DaSkreechz666: try ##hardware00:00
mimmo Romanzo.Criminale.La.Serie.Ep.09.iTALiAN.SATRip.XviD-FiRE.avi00:00
DaSkreechspot_: open Dolphin and press F400:00
d3jakeMy Adept decided to eat my OS for some reason and I need a way to get to a console of the install where I can install things, but still have access to IRC and a web browser. Is there a way for me to open a terminal to a partition that has my Linux on it to reinstall packages?00:00
jenniferon skype?00:00
spot_DaSkreech: Ok00:00
DaSkreechjennifer: yes00:00
messeuperm i mean.. can i install it from a mybook disk00:00
DaSkreechd3jake: yes00:00
jenniferok im at sound options00:00
messeupwithout messing with mbr or other stuff on mybook00:00
DaSkreechz666: /join ##hardware00:00
DaSkreechjennifer: Does it have an audio in device?00:01
spot_DaSkreech:  Then?00:01
DaSkreechtype cd film in the terminal then unrar x title.rar.r0000:01
mimmoxdcc send #8700:01
jenniferyeah input and output00:01
DaSkreechmimmo: What are you doing?00:01
messeupis there a eee channel?00:01
d3jakeDaSkreech, looks like you're busy.. when you get a chance, please point me to a command or web page that can assist me in getting that terminal running. THank you00:02
DaSkreechjennifer: Switch the input to something else and try it00:03
DaSkreechd3jake: What's your current state?00:03
d3jakeBotted on a live CD with my partition that I have my Linux on mounted.00:03
d3jakeI found the log file from my package manager and it did a number....00:03
jenniferlike what lol00:03
DaSkreechd3jake: Mount your partition00:04
DaSkreechjennifer: I don't know I can't see what yu have :)00:04
d3jakeDaSkreech: Done00:04
DaSkreech I know that Skype doesn't like pulse audio that much00:04
d3jakeGUIs make it nearly foolproof00:04
DaSkreechd3jake: sudo chroot /mount/poiny00:04
DaSkreechd3jake: sudo chroot /mount/point00:04
DaSkreechmesseup: #eeepc00:05
messeupahh,, thanks00:05
d3jakeDaSkreech so if the partition is mounted on /media/disk use sudo chroot /media/disk?00:05
messeup#join #eeepc00:05
DaSkreechjennifer: I swapped mine out to something else kinda randomly and it worked00:05
DaSkreechd3jake: correct00:05
d3jakeDaSkreech What's the root pw on a live CD?00:06
DaSkreechThere is none00:07
DaSkreechnot on *buntu at least00:07
d3jakeDaSkreech: sweet, I thnk it worked... now to fix what's broke. THanks for the help!00:08
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)00:08
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jenniferrandomly huh00:09
DaSkreechjennifer: Semi randomly :-)00:10
wesley_Anyone had evey to call warranty on hitachi hds ?00:13
jenniferany reccomendations00:14
jenniferi really need my mic working lol for a call00:14
DaSkreechjennifer: does it turn up in system settings?00:15
jenniferi mean ive tried KMixer00:15
DaSkreechis it muted there?00:15
jenniferand have my mic un muted and everything00:15
DaSkreechI'm trying to think of another app that uses mic to test it with :)00:16
kmaidHi, i am a windows user just trying to get to grips with unbuntu where can like ask stupid questions :?00:17
firatktürkçe kubuntu00:17
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:18
DaSkreechkmaid: Here would be a good start forums would be a good follow up00:18
DaSkreechjennifer: Can you hear the skype test call first of all00:18
kmaidah awesome, i just found the application installer so freaking sweet ^^00:18
jenniferi got it lol00:18
jennifernow i need to fix volume lol00:19
DaSkreechkmaid: It is nice00:19
DaSkreechjennifer: Whoot!00:19
DaSkreechwhat did it take?00:19
jenniferwhats PCM?00:19
kmaidI installed the windows remote desktop KRDC but it crashes on start :/00:19
jenniferC-Media USB Headphone set (hw, default, 0)00:19
DaSkreechjennifer: Raw sound00:19
jenniferfor sound in and out00:20
DaSkreechjennifer: It's what the speakers put out. turn up PCM and everything gets louder00:20
DaSkreechkmaid: booo which version?00:20
jenniferhow do u turn it down lol00:21
kmaidActually i just ran it again and it works ill be quiet :x00:21
DaSkreechjennifer: oh! yo uwant it down not up00:21
DaSkreechjennifer: In kmix00:21
cptr13kmaid....you'll find the folks here and on the forums very helpful.  don't hesitate to ask anything00:21
DaSkreechkmaid: No crashes are important stuff :)00:21
kmaidIt came up with the debug information but i just closed it like windows lol00:22
DaSkreechkmaid: Really? you have debugging installed? That's interesting00:23
kmaidNah, I do program but it just came up with this crash application that had a pile of debug output. Perhaps it is something to do with KRDC?00:24
DaSkreechNo all K apps should do that00:24
jenniferhow do i turn it down lol00:29
marek_hi, i have kde 4.2 how can i add widget - show desktop?00:30
DaSkreechjennifer: Is everything loud or just the mic ?00:32
jenniferthe audio lol00:32
DaSkreechmarek_: click add widget on the panel I think00:32
marek_DaSkreech the thing is, there is no such widget00:32
DaSkreechjennifer: So everything is loud? The furtherst left slider should turn it down00:32
WutzHey, how do I turn off the automatic blackscreen appearing when my computer is idle, this is annoying me because every little while when I'm watching a movie it turns black and I have to move the mouse00:33
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marek_Wutz do you use 4,2 or 4,1?00:35
WutzI'm using 4.2 rc100:35
WutzThe monitor itself isn't turning off, it's like a black screensaver, although I turned off screen savers00:36
firatktürkçe ubuntu00:40
firatktürkçe ubuntu00:41
DaSkreech!tr | firatk00:41
ubottufiratk: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:41
KDeskwen will kde 4.2 be released, on 27?00:42
KDeskAnd when will it be in the kubuntu repo, and in which?00:43
WutzYes, kde 4.2 final is supposed to be released tommorow, the 27th. As for when it will be added, I cannot tell as that is how fast Ubuntu works on it.00:44
DaSkreechShould be there by tomorrow00:46
DragnslcrUsually takes the Ubuntu staff a couple days to get the packages built00:46
DaSkreechcan't promise how nice it will be :)00:46
Raylzare there any 4.2 repos available?00:46
DragnslcrDepending on far ahead the KDE devs freeze the code00:46
Raylzwas just released :)00:46
Wutzdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu00:47
Wutzthat is the repo i added to get the kde 4.2 rc100:47
Wutzjust simply add it and update the system00:47
marek_does anyone know what activity bar is for>00:48
Wutzdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main00:48
Wutzthats the full one sorry00:48
Raylzso has it been decided to be available as upgrade for intrepid?00:49
Raylzor do we have to use the sources ourselves00:49
Wutzyou have to add them...thats the source i just gave you00:50
RaylzWutz: i already got a 4.2rc system :)00:51
Raylzim just curious00:51
kaddi_heya, it's me again :D00:52
kaddi_is there an easy way to check the temperatures and fans in kubuntu  /(8.10)00:52
DaSkreechmarek_: To switch activities00:53
kaddi_my kubuntu just completely froze up and the shiftlock lamp started blinking... i had to cut the power.... s00:53
kaddi_i've had a couple of these freezes, but i thought this was due to faulty RAM. But I've switched the broken RAM and still get the freeze up00:54
kaddi_(oh it's an acer laptop by the way... if this info is necessary? )00:54
wesley_kaddi_ yes with the temptare plosmoid00:55
wesley_you need to install libsensors and then sudo setup sensors ?00:55
kaddi_i don't know, i wanted to check if the laptop wasn't getting too hot causing the freeze up00:56
kmaidHow do you make yourself root in console?00:56
stdinkmaid: sudo -i00:56
yannick__i need help configuring my Kubuntu 8.10 Xorg. Since the last X.org update my azerty keyboard turned to qwerty. All i remember was that the update proposed was an english update.00:57
wesley_kaddi some acer laptop have a nasty bug00:57
yannick__i'm using Kubuntu under virtualbox client hosted on Windows ...00:58
kaddi_wesley_: what do you mean, also there is no command "setup" but libsensors is installed00:58
kaddi_correction: libsensors3 is installed. 4 isn't. do i need both?00:58
wesley_google on it, thats how i founded out to setup, but the tempature doesnt spring that high, so that plasmoid is boring00:59
yannick__'sudo loadkeys fr' doesnt change anything alas00:59
yannick__can anyone help me ?01:01
DaSkreechyannick__: Check your dpkg log and remove the english update01:02
wesley_kaddi_ there a several guides to set up your sensors01:04
yannick__where can i find the dpkg logs ? Because since it is a new adept aaplicationm there is no log viewer yet01:04
wesley_im just to lazy to do that agian01:04
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wesley_kaddi_ sensors-detect does call the setup run it in konsole01:07
DaSkreechyannick__: /var/log/01:09
kaddi_wesley_ yeah, google told me as well ;) but it's still showing 0 and 1°C as CPU-Temperatures01:12
wesley_I just answered every time yes yes yes01:12
yannick__thanks DaSk01:12
kaddi_me to ;)01:12
kaddi_it also found the intel processor and everything01:13
yannick__but i cant find out what is wrong01:14
WutzHey does anyone know how to turn off folder view in 4.2 and get the old school desktop icons on your screen?01:15
WutzI did it before, but for some reason it went back, now I cant find the option01:15
White_Pelicanhi all. I am running intrepid with 4.2 rc1. on the panel (what we used to call the taskbar) when you mouse over an item, the info is white text on a black background. How do I change that. I'm very new to kde 401:18
WutzTry open system settings > Advanced tab > Desktop Theme details, and you can change the background type or theme type01:22
kaddiso, how can i find out what caused ubuntu to freeze?01:22
kaddiare there any logs i got could go through?01:23
mgroman!ohmy | kaddi01:23
ubottukaddi: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!01:23
WutzOt system settings > Appearance > colors for text color changing01:23
White_Pelicanlet me try that01:23
kaddimgroman: i'm not a native speaker and i don't know what you find offensive in my question. could you explain?01:23
White_PelicanI don't want ot change the whole theme, just the panel colors01:23
Dr_willisMight not be possible White_Pelican01:25
Dr_willisa lot of 'things' are still being slowly added to KDE401:25
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White_Pelicanso should I wait till tomorrow, or wait till summer when 4.3 comes out?01:26
Dr_willisWho knows..:) not me.. :P01:26
WutzPelican, in that window you can change any part of the theme, not change the whole thing01:28
White_Pelicanin advanced, desktop theme settings or the other one?01:31
Wutzyes the theme settings01:34
Wutzthe other is actual coloring of the text01:34
White_Pelicanwell what I tried didn't work01:35
White_Pelicanthanls anyway01:35
White_Pelicanfor now I'll stick to kde 301:35
WutzProbably should stick with gnome if you don't liek how kde 4 is right now, it won't change fast01:36
WutzMy biggest problem with gnome is that it looks like crap lol01:36
White_PelicanMy wife read on slashdot that Linux (god himself) does not like kde 4 and went back to using gnome01:37
White_Pelicanthat's gotta tell me something01:38
White_Pelicannot trying to be a troll gere but...01:38
WutzLinus you mean?01:39
WutzYes he switched, but I think it was from 4.0 not recently, although I could be wrong01:39
White_Pelicanyes I meant linus01:42
White_PelicanI suffer from ffs01:42
White_PelicanI could look it up like casey stengel used to say :)01:42
DaSkreechkaddi: I don't know what's ofensive either. What did you do before it froze?01:42
DaSkreechWutz: huh? KDE4 has been moving incredibly fast01:43
DaSkreechWhite_Pelican: He's on Fedora :) Of course he's going to switch01:43
White_Pelicanalrighty then :)01:43
kaddii had been watching youtube videos for the last couple of hours, chatting here and on icq01:44
DaSkreechI don't doubt too much that he's going to switch back when he feels the need again01:44
kaddiand i might have had amarok running... but nothing out of the ordinary really01:44
DaSkreechWutz: Yeah Linus switched at 4.0 Fedora made everyone install 4.0 once you upgraded with no KDE3 option. So pretty much if 4.0 didn't work for you (which it didn't for a lot of people) and you are not jumping shp from Fedora you use something else01:45
DaSkreechkaddi: How often does it freeze?01:46
marek_  ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in01:46
marek_i was trying to compike widget01:46
marek_can you help me?01:47
kaddiDaSkreech: not more than 10 times in the last 2-3 weeks... but as I said, I had a faulty RAM-stick (the only one in this machine) so I put it down to this01:47
DaSkreechDo you have two computers available?01:48
kaddithis is the first time, since then, that it freezes up... so I haven't had any freezes in the last 5 days01:48
kaddiyes and no... I do have an old laptop, I could probably revive... not sure internet will work in it though01:48
kaddii do have a dualboot on this one though, (as well as the older laptop)01:49
yao_ziyuan1is there a way to retrieve the last apt-get output?01:50
KDeskyao_ziyuan1: I think /var/log/apt01:51
KDesk /var/log/aptitude and also all the logs in /var/log/01:51
DaSkreechkaddi: Ok I get X freezes from time to time I can ssh in and restart X01:52
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kaddiah, that might be worth a try.... i'll setup an ssh-server. :)01:52
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kaddi(even though i do not have an entirely functional laptop, i happen to live with 2 guys i can trust.. so I could use their PCs :) )01:54
walterhas anybody used a radeon 7000 PCI with 8.10?01:57
DaSkreechkaddi: no need for trust they can't save your password anyway01:59
kaddibut still, one feels better when trust is also present ;) ... at least one of them would definitely know how to use a keylogger ;)02:01
kaddisupposing the x-server crashed would I find any entries (errormessages) in the syslog, messages, etc?02:02
DaSkreechIf X crashed you would know02:04
_MMA_What are other music players *besides* Amarok for KDE/QT?02:06
* _MMA_ Googles.02:06
KDesk_MMA_: you mean that use Qt?02:07
KDeskYou can also use the ones that use GTK or JAVA02:08
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desperatehello, i need you02:09
_MMA_KDesk: No. My 1st question was very intentional. DaSkreech seems to have given the other top contenders.02:09
JontheEchidnavlc now uses Qt for its frontend nowadays02:09
DaSkreechhi desperate02:09
kaddiis there anything else i could try to do, to find the reason for the freeze?02:09
kaddior should i just wait for the next time? :D02:10
DaSkreechOh VLC02:10
desperatedo you can hel me?02:10
KDeskkaddi: Mostly if the software is not considered stable, it is software problem, but can also be any hardware part, RAM, video card, HD,etc.02:10
DaSkreechkaddi: insta freezes are hard to pick up. If the application has no chance to notify something is wrong and isn't setup that something else monitors it then you may have no indication02:11
DaSkreechdesperate: yes02:11
desperatei dont speak english, but need help02:12
kaddiDaSkreech: thanks, I'll just wait and see... maybe I'll get lucky with the ssh-server :)02:12
desperateneed to put win xp02:12
mgroman!ohmy | kaddi02:12
ubottukaddi: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:12
_MMA_DaSkreech: Reason for my question is I know what's out there for GNOME (I develop for Ubuntu Studio) and dislike Amarok. So I'm looking for a *music* player for KDE/QT that's a little less, robust. And nothing that's a switchblade. Seems like there's not much past Amarok.02:12
desperatebecause, i cant view my cam02:12
DaSkreechdesperate: What do you speak?02:12
kaddiKDesk: I did a quick check on the RAM and the HD... but, for sure, there might be other Hardware issues I haven't thought off..02:13
DaSkreech_MMA_: dragon02:13
DaSkreechall it does it play02:13
DaSkreech!es | desperate02:13
ubottudesperate: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:13
JontheEchidnathe package name would be dragonplayer02:14
DaSkreechkaddi: video card overheating02:14
kaddimgroman isn't a troll is he?02:14
_MMA_DaSkreech: I looked at it. Might be a bit too spartan, but I'll keep looking. :)02:14
DaSkreechkaddi: Seems so or a bot02:14
DaSkreech_MMA_: Juk02:14
DaSkreechIt's in between02:14
DaSkreechhas a playlist and little else02:15
_MMA_DaSkreech: Yeah. Looks that way. Thanx. I'll try that out.02:15
KDeskkaddi: is the crash random?02:16
DaSkreechlogin_: yes?02:16
login_can i help you??02:17
KDeskkaddi: Have you tested it in another computer to see if you can reproduce the bug/freeze?02:17
kaddiDaSkreech: how could I check the video card thing? I did install lmsensors but it only seems to be able to read the harddisk temperature correctly (other temps are ß or 1=02:17
KDeskkaddi: you can search for your pc model in google to see if anybody has also a similar problem.02:18
kaddiKDesk:it's only a really rare freeze... maybe 10 if its high... and the other 9 might have been related to defective RAM. I just but in a new stick 5 days ago... hadn't had a problem since then02:18
kaddiand I'm going to google as well :)02:18
kaddiand I don't have another PC with enough Harddiskspace to install it02:19
KDeskkaddi:  Maybe it is not full supported hardware. Have you tried ALT+SYS RQ?02:19
kaddiKDesk: no, I don't know what that is :D02:20
kaddiwhat is SYSRQ?02:20
Dr_willisSYSREQ = isent that like alt-ctrl-PrintScreen >02:21
Dr_willisit evey says 'sysreq' under my 'printscreen' key02:21
KDeskkaddi: I don't know very well02:22
Dr_willissysreq - casuese a kernel dump/logging information stuff to happen in the event of a major bad crash02:22
kaddiDr-Willis: ah thanks. :D it says "druck" and "s-abf" on mine02:22
Dr_willisand in 15+ year of linux use.. ive never  used it. :)02:22
kaddinothing happens, when I press alt+sysreq... should I see something?02:23
KDeskkaddi: here is a small explanation of the history of the key http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key02:24
KDeskkaddi: It is, ALT+SYSRQ+R+E+I+S+U+B02:24
KDeskAt the same time ALT+SysRq while pressing the R, then the E...et.02:25
kaddiKDesk: I literally didn't know which key on my keyboard was the ysrg key ;) that's why I asked ;)02:25
KDeskkaddi: hehe, I didn't knew that some months ago :)02:25
Dr_willis'Linux: - Helping you use all those keys - that you NEVER knew what they were used for!'02:27
Dr_willisOverheard once "What the heck is the Tilda Key?'02:27
Dr_willisOverheard once  'back tick? whats a backtick?'02:27
Dr_willis'who needs  < and > anyway?'02:27
kaddii might not want to do this right now, do I?02:27
Dr_willisUsing the sysreq key sequance = Instant lockup/logging/power down - i think02:28
kaddiyes... :D i'm glad i finished reading the wikientry before trying again :D02:28
Dr_willisI recall some one filing a 'bug' once -- "the systemlocks up when i do a ALT+ctrl-whatever-printscreen' ---> he got mad when he was told it was a 'feature'02:28
Dr_willisI think you can hook up a serial terminal (see your wiki) to the serial ports and get logging/bug info from there also.02:29
DaSkreechYou can02:31
KDeskkaddi: ah, if you get such a freeze again, you can try to type: ALT+SysRq + R + E + S + U + B  , with a delay of maybe 5s between every key, and if that reboots the system the kernel was not freezed, maybe the xserver.02:31
Dr_willisor just try sshing in from another machine. :)02:31
Dr_willisif ya can ssh in. use 'sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart'02:31
KDeskThat is also a good idea :)02:32
KDeskhere is a better explanation http://fosswire.com/2007/09/08/fix-a-frozen-system-with-the-magic-sysrq-keys/02:32
kaddiI'll try to remember that :D might have to start writing all this down ;) (or just save the log of this conversation)02:32
DaSkreechWrite it02:33
KDeskBetter write down :)02:33
DaSkreechYOu can't read the saved log when the system freezes02:33
KDeskAn analog paper is saver.02:33
* kaddi is able to lose important papers in less than3 secondes :D02:33
kaddibut i'll write it down and store it somewhere safe :D02:33
kaddiso, the most important things would probably be the magic keys and the x-restart command :)02:37
DaSkreechWell the X restart is second nature once you know sysv02:40
DaSkreechwhich oddly enough Ubuntu is not02:40
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/02:40
Dr_willisupstart is amazingly well done - it seems  :) many people dont even realize they are not using   a SYS V thing02:41
DaSkreechI do cause init 6 doesn't work :(02:41
stdininit 6 == reboot02:43
thomas__how can we check the progress of large copies in Doliphin?02:45
kaddii'll be going, all of a sudden it's 4am and I have to be at work soon :o02:46
kaddimany thanks to DaSkreech, KDesk and Dr_willis :)02:46
kaddisee you soon02:46
Dr_willisalmost 10 here.. about time for me to go to work02:48
DaSkreechThomasD: Blast02:53
Szadekhello , my gstreamer is giving too bright photos on webkam .... i tried to fix the brightness on gstreamer properties but the output is always the same ... does anyone have any idea how to fix this02:55
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marcelplease how can i use dosemu -> sample of a command... ??02:57
DaSkreechhi BluesKaj02:57
BluesKajhey DaSkreech, how's things ?02:57
DaSkreechnot bad how are you?02:58
BluesKajgood & good :)02:58
marceli try dosemu -install -E 16000 but fail02:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dosemu03:00
BluesKaj!info dosemu03:01
ubottudosemu (source: dosemu): The Linux DOS Emulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.4.0+svn.1828-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2272 kB, installed size 5704 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)03:01
bazhangmarcel, what are you trying to emulate?03:01
BluesKajprolly DOOM03:01
* DaSkreech chuckles03:01
bazhangwhy not get dosbox03:01
Dr_willisTheres native Linux ports of DOOM and a dozen variants03:01
Dr_willis they run doom better then the original dos verion03:01
DaSkreechDr_willis: Don't jump all over him :)03:02
DaSkreechThat was a joke03:02
Dr_willisI got DOOM on my GP32 :)03:02
Dr_willisand GP2x03:02
Dr_willisits still a classic03:02
BluesKaj!E 1600003:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about E 1600003:02
DaSkreechAs long as you don't put 3 behind it03:02
marcelyes i try to emulate like: dosemu -install -L 20000 -e 1024 -n03:02
Dr_willisdoxbox dies games MUCH better then dosemu i fune03:03
Dr_willisNight all. :)03:03
bazhangmarcel, for games?03:03
DaSkreechIt dies them ?03:03
marcelno , for foxpro03:04
marcelor borlandc exe...03:04
marcelnot for games03:04
marcelbazhang: do you have an ideea how to launch dosemu ??03:08
bazhangmarcel, not sure as I have never used it sorry03:08
marcelok, thanks03:09
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BluesKajsacktime...nite all03:17
=== ernesto is now known as ernesto_
=== ernesto_ is now known as ernesto
KDeskEvery time I open Kate it comes with the left tab bar open, is it possible to make it default that the left tab bar is closed every time?03:30
DaSkreechDunno actually03:34
tweakedehI cant get sound working with ZSNES any ideas?03:43
khalidmiani just downloaded the iso file for kubuntu jaunty and tried to install it through both burning a cd and trying to runit via virtaul drive but for some reason it says invalid cd..p.s im trying to do installation within windows03:59
BentFrankdid you do the md5 hash check and the CD check?04:00
khalidmianhow do i perform check sum on a download04:01
khalidmianhow do i perform check sum on a download that to on an iso file04:03
khalidmiani got the download from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/jaunty/alpha-3/04:04
khalidmianim right now using windows04:05
BattleStarJesusVideo in the Adobe Player embeded in Firefox will not play correctly.  The player loads, the content downloads, but playback glitches to a hault.  I am using Kubuntu 8.10, Compiz-Fusion, Firefox 3.0.5, and Adobe Flash Player 10. Turning off Compiz does not solve the complication. How do I resolve the issue.04:05
khalidmiani just use vlc instead of 10,00 different players04:07
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:07
BattleStarJesusHow do I configure for different players players?04:07
khalidmianconfigure what?04:08
BattleStarJesuskhalidmian: did you respond to my pose or where to some one else?04:09
BattleStarJesuskhalidmian: I am trying to watch YouTube videos in FireFox04:09
khalidmianyou need flash04:09
khalidmiannot adobe player04:10
BattleStarJesus Video in the Adobe Player embeded in Firefox will not play correctly.  The player loads, the content downloads, but playback glitches to a hault.  I am using Kubuntu 8.10, Compiz-Fusion, Firefox 3.0.5, and Adobe Flash Player 10. Turning off Compiz does not solve the complication. How do I resolve the issue.04:10
khalidmianr u using ubuntu04:10
khalidmianBattleStarJesus r u using ubuntu or kubuntu04:10
BattleStarJesuskhalidmian: how do I switch from Adobe Player to Adobe Flash?04:11
BattleStarJesusI am using Kubuntu 8.1004:11
BattleStarJesuskhalidmian: wait its Adobe Flash Player.04:12
BattleStarJesusversion 10,0,15,3 i04:12
BattleStarJesusversion 10,0,15,304:12
khalidmianshould have info for kubuntu aswell04:12
BattleStarJesusI have been there but will check again.04:13
khalidmianBattleStarJesus sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:14
BattleStarJesusI'll try04:15
khalidmianor use adept to search for flash i u have restricted extras as part of repostoreies04:15
kde185kubuntu-restricted-extras is also a good meta package to install all of that pesky proprietary crap04:16
khalidmiansudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras04:16
BattleStarJesuskhalidmian: it is already installed04:16
khalidmianthen search for flash in adept04:17
=== vic is now known as Guest82831
khalidmianBattleStarJesus is your 3rd party software repository enabled?04:18
BattleStarJesuswait 5 to install and 2 to remove for the restricted extras04:18
khalidmiansudo apt-get install update04:20
BattleStarJesusThis is relaxing, a complete pain in the04:20
khalidmiansudo apt-get install upgrade04:20
khalidmiansudo update-flashplugin04:20
BattleStarJesusbut relaxing none the less, I am truly living the geek life04:20
tincho_esto que es?04:22
khalidmianubottu the instruction you gave me make sence if u already have ubuntu/kubuntu..i only have windows and am trying to gethold of jaunty iso file for fresh install however virtual drive says invalid cd04:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:22
khalidmianyeah thought so04:23
BattleStarJesusHow do I find a program and kill it? Firefox is aparently running but I do not know where to find it.04:23
legodude__killall firefox04:24
legodude__or ctrl+esc04:25
BattleStarJesusVideos seem to be playing correctly now, I will turn compiz back on and see how the videos respond.04:28
BentFrankubottu: !qt04:28
ubottuQt is the Qt (pronounced "cute") toolkit, which forms the base of KDE and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI. Install the libqt3-mt-dev package to compile Qt 3 applications or libqt4-dev for Qt 4 applications. Qt 4.4 is available from hardy-backports04:28
BentFrankubottu: !backports04:29
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:29
DaSkreech!es | tincho04:30
ubottutincho: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:30
BattleStarJesusOk all is well.04:32
BattleStarJesusTIME FOR PANCAKES!!!04:32
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staggai tryed to upgrade using wrong server now it will not allow me to boot into desktop says could not start kstartupconfig405:46
progmanos1kde 4.2 will be released today!05:50
kela_Доброго времени суток многоуважаемые обитатели канала!06:03
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:04
kela_Разъясните, как настраивать печать из Kubuntu на расшаренный принтер, подключённый к компьютеру под winXP в домене?06:04
stagga_what that mean to me06:05
stagga_progmanos1 what that mean06:06
stagga_how to uninstall nessus client06:08
jon_high9000I am currently on Kubuntu 8.10 and i am just starting with KDE. is there any way to determine where the current version of KDE Theme Manager is located?06:08
stagga_it dosent come install apt-get install kdm06:09
stagga_how to uninstall nessus client06:09
stdinjon_high9000: you can install themes from System Settings -> Appearance06:12
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jon_high9000<stdin> before signing in to this chat room i intalled KDM Theme Manager version 1.2.2-1ubuntu1. sorry to ask but is it possible to also use gnome (gtk) Themes?06:18
stagga_i tryed to upgrade using wrong server now it will not allow me to boot into desktop says could not start kstartupconfig406:21
stagga_kubuntu 8.10 could not start kstartupconfig406:21
stdinjon_high9000: you can see if it starts with "kdesudo kcmshell kdmtheme"06:23
stdinstagga_: what do you men wrong server?06:23
stagga_idk maybe the right one but wrong order of install06:24
stagga_had same problems years ago06:24
stagga_do you have a remedy06:24
=== tweak is now known as Guest19432
stdinhave you tried "sudo apt-get -f install" ?06:24
jon_high9000<stdin> thank you very much for your help. it is very much appreciated.06:24
techbwhi all06:25
techbwjust want to find out if I mount the kubuntu 8.10 dvd will I be able to update via apt, without using the internet?06:25
NGL-TwYsTeDhello can i get some help for rtl8185 pci laptop driver installation so my wifi will work on my lappy06:27
stdintechbw: yes, just press Alt-F2 and enter: kdesudo "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade"06:27
techbwthanks, once done, I would be able to update the packages that are not on the CD then.06:28
techbwI just don't want to break my install, spent hourse to get it the way I like06:29
stdinif there are packages installed that are not on the CD, it'll get them from the net06:30
techbwthe last time I used aptoncd to copy the packages from one computer to the other, but still downloaded the packages, so was hoping to disable the internet, and update the packages that were not upgraded using the cd online06:31
stdinI don't think you can do a partial upgrade06:31
techbwbut will try that, first want to make an image of the drive just incase06:31
SteBoo /j #kde06:37
stagga__kubuntu 8.10 could not start kstartupconfig406:39
jnallihow do i associate a file type to a particular application?07:02
jnallievery video i click on wants to launch banshee07:02
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
sparrI need an audio waveform/pattern generator for linux.  Suggestions?07:28
demarcoformat complete07:33
* demarco bows07:33
=== cthompson_ is now known as tyler_d
etfbI'm getting used to KDE4, gradually, but how on earth do I edit the menu?  I want to add global keyboard shortcuts to some of my frequently-used applications.07:57
rat_poisonKDE 4.2 is going to be released today!07:59
etfbrat_poison: Got a link to a list of significant improvements?07:59
rat_poisonnot released yet08:00
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest46234
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Guest46234hey guest9678808:09
Guest96788Guest46234: ?08:10
* etfb decides to try an experiment...08:10
etfb"KDE4 sucks because there's no way to set up a global keyboard command to run a program!"08:11
=== jpsnl3 is now known as JP-sNL3
Guest46234you can help me?08:11
Guest46234i am lost in the chanel and the group08:12
rat_poisonetfb : so i waiting 4.2 to see what happen next08:12
schisteGuest46234: if you want to get help in french you should go to #ubuntu-fr08:13
Guest46234i want to talk with guest96788!08:13
JP-sNL3"The KDE release team has put together a list with the most significant improvements in 4.2 Beta 2:"  http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2-beta2.php08:13
Guest46234where is the good chanel for files?08:14
gooodyi need help on how to format flash rive in kubuntu?08:17
etfbGuest46234: You need to set yourself a user nickname instead of using the one built into your chat program.08:17
gooodycan somebody help me here?08:18
etfbgooody: What have you tried so far?08:18
gooodyetfb: never tried anything yet. i'm a newbie with kubuntu08:18
=== Guest46234 is now known as Nico_Jack
Nico_Jacki need script to download?08:19
gooodyetfb: actually i was trying to format a flashdrive of a friend which is not accesible in windows.08:20
etfbNico_Jack: To download what?08:21
Nico_Jackfiles from irc08:21
etfbgooody: There are commands that will format USB drives.  I'm trying to find one that will work without requiring you to use the konsole.08:21
etfbNico_Jack: I have no idea what you're talking about.  Can you say what you're trying to do, exactly?08:22
Nico_Jacki want download files from irc chanel08:22
rat_poisonAthan call, pray time here, bye all, sorry for my bad grammar08:22
gooodyetfb: ok. i'll wait.08:22
Nico_Jackand talk in english it's good08:23
stdin!qtparted | gooody08:23
ubottugooody: qtparted is a !Qt/!KDE !GUI partitioning program. Use !Adept or !Synaptic to install or type « sudo apt-get install qtparted » in a console.08:23
=== integer is now known as Shital
etfbstdin, gooody: Yes, that's the one I was thinking of.  Will let you format vfat (ie Windows&Linux compatible) or ext2/ext3 (Linux compatible and better)08:24
=== pricechild is now known as Pricey
gooodystdin: ok, thanks. can is use this to format it to ntfs format?08:25
etfbNico_Jack: I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're saying. If there are channels that allow you to download files, I've never seen such a thing, althouh I'm very new to IRC.08:25
stdingooody: I thinks so, if you install ntfsprogs08:25
gooodystdin, etfb: thanks for the help. keep up the goodwork guys.08:26
cqhello, I can't log in from the GUI but a normal login works fine (command line) ... where are the logs, and what could be wrong?08:26
cqit seems to let me log in with the GUI and then kicks me right back to the login prompt08:27
etfbcq: What happens if you log in then type startx?08:27
stdinNico_Jack: it's built-in to the client, it's called DCC08:29
Nico_Jackthank you08:29
cqeftb it complains about tmp not being writable... I jsut made that a LVM volume, what should the privs be?08:31
stdin/tmp needs to be 177708:31
cqok, tmp is 755 right now... how can I set it so that it gets 1777 at mount time? or should it get that automatically if I set it once?08:33
stdincq: when you change it, the changes should survive reboot08:37
cqok, thanks, works08:38
gooodywhen i try to run qparted it says "command not found". any way to run qparted?08:42
Boostciao a tutti08:42
cqsudo apt-get install qparted?08:42
stdingooody: "qtparted"08:42
stdinyou missed the 't'08:42
cqheh, or that ... :)08:42
stdin!it | Boost08:42
ubottuBoost: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)08:42
gooodystdin: i mean qtparted.08:43
Boostthank you08:44
stdingooody: it'll be under KMenu -> System08:44
stdinmake sure you have actually installed the package08:45
gooodywhen i try to run it from applications> system> qtparted, it pops up a dialog box saying "command not found"08:45
gooodyi have installed the package already using synaptic package manager08:46
stdinhmm, it's a broken .desktop file :|08:46
stdingooody: use Alt-F2 and put in: gksudo qtparted08:46
=== halim is now known as halim_
gooodystdin: it works08:46
gooodyhow am i going to correct the one listed on the applications?08:47
=== david is now known as Guest67902
stdingooody: it's a bug, leave it to me and the Kubuntu developers08:49
gooodystdin: i cant view the flashdrive in qtparted? any help?08:51
gooodystdin: i only have the partition from my harddrive08:51
stdingooody: under Disks you should see something like /dev/sdb08:54
gooodystdin: only /dev/sda appeared under disks08:55
gooodyi have mounted the flashdrive already08:55
stdinit should not be mounted08:55
gooodyi see.08:56
deborahhello room. i am installing kubuntu 8.1 cd onto a 2003 vanilla pc with 10 gig hd and duron processor. it appears stuck at " step 6 of 6.. installing system... copying files.... 22%"   the mouse is stuck too. what should i do?08:56
tbr281what command do i use to check for kde 4.2 release?08:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about route08:58
naddixhello i could use a little help tryin to translate what this guy is saying in this 29 sec clip thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxG2TT95H0o08:58
stdinnaddix: exactly what does that have to do with Kubuntu?08:59
naddixwell i use kubuntu09:00
naddixand i was just tryin09:00
naddixto figure it out09:00
naddixits not lik its hoppin in here09:00
stdinthat's not the point, ask elsewhere09:01
deborahhow do i unstick the install?09:01
naddixwhatever dude people come here to help each other i help people and i just asked a question u dont know than just keep your mouth shut09:01
stdinif it stays frozen for 10-20 mins, you'll just have to kill the power and try again. try running the disk verification step09:02
stdinplease keep this channel on topic09:02
naddixnot nice09:02
naddixso whats the topic09:03
deborahthe disk utility said there were no errors.. this is the second time that this disk has done it.09:03
stdinnaddix: see the topic09:03
gooodystdin: i have tried formatting the drive using qtparted but no luck. do i need to install other applications in order to reformat the flash drive to fat32?09:04
deborahi waited 30 minutes last time. would copying another cd make a difference?09:04
naddixfucking fag09:05
stdindeborah: make sure to check the md5sum of the downloaded ISO and burn at a low speed09:05
stdingooody: you shouldn't have to, what error do you get?09:05
deborahbbl... thanx09:05
tbr281this channel has quite a few bans :P09:07
stdinwe've had quite a few trolls09:07
tbr281i hate them09:07
gooodystdin: nothing. i tried to format it to fat32 then add label. after that it shows a full blank space on the drive but after refreshing it comes back to same size as before still containing same file09:07
stdingooody: have you made sure the disk is unmounted?09:08
tbr281is kde 4.2 out yet?09:09
bob1so can anyone help with a ndis problem09:09
stdintbr281: not yet09:09
tbr281when it is how would i know?09:10
tbr281i'm still figuring out 4.x09:10
stdintbr281: it'll be announced here (in the topic) when the download is ready09:11
tbr281ah, thnx stdin09:12
tbr281wow, that many trolls?09:13
stdinthat's just the one09:13
stdinand annoying one, but just one09:13
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tbr281whats +d? never seen that mode before09:15
=== fernando_ is now known as fernando
stdinreal name ban09:15
=== fernando is now known as Guest39714
=== tyler_d is now known as tyler_d|sleeping
cqwhat's the best way to copy an entire partition, rsync --archive?09:40
cqI'm moving stuff to LVMs09:41
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:43
stdincq: have a look at those09:43
JackWinterhow do i get 8.10 to suspend to disk when closing the lid on my laptop ?09:44
stdinclick the battery icon in the system tray09:44
cqI don't want to back up, i want to migrate...09:45
stdinyou just "backup" to the new system09:46
JackWinterstdin: thanks09:48
TwylightHI EVERYONE09:49
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mefisto__question about kdm: I have a few window managers installed. can I set it up so that it will always log in with my default unless I choose something else from the menu09:56
cqmefisto__: hte last one selected should be the default...09:57
EraclesGreetings all. Should be :o)09:58
* robin0800 4.2 is going to be released today!09:58
Eraclesyeay ! ^09:58
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EraclesSome troubles found using the "experimental" repository ?09:59
cqhow can I mount LVMs under the live 8.10 boot? I apt-get installed lvm2, but it's complaining about device-mapper not being there...09:59
mefisto__cq: yes I know. that's what I DON'T want. I want the one called "Default" in the menu to always be the default09:59
cqhm, can you migrate a VAR Filesystem from a live system? probably not a good idea to do a copy there...10:00
cqi.e. rsync --archive it to somewere and then change fstab and reboot10:01
TwylightI'm setting up a dual-boot system for kubuntu 8.0410:08
Twylightbecause my laptop dislikes 8.10 for some reason10:08
=== yuriy_ is now known as yuriy
aapzakanyone here know if there is a possibility of 4.2 being available for us today ?10:26
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:29
* itewsh is away: aw !10:32
* robin0800 I'm on jaunty alpha 3 and adept appears to be downloading 4.2 now10:33
ActionParsniprobin0800: is jaunty ok for you?10:33
robin0800ActionParsnip: yes in the mostly more stable than 8.10 IMHO10:34
ActionParsniprobin0800: might give it a go, system is working 100% so I get bored10:35
elipsisI have separated the files of aircrack into just the built (16 programs, 16 files) and the manpages folder. How do I incorporate the manpages into the actual manpages of my operating system?10:35
aapzaklol @ ActionParsnip10:35
ActionParsnipaapzak: i like fixing my pc and its currently running at 100%10:36
aapzakActionParsnip: you should go for Gentoo, always something to fix10:36
ActionParsnipaapzak: my fileserver runs gentoo :)10:36
aapzakmy main server @home too10:36
=== etayfur is now known as La
ActionParsnipaapzak: its not as hard as folks think10:37
aapzakI love Gentoo10:37
=== La is now known as Chantre
aapzakbut ... I don't have the time to maintain it .. therefor I switched my laptops to Ubuntu10:37
elipsisI have separated the files of aircrack into just the built (16 programs, 16 files) and the manpages folder. How do I incorporate the manpages into the actual manpages of my operating system?10:37
aapzakhaha, someone else just asked that same question 5 seconds ago :)10:38
Chantrehi, i want to ask something10:40
Chantrei use ubuntu10:40
elipsisTHat's the first step10:40
Tm_TChantre: go ahead and ask (:10:41
Chantreand at startup it is asked10:41
Chantrefor networkmanger10:41
Chantrepassword was not asked for this purpose before10:42
glen_woo I made it!10:42
Chantrewhy can this happaned10:42
aapzakChantre: kde or gnome?10:43
Tm_TChantre: this is Kubuntu channel if you didn't notice (;)10:44
aapzakhaha, people in #ubuntu should be able to help you better but I'll try10:44
Tm_Taapzak: please do (:10:44
aapzakthe password is needed to unlock your keychain10:44
Chantreok i am going :$10:44
Chantreyou say "the password is needed to unlock your keychain"10:45
=== ci-WS08_6 is now known as ci-WS08_6__
aapzakgnome (and kde) have ways of maintaining your passwords10:45
Chantrebut before it was not asked10:45
Chantreit starts today10:45
aapzakChantre: that is impossible :)10:45
Chantreand i use ubuntu for 3 months10:46
aapzakthe first time it asks your password you are settng the password.10:46
aapzakafter that, its verifying the password10:46
aapzakmaybe you had an upgrade of some package10:47
aapzakanyway. these are the basics, we are all KDE people here10:47
elipsisI have compiled the lastest version of aircrack-ng. I deleted all the files except the compiled programs. Well them and the manpages folder. Now how do I add these files from the manpages folder 'into my computer'? Do I just put them in /usr/share/man10:47
aapzakyour question is starting to become very gnome specific10:47
Chantreok sorry10:48
aapzakChantre: np, but I cannot help you further10:48
raphinkelipsis: normally, you would do "make install" to install ;)10:49
raphinkelipsis: that said, aircrack-ng is pretty illegal imo, so I wouldn't advertise using it...10:49
raphinkelipsis: unless you're auditing your own AP to see how long it would take to crack your key ;)10:49
raphinkwell cracking WEP/WAP keys is not a very legal thing to do10:50
raphinkjust as cracking any password system to access a system or network10:50
raphinkat least in my country, it's not legal to bypass security measure to access a system or network10:51
aapzakwell , depends on how you use it10:51
Tm_Taapzak: not really, when you don't have permission to do so10:51
aapzakyou could use it on your own AP, or in a scientific setup10:51
ActionParsnipcould see it as a privacy breach10:52
raphinkapart from auditing your own network, I don't see what else is acceptable10:52
aapzakme neither, but that does not make the app illegal10:52
Tm_Tapp itself is not illegal10:53
elipsisraphink: What'd you mean?10:53
elipsisraphink: The app is perfectly legal10:53
raphinkelipsis: yes, the app is legal10:53
aapzakwell, there are probably countries in which even having this app is illegal10:54
aapzakbut not in my country10:54
elipsisI have compiled the lastest version of aircrack-ng. I deleted all the files except the compiled programs. Well them and the manpages folder. Now how do I add these files from the manpages folder 'into my computer'? Do I just put them in /usr/share/man10:54
Tm_Telipsis: make install ?10:56
marek__hi i compiled widet with weather forecast10:59
marek__but it is not visible on add widget window10:59
marek__what might be wrong?10:59
elipsisI'm confused, I'm trying to add a path of my choosing to the $PATH enviromental variable, and I was recommended editing /etc/profile. Is this the correct way to do what I want to do?10:59
aapzakI'm not sure what the best way is. I'd create a file in /etc/profile.d/ in which I'd make additions to existing profile11:01
elipsisThen how?11:01
ubuntu_my system is in such a mess after trying to upgrade to 8.10.  How can i completely remove kde and then reinstall it ?11:01
elipsissudo apt-get remove11:01
aapzakexport PATH=$PATH:/your/path/added/here11:01
aapzakmaybe mefisto_ 's way is better11:01
mefisto_/etct environment if you want it to be permanent (ie, after reboot)11:02
marek__what is the repo with latest kde?11:02
etfbI want to define some global keys to launch various applications.  Used to be a matter of seconds in KDE3, but how do I do it in KDE4?11:02
marek__im using neon now11:02
marek__but i think there is newer one11:03
=== j is now known as Guest1522
Guest1522anyone know where to find qt 3.0.211:03
raphinkmarek__: I'm using tsimpson's, it has kdelibs5 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa111:03
ActionParsnipGuest1522: apt-cache search qt11:03
marek__raphink can you paste me this repo here?11:04
raphinkmarek__: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tsimpson/ubuntu intrepid main11:04
stdinhey, why are you using that?11:04
elipsisSo /etc/environment11:06
Chantrei am newly using irc client, how i can find channel just for chat11:06
elipsisOr export PATH=$PATH:/your/path/added/here11:06
etfbChantre: Chat about what?  There are millions of channels on every imaginable topic (and plenty unimaginable ones too).11:07
Guest1522didnt help11:07
TunaTomChat in #kubuntu-offtopic11:07
stdinraphink: you'll want to use the kubuntu-experimental PPA11:07
Chantrei don't know, there is no search-tool11:07
etfbChantre: What IRC software are you using?11:07
Chantre@TunaTom thak you11:08
etfbChantre: Press F5 for the channel list.11:08
Guest1522anyone know where to find qt 3.0.211:08
stdinGuest1522: there is 3.3.8, but not 3.0.211:09
amerigo_SMB and NFS servers are not installed on this machine, to enable this module the servers must be installed.....11:09
etfbChantre: ... Then press the Apply Filter button11:09
amerigo_what are the package to install?11:09
ZmAY can someone help me with linuxdc++ install, i get this error: scons: *** Source `linuxdcpp' not found, needed by target `/usr/local/bin/linuxdcpp'.  Stop11:09
Chantre@etfb : D thnk u so much11:09
raphinkamerigo_: samba and nfs-kernel-server11:10
amerigo_raphink: samba is installed..... i know11:10
ActionParsnipZmAY: apt-cache search linuxdcpp11:10
* etfb thinks making Konversation load up the #kubuntu channel by default is a particularly stupid default...11:10
ZmAYlinuxdcpp - Port of the Windows file-sharing program, DC++11:11
ZmAYlinuxdcpp0.691 - Port of the Windows file-sharing program DC++11:11
raphinketfb: why?11:11
Guest1522cant get into off topic11:11
* elipsis goes to bed11:11
etfbraphink: Because this is a channel for kubuntu-related topics, but a significant number of people who use IRC just want to use it for other topics.11:11
raphinketfb: well the point of autoloading #kubuntu is that people can get help easily11:12
raphinkthey just have to fire up konversation11:12
etfbWe need an ubottu (sp?) command !konversation that says something like "This is the channel for discussion about Kubuntu.  If you're using Konversation, press [blah blah blah] for a list of channels, or stay on this channel to get help about Kubuntu."11:13
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raphinketfb: sure, that's a good idea :)11:13
ubuntu_is kde 4.2 in any repo yet ?11:13
etfbraphink: That presumes the ONLY reason they'd use Konv. is for chattingabout Kubuntu.11:13
ZmAYActionParsnip: any suggestion?11:13
Tm_Tubuntu_: it is not released yet11:13
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=== ubuntu_ is now known as carpii
etfbHmmm... wonder what happens...11:14
carpiihm i hoped the RC2 might be11:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konversation11:14
marek__do you remember how was called this app to record desktop actions?11:14
etfbThought so.11:14
ActionParsnipZmAY: try installing one of those then recompile11:14
aapzakcarpii: There was no 4.2 RC211:14
aapzakin Kubuntu at least11:15
carpiii upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 and was horrified to find it removed kde 3.5 from my system. I just thinkt hats the worst decision ever11:16
ActionParsnipaapzak: all *buntus use the same repos11:16
aapzakActionParsnip: I know11:16
mefisto_carpii: I'm with you11:16
aapzakActionParsnip: I was not sure if KDE released a RC2, Ubuntu didn't11:16
ActionParsnipaapzak: so "in kubuntu at least" is fairly moot11:16
carpiiok mefisto, im glad its not just me11:17
marek__aapzak rc2 is still not out yet11:17
marek__it will be today probably11:17
marek__it will take at least hours to update to repos11:17
aapzakmarek__: if its not out, its never coming out11:17
marek__aapzak :)11:18
marek__it is still very buggy11:18
ActionParsnipcapiira: me too, i run fluxbox but the kde apps i run were pretty horrific. I'm hoping jaunty is a bit slicker11:18
TunaTomi was under the impression that today not an rc2 would be released but the final !?11:19
aapzakhaha, they're so busy celebrating the release, noone has time to actually release :)11:19
TunaTomaapzak: hu? I was trying to find some online celebration but couldn't, so I think they're busy releasing. In my desperation I even went to IRC11:21
aapzakTunaTom: :) me too11:21
ActionParsniphas anyone used apt-build in here?11:22
papilioĈu iu ajn tie-ĉi min komprenas??11:22
papilioAlguém aqui me entende?11:23
ActionParsnip!fr \ papilio11:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fr \ papilio11:24
ActionParsnip!fr | papilio11:24
ubottupapilio: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr11:24
papilioPardon! je ne parle pas france11:25
bazhangespanol or brasil11:25
ActionParsnip!es | papilio11:25
ubottupapilio: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.11:25
papilioBrasil, Rio de Janeiro11:25
ActionParsnip!brazil | papilio11:25
ubottupapilio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.11:25
ActionParsnipce rien11:25
WishingMasterwhat will happen if i do "apt-get dist-upgrade" ?11:30
WishingMasterwill it upgrade my ubuntu distro to kubuntu or will it upgrade my ubuntu to latest distro ?11:31
WishingMasterlatest version ?11:31
TunaTomyour ubuntu wouldn't be changed to kubuntu,11:32
TunaTomrather all the software would be updated to the latest version in the repositories11:32
ActionParsnipWishingMaster: it will upgrade kernels and compiling libs for your distro, if you want kubuntu you must install kde11:32
TunaTomall the _installed_ software :)11:33
WishingMasteri want kde not kubuntu11:33
WishingMasterjust kde11:33
WishingMasterActionParsnip, i just want lates kde11:34
ActionParsnipWishingMaster: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-install-kde-42/11:35
WishingMasterlet me check that11:36
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WishingMasterActionParsnip, $ sudo apt-get install kde-nightly, how will i update to kde 4.2 once its available ?11:38
=== Shock is now known as mircea
=== mircea is now known as Shock
ActionParsnipWishingMaster: it will be on the official repos with a later version number is my guess, or you could uninstall the nightly, comment out the nightly repo then install there11:40
=== Shock is now known as mircea
TunaTomkde-nightly will install only the nightly build from svn.11:40
TunaTomnot stay with the stable 4.2 release11:40
WishingMasterhow to install stable?11:41
TunaTomActionParsnip: would kde-desktop pull all the splash-screen dependencies ?11:41
ActionParsnipTunaTom: im not sure, you could install kubuntu-desktop then uninstall what you dont want11:42
ActionParsnipWishingMaster: not sure, maybe someone else can chip in11:42
CraigGBhi, just wondering if anyone knows what time today abouts kde 4.2 will be released?11:42
TunaTomI have the feeling that WishingMaster is a gnome user who only wants to test kde11:42
TunaTomCraigGB: 1PM ECT11:43
WishingMasterTunaTom, yes you are right11:43
tarimariCraigGB: 1800 UTC. but that's kde.11:43
CraigGBah okay, thanks11:43
tarimaribut this does not mean ready for ubuntu11:43
WishingMasterbut i will stick to it permanently11:43
tarimarikubuntu-experimental ppa at launchpad, some hours later maybe11:43
WishingMasteras i have used it in the past for few mins11:43
tarimari4.2 rules. yuhuu11:43
=== mircea is now known as Shock
WishingMasteri removed the bottom panel by mistake and couldn't get it back(the orignal) so i removed kde completely11:44
WishingMasterwell i will try it once again after couple of hours11:45
WishingMasterbye to you all11:45
zedorityWishingMaster: that´s a bit harsh11:45
ActionParsniphi collan11:55
mefisto_would it be possible to make a metapackage (something like kubuntu-desktop-remove) where removing it will mark all packages referred to by kubuntu-desktop as unneeded, so that apt-get autoremove will remove everything kubuntu-desktop installs?11:55
collani need help... i cant use youtube since my flash player doesnt work. i guess it has to do something abt im running 64 bit os ?11:55
zedority64-bit flashplayer development lags behind the 32-bit version, yes11:56
collanis there a way i can install a flash player that works for me ?11:57
Shockmefisto_: why wouldn't removing kubuntu-destop and then doing an autoremove work?11:57
zedorityi don´t know if there´s a 64-bit version available at all right now11:58
zedorityyou´d need to check11:58
collanisnt there a way i could run a 32 bit flash player ?11:59
mefisto_Shock: it doesn't work that way. you need to specifically remove everything kubuntu-desktop installed, and it's a ridiculously long list11:59
mefisto_Shock: I don't know enough about apt to understand why it is this way12:00
zedoritycollan: there was a crude hack to do it, but i don´t remeber it fully12:00
zedoritycollan: there is a 64-bit version of flash available for linux, but i don´t know if it´s in the ubuntu repositories12:01
ActionParsnipcollan: nspluginwrapper can run 32bit flash, there is 64bit flash now12:02
cqhello, I have a weird X problem... I boot the machine, get to the login screen, log in, and the resolution is set too low. Then I click on system settings -> display, and hte display goes dark and then adjusts to the correct resolution...12:10
cqnext boot, same story. any ideas?12:10
ActionParsnipcq: what app are you running to set the res?12:12
cqnone, just a standard install12:12
ActionParsnipcq: try kdesudo systemsettings12:13
cqxorg.conf is minimal, no custom settings there12:13
ActionParsnipcq: and set it there12:13
ActionParsnipcq: also, try moving the desired resolution to be the leftmost value in the resolution list, this will make it the default12:13
cqwhere is the resolution list?12:14
mefisto_cq: look inside  ~/.kde/share/config/displayconfigrc where there is screenres settings. maybe something is going wrong there?12:14
cqmefisto_: that file doesn't even exist...12:15
collanActionParsnip: how do i install 64 bit flash then ? do u know ?12:15
ActionParsnipcollan: i got the .so from adobe.com and dropped it into ~/.mozilla/plugins12:16
ActionParsnipcollan: or you can run: sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree12:16
mefisto_cq: maybe try creating it? I can pastebin what I have in mine if you want12:16
cqsure, why not...12:16
etfbIs it possible, using qtparted or some other program, to resize my main partition, /dev/sda1, to make a new "drive" just for /home so I can blow away my OS and install a different version without needing to copy everything off /home?12:17
stdinetfb: have a look at http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome12:18
mefisto_cq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110253/12:18
etfbThank you, file descripter 0!12:19
cqt5hanks, I'll try that later...12:19
cqfunny enough,  used to not work at all until the latest upgrade12:20
cqX used to ...12:20
cqkept trying wrong sync freqs even with xorg.conf edited.12:20
collanActionParsnip: i get a black window now and if i right click it says the file hasnt been loaded.12:20
ActionParsnipcollan: have you also got gnash installed?12:21
mefisto_etfb: qtparted can do that, but not while the partition you're working on is mounted, so you could do it with livecd for example12:21
collanActionParsnip: no? whats that12:22
ActionParsnipcollan: just checking, if you have both installed they conflict12:22
collanActionParsnip:  what is gnash? is that a flash player ?12:22
etfbmefisto_: Yep, the instructions stdin linked to cover all that.  Looks doable then.  Excellent.  I gave Intrepid a few days, but I'm afraid it really is the Windows Vista of the Ubuntu world.  I'm going back to Kubuntu 8.04.12:23
ActionParsnipcollan: its an open source flash plugin12:23
ActionParsniprather than the closed adobe one12:23
ActionParsnipcollan: go to adobe.com grab and extract the tar.gz and copy the .so file to ~/.mozilla/plugins12:24
ActionParsnipcollan: the plugins folder won't be there and will need creating12:24
collanActionParsnip: ~/ ?? im new to this stuf.. what folder is that? lol12:25
stdincollan: ~/ is your home directory. the shell will expand ~ automatically12:26
ActionParsnipcollan: ~/ == /home/<yourusernamebuddy>12:26
ActionParsnipcollan: its a shorthand12:26
zedorityhe´s probably using graphical tools12:26
stdinGUI tools also expand ~/12:27
zedorityreally? cool12:27
collanohhh ok... yeah it expanded... but i was unsure if it was the right one then lol12:27
aapzakehh collan , on my box konqueror + flash works very very bad12:27
mefisto_collan: so if you are doing what ActionParsnip is suggesting, you should do that for any other user's home dir (if you have any other users set up)12:28
ActionParsnipcollan: its a handy shortcut as it will ALWAYS go to youor home dir, doesnt matter where it is or who you are12:28
krlosryanakca, hi12:28
ActionParsnipmefisto_: yeah thats the sucky bit, most ubuntu users asking for help have a single user from what iv'e seen12:28
collanActionParsnip: yeah... that seems handy12:28
ActionParsnipcollan: you pick up stuff like that as you se ommand line more :)12:29
mefisto_another possibility is making the symlink /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin point to wherever you have the libflashplayer.so12:30
stdinyou can also use it to get to other users' home directories, eg: ~user112:30
stdinas no all home directories need be under /home12:30
ActionParsnipstdin: nice, i only have 1 user though but thats handy12:31
collangahhhh... how i install the plugin wrapper ?12:39
zedoritycollan: it´s in the repositories12:41
collanhow i just install it ? and it works ?12:44
zedorityi don´t know exactly. install it and see what happens12:44
Dr_willis'famous last words' :)12:45
zedorityprobably, but i´m hardly an expert on these matters12:45
DarkTanwhat is a good methor for running an IRC bot on my linux server?12:50
khalidmianpls pls tell me how to upgarde kubuntu to jaunty12:51
Dr_willisTheres plenty of IRC bots out you can play with.12:51
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.12:52
Dr_williskhalidmian,  the fact you are asking that.. sort of implies that you proberly should NOT be  testing out jaunty.12:52
DarkTanwell i currently have a (nearly) complete mIRC bot, but mIRC keeps crashing when i try to load the script12:53
Dr_willisYou have a 'set of mirc scripts that work as a bot' - Vs a 'program written from the ground up to work as an IRC bot' :) in linux.12:54
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DarkTanyes, currently12:55
=== kyru is now known as kyru_
DarkTanrught now i'm running it from windoze, but i want to run one from linux so i don't have to leave my laptop on all the time12:55
Dr_willisapt-cache search irc | grep bot   ---> shows about 5 bots in the repos12:57
Dr_willisoops.. i mean about 15 :)12:57
DarkTanok, what would i use to run them/edit them?12:57
Dr_willisuse? they are packages  you install like you do any other program/package  under Ubuntu12:58
Dr_willisas for configuring them.. you would have to read their docs/homepage/guides12:58
DarkTanoh ok, so it's a completely stand alone program?13:00
Dr_willisthere more then 1.. and they are 'stand alone programs' not  a complex-mess of events and 'scripts' for an irc client..13:00
Dr_willisIm sure irc-script-bots exist for Irssi and xchat - if you perfer that.13:01
_ubuntuI need assistance, please.  I downloaded Kubuntu 8.1, choose install under windows, rebooted, but all I get is DOS prompt "Grub>".13:01
mnihi riddel13:01
DarkTani'll check the stand alones out first13:01
=== _ubuntu is now known as Daniel
DanielDoes anyone know about installingKubuntu under Windows?13:03
Dr_willisinstalling 'under windows'   normally means  using 'wubi' it installs linux to a file that then some how gets booted.13:03
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.13:03
khalidmianDaniel: reboot into windows uninstall kubuntu rebbot again into windows reinstall kubuntu13:03
DanielI tried a few times.13:04
Dr_willisI dident think WUBI used grub.. but i may be confused..13:04
DanielAlways the same results.13:04
Dr_willisI really cant 'reccomend' using wubi at all.13:04
DanielI tried with the image I downloaded, as well as the CD I madee from the image.13:04
khalidmianDaniel: r u booting from kubuntu cd iso13:04
DanielRight now I am using an old Kubuntu CD Live on a second PC.13:05
DanielThe PC with Kubuntu 8 is still on the grub dos prompt.13:05
khalidmianDaniel: r u booting from kubuntu cd iso? or instaaling it in windows via umenu13:05
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Dr_willisOk.. lets clear this up.. its NOT a 'grub dos' prompt.. its a GRUB prompt. :) dos has nothing to do with it.. Heh13:06
DanielI installed Kubuntu 8 by inserting the CD, and choosing "Install Under Windows" in autoplay.13:06
Dr_willisGRUB = boot loader. that has a command line interface also.. DOS = an Operating system. :)13:06
DanielI apologize.  Grub prompt.13:06
Dr_willisDaniel,  thats using WUBI.   een tho they sort of hide the term Wubi.13:06
Dr_willissounds like it miss-installed or did somthing goofy to the boot loader.. YOu boot - you see a menu (windows or linux) then you select Linux, and THEN it goes to grub and gives that error right?13:07
DanielAll I get when choosing Kubuntu under reboot is the grub prompt.13:07
Dr_willisThe boot loader is some how messed up then.. and ive no idea how to fix that with WUBI.13:08
khalidmianDr_willis: maybe hardware related like video card13:08
DanielI reboot, choose "Kubuntu" and all I get is Grub prompt and message about tab key and other things.13:08
Dr_williskhalidmian,  that wouldbe after the GRUB prompt.13:08
DanielGrub for DOS 0,4,413:09
Dr_willisThe windopws part hands off booting to the GRUB stuff.. and aparently thats messed up.. and may be very hard to fix. since if you booted a live-cd - you would then have to figure out how to get To the WUBI installed linux.13:09
DanielIf I hit esc I get a menu.13:10
Dr_willisI would have much rather seen them include virtualbox on the CDs and help auto mate usiing that and ubuntu. Wubi can be such a pain,13:10
khalidmianDaniel: does cd in which u have kubuntu complete checksum when installing13:10
Dr_willisDaniel,  a menu that says what then?13:10
DanielYes it did.13:10
Daniel5 items starting with "Find", Commandline, reboot, and halt.13:11
Dr_willisthats the grub commands/help. If you knew enough grub.. you could proberly figure out how to make it boot.. but   without actually being there..  its goind tobe hard to walk ya through it.. IM not even sure if its doable .  since ive never used WUBI13:12
DanielWant me to type out the 5 items?13:12
Dr_williswont do much good to me..   but i gues ya can.. someone else may have more experinece with wubi and how it uses grub13:12
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DanielI tried "Find /ubuntu/install/boot/grub/menu.lst" but nothing happens.13:13
DanielJust goes back to the grub prompt.13:13
=== oscar_ is now known as oscar__
Dr_willisYou would use    find  /boot/grub/stage113:14
Dr_willisto tell you whhat hard drive it sees the linux files on13:14
DanielI am rebooting the PC back to Windows XP.13:14
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:14
Dr_willisI would sugest doing a 'normal' isnstall of kubuntu - instead of a WUBI install - if you can13:14
DanielI tried the boot command listed when I press "Tab" but it says something about kernel13:15
firatktürkçe  ubuntu13:15
DanielI have 40GB free on a second hard drive, but not sure how that will effect what is on the hard drive.13:15
jonny_hello, i am new to ubuntu, why don't my NTFS HDD's start when i try to open em?, it says Unable to mount the harddrive13:15
Dr_willisDaniel,  yes.. its not going to walk ya throgh  the stuff.. its the GRUB command line interface.. and its very specific what its doing.  its Possible the urls above will show you the proper steps to boot te system13:15
=== jonny_ is now known as AmarokeN
Dr_willisUbuntu can resize the hard drive to shrink it.. and make a partition  for ubuntu to install to13:16
khalidmianDr_willis: plus point of wubi install is you can remve kubuntu under add/remove in windows no partitioning crap13:16
DanielI am off to research.  Thank you all for the assistance.13:16
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.13:16
Dr_williskhalidmian,  - point is the huge hassle.13:17
Dr_williskhalidmian,   thats about the ONLY 'point' in favor of Wubi. :)13:17
AmarokeNi'm getting this error: $LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0) Failed  to mount '/dev/sdb1': The operation is not supported Mount is denied becayse NTFS is marked to be in use.13:20
khalidmiani prefer wubi install that way i can mess around without worry13:20
Dr_willisI would much perfer a 'Virtualbox' install that way i can move the system to other machines without worry13:21
Dr_willis<AmarokeN>  thats a common faq/item with NTFS filesystems.. You should reboot to windows. and have windows check the disk for errors and shut windows down properly. do NOT hibernate/suspend13:21
AmarokeNmy Windows isn't booting anymore :S13:22
AmarokeNcause it crashed...now it can't find the Boot file on my cd13:22
ur8updoes anyone know why when I go to adept managaer and search for minicom nothing shows up?13:23
AmarokeNand by the way, anyone able to help me run ".run-files" ?...i'm new to linux ( o rly? )13:24
ur8upi am new as well but what are you trying to run13:25
AmarokeNNvidia nvidia-Linux-x86-180.11-pkg1.run13:26
AmarokeNGraphic card drivers13:26
ur8upon kubuntu13:26
zedoritybleah. non-standard file formats.13:27
AmarokeNon ubuntu13:27
AmarokeNoh!, Wrong channel, lol13:27
ur8updo you have the drivers13:27
Dr_willisOnly use the nvidia.run installer AFTER you have tried the  "Hardware Drivers" icon/tool to try installing them first13:31
ilhamhello. how to make good label in kubuntu13:31
krlosryanakca, hi13:31
DanielAccording to the website, it is supposed to install, reboot, continue install, then reboot again.13:33
DanielNot continuing the install after first reboot.13:34
ur8updoes anyone know why when I go to adept managaer and search for minicom nothing shows up?13:36
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khalidmianwhilst running sudo apt-get update i get the fllowing : W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60487016493B3065 any suggestions?13:42
Captain_HaddockIf apt reports that an upgrade is available.. how can I find out what changes I can expect from the update? Is there a command to view release notes of the update in particular?13:42
Captain_Haddockkhalidmian: you will need to find the key... presumably from launchpad.net13:42
Captain_Haddock(and install it)13:43
ur8updoes anyone know why when I go to adept managaer and search for minicom nothing shows up?13:46
shadeslayerwrong chaanel13:50
=== server_ is now known as panialex
davidsiuanyone knows how to join #python channel? It refuses me to join and says "You need to be identified to join that channel"13:51
Pici!register | davidsiu you need to reg first13:53
ubottudavidsiu you need to reg first: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode13:53
khalidmianno key on launchpad13:57
flathmhey everyone... just wondering what the plan is for kde 4.2?  are there going to binaries today?13:58
darioa todos13:59
=== peter71 is now known as buenos
flathmhey everyone... trying quassel for the first time.  I don't get it :).  What's a buffer?  And, I'm also trying to figure out how to hide join and part commands -- if I right click on the channel I can see a menu for hiding events but I can't enable any of the check boxes.  I also would like to hide certain events on all channel by default... anyone know how I can do this?14:07
earleHullo folks, having just upgraded to 4.2 on Kubuntu, I'm not getting anything after logging in.14:09
earleAs a test I created a new user, which does get further - but then kwin crashes.14:09
BluesKajflathm, yes today is the official release date , however there no specified time of release14:09
flathmBluesKaj: cool... was just curious if it was likely we'd see packages today or not14:10
earleAh. Maybe it's my fault for using the experimental release >_<14:10
BluesKajearle , I just did the update as well, konq is still baeta14:10
BluesKajerr beta14:10
ct529hi there!14:10
earleBluesKaj: I'd love it if I could even log in to try Konq at all!14:11
ct529I need to search a package that is not installed and offers a certain file (glu.h) .... how do I perform this search?14:11
earlesince a new user gets further I suspect something is screwed in my dotfiles, but I don't know how to work around that.14:11
BluesKajdid upgrade Xorg at all lately , earle ?14:12
earlenot as far as I'm aware, unless something came in from experimental just now14:12
earlehold on, going to try dpkg-reconfigure14:12
flathmct529: you can always use packages.ubuntu.com -- you can do it from the command line but it's much slower14:13
BluesKajflathm , goodluck with quassel , the core contains your profile info including chosen identities, servers and nicks etc14:13
ct529flathm: thanks14:13
ct529flathm: what is the command line anyway?14:13
BluesKajI found quassel kinda clunky , flathm...wasn't impressed with their logic ::)14:14
flathmBluesKaj: yeah I'm trying it out for the first time right now.  I don't get it at all... buffers, what?  I can't figure out how to do simple things.  I like the out of the box thinking, but it needs some polish that's for sure :)14:15
BluesKajearle , that's whay I dumped the experimental ppa source14:15
flathmBluesKaj: what do you use?14:15
earleBluesKaj: yeah. Looks like I should do the same and just wait for the official 4.2.14:15
BluesKajflathm , it has possibilities , but simple it ain't right now ;)14:16
BluesKajI use Konverstion14:16
BluesKajthe buffers are just server pages afaik14:17
earleWhere does kdm log errors to usually?14:19
flathmBluesKaj: it's too bad konversation hasn't gone kde4 yet14:19
earleoh duh, /var/log/kdm.log14:19
earlehmm, that wasn't too illuminating.14:20
earleokay, looks like I'm going to have to sit this one out.14:21
BluesKajflathm , I don't find kde3.5 a hinderance anyway ...been using kde4.2 beta just get myself accustomed to it but I would have been just as happy to retain kde3.whatever ..not a big fan of widgetry and razzmatazz graphics .14:21
* earle turns off kubuntu-experimental14:21
BluesKaj# ! :)14:22
william_I'm fairly new to kubuntu but was wondering how long it takes for new kde packages to appear14:28
william_ie, kde 4.214:28
JohnFluxwilliam_: well there is a new release every 6 months14:29
robin0800william_: somone said 18:00 UTC14:29
william_oh cool14:30
william_I'll check back later14:30
william_is UTC like GMT?14:30
robin0800william_: at the moment14:30
=== eric is now known as Guest29948
mot_hey, when will 4.2 be in the repos?14:52
runpain2Is there a way to use yahoo msnger games in ubuntu my wife and her daughter Who lives in wisconsin like to play litria with each other and talk they are both handicapped i tried to install rh9.ymessenger-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm but the dependacys are not with ubuntu only red hat 914:55
bittin__runpain2: u can chat and stuff with Pidgin14:56
bittin__don't know any way to get the Yahooo games to work tough :(14:56
=== computer is now known as computer_
=== computer_ is now known as computer__
doktoreashello everybody..how can I remove the window that appear if I move the mouse over the app in the pannel?14:58
=== computer__ is now known as computer
onofriopress ALT+F714:58
sonic_runpain2: you should be using kopete or pidgin for ubuntu.  if you have kubuntu you already have kopete.  use that.  rpms are not for ubuntu.14:58
HappySmileManrunpain2: http://download.yahoo.com/dl/unix/ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb appears to be a DEB file for it14:58
HappySmileManVery old though14:58
=== bittin__ is now known as bittin-
HappySmileManSo may not work with newer Kubuntu versions14:59
sonic_oh I see.  the games issue.  not sure on that14:59
bittin-been using to much Gnome lately Kopete is pretty better15:00
bittin-or as HappySmileMan saied use the deb if you only need Yahoo15:01
cqis there any way to allow me to cross the virtual desktos with th emouse?15:01
cqi.e. at the edge of the screen, go to the next desktop15:01
sonic_has anyone tried the kde-nightly packages from the neon project yet?15:06
BluesKajsonic_ , is that an 'experimental ppa' source ?15:08
sonic_BluesKaj: yes. Ive been using the amarok-nightly packages for a few weeks and they install to a seperate location so I can fall back to amorok 1.4 if I like.  Im wondering if the kde packages are the same way15:09
gorgonzolahello. i'm planning on reinstalling my system from scratch, and i want to change the layout of the disks and susbsystems to ease format and reinstall cycles...15:10
aapzakgood idea15:10
BluesKajsonic_ , ok I dumped amarok nightly source..tried it for a bit15:11
gorgonzolaThis has always been my personal box, but increasingly it is runnning some servics like a webeserver and stuff, and i want to know should it be done to keep some of the server infraestructure intact after a system reinstall. (ie, like keeping a separate /home partition, but for services and db).15:11
gorgonzolaany advice is welcomed!15:12
BluesKajgorgonzola, sounds to me like you've already got it figured out properly :)15:12
gorgonzolaBluesKaj, well, no :P15:13
aapzakgorgonzola: I have a simple setup: /home as seperate (huge) partition. In home I put my websites, my file/ftpserver content and much more.15:13
gorgonzolaBLuesKaj i now that you can have a separate /home partition, but how would you do it to keep the dbs in the mysql server separate too, for example?15:13
aapzakI have an user railsapps with own dir. In this dir are all rails related configs and sites15:13
gorgonzolaaapzak: you don't use /var and /srv at all?15:13
aapzakgorgonzola: no, too much hassle15:14
BluesKaja seperate home / , partiton is ok , but I'm not running any other services. I tried it but never saw any advantages to it15:14
=== jonny_ is now known as AmaroKeN
gorgonzolaaapzak BluesKaj: well, i kinda guessed that there was some sort of "good practices" on server configuration to follow...15:15
aapzakgorgonzola: could be, I'm not aware of such document :)15:15
aapzakwhat I did works good for me15:15
aapzakon my work laptop I also have a seperate /opt15:16
aapzakbecause of the apps installed there15:16
gorgonzolawhat's opt for?15:16
gorgonzolai haver never quite grasped the FSH...15:16
aapzakmostly complete apps which don't integrate with the OS15:17
aapzakbig unix based software packages usually install in /opt15:17
gorgonzolaaapzak and do you know where does mysql save its db?15:17
aapzakprobably somewhere in /var/15:18
aapzakI'm sure someone else here knows15:18
aapzakcheck your mysqld config in /etc, I can imagine it holds a db path15:19
blahjake /var/lib/mysql/mysql here15:20
aapzakgrep -irn datadir /etc/mysql/15:20
blahjakeer, just one mysql15:20
gorgonzolaand do yuo guys know if i can just plug that dir into a mysql server install?15:21
aapzaknot at all :)15:22
gorgonzolai'm considering letting /var and /srv as separate partitions... but wanted to know if this sounds reasonable...15:22
aapzakI don't know how much garbage you're keeping if you do that15:22
aapzakI like to format as much as possible when I install15:22
gorgonzola(wait, that should have been leaving, right? non native speaker here :P)15:22
gorgonzolayeah, maybe a post install script to set up services from a dedicated "backup" dir would b best.15:23
=== |eagles0513875| is now known as eagles0513875
gorgonzolawell, thanks for the tips anyway :)15:24
aapzakI'm not aware of giving any useful info :) but np15:24
runpain2Thanks HappySmileMan Will give that a try15:26
MakuseruWhat package do i need for Amarok to play .wma's?15:38
Tm_T!mp3 | Makuseru15:39
ubottuMakuseru: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:39
fix_can anybody help me???15:41
MakuseruTm_T: not MP3's.15:41
Tm_TMakuseru: see those urls15:41
Tm_TMakuseru: it all should be exlpained there15:42
fix_what's the best mp3 player application for linux??15:42
Tm_Tfix_: Amarok ofcourse15:42
MakuseruTm_T: No, those URLs have no info on WMA;s.15:42
fix_but it can't play mp3's file15:42
Tm_TMakuseru: should, weird if not15:42
Tm_Tfix_: can15:42
Tm_T!mp3 | fix_15:43
ubottufix_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:43
Tm_Taye, it's there15:43
lakis1982hello.. i had read that kde 4.2 would be available today at 27 january ... has it been released ??15:44
Tm_Tlakis1982: will be released soon15:45
lakis1982you mean soon today??15:45
Tm_Tyes, if there's no last minute issues coming15:46
Tm_TMakuseru: anyway, as prolly mentioned in those pages ubottu mentioned, to play wma and others you need w32codecs or similar package15:48
runpain2still cant install HappySmileMan dependency problems prevent configuration of ymessenger15:48
fix_what's the best apps to convert mp3 to ogg format15:48
fix_for linux of course15:49
mefisto_fix_: best in what way? easy? good quality result? fast? etc15:50
fix_all of it...15:50
shadeslayerwhen is KDE gonna be released today??15:50
Tm_Tshadeslayer: when ready (:15:50
Tm_Tshadeslayer: one cannot see the future15:50
Tm_T(or won't tell)15:50
shadeslayerno idea then??15:50
Tm_TI have idea, but it's irrelevant, it's coming15:51
mefisto_fix_: if there was one way, better in every way, there would be only one way15:51
shadeslayerWTH ill sleep then15:51
shadeslayerupdate tommorow15:51
Tm_Tshadeslayer: no cursing here son15:51
fix_good quality result15:52
shadeslayereven thats not allowed??15:52
mefisto_fix_: you can try audacity, ffmpeg (command line), vlc for a start, and see what's best for you15:52
shadeslayerok ill rephrase15:52
shadeslayerill  sleep then15:52
shadeslayerupdate tomorrow15:52
fix_can you tell me the step??? one by one... i'm new in linux....15:53
aapzakI am very happy to read people are working on it. Getting 4.2 from your distro today would be very very quick15:53
shadeslayerfix_, VLC from adept15:53
shadeslayeror in terminal15:53
mefisto_fix_: if you're not comfortable yet in linux and want to just get it done, I'd use vlc.15:53
shadeslayersudo apt-get install VLC15:54
DaSkreechshadeslayer: vlc15:54
mefisto_fix_: start konsole, and type this to install vlc: sudo apt-get install vlc (not uppercase!)15:54
shadeslayerfix_, Alt+F215:54
shadeslayertype konsole15:54
rafaelbreyerspeak portuguese ???15:55
shadeslayerthen steps above15:55
mefisto_rafaelbreyer | !pt15:55
rafaelbreyeryes - si - sim15:55
shadeslayersorry for the caps15:55
mefisto_!pt | rafaelbreyer15:55
ubotturafaelbreyer: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.15:55
rafaelbreyerlol :)15:55
Tm_Tmefisto_: silly15:55
ur8uplooking for assitance with minicom on kubuntu15:56
shadeslayerfix_, done??15:57
fix_have some prob with the konsole...15:58
fix_i use password.15:58
fix_but, when i want to enter the password, it's as if didn't respond15:58
shadeslayerits supposed to hide it15:59
shadeslayerits safer15:59
shadeslayerjust enter the password15:59
mefisto_fix_: type your password and hit enter, you won't see anything as you type15:59
shadeslayerhit enter15:59
DaSkreechfix_: It is so someone doesn't stand behind you with a paper and write it down :-)15:59
shadeslayeri thought that my keyboard had stopped working the first time i used it lol16:00
shadeslayerits just a security measure16:00
mefisto_also, it's easier than hiding passwords with ***16:00
shadeslayerhave to write two more lines of code to execute that16:01
shadeslayerlesser code=more performance16:01
shadeslayerin most cases16:01
fix_broken packages...16:01
mefisto_and less bugs16:01
shadeslayerfix_, Broken??16:01
michaelfaviawhat is the wireless network manager in kde4.2?16:02
michaelfaviahow do i get connectivity in a kde 4.2 session?16:02
HavocXpheremichaelfavia: knetworkmanager16:02
fix_yup. it has unmet dependencies16:02
michaelfaviaHavocXphere, thanks ill make sure i have it installed16:02
blahjakeamount of code is not a good metric for performance at all16:02
mefisto_fix_: type sudo apt-get update     then try it again16:02
shadeslayerblahjake, in MOST cases16:02
michaelfaviainstalled kde-nightly for 4.2 but no management tools are apprently deps16:02
michaelfaviaHavocXphere, any other suggestions for tools i should have installed to give kde4.2 a fair trial?16:03
DaSkreechmichaelfavia: knetworkmanager is currently in flux. It has missed the 4.2 relelase but will be available in a 4.2 package once ready16:03
shadeslayer'in flux' lol16:04
michaelfaviaDaSkreech, it seems available in my repos.. its that the version for 4.1?16:04
* michaelfavia checks16:04
DaSkreechmichaelfavia: There was none for 4.1 There was one for KDE316:04
fix_:( same....16:04
shadeslayerDaSkreech, any idea when KDE 4.2 is released16:05
michaelfaviaDaSkreech, how can i control my wireless card in 4.2?16:05
DaSkreechIn about an hour16:05
michaelfaviawhat is the suggested method?16:05
shadeslayerOh woow16:05
shadeslayerthen ill stay awake16:05
fix_some index files failed to download16:05
* shadeslayer grabs the coffee 16:05
DaSkreechmichaelfavia: You can use the KDE3 one but it hasn't been updated to take advantage of the new NEtworkManager 716:05
fix_need to go...16:05
DaSkreechshadeslayer: That's the official announcement I'm not sure when Kubuntu will have packages ready16:06
fix_teach me again tomorrow...16:06
DaSkreechfix_: Alright :)16:06
michaelfaviaDaSkreech, i have enabled the PPA for kde-nightly what is my best option here?16:06
DaSkreechmichaelfavia: Umm one moment16:06
mefisto_is multiverse enabled in a new intrepid install?16:06
michaelfaviaDaSkreech, thx16:06
runpain2libssl0.9.6 is missing16:08
mefisto_why is vlc now in multiverse anyway? multiverse means it's considered "non-free" right?16:13
DaSkreechmichaelfavia: http://anotherubuntu.blogspot.com/2009/01/new-refreshed-look-for-kde.html16:17
DaSkreechmichaelfavia: Still looking for an unofficial deb for it16:17
shadeslayermefisto_, maybe theyre trying to make money16:17
DaSkreechmefisto_: It's not free16:17
shadeslayerglobal depression ^^16:18
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
mefisto_DaSkreech: since when? their website still claims it is free and open source, and it used to be in universe16:20
DaSkreechRight but they ship with some codecs that can be easily considered non free16:20
mefisto_DaSkreech: so it must be legal caution, since it used to be in universe16:23
=== Guest73565 is now known as jussi01
=== jussi01 is now known as Guest1069
ur8upmy adept manager doesn't show minicom.  How can I get it installed on my kubuntu?16:25
=== Guest1069 is now known as jussio1
doktoreashello everybody..how can I remove the window that appear if I move the mouse over the app in the pannel?16:26
=== jussio1 is now known as jussi01
DaSkreechmefisto_: Right16:26
xiong_doktoreas: i, too, find that feature unnecessary and annoying16:26
wesley_Guys why is the cam option missing in kde4.2 ?16:27
doktoreasI am searching in the option but nothing :(16:27
mefisto_doktoreas: you could lock the widgets on the desktop so they can't be moved16:27
wesley_Because i cant find the cam options in kde4.216:27
mefisto_doktoreas: sorry, forget what I said. I misunderstood you16:28
doktoreasnp mefisto_16:28
xiong_so, yesterday it was recommended i downgrade my P3 to 8.0416:30
xiong_trouble being, i have no idea how to -- all roads lead up16:31
DaSkreechdoktoreas: I think in appearnce in settings16:34
DaSkreechMay be wrong16:34
aloneano 4.2 packages yet?16:35
Tm_Talonea: it's not released yet16:35
aloneathought it came out today16:35
cuznt4.2 rc116:35
Tm_Tit will come out today16:35
Frederickfolks anyone else realised pages look strange in firefox 3.0 on last kubuntu for 64 bits?16:35
aloneaTm_T: ^_^. good! probably wont see packages till much later today, if at all?16:36
Tm_Talonea: some hours later from release perhaps16:37
aloneacuznt: KDE 4.2.0 will be released on January 27th16:37
* alonea bounces up and down excitedly16:37
neothecatalonea:  it's jan 27th.  i am giddy like a little school girl.16:38
aloneaneothecat: me too! I will be a refreshing the kde.org page constantly for their official announcement16:39
vonkleistummmfff... I think it's a bad day to have kontact 4.2 crashing when openning an imap folder... :S16:39
michaelfaviaDaSkreech, thx im trying that out now16:40
aloneahey DaSkreech16:40
neothecatvonkleist: 4.2 GA or 4.2 RC2? i have RC2 and there is some screwy kontact things going on, that i hope is fixed in GA16:40
neothecatvonkleist: good, then may GA will fix it :)16:41
aloneawell, I will check back later. Got to go for now.16:41
vonkleistI hope! I'm back with thunderbird... :S16:42
FrederickFolks does anyone here here uses nvidia drivers? cause I cant set frequency of monuitor higher than 50hz16:42
neothecatvonkleist: it's been stable enough for me to use at work, but if GA is still buggy, i will go back to thunderbird.16:42
neothecatdoes anybody know any good public calendar sites that synch natively with kalendar, with needing gcaldaemon?16:43
DaSkreechHi Alonea16:43
wesley_amsn-0.97.2-1.tcl85.x86.package how do i install that ?16:50
stdinwesley_: 0.97.2 is already in the archives for intrepid16:53
DaSkreechwesley_: are you on Ibex?16:54
wesley_yes but cam works not that well16:55
wesley_cant set the brightness right16:56
DaSkreechWhat version of Amsn do you have installed?16:56
wesley_in kopete the brightness is right16:57
JackWinterwhat are everyone using for extending or getting full functionality from logitech kb and mice ?  tried a hidpoint, which works pretty well for my wave kb, but it doesn't find mx evolution..17:00
DaSkreechwesley_: So why reinstall?17:02
wesley_maby then it would work, how do you think the ladys think, when my cam doesnt work17:03
JackWinterleandro: | es17:03
stdin!es | leandro17:04
ubottuleandro: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:04
JackWintergrumble new kb :)17:04
JackWinteraha, that"s it :)17:04
ct529in my installation the variable BROWSER is not set .... that is strange .... is ther e a way to set this variable on installtion?17:05
wesley_So why is it that the cam option is missing in kopete in kde4.2 ?17:05
stdinct529: it's no strange, it's not normally set or needed17:06
stdinct529: you can add it to your ~/.bashrc or to /etc/environment17:06
ct529stdin: in what sense? many application call it using that variable.17:06
zicadado we have an ETA on availability of 4.2 final .deb's ?17:06
DaSkreechwesley_: Technically it should work. You can grab the souce and look at it. Shouldn't be too hard17:06
stdinct529: and standard app should call x-www-browser17:07
DaSkreechzicada: A few hours for Ibex17:07
tarimariguys i saw somewhere a krandrtray tool with gamma. what version is that, and where ican find it?17:07
stdinct529: or xdg-open17:07
zicadaDaSkreech: thanks17:07
ct529stdin: standard in what sense?17:07
wesley_DaSkreech from amsn or kopete ?17:07
DaSkreechI haven't used MSN in years17:08
DaSkreechLast time I installed Amsn was so my brothers girlfriend didn't freak out17:08
DaSkreechAnd he moved out 6 years ago17:08
stdinct529: x-www-browser is LSB compliant afaik, and xdg-open is freedesktop.org standard (Portland project)17:09
wesley_Ow, in kde4.1 theres the cam, but yeah all doesnt work that well, amsn work but cam not that good17:09
ct529stdin: those are hardly standard universally adopted I dare say .... anyway, I have added the variable .... thanks!17:09
stdinheh, well BROWSER is non-standard either17:10
DaSkreechwesley_: Which version of lbmsn do you have?17:10
wesley_how can i check that ?17:11
cjaehow do I make konversation use the system speaker for alerts?17:11
DaSkreechapt-cache policy libmsn0.117:12
darkwizardУ меня вопрос: почему я добавляю репы типо:17:14
darkwizarddeb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt intrepid main #WineHQ - Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex"17:14
darkwizarddeb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian intrepid non-free17:14
darkwizard(и многие другие)17:14
darkwizard, но ничего не происходит, то есть обновления не приходят, хотя неоднократно вызывал apt-get update/upgrade.17:14
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:14
TFrogquick question.  i've seen an 8.04.2 release for Ubuntu but don't see any image downloads for Kubuntu 8.04.2.  i'd like to have a backup OS disc in case of a fatal HD crash.  anyone know a link to the disc image for Kubuntu 8.04.2?17:15
stdinTFrog: there is no 8.04.2 for Kubuntu17:16
TFrogty stdin.  not sure why there isn't but thanks17:16
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:16
DaSkreechstdin: Any reason?17:16
stdinbecause Kubuntu is not LTS17:16
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:17
stdinthere technically shouldn't have been an 8.04.117:17
wesley_yeah i found a really pretty lady17:21
DaSkreechstdin: Duh :)17:21
wesley_Now get the cam working17:22
wesley_Think i will downgrade kopete17:22
neothecatdoes anybody know an equilivant to "foxmarks" for konqueror, if if there is a way to use foxmarks in konqueror?17:23
wesley_i think i would need to downgrade libmsn to then17:23
DaSkreechwesley_: shuldn't need to you need the latest one to connect to MSN at all17:24
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.17:25
wesley_DaSkreech don´t know, i though to17:25
wesley_Its the second time the cam would work when a lady wanted to cam, first time was a ugly one, this one is a pretty one17:26
TraceRoutedidn't kde4.2 release today?17:28
wesley_Thanks, but whats irritating, that i find bugs when i don´t want them, and i don´t find them when i am bored17:28
DaSkreechTraceRoute: No17:28
urnthrTraceRoute: yeah it's on FTP17:28
urnthrquestion is, when can we get it on apt?17:29
wesley_On site they say today17:29
Tm_Turnthr: that isn't same as release17:29
TraceRouteurnthr good question17:29
Tm_Tit's not releasend until it's in kde.org17:29
=== pm2 is now known as Guest20334
Tm_TTraceRoute: urnthr: it will be told in kubuntu.org when it's available17:29
wesley_trunk is already 4.3 and konqueror got now close buttons on the tab like firefox17:30
Tm_Twesley_: not mine17:30
=== pm3 is now known as pm2
Tm_Turnthr: that is not same as release, son17:30
urnthri spose17:31
Tm_T1929.22 < Tm_T> it's not releasend until it's in kde.or17:31
Tm_Tg (:)17:31
TraceRouteWell they better chop chop thats all im saying17:32
TraceRouteI been patient enough17:32
Tm_TTraceRoute: no we don't chop at anything17:33
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=== nicolas_ is now known as Bou
EversWHey, hi everyone, greetings from spin17:38
EversWi mean, spain17:38
=== stdin_ is now known as tsimpson
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
mot___hey when will 4.2 be in the repos?17:43
Tm_Twhen ready17:43
david_anyone here play nexuiz?17:44
DaSkreechKDE 4.2 is released!17:44
Tm_TDaSkreech: was 10 minutes ago already (:17:45
=== kb is now known as Guest74449
david_DaSkreech:  you play?17:45
DaSkreechUsed to17:46
Tm_TDaSkreech: now waiting kubuntu packages to get it to topic <317:46
DaSkreechYep :)17:46
david_DaSkreech:  so cant ply on kubuntu?17:46
DaSkreechdavid_: You can17:46
DaSkreech!info nexuiz17:46
ubottunexuiz (source: nexuiz): A fast-paced 3D first-person shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-1 (intrepid), package size 727 kB, installed size 1804 kB17:46
DaSkreechTm_T: Had to send some people to bed. They were buzzed about the release17:47
Tm_TDaSkreech: heh17:47
wesley_yeah its released17:48
ward_are there kubuntu packagaes avaible for 4.2 ?17:48
david_ubottu: how do i get the package?17:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:48
david_sry caps17:49
mefisto_david_: sudo apt-get install nexuiz17:49
mefisto_or search for it in adept17:50
david_mefisto_: ty17:50
carpiican someone remind me how to extend my taskbar across two monitors please17:50
jon_high9000I am running KDE 4.1 (Kubuntu 8.10). I have tried to install KDM themes with no luck. can anyone help?17:51
DaSkreechcarpii: I'm trying to rmember if that's possible in KDE417:51
carpiiah im using kde 3.5 :)17:51
william_is there a link to installing kde 4.2 on kubuntu?17:52
carpiii tried kde 4 earlier, and thats why ive spent today reformatting :/17:52
DaSkreechwilliam_: When it happens it will be in the topic17:52
ward_how can I upgrade ? on the kubuntu page it says it should be avaible in experimental17:52
ward_but updating doesn't give me that packages17:52
ward_8.10 btw :)17:52
ward_sudo apt-cache search kde4.217:54
ward_libsmokekde4-2-dev - SMOKE Binding Library to KDE 4 - Development Files17:54
ward_libsmokekde4-2 - SMOKE Binding Library to KDE 417:54
OxDeadC0deParty time!17:56
carpiiis there a fix to stop kde 3.5 leaving trails when dragging icons ?17:57
aloneayay! its here17:57
=== jonny_ is now known as AmaroKeN
astrattowill kde4.2 be into intrepid repos? kubuntu.org says it'll be available in the kubuntu-experimental PPA17:58
DaSkreechalonea: Whooot!17:58
DaSkreechastratto: Yes it iwll be17:58
DaSkreechShould be in Jacalope already17:59
astrattoDaSkreech: yes in jaunty yes. so it'll stay for some time in experimental and then in proposed?17:59
EversWi had it installed from experimental repos on plain ubuntu18:00
EversWactually, i have 4.2 rc running18:00
DaSkreechastratto: Will always be experiemental for Ibex. No major upgrades during a release unless there is a major security issue18:00
OxDeadC0deI use 4.2rc and 4.2 nightly18:00
astrattoDaSkreech: ah ok, so it'll stay in kubuntu-experimental. thank you18:00
DaSkreechOxDeadC0de: There is a 4.2 nightly ?18:01
OxDeadC0deDaSkreech, same repo that 4.2rc1 is in18:01
EversWyep, 4.2 nightly has the google widget support for plasma18:01
DaSkreechI didn't know there was a 4.2 nightly18:01
OxDeadC0de:) it's really nice, lots of bug fix's in the api18:01
EversWis on the project neon repository18:01
OxDeadC0deeven since rc118:02
DaSkreechI thought that was nightly18:02
DaSkreechnot 4.2 nightly18:02
DaSkreechSo technically now it's 4.3 nightly18:02
OxDeadC0deis it trunk?18:02
aloneaDaSkreech: when will it be in our repos you think? later today or tomorrow?18:02
DaSkreechIt's in Jackalope already should need some polish for Ibex then go18:02
OxDeadC0dehmm brb18:02
EversWi guess we'll be reloading adept the rest of the day, hehe18:03
aloneaDaSkreech: what is jackalope?18:05
DaSkreechalonea: kubuntu+118:05
DaSkreechEversW: The Topic will change when it happens18:05
EversWoh, great, thanks ;-)18:05
tyler_d1I would like to have a toolbar on my other monitor that shows the windows that are there18:05
EversWi'm in tune also on the planets and the kubuntu site :-P18:05
shadeslayerits out,its out!!!18:05
shadeslayerKDE 4.2 is out18:05
aloneashadeslayer: yes!18:05
EversWoh yeah18:05
EversWbtw, i'm running it right now on a netbook (advent 4211)18:05
shadeslayerhow late am i18:05
aloneashadeslayer: but our repos wont have them quite yet. later today18:05
mefisto_wow! those videos are very good. I felt like standing to applaud by the end.18:05
DaSkreech- kde4 has left this server18:06
shadeslayerso excited18:07
zicadais Jaunty usable at all at this point ?18:07
zicadai havent tested it yet18:07
DaSkreechzicada: In general Ubuntu+1 stuff is pretty horrible until at least beta normally I wait till beta 2 before jumping in18:08
DaSkreechthey break a lot of stuff18:08
shadeslayerwatching the video on my 128kbps connection18:08
shadeslayerhehe they added 'the arrow'18:09
shadeslayerto hide the apps in the taskbar18:09
EversWyeah, i always install the new version when beta hits, i've being doing that since 5.0418:09
OxDeadC0deI'm not so sure it's nightly is kde trunk, I know of a particular bug that was fixed two days ago that's not fixed in my nightly, and no updates available18:09
OxDeadC0dethat hasn't been backported yet18:09
OxDeadC0deunless someone's slacking ;)18:10
shadeslayerooh drag and drop widgets18:11
mefisto_kde 4.2 should be codenamed "that's more like it"18:12
OxDeadC0deor "Hoozah"18:13
_mofuxhi guys18:14
DaSkreechmefisto_: The Answer works well18:14
_mofuxwhen will 4.2 hit the repository? :P18:14
OxDeadC0dehi _mofux :P, nice to see you here18:14
_mofuxheh, hi :)18:14
OxDeadC0dearticle says later today18:14
OxDeadC0deand you should realllly check out the new changes ;) got (almost) everything, 3 "major" things left to do18:14
mot___hey when will 4.2 be in the repos?18:15
OxDeadC0deer, not today, but later soon even18:15
* doktoreas think that somoene should update the topic :D18:15
OxDeadC0demaybe today18:15
mot___any word on the issues with nvidia cards being resolved/worked around?18:15
EversWyeah, update it or you'll get the same question over and over again18:15
what_ifcan I not install kde 3.x in kubuntu 8.10 ?18:15
OxDeadC0demot__ just use compiz instead until then?18:16
OxDeadC0demot__ if you're talking about the performance issues that is..18:16
mot___OxDeadC0de, what does compiz do to solve the issue?18:18
OxDeadC0demot___ what's the issue? if it's performance, compiz is fast..18:18
Tm_TOxDeadC0de: doesn't mean it's faster than Kwin18:18
mot___are you familiar with the huge, gaping speed issues with KDE4 and newer nvidia cards?18:18
OxDeadC0deTm_T it is way faster than kwin for me18:19
mot___what card do you have?18:19
Tm_TOxDeadC0de: and other way round here18:19
OxDeadC0denvidia 6150-go18:19
OxDeadC0degeforce fx.18:19
mot___the issues mostly affect the 7/8/9 series18:19
michaelfaviahow do you enable gtk-qt-engine in kde4.2?18:19
michaelfaviaid like my gtk apps like firefox to look better18:19
Tm_Tmot___: issues are related to old drivers, 180-series should fix those18:20
mot___michaelfavia, go to system settings -> appearance18:20
OxDeadC0de120fps idle with ~60fps durring an effect compared to ~70ish fps to <=30 fps durring an effect (this is without any vsync)18:20
michaelfaviamot im there18:20
mot___Tm_T, the 180 series is garbage thus far18:20
OxDeadC0devrate is 6018:20
mot___180.22 has created more problems than fixed.18:20
michaelfaviabut i dont see the option18:20
michaelfaviado i need to restart?18:20
OxDeadC0detm_t I use beta drivers18:20
mot___michaelfavia, did you install the package?18:20
Tm_Tmot___: interesting, fixed a lot here18:20
OxDeadC0dethat's not completely "fixed" but the situation is better18:21
michaelfaviamot___,  yes. but i havent restarted my session18:21
michaelfaviashould i have to?18:21
mot___Tm_T, i'm using the 9600M GT drivers...nvidia has largely ignored mobile users.18:21
mefisto_michaelfavia: just log out and log back in18:21
Tm_Tmot___: ah, true18:21
michaelfaviamefisto_, roger18:21
mot___michaelfavia, no, close the settings and check back again to see if the extension was installed...or log out and back in18:21
Brad777Hello all... I am having a problem with the Nvidia GEFORCE 9800GTX+ after i tried to install the 180.22 drivers my xserver got messed up and now I can't get past simple graphics mode18:21
michaelfaviathx mot___  and mefisto_18:21
mot___Tm_T, heh..so, i dropped 2 grand on a brand new laptop only to have a 4 year old machine with a 64mb graphics card run faster.18:21
mot___Brad777, edit xorg.conf18:22
mot___change Driver "nvidia" to Driver "nv" so you can get into kde18:22
EversWBrad777, try using envy to uninstall everything about nvidia propieraty, restart and machine and reinstall the 180.22 drivers18:22
mot___reinstall the 177.x series if 180.x gives you trouble.18:22
earleanyone able to help me debug a nasty upgrade issue? after upgrading to experimental I can't login :(18:22
Brad777mot__: okay one mot__ i just did that removing everything18:22
mot___eh, i'd recommend against using the binary drivers through the restricted package manager18:22
mot___download binary directly from nvidia and install from console login18:23
Brad777mot___: can you be a little more specific i'm kind of a nub so like u mean the .run file18:23
DaSkreechearle: What happens?18:23
mot___did you download the binary .run file from nvidia?18:23
mot___Brad777, open konsole and do this: "sudo chmod +x NVIDIA-DRIVER.run" replacing "NVIDIA-DRIVER" with the filename18:23
mot___then, log out and when you log back in, for 'session' choose 'console login' and it'll drop you to a shell18:24
Brad777mot___: i'm not sure let me see what it is called it's the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.22-pkg1.run18:24
mot___cd to your home directory (or whereever you have the .run binary) and run it.18:24
earleDaSkreech: startup seems fine; I get as far as the login screen. After logging in, the disk activity light flashes for a moment, but nothing happens, there's just the login background and cursor.18:25
earleI tried creating a new user as an experiment, but that gets the same result.18:26
DaSkreechearle: hmm what happens if you login via the terminal ?18:26
earlethat's how I'm talking to you now. :)18:26
what_ifis kde 3.X removed from ubuntu now ?18:26
DaSkreechwhat_if: Essentially yes18:26
mefisto_what_if: yes, if you want kde3 you can install 8.04 hardy18:27
what_ifDaSkreech: is there any way to install it on 8.10 without breaking everything ?18:27
michaelfaviarm still no gtk-qt option under preferences18:27
what_ifDaSkreech: or make 4.X look and act like it18:27
DaSkreech There is a PPA for it18:27
michaelfaviaerr appearance18:27
earleThe last message I see in the startup log is "Not starting K Display Manager (kdm-kde4); it it not the default display manager."18:28
DaSkreechThe main problem is there is no resources or people willing to maintain it. If you like you canjoin the packaging team to provide support for it18:28
earleThis is after it already seems to have run kdm itself, which is what /etc/X11/default-display-manager has.18:28
DaSkreechearle: oh ok login to the terminal and do a sudo apt-get install kdm18:28
Brad777mot___: should i run the nvidia-xconfig utitility to automatically update my x configuration file18:28
earle"kdm is already the newest version."18:28
earleI think the issue is something being partly or wrongly configured, but I don't know what.18:29
mot___Brad777, yea18:29
DaSkreechearle: sudo apt-get remove kdm-kde418:29
Brad777mot___: omg thank you i think it worked18:29
stdintry "sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm"18:29
mot___where can i configure compiz settings in 8.10?18:29
michaelfaviamot___, sudo apt-get install gtk-qt-engine installed18:29
michaelfaviabut no option in appearance that i can see.18:30
mot___i just installed it but i'm trying to change settings/skinning (no emerald?)18:30
Brad777mot___: is there  way to make sure that the driver installed and evrything?18:30
michaelfaviakde-nightly 4.218:30
michaelfaviaany suggestion?18:30
earlestdin: sorry, should have mentioned that I already tried that - it doesn't produce any output.18:30
mot___michaelfavia, reboot.18:30
earleDaSkreech: it's not installed; only mentioned as being replaced by "kdm" according to apt.18:30
DaSkreechupdate alternatives?18:30
stdinit won't be in alternatives18:30
Brad777mot___: it worked thank you very much18:30
stdinI guess removing kdm-kde4 and "echo /usr/bin/kdm | sudo tee /etc/X11/default-display-manager"18:31
earled-d-m already has kdm in it.18:31
mot___where are compiz theme/skin settings?18:32
stdinyou need to get rid of the -kde4 version and let kdm run18:32
earleI noticed there were init scripts for kdm-kde4 in /etc/rc0.d/ etc, and got rid of those already - I don't know what's trying to invoke the other version.18:32
earleheh, /etc/ etc18:33
earlethis reminds me of the good old days of running debian testing :P18:33
earlehmm, or did I?18:34
* earle nukes 'em again18:34
mefisto_michaelfavia: do you get any other packages when you apt-cache search qt-engine ?18:36
stdinearle: you should remove those links with update-rc.d, rather than rm18:36
* earle is mad, bad and dangerous to know18:36
earlestdin: er, okay :-) I'll go read manpages18:37
hiori have beed18:37
earlehow handy18:37
hiori have been searching for the best way to input chinese18:37
DaSkreech'skim ?18:37
stdinit's just easier, rm /etc/init.d/name && update-rc.d name remove18:37
hiorskim is the way to go?18:37
hiorok, time to google18:38
White_Pelicanhi all18:38
ubottuChinese, Japanese, Korean Language input. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SCIM18:38
=== floown_ is now known as floown
White_Pelicandoes anyoneknow when the official 4.2 will be available in intrepid?18:38
khalidmianwith the new kde4.2 when i press restart it doesnt reboot the computer it sort of takes it back to login screen - is that the way it meant to be?18:38
stdinWhite_Pelican: it'll appear in the kubuntu-experimental PPA soon-ish18:39
apowI see 4.2.1 not far away...18:39
White_Pelicansoonish eh?18:39
White_PelicanI like that :)18:39
stdinas soon as we've tested the upgrade process18:40
khalidmianstdin: restart on 4.2 takes me to login screen instead of restarting computer any help/suggestions?18:41
Eldwill 4.2 remain in experimental for 8.10 ?18:41
stdinEld: no18:41
DaSkreechstdin: Eh?18:42
Eldgreat :)18:42
DaSkreechIt will be promoted to main?18:42
stdinkhalidmian: try actually rebooting first18:42
stdinI mean, it *may* go into -backports18:42
khalidmianstdin: i did try shut down and reboot18:42
earlehmm, after a reboot it no longer mentions kdm-kde4 but I still can't get past the login screen.18:42
* BluesKaj waits patiently for the kde 4.2 "official release"....supposedly it's today, sometime18:42
stdinmay not though18:42
White_PelicanBluesKaj, it is official according the the kde web site18:43
stdinkhalidmian: ask in #kubuntu-devel for now, see if anyone else has the issue18:43
earleperhaps the "official release" will fix my woes...18:43
White_Pelicanwe're juat waiting with baited breath for it's appearance in kubuntu18:43
BluesKajWhite_Pelican , which ppa ?...I dumped the 'experimental' one due to broken pkges18:44
White_Pelicanexperimental for now18:44
stdinWhite_Pelican: it's on on kde.org yet18:44
White_Pelicanstdin, yes it is on the kde.org site18:44
White_PelicanI jusy checked18:45
mefisto_baited breath, eww18:45
* stdin hits refresh18:45
stdinok, so it's *just* out ;)18:45
White_Pelicanyep :)18:45
White_Pelicanget to work hehe18:45
White_Pelicanjust kidding18:45
stdinWhite_Pelican: fyi, we already had the tar's ;)18:46
White_Pelicanalso, (not trying to be a troll, here) given what happened with Hardy, is Intrepid going to be a LTS distro?18:47
BluesKajguys , it's still RC , not official yet18:47
aloneahey, how do i get my homepage back to firefox start instead of that ubuntu thing that put itself in its place?18:47
stdinBluesKaj: it's not RC18:47
aloneaBluesKaj: its official18:47
White_Pelicansorry, stdin I used to use Gentoo, no more pain for me :)18:47
aloneaBluesKaj: came out about an hour ago18:47
* BluesKaj looks for 4.2.0 link on kde org18:47
aloneaBluesKaj: its nicely announced on their home page18:48
neothecatWhite_Pelican:  and in a few days, you'll have 4.2 compiled and ready to go :)18:48
stdinWhite_Pelican: we can't be LTS because the base packages (kernel/shell/etc) aren't18:48
White_Pelicanfaie enough18:48
White_Pelicanfaie even18:48
coreymon77alonea: go to the firefox start page, and set that as your home18:48
White_Pelicantime to get new glasses18:48
stdin3rd time's a charm ;)18:48
BluesKajalonea , what hoime page , I'm on kde.org...don't see anything new here , just the Jan 13 th anounce18:49
stdinBluesKaj: refresh, it's there18:49
neothecatdoes anybody know how much different GA will be from RC2?18:50
aloneaBluesKaj: yup. maybe clear your cache as well.18:50
=== anil is now known as Guest64521
White_Pelicanand also the kubuntu page18:50
White_Pelicansays it's available for Jaunty18:50
aloneacoreymon77: Oh, for some reason I thought firefox was a file, not an actual webpage. and I definitely don't like any program changing my home pages.18:50
alonea*firefox start18:51
=== jonny_ is now known as AmaroKeN
aloneaBluesKaj: http://kde.org/announcements/4.2/index.php18:52
BluesKajyeah alonea , I have that..looking for the repos source to add it , I dumped the experimental 0one due to all the probs it created for me.18:55
aloneaBluesKaj: repos for us are unfortunately not here yet18:55
aloneaBluesKaj: should hopefull appear in a few hours18:56
l0neWolfHow can I go from KDE 4.2 RC to the final version?18:56
aloneaPackages for 8.10 (Intrepid) will appear soon in the kubuntu-experimental PPA.18:56
aloneathey are not there yet. unless you want to compile from source. ^_^18:56
earleI wonder what I've been trying to run from experimental, then...18:57
DaSkreechl0neWolf: The topic will be updated as soon as it happens18:57
l0neWolfalonea: if it was in a fail-safe instruction set I'd try, by fail-safe I mean "click this and wait"  :P18:57
l0neWolfDaSkreech: alright, thanks  :)18:57
earlel0neWolf: are you insane? This is Linux!!!1!18:58
BluesKajnot that much hurry...I can wait , compiling from source is ok , but svn is trouble as far as I'm concerned18:58
zookoFolks, I can't find a .deb of Konqueror 4.2.  Does it exist?18:58
BluesKajzooko. not yet18:58
l0neWolfearle: I'm a Windows user primarily, please accept my lack of knowledge as given  :P18:58
earlel0neWolf: I was kidding :)18:58
stdinam I really going to have to update the topic with a "not yet" message......18:58
aloneaBluesKaj: svn is a very nice revision control system. though compiling from source sometimes can be difficult18:58
aloneastdin: yes18:58
l0neWolfearle: I know  lol  I've not compiled anything from source before so I'll just wait for the releases to start flooding out18:59
stdinalonea: like any of you actually *read* the topic anyway :p18:59
earlel0neWolf: I much prefer the one-button approach myself. You'd think I would have learnt not to expect that by now, after 10 years of using Linux :)18:59
BluesKajalonea , linus torvalds thinks svn is useless and confusing for most users ...not only that some of their revised releases break ppls setups18:59
aloneastdin: lol! hehe. I do sometimes. at least I am not asking for magical packages that are not there yet.18:59
mefisto_what topic? where can I read the topic? :P19:00
l0neWolfearle: 10 years?  you've probably seen a huge change then.  things are a lot more friendly nowadays for newbs to Linux, like me19:00
earlel0neWolf: No kidding. These days you can just... plug stuff in, and IT WORKS HOLY SHIT19:00
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!19:00
l0neWolfoops  :P19:00
EversWoh yeah, i see the earle point, i've being using linux since redhat 7.2, and right now, with all the linux evolution, we can expect that click and update thing ;-)19:01
aloneaBluesKaj: but svn's purpose is for developers, not users. though I will agree that updates for svn in the middle of a project is usually a bad idea. however I will take svn over rcs and cvs any day (though cvs isn't  bad)19:01
* earle edits the logfile so he said "GEE WHILLIKERS!"19:01
l0neWolfwell I can plug my Wacom tablet in and it works so yeah... big steps19:01
earleanyway, it surprised the bejesus out of me when I first switched to Kubuntu. Yay!19:01
BluesKajalonea, svn was supposed to replace and fix cvs19:01
earleew, cvs19:02
DaSkreechusers can be developers19:02
zookoOkay, BluesKaj, thanks!  Maybe I'll try building from source or wait for Konqueror 4.2 .deb's.19:02
DaSkreechand developers are mostly users19:02
DaSkreechI think that building from source probably will take the same amount of time as updating19:03
White_Pelicanmaybe :)19:03
aloneaBluesKaj: i haven't had a problem with it in my projects. and not everything can please everyone19:03
White_Pelicanbuilding from source is like using Gentoo :)19:03
White_Pelicanonly for the masochistic Linux user :)19:03
aloneaearle: well, when your insane professors says use rcs or cvs...cvs isn't that bad. ^_^19:04
BluesKajalonea , I agree but I still think it's unecessarily complex , but that could be my lack of Linux chops showing thru :)19:04
aloneaWhite_Pelican: i could never get kde to work with gentoo the one time i tried it.19:04
White_Pelicanmy wife and I used it for months but gave up19:05
DaSkreechalonea: Git19:05
aloneaBluesKaj: it can be confusing at first. I was certainly lost, but now I make a new svn each week for my weekly projects, labs, etc.19:05
White_Pelicanwe like Mark Shuttleworth's (canonical's) policy. "It Should Just Work"19:05
Lord^Anubisi don't think gentoo is worth the time...19:05
streetbobbersalut à tous19:06
aloneaDaSkreech: you calling me a git? *pouts*19:06
wesley_how can i get my cd out off the laptop, when i p[ress eject it doesnt come out, is there a shortcut for on startups ?19:06
* DaSkreech hugs his ungitted alonea19:06
BluesKajheh,  my wife won't let Linux near her pc ... she's in "lala land" with vista :)19:06
DaSkreechwesley_: type eject on the command line19:06
aloneaI did slackware for the longest time inbetween times where I got angry at kubuntu19:06
DaSkreechBluesKaj: She should love Windows 719:06
aloneaDaSkreech: yes I have heard of git. just not tried it19:06
reagleBRKLNanyone know of 4.2 debs for hardy?19:06
nookie^wesley_: try type in terminal "eject cdrom"19:06
DaSkreechIt's very KDE419:06
DaSkreechreagleBRKLN: Not happeneing19:06
Lord^Anubisi prefer arch for kde though19:07
NGL-TwYsTeDwill this work in linux ? Zonet ZEW1502 802.11G 54 Mbps Wireless LAN Cardbus Adapter19:07
BluesKajactaully W7 seems ok to me ...a bit unstable but so far i like it , DaSkreech19:07
wesley_nookie theres no os19:07
stdinreagleBRKLN: there will be none for hardy19:07
nookie^wesley_: ??19:07
reagleBRKLNok, too bad, will have to wait and see if jaunty is decent19:07
wesley_i have no hd in it19:07
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
DaSkreechBluesKaj: As I said she shuld love it19:08
wesley_jaunty is decent but broken from time to to time19:08
DaSkreechwesley_: Wait and see. It may be indecent by the time the jackalope comes out the hole19:08
EversWfor me, jaunty is rocking for the new xorg, gem and intel drivers19:09
* DaSkreech hates xorg19:09
White_Pelicanthe comparison between gentoo and say kubuntu is the difference say like building a kit-car as opposed to something premade19:09
White_Pelican(seeing as how the computing world loves car analogies)19:09
Lord^Anubisi would choose arch over gentoo anyday...19:09
aloneaDaSkreech: ya know, I actually learned svn from the rockbox people. was fun. how is Git actually?19:09
EversWNGL-Twysted, do you know what chipset comes with that pcmcia card?19:09
aloneaLord^Anubis: slackware is fun.19:10
wesley_I had a crash with my hd with jaunty on it, hd is broken, hitachi says i need to run a special program19:10
Lord^Anubisarch is about as fast as gentoo, but without all the compiling hassle19:10
Lord^Anubishmm, i need to try out slackware19:10
DaSkreechalonea: Different mindset19:10
BluesKajhere's the experimental ppa for those who wanr to add it their sources.list : https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive19:10
l0neWolflongish question!19:10
l0neWolfnow to KDE..... I'm using the RC right now in Kubuntu, if I try to add more from the internet via the add widget option it only lists about 4 or 5 on plasmoid.org but every video I've seen for the past two betas shows other places, like google and even os x widgets.  do you have to manually add extra locations besides kde-look plasmoids or am I missing something?19:10
NGL-TwYsTeDEversW no i dont friend19:10
NGL-TwYsTeDhave a pcmcia rtl 8185 chipset card right19:11
NGL-TwYsTeDand it isnt working in linux19:11
NGL-TwYsTeDor maybe i dont know how to get drivers properly19:11
aloneaLord^Anubis: their whole thing is stability. I haven't tried it in a few months, but do expect to do things the "kit-car" way.19:11
stdinl0neWolf: kde-look.org only has plasmoids, the other widgets are from elsewhere19:11
DaSkreechl0neWolf: far as I know there is no provider for those yet if you have the actual widgets then you can Install Widget(Right beside the get new widget) and install from there19:11
l0neWolfstdin: ok19:12
l0neWolfDaSkreech: understood, I'll go hunting19:12
EversWlol, when i visited the zonetusa site, firefox stopped me saying that the site can hurt my pc19:13
EversWlooks like it uses the rt2500 chipset, it should work out of the box in ubuntu19:13
EversWdid you tried it Twysted?19:14
earleTwysted sounds like the name of an English town.19:14
aloneaDaSkreech: wanna know whats funny, my first linux os was slackware with a self compiled kernel. how I achieved that before learning how to even how to change permissions on files I will never know.19:14
EversWi tried google widgets from kde nightly and works awesome, it even has a menu to show you the widgets in a easy way19:14
WishingMasterhi i want to upgrade/update pytube, what is the command ?19:15
earlealonea: my first *nix was an experimental port of NetBSD for m68k processor machines :-) talk about learning the wrong way19:15
l0neWolfEversW: are those precompiled or do you have to do that yourself?19:15
wesley_very irritating my 8.04 live cd is stuck in notebook, and i dont wanna turn the case open19:15
EversWl0neWold, you mean for getting the google widgets?19:15
earlewesley_: is there a paperclip eject hole?19:15
l0neWolfwesley_: earle just beat me to it19:15
NGL-TwYsTeDEversW havent tried card friend has that zonenet card in oklahoma he will send me to see if that one works for it :)19:15
WishingMasterwesley_, there is an emergency hole on the drive19:15
l0neWolfunless it's a slot loading drive...19:16
NGL-TwYsTeDthe one i have here is the rtl818519:16
earlemust... resist... bad taste humor...19:16
aloneaearle: oh fun. and when people get all spazzy when you mention compiling kernel from source I get very confused. I did it in my first day with no problems. I didn't see the big deal. ^^;;;;;19:16
wesley_going see to that :)19:16
earlealonea: heh heh, sounds familiar19:16
WishingMasterok does anyone have answer to my ques19:16
=== peter_ is now known as Horst
aloneaearle: I bet. I was like, its not hard...caused lots of yelling though.19:17
EversWNGL-Twysted, the driver is here, you can compile it in a moment if the rtl8185 isn't recognized by default: http://rtl8180-sa2400.sourceforge.net/19:17
wesley_wheres the emergency hole? i have a notebook dvd drive19:18
BluesKajWishingMaster , what's pytube ?19:18
WishingMasterright next to eject button19:18
Unksiwesley_: it should be near the button19:18
WishingMasterits a software for youtube19:19
aloneawesley_: yours isn't popping out? and you tried eject button in nix?19:19
WishingMasterwesley_, there is an easy way as well19:19
BluesKajWishingMaster , check in adept for the newest version19:19
EversWWishingMaster: i found this repository for pytube: deb http://www.bashterritory.com/pytube/releases /19:19
EversWbut i don't think it will work, dunno really19:19
aloneawesley_: if you have kde4, click the thing in the tray that has your connected devices and when you mouse over there should be an eject button to the right.19:19
EversWthe bashterritory domain is out19:20
wesley_i tried the eject button19:20
WishingMasterwesley_, boot the sys and press f2 a couple of times as soon as it starts(first screen)19:20
wesley_that will enter bios19:20
l0neWolfwesley_: http://www.pcdoctor-guide.com/wordpress/images/disc-eject-1.jpg19:20
WishingMasterwesley_, yes19:20
l0neWolflook for that19:20
WishingMasterwesley_, try eject19:21
WishingMasterwesley_, press the eject button on the drive19:21
mefisto_what about the eject command?19:22
BluesKajok I just updated with experimental ppas , and now konqueror help gives me this as my latest kde version : Version 4.1.96 (KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.2 RC1))19:22
stdinBluesKaj: it's not in there yet19:22
stdin"KDE 4.2 has been released. Users of our development Jaunty version can do a full upgrade to get the latest packages. Packages for 8.10 (Intrepid) will appear soon in the kubuntu-experimental PPA"19:23
WishingMasterwesley_, whats goin on?19:23
wesley_worked, kubuntu 8.04 is starting on notebook without hd19:23
Frederickfolks under which configs of the new kde can I change the setting so I can see folkders I create on desktop?19:23
BluesKajyeah, stdin , I guessed as much ,  cuz i had dropped the experimentals from my sources.list19:23
stdinFrederick: use the folderview plasmoid19:24
WishingMasterwesley_, without hd?19:24
WishingMasterwesley_, without hard drive19:24
anjamesWhere was ubuntu years ago when I got mixed up with gentoo? Oh spite.19:25
aloneawell, I will check back later tonight to see if the packages are in. I will read the topic stdin even if I check here first. ^_^19:25
Frederickstdin: how?19:25
wesley_so those from tech support off hitach say i need to download there tools and test the hd´s provlems i dont have a cdrom drive19:25
wesley_someone help me19:25
stdinFrederick: right click the desktop -> Add Widgets -> Folder View19:26
aloneawesley_: ok, start from the beginning. What is your issue? cdrom or harddrive?19:26
filthpigaloha. Will it be possible to install KDE4.2 via repos in hardy?19:26
filthpiggues snot, huh19:26
WishingMasterwesley_, yeah what the main issue?19:26
filthpigguess not*19:26
stdinnot in hardy, it's too old19:26
wesley_ive pasted the mail19:27
WishingMasterwesley_, whats happening to hd?19:27
filthpigbut it's LTS though..19:27
aloneafilthpig: nope. though upgrade to intrepid from hardy was very painless for me.19:27
wesley_they say i need to run their program19:27
stdinfilthpig: wrong19:27
soloi need some help. my usb wont read anything to do with my dig cam.... sees ipod shuffel but nothing with the cam ????19:27
Frederickstdin: oki managed it but imho this sucks =/19:27
wesley_WishingMaster it makes tick tick sounds fast and slow19:27
Pici!latest | filthpig19:27
ubottufilthpig: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.19:27
WishingMasterwesley_, of19:27
WishingMasterwesley_, ok19:28
stdinFrederick: you can set the whole desktop to that plasmoid19:28
WishingMasterwesley_, how old is it?19:28
wesley_and hitachi says i need to check it with there app19:28
wesley_1 month19:28
WishingMasterwesley_, the hd is 1 month old?19:28
Frederickstdin: how?19:28
WishingMasterwesley_, it is a new system??19:28
* anjames thinks wesley_ got an HD w/bad bearings19:29
soloi need some help. my usb wont read anything to do with my dig cam.... sees ipod shuffel but nothing with the cam ????19:29
wesley_a Mini itx system19:29
filthpigalonea: tried ibex, and it was okay enough, but it left my webcam image green, heh. And since I knew all I needed worked just fine in hardy I went for the "no surprises"-option and went back19:29
WishingMasterwesley_, is your system in return period?19:29
wesley_so no dvd drive19:29
aloneawesley_: I would get it exchanged. if its new and causing problems, its usually a bad one.19:29
WishingMasteryeah me too19:29
wesley_WishingMaster 24 montha warranty on all parts19:30
WishingMasterwesley_, contact Customer Care and get a refund19:30
WishingMasterwesley_, thats diffrent19:30
WishingMasterwesley_, are you in US?19:30
stdinFrederick: I think from the Desktop Setting menu (from right-click)19:30
aloneafilthpig: ibex?19:30
wesley_Lol you need to send it for repair first, thats the way itr goes here19:30
anjameswesley_, What make/manufacturer is the drive?19:30
filthpigalonea: Intrepid Ibex, Ubuntu 8.10 :)19:30
wesley_I live in Netherlands and hitachi is the manufacturer19:31
WishingMasterwesley_, hmmmm19:31
aloneafilthpig: i knew ibex sounded familiar. used to seeing it as intrepid.19:31
aloneafilthpig: when did you try it? its been officially released now.19:31
wesley_Ive contact tech support, they said do some test with our app19:31
filthpigalonea: yeah, however I find ibex a lot simpler to write :P19:31
ugaalonea: more familiar thanks to the biggest company market shares in Spain ;) (IBEX)19:32
Frederickstdin: could not find it there19:32
filthpigalonea: tried it right before christmas19:32
EversWuga : hehe, yeah, the ibex3519:32
ugaat some point I thought people had changed topic in here ;)19:32
filthpigand my webcam image was very wrong, like when you set saturisation, I think, to max. My face went green and the walls purple. And it wasn't the LSD, I tell you ;)19:33
aloneafilthpig: I think I got it around thenish. but I also put all the prerelease packages on. my friends who didn't had problems with stuff. I do know my webcam is fine though19:34
filthpigand, I don't know, I just never felt really comfortable with ibex... Dunno why, though.19:35
filthpigAnyhoo, back to my initial questions: Is KDE4.2 included in jaunty, or will it first be included with 9.10?19:35
EversWfilthpig, kde 4.2 is already on jaunty repos19:36
filthpigEversW: ah, kool. I'll just install the latest LiveCD on my usb-stick and try it out, then. It's Alpha 3 still, right?19:37
EversWyep, but they just updated the packages for 4.2 final19:37
EversWoh, you said install, i read try ;-)19:38
EversWFor me, the worst thing in intrepid is the bad performance of the intel drivers19:39
gorgonzolahello.. will kde 4.2 appear as update in the intrepid repos?19:39
=== nick is now known as Guest70010
White_Pelicaneventually :)19:39
EversWgorgonzola, right now will appear in the experimental ppa repository19:39
aloneaEversW: video card? the drivers for my intel are just as bad in windows as linux. though linux i think is better19:39
EversWcheck out kubuntu.org site19:39
EversWyep alonea, for instance, i have a netbook with intel gma 945, and with windows xp works great, but with linux, it's clunky19:40
gorgonzolaEversW and would installing that mess up my upgrade path for when it i realeased into the main repo?19:40
EversWi have another rig with gma 3100 and works a bit better. I had to enable XAA on the netbook to have it running a bit better19:40
stdingorgonizer: it won't19:41
EversWgorgonzola, and path are the same, for installing the kde 4.2 rc, i added the repository and installed kubuntu-desktop (and some more other packages manually) because i'm using regular ubuntu19:41
aloneaEversW: i have 965 i think and its terrible in windows.19:42
gorgonzolaEversW: ok, thx119:42
EversW965 isn't a hit of course ;-) but works in 2D better in windows, and with hardy it worked for me better19:42
=== Guest70010 is now known as gertoft
EversWi've being reading all the bug reports on launchpad about it, there are a lot of them ;-)19:43
EversWand... i tried a repository of someone with xorg fixes, and also some tweaks from the jaunty repository.... i ended with an slower system19:44
aloneaEversW: its been fine in linux with compiz, but windows games are a nightmare. the frustrating thing is when changing setting of something like resolution makes no difference19:44
EversWsome people reported that using GEM with linux works way better19:44
EversWalonea, yeah, games are out of the worth ;-) i'm more about 2D acceleration and compiz/kwin performance19:45
aloneaEversW: have had excellent performance with compiz so far on this card. was very surpised.19:46
khalidmiani have a new kubunut installation and am looking to upgard ked from 4.1 to 4.219:46
EversWi really really hope that, after reading all the information that people from phoronix report, the GEM, the new xorg, the new intel / nvidia /ati drivers resolves and finally gives linux the 2D acceleration it deserves19:46
EversWalonea, well not for me ;-) it gives me the "lag" sensation and sluggish using it, even without effects19:47
=== stdin changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Free 8.10 (KDE 4) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4.2 is not available yet (soon though)
EversWstdin, i thing adding a news entry on kubuntu.org site with the information on how to update from 4.1 to 4.2 on intrepid and adding it to the channel topic would be greatly useful19:48
khalidmianGROANS--for - wait cause he has to wait for kde 4.219:48
stdinEversW: there will be, once it's ready19:49
EversWall right guys, i'm off for dinner, cya later ;-)19:49
khalidmianhow soon is soon? 2 months?19:50
aloneakhalidmian: later today.19:50
aloneakhalidmian: its out officially, but the repos have to be made.19:50
stdinit's already mostly build in jaunty, it's currently building for intrepid19:51
khalidmianyeah i was trying the repos and it was coming up with weird things19:51
aloneakhalidmian: if you want to compile by source, you can.19:51
xiongso, how to downgrade to 8.04?19:51
tbr281well that just answered my question ^ :P19:51
aloneaxiong: not liking intrepid or kde4?19:51
khalidmiani dont remember how i got a volume for digital alongside pcm and front i cant seem to recall the steps i took19:55
wesley___okay hd problem guy am i19:55
WishingMasterapt-get install kde             is this the command to install latest kde on ubuntu running in GNOME19:55
trappistWishingMaster: kubuntu-desktop, not kde19:56
stdinit's recommended to use "kubuntu-desktop" *not* "kde"19:56
stdin"kde" pulls in pretty much every KDE lib/app19:56
WishingMasterstdin, i just want kde not kubuntu19:56
Roby2! http://www.ihateyounatalie.com/?id=117553819:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:56
Roby2save the pervs! http://www.ihateyounatalie.com/?id=117553819:56
trappisttoo slow19:57
khalidmianstdin: should i install ubuntu restricted extras or kubuntu restricted extras only in kubuntu19:57
WishingMasteri want kde only19:58
stdinWishingMaster: use kde-core19:58
stdinsudo apt-get install kde-core19:58
khalidmianstdin: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras OR sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras ???19:58
WishingMasterstdin, will this install latest kde? apt-get install kde-core19:58
stdinkhalidmian: you can have both19:58
khalidmiani have kubuntu so that why im asking19:59
stdinkhalidmian: the only difference is kubuntu-restricted-extras installs xine mp3 support and ubuntu-restricted-extras installs gstreamer mp3 support19:59
stdinWishingMaster: it's a meta-package, it'll install what ever is available19:59
khalidmianstdin: which is better considering im not using gnome20:00
stdinthe kubuntu one20:00
khalidmianstdin: E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted-extras any clue why?20:01
stdinyou need to enable multiverse20:01
xiongalonea: been suggested that i downgrade to kde3 for performance reasons on dell C60020:04
aloneaxiong: oh! i remember you.20:04
xiongwell i'm *this* close to throwing the laptop in the nearest garbage can20:05
xiongand waddling away with unkind thoughts about linux, too20:05
aloneaxiong: not sure if there is a downgrade option, but if you split your home from your root partition, reinstalling should take maybe 20 minutes max20:05
xionghardware and os are not getting along nicely with one another20:05
aloneaxiong: so you don't loose any files, but it sounds like there isn't anything to loose at this point20:06
tyler_d1error compiling a .bin libm.so.6 cannot open shared object file20:06
xiongokay; is there a web page that explains what you said for the benefit of the ignorant?20:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libm.so.620:06
WishingMasterxiong, whats the problem with dell?20:06
aloneaWishingMaster: its a pentium 320:06
xiongthere seem to be several major issues20:06
WishingMasterxiong, like?20:07
xiongfor instance, inserting the wireless card freezes the whole machine20:07
xiongthis wireless card known good -- works in another laptop20:07
xiongi'm on a wire right now, sucks20:07
xiongfor instance, the damnslow everything20:07
aloneaxiong: I was just saying to reinstall root only and not having to reformat /home. I like to put my root and my /home on separate partitions.20:08
xiongwhich i consider ridiculous; i get much better speed running mac os 9 on an old G3 running a less than half the speed20:08
WishingMasterxiong, what is the amount of memory installed?20:08
earleyay, os 9!20:08
xiong256Mb main memory20:08
earlehappy memories20:08
aloneaxiong: but yes. hardy would be very good for you. i have a friend with a dell p3 laptop and kubuntu hardy without speed issues20:08
WishingMasterxiong, how much is sharred with video card?20:08
nsawhow can i start kde-nighty in a nx session? The default is kde 4.120:09
xiongdon't really know -- there is 8Mb dedicated vram20:09
WishingMasterxiong, get into BIOS and check video buffer size20:09
xiongi have no idea how to do that20:10
aloneaok, I have a question on the terminal. how do I scroll up when the output is very long and seems to cut off20:10
sigma1234guys whats the eta on kde4.2?20:10
stdinsigma1234: read the topic20:10
aloneasigma1234: probably tonight20:10
aloneastdin: he was asking when, not if it is20:10
stdinalonea: shift + PgUp/PgDown20:10
xiongwhen i reboot the box, i can press F2=setup and it says, i have 8Mb video ram20:10
WishingMasterxiong, if its set 128 mb then change it to 8 mb20:10
stdinthere is no ETA, it's when it builds20:10
WishingMasterxiong, ok20:10
xiongthere is no way to adjust this20:11
WishingMasterxiong, do you have a dual boot system?20:11
xiongand this should be enough for 1024x768 at millions of colors, anyway20:11
xiongno, don't have got20:11
WishingMasterxiong, ok20:11
sigma1234yeah i saw it, i dont get it though - if kde is tagged about a week prior to release why are the packages only built on the official release date?20:11
aloneastdin: it still stops at when I can manually move the scroll bar. is there a limit to number of lines in an output20:11
xiongkubuntu 8.10 on a clean HD20:11
WishingMasterxiong, hmmmm20:12
xiongthere are currently 2 partitions, equal in size20:12
xiongit's the devil to see them, though20:12
stdinsigma1234: because the packages are not frozen until today20:12
=== macdaddy is now known as Guest31026
wesley___why is it that when i invite someone to cam that the cam doesnt start ?20:12
stdinalonea: it depends on the buffer for the terminal20:12
xiongi expect to see each partition show up on the desktop as a distinct drive20:12
aloneastdin: how can I set the buffer?20:13
xiongbut actually, nothing shows on the desktop at all20:13
xiongdolphin is weird20:13
sigma1234ah i see, rats thought id be able to install tonight, oh well guess tomorrow, the us guys will probably have a free4all if its out tonight anyway:)20:13
stdinalonea: why not just use less?20:13
xiongis there a file manager that adheres strictly to the file-and-folder icon metaphor??20:13
xiongthat is, when i double-click a folder, i expect to see a window open with its contents20:13
BattleStarJesusHow do I unlock "Unable to get exclusive lock"?20:14
xiongand i expect all such windows to remain open on the desktop at all times, unless i deliberately hide them20:14
BattleStarJesusI mean I am getting the error "Unable to get exclusive lock" how do I fix this error?20:14
aloneastdin: I am testing out some programs that shows the steps to solve puzzles for my cs project. testing extremes and wanted to see what it said at the beginning in the output. its a lot of lines....20:15
wesley___So i invite on msn to video chat, but the video doesnt turn on20:15
stdinalonea: use less, you do "command | less"20:15
BluesKajBattleStarJesus, make sure you don't have any package mangers open , then do this in the konsole : sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock20:15
stdinalonea: it'll then let you scroll through the output20:15
xiongthere doesn't seem to be any directory, at any level, that just shows both partitions20:15
aloneastdin: lol! i get it now.20:16
BattleStarJesusBluesKaj: that is one for the books20:16
stdinxiong: if you have 2 partitions, then one must be the root and the other will be mounted somewhere on the root20:16
xiongand the whole business with root is driving me nuts20:16
xiongi mean, root user20:16
BluesKajBattleStarJesus ,   then remove broken dependencies  sudo dpkg --configure -a20:16
stdineg /media/disk220:16
xiongthere is a junk file in /20:17
stdinwe don't use the root user, we use sudo20:17
xiongi know it's junk, i created it doing sth dumb20:17
xiongi can't delete it in dolphin20:17
xiongwhat's the point of a GUI if you're working the command line all the time?20:17
stdinuse "kdesudo dolphin" to get dolphin to start as root20:17
stdinalt-f2 -> kdesudo dolphin20:18
DaSkreechxiong: or if you want to be quick F4 then sudo rm junk20:18
xiongalt-F2 will give me a bash shell, right?20:18
BattleStarJesusBluesKaj: that is a very exact resolution.20:18
alonearoot is good!20:18
FrederickFolks on new kubuntu how automount  for usb devices work?20:18
stdinxiong: no20:18
stdinxiong: it's the run dialog20:18
ubuntu__so i get invited, i accept the cam invites, but i am not getting any cam screens20:18
claydohxiong: if you want to open folders in separate windows, you can do so using Konqueror as a file browser20:18
xiongk, i see it20:18
ubuntu__its kopete20:19
xiongi want a file manager without all the menus and icons and sidebar and weirdstuff20:19
aloneaimho konqueror is a lot less complicated. I am still leery of dolphin on most days20:19
s0101does anybody have a link to ubuntu channel?20:19
xiongi want to see the same environment when i hit an open or save dialog from within an application20:19
stdinalonea: konqueror uses dolphin to show files/directories20:19
aloneastdin: that you for that less command.20:19
stdins0101: #ubuntu20:19
claydohxiong: you can remove/add those parts in both konqueror and dolphin for the most part20:20
xiongi have struggled a little and i understand that i can delete the junk file by going to the shell in one of several ways and "rm" it20:20
xiongi just don't see why it is all so difficult/complex20:20
stdinthere is simply more choice20:20
mefisto_xiong: it's not. must be just you :)20:20
xiongi had a similar problem taming multiple monitors on the mac20:20
stdinin unix there is often more than one way to preform the same task20:21
claydohit is? I just found it pretty quickly myself, never considered separate windows before20:21
xiongi downloaded the shareware SwitchRes and that lets me do nearly anything that *could* be possible, including a lot of things that aren't20:21
xiongnow, with this laptop, i can't figure out how to get the screen resolution/depth correct20:21
ubuntu__has someone get uberhaupts cams working with msn ?20:22
xiongall i want is a window with every possible video mode and i can click on them, see if they work, and if they do, set them as available anywhere20:22
xionginstead i'm digging through xorg.conf, modeline generators, and similar advanced/sohphisticated stuff20:23
xiongis there a linux distro for the non-MSCS?20:23
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* anjames is away: Gone away for now20:24
DaSkreechalonea: Konqueror is less complicated? Boggle20:24
=== francesco is now known as Guest77517
aloneaDaSkreech: I really dont like dolphin...20:25
DaSkreechxiong: Remove the sidebars config away toolbars press Ctrl+M20:25
xiongdolphin smacks of windoz and mac os x20:25
xiongctl-M doesn't seem to do anything20:26
DaSkreechxiong: Yes it does20:26
BluesKajdon't understand dolphin , altho it does give me access to my ntfs partition20:27
xiongit eliminates the menu bar20:27
xiongokay, but then the menus are gone20:27
DaSkreechremove the sirebars and the toolbars and press ctrl+M20:27
DaSkreechthere you go just the files as you asked for20:27
xiongmac os 9 has one single menu bar at top of screen20:27
EagleScreenalonea use konqueror20:27
DaSkreechalonea: Not liking dolphin and it being more complex are two things :)20:27
xiongwhatever the frontmost window, that's the set of menus displayed20:27
stdinkonqueror uses dolphin to show files/directories20:27
aloneaEagleScreen: I know. and I do.20:28
DaSkreechxiong: That's being worked on for KDE420:28
stdinit's the same thing with different window decoration20:28
xiongwindoz and kde seem to have a menu bar stuck at the top of every window20:28
aloneaDaSkreech: I don't understand dolphin most of the time. to me, its more complex than konq20:28
stdinxiong: that's where people expect it to be20:28
sourcemakerit's great to see, that kde 4.2 is out... it there a release date for kubuntu packages on PPA?20:28
xiongi suppose i can learn to live with it but it means more screen real estate goes to this kind of overhead, less to content20:28
DaSkreechalonea: hmm interesting what confuses you?20:28
Guest31026my adept pkg mngr wont load what do i do?20:29
xiongstdin: "people" being windoz users20:29
EagleScreensourcemaker packages will be avoilable in hours20:29
DaSkreechxiong: wait a few releases and you can have that in KDE 4 a well20:29
stdinwell, it's on the top in mac too20:29
sourcemakerEagleScreen: great job :-)20:29
xiongright: one menu bar, not a dozen for a dozen windows20:29
xiongnever mind; it's the least of my complaints20:29
stdinit just changes for each application, it is actually several different menu bars20:30
xiongfirst, to get the full screen working at full resolution and depth20:30
BluesKajanyway, BBL.. errands20:30
xiongsecond, to get the wireless card working20:30
xiongwith those things fixed, i hope to be able to learn my way through more issues20:30
aloneaDaSkreech: I can never seem to get to anything I want. I want to right click my volumes and get the properties such as space left. it seems every time I use it I cant get it to do what i want it to do.20:31
xiongyou know, i can probably even ignore dolphin and learn to do my file maintenance in bash20:31
xiongthere was a time, 20 years ago, when we did everything that way; there was no gui20:31
DaSkreechalonea: Good call20:31
xiongi just think it's kinda horrible ugly to go back to that now20:32
DaSkreechxiong: ugly yes efficient yes20:32
stdinif you think it's ugly20:32
xiongmaybe i just need to ditch kde entirely and get serious about working from shell20:32
aloneaDaSkreech: that and when I went to the newer stuff I didnt have my right click and extract, but that isn't dolphin, though. its in now though as of RC20:32
EagleScreen$ df -h20:33
DaSkreechalonea: That was ark that's fixed now. The volume thing is intersting20:33
DaSkreechThere is a freespace at the bottom of Dolphin but I guess right click is faster20:33
aloneaDaSkreech: yeah, I am used to being able to do that, not get confused and have to find my volume then using up20:34
aloneaDaSkreech: cause my root and /home are on separate partitions20:34
aloneaDaSkreech: so its very hard to see how much space is left on each20:34
DaSkreechalonea: actually there should just be an overlay20:35
kereshello DaSkreech20:35
aloneaDaSkreech: where?20:35
xiongwell, i've run out of time -- gtg20:36
xiongwork on it again later20:36
aloneaxiong: and get hardy!20:36
DaSkreechon the sidebar so anything that's a volume shuld have a bar showing how full it is20:36
aloneaDaSkreech: nope20:36
DaSkreech there is already an overlay to say if its mounted or not20:36
xiongi don't know how to do that; i'm convinced if i try i will wipe out everything20:36
DaSkreechalonea: I'm not saying there is I'm saying there should be20:36
xiongwe'll pick it up next time, thx20:36
aloneaDaSkreech: ah.20:37
mjobinhi everyone20:37
aloneai just don't want to spend forever searching for simple information.20:37
DaSkreechsounds like something to throw at bugs.kde.org when it comes back up20:37
mjobinI got a weird problem... suddenly my desktop freeze and was not answering to any mouse click. ssh was not responding. like my system could not fork anymore. I rebooted and now every KDE applications will take 100% of the CPU, including konsole, kdm_greet or plasma.20:38
DaSkreechhi keres20:38
mjobinI think it could be related to a recent package upgrade I did, but I'm not sure what ... ?20:38
Guest31026my adept pkg mngr wont load what do i do?20:39
aloneaDaSkreech: and my touchpad is still insane to me20:39
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.20:39
legodude__mjobin: sounds like it20:39
legodude__ugh, anyone know why my konq would continually crash on me?20:40
=== ernesto is now known as spine55
mjobinnobody heard of a similar problem running 8.10 and kde 4.2rc1 ?20:41
DaSkreechlegodude__: When does it do that?20:42
legodude__there are tons of weird problems20:42
legodude__DaSkreech: contiunally20:42
legodude__same error message every time if I run from terminal20:42
spine55any one know of any good font smoothing improvements?20:42
* aapzak legodude__: 4.2 final? Have you restarted after install?20:42
DaSkreechlegodude__: get the kdelibs-dbg and submit bug reports with debugging symbols20:42
jussi01hrm, is there a kde4 ftp client yet?20:43
legodude__DaSkreech: will this slow things down terribly?20:44
Lord^Anubisermm, use dolphin/konqueror?20:44
legodude__and can I easily do kdelibs-bin to return to non-debug?20:44
jussi01Lord^Anubis: they do ftp also? :)20:44
aapzakand don't use ftp, its unsave20:44
Lord^Anubisjussi01: yes, along with ssh20:44
jussi01aapzak: not my choice20:44
* aapzak try sftp :)20:45
jussi01Lord^Anubis: I knew they did sftp, jut not ftp20:45
* aapzak sftp or ssh20:45
* aapzak use fish:// in dolphin or konq20:45
* aapzak fish will get you sftp or ssh/scp20:46
stdinuse sftp, not fish20:46
stdinjussi01: konqueror has done ftp for years ;)20:46
aapzakstdin: what is the difference?20:46
* jussi01 blushes in stdin's direction and hides20:47
stdinaapzak: fish is a wrapper that logs in via ssh and installs a perl script to emulate sftp/scp functions20:47
* alonea says GFTP is your friend20:47
* aapzak and sftp is a straight implementation ?20:47
stdinno, all modern (and not so modern) ssh installs have sftp. some really old servers don't20:48
DaSkreechreaaaaally old20:48
aapzakunfortunally sftp was switched of on some servers @work, I have to use fish :)20:49
* aapzak actually one of the reasons I use KDE20:49
stdintell your sever admins to get a grip20:49
aapzakgnome cannot do fish :)20:49
aapzakI will :)20:49
stdinthey enable ssh but not sftp, hah20:49
* aapzak on purpose20:49
DaSkreechlegodude__: Just remove the -dbg package20:49
* aapzak they don't want filetransfers20:49
=== charlie is now known as Guest76854
stdinbut ssh does it anyway, eg: fish:// ;)20:50
* aapzak I'm the onlyone in the office with fish :)20:50
jhgji just installed ub i need help with windows share20:50
stdinand it's not like sftp opens any security issues, it's still encrypted and still requires a login20:50
jussi01!samba | jhgj20:51
ubottujhgj: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209820:51
* aapzak stdin: you're right, I didn't get it either20:51
jhgjok when i go to places and networking ub does not see anything20:51
Lord^Anubisi love fish20:52
* aapzak me too, but I did not know about the wrapper stuff20:52
stdinI prefer stake20:52
stdinjhgj: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently20:53
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.20:54
* anjames is back.20:59
fuserhey is kde 4.2 released21:04
stdinfuser: see the topic21:05
fidjiwhat is vcom-tunnel 8001 ? I see that in wireshark21:06
fuserwhat you mean stdin21:06
stdinfuser: type /topic21:06
fuserbut on the kde site, its telling that its released21:07
White_Pelican4.2 has been released but it's going to take some time to be in the experimental branch21:08
fuserhow could i upgrade to 4.221:08
stdinyou have to wait21:08
DaSkreechfuser: compile from source21:09
stdinbecause it's not ready yet21:09
stdinhttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 will have instructions when it's ready21:09
fuserwhen do you think it will be ready21:09
stdinwhen it builds21:09
khalidmianhow do i enable digital out or spdif out in kmix21:09
khalidmianhow do i enable digital out in kubuntu via kmix21:11
khalidmiani only seem to have vol control for front and pcm nt digital out21:12
brunw pk........21:13
BattleStarJesusI am trying to configure my computer to run festival.  I have followed the steps on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech but I do not have the /etc/festival.scm file how do I set this up?21:14
stdinBattleStarJesus: you don't need it. just install kttsd21:16
stdinthen you can start it from KMenu -> Utilities -> Text-to-speech Manager21:17
=== david_ is now known as yo_momma
khalidmianpls help re digital out vol i cant seem to find it in kmix21:18
BattleStarJesusstdin: ok got it.21:18
=== brun is now known as K47w0
KetrelA while ago I was told a command that could make plasmoids show up after I compiled without having to reboot, does anyone know that command?21:22
astrommeKetrel: "kquitapp plasma" then "kbuildsycoca4" then "plasma" and you should be good to go21:24
stdinKetrel: kbuildsycoca421:24
stdinyou DO NOT need to quit plasma21:24
astrommeHas that always been the case?21:24
stdinin fact, if you're going to quit plasma, you can miss out the "kbuildsycoca4" part21:24
Ketrelstdin: that's the one thanks much21:24
stdinastromme: yeah21:25
BattleStarJesusstdin: The text to speach system seems to be functioning properly.21:25
stdineasy hey :)21:26
khalidmianstdin: i did the following command sudo apt-get libxine-extracodecs and got invalid operation any siggestions/help?21:26
stdinkhalidmian: that's an old package, just install kubuntu-restricted-extras or libxine1-ffmpeg21:27
astrommekhalidmian: sudo apt-get install blah. you need the install21:27
enigI have a doubt. dows Kubuntu have a firewall??21:27
stdinenig: yes, but it does nothing by default21:28
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).21:29
aapzakenig: not by default21:29
mitchellplease help with firefox, when I rightclick on a link any of the options from the popup menu is executed randomly without making the second click21:29
stdinit's built-in to the kernel, you just want a GUI to configure it21:29
khalidmianstdin: is it sudo apt-get install vlc for vlc player?21:29
=== macdaddy is now known as Guest94088
Guest94088need help with adept it doesnt load21:30
=== Guest94088 is now known as macdaddy
=== andre is now known as Guest72012
=== macdaddy is now known as Guest44563
mitchellcan someboy please help me?21:31
khalidmianstdin: how do i remove unwanted packages via sudo21:31
enigwow that iptables is more complicated then i thought...21:31
stdinkhalidmian: sudo apt-get remove <package>21:31
stdinenig: that's why there are GUI's for it (and ufw, a command-line tool for it)21:32
Guest44563need help with adept it doesnt load21:33
mefisto_khalidmian: if you type man apt-get, you can see all the options available21:33
khalidmianstdin: having issues with digital output not showing in kmix any suggestions/help21:34
enigstdin: is there a GUI for the iptables?21:34
KDeskIn Intrepid, will KDE 4.2 be available as update in the repo -update? In which repo will it be, and is it known when?21:34
Guest72012join #kubuntu-de21:34
stdinenig: Guarddog and Firestarter are21:34
stdinkhalidmian: nope, my sound just works. all 2 speakers of it21:35
DaSkreech!firewall | enig21:35
ubottuenig: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).21:35
enigcool. will get one of them ASAP  xD  coding after a day of programming class...? i don't think so....21:35
astrommeenig: "after a day" meaning after an entire day or after your first day?21:36
enigan entire day.21:36
eniglol my head is pumping like hell, and math exam tomorrow... i think my head is having enough for one day :)21:37
Guest44563could someone help me to get adept pkg mngr to work?21:37
astrommeenig: Yeah, i've got a engineering problemset due tomorrow, lots more work tonight >_>21:38
ward_when are the packages readu for 8.10 you think ?21:41
Guest44563how do i get back to root in konsole21:42
DaSkreechGuest44563: sudo -i21:43
jeank1 de francais21:43
=== aske is now known as blaze
enigLOL why everyone lets they're work to the last day..? just like my last project i didn't started when it was suposed to then i had to spent the last 3 nights without sleep just to finish it21:43
EversWhi, greetings from spain21:44
=== zeus is now known as sinus
* untitled_ wants kde4.2 packages21:45
* untitled_ throw rock21:45
* stdin throws it back21:46
t-norhello, is kde 4.2 package going to be release this hour please ?21:46
stdinwe rock hard enough already21:46
DaSkreechuntitled_: upgrade to Jackalope21:46
DaSkreechstdin: lol21:46
sinushello from france21:47
untitled_DaSkreech: is it possible to just install kde packages from there?21:47
stdinit's starting to sound like the eurovision song content in here21:47
DaSkreechuntitled_: Ibex packages are coming very soon21:47
sinushmm cant hear the music though21:47
jpedrozaIs there a way to see where and what a .deb package installs?21:48
stdinsinus: you've seen the show, that's a good thing ;)21:48
conferen34does everyone know how to talk by webcam with a person using MSN?21:48
stdinjpedroza: open it in ark or use "less package.deb"21:48
sinusnah i dont have a TV21:48
EversWconferen34, amsn has webcam support, didn't try it though21:48
untitled_DaSkreech: Ibex mean 8.10?21:48
stdinjpedroza: or "dpkg-deb --contents package.deb"21:48
Guest44563could someone plz help me?21:49
DaSkreechuntitled_: yes21:49
jpedrozastdin: Thanks!21:49
DaSkreechGuest44563: With ?21:49
jpedrozaGuest44563: I am sure someone can, have you considered counseling?21:49
Guest44563DaSkreech:  my adept mngr quit working21:50
conferen34did you really get success using amsn?21:50
DaSkreechjpedroza: Be nice21:50
DaSkreech!adept fix21:50
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »21:50
jpedrozaDaSkreech: Sorry I couldn't resist. =)21:50
EversWconferen34, i'm using amsn on my everyday on one computer21:50
conferen34and do you chat by webcam with othre people that is using ms windows and msn?21:52
EversWi said i didn't try webcam on it ;-)21:52
Guest44563DaSkreech: well that didnt work did not do anything21:52
conferen34ok. thanks21:52
DaSkreechGuest44563: Ok what is broken with it?21:52
EversWjust tested kopete and my webcam came up by itself21:53
Guest44563DaSkreech: dont know it just doesnt load21:53
DaSkreechHow are you trying to load it?21:53
Guest44563DaSkreech: applications add remove21:54
=== Guest72012 is now known as seggione
DaSkreechGuest44563: try alt+F2 -> kdesudo adept21:54
conferen34my brother uses windows and msn and it's impossible to chat with him...21:55
EversWconferen34, i've run kopete (just did it), came to preferences, on webcam one21:55
EversWand my webcam turned on by itself and started to work21:55
urmel291kde 4.2 packages seem to be in kubuntu-experimental now, just upgrading...21:55
EversWtake a look at it if you want to21:55
EversWif not, tell your brother to load skype in a moment21:56
stdinurmel291: I'd give it a minute, some packages are still copying over21:56
Guest44563DaSkreech: nothing happens21:56
urmel291stdin: thanks for the hint21:56
DaSkreechGuest44563: And adept is installed?21:57
conferen34ok. I'll try. thanks a lot21:57
Guest44563DaSkreech: yes it just quit working21:57
EversWyou're welcome ;-)21:57
DaSkreechGuest44563: What happens if you run adept from the command line?21:58
Guest44563DaSkreech: how do i do that?21:58
DaSkreechfrom konsole just type adept21:59
Guest44563DaSkreech: fatal error occured21:59
DaSkreechoh dear21:59
DaSkreechWhat did it say the error was?22:00
KDeskThe packages for Intrepid will be in the kubuntu-experimental ppa? not in the kubuntu-members or -update?22:00
Guest44563DaSkreech:  The application Adept (adept) crashed and caused the signal 6 (SIGABRT).22:00
DaSkreechGuest44563: ok try kdesudo adept22:00
urmel291KDesk: yes, kubuntu-experimental22:01
lakis1982is kde 4.2 coming out today ???  they said it would released 27 january22:01
DaSkreechlakis1982: It's released already22:01
DaSkreechpackages for Kubuntu very soon22:01
sourcemakeryear... kde is available right?22:02
Guest44563DaSkreech: same thing happend it crashed22:03
randisiciao raga22:03
DaSkreechGuest44563: sudo apt-get remove adept --purge22:03
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi
mefisto_or just sudo apt-get purge adept22:04
randisiciao ciao22:04
gizmobayI just upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10. I usually leave a terminal open with multiple tabs. In 8.04, when I rebooted the terminal opened with all the tabs. In 8.10, the terminal opens on reboot but only one tab.22:05
lakis1982and where i can find it ?22:05
stdinmefisto_: purge is not a apt-get command22:05
gizmobayAnyone know how to fix?22:05
lakis1982how can i install kde 4.2 ??22:05
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)22:05
lakis1982i have kubuntu 8.1022:05
stdinlakis1982: wait, it'll be ready soon22:05
mefisto_stdin: it is22:05
Guest44563DaSkreech: list of sources could not be read22:06
stdinmefisto_: ooh, it is22:06
stdinthat's new, I didn't notice22:06
DaSkreechGuest44563: ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list22:06
mefisto_should have done purge --reinstall22:06
BluesKajok,  I see that kde 4.2 has 93 software updates available , obviously the upgrade to the "official release" . Has anyone encountered any probs or broken packages22:08
stdinBluesKaj: it's not all there yet22:08
t-nori'm installing all update from kubuntu-experimental repository22:08
t-nor4.2 is release on kubuntu-experimental22:09
stdinno, it's not all there yet22:09
t-norwhat is missing ?22:09
stdinseveral things22:10
BluesKajare they loading the upgrade into the multiverse repos , stdin ?22:10
stdinno, it'll be in the PPA22:10
Ishipapiterhey how do i install KDE 4.2 on Ubuntu?22:10
Guest44563DaSkreech: E: Type 'http://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/games/nexuizhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/games/nexuiz' is not known on line 45 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list22:10
DaSkreechGuest44563: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list22:11
Guest44563DaSkreech: bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied22:12
DaSkreechGuest44563: kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list22:12
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:13
Guest44563DaSkreech:  dont know how to22:13
ward_I was wondering how the packaging needs to be done etc22:13
ward_is tehere any info on ?22:14
DaSkreechGuest44563: how to what?22:14
BluesKajGuest44563, alt f222:14
Guest44563DaSkreech: paste22:14
DaSkreechGuest44563: ctrl+A -> ctrl+C then go to the website that ubottu mentioned and ctrl+V in the space provided click submit and give us the URL that comes back22:15
Guest44563DaSkreech:  what am i pasting theres no output22:17
DaSkreechGuest44563: There is nothing in /etc/apt/sources.list ?22:17
Guest44563DaSkreech:  here is what i said bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied22:18
stdinyou probably missed out "kate"22:18
DaSkreechGuest44563: did you do kdesudo kate ?22:18
DaSkreechso the full command is kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list22:18
Guest44563DaSkreech:  what is kate22:18
DaSkreechAn editor22:19
DaSkreech!info kate22:19
ubottukate (source: kdesdk): KDE 4 Advanced Text Editor. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 876 kB, installed size 2452 kB22:19
stdinif you don't have kate, try kwrite22:20
evoxany eta for 4.2 in ppa?22:20
Guest44563DaSkreech: no protocal specified cannot conect to x server22:20
SteBooevox: I'm just downloading it.22:21
stdinevox: soon22:21
stdinthere's just a couple things to iron out22:21
stdindownload at your own rusk22:21
DaSkreechGuest44563: oh wait are you in KDE ?22:21
Guest44563DaSkreech:  yes this is kubuntu chat right?22:21
DaSkreechYes But you could be on the virtual terminal22:22
stdinor a root shell22:22
evoxare ppa's semi official repositories?22:22
Snorkanyone knows if there's a low-disk-space warning in kde 4?22:22
Guest44563DaSkreech:  sry dont mean to be smart just this is so agrvating22:22
stdinevox: PPA are just apt repositories, the kubuntu-members-kde4 and kubuntu-experimental ones are run by the Kubuntu Developers, so count those as pretty much official22:23
DaSkreechGuest44563: I see how about alt+F2 -> kate /etc/apt/sources.list22:23
sinushey guys, i killed the "tableau de bord", is there anyone who knows how can i get it back ?srry first time i play with KDE22:23
stdinevox: PPA's are just quicker than getting it into intrepid-backports (which would take a day or two)22:23
Guest44563DaSkreech: nothing22:25
evoxI see.  is kubuntu-experimental typically pretty stable?22:25
DaSkreechGuest44563: Does something open ?22:25
Guest44563DaSkreech: no22:25
DaSkreechGuest44563: try kdesudo kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list22:26
Guest44563DaSkreech: command not found22:26
DaSkreechGuest44563: Did you have Gnome installed ?22:27
Guest44563DaSkreech: no fresh install22:27
Lynx_Hey! How do I change my audio settings so I can use skype with my mike, but not hear myself? Also, the person I'm calling hears all sounds from my box, like mplayer and so on.22:28
DaSkreechGuest44563: and no kate ?22:28
DaSkreechWhat happens if you just type kate ?22:28
stdinevox: well, it's a bit "experimental" :) but it won't break anything major22:28
Guest44563DaSkreech: yeah its weird22:28
DaSkreechevox: plus having 4 arms is a boon22:28
DaSkreechGuest44563: Ok then ctrl+O and type in /etc/apt/sources.list22:29
=== saer is now known as nahoo
mefisto_sinus: where is "tableau de bord" in kde?22:29
=== arian is now known as arian_
sinusmefisto: its like the toolbar on the desktop22:30
mefisto_sinus: the one at the bottom of the screen?22:30
Freddy2is only me or kde 4.2 crashes every.. 10 minutes on average? i've tried an opensuse-based live-cd, and..22:31
sinus<mefisto_> yes thtas it22:31
Guest44563DaSkreech: what is cntrl+0 supposed to do22:31
DaSkreechIt opens a new file22:31
=== arian_ is now known as Eliad
DaSkreechOr an existing file to be more accurate22:31
Guest44563DaSkreech: is that a zero or an uppercase O22:31
DaSkreechnot the number 022:31
DaSkreechUppercase O22:32
evoxit seemed so much simpler with debian, unstable,testing,stable repositories :)22:32
sinus<mefisto>i am still aaable to launch a command22:32
DaSkreechLowercase workks as well22:32
Guest44563DaSkreech: K THAT BRINGS UP LOGFILE22:32
DaSkreechGuest44563: Logfile? You mean the apt lists ?22:32
DaSkreechGuest44563: Oh hmm lowercase o22:33
Guest44563DaSkreech: NO CNTRL+O22:34
DaSkreechFile -> open22:34
Guest44563DaSkreech: cntrl+o does nothing22:35
DaSkreechGuest44563: Fine From the menu at top file -> open22:35
mefisto_sinus: I think the command is "plasma"22:35
evoxmsg DaSkreech omg!22:35
evoxoops :)22:36
mefisto_sinus: but I'm not sure. I don't use kde 4 yet22:36
Guest44563DaSkreech: from what menu?22:36
sinusmefisto: thank you very much, ill try it22:36
DaSkreechGuest44563: From kate22:36
DaSkreechstdin: Go go go go :)22:37
Guest44563DaSkreech: weres kate22:37
DaSkreechGuest44563: You said kate opened22:37
Guest44563DaSkreech: dont even know were kate is y would i say it opened22:38
DaSkreechGuest44563: press alt+F2 and type kate22:38
stdinDaSkreech: let me just try a test install to predict any problems22:38
DaSkreechtell me if anything opens22:38
Guest44563DaSkreech: run it or the other option22:39
DaSkreechRun it22:39
Guest44563DaSkreech: kk its open22:39
stdinhmm, not looking like a smooth upgrade :|22:40
DaSkreechGuest44563: Ok now press ctrl+o and type in /etc/apt/sources.list22:40
DaSkreechstdin: already ?22:40
stdinsome overwrite errors22:40
mefisto_sinus: did it work?22:40
Guest44563DaSkreech: ok it came up with list22:41
nferencon http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 "...you will have KDE 4.2 Release Candidate 1..." RC??? please fix it22:42
DaSkreech!paste | Guest4456322:42
ubottuGuest44563: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:42
jimmy51_homehello, i'm a big fan of kubuntu and the apps it comes with.  i'm installing on an older laptop (celeron 1.33ghz 256MB ram) and the default KDE4 runs like a dog.  i'm installing xubuntu-desktop to switch to xfce.  is that a good idea, or is there something else i could have done to make kubuntu happy on old hardware?22:42
sinus<mefisto> i am having troubles, i am still loooking around... i hate to be a novice22:43
Eversjimmy51 that's an old laptop for kde 4, better use 3.5 or, like you said, xfce22:43
jpedrozajimmy51_home: I have kubuntu-8.10 on an old P4 system, seems to run fine with 1GB ram. I know with KDE4 I have needed decent video cards more than CPU22:43
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: xfce is fine22:44
sinus<mefisto> so it does not work, but i ahve troubles to issue commands22:44
mefisto_sinus: if you prefer to ask in french you can try the french channel22:44
mefisto_!fr | sinus22:44
ubottusinus: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr22:44
jimmy51_homei figure i'll just use the same KDE apps, but with xfce as the shell.  will that be problematic with updates?22:44
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: KDE is stll in the rebuilding phase so not a lot of time has gone into optimization22:44
sinusmefisto> thank you for all22:45
jimmy51_homeok, i'll stick with it for a few weeks and see how it goes.  KDE4 rocks on my desktop these days.  i'll have to get a newer laptop sometime, i suppose.22:45
Guest44563DaSkreech: ok its pasted but im not sure how to finish sending it22:45
DaSkreechGuest44563: you clicked the button and it reloaded? then copy the URL from the Web browser and paste it here22:46
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Guest44563DaSkreech: no i copyed the text to pastebin and not sure what to do now22:47
EversCOOL! at last we have it ;-)22:47
KDeskSo, is it now save to upgrade from the -experimental repo?22:48
DaSkreechGuest44563: Did you click paste?22:48
Guest44563DaSkreech: i copied the text from kate then pasted it to pastebin22:49
DaSkreechGuest44563: Which pastebin ?22:49
Guest44563DaSkreech: pastebin.com22:50
jpedrozaRiddell: So how do we update to the final 4.2 if we are running Jaunty Developer?22:50
DaSkreechGuest44563: and you pressed Send ?22:51
BluesKajstdin, I guess i ahve the "Official Release" installed, konq help/about kde : Version 4.2.00 (KDE 4.2.0) , no more RC .. well lets hope it all hangs together :)22:51
DaSkreechjpedroza: normal update22:51
jpedrozaDaSkreech: apt-get update apt-get upgrade?22:51
jpedrozaDaSkreech: Thanks...22:51
Guest44563DaSkreech: http://pastebin.com/md46061722:52
stdinBluesKaj: RC 2 -> release should be smooth, it's just 4.1.x -> 4.2.0 that may be rough22:52
DaSkreechGuest44563: ok you are going to have to remove the last line in the file22:52
BluesKajstdin , gonna reboot ..we'll see what happens22:53
Frederickin linux how do I check if a work is actually going to be printed?22:53
Guest44563DaSkreech: on kate?22:53
DaSkreechGuest44563: I guess but you need to get it to run as root or save it in your ~ and then move it over22:53
khearwhy does the upgrade to 4.2 (on intrepid) bring mysql-server with it?22:54
mitchellplease, about kde 4.2 is i upgrade to it in intrepid, are the translations for all the applications?22:54
Freddy2khear: maybe amarok2?22:54
Everskhear, maybe amarok is installing?22:54
mitchellare the translations available for all the applications?22:55
khearut reqyures the whole mysql-server?22:55
arezeywhen will kde4.2 be included in the ubuntu repositories?22:55
khearit requires*22:55
DaSkreechGuest44563: lets do this the easy way. Remove the last line and save as ~/sources.list22:55
DaSkreecharezey: Topic22:55
arezeyoh, already packaged.22:56
arezeygee, thanks.22:56
Freddy2khear: you may use it or not, but it depends on it22:56
khearFreddy2: will it make the server run always in the background, even if amarok is not running?22:57
Guest44563DaSkreech: ok did that now what22:59
Freddy2probably.. maybe you should switch to another dataserver once you can run amarok222:59
DaSkreechGuest44563: press the terminal button at the bottom of Kate23:00
Freddy2also don't forget to check /etc/init.d/rcX.d to see if it launches automatically23:00
Guest44563DaSkreech: ok23:00
DaSkreechGuest44563: and then type sudo mv sources.list /etc/apt23:00
aapzakThere is a typo on the 4.2 page ...23:00
aapzakpoint 4 is refering to RC1 while it shouldn't23:01
mitchellplease does anybody knows is the translations packages in 4.2 have also been upgraded?23:01
KDeskmaybe Ctrl+F523:01
Guest44563DaSkreech: allright now what?23:01
DaSkreechGuest44563: sudo apt-get update23:02
DaSkreechThen you can try adept again23:02
Guest44563DaSkreech: done23:02
ytooxI got an atheros 9k card and it looses connectivity pretty fast. Can you help me?23:03
mitchellit happens to me with ath5k23:03
Guest44563DaSkreech: you are the shizznit thank you so much!23:03
ytooxmitchell: have you discovered why yet?23:04
mitchelland also happens with madwifi23:04
mitchellnot really!23:04
mefisto_well done DaSkreech!23:04
ytooxmmm, I hate it. Plus the icon always shows mistaken %23:04
mitchelli've tried using both madwifi and ath5k23:04
DaSkreechGuest44563: There you go :)23:05
ytooxhow do you get madwifi?23:05
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.23:05
mitchellfirst of all you need to know is your card is supported23:05
arezeyam here again... i added the PPA repository to my sources list but it seems i'm missing the GPG key? where can it be got from?23:05
mitchellfor example, mine is not supported by the latest stable release23:05
mefisto_arezey: I don't think there are any for ppa23:06
arezeywell: "W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60487016493B3065"23:06
ytooxmitchel: I think it is supported because there was a driver from atheros that included native drivers for linux23:06
mitchellvisit www.madwifi-project.org23:07
mefisto_arezey: but it still works doesn't it?23:07
aapzakmefisto_: I believe this error is new :)23:08
aapzakand yes, it still seems to be working23:08
DaSkreechOk I'm gone!23:08
arezeyoh, it indeed does23:08
sebrhey folks, i presume this is common knowledge by now23:09
sebrW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60487016493B306523:09
aapzaksebr: We all seem to have it23:10
aapzakrepo still works though23:10
sebrokay, i'll hang tight23:10
aapzakor are we being infected with unsigned packages now :)23:11
aapzakstupid how we all ignore these warnings23:12
aapzakbut hey, very happy with 4.2!23:12
stdingpg --recv-key 493B3065 --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -23:13
aapzakstdin: that is not working for me23:14
stdinaapzak: error message?23:15
aapzak4 of 'm23:15
aapzakmaybe cut/paste error, brb23:15
stdinoh, I missed an 's' ;)23:16
stdingpg --recv-key 493B3065 --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -23:16
BluesKajstdin , now that kde 2.4 is officially released and working ok , should we delete the "experimental" PPAs in the sources.list ?23:16
stdinthen "sudo apt-get update"23:16
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earleharr, updates a-plenty!23:17
earlelet's see if this fixes my knackered login23:17
aapzakstdin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110506/23:18
earlecoming in at 1200 kb/s. TASTY23:18
earleI love computers sometimes23:18
DezineI'm trying to upgrade from 8.04 but it won't let me. Checking the sources list it's all set to intrepid but checking the version with cat /etc/issue says 8.04? Dist-upgrade does not work.23:19
stdinaapzak: gpg --recv-keys 493B3065 --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -23:20
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BluesKajDezine , did you sudo apt-get update after making the changes23:20
Dezineyes I did23:20
BluesKajDezine , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade   ?23:21
DezineSays there's nothing23:21
aapzakstdin: I'm pretty sure colloquy is messing the line up :)23:22
Dezinedoesn't make any sense, it says it's 8.04 but that there aren't any uptates23:22
gizmobayDezine, I did kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"23:22
BluesKajDezine , pastebin your sources.list pls23:22
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stdinaapzak: try just "gpg --recv-keys 493B3065 --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com" then "gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -"23:23
stdinno, wiat...23:23
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psycohey guys, how do i configure my multimedia keys, right now play restarts the track...23:23
stdinaapzak: stupid gpg: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B306523:24
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earlePooh, the 4.2 update doesn't seem to have fixed my login issue :/23:24
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
gizmobayCheck that, I did kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade"23:24
aapzak_yes stdin , I figured that out, weird that it doesn't wotk the other way around23:25
stdinaapzak_: probably because it dumb and counts everything after --recv-keys as a key id23:25
aapzak_I guess so :)23:26
Dezineoops my bad, misread the sources.list file.. only the first line says intrepid and is commented out23:26
aapzak_yeay, it worked!23:26
Dezinethanks :)23:26
aapzakgpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -23:27
aapzakthatone is working23:27
piquadratStrange, apt-get only picks up a couple of packages here from the PPA (eg.g system-config-printer-kde 4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa2), but everything else stays at 4.1.323:27
earleSo... anyone have an idea how I should approach this problem? The symptom is nothing happens after submitting the login dialog.23:28
tbr281so do i go about upgrading to 4.2?23:28
stdintbr281: read the topic for a start23:29
earleooh snap.23:29
* earle wonders if #kubuntu-devel might know23:29
earlewouldn't want to bother anyone though23:29
BluesKajearle , do you have a menu at the login page ?23:30
earleyep - I'm talking to you via the magic of console login23:30
earleI'll try failsafe, see if that does anything23:30
hfiasuhfawhgrcant remember i installed mysql but when i upgraded to 4.2 it asked me to enter a new password for root... where comes that from ?23:31
mefisto_earle: does it just stay at the login page?23:31
psycoHow do I edit the icons that showup in the "mini taksbar thing" I forget the name, it has like amarok, wallet, klipper, kopete23:31
earlemefisto_: the login dialog goes away and I'm left with the cursor and background.23:32
psyco*system tray23:32
earleSo it seems like kdm is starting up fine, but something's going doolally at login time.23:32
earle(Hmm. Failsafe did nothing but flash the screen a couple of times and take me back to login.)23:32
stdinhfiasuhfawhgr: akonadi-server depends on akonadi-server, you probably only had the client installed23:32
* earle makes some Strong Coffee23:33
hfiasuhfawhgrstdin: cant remember installing that one either, but thanx anyway ;-)23:35
stdinhfiasuhfawhgr: akonadi-server is needed by akonadi-kde which is needed by kmail (which comes with Kubuntu)23:36
stdinaren't dependencies fun :)23:36
* earle kicks his laptop (figuratively)23:36
EversWhi again ;-) do you know if in ppa -experimental is there support for google gadgets for plasma? i can't find it on the add widgets dialog, and no packages on adept/synaptic23:37
hfiasuhfawhgrstdin: oh, thanx again, got it !23:37
Macerhi. does anybody here use a macbook with kubuntu? I am having a hell of a time getting an adhoc network to work with network manager23:37
stdinEversW: plasma supports it, but you have to download them manually23:37
Maceri am trying to wifi tether my g1. works fine with my n800 to G1 so the problem is getting the kubuntu macbook to use the adhoc network. when i try to do it manually with iwconfig/ifconfig/dhclient it doesn't seem to work at all23:38
EversWno menu like in project-neon repository then?23:38
stdinEversW: you download them then choose Install New Widgets -> Install Widget From Local File23:39
aapzakgoodbye guys, tomorrow (at work) I'll testdrive 4.2 seriously. Thanks!23:39
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stdinkde-look.org doesn't host any google/mac widgets23:40
EversWstdin: yeah, i was asking because i tried the project neon kde-nightly packages, and there were a plasma google gadget package and add a nice menu on the new widgets to easily and beautifuly add google gadgets widgets23:40
=== pat is now known as patinux
stdinEversW: it's probably a feature not stable/complete enough for 4.2.023:41
stdinneon uses trunk, which has all sorts of things23:41
mefisto__earle: have you tried creating a new user?23:41
ofvjust finished the upgrade to 4.2 from 4.1.3 and when i log out the screen turns black and nothing happens until i click, then the desktop appears again as it previously was (all apps still runnig, etc)23:42
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psycoHey, im working on getting KDE 4.2, Step4: # Old Plasma packages are not compatible with KDE 4.2, you should uninstall any plasmoids.23:42
psycohow would I go about doing that23:42
EversWstdin: i see, and when you select add widget, no google gadget option there also, just web component, mac os one, superkaramba and plasmoids23:42
stdinpsyco: it only refers to ones you installed manually23:42
EversWstdin: just trying plain web component?23:42
psycooh ok23:43
psycoso if I didn't i can go ahead and upgrade?23:43
stdinit's probably the Web Widget, but I haven't tried it23:43
stdinpsyco: sure23:43
psycohere it goes.23:43
stdinofv: you may have to just ctrl-alt-backspace to restart X, then log back in23:43
earlemefisto__: Yeah. Trying to log in with that got the same thing, except the background image vanished, leaving a black screen and the cursor.23:43
ofvstdin: okay, i'll try.23:44
EversWstdin: thanks, i'll try it ;-)23:44
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bopfermanHello, I just upgraded to kde 4.2 and im having plasmoid problems.  When trying to add any plasmoid I get an error saying This object could not be created for the following reason: Could not find requested component: weatherstation.  I did some quick googling but could not find any solutions.23:45
bopfermanCorrection: only weather widget and lancelot_launcher23:45
stdinbopferman: yes, we're working on that23:46
stdinit's just that the plasmoids need to be rebuilt against the new plasma23:46
sonic23bopferman: in the release announcement it mentions that old plasmoids will not work.23:46
earleHrm! Maybe it's kwin that's having problems.23:47
bopfermanthe weather plasmoid is new though.23:47
earle"kwin is already the newest version." Damn.23:47
sonic23i havent tried it, but you could try and remove them and re-add them. possibly that might resolve you issue23:47
sonic23bopferman: have you restarted kde using the alt-e at the login23:48
bopfermanI have not23:49
stdinthe plasmoids not working is a known problem23:49
sonic23try that. it might not be the fix, but it always good to start off an update with a clean kde load23:50
earleMaybe I should just reinstall KDE completely.23:50
sonic23yes id does mention that in the release qannouncement. is that just a kubuntu issue atm?23:50
bopfermanI also noticed when i try to install plasmoid-weather, i get an error about a dependency on libplasma2.  Im not sure if this helps.23:50
stdinsonic23: the release announcement only means custom installed plasmoids23:51
stdinjust leave it with us23:51
earleHurgh! As an experiment I moved my ~/.kde aside. Now I get returned to the login screen. Not sure that's an improvement.23:52
ofvthought that 4.2 supported moving elements on the taskbar. is there a place that explains how this is suppossed to work?23:53
mefisto__earle: what about installing gdm and try to log in with that? will gdm work with kde4?23:54
earlemefisto__: not a clue, but I can try...23:54
stdinofv: it only works for widgets that support being on the taskbar23:55
stdinofv: try with the calendar widget23:55
ofvit doesn't work either, but anyways the feature is mostly useless for me if it doesn't support the elements that represent regular applications.23:57
DerStillePetewow 4.2 rokks...23:57
kelvieanyone having problems on an intel card changing the resolution with KWin on?23:57
kelvieit crashes X every time for me23:58
earlemefisto__: heh... thanks for the idea :) it just drops me into a failsafe xterm :(23:58
ofvhey! it works for all applications: task manager settings -> sorting -> manually23:58
DerStillePetebut firefox in this beautiful context of 4.2 is ugly as hell....23:59
earleDerStillePete: have you installed the kde 4 theme for firefox?23:59

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