donspauldingserver 8.10 gives me an error while trying to use the createuser script to add a user to postgres, but I'm  able to sudo su - postgres and connect via psql, any ideas?00:01
donspauldingthe error is:   createuser: could not connect to database postgres: could not connect to server: No such file or directory00:01
donspauldingIs the server running locally and accepting00:01
donspauldingconnections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.0"?00:01
ScottKDo you sudo the createuser script?00:04
ScottKAlso sudo -i is better than sudo su for reasons that make sense, but I've forgotten.00:04
donspauldingScottK: yes, I sudo the createuser script00:20
ScottKNo further suggestions then.00:21
twbDoes Ubuntu ever issue USNs for packages in universe?00:47
svenwiesnerhej there00:52
svenwiesnergood morning everyone00:52
svenwiesnerI was wondering if someone could help me with setting up smtp-auth with dovecot / postifx00:54
svenwiesneri have to admit i'm trying since several days00:55
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/00:55
sommerthere's a section on setting up smtpauth for postfix in the serverguide00:55
svenwiesnerdid not work00:55
sommersvenwiesner: do you have a specific error?00:56
svenwiesnerrelay access denied00:56
svenwiesnerI have dovecot / postfix00:57
sommersvenwiesner: you'll probably want to check the networks configured in postfix00:57
sommersvenwiesner: relay access error is different than smtpauth00:57
svenwiesneris it?00:57
svenwiesnerwhat IS smtp-auth then?00:58
svenwiesneri thought it is used to send mails over another authentication method then mynetworks00:58
sommersmtp auth is a way for user's to authenticate to smtp, which by default doesn't have authentication, but relay rules can block messages even with a valid auth00:59
jmarsden|workpermit_sasl_authenticated fixes that00:59
svenwiesnersmtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_sasl_authenticated,permit_mynetworks,reject_unauth_destination01:00
svenwiesnerthat's what i have01:00
svenwiesnerno relay_whatsoever given01:00
sommersvenwiesner: are you using tls?01:01
svenwiesnermay mynetworks or mydestination be the problem?01:01
sommerI'd double check mynetworks01:02
svenwiesnerI tried to.. I have to admit I completely failed postfix. I wasn*t able to configure tls, nor ssl nor smtp-auth01:02
svenwiesnerpretty depressing01:02
sommerthe serverguide instructions have worked for me01:02
svenwiesnerthe problem may be that I have a virtual server running01:02
svenwiesnerwhich is not covered by the serverguides01:03
sommersvenwiesner: can you telnet to port 25 of the vm?01:03
sommervirtual server's would complicate things, but should still be the same basic steps01:04
sommerwhich ubuntu version are you running?01:04
svenwiesner250-SIZE 1024000001:05
svenwiesner250 DSN01:05
svenwiesner8.04 tls01:05
sommershould work with the serverguide instructions... can you pastebin the relay error?01:05
svenwiesnerah i see. it says: reject_unauth_destination01:08
svenwiesnerthe problem is, if I delete this entry it says: parameter "smtpd_recipient_restrictions": specify at least one working instance of: check_relay_domains, reject_unauth_destination, reject, defer or defer_if_permit01:09
sommermmm... what's your mynetworks look like?01:09
svenwiesnermynetworks =
sommersvenwiesner: what happens if you add your outside nework ie
svenwiesnersame error01:13
svenwiesner(relay access denied)01:13
sommeris the network you just added the same as the vm's host?  is the vm on an internal network?01:15
svenwiesnerI meant vhost when saying virtual01:16
svenwiesnersorry for this misunderstanding01:16
jmedinasvenwiesner: still with relay problem?01:18
svenwiesneri am trying for days now01:18
jmedinacould you pastebin the output from "postconf -n"01:19
svenwiesnerright, one sec01:19
jmedinathat will dump the changed you did to main.cf01:19
sommerjmedina: good call01:20
sommerI haven't used vhosts, but my thought is you need to tweak smtpd_recipient_restrictions01:20
svenwiesnerwhat is pastebin01:21
svenwiesnerjust paste the whole ocnfig here?01:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:21
svenwiesnergood feature01:21
jmedinasvenwiesner: well you have mixed configs01:30
jmedinayou are using TLS01:30
svenwiesnerneither one works01:30
svenwiesneror are they supposed not to work at the same time?01:30
jmedinaI would disable TLS and start with plain smtp-auth01:31
jmedinasvenwiesner: how are you testing smtp auth?01:31
svenwiesneri add a mailaccount in thunderbird and try to send mail to someone else01:32
svenwiesnermailaccount configured on server. reveiving works, sending doesn't01:33
jmedinasvenwiesner: and did you enable the autentication options in thunderbird?01:33
svenwiesnerno, does not wirk01:33
svenwiesneri can not even login if enabled01:33
jmedinaand what is the message you get from the server?01:34
svenwiesnerusing secure authentication or secure connection?01:34
jmedinaok lets start from the begining01:35
jmedinais your dovecot service running?01:35
svenwiesneryes, as I said, the chost runs fine according to receiving messages01:35
svenwiesner* the vhost01:36
svenwiesnerso, dovecot is running, postfix is running01:36
jmedinaand did you change the lines in dovecot.conf about socket listen?01:36
jmedinaplase show the output from:01:37
jmedinals -l /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client01:37
svenwiesnersrw-rw---- 1 postfix postfix 0 2009-01-27 01:08 /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client01:37
svenwiesnermy dovecot.conf, if helpful: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110106/plain/01:39
svenwiesnerbtw. thanks for your support01:40
jmedinadovecot looks fine01:40
jmedinanow in the howto says01:40
jmedinasudo postconf -e 'smtpd_sasl_local_domain ='01:40
jmedinabut you have smtpd_sasl_local_domain = $myhostname01:40
jmedinathat means your smtp server only accept autentications for the users with that domain01:41
jmedinaif you are using more than one domain leav it empty01:41
svenwiesnerlet me check01:41
jmedinasmtpd_sasl_security_options = noanonymous01:43
jmedinaadd that to your config01:43
jmedinaso you dont want anonimous access01:43
svenwiesnerdid all that01:45
svenwiesnerdoas not work .. shit01:45
svenwiesnerok :)01:45
jmedinachange smtpd_use_tls = yes to no01:46
jmedinapostfix check01:46
jmedinarestart postfix01:46
jmedinaand show me the output of telnet localhost 2501:46
svenwiesneri hope there's something there for you01:54
jmedinanow try to send a mail from thunderbird01:58
jmedinabut be sure you enable autenticatio in the smtp server02:00
svenwiesnerahm, which port is it? 143? "the mailserver sent an invorrect greeting * OK Dovecot ready02:05
jmedinathat is IMAP server02:05
jmedinago to02:05
jmedinaEdit=>Account Settings02:06
jmedinain the left panel at the end ther is "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"02:06
svenwiesneryes, i am there...02:06
svenwiesnerusername is checked and typed in02:07
svenwiesnerand use secure connection is checked as well02:07
svenwiesnersecure authentication, sorry02:07
svenwiesnersecure connection: none02:07
jmedinaTLS, if available02:07
jmedinayou just disabled TLD02:07
svenwiesnerwhich port should i choose?02:07
jmedinabut that will help when you enable again02:07
svenwiesnerit says a lot of aout sasl2 errors02:10
svenwiesnerwait, i give you the file one moment02:10
svenwiesnerbuhuuuu! i do not even want cyrus-sasl .. buhuhuu!02:13
jmedinasvenwiesner: the same in mail.log?02:14
jmedinaok I found the problem02:15
svenwiesnertell me :)02:16
jmedinaI have to go02:16
jmedinaplase read this docto02:16
jmedinaand go to "Configure Postfix for SMTP-AUTH using SASL (Dovecot SASL): " in the SMTP Autentication section02:16
jmedinayou need to confgure02:17
jmedinasmtpd_sasl_type = dovecot02:17
jmedinabut I think you typed "smtp_sasl_type = dovecot"02:17
jmedinawithout "d"02:17
svenwiesneri typed: smtp_sasl_type = dovecot02:18
jmedinaplease check your configs are exacltly the same as in the example02:18
jmedinait is smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot02:18
svenwiesneroh fuck02:18
svenwiesnerholly shit02:18
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svenwiesnerdoes not work02:22
jmedinaplease pastebin again "postconf -n"02:22
jmedinasvenwiesner: did you restart postfix after the change?02:23
svenwiesnerthe output is quite different though02:23
svenwiesnerthunderbird: "unable to authenticate to smtp server. the server doesn not support any compatible secure auth mechanism"02:23
svenwiesnerwait, i give you postconf02:23
jmedinaso, restart postfix02:25
jmedinatry again from thunderbird02:25
jmedinawhat about logs/02:25
jmedinasvenwiesner: and thunderbird?02:31
svenwiesner"you can not login because you have anabled secure authentication and this server does not support it"02:32
jmedinaand thunderbir02:33
jmedinais TLS disabled?02:34
svenwiesneryes, only secure authentication is checked02:34
jmedinaI dont have that option here?02:35
jmedinaI have02:35
jmedinaSecurity and Authentication02:35
jmedinaUse name and password )checked)02:35
jmedinaand Use secure connection: "TLS, if available"02:35
svenwiesneryes, ic tried both: never and TLS, if available02:36
jmedinaclose thunderbird and try again02:37
jmedinaan watch your logs02:37
jmedinatial -f /var/log/mail.log02:37
svenwiesnerok, interesting enough, tls now works02:38
svenwiesnerbut only without secure auth02:38
svenwiesnerwait, i restart thunderbird02:38
svenwiesnerand give you tail02:38
jmedinatls works?02:38
jmedinabut is disabled...02:38
svenwiesnertls receiving works... sending doesn't02:38
svenwiesneri enabled it for a sec to see if it works :)02:39
jmedinaok forgeat about receiving02:39
jmedinareceiving is managed by dovecot02:39
svenwiesneri see02:39
svenwiesnermail.log gives no output when i try to connect via thunderbird and "secure authentication" checked02:41
jmedinaagain, where is that "secure authtentication" option?02:42
jmedinasvenwiesner: in the :"Outgoing Server SMTP"02:42
jmedinado you have more than one smtp server listed?02:43
svenwiesnerits a checkbox: "use secure authentication" in thunderbird02:43
svenwiesnerat accounts -> account -> server settings02:43
svenwiesnerand outgoing server -> server02:43
svenwiesneri suck02:44
svenwiesneryou don't02:44
svenwiesneri have no idea02:44
svenwiesneryou have02:44
svenwiesneri love you02:44
svenwiesnerit works02:44
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:44
jmedinaso what was the problem?02:45
svenwiesneri am sorry.. here in my country it is 3:44 am and no kids around... this late time really nags on the attitude :)02:45
jmedinaI really dont care02:45
jmedinaI mean, how you speak02:46
svenwiesnerthe problem was, that, in the end, I checked: "use secure authentication" because i thought, this has to be done when using smtp-auth02:46
jmedinabut we are in a public channel02:46
svenwiesnerso, ahh... what a relieve! now I can go on configuring tls02:47
jmedinayous enable tls02:47
jmedinarestart postfix02:47
jmedinaand try with TLS in thunderbird02:47
* [gnubie] waves02:47
[gnubie]wondering why there is no /etc/pam.d/system-auth on ubuntu-server-8.04.2 lts.. any idea?02:48
jmedina[gnubie]: because that is redhat style02:48
rdw200169[gnubie], do you need one?  we have just common-auth02:49
jmedinabut system-auth uses more than auth options02:49
[gnubie]jmedina: ah, i see..  ;)02:49
rdw200169[gnubie], may be the same thing, just in different terms, i dunno02:49
jmedina[gnubie]: what are you trying to do with PAM?02:49
[gnubie]rdw200169: checking common-auth02:50
[gnubie]jmedina: i used to set the following:02:50
[gnubie]minlen=8 ; lcredit=-1 ; ucredit=-1 ; dcredit=-1 ; ocredit=-102:51
jmedinathat are settings for cracklib02:51
[gnubie]jmedina: yes02:51
[gnubie]is there an ubuntu specific documentation on pam?02:51
jmedinathat must be in /etc/pam.d/common-password02:51
rdw200169there's documentation for ea. of the security plugins in the man pages02:52
jmedinajust add something like this ath the top of common-password02:52
jmedinapassword        required        pam_cracklib.so difok=2 minlen=8 dcredit=2 ocredit=2 retry=302:52
jmedinaof course with your options02:52
jmedinaand install libpam-cracklib02:52
rdw200169you can see all the pam options as far as libraries is concerned by searching for libpam; i.e. apt-cache search libpam02:53
[gnubie]jmedina: with the default ubuntu lts server, does it mean in order to have a similar config (minlen=8 ; lcredit=-1 ; ucredit=-1 ; dcredit=-1 ; ocredit=-1) i need to setup the libpam-cracklib?02:54
jmedina[gnubie]: well, I guess you want to setup a password policy, right?02:54
[gnubie]jmedina: yes02:54
[gnubie]jmedina: more mandatory characters in creating a password02:54
jmedinathen you need to have a module that checks that in the password stage02:55
jmedinayou need to install libpam-cracklib02:56
jmedinaand then add that settins to common-password02:56
jmedinafor example02:56
[gnubie]jmedina: ok, thanks.. ;)02:56
[gnubie]go ahead please..02:56
jmedinapassword        required        pam_cracklib.so minlen=8 lcredit=-1 ucredit=-1 dcredit=-1 ocredit=-102:57
jmedinait goes before the pam_unix.so02:57
rdw200169also, if you use apparmor (ultra-crazy security) look into libpam-apparmor02:57
[gnubie]i still don't know about apparmor02:59
[gnubie]rdw200169: i may consider it later..02:59
rdw200169[gnubie], you can also look into selinux03:00
=== ScottK3 is now known as ScottK-desktop
[gnubie]rdw200169: yeah..03:02
[gnubie]thanks guys.. ;)03:02
irvingpophi, I have a silly deb/apt question04:15
p_quarleswe only answer srs questions, sorry04:15
irvingpopLet's call it a newbie question, then :)04:15
p_quarlesoh, okay - go ahead04:16
irvingpopI installed a package  (dekiwiki) which depends on libapache2-mod-php5,  which depends on apache2-mpm-prefork04:16
irvingpopUnfortunately I run my webserver in apache2-mpm-worker and FastCGI, for performance reasons,  so I had to force the package install of dekiwiki with no deps04:17
irvingpopNow, every time I run anything in apt it complains that I need to run "apt-get -f install"04:17
irvingpopWhich then tries to remove my apache2-mpm-worker package and reinstall apache2-mpm-prefork and mod_php504:17
irvingpopCan I break that dependency?04:17
p_quarleswell, if dekiwiki is what it sounds like (a webapp) I'd actually recommend against using apt to install it04:18
irvingpopI did,  I used dpkg04:18
p_quarlesdpkg == apt04:18
irvingpopcause apt-get wouldn't let me at all04:18
p_quarlessame thing04:18
p_quarlesif it has a web based installer, that's what you should use04:19
p_quarlesI love dpkg/apt, but it's not so good at installing webapps04:19
irvingpopit didn't.      So, I'm familiar with rpm and I know there's a way to just get it to ignore dependencies and stop complaining04:19
p_quarlesirvingpop: dekiwiki sounds like something that runs within Apache; is that not correct?04:20
irvingpopIt's weird.   It has a PHP frontend and a Mono/.Net backend04:20
irvingpopother than that, it's a really fantastic wiki04:20
[gnubie]is the maintainer for the syslog-ng binary package in this channel? care to create a backport for the ubuntu-server 8.04.2 lts on the latest syslog-ng 3.0.1?04:21
p_quarlesirvingpop: does the project have a debian/ubuntu repository?04:22
irvingpopyep, that's where I got it from. http://repo.mindtouch.com04:23
irvingpopI intend to complain to the Mindtouch folks.   but I just want to get on with my life for now and get my server done :)04:23
p_quarlesirvingpop: well, in that case, use aptitude; it tries harder than apt-get to find a workable solution to dependency issues04:23
irvingpopwow, aptitude is a lot smarter04:25
p_quarlesyep; but that's also it's downfall; it can sometimes be smarter than you want it to be :)04:26
irvingpopI do see that04:27
mib_ju0c79@irvingpop mindtouch is really responsive on twitter. ceo is @roebot. everytime i grumble about or praise deki, he responds04:28
irvingpophmmm,  it's offering me a lot more options,  but still nothing workable.        I may have to resort to more drastic measures unless I can get dpkg to start ignoring this dependency04:29
irvingpopThanks, I appreciate that.04:30
irvingpopSeriously, people should just make Apache mpm-worker and FastCGI the default anyway04:30
rdw200169[gnubie], you may be able to find one in the Launchpad PPA's04:57
rdw200169[gnubie], nevermind, i looked and there's nothing there.04:58
rdw200169[gnubie], i don't know if you're gonna find what you're looking for; hardy has 2.0.9-1ubuntu1 and intrepid has 2.0.9-3ubuntu1; here's the very minor changelog: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/s/syslog-ng/syslog-ng_2.0.9-3ubuntu1/changelog05:00
rdw200169[gnubie], and i have no clue about jaunty: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/s/syslog-ng/syslog-ng_2.0.9-4.1/changelog05:02
rdw200169[gnubie], so 3.0.1 isn't even in intrepid, or jaunty (yet)05:02
thorsten11Wow that was alot of sign offs lol05:15
[gnubie]rdw200169: sorry, i was out for a phone call..05:52
[gnubie]rdw200169: kindly check this out => http://www.balabit.com/downloads/files/syslog-ng/sources/3.0.1/05:53
rdw200169[gnubie], what do you want me to suggest?05:55
rdw200169[gnubie], i've never used the package, i just know how to check for you whether or not something is available05:56
rdw200169[gnubie], but if its any consolation, installation from source shouldn't be a big deal05:56
rdw200169[gnubie], in order to make things simplest for you, download the source of the ubuntu version, the hardy version is fine.05:56
rdw200169[gnubie], i.e. apt-get source syslog-ng05:57
rdw200169[gnubie], that get's three files. the one you want is the 'diff' one.05:57
rdw200169[gnubie], in that tar file, you should find the debian folder.  use the rules file in that debian folder to see how it is built for ubuntu; then you know what ubuntu uses as far as options for the compilation, etc...05:58
rdw200169[gnubie], also, sudo apt-get build-dep syslog-ng should get you all the stuff you need to compile it05:59
rdw200169[gnubie], then you just put 2 and 2 together for the 3.0.1 version; they shouldn't be *so* different that this doesn't work excellently for you.  I don't know for sure though06:00
[gnubie]rdw200169: thanks..06:01
rdw200169[gnubie], make sense?06:02
rdw200169[gnubie], you *could* try to use that diff against the 3.0.1 source to make a true-blue .deb package, but i doubt it will work, b/c there is also some patching done.06:03
[gnubie]rdw200169: yeah06:03
rdw200169[gnubie], you could try though and contribute to the next ubuntu version... then someone else won't wonder the same thing...06:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #321760 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "mysqld wan't start after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32176007:10
* delcoyote buenos dias07:41
tewmtenmorning =)08:01
tewmtenquick question, how do I set apt to download the 64bit packages? I installed php5-common and it seems to have installed the 32-bit version instead :/08:03
tewmtenserver is ubuntu server 7.10 gutsy08:04
tewmtenoh wait it checks that automaticly on the kernel perhaps..?08:08
tewmtenHolmen: hey there =)08:14
sorentewmten: It downloads packages matching the installed system. If it's downloading the i386 packages, it's because you installed the i386 version of Ubuntu rather than the amd64 version.08:15
soren"dpkg --print-architecture" will tell you which version you've installed.08:16
tewmtencool thanks08:16
tewmtenyep, I saw it when looking at uname..08:16
tewmtendamn, been trying to figure this problem out for days and the answer was right in front of me =)08:17
remix_tjanyone with experience with DRBD? I need to create an HA system with DRBD and the partition which i need to replicate contains data which i cannot move away from there... does drbd allows to sync this data without being lost?08:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #321787 in openldap (main) "slapindex fails to re-index properly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32178709:10
fw1can i edit the server documentation, i spotted a mistake10:21
_rubendont think you can, but you most likely can file a bug though10:22
fw1never filed a bug before,  would that be on launchpad?10:24
fw1i made some openldap 2.4.13 packages,  replication works a lot better in it now, so they claim10:27
fw1i was just using the server document to validate the package i made10:27
__^^stefan^^___did any of experience a fail of the grub install to MBR step in ubuntu server amd x64 ?13:03
__^^stefan^^___as it drives me crazy13:03
=== lamont` is now known as lamont
__^^stefan^^___no one ? even stranger for me13:07
PecisDarbshi people, Xen vs. KDM - why Ubuntu went KDM way? Is there any indication that it will be better?13:20
DeepsKVM, and because mainline kernel integrates KVM13:26
paltI have some trouble with a RAID 1. It corrupt big files say 4GB. The size is correct but the checksum fails. This doesn't happen with small files (700MB) and fsck says the the filesystem is ok. Any ideas?13:31
_rubenpalt: you sure it's due to the raid1? tried breaking the array and test it on a degraded array?13:34
paltNo, haven't tried that. But I guess it's the file system itself. If I can't find a solution I will first try to take backup and rebuild the filesystem.13:34
paltBut yeah, I will test it on a degraded array if that doesn't work :)13:37
paltAnd run spinrite on the discs.13:37
_rubenrun memtest86+ as well .. could be faulty mem13:42
paltHave run memtest and it passed :)13:46
paltSo it's not the memory :)13:46
PecisDarbsDeeps: ok, I understood it also as main reason. How KVM performs under regular server type load?13:47
_rubenthere's not really such a thing as "regular server type load"13:48
DeepsPecisDarbs: efficiently if your cpu supports virtualisation extentions13:48
PecisDarbsDeeps: it supports13:48
_rubenkvm without virt extensions doesnt even work afaik13:48
PecisDarbsI know13:48
Deepsit falls back to qemu i believe13:48
_rubenyeah .. and qemu is dirt slow13:49
PecisDarbs_ruben: I mean, is there any issues I should take into account. Xen fans have plastered KVM as unstable and unsecure :)13:49
_rubenits emulation, not virtualization .. the difference between those depends on who you ask :p13:49
_rubenPecisDarbs: im not the right person to ask really .. never tried kvm .. and never got xen to work .. :P13:49
* _ruben is a vmware kinda guy13:50
PecisDarbsahhh :)13:50
_rubenbut im not suprised that xen fans dont like kvm .. im rather certain its the same the other way around as well ;)13:51
_rubensure .. xen is around longer than kvm .. but that doesnt have to mean all that much either13:51
_rubenthe fact kvm is slated for mainline kernel inclusion could be a very decent argument in favor of kvm's qualities13:52
refnumzxi am running ubuntu 8.10 and would like to upgrade to the latest kvm from the sourceforge site. as the latest version has  ubuntu related bug fixes. how can i do this with out breaking the kvm?14:03
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: what related bug fixes? can you give launchpad bug numbers? :)14:06
_rubenapt-get source kvm .. then use http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-update.en.html to roll your own updated package :)14:07
refnumzxthey are not ubuntu bugs but details are on the kvm changelog page14:08
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: I am just about to use kvm on intrepid, so I would like to know is there any issues :)14:10
refnumzxissues. no i am about to start and development on the kvm front is fast anfurious. and it is important to be ale to keep up.14:12
refnumzxthe other thing that makes me want to upgrade is the qcow2 fixes in the latest version this is as of jan 1314:12
refnumzxi have never built a custom package before  the apt-get source kvm does that get the source that ships with ubuntu?14:14
zulcompared to xen kvm is easier to maintain and better supported in ubuntu14:14
refnumzx~~better supported?14:15
refnumzxif i have to build a custom package because its not being done. i dunno14:16
refnumzxpatched, that is14:17
refnumzxlooks like the last time this was updated was 24 sept14:19
refnumzxquite a bit behind14:20
PecisDarbscan I specify logical volumes as targets in vmbuilder?14:21
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: agreed14:21
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: when you do apt-get source, you get original sources plus debian patches14:22
refnumzxnot sure what you mean by targets but if  installing a vm, you can put that anywhere14:26
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: when doing kvm virtualization, you use standard kernel, right?14:28
refnumzxas long as its greater then 2.6.2014:29
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: using virt-install with seemingly proper syntax, it gives me libvirtError: virDomainCreateLinux() failed internal error Failed to add tap interface 'vnet%d' to bridge 'vnet0' : No such device14:32
PecisDarbsthere is vnet0 interface14:33
refnumzxdid you add it to /etc/network/interfaces?14:33
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: no, but it seems to be already configured14:34
PecisDarbsinet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
refnumzxas far as i know in order to support virtual interfaces you need to configure a bridge interface14:35
refnumzxis that also in the interfaces file?14:35
refnumzxsomething like14:35
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: can you pastbin.ca your part of /etc/network/interfaces vnet0?14:36
refnumzxi have not built mine yet.14:37
refnumzxworking on patching and stuff14:38
refnumzxwha tyou want is br0 according to that howto14:38
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: I am using virt-install14:43
refnumzxany particular reason?14:44
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: vmbuilder doesn't allow to specify block devices14:45
MianoSMdu -x --block-size=1024K | sort -nr | head -1014:46
refnumzx~~can you explain that a little?  i am only storage my images on a standard raid array. and any storage for the virtual  images is on an e-sata enclosure that can hold multiple disks. what would be the advantages of using a block device?14:49
PecisDarbsrefnumzx: virtual file images has loop device limit14:53
PecisDarbsand lvm gives better consistency14:53
PecisDarbsI create lvm volumes14:53
PecisDarbsI still get that vnet0 error :(14:54
PecisDarbsI should read manuals more carefully14:56
PecisDarbsfound it14:56
aljosawhich package contains easy_install for python?15:13
BliceHi all; I just set up pure-ftpd and a user and other things; It listens on 21 fine, and when I connect it says Logging in as blice... good etc., requires password, and then... Receive-Error: Connection broke down. And all ftp clients disconnect right then. I don't know why. How should I go about debugging this?15:25
sommerBlice: check for any pure-ftpd logging options, then check the log file... probably /var/log/syslog15:27
sommerBlice: you might also check /var/log/auth.log for any authentication issues15:28
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refnumzxi am tryig to compile the latest kvm using the sources from apt-get source and the download from the kvm pages. i am reading an updating the package page handed to me by somebody else here. something i do not understand is, according to this document i can use the Debian directory copied into the new source. do i copy this directory and then do a standard make?15:33
refnumzxthe page i am using is http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-update.en.html15:33
sorenYou're better of grabbing the newest kvm from jaunty and building that.15:34
sorens/ of / off /15:34
sorenI doubt that page says that it's cool to just copy the debian/ directory, by the way.15:35
Blicesommer: Nothing about the ftp in auth.log, the only pure-ftpd log I could find is the transfer log, which is empty.15:36
refnumzxsoren: i am very new to building packages so forgive any crazy missiterpretations. the docs are complex15:36
refnumzxthe latest version as of  kvm-83 [13 jan 2009]  contains ubuntu specific fixes which are not in jaunty?15:46
sorenrefnumzx: No, kvm 83 is in Jaunty.15:47
sorenHey, ivoks.15:49
ivokstim has some plans on removing 32bit server kenel from jaunty+115:50
ivoksmaybe that isn't such a bad idea15:50
* sommer still has quite a few 32bit servers 15:56
sorenivoks: Whuh? Where do you see this?15:57
sorenivoks: I hope you mean that the -generic kernel will grow PAE, rendering the -server flavour mostly useless on i386?15:58
nijabasoren: sure, let's do car without wheels as well ;)15:58
ivokssoren: nope... c/p15:58
sorenivoks: "c/p"?15:58
ivoksMy goal is to actually reduce the i386 flavours for Jaunty+1 to just generic. Hardy should be the last LTS that supports a 32 bit server.15:59
ivoksthat's on kernel team list15:59
sorenThat's fine.15:59
ivoksi asked him to discuss this with server team15:59
binspaceHey. I have a postfix install question. I noticed that there is a non-interactive flag http://42.pl/postfix/postfix-2.1.5/postfix-install15:59
binspaceIs there a way to activate it?15:59
soren...as long as it means that the -generic kernel gets PAE.15:59
ivokssoren: i'm not sure that's the plan16:00
ivoksanyway, i don't know :)16:00
ivoksbut if server flavour is droped, generic must support PAE then16:00
sorenAnd I'm sure Tim knows this.16:02
sorenAnyhow, I'm hugely behind on e-mail. I'll get to the kernel-team list in due time and shout at him then :)16:02
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refnumzxthe latest version as of  kvm-83 [13 jan 2009]  contains ubuntu specific fixes which are not in soren: thank you for the advice on the kvm binary, i found the deb file and will now try to install it in 8.1016:03
refnumzxack yea for cp issues16:03
refnumzxanyway thank you soren for the advice. i will try instaling that from the deb file now.16:07
sorenThat is probably not going to work.16:09
sorenYou need to build it.16:09
soren"sudo apt-get -b source kvm", I think.16:09
sorenivoks: What fs do you have on top of drdb?16:13
sorendrbd, I mean.16:13
ivoksxfs, ext3 and gfs :)16:13
sorengfs in an active/active setup?16:14
sorenHow's that working out for you?16:14
ivoksi don't have any problems16:14
sorenHow many nodes are sharing the drbd?16:14
ivokstwo nodes, in primary16:15
ivoksand 2 other nodes over NFS16:15
ivoksi didn't export them over GNBD16:15
sorenAny reason they're not all using it via drbd?16:15
ivoksthat's not possible16:15
sorenDoes it only support two? I forget.16:15
sorenI've only used it with two.16:16
ivoks8.3.0 enables more than two16:16
zulsoren: that reminds me i was looking at the linux-ha stuff that we have now in universe its the most current stable version so its just a matter of writing the MIR if we want it in main16:16
ivoksso, that's one more test i need to do16:16
sorenzul: Cool.16:16
heath|workfor apache; do you use the sites-enabled dir for virtual hosting.  I found an article, but it's from 2006 and I want to make sure I am doing everything right16:19
jtajiheath|work: yep, config files go in site-available, and you can use a2ensite and a2dissite to create/remove the symbolic links in sites-enabled16:21
heath|workjtaji, that is exactly what the article says. Thanks!!16:21
sorenheath|work: I do that, too. That's the recommended way.16:24
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jdstrandKoon: keep in mind, I haven't looked at this since UDS, but maybe adding these hooks via plugins would be an easy way to a) test what it is that you really need and b) backport. Perhaps once your hooks are working right and you can demonstrate to the bzr folks how useful they are, they will be more accepting of your proposed changes to bzr core. please correct me if I am way off here...16:39
Koonjdstrand: those hooks would get added by replacing the regular classes, that's brittle but for backports / technology previews that can make sense16:41
jdstrandKoon: oh-- so it would fundamentally change bzr?16:41
MikyMouseI installed a Apache server to my Ubuntu, everything is working pretty good, however I wonder what should I do in order to access the computer using a human name like "webserver" thatn writing 192.168.1.x ??16:42
Koonwell, you would replace the class without the hook call by a similar one that would have it. Dynamic patching if you prefer16:42
jdstrandKoon: hmmm, and so it would be system wide, when you really only want the plugin at etckeeper runtime16:42
Koonyou can still trigger the class replacement only if acting on etckeeper repo16:43
ScottKKoon: Please don't consider fragility particularly OK for backports.16:43
Koonthat's how the current bzr etckeeper works16:43
jdstrandScottK: I think he didn't mean -backports, but rather for someone like me to backport and run on hardy :)16:44
binspaceHey. I just found out the debconf-show is very helpful in figuring out how to do unattended installs. Does anybody know of a tutorial out there that expresses this?16:49
binspaceI couldn't find any. I'll probably write a blog post.16:50
ubottuscreen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen16:52
ubottuUbuntu server does not install a desktop environment or X11 by default in order to enhance security, efficiency and performance.  !eBox provides a GUI system management option via a web interface.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI for more background and options.16:53
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heath|workwith adduser, what does the --system option do?17:48
Deepscreates the user from the system uid range17:51
Deepsurr, creates a user using a uid from the system uid range, even17:51
Deepsman adduser, read the section about Add a system user17:51
heath|workDeeps, thanks.17:52
* sommer dear wireshark, why don't you have an option to "never ask again" when asking if I'd like to continue without saving?18:53
* sommer sigh18:53
refnumzxi am trying to find the amd64 version of kvm 83 i am on the page https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/amd64/kvm-source/1:83+dfsg-0ubuntu119:04
refnumzxbut there does not seem to be a deb file for that release. i tried to install the i386 version but if failed19:04
refnumzxsorry to be clear, binary version.19:05
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MikyMouseebox or wbemin? (and dont tell me that webmin is not longer supported), I am asking about featrues and ussability19:21
MikyMouseok, in other words, what software do you suggest to manage remotly via web our Ubuntu server?19:23
_Cidssh, bash and vi ? ;-)19:24
_Cidoh..via web ..sorry - dunno19:24
refnumzxtrying to run kvm 83 on intrepid, got the jaunty deb. i get a message that it would break udev. i really would like to run 83 as the version in intrepid is quite old. ideas?19:26
yann2you should ask on #ubuntu-virt refnumzx , you may get better support19:27
dexem_MikyMouse, ebox over all things :)19:27
MikyMousedexem_, and Webmin?19:27
dexem_well, I helped with ebox development, maybe that's the reason I choose it :)19:28
dexem_I see webmin as KDE 1.x full of options and old19:28
MikyMousedexem_, mmm, ok19:28
dexem_and ebox as gnome 2.2419:28
dexem_clean for the sysadmin19:29
dexem_and new19:29
dexem_maybe it's not the best review of both19:29
MikyMousedexem_, and what about Catalyst?19:29
dexem_don't know it19:29
dexem_I have to go19:29
dexem_good luck!19:29
kirklandmathiaz: ping19:36
kirklandmathiaz: could i trouble you to take a quick look at a patch?  sanity check?19:36
MikyMouseI am in LOVE WITH MY UBUNTU SERVER and I want you ALL TO KNOW19:39
kirklandmathiaz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/110426/19:42
kirklandtoo bad ivoks left ...19:42
MikyMouseis it possible to mount a newtork drive that is actually in another Win2003 server?19:53
MikyMouseI want to make a bakup to my Ubuntu server's files into tapes. But these tapes are used by another server we have under Win 2003. So I thought that I can make the Ubuntu server to send by cron the files to a win2003 mounted unit, that later will be recorded in the tapes19:56
MikyMouseAny idea?19:56
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/19:56
sommerMikyMouse: there's a section on Samba and AD, should be what you're looking for19:56
MikyMousesommer, let's see19:57
sommerMikyMouse: err http://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/19:57
sommerthat bot needs updated ;)19:57
MikyMouseso samba needs to be installed in the Ubuntu side?19:58
sommerMikyMouse: yeppers19:58
MikyMouseI don't have samba in my Laptopo Ubuntu computer, and I can access the network drives that are under Win230019:58
sommerMikyMouse: you probably have smbclient or smbfs19:59
MikyMousesommer, mmm, may be19:59
sommerMikyMouse: for a server you want samba19:59
MikyMousewell I have to read all this stuff XD19:59
MikyMousegone for a coffe20:00
MikyMouseso I just need to setup the Ubuntu server as SAMBA CLIENT20:00
MikyMouseok ok20:02
MikyMouseif my ubuntu computers were a little bit more..."human" I woudl have aan affair with them XD20:02
sommerMikyMouse: whoa, whoa... I can't condone human computer relations of that intimacy :-)20:03
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mathiazkirkland: reading your patch - which pkg ships /usr/bin/select-screen-profile?20:24
mathiazkirkland: screen-profiles?20:24
mathiazkirkland: IIUC it's a recommends rather than a dependency20:24
mathiazkirkland: if select-screen-profile in the screen wrapper file you should make sure it's there.20:25
Nafallomathiaz: screen-profiles, yes.20:25
mathiazkirkland: hm - nm. you mentionned it in the changelog20:25
mathiazkirkland: but you haven't posted the full debdiff20:26
Nafallolooks like select-s-p only do funky stuff with symlinks for the .screenrc :-)20:26
kirklandmathiaz: actually, i'm going a different route based on feedback from kees, to use dpkg-divert20:27
mathiazkirkland: hm - ok.20:27
kirklandmathiaz: something more like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/110449/20:32
mathiazkirkland: looks good to me.20:34
kirklandmathiaz: cool, thanks for the review ;-)20:34
kirklandmathiaz: i think it's more correct, as well.20:34
* kirkland tips his hat toward kees 20:34
Nafallokirkland: hmm. not sure it should be verbose about not finding the keybindings at startup... plan to fix that?20:41
kirklandNafallo: can you figure out a way to make the "source" line in screen a soft dependency?20:42
kirklandNafallo: it's easily "fixed" by re-running select-screen-profile20:42
Nafallokirkland: would if [ -e suffice?20:43
Nafalloor -f rather :-)20:44
kirklandNafallo: i don't think that's syntax understood by screen ....20:44
* Nafallo looks20:45
kirklandNafallo: we could patch screen itself, i suppose20:45
Nafallokirkland: yea. it hates if :-P20:47
kirklandNafallo: :-)20:47
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* Nafallo wonders how evil it would be to check for the file and create it before sourcing it...20:55
kirklandNafallo: that's what select-screen-profile will do20:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #322046 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32204620:56
Nafalloso a bit duplicated effort :-)20:56
kirklandNafallo: really, this should only affect "early adopters", users of a Jaunty alpha pacakge20:56
Nafallokirkland: i.e. me :-)20:56
Nafallonot worth the time :-)20:56
kirklandNafallo: well, you and a few other good friends of mine :-)20:56
kirklandNafallo: yes, it was a concern, i promise20:56
Nafalloalso... there are a -dark to select now... WIN!20:56
kirklandNafallo: you like?20:56
* Nafallo nods20:57
* kirkland too20:57
Nafallofits better with the rest of the darkroom theme ;-)20:57
kirklandNafallo: there's also F1220:59
Nafalloyea. I'm going to stay away of that one ;-)21:00
NafalloI never get out of locked screens :-P21:00
* kirkland waits for someone to patch cmatrix to prompt for a password to unlock :-021:01
* andol makes another antempt to see if someone would like to take a look at his suggested solution to bug #296952...21:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 296952 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysqlhotcopy failed on table with hyphen in name" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29695221:04
heath|workwhat's the easiest way to find out what version a package is that is in aptitude without installing it21:10
andolheath|work: I'd use apt-cache policy packagename21:11
jimcooncatwant to set up a new host to do kvm. Can I go with hardy, or would intrepid be easier?21:11
heath|workwow that's old... thanks andol21:12
mathiazsommer: it seems that the ebox packages for the intrepid SRU have already been uploaded21:13
mathiazsommer: why should new debdiff be prepared then?21:14
sommermathiaz: really?  sweet :)21:14
heath|workhow is ebox? I was looking at that the other day21:14
sommermathiaz: there were a few questions raised by cody-sommerville, but I guess they were addressed in the new packages21:14
sommermathiaz: most of the issues were with my changelog, which foolano probably used his own21:15
mathiazsommer: ah.. ok - this is why new debdiff have to be prepared then.21:15
sommerheath|work: ebox is super :)21:15
heath|worksays only 0.11.99 is in apt21:16
heath|worknevermind, they have there own repo21:16
heath|workebox sounds pretty awesome...21:22
redspireHey, is gnump3d in a repo normally accessible from a default ubuntu server install?22:25
redspire8.10, that is22:26
rdw200169gnump3d is very old and not a lot of work has gone into upgrading22:26
rdw200169but it works very well for what it is22:26
redspireI've used it before and think it's great, but I must be using the wrong name in apt -- 'gnump3d' doesn't match any packages.  Is there a way I can make an expanded search against the repos, via web or apt?22:29
redspireOh, you know, this server is running the PPC install, if that changes things.  I assumed the repos were the same, though.22:30
sorenredspire: They mostly are.22:31
sorenredspire: The only stuff that would differ is the very arch specific stuff (kernels, boot loaders, toolchain, etc.)22:31
rdw200169redspire, they may have taken it out, lemme check22:31
sorenredspire: gnump3d, however, was removed in Intrepid.22:31
rdw200169thanks soren22:32
rdw200169redspire, it's kinda fallen into disrepair because no development has taken place in quite a while22:32
sorenredspire: So the PPC machine likely just had it installed when it was running hardy.22:32
redspiresoren: Ahh, thanks for that.22:32
rdw200169redspire, i took a shot at the alternative (i can't remember the name) but i didn'22:32
rdw200169redspire, t like it b/c it insisted on usernames/passwords22:33
redspirerdw200169: That makes sense.  I appreciate your effort.22:33
sorenI've used the musicindex module for apache in a previous life. I was quite happy with that.22:34
redspireI'll probably just install it from the latest tarball, but since you two are here and paying attention, do you know of a better maintained alt?22:34
redspiresoren: thanks for preempting my question.  :)22:34
sorenI don't actually know gnump3d, but looking at the description, they seem to solve similar problems.22:35
rdw200169redspire, there's ampache, also22:36
rdw200169redspire, that's the one i was referring to22:36
sorenrdw200169: Oh, right.22:36
rdw200169it's pretty much the same as gnump3d with album covers and all that; i just didn't like the user/pass thing22:38
rdw200169see the demo: http://ampache.org/demo/index.php22:38
redspireCool, thanks for the tip.  I'm checking it out.  I appreciate both of your help -- I didn't realize there was a separate channel for ubuntu-server, so I'll probably stick around.  ;)22:39
sorenredspire: It's clearly where all the cool kids hang out :)22:43
redspiresoren: haha, obviously.  :)22:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #311277 in amavisd-new (universe) "amavisd-new broken user (again) Intrepid" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31127723:21
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