stdinjpds: it shouldn't, works with ubottu, my bot and one of the other LoCo's bots. tried restarting the bot?00:45
stdinjpds: if it doesn't work you can see what output the bot gets by running the self.aptcommand in packages.py, replacing "%s" with the apt directory and "%%s" with the release, then appending "show figlet"00:46
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jpdsstdin: OK; I'll try that and: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110176/08:13
stdinjpds: thanks08:19
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jpdsstdin: Bizarre: E: Could not open file /home/jpds/bots/ubot5/data/apt/intrepid.status - open (2 No such file or directory) - and it exists.08:22
jpdsIs it suppose to be: apt-cache -o "Dir::State::Lists=/home/jpds/bots/ubot5/data/apt/intrepid/" ?08:23
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stdinit's the Dir::State::status that's set to that08:24
jpdsHmm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110183/08:25
stdinjpds: ~/bots/ubot2/data/apt != ~/bots/ubot5/data/apt08:26
jpdsstdin: Hmm? The right side of my shell is $PWD.08:27
stdinyou're listing ~/bots/ubot2/data/apt right?08:27
jpdsYeah, I see, sorry.08:28
jpdsOK; apt-cache finds figlet fine.08:31
jpds'AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split''08:32
stdindoes it give a line number?08:33
jpdsFile "/home/jpds/bots/ubot2/plugins/PackageInfo/packages.py", line 129, in info (maxp['Package'], maxp['Source'] or maxp['Package'], maxp['Description'].split('\n')[0], component(maxp['Section'])08:34
stdinare you sure it has the line:08:34
stdin        os.environ["LANG"] = "C" # Workaround issues with localized package descriptions08:34
stdinbecause it's still getting the localized description08:34
jpdsLine 26.08:35
stdinI suppose you could change "maxp['Description']" to "maxp['Description-en_GB']"08:35
jpdsOK; that makes it work.08:36
stdinare any of the LC_* environment variables set?08:36
stdinor LANGUAGE?08:36
stdinit's possible on of those is overriding it08:36
jpdsProbably my .zshrc settings.08:37
ubot2In #ubuntu-se, Umeaboy said: !rules is <reply> Regler är för de som inte har något liv.10:00
Umeaboy'zup y'all?10:02
Myrttibut I do have a life and still I choose to follow rules...10:02
UmeaboyWhat is life?10:15
UmeaboyLife isn't what I want it to be.10:15
UmeaboyI want to be a billionare & buy Microsoft & close the whole company.10:16
UmeaboyIs that possible?10:16
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jpdsUmeaboy: "Why do we argue? Life's so fragile, a successful virus clinging to a speck of mud, suspended in endless nothing."10:43
UmeaboyI prefer to live in "The Nothing" as in "The Nothing" from Neverending story.10:48
UmeaboyI wish I could ride on Falcor one time.10:49
UmeaboyIf he ever exists.10:49
jpdsThat quote is from the "Watchman" comic.10:49
UmeaboyOkey. :)10:50
UmeaboyDidn't know that.10:50
jester-hi anybody know if this nigh freenode  had mistaken some problem? on some our italian ubuntu irc channell the topic was cancelled10:50
jpdsjester-: Looked like some servers split, but they should be back now.10:51
jester-jpds: ok, thank you10:52
jpdsjester-: I believe the topic can be set with ChanServ; see: /msg ChanServ help set topic10:54
jpdsheop topic that is.10:54
jester-jpds: we use chanserv10:55
jester-fort that we are a bit worried10:55
muzanakawhy was I baned in ubuntu-ru?11:09
jester-muzanaka: ask a some op there, call him in query11:11
Myrttijester-: huh?11:12
jester-muzanaka: you can see the list using /cs access #ubuntu-ru list11:13
bazhangmuzanaka, this is the same ban you talked with A4Tech about?11:15
muzanakajester-:I coudn't see this chanel(11:16
bazhangmuzanaka, or is this a new ban, from around 6 hours ago11:16
jester-muzanaka: you can execut the command here too11:16
muzanakabazhang:It's same11:17
bazhangmuzanaka, you know who set it?11:17
muzanakano, i don't11:18
bazhangwell A4Tech did not take care of it11:18
muzanakaA4Tech was know about my esterday's ban11:18
bazhangmuzanaka, try to join now11:19
muzanakaI have joined11:20
muzanakabut I cann't understand what's it?11:20
bazhangmuzanaka, this is the channel for that; not #ubuntu-ops11:20
muzanakaI try to remember that)11:21
bazhangwas a reaally wide ip ban; no wonder he got caught11:24
jester-bazhang: which was the problem11:25
bazhangjester-, not sure as it was on ballard.freenode, and none of the other operators in -ru are around right now--it was @79.124 ban11:26
bazhangstrange, as he apparently is a normal user, unlike some others in that channel11:27
bazhangor formerly others :)11:28
jester-maybe some op has banned an host the did stop him too11:29
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ubot4In #ubuntu-ops, Seeker` said: ##club-ubuntu is a seperate channel23:02
Seeker`eugh, stupid bot23:02
jester-jpds: you here?23:45

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