rocko/usr/sbin/unhide                                         [ Warning ]00:15
rockois that bad?00:15
Moochcharlie-tca: my comp is acting up00:16
Moochcharlie-tca: ubuntu server version and regular version whats the difference?00:18
zoredachewhat do you mean 'regular version'00:21
Moochon the website there's a server version and a non server whats the difference00:22
zoredachethe cd will have a different selection of packages.  The installed system will not have a gui, and will offer an install open to setup lamp00:24
Moocha clean install for 8.10 would be my best bet in my case00:26
blankthemuffinAnybody know how to force the vesa driver from command line, I just can't remember how to do it.01:35
Odd-rationaleblankthemuffin: i think you have to add Driver "vesa" to the appropriate place in the xorg.conf file...01:37
blankthemuffinor even where xorg.conf hides, I can't remember that either.01:37
Odd-rationalesomething like this: http://rafb.net/p/CFChZV36.html01:37
blankthemuffinExcept it seems to be totally empty / unused01:38
blankthemuffinHow does the Live CD pick a driver?01:38
cody-somervillesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -plow01:38
Odd-rationalethat is a very basic xorg.conf file i pastebinned...01:38
blankthemuffinI know what xorg.conf looks like, just this one is all empty.01:39
Odd-rationaleblankthemuffin: then one you have? or the one i pastebinned?01:39
Odd-rationaleoh yeah. you must be using 8.04+01:39
cody-somervilleblankthemuffin, what version of Xubuntu are you running?01:39
blankthemuffinI'm trying to install 8.1001:39
Odd-rationalethe newer xorg can do some automagical autodetecting via hal...01:40
blankthemuffinI might clarify that it's an ongoing problem with my graphics card  and the open source nv drivers. The drivers fail without fail so I need to install the real nvidia drivers or switch to vista before I can use the installer.01:40
blankthemuffincody-somerville, it says that the resource is locked, so I presume the installer wants it.01:41
blankthemuffinI should file a bug about it somewhere, it's been like this since ubuntu 6 and probably before.01:42
blankthemuffinI got it to work! Played around in the command line to mount a disk, then installed the nvidia drivers to memory. :)01:56
DaemonXPwrong window02:25
* DaemonXP runs and hides02:25
MoochI have a technical question regards to my comp02:26
j1mcMooch: what's your question?02:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:28
Moochever since I downloaded updates my comp is freezing and when I turn my computer off I get a no input signal its annoying and I don't want my hard drive to die02:29
j1mcMooch: what version of xubuntu are you using?02:30
Mooch6.06 LTS02:30
Moochyes very old02:30
MoochI must be the only one02:30
j1mcany special reason why you are still using that version?  things have improved a lot since late 2006.02:31
j1mceven though that release still gets updates, the overall system has improved a great deal since then.02:31
Moochwell at the moment I am trying to get the 8.10 cd I just requested one. I can02:31
Moochcan't download it because I do not have broadband02:32
j1mcsure... understood02:32
j1mcdid you request a xubuntu cd?02:32
MoochI emailed the Loco team close to me for a xubuntu cd gonna wait for a response02:33
j1mcoh, ok02:33
j1mcwhat is your problem now?  just random freezes for no apparent reason?02:33
Moochyeah earlier when I was on this channel it was freezing bad02:34
MoochI did a recovery mode to get my modem to work with the older Kernel version because when I downloaded the updates my modem driver would not work with
Moochmy modem won't detect02:36
MoochI don't know if its the recovery I am doing that is causing this or what02:36
j1mcand you just downloaded regular updates?02:37
j1mchave you ever used "automatix" or anything like that to help set up your computer?02:37
Moochyeah can't download printing updates it throws my modem out whack02:37
blankthemuffinDoes compix work with xfce?02:37
MoochI think that messed up my comp last time02:38
j1mcblankthemuffin: it's hit or miss...  some people have had luck with it, but it's kind of hack-ish, if you ask me.02:38
j1mcMooch: what messed up your comp last time?02:38
j1mcblankthemuffin: that is, combining compiz with xfce02:38
j1mcMooch: automatix does a lot of bad stuff, unfortunately.02:39
j1mcMooch: http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html02:39
MoochI gotta a PCtel modem and I don't know what driver I need to work with this Kernel version02:40
j1mcthe person who wrote that was one of the main contributors to ubuntu for a while, and now i think he works for red hat - very smart guy02:40
Moochoh really02:40
DaemonXPAutomatix has been dead02:41
DaemonXPfor years even02:41
MoochI hate linmodems I do wish I had broadband02:42
DaemonXPI think Feisty was the last version supported by Automatix, the repos aren't even there anymore02:42
MoochI winded up reformat when I tried to get automatix02:42
blankthemuffinmmm ok j1mc02:42
j1mcDaemonXP: they resurrected it somewhat recently, iirc.02:42
blankthemuffinI'll have a go, the xfce compositor looks nice, but I like my blur and desktop cube. :D02:42
j1mcstill crappy, though, and Mooch is running 6.06... automatix was around then.02:43
Moochj1mc: should I just downgrade my kernel version to work with this modem driver?02:44
MoochI was on the site where my modem drivers are for linux but very vague descriptions02:45
Moochthis driver was posted to work with this kernel version02:46
Moochj1mc: what should I do?02:48
MaxHavocHello everyone, I'm an Xubuntu newbie and I have a question. I changed my resolution to 1280x960 and for some reason the fonts and window sizes scaled to my new resolution rather than remaining static as I would have assumed they would. Is there a way to get the windows and font sizes to revert to their default sizes?03:45
DaemonXPj1mc: Automatix? Ewww, why would they bring that back?04:24
Chaomani reeeeeeeeeeeally need help getting into my windows computer's public folder from my xubuntu computer04:36
Chaomanany1 home? ^_^'04:37
* ball nods04:37
Chaomananyway how do i get into a windows computer's public folder from a computer running xubuntu?04:38
lc2Chaoman: not the normal way04:39
lc2sudo apt-get install fusesmb04:39
ballI don't know Xubuntu well, butit sounds like a job for Samba04:39
Chaomanwats fusesmb04:39
lc2Chaoman: SMB, for fuse04:41
Chaomanok wats fuse? im still new to this im tryin to learn an operating i just insalled04:41
balllc2: does fuse run on the Xubuntu end?04:42
lc2Chaoman: filesystems in userspace, not something you care about04:42
lc2ball: it works, apparently, that's all i know04:42
lc2Chaoman: once you have it installed04:42
lc2you should be able to do something like04:42
lc2oh wtf, hold on04:43
* Chaoman eats blankthemuffin while he waits04:43
lc2oh, yeah, you might need to do modprobe fuse first of all04:43
lc2and then04:43
lc2mkdir network; fusesmb network/04:44
ballI'm going to have to backup my document files and reinstall Xubuntu.04:44
lc2theoretically, you should be able to view all systems on your network by looking in the network/ directory04:44
lc2ball: no, you won't04:44
balllc2: I will you know ;-)04:44
lc2ball: you said "had to", you never have to04:44
lc2unless you've done something really silly04:44
lc2Chaoman: that's not to say that you'll be able to access those hosts if they require a password, but, that's the general idea04:45
blankthemuffinI found that fusesmb crashes or something with thunar04:45
lc2you'll have to make yourself a ~/.smb/fusesmb.conf if you want to do that, as far as i gather04:45
Chaoman1) dont worry i know a password its my machine04:45
blankthemuffinso you might be better off with the other one which I can't remember.04:46
blankthemuffinsmb something something04:46
lc2Chaoman: 1) you'll still have to put it in your fusesmb.conf04:46
lc2i can't imagine there's not a way to do this from a gui though04:46
Chaoman2) is there a way to hack my dad's computer and put a text file on his desktop?04:47
Chaomanjust to prove to him all machines r hackable04:47
lc2if it's a windows box, the answer is yes, they always are04:47
Chaomanyeah thats wat i meant all windows boxes are haxable04:48
lc2(last week, i installed xubuntu for someone who was terminally pissed off at windows after their XP install got rooted and turned into a spam-spewing botnet drone)04:48
Chaomanlinux boxes are secure as you want them to be. so is mac but apple is shit04:49
Chaomandamn iphones04:49
lc2Chaoman: anyway, http://linux.die.net/man/5/fusesmb.conf04:50
lc2if you understand that, that'll be helpful04:50
lc2if you don't, welcome to linux! ;)04:50
lc2skip ahead to "example" to spare the tl;dr04:51
Chaomanmy machine wont show (||_||) but the rest of the network will :D04:53
ballOkay, If I have Ubuntu Server and Xubuntu, is nfs the natural choice for networked filesystem?04:53
lc2Chaoman: yours won't04:54
lc2ball: no, nfs is a pile of crap04:54
Chaomani meant my windows machine04:54
balllc2: what would you use?04:54
lc2ball: sshfs04:54
lc2Chaoman: oh.04:54
Chaomanits got windows 7 beta and i chose "home network"04:55
ballHmm, okay.04:55
Chaomanit mentioned homegroup04:55
Chaomani also turned on sharing, public folder enabled04:55
lc2Chaoman: i haven't a clue when it comes to windows 7, alas04:55
lc2stick around and someone else might know04:56
Chaomandamn (-.-)*sigh*04:56
lc2ball: seriously, NFS makes for a good lesson in how to fail at unix, but that's about it04:56
Chaomannfs= bad                  ntfs= shit           vista=the GREAT MIGHTY POO04:57
Chaomanfat is between ntfs and vista04:57
ballDoes sshfs require anything special on the server end, or just sshd04:57
lc2ball: just sshd, one of the reasons i like it so much more04:57
* ball nods04:58
lc2Chaoman: ntfs is actually pretty good, but i'd rather not use windows if i'm given a choice04:58
ballAnything special I need at the client (Xubuntu) end?04:58
lc2ball: fuse and sshfs04:58
Chaomanthats wat i meant. if indows uses it, automatic shit04:58
lc2wow, i need to get my eyes tested, i only just realised your nick isn't "chapman"04:59
* lc2 was doing c<tab>04:59
Chaomanu need to stop using google glasses05:00
lc2and i'm already at 28pt fonts. :/05:00
Chaomanthey have augmented reality google correction05:00
ballIs it possible to change the name of Xubuntu's user?05:00
Chaomanshould be05:00
lc2ball: tell me what you really mean by that question05:01
Chaomani cant remember how but i have done that in *ugh* slackware05:01
balllc2: I have a Xubuntu box with one user account.  I suppose I'd like to add a second user, rather than renaming the first.05:01
balluseradd?  adduser?05:01
lc2ball: then add another user05:01
lc2ball: applications -> system -> users and groups05:02
lc2much easier05:02
ballah okay, thanks.05:02
lc2but yeah, adduser if you're brave05:02
lc2or if you want to just rename one, go ahead and edit /etc/passwd05:02
Chaomanadduser + experienced linux user = fail! adduser + noob = epic fail!05:03
lc2you'll probably find yourself with the userid of 1000, near the end of the file05:03
ballI'll look for the GUI whotsit.05:03
lc2good plan05:03
ball...though I'm tempted to install from scratch, start with a blank slate.05:04
lc2a few months ago i would have been like, "be a man and edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group"05:04
Chaomanso any advice on windows hacking with xubuntu?05:04
lc2ball: that's overkill05:04
lc2Chaoman: no, not really05:04
Chaomanhow easy is it startig out?05:04
lc2Chaoman: dunno, i grew out of that like, ten years ago05:05
Chaomandon't you ever forget your windows password or something?05:06
lc2Chaoman: no, but i had to deal with a laptop i had to fix without being given the admin password05:06
lc2but there's a brute-forcer for windows passwords out there, stick a cd in the drive at boot and it'll come back with a list of accounts and passwords05:06
lc2pretty neat05:06
lc2ophcrack, btw05:07
* ball finds himself in #scriptkiddies05:08
Chaomansame here. i reformatted it cause the owner forgot all the passwords.05:08
lc2ball: ten years ago you would have been right :P05:08
ballTen years ago I was deciding on an operating system.05:09
Chaomani hate having to w8 till wednesday for muffins, so......05:10
Chaomanblankthemuffin:munchmunchmunch (OwwO)05:10
lc2well, that was strange05:10
lc2in the series of tubes05:12
Chaomanmunch..........munch............munch........... wats goin on?05:12
lc2ball: ten years ago i did pretty much the same thing, just my brother wasn't altogether impressed finding himself with a debian box iirc05:12
lc2but yeah, then i went back to windows for a few years again, then the lunix beckoned me home05:13
Chaomanmmmmmmmm blank flavour05:14
balllc2: I tried Linux, but it wasn't ready back then.05:14
balllc2: so I settled on NetBSD05:14
lc2ball: hey i did freebsd for a while, up until less than a  year ago05:14
* lc2 wonders exactly when05:14
lc2drwxr-xr-x 12 root root 4096 2008-06-02 01:04 /usr/05:15
lc2six months!05:15
lc2lol, installing at 1am ;\05:15
lc2damn, netsplits05:15
Chaomanoops dats me05:15
lc2ball: same05:16
Chaomanmy dad keeps sayin "whyre u usin dat? u dont know how" i said "its easier than windows"05:18
lc2Chaoman: haha yeah, and the thing is, you're not altogether wrong05:18
balllc2: Ubuntu seems to have a good supportive community too.05:19
Chaomansurvey says: question mark05:19
lc2Chaoman: the only thing that sucks about xubuntu, is that it doesn't auto-mount any NTFS drives/etc upon boot, and doesn't deal with network shares too well05:19
lc2ball: it does05:20
balllc2: wouldn't that depend on your fstab?05:20
Chaomanyea but my laptop has 512mb ram05:20
lc2ball: yes, and that doesn't take away from the fact that it should do the right thing, by default, and it doesn't05:21
lc2if it has to generate an fstab at install/boot, then it should do that05:21
balllc2: in my opinion the right thing is not to mount NTFS by default.05:21
Chaomanat least it supports as much swap as you can give it, unlike winshit05:22
lc2ball: i don't think the right thing, for most people, is to have to google up some command-line arcana in order to get to the stuff on their windows disks/partition05:22
* ball nods05:22
lc2ball: but hey, i don't care personally, since i don't have a windows partitiion ;D05:22
ballSomewhere between the two is a GUI tool to enable people to mount a Windows partition r/o05:22
lc2just sayin'05:22
ball...but not automatically05:22
balllc2: I don't have MS Windows on any of my machines.05:23
lc2ball: yeah, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, or maybe an install-time option05:23
lc2ntfs-3g is pretty wining these days05:23
lc2what we really need is clippy!05:24
lc2"It looks like you're dual-booting! Would you like me to mount your Windows drive automatically?"05:24
ballI'm off to try to install Xubuntu on a spare machine.05:25
Chaomanalso i got my ntfs-formatted flash memory usb stick mounted pretty quickly on my own. now aything ntfs will mount automatically (sometimes may fail due to certain drives' errors)05:25
lc2ball: have fun!05:25
ballHopefully I'll reach a point where I can get back on irc.05:25
Chaomanalready did so with fat05:25
lc2Chaoman: there was someone in here the other day having issues with that05:26
lc2(summary: always safely eject your drives)05:26
Chaomansudo mount  device mountpoint05:27
Chaomanif that fails, add -o force05:27
lc2you shouldn't even need to do that, i don't think05:27
lc2not with a usb disk05:27
Chaomansome things wont automount05:28
Chaomanif theres an errr05:28
ballThis machine has 512M of RAM05:42
lc2well, depending on what you're doing, but no, you don't need that much05:42
* lc2 has 384 ;D05:43
ball1 Gbyte swap should be plenty for most people, surely?05:43
lc2Chaoman: ah, that might be different05:43
lc2well, if you have 8gb of disk space that you know you'll never use, then don't let me discourage you05:44
blankthemuffin8GB of swap is wayyy enormous05:44
ballOkay, one document file worth saving05:45
ballhello Daviey!05:45
lc2yeah, but if you're doing 3d rendering i can see that it might make sense05:45
ballThat's wierd: I don't see Ekiga in the menu05:46
Chaomanive also got an external 8gb drive sitting o the floor that has ready swap but i dont feel like pluggin it in and turnin it on rite now05:46
Chaomanin fact its all swap05:46
Chaomanso theres another 8gb i can plug in05:46
lc2ball: applications -> network -> ekiga softphone?05:46
lc2Chaoman: swap over USB?05:47
lc2why does that strike me as a horrible idea?05:47
Chaoman... dunno05:47
Chaomanbut 1394 b sounds better05:47
lc2probably because it is05:47
balllc2: it's not tere05:48
lc2ball: strange.05:48
Chaomanhell any firewire is better than usb1.105:48
ballUgh... this feels odd.05:49
lc2i think tin cans/string are better than usb 1.105:49
lc2ball: what does?05:49
Chaomanyeah but this laptop is old05:49
Chaomanit most likely aint got 2.005:49
balllc2: Xfce ;-)05:49
Chaomanits a pcg-fxa5305:50
lc2ball: oh :)05:50
ballAdd/Remove tool doesn't seem to want me to remove anything either.05:51
lc2ball: hm05:51
ballAh, found something it'll let me remove.05:51
Chaomani wish i could get a computer from israel. i heard they got computers in homes faster than the us military's best computer05:52
ballChaoman: unlikely.05:52
Chaoman......... ok then..........05:53
Chaomanjust not from china. thats shit05:53
Chaomanjapan = 133705:53
lc2it doesn't matter where it's from05:53
Chaomanas long as theres no lead paint for kids to chew on05:54
lc2brb xmoto05:54
Chaomanoshit bladder critical05:54
Chaomanphew my room almost got a fresh coat of yellow paint05:58
lc2oh nice06:01
ballResisted the urge to reinstall.  Will try adding a new user.06:03
lc2ball: that seems like the more sensible option06:03
ballThis machine's a bit sluggish.06:04
lc2what cpu?06:04
ball550 MHz Pentium III Coppermine06:05
Chaomanassuming my windows machine is just any old windows, how do i make my linux machine see it?06:05
lc2ball: ..oh my06:05
lc2Chaoman: the way i showed you06:05
balllc2: I have a 700 MHz machine sitting next to me, but that's a pain in the butt to install anything on.06:05
Chaomani meant i can see the others but just the one wont show up06:06
ballThat reminds me, I need to add Ekiga to the menu06:06
lc2Chaoman: then there might be a configuration problem with that machine06:07
Chaomanive been changin its configuration. do i have to do something special to update what the linux box can see?06:09
ballChaoman: do you have a share from the Windows box?06:10
lc2you might want to mount and unmount the mountpoint06:10
lc2fusermount -u whatever/06:10
Chaomanyes its the public folder06:10
Chaomanlc2: ill try06:11
lc2then remount it with whatever that command was06:11
* lc2 forgot06:11
* lc2 notes it's 6am :/06:11
balllc2: Blighty?06:12
lc2ball: yessir06:12
balllc2: good man/woman/bot.06:12
lc2thank you sir/madam/term of address for bot06:13
ballI'm British, but I'm in the U.S.06:13
lc2ball: where abouts were you from?06:13
ball(sir btw)06:13
balllc2: Wiltshire originally, also lived in Wales for many years.06:13
lc2ball: ooh.06:13
lc2obligatory quip about sheep goes here06:14
lc2wiltshire is nice, i've heard06:14
Chaomanntfs vs exfat which is better06:14
ballThere are sheep in both Wales and Wiltshire06:14
ballChaoman: ext306:14
ChaomanNTFS vs exFAT06:15
ballexfat is made up06:15
lc2"exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table, aka FAT64) is a proprietary file system suited especially for flash drives, introduced by Microsoft for embedded devices in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and in their desktop operating system, starting with Windows Vista Service Pack 1."06:15
lc2apparently not, ball06:15
Chaomanso which is better:ntfs or exfat06:16
ballNew to me.  I only know FAT12, FAT16 and FAT3206:16
ballChaoman: for disk?06:16
Chaomanfor hdd06:16
ballntfs probably06:16
ballbrb, rebooting06:17
lc2Chaoman: for your purposes, if you want to plug it into a linux box, no06:17
lc2use ntfs06:17
Chaomanno i meant in general06:17
lc2Chaoman: idk06:18
AndyyHI, yesterday I downloaded and installed xubuntu 8.10 from a alt CD thinking that sound might work when I get the latest version, but unfortunately it turns out that the sound card is not supported..so I need to get alsa right? can anyone guide me as how to get and install the latest alsa or to cheack if its already there? BTW I use Toshiba L30, I need to add one more thing, last time i.e. when I used xubuntu 8.04 LTS and clicked to increase the sound it incr06:20
Andyyeased (but the sound never came out), this time as soon as I increase the volume, it gets back to 0% Automatically, Now after trying a commands i came to know I already have alsa, so whats the problem with sound?06:20
lc2Andyy: first up, hi06:20
lc2Andyy: secondly, lsmod | grep snd06:21
ballUgh.  Webcam seems not to be working now06:21
lc2then paste the results at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for us all to admire!106:21
lc2ball: define "not working"06:22
Andyyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/110155/ here you go06:23
ball"Error while opening video device Camera"06:23
lc2Andyy: at the risk of sounding condescending, install kmix (which has a mute button), and ensure it isn't muted06:24
Andyylc2: i.e. sudo apt-get install kmix?06:25
lc2Andyy: yessir06:25
ballBus 001 Device 002: ID 046d:092c Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Chat06:25
lc2Andyy: and i'm really not being condescending, i spent a good hour or two last week trying to "debug" sound on another box, it was muted all along06:25
lc2ball: what are you using to test it?06:26
Andyylc2: 50MB, will take some time :P , ahh lets hope it was muted here so I can unmute it and play sound :P06:26
lc2Andyy: 50mb?!06:26
Andyylc2, yeah kmix06:26
lc2oh, KDE depdendencies06:26
Andyylc2, is there a problem? or did I do it wrong?06:26
lc2Andyy: nope, you've just not installed any KDE stuff before, so it has to install a bunch of stuff that all KDE apps depend on06:27
lc2i hope you're not on dialup06:27
Andyylc2, nop I am on broadband06:27
lc2Andyy: winrar06:27
Andyylc2, winrar?06:28
lc2Andyy: it's like winnar, but less so06:28
Andyylc2, oh okay ...06:28
lc2ball: try xawtv06:28
ballNo picture in Cheese either06:28
lc2ball: also, you may want to lsmod to ensure that the kernel module is loaded06:28
AndyyI wonder why my DL speed has sunndly dropped to 18 Kbps....I guess I shoud go to our ISP's office and batter the guy some more06:29
lc2Andyy: ouch ;\06:29
balllc2: how do I know what it's called?06:29
Chaomanfound out cpu speed of my laptop: 1.3 GHz06:29
lc2ball: you either guess lucky or you stick it in the pastebin and i'll look06:29
Andyylc2: I will be AFK for a while (I need to study) so if you want you can leave a PM instead of here as its possible that I may miss it06:30
balllc2: what am I pastebining?06:30
lc2you@plz:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo  | grep MHz06:30
lc2cpu MHz: 1333.47806:30
lc2ball: the output of lsmod06:30
lc2Andyy: say my name to beep me, if i'm busy it'll get my attention06:30
balllc2: looks credible.  I see video, output, videodev and v4l1_compat06:31
lc2ball: none of which are drivers for your camera06:32
ballgspca_main is on the right-hand side of videodev06:32
ball...and the cam has an spca5 chipset06:32
lc2so it is loaded06:32
ballPerhaps I should try a cold boot.06:32
ballbrb, rebooting (again)06:33
lc2ball: yes, perhaps06:33
Chaomanso how much swap should i use now that i know i have 512MB ram, a 1.3GHz CPU, and a video card with 8MB video ram, cant find gpu speed, and use blender06:38
lc2Chaoman: i don't know, start out with 1gb and see how you go06:39
ballThis is starting to irritate me.06:46
lc2still not working?06:46
balllc2: in Cheese I get very, very dim video.06:47
ballEkiga just complains06:47
ballCan a kernel module be reset?06:52
lc2modprobe -r modulename06:53
lc2modprobe modulename06:53
lc2+sudo of course06:53
Andyylc2: very much coincedentially as soon as I got back on the lapppy it was almost done 1 seconds left and now its installing :P06:59
lc2Andyy: oh cool07:00
Andyylc2, ts installed now what?07:00
ballI'm *so* tired. I had hoped to get something working today though.07:00
lc2Andyy: run kmix07:00
lc2ball: :/ still not working?07:00
Andyysudo kmix?07:00
balllc2: I'm being told that cameras work better under 8.04 than 8.10.  Any thoughts?07:00
lc2Andyy: no sudo required07:01
Andyylc2, k07:01
lc2ball: i can tell you from my sample size of one, that yes, spca-type cameras work fine under 8.0407:01
Andyylc2, yea its muted..cant unmute it any command?07:02
ballI'm too tired to reinstall Xubuntu now.  I'll try tomorrow.07:02
Andyylc2, done07:02
lc2Andyy: what happens when you try to unmute it?07:02
lc2ball: mmk :\07:02
Andyylc2 it was already unmuted but i muted it now its again unmuted07:02
lc2Andyy: ah.07:02
lc2and no sound?07:02
Andyylc2, no sound though07:03
lc2ws worth a shot07:03
Andyyit shows HDA ATI SB in the bar07:03
Andyylc2, should I restart?07:03
lc2Andyy: no, that shouldn't help07:04
lc2do you get any error messages or anything?07:04
Andyylc2, the thing is that the volume thing up there in the bar, or panel , whenever I increase it it defaults to 0% vlume automatically07:05
Andyylc2, nop nothing07:05
Andyylc2, I think you can try and google I am using a toshiba L30 and xubuntu 8.10 alt07:05
lc2i'm looking into it07:06
Andyylc2, k07:06
lc2did you spot that and/or have any joy therefrom?07:10
Andyylc2, i'll try that and tell you..trying07:11
Andyylc2, well mine is showing subdivices 0/107:12
lc2Andyy: ignore the rest, just see part d) 1. and d) 2.07:12
lc2and for d) 2. use the line in e)07:12
Andyylol sudo gedit command not found07:13
lc2try sudo mousepad instead07:14
lc2or sudo insert name of your favourite text editor here (in before WINWORD.EXE)07:14
Andyydone mousepad07:14
Andyyitw arning07:14
Andyyusing root i might be harming it :P07:14
lc2try not to hose your system07:15
Andyyill just add that line07:16
Andyynow restart?07:16
lc2did you already have a line in there starting with "options snd-hda-intel" ?07:17
lc2kay just show me the line you added, as a sanity check07:17
Andyyoptions snd-hda-intel probe_mask=1 model=3stack07:17
Andyyyou want the whole file in pastebin?07:18
lc2nope, that's fine07:18
lc2go reboot07:18
lc2while i get a sandwich07:18
Andyywish me luck or you can also try praying07:18
AndyyBRB :P07:18
_Andy_lc2, well there is still problem07:25
lc2yes, you seemed to have gained two underscores on your name07:25
lc2same problem?07:25
_Andy_lc2, the kmix shos the volume at 100% but the master defaults to 0% every time I drag it up07:26
lc2what happens if you use alsamixer to set it?07:26
_Andy_lc2, ..how DO i use alsamixer to set it?07:26
_Andy_lc2, listen I still think...if I used kmix @ 100% alsa will also or might show it at 100% but the master always remains at 0%07:27
lc2_Andy_: run alsamixer from the command line, try shifting the master from there07:28
lc2while i've got you distracted doing that i'll go look up a real solution, wink07:28
_Andy_lc2, :P okay07:29
_Andy_lc2, it shows Master 0007:29
lc2even if you use your up key to move it up?07:30
lc2_Andy_: also, can you tell me which specific L30 you have?07:30
_Andy_btw...how can I edit it in the terminal?07:30
_Andy_lc2, well I am not sure it just says satellite..gimme a minute ill find out07:30
_Andy_you want the model number right?07:31
lc2(blah, i'm missing an epic sunrise ;/)07:32
_Andy_its PSL30L-00M01907:33
blankthemuffin_Anybody else have troubles with things not showing up in the xfce tray thing?07:34
blankthemuffin_For example transmission isn't showing up at all.07:34
_Andy_whats Line in alsamixer?07:35
lc2line-in, don't worry about it07:36
_Andy_it was 007:36
lc2as it should be07:36
lc2_Andy_: what did aplay -l show you?07:36
lc2in full07:36
_Andy_**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****07:36
_Andy_card 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: ALC861 Analog [ALC861 Analog]07:36
_Andy_  Subdevices: 0/107:36
_Andy_  Subdevice #0: subdevice #007:36
lc2that line you added earlier07:38
lc2options snd-hda-intel probe_mask=1 model=3stack07:38
lc2that one07:38
lc2try changing it to07:38
lc2options snd-hda-intel probe_mask=1 model=toshiba07:39
lc2just for kicks07:39
lc2and tell me what happens07:39
_Andy_I wonder why my PC is suddenly all so laggy??07:39
_Andy_cant ebven move my mouse07:39
_Andy_btw whats the command to open that file?07:39
lc2sudo mousepad /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base07:39
lc2oddly, mine's going slow right now too07:40
lc2ohh, updatedb.mlocate is munching a bunch of cpu07:41
_Andy_kde crashed? what is that supposedt o mean?07:42
_Andy_okay i will reboot now07:43
lc2lol, kde? ;/07:44
Andy__lc2, no luck the bastaD master volume defaults to 007:47
Andy__so.... any other solutions?07:47
Andy__hey can you link me to the post you did earlier?07:48
lc2that was for a subtly different chip, apparently07:49
Andy__....sigh..no way I can play sound on this SHITTY laptop?07:49
lc2Andy__: i'm sure there is07:51
Andy__think I should try all these?07:51
Andy__3stack 3stack-dig 6stack-dig lenovo dallas hp auto07:51
lc2there are more than that07:52
Andy__for toshiba07:52
lc2from line 881 onwards07:52
lc2are the ones that apply to you07:52
lc2however, i need to go07:53
lc2if none of that solves anything, go ask in the forums, i'm sure somebody will know07:53
lc2or wait till i'm back later07:53
lc2sorry i couldn't be more help07:53
Andy__lc2, can you do me a favor?07:53
lc2Andy__: yes, i can07:53
Andy__lc2, we have tried all this things, and I can't put all that down in a post can you make a post for me and ill add the link to my bookmarks07:54
Andy__you know about my problem as much as I do or maybe more07:54
lc2Andy__: no, i don't know any more than you do about it07:54
lc2just say that you tried the instructions at that link, and that you are sure it's not muted07:55
lc2i'd do it for you but, however, i really do need to go now07:55
lc2so, i'll see you around07:55
Andy__just link me the forums or the appropriate section07:55
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blankthemufinis there any plugin or something which adds samba support to thunar?08:21
Myrttiblankthemufin: not yet.08:51
Myrttiblankthemufin: not yet in intrepid, atleast08:51
blankthemufinHow much stuff relies on thunar, aka, will it be a total pain to compile?08:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kicklist09:27
Myrttiwhat are you trying?09:27
|ntegra|wouldn't mind knocking the size of xubuntu down and adding some other software09:27
Andy__Hi can anyone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176711:20
Andy__Hello, can anybody help me solve this problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176711:45
blankthemufinrepeating it over and over isn't going to help you much.11:54
blankthemufinNobody joined or left or said anything since you last mentioned it.11:54
Andy__I am sorry I didn't know that I had a DC I really apologize for that11:56
blankthemufinDon't worry about it, it's not going to end the world. :)12:01
TheSheepAndy__: you can try asking on #ubuntu if nobody here knows. You could also try providing some more information in that forum post, see:12:01
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:01
Andy__TheSheep, Yeah i asked there12:02
Andy__but there is no Change device in file12:02
TheSheepyou could also check if there is a bug about it reported12:02
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:02
rockohelp question | how do I from the cmd remove all occurrences of urls in a speficied file?13:35
gabkdllyrocko: grep -v 'http://'13:42
gabkdllyrocko: that will output all lines that don't contain the string 'http://'13:43
gabkdllyrocko: but I am sure there must be a smarter way13:43
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null_gri have a problem, anyone here?14:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:37
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!14:37
vinnlTheSheep, damn, why does ubottu  reply to yours? :P14:37
vinnlAh :P14:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vinnl14:37
null_gri installed xubuntu yesterday14:37
null_grfirstly ethernet worked on winXP14:38
vinnlnull_gr, congrats :)14:38
null_grnow ethernet works only on Xfce14:38
null_grnot on windows14:38
null_grwhat's the problem?14:38
* vinnl thinks you'll have to consult Windows-people on that14:38
vinnlThough I guess someone here will know as well14:38
vinnlHow many times have you booted into Windows since that happened?14:41
vinnlIt might just be a one-time issue14:41
null_grno it's not one time14:41
null_grlook what happens14:41
TheSheepnull_gr: "doesn't work" is exteremely vague14:41
null_grethernet turns on when xfce boot screen appears14:41
TheSheepnull_gr: how do you tell?14:41
null_grbut when i exit xfce ethernet turns off14:42
null_gri don't know what happens14:42
TheSheepnull_gr: how do you tell it turns on/off?14:42
vinnlAre you on a laptop? Do you have a LED displaying its state?14:42
null_grknow i have a desktop and a router14:42
null_gri don't know english well ..TheSheep plz explain14:44
null_gr"how do you tell"14:44
vinnlHow can you see the ethernet is turned on or off?14:44
TheSheepnull_gr: "what makes you know that"14:44
null_grit's on the router14:44
null_grthe light of ETH is turned off14:45
null_grit has : Power - ETH - Link - Internet14:45
null_grETH light is off14:45
null_grwhen it's on , light is green14:45
TheSheepnull_gr: is the ethernet card displayd in the hardware manager on windows?14:45
null_gri tried reinstalling it14:46
TheSheepnull_gr: is it enabled in there?14:46
TheSheepI would really ask on ##windows14:46
TheSheepI have never seen anything like that14:46
TheSheepnull_gr: you didn't play with changing your ethernet card's hardware address (MAC) on linux, did you?14:48
TheSheepI really don't know how to roeubleshoot windows network... It looks to me like you had some settings autodetected on royter and forced on Windows, and when you booted Linux, the router autodected them and changed defaults, so that when you run Windows with its forced settings, it doesn't work anymore14:50
TheSheepbut I really don't know what it could be. if it was just IP, the led on the router would blink normally14:51
null_grdon't know what to do14:52
TheSheepmaybe try going through setting up a new connection on windows14:53
TheSheepor join ##windows and ask there14:53
TheSheepgoogle could help too14:53
null_gri searched many times14:54
null_gri also joined in windows and they say "doesn't make sense"14:55
TheSheepyeah, it does sound very unlikely14:55
TheSheepmaybe also review your router settings14:55
TheSheepdoes it have any logs you could check?14:56
null_gri can see system logs but i can't understand anything from here14:57
null_grseems like Xfce "stole" drivers from windows14:59
TheSheepthat's not possible14:59
vinnlHah, if that were possible :P14:59
null_grthere was  a fight between xfce and windows just before the installation15:00
TheSheepa fight?15:00
vinnlAnd Xubuntu came out on top and Windows sat in a corner, alone and deserted :P15:01
null_grxfce won and stole the ethernet!15:01
null_grthat things happen only to me15:02
null_grdoesn't work15:12
null_gri connected with USB15:12
null_grwhat do you think15:19
null_grif i uninstall xubuntu the problem will be solved?15:19
knomedoesn't sound logical.15:19
knomewe only can point you to any windows support channel.15:20
knomeit is totally impossible that any distribution could "steal" devices or drivers.15:20
knomeespecially as the drivers between linux and windows are not even compatible15:20
vinnlI believe my father once had something like this, that Xubuntu turned off his wlan device or something, to save energy I believe, and Windows wouldn't turn it on15:21
knomeand you arent'trunning them parallel15:21
vinnlBut I wouldn't know how he solved it15:21
vinnlAnd that was wlan15:21
vinnlAnd a laptop15:21
vinnlBut if it's a similar problem, uninstalling Xubuntu would leave the device off15:21
knomebut you know, what was miraculous, i once got my wlan working before ethernet with a laptop15:22
null_grso how can i solve it?15:22
null_grformatting the whole disk?15:23
vinnlCall Microsoft support, perhaps?15:23
knomeyou must find a way to turn on the device in windows.15:23
knomeand this isn't the right palce for that.15:23
knomeuh, that might've sounded a bit rude.15:24
knome!ohmy | knome15:24
ubottuknome, please see my private message15:24
vinnlHah, that'll teach him :P15:25
vinnl(@!ohmy | knome, that is)15:25
knomehah ;)15:25
knomebut things like that bring the bad karma for linux15:25
knome"of it broke my computer and i had to take it to tech support guy"15:26
vinnlYeah ah well, what can you do about it?15:26
knomemake it clear that we can't solve it.15:26
knomeand not even try15:27
knometo give windows support15:27
vinnlDidn't we do that?15:27
knomeyes. :)15:27
knomebecause it (giving suppor to other OS's) only makes the "cutomer" feel like he deservers it and we should be able to fix it.15:28
knomeplease, lovely ISP, get my damn broadband here soon!15:28
knomei'm getting these awkward typos because i can't proof-read my text while typing15:29
knomebecause i'm surfing over a cellular internet15:29
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vinnl!hi volo15:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi volo15:50
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!15:50
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Ultraputzanyone know how to prevent VIM from breaking lines when you're editing?18:13
igno:set nowrap18:15
Ultraputzwrap is the same as break?18:16
ignodepends on what you mean by break18:16
ignobut yeah, that's the common word for it18:16
Ultraputzas in, you're editing a line that wraps beyond a display line...18:16
Ultraputzit's one line with no end of line chrs18:16
Ultraputzthen you edit it18:16
Ultraputzand it it breaks into two lines18:16
Ultraputzlike a pico-style behavior18:16
ignoword wrap18:16
Ultraputzthat is word wrap?18:16
Ultraputzno that still didn't do it.18:20
Ultraputzit's breaking the the line during editing18:20
Ultraputzit's not an issue of whether or not it wraps on the screen18:20
Ultraputzediting a line longer than the display width is causing it to add return characters.18:21
Ultraputzeg: vi bubba, :set nu (see line numerbs), esc-shift+A -- start tping and 1 line is broken to 1218:21
Ultraputz(where vi is alised to vim)18:22
nuLl_grTheSheep,  i managed to fix the problem18:29
UltraputzTheSheep -- greetings, much respect.18:29
nuLl_grethernet card drivers where not the last18:30
Ultraputz(ESC +)18:53
Ultraputz:set wrapmargin=018:53
Pres-GasUltraputz, that fixored your issue?  Share with the class.  ;)18:55
Ultraputz:set wrapmargin = 018:55
* Ultraputz kicks Pres-Gas.18:55
* Pres-Gas cries like a baby.18:56
Pres-GasI must be the scapegoat for bad admins then eh?18:56
Ultraputzno, you're being kicked in the direction of bad admins.18:57
Ultraputzgo forth, and slay!18:57
* Pres-Gas recieves secret spy order....gets out his robe and wizard hat...18:57
Pres-GasWait, wrong meme18:58
Ultraputzbloodninja could fix this.18:58
Pres-GasIndeed, Ultraputz18:58
sinbox /join xubuntu-offtopic18:58
Pres-GasEsp as a rhino18:58
Pres-Gasgood point, sinbox18:58
sinboxthe channel is goon?19:00
Pres-GasWell, I guess we can be offtopic for short periods of time...you know...low exposure to humor.19:01
sinboxno worries19:01
sinboxI was trying to get there, blank space at beginning of line doesn't help, nor does forgetting # in the channel name19:01
Pres-GasIndeed, sinbox...I think I do that all the time19:02
likemindeadHello all. Anyone able to clue me in to whether my old Dell Latitude C610 has 16-bit or 32-bit PCMCIA ports? I've tried support.dell.com and plenty o' Googlin' to no avail.19:04
Ultraputzlikeminded -- no idea on that one...19:05
Pres-Gaslikemindead, did you try inputting the service tag into the dell support site?19:06
likemindeadI did.19:07
likemindeadVery confused.19:07
Pres-GasYou got linux on it now?19:07
likemindeadI don't use the PCMCIA ports for anything and I'd like to stick a card in there with a couple of USB 2.0 slots.19:08
Pres-GasTry lspcmcia or check out dmesg19:08
likemindeadPres-Gas: But of course! (Xubuntu 8.10)19:08
Ultraputzdmesg | grep pcmc19:08
blankthemuffinYou might be able to ring up dell and ask19:08
blankthemuffinbut I dunno19:08
likemindeadWill do. (I'm not on the laptop at the moment. Taking notes.)19:09
Ultraputzwhenever the question is aout hardware discovery, dmesg is your friend.19:09
Pres-Gasdiyf, Ultraputz?19:09
Pres-Gasdid you just coin a new meme?19:09
likemindeadI'm still very much a terminal n00b--but I love learning.19:10
Pres-Gasdmesg is your friend19:10
Ultraputzthat would make me feel very special19:10
Ultraputzand dmesg, too19:10
* likemindead loves his special friends... ^__^19:10
Pres-GasAren't we all, or do you mean "Welcome to the Dollhouse" kinda special19:11
Ultraputzcrash-helmet special :-)19:11
Pres-Gassweet, we still are all special19:12
lc2y helo thar19:14
subsciousis dsl knoppix???19:22
subsciousmmmm with a diffrent software package i guess19:27
subsciousi dont know which version is the right for me... what does dsl-4.4.10-embedded dsl-4.4.10-initrd dsl-4.4.10syslinux dsl-4.4.10-vmx and sdl-4.4.10 mean?19:28
Pres-Gassubscious, http://damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Which_File_do_I_download%3F_(long_version)19:30
Ultraputzgood luck, xubuntu'ers!20:12
blankthemuffinDoes anybody know of a Download manager similar to the ones found on windows for linux?20:36
blankthemuffinSomething that will pause and restart downloads, cope with dropouts, etc20:36
charlie-tcaDownThemAll extension for Firefox20:36
blankthemuffincool thanks20:39
sml1226Hello can anybody help me??21:47
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?21:47
sml1226well xfce disables itself constantly and i cant fix it can you help with that?21:48
charlie-tcaWhat do you mean, disables itself?21:48
charlie-tcaDoes it give you an error message or what?21:49
sml1226i cant get in my home folder and the icons disappear and when i go to desktop it is disabled and when i enable it it works for about 30 seconds or until i click a folder or drive21:50
sml1226when i try to enable it it acts like i am disableing it and says "if i want to ensure it does not start next time"21:52
charlie-tcaSo, if you go into Settings Manager, Desktop, is there a check on "Allow Xfce to manage the desktop"21:52
charlie-tcaThen on behavior tab, under Desktop Icons, select File/launcher icons21:53
sml1226no and when i click it it stays but then turns off and when i reopen it to check if its on it is unchecked again21:53
charlie-tcaYou have to click on the Behavior Tab and check something under "Menus". If you want icons on the desktop, select File/launcher icons under "Desktop Icons", also21:55
sml1226those are also checked21:55
charlie-tcaWhen you logout or quit/shutdown, click save my session. That saves the settings.21:56
sml1226haven't tried that but it is disabling it so it will most likely be off when it saves21:57
charlie-tcayou may have a permissions problem also in /home/YOUR_USER_NAME21:59
sml1226how would i fix that???21:59
sml1226i cant get in my home folder21:59
charlie-tcaYou can't get into /home at all? Do you get any errors?22:00
sml1226no errors but thunar won't open at all and not sure if that is related to my xfce prob22:00
charlie-tcaWhat version of Xubuntu is this?22:01
sml1226ppc+ps3 though22:01
sml1226not sure if that is the prob22:02
sml1226intel ver of 8.04 worked on my pc but not this one22:02
sml1226not this one on my ps3 that is22:03
charlie-tcaokay, Should still work, i think. Can you open a terminal?22:04
sml1226yes i can22:04
charlie-tcaOpen terminal, type ls -l and hit enter. It should show the files and owner. The owner should be your user name22:05
sml1226ok it is22:05
charlie-tcaThat is your home directory. so, clicking at the desktop you can't get into it, right.22:06
sml1226not on the desktop or in places22:06
charlie-tcacan you get into other folders from Thunar? (like etc or usr?)22:07
charlie-tcaTry clicking on file system22:08
sml1226nope it won't open at all22:08
charlie-tcaIs your hard drive full?22:08
sml1226no it is a fresh install on a newly formatted drive22:09
sml122681% free22:11
charlie-tcaWhat is the last thing added since the install?22:11
sml1226nothing firts boot after install right now and pidgin is the only thing i have opened after the icons disappeared22:12
=== vinze is now known as vinnl
charlie-tcain the terminal, type sudo apt-get update22:13
charlie-tcaand then do the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:13
charlie-tcaThat will bring the system up to date witht the latest changes. Maybe something is missing from the install22:13
sml1226trying that now22:14
charlie-tcaIt is probably going to require a restart after the updates.22:14
sml1226it will be awhile its at 3%22:15
charlie-tcayeah, it takes some time to get all the updates.22:16
sml1226my transfer rate is ranging from 25KB/s to 155KB/s22:16
charlie-tcaJust come on back after the restart if it is not working yet. Someone will be here.22:16
sml1226hope it works but if all else fails do you know of any good lightweight window manager?22:17
charlie-tcaOff the top of my head, I would guess fluxbox.22:17
charlie-tcaI have not used any, myself22:18
vinnlI believe many like Openbox, not using that either22:18
sml1226well i will look around to check some out if this fails22:19
ballI use Blackbox given the choice22:19
sml1226heard of both of those22:19
sml1226not blackbox though22:20
vinnlNone of them are as easy to use as Xfce though ^.^22:20
ballBlackbox is as easy to use as Xfce4-wm22:20
sml1226well my xfce might be completely screwed though22:20
ballDefinitely more easy to administer22:20
sml1226well i will probably try blackbox if this fails then22:21
charlie-tcaYou can always delete the hidden files in /home and restart. It will re-create them for you.22:22
sml1226that is if i can get into home22:23
sml1226well i might just get an enclosure and do it from my windows pc that works instead of trying to do it on here22:25
ballI couldn't recommend Blackbox, but I happen to really like it.22:26
charlie-tcaYou already got to home from the terminal, sml122622:26
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!22:27
sml1226why wouldnt you recommend it then??22:27
jerikowhen using a usb sound card, i can't seem to make the PCM control in the sound applet work. Anyone have ideas?22:27
ballPCM control?22:27
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP322:27
ballIs that a mixer thing?22:27
jerikoball: yes22:27
jerikopcm is the only mixer option22:27
ballIt could be that you're wiggling the mixer on your sound card, not the one on your USB thing.22:27
jerikovinnl: yes i have alsa working and control pcm via alsamixer22:28
sml1226my pc did that too with the internal card22:28
jerikobut it would be nice to have the gui applet working22:28
jerikoball: no, i have the usb device selected and controllable via alsamixer22:28
ballperhaps it's broken.22:29
lc2hay guise22:29
lc2hi ball!! :D22:29
jerikounder the sound control, i even see the option checkbox for pcm, but it won't stay selected22:29
ballI almost bought a USB "telephone" style handset for US$ 16 recently22:29
balldecided against it at the last minute.22:30
jerikoanyone know what files control the xfce sound applet?22:30
lc2ball: hey did you ever get your webcam working?22:30
sml1226charlie-tca: just noticed that message what do you mean??22:31
balllc2: no, in part because I got distracted by a more pressing problem. Someone trying to tie my non-profit client to a proprietary package that requires a Windows server.22:32
ballVERY BAD IDEA22:32
lc2fuck *that* shit22:32
lc2pardon my french :D22:32
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:33
ballyes, quite.22:33
lc2sorry vinnl22:33
lc2so i made another linux convert22:33
vinnlNice :)22:34
lc2when my stepdad had his xp box rooted last week, i was like, well, i can install linux for you and see how you get on with it, and he was like uhhh okay22:34
ballI've done what I can to diplomatically shoot down that proposal in flames, but I may end up having to support the Linux package that will take its place.22:34
lc2he was kinda skeptical since i'm a pretty experienced user and have been using linux or bsd forever22:34
vinnlI once installed Ubuntu as a dual-boot option for my mother - she didn't like it22:35
lc2but i installed it for him22:35
vinnlBut now her Windows partition crashed22:35
lc2today, he told me he would never go back to windows after seeing xubuntu :)22:35
charlie-tcasml1226: When you did ls -l in the terminal window, you were in the home directory. You just can't seem to get there from Thunar22:35
lc2after i showed him the package manager, and how easy it was to install software, he was like "whoah"22:36
sml1226charlie-tca: yeah22:36
vinnlHah, my mom would never install software :P22:36
ballI gently suggested Ubuntu to my sister's husband for his dad's machine.22:37
lc2vinnl: my stepdad wouldn't, but when i showed him through the package manager22:37
lc2he was like "whoah"22:37
ball...since he used a live CD to rescue the data off it when Vista crapped out.22:37
sml1226vista is crap22:37
lc2i still have my brother to convince22:38
vinnlI've got *this* close to converting one of my brothers, only each time there was a problem with it not running22:38
ballsml1226: you're preaching to the choir22:38
lc2even though he pwned my stepdad's linux box (hence "rooted" above), he's still all like "lol linux sux"22:38
vinnlFirst had me to blame, admittedly: I wiped his complete hard drive22:38
vinnlThe rest were problems with Wubi22:38
sml1226if you must use new windows you have to use the windows 7 beta not the most expensive piece of junk ever made by microsoft22:40
=== jimmacdonald is now known as os2mac
sml1226i do like good old xp though22:41
lc2my stepdad likes the ease of use of it all22:42
lc2it has come to something when a technophobe can praise linux software for ease of use, but that's how it goes22:43
sml1226linux is almost always fatser considering no resource hogging norton22:44
TheSheeppeople usually don't notice how hard to use windows is, because they think it's how it has to be22:44
lc2once you have it running, linux is easier to use, period22:44
TheSheepand linux is hard because it's new and different22:44
lc2windows isn't any easier to use22:44
lc2it's not harder to get things running on it, either22:45
ballIt's harder to get Linux in the door at most businesses though.22:45
sml1226windows is so restricted22:45
lc2give a noob windows, from scratch, from a cd22:45
lc2see how they get along22:45
lc2even people who have had windows installed all along, give them windows and ask them to install it from scratch22:45
sml1226vista is the challenge even for experienced windows users22:46
sml1226but it sucks so experienced users avoid it22:47
lc2vista just sucks, i've dealt with broken vista boxes before22:47
lc2all i could do was a system restore22:47
sml1226restores don't even always work on that crap22:47
lc2and after a few months of installing software etc, that thing was so damn slow22:47
lc2sml1226: it did for me, and i got paid for it, so that's okay22:48
ballI'm off to cook some fish fingers anyway.22:48
lc2ball: save me some :D22:48
ballThat's how glamorous my life is.22:48
sml1226lc2: well if you are getting paid then you hope you can find at least one restore point that works22:49
sml1226well gotta see if this update fixed my problem22:49
sml1226it didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!:-(22:54
sml1226what are some good wm's that you guys would recommend 'cuz i forgot the ones you guys said earlier22:55
vinnlOpenbox, blackbox22:55
vinnlLXDE perhaps22:55
sml1226u use any???22:56
sml1226oh ok:-(22:56
vinnlOh, you might want to try Crunchbang Linux, it's an Ubuntu derivative that uses Openbox and is quite popular, so it'll take less work to setup22:56
sml1226will that require a new install? if so is there a ppc+ps3 version???22:57
vinnlOh... Don't know22:58
sml1226i dont have a 32 bit processer22:58
sml1226or 6422:58
sml1226well it is but not amd 6422:58
sml1226do any require an intel or amd processor???22:58
vinnlNot the wm's, I think22:59
sml1226ok ill look around for a good one that looks good to me then22:59
lc2wait what23:03
lc2you don't have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor?23:03
lc2wtf are you doing, installing on a megadrive? :P23:03
sml1226it is a ppc23:03
sml1226ps3 processor23:03
sml1226IBM cell23:04
lc2sml1226: you'll be fine23:04
sml1226lc2:fine installing the ubuntu with openbox or a new wm?23:05
lc2go for it23:06
lc2sml1226: if it doesn't work, come back to us23:07
sml1226oh ok23:08
sml1226 thanks23:08
sml1226installed blackbox and am going to try it out now23:08
sml1226quit: bye23:08
sml1226Hey guys i got the desktop icons to work and xfce but thunar still won't open23:23
vinnlAny errors when opened from a terminal?23:24
sml1226how do u open it from terminal??23:24
vinnlType "thunar" then press Enter23:27
sml1226here is what it says23:27
sml1226(thunar:4867): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_drag_source_set_icon_name: assertion `site != NULL' failed23:27
sml1226Segmentation fault23:27
vinnlHmm, sucks, you found a bug23:28
vinnlYou might want to report that: http://bugzilla.xfce.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Thunar&format=guided23:28
sml1226any file manager to replace thunar??23:44
bgteefushello   where do I find a "force quit" application to force misbehaving applications to stop running? I cannot find it in my menu bar and it is not listed as an application23:45
zoredachebgteefus: hold down ctrl-alt-esc23:52
zoredacheyou'll get an 'x' cursor, whatever you click on is terminated23:52
bgteefuszoredache oh ok  i will try that then :) next time I need it  thanks so much23:53
bgteefuszoredache  that didnt even occur to me :)23:53

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