cprovMFen: I'm not following you, what's you problem ?00:02
MFeni registered a release series. then there was a link to link it to an ubuntu package. since i packaged my stuff on a launchpad ppa, i clicked that and typed in a name00:04
MFeni think that now it thinks there's an ubuntu package by that name, but actually i was just trying to see if i could put a link to the ppa url in my project page. i guess that's not what it does and i'm confused about what i just did00:05
spivShorter version: "What does the 'link project to package' feature actually do?" ;)00:05
MFenalso, i don't see any way to undo what i just did00:05
cprovMFen: if your branch is packaged in a PPA it's not supposed to have a 'link to a ubuntu package', leave it blank00:05
MFentoo late. :)00:06
cprovMFen: since the code doesn't correspond to what is shipped with ubuntu official series.00:06
MFenyeah, that's what i was gathering00:06
MFenso, is there a way to undo that?00:07
cprovMFen: I think so, if you can one of us can. What's the url ?00:07
cprovMFen: I can't remove it either, let me open  question00:10
MFenthere seem to be a lot of places in launchpad where i can do something, but then i can't undo it00:11
MFenfor example, i targetted some bugs to 'trunk' before i found 'register a release series'. then i also targetted it to 1.0+or+bust. now i can't un-target it from tunk00:12
cprovMFen: but you can mark the bug task as invalid and it won't be presented in reports.00:12
MFenwell it's only invalid for trunk00:13
spivYou can't unfile bugs, either ;)00:15
MFenlaunchpad just isn't like any other bug tracker i've used. i guess it's not supposed to be, but it still seems all too easy to get into muddled state00:16
cprovMFen: if the source package you nominated were ever published in ubuntu, it should be possible to remove, but the case it that it wasn't.00:17
spivIt would definitely be nice if undoing mistakes were easier, but it's not always easy to implement.00:18
spivNot sure about the specific case of bug targetting.00:18
cprovMFen: the bug lies, first, in the fact that you shouldn't be able to create a link to a ubuntu package that never existed, IMO.00:18
MFencprov: well, i agree with that00:20
MFenthe bug targetting isn't such a big deal. it makes sense in the context, now that i've thought about it, and no harm done00:20
cprovMFen: a lot of issues reported in this are, Bug #4556, Bug #204119 and Bug #20412100:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 4556 in launchpad-foundations "Can't remove link between project and source package" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/455600:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204119 in launchpad-foundations "Non-existent distribution series source package shouldn't have upstream links" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20411900:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204121 in launchpad-foundations "Redundant (and Delete-less) "Upstream links" pages for a source package in every distribution series" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20412100:22
MFenhmm, so this.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-hypy should have a delete button00:25
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cprovMFen: yes, if it was published in ubuntu it would.00:34
MFeni see00:35
IntuitiveNippleAfter deleting a package, it seems the diff.gz remains, preventing a re-upload... is the diff.gz supposed to be deleted at any point?01:01
maxbooi, is there such a thing as a give-back in Soyuz?01:04
IntuitiveNippleWell, "Delete Package" *said* both binary and source packages had been deleted01:06
maxb(I'm contemplating how to write a reliable FTBFS reporting script)01:07
IntuitiveNippleI had a weird experience... a successful binary build that then failed to upload because of a missing source package :s01:08
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NCommandercprov, can you delete some Bazaar branches for me so I can reupload the correct branch?04:01
spmNCommander: can't you see a minus symbol beside the branches in question?04:03
NCommanderspm, that doesn't delete the branch on disk AFAIK, thus I can't reuse the namespace04:04
NCommanderif I'm wrong, then I'd be glad to be wrong and delete it myself ;-)04:04
spmNCommander: ah yes that one. Am pretty sure is a bug - I can manually delete off disk, but this isn't recommended.04:04
NCommanderWell, the way LP works is kinda weird in this respect ...04:05
thumperit is a bin now04:05
thumpernot a minus symbol04:05
thumperNCommander: as far as it matters to you, you can reuse the name04:05
thumperNCommander: yes lp is weird04:05
NCommanderWell, I don't want a jaunty2 branch :-)04:05
thumperNCommander: JFDI04:06
thumperit'll be good04:06
thumperI'm gunna get that on a t-shirt04:07
thumperI just need some good pic to go with it04:07
ajmitchyour motto for life04:07
thumperajmitch: True!04:08
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detWhat key can users of my PPA import to get rid of unsigned repo warnings ?09:35
noodles775det, it should be displayed on your PPA page.09:36
kiko-afknoodles775, have we finished generating all of them?09:37
noodles775kiko-afk: yep, I believe so... new PPA's will be on ongoing task of course...09:37
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=== allenap changed the topic of #launchpad to: https://launchpad.net/ | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Help contact: allenap | launchpad-users@lists.launchpad.net
kiko-afknoodles775, they are pretty quick to generate though -- problem was the initial volume09:38
noodles775kiko-afk: Yep (a few minutes each, without an rng, I think was what cprov said)... I just meant I'm not sure whether a cron has been setup to generate keys for new ppas yet...09:39
kiko-afknoodles775, worth checking today then :)09:40
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mok0I am trying to push a branch to LP, it gives and ERROR, tells me to use bzr upgrade. When I do that, it says format 1 is already at the most recent format.11:12
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jribHi, can I search for a project by programming language?  I'm on edge by the way13:21
mok0jrib: You can do it via debtags13:22
jribmok0: hmm, I'm not familiar with debtags.  Does that allow me to search projects in launchpad or just packages in ubuntu's repositories?13:25
mok0jrib: it allows you to search debian packages13:26
mok0jrib: adept package manager implements debtags too13:27
jribmok0: thanks, that's not what I originally wanted, but it's helpful.  Do you know of a way to search launchpad projects in that way though?  Launchpad seems to have the information13:29
mok0Uhm, no... there's an advanced search for bugs, but not for packages afaic13:30
jribmok0: ok, thanks for your help13:30
mok0jrib: np13:31
rikstaPhilip5: ping :)13:38
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Ape3000Launchpad needs more / better servers. The pages are currently loading quite slowly.13:47
kyselejsyrecekyes, I got also timeout errors13:49
Ursinhakyselejsyrecek, Ape3000, we're constantly working to improve LP speed14:11
Philip5riksta: i had a look at it and as it is now you are out of luck until we see new frontends for opensync as they have a new api with the 0.3x series (which are considered development versions) so if you don't want to sync with the commandline tool you have to use the standard 0.2x version of opensync that works with multisync and the gnome-sync-tool14:19
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Ararissanyone may help me with my account?15:09
noodles775Hi Arariss15:11
noodles775What problems are you experiencing?15:12
Ararisschanged / forgot my email to login15:12
Ararissand of course password :(15:12
Ararissit has been months since last operation on my account15:12
noodles775Arariss: https://launchpad.net/+forgottenpassword15:15
noodles775I'm assuming you've tried that and are now needing to get in contact with an admin...15:15
Ararissactually it is so15:15
Ararissthought some admin / launchpad team would help me otherwise i will register another account briefly15:16
noodles775Arariss: Yep... the easiest way to get an admin task done is to create a question (it will then get assigned to the admins):15:18
Ararissand im assuming have to be logged in to put a question, not?! AH HAa15:19
Ararissyes indeed15:19
Ararisspossible that an admin is not here to help me in this reset?15:20
noodles775Arariss: Yep, you'd need to log in as a different user to request the reset... allenap : do you know if there are any admins around to handle this?15:25
* allenap looks15:25
noodles775Arariss, if you know all the possible email addresses you've had in the past few months since you created the account....15:26
noodles775allenap: great, thanks.15:26
Ararissthanks noodles7715:27
Ararisshi allenap you are an admin?15:27
allenapArariss: No, but I'm trying to get hold of one who can help you.15:27
matsubaraallenap, hi15:29
Ararisshello matsubara could you help me?15:29
matsubaraArariss, what do you need?15:29
Ararissold story.. short: some months since last access to my account :( in the meantime email address gone dead15:30
Ararissnow i dont have a clue about logging in or password15:30
Ararissbecause YEs i forgot even the 'old' password15:30
Ararissby the way matsubara..15:35
Ararissmy old email is easily recovered because there is my gpg signature15:35
Ararissbut it is useless15:35
Ararissnever mind helpers & admin :) found out15:38
Ararissjust had a flashback, now i'm changing the email. 10x all the good people! BYE15:39
loic-mHow can I wget a key from somebodu's ppa? When I use the address of the key it doesn't work16:01
cprovloic-m: the fingerprint link points to the key index page in a key server16:03
noodles775loic-m: I just tested and it works for me:16:04
cprovloic-m: click on the keyid link there to get the public key16:04
noodles775loic-m: I just tested and it works for me: wget http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0xDCAC43EE807ADF67495AD95809C5BECB0DC0F66C&op=index16:04
noodles775^^^ sorry, wrong link...16:05
cprovloic-m: preferably, you should use `gpg` to fetch the key, since you are already using the terminal16:05
cprovloic-m: `gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring /tmp/keyring --recv  <fingerprint> && gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring /tmp/keyring --export --armor <fingerprint> | sudo apt-key add - && rm /tmp/keyring`16:06
loic-mcprov: thank. I knew the gpg command, but I think it will make users afraid, since for "semi-official" repos (winehq, medubuntu, etc...) the command just uses wget and apt-key16:17
loic-mnoodles775: your link doesn't work16:19
loic-mcprov: is there a way to use wget with ubuntu keyserver?16:19
cprovloic-m: we can provide a 'wgetable' interface, but the fact that PPA signing keys were propagated to the keyservers makes them more reliable and 'gpg' use possible.16:20
cprovloic yes, click on the keyid link in the keyserver index page or simply change 'op=index' by 'op=get' in the URL GET attributes.16:21
loic-mcprov: the idea is that everybody uses wget, and as an user I would  "trust" it more in the sense I can understand what it does16:21
Kmoswe can have an closed bzr repo in launchpad ?16:21
loic-mloic-m: whereas I'm not used to gpg and if I were an user having to look in gpg man page to check somebody's not trying to make me execute harmful/messy code is daunting16:22
cprovloic-m: wget + http is not the safest combination, fyi. Everyone using it should be very careful16:22
loic-meven though gpg might be more secure16:22
cprovKmos: yes, 'remote branches', they are hosted somewhere else only registered in LP16:23
loic-mcprov: I understand16:23
Kmoscprov: but I wanted to have a private bzr branch hosted in LP.16:26
Kmosfor free :) else there are many others places with git or svn16:27
cprovKmos: right, that narrows the issue, let me query the docs to see if it's already available.16:27
Kmoscprov: ok, thanks.. else I can request a bug for that feature.16:32
Kmosit would be cool for bazaar adoption16:33
Kmosi only find solutions like that, but for git16:33
loic-mcprov: I didn't manage to make wget work, so i'm not sure it's possible16:33
cprovloic-m: what's the ppa URL ?16:34
loic-mcprov: however if the gpg method is better i'll use it. Thanks for the explanations16:34
loic-mcprov: https://launchpad.net/~loic-martin3/+archive (mine)16:34
cprovloic-m: `wget 'http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x47DF62490A617C5BED85C30E7AAA116D78822001' -O my_key`16:38
xnoxhello. I have a build which is failing in PPA with an error: Source not available. Although the upload was with full source .orig.tar.gz attached to it. Checksums from dsc mach that orig what's going on?16:38
loic-mcprov: thanks a lot. I was missing the '...'16:39
cprovxnox: one sec, I will check16:40
cprovloic-m: np16:40
* xnox loves signed PPA's thanks a lot launchpad team!!!!!!!!16:40
xnoxcprov: thanks16:41
cprovxnox: the build log says: configure: error: Couldn't find scrollkeeper-config. Please install the scrollkeeper package: http://scrollkeeper.sourceforge.net16:42
xnoxcprov: ok thanks, I've missed that. Gonna add dependency then16:42
cprovxnox: yup16:43
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cprovKmos: private and hosted branches exist in LP but are only available with paid support yet :(16:47
Kmoscprov: ah ok :(16:49
oojahcprov: Is that where the "private builds" come from on the PPA build machines occasionally?16:50
cprovoojah: not exactly, we also have private PPAs.16:50
cprovoojah: on pretty much the same terms16:51
oojahcprov: Fair enough, just curious really.16:56
leonelhello ...  is lauchpad  too busy  to build packages ??17:01
oojahleonel: The build queue is at http://launchpad.net/+builds - there's a lot in the queue!17:02
leoneloojah: thanks17:02
oojahI think someone said that a lot of the ppa build machines were temporarily moved to another purpose, but I could be wrong.17:02
leoneloojah: I guess   http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/features/ec2   would be a great test with launchpad  :)17:05
xnoxcan you please cancel pending builds which are supperseeded by new pending uploads on PPA?17:42
xnoxor how do I delete stuff from the pending builds page?17:43
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loic-mFor ppa, anyone know what is the syntax in .dput.cf for Debian distributions in incoming = ~<lp_name>/ubuntu/<suite>, do we use ~<lp_name>/ubuntu/lenny or ~<lp_name>/ubuntu/unstable ?17:55
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emmajaneis there a channel related to the landscape client?18:35
rockstaremmajane, good question.18:36
emmajanerockstar, is there an answer? :)18:38
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rockstaremmajane, there is now.  #landscape.  :)18:38
* emmajane grins. I ws there before and ended up with channel operator. ;)18:38
rockstaremmajane, yeah, I had to wrangle some guys up.  :)18:40
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dobeyhey guys19:42
dobeycan someone remove a bug subscription for me in lp? one of the subscribers has an auto responder that keeps filling a bug with useless comments :(19:43
dobeyhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icon-naming-utils/+bug/319991 is the bug i'm experiencing it on, but i suspect the person is one one of the subscribed teams, and is probably causing the issue for lots of bugs19:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319991 in icon-naming-utils "Strange behaviour of some emblem icons." [Undecided,New]19:43
dobeyyeah, he's on the Ubuntu Artwork Team19:44
mthaddondobey: which user?20:17
TomaszDMay I get the attention of someone knowledgeable in rosetta? I still think there is a problem with the translation template for bluez-gnome.20:18
dobeymthaddon: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~victor-ecozona20:18
dobeymthaddon: i think he needs to be unsub'd from the art team temporarily20:18
mthaddondobey: can you ask a question https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion with your request as it may need approval from someone else20:19
dobeymthaddon: hrmm, ok. i pinged kwwii since he owns that team, but he doesn't seem to be around atm20:20
thumperTomaszD: I think most of them tend to work in european (day) times20:20
TomaszDthumper, I'm busy during european day times :]20:20
thumperTomaszD: ask a question on the launchpad project20:21
thumperTomaszD: and it will be routed to the right person20:21
TomaszDhttps://launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion this?20:21
thumperTomaszD: yep20:21
dobeymthaddon: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/5891220:22
mthaddoncool, thx20:22
pkernMail loop on #319991, please block victor.20:27
dobeypkern: already bugging :)20:28
* dobey also goes to file a bug against lp20:28
TomaszDalright, question posted https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/5891320:30
magciusTomaszD, what are you asking? There obviously is no other template for that project.20:34
magciusTomaszD, that's not Launchpad's fault20:34
TomaszDmagcius, I've no idea who's problem it is. I'm just trying to find out.20:34
magciusTomaszD, are you a translator or a user on that project?20:35
TomaszDmagcius, I'm the admin of the Polish Ubuntu Translators20:35
TomaszDtranslator as well.20:36
magciusTomaszD, so, what do you want people to do? Create a new template?20:36
TomaszDI'm just now going to compile this crap from source and see if the software has an issue with the template.20:36
TomaszDmagcius, I want the translation to be actually used.20:37
TomaszDas it currently isn't used.20:37
magciusTomaszD, there is no Polish language in that template...20:37
TomaszDI have translated bluez-gnome 100% way way back and I see half of the strings in English in Intrepid.20:37
magciusTomaszD, so I'd assume that it is using the template, just that the template isn't very complete.20:37
TomaszDthat might very well be the case.20:37
TomaszDHow can you/me fix that?20:38
magciusTomaszD, where did you translate it and how?20:38
magciusTomaszD, it's perfectly possible that the main development team doesn't want to use Rosetta.20:38
TomaszDthe project has switched the translation process to rosetta, so I've translated in rosetta.20:38
TomaszDbut still, bluez-gnome is in main, so launchpad can override any upstream translation20:39
magciusTomaszD, did you translate the old template? It doesn't list Poliish as a language.20:39
TomaszDbut both upstream and ubuntu translations show 100% complete.20:39
TomaszDPolish is not shown magcius ? Where? Could you provide the URL ?20:40
magciusThat only shows three languages for me.20:41
TomaszDmagcius, well it's right there https://translations.launchpad.net/bluez-gnome/trunk/+pots/bluetooth-manager/pl/+translate20:41
TomaszDmagcius, because it only shows languages you prefer to be shown.20:41
TomaszDyou can set it up for your account I believe.20:41
magciusTomaszD, I don't have any preferred languages, I thought that would mean that it would show all.20:41
TomaszDwell then it doesn't. And why the "bluetooth-manager" name for the template, that's at least a bit strange.20:42
magciusTomaszD, it's quite possible that the developers haven't accepted the translations upstream.20:44
TomaszDmagcius, ok so the upstream source tarball is missing the strings.20:44
TomaszDmagcius, still, the strings have been added in Ubuntu, and as bluez-gnome is in main, they should show up20:44
TomaszDwe sometimes override some small details of upstream translations this way and it's always worked20:45
magciusTomaszD, locale is built into the executable.20:45
magciusTomaszD, so whatever developer is building the application isn't including all the locales that have been translated.20:46
TomaszDmagcius, and how would you explain point 2) in my question, about the list of available distributions on https://translations.launchpad.net/bluez-gnome20:46
TomaszDmagcius, I thought that happens automatically, it'd be a needlessly tedious process otherwise20:46
magciusTomaszD, they only have packages for Gusty and Hardy.20:46
magciusTomaszD, most professional build scripts grab all the locales.20:46
TomaszDmagcius, oh but they do have packages for intrepid and jaunty.20:47
magciusTomaszD, the Ubuntu project lists those packages, not the bluez-gnome20:49
TomaszDmagcius, may I point out a small discrepancy20:49
TomaszDhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/bluez-gnome/+pots/bluetooth-manager/pl/+translate - the URL for translating in jaunty20:49
TomaszDhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+sources/bluez-gnome/+translations - the URL for translating in hardy20:50
magciusTomaszD, that's the Ubuntu project, not the bluez-gnome project.20:50
magciusI don't know why the inconsistency exists.20:50
TomaszDyes, but it's the ubuntu project that doesn't accept the translation for some reason.20:50
TomaszDit looks as if "bluetooth-manager" is one of many templates but it isn't. and it hardy there was no-nonsense noname template as there was no need for a separate name.20:51
TomaszDI think that just might some kind of a hint.20:52
TomaszDbut it's hard to explain as you can see.20:52
TomaszDmakes it all the more irritating to pin down.20:52
magciusthumper, is the Ubuntu project special in any way? It seems that it has many features that other projects don't.20:52
TomaszDI'll try asking Marcel Holtmann to release a point release of bluez-gnome with a translation roll-up from launchpad, maybe this way ubuntu will pick up the changes.20:55
TomaszDyes, I'm getting desperate, but it's been a few month already.20:55
thumpermagcius: yes, ubuntu is a distro not a normal project21:00
magciusthumper, did you read the log here? There is inconsistency between the Ubuntu project translations and what project they should belong to.21:00
thumpermagcius: no I didn't read the backlog21:01
magciusTomaszD, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/bluez-gnome/+pots/bluetooth-manager/pl/+translate21:01
magciuserr... thumper ^^21:01
magciusthumper, https://translations.launchpad.net/bluez-gnome/trunk/+pots/bluetooth-manager21:01
magciusthumper, those two links should contain the same information, but they do not.21:02
magciuserr... the first link should be https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/bluez-gnome/+translations21:02
TomaszDI found out something. The last translation synchro for bluez-gnome was 9 days before I've made changes in Rosetta. It is quite clear that the changes have been ignored by launchpad for some reason. It basically uses upstream translation instead of Ubuntu-modified one.21:03
magciusTomaszD, where did you modify it?21:03
TomaszDdespite being in main.21:03
magciusTomaszD, the Ubuntu Jaunty or BlueZ project?21:03
TomaszDmagcius, both in the upstream project in launchpad and in the ubuntu project. They're in sync.21:03
magciusTomaszD, it seems that based on what you are telling me, they are *not* in sync.21:04
TomaszDif they were, the app would show up translated, which is what you're trying to tell me.21:04
TomaszDbut they are in sync and you can check that easily21:04
magciusTomaszD, then why does BlueZ-gnome not display Jaunty as a distro?21:05
TomaszDit does not display intrepid either. Probably because of the weird "bluetooth-manager" name for the template.21:05
TomaszDcompare the URLs I gave you.21:06
magciusTomaszD, the Jaunty link has "bluetooth-manager" as well.21:07
TomaszDTomaszD, jaunty and intrepid have it. gutsy and hardy don't, that's why they show up on the list of the upstream project page.21:07
TomaszDoops, talking to myself now.21:08
TomaszDmagcius, ^21:08
TomaszDthe use for a special name for a template is only if you have multiple templates for one package. It's nonsense to have a special name here. Maybe that is why the upstream project doesn't list the distros.21:08
TomaszDIt's just "confused"21:09
TomaszDand this just might be the reason why this new template is not being used at all in the Ubuntu project.21:10
TomaszDthough I leave that to someone who actually knows what's what.21:11
TomaszDthe fact is, the upstream tarball does not have the full translation and that's how it shows up in Ubuntu.21:11
TomaszDthe translation has since then been completed for both Ubuntu and upstream, but hasn't been picked up yet by either.21:12
TomaszDand should have been by Ubuntu at least.21:12
TomaszDthe last update for Ubuntu project is 17th November, the lastest translation synchro for Ubuntu is 15th December.21:15
TomaszDso there is probably no way I'm in the wrong here.21:15
victorbrcaHello there.21:42
victorbrcaWould anyone mind giving me directions on flagging a possible duplicate bug?21:42
Ursinhavictorbrca, sure21:43
victorbrcaUrsinha: Aren't you always on the #ubuntu-br channel as well?21:44
Ursinhavictorbrca, yes :)21:44
victorbrcaUrsinha: blz! :)21:44
Ursinhavai lá21:44
victorbrcaUrsinha: My question is simple21:44
Ursinhago for it21:45
victorbrcaI found about 8 different bugs that relate to the same nic, same chipset (different build) and very similar problem21:45
victorbrcaif I choose one of them as the main one...21:45
victorbrcacan I just go to the other ones, flag them as duplicate and refer to the one I "choose"?21:46
Ursinhavictorbrca, it depends on the status of the others21:46
victorbrcahow would that interfeere with the other bugs?21:46
Ursinhamaybe they really address different things21:46
Ursinhavictorbrca, the subscribers of all bugs will receive notifications as well21:46
Ursinhaif the "main" one changes21:47
loic-mvictorbrca: you don't want to flag bugs as duplicate unless you're 100% sure21:47
victorbrcaUrsinha: They all have different status21:47
Ursinhavictorbrca, are they being handled?21:47
Ursinhastatuses != new, for instance21:47
Ursinhabut it's a matter of triaging bugs, not operating launchpad, I'm afraid21:48
victorbrcaUrsinha: Doesn't look like. Some of them did provide a solution, which not always worked.21:48
Ursinhavictorbrca, you better ask in #ubuntu-bugs21:48
Ursinhavictorbrca, are they ubuntu related?21:48
victorbrcaUrsinha: Yep...21:49
victorbrcaUrsinha: One is shared between Ubuntu and Suse21:49
Ursinhavictorbrca, you'll get more precise information regarding triaging ubuntu bugs at #ubuntu-bugs :)21:50
victorbrcaUrsinha: kewl21:50
victorbrcaUrsinha: I'll try them.21:51
victorbrcaUrsinha: Brigadao!21:51
Ursinhavictorbrca, por nada :)21:51
ftai don't understand why packages in depwait mode are allowed to retry forever in PPAs, there should be a backoff of some kind, and even a fatal error after a while. it's a huge loss of cycles with hundreds of packages in that state22:17
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