anakronHI all00:29
anakroni got today 1000 in bug management in LP00:29
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stoojIn the Motu video, Daniel Holbach has a name in the maintainer field for the control file when packaging. The wiki says to use a general address though (<ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>). Which is it?04:15
nhandlerThe Maintainer should be 'Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>'04:16
stoojOK, thanks nhandler04:19
nhandlerstooj: Technically, the Maintainer field can be anything with @ubuntu.com in it, but for most packages, you will want to use the address I gave you above04:20
stoojnhandler, in the video he set up a bashrc profile with a fake name (saying replace with our name) and it seems to put that automatically into the control file04:23
stoojBut I'll remember to change it04:23
nhandlerstooj: There is an update-maintainer utility either in devscripts or ubuntu-dev-tools that might come in handy04:24
stoojGrand, thanks nhandler04:25
Hobbseestooj: you can use your own name if you wish, afaik, but ubuntu has the concept of 'group maintainership', which is why the u-m@l.u.c address tends to be used - it addresses the entire group.04:27
Hobbseeand thus, anyone can update the package04:27
stoojNice! update-maintainer does it for you! Cheers04:30
nhandlerHobbsee: I thought you could only use your own name if you were an ubuntu member. IIRC, that is in the ubuntu-policy04:33
persianhandler, The Ubuntu policy is rather that all packages specific to Ubuntu should be maintained by Ubuntu Members.04:34
Hobbseei stand corrected, then.04:34
persiaThere's no reason one can't put whatever one wants in the Maintainer field, but it's unlikely to be accepted as an Ubuntu-local package without having commitment from someone with membership.04:34
persiastooj, If you'd like to be the maintainer, you'd do better to get the package into Debian, and sync it into Ubuntu.04:35
stoojOch, I'm not interested in being the maintainer for anything yet - just trying to learn how to package properly so that I can help out04:40
stoojWanted to make sure I was going about it all the correct way04:41
persiastooj, I'd *strongly* recommend against trying to package something from scratch as a learning exercise.04:43
persiaFirstly, it's the hardest way to do it, secondly, you'll be unhappy with the result once you learn more, and thirdly, it's the most latent way to get feedback from other developers on your work.04:44
persiaYou'd do a lot better to look at the bug tracker, and chase some bugs.  Many of them have patches available, either attached to the bug, or upstream.04:44
stoojOh, really? What would you suggest? I'm pretty much working my way through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted04:45
persiaBy working with the existing packages, and getting the patches applied, you'll become familiar with many different packaging styles, and can better determine what you think is best.04:45
persiaI'd suggest compeltely ignoring that page, but I'm biased.04:45
persiaI like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing04:45
stoojMaybe work through the recipes on that page?04:46
persiaWell, you could.  I really think you'd do better to look for bugs you can fix.04:50
persiahttp://daniel.holba.ch/harvest/ has a list of thousands of things needing doing.  Pick one that looks interesting.  Ask here if you don't understand.  Try to fix it.04:52
stoojOk, this may be a particularly stupid question, but as an aspiring MOTU, should I be working with Jaunty?05:04
persiaYou should be developing against Jaunty.  If you don't choose to run your primary system on Jaunty, everyone understands, but you should at least have a VM available.05:06
stoojGrand. Thanks persia05:08
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dholbachgood morning05:25
stoojGood morning05:26
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xnoxI have a package which uses quilt. I've tried quilt push. It said that the patch failed. I've put the -f option. It said that it create .rej file. What do I do now??? I'm confused this is first time a patch didn't apply05:47
xnoxI did resolve merge conflicts in bzr/git before. This is something contr-intuitive05:48
xnoxCan anyone please help?05:48
jmarsdenHi xnox  (i just packaged bibledit, BTW).  Anyway... you should probably look at the .rej and see why the patch is not applying?05:51
xnoxjmarsden: yeah I've looked at it. What do I do now? Am I suppose to edit the original file so that the changes in the .rej are "applied"05:52
jmarsdenNo... can you tell why the patch was rejected?  Was it already applied, for example?05:53
xnoxBy the looks of it the code has changed so that the think in the rej should be like 10 lines up05:53
jmarsdenOK.  So... you could hack the patch file to match the code, if you're comfortable doing so... or you could try to regnerate the quilt patch by using quilt new and making the "patch" by hand, but for me that is more work than just changing the line numbers in the old patch file!05:55
xnoxcan I do this:05:57
persiaThe editpatch command may also be useful.05:57
xnoxquilt push -f05:57
xnoxchange the files05:57
xnoxquilt refresh05:57
jmarsdenI don't know, but I don't think that will fix the patch which needs to be updated05:58
xnoxYeap it did.06:00
jmarsdenOK, cool.  You are on your way.06:00
xnoxIt added timestamps as well =D06:00
jmarsdenAre you packaging GnomeSword or BibleTime, or something else?06:01
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jmarsdenxnox: Great!  I was hoping someone on the team would pick up the front ends and package them.06:19
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tritiumxnox: you'r updating the package already in the repos?06:23
xnoxtritium: yeap06:28
tritiumxnox: cool!06:29
xnoxtritium: licensecheck complains (with incorrect FSF address)06:31
xnoxis there a script I can run to update them all and then send the patch upstream?06:31
tritiumxnox: I'm not the right one to ask.  I'm not active MOTU.06:34
persiaxnox, not an existing one: it's usually easy enough to do with the search-and-replace features in your favorite text editor.06:34
xnoxpersia, my emacs daemon is getting excited for some elisp fun =D06:35
didrocksmorning everyone o/06:46
ZettoSomeone can include #251173 in the milestone of jaunty-alpha-5 ?06:49
ZettoBug #25117306:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251173 in netbeans-ide "Update NetBeans to 6.5" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25117306:49
ScottKZetto: No.  Didn't need it in 3 channels either.06:54
HorizonXPi need to remove the built-in PDO support from PHP. i'm wading through debian/rules, but would appreciate some help06:59
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_stochastic_I'm writing up a machine-readable copyright file, and one of the files is under public domain, I'm not sure what to put as the license text09:29
_stochastic_oh, nevermind, I've found it09:30
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savvasfor merges, instead of "Please sync" we use "Please merge" in the title?10:19
james_wand attach the debdiff10:20
savvasthat's the hard part :P10:25
savvasI think I'll have to remove the request for the new libmtp https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/31567910:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 315679 in libmtp "Please sync libmtp 0.3.0-1ubuntu3 (main) to 0.3.5-1 from Debian (experimental)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]10:25
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quadrisprohi! does some take a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan ?11:09
quadrisprosomeone *11:09
mok0iefremov: you've got a +1 from me. Now try to find another advocate!11:29
iefremovmok0: ok, thanks! don't you know anybody who would be interested?11:30
mok0iefremov: Any MOTU would be good, it's good to get a second opinion11:31
mok0You have to ask once in a while on the channel11:32
mok0I'll ask too11:32
iefremovok, thanks11:32
mok0iefremov: np11:32
Laneymok0: Good lord! Have you seen the REVU hall of fame? :O11:32
mok0iefremov: I try to follow up on the packages I advocate11:32
mok0Laney: no...11:33
Laneyheh heh11:33
mok0Ah, I'm in second place... :-)11:33
mok0With far to go before I catch up with pers ia11:33
mok0Yay, I'm on top!!!11:34
Laneyby a long long way!11:34
quadrisprow-scan needs some love :( -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan11:34
mok0quadrispro: got it covered11:35
stdinI'm fixing a packaging bug for qtparted, I've bumped the ubuntu revision for jaunty but it should go into intrepid too. currently the version in intrepid and jaunty is the same, so what should be the revision for an intrepid SRU?11:36
Laneystdin: Intrepid revision +0.111:37
mok0stdin: add ~intrepid111:37
jpdsstdin: versionNumber+0.1 right?11:38
stdinheh, I'm torn between .1 and ~intrepid111:38
Laneythere's a page on the wiki (linked from the SRU process) that gives examples11:38
mok0stdin: oh it depends on whether it's backports or updates11:38
stdinyeah, but I see examples of both in the archives and wan't sure11:38
stdinit should go into -updates really11:38
stdinthe bug stops the app from launching when started from the menu11:39
jpdsBackports have ~intrepid1, security +1, update +0.1, I believe.11:39
mok0stdin: then add .1 to the jaunty number11:39
mok0jpds: yes11:39
Laneyjpds: security and SRU are the same11:39
Laneyat least, the SRU page says to use the security scheme11:39
Piratenaapjemok0, I think I fixed everything you said in your review, can you or anyone else take another look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grnotify ?11:42
mok0Piratenaapje: you are now number11:42
mok0in the queue11:42
mok0(music playing)11:43
Piratenaapjethanks :)11:43
Piratenaapjemok0: I didn't see your comment :s11:46
Piratenaapjeam I allowed to changed the original tarball?11:46
Piratenaapjewithout releasing a new version?11:46
tuxmaniacmok0: there was someone (sorry couldnt remember the nick) yesterday evening wanting a review from you for a "complex bio-informationcs tool". Just for your information11:47
iefremovtuxmaniac: it was me :)11:48
stdinhokey-kokey, if someone want to take a look at the bug for me, it's bug #25722011:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257220 in qtparted "Qtparted launch error" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25722011:48
mok0tuxmaniac: yes I've now given it the golden seal of approval :-P11:52
mok0Piratenaapje: uhm, you don't have an upload since my latest review?11:56
Piratenaapje(12:46:03 PM) Piratenaapje: mok0: I didn't see your comment :s11:57
Piratenaapje(12:46:15 PM) Piratenaapje: am I allowed to changed the original tarball?11:57
Piratenaapje(12:46:23 PM) Piratenaapje: without releasing a new version?11:57
mok0Piratenaapje: I thought you were upstream11:57
Piratenaapjemok0: I am11:57
Piratenaapjemok0: guess I'll just replace the tarball on sourceforge11:57
mok0Piratenaapje: of course you are allowed11:57
mok0Piratenaapje: wait until you make another release anyway11:58
mok0Piratenaapje: put the new COPYING in your svn11:59
mok0Piratenaapje: the comments I had about COPYING and the license clause in source code is not urgent, but a recommendation to fix it "soon".12:00
Piratenaapjemok0: Ah ok, I'll fix it in the next release then12:01
mok0Piratenaapje: fine12:01
mok0Piratenaapje: OK, it was a very short review, I will write some more and then you can upload12:01
quadrispromok0, thanks for the comment, I'll follow your suggestions to improve the package documentation12:02
Piratenaapjemok0: Alright, thanks12:02
mok0quadrispro: great! Almost there12:02
mok0quadrispro: until another evil MOTU comes along and discovers everything I've missed :-P12:03
mok0We want perfect packages in Ubuntu, otherwise the Debian guys thumb their noses at us12:03
quadrispromok0, I use w-scan at work for scanning DVB-T channels, I'll use my experience to improve the manpage in order to give to the users the chance of being satisfied using it12:11
mok0Piratenaapje: ok, so there's a few more comments for you to work oin12:11
mok0quadrispro: perfect!12:11
mok0quadrispro: I guess you need some kind of tuner?12:12
quadrispromok0, sure, we use a TechnoTrend hardware (DVB-T receiver)12:12
Piratenaapjemok0: Thanks, I'll look into it later12:12
quadrispromok0, then we broadcast the stream on Internet with VLC12:13
mok0quadrispro: ah, cool12:14
quadrisprousing Ubuntu Server, obviously :D12:14
mok0quadrispro: hehe, of course12:14
james_wis there something that will push the parts of a source package to an arbtrary sftp location?12:23
james_wlike dput without pre-defined targets?12:23
james_wcan dput in fact do it?12:23
mok0james_w: you don't want a predefined target?12:28
james_wnot really12:28
james_wit's just for throwing packages up on a server so that they can be grabbed by someone else12:28
pochujames_w: default_host_main= none12:28
mok0james_w: you can wrap it in a script that first writes a temp config file, then invoke dput --config tmpconfigfile12:28
pochuin /etc/dput.cf12:28
pochuok, I misunderstood :)12:29
WebspotHi. Any MOTUs available to review osm-gps-map, a GTK widget to embed openstreetmap in applications? Thanks :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map12:29
james_wI currently do it by "scp blah.dsc blah.diff.gz blah.orig.tar.gz server:path" but it would save some typing to just pass it a .dsc/.changes and have it work it out12:29
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mok0james_w: make a shell script like I described, it would work13:01
james_wmok0: oh yeah, I was just wondering if one already existed13:02
mok0james_w: heh I know13:02
mok0Webspot: review online for you13:38
sistpoty|workhi folks14:01
mok0sistpoty|work: hey14:10
sistpoty|workhi mok014:10
ScottKsistpoty|work: Friday for a meeting ought to be fine for me.14:17
sistpoty|workScottK: ok, great, and next Tuesday?14:17
ScottKWhat time?14:17
sistpoty|worksame time14:18
ScottKShould be fine.14:18
iefremovHi all! Any motu here to review ugene - genome analysis suite? Already advocated. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ugene14:25
Webspotmok0: Thanks for the review. I've fixed the issue and uploaded. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=467314:39
bddebianHeya gang14:40
sistpoty|workhi bddebian14:41
mok0Webspot: did the .symbols file give you any problems?14:42
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work14:42
Webspotmok0: I didn't check, I'll have a look to see if it still builds :p14:42
mok0Webspot: ah, you didn't check, eh?14:42
Webspotmok0: Builds fine. Thanks. I'll just go and learn what this symbols file is, for the future, now :)14:45
ScottKiefremov: I'm looking at ugene.14:47
mok0Webspot: it's to make it possible for  a newer application to make do with an older library14:47
Webspotmok0: Ah right. Cool.14:48
mok0Webspot: you need to do another upload, will you do that?14:52
mok0Webspot: you need to fix the .symbols file14:52
Webspotmok0: The latest upload has the .symbols file14:53
mok0Webspot: in .symbols, delete the suffix +git2009012014:53
Webspotmok0: Okay. Thanks.14:53
mok0Webspot: on all entries. Yes I know it's there14:53
rgreeningScottK: ping14:54
mok0Webspot: I'm gonna ack it, and I want the next reviewer to have the right .symbols file in there14:54
ScottKHeya rgreening.14:54
rgreeningScottK: hey. I have created a bug report for new Kvirc package14:54
ScottKrgreening: What bug?14:54
rgreeningScottK: bug 32189114:54
* ScottK waits for the bot ...14:55
rgreeningCan you review and let me know if there is anything blaringly wrong/missing, etc? Thanks.14:55
mok0damn lazy bot14:55
rgreeningScottK: bug #32189114:55
Webspotmok0: Thanks. I've just uploaded the new symbols file anyway. :)14:55
rgreeningdead bot14:55
PiciNo bot14:56
rgreeningScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kvirc/+bug/32189114:56
* Pici looks into it14:56
mok0Probably off drinking again...14:56
Piratenaapjemok0: I released a new version in upstream of grnotify, feel free to review it again if you have the time. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grnotify14:56
ScottKrgreening: looking14:56
mok0Piratenaapje: will do a bit later14:56
rgreeningScottK: ty. There are a couple of q's I have for you later on the package regarding menu icon (xpm) and how to integrate into cmake build14:57
ScottKOK.  Please redo your diff.gz without the PPA versioning.  It should be exactly what you want me to upload.14:58
rgreeningScottK: fair enough :)14:59
rgreeningScottK: how does the diff look?15:00
* mok0 thinks there should be a law saying that your LP ident and IRC nick should be the same...15:00
ScottKDidn't look yet15:02
rgreeningok. reloading then15:02
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mok0Of course, the price for advocacy is to do at least one merge or sync15:04
mok0AndrewGee: hehe15:05
AndrewGeemok0: :) - I was going to do it soon anyway.15:05
* mok0 is not used to people paying attention15:05
mok0Well, honestly, it's hard to keep track of all those names15:06
AndrewGeemok0: Yeah. I imagine it is.15:06
mok0F.ex. afaik Piratenaapje is alias  "bamps-kristof-gmail"15:07
PiratenaapjeNo idea why I did that :s15:08
mok0Piratenaapje: isnt the bamps one your LP ident?15:08
quadrispromok0, I'm sorry for bothering you again :) what do you think about this? -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/110326/15:13
mok0quadrispro: It's better, but still very technical. I am a total dweeb when it comes to video, and I would know if my hardware would work with it15:14
quadrisproah ok I understand, I could insert some informations about what user must have to use it15:15
mok0quadrispro: but the page is great once you understand what it's about15:15
mok0quadrispro: yes, that would be good15:15
quadrisprobut I think that these informations should be in the package description15:16
quadrisproisn't it right?15:18
mok0quadrispro: yes15:19
quadrisprook, working on it15:21
ScottKiefremov and mok0: I'm a bit confused about src/core/src/ioadapter/ZlibAdapter.  The comments say the Zlib stuff was removed, but that's still there?15:22
mok0ScottK, the original zlib stuff is not there anymore... I suspect that is some kind of data structure ugene uses15:22
mok0ScottK, so it can read and write gz packaged files15:23
mok0ScottK, be warned it takes forever to compile15:23
iefremovScottK: yes, mok0 is right15:23
iefremovit's our adapter which uses zlib15:24
ScottKiefremov: What's the licensing of the work you derived that from?15:24
ScottKBased on gun.c ....15:25
PiratenaapjeAm I allowed to run code in the binary-arch target of debian rules, when the architecture is independant? It's python code I use to install with, but lintian gives me a warning about it.15:28
mok0Piratenaapje: in principle no15:29
mok0Piratenaapje: the other way is ok15:29
mok0Piratenaapje: the reason is, that most of the buildd's _only_ build binary-arch15:31
ScottKmok0: Since src/core/src/ioadapter/ZlibAdapter says it's 'Based on gun.c' from zlib, I think the license information for gun.c should also be in debian/copyright.15:31
ScottKIt's GPL compatible, so not a problem, just need to add it in.15:31
mok0ScottK, you are right, ues15:31
iefremovbut there is no gun.c in the package15:31
iefremovso what should i do?15:31
ScottKiefremov: But src/core/src/ioadapter/ZlibAdapter is derived from it.15:31
Piratenaapjemok0: So am I allowed to do this in my packages? I want te be able to be indepentantly15:32
ScottKAdd something to debian/copyright that says something like: "src/core/src/ioadapter/ZlibAdapter is based on gun.c from Zlib.  Gun.c is licensed under the following terms:"15:32
ScottKAnd then state them.15:32
iefremovok, agreed15:32
ScottKiefremov: It's not a problem for the package, we just need to make sure we get it right.15:33
mok0ScottK, good catch :-)15:33
ScottKVirtually all packages that get rejected by an archive admin are for licensing reasons.15:33
ScottKmok0: Thanks.15:33
mok0Piratenaapje: if your package builds something arch-dependent it _must_ be in the arch target.15:33
iefremovScottK: are there any other issues?15:34
ScottKiefremov: I'm going to continue to review, but I'm not going to build it until I have your update.  Please ping me when the update is on REVU.15:34
ScottKiefremov: Not so far.15:34
mok0Piratenaapje: if you're a good citizen, you separate it a s much as possible15:34
ScottKI think I'm done with licensing stuff.15:34
Piratenaapjemok0: It doesn't actually build anything, it basicly just copies stuff to the debian/package/ dir15:34
mok0Piratenaapje: what's the package?15:35
ScottKiefremov and mok0: One more thing - The tarball should be versioned to indicate it was repacked.15:35
mok0Piratenaapje: ah, that :-)15:35
PiratenaapjeIt's not in that version though15:35
PiratenaapjeThat one IS architecture dependant15:35
mok0Scott, yes, missed that one15:36
Piratenaapjedebian/control file isn't correct15:36
ScottKmok0: Were any of the files removed for licensing reasons?15:36
mok0ScottK, AFAIR; only zlib, for redundancy, and to make sure we use the system version15:37
iefremovScottK: do you mean adding '+repack' to version?15:38
ScottKiefremov: Policy gives you a lot of flexibility about how to name it.15:38
ScottKThat's one option.15:38
ScottKIt's actually the one I was about to suggest.15:38
mok0Me too :)15:38
ScottKiefremov: The depends on eugene-data should be versioned to the same source version.15:39
ScottKSo the packages don't end up out of sync in the future.15:40
mok0ScottK, but the -data package will be upgraded too, if it's found in the repo15:40
ScottKYes, but if you get, for instance, a bad mirror that doesn't have all the packages you end up with version mismatches and bad things happen15:41
ScottKIf there is a source version depends then you'll know you have a problem at install time.15:42
mok0ScottK, Hm, yes, I guess that depends on how release-specific the data is... I suspect it's not15:42
* ScottK can't predict the future.15:42
iefremovwell, it's not15:42
* mok0 can't either15:42
iefremovso what should i do?15:43
mok0iefremov, ScottK, in that case, perhaps it's better not to have the depends...15:43
mok0Then the mirror situation etc. is not so critical15:43
mok0I mean the _versioned_ depends, of course15:44
rgreeningScottK: ping15:44
ScottKI've never seen a package split where it wasn't versioned.15:44
ScottKrgreening: Pong15:44
rgreeningScottK: ok, try again.15:44
rgreeningScottK: bug/32189115:45
* ScottK looks15:45
mok0ScottK, it's a bunch of data that hardly ever changes15:45
ScottKmok0: OK.  It's your field of expertise.  I'll accept that.15:45
rgreeningScottK: I need to re-upload the src... don't move/use that one uyet15:45
mok0iefremov: you decide what you want.15:45
ScottKrgreening: OK.  Let me know when you're actually ready for me to look.15:45
rgreeningScottK: I just remembered I needed to correct it. 5 secs.15:46
mok0ScottK, IF the data was not being updated for some reason, I think it's better that you would be able to complete the installation of the main package, and work with the old data15:46
rgreeningScottK: ok, for reals this time :)15:47
ScottKmok0: OK.  I'll go either way.15:47
ScottKrgreening: OK.15:47
ScottKmok0: Did you test that the get-orig-source rule works?15:47
mok0ScottK, yes, at one point15:47
ScottKiefremov: You'll need to update your get-orig-source for -repack or whatever you choose to use.15:48
ScottKiefremov: I've finished looking at the source, so once you've updated, I'll build it and see how that goes.15:48
iefremovScottK: ok15:49
ScottKiefremov: Just let me know when you've updated it.15:50
iefremovScottK: ok, 5 min15:50
rgreeningScottK: ping me if there are any issues with the kvirc package. ty for reviewing.15:58
ScottKrgreening: Will do.  Looking at it now.15:58
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Piratenaapjeah crap16:03
Piratenaapjemok0: didn't see you advocated my package, and just uploaded an architecture independant version16:04
PiratenaapjeCould you look again and readvocate please?16:04
mok0Piratenaapje: ok, I'll take a look..16:04
Piratenaapjemok0: Thanks, noticed it too late :s16:05
mok0Piratenaapje: np16:05
mok0Piratenaapje: you improved that installation?16:05
Piratenaapjemok0: yes, it's no longer architecture dependant now, had to change the debian/rules file16:06
Piratenaapjemok0: Hmm somethings seems to have gone wrong :s, diff shows me I've modified something I shouldn't have16:07
PiratenaapjeBah, I hate making these stupid mistakes16:07
mok0Piratenaapje: yup, it always happens right before upload16:08
PiratenaapjeI wonder why I stopped getting mails from the package I'm subscribed to16:10
mok0Piratenaapje: what is it you say that has gone wrong?16:11
Piratenaapjemok0: the .diff shows there are modifications outside the debian dir16:11
Piratenaapjefixed now16:12
mok0Piratenaapje: did you upload?16:26
Piratenaapjemok0: I uploaded 15 mins ago ;)16:26
mok0Piratenaapje: when I click "(debdiff)" of the penultimate upload, it says   there are mods in GoogleReader.py16:28
Piratenaapjelook at the actual diff16:28
Piratenaapjethe problem existed because I used an older version of the original source16:28
mok0Piratenaapje: right. Hooray for lsdiff16:29
mok0Piratenaapje: +116:30
Piratenaapjemok0: Yay, thank you for advocating :D16:30
Piratenaapjemok0: now I can start bothering someone else :p16:30
mok0Piratenaapje: you're welcome16:30
PiratenaapjeAnyone feel like reviewing http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grnotify ? It's a Tray notifier for Google Reader, written in python. Already advocated by mok016:32
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
quadrispromok0: new upload, re-advocate please :)16:33
mok0quadrispro: done already, you are too slow :-P16:33
quadrispromok0: *cough* http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=4741 *cough16:33
* mok0 browses the debdiff critically16:34
quadrisproahhh! deprecated!16:34
quadrispromok0: wait a moment, please :D16:35
mok0quadrispro: ah, more work on the manpage.16:35
mok0quadrispro: take your time16:35
quadrispromok0: now it's ready, if you would take a look to the buildlog, quadr-o-matic's working hard -> http://home.alessiotreglia.com/jaunty/result/w-scan_20081106-0ubuntu1/16:41
mok0quadrispro: +116:44
mok0quadrispro: stop working16:45
quadrisprothank you mok0 ;)16:45
mok0quadrispro: my pleasure16:45
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
doctormogah! this new ppa key sign thing is really hard to overcome. not for me, but for giving instructions to on-technicals\17:06
doctormoI can't even tell them to download my public key,17:07
loic-mdoctormo: are you looking for instructions to give to users?17:11
doctormoloic-m: yes17:11
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
jpdsdoctormo: They ought to be on the PPA page.17:11
doctormoThe Software Sources GUI Authentication tab only seems to want to add from a file, but the keyserver is a damned one, won't let them be downloaded17:11
loic-mdoctormo: just got some help from cprov on #launchpad, if you want I can copy/paste them for you if you want17:12
doctormoloic-m: pastebin it if it's large17:13
cprovdoctormo: click on the fingerprint link in the PPA page, then click on the keyid link on the key index page, voilĂ  you have the public key, c&p into a file and use Software Sources.17:15
loic-mdoctormo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110355/17:15
loic-mcprov hope it's ok for you17:15
doctormocprov: I think the part about copying and pasting is the bugger right there17:15
loic-mdoctormo: the gpg method was in the doc https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20the%20keys%20in%20the%20terminal17:16
doctormothanks loic-m, cprov17:16
cprovdoctormo: I know, but where do you want to fix it ?17:16
loic-mdoctormo: if you click long enough you get to a page with the public key to copy17:17
ScottKcprov: How goes packages-arch-specific?17:25
cprovScottK: no progress so far17:25
AndrewGeeAny MOTUs available to give the second adovation to osm-gps-map, a GTK widget to embed openstreetmap? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map17:33
ScottKiefremov: Test building now.17:51
* iefremov waits17:53
* sistpoty|work calls it a day... cya17:56
loic-mCan a MOTU comment if it's the lintian error that's preventing cdemu related packages to be advocated? (see f.e. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=cdemu-daemon )17:59
mok0loic-m: the standard solution is to delete them again in the clean target18:01
mok0loic-m: heh, it's being done backwards in rules18:02
loic-mmok0: deleting what?18:05
mok0config.sub, config.guess18:05
loic-mmok0: I talked with the uploader about that a few days ago (I hadn't spotted the pb, sistpoty did)18:06
mok0loic-m: it's a construction from before the dogma that there should be no changes outside debian/18:07
loic-mmok0: he said he can update the pkg if it's a necessity, but was afraid the pkg wouldn't make it for jaunty18:07
mok0loic-m: well... if he doesn't update it, he can be certain that it wont make it :-)18:07
loic-mmok0: That's why I wanted to make sure that would prevent the package to be advocated18:08
mok0loic-m: we might as well see if there are other things as wll18:08
loic-mmok0: I'll email him then, unless you can state that in REVU18:09
loic-mmok0: that would be really nice18:09
mok0loic-m: I'll look at the pkg tonite, right now I have to go for dinner18:09
loic-mmok0: thanks for you time. Enjoy your meal ;)18:11
mok0loic-m: thanks, :-) see you later18:12
doctormothanks for your helps guys +1, just waiting for ppa building now18:21
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kirklandokay, i'm missing a -X.bzr somewhere in my debian/rules file and I can't figure out where18:55
kirklandi'm getting a lintian warning, diff-contains-bzr-control-dir .bzr18:56
pochukirkland: I think you want dpkg-buildpackage -I18:58
kirklandi tried to export DH_OPTIONS=-X.bzr at the top of debian/rules, but no luck18:58
pochuor dpkg-buildpackage -i, not sure18:58
pochukirkland: that won't help, the problem is in the diff.gz which is generated independtly of your call to debian/rules18:58
pochuindependently even18:58
kirklandpochu: ah, okay18:59
pochukirkland: you can use -I.bzr and things like that, but the default regexp already includes that and a bunch more18:59
pochuso just "-I" should do the trick18:59
kirklandpochu: aha, found it!18:59
kirklandpochu: i haven't copied over my .devscripts file to my new machine :-)19:00
kirklandpochu: where i set all of that magic "once and for all" (almost)19:00
=== warp10_ is now known as warp10
kirklandpochu: woohoo, thanks for the pointer \o/19:01
pochuyw :)19:01
pochubtw, does dpkg-buildpackage read .devscripts ?19:02
pochumy .devscripts is one liner...19:03
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ScottKiefremov: Advocated.  Catch mok0 when he comes back and see if he'll advocate/upload.19:06
iefremovScottK: ok, thanks!19:07
fabrice_spHi. Can some MOTU have a look at my debdiff in Bug #318967?19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318967 in openmovieeditor "openmovieeditor FTBFS in jaunty" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31896719:10
iahello. if i have i386 machine and tgz image(also for i386, i suppose) for pbuilder on it, is it possible to compile binary package for amd64 architecture? and which values available for "--binary-arch" option in pbuilder?19:43
fabrice_spHi ia19:44
fabrice_spno: to build an amd64 package, you need a adm64 machine19:44
fabrice_spbut in a amd64, you can build i386 packages19:45
fabrice_sp(this is why I switch to amd64)19:46
ograqemu should be able to emulate amd64 on i38619:47
ograbut its not fast19:47
fabrice_spor virtualbox, if you have a virtualization enabled CPU19:48
ogravbox can emulate adm64 ?19:48
ograthats new to me19:48
fabrice_spogra, there is an option that you can use if you CPU has the VM option, yes19:48
fabrice_spit's new in 2.119:48
fabrice_spfor that, you need VT-X/AMD-V compatible CPU19:49
iafabrice_sp: well, it's very hard to belive (at least, for me :-) that there is no any native way to crosscompile debpackage for amd at x86 :-/19:49
fabrice_spia, I looked at cross compilation, but the package has to be prepare for that (As far as I remember)19:50
fabrice_spyou can still have 2 installations of Ubuntu: one i386 and one amd6419:50
fabrice_spand dual boot19:51
fabrice_spbut I didn't find an other way 6 months ago19:51
fabrice_sppochu: you're right!19:52
iafabrice_sp: well, i don't have amd(or any other 64 machine) :-)19:52
fabrice_spia, pochu is pointing you at PPA19:53
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fabrice_spamd64 is not amd only (my CPU is intel)19:53
pochu!ppa | ia19:54
ubottuia: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.19:54
iafabrice_sp: yeah, i know - it's a possible solution (ppa), but i just would like to have ability build packages for misc archs at my computer :-)19:54
iatalking about archs - if processor (32 bit) have HyperThreading feature, should 64bit version of ubuntu correctly runs on it?19:56
fabrice_spia, what is you CPU?19:57
pochuI think they are unrelated, but I'm no expert in the field19:57
iafabrice_sp: intel atom n270 (eeepc 901)19:58
AndrewGeeHi all. I thought I'd have a look at learning how to do a merge. I've used grab-merge to get conky from MoM. There is a patch in the Ubuntu version that isn't included in the Debian version. What should I do?20:03
fabrice_spia, doesn't seem to be 64 enabled20:05
iaand another question about archs - if i use 64bit version and install some 32bit binary package, it should runs correctly, right?20:08
fabrice_spAndrewGee, see if the patch still apply. If it still apply, do the merge. If not, request the sync20:08
AndrewGeefabrice_sp: Okay. It still applies so I'll do a merge. Should I file a launchpad bug then?20:10
fabrice_spAndrewGee, yes. You need the launchpad bug to request sponsorship when ready, so that a MOTU upload your merge20:11
AndrewGeefabrice_sp: Okay. Thanks for your help :)20:11
fabrice_spAndrewGee, you're welcome. And good luck with the merge ;-)20:12
AnAntbddebian: hide20:14
lfaraoneIf I'm dealing with a complex multi-bin package and trying to enable a lib in its buildscripts to end up in a different bin package, how exactly would I do that?20:17
pochulfaraone: tell make install everything into debian/tmp, and then use dh_install to install files into each package20:19
lfaraonepochu: /me reads man dh_install :)20:21
_stochastic_I'm trying to write a machine-readable copyright file, and according to the specification, the entire text of each license needs to appear in the file, but lintian is telling me this is wrong, and that I should be pointing people to /usr/share/common-licenses/20:21
_stochastic_which should I listen to?  can/should I do both?20:22
lfaraone_stochastic_: latter.20:23
lfaraone_stochastic_: example: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/g/gnome-python-desktop/gnome-python-desktop_2.24.1-0ubuntu1/python-gnome2-desktop.copyright20:23
_stochastic_lfaraone, that's not a machine-readable format though, see: http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat20:24
lfaraone_stochastic_: that's a proposal, and isn't policy.20:25
lfaraone_stochastic_: debian policy says lintian is right.20:25
_stochastic_lfaraone, in REVU, mok0 told me to follow the machine-readable format20:26
* _stochastic_ is confused and starting to jog in circles20:27
lfaraone_stochastic_: is there a reason you arn't submitting your package to Debian?20:27
_stochastic_lfaraone, because I run ubuntu20:27
lfaraone_stochastic_: (tbh, I think it's always better to submit to debian and req a sync locally, that way you get your package in all Debian derivitives)20:28
lfaraone_stochastic_: So? I'm an Ubuntu member and have no debian boxes at all, yet I still ran http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/python-gasp through debian.20:28
* _stochastic_ is just starting to wrap his head around the Ubuntu review process20:28
lfaraone_stochastic_: what's your package?20:29
_stochastic_that last upload has a faulty rules file20:29
lfaraone_stochastic_: bah, I'm just looking at  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/calf-0901261109/calf-0.0.18/debian/copyright20:30
lfaraone_stochastic_: Are you expecting this to land in Jaunty or Jaunty+1?20:31
_stochastic_lfaraone, I'm hoping for Jaunty20:31
lfaraone_stochastic_: you'll have to get it fixed and sponsered prior to Feb15 then. :)20:32
_stochastic_I know the deadlines20:32
_stochastic_I'm working away at it20:32
lfaraone_stochastic_: ok, it makes sense to try to go through Ubuntu's NEW. But I _highly_ recommend getting it into Debian once you've got it working in Jaunty. If you want, you can ask the Utnubu people for help.20:33
lfaraone(syncing will be too slow in this case)20:34
lfaraone_stochastic_: at that point, also look into "collab-maint", they're the Debian MOTU analog. (with smaller scope)20:35
_stochastic_I'll cross that bridge when I come to it20:35
_stochastic_I'm worried about copyright files conflicting with lintian right now20:36
lfaraone_stochastic_: Ok.20:37
lfaraone_stochastic_: The page you were citing is a proposal. I advise that you listen to lintian as it's correct in this case, since it is following Debian/Ubuntu policy.20:37
AndrewGeeI think I've just completed my first ever merge okay :) If anyone is free, could they have a little check for me? Thanks. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/conky/+bug/32203520:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322035 in conky "Please merge conky_1.6.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:54
fabrice_spAndrewGee, sorry to say that, but norsetto put as comment in Dad: no need to update to 1.6.1-120:59
AndrewGeefabrice_sp: Oh. Whoops.21:00
AndrewGeeWell I guess I learnt some stuff :)21:01
AndrewGeefabrice_sp: Should I set the status of the bug to invalid and everything then?21:01
_stochastic_I'm having troubles understanding how to get the icon set in my package to install properly,  does anyone want to take a look: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=calf21:01
jmarsden|workxnox: I'm seeing multiple emails about GnomeSword FTBFS... looks like it needs Build-Depends: scrollkeeper21:01
fabrice_spAndrewGee, yes, please. Anyway, I was looking at your merge, and  it looks good21:02
AndrewGeefabrice_sp: Thanks. Hopefully I'll find a good package to try with next time :)21:02
fabrice_spAndrewGee, Hope so ;-)21:02
fabrice_spJust look in dad before, and ping the previous uploader, to be sure it's worth working on it21:03
AndrewGeefabrice_sp: I'll bare that in mind for next time :) - I just looked in MoM, so didn't see that :p21:04
gregor_When will be the kde files from today included into Ubuntu?21:10
stdingregor_: when they are built21:26
gregor_stdin, is there an option to follow this or get noticed when it is done?21:26
stdinit'll show in http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 (and the #kubuntu topic)21:27
gregor_btw. http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/ the navigation does not work without javascript.21:32
AndrewGeeAny MOTUs available to review one of the two new packages I'm working on? pyofa - Python module to create audio fingerprints. python-xmltv - Python module to read xmltv data. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyofa http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=python-xmltv - Thanks :)21:41
jmarsden|workHow can I find out why a package (kio-sword) is in hardy but not in intrepid or jaunty?21:44
pochuAndrewGee: are you interested in getting those into Debian too?21:45
AndrewGeepochu: Yeah. I thought I'd try and get them into Ubuntu first, however.21:45
pochuAndrewGee: meet POX; POX: meet AndrewGee :)21:45
pochuAndrewGee: he can help you get those into Debian, then they can be synced into Ubuntu21:46
pochujmarsden|work: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/sync-blacklist.txt has the reason21:46
AndrewGeepochu: Okay then.21:46
pochujmarsden|work: kio-sword #jriddell needs KDE 321:46
jmarsden|workpochu: Thanks!21:46
pochuAndrewGee: of course you can still try to get them into Ubuntu directly, your call21:47
AndrewGeepochu: I'll go and modify the packages for Debian and upload to Debian mentors, I think.21:49
pochuAndrewGee: I'd rather get in touch with POX and/or ask in the debian-python@ ml and #debian-python in OFTC. For Python stuff, that's much much better than Debian mentors, really21:50
AndrewGeepochu: Okay. Will do.21:50
Chris`What is the date of the feature freeze?21:59
Chris`And what exactly does that mean?22:00
pochuit means no new features in any package without an exception from the release team22:00
pochusee wiki.u.c/JauntyReleaseSchedule for the date22:00
Piratenaapjeis # See COPYING for info about the license (GNU GPL)22:00
Piratenaapje# Check AUTHORS to see who wrote this software.22:00
pochuI think it's feb 1922:01
Piratenaapjeenough in every source file?22:01
Chris`But new packages can be uploaded?22:01
Piratenaapjeor do I need to include the 4 paragraph GPL clause?22:01
pochuPiratenaapje: not ideal, but I think it's ok22:01
pochuPiratenaapje: but the full paragraph is better22:01
Piratenaapjepochu: Well, it's only 10 files, I'll replace it I guess22:02
Chris`pochu: Does a feature freeze mean that new software cannot be uploaded?22:02
pochuChris`: I think they won't be processed by the archive admins unless there's a good reason22:02
Chris`pochu: Ah OK then thansk22:02
pochuPiratenaapje: I assume you're upstream, right? :)22:02
pochuChris`: that's what I remember from past cycles, maybe this one it's different :)22:02
pochuChris`: how's your package doing? does it still have my advocate?22:03
Piratenaapjepochu: Not really, I made some modifications and upstream is either going to release my version or make me upstream as well22:03
pochuah, cool22:03
Chris`pochu: It's a different package but I'm still trying to get upstream to sort their copyright before the release22:03
pochuPiratenaapje: I mean, you don't want to add license headers in a patch ;)22:03
pochuChris`: which one is it?22:03
Piratenaapjepochu: I tried to do that the previous time, wasn't allowed to :P22:04
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi
Chris`pochu: The package is called crrcsim, there's an Ubuntu bug filed for it but I haven't uploaded anything yet, I'm in contact and waiting for a new tarball/version22:04
Chris`To hurry them up shall I include at the end of my current email to them "There however one small problem, Ubuntu is going into a feature freeze at Feb 19th which means that the archive admins may not process my request." ?22:05
Piratenaapjeshould I list all authors next to "Copyright (C) 2009  " ?22:05
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petskiCould one of you MOTU's please take a look at #276603. It's an SRU for main, but the devels would like to see it in intrepid-proposed (and I'm not allowed to upload in -proposed)22:24
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
pochupetski: only core-devs can upload to main (even for -proposed)22:29
pochubug 27660322:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276603 in rhythmbox "crashed while listening to a mp3 podcast" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27660322:29
pochupetski: can you ask in #ubuntu-desktop?22:30
petskiI will. Thank pochu22:30
petskiSecond question: bug 276603 needs a MOTU hug :)22:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276603 in rhythmbox "crashed while listening to a mp3 podcast" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27660322:33
petskiarf, that was a copy-paste error, wait :)22:33
petskiNow for real: Second question: bug 77980 needs a MOTU hug :)22:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 77980 in mtop "mtop failed to install (wrong/no password)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7798022:35
binarymutantcan someone help me with a distutils problem? I'm trying to use the --prefix option to install to /usr/ instead of /usr/local/ but when I do I get dependency errors :(22:41
pochubinarymutant: if you use CDBS, the distutils class will do it for you22:43
binarymutanthere's my rules file, http://paste.ubuntu.com/110491/22:43
binarymutantpochu, CDBS > pycentral?22:43
pochubinarymutant: no, CDBS > debhelper22:44
pochubinarymutant: can you paste the error too?22:44
binarymutantI was seeing the error with gdebi22:44
binarymutantok hang on, heres my control file, http://paste.ubuntu.com/110498/22:47
binarymutantwhy does it say that this app depends on python2.6 when I use python-all(>=2.5) in my control? I think thats the problem22:48
pochubinarymutant: btw you want ${binary:Depends} in depends too23:04
binarymutantpochu, what is that for?23:10
pochumisc:Depends, sorry23:11
pochubinarymutant: no idea about your error, I think dh_pycentral should put python >= 2.5 in depends...23:11
pochumaybe ScottK or POX know about it23:12
binarymutantthanks for listening :)23:12
pochuI haven't had that problem myself23:12
pochubinarymutant: look for the shebangs... you probably have a #!/usr/bin/python2.6 one there23:13
pochuor just `grep -R python2.6 *`23:14
pochucan you put the package somewhere?23:16
pochuis it on REVU?23:16
binarymutantya its on revu23:18
pochuok let me have a look23:19
pochuit's been already uploaded, isn't it?23:19
binarymutantyes its already in the New queue :/23:20
binarymutantI built the deb over the weekend and realized it installed to /usr/local23:20
pochuyou don't need that patch to workaround it23:21
binarymutantoh yeah, that latest upload is still bad, I'm using the --prefix option in the rules file now. Sorry23:22
pochuok, no problem23:22
pochu Depends: python (>= 2.5), python-central (>= 0.6.7)23:22
pochuI get that building it in Debian23:23
loic-mnhandler: ping: could you please review the changes I made to ecm at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ecm ?23:24
pochubinarymutant: I'm off to bed, feel free to ping me tomorrow if you have problems or want a review23:25
binarymutantthanks pochu23:25
pochubinarymutant: also, if you want it into Debian, ping POX. There's a Python Applications Team there (I myself have a few apps maintained there)23:26
pochugood night23:26
binarymutantnight, thanks :)23:26
Riddellis Ivan Efremov about?23:51

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