LinuxJunkehaving issues with an geforce 9400 gt01:13
LinuxJunkeanyone interested in helping01:13
gomikehow do i toggle which tuner card i am using when watching live tv?01:31
Zinn!help Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi01:32
gregLgomike: hit m the choose the tuner01:33
gomikei do not see a choice in there01:37
rhpot1991I think its input or something01:38
rhpot1991"switch input"01:38
rhpot1991also I believe y switches them01:39
gregLgomike: sorry i was afk...When watching hit M ,then choose change input...works for me...01:48
gomikeyea it worked, the other tuner was in use so it didnt show up01:48
gomikewhat nvidia version are you using?01:50
gregLI never setup the nvidia drivers...I am still using the default nv.01:53
Mezhey, for any of those interested, I've just put up a video of Daviey doing a talk about mythbuntu @ our local lug on http://www.sourceguru.org/videos/01:54
rhpot1991Mez: empty01:55
rhpot1991or not I'm blind :)01:55
gomikewould a bad video driver give me decoding errors in mythfrontend log?01:56
Mezrhpot1991: nothing under the word "video"?01:58
rhpot1991Mez: it works, I was just expecting it to be right there and not an additional click01:58
rhpot1991http://www.sourceguru.org/videos/1/ goes directly to it01:58
Mezah, lol, I expect to have more vids there soon :D01:59
rhpot1991an hour long, I'll have to watch it later01:59
Mezlol, yeah...01:59
Mezthere was a break too :D thats edited out though01:59
rhpot1991Mez: now you just need to get Daviey to release the UUPC podcasts on a reliable schedule02:00
Mezrhpot1991: they were... but they're on a break at the moment :D it was announce02:00
* Mez is a mirror, so saw the bandwidth peak at roughly the same time.02:00
rhpot1991I like to bust him on them not being out constantly02:00
fmarierhi there, i'd like to suggest a new package for Mythbuntu: the "Copy and Transcode" user job (http://www.knoppmythwiki.org/index.php?page=CopyAndTranscode)02:55
a1faso my nvidia settings does not have overscan option03:19
wjs_ltopRe: problems with mythvideo crashing mythfrontend..  http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/fc96bb9703:43
abarbacciaanybody notice poor signal strength with the HVR1600?03:44
abarbacciai had a HVR1250 and swapped it out for a 1600 and am now missing locks on a lot of my channels / unable to tune03:45
wjs_ltopbefore you get too involved in looking at that pastebin...  I noticed it complaining about lack of swap.  I'm looking into that now.03:46
wjs_ltophello, I'm having a problem with mythfrontend using up all available memory when trying to choose mythvideos03:57
wjs_ltopI have a pastebin of the system after one such crash.  http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/fc96bb9703:58
wjs_ltoppresently "top" shows it having used 1191m of virtual memory, and 533m res, and using about 40% CPU03:59
foxbuntuwjs_ltop, this when you try to play a video?03:59
wjs_ltopWhile it's trying to build the list of videos I think..  I choose the "Watch Videos" choice and it never comes back.04:01
foxbuntuwjs_ltop, also nice to see your using MythLog Grabber :) glad someone is04:01
wjs_ltopwell, I asked earlier, and was told to use it ;-)04:01
foxbuntui wrote the version we are using, to be fair though tgm4883 came up with the idea and first version04:02
foxbuntutwo suggestions:04:02
wjs_ltopI am able to go into "Manage videos"04:02
foxbuntu1) disable vsync | use nvidia-settings to change this04:03
wjs_ltopI thought I already had vsync disabled...  I'll double check.04:03
foxbuntu2) sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf, then add this line to the device section: Option         "UseEvents" "True"04:04
foxbuntuthen save and exit, restart gdm (sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart)04:05
wjs_ltopfoxbuntu: no changes04:11
wjs_ltopI did find one sync to VBlank that I unchecked,  All the others were already cleared.04:12
foxbuntuare you using the OpenGL painter or QT?04:13
wjs_ltopOpenGL I Think04:13
wjs_ltopthat's what the logs show as well.  I'm actually leaning towards some kind of database issue here, not display.04:13
wjs_ltopI'm thinking about makeing sure I have a current backup of the mythconverg database, and then going back to a prior version04:14
tgm4883!stab foxbuntu04:15
* Zinn stabs foxbuntu with a rusty spork.04:15
wjs_ltopof the videos tables04:15
rhpot1991!stab server outages04:15
* Zinn stabs server outages with a rusty spork.04:15
foxbunturhpot1991, again?!04:15
foxbuntuwjs_ltop, you might try a repair on the DB tables04:15
wjs_ltophow do I do that?04:16
foxbuntui usually suggest phpmyadmin for first timers04:16
foxbuntuthen hads will chime in and tell me how wrong I am04:17
hadsYou should use the mysql command line! ;)04:17
foxbuntuthere he is04:17
hadsNa, use whatever04:18
foxbuntuwjs_ltop, sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin04:19
foxbuntuthen http://localhost/phpmyadmin04:19
rhpot1991foxbuntu: from before04:19
foxbunturhpot1991, ah04:19
wjs_ltopI did a repair, then I did an optimize on all tables in the mythconverg database.04:25
wjs_ltopso far, it doesn't seem to have made a difference.  It's at 725M virtual, 750M now04:26
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fpsdavidhi, i just switched out a ATI HD3650 from a nvidia 6600 and now i'm having trouble getting mythtv to go back to 1920x1080. the highest it'll let me pick is 1680x1050 and then 1920x120006:39
aniienaI have some questions about setting up a PVR, anyone around?07:41
bsusais their a way of adjusting a delay for when a program should run at startup, or to run when the wireless connection is active?08:47
bsusaor is their a way to pick what should run first on startup?08:47
bsusawhat i want to do is have my wireless card connected before it runs the MythTv Frontend08:47
bsusais it possible to write a script to delay a program from running on start up for like 5 seconds or so?09:03
hadsIf you want a hack you could write a script to start the program.09:04
hadse.g. sleep 5 && mythfrontend09:05
bsusaim not that good with scripts could you give me an example please in this situation, or would i add that on the end of the launcher09:15
canniam running 8.04 backened and a 8.10 diskless frontend, everything works like a charm but when i edit fstab to add my shares on the backend, the entry dont remain in fstab after reboot. same thing if i change permisions on /dev/input/js0. surely i must have missed something but iam beating my head against a wall here =)09:37
cannanyone got any tips ?09:38
bsusanvm hads i got it working09:38
Northy_ieHi there! I've just finished installing mythbuntu 8.10 but am unable to scan for channels in the setup (I hear my DVB-S card clicking, by the scan window does not come up). In the previous versions, you could check /var/log/messages but that logging seems to have moved. I checked all the files in /var/log/mythtv as well, nothing in there. Does anyone know where I could see the setup log files?10:11
wjs_ltopHello, I'm having a problem with one of my front ends when I try to go into MythVideo.  I tried the FrontEnd on the Backend, and it worked ok.14:30
wjs_ltopThe pastebin from yesterday is http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/fc96bb9714:31
wjs_ltopI have disabled vsync in nvidia-settings, and set UseEvents to true in xorg.conf14:31
wjs_ltopI have done a repair and optimize on all the tables in the database.14:32
wjs_ltopI have verified that the directory is mounted on the frontend in question, and I can play videos from a command line.14:33
wjs_ltopI think I'm using the OpenGL painter.14:33
wjs_ltopI am not at home presently, so while I have access via ssh to the box, I do not have console access.14:34
NeoMatrixJRCan anyone help me figure out why my lirc module won't load/why the port is in use?  "lirc_it87: i/o port 0x0310 already in use."14:47
gomikecan someone help me with what this means http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/d17cf2aeb17:12
gomikei get it when i try to watch some channels17:12
Louishello!  i keep running into a weird problem during my installation of mythbuntu 8.10.  The installation completes, but when i goto run mythtv-backend setup, I get an error which says it cannot connect to the database19:11
Louisand mythfilldatabase doesn't work either...19:11
Louisis everybody AFK?19:12
fpsdavidhi, i just switched out a ATI HD3650 from a nvidia 6600 and now i'm having trouble getting mythtv to go back to 1920x1080. the highest it'll let me pick is 1680x1050 and then 1920x120019:16
Louisfpsdavid:  not that i know very much, but have you tried using the proprietary drivers?19:17
Louisyikes... then i got no more advice lol sorry19:18
fpsdavidlol np19:18
bogus-can you select the aspect ratio?19:26
rhpot1991!mysql | Louis19:28
ZinnLouis: If you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, you can perform the following to reconfigure it: 1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it for the next step) 2. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database 3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common19:28
Louisrhpot1991:  thanks!  that just made me think of something19:28
Louisduring the installation, i opted not to define a mysql root password... should i have done that?19:29
rhpot1991doesn't matter, just when it asks later make sure you tell it that there is no password19:30
rhpot1991also there is normally a lot of confusion between mysql root and sudo passwords when it asks you (wording is funny I think)19:30
Louisrhpot1991:  okay thanks a bunch.  and just to be clear, that's not insecure if i have a combined frontend/backend behind a router right?19:30
Louisyeah i figured as much.  i just made both passwords the same t to eliminate the confusion19:31
rhpot1991Louis: not really, as thats local access only19:33
rhpot1991if someone hacked in then they could hit it, but you have bigger issues then :)19:33
Louishaha yes clearly.  thanks again!  i'll go try that right nwo19:33
LouisI'm trying to add mythbuntu to an existing xubuntu installation, but the link at www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu doesn't work on that machine... it seems to work on my windows firefox (i get a protocol not supported - apt) ... what gives and what can i do?20:22
Louisis there a metapackage?20:25
Louiswhere are the default music, video and picture directories in mythtv?20:52
rhpot1991Louis: /var/lib/mythtv/20:53
Louisrhpot1991:  thanks!  and btw your advice worked beautifully for mysql.  Thanks a million20:54
rhpot1991np Louis20:55
Louisis it possible to get mythbuntu to display the pictures from mythgallery when the computer is idle for a certain amount of time?21:46
superm1Louis, i think the only thing you can do is set the gnome screensaver to show pictures from that directory21:48
superm1not nearly as cool, but it would be functional21:48
Louissuperm1:  thanks!  how would i go about doing that?21:51
Louissuperm1:  i'm in xfce, and i can get to the screen saver options, but i don't see where i can define the directory (/var/lib/mythtv/ etc...)21:51
superm1Louis, yeah a lot of gnome tools seem to not expose all the useful options21:52
superm1you might have to look in gconf-editor21:52
Louisokay i'll look there. thank you!21:53
superm1no prob, good luck21:53
rhpot1991superm1: is there still an issue where that will kick in after x minutes if you are watching a show?21:56
superm1rhpot1991, not as far as i'm aware.  i use it (with the 'blank') screensaver without issues21:56
superm1default install in terms of screensaver stuff21:57
rhpot1991last I messed with it I had to disable them because that happened, but that was quite a few releases ago21:57
superm1oh yeah that happened with 7.0421:57
rhpot1991IIRC my TV's go to sleep if there is no movement anyways21:57
rhpot1991I should check and see if mine are still disabled or what, cause I've been upgrading ever since21:58
Louissuperm1:  just a question... will the screensaver kick in while i'm watching live tv?21:59
Louisor is myth smart?21:59
rhpot1991Louis: thats what we were just discussing, you should be fine21:59
superm1Louis, that's what rhpot1991 and i were just talking of.  it shouldn't21:59
Louisooh lol. i should read22:00
Louishaha wow i'm dumb.  thanks for the info though22:00
LouisJust another quick question... would it work if i put a symlink from ~/Photos to /var/lib/mythtv/pictures?22:05
superm1yeah probably22:08
superm1it might be ~/Pictures it looks for22:09
superm1whichever it is, if you symlink that'll probably do the trick22:09
Louisaah that's the problem!22:09
Louisi did ~/Photos...22:09
Louisthanks much, superm122:10
Louisand this *should* kick in when myth is idle on the menu screen?22:10
afmafternoon all22:20
afmI upgraded to trunk today, and it looks as if mytharchive didn't quite make it.  I get mytharchive (0.22.2009011-1) binary version does not match libraries (0.22.20090120-1)  when attempting to run the frontend22:20
superm1afm, last week's mythplugins failed to build.  it should be fixed this friday22:36
afmdoes the svn build work?22:36
superm1afm, the upstream build works, but they made some changes to the plugins (got rid of mythcontrols and mythphone) so the packaging has to be manually adjusted22:37
superm1afm, for now just remove the plugins that are installed22:37
superm1you can reinstall them again next week22:37
afmi seem to have more than that broken....thanks for the info22:38
afmgoing for install 37 or something...hehe...trying for the life of me to get my hdpvr working in any fashion22:39
afmi've gotten a stream off it in vlc once...22:39
afmtrunk is what i need correct?  not the 0.21-fixes22:40
afminstall mythbuntu, obtain al updates... and follow this http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds ?  plus the driver stuff which i'm not having issues with....22:41
OpenMediasuperm1: Hows things??? Still at Dell?22:43
walker_hello. I've got a mythbuntu-8.10 server setup with mythweb, but i can't get it to show the coverart on web... i've tried linking and permissions, anyone got a clue?22:49
BLZthe movie posters don't seem to work in mythvideo... i tried changing the directory to which they are saved (now /var/lib/mythtv/posters) because t he original did not seem to exist, but still nothing.  The rest of the metadata fetches perfectly.23:07
BLZanybody know what's wrong?23:08
BLZi should add that the myth interface claims to be fetching the poster every time23:11
MythbuntuGuest46hello is here an the server a channel for sharpdevelop?23:12
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest46, sharpdevelop?23:12
BLZscratch that ... permissions problem. fixed23:12
stiev3BLZ, has to do with imdb's effort to stop people from scraping their site and/or them changing their site's layout23:13
BLZstiev3:  orly?23:13
BLZthat's evil...23:13
MythbuntuGuest46here in java the channels isnt sorted. so i cant find it :-)23:13
tgm4883BLZ, are you running 9.04?23:13
BLZtgm4883:  no 8.1023:13
BLZi didn't realize 9.04 was stable...23:13
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest46, well you shouldn't be trying to access other channels like that through the mythbuntu website23:14
tgm4883BLZ, it's not, but that isn't the default dir for posters for pre-9.0423:14
MythbuntuGuest46isnt that ok?23:15
MythbuntuGuest46than sorry23:15
BLZtgm4883:  hmmm that might have something to do with it then.  I looked for that directory and it didn't exist...  I'm running xubuntu 8.10 with the latest version of myth (from the repos) on top23:15
BLZanyway it seems to be working now that i changed the permissions of /var/lib/mythtv/posters (of my own creation) to 77723:15
BLZtgm4883:  i can't imagine that having serious security repercussions23:15
tgm4883BLZ, well it should be 775 and owned by mythtv:mythtv23:16
tgm4883thats how it will be in 9.0423:16
tgm4883and how the rest of the mythtv dir's are23:16
BLZaah i'll have to chown then...23:16
MythbuntuGuest46so than i went away, bye23:16
BLZit's owned by my user "louis" who is part of the mythtv group23:16
tgm4883also, there is a tmdb.pl, which replaces imdb.pl23:17
tgm4883although themoviedb.org isn't as full as imdb.org23:17
BLZtgm4883:     yeah so what's this you were saying about imdb getting angry?23:17
tgm4883I didn't say imdb was getting angry23:18
stiev3not angry just they have it stated that they're not open to screen scraping/automated apps somewhere on their site23:18
tgm4883but it is against their ToS to scrape their site, and they keep changing their site to break it23:18
tgm4883thats why themoviedb.org was born23:18
BLZtgm4883:  i see23:18
BLZi might switch at some point then23:18
BLZugh. what's the syntax again for chown?  sudo chown mythtv:mythtv /path/to/directory ?23:19
BLZand the second mythtv after the colon is group, correct?23:20
BLZlet's hope this works23:21
BLZi don't see why it wouldn't23:21
tgm4883as long as your user is in the group, you should be fine23:21
BLZis that going to cause any problems when i upgrade to 9.04?  or does it expect to find my posters in /home/mythtv23:21
BLZright. i figured i might as well do it right though23:21
tgm4883won't be a problem23:23
tgm4883mythvideo checks the db for the location, upgrades shouldn't mess with the db other than upgrading the schema23:24
BLZokay cool. last question before i leave you alone =)   Do you happen to know how i can configure the server to shuttdown when i press the main power button/23:24
tgm4883you could do it from the frontend though23:25
BLZi'm confused. i'm running a combined server/frontend23:25
tgm4883you want to shut the whole system off right?23:26
BLZjust by pushing the power button23:26
tgm4883ok, well I don't know how to do it via just the power button, but you can do it in the frontend if you keep backing out of the menus until you reach the part where it asks if you want to quit the frontend or not23:27
tgm4883there is a setting you can set to make it ask you if you want to quit, shutdown, or not23:27
Chom1st question, if i may, what should i install on a seperate drive for mythbuntu?23:27
BLZtgm4883:  that  not bad. do you remember where the setting is?23:28
BLZChom:  you mean as far as storage or as far as /, /home, etc?23:28
Chomto just boot to a linux os23:29
tgm4883yea, in the frontend, go to Util/setup > setup > general, go to the misc screen and change the "customise exit menu options:" from autodetect to something else23:29
Chomi want to try and install mythtv and use fta stuff23:29
BLZChom:  what exactly do you want to do?23:29
BLZtgm4883:  awesome. thank you so much23:29
Chomi want to have 2 seperate os's xp and linux23:30
Chomand learn some linux23:30
BLZoh okay. you might not want to start with mythbuntu or mythtv then23:30
BLZi'd start with regular ubuntu23:30
BLZand install xp first23:30
BLZand then install ubuntu on top, and the bootloader (grub) will automatically configure to let you select your os on startup23:31
BLZbut you should be asking all of this in #ubuntu23:31
Chomwell i installed mythbuntu-8.10 and have a duel boot, but it hangs while starting the mythbuntu23:32
Chomi think its b/c i have a pci-e card for video and wants to use my onboard video23:33
Chom(read some info in the forum)23:33
Chombut i cant seem to understand much from this point23:33
BLZChom:  well, you'll still probably have better luck for general (read: non-mythtv-specific) issues in #ubuntu23:34
BLZbut if your card has proprietary drivers, i'd try enabling them... have you tried that?23:34
BLZwhat kind of card are you running?23:35
Chomnv 8600 gt23:37
BLZChom:  nVidia?23:38
BLZi'd try using envy-ng even though it's not officially supported23:38
BLZit's never failed me23:38
Chomwhat is envy-ng ?23:38
BLZlook it up on google.  it automatically compiles the latest drivers from source and installs them23:39
Chomkool. company is over now, i gotta go23:39
Chomi will be back23:39
BLZsure. take care23:39
BLZno problem23:39
Mezhttp://www.sourceguru.org/videos/1/ - Daviey doing a talk on Mythbuntu23:40

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