I need to edit xinput manually or is tehre a gui tool that I just can't seem to find?16:23
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad16:24
Pres-Gasmrbichel, so you are looking at doing things like enabling the scroll and whatnot?16:24
Pres-Gasvinnl FTW!!!16:24
mrbichelmainly I just want to turn of click when I tab the touchpad since it is way to sensitive.16:25
charlie-tcaThe gui is gsynaptics16:25
mrbichelnow it works :)16:26
mrbichelI have another issue - in ubuntu I configured a tertiary activator for my keyboard layour for brackets (at) etc. However I can't activate the third level activator in the similar xubuntu gui.16:31
charlie-tcamrbichel: I think you are right. Xubuntu does not use the gui for that. You probably have to define your own shorcut.16:34
mrbichelcan I map the tertiary key to a command and enter it as a shortcut through the gui?16:35
charlie-tcaI think so16:36
mrbicheldo you know if there is a build in command or do I need to create one?16:36
charlie-tcaI don't know, but some docs on it is /usr/share/themes/Default/xfwm4/keythemerc16:38
mrbichelok thanks il look at that16:39
Melikdoes XFCE have a power manager or something?16:59
Melikim not able to shutdown, hibernate, or anything16:59
charlie-tcaMelik: Applications -> Settings -> Power Management17:00
Melikdont have it :$17:00
charlie-tcaWhat version of Xubuntu?17:00
Melikwell not exactly xubuntu17:01
charlie-tcaThen perhaps ask on #xfce17:01
Melikit was ubuntu originally, and i just removed gnome entirely and installed xfce17:01
Melikok thanks17:01
TheSheepxuuntu uses gnome-power-manager17:04
charlie-tcaBut if he removed gnome completely and only installed xfce, that should not exist?17:05
ace__ditch listen and transmission17:17
mrbichelI figured it out now - I needed to use xmodmap.18:17
mrbichelhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/109955/ - Thanks for your help! - I am really loving xubuntu - xfce is just blazing fast!18:23
charlie-tcano problem.18:24
charlie-tcaAlways glad to hear it is working for you! :-)18:24
mrbichelseems I can still run all of my gnome programs - do they run slow then or do they just use xfce instead?18:35
knomemrbichel, they use the gnome libraries, but xfce uses some gnome parts anyway + they both build on gtk18:35
mrbichelahh I see18:39
kahrnthis isn't a knock18:40
kahrnwell, I use xfce18:40
kahrnbut would using QT not be faster?18:41
knomeeven if it was, xfce wasn't going to migrate18:41
knomeyou can always kde if you want QT18:41
ubottuQt is the Qt (pronounced "cute") toolkit, which forms the base of KDE and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI. Install the libqt3-mt-dev package to compile Qt 3 applications or libqt4-dev for Qt 4 applications. Qt 4.4 is available from hardy-backports18:41
knomeand it's Qt, not QT18:42
knomekahrn, you see, switching to Qt would mean redoing *many* things.18:42
kahrnyeah, I know18:42
kahrnI know it'll never happen18:42
kahrnbut just wondered why they chose gtk18:43
knometalk to the xfce project starter?18:43
kahrnI plan on doing some benchmarks (KDE3.x, KDE4.2, Xfce, Gnome)18:45
knomethat's a completely different thing18:45
kahrnjust to find out the real differences18:45
kahrnas I generally thing the differences are relatively small18:46
knomei think there already is some comparisons18:46
knomexfce is very close to gnome (but lighter), kde is heavier than both those18:46
jarnosI suppose differences are more clear on older hardware.18:47
knomeagree with jarnos.18:47
kahrnwhen I was using Xfce on my 500Mhz/128MB laptop I ended up falling back to fluxbox18:48
knomealso if you compare older versions of xfce/gnome, you get way better performance with xfce18:48
jarnosknome: Do you mean xfce has become heavier compared to gnome?18:49
knomejarnos, not heavier than gnome, but the difference is smaller nowadays.18:49
charlie-tcaI have to say, if you really want to see the difference, try a PII 400MHz cpu18:50
knomei have one in a closet18:51
jarnosI have a couple of PII ~300MHz.18:51
kahrnon my 500Mhz machine I just gave up with the big three and used fluxbox18:51
jarnoskahrn: big three?18:51
kahrnXfce, KDE, Gnome18:52
jarnoskahrn: ah18:52
charlie-tcaI use xubuntu because it uses Xfce and GTK. KDE with Qt won't run18:52
charlie-tcaand when I do have to have Qt load because of an app, I usually have to remove it and find something else.18:53
knomeisn't fluxbox only window manager (and not a desktop environment like xfce, gnome and kde)18:53
kahrnyou have to use a few other packages to do things18:53
wemakeyousoundbafluxbox rocks18:53
kahrnlike display a background18:53
kahrnbut once it's themed well and set up nicely, it is good.18:54
kahrnI think my interest in xfce is more to do with the simplicity of the UI than the possible performance benefits18:55
jarnosCould Xfce be optimized to speed more?18:56
jarnosWhat makes it slower nowdays?18:56
knomejarnos, well... why not. xfce 4.6 is doing that.18:56
knomejarnos, more features, more code...18:57
wemakeyousoundbaless speed18:57
jarnosI suppose the speed gain of parallel startup in Xfce 4.6 will have more effect on multiprocessor machines, but I would think hard drive access is even slower that way.18:59
jarnos..at least if you have only one hard drive.19:00
jarnosBut maybe this is a devel channel topic.19:00
knomejarnos, not all of the processes necessarily need the whole cpu speed19:02
knomejarnos, especially light things at startup19:02
knomejarnos, so the difference might not show in *low-end* machines rather than single/multiprocessor or hard drive quantitites19:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd19:09
wemakeyousoundba!info wicd19:09
ubottuPackage wicd does not exist in intrepid19:09
atariis there a way to disable the search function in the web bar of firefox? i'd like to have the behaviour of firefox219:35
diensthundshas anybody done any work on wifi ap setup?19:51
knomeatari, maybe ask some firefox support channel/forum20:04
Ultraputzanyone good with evolution / calendaring >20:19
atariknome: i just thought thats a "standard" question ;)20:30
knomeatari, looks like nobody can answer that so..20:32
atariknome: browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped has to be setted to true <-- that says it all20:33
atarithx anyway20:33
rockowhere are the start up logs located?21:14
rockothe boot up messages logs21:14
charlie-tcaIf they are enabled, they are in /var/log/boot , rocko21:18
rockothanks charlie-tca21:19
charlie-tcayou're welcome21:19
chrsi just installed xubuntu, but it much slower then xp on an very old laptop. Do you guys think another wm might work?21:21
zoredachechrs: possibly... what are the specs?  installing more memory may improve things...21:24
rockofluxbox maybe chrs21:26
chrslaptop 1000 mhz 256 mb pentium 321:26
chrsis fluxbox easy to work with, im new with21:27
MikyMouseHi guys21:29
MikyMouseIs there any server version for xubuntu?21:30
zoredachethe server version of all *buntus are the same...21:30
MikyMousezoredache, so If I already have Ubuntu Server, will it be the same as if I were installing Xubuntu server?21:31
zoredachexubuntu, is the core of ubuntu with XFCE installed.  Ubuntu server is pretty much just the ubuntu core packages and nothing else21:32
MikyMousezoredache, so I was trying to install ubuntu server 8.10 in a P4 700Mhz 512Mb and in #ubuntu I was told to forget about it, ...to go with xubuntu instead21:32
zoredachewhere you planning on installing a GUI?  Or just having it be a cli system?21:33
johan12when i reboot/start xubuntu all the apps pop up that i used earlier?21:34
MikyMousezoredache, Ubuntu server by is installe dby default withouth gui, and I will control it remotely using SHH like Putty or something, or throught web using Webmin for exampl, so  noo gui21:34
johan12it saves my session even though i haven't checked "save session", what to do?21:35
zoredacheMikyMouse: I thnk whoever told you to use xubuntu was confused...  If you aren't installing a gui then there is no difference...  server is server21:36
MikyMousezoredache, ok, that's what I was thinking, but I just started ti doubt about it21:36
zoredachejohan12: deleted any cached sessions, and adjust a config file so that sessions are never saved21:37
johan12no, haven't deleted a thing, just closed all apps and then reboot, and when start terminal, ff, x-chat etc pops up :S21:38
zoredachethat wasn't a question, that was a direction... I want you to delete files in ~/.cache/sessions/, and ...21:39
zoredacheand adjust ~/.config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc make the 'SaveOnExit' be false21:40
johan12del *.* in ~/.cache/sessions?21:41
zoredacheyeah, except 'del *.*' isnt' a linux command.  All the files in that folder are you cached sessions.21:43
johan12can't find ~/.config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc21:44
zoredachehrm... well ignore that for now, that was just supposed to make it so it remebered that you had unchecked the save session box21:47
CoJaBo-AztecIs it possible to configure Xubuntu to disablee the shutdown option?21:48
johan12found more info at http://wiki.xfce.org/faq, thanks21:49
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peterfichi i have just installed it. I want to enable remote shell connection. I want to administer the box as if i was sat in front of it.22:58
peterfici dont want to see the box again22:58
peterfici want full power over it, from remote pc (actually PC on internal network)22:59
zoredachedo an 'apt-get install openssh-server' and then you have cli access23:00
peterficthanks zoredache23:00
Moochwhat is the command in the terminal to find what kernel version my comp has?23:02
charlie-tcaMooch: uname -a23:02
Moochhey charlie-tca haven't seen you in a while thanx23:03
charlie-tcayou're welcome. I been hiding, I guess23:03
Moochwell I have been busy so I haven't been in here in a long time but I do have a question: trying to get a driver for my dial up modem and having trouble finding the driver let me see what version kernel I have23:05
Mooch2.6.15-53-k7 now thats the version I have but I did a recovery but its temporary so my modem would work with the old driver23:07
Moochcharlie-tca:                  2.6.15-53-k7 now the number 53 in my new version of the kernel what if the current drivers don't match up with this number? Do you think all the drivers would not be compatible?23:11
charlie-tcaWhat version of Xubuntu is this? .15 seems old23:12
Mooch6.06 LTS23:12
charlie-tcaIt is old. If the current drivers are too new, why not upgrade to 8.0423:13
charlie-tcaYou could download a liveCD and try it. Most drivers are now being included in the kernel in Jaunty 9.04.23:14
Moochthats what I am trying to do but I do not have broadband in my area so downloading to 8.04 is out of the question23:14
Moochwell I talk to someone here yesterday and told me to try and get a live cd or dvd and that would be my best bet23:15
charlie-tcaAh! I see.23:15
charlie-tcaGetting the live cd would be good. If you can run it, you could order a cd through ship-it and then install xubuntu-desktop on it23:16
Moochbut will the live cd or dvd have the modem drivers I need is the question23:16
charlie-tcaThe dvd might, if they are shipping them.23:16
charlie-tcaOTOH, if you get it through ship-it, it should be free. Then you could try it and see.23:17
Moochso ship it has the xubuntu cds or dvd?23:17
Moochif so where is ship it located23:17
charlie-tcaNo, ship-it has the Ubuntu cds, at least you could try the liveCD free and without downloading it then.23:18
MoochI see well I really want xubuntu23:18
MoochI hate linmodems23:19
charlie-tcaYou can install xubuntu-desktop to ubuntu and have xubuntu23:19
peterficwhats the easiest way to get a LAMP setup23:19
peterficwell just the AMP part as i already on linux obviously23:20
charlie-tcaMooch: I see they are shipping 8.1023:20
Moochyeah I did that with this old version you're a genius didn't think about that23:20
Moochoh boy don't need that yet23:20
charlie-tcapeterfic: install apache, mysql, and PHP23:20
Moochcharlie-tca you think the community might ship me a 8.04 xubuntu dvd?23:21
charlie-tcaHey, Mooch. 8.10 is not bad! It has more drivers included23:21
Moochwell don't I have to upgrade to 8.04 then 8.1023:22
zoredacheinstall the lamp-server task or do this... sudo apt-get install libwrap0 apache2 mysql-client-5.0 tcpd libapache2-mod-php5 apache2.2-common apache2-utils php5-common libaprutil1 php5-mysql libmysqlclient15off libdbi-perl libplrpc-perl mysql-server openssl-blacklist libdbd-mysql-perl mysql-server-5.0 libnet-daemon-perl libapr1 libpq5 ssl-cert apache2-mpm-prefork mysql-common23:22
charlie-tcaI'm thinking they make you pay for the dvd. The drawback (always is one) is you can not upgrade 6.06 to 8.1023:22
* peterfic copies and pastes23:22
charlie-tcaYou have to do a fresh install of 8.10 and migrate your data23:22
charlie-tcaMooch: we don't have xubuntu on dvd23:23
peterficthanks again zoredache23:23
Moochhmmm so its like doing a reformat and erasing everything and starting over23:23
charlie-tcaYes. If you backup your /home you get to keep your data23:23
Moochah ok give me the command to backup so I can write it down23:25
charlie-tcaThere is an Ubuntu 8.10 DVD available from the Ubuntu store. You have to pay for it.23:25
Moochwhats the advantage of the dvd and cd copies23:26
charlie-tcadvd contains a lot more of the drivers and applications. cd has to download them from the internet23:27
zoredachethe dvd has more packages, so you don't have to download something if you want it23:27
Moochok gotcha23:27
Moochso I am better off with a clean install of 8.1023:27
charlie-tcaThis should be good for backups: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Backupsolutionsforlinux23:29
charlie-tcaI use rsync to a spare hard drive, myself. Erased it when I was learning and lost everything from 2 years.23:30
zoredachethat page needs help...23:30
charlie-tcaoh, got any other ideas?23:31
zoredacheI think dirvish should be on the list (rsync) based, but that page needs a lot more detail.  I am very tempted to go start adding to it23:32
charlie-tcaWhy not add to it. That is how these things get updated.23:33
zoredacheI'll have to make a note to work on this when get home, or this weekend....  I think making backups is extremely important.23:35
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Ultraputzhas anyone managed to get evolution working with exchange 2007?23:57

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