alex-weejbryce: any idea where the best place to put "xcalib /etc/display-profiles/someprofile" is for a crude configuration?00:05
alex-weeji've put it in my gdmrc but it only runs after i've logged in for some reason00:06
alex-weej(in terms of potentially being a standard thing in ubuntu)00:06
brycealex-weej: you want it to run prior to login?00:06
alex-weejwant it to run as soon as X even starts00:06
alex-weejthankfully it persists across s3 suspend now00:07
alex-weejand cheese/logout don't screw with the CLUT anymore00:07
alex-weejso it's actually pretty sufficient to just run it when X starts00:07
brycewould /etc/X11/Xsession.d be appropriate?00:07
bryceelse maybe fit it in with the session stuff in /etc/gdm00:07
alex-weejbryce: all of this runs as soon as X comes up?00:08
bryceyou may want to play around with it, but yeah00:08
alex-weejatm i've got it in /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default00:09
brycedepends on the persistence of the xcalib changes I guess00:09
brycehow's that working?00:09
alex-weejit doesn't affect GDM00:09
alex-weejas soon as i log in i see the colours change00:09
bryceyou mean, doesn't affect the login screen?00:09
* bryce nods00:09
bryceok, try in /etc/X11/Xsession.d next.  afaik that should apply for all X sessions including the gdm login screen00:10
alex-weejok i'll add a new file00:10
bryceI'm not sure when /etc/gdm/Init/* stuff gets invoked but you could try that as well00:10
brycemy guess is that it runs once only when gdm starts though00:11
alex-weeji think that should be fine00:12
alex-weejlet me try it00:12
alex-weejbryce: i added a 35display-profile to Xsession.d but it only did the same as my PreSession GDM thing00:18
alex-weejchanges colours when i log in00:18
brycewhat do you mean by 'changes colors'?00:19
alex-weejso i added it to the end of /etc/gdm/Init/Default and it seems to work flawlessly00:19
bryceah ok00:19
alex-weejapplies the CLUT00:19
alex-weejany idea if there's a way to get it to apply to X on an even lower level?00:19
alex-weej(other than hacking X --- that's what i'm trying to avoid for now)00:20
brycemaybe /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ?00:27
brycethere is also /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc although I'm not sure gdm uses that00:27
bryceanyway, I think we're running out of rc solutions :-)  so yeah next step would probably involve X hackery00:27
alex-weejok will have a play tomorrow00:47
brycetjaalton: btw the above libx11 issue turned out to just be an out-of-sync mirror01:25
tarimarihi guys06:55
brycehi tarimari07:25
tarimarii have put this xorg pushers ppa07:26
tarimarilatest xorg etc. i have intel07:26
tarimariand now my screen is very bright!07:26
tarimariby default07:26
tarimarihow i can change that07:26
tjaaltonbryce: I don't think the patch to the xkeyboard-config README is right, since the files in /usr aren't configuration files, and will be overwritten on upgrade07:32
tjaaltonI thin it can be configured on the desktop well enough so that the section could be removed completely07:33
tjaaltonand having configuration files in /usr would be against the policy AIUI07:36
bryceok, feel free to fix up as you think it should be07:37
tjaaltonwell, I don't know what it should look like :)07:40
tjaaltonmaybe evdev.xml should be symlinked to it07:41
tjaaltonI'll reply to the list first07:46
tarimariwhere are the devs of xorg pushers ppa?08:06
tjaaltonyou are lookin for tormod08:06
tarimarishould i wait tormod at this channel?09:07
tjaaltonmaybe, or email him09:08
tarimarihmm. where i may find his email? :)09:08
tarimarigoogle "tormod xorg" ?09:08
tarimariok thanks09:08
tjaaltonor the package changelogs09:08
tarimariok  i found09:10
tarimaritormod volden09:10
tjaaltonjcristau: libxcb1 Conflicts libxcb-xlib0, but since there's no Replaces libx11-6 and libxcb1 are held back on upgrades10:04
tjaaltonjcristau: this was probably because of "libxcb-xlib is no more"?10:05
tjaaltonseb128: ok, I've got a workaround for you.. put http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/drirc in /etc and restart X16:28
tjaaltonmight need to reboot too16:28
seb128tjaalton: ok thanks!16:28
tjaaltonseb128: is it a i965?16:29
tjaaltonthe gfx chip16:29
seb128tjaalton: yes16:29
tjaaltonok, so that'll work without modification16:29
seb128on a dell d630 laptop configuration16:29
tjaaltonconfirmed here.. I'll update mesa16:29
tjaaltonbryce: btw, I can't see any kind of a performance regressions since patch 107 was disabled from xorg-server16:36
brycesweet :-)16:36
tjaaltonat least on my intel16:37
tjaaltonok, jesse pointed out some mesa commits that might fix the vblank hangs16:57
tjaaltonI'll try them out later today16:57
tarimariguys i saw somewhere a krandrtray tool with gamma. what version is that, and where ican find it?17:07
brycetjaalton: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Graphs/totals.svg17:11
tjaaltonbryce: wider scale?17:52
brycetjaalton: yeah I've gone to setting the time scale to quarters17:54
brycetjaalton: I cleaned up xkeyboard-config yesterday, and it's interesting to see it produced a little drop in the totals17:55
tjaaltonbryce: yes, looks like it18:08
tjaaltonbad tuxpaint.. no way to maximize the window18:14
tjaaltonheh, altgr-sysrq-k really works19:12
tjaaltonno need for ctrl-alt-backspace19:13
tarimariguys how i can change the brightness of monitor at xorg?19:17
tarimarior the contrast19:18
tarimariare there somewhere these settings?19:18
tarimarithe console's black color is like grey19:18
tjaaltonwhat console?19:18
tarimariblack color anyway19:18
tarimariit is like grey19:18
tarimarikonsole - terminal window - command line19:18
tarimarithis change happened after installing tormod xorg files, i uninstalled and still this exists19:19
tarimarii can fix it by changing gamma19:19
tarimaribut i think there is problem with contrast19:19
tarimarihow can i reset these settings?19:22
tjaaltondon't know19:22
tjaaltonis it a laptop? have you tried shutting it down?19:28
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tarimari-- kde 4.2 final ready at kubuntu-experiment repo22:43
jcristautjaalton: i don't understand the problem with libx11/libxcb22:44

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