TeknoI have problem regarding xorg00:27
Teknowindows are very laggy and jerky after resolution switch00:28
Teknoand moving them causes 100% cpu usage00:28
PeddyIs there a known workaround for the Pulseaudio message Connection failed: Connection refused?00:36
cwilluis pulseaudio running right now?00:38
gourgicwillu should be00:39
Peddycwillu, yes it is.00:39
cwillukilling and restarting it do anything useful?00:39
PeddyHow would I add my user to the group pulse-rt?00:40
cwillurunning it in a terminal without the -D option might give you some relevant debug info00:40
cwilluPeddy, shouldn't need to, but it's just a regular group00:40
cwilluadduser peddy pulse-rt should do it (although that might be backwards, check adduser --help)00:41
Peddythat's correct.00:41
* Peddy checks something00:41
PeddyWould I need to reboot after adding myself to that group?00:42
x1250nope, just restart pulseaudio00:42
Peddywith /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart?00:43
x1250pulseaudio -k; pulseaudio -D00:43
cwilluyou'd need to sudo -u peddy -s or something equivilent, no?00:43
cwillugroup changes don't take effect until something-something00:43
Peddyexcellent, thanks cwillu00:44
Peddyit seems to work better now00:44
PeddyAlso, is it normal for Pulse to be 'configured for per-user sessions'? I remember in Intrepid it wasn't like that.00:44
cwilluthought it was00:44
cwilluintrepid isn't set to use a system-instance, if that's what you're asking00:45
PeddyHow can I install Sun's java from apt?01:04
x1250Peddy, googling?01:08
Peddyx1250, nevermind, it was already installed.01:08
hggdhwell, there's the sunjava6 packages01:08
Peddyyeah, I meant Java Web Start01:09
x1250Peddy, for general (or basic) questions you'll have better luck in #ubuntu01:10
Z_Godwhat should I fill in when the jaunty alternate installer asks for a mirror?01:14
Z_GodI already tried {nl.de}.archive.ubuntu.com01:14
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phixxorhey guys02:34
phixxorThis question sounds pretty stupid even in my head, but02:35
phixxorwhy exactly do new versions of software not work on everyone's computer02:35
hggdhphixxor, because they bring in new functionality -- sometimes in a broken way02:37
phixxorbut I mean, they'd work on the dev's computer before they're added to the system, right?02:41
phixxorso why don't they work on all configs02:41
phixxorwhat interferes?02:41
pwnguinwell, one easy example is build failure02:45
pwnguinmost developers write software for the hardware they own02:46
pwnguinso they don't test on 32bit x86, or ARM/ppc02:46
cwilluphixxor, also, everyone has a slightly different configuration of software and hardware02:58
cwilluthe drivers for which don't all act the same02:58
cwilluand then there's the issue of code that really only runs one time (changing configs during updates), which is trickier to test.  Any previous workarounds/hacks somebody has used will potentially cause a bug03:00
jpedrozaevening all. I have a small but to report in the latest build. I can't start kdm because of an error in nepomukservices. Error is segfault in libQtCore.so.4.4.303:15
jpedrozaanyone else seeing this?03:18
legodude_plasma is borked03:55
legodude_once I fix it, no more updates for me until next alpha/beta comes out03:56
jpedrozalegodude_: I am in the same boat. I hope they get it squared away tomorrow.03:57
cwillulegodude_, you say that now...03:58
jpedrozaI can't start kdm because of an error in nepomukservices. Error is segfault in libQtCore.so.4.4.303:58
jpedrozawhat distro are you running?03:58
jpedrozaduh, nevermind03:59
jpedrozaI thought I was in #KDE03:59
legodude_I had it working so nicely03:59
legodude_jpedroza: can't start kdm?04:02
legodude_or plasma?04:02
legodude_my plasma will seem to load, then core dump04:02
legodude_anyone know how I poke at networkmanager without using knetworkmanager?04:02
Teknowicd is pretty good04:03
legodude_how does it work?04:08
legodude_looks to be a daemon of some sort?04:08
legodude__ah, so wicd is not really what I wanted04:08
legodude__I didn't realize that it replaces networkmanager04:09
legodude__ugh, my konq if also buggy as heck04:09
legodude__so is firefox04:09
Volkodav how do I set up certain cron jobs as root in Scheduled Tasks ? ie apt-get update04:33
pwnguinVolkodav: im not sure that's a good idea04:49
pwnguinwhat if you get asked a question?04:49
Volkodavwell yeah04:50
hggdhVolkodav, update-notifier should do this specific task05:01
Volkodavcan I edit the time frame on it ?05:01
hggdhI think you can, but I am not sure of the process. Try looking at /usr/share/doc/update*05:05
Volkodavwhat's the default ? daily ?05:06
bluesmokeyes, daily05:08
bluesmokeVolkodav: It's scheduled so all the updates that show up have changelogs published as well05:08
bluesmokethere is some lag between packages being published and the changelogs for them being published05:08
VolkodavI noticed that05:09
hggdhnot really. The changelogs are all available as soon as the package is accepted05:09
hggdhsubscribe to the mailling list jaunty-announce to get them, if you want05:10
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Volkodavhmm noot printing after upgrade darn it05:11
Volkodavall jobs shown as done though05:11
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Volkodavso far Jaunty feeld more stable then ibex in alpha - ibex was bad with X and other stuff05:15
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ZettoSomeone can include Bug #251173 in the milestone of jaunty-alpha-5 ?06:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251173 in netbeans-ide "Update NetBeans to 6.5" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25117306:51
naught101what is the package that provides the open/save dialogue for OpenOffice? is it part of gnome?06:55
Zettonaught101, i think that this isn't the right place to ask it ^^06:57
naught101Zetto: ... it's an ubuntu package...06:57
Zettonaught101, i know, but i think that in a OpenOffice room ...06:58
Zettoprobably someone will know06:58
Zettonaught101, try go to #dev.openoffice.org07:00
Zettonaught101, i hope you find what you need07:00
Zettonaught101, sorry by the curiosit, but are you using KDE 3 or 4 ?07:04
Zettonaught101, what do you feel using it ?07:05
naught1014.2 is quite good. still missing one or two features from 3.5.x, but seems very stable.07:05
naught1014.0-4.1 weren't worth it07:06
Zettonaught101, i think that i tryed only 4.0 and 4.1, i will try 4.2 later07:07
naught101yeah, wait until 4.2-final comes out. Jaunty will be good.07:08
Zettonaught101, ok, thank07:08
Zettoi will sleep now, in my country now it is 05:09 am07:09
Zettobye all07:09
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thehook_are there any jaunty server iso's?08:32
peterzwhy does amarok depend on mysql?08:56
RAOFpeterz: Because Amarok uses mysql?09:00
simion314hi, i  am using kubuntu 9.04 and today after an update my network is not working , i am trying as usual to manualy configure dhclient but unfortunetly is not working and i have no more ideeas. http://pastebin.com/d2c1711a809:03
peterzRAOF: no it doesn't, it can use sqlite just as well.09:08
NickEdAnybody help me about the "install" command on the ubuntu CD09:08
RAOFpeterz: No, it can't.  Not anymore.09:09
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RAOFpeterz: It now *only* uses mysql.09:10
simion314hi, i  am using kubuntu 9.04 and today after an update my network is not working , i am trying as usual to manualy configure dhclient but unfortunetly is not working and i have no more ideeas. http://pastebin.com/d2c1711a809:10
RAOFOn the basis that asking people what _database_ they want their media player to use is insane.09:10
peterzright along with running a database server for you media player being insane I guess09:11
RAOFIt uses an in-process mysql, IIRC.09:11
RAOFNo setup required; it's basically sqlite on steroids.  This is why it needs 5.1; this feature is new in mysql 5.1.09:11
peterzright, except that mysql-server-5.1 doesn't install properly09:12
peterzwhich is why I noticed09:12
simion314and after my update in kubuntu 9.04 the krunner is not starting and the networking, maybe after a new update will be fixed but i do not have networking to update :-((09:16
PeddyHi, I installed Jaunty alpha 3 and everything was running well. However, after some updates and a reboot, GDM doesn't start, and I only get a shell prompt. Could someone please help me fix this?09:58
Peddyah, it looks like xorg was somehow wiped out.10:01
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simion314hi, after an update my netwok is not working, i am trying to ping google using the IP but i get network unreacheble, the same computer works with ubuntu 8.10 so is no hardware problem, i updated(i remember gcc,cups and kde beeing updated and some libs kept back) and after i restarted(was not required but i wanted to do it) the network is not working, i have dinamic IP10:19
simion314ping to works, and dhclient gets the correct IP10:19
simion314i mean it requests the IP and it recives  the same IP like when i am booting in the stable version10:20
simion314please any ideea? ifconfig works with eth0 and i belive that it can't be driver  related but no ideea what is it10:21
BUGabundosimion314, what does route says?10:22
simion314BUGabundo: i do not tried that, tell me how to do it, use the route command ? but this is for DNS and pinging google with the IP is not working10:23
BUGabundosimion314, yeha its just plain route10:23
BUGabundotake a look at MAN for more info10:23
BUGabundoit should show u where to send packages10:24
simion314ok, thx10:25
PeddyHow do I enable ctrl-alt-backspace xserver-restart in Jaunty?10:32
* robin0800 I'm on jaunty alpha 3 abd adept appears to be downloading 4.2 now10:32
BUGabundorobin0800, just get a daily10:33
BUGabundomuch better, less breakged then getting the updates10:34
simion314BUGabundo: about my networking problem, the output of the command "ip route show all" is the same in bouth systems(one is working and one is not)10:57
BUGabundosimion314, strange then11:00
BUGabundohave u tried ifdown and ifup?11:00
simion314BUGabundo: no, i tried dhclient eth0 here is the output http://pastebin.com/d2c1711a811:02
simion314and it gets the correct IP11:02
simion314but i can't ping google from the ip i get in the working OS11:02
RAOFDNS problem?11:03
BUGabundosimion314, check your /etc/networking NS11:03
simion314RAOF: no because if i ping googles ip i get network unreacheble11:04
BUGabundoto see if dns entries are being set11:04
simion314BUGabundo: i will restart my modem and i will get other IP and then i will see if it realy gets a correct IP or it uses the last working configuration11:05
simion314infortunetly my working system does not suport ext4 and i have to reboot to read that file11:07
cwillusome grief removing old kernels that a partial upgrade is removing, (2.6.27 series), each one is dying during the removal due to dkms trying to remove module folders that don't exist11:14
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nicomengnome-display-properties stopped working two days ago or so. Is there a way to achieve the same things from console?12:30
nicomenstopped working = window comes up, but the content of the window is blank, and the "label" thingy in the top corner also appears blanke (grey)12:30
nicomendoesn't seem to be a problem with gnome-control-center itself, as that package was last updated 2009-01-09 on my system12:34
legodude__hope for an update?12:41
nicomenlegodude__: hehe sure, it's just not just now, but other times it would be nice to quickly change between dual screen setups from command line12:42
nicomenif I want to download gnome-control-center to build myself, shouldn't apt-get source gnome-control-center # work?12:52
khalidmiannewbie here what to upgrade to jaunty pls help12:52
TheInfinitykhalidmian: you know that jaunty is alpha?12:53
khalidmianTheInfinity: yes12:54
nicomenkhalidmian: sudo update-manager -d # but beware it's still in development12:54
TheInfinityand you need much command line knowledge because it will break your system randomly?12:54
TheInfinity(randomly for someone who does not know what crashes there)12:54
TheInfinityoh. wow. :o12:55
nicomenhehe, well done ;)12:55
TheInfinity"i am newbie i want pre alpha software" :/12:55
BUGabundopre alpha??12:56
TheInfinityBUGabundo: ok now its alpha3, but sometimes i just ask myself what ppl think if they ask such things.12:56
BUGabundonicomen, no need for sudo in update-manager12:57
nicomenBUGabundo: ok12:57
BUGabundoTheInfinity, i started with jaunty even before it reached alpha112:57
BUGabundoso i know what pre-alpha can be12:57
TheInfinityBUGabundo: me too. but i think we both can handle missing xorg or something  like this ;)12:58
BUGabundoall but crashng at startup kmail12:59
BUGabundowithout mail, i'm lost12:59
BUGabundoand then  i get backlog.... not good12:59
TheInfinityi use ubuntu in vms only ;)13:00
KuaeraBUGabundo: You're getting the kmail crash too?13:01
TheInfinityBUGabundo: i dont get away from os-x as main system, but i still need some ubuntu tools, and i like the idea behind ubuntu. so i am a ubuntu in vm only user ;)13:02
KuaeraBUGabundo: I have two email accounts on my Kmail, and when I go to the inbox of the second, it always crashes instantly.13:03
BUGabundoKuaera, random crashs13:03
BUGabundomost when i delete threads13:03
KuaeraBUGabundo: Ah. Yeah, mine are really consistent :(13:03
BUGabundofinally https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/317897 found a possible origin...13:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 317897 in pulseaudio "pidgin crash with Pulse Audio" [Undecided,New]13:05
BUGabundoKuaera, are those POP or imap /or even dIMAP) inboxs?13:05
BUGabundoKuaera, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/31152113:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 311521 in kdepim "Kmail Crash while deleting thread with custom keyboard shortcut" [Unknown,Confirmed]13:06
KuaeraBUGabundo: IMAP13:06
BUGabundohumm corrupt indexs?13:06
BUGabundohave u tried to remove them13:06
KuaeraNot yet... I'll do so a little later13:07
BUGabundothere a menu icon to do it13:07
BUGabundoother wise, close kmail, make sure the process is closed and also the kio's proc are dead13:08
BUGabundoand then remove all *.index.*13:08
KuaeraRefresh IMAP Cache?13:09
BUGabundowont do it!13:09
BUGabundoRebuild Index13:09
KuaeraI'm trying to find which icon you mean13:09
BUGabundois what u want13:09
BUGabundomenu Folder13:09
KuaeraI do not see that option there.13:10
BUGabundosorry, its not available for IMAP13:11
BUGabundoi dont use IMAP much13:11
BUGabundojust POPs and dIMAP13:11
KuaeraI'll try removing and readding the account13:11
BUGabundonot sure it will work wither13:11
BUGabundosometimes it just reuses leftovers of the previous13:12
BUGabundois it an old account, upgraded from KDE3.5?13:12
KuaeraAfraid not.13:13
BUGabundonew account... okay13:13
BUGabundoi had lots of trouble with the migration13:13
BUGabundoeventually had to REDO everything from scrash13:13
KuaeraI see.13:14
KuaeraWell, thank you, in any case13:15
slavikcan evolution connect to exchange using libmapi yet?13:15
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mahfiazhey, does anybody else has many hanging processes on just upgraded machine?13:58
mahfiazopenoffice hangs on export to pdf, acroread hangs right after opening a file13:59
jimqodemahfiaz, can you ping localhost14:01
jimqodeloopback interface may be down14:01
jimqodeor your hostname may not be in /etc/hosts14:01
mahfiazI can ping and it's up14:01
mahfiazbut it isn't on time of logging in14:02
zniavre1!wiki virtualbox14:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wiki virtualbox14:02
zniavre1!wiki virtual14:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wiki virtual14:02
zniavre1sorry wrong channel14:02
mahfiazI messed with firestarter, removed it and I don't know what file to edit to get policies to ACCEPT14:03
mahfiazbut this happened quite a time ago and haven't stopped me from working, I simply flush iptables by hand and set policies14:05
DrHalan1hey, ooo impress locks up here during editing14:07
mahfiazcan you export to pdf from writer?14:08
DrHalan1mahfiaz: it works fine14:09
mahfiazso I am still alone with lockup on exporting14:09
DrHalan1guess so14:10
mahfiazanyone else getting mysterious hangs of programs?14:45
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biousermahfiaz sometimes a bit15:06
biouserI have to force quit firefox if I try to 'join audio' in twiddla which uses a JRE thing for VoIP15:07
biousermy xterm has been half-hanging when I have like 50 tabs of vim up15:07
biouserand I have to do some voodoo and say switch input modes and then back15:07
biouserbut I wouldn't necessarily say 'hangs' there because I don't have to force quit and I haven't seen it since the last xterm update15:08
mahfiazthis is different, I get acroread to hang after opening and OO to hang on export to pdf, both worked yesterday15:08
biousermahfiaz ah, interestingly15:08
mahfiazand with no CPU activity at all15:08
biousermy acroread plug-in is giving me blank right now in firefox15:09
biouserso firefox apparently thinks I am looking at a pdf and has downloaded it but I get a blank screen15:09
biouserI was about to reboot to see if for some reason that would fix15:10
biouserjust tying up my loose ends with my groups and IRC15:10
mahfiazwhat about opening acroread itself?15:10
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pirrohhi, could someone with ubuntu+1 paste me the output of cat /proc/sys/fs/epoll/max_user_instances ? thanks a lot15:29
hggdhpirroh, 12815:30
pirrohhggdh: thank you15:32
biouserso acroread mozilla-plugin fails now15:51
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gmathewsHi which KDE version will be in Jaunty?17:13
Volkodavare they adding xfce 4.6 beta too ?17:14
VolkodavI have it from xubuntu repos b 1 but it is at b3 already17:15
gmathews4.2 is out now17:15
Alexia_Deathis 4.2 already in the repros?17:16
fosco__Alexia_Death, right now, kdelibs5 version in repos shows:17:20
fosco__Version: 4:4.2.0-0ubuntu117:20
Alexia_DeathSweet :)17:21
fosco__Volkodav, don't think so, jaunty repos have Xfce4.3 right now17:21
Alexia_DeathLets see how good it is when my dist-upgrade completes.17:21
gmathewsWho oversees new releases?17:24
gmathewsAs in who decides if it ready to go the way it is..17:24
jpdsgmathews: Release team.17:28
spitfireI have a wifi based in iwl3945, and I can't connect:/18:01
spitfirehttp://pastebin.com/f11786f35 ^^18:01
DrHalandoes anyone else encounter apps like abiword or OOo locking up x constantly18:25
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biouserI don't have any ctrl-alt-backspace anymore19:16
biouserhaven't since upgrade to jaunty19:17
biouserPici it is purposefully gone?19:18
biouserfor good?19:18
Picibiouser: Its disabled upstream.19:19
biouserif I'm going to upload an error report I need to run the program in terminal and paste the output .. this is the way?19:19
Picihttp://albertomilone.com/wordpress/?p=335 may help you re-enable it if you need it.19:19
Unksibiouser: paste the output to pastebin and paste the url here19:19
Picibiouser: If that information is relevant, then yes, it may be helpful.19:20
Unksibiouser: forget that somebody needs to learn to read :D19:20
biouserokay Unksi Pici thanks ... have I not read something that I should have?  I am kind of busy :P19:20
Picibiouser: I attended a discussion at UDS about it, dunno if it was mentioned much elsewhere.19:21
UnksiPici: do you remember the reason it got disabled?19:22
biouseranyhoo... to start gtk-recordmydesktop I have to do all sorts of voodoo with my sound like 1) start ardour (for some reason I can't start jackd by itself) 2) open qjackcontrol & close ardour 3) ... I don't even know... I can get it to work about 10% of the time if I go through some crazy steps to massage pulse audio and such... I think things are getting better with pulse audio here in 9.04.. but any quick words of wisdom before i reb19:24
biouseroot and try again?19:24
PiciUnksi: Xorg made the decision to remove it by default. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgCtrlAltBackspace may provide more info19:24
Unksiok, thanks19:24
biouserI presume that is a no...?19:25
biousersudo reboot now locked and loaded...19:26
KuaeraHm. Does the "ati" driver support XGL?19:37
DrHalanKuaera: why would you want to support XGL?19:38
KuaeraDrHalan: Do not know; just that Xlib spouts numerous errors regarding the lack of the GLX extension.19:39
Kuaeragldemo spouts it about a dozen times, and glxgears spouts it once before segfaulting, sooo.19:40
Kuaera...rather, qtdemo spouts a dozen times, too. glxdemo spouts once, segfaults.19:41
rom1vif firefox 3.1 is out after april 2009, will it be upgraded as soon as it is out in ubuntu 9.04?19:48
rom1vor we'll have to wait until 9.10?19:48
rom1v(like for ooo2.4 in ubuntu 8.10)?19:48
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mst__hi, anyone know how to change the default boot loader to lilo instead of grub?19:49
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Tecumsehgood evening, could there be a bug in the alternate i386 alpha3 cd that prevends me from using a manual partition scheme?20:15
maco er, i thought that bug was fixed a few weeks before alpha 3's release...20:15
Tecumsehme 2 but I just tried to install alpha3 this way and after assigning the existing partitions to their mountpoints and choosing / and swap to be formatted it fails with the error that the partition was unmounted unsafe20:17
Tecumsehthen a full halt and that's it. Ran a e2fck on the entire drive and no errors found20:17
macowait is there an NTFS partition?20:18
Tecumsehyep, there is20:18
macothats why20:18
macounmount NTFS properly and do a chkdsk from windows 2x20:18
macoe2fsck cant fix ntfs disks :P20:18
Tecumsehdamn, didn't think of that20:18
Tecumsehbeen running without windows for the last 2 years but since recently had to put it back for work20:19
macogparted gives the "chkdsk /f" twice advice, so i remember it20:19
macoitll offer to run the chkdsk on boot, so you say yes to that and reboot. then do that again20:20
macothat should get the ntfs drive into a good state20:20
Tecumsehok, thanks a lot20:20
ABCDI'm running the alternate install disk (alpha 3) right now in a VM, and for some reason, it just decided to install the Spanish language pack! (I only selected "English" everywhere, no other languages)20:23
ABCDanyone else seen that happen to them?20:23
White_Pelicanwhere can I download jaunty fpr ubuntu?21:09
ABCDWhite_Pelican: see the /topic21:11
PeddyIs there a way to suspend my system, with Nvidia binary drivers installed?21:31
Amaranthsuspend with nvidia? prayer21:34
Amaranthoh, he left21:34
PeddyIs there a way to suspend my system, with Nvidia binary drivers installed (like I could in Intrepid)?21:54
* Peddy apologises if he asked the question twice, since he timed out the first time.21:55
AmaranthPeddy: prayer21:55
AmaranthIf it doesn't work there is nothing anyone can do to fix it21:55
Peddyok, I apt-get installed prayer, how do I use it?21:56
Peddyok, lulz aside, can I install the Nvidia 173 drivers, without uninstalling xorg and all things related to xorg? Whenever I install it, xorg-xserver is removed.21:57
jpedrozaPeddy: I had to install with the nvidia installer for it to not remove xorg22:01
jpedrozaPeddy: Then you need to add the ABI flag in xorg.conf for it to actuially work22:01
Peddyyeah, I've done the ABI thing.22:01
Peddyis there an apt-get command which tells it to ignore the uninstalling of packages?22:01
jpedrozaPeddy: Not that I found in this case22:02
jpedrozaPeddy: But the binary installer for 180.22 worked fine for me. I have an 8600GT22:02
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DanaGwtu?    * Update New Wave to 0.7.2 (LP: #XXXXXX)23:21
DanaGbug xxxxxx23:21
DanaGXXXXXX is not a number.  =รพ23:21
hggdhthe packager forgot to either take out the reference, or to add it in...23:28

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