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* playya needs ogra's openmoko debugging board10:50
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FreeSoulhi guys, i was looking for a way to ask ubuntu mobile guys to enable CONFIG_LIBERTAS_SDIO, CONFIG_LIBERTAS and CONFIG_MMC to enable Marvell 8686 SDIO wifi card that is on Benq mid s6. It's in kernel since 2.6.24. Thanks everybody13:29
persiaFreeSoul, I filed a bug about that in September.  I'll see if I can find the number.13:57
FreeSouloh, thanks persia! can i also have the url? i'd like to make a couple of software requests13:58
persiaFreeSoul, It's bug #274704 : if you know what needs changing to make it work, I'd be happy, as the lack of connectivity on that device is a persistent annoyance.13:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274704 in linux-lpia "Wireless network interface not recognised" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27470413:58
FreeSoulthat would probably be usefull for anybody13:58
persiaOh, software requests?  Do you mean new packages?13:58
FreeSoulyohoo :) thanks!13:58
FreeSouluhmmm not exactly13:58
persiaOK.  What do you mean?13:59
FreeSoulpersia: i have a mid and i've tested ubuntu mobile too and there're a couple of things that everybody seems to have forget about: 13:59
persiaI'm not sure "forgot" is the right word, but yeah, I've noticed some things too.13:59
persiaSo, what are you thinking?13:59
FreeSoulwe have a touchscreen and we can't take a note handwriting. I don't mean handwriting recongnition, just drawing, taking notes and save them in a graphic format like png, pdf or whatever14:00
persiaDoesn't xournal do that?14:00
FreeSouland second: no pin or password at boot time.14:00
persiaOh, the no password at boot time is a feature.14:00
persiaThere's actually some work this cycle to make it possible to have a password for network access, but it still won't ask password at boot.14:00
FreeSoulyes i mean, if you take my mid you can access personal data and files so a simple authentication would be great, in X, so that we have sw keyboard working and all the rest14:01
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persiahttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mid-display-manager is the spec about enabling support for having usernames and passwords (amoung other features).14:01
FreeSoulyeah as password at book i mean like the login password to start and X session14:01
persiaThere's no real chance of that being turned on.  There's too many people who want it to work without a password.14:02
FreeSouluhmmm quite strange :)14:02
persiaYou could do an encrypted loopback filesystem for protected data.14:02
FreeSoulanyway at least password after recovery from standby :)14:02
persiaFor instance, I used to keep some passwords on my Zaurus, but I had the file containing the passwords encrypted, so I needed to enter a password to see them.14:03
persiaThere's really no chance of that.14:03
FreeSoulyes but consider concat list, email applications, and so on...14:03
persiaI know.14:03
FreeSoulanyway ok this is not as necessary as eanbling the wifi driver :)14:03
persiaYou could bring it up at the weekly meeting (12:00 UTC on Thursdays), but from previous discussions, I think it's not going to happen.14:04
persiaAlternately, if you want to get involved in the mid-display-manager effort, you might be able to submit some code that could provide an option to enable passwords post-install for those who wanted them.14:04
persiaNo, having the hardware enabled is a first-class problem.  We all end up customising our installs anyway, so the selection of software is only a second-class problem.14:05
FreeSoulanyway running the live usb image the touchscreen won't work now... it worked until 17 november release.... later i could not test it and now i can't use the touchscreen mouse14:08
persiaWhat hardware do you have?14:08
FreeSoulBenQ MID S614:08
FreeSoulit's in italian but I'm sure you can understand specs :P14:09
FreeSoulhttp://www.benq.com/products/MobileInternetDevice/?product=1402&page=specifications the english page :)14:10
persiaThat looks suspiciously like the Aigo14:11
persiaI'm going to guess it uses the same touchscreen, for which the drivers are annoyingly closed.14:11
persiaThere's been several requests to the driver providers to port to the new X stack, but it's yet to happen to my knowledge.14:12
FreeSoulpersia, i've already come here saying that the benq mid s6 comes with a DVD with full sources of everything that is on the device. kernel, drivers, patches, everything14:13
FreeSoulso drivers, at least for the benq mid s6, are open14:13
persiaI remember, and I think you and I and Celtiore were looking into what could be used.14:14
FreeSoulyep :)14:14
FreeSoulhi there Celtiore14:14
persiaMy memory is that there was a binary blob for the touchscreen drivers that didn't work with newer X, and that we didn't have source.14:14
Celtiorewho HL me :p14:14
persiaCeltiore, I did, mentioning that you were part of the conversation that FreeSoul, you, and I had several months ago about the touchscreen drivers.14:14
FreeSoulguys i've dvd here with me, just tell me where i can put it and i upload it14:14
FreeSoulof course it has also drivers for g-sensor and for scrollpad14:15
persiaFreeSoul, Does the source you have on the DVD include touchscreen drivers?  Do these drivers compile against the current X in Ubuntu?  Do you have a license to redistribute this source?14:15
CeltioreFreeSoul, you have already upload it14:16
Celtiorethe dvd don't have the source code concerning touchscreen14:16
FreeSouluhmmmm.... you sure??14:16
persiaThat matches my memory of the previous investigation as well.14:17
Celtioreif you want, you can try the last ubuntu 8.04.1 with touchscrenn working14:17
FreeSoulwell, the touchscreen was working a few months ago :)14:17
Celtioreyes with ubuntu 7.1014:17
FreeSoulCeltiore: yep i was hoping the driver in 9.04 :)14:18
FreeSoulwith 8.04 it was ok14:18
Celtiorehere you can find the last official closed driver : http://www.ideacom.com.tw/DR_UTS6680.htm14:19
Celtiorebut not yet 8.10 or 9.0414:19
Celtiorei send an email, but no answer :(14:20
FreeSouluhmmm ok14:20
FreeSoulit's incredible hardware makes still don't understand the importance of drivers14:20
FreeSoulok guys I'll wait some days more since i'm busy at the unviersity now.... I hope someone will solve driver problems for both touchscreen and wifi14:21
FreeSouli have to go now :'(14:22
persiaFreeSoul, For WiFi, please comment on that bug with your suggested solution.14:22
Celtioreall are solved ?!14:22
persiaFor touchscreen, it's more a matter of working with the manufacturer to get drivers, unfortunately, or reverse engineering them.14:22
persiaCeltiore, No :(14:22
Celtiorewe can use it with ubuntu 8.04 14:23
FreeSoulpersia: done14:26
FreeSoulnow i go guys, i'm sorry, i gotta study14:26
FreeSoulc ya soon14:26
persiaCeltiore, Yes, but that's getting rather out of date, and large chunks of MID didn't get properly sorted until 8.10.14:27
Celtiorei'm sorry but last day i ask which deb contain 'gtk-update-icon-cache', and ogra give me the right package, but i don't remember it :(14:55
Celtiorewho can help me 14:55
persiaThere's two easy ways to check.  If you have that, try `dpkg -S $(which gtk-update-icon-cache)`14:56
Celtiorethanks you14:56
persiaIf you don't, try installing apt-file and running `apt-file search gtk-update-icon-cache`14:57
ograor dpkg -S `which gtk-update-icon-cache`15:03
ograthough iirc there is also a debhelper tool for that 15:03
ogradh_iconcache ? 15:03
persiadh_icons, but that solves a slightly different issue.15:04
ogra"dh_icons is a debhelper program that updates Freedesktop icon caches when needed, using the update-icon-caches program provided by GTK+2.12."15:06
ograwell, it should provide you the same 15:06
persiaUm, no.15:08
persiadh_icons creates debhelper maintainer script stubs that call gtk-update-icon-cache15:08
persiaIf you want to update it locally yourself, this is different.15:09
persiaYou can't call the update at package build time, you need to call dh_icons.  Similarly, you can't call dh_icons on an installed system, you need to call gtk-update-icon-cache (or whichever is appropriate for your environment).15:09
ograah, yeah, you are missing the background :) 15:10
persiadh_iconcache was a slightly different implementation of the debhelper solution, which was introduced as Ubuntu-local, and is now obsolete.15:10
persiaAh, true :)15:10
ograCeltiore wanted to get rid of a lintian warning :)15:10
persiadh_icons is the right solution for that.15:10
Celtiorepersia, i have a question 16:14
Celtioreaigo mid have bluetooth and gps16:14
Celtiorebut i can't find with ubuntu :(16:14

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