n00bzyi need some asistance using snort-mysql + base + ossec on a server install00:00
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Titan8990n00bzy: you probably want to see the snort IRC00:01
Titan8990n00bzy: snort is a very advanced topic00:01
laeg-failpike_: you spoke to me about this earlier on00:01
laeg-faili'm reinstalling my root partition and i have the root partition set to mount point: / - can someone just confirm that it's necessary for me to set my old almost full /home partition's mount point to /home and that doing so won't delete it or create a second home folder?00:01
mrglinuxno solution ?00:01
laeg-faili just need to be certain before i proceed with the installation because the data in /home part is so valuable00:01
pike_ laeg-fail yep00:01
laeg-failpty :D00:01
pike_laeg-fail: wait00:01
pike_laeg-fail: is /home on a seperate partition than / at the moment?00:02
estudiantefuxxy: Well, you were right, "wget --help|grep directory" would've done the trick, thanks anyway.00:02
laeg-failwell at the moment there is no /00:02
laeg-faili deleted it by mistake00:02
laeg-failbut /home has always had its own partition00:02
puffpike_: Okay, plugging in that ubuntu drive now...00:02
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pike_laeg-fail: ok in the ubuntu install choose 'manual' option and setup /home as mounted to /home before you write changes to disk make sure that the /home mount point is set to 'do not format' to be honest im normally so paranoid i setup home in fstab after the install but that should do it00:03
pike_laeg-fail: manually setup partition table i mean00:03
messeupis there a ubuntu eee channel ?00:03
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC00:03
puffpike_: Gotta live boot CD. I'm a little unclear on steps 3, sudo grub,  and 4, root (sdb1) and 5, setup (sda)00:03
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laeg-failpike. yeah it's not set to format - any chance this will create two /home dirs there? laeg and laeg2 maybe?00:04
messeupphorensic hehe.. can people stop eee ing :P i asked if ther was a channel not a howto :p00:04
laeg-failis it definitely necessary to tell the OS where the /home dir is or will it not just see it and see who has permission to it00:04
pike_laeg-fail: no ive used it before it mounts it and uses that for /home just like a /boot or whatever partition it should just work as long as you dont accidentally tell it to format the partition00:05
pike_laeg-fail: with ext3 all perms will be preserved as long as you create the same user name00:05
per_bitsi need some asistance using snort-mysql + base + ossec on a server install.. does anyone have experience with this setup00:05
DasBaumjemand bock auf quiznight?00:05
chronofiremy sound doesnt work it worked earlier what are possible reasons?00:06
n2diywhat is the equiv. to fdisk in Ubuntu?00:06
exodus_msmesseup: check the link from 'eee ing' there is info on IRC channel there ;P00:06
pike_puff: you have more than one hard drive in the new case?00:06
laeg-failok pike_ thanks, lets roll it :)00:06
pike_laeg-fail: remember i am not responsible for any monetary damage that may result :)00:08
laeg-failtell it to my lawyer :D00:08
laeg-failtell me, for the next install, does it matter much which sda has /, /home, linux swap and other os?00:09
BliceHi, how do I go about manually installing a GTK theme in Ubuntu? Usually I would just drop the folder containing the gtk2.0 folder into my /usr/share/themes, however, when I did this in Ubuntu the theme doesn't show up under "Controls" in the customize dialog in appearance settings.00:10
puffpike_: As it turns out, no, only one sata cable availabe, so it's trying to boot off the installed hard drive.00:10
pike_laeg-fail: not really in the old days people used to say to make swap first on the disk but anymore.. it doesnt matter00:10
HalaiI am experiencing a bug which is exactly the same as described in Bug 225975 in Launchpad. The issue has been confirmed resolved but I'm not sure how to resolve it on my end. Could someone help me out please00:10
phorensicmesseup: #ubuntu-eeepc00:11
pike_puff: so it should be trying to boot from that hd and looking at that mbr.  it doesnt boot ubuntu though?  ubuntu is already on the hard drive?00:11
per_bitsif i am in need of some assistance how do i go about getting help? do i just spam my question untill i get a response in here?00:11
Alice22hello i have a little problem my mouse left button has the setting changed how can i make it back like it was first time ? can eny whone help i can`t use my left, action button from my laptop ....00:11
phorensic1messeup: checking the links probably wouldn't hurt right?00:11
pike_per_bits: usually just ask and wait like 5 min before asking again00:12
* phorensic1 agrees with pike00:12
per_bitsthank pike00:12
puffIt appears that it did indeed boot from the old installed ubuntu drive.00:12
marrywhen I watch streaming videos from firefox I cannot play any music or video in my hard. but when I close firefox and try to play it goes well. Anyway to fix this?00:12
powertool08per_bits: Sometimes that works but not always, I'd ask google again and maybe in #snort, then check back here in ~30 min when new people have joined00:12
puffIt also appears that this keyboard is nonfunctional, looking for a functional one.00:12
HalaiI am experiencing a bug which is exactly the same as described in Bug 225975 in Launchpad. The issue has been confirmed resolved but I'm not sure how to resolve it on my end. Could someone help me out please00:13
pike_puff: yeah i mean if all you did is switch motherboard and stuff but kept hard drive order then only thing you may need to worry about is the video card driver if that has changed00:13
BliceHi, how do I go about manually installing a GTK theme in Ubuntu? Usually I would just drop the folder containing the gtk2.0 folder into my /usr/share/themes, however, when I did this in Ubuntu the theme doesn't show up under "Controls" in the customize dialog in appearance settings.00:13
Imaginativeone_how do I fix my streaming videos from chopping?00:13
phorensic1Blice: I think there is an installer for those.. appearances maybe?00:13
Blicephorensic1: I know but I need to know how to do it manually, that was my question :x00:14
pike_Blice: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy  may have something00:14
phorensic1Blice: you mean through a commandline?00:14
per_bitspowertools their is a #snort channle here00:14
Blicephorensic1: No I mean through copying files over.00:14
phorensic1Blice: ie. you dont have the original package?00:15
HalaiHow do I go about going from kernel linux-image-2.6.27-* to linux-image-2.6.26-*00:15
powertool08per_bits: On freenode yes, type "/join #snort"00:15
mrglinuxmy firefox open as offline always also i disable oofline00:15
Blicephorensic1: I have the folder with the gtk folder inside of it for installing. On my usual distrobution I just drop it into /usr/share/themes and it works fine, but not in Ubuntu.00:15
phorensic1Blice: hmm is it system preferences appearance.. then install? Is that the one you mean?00:16
pike_Halai: ls /boot and see if it is already installed as an old kernel if that is the case then you can just replace the kernel name and initrc in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:16
pike_Halai: by gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:16
Halaipike thanks.00:17
woopike - I think I might have cracked it thanks to you. It seems to be copying. I guess this takes the permissons away from the copy?00:17
ayfonhow do i change tab count of nano?00:17
sanguisdexso I am about the get a new phone, donr want/need a smart phone, but want to sync it with my codel sugestionsmputer, any mo00:18
throwtis there anything wrong with sending email to track.e.com where it's configured in bind like "track.e.com. A" "track.e.com. MX 10 track.e.com"00:18
sanguisdexcomputer.  any model sugestions *00:18
pike_woo: running nautilus as root is kinda the cheating way of doing it but it gets around those permissions problems00:19
woopike - cool, many thanks00:20
roothey, can someone tell me how to fix my resolution00:20
woopike - i understand i thinks00:20
ryanakcaHow can I manage remote IMAP mailboxes from the CLI? (Rename some, move others under mailbox foo, delete bar, create baz, etc)00:20
ryanakcaroot: What's wrong with it? Too high, too low?00:20
phorensic1root you can use the resolution option in system-preferences-screen resolution00:21
mrglinux firefox doesn open folder  , after i create new folder .. how can solve it? i want when i create folder that folder selected and when i press enter go to new folder and with second enter save my page00:21
rootryanakca: i had 1280x800 then i tried getting hdmi screen to work with it it didnt tried switching back to my old display it worked but xorg00:21
rootis mest up now00:21
phorensic1root you can also try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:21
ryanakcaroot: Tried restarting X (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) or try what phorensic1 says00:21
rootphorensic1: thats it :) i tried reconfigure xserver, xserver-config, xorg00:22
rootand other stuff00:22
rootryanakca: i already tried that lots :)00:22
mrglinuxdoes any one read my problem ?00:22
phorensic1root remember to try tab autocomplete if you forget some commands00:22
pike_root: can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log?  or just the tail end of it?00:22
rootdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg only asked me about my keyboard00:22
pike_root: it autodetects most stuff but it is re-writting the config file00:23
phorensic1root nvidia card?00:23
Titan8990root: that is because you didn't sudo it00:23
pike_or that :)00:23
spencercornynhello i use wubi to install ubuntu... where can is the location of windows in file manager?00:23
Titan8990root: it should ask you about everything except for video card, with current setting already highlighted00:23
phorensic1spencercornyn: hmmm try the places tab?00:23
Alinonany memtest guru's in the house?00:24
spencercornynit just shows computer00:24
phorensic1try network places?00:24
PerogiesI have suse installed on my computer in a dual boot with ubuntu. Can I run that suse install at the same time as ubuntu?00:24
mrglinuxnobody don't pay attention to me?00:24
Alinonfor some reason when i run memtest it shows different timings and mhz then the bios does00:24
spencercornynphorensic1: there is no windows partition as wubi installed ubuntu inside windows...00:24
n8tuserPerogies -> only if one is running on a VM00:24
rootalright :) http://ross.plan9.de/xorg00:24
pike_spencercornyn: i THINK wubi creates a ext2 or fat formatted file in windows and then boots that? if that is the case then you couldnt navigate to it in windows00:25
rootno its an intel00:25
rootand yes i ran it as root im not stupid :)00:25
phorensic1spencercornyn: true but i was thinking it would pick it up through the workgroup? I've never tried wubi and for good reasons :-p00:25
Titan8990Perogies: yes, with special configuration and VM, I have "heard" it could be done00:25
werdnumThere's a better method than Wubi.00:25
Perogiesxen or virtual box00:25
phorensic1pike_: he wants to navigate to windows withiin linux not the otherway around from what i can tell00:26
Perogiesor what?00:26
pike_phorensic1: oh :)00:26
n8tuserPerogies -> openvz too00:26
puffpike_: well, it's a web server, so it looks all cool.00:26
rootanyoen make anything of that file?00:26
pike_root: i got a 403 on that link00:27
njs_Can I have anyone's xorg.conf file? Nothing is working, and I can't bother to learn the syntax and read my laptop00:27
njs_'s specs.00:27
phorensic1root yes access denied00:27
Alinonfor some reason when i run memtest it shows different timings and mhz then the bios does - like it should show ddr1066, but memtest is showing like 935 O.o00:27
phorensic1root use pastebin00:27
Titan8990njs_: what video card are you using?00:27
spencercornynphorensic1: i am in linux and want to navigate to windows folders with nautilus... where is the folder... wubi was my installer and there is no partition00:27
rootno pastebin, ill chmod it :)00:27
unoproot, you'll have to populate xorg.conf yourself .. the new xorg is supposed to be autoconfiguring00:27
njs_It's from Nvidia.00:28
phorensic1spencercornyn: I understand this, i am not sure where this would be as i havent used wubi.. did you look in /media?00:28
Titan8990njs_: using proprietary or open source drivers?00:28
rooty'all can read the fiel now00:28
njs_I *think* their proprietary.00:28
mrglinuxgnome-system-monitor doesn't run in user and crash before viewing the window00:28
njs_Woops, I mean they're00:29
spencercornynphorensic1: yes i did...00:29
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brotherhandI'm having some unexplained sound breakup from jack, can anybody cast some light on this? no xruns, dsp generally stays under 5%, no messages or system log to explain it...00:29
n8tusernjs_ -> try dexconf     man dexconf00:29
rooti just did dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -a00:29
njs_It works, but the res is 800x60000:30
kouyaspencercornyn: you can click Places > Computer > Filesystem > host (if you installed useing wubi)00:30
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pike_root: were you trying to use another port on the vid card and then then happened?  its like it needs to be told to use vga or something00:31
Titan8990njs_: http://pastebin.com/m129c52b500:31
weatherkidHey can someone help me ? I am trying to convince my BOE to switch to Edubuntu LSTP. I need facts, figures, PowerPoint. Everything. Thanks a million!00:31
mrglinuxgnome-system-monitor doesn't run in user and crash before viewing the window00:31
Titan8990njs_: be warned of the resolution.... you will probably want to change that00:31
spencercornynkouya: is that the filesystem? i was able to access it sometime ago.. and it showed windows files... == in an actual folder00:31
njs_Wow, you must have a huge monitor...00:32
kouyaspencercornyn: yes i pick up my windows files form /host ^^00:33
Titan8990njs_:its a 24 but I have seen that resolution on 17' laptop screens00:33
spencercornynoh ok... kouya thanks... so how can i scan it with clamav... do i write just /host? or root/host? etc?00:34
cyphaseif i want to access samba via ssh forwarding, what port do i have to forward? 138?00:34
kouya(sorry i installed ubuntu 3 days ago)  i dont know00:34
Titan8990njs_: if you want to change it to the open source drivers you just change: Driver "nvidia"     to:    Driver "nv"00:35
spencercornynok thanks...00:35
cbwcjwweatherkid: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/intro-why.html00:35
roothmm idk00:35
rootim jsut using my laptpo00:35
Titan8990njs_: and comment: Option"Composite""enable"00:35
rootlaptop default monitor00:35
cbwcjwweatherkid: http://www.edubuntu.org/Documentation00:35
n2diywhat is the equiv. to fdisk in Ubuntu?00:35
kouyaantivirus is it nessesary?00:36
rascal999im trying to install webcam on ubuntu and it works on this machine but not another (same ubuntu distro) dmesg here http://pastebin.com/d554ed8cc00:36
Titan8990n2diy: ubuntu has the fdisk command00:36
rootthe problem arrised when i tried plugging a hdtv to my laptop00:36
rootwith hdmi port and used gnome-display settings00:36
n2diyTitan8990: thanks, will it run from a floppy?00:36
padihi all00:37
Titan8990n2diy: no but you can use it from the live cd.... or from an install or liveCD of really any linux distro00:37
pike_rascal999: do you have access to the old computer?  can you plug in the webcam and do a lsmod to see what driver its loading?00:38
padiabout procmail: how can I make it apply the rules to mails, that are in my INBOX rather than only for new incoming mails?00:38
XintruderDoes ubuntu come with more drivers installed, or windows xp?00:38
Xintruderwhere do i find this comparison information00:38
padiI meant: "... that are ALREADY in my inbox"00:39
rascal999pike_: the computer it works on or the other?00:39
n2diyTitan8990: ok, I'm trying to take a Windows drive to bare metal, and restore it.00:39
cptr13Xintruder...I cant say for sure but I'd have to guess Ubuntu.  Ubuntu detects most my stuff out of the box consistantly.  With Vista, I have to load them from the driver disc00:39
pike_rascal999: the computer that works.  im wondering if you need to maybe blacklist a module or modprobe a diff module00:39
rascal999videodev               43136  1 sn9c10200:39
Titan8990n2diy: do you have a linux install or livecd?00:39
rascal999on the one it doesn't work00:40
rascal999videodev               29440  2 gspca,sn9c10200:40
n2diyTitan8990: yes I do.00:40
rascal999on the other00:40
rascal999gspca, i swear i installed that on the other machine00:40
Titan8990n2diy: you can use that, just do sudo fdisk from the terminal00:40
n2diyTitan8990: ok, thanks.00:41
Titan8990padi: procmail is a delivery agent, I am not sure it can be configured to modify mail already in your inbox00:42
puffpike_: Interesting.... so I'm tooling along fine, doing a mysqldump on the old ubuntu drive, actually at this point I'm gzipping up the mysqldump file, and the console prints "BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!" and now the keyboard doesn't work.00:43
padiTitan8990: I agree, but it's 3000 mails that need to be sorted somehow...00:43
kitchepadi: have to use your email client or something to sort it out00:43
gbear14275is this the correct way to restart apache? apachectl -k graceful00:43
Titan8990padi: mbox or maildir format?00:43
gbear14275and does that work on apache2?00:44
padiTitan mbox00:44
padiTitan8990: mbox00:45
|Zippo|anybody is having DVD/CD recorders troubles?00:45
somethingtodoanyone else have issues playing cnn video?  Hulu and youtube play okay, but CNN has like 1-2 second feezes every few seconds... makes it unwatchable.  Not sure if it's a bandwidth thing or something with flash...00:45
phorensicwith brasero it was failing k3b was working for me |Zippo|00:46
mortuis99is there a way to see a list of installed apps/packages?00:46
padiwell, I keep googling, thnx Titan899000:46
redvamp128|Zippo|:  I did for a while -- but for me gnomebaker worked.. Brasero just kept giving errors..00:47
|Zippo|redvamp128: it even not opening my DVDs00:47
mortuis99is there a way to see a list of installed apps/packages? in command line?00:47
rdogвсем привет00:47
ortsvorsteher!ru | rdog00:47
ubotturdog: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:47
redvamp128!ru rdog00:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ru rdog00:47
redvamp128!ru | rdog00:47
redvamp128|Zippo|:  I thought you were talking about burning them00:48
thehook_Hello =) I have made a simple shell script to convert a all fresh Ubuntu 8.10 install into a up and running up-to-date lightweight Nginx webserver with PHP support and MySQL, automatically with only one required user input (MySQL root password). And I would love some feedback! And maybe someone have some suggestions on how I can avoid the big blue screen asking for MySQL password? The script are located on http://insecure.no/2009/01/easy-n00:48
somethingtodomortuis99:   dpkg --get-selections00:49
redvamp128|Zippo|:  to play dvd's you may need to look at this page.. it is what got them playing for me.... on my other system How-To: Play DVD under Ubuntu | Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks <http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-play-dvd-under-ubuntu-linux>00:49
EnissayIs there a way to download files from megaupload/rapidshare using wget?00:49
rdogno  ru ?(00:49
jribEnissay: sure, google "rapidshare wget"00:49
Titan8990Enissay: there are also GUI clients as well00:50
Enissayi'm searching...00:50
redvamp128|Zippo|:  also look at this page RestrictedFormats - Community Ubuntu Documentation <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats>00:50
jribEnissay: the first result is decent00:50
|Zippo|redvamp128: it's not00:51
Cpudan80thehook_: paste that link on one line00:51
BillyBoy9Is shizzle on?00:51
Bitfishthehook_, you are using lighttpd in your script, not nginx00:52
mortuis99somethingtodo how can i print the output to a text file?00:52
Bitfishthehook_, besides that, its very (very very) poorly written00:52
jribmortuis99: COMMAND > FILE00:52
redvamp128|Zippo|: that is what got mine to play -- that and also turning compiz off.....00:52
Bitfishthehook_, and probably pretty insecure00:52
thehook_Cpudan80: http://insecure.no/2009/01/easy-nginx-php-and-mysql-installer-script/00:52
woowould I be able to repair an installation just by clicking the instal link on the live disk desktop00:53
Cpudan80thehook_: can you just post the source code? I cant download anything atm00:53
Bitfishthehook_, thats not nginx in your script :)00:53
thehook_Bitfish: it is nginx, but it uses spawn-fcgi from the lighttpd package00:53
somethingtodomortuis99:  redirect the output to a file:    yourcommand > thefile.txt00:53
Cpudan80and Im for sure not going to execute it as root ;-)00:53
DoctaEntropyHello, I need some help. I tried to mount my external hard drive, and have had some difficulties. It's a western digital 500GB that I formatted to NTFS not too long ago and pretty much all it has is a lot movies. I just installed a dual boot with ubuntu, and wanted to mount it. I created the mount point /media/external1 and then modified /etc/fstab. However, when I try to mount it, it tells me I have to force it. So when I do00:53
Bitfishthehook_, its still very poorly written00:53
Bitfishthehook_, you don't even check if the user has root rights00:53
thehook_Bitfish: that's why im looking for feedback and help :) It is basically just ripped apart from some tutorials and inserted in a shell script00:54
Bitfishthehook_, you have to completely rewrite the script, to make it useful00:55
woowould I be able to repair an installation just by clicking the instal link on the live disk desktop00:55
Brack10Ubuntu isn't detecting my LCD flat panel's max resolution, so I edited xorg.conf per the forums to make it force the setting and I've had no luck.  Can anyone help?00:55
thehook_Bitfish: any suggestions on what "features" the script should have? I'm not the worlds best shell scripter but I can always learn :P00:56
BitfishBrack10, did you installed the newest drivers for your videocard?00:56
Cpudan80Brack10: you want to use xrandr00:56
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1200:57
Brack10Bitfish: yep00:57
Brack10Cpudan80: okey dok, thanks00:57
BitfishBrack10, okay, see the link above then00:57
Cpudan80Brack10: that assumes your drivers are OK00:57
Cpudan80Brack10: fyi LVDS is a laptop screen (the article talks about it)00:57
thehook_Bitfish: Any chance of you wanting to help me with it? If you think it may be interesting of course :)00:57
Bitfishthehook_, first of all, you have to do some checks, like if the user has root rights, etc00:57
somethingtodoanyone else have issues playing cnn video?  Hulu and youtube play okay, but CNN has like 1-2 second feezes every few seconds... makes it unwatchable.  Not sure if it's a bandwidth thing or something with flash...  anyone having that same issue?00:57
redvamp128somethingtodo:  could you provide a link to the video you are having isues to...00:59
redvamp128somethingtodo:  and also is it Cnn usa or international?00:59
somethingtodocnn usa:   http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2009/01/26/costello.obama.hate.groups.cnn00:59
xMopxAnyone know if putting a 2.5" sata drive in an enclosure intended for 3.5" sata drives work?01:00
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thehook_xMopx: does the connectors fit?01:01
corinthCan anyone guess as to about how long it'll take to get KDE 4.2 into the repos?01:01
mortuis99somethingtodo thank you.  im at a linux club meeting01:02
usr13corinth: No01:02
_Vi_corinth: it will be awhile01:02
ricardohi need some help with resolv.conf01:02
corinth_Vi_: What's your definition of "a while"?01:02
_Vi_!latest | corinth (And this is why)....01:02
ubottucorinth (And this is why)....: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.01:02
ayfonhello i have written a program that checks if samba is stopped and if so starts it. the problem is, to test the program i stopped samba and run the program with sudo. everything was ok. then i tried to add the program to cron, i added the program to the crontab of root to run once in every 5 minutes, stopped samba, and waited for 5 minutes. after 5 minutes i've seen nothing is changed. i have checked the file /var/log/syslog01:02
njs_The new Xorg.conf didn't work; it can't find any screens...01:02
dtoljI have created a new umask in /etc/profiles, how to apply it?01:03
usr13ricardo: What do you need?01:03
redvamp128somethingtodo:  For me it is doing it-- 8.04.2 and flash 901:03
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ricardothe connection overwrite my dns in resolv.conf, using gnome ppp01:03
_Vi_corinth: because ubuntu doesnt focus on bleeding edge software01:03
ricardoany help01:03
redvamp128somethingtodo:  though I think it is not a Ubuntu Issue but a Flash issue.. You have version 9,0,152,0 installed01:03
usr13ricardo: Basically you need nameserver ###,###,##,#01:03
ricardohow usr13?01:04
Titan8990ricardo: dhcp will write your resolv.conf, are you using dhcp?01:04
guest164827what is the channel for NetworkManager?01:04
ricardosure it overwrites it01:04
MydNyteFlyte12Hi everyone!  Need help with an external HDD using Super Ubuntu....formatted and external 1TB USB HDD in ext3 and having issues.  I can unmount and mount, and unable access file that was created and and have no persmission to write or read..............01:04
U-b-u-n-t-uwhat channel is used for vid help?01:04
redvamp128somethingtodo:  though I can see that pausing the video and waiting to play until whole bar turns red -- fully loaded it does not skip the sound as bad.01:04
ricardohow can i avoid overwriting?01:05
Titan8990ricardo: no, I didn't think it overwrote it....01:05
usr13ricardo: cat >> nameserver    hit enter and then a line:  nameserver ###.###.##.#   and then Ctrl-D01:05
Kornholequick and stupid question: I just changed my resolution to something WAY too small, and can't get it back because the screen resolution window is cut off, can anyone tell the the keyboard shortcuts to get the resolution changed? (I'm on 8.10 btw)01:05
cornwallhi, I've been working towards getting a bug proposed and someone mentioned sending the bug upstream01:05
somethingtodorevamp128:  huh... according to about:plugins, 8.10 has flv set to be played by:  Totem Web Browser Plugin 2.24.301:05
cornwallHow would I go about that?01:05
usr13ricardo: In other words, you must need a valid domain name server address after the word "nameserver" on a line by itself01:05
redvamp128somethingtodo:  when I click on the player it says flash is playing01:05
cornwallall I can find at the moment are some wikis on what it is, not what to do01:06
ricardoyes usr13 i have one01:06
ricardousr13 the problem is that it changes every time i reboot01:06
ricardoi configured gnome ppp with my dns and resolv.conf too01:06
cellofellowhow do I re-enable a network printer that has been disabled because I tried to print while disconnected?01:06
usr13ricardo: Oh, well then your router is giving out wrong info. The problem is with the router.01:06
ricardoi dont have a router01:07
ricardoi checked resolv.conf and it changes every time01:07
thehook_Anyone know how to suppress the big blue screen asking for MySQL root password when installing mysql-server?01:07
bukowskii have a Thompson TG585v7 router. can someone help me find the configuration page?01:07
usr13ricardo: as long as  you have your system set to DHCP, then it's going to ask the router for IP info and enter it into the proper places, and that includes the nameserver IPs01:07
bukowskihow can i see the ip of my router?01:08
ricardousr13 how can i unset DHCP?01:08
* cellofellow figured it out, have open system-config-printer.01:08
usr13ricardo: In other words, you have a DHCP server on your lan that is giving out a nameserver address, and if that nameserver address is wrong, you will have to change it.01:08
ricardousr13 how?01:08
usr13ricardo: Set  to static01:08
ricardoi have static dns01:09
CareBear\hello all! is there anything I can do about the 8.10 install cd being incredibly slow when run in VMware ?01:09
redvamp128burkmat:  should be able to use network tools traceroute01:09
Titan8990ricardo: use the network manager or configure it in /etc/network/interfaces01:09
usr13ricardo: Use a static IP that is outside the pool that the DHCP server is using, set default route and add a valid nameserver IP to resolv.conf01:09
redvamp128bukowski:  I mean -- shoudl be able to use network tools and traceroute01:09
Titan8990CareBear\: I would use the alternate cd01:10
usr13ricardo: You can use the natwork manager to do all that if you like.01:10
redvamp128bukowski:  should be the second hop in that tool01:10
CareBear\Titan8990 : ok? why is that? (talk technical, I've been running Linux for a long time, just never ubuntu)01:10
thehook_bukowski: usually it is your IP address, except the last digit is .1 (ex your IP then router probably is
Titan8990CareBear\: the alternate CD is just an installer, no LiveCD01:11
Z_GodI'm trying to install jaunty, but it asks me for a mirror01:11
redvamp128bukowski:  goto system -- administration -- the network tools -- the traceroute and should be the second hop in the trace01:11
Z_Godwhat can I fill in there?01:11
CareBear\Titan8990 : ok, text based install? that sounds good.01:11
_Vi_Z_God: join #ubuntu+101:11
Z_Godok, thx01:11
ricardook thank you01:11
Titan8990CareBear\: it also helps to run the VM straight from an image if you are not already01:11
ricardoi'm gonna try01:11
cornwallThere's a somewhat simple bug that's affecting the en_us locale that noone that it affects can sort out01:11
cornwallthe compose key is backwards01:12
ricardoi'll be back01:12
CareBear\Titan8990 : the .iso you mean? sure, doing that already.01:12
Titan8990CareBear\: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate01:12
CareBear\Titan8990 : thanks!01:12
usr13ricardo: Default gateway IP would be the routers IP01:12
Titan8990CareBear\: np01:12
cornwallany ideas?01:12
MydNyteFlyte12Hi everyone!  Need help with an external HDD using Super Ubuntu....formatted and external 1TB USB HDD in ext3 and having issues.  I can unmount and mount, and unable access file that was created and and have no persmission to write or read.........any ideas???01:13
bruenigwhat is super ubuntu01:14
adyehi everyone.. i tried the lastest ubuntu lts  Hardy Heron  8.04 LTS ...and firefox.. video-plug in not work really good..any idea how i can resolve the issue??01:14
MydNyteFlyte12just Ubutu with all all media apps installed01:14
ayfonhello i have written a program that checks if samba is stopped and if so starts it. the problem is, to test the program i stopped samba and run the program with sudo. everything was ok. then i tried to add the program to cron, i added the program to the crontab of root to run once in every 5 minutes, stopped samba, and waited for 5 minutes. after 5 minutes i've seen nothing is changed. i have checked the file /var/log/syslog01:14
bruenigwhy would you waste your time using something like that01:14
bukowskican someone please help me make a LAN between two ubuntu-pc's via crossover cable?01:15
LinuxJunkestill having issues with my 9400GT on my Tv01:15
kingbillythe route command will tell you the default gateway/route01:15
MydNyteFlyte12its really ubuntu 8.1001:15
MydNyteFlyte12i should rephrase my question  :-)01:15
tsuna27how do i change thee background while using compiz01:15
Titan8990bukowski: did you configure both computers to have ips on the same network?01:15
comicinker1help: can I use tar that way that it follows symbolic links? -h only strores a information about the link, and doesn't follow the directory it links to. please help01:15
Titan8990tsuna27: the background behind the cube?01:15
bukowskiTitan8990, i dont know how to do this :(01:15
MydNyteFlyte12Hi everyone!  Need help with an external HDD using Ubuntu 8.10....formatted and external 1TB USB HDD in ext3 and having issues.  I can unmount and mount, and unable access file that was created and and have no persmission to write or read..............01:15
tsuna27titan8990 nope just the wallpaper01:16
somethingtodoredvamp128:  it was compiz.   Disabling it fixed the issue...  doh.01:16
Titan8990bukowski: let me see if I can find a guide01:16
adyeits a common problem... with LTS 8.04 ?   firefox surfing ...not reallly good..bug error, java bug, video bug.etc?and how i can resolve that01:16
Titan8990tsuna27: right click -> change desktop background01:16
MydNyteFlyte12bruenig: your reply was empty01:16
bukowskiTitan8990, i'm goodgling for 1 hour :) i would really appreciate it if you could find me the right guide.01:16
bruenigMydNyteFlyte12: your reasons for using super ubuntu are empty01:16
tsuna27titan8990: thanks01:16
sanguisdexso I am about the get a new phone, don't want/need a smart phone, but want to sync the addressbook and calender with evolution any suggestions01:17
BCampbellhow does one make the "documents" folder in the home directory open the "my documents" folder on a windows ntfs partition?  is it a symlink I need?01:17
Dr_willisBCampbell,  yes  'ln -s oneplace  /path/to/otherplace01:17
redvamp128somethingtodo:  also compiz messes with wine too-- so glad to hear you fixed the issue... For me -- pausing the videos and letting the buffer build up makes videos play the best for me.. (Road Runner Light here)01:17
BCampbellDr_willis, thanks01:17
MydNyteFlyte12bruenig: regardless are you able to assist with the external HDD issue?01:17
adyeso nobody use LTS 8.04?01:17
comicinker1BCampbell: drag and drop while Alt pressed01:18
kingbillybukowski: keep in mind that new LAN will have to be on a different subnet than any other network devices you have on those computers (wireless, additional nic card)01:18
Titan8990bukowski: look at the bottom of this article: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/426/501:18
redvamp128adye:  yes I have 8.04.2 here01:18
laegis there a guide on how to install up to date software that doesn't come from the repo, or than comes at a .tar.br2 file?01:18
bukowskilets see...01:18
bruenigMydNyteFlyte12: how are you mounting it01:18
Titan8990bukowski: you need configure your addresses to that, or something similar to that01:18
bruenigMydNyteFlyte12: are you trying to read and write as root01:18
U-b-u-n-t-uwhat is the help channel for compiz etc01:18
BCampbellcomicinker1, will try thanks01:18
bukowskiill try and tell you, Titan8990.01:19
redvamp128adye:  I don' thave that issue -- videos play fine for me-- so do flash--01:19
adyeok redvamp128... i have problem..with firefox.... video plug-in bug... java bug,  sometimes , flash bug with some animation too... and...more.... ? do you experience the same01:19
laegpike_: seems to have worked, needed to install flash, azureus and irssi so far though LD01:19
MydNyteFlyte12bruenig: i cannot because I don't  have permission, I tried running commands in the terminal and still unable read and write01:19
exodus_msU-b-u-n-t-u: what chat client are you using?01:19
redvamp128adye:  goto about: Plugins and pastbin that page so I can know what version of what you have...01:20
comicinker1MydNyteFlyte12: maybe the file system contains errors and is mounted read only01:20
lietzmkjava dosn't work on my ubuntu 8.10 how do debug it01:20
Titan8990U-b-u-n-t-u: do /join #compiz-fusion01:20
exodus_msU-b-u-n-t-u: you can get a list of channels by going to Server->List of Channels, in the 'Find" box type 'Compiz'01:20
U-b-u-n-t-uthanks exodus_ms01:21
adyeMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; fr; rv: Gecko/2008121621 Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy) Firefox/3.0.501:21
laegpike_: seems to have worked, needed to install flash, azureus and irssi so far though LD01:21
laegugh miss message01:21
U-b-u-n-t-uand Titan8990 thanks to you too01:21
bruenigMydNyteFlyte12: you don't have permission to be root?01:21
laegis there a guide on how to install up to date software that doesn't come from the repo, or than comes at a .tar.br2 file?01:21
bruenig!compiling | laeg01:21
ubottulaeg: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:21
Titan8990U-b-u-n-t-u: np01:21
redvamp128adye:  here is my plugins.. http://pastebin.ca/131912101:21
laegbruenig: does that apply to binaries?01:21
MydNyteFlyte12comicinker1: suggesting that use another filesystem? trying to stay away from XP01:21
brueniglaeg: that tutorial doesn't no01:22
laegbruenig: have you got one for me? :)01:22
Sonic_Xhi kira01:22
brueniglaeg: it depends on the setup. It is pretty straight forward.01:22
laegthe read me with the program says to put it in the azureus folder and run the script01:22
MydNyteFlyte12bruenig: i can change to root in the terminal but can't access much else after that, not sure what I am doing wrong or if I missed a step01:22
laegbruenig: care to enlighten me?01:22
=== Octoroks__ is now known as Octoroks
comicinker1MydNyteFlyte12: you said it's ext3. it could have errors. have a look at dmesg, it will tell you if it contains errors01:23
brueniglaeg: azureus is a garbage application, but what it wants you to do is extract and run a program in it01:23
adyeredvamp..where i go..to find plug-ins list01:23
adyein firefox01:23
redvamp128adye:  about:(nospace)plugins typed at the address bar01:23
laegbruenig: Start Azureus by running the script named 'azureus'; ex. "./azureus"01:23
bruenigMydNyteFlyte12: so you have not tried to write files to the hard drive as a root user01:23
redvamp128that is a : and a p01:23
brueniglaeg: extract the tarball, then run the script named azureus01:23
kittykatanyone reporting problems connecting to ubuntuserver or freenode ? I can'T connect from my own comp , can,t fgure out why, I can connect toevery other channel no issue01:24
laegbruenig: bruenig but where is a good place to store the dir?01:24
* kittykat is usualy knonwn as Pelo01:24
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:24
MydNyteFlyte12comicinker1: okay thanks I formatted the external HDD with gparted01:24
brueniglaeg: /opt01:24
redvamp128adye:  type about: (no space between) plugins01:24
MydNyteFlyte12bruenig: no not as yet, I tried running commands as root from the terminal...but nothing  :(01:24
redvamp128adye:  for me pidgin keeps giving me strange faces01:24
comicinker1MydNyteFlyte12: fsck might have done the job, too01:25
comicinker1help: can I use tar that way that it follows symbolic links? -h only strores a information about the link, and doesn't follow the directory it links to. please help01:25
adyeok where i past the result01:25
PSPdemonwhat the hell01:25
redvamp128adye:  try pastebin.ca01:25
redvamp128adye:  www.pastebin.ca01:25
realmattI have a problem with mplayer freezing on intrepid.  My mouse still moves however I can't change to a terminal or terminate mplayer I have to do a hard shutdown.01:25
bruenigMydNyteFlyte12: ok so what you need to do is try to create a file as root in that partition01:26
Sonic_Xyou here01:26
axisysmy webcam is capable of catching audio.. how do I play it ?01:26
laegbruenig: i'm being told i don't have the right permissions. also, the dir is empty, is there any reason i don't store it with the rest of my programs wherever they are?01:26
axisysfor video I just use motion to /dev/video001:26
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=== sisto1 is now known as sisto
adyeok redvamp01:27
bukowskii managed to make a wired network via crossover01:28
brueniglaeg: because according to the filesystem hierarchy standard any program which does not follow the FHS conventions goes in /opt01:28
bukowskibut now how can i make filetransfer?01:28
redvamp128adye:  at least I speak some francais -- oui= yes01:28
adyeok at least..ihihih01:28
laegbruenig: ok, i'll google fhs conventions, can you tell me how to make it let me put a program there even though it says i don't have the right permissions?01:28
brueniglaeg: you use root01:28
nuvenehi im looking for some help installing a game in playonlinux01:28
adyemaybe i should change my ubuntu toward english! ... alll the room is english01:29
redvamp128adye:  part of it could be you are running Flash 10-- for me I run 901:29
redvamp128!fr | adye01:29
ubottuadye: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr01:29
redvamp128adye:  Pm?01:29
laegbruenig: is there a way to perform a sudo file operation through gnome?01:29
adyeok redvamp01:29
mortuis99how do a clear the cache in synaptic?01:30
Titan8990bukowski: are you able to ping one computer from the other?01:30
bukowskiTitan8990, i dont know how to ping. BUT it says "connec ted" to both of them, so i  suppose it is ok with the connection01:31
Titan8990bukowski: were you able to set there addresses?01:31
bukowskiTitan8990, yes :)01:31
mortuis99how do a clear the cache in synaptic?01:32
nuveneim looking for help on installing games in playonlinux... I have one installed but i cant get another to install... The playonlinux room was dead01:32
Titan8990bukowski: what addresses did you use? the same ones in the article?01:32
S7UMPYhello world.01:32
bukowskiTitan8990, yes.01:32
Titan8990bukowski: get on the computer you gave the address to, open a terminal, type: ping
bukowskiTitan8990, ehm... to do this i have to disconnect the internet cable :)01:33
bukowskii suppose that the network is... pingable, though :)01:34
mortuis99how do a clear the cache in synaptic?01:34
Titan8990bukowski: yes, you should be able to ping one computer from another01:34
poutineIs there anyway to completely disable pulseaudio and switch back to primarily using alsa?01:34
Titan8990bukowski: it will verify that the configuration is correct01:34
bukowskiTitan8990, supposing that i am, how can i transfer files?01:34
Mulderi'm using the xserver-xorg-video-ati driver on an ati mobility radeon x300, ubuntu 8.10 and a thinkpad t43. the suspend to ram feature doesnt work at all. it makes my screen black and then the system becomes unresponsive.  is there any way to fix it? (fglrx driver works though)01:34
comicinker1mortuis99: apt-get clean01:34
Titan8990bukowski: what operating systems are the computers running?01:35
totzillois there a way to ssh into a remote machine and have the whole desktop redirected to the original machine and use a DISPLAY :1 so u can do ctl alt f8 and seee one desktop and ctl alt f7 for the other ?01:35
exodus_mspoutine: I have a link to troubleshooting pulseaudio from the forums, do you want to take a look?01:35
poutineI want to disable it01:35
poutinenot troubleshoot it01:35
laegbruenig: cool, i have the dir now in my opt dir using the sudo cli, the read me says i just need to run the script azureus now and gives an example of ./azureus, but when i type that nothing happens?01:35
poutinelinus should have gotten on the whole audio problem before OSS/ALSA matured01:36
brueniglaeg: cd into the extracted directory and run that command01:36
axisyshow do I convert the audio in /dev/audio0 to audio file?01:36
bruenigit is not even a command it is a path to the executable that you are providing01:36
poutineI know there's got to be many others who hate pulseaudio as much as me01:36
bruenig. is the current directory, so there needs to be a file in the current directory called azureus which is executable01:36
bukowskiTitan8990, ubuntu and xubuntu.01:36
exodus_mspoutine: I believe you can just select alsa everything01:36
kitchepoutine: so don't use it alsa and pulseaudio are just work arounds for OSS really01:36
poutineexodus_ms, Where? In Ksolitaire?01:36
laegbruenig: hold that though, sorry i thought i was in there but i'm only in opt. i think i have it from here, thanks for your help, and i'm only using azureus because last time i checked it's the only client capable of shuffling inactive seeding torrents for others in the queue to help with ratio01:37
exodus_mspoutine: sure try that, let me know how it goes01:37
poutineexodus_ms, you gave a poor answer01:37
poutineI was pointing that out01:37
poutinenot that I don't appreciate any help given01:37
poutinejust "Select <x>" when you don't specify _where_ is pretty useless01:38
PeddyHow do I automatically install all dependencies for source code that I downloaded via apt?01:38
nameless`what is the common balise to reduce the size of the police ?01:38
exodus_mspoutine: you seem to know enough about how certain things get integrated into a release, surley you can figure out how to kill pulseaudio?01:38
jbebelAnyone else having network installs fail?  Looks like prat.canonical.com is being slow to respond and some package downloads are timing out.  Is it just my location?01:38
nameless`i tried \documentclass[twocolumn,9pt]{article}01:39
Titan8990bukowski: so you are sending multiple GBs?01:39
nameless`but it didn't works01:39
poutineexodus_ms, Yes, I'm more than aware of how to kill it, in fact, I'm even more aware that it's silently crashing/stopping. Unfortunately everything seems to want to still use pulseaudio01:39
bukowskiTitan8990, i want to send 200-250 GBs.01:39
poutineI'm asking how to completely bypass pulseaudio01:39
poutineas just killing it doesn't magically make alsa work again01:39
DoctaEntropySo, who wants to help me?01:40
Titan8990bukowski: are they in the same directory?01:40
bukowskiTitan8990, no.01:40
poutineI think I got it01:40
poutinethanks exodus_ms, and kitche01:41
bukowskiTitan8990, i would also like to have a tool that except for the file transfering allows me to control the one PC over the other, to PXE boot the one from the other... etc01:41
bgamarihas anyone seen a LiON battery go from 70% design capacity to 35% design capacity in a matter of two weeks after a year of use?01:41
DoctaEntropy I tried to mount my external hard drive, and have had some difficulties. It's a western digital 500GB that I formatted to NTFS not too long ago and pretty much all it has is a lot of media files. I just installed a dual boot with ubuntu, and wanted to mount it. I created the mount point /media/external1 and then modified /etc/fstab. However, when I try to mount it, it tells me I have to force it. So when I do my drive sponta01:41
exodus_mspoutine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110107/01:41
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, have you tried ntfs-config?01:41
Titan8990bukowski: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo01:42
poutinenow that is wonderful, thanks a bunch exodus_ms01:42
Titan8990bukowski: there are other options that are easier, such as SCP, but the transfer speeds are slow01:42
PeddyWhat's the apt-get command that installs build dependencies for a certain program?01:43
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, I am literally a little baby and have no experience with Ubuntu beyond 24 hours ago. I have no clue what ntfs-config is, or how I should go about doing it.01:43
Titan8990bukowski: if you need something now, without that much configuration, you can use rsync01:43
kitchePeddy: build-depend I do believe01:43
bukowskirsync? let me see...01:43
IntuitiveNipplePeddy: sudo apt-get build-dep <package>01:43
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, welcome to the club... in a terminal type (without quotes) "sudo apt-get install ntfs-config"01:44
kitcheah yes dep01:44
bukowskiTitan8990, is there any GUIs for controlling one PC over the other via ethernet?01:44
IntuitiveNippleWhen on doubt, "man <command>"01:44
Titan8990bukowski: I don't use GUIs for anything, so I wouldn't know01:44
Titan8990bukowski: most server apps do not, because linux servers don't have GUIs01:44
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, finished I think01:44
comicinker1bukowski: yes01:45
bukowskicomicinker1, what?01:45
Peddythanks IntuitiveNipple and kitche01:45
kitcheTitan8990: most linux servers do have GUIs just that smart admins don't use the GUI01:45
comicinker1vino  uses VNC for controlling dektops01:45
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, look in the "applications menu" at the top of the screen, you should have a system tools item, in there you can configure read/write to external drives01:45
multipass__anyone else have a SB Audigy that doesn't work?  my device is detected but it looks like ubuntu is trying to use emu10k1 instead of emu10k2 as the ALSA site suggests for this card.  can anyone advise?01:46
comicinker1bukowski: the PC to be controlled needs vino-server to be installed, the client needs vino01:46
philis there a problem with the madwifi.snapshots.org server? i haven't been able to connect to it to get my atheros wifi drivers for the last 2 days01:46
bukowskivino from synaptics?01:46
Dr_willismultipass__,  i think it depends on the exact audigy card. as to what one to use.. I used to have those - but dont any more.01:47
=== firefox is now known as b-man
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, now what01:47
ShakedownHow do I set it so I can execute a program from anywhere?01:47
bukowskicomicinker1, is there vino for xubuntu?01:47
Shakedownwithin the file system01:47
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, you may have to close the x-server (ctrl+alt+bkspace) and log back in..that's all it took for my external drive to work01:47
multipass__Dr_willis, it's true, and i've located my card, but the right driver is not installed.  do i have to mod the kernel or something to get the right one now?01:47
comicinker1bukowski: yes01:48
Titan8990Shakedown: you have to add the directory of the program to your PATH variable, or create sym link to the program to somewhere already in your PATH01:48
comicinker1!VNC | bukowski01:48
ubottubukowski: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:48
Titan8990bukowski: xubuntu and ubuntu use the repositories01:48
Titan8990comicinker1: he is looking for file transfer....01:48
poutineexodus_ms, on second thought, this isn't really removing it at all, simply doing sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio; apt-get install esound seemed to do the trick, oh and removing pulseaudio references from rc levels01:48
=== ubuntu_ is now known as hexxa
ShakedownI can do that with 'export PATH=PATH+/path' ? What's the syntax for that.01:49
bukowskiTitan8990, its says: VINO, VNC server for GNOME.01:49
bukowskiisnt it gnome-only?01:49
Titan8990bukowski: no, that just means it uses gtk libraries01:49
comicinker1Titan8990: bukowski: oh01:49
Titan8990bukowski: xubuntu also runs on gtk libraries01:49
navarrogoodnight all01:50
comicinker1bukowski: the most simple method for exchanging files between linux machines is ssh01:50
Titan8990Shakedown: syntax is: export PATH='/new/path:$PATH'01:50
Titan8990Shakedown: you can add it to you .bash_profile01:50
n00balienhello everyone01:50
bukowskiso xubuntu runs all the gnome things?01:50
ShakedownTitan8990: Thank you01:51
n00balienI have a question but i can wait until ur done helping others ;)01:51
Titan8990comicinker1: yes, but he needs to transfer a very large amount of stuff01:51
BCampbelln00balien, ask or you'll be waiting for a long time01:51
Titan8990Shakedown: np01:51
Titan8990bukowski: it can, and usually without having to get additional libraries01:52
redrebelis there a command that allows to quickly check the listening ports based on the process name?01:52
Titan8990bukowski: kubuntu can also run gnome and xfce programs but typically, it will need to download a lot of new libs for them01:52
Titan8990bukowski: all the programs are interchangable01:52
ShakedownHow do I find the location of some file somewhere in the filesystem?01:53
bukowskiTitan8990, yes.. but why when i donload a kde programm in ubuntu or xubuntu, it doesnt appear in the programms menu?01:53
redrebelShakedown: find01:53
bukowskifor example, i donwloaded sensorsd.01:53
yell0wShakedown: fine / -iname *somename*01:53
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, no luck01:53
n00balienAlright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drives from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access01:53
Titan8990bukowski: you have to add it manually, or run it from the terminal01:53
n00baliensometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s01:54
Titan8990bukowski: sometimes you don't, but its just how it was packaged01:54
bukowskihow adding manually?01:54
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, still won't mount. and i tried to force it again, but it didn't work then either01:54
Shakedownyell0w: find / -iname filename?01:54
nat2610is there a way to do apt something to get the .deb file of a package?01:54
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, I may have missed a step, did you try to add the mount to your fstab?  if so remove the entries and reboot.  Sorry my bad01:54
Titan8990bukowski: gnome has a menu editor, not sure about xfce01:54
Titan8990bukowski: right click -> edit menus01:54
yell0wShakedown: that works too if you know the filename01:54
n00balienis there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is available without these steps taken01:54
DoctaEntropyokay let's try it01:54
yell0wShakedown: man find and man locate01:55
bukowskiTitan8990, ok, then?01:55
Titan8990Shakedown: also, if it is a program in your path you can find it with the "wich" command01:55
philis there a problem with the madwifi.snapshots.org server? i haven't been able to connect to it to get my atheros wifi drivers for the last 2 days..anywhere else i can get them or any insight on whats up with the madwifi.org site?01:55
Titan8990bukowski: new item01:55
bukowskiTitan8990, ok...01:56
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drives from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avail01:56
Titan8990bukowski: give the button the name and the command used to launch it01:56
n00balienok there we go all together ;)01:56
kitchephil: seems like snapshots.madwifi.org is no longer around sicne they switched to ath5*01:56
Titan8990bukowski: the program is usually put in your path01:56
bukowskithank you bery much01:57
bukowskigotta go now01:57
Titan8990bukowski: so for example if you got kdevelop you would launch it with: kdevelop01:57
multipass__figured it out, theres a mute switch turned on by default!01:57
kitchephil: considering the madwifi site works fine01:57
salmonhey so i was making the upgrade to 8.10 and well it has stoped doing it's thing, it's been at 13 mins for 2 hours now, got to preparing to configure libmono-sharpzip0.84-cil   and now it's doing nothing. anyone have any ideas on whats wrong here01:57
walterhas anybody used a radeon 7000 with 8.10?01:58
kitchesalmon: well anything mono is huge01:58
laegwalter: be the first01:58
alcaneso, I got an older emac. The pure white one. Ubuntu 8.10 boots fine off the CD, but when it goes to auto-detect the CDROM, it can't find it. and I don't see a cdrom or dvd in the /dev01:58
alcaneany ideas?01:58
multipass__how can i get more info about the Xubuntu Mixer app?  i'd like to know what all these "switches" are.01:58
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drives from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avail01:58
salmonkitche: yeah but it's been at that file for two hours, is there any way i can tell if it's still working or not?01:58
kitchesalmon: not sure about that really01:59
salmonkitche: ok thank you anyway01:59
thomcHello. I've set my screen to power off after a certain time in the gnome power management settings, but it doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas?01:59
alcaneI think I have a g3 emac. It's sorta old and pure white. Ubuntu 8.10 boots fine off the CD, but when it goes to auto-detect the CDROM, it can't find it. and I don't see a cdrom or dvd in the /dev.02:00
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drivers from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avai02:01
laegis there a run command for ubuntu? i'm trying to create a launcher in the applications menu with a command like opt/vuze/./azureus02:01
walterhas anybody used a radeon 7000 with 8.10?02:01
ChemicalPipitgood morning02:01
alcanelaeg: right click and make a launcher02:01
Cpudan80laeg: azures should already make its own icon02:01
dreamywalter: do u have 7000 ? do u have 3d accelaration?02:01
hellslingeranyone know how to install artwiz fonts in ubuntu? intrepid ibex doesn't have any xfonts-artwiz package in apt02:01
laegalcane: the right click drop down menu doesn't give me that option02:02
dreamywalter: i got ubuntu .. i got the m6 ly (7000)02:02
laegCpudan80: the version in the ubuntu repo is very old so i installed it from binary into opt02:02
alcaneAny ideas? eMac, trying to install 8.10, CDROM won't auto-detect, no cdrom or dvd found in /dev02:02
alcanelaeg: place it on your desktop and then try to pull it over02:02
dreamyubuntu 8.0402:02
jsmidtIs there a good identi.ca client for Gnome?02:02
alcaneAny ideas? eMac, trying to install 8.10, CDROM won't auto-detect, no cdrom or dvd found in /dev02:03
alcaneAny ideas? eMac, trying to install 8.10, CDROM won't auto-detect, no cdrom or dvd found in /dev02:03
alcaneAny ideas? eMac, trying to install 8.10, CDROM won't auto-detect, no cdrom or dvd found in /dev02:03
FloodBot1alcane: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:03
laegalcane: the shell script? won't moving it to the desktop mess things up?02:03
ChemicalPipitso im a n00b, want to talk to someone about switching from XP02:03
nightrid3r!patiance | alcane02:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about patiance02:03
salmonok so i am making the switch to 8.01 and nothing is really happening, it got to libmono-sharpzip0.84-cil and just stopped working, there is an icon in the corner that says "unable to get data" when i hover it, anyone know whats up?02:03
alcanelaeg: are you just trying to create a shortcut?02:03
laegyes, it's already installed02:04
laegalcane: i want the launcher in applications > internet02:04
BCampbellbeen away from IRC for a long time where can I find info on setting up login scripts etc..that are multi-client usable?02:04
laegalcane: but when i try the one i've made i get "Failed to execute child process "opt/vuze/./azureus" (No such file or directory"02:04
alcanenightrid3r: sorry, i'm at work and really just want to get ubuntu installed before I leave even if I can't use the cdrom, but it seems that the system can't find it =s02:05
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drivers from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avai02:05
exodus_msBCampbell: irssi?02:05
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alcanelaeg: you made it on your desktop and it won't even work there? or was that after you tried to move it?02:05
alcanenightrid3r: so... do you have any ideas? =D02:05
laegalcane: i didn't make anything on my desktop...02:05
BCampbellexodus_ms, that's an app?  i was thinking more of a website with how-tos.  google isn;t helping much02:06
exodus_msBCampbell: sorry, I mis-read your question. I though you were looking for scripts to run on your chat client02:06
laegalcane: azureus is installed and working in /opt/vuze but they only way i've so far been able to launch it is through terminal opt/vuze/./azureus which keeps the terminal window open02:06
BCampbellexodus_ms, that may help, but is irssi an app?02:07
exodus_msBCampbell: it is a console app for irc02:07
=== obunn_ is now known as obunn
alcaneBCampbell: yes, sudo apt-get install irssi02:07
BCampbellexodus_ms, thanks I'll look into it02:07
spillI know longer have a splash screen after the gui loads in 8.10 any thought\s?02:07
alcanelaeg: create a launcher and make sure it works on your desktop02:08
=== tome is now known as Guest64099
alcanelaeg: does that keep a terminal open?02:08
spillIno longer have a splash screen after the gui loads in 8.10 any thought\s?02:09
ryanpriorHow do I tell a process which CPU core (s) to run on?02:09
laegalcane: yes, this is how i know it keeps a terminal open :)02:09
ShakedownWhat if I don't have a .bash_profile file? Can I just create one?02:09
laeghow do you mean my desktop?02:09
alcanelaeg: are you selecting the "Run in Terminal" option?02:10
alcanelaeg: ok, you're creating a launcher, right?02:10
alcanelaeg: where?02:10
multipassi somehow added this master volume control to my panel.  how do i remove it?  i can't seem to right-click it like i can with the other panel apps.  help?02:10
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drivers from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avai02:10
alcanemultipass: click, hold, pull it off02:10
laegalcane: the applications menu02:10
laegnope, not selecting run in terminal because i don't want to see a terminal02:11
multipassalcane, it doesn't work, because it's a slider type of control.  anywhere i click registers as moving the slider.  do you think it's maybe a setting and not an app?02:11
codeshahhey guys, how can I use command line 'ftp' or other commands to download recursively directories from another host?02:11
werdnumwget -r02:12
spillI no longer have a splash screen after the gui loads in 8.10, I jure removed kde and went back to gnome, any thoughts?02:12
alcanemultipass: possible I guess02:12
mchelencodeamuk1, try ncftpget -R02:12
multipassalcane, this is xubuntu, btw.02:12
mchelencodeamuk1, check man ftp and man ncftpget02:12
alcanemultipass: ah, yea, not very well versed in KDE02:12
alcanemultipass: sorry02:12
mchelenwerdnum, does wget work for ft?02:13
exodus_mswget -w 20 or you might make someone mad :P02:13
alcanelaeg: join linuxn00b02:13
alcaneask them02:13
werdnummchelen: Should do.02:13
multipassalcane, thanks.02:13
laegalcane: what?02:14
alcanelaeg: join the channel #linuxn00b02:15
alcanelaeg: i don't know what else to do02:15
laeglol it's ok :)02:15
laegthanks anyway02:15
alcanelaeg: i'm at work so I'm not on my linux box02:15
simplehi I'm hoping to change some interrupts to knock the bugs out of JACK and it occurs to me my /proc/interrupts is a blank doc. am I missing something?02:15
alcanesimple: lol02:15
laegalcane: np man, i appreciate the effort :) here's what i did, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14454602:16
laegthe first post there02:16
laegignore all the bits except creating the shortcut02:16
cdennythis ubuntu studio is pretty cool, but where can I find others?02:16
cdennyas far as themes02:16
simplemsg: cdenny have you checked out gnome-art?02:17
spillI no longer have a splash screen after the gui loads in 8.10, I jure removed kde and went back to gnome, any thoughts?02:17
dandel!bug 29432302:17
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drivers from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avai02:17
laegalcane: it's crazy because the properties of the launcher i created using nano looks exactly like the one i created in the gui02:18
Dr_willisspill,  thers some gnome setting to show/not show that gnome-splash when the user logs in..  I find it useless. :) so i dont want it enabled.. an no i dont know where the settings at. :)02:18
spillDr_willis: this is the ubuntu splash that use to load right after the gui.02:18
exodus_mslaeg: are you trying to install Azureus02:19
Dr_willisspill,  its a gnome-splas with a UBUNTU logo is all it is.. if i recall. if you mean 'right after the user logins with GDM'02:19
S7UMPYhas anyone had any luck getting Synfig Studio working on ubuntu 8.10?02:19
PhantomimeHi there, I am trying to run ubuntu and win xp on a virtual machine. I am at a screen where VM is telling me to select a hard disk image to be used as the boot hard disk of the virtual machine. I have already installed win xp and ubuntu and I am wondering if I should use the installation disc that I downloaded Ubuntu from with VM. Can you help me with this?02:19
* Dr_willis thinks the term 'SPlash' gets used way too much :)02:19
spillDr_willis: no, I mean the orange ubuntu screen that loads right after I select the os to boot, my badn.02:20
Cpudan80Phantomime: What is the host OS?02:20
Cpudan80Phantomime: the one actually installed on the real machine02:20
laegexodus_ms: it's done, just had some problems with the launcher - the launcher i created using the GUI was exactly the same as the one created by nano but only the nano one worked, the former gave the error "Failed to execute child process "opt/vuze/./azureus" (No such file or directory" - or maybe i was just missing a forwardslash at the start...02:20
Phantomimewhat do you mean by host Cpudan80?02:20
axisyshow do I convert the audio in /dev/audio0 to audio file?02:20
schristiedoes anyone know what causes the error message: Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding. Must be connected to a terminal.02:20
Dr_willisspill,  thats the Usplash/bootsplash - I also disable that usless thing. :) it hides imporntant error mesages.02:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bootsplash02:20
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use !gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.02:20
Cpudan80Phantomime: the host os is the real OS installed on the real machine02:20
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork02:20
Cpudan80not any fancy virtual things02:20
Phantomimeoh, the one that is actually installed is win xp, but Ubuntu is installed too...02:20
Dr_willisspill,  check that 'usplash' info site02:21
Cpudan80Phantomime: so you dual boot ubuntu and XP ?02:21
PhantomimeI am on win xp right now though..sory if I am confusing :D02:21
simpleis there a file somewhere that does what /proc/interrupts is supposed to do?02:21
spillDr_willis: k, thanks.02:21
Cpudan80This is very confusing02:21
Phantomimeyes I am dual booting02:21
Phantomimelinux on top of XP.02:21
Cpudan80Phantomime: So right now you have an XP host and you put some vm software on there - and you are trying to run Ubuntu in the VM software02:21
Cpudan80Phantomime: ok - so whats the problem?02:22
Phantomimecorrect.. sry for the confusion02:22
CareBear\simple : /proc/interrupts lists which interrupts are used by which drivers02:22
dmhardisonis there a simple way to find out if i am running the 32 bit or 64 bit version of ubuntu server?02:22
Cpudan80it wasn't too bad ;-)02:22
n00balien Alright I have a WUSB100 Linksys Wireless USB Adapter, ubuntu, ported drivers from windows with ndiswrapper and for some reason i cannot use network manager(wireless manager) or even see wlan0 without first going to terminal and switching to root even though i have given permissions to my regular user for wireless access,sometimes it wont boot up until i do iwlist wlan0 s  .is there anything i can do to fix this so wireless is avai02:22
Phantomimeshould I boot up from the install disc that I installed ubuntu from, or should I get the .iso file to boot up from?02:23
Dr_willisdmhardison,  uname -a, and perhaps lsb_release -a02:23
Cpudan80Phantomime: oh it really doesnt matter02:23
aragornhi all02:23
Cpudan80Phantomime: if you use the ISO, thats probably slightly faster02:23
Phantomimeoh... well, in that case, I guess it should be really easy.02:23
dmhardisonah uname -a did it.02:23
dmhardisonDr_willis thank you.02:23
Phantomimethanks mate02:23
multipassi know it was something i did last night to turn on this stupid volume slider02:23
Cpudan80Phantomime: dont try to connect the VM into your dual booted Ubuntu install02:24
Cpudan80Phantomime: that will make things blow up02:24
multipassnow what i have are 2 volume apps in the panel, one master slider, one normal one to bring up the mixer02:24
Cpudan80nobody wants that02:24
PhantomimeThank you cpudan02:24
schristiewhere should I go for help on x forwarding over ssh?02:24
Cpudan80that'll be $99.9902:25
Cpudan80 :-)02:25
blaherzwhere did this came from02:25
Phantomimeoh wait...02:25
Cpudan80schristie: ssh -X IP02:25
blaherzi found a cd of ubuntu on the table02:25
Phantomimewhat do you mean?02:25
schristieCpudan80: I know, but I've been getting a weird error message of late02:25
Cpudan80Phantomime: lol02:25
schristieCpudan80: Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding. Must be connected to a terminal.02:25
Phantomimesry, first time doing this...02:25
Cpudan80is X running on the guest OS ?02:25
Cpudan80Phantomime: I was only kidding02:25
ryanakcaCould somebody direct me to a framebuffer PDF viewer?02:26
schristieCpudan80: I think so02:26
Cpudan80But if you want to send me $99.99 ... by all means!02:26
Phantomimewait... are you pulling my leg, or what?02:26
schristieCpudan80: it should be running on both02:26
Cpudan80schristie: what is the guest OS running02:26
schristieCpudan80: what do you mean?02:26
Cpudan80err like what OS on the guest side02:26
Cpudan80Phantomime: yes - it was a joke02:26
blaherzschristie, you need X server running on the host to do ssh in -X mode02:26
schristieCpudan80: I'm using xming to connect to ubuntu server02:26
adamthis is retarted02:26
schristieCpudan80: it's worked before02:27
adamthis is sooooooooooo stupid02:27
Cpudan80schristie: xming on windows ?02:27
n00baliencpudan:  reguarding my question do you know why this might happen?02:27
Cpudan80schristie: then that goes to our friends in ##windows02:27
schristieCpudan80: yes02:27
blaherzschristie, i never made xming work here lol02:27
blaherzno can do02:27
Cpudan80sure you can02:27
schristieblaherz: well, I installed andlinux, which did all of the setup02:27
=== lexrex is now known as bonhoffer
blaherzu used a package02:28
blaherzits automatic02:28
simpleso since it is blank there has to be a file somewhere that is doing what /proc/interrupts is supposed to be doing, right? or else I would think the system wouldn't work02:28
blaherzno setups needed02:28
CareBear\simple : /proc is mostly read-only02:28
JAAnyone know how to download google books?02:29
CareBear\simple : and not really essential for the system to run02:29
CareBear\simple : but several utilities do need it02:29
CareBear\simple : /proc is a special filesystem02:29
JAAnyone know how to download google books?02:30
schristieCpudan80: do you know what might cause that error anyway? I don't think it has much to do with xming. Is it more likely to be the server or client?02:30
Dr_willisblaherz,  i use xming all the time. :) its handy02:30
CareBear\simple : called procfs, and it is mounted like any other filesystem, except all the files and directories are created on the fly by the kernel, it's not stored on any real disk02:30
schristieDr_willis: ever had that error?02:30
CareBear\simple : so probably you just don't have it mounted right now02:30
Cpudan80schristie: has to be the client, nothing has to be done on the server that's special02:30
schristieCpudan80: ok02:31
CareBear\simple : try running mount /proc02:31
CareBear\simple : note that you have to cd out of the dir first02:31
schristieCpudan80: of course, I'm always confused by x over which is client and which is server02:31
Dr_willisschristie,  i dident see you rorigianl problem.02:31
Cpudan80schristie: the server is the thing you are connecting to02:31
simplecareBear: hold on I think I got it. gedit shows a blank page, but nano sees the doc just fine02:31
* Cpudan80 could make very bad analogy about this02:31
* Cpudan80 will refrain for fear of being banned ;-)02:31
schristieDr_willis: I'm attempting to forward x over ssh connecting to ubuntu server from andlinux on windows, which has worked before, but now I get the error "Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding. Must be connected to a terminal."02:32
CareBear\simple : the reference test is always to use cat02:32
Pe1o /join #freenode02:32
schristieCpudan80: lol, I know that's how things normally work, but I keep reading things that make it sound like the "client" is the one you're connecting to, and the "server" is the one you're connecting from02:32
simpleCareBear: so cat reads pretty much anything, huh?02:32
Dr_willisschristie,  I normally just use the xming wizard..  Not sure on that error. sorry.   You are sshing into the linux box beforhand? with putty? or what exctly?02:33
CareBear\simple : correct02:33
Cpudan80schristie: that guide you're reading is wrong02:33
simpleCareBear: that's great thanks a lot02:33
Cpudan80The thing you plug into is the "server"02:33
Cpudan80the thing that does the plugging is the client02:33
CareBear\simple : some special things can need dd, but if you only remember one tool it should definately be cat :)02:33
zerwasI would like to create 30 seconds of a video file with simply a black screen. how can i do this?02:34
Dr_williszerwas,  ffmpeg and mencoder - i think can both do that.02:34
schristieCpudan80: wikipedia: "The X Window System is based on a client-server model: a single server controls the input/output hardware, such as the screen, the keyboard, and the mouse; all application programs act as clients, interacting with the user and with the other clients via the server."02:34
zerwasDr_willis> the question is how02:34
CareBear\zerwas : which file format would you like it to be and which resolution do you want?02:34
Dr_williszerwas,  or so i seem to recall a way in the FAQ for them02:34
CareBear\/frame size02:34
zerwasCareBear\> 352x28802:35
simpleCareBear: the dd man is confusing to me, but I will look into it02:35
Dr_williszerwas,  one can make a  black jpg. and use it as a signgle frame.. then tell memcoder to repeate that frame so many times..02:35
zerwasCareBear\> the format does not matter that much02:35
Dr_williszerwas,  i tried making a slide show once of 300 screen shots.. :) it lasted like 3 sec.02:35
Dr_williszerwas,  i forget if it was ffmpeg i used or mencoder..  Proberly mencoder02:36
zerwasDr_willis> ah that's a good idea. i need these 30 seconds because i want to put them at the beginning of another video file and couldn't find a program that was able to handle this02:36
ryanpriorHow do I tell a process which CPU core (s) to run on?02:36
Dr_willisLinux gives you the tools to do the jobs :) like a 'wood shop'    Gotta find the right Hammer.02:36
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, no02:37
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, sorry for the wait, no luck02:37
mrwesDr_willis: or saw :)02:37
Dr_willismrwes,  hammers are more fun!02:37
schristieis there an x windows chatroom?02:37
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, I just get the same error02:37
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, man... is it listed in NTFS-Config tool?02:37
zerwasDr_willis> yeah ... i tried kino, Jahshaka, PiTiVi etc. and most of them crashed ...02:37
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zerwaslinux is simply not the video editing system02:38
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CareBear\Dr_willis : check out smilutils02:38
Dr_williszerwas,  check out winff also. a front end to ff02:38
zerwasDr_willis> thanks for the hint!02:38
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Dr_williszerwas,  you are used to  'do it all in one' programs.    not the 'hammer/saw/router' method02:38
Dr_willis'mortising jig'  vs 'hammer and chissle and drill' :)02:39
mrweszerwas: have you checked out kdenlive?02:39
zerwasDr_willis> no, i know the "one program for one purpose" philosophy of *nix, but in video editing, every program has some capabilities, but none of them has all ;)02:39
Cpudan80schristie: That is correct02:39
zerwasmrwes> not yet02:39
Cpudan80schristie: if poorly worded02:39
* jam3s2001 prefers the monkey wrench, blow torch, dynamite method02:39
schristieCpudan80: is there a x windows chat room?02:40
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Cpudan80I dunno02:40
mrweszerwas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/kdenlive02:40
Dr_willisI drive my friends at work CRAZY with my 'computers  are a Woodshop' analogies02:40
Cpudan80If you really having trouble with xming on windows you should join ##windows02:40
Cpudan80Think about if you go to a sit down restaurant02:40
mrwesDr_willis: I can't imagine that!02:40
Cpudan80The server is the one that does all the work02:40
zerwasmrwes> thanks, i will have a look at this.02:40
Cpudan80the same is true with X tunneling02:40
Cpudan80most [if not all] the work is done on the server02:41
Cpudan80[the thing you connect to]02:41
exodus_msThis must be analogy night :P02:41
Cpudan80I was going to use a much worse analogy02:41
Cpudan80but I dont want to get a KLine02:41
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, just to refresh..you removed the entiry from fstab and rebooted, when you open the NTFS-Config tool is the extrenal drive there and can you click on the "allow write to external" option?02:41
exodus_msna, it was good,02:41
schristieCpudan80: I understand the wording, analogy, and usage. It's just that I can never tell whether someone is using "server" and "client" relative to xwindows definition, or the standard local/remote definition02:42
hollenjfi want to do video capturing to make home movies. whats the best card to use?02:42
schristieCpudan80: in other wikipedia pages, they appear to use them in the opposite meaning02:42
Cpudan80schristie: the machine you are connecting to is always the server02:42
Cpudan80ignore Wikipedia02:42
schristieCpudan80: except in xwindows02:42
schristieCpudan80: most of the time02:42
Cpudan80no not except anything!02:42
schristieCpudan80: depends on who's talking02:42
Cpudan80The thing you connect to is *ALWAYS* the server02:43
Cpudan80This is networking 10102:43
schristieCpudan80: I know, that's why it's so annoying02:43
Cpudan80I dont see how its hard or annoying but ok02:43
mrweshollenjf: hauppauge card02:43
schristieCpudan80: but every time I've seen the terms defined for xwindows, client is remote, and server is local02:43
BCampbellhollenjf, what is your source? video camera, usb firewaire?02:44
schristieCpudan80: another instance: [Footnote: We have tried to avoid paragraph-length footnotes in this book, but X has defeated us by switching the meaning of client and server. In all other client/server relationships, the server is the remote machine that runs the application (i.e., the server provides services, such as database service or computational service). For some perverse reason that's better left to the imagination, X insists on 02:44
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, yes i have02:44
Cpudan80schristie: that is wrong02:44
Dr_willisschristie,  X sort of uses the terms in a backwards ways at times..   :)02:44
jedihomehow much of a hit in performance do you get when running ubuntu 'inside windows' (fat32) ?02:44
hollenjfmrwes: not all hauppage cards are supported, such as the wintv-PVR's.. my source is video camera (hi8) composite out02:44
jedihomealso is there a way to install ubuntu without burning it to a physical cd ?02:44
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:44
Dr_willisjedihome,  You mean via 'Wubi' ?02:45
jedihomeDr_willis whats wubi ?02:45
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, then I am at a los..you will need someone more experienced than I, sorry02:45
schristieCpudan80: anyway, now you know why I would ask which you meant by server and client02:45
Dr_willisjedihome,  a way to install  Linux 'inside' windows02:45
rdw200169jedihome, i think he's wanting the USB install option02:45
Dr_willisjedihome,  vs. running ubuntu under windows in virtualbox/vmware02:45
Dr_willisjedihome,  and yes you can make bootable/installable thumbdrives02:45
jedihomeDr_willis when i pop in the ubuntu cd it gives me the option to 'install inside windows' which i asume just installs it in fat3202:46
DoctaEntropyBCampbell, thanks for tryin02:46
mrweshollenjf: I believe the pvr-150 works02:46
schristieCpudan80: but now I that think I know which you're using for what, do you know anything about xauth, or what might cause the error I mentioned?02:46
Dr_willisjedihome,  incorrect.. has nothing to do with 'in fat32;02:46
blueshiftoverwatis there a 16 character limit for names in Freenode? Just curious because my username "blueshiftoverwatch" shows up as "blueshiftoverwat"02:46
BCampbellDoctaEntropy, good luck...guess I got lucky02:46
Dr_willisjedihome,  it makes a large file.. and installs to 'that' and then sets the boot option  to boot from that file  via WUBI.02:46
jedihomeDr_willis: ok i just assumed that was the case since they make a point of saying that performance is going to take a hit02:46
DoctaEntropyOkay, someone else, Hello, I need some help. I tried to mount my external hard drive, and have had some difficulties. It's a western digital 500GB that I formatted to NTFS not too long ago and pretty much all it has is a lot movies. I just installed a dual boot with ubuntu, and wanted to mount it. I created the mount point /media/external1 and then modified /etc/fstab. However, when I try to mount it, it tells me I have to fo02:46
Dr_willisjedihome,  it does.. and i dont suggest using wubi at all02:46
rdw200169blueshiftoverwat, just use tek_jansen (hahaha)02:47
Dr_willis!wubi | jedihome02:47
ubottujedihome: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.02:47
aragorncan someone send me application for playing mp3 in ubuntu 7.0402:47
Cpudan80schristie: Im willing to bet that xming on windows is messed up02:47
jedihomeyeah id rather not do it, can you point me in the direction as to how i can do it via usb?02:47
Cpudan80schristie: unless you disabled xforwarding on your ubuntu box02:47
jedihomethumbdrive that is02:47
ChubbzDotcaEntropy, you'll need to mount it via the terminal02:47
Dr_willisjedihome,  i use 'unetbootin' and a ubuntu.iso file to make a bootable thumbdrive02:47
schristieCpudan80: no, x forwarding still works, it just complains first02:47
blueshiftoverwatoh well I guess people would know me from the forums even though the last 2 letters aren't in my name.02:47
mrwesaragorn: install VLC02:47
Dr_willisjedihome,  or boot the live cd. and use the ubuntu Usb-drive tool to make a bootablew thmbdrive with peristant HOME save space02:47
schristieCpudan80: do you think that restarting would fix it?02:48
DoctaEntropyChubbz, I've tried that02:48
schristieCpudan80: oh well, I might as well try it. If it doesn't work, I'll be back in ten minutes ;)02:48
jedihomeDr_willis: problem is i cant burn the live cd to begin with; otherwise i'd just install it from there02:48
exodus_mssudo apt-get install ntfs-3g02:48
aragornmrwes : where i can found it02:48
mrwesaragorn: open up a terminal - Applications | Accessories | Terminal and type sudo apt-get install vlc02:49
Dr_willisjedihome,  ive done it via virtualbox. :) but its an annoyance.. dident need to burn either.. I would just use unetbootin. if you just want to Install from usb02:49
DoctaEntropyChubbz, I created the /media/external1 directory then edited the /etc/fstab file through the terminal, but when i tried to mount it, it said i should force it, but when i did it failed02:49
Chubbzwhat was the error message from the terminal?02:49
Dr_willisDoctaEntropy,  if its a ntfs -- you may want to have a windows machine scan the disk for errors. and properly shut down02:50
jedihomeyeah Dr_willis im setting up the thumbdrive right now with unetbootin, that was a great tip - thank you02:50
zerwasDr_willis> it worked with ffmpeg -loop_input -r 1 -i in.jpg -t 33 -r 24 out.mpg02:50
Szadekhello all , i have my gstreamer bugged , with cheese i always get too brihgt photos / videos , even changing on gstramer-properties the brightness to a lower lovel , nothing changes in cheese =/ is this a bug ?? it also happens with webkam for example .02:50
DoctaEntropyDr_Willis, How should I go about doing that?02:51
Dr_williszerwas,  so you found the right hammer. :)02:51
Dr_willisDoctaEntropy,  plug drive into a windows machine.. use windows to scan the disk.. shut down widows. unplug drive02:51
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: Have you tried FUSE or ntfs-3g02:51
Dr_willisDoctaEntropy,  do NOT use Hibernate/suspend when using shared ntfs filesytems with linux.02:52
DoctaEntropyDr_Willis: Which app should i use to scan the disk?02:52
Dr_willisDoctaEntropy,  you may wish to clarify the  whole problem to the channel  - incase we are missunderstanding the problem02:52
Dr_willisDoctaEntropy,  windows has a scan disk feature.. somehere.02:52
mrwesdoc: Unetbooin will download the iso file for you?02:52
GodfatherofEireAny ideas as to why my install is taking MUCH longer than usual? It seems to be slowing down considerably when trying to read the Multimedia controller device02:52
Dr_willismrwes,  it can. :)02:52
uriel_i was just wondering how i could install beryl im runing ununtu 8.0402:53
mrwesDoc: hrmm...you're using the Linux version I take it?02:53
pyro2927Anyone know of a program that can log IM conversations on my network?02:53
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: Do you want to share files located on a disk formated ntfs or do you also want to be able to read write to ntfs from linux02:53
Dr_willismrwes,  i normally use the windows version :)  to make a few live thimb drives...02:53
n2diywill in an ipod work with Hardy?02:53
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: both02:53
mrwesDoc: looks like a pretty neat app02:53
Cpudan80n2diy: more or less02:54
jedihomemrwes yeah im using it right now, really really handy02:54
Chubbzn2diy, yeah02:54
Dr_willismrwes,  yea - it does some few tweaks to some disrots and can break at times.. but its handy02:54
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: try FUSE or ntfs-3g02:54
Cpudan80n2diy: encrypted songs wont work02:54
uriel_i was just wondering how i could install beryl i'm running ubuntu 8.04?02:54
Dr_willisntfs-3g uses fuse I thought.02:54
Cpudan80n2diy: ie. ones purchased from itunes store with DRM02:54
TewanErm, I keep getting "The Composite extension is not available" when I try to enable Visual Effects. It was working earlier but I enabled Xinerama. Does this break it, or is there some kind of work around I could use?02:54
Cpudan80!compiz | uriel_02:54
ubottuuriel_: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:54
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: I am literally a small child who knows nothing, what does that mean?02:54
Dr_willisuriel_,  beryl is dead. :) use 'compiz-fusion'02:54
mrwesDoc: even support for puppy 4.002:54
Dr_willismrwes,  yep02:54
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n2diyCpudan80: can I hack one from ebay?02:55
uriel_<Dr_willis> ok i thaught it was better02:55
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: ntfs-3g will allow you to mount a ntfs drive on you linux computer and have read write capabilities02:55
Cpudan80n2diy: why do you need to hack anything?02:55
Dr_willisuriel_,  aprenrly no one else did. :) it got merged into compiz02:55
mrwesDoc: so it only installs to a USB drive?02:55
Cpudan80Dr_willis: im not sure that was the real reason02:55
mrwesheh...sorry for all the questions02:56
jedihomemrwes no, any drive02:56
mrwesahh.. ok ok02:56
uriel_<Dr_willis> are there any good programs i should have on this OS?02:56
Cpudan80Dr_willis: I think they had more manpower/resources as one unit02:56
n2diyCpudan80: how can I avoid buying a DRM model?02:56
Dr_willismrwes,  it installs to a thumb drive and sets up syslinux.02:56
Cpudan80n2diy: the songs are what matter - not the ipod itself02:56
jedihomemrwes though it doesnt install TO a usb drive, i lets you boot from the usb drive to install ubuntu02:56
Dr_willisCpudan80,  :) thats always the case.. but it never stops forks  it seems02:56
Dr_willisuriel_,  deoeds on what you need.02:56
n2diyCpudan80: ok, thanks, 7302:56
Cpudan80n2diy: if you have any non itunes+ music files, they wont play in ubuntu02:56
Cpudan80unless you remove the DRM02:57
PPKumahi, my pc shotdown accidentally and now my USB thumb disk is mounting only in read mode02:57
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DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: i have already set up an internal NTFS drive with read and write capabilities fine. I'm having problems with this specific external NTFS drive02:57
jedihomeDr_willis: one more quick question - how long does it normally take for this to copy to usb? its been stuck on file #7 for like 4-5 minutes now02:57
mrwesjedihome: Ok...so you can by pass downloading and burning a CD correct?02:57
jedihomemrwes correct02:57
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: Do you have a dual boot setup02:57
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: yes02:58
uriel_<Dr_willis> idk i know i definately need to know how to install wine and maby some other programs that make the computer look cool02:58
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: ok, that internal ntfs drive is mounted and you can access the files02:58
schristieCpudan80: well, I'm not so sure now that I didn't have that error message before02:59
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: yes02:59
marcelhow can i use dosemu // dos emulator ; ??02:59
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: can you write to that disk?02:59
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: yes02:59
schristieCpudan80: anyway, thanks for listening02:59
Dr_willisjedihome,  it can take some time.  usb drives canbe slow02:59
Cpudan80is it fixed?02:59
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: pastebin the results of this   sudo fdisk -l03:00
jedihomeDr_willis thanks so much for all the help03:00
Dr_williswork time for me. bye all03:01
mrwesdoc: is the development on Unetbootin on going? that is, distro upgrades are added as they become available?03:01
uriel_<Dr_willis> so u do u know how i cn install wine?03:01
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: http://rafb.net/p/mNYvm535.html03:01
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: sdc is the drive i'm trying to mount03:02
dreamydoes ubuntu  8.10 has improvements for the radeon 7000 ? (m6 ly)03:02
aragornmrwes: i can not install vlc, it say "Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?"03:02
crdlbdreamy: the radeon M6 has had 3d acceleration in linux forever as it is an r10003:03
crdlbalthough that GPU doesn't have much to accelerate :)03:03
mrwesaragorn: is this a new/fresh install? If so, you need to activate the third party software sources?03:03
dreamycrdlb: but i get 300 fps ..no mather how i have my xorg.conf03:04
Opiemsith1I only have sound out of the left channel and it's really quiet. Can it be fixed?03:04
aragornmrwes:new install03:04
dreamycrdlb: with dri .. with no dri  glx.. no glx  or radeon  "  or "ati" etc etc03:04
mrwesAragorn: goto System | admin | software sources03:04
aragornmrwes: how can i activate the third party software sources?03:04
gloppiewhat is udp 42652 ? I am getting hammered03:05
mysticdarkhackhello all03:05
PPKumahow can i know where can i mount my USB disk? mount /dev/sd??03:05
mrwesAragon: goto the third party sources tab and put a check mark in the two boxes03:05
danopiaquick question, how do i echo the current username in bash (like pwd but for username)03:06
somethingtodogloppie:  probably a random port, use wireshark to examine the packets and see what they are.03:06
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms any luck?03:06
mrwesPPKuma: mount /dev/sd? /media/disk1 ??03:06
Cpudan80Anybody know why I can't see any folders on my thumb drive03:06
aragornmrwes: after in tab software source...what next step???03:06
gloppiegood idea...brb03:06
mysticdarkhackI have a sony vaio z, everytime when screensaver is active, it probably went sleep afterward or something, and later it froze. Anyone know a solution to the problem?03:06
mrwesAragon: goto the third party sources tab and put a check mark in the two boxes03:06
Cpudan80Its 4GB FAT32, mounted ok -- ls -la says "32 items" -- but I cant see anything in nautilus ?03:07
Chubbz@mysticdarkhack reboot03:07
Cpudan80and it doesnt list the 32 things with the ls either03:07
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: One thing I want you to try before we go any further. I assume you are dual booting with windoze and I need you to boot up into windoze for a moment. Turn your computer off, plug in your external hdd boot into windows and do Safely Remove Hardware, unplug and turn computer off. plug drive back in and boot into ubuntu03:07
PPKumamrwes: i dont know, should i mount a /dev/ or a /media/03:07
Cpudan80even if I do the ls as root03:07
mrwesPPKuma: the /media/disk is the mount point -- that is where the data from the disk will be03:07
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: okay, I"ll be back in a few minutes03:07
ezerhodendanopia: whoami03:08
Cpudan80It has the used/free space right - but I cant see the files ..03:08
crdlbdreamy: glxgears is not a benchmark03:08
giacomo_carissimi seemed to have messed up my grub, how can i see which parition is which?03:08
mysticdarkhackChubbz, I tried to reboot but won't let me and since I have to remove power plug and battery.03:09
danopiaezerhoden, thanks03:09
dreamycrdlb: ok but the same goes for when playng fligth gear03:09
dreamycrdlb: americas army and danger deep03:09
Opiemsith1I only have sound out of the left channel and it's really quiet. help03:09
dreamycrdlb: (no mather how i have my xorg.conf i always get the same)03:09
crdlbdreamy: it's an r10003:10
Chubbz@mysticdarkhack did you try and hold down the power button? That'll usually restart it.03:10
giacomo_carissimcan anyone help me with a grub problem?03:10
mrwesgiacomo_carissim: from a terminal type df03:10
danopiadreamy, i got a ton of FPS on glxgears :P03:10
dreamycrdlb: r100 m6 ly "7000"03:10
dreamydanopia: lol03:10
danopiadreamy, if you hae a good video card htat can handle millions of polsy, i can link you to a real stress test :P03:10
dreamydanopia: lol03:11
danopiamore like a game engine demo that went wrong.03:11
mysticdarkhackChubbz, yeah but the same resault. I wonder if it the battery or sony vaio doesn't like linux03:11
crdlbdreamy: I've got an M7 which is a rather faster version of the same chip, and I don't try anything more demanding than compiz, neverball, or a quake3 engine game at a low res03:11
gloppiesomethingtodo, type is Unicast to us (0) with source <missing> ....doesn't look good03:11
thehook_is there a shell command to get x random characters?03:11
giacomo_carissimmrwes: im using a live cd03:11
Chubbz@mysticdarkhack Have you updated ACPI?03:11
danopiadreamy, fyi.... 34126 frames in 5.0 seconds = 6818.849 FPS03:12
mysticdarkhackChubbz, update you mean with the ubuntu update manager?03:12
Rustenguindoes somebody can handle this help?03:12
GodfatherofEireAny ideas as to why my bootup is taking an abnormally long? It seems to be slowing down considerably when trying to read the Multimedia controller device03:12
mysticdarkhackChubbz, I did all the update in ubuntu03:12
dreamycrdlb: what about the dri and glx not being making any difference?03:13
crdlbdreamy: with a real game or with glxgears?03:13
dreamycrdlb: or not having any driver at all ..mentioned in xorg.conf  ( no difference )03:13
dreamycrdlb: both03:13
crdlbdreamy: that's autoconfigured now03:13
crdlbdreamy: are you trying 8.10 now?03:13
albuntuhi to all. ok for some reason that i dont know i get a license error using icedtea java plugin for firefox so i removed it and i am trying to use sun java plugin but i cant find it in the repos. i am using intrepid 64 bit. anyone that can help ? thank you03:13
gloppieCould anybody check their firewall for udp 42652 ? I am seeing a bunch of traffic on that one port right now. I need confirmation. Thx03:14
dreamycrdlb: no03:14
poutinegloppie, confirmation of what?03:14
CompactDstrxionalbuntu: i dont think there is a 64-bit sun java  plugin03:14
gloppieLots of UDP hits on just one port, from a bunch of IPs03:14
gloppieudp 4265203:14
poutinegloppie, ok... but you're asking a question03:14
crdlbdreamy: then run the live cd and run: glxinfo | grep -i "software rasterizer"03:14
poutinewhat are you trying to accomplish?03:15
albuntuCompactDstrxion: ok that solved my problem. i am going to stick with icedtea03:15
CompactDstrxionnp albuntu03:15
crdlbdreamy: if that returns OpenGL Renderer String: Software Rasterizer, then your 3d acceleration is broken03:15
dreamycrdlb: to see if 8.10 is better?03:15
dreamyi quit about 8.10...03:15
gloppieI would like to know if anybody else sees the traffic I see. I am not trying to accomplish anything else.Thx03:15
somethingtodogloppie:  Did you piss off a botnet?03:15
gloppienope, I have not IRC since ages...03:16
poutinegloppie, What makes you think your traffic is indicative of our traffic?03:16
gloppie10 years ago lol03:16
gloppieI want to see if it is global03:16
dreamycrdlb: its a good idea but my cd is broken.. thanksa03:16
poutinegloppie, That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard03:17
poutineplease never ask such a question again03:17
gloppieI guess I'll just renew DHCP then he03:17
node357gloppie, to answer your question, no, it is not a default behavior for Ubuntu to have a lot of traffic on that port03:17
crdlbdreamy: so what OS are you using on it now?03:18
dreamycrdlb: 8.0403:18
gloppieI'm in the wrong place. Sorry guys. Thanks03:18
crdlbdreamy: what does 'glxinfo | grep direct' say?03:18
* gloppie quit03:18
marcel!info dosemu03:19
ubottudosemu (source: dosemu): The Linux DOS Emulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.4.0+svn.1828-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2272 kB, installed size 5704 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)03:19
dreamycrdlb: direct rendering: Yes03:19
crdlbdreamy: so barring any future improvements to the driver's efficiency, it's working as well as it can03:20
dreamycrdlb: direct rendering .. is it the ultimate test ?03:20
dreamycrdlb: the "glxinfo"03:21
crdlbdreamy: in 8.04 and prior, it reliably indicates whether 3d acceleration is enabled (there can be false negatives, but never false positives afaik)03:21
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crdlbin 8.10, it'll always say yes, which is why you have to check for software rasterizer03:22
dreamycrdlb: ok :S ..03:22
=== jsmith is now known as mngeek
dreamycrdlb: :S no idea03:23
dreamycrdlb: can i try removing dri ? it whould give me some clues03:23
dreamycrdlb: afterwards with the glxgears03:24
kitty_any suggestion for a ppc box?03:25
crdlbdreamy: what would that accomplish? DRI is apparently working, but that is not a powerful GPU03:25
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: I'm in windows right now, and I've encountered some problems 1) during start up, if my external hard drive was powered on, i would get error 17 before i reached the dual boot screen 2) Now that i'm in windows, and have turned my external hard drive back on, it's not being recognized at all by windows03:26
kitty_Docta, ext2fsd ?03:27
neuraexodus, is your external hard drive recognized under ubuntu?03:27
skydartI have switched back to the Mac.03:27
Droopsta915I installed a deb.bin file. It stayed on the dektop, where should I place the file.03:28
DoctaEntropyneura, I suppose you mean me, yest it is recognized under ubuntu03:28
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: the error 17 looks like a grub error...03:28
kitty_Docta did you format it forext2?03:28
neurawell that's good03:29
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: so what should I do?03:29
neurai am going to look up a thread in the forums03:29
neurasomeone had a similar problem03:29
DoctaEntropyneura, thank you03:29
dreamycrdlb: how ever i got the rv100 .. just correcting that. not to be mistaken03:30
dreamyits got plus a "v"03:30
thehook_hi :) is there a shell command to get x random characters?03:30
Cpudan80I asked my question about a usb thumb drive a while ago - but since nobody said much - I'll ask again03:30
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: well, I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, While you are in windoze check your external drive for errors from the command line chkdsk /F03:30
Cpudan80I have a thumb drive with stuff on it - I plug it in Ubuntu, it appears to mount OK, it says the correct info (ie. 33 files, 500 MB used ....) -- but I can't see anything.03:30
neurahmm exodus, i've never done that before03:31
Cpudan80It's a 4GB thumb drive formatted as FAT3203:31
Cpudan80all help is appreciated03:31
neuraDoctaEntropy, if you decide to do the chkdksk,, make sure to let it run all the way through03:31
galvanizehi all03:31
dreamywhatever.. it may mean the same03:31
HentaiCpudan80: stupid awnser try chkdsk in windows/03:31
plcTowlieI'm having trouble setting my local internal IP address to be a static value while maintaining the DHCP to set the DNS, is there an easy way to do this?03:32
Cpudan80Hentai: hrm...03:32
Cpudan80good idea03:32
exodus_msDoctaEntropy: what drive lis your external hdd showing up as03:32
neuraCpudan, have you looked around your filesystem?03:32
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: through DOS right? anyways, i get an error with chkdsk it says: Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts?03:32
neuraspecifically perhaps under /media03:32
galvanizeany electrical engineers here?03:32
neuraor /mnt03:33
crdlbdreamy: yeah, but r100 also describes the series: r100, r200, r300, etc. :)03:33
Cpudan80neura: oh yeah I mean I know its mounted and everything03:33
Cpudan80it shows up on the desktop03:33
Cpudan80It just has nothing in there03:33
DoctaEntropyexodus_ms: uh, the external hdd isn't showing up at all now under windows03:33
neurao it shows on the desktop03:33
Cpudan80very odd03:33
neurawhat about if you gksudo nautilus03:33
Cpudan80I ls'd it as root03:33
kitty_thehook_ where do you want your random characters stored?03:33
Cpudan80ls -la (as root)03:34
kitty_doctaentropy www.google.com look for ext2fsd, its a win32 daemon for accessing ext2 partitions03:34
neuraDoctaEntropy, perhaps it would work if you boot into ubuntu, mount the volume, look at a few files, and then unmount it03:35
neurathen unplug it03:36
neurashut down03:36
neuraboot windows03:36
dreamycrdlb: i was just reading in the wikipedia that the rv100 had rendering resources removed03:36
neuraand reattach, see if it works03:36
SamIamQuick question, I had a transfer fail going to be external usb hd, now none of my systems will mount the drive, what to do?03:36
neuraif'n you haven't done that yet03:36
dreamycrdlb: including pixel-pipeline, HyperZ, e T&L03:36
exodus_msneura: have tried that already03:36
SamIamis there a way to reset an external usb hd03:37
kitty_samiam is the "failure" still listed in your dmesg ?03:38
exodus_msneura: other than connecting it back to windoze, removing it with sSafely Remove Harder and then doing a chkdsk D: /F /R, then try to mount it in Ubuntu03:39
kitty_i.e. plug it back in and see what dmesg |tail says after a few seconds03:39
Cadman21how can I move files with a name like "xxx 1-26" in the command line?03:39
kitty_cadman21 man mv03:39
plcTowlieis there a way to force a static ip while still using dhcp? (so the DNS and other settings are set via the dhcp)03:39
itai_michaelsoncan anyone help me with basic lamp set up?03:40
Cadman21Kitty: ok thanks03:40
Cpudan80!lamp | itai_michaelson03:40
ubottuitai_michaelson: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:40
SamIamkitty, yes it's there03:40
Mike_92For some reason Firefox closes on me at random times without warning. I noticed this has been happening more frequently now and I also noticed that it tends to happen when I try to watch videos on YouTube. Can someone help me? I'm using Intrepid.03:40
TalkradioplcTowlie google dhcp reservations.. nothing more than adding the mac addy of the pc to get the address03:40
kitty_what is it saying, pastbin it03:40
plcTowlieTalkradio: my router does not support that03:40
Talkradioget a new router ;)03:41
neuraMike_92, any changes recently?03:41
Sam_IRCMike_92: that happened to me a while back. I don't remember what fixed it. sorry :(03:41
Hentaiexodus_ms: if you do /r then that implies /f as well, typeing chkdsk /f /r is more then needed03:41
muxpuxhi i accidently deleted /sbin/reboot03:41
plcTowlie:) would certainly work03:41
muxpuxanyways to get it back03:41
somethingtodoplcTowlie:  or upgrade the firmware - a lot of consumer routers have much better firmware you can download now.03:41
kitty_plcTowlie, you can always make a shell script, dhclient ifname, ifconfig ifname ip.address.here .... route ....03:41
Talkradiowhy not set statically/03:41
Mike_92neura: I haven't made any recent changes or downloaded any new plugins recently, however it has been happening for months now.03:41
plcTowliesomethingtodo: unfortuantely I'm on the latest firmware03:42
muxpuxhi anyways to get reboot command back again?03:42
exodus_msHentai: fix repair, all this windoze talk is making me nauseas :P03:42
jedilappyhey, i just installed 8.10; but i cant seem to install any additional things; nvidia drivers cant be installed as well as any application i try to install via Add/Remove - i get the following error when adding an application: E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)03:42
Wiseguyhey guys, how can install ubuntu without a cd?03:42
Mike_92Wiseguy: Try wubi03:42
plcTowlieTalkradio: I will attempt that again, my last attempt at that gave me intermittent internet access03:42
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, thanks, i read that, my question is in this command:mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('yourpassword'); do i need to set a special SQL user or my basic Ubuntu user will do?03:42
somethingtodoplcTowlie:  Will it take dd-wrt?03:42
SamIamkitty, just pasted03:42
Hentaiexodus_ms: , I meant that putting /f and /r together is useless, if you are gonna do /r it implies /f as well03:42
plcTowlieits a befw11s4v403:43
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: umm no -- and you dont even have to do that set password anymore03:43
=== kira is now known as Guest38766
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: if you follow the steps -- it will prompt you in a friendly gui for the password03:43
kitty_ok samiam what happens when you mount it ?03:43
Wiseguyis wubi pretty good?03:43
plcTowlielooks like no :(03:43
exodus_msHentai: cool, I think I just spit up a little in my mouth03:43
exodus_msHector: all kidding aside, thanks for your help03:44
somethingtodoplcTowlie:  Then I'd say spend the $20 on ebay for a new one03:44
SamIamgives an error - Unable to mount the volume 'External'03:44
plcTowlieok.  seemed a simple enough thing to do, its just a checkbox in windows :p03:44
plcTowlieoh well, thank you anyway03:44
Hectorexodus_ms: not me, mate03:44
zgmf-x20ahey all, anyone using vlc here?  having a bit of an issue03:45
kitty_try "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /whereveryounormallymountit"03:45
SamIamDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply:03:45
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, you are right, it did ask me to set it up...but when i try to set phpbb it says access denied for user @ localhost to database03:45
somethingtodoplcTowlie?  Wait, what?  Windows would act the same as ubuntu here, perhaps I don't understand your issue.03:45
kitty_and then dmesg | tail and see if it gives you a better error03:45
exodus_msHector: as anyone told you thank you lately, there you go :P sorry03:45
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: oh right - you have to set up users for that directly03:45
Jim_RaynorMy system is borked03:45
Jim_Raynorgot error 1603:45
dreamycrdlb: u there ? .. do u know any stuff about the sis 687 ? dual bridged ... etc..  with 256 mermory03:45
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: initially the only user is "root"03:45
SamIamthis happend after a file transfer failed03:45
plcTowliewindows allows you to force an ip address, but allows the dns information and other settings come through via dhcp03:45
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, not sure I understand , i ned to set SQL user or Phpb user?03:46
Jim_Raynorand now, when booting from the live cd, i get disk error c8, ax = 0201 drive 8003:46
dreamycrdlb: theres something called mirage 3 graphic engine.. im not shure what it is or how its used03:46
Jim_Raynorwhen booting from the live and choosing boot first disk03:46
plcTowlieubuntu requires you enter all of that information statically, or receive all from dhcp03:46
SamIamsudo mount /dev/sdb1 /whereveryounormallymountit03:46
Jim_Raynorregular boot just skips the hd03:46
SamIam$MFTMirr error: Invalid mft record for '$MFT'03:46
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, look : http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=98vr5y&s=503:46
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: PHPBB is something entirely different. Initially the only user you have for mysql is root03:46
SamIamtelling me to boot into windows twice03:47
SamIamrun chkdsk etc etc03:47
kitty_yeah, have you tried doing that:03:47
=== mojo_ is now known as mojo
SamIamI don't have a windows box03:47
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: if all you did was follow the LAMP instructions, you havent done enough to set up PHPBB03:47
somethingtodoplcTowlie:   Oh!   http://expert.mandriva.com/question/1007303:47
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: you have to 1) add a user to mySQL for PHPBB 2) Add a database for that user03:47
kitty_ok, makes me ask why you formated for ntfs then but anyways, lemme look a sec03:47
kekHow do I make a .pem file for use with dovecot? I'm trying to make a self-signed certificate like in https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/certificates-and-security.html03:47
kekBut I don't get any .pem file03:48
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: the easiest way to do this is "phpmyadmin" -- as described in the lamp doc I sent you03:48
mlLKWhat file do I need to edit for running startup scripts?03:48
Cpudan80for your account only?03:48
zgmf-x20ahey all, anyone using vlc here?  having a bit of an issue03:48
Cpudan80easiest thing to do would be to edit .bashrc03:48
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, ok, i will try phpadmin ,thanks03:48
SamIamit was working until the tranfer failed somehow, and since then won't mount03:48
plcTowliesomethingtodo: !! that looks promising03:48
mlLKCpudan80, how about for something that needs sudo?03:49
kitty_you can try that application its what i ended up having to use on a hard disk last time i couldn't mount it from linux and windows was two much of a whore to work either03:49
EnissayMy firefox taskbar  disappeared can't minimize nor maximize the window.... any idea?03:50
Jim_Raynorso... no suggestions or help?03:50
=== scott__ is now known as Guest27572
Cpudan80mlLK: yes and if it needs sudo then its easiest to add it to the system --> prefs --> sessions03:50
zgmf-x20ahey all, anyone using vlc here?  having an issue.  i tried to install a skin, worked fine, but after restart it always asks me for the skin file.  if i select it again, it just shuts down.  where is the installation folder for vlc??03:50
SamIamlol - thanks, will try that - it doesn't wipe anything does it?03:50
Cpudan80Enissay: press F1103:50
kitty_only if you tell it to03:51
Newfie_richHey all, just wondering if you know if there is a program like Matlab or Mable for linux03:51
SamIamkk - :) - thanks!03:51
meoblast001hi i'm gonna purposelyl ask a question no one can help me with03:51
kitty_my advice is to go slow through the menus cause you can hit enter too many times and skip a menu while the program reads from your disk03:51
=== spartacus_ is now known as RONALDO_gOAL
exodus_msneura: pm ?03:51
plcTowlieNewfie_rich:  try scilab, its very much like matlab03:51
dreamycrdlb: u there ?03:51
meoblast001my system finally booted after countless failed POST attempts... when it did, my kernel paniced.. i'm assuming it's nVidias fault03:51
EnissayCpudan80: f11 ==>full screen mode+f11 ==>back to a window without taskbar xD03:52
Newfie_richplcTowlie: Thank you very much03:52
ezerhodenmlLK: /etc/rc.local is that what you are looking for?03:52
* FireFox is not an expert at firefox, i just use the name. (for anyone who noticed me) ;)03:52
mlLKezerhoden, I need to simply chmod a driver each time before running this application.03:53
mlLKezerhoden, just looking for the obvious way to automate this step.03:53
FireFox0_o lol03:54
calliopeok im now in 7.10 and so it is time to upgrade to 8.04 and then 8.1003:54
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, erm..which user/psswd should i use for phpmyadmin?03:55
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: the initial login is root with the password you set before03:55
galvanizecalliope: I would recommend that. Intrepid is great!03:55
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, thanks03:55
zgmf-x20ahey all, anyone using vlc here?  having an issue.  i tried to install a skin, worked fine, but after restart it always asks me for the skin file.  if i select it again, it just shuts down.  where is the installation folder for vlc??03:56
jedimindlappyhey guys, fresh install of 8.10 - i cant seem to enable nvidia drivers; it just says 'downloading and installing driver' and sits at 0% - any ideas?03:56
calliopecan I upgrade direct from 7.10 to 8.10 or do i have to do two upgrades03:57
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, now i need to create a phpbb user + database, correct?03:57
TheGridg'day all03:58
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: yes03:59
cdennyis there a ram usage monitor/logger available for linux?03:59
qcjnhi, how can i make application start at start up of ubuntu ? like gnome do & avant window manager04:00
zgmf-x20ahey all, anyone using vlc here?  having an issue.  i tried to install a skin, worked fine, but after restart it always asks me for the skin file.  if i select it again, it just shuts down.  where is the installation folder for vlc??04:00
ubottusome help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b04:00
brotherhandwhat editor do I use to edit /proc/interrupts?04:01
irvingpopyou cannot edit /proc/interrupts04:01
* FireFox starts mesing around with ubuntu jaunty armel on his Nokia N80004:01
Cpudan80zgmf-x20a: vlc is kinda all over04:01
Cpudan80zgmf-x20a: /usr/lib/vlc for one04:01
irvingpopbrotherhand:  why would you want to?04:02
KujiUnI want Vuze to shut down fully before the system shuts down. Is there anyway to configure the system to do that?04:02
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, can i just name the user phpbb?04:02
Cpudan80zgmf-x20a: also /usr/share/vlc04:02
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: sure04:02
Cpudan80zgmf-x20a: the actual executable thing is in /usr/bin/vlc04:03
irvingpopthat interrupts file is basically a statistical listing of which devices have generated how many interrupts04:03
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, it asked me to create a psswd for new user , but there is also a password "generate" part, what is that all about?04:04
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: if you want to set it yourself do it - if you want to get a random one from the computer, push generate04:04
Cpudan80I suggest setting it yourself :-)04:04
irvingpopI have a possibly silly deb/apt question regarding dependencies04:04
EnissayI installed a new theme and apply changes... it works xD..... thks for help04:04
kektoo bad https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/certificates-and-security.html is not proofread. "Now simply configure any applications, with the ability to use public-key cryptography, to use the certificate and key files. For example, Apache can provide HTTPS, Dovecot can provide IMAPS and POP3S, etc." - not true.04:04
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, of course... thanks04:04
Cpudan80Unless you fancy 1D87FZZ8o3 as the password04:05
Cpudan80oh wait - thats my password!04:05
* Cpudan80 hides04:05
cdennyI currently have 2gb for ubuntu, would 4gb make improvement?04:05
cdennyI use gimp04:05
Cpudan80not unless you switch to 64 bit04:05
zgmf-x20aCpudan80: hey thanks for the help, i figured out  a nice work around just now, but will keep that in mind ^_^04:05
zgmf-x20athanks for the help!04:05
cdennyi am 64-bit04:05
Cpudan80then possibly04:05
mewshihi :)04:06
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, under Global privilages I should probably "check all" , right?04:06
cdennyproblem is, with all the apps open it still only uses 600mb of ram (blender, cinlerra, etc)04:06
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: ummm no04:06
PhantomimeI can't get internet with ubuntu. Help...04:06
cdennywhy does ubuntu have to be so good?04:06
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: you only want it to have rights on the phpbb database04:06
L|nuxPS2sorry to bother, but i have a script that calls on truecrypt which has to be run as root, i added it to sudoers but the resulting file it creates does not give others read access, is there a way to change this without chmod'ing04:06
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: if you give it global privs, you effective make it root04:06
Cpudan80phpbb is not very secure04:06
Cpudan80I would not want to give it root04:06
Cpudan80But you might! Dont let me stop you!04:07
TheGridim look for good linux shell use test my server how tell me one ?04:07
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: without chmoding ?04:07
Cpudan80Why is chmoding a problem ?04:07
Cpudan80TheGrid: BASH is the standard shell04:07
L|nuxPS2its being called from a php script on my web server04:07
Cpudan80But real men use FISH!04:07
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: so?04:08
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: PHP can exec terminal level commands04:08
L|nuxPS2i would have to sudo chmod but the www-data user cant do that04:08
L|nuxPS2right, but not with sudo unless i specify the password04:08
L|nuxPS2which i don't want in my actual script04:08
L|nuxPS2for security04:08
Cpudan80so this PHP scripts creates a file ?04:08
Cpudan80but it writes it as root instead of www-user or whatever?04:09
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1gkphv&s=5  , so "which options are best?04:09
irvingpopI forced the install of a package that depends on libapache2-mod-php5, which depends on apache2-mpm-prefork.   I run my webserver with apache2-mpm-worker and FastCGI, and don't want to switch back to prefork.    I forced install the package,  but now I keep getting errors that I need to run "apt-get install -f".    If I run that,  it says:   8:02pm.www ~# apt-get -f install04:09
irvingpopReading package lists... Done04:09
irvingpopBuilding dependency tree04:09
irvingpopReading state information... Done04:09
FloodBot1irvingpop: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:09
Jim_Raynorok... Now, i believe in Demons04:09
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: hit uncheck all and leave the middle radio selected04:10
Jim_Raynoror fairies or gnomes... any tiny being that screws up with your crap04:10
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: hrm04:10
L|nuxPS2could i possibly add to sudoers only the ability to chmod within a certain directory?04:10
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, middle radio?04:11
Jim_RaynorMy hd was failing, wasn't booting and didn't even loaded with the Live CD04:11
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: "created DB with same name ..."04:11
irvingpopanyone?   what can I do to break the dependencies?04:11
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, thanks!04:11
PhantomimeI am trying to get the internet working on ubuntu, but I can't do it. I have a wireless pci card (hardware) installed in my pc. Is there a way that I can set it up so that it recognizes the hardware and recognizes the wireless network?04:11
L|nuxPS2that way the script can call on sudo to chmod but it can only do it within the file directory - that way I don't have a massive security hole04:11
Jim_RaynorI disassembled the bloody laptop, rebuilt it and somehow, errors are gone and the system is snappier04:11
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: maybe if you use a different method of writing out the file initially04:11
L|nuxPS2don't think there is a way - the script calls on truecrypt to create a volume, mount it, then place the files the user has selected into the volume, unmounts it, then lets the user download the truecrypt file04:12
Jim_RaynorMidgets, gnomes or fairies... only explanation04:12
Phantomimestim packs?04:12
Cpudan80!ohmy | Jim_Raynor04:12
ubottuJim_Raynor: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!04:12
L|nuxPS2unless i just made it a straight up bash script and put the chmod in there and then sudoer that bash script04:13
L|nuxPS2but i want a way within php... :(04:13
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, i have heard that phpbb is insecure ,what can i do to make it more secure? i am planning to run a bbs on my pc for my friends ,no domain name juts http:ip.address/forum04:13
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: you can set the UID of a PHP script04:13
Jim_Raynorseems like i kicked out some sort of windows dwarf from my laptop04:13
iceswordcan I upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04? how04:13
L|nuxPS2howso?... link?04:13
iceswordCpudan80, err. heh04:13
Cpudan80itai_michaelson: I dunno - I dont use phpbb much04:13
Cpudan80icesword: yes you can04:14
Cpudan80icesword: that is supported04:14
Jim_RaynorI SWEAR to Buddha, that I was having boot errors 15 minutes ago...04:14
iceswordCpudan80, a link04:14
Jim_Raynorand now, everything seems better than new...04:14
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.posix-setuid.php04:14
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: remember to set it back04:14
Cpudan80L|nuxPS2: #php might shed some more light on it04:15
Cpudan80They're on freenode too :-)04:16
itai_michaelsonCpudan80, thank you, it worked04:16
L|nuxPS2ya, ill head on over there04:16
Peddycould someone with Intrepid please go to system>preferences>sessions, and see what Pulseaudio services are listed under Startup Programs? I accidentally deleted mine, and I just need to copy someone else's.04:16
icesword ops04:16
ein_haou are you04:16
ein_Me hepi en copeL me Muachhhhhhhhhhhh04:17
Cpudan80Peddy: a thing that runs : pactl load-module module-x11-xsmp04:17
iceswordCpudan80, 7.04>7.10>8.04>8.10? do I have to do this? how long will that take? thanks04:17
Cpudan80!ops | ein_04:17
ubottuein_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:17
Flannelein_: Please stop that.04:17
iceswordCpudan80, hehe, funny04:17
dn4Any idea why Freemat isn't showing up in my apt-cache searches?04:17
srx2002hi guys, quick question....I'm trying to learn some terminal commands...if I open  for example  " amsn "  from the terminal window where exactly is the " executable " ( for lack of a better word ) file located04:17
PeddyCpudan80, that's the only one, right? Just checking :)04:17
Cpudan80Flannel: I didnt want to hit the scary red button! I sware I didn't!04:17
Cpudan80Peddy: looks like it04:17
Peddysrx2002, /usr/bin, for amsn.04:18
Jim_RaynorSeriously guys, there should be a logical explanation...04:18
Peddythenks Cpudan8004:18
srx2002different for each program?04:18
Jim_Raynorhow can I go from boot errors and BIOS skipping HD to better performance than 2 days ago?04:18
Peddysrx2002, well, most programs installed from the ubuntu add/remove or synpatic or apt-get are stored in /usr/bin. If you compile your own programs, they're in /usr/local/bin.04:18
PB_G3Hey guys I need help with my ORiNOCO Silver 802.11b WiFi card in ubuntu 8.04 on a PB G304:18
Jim_Raynorin 15 minutes? Only by disassembling and reassembling the laptop?04:19
iceswordFlannel, hey? how do I upgrade  from 7.04 to 8.10? 7.04>7.10>8.04>8.10? do I have to do this? how long will that take? thanks04:19
CareBear\Jim_Raynor : sounds like a glitch in the hd connector04:19
srx2002peddy: ok...how would I know where each one is located for any program??  is there a command I can use to check?04:19
Cpudan80icesword: go from 7.04 --> 8.04 --> 8.1004:19
Cpudan80icesword: you can go directly from X --> 8.0404:19
Flannelicesword: You have to upgrade one at a time, yes04:19
FlannelCpudan80: No, you can't04:20
Cpudan80you cant?04:20
FlannelCpudan80: Only 6.06 to 8.0404:20
Jim_Raynorit was a fairy, dude04:20
Peddysrx2002, /usr/local/sbin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/bin, /sbin, /bin, /usr/games are where they're stored.04:20
Cpudan80that sucks04:20
FloodBot1Cpudan80: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
iceswordFlannel, hmm how long will it take04:20
Jim_Raynorshe was eating all my performance...04:20
Cpudan80argh FloodBot1 !04:20
iceswordCpudan80, thanks, Flannel04:20
Flannelicesword: Depends on your connection.  You'll have to download ~600MB each upgrade04:20
Peddysrx2002, Sorry, there is definitely a command, but I've forgotten it. Does anyone else know how to determine where an executable in $PATH is located?04:21
srx2002is there a command to check...for example I wanna know where " firefox " is located?04:21
Peddysrx2002, firefox is /usr/bin by default.04:21
iceswordholy.... hahaha, that sucks. guess I can downgrade to 6.06... lol04:21
Peddysrx2002, hang on, I'll have it for you in a sec04:22
srx2002Peddy: ok thanks04:22
Peddysrx2002, the command is "type -p firefox"04:23
linuxman410guest56803 hello04:23
Peddysrx2002, replace firefox with any program you want.04:23
srx2002perfect thank you04:23
PB_G3mr_polite, hey MR_POLITE04:23
zonylDoes anyone have some general tips to save battery power on a laptop?  ( services that dont need to run , window manager that is better, etc)04:23
Guest56803could someone point me in a right direction. I am a new to Ubuntu. My wireless connection was working until i installed updates. Now each time i try to connect i get authentication screen asking me to re-enter password. Could someone point me in the right direction plz04:24
mr_politezonyl: turn your screen brightness down, turn off wireless radios you aren't using.04:24
Hilikushey guys04:24
stephenHey Hilikus04:24
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PB_G3Hey guys I need help with my ORiNOCO Silver 802.11b WiFi card in ubuntu 8.04 on a PB G304:24
Hilikuswhat can i use to burn a dvd? something with a GUI please04:25
jedimindlappymsttcorefonts doesnt offer Tahoma and a couple of other fonts, i vaguely remember there being another package that does though - can anyone refresh my memory real quick?04:25
PeddyHilikus, there is a tool included from 8.04 onwards called 'Brasero'04:25
Hilikusi mean, files to a dvd, not actually a movie04:25
mr_politejust dropping in to let everyone i was speaking to earlier know that ive successfully "downgraded" back to 8.04.04:25
PB_G3Hilikus, K3B!04:25
PeddyHilikus, Brasero is the easiest to use IMO.04:25
scuniziHilikus, k3b for all of the above04:25
dportI have a quick question, I just started using Ubuntu and i've got a slight grip on things so far. But i'm trying to get adobe to update04:26
mr_politeanother vote for k3b04:26
dportHow do I go about doing that?04:26
dportI already downloaded it04:26
scunizidport, adobe? what reader?04:26
plcTowliedport, try the medibuntu repositry?04:26
Hilikusi guess i'll give k3b a try04:26
srx2002Peddy: If I wanted to prevent someone from using for example MSN while I'm away from my PC...is there a command for that?04:26
* Peddy doesn't user brasero, anyway. :D04:26
Hilikusthanks guys04:26
Guest56803i do not think i have wireless radios - it is a linksys wireless card i put in PCMCI port04:26
usserdport: what adobe, flashplayer? what version of ubuntu you are using?04:26
scuniziGuest56803, that's a wireless radio04:27
bullgard4What is meant by 'raw Ethernet'?04:27
Peddysrx2002, as in block Pidgin from being used entirely?04:27
vegombreiGuest56803: why dont you go thru the properties and see if theres something you can do there in its options04:27
Peddysrx2002, block pidgin from being used at a certain time*04:27
sleepy_catHi.. I want to upgrade from 8.04 LTS to 8.1004:28
sleepy_cathow should i proceed04:28
srx2002no..say for example I only want myself to access a progam and nooone else04:28
Flannelsleepy_cat: You need to go to software sources and select "Every release" (as opposed to just LTS) from one of the tabs04:28
gerbercan i install ubuntu on dell Computer /04:28
sleepy_catthts the problem i cant find software sources04:28
gerbercan i install ubuntu on dell Computer /04:28
sleepy_catin  SYstem>administration04:28
srx2002I used chmod 000 to block certain files ( as root ) and then when I want to view/read those files I go back and do chmod 775 filename.....is there another way?04:29
scunizigerber, yes.. most .. I'm running it on a vostro 1400 laptop04:29
scunizigerber, yes.. most .. I'm running it on a vostro 1400 laptop04:29
Peddysrx2002, do you mean programs or files?04:29
gerberci have sc40004:29
sleepy_catFlannel: the problem is that i cant find software sources in  System->administration04:29
scunizigerber, if you can run the live cd then you should be able to install it.04:30
Guest56803would anyone plz point me in the right direction to fix wireless problem i have04:30
srx2002Programs and file would be the same?04:30
ryanpriorHow do I tell a process which CPU core (s) to run on?04:30
scunizi!wireless | Guest5680304:30
ubottuGuest56803: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:30
gerberlive cd work good, but when i boot can't find it04:30
Guest56803they did not help04:30
jedimindlappyhow do i stop ubuntu from dimming the display when i stop typing for 30 seconds lol04:31
Guest56803i already went through them04:31
marryjanewifi 5300 intel04:31
sleepy_catnickrud: hi04:31
jedimindlappynevermind found it04:31
iceswordFlannel, it seems I have to bother with install from windows04:31
Guest56803my wireless was workingfing tine until i installed the updates04:31
Peddysrx2002, you could just make a seperate account for your kids/siblings/parents that doesn't have permission to access those files. Fast user switching is really fast, and you can stay logged in.04:31
gerberi install it on win xp04:31
Guest56803now i keep getting authentication request04:31
marryjanei'm ThinkPan x200 (intel wifi 5100) nice conncetion04:31
Guest56803each time i reenter password is comes back to ask again04:32
sleepy_catnickrud: I found the solutio to the problem which i had earlier regarding the hanging of the system... it was tht the X86 board does not support the graphics04:32
srx2002Peddy: good idea...so chmod 000 and 775 won't work for programs i guess04:32
sleepy_catthere is a problem there04:32
sleepy_catsome bug04:32
sleepy_catso we need to disable the graphocs options there04:32
sleepy_catthen it works perfectly04:32
sleepy_catotherwise it would not load04:32
Peddysrx2002, yes, it would, you just chmod the /usr/bin... file04:33
sleepy_catas far as the problem was.. First the screen loaded asked for username and password and then blank screen with the feasibility to hover around with the mouse04:33
dawildtwigquestion for you guys is it possible to run applications using ssh04:33
scunizi!enter | sleepy_cat04:33
ubottusleepy_cat: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:33
dawildtwiglike .exe applications?04:33
srx2002do I do chmod....or chmod 00004:33
sleepy_catnow its working fine04:33
sleepy_catok ubottu04:33
dawildtwigmarryjane: were you referring to my question or the one from srx?04:34
Peddysrx2002, I don't know the ids of your users, you can do 'sudo nautilus /usr/bin', then right-click on the programs, and set which users can access it. But you should make a new account first.04:34
sleepy_catHi.. I want to upgrade from 8.04 LTS to 8.10  the problem is that i cant find software sources in  System->administration04:34
dawildtwigis that a yes to me marryjane?04:34
srx2002ok. perfect04:34
franki^dawildtwig: yes, it is possible to run applications using ssh04:34
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:34
dawildtwigfranki, how do you do it?04:35
franki^dawildtwig: just like you usually would from the command line04:35
franki^dawildtwig: unless i'm misunderstanding the question?04:35
dawildtwigi'm in the windows envioronment now and i try just typing like program.exe in the command prompt and it doesn't work04:35
biyingleihow to  install scim in ubuntu04:35
franki^dawildtwig: ah, i know nothing about windows.. are you sshing into an ubuntu machine?04:36
dawildtwigfranki, yes as well as a windows to04:36
scuniziI've always wondered.. what exactly is scim and why would a person need/want to use it.??04:36
redvamp128!fr | adye04:36
ubottuadye: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr04:36
itai_michaelsonquick question - i have phpbb setup with LAMP, how come when someone acceses my phpbb board it doesn't register on apache2 log ? should i look for it somewhere else?04:37
zgmf-x20ahello again all.  does anyone know where the default skin file for VLC is located?04:37
dawildtwigfranki, i know with the ubuntu you would use the -x bracket for the openssh session to pass the x to the current screen but does that work if the remote computer is windows and host is ubuntu04:37
scunizizgmf-x20a, probably in ~/.vlc or something similar04:37
jansenbiyinglei: sudo apt-get install scim04:37
sleepy_catubottu: the release notes do not offer much help04:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:37
franki^dawildtwig: i'm sorry, i have no experience with windows machines at all :(04:38
sleepy_catHi.. I want to upgrade from 8.04 LTS to 8.10  the problem is that i cant find software sources in  System->administration04:38
biyingleithanks jansen04:38
dawildtwigfrank, ok that you for your help though04:38
Guest56803i can anyone help me plz04:38
Flannelsleepy_cat: Try accessing it through Synaptic04:38
scunizidawildtwig, probably not since windows doesn't run x04:38
zgmf-x20ascunizi: ok, how would i get there trhu a file browser.  i recently treid to change the vlc skin, NIGHTMARE... never again..04:39
sleepy_catFlannel how?04:39
dawildtwigscunizi, so in a windows to windows using openssh would it work or do you think not?04:39
scunizizgmf-x20a, let me check if that is the location .. what's the default skin called?04:39
Flannelsleepy_cat: Open up synaptic, and one of the items in the menu will get you to a repository/etc screen04:39
zgmf-x20ascunizi: i have no idea, im looking for it too....04:40
dawildtwigscunizi, i'm really trying to figure out the advantages of using ssh at all if everything is from command just turns it all into a pain in the ass if you know what i mean04:40
scunizidawildtwig, I son't think that openssh actually runs on windows.. other programs do the ssh thing .04:40
scunizidawildtwig, ssh is for privacy and protection04:40
sleepy_catFlannel: i didnt get u properly04:42
scunizizgmf-x20a, /usr/share/vlc/skins2 looks to be the location of the skins.. command line was faster finding it.. (sudo updatedb  ... locate vlc)04:42
zgmf-x20ascunizi: i found it.... but it wont change to it.... this is a night mare... honestly... i hate the author who made this skin... HATE.  i have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, but its like perm messed up now04:42
zgmf-x20ascunizi: lol, same time04:43
Flannelsleepy_cat: Open up synaptic, in one of the menus theres an item to modify the repositories.  I believe that opens up software sources.04:43
bukowskii'm trying to configure compiz through compiz manager but i cant get out what this super key means.04:44
scunizizgmf-x20a, I've never messed with skins .. with vlc I'm either listening or watching not examining the boarder.. but I know what you mean about look and feel..04:44
jansenbukowski: super key usually refers to the "windows" key on your keyboard.04:44
sleepy_catFlannel:  I found repository04:44
sleepy_catin the menu04:45
sleepy_catbut it has only deb04:45
bukowskioh thnx04:45
zgmf-x20ascunizi: dude... NEVER add a skin... this has become a night mare04:45
sleepy_catand most of them are ticked the unticked ones cant be ticked .. they r frozen elements (cant access them)04:45
tanathanyone recently try to update clam virus defs via clamtk? doesn't work for me...04:45
CareBear\thanks for the help.04:45
scunizizgmf-x20a, the location it goes is part of root. .you might need to change the permissions of the file.04:46
zgmf-x20ais there a way i can COMPLETELY uninstall vlc, like, EVERYTHING, so it has no memory it was ever installed, so when i install again it will be fine04:46
phorensic3zgmf-x20a: skin for what?04:46
bukowski<Shift><Control>ISO_Prev_Group <- and what does this stand for?04:46
tanathzgmf-x20a, 'sudo aptitude purge vlc' and remove/rename ~/.vlc/04:47
scuniziphorensic3, zgmf-x20a is trying to change the skin for vlc04:47
phorensic3zgmf-x20a: ahh you got the ol vlc skin is stuck and ruins the play list deal?04:47
Flannelsleepy_cat: Alright, hit alt-f2, then type software-properties-gtk and hit enter, that should bring it up04:47
sleepy_catFlannel: repository is there in the setting menu04:47
phorensic3scunizi: Yes I have the same issue04:47
phorensic3scunizi: I think it must be a certain skin that screws it up04:47
jansenzgmf-x20a: have you tried editing the file ~/vlc/vlcrc? look for a section called "skins2" and comment out every line in that section.04:47
progChow can you increase the stack space on visual studio?04:47
BitfishprogC, this is #ubuntu, not ##windows04:48
FlannelprogC: this is #ubuntu, you may be looking for ##windows, or... some other channel (not the C or C++ channel, since thats IDE specfic)04:48
tanathanyone else find they can't update virus definitions in clamtk?04:48
zgmf-x20aphorensic3: YES!  its a nightmare... installled this very nice skin, but, features missing, try to get back, and night mare.  wont let me, and when i move the new skin file, always has an error and wont open the skin, but an x11 video player window opens and plays, with no actual playtime bar or anything04:48
zgmf-x20aits so wack.... im going to try one more thing before complete annhilation04:49
phorensic3zgmf-x20a: Is it a windows look alike skin?04:49
zgmf-x20awindoze..... ewww04:49
tanathphorensic3, it's doubtful you'll need to reinstall it. removing or renaming your ~/.vlc folder should do the trick04:49
phorensic3zgmf-x20a: ahh crap the problem is on my laptop not this pc04:50
zgmf-x20ait just went so nice with my blackish motif going on here.  just installed cairodock, liking it, and tried to have it go along with the environment04:50
sleepy_catFlannel: nope tht too gives errir04:50
zgmf-x20abut alas.... night mare04:50
Flannelsleepy_cat: What error?04:50
sleepy_caterror.. maybe its not there04:50
tanathzgmf-x20a, , it's doubtful you'll need to reinstall it. removing or renaming your ~/.vlc folder should do the trick04:50
tanathphorensic3, sorry, not you04:50
Flannelsleepy_cat: Are you running Ubuntu? or Xubuntu? or Kubuntu or what?04:50
sleepy_catcould not open location04:50
sleepy_catfile://home/ something someting04:50
phorensic3tanath: I tried to reinstall and it returned to badness on reinstall, Im guessing thats cause the config files still existed on my laptop even though did a --purge04:50
sleepy_catUbuntu 8.04 LTS04:51
phorensic3tanath: Its cool, I have a similar issue with vlc04:51
Flannelsleepy_cat: Alright, something's messed up then.  You can try upgrading via some of the methods on this page04:51
Flannel!upgrade | sleepy_cat04:51
ubottusleepy_cat: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:51
tanathphorensic3, ah. well, did you install the skin as a package?04:51
sleepy_cat!upgrade | dragon_flam04:51
ubottudragon_flam: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:51
XpistosI need to change pwd for a user account, but I am not sure how to do it via command line. Can I get some help?04:51
tanathphorensic3, or was it something you added to a skins folder?04:51
sleepy_catFlannel: nah tht didnt work04:52
sleepy_cati already saw those04:52
sleepy_catmaybe i am stuck with LTS04:52
Flannel!doesntwork | sleepy_cat04:52
ubottusleepy_cat: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:52
sleepy_cat!itsnotworking | Flannel04:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about itsnotworking04:52
sleepy_catlol. i screwed up04:52
rdw200169and ubottu calls himself stupid; that was quite profound!04:52
phorensic3I believe I installed by browsing to the location of the file within vlc and choosing it as the skin. It worked for weeks and then it got stuck and the playlist wont work04:52
sleepy_catshut up rdw04:53
tanathphorensic3, try just removing/renaming the skin file?04:53
Flannelsleepy_cat: Please remain polite04:54
sleepy_catFlannel: hey y chucked me out04:54
sleepy_cathmm ok04:54
nabcoreIs it possible with 8.10 to use the install to USB device (i.e. boot from) to creat a bootable image on a CF card?04:54
dn4how do I know what version of ubuntu I have installed?04:54
sleepy_catnabcore: yes its possible04:54
Flanneldn4: lsb_release -a04:54
scunizinabcore, yea.. probably..04:54
sleepy_catdn4: go to system monitor04:54
sleepy_catnabcore:  first boot from the live cd04:55
nabcoresleep_cat; are there any guides, references, how tos?04:55
sleepy_catthen click on the first option04:55
dn4thanks sleepy_cat04:55
sleepy_catwhich says run ubuntu without making any changes04:55
bukowskii try to activate the cube in compiz but it doesnt, please help.04:55
nabcoresleepy_cat; ok04:55
shizumasa14does anyone know how to connect to yahoo from xchat?  I want to be able to chat with my friends on Yahoo from here,04:56
zgmf-x20aphorensic3: hey, so how do i access ~/.vlc/?04:56
sleepy_catnabcore:  then when u get the desktop04:56
scunizishizumasa14, you mean yahoo messenger?04:56
sleepy_catthere there will be an install icon04:56
zgmf-x20aalso, i just did the purge, my last attemp = fail04:56
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
shizumasa14yes,  and MSN for that matter04:56
sleepy_catdont click on tht04:56
tanathshizumasa14, xchat is an IRC client. yahoo messenger is a different protocol and requires a different app04:56
david_Does anyone know if I can get 3D acceleraton on my Chrome integrated graphics card? I've been searching the internet  for atleast a week trying to find a solution to no satisfaction04:56
shizumasa14okay, thanks.04:56
sleepy_cati guess there is an option in the system to install onto pendrive or something.. try tht nabcore04:57
tanathshizumasa14, pidgin seems to be the best chat client. supports multiple protocols04:57
shizumasa14okay,  thanks.04:57
phorensic3tanath: Thats a good idea.. when I get back on my laptop Ill check it out04:57
scunizishizumasa14, xchat is an irc client not a messaging client.. use pidgin.. it's already installed and under applications>Internet. It'll connect to most everything.. including here.04:57
tanathshizumasa14, best for linux anyway. there's also digsby for windows, which runs somewhat decently with wine04:57
nabcoresleepy_cat; ok, I've tried that, but it does not give me the option to install to the CF drive; it only seems to recogise that this drive exists04:58
qcjnhi, when i want to add an application at start up, in the command prompt, i get the app from /usr/bin/whateverapp  ??04:58
tanathscunizi, irc is a messaging protocol :P04:58
jansenXpistos: sudo passwd <username>04:58
scunizitanath, true.. but in "non-tech" speak it works04:58
sleepy_catI didnt get you.. on which medium u trying to install04:59
tanathzgmf-x20a, find it in nautilus (the file manager). click places menu, or Computer icon on desktop04:59
tanathscunizi, actually, i thought it'd be confusing. using xchat, you're doing messaging...04:59
sleepy_catis it a pendrive or a USB HDD04:59
BrentyI feel like such a noob.05:00
zgmf-x20atanath: just did... not there... and after purge, and reinstall... the problem STILL persists.... i think i might have to reinstall ubuntu.... i cant believe this garbage... i hope the author of that skin isnt in this country...05:00
david_Can anyone help me get 3d acceleration on my VIA Chrome9 IGP?05:00
BrentyI finally after so long just installed Ubuntu on one of my desktops =D05:00
flybackhow do I change runlevel in ubuntu 8.1005:00
jansenBrenty: we all were noobs once.05:00
BrentyI have SSH experience that's about it.05:00
georgeneed help configuring wireless card.05:00
Brentyit doesn't seem bad but im more used to the terminal05:00
nabcoresleepy_cat: I have to go, but I will read up more. Thank you so much for the advice so far05:01
georgeI can't pick up internet, but I have a wireless card installed in ubuntu right now05:01
tritiumflyback: sudo telinit <runleve>, but keep in mind that debian and ubuntu don't use runleves in the way that you may be expecting05:01
=== sigterm is now known as _sigterm
flybackyeah I know05:01
scunizitanath, I'll give you that.. IM-ing is typically thought of though as yahoo, msn etc.. not an irc channel ..05:01
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.05:01
flybacki want it to boot to text mode from now on05:01
zgmf-x20atanath: any idea WHY its remebering that i installed a skin?  is there some mega super command that will full kill everything VLC05:01
tanathzgmf-x20a, ok, do all of the following: purge vlc, and whatever depends on it. rename ~/.vlc & rename the skin file. if the problem still persists, it needs further inspection05:01
flybackhow the hell do I do that then05:01
Brentyanyways i was going to ask help about untarring a .tar.bz2 file05:01
tritiumflyback: easy on the language, please.05:01
tanathscunizi, but many don't really know the difference05:02
tanathscunizi, just that it's "different programs" usually05:02
tritiumflyback: you need to use update-rc.d on the gdm init script to prevent it from stopping05:02
flybacksorry I am viciously sick and I Just want t o get this running before I go to bed05:02
balzacI'm trying to free up some space on my computer05:02
jansenBrenty tar xjvf <filename.bz2>05:02
Brentyill try it :S05:02
flybackso I can use my beside term05:02
=== _sigterm is now known as sigterm
balzacI noticed intrepid came with Sun Java JRE 605:02
jansenBrenty: The "j" option is for bz205:02
flybackI just setup xvnc05:02
tritiumflyback: follow this (first method) http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-tips.en.html#s-no-x-start05:02
balzacthat's not free software is it?05:02
tanathzgmf-x20a, there's likely a setting somewhere being missed. i would expect it to be in ~/.vlc but if not, it may have its own file in ~05:02
bukowskii try to activate the cube in compiz but it doesnt, please help.05:02
balzacI got rid of mono and skype already05:02
zgmf-x20atanath: ok, purge done, but i cant seem to find ~/.vlc05:03
georgeanyone know how to configure a wireless card in ubuntu? It's so easy in windows....05:03
phorensic1zgmf-x20a: Yah I was having trouble finding it too05:03
tanathzgmf-x20a, purging removes the application and system-wide config files. removing/renaming ~/.vlc gets rid of user configs for it05:03
scunizizgmf-x20a, if you're using nautilus to look. .hit ctrl+h to reveal the hidden directory05:03
jansenzgmf-x20a: make sure you are showing hidden files and folders05:03
dportHey, my sound still isn't working, I have Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 03) and can't figure it out for the life of me05:03
tritiumgeorge: they typically "just work".  Which card do you have?05:03
balzacactually, this is "easy peasy", I don't want to accuse ubuntu of including skype and sunjre605:03
tanathzgmf-x20a, ok, i'm presuming it's there. lemme check05:03
david_I installed the openchrome driver and installed VIA's driver and neither get me 3D acceleration, is there something else that I could do besides buy a new video cad?05:03
balzacthough I'm not sure if they did...05:04
georgeI have a... hold on05:04
Brentycan i pm you janbanan05:04
Brentyjansen *05:04
tanathzgmf-x20a, yep, i have a ~/.vlc05:04
tritiumflyback: did you see that above?05:04
tanathzgmf-x20a, do the hidden files thing05:04
jansenBrenty: yes05:04
flybackyeah I think I will just kill x manually for tonight05:04
flybacktoo sick to figure it out05:04
flybackbut thx05:04
tritiumflyback: no problem05:04
tanathzgmf-x20a, a . at the beginning makes something 'hidden'05:04
balzaccan I remove gedit without removing "ubuntu-desktop"?05:05
zgmf-x20atanath: scunizi, yup im in my home folder, did the hidden files thing, but nothing!  it should be inbetween .Virtualbox and .wine, but nothing!05:05
balzacI prefer leafpad05:05
tanathzgmf-x20a, just run this in terminal then: mv .vlc .vlc-bak05:05
cdennyi am having second thoughts about ubuntu05:05
tanathzgmf-x20a, that'll rename it. to get it back, do the reverse: mv .vlc-bak .vlc05:06
grendal_primeI have a question about openvpn.  And ya ive already asked in #openvpn..but its really quite there. So i figured id ask here.  Anyone learned enoug in openvpn to discuss possible key centralization for several servers?05:06
tritiumbalzac: ubuntu-desktop is simply a meta-package, which is safe to remove.05:06
phorensic1cdenny: No don't, ubuntu is the shiza05:06
balzactritium: thanks05:06
TheFunkbombHey folks.  Quick question.  I tried to deny all traffic through UFW and it just says "bad port"05:06
cdennyphorensic1: thats the thing, i love it.05:06
zgmf-x20atanath: mv: cannot stat `.vlc': No such file or directory05:06
cdennyphorensic1: it just doesnt seem all "there" on my vmware05:06
flybackfreaking nausea05:06
tanathzgmf-x20a, ok, it's been deleted then. maybe the purge removed it05:06
cdennyphorensic1: its just missing, something05:06
tritiumbalzac: if, however, you go to upgrade to a new release, you'll want to reinstall ubuntu-desktop simply to allow the upgrade to go smoothly.  Then, you can remove it again.05:06
d0netsFNwow could someone please help me, my ubuntu just locked up so i hard reset05:07
d0netsFNthen i get error 21 in grub05:07
balzactritium: maybe it's not worth it...05:07
tanathzgmf-x20a, seems sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't remove user config05:07
balzacgedit is kind of huge for a mere text editor though05:07
tritiumbalzac: it's simple, but it's up to you05:07
TheFunkbombI'm also having an issue with firefox freezing up05:07
=== rob is now known as Guest14271
zgmf-x20atanath: it never appears there, even when installed tho.  and when i reinstall, guarenteed, same error will be coming back05:07
tanathzgmf-x20a, move/rename the skin file, if you still have it. and do a search for duplicates05:07
phorensic1cdenny: its missing a full install is what05:07
tanathzgmf-x20a, oh? are you running regular ubuntu distro?05:08
cdennyphorensic1: thats the thing, i cant do a full install05:08
tanathzgmf-x20a, installing vlc from ubuntu repositories, or a third-party source?05:08
phorensic1cdenny why not?05:08
georgewhunterneed help with wifi 8.0405:08
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:09
georgewhunterwireless pci adapter05:09
d0netsFNhey seriously, im having major issues05:09
tanathTheFunkbomb, that's usually caused by addons/extensions. do you have any installed?05:09
d0netsFNi think maybe 2 of my drives just died05:09
d0netsFNone being a brand new 1 tb drive05:09
TheFunkbombtanath, this just started today.  I haven't added any new add ons05:09
cdennyphorensic1: i have it set up so I can have two people on one computer at once05:10
tanathTheFunkbomb, well, an existing one may have updated and become buggy05:10
zgmf-x20atanath: checked for vlc in share, its not there ne more, original place for skin files.  and im on ubuntu 8.10 normal, and installing from synaptic05:10
=== Pricey is now known as Guest75242
markysHey, small question here: is it possible to do, for example, "echo '#!' && which python", but with the output on only one line?05:10
balzacok, java jre6 is getting the axe on my system05:10
dportAnyone know of PeerGuardian 2 can be installed on Ubuntu?05:10
TheFunkbombI think I'm just going to format.  I'm pretty sure I screwed something up in Terminal05:10
=== zer0 is now known as Guest98948
=== Guest98948 is now known as cQ
werdnumyay netsplit05:10
phorensic1hooray for netsplit!05:11
zgmf-x20atanath: checked for vlc in share, its not there ne more, original place for skin files.  and im on ubuntu 8.10 normal, and installing from synaptic05:11
tanathTheFunkbomb, remember what you did? it may be more easily fixable05:11
tanathzgmf-x20a, share?05:11
cdennyam i the only one who is seeing hundreds of people leaving the room?05:11
zgmf-x20ahome -> usr -> share05:11
cQah..checkinga again...05:11
ubuntu3877l am  a new linux ubuntu user and l am trying to up date ubuntu 8.10 but java l can instal05:11
tanathcdenny, nope. netsplit05:11
=== pixelated is now known as Guest50918
cdennyTHIS IS CRAZY05:12
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:12
ubuntu3877can help me about it05:12
phorensic1cdenny: no its a net split05:12
dportwtf is up with this?05:12
FlannelEveryone just sit tight.  This should be over shortly.05:12
cdennylol enjoy the show05:12
tanathdport, it's temporary05:12
cdennyits like a tornado05:12
cdennywait and watch, lol05:12
tanathservers on same network are reconnecting05:12
tanathsweet chocolate jeebus... when will it end?05:13
usserman thats  a nasty one05:13
=== werdnum_ is now known as werdnum
tanathdamn... usually not this bad05:14
theCzarwhat the crap is up with all this netsplit!!05:14
tritiumtheCzar: easy on the language, please05:14
tanaththeCzar, servers having connection troubles05:14
theCzartritium: sorry, just a bit shocked I looked away for a while05:15
stdinthere is nothing any of us can do, just wait for it to be over05:15
tritiumtheCzar: I understand05:15
tapan_chughunable to get the maximum audio output from ubuntu05:15
cdennyUBUNTU SUCKS05:16
tanathfxhp, big one05:16
tritiumcdenny: this has *nothing* to do with ubuntu.05:16
cwilluthat's what happens when 4000 people disconnect and reconnect at the same time :p05:16
cdennygreat, right when it stops doing it05:16
FlannelPlease just sit tight while the servers all freak out.  It should be over sometime soon.05:17
tritiumThis is a netsplit on freenode.05:17
ArCHoNKoGits a server split05:17
werdnummore than just a server split05:17
Bossmanbetathis is beyond a netsplit-05:17
werdnumprobably a hub issue.05:17
Bossmanbetathis is server fail ....05:17
Wickedyea wow.05:17
tanathattack maybe?05:17
Inc`Or an attack05:17
ice_creamwell done05:18
tapan_chughis it over now05:18
Serge3good morning05:18
Flanneltapan_chugh: not yet, no.05:18
tanathdon't suppose someone can do me a favour while waiting? can anyone update virus definitions with clamtk?05:18
TheFunkbombokay, I'm back05:18
TheFunkbombthat's weird, the chan just dropped out on me05:19
FlannelOnce again, for those of you just joining us:  Just sit tight while the servers freak out.  It should be over soon enough.05:19
Bossmanbetathis is server fail, not a netsplit.05:19
TheFunkbombso tanath, I ran sudo modprobe -L and it scrolls too fast05:19
=== sundowner is now known as dougsko
TheFunkbombis there anyway to slow it down?05:19
Serge3this is not only on ubuntu05:19
Serge3on debian too05:20
tanathTheFunkbomb, pipe it to pg or more: command | pg05:20
WickedTheFunkbomb, pipe it to more05:20
cdennygoodbye i am going back to vista05:20
TheFunkbombokay, I'll try that05:20
tapan_chughunable to get the maximum audio output05:20
tanathcdenny, this isn't exactly the best time to be trolling :P05:20
cdennytanath lol, i apologize for being out of context05:21
tanathtapan_chugh, how do you figure?05:21
cdennyits just that im torn05:21
dportStay with Ubuntu05:21
tanathcdenny, and... vista??05:21
Longlinux6having trouble installing a ralink rt2600 pci wireless05:21
cdennyI love the support and some neat stuff in ubuntu, but vista works better in a virtual environment05:21
Longlinux6can someone help me with this issue05:21
FlannelSerge3: Please watch the language05:21
tanathcdenny, not xp? or win7 beta at least? :P05:21
Serge3flannel, i can't copy an nickname of this net split05:21
cdennytanath if i get win7 beta it ends in june 0805:22
tapan_chughi have a multiboot a win xp and ubuntu. I get less sound at the max volume in ubuntu than half its volume in windows05:22
KnightrousWin7 Beta is definately better then Vista already!05:22
FlannelLonglinux6: We're having network issues, you'll want to wait until theyre over.05:22
Longlinux6ok no prob05:22
=== diego is now known as Guest54512
tanathcdenny, mess with system clock?05:22
=== k is now known as Guest93378
Wickedtapan_chugh, adjeust the sound with alasmixer05:22
phorensic1Knightrous: I took a crap earlier that looked better than vista05:22
Serge3will this net split sometime STOP? ?05:22
cdennytanath that will work until june 200805:22
=== trucMuche is now known as Guest83762
cdennyms designed the beta so It implodes itself in june05:22
sexcopterhi, i have a laptop with a 1024x768 display, and plugged in a 1280x1024 monitor. i can get a 1024x768 display through the gnome screen resolution utility, but is there a way i can crank it up to 1280?05:22
Knightrousphorensic1, lol. bloated and slow?05:22
albuntupeople dont have a life and come here to flood. f*** you that did this. sorry guys05:23
tanathcdenny, could look around p2p. might be a cracked version that extends it05:23
=== Roconda is now known as Guest66129
TheFunkbombI wish there was a way to search in terminal05:23
Flannelalbuntu: No ones flooding, this is a netsplit.  And please watch your language.05:23
tritiumTheFunkbomb: search what?05:23
tanathcdenny, meh. i'm happy with linux05:23
cdennytanath will do05:23
scunizisexcopter, if you have an nvidia card install nvidia-settings.. it will allow you to do just that.. if you have ati.. I have no idea05:23
stdinTheFunkbomb: search what?05:23
cdennytanath my case is unique05:23
tanathcdenny, oh?05:23
albuntuFlannel: ok sorry. i just thought they were flooding05:23
cdennytanath im running a virtual instance, not full install05:23
scuniziTheFunkbomb, sudo updatedb .. then locate <whatever> ..05:24
TheFunkbombtritium and stdin like if I had a long list and I wanted to search for a keyword05:24
tritiumTheFunkbomb: you can do that with grep05:24
tanathcdenny, windows prolly ought to be kept in a vm :P05:24
Knightrouscdenny: according to my beta emails, it will last through till August. Plenty of time to work out if you like it or not. I'm currently using it as for gaming on my non-linux computer05:24
sexcopterscunizi: ati... too bad05:24
stdinTheFunkbomb: you mean like grep?05:24
tapan_chughno help. It is already at the max volume05:24
sexcopterscunizi: thanks, i'll keep looking05:24
tritiumTheFunkbomb: cat list | grep <whatever>05:24
FlannelOnce again:  We're in the middle of a rather large netsplit.  Your questions/discussions may not be visible for long as people disconnect and reconnect.  It's a good idea to just sit tight and wait for it to stabilize.05:24
scunizisexcopter, there a way but I don't know how.05:24
cdennyKnightrous: thanks for the update, i guess I can just download it>05:24
TheFunkbombwhat I'm looking for is tifm_core in the modprobe section05:24
stdintritium: or just "grep list <whatever>" ;)05:24
cdennyKnightrous: or do i buy a dvd05:24
tritiumstdin: indeed05:25
tanathgrep is used in parsing output. find will actually search05:25
cdennythe community is the best thing about ubuntu05:25
Knightrouscdenny: You can download it from the M$ site, link on the front page. I still prefer Ubuntu though, just Win7 satisfies my gaming needs ATM05:25
Phantomime_Okay, I am back.. did some searching on the web. I have a TEW 423P! H/W B1.R wireless PCI chip installed into my computer. I want to know how to get on the internet. I can't figure out how to get ubuntu to recognize my hardware and allow me internet access. I wish this was all as easy as windows.05:25
tritiumtanath: he's wanting to search a text file list, not search for files themselves.05:25
cdennyKnightrous: i love ubuntu05:26
tanathtritium, ah, k05:26
tritiumTheFunkbomb: man grep, and learn all about it.05:26
phorensic1cdenny: I would say that the software, response time to correct bugs, cost, versatility, and community are all somewhat high on the reasons why ubuntu is the bomb05:26
cdennyKnightrous: its vmware workstation 6.5 that doesnt like it05:26
stdinTheFunkbomb: you can search the output of any command with "<command> | grep <search term>"05:26
tanathso is anyone able to get signature upates in clamtk?05:26
Phantomime_I was under the name "george" before05:26
cdennyphorensic1: when I can afford my own workstation (digital art) i will try ubuntu again.  but for now, i miss my photoshop05:26
Knightrouscdenny, Try VirtualBox, I use it instead of VMware, it's faster from my experience.05:27
=== mneptok_ is now known as mneptok
FlannelOnce again:  We're in the middle of a rather large netsplit.  Your questions/discussions may not be visible for long as people disconnect and reconnect.  It's a good idea to just sit tight and wait for it to stabilize.05:27
feltisok this is driving me nuts and I've been banging my head against google, I have an AMD Turion 64 RM-70 chip. For the life of me I can't get ubuntu install cd's to work with the AMD64 iso's. Everything else works fine. I've tried other distro's with 64 bit and they work. Any ideas?05:28
FlannelOnce again:  We're in the middle of a rather large netsplit.  Your questions/discussions may not be visible for long as people disconnect and reconnect.  It's a good idea to just sit tight and wait for it to stabilize before trying to ask questions.05:28
werdnumFlannel: Some hub, I suppose.05:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:28
KnightrousNetsplit finished yet?05:31
therealnanotubeKnightrous: ehrm... no? :)05:31
=== [perry] is now known as [pErry]
kkathmanKnightrous,  its more than a split05:31
scuniziMerc, use the file manager to go to the mp3 player and once  you're looking at the empty file structure.. put ctrl+h and you'll see the hidden trash directory on it.. empty trash05:42
cellofellowadam7: is there a way to install from the .deb into ~?05:42
FlannelOnce again:  The Freenode servers are experiencing a netsplit right now.  Just sit tight and enjoy the show.  It'll settle down soon enough.  It might not be worth your while to ask questions right now due to scrolling.05:43
cellofellowadam_:  is there a way to install from the .deb into ~?05:43
davenullcellofellow: Not unless the .deb is setup to do that already.05:43
Mercthats right, thanks guys :)05:43
cellofellowcan I do that from the source deb?05:43
cellofellowthis tarball won't build05:44
davenullcellofellow: What is the program?05:44
cellofellow...and the source deb won't build without builddeps.05:44
Longlinux6ralink 2600 pci wireless problems installing05:44
cellofellowI know it's in repos but I can't install it.05:44
Flannelcellofellow: You can extract the contents of the deb, yes.  Its just an archive format.05:44
MercOh.. ehh, I deleted the trash folder, but the player is still fucked up, still full but no files05:44
Mercdefenetly no files05:44
FlannelMerc: Please watch your langauge05:44
Pyles17adam7: how do i know if it's a firmware problem?05:44
Mercoh, sorry05:44
=== tome is now known as Guest42744
phixxoris it all right to join freenode using port 8001?05:46
Flannelphixxor: Yes05:46
scuniziphixxor, yes.. use chat.freenode.net05:46
scuniziphixxor, instead of irc.freenode.net05:46
biyingleimy start bar have lost05:46
phixxorscunizi: what's the difference?05:46
scuniziphixxor, not sure.. both might work.. but at one point I read that the chat one with 8001 helped reduce dcc exploits05:47
MercHm, now the mp3 player is working, its now saying it got no songs. But my ubuntu says otherwise, atleast that it is full... :S05:48
rwwphixxor: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit for more info on the exploit thing05:48
jxanderi'm trying to make sudo and gksu to work without me entering a password. I've added the line "jxander ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL" to /etc/sudoers, but I still have to enter the password. user jxander is in group jxander. What am I missing?05:48
rwwMerc: what brand of mp3 player?05:48
scunizijxander, if you continue you'll be missing all your security. might as well run win$05:49
phixxorrww thanks05:49
Mercim gonna try logging off and on05:49
werdnumscunizi: that's not at all true.05:49
tanathjxander, would recommend against doing that on a machine connected to the internet05:50
ryanpriorHow do I tell a process which CPU core (s) to run on?05:50
jxanderscunizi: :)) yeah, funny... i know it's true too :P05:50
scuniziwerdnum, if you engineer the sys so you don't have to use a password when using sudo?  that won't hurt your security?05:50
rwwjxander: 1) That's not a great idea. 2) You should be using the visudo command, not editing the sudoers file directly. 3) Instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Remove%20Password%20Prompt%20For%20sudo (maybe log out and log back in?)05:51
tritiumscunizi: that's a poor use of the term "engineer"05:51
werdnumscunizi: It's certainly not true that it eliminates any security benefits from running Ubuntu.05:51
jxandertanath: but how could i make it at least for one session not to have to enter the password every 5 min?05:51
MercWell, that didnt do anything good05:51
bullgard4The 'ifconfig' command outputs with my IBM laptop T42 after each of the 4 network interface names 'Link encap:'? What information follows then? (I know what encapsulation in protocols is.)05:51
tanathjxander, you could keep a root shell open05:51
scunizitritium, you must be one.05:51
Mercmp3 player says its empty, ubuntu says its full05:51
tritiumscunizi: yes05:52
tanathjxander, run 'su'05:52
scunizitritium, :)  ..05:52
Giraffehey, i'm having trouble getting WPA personal with TKIP working.  does anybody know why this is?05:52
jxandertanath: you mean, log in as root, right?05:52
tanathjxander, no05:52
tritiumscunizi: :)05:52
Giraffeit seems that it's a known bug in 8.10 but nobody has fixed it yet, so...05:52
FlannelAlright, sit seems that we've returned to normality.  If you asked a question in the last 10 minutes or so, you'll want to repeat it.  Thank you for flying #ubuntu05:52
tritiumlid: no foul language, please05:52
Giraffeer, k05:52
tanathjxander, i said keep a root shell open, meaning a terminal with a shell that's logged in as root. not logging in yourself as root05:52
Giraffehey, i'm having trouble getting WPA personal with TKIP working.  does anybody know why this is?05:52
Giraffeat Flannel's request05:53
lidWhat if my fucking internet isn'tworking... I can't very well tell youwhat's wrong without cursing05:53
Giraffewell, try harder05:53
* ice_cream laughs05:53
Mercmaybe I should format my player?05:54
phiqtionwhat is the best way to mount a .bin file in ubuntu?05:54
mysticdarkhackso is ubuntu irc working now?05:54
mysticdarkhackfreenode that is05:54
tanathphiqtion, convert to iso & use gmount-iso?05:54
MercI cant even format it in gparted...05:54
Knightrousphiqtion: Try Gmount-Iso, I'm sure it can hand mounting bin files as well as Iso's05:54
_Vi_been working all day mysticdarkhack05:54
Merctrying restart comp05:55
tanath(convert if necessary)05:55
ice_creamwhat is this restart comp stuff =P05:55
ice_creamthis is linux05:55
Knightrousphiqtion: Or you could try the linux version of PowerISO05:55
mysticdarkhackso anyway, any knoww how I can get my sony vaio internal mic working05:55
jxandertanath: i see... thanks :D... so if I keep a gnome-terminal for example open it won't ask for password... i suppose a root login, on tty1 for example, won't do the trick...05:55
tanaththis is spartaaa! (sorry)05:55
mysticdarkhackhoping to use it on skype05:55
mysticdarkhackthe webcam work05:56
mysticdarkhackbut the internal mic is being a pain05:56
tanathjxander, if you use a vt, and want to run a graphical app, you'll have to tell it to run on the x server specifically. i doubt you know how to do that05:56
tanathjxander, just run terminal, and get a root shell05:56
mysticdarkhackanyone can help me??05:56
tanathjxander, but yes, you can use a vt05:57
jockey8788hello all05:57
Knightrousjxander: If I'm doing any length terminal work, and don't want to have to enter my root pass everytime I need to run a command, I use "sudo su"05:57
tanathjxander, one way to do it is by running 'sudo -i'05:58
jockey8788can i ask some help ?05:58
werdnumKnightrous: sudo -s :)05:58
tritiumwerdnum: sudo -i05:58
rww!ask | jockey878805:58
ubottujockey8788: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:58
Knightrouswerdnum: I use sudo su :P05:58
tritiumKnightrous: you should reconsider that05:58
tanathjxander, that gives you an interactive sudo shell, basically05:58
cwilluKnightrous, sudo -s is a little more sane :p05:59
jockey8788i'm totally new to ubuntu.. just installed :) everything works more tha perfect05:59
jockey8788but i do want the fonts of windows05:59
Mercokey, system restart did nothing.. the mp3 player is still "full" and I realy need it.. :S05:59
cwillujockey8788, install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:59
d0netsFNhey could someone help me get my grub back to normal05:59
Knightroustritium: It's not that insane ;-)05:59
cwillujockey8788, will install java, flash, windows fonts, mp3 support05:59
d0netsFNim having crazy problems when i add my new 1 tb drive05:59
jockey8788so i downloaded the fonts and installed them05:59
jxandertanath, Knightrous thanks for all the options... will try all the above right now :D...05:59
scunizijockey8788, open System>Admin>Synaptic package manager and search for mstcorefonts..05:59
tritiumcwillu: sudo su and sudo -s are equivalent05:59
jockey8788installed all these05:59
jockey8788also mstcorefonts06:00
jockey8788what i must do now to make them work and make ubuntu's fonts look like window's06:00
tritiumsudo -i and sudo su - are equivalent, and give you root's environment configuration, which is what you typically want when you use it as suck.06:00
tanathjockey8788, have you logged out or rebooted since installing them?06:00
MiescoMy mic doesn't work :/06:00
tritiumsudo -s and sudo su keep the current shell's env.06:00
rdw200169tritium, you vi too much.06:01
jockey8788also restarted me laptop06:01
tritiumrdw200169: vi?06:01
rdw200169tritium, s/something/something_else is a common search and replace for vi!06:01
ice_creamtritium, and  simply 'su'  reads root's .bashrc (e.g. bash) ?06:01
tritiumrdw200169: yeo06:01
stdin'sudo su -' is excessive, changes user to root to change user to root...06:01
tritiumJust use "sudo -i"06:02
tanath'sudo su - && sudo su -' !06:02
jockey8788shouldn't i change some settings to work ?06:02
* ice_cream shrugs06:02
ice_creami usually either sudo or su, not both06:02
tritiumice_cream: you've enabled the root account?06:03
bullgard4The 'ifconfig' command outputs with my IBM laptop T42 after each of the 4 network interface names 'Link encap:'? What information follows then? (I know what encapsulation in protocols is.)06:03
tritiumnaturally for you, perhaps06:03
ice_creamthat's the general meaning of a 'naturally' response...06:04
=== tweak is now known as Guest59547
tritiumNot really.06:04
=== Guest59547 is now known as Tweak66
tritiumBut, let's stay on topic, please.06:04
calcbullgard4: on mine it says Ethernet06:05
ice_creamyou deviated first06:05
jockey8788anyway.. thank you everyone!06:05
bullgard4calc: And I would like to know what information is conveyed to me by the statement "ath0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:05:4e:47:3e:86 ". Can you explain that to me?06:06
tanathbullgard4, tells you the type of interface. should say ethernet for most. some are loopback...06:06
tanathbullgard4, that's an ethernet network device. the HWaddr is the MAC address06:07
tanathbullgard4, ath0 is the name of the device06:07
Tweak66has anyone gotten the guitar hero guitar working with fretsonfire ubuntu 8.10?06:08
bullgard4tanath:  "Link encap:Ethernet" designates the type of interface? I am lost. Please elaborate.06:08
tanathbullgard4, you'll generally see two types: ethernet & loopback. loopback is the local loopback ( is your machine)06:09
d0netsFNhey could someone help me get my grub situated? im in the live cd, and i have fdisk -l , blackid , menu.lst, and device map already in pastebin06:09
d0netsFNif you could pm me thatd be awsome06:09
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:10
albechi have some problems with my build-in usb camera in skype.. the picture is all distorted and in weird colors06:10
thehook_Hello everybody :) Is there any way at all to bypass the userinput during install and configure it later manually? Take mysql-server as an example, it stops up and waits for the user to type in the desired root password. While I would like to set it manually afterwards so I can script the install..06:10
tanathbullgard4, ethernet is a common network connection type, using ethernet cables.06:10
bullgard4tanath: I agree on: "you'll generally see two types: ethernet & loopback. loopback is the local loopback ( is my  machine)."06:10
tanathbullgard4, cables look like phone connecters, but are bigger06:10
albechthe camera show a correct image in other applications06:11
uniquepottyHi - Is there a way to remember to connect to a shared folder on my other Ibex desktop - I guess like a mapped drive in windows ? ?06:11
bullgard4tanath: But all this is no "encapsulation".06:11
tanathbullgard4, generally an ethernet cable is used to connect your machine to router and/or modem06:11
bullgard4tanath: But all this is no "encapsulation".06:11
w33d5if i want to CREATE A FILE with the YEAR-MONTH-DAY-HOUR-MINUTE-SECOND   i.e. cat thisfile.foo >> datedfilename.log      how can i do that?06:11
Andy__HI, yesterday I downloaded and installed xubuntu 8.10 from a alt CD thinking that sound might work when I get the latest version, but unfortunately it turns out that the sound card is not supported..so I need to get alsa right? can anyone guide me as how to get and install the latest alsa or to cheack if its already there? BTW I use Toshiba L30 and there is some info here I found While I googled http://taufanlubis.wordpress.com/2007/11/26/fix-no-sound-for-ubu06:12
tanathbullgard4, encapsulation is about protocol/header info06:12
tanathbullgard4, an ethernet connection only exists on network cards, basically. and as part of the protocol, requires a mac address. there's no mac address though for loopback06:13
bullgard4tanath: Yes. That's what I think too. So what information does the entry "Link encap:Ethernet" convey?06:13
tanathbullgard4, so different protocols06:13
n8tuserlink layer encapsulated06:13
aftabhow do I find the exact word using find or locate command?06:13
tanathbullgard4, as i said, tells you the type of interface.06:13
Andy__I need to add one more thing, last time i.e. when I used xubuntu 8.04 LTS and clicked to increase the sound it increased (but the sound never came out), this time as soon as I increase the volume, it gets back to 0% Automatically06:13
=== aftab is now known as ftab
stdinw33d5: cat thisfile.foo >> $(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).log06:14
w33d5stdin thanks --- you should be stout06:14
stdinthat nick is already registered ;)06:14
cellofellowwhat environmental variable sets the python path?06:14
bullgard4tanath: Why did ifconfig choose the word 'Link encap' and not the word 'type of interface'?06:15
tanathbullgard4, if you want in-depth info, you'll have to study up on the OSI model06:15
Andy__HI, yesterday I downloaded and installed xubuntu 8.10 from a alt CD thinking that sound might work when I get the latest version, but unfortunately it turns out that the sound card is not supported..so I need to get alsa right? can anyone guide me as how to get and install the latest alsa or to cheack if its already there? BTW I use Toshiba L30, I need to add one more thing, last time i.e. when I used xubuntu 8.04 LTS and clicked to increase the sound it incr06:15
Andy__eased (but the sound never came out), this time as soon as I increase the volume, it gets back to 0% Automatically06:15
ftabeither one06:15
* cellofellow tried both but both are empty06:15
bullgard4tanath: I did study the OSI model.06:15
bullgard4tanath: Why did ifconfig choose the word 'Link encap' and not the word 'type of interface'?06:15
ftabyou can also use export command to set the path manually using bash06:15
DraggorI'm having problems getting my SB Live! card to work.  No sound comes out, and I have onboard sound in bios disabled.  My lspci is here: http://pastebin.com/m7d16921a06:15
LaciderI have nforce chipset and I can't get my network card to work running off the cd... is there drivers I can get?06:16
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tanathbullgard4, ask the authors :P06:16
bullgard4tanath: Thank you very much for your help.06:16
Pyles17Now that it's back to a normal-esque state, any ideas why an intel 3945 card wouldn't work with the default settings of ubuntu, which supposedly supports the 3945 card?06:16
l337ingDisorderI'm trying to copy a file to every thunderbird profile for every user in a samba share mounted to /mnt, but when I try    cp <file> /mnt/Documents\ and\ Settings/*/Application\ Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/*/     It just omits almost every single dir (though there doesn't seem to be any pattern to which ones it omits).. can anyone help with this?06:16
l337ingDisorderI can do the same thing with rm and it omits nothing - properly crawls through all the profiles deleting the given file from all the directories..06:17
_Vi_Andy__: just keep asking every 10 mins, someone will eventually answer if they know the answer...06:17
l337ingDisorderbut cp seems to behave differently06:17
Andy___Vi_, Okay Thank you06:17
jtajil337ingDisorder: cp doesn't take multiple destinations, only multiple sources06:17
Pyles17from what I understand, intel 3945 is pretty awful in linux06:18
l337ingDisorderAndy__: type the following into a terminal window:     sudo apt-get install alsa06:18
l337ingDisorderAndy__: if you ahve it installed, it'll say 0 installed, 0 updated06:19
l337ingDisorderjtaji: can you recommend an easy way to accomplish that then?06:19
Andy__Yeah I have it06:19
Pyles17But I would really like to get it working06:19
Longlinux6ralink 2600 help please06:19
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dayo hi06:20
prince_jammysfor dir in /mnt/Documents\ and\ Settings/*/Application\ Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/*/; do cp somefile "$dir"; done06:20
l337ingDisorderprince_jammys: thanks, I was just looking into bash for each statements06:20
l337ingDisordersaves me some hunting. :006:21
n8tuserl337ingDisorder-> add the -r option to cp  so it can do recursive copying06:21
w33d5does a regular user need to be logged in for their cron jobs to run?06:21
Flannelw33d5: No06:22
n8tuserw33d5-> nope06:22
w33d5thanks all06:22
w33d5thought not06:22
w33d5but i wanted to check06:22
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Diehardywhere can I find a chatroom for all types of questions?06:22
Diehardycan anyone help me?06:22
werdnumDiehardy: try #defocus06:23
l337ingDisorderDiehardy: or #help06:24
pattersonhow would do i get the wi-fi working in kbuntu on a toshiba a45 s121 ?06:24
w33d5i'm going to be running RSYNC over 802.11G between an Iphone and a Ubuntu box --- does anyone think compression (option -z) would make sense or would it be a bottleneck?06:24
w33d5moving mostly compressed formats (mp3, mp4, m4a, etc...)06:25
n8tuserpatterson-> what chip does your wifi nic has?06:25
pattersonok. its no big deal. the box is dyiing .guess what i really meant is should a minty fresh kubuntu auto detect it06:26
tr3ndHi.  When I try to install Windows XP on a computer that Ubuntu have been installed on it says GRUB isn't loading, what should I do?06:26
n8tuserpatterson-> sudo lshw -C network    should tell you06:27
Pyles17can anyone help with my intel 3945 wireless card? i would rather not use this usb card anymore06:27
prince_jammys!grub > tr3nd06:27
ubottutr3nd, please see my private message06:27
DonLtr3nd: Windows likes to go first.06:27
tritiumprince_jammys: are you using the iwl3945 module?  It works rather well.  I believe that's what Dell puts in their Ubuntu pre-installed machines.06:27
EwRI get this message " wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\system32\\setup.exe " when trying to run wine setup. Any idea how to fix it?06:28
prince_jammystritium: wrong nick, i think06:28
d0netsFNok look i went through the grub tutorial06:28
d0netsFNim still getting error 2206:28
tritiumprince_jammys: oops, sorry!06:28
d0netsFNcould someone thats familiar with grub pm me06:28
d0netsFNi have been trying to get my pc situated for 3 days06:28
tritiumPyles17: are you using the iwl3945 module?  It works rather well.  I believe that's what Dell puts in their Ubuntu pre-installed machines.06:28
tr3ndThe thing is, I have removed UBuntu from the harddrive but it still complains about GRUB when i try put my windows XP CD in my computer06:29
d0netsFNi get error 2206:29
D-vine18ok so i have a GXT wirless N PCI card... how do i get it to run??06:29
tr3ndCan someone help? I have formatted the harddrive -- Why isGRUB still complaning?06:31
omarihow do you still have grub when you formatted the hd06:31
=== Milosz_ is now known as Milosz
tr3ndomari: i dont know06:32
omariwell what did you use to format the drive06:32
Knightroustr3nd: What do you mean by "Why is grub still complaining" ? What error message are you getting?06:32
DonLaitd: There is a windows command for re-installing the directory. I can't remember what it is right now. Maybe rmdir?06:32
tr3ndKnightrous, error 22 or something.. i formatted the harddrive, but when i put my windows xp cd in my computer GRUB says error06:33
ZerroWhen I am in the terminal and use a arrow key I get something like "^[[A " know of a fix?06:33
FrostiDoes an 8.10 liveCD use LVM for partitioning during install?06:34
omariif grub is still there you didnt format the right partition06:34
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
omariuse gparted to wipe the whole HD06:34
ZerroI think it used Gparted Frosti06:34
Knightroustr3nd: do you only have one hardrive in the computer?06:34
tr3ndKnightrous, yes06:34
Frostihow would one use LVM then06:34
Knightroustr3nd: How many partitions?06:35
tr3ndone , i think06:35
omariif you installed ubuntu you have at least 206:35
omarione swap one /root06:35
Pyles17tritium: i am using it. for whatever reason, it doesn't work06:36
omaripossibly one /home if your smart06:36
tr3ndwhen i put the hadrdrive in windows, it says ts formatted06:36
w33d5i'm going to be running RSYNC over 802.11G between an Iphone and a Ubuntu box --- does anyone think compression (option -z) would make sense or would it be a bottleneck?06:36
Peddywhat ports do I need to forward to my server from my router for Apache to work?06:36
holyguyverBaughn, bash: mke3fs: command not found06:37
D-vine18does anyone know of how to get this gxt wireless pci card to work??06:37
FrostiIf an 8.10 install disk does not use LVM, how would one go about using it instead of GParted?06:37
Knightroustr3nd: when your get the Grub: error 22, press e (IIRC) and you will be able to edit the grub menu. It's probably trying to boot "hdd 0,1" instead of "hdd 0.0"06:37
holyguyverhow do I install mke3fs06:37
_Vi_Frosti: gparted isnt a filesystem06:37
FlannelFrosti: you need the alternate (or server) CD to install to on LVM06:38
tr3ndKnightrous, can i wipe the whole harddrive with Gpart?06:38
Knightroustr3nd:  Yep06:38
Knightroustr3nd: Will be the quickest way if you don't want anything that's on the drive.06:38
sebsebsebtr3nd:  yes Gparted can get rid of all partitions06:38
holyguyverKnightrous, what you just said to tr3nd is not what Baughn told me06:38
Frostiso 8.10 server instead of desktop and then what for LVM?06:39
tr3ndI dont want anything on my harddrive, i want to install xp on it06:39
FlannelFrosti: or alternate (which can install a desktop system)06:39
Knightrousholyguyver: What need's corrected?06:39
holyguyvertr3nd, install ubuntu on it instead, XP is Microsoft & MS is Evil.06:39
tr3ndholyguyver, i have ubuntu on my laptop instead06:40
FrostiFlannel: so what kind of process would i need to accomplish all of that....?06:40
sebsebsebtr3nd:  run XP inside Ubuntu and that will be fine for everything except 3D games06:40
n8tuserholyguyver-> type mk and press tab twice to see the commands06:40
sebsebsebtr3nd:  also you can get many Windows programs running a better way Wine06:40
holyguyverKnightrous, I don't know, I am still trying to make since of what Baughn told me.06:40
holyguyvern8tuser, thanks06:40
prince_jammystr3nd: can't you just boot with a windows CD and have the windows installer reformat the drive?06:41
tonyyarussoMy new mobile phone supports sending contacts information over bluetooth as vCards via the Object Push Profile.  What application would I use in Ubuntu to receive such information?06:41
werdnumAny suggestions for Ubuntu-compatible laptops?06:41
BooVeManhi, I have a problem with masqmail - on connecting my ppp connection the ifup-script 1masqmail gets executed and the queue is trying to send any queued mails but fails as it reports that its offline - reason for this is that the online detection file /var/run/masqmail-route doesn't get created. A bit of investigation revealed that the mentioned 1masqmail script needs to determine a SCHEME to write to that file and fails to do so. Relevant line SC06:41
D-vine18RaLink Unknown device 0701 is what is said about my gxt pci card06:41
Sorcererbobeeepc, werdnum?06:41
FlannelFrosti: What do you mean process?  You download the alternate CD, burn it, boot to it, answer the same questions as are given during the desktop install, except when you're doing the partitioning, theres a few extra steps for LVM stuff (first you make the LVM physical volumes, then you group them into volume groups, then put logical volumes ontop of the volume groups)06:41
tr3ndprince_jammys: it complains about GRUB error :/06:42
werdnumSorcererbob: something a bit more high-powered.06:42
Knightrouswerdnum: ThinkPads seem to have good compatibility with linux06:42
tonyyarussowerdnum: http://www.system76.com/, http://www.zareason.com/, http://www.dell.com/ubuntu/06:42
werdnumKnightrous: That's what I've heard, yeah.06:42
prince_jammystr3nd: that's pretty weird, since you should be booting with CD06:42
tr3ndprince_jammys, i know06:42
holyguyvern8tuser, Which of those commands will make an ext3 file system?06:42
tonyyarussowerdnum: Many Thinkpads are reasonably compatible (I'm on one now), but those three URLs will give you machines that are officially supported with Ubuntu pre-installed.06:43
Knightrouswerdnum: I have an old X23 thinkpad, runs 8.10 fine, a tad slow with 256mb PC133, but it handles it faster then when WinXP & SP2 was on it06:43
n8tuserholyguyver-> the name does not give you a hint?  but mkfs  with the correct option as last resort if you cant find the hint06:43
werdnumtonyyarusso: I don't necessarily want something pre-installed.06:43
werdnumI'm a reasonably advanced user, I don't mind getting my hands dirty.06:43
tonyyarussowerdnum: Why not?06:43
Frostiok so by that logic i would need to boot the server cd, do what i need with LVM, then boot a desktop cd and install overtop of the server install? or am i missing something here06:44
werdnumtonyyarusso: Better choice.06:44
holyguyvern8tuser, my hints are confusing.06:44
tonyyarussowerdnum: Oh, you can re-install and tweak to your preferences obviously, but those will *guarantee* hardware compatibility.06:44
holyguyverI wish Baughn was here to help me.06:45
n8tuserholyguyver-> come on, its there, read up06:45
BooVeManhmm - I recon no masqmail guru here06:45
_Vi_!who | Frosti06:45
ubottuFrosti: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:45
holyguyvern8tuser, it is actually not there06:45
n8tuserholyguyver-> type mk and press tab twice to see the commands06:45
holyguyvern8tuser, I did that06:46
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
holyguyvern8tuser, I did that the first time you told me to06:46
n8tuserholyguyver-> what commands do you see on the list?06:46
holyguyvern8 the command is not there mke2fs is there but mke3fs is not there06:46
d0netsFNblkid: http://pastebin.com/m25f9f88f | fdisk -l : http://pastebin.com/m17843f59 | device.map : http://pastebin.com/m1a1f9e40 | menu.lst : http://pastebin.com/mb8ea7d406:46
d0netsFNwith all that, could someone help me figure out why im getting error 22 when booting grub?06:47
n8tuserholyguyver-> why do you insist on mke3fs ?  read the list again please06:47
D-vine18so... does ubuntu 8.10 have more hardware options then 8.04 ...or how do i get a Restricted device to wrok?06:47
holyguyvern8tuser, I have read the list again & again & again mke3fs is not there. & I insist on mke3fs because that is what Baughn instructed me to use.06:48
FrostiBy my understanding, if i wish to use LVM i have to use a server cd. while if i wish to use desktop ubuntu afterwards i can simply install it overtop the server install. or is there a better way (this is to whoever can help)06:48
n8tuserholyguyver-> then Baughn was wrong to give you that command06:48
holyguyvern8tuser, then can you please help me?06:48
amhim using ubuntu 8.10 and everytime i reboot i get a something that says "enter password for default kingring to unlock network manager applet".  im trying to run this machine remotely so it's a pain when this popsup without a monitor attached.  can anyone explain how to remove this dialog box?06:49
n8tuserholyguyver-> id like to help who help themselves, its on the list my friend, read the list of commands06:49
holyguyvern8tuser, but if he was wrong about that, he might have given me the wrong commons all the way down making mk anything useless.06:49
n8tuserholyguyver-> if you wish, you can do a man  of each of those commands to give you a clearer picture06:49
Flanneln8tuser: When helping, please be helpful.06:50
n8tuserFlannel-> i gave him the list of the commands, all he has to do is read them..06:50
holyguyvern8tuser, I am trying to say that now with him being wrong about that I am lost I do not know what to do at all & I have no commands to use at all nor any instructions, only a problem that you do not know about.06:50
l337ingDisorderprince_jammys: what was that for loop you gave me half an hour ago? I've been fiddling with my own for loop and it just isn't working...06:50
n8tuserholyguyver-> i would be able to give you a command if I dont know about the issues.. correct06:51
holyguyverSo n8tuser may I tell you what I want to do, so that I can be instructed what I have to do?06:51
starfruiti have problem mounting file system, http://rafb.net/p/oWf5sD60.html06:52
Longlinux6need help setting up ralink 2600 ubuntu 8.04 pci wireles06:52
n8tuserholyguyver-> go ahead, but do not get frustrated okay? im giving you good hints too, not to confuse you06:52
Flanneln8tuser: That's not how this channel works.  Be helpful when you're helping.  "RTFM" is not welcome.06:52
amhis there anyway to access a machine remotely without having auto login?06:53
holyguyvern8I have a external harddrive that I a year & a half ago dropped onto the floor from 4 feet, I need to remap the harddrive around the disk errors.06:53
sebsebsebthis is for someone else:   what's a good IRC client for Windows ME?  and what's the dutch Ubuntu suppourt channel?06:53
holyguyvern8tuser, I have a external harddrive that I a year & a half ago dropped onto the floor from 4 feet, I need to remap the harddrive around the disk errors.06:53
ari_stressamh: ssh? vnc?06:53
Flannelsebsebseb: #ubuntu-nl and maybe mIRC?06:53
_Vi_starfruit: can you use http://paste.ubuntu.com for pastes? People would trust the URL more if you did :)06:53
sebsebsebmirc ok06:53
starfruit_Vi_, ok06:54
Frosti[to whoever can help me] am i correct in thinking: boot server disk >> use LVM >> finish server install >> boot desktop disk >> overwrite server install >> conclusion = drive with LVM partitions and desktop install on it??????????06:54
n8tuserholyguyver-> disk recovery is not my expertise, ill be guessing what i would be telling you on how to repair that06:54
FlannelFrosti: No.  Get alternate CD, boot to it, install using LVM, you're done.06:54
amhari_stress: im having an issue with the machine not getting on the network automatically because it's wireless and keeps asking me to enter in the root password before it connects.  how do i get it online to use vnc if i can't get it to connect automatically via wireless?06:54
holyguyvern8tuser, So now you are saying that your hints are not good? :p06:55
Tekumelsebsebseb: /join #ubuntu-nl06:55
FrostiFlannel: what is this "alternate CD" you speak of06:55
_Vi_!alternative | Frosti06:55
n8tuserholyguyver-> no, when you asked about making a filesystem of ext3  the commands are listed from the hint i gave you06:55
ubottuFrosti: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent06:55
FlannelFrosti: instead of the "desktop" cd, it's the "alternate" CD.  http://releases.ubuntu.com/  has them available alongside the desktop and server CDs06:56
ari_stressamh: it's the gnome-keyring thing, we can set it to use unencrypted data, so that it won't ask for password for wireless06:56
holyguyvern8tuser, but I do not want to make a ext3 filesystem06:56
jpabloHi there ...I tried configure ubuntu 8.10 but when I need delete a folder said me "read-only file system"06:56
gfdewqhonestly, why haven't we had sex yet?06:56
amhari_stress:  where do i set that ?06:56
jpabloI tried whith several ways to delete but is impossible to delete06:56
_Vi_jpablo: what folder exactly?06:56
n8tuserholyguyver-> the way you post the question, thats how it came across -- you wanted to make a ext3 file system06:56
jpabloa folder that I create in /home06:57
l337ingDisorderhas anyone been logging this channel for the past hour or so?06:57
Flannelholyguyver: Whats wrong with just using gparted?06:57
FrostiFlannel: so its just like the desktop cd except the GUI is all text instead. as in i don't need to treat it like a terminal just select options i need?06:57
ari_stressamh: lol, i cannot find it anymore06:57
FlannelFrosti: Yes.  It asks you the exact same questions, and you use the arrow keys instead of the mouse to select things.06:57
prince_jammysl337ingDisorder: for dir in /mnt/Documents\ and\ Settings/*/Application\ Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/*/; do cp somefile "$dir"; done06:57
holyguyvern8tuser, Yes I know the commands are listed from that hint & as said I did it & read it the first time you gave it. But I do not want to make an ext3 filesystem. I was only asking about that because that is what Baughn told me to do. I actually want an ntfs filesystem, but he said I should not.06:57
FrostiFlannel: perfect, thank you06:57
l337ingDisorderprince_jammys: awesome, thanks again :)06:58
amhso it's impossible to connect to a ubuntu machine remotely on wireless?06:58
prince_jammysl337ingDisorder: welcome06:58
transportercan somebody help me upgrade my alsa drivers?06:58
holyguyverFlannel, I asked Baughn if I could use gparted & he said that would not remap my harddrive.06:58
l337ingDisorderprince_jammys: that's much simpler than what I was trying ;)06:58
jpablo_Vi_: And I tried give permissions to the folder with chmod but said me "Read-only file system"06:58
n8tuserholyguyver-> im not going to be of help to you, as I told you disk recovery is not my expertise06:58
transportercan somebody help me to upgrade my alsa drivers06:59
_Vi_jpablo: did you add 'sudo' before chmod?07:00
jpablo_Vi_: Yes Sir07:00
n8tuseramh -> its very possible to connect remotely via wireless07:00
=== tome is now known as Guest40223
_Vi_!permissions | jpablo07:00
ubottujpablo: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:00
amhn8tuser : even if the ubuntu machine is on wireless?07:01
=== tweak is now known as Guest53378
n8tuseramh-> absolutely07:01
holyguyverFlannel, as said I dropped my harddrive from 4 feet & I need to make it usable again even though it has thousands of bad sectors.07:01
jpabloI know give permission to folders and files07:01
transportercan somebody help me upgrade my alsa drivers07:01
amhn8tuser: everything i'm seeing says otherwise..  can you post a link?07:01
Guest53378i am having a problem getting a usb joystick to work. I have joystick installed, lsusb recognizes my device is there, but jscalibrator errors on open. any ideas how i tell it where my joystick is?07:01
jpablobut the systems dont leave me change the permissions07:02
=== Guest53378 is now known as tweak66
n8tuseramh -> no need for a link, my host running ubuntu has wireless only connectivity and i can connect to it via another wireless07:02
EwRcd ~07:02
l337ingDisorderprince_jammys: Hmm your snippet still gives errors with directory names that have spaces in them..07:02
DarkTerrorHello ... I'm trying to install Ubuntu, but the install screen (first one, the black one with the logo) freezes everytime i execute any command (except 'boot from first hard disk') ... I had WinXP previously installed, i deleted the partition (from win setup cd), but didn't format it yet ... i'm running on a toshiba notebook .... any help ? :)07:02
holyguyverSo Flannel are you able to help me?07:03
tweak66i am having a problem getting a usb joystick to work. I have joystick installed, lsusb recognizes my device is there, but jscalibrator errors on open. any ideas how i tell it where my joystick is? don't mean to repost but i changed my nick07:03
n8tuseramh-> what made you believe that wireless connectivity prevents you from connecting?07:03
_Vi_jpablo: hmm donno why it would do that exactly, there's not much you CANNOT do when you use 'sudo' before a command, :)07:03
transportercan somebody help me upgrade my alsa drivers07:03
amhn8tuser:  links like this. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/13724707:03
tweak66transporter: sudo apt-get update07:03
Flannelholyguyver: You'll use mke2fs and badblocks, not mke3fs07:04
transportertweak66 tried that it doesn't upgrade my alsa drivers07:04
n8tuseramh that has nothing to do with using wireless eh? its the keyring being faulty07:04
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:04
holyguyverAlright Flannel can you PM me with the instructions?07:04
darkhamhey people, why if i can install in my ubuntu other desktop environments with synaptic, i can install all the packages needed, but if i want uninstall, i can't uninstall all the packages?07:04
Flannelholyguyver: Also, the second paragraph mentions that you won't be calling badblocks directly, but you'll just specify the mke2fs flag.07:04
amhn8tuser: so i can access this server on wireless remotely if it's not set to auto login?07:05
transportercan somebody help me upgrade my alsa drivers07:05
n8tuseramh -> you seem to get the two confused, auto login and wireless are two different things07:05
Tidusdarkham: use the package 'kubuntu-desktop' / 'xubuntu-desktop' to install all of them. aptitude will track the dep that way07:05
Flannelholyguyver: You'll use mke2fs with at least -c and -j (that tests for bad blocks and makes ext3, respectively)  as for the other options, you'll have to peruse the mke2fs man page yourself.  I'm not familiar with it.07:05
amhn8tuser: i know they are..  i was trying to use both together..  but it appears one cannot autologin and have it automaically connect to the wireless due to a keyring issue.07:06
Knightroustransporter: open a terminal, type "sudo apt get update" when it is done, type "sudo apt get upgrade" This will give you the latest updates.07:06
holyguyverFlannel, can you please PM me the instructions so that I can have them for as long as I need them?07:06
darkhamTidus, i try.07:06
transporterKnightrous: alright lemme try07:06
Flannelholyguyver: No, I don't know the instructions.  I just know you'll be using mke2fs with -c and -j07:07
n8tuserFlannel -> not to annoy you, but why are you telling the man to RTFM ? and yet when i advised him so you get furious?07:07
Tidusdarkham: which desktop environment are you trying to remove?07:07
amhok, now i've got a REAL problem..  i took off auto login and restarted...  now at the dekstop login i continuously get a "authentication failed" popup.. even though i havent typed in anything..  it looks like in the username it has "...".  how the heck to i get rid of this?07:07
DarkTerrorHello ... I'm trying to install Ubuntu, but the install screen (first one, the black one with the logo) freezes everytime i execute any command (except 'boot from first hard disk') ... I had WinXP previously installed, i deleted the partition (from win setup cd), but didn't format it yet ... i'm running on a toshiba notebook .... any help ? :) *sorry for repost07:07
amhnothing i do gets rid of the "authentication failed" popup. it just keeps... popoing up...07:07
transporterKnightrous: no it doesn't work07:07
transporterit does not upgrade my alsa07:07
darkhamTidus: xfce07:07
holyguyverFlannel, this was the command Baughn give me 'mke3fs -c /dev/sdg1'07:07
Knightroustransporter: Sorry, I typod.. Should be " type "sudo apt get update" when it is done, type "sudo apt get upgrade"07:08
Flanneln8tuser: The mannerism is entirely different.  You were offering no support at all besides "heres a list of commands, read their man pages"07:08
holyguyverFlannel, Baughn did not specify -j07:08
Flanneln8tuser: If you'd like to discuss it, you're welcome to come do so in #ubuntu-ops, but its offtopic for this channel.07:08
jpablo_Vi_: OK thanks...I have other err...When I tried reboot the system said me "An automatic file system check (fsck) of the root filesystem failed07:08
Tidusdarkham: execute the command i am pming you07:08
magikfingerzDarkTerror, try passing parameter noapic, do you know how...? :)07:08
Flannelholyguyver: mke3fs doesn't exist.  mke2fs with -j makes an ext3 filesystem.07:09
Knightroustransporter: Sorry, i'm useless this afternoon. Type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"07:09
holyguyvern8tuser, see read what flannel said, I was right :p07:09
n8tuserholyguyver-> you were wrong07:09
amhugh...  can someone please assist with this authentication failed popup?  i have no way of getting around it :(07:09
jpablo_Vi_: "The root filesystem is currently mounted in read-only mode" and I cant began the system07:10
holyguyvern8tuser, how so? Flannel justr said that mke3fs does not exist.07:10
chilli0hello all07:10
transporterKnightrous: no it did not upgrade my alsa mixer07:10
DarkTerror@magukfingerz , i did pass noapic ... same thing happened.07:10
Flannelholyguyver: That's not really relevant at all.07:10
n8tuserholyguyver-> and you keep insisting to look for it07:10
albuntuok an answer not related to ubuntu. can anyone tell me from their experience witch is better from the printers ? the laser or the inkjet ones. not from the price but for the colour they spend. less color , better printer for me. so thats the idea. thank you07:10
Knightroustransporter: That should update everything in your apt-source lists, you must already have the latest version of alsa :S07:10
Flannelalbuntu: #ubuntu-offtopic, not ehere07:10
chilli0is there a program that wil make a restore disk of my courrent computer? as in ubuntu so i could reinstall ubuntu with all these programs and stuff07:10
albuntuFlannel: ok sorry07:11
transporterKnightrous: anywayz i need to go i need to have a bath07:11
magikfingerzDarkTerror, and you try:  noapic nolapic   too...? sometimes you require both... :)07:11
holyguyvern8tuser, No I did not insist on looking for it Flannel hust told me to use it.07:11
n8tuser!clone | chilli007:11
ubottuchilli0: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate07:11
Tidusn8tuser: mke3fs does NOT exist. the command to make an ext3 file system is mke2fs -j07:11
holyguyvern8tuser, I am only doing what Baughn  & Flannel  tells me to do.07:11
n8tuserTidus-> i knew that, if you came in late, read back please07:11
Flannelholyguyver: Please drop it.  It's not important.07:12
DarkTerror@magikginerz, i actually selected noapic, nolapic, and acpi=off ... all 3 ... still didn't work.. should i try with just noapic and nolapic ?07:12
holyguyverFlannel, I am sorry but I disagree repairing this harddrive is important.07:12
n8tuserTidus-> btw, thats not the only command to make an ext3 fs07:12
amhok, so autologin screws a machine if it goes wrong.. f'ing great! ubuntu wins AGAIN! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6545833#post654583307:13
Hikeractivechilli0, remastersys works well07:13
MDARKBla bla07:13
d0netsFNhey how do i find what the hd#,# format of a partition is?07:13
Flannelamh: Please watch your language, and your tone.  You're welcome to get support here, but this is not a place for whining.07:13
holyguyverFlannel, & that is all that I am talking about, repairing my harddrive.07:13
d0netsFNim trying to fix my grub07:13
n8tuserFlannel-> he had drop it already by 4 feet last year..  <wink>07:13
n8tusersorry off topic..07:13
holyguyverFlannel, n8tuser  is right I did drop it already by 4 feet a year & a half ago, that is what caused this problem07:14
Gerdesasholyguyver: what underlying file system is on that drive now?  Is it something you want to preserve or are you just wanting to make use of any non-damaged sectors on the device and do not care about what may be on that filesystem currently?07:14
amhFlannel: it seems there more arguing going on than helping :/07:14
atom^xholyguyver: go to HD mfg's website most have disk utilities for diagnostics/repairs07:14
Hikeractivethis is a software support channel i believe07:15
amhcan anyone assist with this autologin mishap?  it looks like im totally stuck. i disabled autologin now at the login screen i keep getting authentication failed without any chance of typing anytihng in.07:15
n8tuseramh-> what settings or configs you have changed?07:16
holyguyverFlannel I was not trying to belittle him, I was trying to let him know that I was fallowing his commands earlier, but they was dead ends, so I was trying to tell him that I was listening to him, but his instructions was faulty.07:16
Knightrousamh: Maybe you could boot from LIVECD and change the file back the way it was before you had this issue.07:16
amhn8tuser: i just removed the checkmark beside autologin to see what i could do remotely07:16
amhin gnome, i should add.07:17
Boohbahamh: can you login to the txt console as your user?07:17
n8tuseramh-> sorry am not a gui kind of tech,  which gui you been clicking?07:17
amhn8tuser: gnome.07:17
amhboohbah.  you mean from terminal?  command line?07:17
uniqueboxHi - What would be good choice for a PCI express Nvidia that would work well with a Wide screen LCD TV? Best I can set to and see whole desktop is 1024 X 768 @ 56Hz ? Currently using a Nvidia 7300GT .07:17
n8tuseramh-> try that, login via a console ctrl+alt+f1 to f607:18
uniqueboxIf I try higher resolution - cuts off left side of picture.07:18
amhn8tuser: ok, that worked.07:18
amhim in command line.. logged in.07:18
n8tuseramh thats a good sign07:19
amhwhat next :)07:19
n8tuseramh-> i dont know what a gnome icon does, i dont have one,, is that on the logon screen?07:19
cbilljonesuniquebox, is your tv 1080P?07:20
amhn8tuser: not sure i understand the question?07:20
uniqueboxWhich is best for video display - Higher or lower Hz settin g ?07:20
n8tuseramh-> where do you see this gnome icon you speak of?07:20
amhn8tuser: no icon.  just a login sceen when i bootup.07:20
uniqueboxcbilljones; Yes - It's a very nice LG.07:20
amha gnome login screen that asks me to type in a user name..  it's all gUI.07:20
n8tuseramh then dont click on the autologin  leave it alone07:21
uniqueboxHas HDMI input but had to use RGB standard moniter plug for input.07:21
n8tuseramh and then try to log on normally07:21
cbilljonesuniquebox, are you using the restriced driver or the open source?07:21
uniqueboxchilljones; Yes07:21
amhn8tuser: i dont get the chance anymore.  when i was logged into gnome i unchecked the autologin feature..  now i can't get anywhere when i reboot. it wont even let me login on the GUI,07:22
uniqueboxcbilljones; It showed (3) different ones - Went with the one that said reccomended.07:22
n8tuseramh-> okay go back to loggin in via a console07:22
cbilljonesuniquebox, are you using nvidia-settings to configure it?07:23
j_I am attempting to install Songbird, I've unzipped the tar.gz file, but I can't seem to use ./configure in the directory (It says no such file or directory).07:23
amhn8tuser: im at console, still logged in at console.07:23
cbilljonesj_, is there an install file with directions?07:23
n8tuseramh hang a few, i have to check some07:23
amhn8tuser: ok07:24
j_There's a readme file, but it doesn't tell me anything...07:24
uniqueboxcbilljones; Ah - think you have something there was using System/Preferences/Screen Resolution07:24
atom^xj_: try ./songbird07:24
n8tuseramh which ubuntu you have?07:24
cbilljonesuniquebox, try nvidia-settings, see if you can do it with that07:24
amhn8tuser: 8.1007:25
cbilljonesgrr why cant everyone just use ./configure :(07:25
uniqueboxcbilljones; Forgot where to look for that...07:25
j_I tried .songbird, but not ./songbird.07:26
cbilljonesuniquebox, sys>admin>nvidia x sever settings07:26
cbilljonesj_, there are .deb files for songbird!07:26
uniqueboxcbilljones; yup found it right when you posted07:27
cbilljonesuniquebox, sweet - hopefully that works for ya :), let me know07:27
j_Other than that, Ubuntu has made linux a dream to work with compared to three or four years ago...07:27
cbilljonesj_, agreed07:28
n8tuseramh  i dont see the autologin  with gconf-editor  hang fro a few more07:28
atom^xj_:cd to songbird dir ->type./songbird07:28
sparrI need an audio waveform/pattern generator for linux.  Suggestions?07:28
lucio12345how to set the cube faces?07:28
uniqueboxcbilljones; ok reading different selections as of now. keep posted - thx07:28
lucio12345i have compiz with the desktop cube but i have only 2 faces07:28
lucio12345how to add faces?07:28
amhn8tuseR:ok, im chilling waiting..  reading myself to see if i can see anytihng.07:28
j_atom, thanks, already did. It worked. :)07:28
rstecklerI'm getting odd advice in #linux and I'd like to double check, if no one minds.  I made a shell script that I want exectued at startup.  I threw it in init.d and did an rc-update, yadda yadda.  When I rebooted, I noticed that my script blocked all of the other startup scripts from running.  The advice is to throw a & at the end of my script to make it run background07:28
rstecklerbut it seems odd that any script can just not exit, and the rest of the scripts are screwed and can't startup.07:28
cbilljoneslucio, add more faces by setting pref in workplace switcher, you want 4 rows07:29
atom^xJ_: ah, ok07:29
emmy_hey need some help07:29
rstecklerWhy does it work that way?  And is & really the answer?07:29
aegishas anyone had any luck getting audio through HDMI?07:29
Tidusj_: http://www.getdeb.net/app/Songbird ... install that and you get a nice menu entry even :)07:29
aegisi've spent three days trying and only got as far as having aplay -l actually show the HDMI device...07:30
Hikeractivelucio12345, you have to add desktops in the general settings in ccsm i think07:30
=== john is now known as Guest26787
n8tuseramh  i beleive you can remove  ~/.gconf   and then restart gdm07:30
lucio12345general settings ok let me see07:30
emmy_has anyone had trouble with like pinkish grain07:31
amhn8tuser: how does one remove it at command line?07:31
cbilljoneslucio12345, all you need to do is rightclick workplace switcher on bottom right, pref, set it to 4 rows07:31
lucio12345i done it07:31
Hikeractivecbilljones, that doesnt work in compiz07:31
lucio12345i see 4 desktop panels but07:31
cbilljonesdo u have a cube now?07:31
Wompacan anyone help me troubleshoot refit on a macbook 4,1?07:31
lucio12345not the cuve07:31
Hikeractiveyou must change it in general settings. done it many times.07:31
n8tuseramh -> hang a few07:32
lucio12345and only 2 desktops work07:32
amhapt-get remove xyz?07:32
cbilljoneshikeractive, works for me :)07:32
lucio12345i have 2x2 desktops07:32
Hikeractivecbilljones, could be certain cards07:32
Hikeractivelucio12345, are you in general and do you see desktops07:32
Hikeractiveyou need 407:32
milkplay cricket much?07:32
Hikeractive4x1 works07:32
cbilljoneshikeractive, i suppose it could be, but i've tested that on a lot of hardware07:32
milkwheres my fkn Jedi got to?07:32
lucio12345in the Workspace Switcher preferences i have columns=2 rows=207:33
n8tuseramh-> that will not remove the autologin07:33
industrialbs_Quick question, if on boot i get the text disk sdb2 logical failure does that mean that the disk itself is fried, or did I just mess up the file system ?07:33
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cbilljoneslucio12345, you need 4 rows 1 colum07:33
Hikeractivelucio12345, i mean in compiz general settings07:33
cbilljonesthatell fix ya :)07:33
cbilljonesno problem07:33
emmy_: (07:33
lucio12345thanks a lot it works fine07:33
amhn8tuser: i believe autologin is disabled..  but something is attempting to automate causing the login failure. not sure what it is...07:34
cbilljoneslucio12345, im a compiz junkie :O07:34
lucio12345and to add desktop to the top of the cube is it possible?07:34
amhhell, is there a way to reenable autologin?  maybe i cant get back into gnome again.07:34
gerberwhy i can not see my other computer when i go to network ?07:34
cbilljoneslucio12345, i dont think so, decoration only07:34
Hikeractiveamh you might be able to reinstall gdm07:35
lucio12345so a 2x2 is for what?07:35
Hikeractivereconfigure i mean07:35
j_This will almost replace my vista partition.07:35
industrialbs_alos how do I get the UUDI of a disk ?07:35
industrialbs_UUID *07:35
gerberwhy i can not see my other computer when i go to network ?07:35
lucio12345if i set 4x1 it works fine but for example 4x2 what does mean?07:35
cbilljoneslucio12345, only really used if your not using cube, then you just have 4 desktops on a single plane07:35
uniqueboxcbilljones; Looks like best res I can get is 1024 X 768 - It shows it is a LG 37LC2D-UE - Tried "Auto" but cut off top a little and could not see left side a little bit - Any idea's on settings?07:35
Hikeractivelucio12345, it doesn't play nice with compiz, thats all07:36
lucio12345ah oki07:36
amhdo i need to be connected to the network to reinstall gdm? or are the files stored somewhere local?07:36
cbilljonesuniquebox, what is the highest setting it offers?07:36
uniqueboxcbilljones; hang a sec will see07:36
gerberwhy i can not see my other computer when i go to network ?07:36
cbilljonescya lucio07:37
Hikeractivelucio12345, i like 2x2 as well on the panel, but compiz doesn't like me to have things the way i want them07:37
xTheGoat121xI have a question... I'm looking to set up the desktop switcher so it takes up less space on my panel... but everytime I try and switch it to a 2X2 display, I only get two desktops instead of 407:37
Hikeractiveahm you could try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm and see what happens07:37
gerberthere is any body here who does well with NETWORK07:37
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emmy_My video settings went back to factory default07:38
emmy_after a power failure. No my picture is horrible. Pink grain shows up in very bright areas of the picture. can anyone help me with this07:38
Ademanmodprobe/rmmod can modify kernel modules while you're running, there's no need to restart, correct?  or is it common for some modules to leave cruft behind that may interfere with other modules? (especially in the case of device drivers)07:38
gerberthere is any body here who does well with NETWORK07:38
Ademan!ask | gerber07:38
ubottugerber: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:38
tweak66i am having a problem getting a usb joystick to work. I have joystick installed, lsusb recognizes my device is there, but jscalibrator errors on open. any ideas how i tell it where my joystick is?07:38
cbilljonesgerber, whats the issue?07:39
uniqueboxcbilljones; 1360X768 - Under " X Server Display Configuration "07:39
gerberwhy i can not see my other computer when i go to network ?07:39
cbilljonesgerber, is samba installed?07:39
cbilljonesuniquebox, your connecting via component cable?07:39
Ademantweak66: I'm not terribly knowlegable about such things, but are you running it via the command line to see any errors it dumps out?07:40
cbilljonesgerber, is it a i=ubuntu bow or windowws your trying to access?07:40
Stevethe1irateAnyone got any ideas-- when booting ubuntu, after the scrolling orange bar, my system just chills and gives me the BusyBox/Ash CLI... what could be the problem?07:40
j_thanks for your help.07:40
gerberfrom ubuntu to win xp07:40
tweak66ademan : yes.. i'm not getting any errors is the strange part07:40
Ademantweak66: /var/log/syslog ?07:40
cbilljonesgerber, i think it may be XP firewall, is that on?07:40
* delcoyote buenos dias07:41
Ademanstuff from jscalibrator wouldn't be there, but maybe other relevant things would be07:41
Tidusgerber: it's because your workgroup settings in the 'connect to server' box isn't set to the same as your windows machine07:41
cbilljonesgerber, turn off windows firewall and try07:41
tweak66lol it recognizes the joystick in the syslog and messages07:41
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|GaiJin|I am trying to install a PPA resipitory, but after editing the source.list file, i get an error telling me it cannot verify the code... how can i fix this?07:41
uniqueboxcbilljones; Connecting with regular RGB casble - my video card has DVI & S-Video out - but looks like LG only has - RGB in and S-Video in - the S-Video would be better - Don't see a DVI input?07:41
Ademan|GaiJin|: if the PPA has a public key you can recognize it as a "trusted" source07:42
Ademan|GaiJin|: but i don't think most PPAs do...07:42
Hikeractiveotherwise, you can ignore it07:42
gerberfrom xp i can see all my computer ,but no ubunto07:42
cbilljonesRGB should be fine, your sure its 1080P and not 720P?07:42
|GaiJin|W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4874D3686E80C6B707:42
=== xyz is now known as karla_rihanna
Ademan|GaiJin|: yeah...07:42
uniqueboxcbilljones; I meant to ask would s-video be better to use?07:42
gerberwhere you put mshome in ubuntu07:42
|GaiJin|is there a way i can work around it??07:43
cbilljonesuniquebox, no s-video is analog07:43
Hikeractive|GaiJin|, you can ignore it, but be mindful of what you're installing. Not unless they have a public key.07:43
Ademan|GaiJin|: that just means that the PPA isn't trusted, it's a warning not an error, so you can proceed07:43
uniqueboxcbilljones; That what I thought so just went to the reg. rgb07:43
Vincemanis there a fullproof way of avoiding important data loss when upgrading your OS or installing the updates?07:43
cbilljonesuniquebox, RGB is high-def so it should detect it07:44
Hikeractivethats the only fullproof way07:44
Vincemanbut what about e-mail-inboxes etc...07:44
Hikeractiveemail on your computer?07:44
gerberfrom xp i can see all my computer ,but no ubunto07:44
Hikeractiveyou can back them up as well07:44
Stevethe1irateAnyone got any ideas-- when booting ubuntu, after the scrolling orange bar, my system just chills and gives me the BusyBox/Ash CLI... what could be the problem?07:44
uniqueboxcbilljones; umm - maybe different nvidia - using 7300gt now?07:44
Vincemanit should all be on servers anno 2009?07:44
cbilljonesuniquebox, some peeps think they have 1080P but they actually have 720P, whats the make/model of the tv?07:44
gerberwhere you put mshome in ubuntu07:45
Snupthello. Can Evolution use NNTP News?07:45
Stevethe1irateyou dont gerber07:45
Vincemanwhat's funny?07:45
Vincemanms and ubuntu are like fire and water, aren't they?07:45
gerberso what can i do ?07:45
AdemanStevethe1irate: I don't remember the file, might be /var/log/syslog as well, but there should be an error report somewhere in that little filesystem07:45
uniqueboxcbilljones; ah that rings a bell - now that you mentioned it that way - I believe I got this on sale and it is only 720..... bummers huh?07:46
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AdemanStevethe1irate: if you're comfortable with the command line you should be able to find it, if not, i can try and give you a little help07:46
gerberfrom xp i can see all my computer ,but no ubunto07:46
cbilljonesuniquebox, ya were in the same boat, mine is 720P too, thats all we get :(07:46
cbilljonesgerber, have you shared anything from ubuntu?07:47
atom^xgerber, you have the workgroup setup in samba?07:47
amhhow do i connect to a wireless network at commandline?07:47
Ademanamh: i think iwconfig is what you want07:47
lgcHow can I safely do away with all old kernel versions?07:48
Hikeractivebut if you use wpa security, it's a pain07:48
gerberhow can i setup in samba my workgroup?07:48
cbilljonesgerber, share something on ubuntu and try to access manually from windows using \\box-name\share07:48
bullgard4Why does the ifconfig command in its output select the word 'Link encap' and not the word 'type of interface'?07:48
gerberhow can i setup in samba my workgroup?07:48
cbilljonesgerber, just set a share up07:48
uniqueboxcbilljones; Oh well still cool streaming video over my network from a shared Video folder on another Ibex box in my office - doesn't half bad either - I'm really enjoying Linux heh heh ! !07:49
cthompson_!samba | gerber07:49
ubottugerber: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209807:49
cbilljonesgerber, right click a folder and select "sharing options"07:49
gerberi did07:49
cbilljonesuniquebox, thjats what i do too, hehe07:49
gerberbut still not working07:49
cbilljonesgerber, run the share from windows using \\boxname\share, can u connect that way?07:50
uniqueboxcbilljones; Thanks for help - this forum is great! My next little project is a iRiver 5gb got in mail I won eBay - going to try & install rockbox -07:50
cbilljonesgerber, my windows box doesnt display it, but it does connect to the share07:50
=== cthompson_ is now known as tyler_d
cbilljonesuniquebox, sweet, goodluck with that :)07:51
amhwhat the heck. i removed ubuntu-desktop, restarted and it was there again?07:51
emmy_My video settings went back to factory default07:51
emmy_after a power failure. No my picture is horrible. Pink grain shows up in very bright areas of the picture07:51
gerberno does not work07:52
cbilljonesgerber, whats the name of your PC and the share?07:52
uniqueboxcbilljones; Thanks - sorry for getting off point a little for this channel.... cee-ya07:52
cbilljonesuniquebox, night, im out soon myself07:52
lgcWhat happens to the corresponding Grub entry when I just delete a kernel version with Synaptic?07:53
koshariamh ubuntu desktop is just a metapackage07:53
amhugh. can someone help me fix this auto login disaster?07:53
uniqueboxcbilljones; yup me too - not enough hrs. in a day - heh heh07:53
uniqueboxlater on07:53
emmy_some help fix my screen its horrible07:54
Flannelamh: ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, removing it doesn't do a whole lot07:54
amhflannel: can you assist me with my autologin problem?  i just got a new puppy and i'd much rather be spending time with her over this :(07:54
gerbercbilljones see private07:55
Flannelamh: I'm no good at very many GUI related issues, sorry.07:55
kosharilgc i suspect it will stay there until you edit menu.1st or run grub upfdate (if the removal process doesnt already)07:55
amhis there anyone that can please help me?07:55
emmy_anyone help07:56
koshariamh auto login, sys > admin . login > security07:56
amhflannel: maybe you can help me with this.  via commandline, how can i connect to my wireless network. it looks like the card is at wlan007:57
amhkoshari: i'm unable to log into gnome because autologin is screwed for some reason.07:57
Peddyhi, I wants to put something on my apache server that allows people to see a page with all of the files in it, so it says 'Index of...' and a list of all the files:  How would I do this? Thanks.07:57
koshariamh can you log in normally?07:58
amhkoshari: unfortunately not. i unchecked auto login and now when i get to the gnome login screen it automatically says authentication failed.  i can't do anything.07:58
theatrusPeddy, you can either change the server config, or add an .htaccess file07:59
koshariPeddy just place a file called index.html with links to all the files, otherwise sometimes if you just have a subdir with files the browser may just render the filenames07:59
Peddythanks koshari and theatrus08:00
|GaiJin|how do one get read/write permissions to VHBA character control device08:00
FlannelPeddy: Indexes should be turned on by default, so any directory you view (that doesn't have an index.* file) will display a listing08:00
theatrusPeddy, the .htaccess should contain "Options +Indexes"08:00
cqhello, I jst set up an LVM an d am testing it by mounting /tmp, but fsck fails to check the logical volume (ext3) ... any ideas what fsck wants/needs? tmp is specified with a UUID in /etc/fstab08:00
Flannelamh: Try switching to ctrl-alt-f1, logging in, then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop, then 'startx'08:00
cqthe system then drops to a maintenance shell, and when I exit that boot is normal and /tmp is not mounted08:01
=== didar is now known as didar_
amhFlannel: tried that. that screen is all screwy... i see a mouse cursor and hear the harddrive going...08:02
amhoh, wait!08:02
TimReichhartcould somebody tell me the channel for networking?08:02
amhi see desktop08:02
amh*fingers crossed*08:03
=== didar_ is now known as didarh
=== didarh is now known as didar
amhflannel: im back in!08:04
didarTimReichhart, what is the problem that you are facing?08:04
amhnow, i need to figure out how to make this NOT log into again right away,. the right way.08:04
tobagohow to create a keyboard shortcut for gnome-do?08:04
lgckoshari, thanks. I'm doing it little by little now with Synaptics. It apparently updates menu.list accordingly.08:05
TimReichhartwell its not a problem I just got couple questions how to setup IPTV and linking my internet to my dads internet08:05
werdnumTimReichhart: you mean PTV? That only exists in Family Guy08:05
didarwhoaa.. good gried08:06
TimReichhartno its IPTV08:06
TimReichhartinternet over protol tv08:06
TimReichhartIPTV (Internet Protocol Television)08:06
Ademancan i prevent modules from being loaded in the livecd?08:06
xjkxi activated something here which i am not sure what it is, and i don't know how to leave. the scren is all big, like zoom, and pressing control alt - it zooms out, and control alt + it zooms in, but i wanna leave this kind of screen08:07
hnoHow do I fix this? W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY D702BF6B8C6C1EFDW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems08:07
hnoon apt-get update..08:08
hnoI guess it's related to launchpad bug #125103.08:08
=== DaveDixonII is now known as Guest32569
Ademanhno: it's a warning not an error, it means that the repository isn't trusted by your system (in order to officially trust it you need to add their public key, which ppas don't usually have)08:08
=== Guest35008 is now known as Dave2
Ademanhno: if you are confident that the ppa is safe you can ignore that warning08:09
* Ethos part ubuntu08:09
hnoAdeman: There is a gpg key-id in that warning...08:10
TimReichhartsee this is what I want to do http://images.videolan.org/images/documentation/global-diagram.jpg but using IPTV set top box at my dads house08:11
mathijsHi all, I'm trying to connect to another X11 server (so I want client applications on my machine to display on a screen attached on another machine). I don't want to enable tcp on the remote server, so I need to connect to the unix-socket over there. How can I do this?08:11
werdnummathijs: just use X forwarding :)08:12
werdnumssh -X my_host08:12
mathijswerdnum: read again08:13
mathijsthat's the other way around08:13
werdnumWell you can't connect a unix socket between machines08:13
werdnumIf it is possible, it would have to be over some other transport08:13
mathijslike socat?08:13
mathijsor ssh?08:13
werdnumsocat would establish a tcp connection...08:13
werdnumssh -X is the 'standard' way to do what you want to do08:14
mathijsyeah but then I need to connect to the server and ssh back to my machine08:14
tobagohow to create a keyboard shortcut for gnome-do?08:14
cbilljonesnight all08:14
scizzo-tobago: in gnome-do configuration maybe?08:15
tobagoscizzo-, yeah i'm in the dialogue gnome-do --> preferences --> keyboard. but then?08:15
tobagoscizzo-, ah i got it...08:16
PeddyWhat do I need to do to ssh into my friend's machine? He's installed openssh-server, and I'm doing ssh <his_ip>. Is there anything else we need to do?08:17
PeddyHe's also forwarded port 22 from his router.08:17
amhso i finally got into gnome by ctrl+alt+f1. i ran sudo etc/init.d/gdm stop  than startx   . this got me back to the desktop. when i try to check my login settings i see something that says "GDM is not running" blah blah blah.    what gives?08:18
scizzo-Peddy: you are not telling us what happens when you try to ssh to his machine08:18
scizzo-Peddy: hard to know exactly what to help you with without knowing what happens08:18
Peddyscizzo-, sorry, it just hangs and doesn't connect.08:18
magicsrvHey guys! Can anyone tell me how to install skype on Ubuntu 8.10?08:18
scizzo-Peddy: ssh -vvv user@ip08:19
scizzo-Peddy: try that08:19
ari_stressmagicsrv: download the .deb from skype.com08:19
magicsrvari_stress, The installer gives me some error "Wrong architecture "i386" "08:19
ari_stressmagicsrv: maybe you're not using i386?08:19
scizzo-Peddy: you should get some output of what is happening08:19
magicsrvari_stress, I don't know what I am using... I installed it inside 32bit WinXP usin wubi installer...08:20
scizzo-Peddy: otherwise ask your friend to look if you get as far as to the machine by looking in the /var/log/syslog and /var/log/auth.log files08:20
anshu123hey guys.08:20
anshu123what do i need to install to get "mail" command on machine?08:21
anshu123what package ? i mean08:21
gerberany expert on net work ,need to connet my unbuntu with xp i do have samba but i can not see my xp08:21
didaranshu123,  mailutils08:21
Ademanis there a way to use a usb thumb drive to save changes to the ramdisk done during a livecd session and have them loaded at boot during the next session?08:21
anshu123got it. :) thanks08:21
magicsrvUbuntu Release: 8.10 (intrepid) | Kernel Linux 2.6.27-9 generic | Gnome 2.24.1 ari_stress  - that's what I got installed08:22
scizzo-gerber: how exactly are you trying to connect?08:22
scizzo-gerber: you want to mount the ubuntu drives on windows system or the windows drives on the ubuntu system?08:22
gerberfrom ubuntu to xp08:23
ftabhow do I display files only using ls?08:23
gerberi want to be avaible to map drive08:23
Ademanftab: you want to view the contents of a file? use less or nano, ls doesn't do that08:23
gooodycan anybody here help me to format flashdrive in ntfs or fat32 format using kubuntu?08:23
gerberso  tell me what to do08:24
magicsrvgooody, flashdrives are in fat32 by default08:24
scizzo-gerber: that should be rather straight forward from the configuration files of samba that is installed08:24
=== pricechild is now known as Pricey
Sinbizli need help: can anyone tell me how to set ubuntu to automatically mount NTFS partitions?08:24
gerberhow to do that ?08:25
MTecknology!info e2fsadm08:25
ubottuPackage e2fsadm does not exist in intrepid08:25
Sinbizlyes plz08:25
MTecknologyAnybody know wherre the e2fsadm package is?08:25
gooodymagicsrv: how can i format flashdrive to fat32 in kubuntu?08:25
gerberi go network i can noe see xp from there08:25
magicsrvgooody, when you buy a flashdrive it is formatted in FAT3208:26
magicsrvyou don't need to reformat it08:26
gerberwhere you put the workgroup on unbuntu ?08:27
gooodymagicsrv: i want to reformat it in kubuntu since it is not accessible in windows. seems like it is infected with a virus.08:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about workgroup08:27
gerberwell how put together ubuntu and xp08:28
kosharigooody you will prolly need fuse and ntfs tools installed and then use parted08:29
magicsrvCan I use some search cmd with apt-get ?08:30
etfbmagicsrv: There's a program called apt-search or something.  Can't remember...08:31
Flannelmagicsrv: apt-cache search [stuff]08:31
werdnumapt-cache search08:31
c_nickhow to install icu-config08:31
krux0apt-cache search programname08:31
c_nicki tried with sudo apt-get install icu-config08:31
c_nickbetter solution08:31
c_nickits a ICU library08:31
gerberall what i want to do is share file with ubuntu and xp anybody want to help ?08:32
etfbapt-file is the one I was thinking of.08:32
scizzo-gerber: My suggestion is to look at a howto for samba08:32
bsusahello all08:32
magicsrvFlannel, tnx08:32
scizzo-gerber: since samba is rather big.....its a good thing to look at ubuntu website for suggestion about samba08:32
bsusais their a way of adjusting a delay for when a program should run at startup, or to run when the wireless connection is active?08:33
gerberhow you do it ?08:33
Flannel!samba | gerber08:33
ubottugerber: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209808:33
gerbersamba is setup in my computer08:34
gmathewsHi, for some reason in Firefox, my window bar at the bottom doesn't show08:36
bsusaor is their a way to pick what should run first on startup?08:36
wojtek_Gdzie moge znalezc te forumowe repozytoria? z ubuntu.pl08:37
scizzo-gerber: yes but you should look at a howto to see how others have done to access the drives08:37
Flannelwojtek_: /join #ubuntu-pl08:37
random^Hi, i installed xubuntu 64bit but its say's i only got 2,7gb ram *i have 4gb*08:40
random^some1 know =/?08:41
mmyselfhiselfI think that I have a problem with my /tmp08:41
mmyselfhiselfdf -h does not show it08:41
mmyselfhiselfand my / is occupied at 100%08:41
mmyselfhiselfswapon -s shows nothing08:42
hnoBack on my apt-get issues.. the key warnign was solved by a apt-key add of the key in question. But now it says the package in that repository is "held back".08:42
=== Rapture1781 is now known as Rapture
Flannelhno: Which package?08:43
hno"The following packages have been kept back: bzr"08:43
Flannelhno: Did you add a third party repo?  Which one?08:43
magicsrvDoes anyone know how to install cyrillic keyboard layout WIHTOUT turning my ubuntu in Bulgarian? It happened when I tried it on ubuntu 8.0408:43
hnoFlannel: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bzr/ubuntu hardy main08:43
Flannelhno: Ah, well, try installing bzr, (sudo apt-get bzr) see what error it gives you, if any.08:44
hnoFlannel: Thanks. That got me on track. Conflict with bzrtools. Missing a apt source it seems..08:45
hnoOr actually, the bzr people hasn't updated bzrtools in their ppa repository yet.. oh well.08:46
Slart_magicsrv: I've never had my localization settings change just because of changing the keyboard layout.. that's what you did the last time?08:47
MiladKhajaviHELP: how can I create iso from a directory?08:49
Slart_MiladKhajavi: doesn't brasero have some kind of "burn to image"-option?08:50
bsusahello all, is their a way of setting the priority of a program to run on boot?08:50
Slart_MiladKhajavi: also look at "mkisofs"08:50
Slart_bsusa: you can always use "renice" to change the priority later08:51
MiladKhajaviSlart_: mkisofs dosnt work for me08:51
MiladKhajaviSlart_: I: -input-charset not specified, using utf-8 (detected in locale settings)08:51
Slart_MiladKhajavi: that doesn't look like an error to me..08:52
bsusai need it at startup though08:52
bsusawhat i want to do is have my wireless card connected before it runs the MythTv Frontend08:52
MiladKhajaviSlart_ mkisofs -o /home/mydirectory myiso.iso08:52
Tidusbsusa: if it's a mythtv frontend that you're not moving around, it is possible to remove NetworkManager and use the old-style debian /etc/network/interfaces08:53
MiladKhajavican any one say how to create iso from directory with mkisofs08:53
Slart_MiladKhajavi: that's all the output you get?08:53
MiladKhajavislart_ ys08:54
bsusais their a way to do it at startup08:54
hnoMiladKhajavi: mkisofs -o image.iso -r -J -V "Title of ISO" /path/to/directory08:55
naddixah can anyone tell me what this guy is sayin in this vdeo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxG2TT95H0o08:55
unopbsusa, http://icebreaker.wordpress.com/2007/11/03/wireless-ubuntu-710-love/08:55
bsusai looked in the Sessions section where you can change the order of the processes but every time i reboot it goes back to default08:55
=== scott_ is now known as Guest4419
Tidusbsusa: i would look into removing NetworkManager and using the old-style /etc/network/interfaces file08:56
naddixim not sure what lang this is08:56
MiladKhajavihno: tanks a lot08:56
naddixso anyone08:56
fleaa thousand vistors just hit http://palincenter.com08:56
MiladKhajavihno: it worked greatly for me08:57
madsjI need both a terminal where I can read (and type) latin-1 coded characters and a utf-8 terminal08:59
madsjhave tried to change LC_ALL (and LOCALE) to en_US.latin-1 and en_US.iso-8859-1 but neither of them is installed09:00
AprilHarehello. I have a USB harddisk that I want to mount upon insertion; at the moment, it needs to be mounted through GNOME. Is there a way to force mount upon insertion?09:00
ChrisBuchholzI can't import my GPG key for Code of Conduct on launchpad. I have created on, then i do "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-keys" and then gpg --fingerprint, copy and paste to launchpad but then i get the message that launchpad couldn't import the key. It also says it can be because the server haven't synkronized yet, but it's 11 hours since i send the key to the server09:00
sinanwhat package installs the header "X11/xlib.h" ?09:01
madsjAprilHare: That's odd, my usb key gets mounted automatically a few minutes after inserting it; try adding exec to the options-part in /etc/fstab09:02
Slart_sinan: use apt-file09:02
naddixnot nice09:02
bsusais it possible to write a script to delay a program from running on start up for like 5 seconds or so?09:03
AprilHaremadsj, the harddisk is not referred to in /etc/fstab - FUSE is handling it?09:03
AprilHareusb harddisk09:03
emmy_my screen is all pink and grainy snyone know ow to fix it09:04
Slart_sinan: and it might be called Xlib.h , case sensitivity can mess things up09:04
ubottuWhen a program or configure script asks for "X includes", you should probably install the following package: xorg-dev09:04
Slart_bsusa: you could add a "sleep 5" in the beginning of the script09:04
sinanSlart_: thank you, installing apt-file :) seems to be very handy !09:04
AprilHareemmy_, what caused it to turn pink and grainy? has it always been like that?09:04
Slart_sinan: it is =)09:05
simion314why now i need a invitation to enter #kubuntu+1?09:05
Slart_simion314: I didn't need an invitation.. are you registered?09:05
NickEdI want help regarding "installing" command in the Ubuntu CDs09:06
NickEd"install" Sorry09:06
Slart_NickEd: just ask your question09:06
emmy_AprilHare well i just installed linux on my laptop. everything seems fine until it gets to the login screen and then its gets pinkish and grainy09:06
NickEdI want some documentation on it09:07
stdinsimion314: it's #ubuntu+109:07
AprilHareemmy_, after you login, does it remain pink/grainy?09:07
simion314Slart_: i am not registred yet but it  gives the message  (Invite only channel)09:07
AprilHareinteresting. sorry I can't he much help though09:07
AprilHarebe even09:07
Slart_simion314: is it the same if you try joining #ubuntu+1 ?09:07
simion314stdin: so #kubuntu+1 is not official?09:07
NickEdAnybody help me on "install" command09:08
Slart_simion314: if I join #kubuntu+1 I just get redirected to #ubuntu+109:08
NickEdinstalling ubuntu without the GUI ctuf09:08
enovativi have a usb modem, and i am using wvdial, i have edited /etc/wvidal.conf with the necessary information, but i have to run wvdial as root, (i don't like that), i also get an error saying that wvdial could not authenicate with the peer , could be a possible bad username or password....i have checked, and double-checked all the information and everthing checks out...can anyone help /09:08
stdinsimion314: it should forward to #ubuntu+1, there is no separate channel for ubuntu/kubuntu with development releases09:08
Slart_NickEd: there you go.. that question we can answer09:08
Slart_!alternate | NickEd09:08
ubottuNickEd: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent09:08
emmy_AprilHare thanks any ways09:08
Slart_NickEd: you can't do a text only install from the desktop cd09:08
bsusaSlart: Sorry im not that great in writing scripts09:08
simion314Slart_: in #ubuntu+1 all is ok09:09
bsusaSlart: Do you have an example for this situation09:09
NickEdcan't the install command help?? slart_09:09
emmy_anyone else think they have an idea09:09
Slart_bsusa: not really.. sorry09:09
ChrisBuchholzI can't import my GPG key for Code of Conduct on launchpad. I have created on, then i do "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-keys" and then gpg --fingerprint, copy and paste to launchpad but then i get the message that launchpad couldn't import the key. It also says it can be because the server haven't synkronized yet, but it's 11 hours since i send the key to the server. Have I done something wrong, and how do i fix it?09:09
=== Slart_ is now known as Slart
SlartNickEd: afaik, no09:10
Slartsimion314: then join that instead.. I don't know why you don't get redirected..09:10
emmy_my picture is horrible. Pink grain shows up in very bright areas of the picture :(09:11
Slartemmy_: what kind of graphics card?09:11
enovativi have a usb modem, and i am using wvdial, i have edited /etc/wvidal.conf with the necessary information, but i have to run wvdial as root, (i don't like that), i also get an error saying that wvdial could not authenicate with the peer , could be a possible bad username or password....i have checked, and double-checked all the information and everthing checks out...can anyone help /09:12
emmy_slart i really dont know not really good with computers if you tell me how to find out ill try09:14
NickEdWhat for is the install command on the Live CD is ?09:16
Slartemmy_: open a terminal (it's in applications, accessories) then run the command    sudo lshw -class display09:17
enovativif i can only run wvdial as root ....how can i change the permission on the file so that i can run the file on my user account  instead of root ?09:17
cbilljonesNickEd, is there no install icon on the desktop?09:18
Slartemmy_: you'll get a couple of lines of text.. check the line that starts with "product:" ... what does it say?09:19
NickEdI can't reach that point09:19
NickEdI can't reach the desktop09:19
NickEdmy cd drive is too slow to load that stuff09:19
falloreis there a simple way i can tell my system to shut down in x amount of time?09:19
NickEdshutdown -h [time]09:19
NickEdin seconds09:19
fallorethanks a ton :D09:19
Hikeractivei'm using ubuntu and openbox, how can i set the default mail handler? Which file to I need to edit.09:19
cbilljonesNickEd, you may want to try the alternate installer09:20
pc03oh trust me09:20
emmy_Slart: 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter09:20
NickEdYea, Alternate ISO will work for me...09:20
Slartemmy_: is vendor Intel ?09:20
NickEdbut there is an installl command on the LiveCDs09:20
NickEdthat will to do the work09:20
cbilljonesNickEd, try hitting ctrl+alt+backspace see if your desktop loads after that09:20
falloreNickEd: 300 was an illegal time value?09:21
NickEdI got a alow inet connection09:21
pc03emmy hallo09:21
=== tyler_d is now known as tyler_d|sleeping
NickEdfallore try shutdown --help09:21
Slartfallore: you've read man shutdown info, right?09:21
emmy_Slart is an aspire acer09:21
Slartpc03: easy now.. easy on the sugar for a while09:21
fallorei'm doing that now, i think i've got it from here09:21
emmy_pc03 hi09:22
Slartfallore: you need to write the time as 13:15 or similar.. or use one of the other alternatives listed in the man page09:22
ChrisBuchholzI can't import my GPG key for Code of Conduct on launchpad. I have created on, then i do "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-keys" and then gpg --fingerprint, copy and paste to launchpad but then i get the message that launchpad couldn't import the key. It also says it can be because the server haven't synkronized yet, but it's 11 hours since i send the key to the server. Have I done something wrong, and how do i fix it?09:22
NickEdok cbil, will try that09:22
=== Rouq is now known as Roq
stdinChrisBuchholz: did you add your key ID after --send-keys ?09:23
Slartemmy_: can you take a screenshot and see if the weird stuff you're seeing on the screen ends  up on the screenshot too?09:23
NickEdHey cbil...can you please find some documentation on that command?09:24
cbilljonesNickEd, it works for me sometimes09:24
emmy_Slart: and how do i send it to you09:24
ChrisBuchholzstdin: nope09:24
ChrisBuchholzstdin: would i have to?09:24
Slartemmy_: just look at it yourself first.. see if it looks normal or not09:24
stdinChrisBuchholz: yes09:24
cbilljonesNickEd, its ctrl+alt+backspace, it just brings you back to login screen09:24
ChrisBuchholzstdin: oh, i fill silly:D09:24
stdinChrisBuchholz: you can use the key ID or the fingerprint09:25
NickEdYes I think Alt+F2 or F3 will do the same09:25
emmy_Slart it still has the grains09:25
NickEdI can reach CUI09:25
cbilljonesAlt+f2 is brings up a run box09:25
Slartemmy_: good, can you can upload it to imageshack.us or something like that and give me the url?09:25
ChrisBuchholzstdin: it worked, thank you!09:25
cbilljonesalt+f3 is nothing09:26
NickEdIt brings me to the CUI in my case09:26
NickEdAlt + f209:26
NickEdnot sure abt f309:26
NickEdafter that IO have only one option09:26
NickEdinstall command09:26
NickEdand the help scrolls09:26
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:26
cbilljonesNickEd, ya i would go alternate then09:27
NickEdhaha.....theres no other way????09:27
cbilljonesthere may be, but i dont know it :(09:27
NickEdOK ...thanks :)09:27
RazlogNETHey, guys! My laptop battery got depleted and my PC shutdown instantly... and now my ubuntu 8.10 doesn't find any boot records... I got some error msg and "grub >" command line09:28
cbilljonesRazlogNET, sounds like grub got fried, you can remap it from a live cd, see this thread: http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-restore-grub-in-ubuntu/2008/04/1109:30
achilleshello, I have a serious problem, when I halt my computer, it shuts down the services, and power off the leds, but it keep signaling the monitor saying "halt: unable to iterate IDE devices: No such file or directory 58.576030 Power Down." and the power led is off but the devices still running and also the screen09:31
fleaachilles, u might have a virus09:32
cbilljoneswow is there a linux virus thats around?09:33
Slartflea: do you have any kind of reason to believe it's a virus? your use of "u" puts you in the "bored 9-year old" category so you've got to back up your claims a bit more to be believable09:34
fleaim very bored and http://palincenter.com09:34
Slart!ops | flea09:34
ubottuflea: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:34
cbilljonesachilles, are you doing a proper shutdown?09:35
elkbuntuthat's all. move along now.09:35
Slartthanks, elkbuntu09:35
Slartachilles: searching google for that error message there seems to be a couple of bugs in pm-utils.. have you looked at those?09:36
emmy_Slart: file:///home/kezia/Desktop/%3B%20((09:37
simion314What would you do next if you do not have networking(dinamic IP), when i use dhclient i get this http://pastebin.com/d2c1711a8 ? i have no ideea what to try(i disabled the networkmanager but no luck09:38
cbilljonesachilles, this thread may be the solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69950609:38
Slartemmy_: ah.. that won't work.. I can't access your computer over the internet (and that's a good thing =).. use http://imageshack.us and upload the picture there09:38
emmy_i cant09:38
Slartemmy_: the page isn't working for you?09:39
emmy_Slart for some reason it wont let me09:39
digitalghekocan someone point me in the right direction to get to the kernel rebuild/update docs please...?09:39
Slartemmy_: try http://imgshare.us/ , see if it works better for you09:39
simion314digitalgheko: why you need that?09:40
RazlogNETHey, guys! My laptop battery got depleted and my PC shutdown instantly... and now my ubuntu 8.10 doesn't find any boot records... I got some error msg and "grub >" command line09:41
RazlogNETP.S. I Don't have USB09:41
cbilljonesRazlogNET, did you see my post above?09:41
simion314digitalgheko: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile09:42
cbilljonesi said: RazlogNET, sounds like grub got fried, you can remap it from a live cd, see this thread: http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-restore-grub-in-ubuntu/2008/04/1109:42
digitalghekothanks a lot simion314, =]09:42
amhcan anyone tell me what i need to do in ubuntu to allow me to connect to my ubuntu machine via vnc at the login window?09:42
simion314digitalgheko: you do not said why you need it?09:42
amhi'm trying now.. but it looks like i need to be logged into ubuntu first before vnc can connect to it remotely.09:43
cbilljonesamh, i would like to know as well09:43
amhsomeone here said earlier that it could be done.09:43
Ademanis there any way to blacklist modules for the ubuntu livecd? i need to prevent a few modules from being loaded09:43
digitalghekosimion314, just playing around / testing... learning stuff =]09:44
gordonjcpamh: I'm not sure that you can09:44
RazlogNETcbilljones I don't have grub problems, grub is all that starts09:44
gordonjcpamh: do you need to do it that way?09:44
Slartamh: what vnc server are you using?09:44
amhdoes anyone know of any remote app that i can?  i need to use this ubuntu machine on wireless without a monitor..09:44
RazlogNETcbilljones and I don't have usb flashdrive09:44
amhslart. i think it's vino or something?09:44
simion314digitalgheko: if you try to optimize it for your hardware, i tried that too09:44
Ademanamh: freeNX is incredibly fast and operates over ssh, you might check that out09:45
digitalghekocool thanks mate09:45
cbilljonesRazlogNET, does it give an error? and do you have a cd drive and live cd?09:45
amhademan: does it work with vnc?09:45
Slartamh: let me try something.. if it works I'll get back to you09:45
Ademanamh: no it's totally separate from vnc09:45
amhok, thanks slart09:45
cbilljonesim waiting to slart :)09:45
Ademanwhy do you need to use vnc?09:45
amhademan: i'd like to reduce the amount of remote clients i use :)09:45
RazlogNETcbilljones error is smthn like "Couldn't find boot blah-blah..." don't have rescue disk09:45
cbilljonesRazlogNET, the blah blah blah part would help :)09:46
simion314digitalgheko: http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/9/18/203 fot optimizing your kernel, builld modules in the kernel09:46
Ademantoo bad, because like i said, FreeNX is amazingly fast.  My upload and download speed both suck, and I was able to connect to a home computer at a friends house, and the only real way I could tell it wasn't local (it was really that fast!) was because it was bounded inside another window09:46
RazlogNETcbilljones I have to reboot, write it down on a piece of paper, reboot and type it down in order to get the blah-blah to your screen...09:47
RazlogNETcbilljones I'll do it, so wait up! :)09:47
digitalghekosimion314, awesome stuff mate; thanks! =]09:47
mwasHow to use RDP in Remote Terminal Server Client09:50
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chazcoHi... how can I control my Ubuntu netbook from a desktop, but at a larger resolution?09:51
amhwell it's looking like there arnt many options for accessing an ubuntu machine that is wireless via a remote desktop.  if only auto login worked.09:52
=== lakitu2 is now known as lakitu
PeddyHi, I can't boot anymore. Whenever I start my computer, GDM doesn't start, and I just go to a shell. Doing /etc/init.d/gdm restart doesn't do anything. Cam anyone please help me?09:56
error404notfoundare there any good laconica clients for ubuntu?09:56
SecuritronWhat is a laconia client?09:57
emmy_slart <a href="http://img89.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotar0.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/3061/screenshotar0.th.png" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us" /></a><br /><br /><a href="http://img604.imageshack.us/content.php?page=blogpost&files=img89/3061/screenshotar0.png" title="QuickPost"><img src="http://imageshack.us/img/butansn.png" alt="QuickPost" border="0"></a> Quickpo09:57
emmy_st this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!09:57
FloodBot2emmy_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:57
RazlogNETcbilljones http://fpaste.org/paste/2317 - the blah blah part09:58
cbilljonesk looking09:58
SecuritronJust a lot of joining and leaving in here.09:58
emmy_Slart img src="http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/3061/screenshotar0.th.p10:00
Slartemmy_: hmm.. nothing weird on that image.. so I guess it's only on your screen you get these pink things... it was an acer aspire? do you have a  model number?10:00
RazlogNETcbilljones - the more accurate ver: http://fpaste.org/paste/231810:00
calliopeok so now im just  starting the update from 8.04 to 8.1010:01
emmy_Slart: yes an acer model# zl510:01
cbilljonesRazlogNet, im afraid im lost, can anyone else have a look?10:02
SecuritronI'm liking 8.10 very much10:02
cbilljonesRazlogNET from what i can tell the kernal is not initializing10:03
cqhow can I mount LVMs under the live 8.10 boot? I apt-get installed lvm2, but it's complaining about device-mapper not being there...10:03
RazlogNETcbilljones considering my ubuntu is installed "Inside Windows" is a throuh-windows repair possible, or editing what must be eddited or... ?10:03
cbilljonesRazlogNET, oh u used wubi eh, unfortunately ive never used it, so someone else should prob help10:04
cbilljonesRazlogNET, i think it can prob be repaired form withen windows, does the wubi installer offer any repair options?10:05
RazlogNETcbilljones nope, just new installation... I wonder what will happen if I install it again, replacing the old installation...10:06
RazlogNETCouldn't get any worse, right? :D10:06
sabrebuttYou could lose any data in ubuntu10:06
cbilljonesRazlogNET, that will work, just dlete it and install to the same space10:06
cbilljonesyou will lose the data though10:07
RazlogNETcbilljones I will loose everything installed within, right? :D10:07
cbilljonesRazlogNET anything important there?  may have a solution10:08
RazlogNETcbilljones couldn't say so... I installed it like... 10 days ago, but the updates take forever...10:08
RazlogNETAnd that's what I'm trying to avoid, besides - to know how to fix it may prevent loss of information in future ;)10:09
cbilljoneswell it updates faster than windows, look at the bright side :O10:09
emmy__Slart: yes an acer model#zl510:09
cbilljonesthere may be a fix, keep spamming the problem a bit10:09
enovativwhat do you all think of KVM10:09
Slartemmy__: are you sure it's called z15? I didn't find anything while googling10:11
RazlogNETcbilljones maybe I will... I'll try using help at my country's servers... hope theres s.o. whos got the problem10:11
Slartamh: ok.. I've been playing with my vm's now.. you can start vnc server without running X or even having a user logged on10:11
cbilljonesRazlogNET, ok goodluck, im going to try to sleep again :)10:11
emmy__Slart maybe aspire 3000 series try that10:11
Slartemmy__: hmm.. according to most webpages ubuntu should work without any problems on that model..is it the same if you run the installer cd? does windows work on it?10:13
cqhow cna I boot to init level 1 from GRUB?10:13
Slartamh: I haven't managed to make vncserver start at the boot.. I've only tried starting it from /etc/rc.local so far... there might be other ways that work better10:14
archandrei#join /ubuntu.ru10:14
emmy__Slart: it works perfect on windows. the thing that i dont get is that its grainy pinkish thing doesnt come up till it gets to the login page when its staring up it looks perfect but then login page comes and it gets screwed10:15
Slartamh: but so far I've managed to connect via ssh and then starting the vnc server from there.. then I can connect10:15
=== Johnm_ is now known as johnm
=== Bruners_ is now known as Bruners
emmy__Slart: thanks for trying : )10:18
Slartemmy__: that might be that the first splash screen uses vesa or similar.. and then it switches to the intel graphics driver when it's time to login.. it might just be a bug in that driver10:18
emmy__BYE goodnite10:19
Slartemmy__: bye10:19
piasdomg'mornin all10:20
RUSKosПривет всем10:20
piasdomwhat's the command to show what ram 8.04 see ?10:21
Slartpiasdom: free?10:21
piasdomSlart: all10:21
Slartpiasdom: checked the "total" column?10:22
piasdomSlart: i don't know the command10:22
guestguestnewhttp://pastie.org/371961 how do i make the label go beside the text_field and not on top?10:22
Slartpiasdom: just run "free" in a terminal10:22
piasdomSlart: OH  :)  ok thanks10:23
Slartpiasdom: try asking in an appropriate channel.. #php or whatever that is?10:24
* guestguestnew is just a noob in web devt10:24
piasdomSlart: have a great day10:24
Slartpiasdom: you too10:24
phorensic1boring tonight10:27
=== john is now known as Guest60005
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:29
phorensic1hey hey10:29
Slarthello ActionParsnip10:30
silida1I have 2 soundcards, every time i boot up they are registered as hw0 or hw1, how can i make sure they always get registered as hw0 and the other as hw1 ?10:31
* itewsh is away: aw !10:32
Slartsilida1: have you looked at /etc/modprobe.d/alsabase ? might be something in there10:32
Slart!away > itewsh10:32
ubottuitewsh, please see my private message10:32
silida1will check10:32
prison_breakdoes anybody use utube ripper? i have problem with conversion10:33
pattersoner. does kbuntu not come with a term installed ?10:33
phorensic1patterson: konsole10:34
pattersonoh good10:34
ActionParsnippatterson: konsole is default but you can install any terminal you like, xterm, terminal10:34
Slartthe day they remove the terminal for some weird reason is the day I install freebsd or somerthing10:35
wxlwho has a good configure file about conky?can you share with me ?10:35
Slartwxl: there are tons of them out there.. have you checked the conky site?10:35
ActionParsnipwxl: websearch for conkyrc and you will find some10:35
pattersonoh i did figure out how to some gterm thing on it. so i can then proceed to rtfm and make the wifi work . its lshw -C network for me10:35
phorensic1Slart: I can't see them ever removing the console10:35
phorensic1Thats more of a windows gayness idea10:36
pattersonls hard ware . what a swell idea10:36
pattersonwell i thought it were named "term"10:36
wxlbut many of them can not run well in my system,because i use chinese ubuntu10:37
pattersonwe are going to start over on wednesday anyway10:37
tavii have a problem10:39
tavii try to watch something and asc for flash adobe10:39
Slartwxl: why not ask in #ubuntu-cn if anyone there has found anything useful for chinese systems?10:39
taviand i tried to install latest version10:39
taviAdobe Flash Player version and says that is already installed10:39
taviso what's the problem?10:39
wxlis there anyone who is interest in chinese?10:40
Slarttavi: well.. first of all you seem to have a tendency to press enter way too often..about the flash problem.. does youtube work?10:40
wxli want to make some foregin friends .10:40
taviyoutube yes10:40
tavibut what i wach is froma site10:41
Slarttavi: remember.. keep that finger off the enter button until you are finished. There is a button with a dot on it.. use that instead10:41
fixnumHello, is it possible to load the graphical file manager with its path set to the current directory of the command line shell?10:42
taviwell forget the finger10:42
taviwhat's the problem?10:42
taviand not only to that site other ask me that too10:42
Slarttavi: if youtube works then you probably have flash installed correctly. It might be the site that is broken.10:42
taviis the top gear site10:43
taviso hasn't to be broken10:43
Slarttavi: well.. I guess10:43
Slarttavi: even the top10:43
Slarttavi: gear site can be broen10:43
tavii doubt10:43
tavithey are a big firm10:43
taviand says either you have not flash player either you have java disabled10:44
taviHello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player.10:44
Slarttavi: ok.. you'll have to find someone else to help you.. I'm not kidding about the <enter> stuff10:44
tavithis is the exact word10:44
tavicome on10:45
phorensicfixnum: yes there is10:45
tavifor that a small thing?10:45
=== Guest83762 is now known as trucMuche
Slarttavi: think about it.. you want help and you're not even willing to do that small thing.. then why should I give you my free time10:45
phorensicfixnum: you would do a gksudo nautilus /path/name10:45
tavidon't know10:45
tavimaibe i stop to use ubuntu10:46
taviyou don't wanna lose a user10:46
Slarttavi: oh no.. please don't threaten to stop using ubuntu.. however will I make it through the day?..10:46
tavii dpn't understand  however will i make it thougut the day?10:47
phorensicmade sense to me10:47
Slarttavi: I'm going to stop talking to you while I'm still in a good mood.. please talk to someone else10:47
phorensicie hes not going to lose any sleep if you don't use ubuntu10:47
fixnumphorensic, that worked but i had to manually type the path.10:48
phorensicfixnum: yes i know10:48
elkbuntutavi, threatening to stop using ubuntu will not get you any sympathy, and is just a waste of time10:48
fixnummaybe i should use pwd.10:48
taviwell i agree ...morons i do not speak10:48
nicola_my ubuntu is very slow10:48
tavielkbuntu: i do not search symphaty10:48
phorensicfixnum: maybe there is a way to pipe the output of pwd into the sudo nautilus XXX ?10:48
SecuritronQuick question, I have to type sudo modprobe wacom every time I want to use the tablet feature of my laptop after every reboot. Is there a way to automate this on startup?10:48
nicola_pleae help me10:48
tavihe says he don't speak to me10:49
Chantrei want to ask something; i use ubuntu fo 3 months and today at startup it asks password for network manager applet10:49
elkbuntutavi, it doesnt achieve anything else either.10:49
pattersonthe bit in iwconfig about ESSID: Nickname:"" means the wifi driver is working ?10:49
taviand i gave hima reason10:49
Chantrebut why10:49
taviwell achieve to me..i find another person to teach me10:49
tavito another platform10:49
SlartSecuritron: there is config files for modprobe in /etc/modprobe.d/.. perhaps you can do something with those?10:49
kinja-sheepAm I using metacity or compiz?  How do you tell?10:49
h2co3patterson: I just means that the driver can make the hardver scanning...10:50
SecuritronSlart: I'll check that out, thanks.10:50
phorensickinja-sheep: you could be using both10:50
elkbuntutavi, no it wont10:50
taviand why wouldn't achieve for me?10:50
taviif i wanna change the os10:50
Slartkinja-sheep: you could try running "ps -A | grep -i compiz".. that wouldn't be failsafe though.. but it might give you a hint10:50
kinja-sheepphorensic:  Care to explain more?10:50
tavimaibe for windows they will answer10:51
pattersontxs h2co310:51
silida1i have 2 soundcards: audigy 4 [SB0610] and a ESS ES1938, this is my alsa_base file http://pastebin.com/m61137736, what do i need to write where to make sure the audigy 4 gets loaded as hw0 ?10:51
phorensickinja-sheep: You are likely to be using metacity for the window decorator and compiz as a window manager10:51
taviso achieve for me10:51
phorensickinja-sheep: I think thats how to put it technically... anyway what are you looking to do??10:51
kinja-sheepSlart: I get compiz, compiz.real, compiz-decorato10:51
Slartkinja-sheep: I think that compiz.real is the thing you're looking for.. so you're running compiz10:52
kinja-sheepphorensic: To be able to put a name in workspace.  I think that's related to compiz?  <_<10:52
ActionParsnipmore compi rubbish :(10:52
elkbuntutavi, you might want to leave this channel now, as you do not seem interested in using it for it's intended use.10:52
phorensickinja-sheep: Sounds about right10:52
Slartkinja-sheep: I helped someone with that before.. seems they haven't implemented that feature in compiz yet10:52
srx2002in teriminal what command shows what and your CDROM name is10:52
taviwhy? i asked about help10:53
ActionParsnipsrx2002: file /dev/cdrom10:53
Slartkinja-sheep: someone said that if you switched to metacity, renamed the desktops and then switched back to compiz the names would stick.. but I haven't tried it myself10:53
fixnumphorensic, i tried > pwd | nautilus , but that didn't work10:53
srx2002Action: do I have to open it it with gedit or something10:53
srx2002for example I think mine is scd0 or something10:53
phorensicfixnum: no there has got to be a format maybe ActionParsnip knows10:54
ActionParsnipphorensic: sup?10:54
silida1i have 2 soundcards: audigy 4 [SB0610] and a ESS ES1938, this is my alsa_base file http://pastebin.com/m61137736, what do i need to write where to make sure the audigy 4 gets loaded as hw0 ?10:54
srx2002I thought someone told me that you can view the contents of the fils10:54
srx2002but i forget what file10:54
phorensicActionParsnip: can you pipe the output of pwd so that it becomes the parameters of gksudo nautilus??10:54
taviwell don't bother i will find the solution10:54
ActionParsnipphorensic: you could use nautilus 'pwd' &10:55
phorensicActionParsnip: IE gksudo nautilus <directory obtained from pwd>10:55
kinja-sheepSlart:  oven/dev/bin -- Was the plan.  Got any useful packages I should be trying?  I'm killing time here.10:55
ActionParsnipphorensic: much like kernel-header-'uname -r'10:55
ActionParsnipphorensic: what will work is nautilus ./10:55
Slartkinja-sheep: huh?10:55
phorensicActionParsnip: haven't really used that at all besides copy/paste days ago10:55
ActionParsnipfixnum: use nautilus ./10:56
phorensicActionParsnip: ahhhh very good .. I would like to get used to piping things and stuff, still fairly new to the terminal but I'm slowly understanding the concepts and slowly starting to useit more and more10:56
ActionParsnipfixnum: works with: dolphin ./10:56
fixnumyeah, i just tried it. thanks ActionParsnip, phorensic10:56
Slartsilida1: here's some info.. don't know if it will be enough though http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/FAQ#The_order_of_my_cards_changes_whenever_I_reboot_or_as_devices_are_plugged_and_unplugged._How_can_I_create_PCMs_that_refer_to_cards_by_name_instead_of_number.3F10:57
silida1will check10:57
phorensicActionParsnip: so entering a command within ' ' will return the value of that command to use as the action? pretty cool. Was the & supposed to be at the end of that example you gave me?10:57
ActionParsnipfixnum: i dont use gui stuff much but makes sense10:58
ActionParsnipphorensic: as far as i'm aware10:58
srx2002I wanna use the command dd if= ........But i don't know where or what to check to see what device my cdrom is listed as...any suggestions?10:58
srx2002I thought it was scd010:58
srx2002or something like that10:58
fixnumphorensic, the '&' means it will run in the background i think10:58
srx2002and someone told me there was a command or open a file and it will tell me what drives are where10:59
phorensicfixnum: oh i think i remember something about that.. there is a way to pull processes to the foreground to10:59
ActionParsnipphorensic: kernel-headers-`uname -a | cut -f 3 -d' '`10:59
ActionParsnipphorensic: just grabbed that off a site10:59
phorensicActionParsnip: wtf does that do?10:59
ActionParsnipbut uname -r relieves the need for all that cutting nonesense10:59
phorensicActionParsnip: ahhh11:00
ActionParsnipkernel-headers-`uname -r`11:00
=== Nowak_ is now known as Nowak
ActionParsnipsrx2002: if you read fstab it will be in there11:00
phorensicActionParsnip: yah its been so long since I messed with that, I usually just keep updated with the repos, plus never compiled my own kernel.. any time i dealt with headers I was following a tutorial11:01
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)11:01
ActionParsnipphorensic: true but yeah the command gets run first, its quite handy for scripts11:01
muzanakaWhy was I baned in ubuntu-ru?11:02
cqhm, any idea why ubuntu has a much larger /lib than a debian install?11:02
ActionParsnipcq: just a quirk of the beast11:02
Slartmuzanaka: ask in #ubuntu-ops11:02
ActionParsnipcq: im sure its smaller in other places11:02
srx2002how do i read fstab11:02
Slartsrx2002: gedit /etc/fstab is one way11:02
phorensicActionParsnip: is the uuid basically like a unique serial for a piece of hardware?11:02
srx2002that's it..I remember fstab...but where may I find that11:02
cqbut does it put less in var/lib and usr/lib or something?11:02
Slartsrx2002: or cat /etc/fstab11:03
srx2002thank you11:03
ActionParsnipcq: use du to check11:03
ActionParsnipsrx2002: there will be an entry there for the cd drive11:03
cqdoes it make sense to put /lib on its own partition?11:03
srx2002ok. thanks again11:04
innni1Hi. I am trying to format a USB pendrive using  sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdc1, but I get the message "mkfs.vfat: /dev/sdc1 contains a mounted file system."11:04
innni1if I unmount it i cannot use i either11:05
innni1what does one do11:05
marek__hi, how can i manage problem with GPG in ppa repos?11:05
hdoganhey, couple week ago i was trying to install intrepid but after a while my caps lock and scroll lock led were blinking.  After some research on google, they said it is a kernel bug. I just wonder that does anybody know that does this problem solved or not?11:05
phorensichdogan: Haven't heard of that one myself11:06
oCean_innni1: if you unmount it, you *should* be able to format the partition11:06
Slarthdogan: there are many bugs on various hardware.. we have no idea which bug you found when you tried installing11:06
innni1oCean: using what command11:06
hdoganSlart, it is about wifi11:06
ActionParsniphdogan: try using a different kernel11:06
Slarthdogan: well.. wifi is evolving with every release.. why not try the latest live cd and see if it works now?11:07
hdoganActionParsnip, sometimes i got this error while installation11:07
ubundudelong story short, my install of 8.10 alternative won't boot correctly after the 200+ updates...11:07
ubundudeIt tries to boot as normal but as it gets to loading the main login screen it reverts to text and says "normal boot" and its just like the terminal11:07
ActionParsniphdogan: try some kernel options11:07
ubundude(didn't know it would come out like that sry)11:07
ZmAYhello, can someone help me with linuxdc++ install, i get this error: scons: *** Source `linuxdcpp' not found, needed by target `/usr/local/bin/linuxdcpp'.  Stop.11:07
oCean_innni1: if you mount a device /dev/sdc1 (for example) at /mnt/pendrive, it is accessible by /mnt/pendrive. If it is not mounted, you should be able to run several tools using /dev/sdc1. Like fdisk and fsck and mkfs11:07
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | hdogan11:07
ubottuhdogan: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions11:07
ActionParsnipoCean_: very concise explanation11:08
oCean_ActionParsnip: I had a lot of coffee :)11:08
mcmoher59how can i install cedega for linux ubuntu 8.0411:09
ActionParsnipmcmoher59: go to the cedega site and download the evaluation, cedega is not free11:09
adachow can I force ubuntu to boot only commad line. No grafical11:09
mcmoher59i thought that it is free11:09
ubundudemy install of 8.10 alternative won't boot correctly after the 200+ updates. It tries to boot like normal but as it gets to loading the main login screen it reverts to black and white text and says "normal boot" and its just like the terminal11:10
phorensicmcmoher59: cedega thats the virtualization right? I think vmware or vbox are good alternatives11:10
sabrebuttcedega is wine on steroids11:10
phorensicubundude: can you try startx?11:10
phorensicsabrebutt: i see11:10
ubundudephorensic: i'm not sure what you mean by that11:10
cqhow can you shrink an existing partition and not lose the data on it?11:11
ActionParsnipcq: backup data first then gparted11:11
phorensicubundude: can you run a command at the terminal 'startx11:11
=== Guest44711 is now known as jelmer
ubundudephorensic: actually ya i should be able to, what should i do after that. or rather what does that do?11:11
laegif i had two versions of ubuntu, or even ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu's root dirs installed on different partitions can they all use the same /home dir?11:12
phorensicubundude: It loads the x window system (gui), perhaps you have a config set to where it doesn't load the gui on startup11:12
hdoganthe lates ubuntu was released 30 Oct. I think it still has this problem. Because of this bug, now im using fc10, honestly it isnt perfect as ubuntu11:12
phorensicubundude: Can you try it and see if anything good happens?11:13
ubundudephorensic: fair enough i'll give that a shot11:13
oak_join #apache211:13
marek__do you remember how was called this app to record desktop actions?11:14
phorensicmarek__: gtkrecordmydesktop???11:14
laegphorensic: are you recording my desktop right now?11:14
marek__phorensic dont have it in repos...11:15
phorensiclaeg: Yes, and I am very dissapointed at what i see11:15
phorensicmarek__: yes it is hold on11:15
laegif i had two versions of ubuntu, or even ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu's root dirs installed on different partitions can they all use the same /home dir partition?11:16
=== Guest32569 is now known as dbdii407
marek__phorensic got it gtk-recordmydesktop11:16
phorensicsudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop11:16
phorensicmarek__: yes eheh11:16
marek__i was first11:16
phorensicmarek__: because my copy didn't take11:16
phorensicmarek__: There are others but this one seemed to work pretty good, and I think the output is video instead of animated gif11:17
ubundudephorensic: it says its not detecting any devices and no screens11:18
jimcooncatlaeg: don't see why not, but 1) I'd stick with same version number for your installs 2) keep good backups or version control11:18
laegjimcooncat: how would i do that? for the moment i just want to install 8.04 on another partition11:18
alaai have webcam and cant make it work in ubuntu 8.1011:18
alaaor 8.0411:18
ActionParsnip!webcam | alaa11:19
ubottualaa: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras11:19
laegjimcooncat: do mean the same version number for o/s installs, or the same version number for installed software?11:19
laegas in packages11:19
jimcooncatlaeg: just do a simple backup first, play with 8.04, then diff your /home to see that nothing got monkeyed with11:19
phorensicubundude: hmm hey ActionParsnip besides startx whats the alternative to start gdm?11:19
laegjimcooncat: diff?11:20
ActionParsnipphorensic: gdm start11:20
phorensicActionParsnip: there isn't like a sudo /etc/gdm.init start or something???11:20
ActionParsnipphorensic: or it might be just gdm, it needs to be run as user11:20
ActionParsnipphorensic: try both11:20
phorensicubundude: try gdm start or gdm see what happens11:21
jimcooncatlaeg, yes, get a tool that shows you differences between your /home and your backup to see if anything changed.11:21
ubundudephorensic: failed and not permitted11:21
_Andy_Hi can anyone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176711:21
phorensicubundude: on the not permitted try sudo before the command11:22
jimcooncatlaeg, or just restore your /home when you're done checking out the other os11:22
ubundudephorensic: same thing, not permitted11:22
laegjimcooncat: i don't really have space to back up 279gb. i just want to use bluetooth under ubuntu to backup my phone with opensync/gnokkii - maybe i'll just make a 10gb partition and put the 8.04 / and /home on it>?11:22
Gromis new canonical notification system available now?11:23
laegjimcooncat: also, i will have a new hdd in about a week so i could back up then and see if different versions and variants of ubuntu can use the same /home partition11:23
alcoholI put this in a file in if-up.d/ -- http://pastie.org/37198711:24
alcoholbut it doesn't seem to work11:24
jimcooncatlaeg: without a means to back up I can't suggest you mess with other os's. If you had /home on lvm, you could make a snapshot -- would require a good amount of research. Otherwise, I'd suggest a livecd and copy just what you need out of your hd's home to the livecd instance.11:25
phorensic1ubundude: So your user is not a member of the admin group? try gksudo instead of sudo just to see11:25
alcoholthe only thing I could find in dmesg is11:25
alcohol[   34.226202] smbfs is deprecated and will be removed from the 2.6.27 kernel. Please migrate to cifs11:25
alcohol[   34.226209] smbfs: mount_data version 1919251317 is not supported11:25
alcoholbut I already told  it to use cifs, so I don't understand ):11:26
ubundudephorensic: "cannot open display"11:26
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=== sbrebytt is now known as sabrebytt
U-b-u-n-t-ucan I ask  firestarter questions here11:27
phorensic1ubundude: hmmm any ideas ActionParsnip?? ubundude did some updates and now he can't get a gui11:27
ActionParsnipphorensic1: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg11:27
phorensic1ActionParsnip: I don't believe there were any xorg errors, but i guess that is worth a shot11:28
phorensic1ubundude: Did you get that ^^11:28
_Andy_Hi can anyone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176711:29
oCean__Andy_: what's the sound device in the laptop? (lspci |grep -i audio)11:29
phorensic1ubundude: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  <-- this is tall you through the setup process to configure your mouse/keyboard & monitor (should auto-detect)11:29
_Andy_oCean_: Give me a second11:29
=== asdfasd is now known as kalakouentin
U-b-u-n-t-uFirestarter is blocking a web site for no reason I turned off the fire wall and I can connect to the site fine I turn it back on and nothing anyone know where I can see about removing a blacklisted url?11:30
bliZZardzAm having some trouble with applets on my firefox(3.0.5)  on Ubuntu Hardy- am unable to run the java applets. It says the applet started - but i end up getting a grey screen. Help would be great11:31
lukaszits easy11:31
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: can you telnet to port 80 on the address?11:31
ubundudephorensic: didn't do anything diff11:31
bliZZardzanyone experienced anything similar??11:32
U-b-u-n-t-utelnet to the url of the webpage?11:32
phorensic1ubundude: after you did that did you try startx?11:32
ubundudephorensic: does "fatal server error: no screens found" mean anything to you guys?11:32
ubundudephorensic: ya and i got that no screens thing11:32
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: yes on port 8011:33
phorensic1ubundude: have you updated and upgraded since?11:33
U-b-u-n-t-uI will try now11:33
ubundudephorensic: fresh install hours old, fresh updates, hour ago at this point11:33
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: if it succeeds you know the outgoing to the site is ok, then just permit the data incoming from the url11:33
zambais it a way to force ubuntu to discover the restricted drivers?11:34
U-b-u-n-t-unothing on the telnet port 8011:34
bliZZardzi reduced my Hardy boot time to 30sec(mainly changing /etc/rcx.d/...any other avenues of speed?11:34
U-b-u-n-t-uso its both out going and incoming11:34
phorensic1ubundude: funky ... take you paste the output of your xorg file? it is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:34
zambai've more than once experienced that it takes days before that applet actually discovers the restricted drivers in use11:34
kinja-sheepBash script experts -- How do I get the path using pwd?    To be more specific, I'm trying to assign the pwd result to a variable,11:34
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: check firestarter to check what its doing11:34
bliZZardzzamba: ???11:35
ubundudephorensic: how would i do that, also affected computer is one story below me11:35
bliZZardzzamba: how does that happen then11:35
phorensic1ubundude: are you remoting in currently or what?11:36
=== jamie is now known as Guest56544
ubundudephorensic: running up and down a flight of stairs =X11:36
U-b-u-n-t-uActionParsnip I couldnt find it under event or status11:36
zambabliZZardz: have no idea.. the system runs for a while and then suddenly it pops up with a message that it has discovered that some restricted drivers can "do the job"11:36
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: can you ping the site11:36
bliZZardzzamba: for firrefox problem??11:37
U-b-u-n-t-utrying now11:37
phorensic1ubundude: wow hehe this could prove to be difficult11:37
zambabliZZardz: what?11:37
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: can you traceroute to the ip11:37
zambabliZZardz: drivers.. hardware drivers..11:37
ubundudephorensic: ya >_<11:37
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: you'll need to apt-get install traceroute11:37
Guest56544hi all i have a problem with my home trash file in intrepid i have a file that has root permission but it wont show up under root to remove it11:37
bliZZardzah! i was referring to firefox applet problems11:37
U-b-u-n-t-uActionParsnip,  wont ping no traceroute11:38
ubundudephorensic: what about........outputing the file to a thumbdrive...?11:38
phorensic1ubundude: there you go11:38
bliZZardzanybody who can save this poor man!!??!! :(11:38
ubundudephorensic: k i haven't a clue how <_<11:38
ActionParsnipU-b-u-n-t-u: if you turn off your firewall is it ok? Can you ping / traceroute other sites ok11:39
phorensic1ubundude: so something like cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf > /media/thumbfoldername/file.txt  ActionParsnip would this be correct?11:39
U-b-u-n-t-uevery site comes up fine except that one11:39
U-b-u-n-t-uwith both opera and firefox11:39
U-b-u-n-t-ubut either will open it unless firestarter is off11:39
phorensic1ubundude: I haven't used the command so lets make sure its correct11:40
phorensic1oCean_: can you say if this command is correct? cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf > /media/thumbfoldername/file.txt11:40
ActionParsnipphorensic1: you can just cp it, cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /media/thumbfoldername/file.txt11:41
phorensic1oCean_: purpose to output the xorg configinto a file on a usbthumb drive so he can paste it (this pc has no net connection)11:41
ubundudephorensic: k, i'd also need to find out how to find out the thumbfoldername11:41
phorensic1ActionParsnip: ah haha true.. but would cat work?11:41
Guest56544hi all i have a problem with my home trash file in intrepid i have a file that has root permission but it wont show up under root to remove it anyone any ideas11:41
oCean_phorensic1: yes, I missed the conversation, why not cp?11:42
Darkcloudsup all11:42
phorensic1ActionParsnip:  why didn't i think of cp haah trying to be too smart or too learning the shellish11:42
phorensic1oCean_: because I didn't think of it haha .. too much caffeine11:42
phorensic1Darkcloud: hey bud11:42
ActionParsnipphorensic1: both would work11:42
phorensic1ActionParsnip: Cool so > is to change standard output and | is to pipe a command into another yes?11:43
ActionParsnipphorensic1: yeah, cat will put the file to the screen but the > will spit it to the outputted file11:43
phorensic1ActionParsnip: learning stuff is cool11:44
lomdavciao a tutti!11:44
ActionParsnipphorensic1: | is used between commands11:44
oCean_gotta love shell powertools :)11:44
lomdavnessuno che ha un portegeM200?11:44
Darkcloudim trieing to convert to ubuntu, i love this OS much more stable and not as harsh on the processor as windows, however im trieing to get all my windows apps to work via wine, one of the only serious problems im having is ventrilo =X not much info on the web about it either11:44
=== _Andy_ is now known as andy12345
bbeebbooppwhy don't you use the ubuntu counterparts Darkcloud ?11:45
mfdaviddude, if you are going to use everything via Wine, stay with windows...11:45
phorensic1Darkcloud: you have to use ventrillo? what about skype or another team caht app?11:45
lomdavhave somebody portegeM200?11:45
ActionParsniplomdav: what of it, its a laptop..11:46
andy12345Hello, can anybody help me solve this problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176711:46
ra21vihow can I run logroate on my logs in home dir, I dont want to use the root credential for logrotate, everything in user space.. but currently it thorws problem, " error creating state file /var/lib/logrotate/status: Permission denied"11:46
lomdavyes...toshiba portege M20011:46
oCean_andy12345: what about the lspci output?11:46
ra21vii am using a custom log file11:46
andy12345oCean_ Sorry I had Dc'ed can you give me the commands again?11:46
HfuyProblem with wireless on an eee-pc running 8.04. Worked last night; fired it up this morning and set everything up as normal (it forgets passwords every time). Wireless router shows its MAC as an active client but no connectivity (can't ping, no web, etc)11:47
andy12345aplay -l ?11:47
oCean_andy12345: sure. If it's more than a single line, don't paste output here, but use paste.ubuntu.com, thx. "lspci | grep -i audio"11:47
Darkcloudi dont do everything via wine, just alot of the windows based programs because linux lacks the windows API's11:47
ActionParsniplomdav: what about it?11:47
HfuyWireless network is a B+G access point using WPA2(AES) with a password. Usually works fine.11:47
HfuyWe've rebooted both the router and the eee.11:48
oCean_andy12345: also "aplay -l"11:48
HfuyTried re-inserting settings on both devices.11:48
ubundudephorensic: so..............................?11:48
HfuyStill no joy - we're out of ideas. Any hints?11:48
ActionParsnipHfuy: have you installed and configured the wpa supplicant?11:48
Darkcloudwhen you convert from another OS its more likely you have more windows programs than linux11:48
HfuyI've absolutely no idea what that means, ActionParsnip - but it worked last night. It's been working for weeks.11:48
CompactDstrxiondarkcloud many native linux programs offer the same functionality as their windows counterparts11:48
HfuySuddenly it won't.11:48
lomdava problem with internal bluetooth, seem toshset give me a error thath kernel toshiba is not supported.11:48
PorametHay  Which unit of share memory kernal (shmmax)?  bit or byte?11:49
ActionParsnipHfuy: try renaming /etc/network/interfaces and reboot11:49
HfuyRename it to what?11:49
phorensic1ubundude: oh yah so just copy the file (I thought you were gone) do sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /media/<usbnamehere>/xorg.conf11:49
CompactDstrxionyou shouldnt need to run so many windows programs11:49
yellowtapeHi all. I've  got an app which requires java6 so I'm trying to install it. After performing "sudo aptitude install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-font11:49
ActionParsnipHfuy: anything you want, just something different11:49
ActionParsnipHfuy: when you reboot you can reconfigure the settings11:49
HfuyOh hm. Setting it to DHCP seems to solve the problem.11:49
yellowtape" doing java -version still tells me 1.511:49
U-b-u-n-t-uActionParsnip it lets me connect to any site with either firefox or opera except that one I have outbound set to permissive.. but firefox and opera will only connect to it when firestarter is off... its odd11:49
HfuyNot that we really wanted DHCP.11:49
PorametHay  Which unit of share memory kernal (shmmax)?  bit or byte?11:49
ActionParsnipHfuy: i'd also check your wpa settings to make double sure they are  sound11:49
andy12345oCean_ : here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/110244/11:49
oCean_Poramet: bytes i guess11:49
ubundudephorensic: and how do i figure out what the thumbdrive will be called11:50
PorametoCean_: really?11:50
HfuyActionParsnip: We've reentered them a dozen times, since it forgets them every time.11:50
HfuyAt least it forgets the password.11:50
HfuyKnown bug, apparently.11:50
Darkcloudi never said that linux is lacking anything, i know they are great counterparts to windows infact i beleive they are better, however i only have windows based apps that ive purchased; and i didnt think i was going to switch but then i decided to because of the lack of trust and vunerability inside windows products11:50
phorensic1ubundude: you';; have to look around.. you can look in mount.. or i think fdisk will display a list of drives and their locations11:51
oCean_andy12345: for ati there is a pretty nice howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto But maybe you've been there11:51
Darkcloudergo, i use wine alot for running programs that are windwos based =X11:51
ActionParsnipHfuy: try renamng the file and rebooting, you will then have to reconnect the link11:51
HfuyWe'll leave it alone.11:51
HfuyIt works.11:51
ActionParsnipHfuy: i dont use wpa, i think its a massive pain11:51
PorametoCean_:thank you11:51
HfuyActionParsnip: I was looking for something with "AES" in it, as I understand AES is still secure.11:52
phorensic1ActionParsnip: whats the command to list all drives present?11:52
yellowtapeSo, I guess my question is, do I need to remove Java 5 first? Or update some java configs?11:52
andy12345oCean_ , thats video I am talking about sound pal, please read my post11:53
ActionParsnipHfuy: its a strong encyption that wpa2 uses in a client / accesspoint situation11:53
malmgren80I need help getting my Sata-disc working in Ubuntu. Its connectec on a pci sil3512 card which is detected when i run lsmod but the disc is not in /dev. I tried ubuntu 7.10, 8.04 and 8.10.11:53
ActionParsnipphorensic1: sudo fdisk -l11:53
HfuyActionParsnip: Goodo.11:53
quibbleryellowtape, I would uninstall 5 and reinstall 611:53
ActionParsnipHfuy: wpa2 will use a different method if its peer to peer11:53
phorensic1ActionParsnip: ahh i wasn't doing sudo no wonder it wasn't displaying correctly11:53
ActionParsnipphorensic1: yeah all fdisk stuff needs sudo11:54
phorensic1ubundude: yah do a sudo fdisk -l to list the drives11:54
HfuyActionParsnip: It's an accesspoint.11:54
phorensic1ActionParsnip: I should have thought of that.. it makes sense11:54
ActionParsnipphorensic1: it also shows the partitions on the drives11:54
HfuyIt's a Sitecom WL-130 in accesspoint mode, anyway.11:54
oCean_andy12345: yes, i just saw that too... moment searching for another thread, that was useful to me11:54
ActionParsnipHfuy: then if you are using wpa2 it will use aes11:54
andy12345oCean_: Oh I mean this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176711:54
andy12345oCean_: okay11:54
HfuyActionParsnip: And that's good, right?11:54
ActionParsnipHfuy: sure11:55
phorensic1ActionParsnip: Do you know if they dev team will/has released a kernel for 8.10 that supports ext4?11:55
ActionParsnipphorensic1: ive not looked into ext4, you could always ompile a module to supprt ext411:56
paohi! is it a OS X "open" shell command for ubuntu?11:56
phorensic1ActionParsnip: I suppose but Im not advanced yet, I was just curious cause I have seen people asking about it11:57
yellowtapeAhh, in case anyone asks again, after installing Java 6 you need to "sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun"11:57
yellowtapequibbler: ta anyway :)11:57
phorensic1pao: Are you asking if there is a keyboard shortcut to open a shell?11:57
paophorensic1: nope...11:57
ActionParsnipphorensic1: go do some websearching of advantages / disadvantages11:57
ActionParsnipyellowtape: I always use icedtea, for 64it ;)11:58
paophorensic1: in mac os x term if I type "open file.pdf"11:58
quibbleryellowtape, nice to know thanks11:58
laciehello guys11:58
paophorensic1: the file.pdf is opened with the system default viewer for that document type11:58
phorensic1ActionParsnip: Well, it wasn't for me .. I did look at some of the new features though.11:58
gordonjcppao: oh, and it guesses what to use to open the file?11:58
paogordonjcp: exactly11:58
gordonjcppao: I don't know offhand but I expect there *is* something11:58
paogordonjcp: the same "default" app that is associated with the filetype (just if you clicked from nautilus)11:59
gordonjcppao: I don't use nautilus11:59
malmgren80I need help getting my Sata-disc working in Ubuntu. Its connectec on a pci sil3512 card which is detected when i run lspci. But the disc is not in /dev (only my 2 pata discs). The disc isnt showed when i type fdisk -l. lsmod shows libata that supports sil_sata. Do i need to recompile the kernel, or is the module sil_sata loaded?12:00
oCean_andy12345: from the other thread I see that you also edited alsa-base config. But I'm not sure if the "6stack-digout" option is correct. See next link, there is an overview of options for the ALC861: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61684512:00
ActionParsnippao: try gnome-open <file>12:00
paogordonjcp: yep... but still I guess you have a default app registered for your filetypes12:00
ActionParsnippao: or kde-open12:00
paoActionParsnip: it works! thanks!12:00
ActionParsnippao: websearching m'boy12:01
ActionParsnippao: www.ask.com12:01
lacieim wondering if the new notification system will be integratet in jaunty jackalope...12:01
paoActionParsnip: hmm, what's that? :-)12:01
ActionParsnippao: ;)12:01
paoActionParsnip: what query did you perform? :-)12:02
bashcahi there12:02
ActionParsnippao: open file from terminal with defaul program12:03
paoActionParsnip: you're great ;-)12:03
andy12345oCean_ : I had already tried that12:04
ActionParsnippao: keep the search simple and gold will appear12:04
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:04
paoActionParsnip: very nice tip! I did know ask.com...12:04
etayfuri want to ask12:04
etayfurat starup12:04
etayfurubuntu starts asking pasword12:05
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:05
ActionParsnippao: most users ONLY use google which I find to be bad practise12:05
ActionParsnippao: different search engine, different results12:05
etayfursaying "networkmanager applet neds default keyrings but it is locked"12:05
etayfuror something like that12:06
etayfurcan anybody help me about this subject12:06
paoActionParsnip: yep... I've just tested google with the same "query"... it works as well ;-) .... In this case the merit is yours ;-)12:07
oCean_andy12345: ok. Well, I'm not on ati, but I fiddled with the options to in the alsa-base file. Finally adding "irqpoll" to the kernel options (grub) fixed it for me12:07
andy12345oCean_, how do I do that?12:08
paoActionParsnip: anyway .... just bookmarked ask.com ;-)12:08
ActionParsnippao: just search like an idiot, keep it simple12:08
ActionParsnippao: nice12:08
paoActionParsnip: thank you again12:08
ActionParsnippao: if google is bad, use that12:08
qizahi to all :)12:09
malmgren80I need help getting my Sata-disc working in Ubuntu. Its connectec on a pci sil3512 card which is detected when i run lspci. But the disc is not in /dev (only my 2 pata discs). The disc isnt showed when i type fdisk -l. lsmod shows libata that supports sil_sata. Do i need to recompile the kernel, or is the module sil_sata loaded?12:09
oCean_andy12345: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst file.12:09
andy12345with mousepad will do?12:10
Stroganoffetayfur: go to system>preferences>Encryption and Keyrings and change the password to the same as your user login password12:10
ActionParsnipmalmgren80: is the module modprobed in?12:10
andy12345oCean_ : yeah i opeed the file now?12:10
ActionParsnipmalmgren80: if you run lsmod you will see whats loaded12:11
etayfurit is already the same12:11
malmgren80ActionParsnip: How do i know if it is modprobed?12:11
etayfur: S12:11
oCean_andy12345: find the line saying kopt=...12:11
ActionParsnipmalmgren80: if its not, sudo modprobe <whatever>12:11
Boohbahmalmgren80: lsmod12:11
oCean_andy12345: and add "irqpoll" at the end of line12:11
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Stroganoffetayfur please put your respone in ONE LINE12:11
root__can you help me please?12:12
andy12345is this the one?12:12
root__i have a little problem12:12
andy12345# kopt=root=UUID=b10bfa48-53e7-4ddc-90c2-ca271523399d ro12:12
oCean_andy12345: after edit, save file and run "sudo update-grub"12:12
robotjoxhow can I disable sudo password prompt for installing debs only?12:12
andy12345oCean_: # kopt=root=UUID=b10bfa48-53e7-4ddc-90c2-ca271523399d ro is that it iw ill add irqpoll to it?12:12
Stroganoffrobotjox edit /etc/sudoers but it is not recommended12:12
oCean_andy12345: that's the line, you have to add "irqpoll" at the end12:13
malmgren80boohbah: lsmod shows libata 159600 5 ata_generic, pata_sis, sata_sil, pata_acpi12:13
andy12345oCean_: done now reboot?12:14
oCean_andy12345: "sudo update-grub" done?12:14
malmgren80ActionParsnip: How do i know a modules name? Where do i find the modules?12:14
robotjoxStroganoff: thanks, but what should I write for only disabling the password prompt for installing debs?12:14
andy12345oCean-: yeah12:14
oCean_andy12345: then reboot yes12:14
andy12345okay see you then in 3 mins12:14
oCean_andy12345: and keep fingers crossed12:14
andy12345and you pray fo rme :P12:14
etayfur:Stroganoff sorry in passwords Applications > Passwords and Encryption Keys are the same but12:14
kinja-sheepQuestion -- The command 'eject' do work in terminal -- but it wouldn't work in the script? <_<12:15
ActionParsnipmalmgren80: you'll need to find what your card needs, then get the module for it12:15
kiwi_ukhey all, does anyone have extensive experience of Apache 2 under Ubuntu?12:15
kiwi_ukin fact, does anyone have Apache 2 running under Ubuntu now? I've got a really odd problem and I'd like to see if it exists on servers other than mine!12:16
zirodaykiwi_uk: if you ask us the actual question we'll be able to tell you12:16
ubundudephorensic: i just can't do it....................12:16
kiwi_ukfair nuff. the problem is that if you request a resource such as https://server/example/, apache will quite happily return example.php in its place, assuming the directory doesn't exist12:17
kiwi_ukit'll also return example.html if there is no example.php. If I create the example directory, apache returns an empty directory listing as you'd expect12:17
ActionParsnipmalmgren80: you could also consult the HCL12:17
ormecurohi,i installed a software from source,but now i wanna uninstall the software,how can i do this?12:17
phorensicubundude: hmmmm... I dunno then bro12:17
malmgren80ActionParsnip: What is HCL?12:18
ubundudephorensic: either that doesn't exist or this doesn't exist and god i'm so lost12:18
oCean_kinja-sheep: maybe when you add device name? like /usr/bin/eject /dev/scd0 ? It seems a bit strange to me..12:18
ActionParsnip!hcl | malmgren8012:18
ubottumalmgren80: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:18
kinja-sheepoCean_: Will try that command in the script.12:18
ubundudephorensic: LVM doesn't have anything to do with this right..........?12:19
zirodaykiwi_uk: do you have any redirects in .htaccess or your /etc/apache2 config's?12:19
etayfurStroganoff sorry in passwords Applications > Passwords and Encryption Keys are the same but in system>preferences>Encryption and Keyrings it says Default Key: None. Prompt for a key.12:19
ubundudephorensic: thats what i was orignally -trying- to accomplish with an alternative cd12:19
phorensicubundude: no shouldn't although I've never used it12:19
BlackiIs there no option in the GUI based Networkmanager to disable automatic connection to wlan networks anymore ?12:20
kinja-sheepoCean_: /usr/bin/eject /dev/dvdrw --- It worked.  I guess because my script is in ~/bin -- It's not same as /usr/bin -- Thanks. :>12:20
phorensicubundude: no it just sounds like there is a problem getting screens asin a bad config perhaps, should be fixable somehow12:21
Boohbahkinja-sheep: yes, you would need to put ~/bin in your PATH to avoid calling the script by the full path12:21
_Andy_oCean_ : not working12:21
oCean__Andy_: damn.12:22
_Andy_Yeah damn...........12:22
_Andy_Sometimes I really think that my computer is a human with a attitude its taking its revenge from me12:22
oCean__Andy_: well, all those different chipsets are still a problem to linux, since producers only build for windows :(12:24
kiwi_ukziroday, no. I have totally disabled mod_rewrite and it still happens.12:24
oCean__Andy_: so, most of 'em work for linux, but we have to find out (again and again) which options to use etc12:24
_Andy_sigh but i have seen some posts where guys claimed that it worked =|12:24
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kiwi_ukziroday, it happens on all my Ubuntu servers from what i can tell, its very odd12:25
oCean__Andy_: best shot is find people that have same config, and ask them indeed12:25
zirodaykiwi_uk: never had that problem here sorry12:25
_Andy_June 15th, 2008  thats the last seen of that guy12:26
ubundudephorensic: should i just reinstall or something............?12:26
oCean__Andy_: doubleclicking on the volume control does open the alsa mixer, right? And Device selection is Alsa?12:26
_Andy_oCean_ yeah doubleclicking opens two windows12:26
kiwi_ukziroday, do you have apache running anywhere now? it'd really help if someone could confirm its not just me12:27
zirodaykiwi_uk: its a debian server but sure12:27
zirodaykiwi_uk: you want me to create example.php in /var/www?12:27
phorensicubundude: I think at this point it may be easier... for a fresh install to take a dive like that its kinda funky .. and since you have to run up and down the stairs all night long trying this and that, probbably much better to try that12:28
kiwi_ukziroday, that'd be ace, thanks. yeah, create it with an echo line and then try http://server/example/12:28
_Andy_oCean_, yeah doubleclicking opens two windows12:28
oCean__Andy_: and at the Device drop down list.. nothing changes when you try different options. I guess you've been there :/12:30
Paddy_EIREoCean_, which device drop down list?12:30
O__ohi, anyone knows a good software to edit mp3??12:30
oCean__Andy_: :)12:30
Paddy_EIRE!caps | _Andy_12:31
ubottu_Andy_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.12:31
O__oi wanna edit a song to ringtone12:31
_Andy_sorry I was very excited12:31
zirodaykiwi_uk: ooh sorry, the servers been changed to lighty. Its not apache anymore. Sorry.12:31
oCean__Andy_: one step closer to hard-rockin' on ubuntu?12:31
Paddy_EIREO__o, audacity12:31
oCean_Paddy_EIRE: well, I have a Device dropdown list in my alsamixer window12:31
Paddy_EIRE!info audacity | O__o12:31
ubottuaudacity (source: audacity): A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-2 (intrepid), package size 3155 kB, installed size 9188 kB12:31
_Andy_oCean_: i have marked the surround now, lets hope it works12:31
Paddy_EIREoCean_, oh :)12:32
kiwi_ukziroday, oh well. thanks anyway12:32
zirodaykiwi_uk: sorry :(12:32
zubairHello Everyone out there I am Zubair here From India12:32
oCean__Andy_: you mght also want to go to sys > pref > sound and do some testing12:32
_Andy_oCean_:I think i need to restart12:32
O__oPaddy_EIRE, thx i will try it now12:32
_Andy_oCean_: you are forgetting that I use xubuntu there is no PREF here12:33
zubairI am going to install Ubuntu for the first time so can anyone give some pre install help or tips12:33
oCean__Andy_: ah, indeed. X...ubuntu12:33
iori92i'm new in ubuntu12:33
zirodayzubair: use the live cd to make sure internet works12:33
iori92anybody can help me12:34
zubairziroday: i have downloaded ubuntu8.10 live cd12:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:34
zirodayzubair: aha12:34
zubairziroday: and what else do i need12:34
zirodayzubair: a blank cd12:34
zirodayzubair: to burn the image on to12:34
zubairziroday: whose image12:34
_Andy_oCean_: there is a problem, if I click on the checkbox to select surround, iit DOES select it but default to unselected afterward =(12:34
ziroday!install | zubair read these instructions12:34
ubottuzubair read these instructions: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate12:34
iori92how to get yahoo messnger in my ubuntu12:35
Paddy_EIREzubair, If you are currently running windows I would suggest using IMGBurn to burn the iso to cd12:35
zubairziroday: thanks that is goin to help me a lot12:35
phorensiciori92: use pidgin12:35
_Andy_I am trying reboot12:35
zubairziroday: nope im using Cambridge12:35
iori92what's the pidgin12:35
phorensiciori92: set up your yahoo account inside pidgin, pidgin is a multi-protocol IM client12:35
oCean_kiwi_uk: I tried with a example.html... http://server/example/ says "/example.html/" not found, but http://server/exam