Peddypersia, I upgraded to Jaunty, and when I run my java application it says this: http://pastebin.com/m35c97c0. Do you know what this means?01:12
PeddyHow would I automatically install the dependencies for building openjdk from source?01:47
Peddypersia, could you let me know when you get back to your computer? I've almost got everything sorted out, I just have a question about how to install the build-dependencies (apt-get build-dep openjdk returns with 'unable to satisfy depends'). Thanks.01:59
Peddynevermind, I tried aptitude, and it fixes the dependecy loop automatically :)02:19
PeddyDoes Sun's Java support playback through Pulseaudio?04:48
persiaWell, OpenJDK is developed also largely by Sun, so in that sense it does, but the legacy Java doesn't.04:52
PeddyOk, thanks.04:54
Peddypersia, I upgraded to Jaunty (as I'm sure you've realized by me constantly messaging you :/), and Jaunty does not yet have some of the libraries that I need to compile openJDK.04:55
Peddywith or without Pulesaudio enabled.04:55
persiaReally?  Did you try with the Jaunty OpenJDK source?04:56
PeddyYep, I'll show you what happens.04:56
persiaAlso, OpenJDK is compiled with pulseaudio support by default in jaunty (that's where I got the patch).04:56
PeddySo I could just do 'apt-get install openjdk-6-jre'?04:57
Peddyoh wow04:57
Peddyoh wow04:57
Peddyit just started working.04:58
PeddyI've been trying to get this working ALL DAY. And I just tried it again, and it started playing through Pulseaudio.04:58
Peddyopenjdk couldn't open the file before, etc.04:58
* Peddy is happy :)04:58
PeddyThanks for all your patience, persia :)04:59
persiaPeddy, No problem.  Now, that application you wanted to run, is it packaged in Ubuntu?05:01
PeddyNo, I'm running it straight from the .jnlp file, and it's not in the repos.05:01
PeddyHere's the SF page: http://softsqueeze.sourceforge.net/05:02
PeddyWhy do you ask?05:04
persiaAfter you've played with it a bit more, if you like it, you might consider packaging it.05:05
persiaThat way everyone can use a known working version.05:05
PeddyThat sounds great05:05
PeddyDo you think it would be more sensible to package just the java program or the jre as well?05:07
persiaJust the Java program.  The JRE is already packaged.05:07
Peddyof course :P05:07
Peddypersia, do you have a guide on how to create .dsc files?05:19
persiaGenerally, you create a .dsc file by being in a source directory with a clean debian/ and running `debuild -S`.05:20
Peddyalso, should I unzip the .jar files (which contain the source code), when putting the stuff in the deb?05:20
PeddyI'm reading this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete05:21
persiaI'd recommend putting the jar in the orig.tar.gz, and unzipping it at build time.05:21
persiaMake sure you can get a source jar, with no .class files though.05:21

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