Cimi_        GtkScale       ::slider-width         = 1900:48
Cimi_        GtkScale       ::slider-length        = 1200:48
Cimi_        GtkScale       ::trough-side-details  = 100:48
Cimi_try these00:48
dashuaWill do.  Thx.00:48
dashuaCimi_: http://picpaste.com/Screenshot-16.png00:51
dashuaI do want to change those scrollbars.00:51
_MMA_dashua: You gotta see what you can do about your formatting on your ML posts. You post shows as a signature and the post you wanna quote isn't quoted. Screenshot: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/4628/screenshotjv9.png00:52
_MMA_dashua: And it's usually a good idea to pull out the quoted footer when replying.00:53
dashua_MMA_: Ah damn.  Ok.  I'm using yahoo trying to bottom post.  Not working so well.00:53
dashuaSorry about that.00:53
_MMA_np. Just letting ya know. :)00:53
dashuaThx :)00:54
Cimi_dashua, change the thickness of your scale sliders to 300:54
Cimi_x/y thickness00:54
Cimi_those sliders are fat and without the shadow00:55
_MMA_Cimi_: Man you keep hours like you live on the west coast of the States.00:57
_MMA_Isn't it like 1 or 2am for you?00:57
dashuaCimi_: http://picpaste.com/pics/Screenshot-17.1233017872.png00:58
Cimi_2 am00:58
dashuaI'm going to work on porting Dust when I have some extra time.00:59
_MMA_dashua: *GOD* I wish you could adjust the size of that GNOME-Do dock. That and I wish it was drawn on the GPU. Its slow even on my dual-core box.01:00
dashuaIt's actually ridiculously fast.  I think this is default.  I deleted my gconf settings01:01
_MMA_huh? Maybe I need to blow out my settings then.01:02
_MMA_The effect lags bad.01:02
dashuaWhat video card do you have?01:02
dashuaThe old nvidia drivers (178.82) were very slow.  180.22 is like a dream with Docky.01:03
dashuaI had the same issue.01:03
dashuaUpdated drivers and it was fast.01:03
_MMA_Ha! It actually sped up after i cleared out my settings. (left there from old installs)01:03
dashuaJust as fast as the OSX dock.01:04
dashuaParabolic zoom anyways.  It gets a little slow over time, but nothing catastrophic.01:04
_MMA_But, there's a cease & desist letter waiting for sure.01:04
Cimi__MMA_, that's true01:05
Cimi_178 are very slow01:05
Cimi_here docky is quite usable on the netbook01:05
Cimi_intel atom intel 95001:05
dashua_MMA_: Any updated to Breathe coming soon?01:05
_MMA_dashua: I got sucked into Ubuntu Studio updates/testing this weekend so I should get Breathe updated this week.01:06
dashuaAh ok. Nice.01:06
andreasnah, good to know I'm not the only one having issues with the animations in GNOME Do01:07
andreasnI thought I had broken something01:07
_MMA_I think I'm just runnin' the strait 177 repo drivers actually.01:08
dashuaI stopped using Docky because of the performance on 178, 180 is very fast.  World of difference.01:08
_MMA_Since the kernel updates have been dropping off maybe I'll grab the latest ones from nVidia.01:09
dashuaI'm on Jaunty.  I have to use IgnoreABI option, but it worked fine when I was on Intrepid.01:12
_MMA_dashua: Oh wow. You're more brave than I am. :P01:12
dashuaYeah, it's actually working with minimal breakage so far.01:13
_MMA_I'll probably put it on the laptop after next alpha.01:13
dashuaI haven't ventured to Ext4 yet.01:14
dashuaAlthough, I know I will be tempted =/01:14
_MMA_I have in VM. No trouble so far.01:14
dashuaAh nice.  I heard it was working fairly well.01:14
dashuaCimi_: http://picpaste.com/Screenshot-18.png01:16
dashuaSliders look nice. Thx01:16
* Cimi_ moved to fedora but still likes to contribute on ubuntu-art LOL01:17
dashuaLinus apparently moved to GNOME, so I guess anything is possible =/01:18
_MMA_meh. Ubuntu has a better repo structure and package manager IMO.01:19
_MMA_dashua: hahaha *seriously* :P01:19
Cimi_apt is the fastest01:20
Cimi_but I prefer the way rpm are build from .specs and the integration of yum with packagekit01:20
dashuaCimi_: You stopped using Arch?01:21
Cimi_also I dislike the way debian/ubuntu maintainers are used to patch every single piece of software01:21
Cimi_dashua, yeah on august01:21
Cimi_and yes, I dislike brown :P01:21
_MMA_Cimi_: Not true. Only stuff with *ubuntu on the packages.01:21
Cimi__MMA_, on ubuntu you get different gnome interfaces01:22
Cimi_patches almost everywhere01:22
Cimi_and old software01:22
_MMA_And .rpms are dead tech. The same guy that made .rpm told me so. :)01:22
* dashua is off to work01:23
Cimi__MMA_, could be, as I said the way apt manages its database is incredible (positively)01:23
Cimi_just think about complicated features like "autoremove"01:23
Cimi_which, if you think deeply, are really complicated to implement if you don't have a solid database01:24
_MMA_Cimi_: So yeah alot of GNOME might be touched (and Im not sure why) but its hard to touch "every single piece of software" in 22,000 some odd packages. :P01:25
* Cimi_ hides01:25
Cimi_I had that feeling01:26
_MMA_Cimi_: Foresight uses Conary. Which was created to address the shortcomings of RPM.01:26
Cimi_when using ubuntu I felt like they like to patch everything01:26
_MMA_Foresight is nice but its repo is anemic.01:26
Cimi_yum has a lot of useful features01:27
Cimi_for example01:27
Cimi_I needed an updated kernel for my machine, so I was thinking about the development branch (rawhide) which is similar to jaunty. Though I didn't like the idea of updating the whole system01:28
Cimi_what I did was: yum install --enablerepo=rawhide kernel01:28
Cimi_and it took the updated kernel, 2.6.29.rc2-git101:29
Cimi_that is really hard with apt01:29
savvaswhat's hard?01:32
savvasah, you mean to install a package by enabling a specific repository once?01:33
Cimi_anyway the real reason for the change is that fedora works out of the box with my samsung nc10, while ubuntu requires to compile an updated alsa, installing a wireless module through the svn, editing the xorg.conf for the touchpad, enable some fixes for the scrolling, add some scripts for the fn+keys... and so on01:33
Cimi_mainly because ubuntu has older packages01:34
_MMA_Cimi_: Sure. I'd *try* Jaunty. Might be better there.01:36
_MMA_I think Ill switch the laptop tomorrow.01:36
Cimi__MMA_, is my english improved over these months or is it still something odd to yours?01:36
Cimi_that's was OT of course :)01:36
_MMA_Cimi_: It is better. You're not using words like "ugly" all the time anymore. :P01:37
Cimi_that's because you're not showing me ugly themes anymore :P01:37
savvasyou can still use "ew!" :P01:39
_MMA_Neat: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009/01/testing-kde-42-release-candidate-on-windows.ars01:41
_MMA_Though I think Amarok2 (and Amarok in general) is a terrible mess. IMO there's nothing elegant about it.01:59
* _MMA_ looks around for other KDE/QT music aps.02:01
Cimi__MMA_, no02:02
Cimi_it's just ugly02:02
zirodayHi, is there a murrine svn ppa anywhere?09:14
zniavreziroday: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Murrine+Gtk2+Engine+DEB?content=9642209:16
zniavrei do not hink there is a ppa's repos09:17
zirodayzniavre: sweet thanks09:17
zirodaythat'll do :)09:17

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