jelmerlifeless: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/110595/00:07
jelmerlifeless, Knit fails00:07
jelmerValueError: I/O operation on closed file00:08
lifelessedit bzrlib/knit.py00:08
lifelesschange the order of the lines in the cleanup test helper00:08
lifelessyour limit needs to be at least 2.5 orders of magnitude bigger00:08
lifelessits in bytes00:08
lifelessso thats 100K, 10M is on the small side of useful00:09
jelmeroh ok00:09
lifeless100M is ok, 1G is great00:09
asabilis pulling from launchpad over http broken ?00:09
jelmerI'm sure 1G will kill my laptop the way dulwich works00:09
lifelessjelmer: 100M then :)00:09
lifelessasabil: shouldn't be, are you having trouble?00:09
nuajust looking at how to create a working tree on the server we have a shared repo on, I've attached a plugin to 'post_change_branch_tip' on the server, which calls push_result.branch.update(), but it doesn't appear to have created any files ...any tips?00:10
lifelessasabil: its working for me00:10
asabilcan you branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~asabil/libcore/trunk00:10
lifelessnua: you want push_result.branch.bzrdir.open_workingtree().update()00:10
nualifeless: thanks, I'll give that a go :)00:11
lifelessnua: branches don't have files :)00:11
alfhello, are there any recent benchmarks (eg including btree index) vs older versions vs other DVCSes?00:11
nualifeless: I must admit the terms confuse me... I'm sure I'll get the hang of this!00:12
alfasabil: I branched just fine (bzr 1.11)00:12
asabilI am using the latest bzr.dev00:12
lifelessnua: repository -> history storage. branch -> a single line of development [sequence of revisions]. workingtree -> thing with your files on disk00:12
lifelessasabil: I branched that fine00:14
nualifeless: hmm, the call you just recommended gives me an error: "...not a local path"00:14
lifelessasabil: what error are you having though ...00:14
asabilInvalid http response for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Easabil/%2Bjunk/corelib/.bzr/repository/packs/8ae3694b85ab02e2205240ecfa8e4e7e.pack: Expected a boundary (4HBADSmH0_z:3H2yCsdl) line, got ''00:14
lifelessasabil: thats almost certainly a broken proxy in the middle00:14
asabilstupid network operator00:14
asabilthanks lifeless00:15
lifelesswe managed to find a bug in squid with bzr, which was extremely surprising00:15
nualifeless: thanks for your help, think I should sleep now... bye all00:15
lifeless(a ways back now). So I wouldn't be surprised to find other proxies with issues00:15
asabilI have no idea about where and how they proxy stuff00:15
asabilI am surprised that an ISP does so00:16
lifelessmany ISP's intercept HTTP across the board00:17
lifelesscisco and other vendors have dedicated protocols to assist doing this.00:17
lifelessyou could try http+urllib://...00:18
asabilok will do thanks00:18
lifelessslightly different code00:18
lifelessmight behave differently00:18
asabildoesn't help00:19
asabilthis seems to be a transparent proxy I am behind00:19
lifelesscan you pastebin the server headers from 'wget -S http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Easabil/%2Bjunk/corelib/.bzr/repository/packs/8ae3694b85ab02e2205240ecfa8e4e7e.pack -o/dev/null'00:19
asabillifeless: http://pastebin.com/d524bf57000:21
lifelessasabil: nothing obvious, which probably just means its a commerical intercepting cache :(00:22
asabilthat's what I guessed00:23
asabiland wget works perfectly with it00:23
lifelesswell its a full range request00:23
lifelessif you wanted to sniff the http requests bzr is making and capture the failing one, I'd be happy to eyeball it and see if it really is broken, or if you've magically found a bug relating to packet arrival or some such00:24
asabilyes I can make a wireshark dump00:25
spivI think -Dhttp might capture a lot of stuff too, but obviously wireshark will work too.00:26
asabillifeless: you want the whole dump file ?00:28
jelmerlifeless, looks like, uhm00:30
jelmerlifeless, there is "some" room for improvement in dulwich00:30
asabillifeless: http://people.freedesktop.org/~asabil/bzr-branch.dump00:34
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tjsG'day, just wondering if there is any way to write a server side hook for a bzr repo. I've taken a look at the user guide which links to bzr-push-and-update but that still seems to be something you install on the client.00:36
beunolifeless, why did you loose the scrollbars?00:36
lifelessbeuno: horizonal ones00:42
lifelessbeuno: I can't see my full left<->right text in the diff00:43
lifelesstjs: just write a Branch.post_tip_change hook00:43
beunolifeless, so drop the auto-wrap?00:43
lifelessbeuno: it isn't wrapping00:43
beunolifeless, ah, it's curring off a chunk of the last word?00:44
tjslifeless: where does that go?00:44
tjssomewhere in the repo's .bzr dir?00:45
spivtjs: write a plugin00:45
lifelessbeuno: yes00:46
lifelessbeuno: my browser is about 800 wide, my screen is 128000:46
spivtjs: that installs a hook function for post_change_branch_tip on Branch.00:46
lifelesstjs: plugins are bzr-wide, but you can consult branches for 'should I act here' if you want00:47
beunolifeless, gotcha. I have it on my list, will see if I can get to theme tweaking soon00:47
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lifelessasabil: looks like garbage in the stream00:48
lifelessasabil: if you look at it, it has a reasonable range header, then cruft, then the bazaar format marker, then more noise00:49
lifelessit should be mime/multipart00:49
tjslifeless, spiv: ok, thing is I'm comming from the SVN world of 'install hooks in hooks dir in the repository'. I get that bzr supports adding plugins on the client side ~/bzr/plugins/. but I'm not sure how to add a plugin to the repository (on a different server, not where the client is run) that would get executed when someone pushes via bzr+ssh00:49
lifelessasabil: or, perhaps I'm using the wrong tool to view :P00:49
lifelessasabil: what did you capture with?00:49
tjsI want to avoid distributing a plugin to everyone using our repo00:50
tjsis that possible?00:50
lifelesstjs: same as any plugin - either in ~/.bazaar/plugins/NAME of the account running the bzr command, or in bzrlib/plugins/NAME of the install of bzrlib00:50
spivtjs: install the plugin on the server00:50
lifelesstjs: (which most plugins' setup.py does automatically)00:50
tjswell that makes more sense00:51
lifelesstjs: if you have multiple user accounts on the box, you'll want the latter option00:51
asabillifeless: I don't see the problem00:54
lifelessasabil: yeah, I wasn't decoding properly00:54
lifelessasabil: so the content looks ok but truncated00:54
asabilis it truncated ?00:55
asabilto me it looks correct00:56
lifelessits truncated00:57
lifelessyou can tell because its a multipart byte range00:57
lifelesshttp of a single range uses a different representation00:57
lifelessmultipart is used for multiple sections being answered; but there is only one section contained in the response00:57
asabilhmm, I see 200:58
asabillifeless: don't you see the string G/8(76f=Y3=hJv=GZ(Or00:59
lifelessthis is what a single part response looks like:00:59
asabil3 times ?00:59
lifeless    Content-Range: bytes 0-180/181\r\n00:59
lifelessRange: bytes=0-41,433-2408\r\n is what was asked for in the final request01:01
lifelessso we should get 1.5K of data more or less01:01
lifelessoh, did you tell wireshark to capture all the packet data? by default it only grabs 500 bytes or so01:03
asabilI see Range: bytes=0-41,3824-1045901:03
asabilthey are full01:03
Peng_jelmer: ping?01:03
asabilI didn't limit the size of the packets01:03
jelmerPeng_, yo01:03
lifelessasabil: ok01:04
asabilah now I see01:04
asabilI wasn't looking at the same request sequence01:04
asabillifeless: are you using asynchronous sockets ?01:05
Peng_jelmer: Small thing, but in check_subversion_version(subvertpy), I think the "subvertpy" argument is unused.01:06
lifelessasabil: yes, but the main program flow is synchronous, so you shouldn't see overlap on the wire01:07
lifelessf that makes sense :)01:07
lifelessI'm just installing the gui wireshark, I had tshark already but having a little trouble making sure I'm looking at the right stuff01:08
asabilyes, but I have been bitten by the same kind of issue in python width asynchonous sockets a while ago01:08
asabiland with the same network (at my parents place)01:08
lifelessasabil: ah01:09
asabilnever managed to figure out the problem01:09
tjspqm looks interesting01:09
lifelessso the backend is in a thread I think01:09
lifelessI'm not sure if its selected on or just blocking read() calls are made01:09
lifelessvila will know01:09
lifelessits just installing01:09
jameshlifeless: last week you were asking about the valgrind patch I did for Python.  Here is the bug I attached it to: http://bugs.python.org/issue242201:10
lifelessjamesh: thanks!01:10
asabillifeless: thanks a lot for your help01:11
jameshrequires the valgrind headers to compile, but has no runtime dependency01:11
lifelessasabil: so01:12
lifelessframe 91 asks for 0-41,433-240801:12
lifeless92 is an ack01:13
lifeless93 has content01:13
lifeless94 is an ack01:14
asabil(you can right click and select follow TCP stream :p)01:14
lifeless95 is a single segment with *just* the range 0-41 in it01:14
lifeless(oh guis, I don't get those :P)01:14
lifeless98 is a FIN/ACK01:15
jelmerjamesh, it doesn't appear to have changed recently - is there any chance of it making it into 2.6?01:15
lifelessI can think of two reasons01:15
lifelessone is that the content that is arrived is bad, and bzr is dropping the connection01:15
lifelessthe other is that the content is truncated and bzr is getting a read()->length 0 indicated EOF and closing it01:16
lifelessthe latter is what I think is happening01:16
lifelessasync sockets will give 0 when read on if they are not ready-to-read though01:16
lifelessits a bad signalling API :(01:16
asabilare they set to NON blocking ?01:17
lifelessbzrlib/transport/http/* if you're interested in the guts01:17
asabiloki will check too01:17
lifelessreadv() is the programming API to this bzr's fetch code uses01:17
lifelesscould you run bzr branch..., and get the backtrace from ~/.bzr.log please01:19
jameshjelmer: I haven't pushed it much recently.  I'd be surprised if it got into a 2.6.x release.  More likely 2.7/3.101:19
jelmerjamesh, ah, ok01:20
asabillifeless: sure01:20
asabiljelmer: http://pastebin.ca/132014601:22
asabillifeless: http://pastebin.ca/132014601:22
lifelessasabil: I suggest adding01:26
lifelessimport pdb;pdb.set_trace() inside the if block01:26
lifelessif boundary_line != '--' + self._boundary + '\r\n':01:26
lifeless    import pdb;pdb.set_trace()01:26
lifelessin bzrlib/transport/http/response.py01:26
lifelessthen we can inspect the failure interactively01:26
lifelesspp self._file01:27
asabillifeless: I am inside pdb01:29
lifelesspp self._file01:30
lifelesspp boundary_line01:30
vilapp self._boundary01:30
lifelessits a vila! yay.01:30
lifelessvila: have you followed the problem?01:31
* vila yawns01:31
vilalifeless: only half awake, but yes, I read the backlog01:31
asabil(Pdb) pp self._boundary01:31
asabil(Pdb) pp self._file01:31
asabil<addinfourl at 178238732 whose fp = <socket._fileobject object at 0xa821ed4>>01:31
lifelessok, so it is a socket01:31
vilapp boundary_line01:31
lifelessvila: do you know, are the urllib sockets in blocking mode ?01:32
vilalifeless: yes, we do blocking read on the http socket01:32
asabilthat was the output01:32
lifelessvila: ok. So the symptoms are basically that we're seeing content truncated exactly at the end of the first content range in this particular file - repeatedly01:32
vilaasabil: grr, of course, we want the previous value of it please01:32
lifelessvila: other multipart requests seem to work earlier on01:33
lifelessvila: its a while loop on '\r\n' - it won't be interesting :)01:33
asabilvila: not sure I am following :D01:33
vilaI agree with your first diagnosis, feels like a bogus proxy01:33
vilaasabil: it was a joke :)01:33
lifelessasabil: can you do01:33
lifelesspp self._file.read()01:33
lifelessok, just checking it wasn't going to magically work :)01:34
vilalifeless: well tried...01:34
lifelessif it was a race condition with received content it may have worked :)01:34
lifelesspp self._file.fp.fileno()01:35
lifelesspp self._file.fp.closed01:35
lifelesspp self._file.fp.mode01:35
asabil*** AttributeError: AttributeError("Response instance has no attribute 'fileno'",)01:35
vilapp self._start, self._size01:35
asabil(0, 42)01:36
lifelessthis is all consistent with correct state in bzr/python01:36
lifelessan unclosed socket that is getting no more bytes from the source01:36
asabilI guess it is a broken proxy01:37
lifelessdo you have a lp account? you can branch from bzr+ssh://<rest of url the same>01:38
asabilyes lifeless I can01:38
asabilI was just trying to help fixing this problem if it was a bug01:38
lifelessthank you - I'm pretty convinced that its not.01:38
lifelessbut it would be a pain to be behind that ISP01:39
asabilbut it seems like it is my ISP01:39
asabilit is largest ISP in Morocco :)01:39
lifelessare they responsive to client requests?01:39
lifelessI'd be happy to help them diagnose this - be good to get it fixed01:39
asabilI can try to call them01:39
lifelessthe fact other ones work suggests its a corner case in their environment01:40
asabilbut not sure if the call center would understand01:40
lifelessframe 71 starts a sequence that works01:41
lifelessmultipart handled correctly01:41
lifelessyah, you probably need level 2 support :(01:41
vilalifeless: you mean in that bzr-branch.dump ?01:42
lifelessvila: yes01:42
vilaI can't find a failing one :-/01:42
lifelessvila: the last one01:42
lifelessframe 9101:42
asabilbut why does bzr open a second http connection01:43
asabilfor the last pack request01:43
lifelessasabil:  connection: close01:43
lifelessthats an instruction to start a new connection01:44
lifelessits bogus, probably an apache bug01:44
lifelesswell, its kindof bogus01:44
vilawow, the file is only 2603, never saw a proxy choke on small files like that01:44
lifelessarguably standards compliant01:44
lifelessvila: what is interesting to me is the FIN from the client, which is odd01:45
lifelessbut clearly we reproduced with pdb - you get 0 length reads at that point in the file01:45
lifelesspossibly worth a trivial test01:45
lifelesslike python, import socket, s = socket(address); s.write(request-from-branch.dump), s.read()01:45
vilalifeless: FIN from the client.... I encountered that once... but can't remember the details01:49
* vila falling asleep finally01:50
vilacu tomorrow01:50
lifelessthats very odd ><02:10
lifelessasabil: care to do an experiment ?02:11
asabillifeless: sure02:11
asabillifeless: I get 1448 bytes02:13
lifelessoh, I found a bug in my test02:14
lifelessthe HTTP/1.1 should be on the same line as the GET02:15
asabil443 bytes02:16
asabilwell including everything02:16
lifelesspaste the repr(p) here?02:16
asabilhere or pastebin ?02:16
lifeless443 bytes is small :P02:16
asabil'HTTP/1.1 206 Partial content\r\nContent-Type: multipart/byteranges; boundary="BShaWCvE2DQy\'=s2Wasr"\r\nDate: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 02:16:56 GMT\r\nServer: Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) mod_ssl/2.2.8 OpenSSL/0.9.8g\r\nLast-Modified: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 14:05:05 GMT\r\nETag: "1ff4876-a2b-45c3388336640"\r\nAccept-Ranges: bytes\r\nVia: 1.1 bazaar.launchpad.net\r\nConnection: close\r\nAge: 0\r\n\r\n--BShaWCvE2DQy\'=s2Wasr\r\nContent-Type: text/pl02:17
asabilain\r\nContent-Range: bytes 0-41/2603\r\n\r\n'02:17
lifelessthats clearly truncated02:17
lifelessI get 2619 bytes02:17
* asabil thanks his ISP02:18
asabilbut why did the previous request work ?02:19
asabilI mean the one that wasn't even valid http02:19
lifelessit didn't really, it was http/0.9 or so02:19
asabiloh oki02:20
laughyn1nj4is anyone about?02:22
laughyn1nj4got a strange error in bzr today02:22
laughyn1nj4can anyone help me?02:22
lifelessthis could take a while if you prompt at each step :P just ask away02:23
laughyn1nj4ok ... wtf does this mean02:23
laughyn1nj4ERROR:The API for "<Module 'bzrlib' from 'C:\Program Files\Bazaar\lib\library.zip\bzrlib\__init__.pyo'> is not compatible with "(1, 10, 0)".  It supports versions "(1, 11, 0)" to "(1, 11, 0)".02:23
lifelessasabil: try that updated version, see if it works better02:24
lifelesslaughyn1nj4: you have an old bzr-svn or bzrtools02:24
lifelesslaughyn1nj4: probably bzr-svn02:24
laughyn1nj4hmm ... must have re installed with an old version of bzr?!?  no other explanation?02:25
laughyn1nj4are there backwards compatabliity issues if your repo was made using an older version, and now you're using a new one?02:25
lifelessits confusingly formatted, but that is definitely a plugin API compatibility check failing02:25
lifelessnothing to do with your repo format02:25
laughyn1nj4alls i did was do bzr add02:25
laughyn1nj4a simple add02:26
laughyn1nj4from the command line02:26
laughyn1nj4ok... thanks i'll chekc into it02:26
lifelesslike I say, its nothing to do with your projects/repo formats etc02:26
laughyn1nj4thanks much02:26
lifelessyou can verify this easily by running 'bzr --no-plugins <something>' - e.g. 'bzr --no-plugins st'02:26
lifelessasabil: still there?02:33
igcabentley: pqm is falling over on test_shelve_one for me - http://rafb.net/p/oMY0jZ54.html. I don't think it's my problem? I certainly can't reproduce the test failure in my integration branch03:15
abentleyigc: I'm rather distracted atm03:15
igcabentley: np03:15
igcI wonder if the pqm environment (Python version, etc.) has changed lately?03:15
lifelessigc: shouldn't have03:16
lifelessspm: ^^03:16
lifelessigc: looks like gc occuring during the blackbox test03:16
spivigc: hmm, a failure involving a __del__, that might mean just bad luck.03:17
lifelessigc: your patch may either be the problem, or just have pushed the gc timing to cause the symptom03:17
spmlifeless: I'm not aware of anything?03:17
lifelessspm: didn't think so :)03:17
spivigc: try inserting a gc.collect() in the base setUp and tearDown, perhaps.03:17
igcspiv,lifeless: ok, I'll try that. Thanks.03:19
spivigc: I think there's a high probability of this being a race condition in the tests that only shows up if gc happens at the wrong time.  Doing gc.collect() for each test is somewhat likely to notice the problem closer to the cause.03:20
igcspiv: so to confirm, add gc.collect() to bzrlib/tests/__init__.py/TestCaseWithTransport/setUp()? I could add it just to the shelve tests if that was better and/or less intrusive?03:25
spivigc: I think it's likely to be due to a test run sometime before the test that's being failed.03:26
spivigc: so I'd add it to *every* test, by modifying TestCase03:26
igcspiv: and any risk of slowing down the test suite much?03:26
spivigc: roughly twice as slow, IIRC :(03:27
spivIt'd be nice to have a flag to turn this on for debugging, but it's too costly to be worth it as the default.03:27
spatsoh my goodness! bzrlib is so easy to use! thumbs up, +1, and +1 on the +1!03:29
spivspats: :)03:30
lifelessspats: cool! what did you do with it, if I may ask?03:31
spatsoh, nefarious things. we're adding some commands to bzr in a plugin that do useful things for our developers here - branch from a central trunk into a task branch and check it out locally, that sort of thing.03:32
lifelessspats: cool, glad you're liking the experience03:38
* igc lunch03:43
vilahi all07:09
igchi vila07:17
igcvila: any chance of a review of http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/project/bzr/request/%3C4972C8CE.8000205%40internode.on.net%3E today?07:29
vilaigc: I'm still catching up with mail, that one is already marked in my box as needing re-read (in fact three mails are marked in that thread)07:31
vilaI was hoping than jam or lifeless will answer your last question about split invs adding delete infos to the per-file graph, but my guess is that it still doesn't07:33
igcvila: np07:36
vilaigc: I also have a draft regarding -n/--levels I should send (but no review of the code yet)07:36
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etenilHi there09:28
etenilI'm having difficulties running bzr-gtk n windows09:28
etenilI can't find any way to start the interface...09:29
eteniloh, I can use bzr olive actually09:32
asabillifeless: sorry, I got disconnected yesterday09:43
asabiland now branching over http works09:45
asabilI guess it was a problem with my ISP09:45
awilkinsetenil: All the "g" commands are gtk equivalents of the CLI ones09:55
awilkinsgcommit, gconflicts, etc.09:56
etenili found my way around09:57
etenilmy colleagues are VERY allergic to the console (they're windows users)09:57
awilkinsI like qbzr better but it currently has no conflict viewer10:00
awilkinsI'd also like it to support external diff viewers10:00
awilkinsSo I just use gconflicts and the rest of my GUI needs are qbzr10:01
etenilis it possible to use an external program to solve conflicts?10:03
eteniland which one is best in windows?10:03
awilkinsetenil: Yes, this is what gconflicts does, by default it uses meld10:03
awilkinsetenil: I use Beyond Compare 3 Pro (payware, but cheap for what it does)10:04
etenilis meld available on windows?10:04
awilkinsetenil: There's TortoiseMerge, KDiff, all sorts10:04
eteniltortoise merge looks like what i need10:05
etenilhow can i specify to olive to use winmerge or tortoise merge?10:06
awilkinsgconflicts has a box for the path to the executable10:06
etenilwould it remember the one I choose or do i need to specify it every time?10:07
awilkinsI have a patch that lets you feed it a template that hasn't made it into the codebase yet, but it's probably required to get some Windows programs working properly10:07
awilkinsYes, it saves it to the config files10:07
etenilthat sounds good10:07
eteniljust need to try then ;-)10:07
lukshm, an equivalent of gconflicts seems trivial to implement10:14
=== asac_ is now known as asac
awilkinsluks: It can't be that hard, it's only 193 lines of code.10:45
awilkinsWell, my patched one is10:45
awilkinsI've added a few lines so you can use a template for a parameter for which app to start10:46
awilkinsNot all windows apps like the argument style you get from passing a list to popen10:47
luksawilkins: do you mind showing me the modified version? in the future it should be integrated into https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbzr/+bug/247976 but for now I might use a simple gconflicts-like app launching10:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247976 in qbzr "Support external diff programs" [Wishlist,In progress]10:53
etenilHow can I resolve a conflict in bzr-gtk?11:06
etenilI didn't see the command anywhere on the interface11:06
etenilcould you help me?11:13
etenilHow can I resolve a conflict in bzr-gtk?11:26
LarstiQetenil: `bzr gconflicts` I suppose?11:28
etenilno I mean form olive, the interface of bzr-gtk11:29
etenilI can merge manually with an external tool, but I still need to run bzr resolve after that11:29
etenilI couldn't find any button for this one11:29
LarstiQI have no clue what the status of Olive is, but it is not 'the' interface of bzr-gtk11:30
* LarstiQ would think most people use the different commands by themselves11:31
etenilwell, probably you don't HAVE to have it on the interface for your users to use it...11:32
etenilI'd really appreciate if it was possible to do it11:32
LarstiQetenil: I agree with that. I'm just saying, since afaik most people either start commands from the commandline, or use shell integration, Olive doesn't see as active development as the individual gcommands11:33
etenilwould it be easy to implement a button to resolve conflicts?11:34
LarstiQetenil: so while it would be nice to have the alternative, Olive, complete also, that might not be the best way forward for you11:34
LarstiQetenil: if you can confirm gconflicts does what you think it should, then yes, popping up gconflicts from Olive should be easy.11:34
LarstiQetenil: if gconflicts does not do enough, that needs to be improved (first, I'd argue)11:34
etenilwell, I do use the CLI, but the other users I serve think it sucks, and in a company environment, I don't feel like giving them the finger T_T11:35
* LarstiQ nods11:35
LarstiQetenil: I get that.11:36
etenilsorry, don't mean to be rude with you11:36
LarstiQetenil: Olive's conflict support would just be gconflict though, so that needs to work first.11:36
etenilwould it be possible to run "bzr resolve" after the external merge tool has exited?11:36
etenilif it would be trivial, I could modify the python script for that11:37
etenilwhat do you think?11:37
LarstiQetenil: running it is trivial, I'm not sure it's the right thing to do.11:37
etenilwell, that'd be an improvement already11:38
LarstiQetenil: not if it resolves too much.11:38
etenilit can run only on the current file11:38
etenilie: bzr resolve <file>11:38
LarstiQetenil: yes, if after the closing the external merger you are actually done.11:39
LarstiQetenil: if it is a complex conflicts case, you may well not be.11:39
etenilis it possible to put a button on olive's interface then?11:40
LarstiQetenil: if it wasn't external, you could have a "resolved/resolve" functionality, and then run it11:40
LarstiQetenil: sure11:40
etenilwould it be hard?11:40
LarstiQetenil: with external, it is harder to tell11:40
LarstiQetenil: no11:40
etenilI've never used gtk with python11:40
etenilthat would be the best solution in my opinion11:43
etenilare you knowledgeable about python LarstiQ?11:43
LarstiQetenil: I know my way around.11:44
etenilok, I'll ask you if I get stuck11:45
LarstiQok :)11:45
etenilis that ok?11:45
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etenildo I need to import a module to be able to resolve conflicts?11:51
etenilI have a menu item, but I need to run the command now11:51
eteniland I'm not sure how11:51
luksawilkins: FYI qbzr trunk@585 now contains qconflicts, but only as useful as gconflicts, so probably not much :)11:52
LarstiQetenil: have a look at how it opens a diff window for example11:53
LarstiQetenil: and then have a look at conflicts.py for the definition of the conflicts window11:54
LarstiQetenil: and __init__.py for cmd_gconflicts11:54
etenilwell, what I just need to run the resolve command and print its output, no?11:56
LarstiQetenil: for that, see what cmd_resolve from bzrlib.conflicts does11:58
etenilI have found the command, but I need to pass the tree to it12:02
etenilnot sure where to find it12:02
etenilwill try out12:07
etenilI did it!!12:19
etenilis it ok to send back my changes on launchpd?12:19
Lo-lan-dojelmer: I'm sorry for intruding again, but... help!12:58
jelmerLo-lan-do, np12:58
jelmerLo-lan-do, what's up?12:58
Lo-lan-doI filtered out all the bzr:* properties from the repo12:58
Lo-lan-do$ bzr branch filtered2/trunk f2+bzr12:58
Lo-lan-doInitialising Subversion metadata cache in /home/roland/.bazaar/svn-cache/9d84d37e-dcb1-4aad-b103-6f3d92f53bf612:58
Lo-lan-dobzr: ERROR: The branch filtered2/trunk has no revision None.12:58
igcnight all13:00
jelmerLo-lan-do, can you put that repo online somewhere?13:00
jelmer'night Ian13:00
jelmerigc: Thanks for the reviews13:00
jelmerigc: Looking forward to trying out your log improvements (-:13:00
* Lo-lan-do de-does the filtering on the server13:01
jelmerLo-lan-do, hmm, that exception handler triggers in too many situations13:02
Lo-lan-doUrgh, apparently some bzr:* properties are still there.13:05
Lo-lan-doDamn, they're *revision* properties and not file properties :-(13:05
Lo-lan-doFortunately I think I can filter that out without doing the dump|filter|load routine.13:07
* Lo-lan-do tries again13:09
Lo-lan-doSlightly unrelated question: can specifying a newer format when branching accelerate the branching process?13:21
Lo-lan-doWhat seems to take time here is the "copying revision 1968/5459" stuff.13:21
jelmerLo-lan-do, yes, 1.9-rich-root will be faster because it's got faster indexes13:23
Lo-lan-doRight.  I'll try that for the next try then :-)13:23
ToyKeeper... it would be terribly nice if bzr had a way to destructively edit history.13:27
ToyKeeperLike dump / edit / reload in svn.13:27
ToyKeeperI have a tool in a closed-source repo that I want to open up, but I'd need to edit any sensitive data out of the history.13:28
nevansToyKeeper: you can certainly uncommit (and rebase, using the rebase plugin).  That would probably get you what you want.13:28
nevansdunno if someone has made any filter script/plugin to automate what you seem to be looking for.13:28
ToyKeeperI've also wanted to do things like split a branch subdir, with history, into the root of a new branch.13:29
nevansbzr help split :)13:29
jelmerToyKeeper, check out "bzr split"13:29
ToyKeeperI know it would invalidate all the revision IDs, but that's not really a problem.13:29
nuahaving a real nightmare with this error: http://pastebin.com/m7387496f, it keeps appearing after I've used a repository for a while, this time it occured after commiting .bzrignore13:29
ToyKeeperLast I checked, 'split' didn't do what I was looking for.13:29
ToyKeeper(the opposite of merge-into, basically)13:30
jelmernua, please file a bug13:30
nevanssplit retains the old history.  that could be a problem if you are looking to open source a closed source package but retain the history.13:30
jelmernua: (I have no idea what's happening, but that way the problem should get some attention from those who do)13:30
jelmerhi nevans13:30
nevansheya jelmer13:31
nuajelmer: will do, but if anyone knows a workaround let me know, I really need repo access so we can update!13:31
ToyKeeperThe use case for the "opposite of merge-into" feature is something like...  say a project includes a lot of themes, and someone wants to break a theme into its own repo without the rest of the project history.13:32
ToyKeeperOr, if several projects were incorrectly kept together in one branch, and someone later wants to clean it up by splitting them.13:33
jelmerToyKeeper, ah, split keeps the history nideed13:33
jelmerToyKeeper, that operation will always require breaking revision ids13:33
ToyKeeperThat's perfectly acceptable.  :)13:33
ToyKeeperI'd like to keep the timestamps and log messages, but I expect revision IDs to break.13:34
lukssome kind of filter for the bzr-fast-export output should do the job13:35
ToyKeeperHmm, that's a thought.13:35
ToyKeeperThat might work for the opening-a-closed-project case too, though I'm not sure it's worth the effort.  It may be better to just use the latest as a new first version, instead of editing sensitive data out of hundreds of patches.13:37
jelmerasabil is working on a filter-branch command that should do something like this I believe13:39
asabiljelmer: I pushed an initial branch13:40
asabilbut something is wrong13:40
asabilthe commits are empty :/13:40
Lo-lan-doOver-enthusiastic filter?13:40
ToyKeeperFor the remove-sensitive-history case, it might be easier to import it into darcs, edit patches, then convert back.13:40
ToyKeeperRebase at least should take care of simpler things like removing a revision entirely, like if someone adds a huge binary which shouldn't be there.13:42
Lo-lan-dojelmer: Success!13:47
Lo-lan-dojelmer: The branch completed :-)13:47
Lo-lan-doI therefore present the world with http://pastebin.com/f539dd4ff a filter for "svnadmin dump|filter|svnadmin load" that removes all bzr:* properties from an SVN repo.13:49
jelmerLo-lan-do, in this particular case I think just the bzr:base-revision / bzr:revision-id revision properties would've sufficed13:50
Lo-lan-doWell, it didn't hurt, and since we changed repos we might as well start from a clean state.13:53
jelmerLo-lan-do: yeah, of course14:10
jelmerhmm, those version numbers in the ppa are a bit crazy: 0.5.0~rc2~bzr2391-1~bazaar1~jaunty114:11
asabiljelmer: you were talking about calling set_revision() before calling complete_revert() yesterday14:33
asabilcould you please explain a bit ?14:33
hazmatis there any reason bzr asks users to try and understand 10 different repo formats, and doesn't just default to the latest stable format?14:35
hazmatie.. just choose the one with the best performance14:35
asabilbackward compatibility14:36
hazmatfor an init or init-repo command? can't that assumed to be new dev? or you mean compatiblity across distributed clients?14:37
asabilaccros distributed clients14:37
LarstiQhazmat: if you just `bzr init/init-repo` it won't ask about formats and pick the default14:38
hazmatit picks the oldest (0.9.2) .. when there are newer faster versions14:38
asabilfor example if you create a repo using the 1.9 format, bzr-1.5 clients will definitely have problems with it14:38
LarstiQhazmat: 0.92 is still the default14:38
LarstiQhazmat: which would be 'latest stable format' from a compatibility standpoint14:39
hazmatis there some sort of project/dev policy in place to update that default, or is bzr stuck on 0.9.2 for ?14:39
asabilhazmat: 0.9.2 is not the oldest btw14:39
LarstiQhazmat: the default has been bumped several times, we are not stuck on 0.92 (no extra .) forever14:40
hazmatcool. thanks for the info.. just wanted to give bzr the best  opportunity to impress with speed improvements.. cheers14:40
asabilLarstiQ: could you btw please explain the duality rich-root vs non-rich-root ?14:41
Lo-lan-doWhat, again?14:41
LarstiQhazmat: right, you can trade compatibility for speed, if you know who is going to interact with your stuff, you may choose to do so14:41
asabilnever got an explanation for that one :D14:41
hazmatand wondering about the conflict for simplicity when compared to the complexity of all  the --help options on commands like init/init-repo14:41
LarstiQasabil: we went over it yesterday with kfogel14:41
asabiloh oki14:41
asabillet me see the log14:41
LarstiQasabil: if that doesn't make it clear, feel free to ask again14:42
Lo-lan-do(Might be worth a place in the docs or on the wiki)14:42
LarstiQLo-lan-do: yeah14:42
LarstiQhazmat: maybe we shouldn't display all the formats there by default14:43
* LarstiQ makes his first scmproj project14:44
hazmathard to say.. but it feels like a case of leaky abstractions.. ditto for rich-root.. end user conceptualization of rich-root.. is to use bzr-svn do magic x14:44
sidneihazmat:  fwiw, i've been bitten by the default repo format too. it's trivial to upgrade to later formats though, just a 'bzr upgrade --<version>' away. i agree that it should probably default to a later version, or at least give you more hints about how to do so.14:46
Lo-lan-dojelmer: Am I right that current versions of bzr-svn don't use svn properties anymore?14:50
jelmerLo-lan-do: not sure I follow?14:52
jelmerLo-lan-do, svn file properties you mean?14:52
sidneione issue is that the next format after 0.92 is 1.6, which is not even 6 months old yet14:53
Lo-lan-doAh, yes, it's stored in revision properties now I guess.14:54
Lo-lan-doI was wondering why I didn't see anything in an svnlook diff :-)14:54
Lo-lan-doGreat, so I'm back with a working bzr-svn setup on the new repo, yay :-)14:55
sidneiLarstiQ: maybe the help for init-repo should refer to 'bzr help current-formats', that text looks a lot more clear14:55
LarstiQsidnei: yes. Although a place for old formats is probably needed as well.14:57
sidneiLarstiQ: that would be 'bzr help other-formats'14:58
LarstiQsidnei: done well, I'd support merging a patch that makes the init-repo/init help less overwhelming14:58
LarstiQsidnei: ah, good :)14:58
LarstiQsidnei, hazmat: care to write a patch/file a bug for this?14:58
asabilcan someone with deep bzr knowledge help me with filter-branch please ?15:04
LarstiQasabil: I don't know if I can help, but ask your question.15:12
asabilI followed jelmer's advice by using some code from bzr-rebase15:13
asabilI am ablt to rebuild the history graph15:13
asabilbut all the commits are empty15:13
asabilthe code is in lp:~asabil/+junk/bzr-filter-branch15:13
LarstiQasabil: entirely empty? No log, no file deltas?15:19
asabilthere is a log15:23
asabilbut there are no deltas15:24
kfogelI've asked for details on how he ran those experiments.15:33
jelmerkfogel, thanks, interesting link15:43
jelmerthe brisbane-core branch should fix that last benchmark15:43
kfogeljelmer: might want to follow up saying that15:44
LarstiQasabil: hmm, the command line has something like --unchanged ('pointless' in bzrlib iirc), you're not doing that I suppose?15:47
asabilno not at all15:47
LarstiQasabil: I'm currently a bit too winded up to actually look at the code, sorry15:47
asabilno problem LarstiQ, I am not in a hurry anyway15:48
asabilthanks for your help15:48
awilkinsvila: ping?15:50
vilaawilkins: pong15:50
awilkinsvila: Ran into an auth error in 1.1115:50
LarstiQvila: Aha! I got .netrc to serve up a password. I had to change some code though, since it tries credentials['host'] but that key isn't present15:51
vilaLarstiQ, awilkins: respect the yellow line please except if you're sprinting together :-)15:51
awilkinsIs there a sprint on?15:52
LarstiQvila: unrelated afaik, though we could have stumbled on the same thing at the same time15:52
vilaLarstiQ: kidding :)15:52
vilaawilkins: go ahaead :)15:52
LarstiQvila: I was making good on my promise from yesterday that I'd look further into .netrc ;)15:52
vilaLarstiQ: bug filing or patches welcome anyway15:53
awilkinsThe value of header on the break line is "NTLM"15:53
vilawell, that's not supported anyway :-/15:54
LarstiQvila: will do15:54
awilkinsvila: Yes, I'm not sure why it's using NTLM, I don't think it's configured that way15:54
awilkinsBut it may be our proxy sticking it's beak in15:55
* awilkins turns off proxy in IE15:55
vilaawilkins: that's your server :) But if you can write a test to reproduce the problem , I'd welcome that warmly15:55
awilkinsAha, when I turn that off, the header is 'Basic realm="webds1lds"'15:56
vilaawilkins: by the way, since that's a 407 error, that's indeed your proxy15:56
awilkinsSo I guess the split is splitting on " " by default15:56
awilkins(Python noob)15:57
vilathe problem is that NTLM seems to be unsplittable...15:58
awilkinsYes, I thought so15:58
vilai.e. if the header is only 'NTLM' this can't be split into scheme == 'NTLM' and raw-auth = ''15:58
jelmerthat reminds me, I wanted to look at supporting WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate15:59
vilajelmer: isn't it the same thing ?16:00
awilkinsDoes urllib2 support PAC scripts?16:04
awilkinsI get the error when I configure a fixed proxy in IE even if it's configured to ignore local addresses, but if you disable that and just set the PAC script it works ; is this because it's reading the PAC script and going "DIRECT" or is it because it can't use them.....16:05
sidneiit doesn't support PAC scripts, afaict.16:06
vilaawilkins: I'd be surprised if urllib2 supported PAC scripts...16:08
awilkinsLikewise, must just be because I turned off the manual proxy16:09
vilaawilkins: how comes you find the problem only today ?16:09
awilkinsI don't push to this server from this network location often16:09
awilkinsAnd I've been running 1.9 too16:09
vilaoh, ok, that's worth reporting as a bug anyway mentioning the traceback and the value of header on the break line16:10
awilkinsLooks like we need an NtlmAuthRequestHandler in http_utils.py16:10
awilkinsI've got a bit of code for detailed stack dumps with parameter values somewhere16:11
vilaawilkins: even if it justs refuse to authenticate, yes, that will be a good start16:11
vilaor you may define it  just in test_http.py for a start16:11
vilaigc: ping, I have bzrlib.plugins.usertest.tests.test_blackbox.BlackboxTests.test_usertest_strict failing since a couple of days/weeks and no idea on how to fix it (the test is 3 lines long but the failure output is 800 lines long giving me little hints :-/)16:17
jelmervila, NTLM is one of the backends of "WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate"16:18
jelmervila, I'm mainly interested in kerberos, which is the other one16:18
vilajelmer: thanks for the precision16:18
jelmerWe'll need custom code to deal with both of them16:19
xnoxHello everyone =D I thought a saw somewhere randomly that ipython can be used as shell, but so that it keeps bzr imported to improve invocation time16:40
xnoxCan anyone point me to the right place?16:40
Lo-lan-doxnox: No need for ipython, just run "bzr shell"16:40
Lo-lan-do(In the bzrtools plugin)16:41
xnoxok. But ipython integrates incredibly nicely into emacs......... sigh16:43
xnoxbut do you think it is possible to merge the two?16:44
Lo-lan-doI may be mistaken about what you call ipython...16:44
Lo-lan-doIsn't it the Microsoft reimplementation of Python over the .net thingy?16:44
awilkinsipython is a shell16:45
awilkinsIronPython is the CLR implementation of Python16:45
Lo-lan-doOh, sorry, I'm confusing it with ironpython.16:45
Lo-lan-doThen I'm afraid I don't know :-)16:45
xnoxLo-lan-do: ipython is multi-threded + python interpreter on streroids16:45
santagadaxnox: you want to import bzr on ipython and still use ipython for python development?16:46
santagadaI don't know but seems like a bad idea16:46
xnoxI use it a lot with nympy+scipy+matplotlib which can do resource hungry calculations in a more user-friendly way (+ it opens gui windows with graphs)16:46
=== NfNitLoo` is now known as NfNitLoop
santagadaok but mixing two programs that were not made to work together is flaky16:47
xnoxsantagada: and use it as my default shell16:47
xnoxsantagada: there is a launchpad profile for ipython already with uses launchpadlib16:47
santagadathe whole idea of modern operating systems is protected memory (well ignoring sing#)16:47
santagadaeven if it exists I would not trust it with my code :)16:48
xnoxI haven't tried it but you can query launchpad for bugz and people16:48
santagadaI'm not saying that using it with ipython is bad16:48
santagadaI'm saying that mixing it with another completely unrelated program is a bad idea16:49
santagadausing it for work16:49
* xnox already runs emacs for email, irc, shell, ipython and what not =D16:49
santagadafor example, numpy might be corrupting memory16:49
santagadaafter all it is a c extension16:49
xnoxI see your point16:50
santagadaxnox: all those were made to be used together16:50
santagadaxnox: and you can have a subshell in emacs with protected memory and all to run bzr shell16:50
xnoxsantagada: I'll do that then16:51
LarstiQas a vi and ipython user, I wouldn't mind some bzr support in ipython16:51
santagadaxnox: and I will some day learn emacs :)16:51
santagadaI mean really learn emacs16:51
LarstiQxnox: any idea where you saw that?16:51
xnoxLarstiQ: seriosly I can't remember and I've already searched all my browser history16:52
xnoxsantagada: funny you should say this. I've learned emacs by accident and it was a reason why I've switched to ubuntu16:52
santagadaxnox: I'm a textmate user right now, but I use emacs from time to time16:54
xnoxsantagada: I needed good TexLive installation and a good Latex editor. I've googled and Auctex came up (part of emacs). I managed to install a half broken texlive and a half broken emacs on my mac. Then someone told me "it's all in the repos in Ubuntu" and I'm like really????? So that's why I've tried Ubuntu in VM.... to run emacs =DDDD16:54
santagadait still amases me the python indentation that emacs does and the html mode is also impressive16:54
xnoxsantagada: textmate is HOT16:54
santagadathere is a bzr plugin somewhere, do anyone knows who is responsible for it?16:55
santagadabecause it is not on the textmate plugin repository and it should really be there if there is any intention to be used by a lot of people16:55
xnoxsantagada: and then it can't wrap lines backwards. So if you have a paragrah and you strart deleting lines on the say 3 row it will not automaticly join the 3rd line back up16:55
xnoxsantagada: I thought textmate came prepackaged with it.....16:56
LarstiQsantagada: it is not listed on http://bazaar-vcs.org/IDEIntegration eitehr16:57
santagadaxnox: textmate comes with a lot of plugins, them you can install the svn plugin repository that brings many more16:57
santagadaLarstiQ: http://bazaar-vcs.org/TextMateBundle16:58
LarstiQsantagada: ah, could you check that out and add it to IDEIntegration and TextMate plugin list if it's still alive?16:59
santagadaLarstiQ: it is not... last updated in 200716:59
santagadamaybe I can improve it16:59
LarstiQsantagada: ah. Contact the author?17:00
santagadaLarstiQ: I will contact Jeremy Wilkins... let me see if I can find John Whitley17:01
santagadaLarstiQ: can you find its registering email on Bazaar wiki?17:02
LarstiQawilkins: Jeremy Wilkins doesn't happen to be related to you?17:02
* xnox lol17:03
LarstiQsantagada: you could try bangpath.org@gmail.com17:04
LarstiQsantagada: but as the entire site seems MIA, maybe that doesn't work either17:04
LarstiQsantagada: aha, whitley@acm.org17:05
LarstiQsantagada: if that does not work, the Internet can not help him.17:06
santagadaI will mail those guys to see if they want to continue the work somewhere or anything like that17:07
LarstiQsantagada: cool, thanks17:09
santagadaLarstiQ: done17:13
santagadaLarstiQ: do you know if anyone tried to run baazar on top of some other python implementations?17:14
santagadaI could give a try on pypy... though I think that paramiko is not supported17:14
LarstiQsantagada: I'm not aware of such a feat17:15
jelmermonodevelop bzr does some ironpython stuff I think17:17
Lo-lan-doCan one disable display of progress bars for bzr operations?17:18
Lo-lan-doI'd like to run a bzr update in a cron job, and only see the errors.17:19
Lo-lan-do(-q doesn't help)17:19
jelmerLo-lan-do, there is an environment variable, not sure how it's called17:19
Lo-lan-doThanks, I'll look it up.17:20
Lo-lan-doBZR_PROGRESS_BAR=none :-)17:21
LarstiQLo-lan-do: also see bug 32003517:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320035 in bzr "progress bar is shown regardless of the --quiet option" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32003517:22
xnoxthanks ubottu that was quick!17:24
jpds!thanks | xnox17:25
ubottuxnox: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:25
xnoxubottu: stop pretending17:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stop pretending17:25
santagadaLarstiQ: there isn't a --batch for bzr?17:25
santagadait should17:25
santagadaI'm working with the svn client daily and I really hate its support for being used on the command line17:26
xnoxubottu: really? are you like psychotherapist in emacs?17:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:26
* xnox thinks ubottu should marry emacs psychotherapist17:26
santagadawell if it was made in python it would be much easier to just use the api directly... but there is people who doesn't use python...17:27
xnoxsantagada: there is pymacs a two way interface between python and elisp which is as close as you can get =D17:27
LarstiQsantagada: what would --batch do?17:27
santagadaLarstiQ: don't ask for anything and don't be fancy on output (like progress bars)17:29
santagadaif it would also turn strictier error messages the better17:30
* vila thinks xnox is weird... what will the children of ubottu and emacs psychotherapist will look like....17:31
LarstiQsantagada: ah. I don't think so.17:32
LarstiQsantagada: but BZR_PROGRESS_BAR=none and -q get you a long way17:32
=== Pilky_ is now known as Pilky
LarstiQsantagada: prompts could happen on push/pull/update/commit (the latter on checkouts), uncommit17:33
santagadaLarstiQ: svn at least has --non-interactive17:33
santagadaturn every prompt to an error17:34
santagadathe problem is that sometimes svn fails silently17:34
LarstiQsantagada: I haven't had use for --batch or --non-interactive, but I think it would be merged17:34
santagadaLarstiQ: --batch was something I asked about, does it really exists?17:35
LarstiQsantagada: in bzr? No17:36
santagadaLarstiQ: ahh ok17:44
LarstiQ!summon bialix17:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about summon bialix17:55
jelmerjam, ping18:15
jamjelmer: pong18:15
jelmerjam, How should I be using deprecated_list ?18:15
jelmer(since I would have to create SPEC_TYPES on demand)18:15
jamSPEC_TYPES = symbol_versioning.deprecated_list()18:15
jelmerahh, ok18:16
jamand then later on, consult SPEC_TYPES as part of finding a matching prefix18:16
jameither that, or override .append() and make it actually forward to register18:16
jelmerI'll do the latter, that keeps the deprecated stuff in a single place18:17
LarstiQare there any other scmproj users around? I'm struggling a bit with how to use subprojects18:29
kfogelIf I did 'bzr init-repo', and now want to do it over with the --1.9 or some other option, can I just rm -rf .bzr?18:43
santagadakfogel: I'm not sure, but I guess yes, why would it not be the case?18:45
kfogelsantagada: makes sense to me18:45
kfogelAnyone know if I should use --1.12-preview, or just --1.9?18:45
santagadakfogel: why would you use --1.9?18:46
kfogel(I'm testing bzr performance on a large tree -- the Emacs conversion from CVS -- so it's okay to use modern formats).18:46
santagadakfogel: speed?18:46
kfogelsantagada: I just assume higher is better.18:46
kfogelsantagada: AFAIU, the only reason --1.9 isn't the default is for compat reasons, right?18:46
santagadakfogel: bzr help current-formats18:47
santagadaand bzr help formats18:47
santagadaand other-formats18:47
kfogelsantagada: thank you.18:48
santagadakfogel: If I understood correctly 1.9 is the fastest stable format18:48
=== dereine[OFF] is now known as dereine
kfogelBut as a user, I don't want to have to know this stuff... :-).  I just want to get "whatever the best format is for a team who will all be using the latest bzr".18:48
santagadakfogel: but if you are benchmarking for a future migration then I think testing the newest kid on the block is also an option18:48
=== jfroy|work is now known as jfroy
kfogelIOW, the only reason I'm even thinking of --1.9 is because I understand that it would be the default were it not for compat concerns.18:49
=== jfroy is now known as jfroy|work
kfogelsantagada: well, the future migration may happen before 1.12 comes out, so 1.9 is probably my best bet.18:49
LarstiQkfogel: bzr upgrade --1.9?18:49
santagadakfogel: help formats has a simple algorithm to choose the repo version :)18:49
kfogelLarstiQ: thank you18:49
kfogelsantagada: thanks, reading now18:49
LarstiQkfogel: might need some care on tree/branch/repo format distinctions, possibly.18:50
LarstiQkfogel: there is alos `bzr reconfigure` for slightly different usecases18:50
santagadaLarstiQ: what kfogel told is that he has not made any commits, so upgrade or deleting and recreating would be the same right?18:51
kfogelLarstiQ: so I'm doing 'bzr init-repo' here, and then I'm going to clone an already-existing branch into it (bzr://bzr.notengoamigos.org/emacs-merges-ce/master/)18:51
LarstiQkfogel: oh you just have a repo?18:51
LarstiQsantagada: yeah, should be.18:51
kfogelLarstiQ: I'm creating a repo, into which I'm going to pull/mirror this branch.18:52
* LarstiQ nods at kfogel 18:52
kfogelThe branch is 1.9, so maybe that answers my question.18:52
kfogelI might be saying "branch" where I mean "repository".18:52
kfogelI was going to point you at the mail from the person who created that repos, but the emacs-devel@ mailing list archive is broken in such a way as to omit exactly his messages.18:54
* kfogel .oO Why is everything at GNU always in a half-broken state?18:54
LarstiQhey, the Hurd is not half-broken! :)18:55
LarstiQkfogel: what does -ce stand for?18:56
LarstiQare the two the same, apart from 0.92 vs 1.9?18:57
kfogelI'm a little unclear on the difference between a repository and a branch in this context.  Jason Earl has created a test conversion of Emacs CVS tree; that's the bzr://bzr.notengoamigos.org/emacs-merges-ce/master/ referred to above.  So do I 'bzr init-repo --1.9 emacs-repo' locally and then 'cd emacs-repo' and then 'bzr branch bzr://bzr.notengoamigos.org/emacs-merges-ce/master/ emacs-merges-ce-master', or something like that?18:57
kfogelLarstiQ: I'm not sure why he chose "ce" to refer to the 1.9 version.18:57
kfogelCommon Era?18:57
santagadakfogel: creative enhancement?18:58
james_wkfogel: that'll work18:58
LarstiQkfogel: that'll work18:58
kfogelPersonally, I can't stand that abbreviation when used in scholarly publication, because it loses information.  But hey, if Jason is doing test conversions for us, I'll make an exception!18:58
kfogelLarstiQ, james_w: cool, thank you18:58
LarstiQkfogel: I think the entire repo would be 1.9 though, since it's mainly a repository format afaik.18:59
james_wthere is a bit of confusion caused by the fact that there are formats for repositories (dealing with revisions storage), branches (tags and the like) and working trees (how the basis tree is stored amogst other things), but they are all wrapped up in to common formats18:59
* LarstiQ nods18:59
james_wso --1.9 refers to a format for each object19:00
pickscrapeDoes anyone know when bzrtools 1.11 will hit the PPA?19:00
LarstiQkfogel: in the case that Jason had provided a standalone branch, `bzr reconfigure` would be a tool to make it into a shared repository.19:00
kfogeljames_w: thank you.  Yes, sometimes that confusion leaks out to user-land.19:00
james_wkfogel: yeah, it's unfortunate. In an ideal world it would be transparent.19:00
LarstiQpickscrape: I don't. Do you know who the uploader is?19:00
pickscrapeCurrently apt won't let me upgrade to bzr 1.11 without uninstalling bzrtools first.19:00
kfogelLarstiQ: so a standalone branch is basically a branch that contains its own mini-repository in its .bzr dir?19:01
kfogeljames_w: amen19:01
LarstiQkfogel: exactly.19:01
pickscrapeLarstiQ: bzr 1.11 was uploaded by mbp19:01
LarstiQpickscrape: and bzrtools 1.10?19:01
pickscrapeLarstiQ: By jameinel19:01
* LarstiQ reads ppa.txt19:02
kfogelLarstiQ: do you know the hysterical raisins behind the situation?  I confess it worries me that pretty much every time someone goes to switch a project over to bzr, or start something new in bzr, the first thing they have to do is enter into this long consideration of (and often discussion of) storage formats and whether or not to make a full repository.19:02
LarstiQkfogel: I'm frankly surprised at people considering formats. I personally stick with whatever is the default unless I have a very good reason.19:04
pickscrapeYes, that's what we did too19:04
LarstiQkfogel: but someone today noted that the init/init-repo help lists all the formats19:04
LarstiQkfogel: That might be a source of the people considering formats, I think moving them away and instead referencing the topics formats, current-formats and other-formats would be better.19:05
LarstiQkfogel: another reason people consider formats might be interopability with bzr-svn, since that uses a non-default format.19:06
santagadaLarstiQ: if you have a repository as big as emacs I think considering the fastest one avaliable is important, as the help formats says19:06
kfogelLarstiQ: Unfortunately, when large (many files, big files, deep history, whatever) projects are considering switching, they have to consider formats, or run into performance issues.19:06
LarstiQsantagada: true19:06
kfogelLarstiQ: yes, that's another cause19:06
kfogelLarstiQ: agreed, about just referencing the formats/current-formats/other-formats help from the option help in init-repo19:07
LarstiQkfogel: does `help formats` carry a decision tree? It should19:07
LarstiQah, it does (in bzr.dev at least)19:08
santagadaLarstiQ: yes... help formats is really well written19:08
LarstiQkfogel: do you think `help formats` helps to diminish the long considering/discussing?19:09
mm-mysqlHey, does anyone know if --fixes=... creates metadata anywhere? If so, how does one see it, I don't see it come up with "bzr log --long"..19:09
kfogelLarstiQ: once one knows about 'help formats', it is a great help!19:09
kfogelBut the hurdle is having to think about formats at all.19:09
LarstiQmm-mysql: yes, it does19:09
kfogelOnce the user is there, the lossage is already huge, and 'help-formats' can only mitigate it.19:10
LarstiQkfogel: right. On that topic, I don't feel too qualified.19:10
santagadakfogel: if help formats were the first place anyone would go to find out more about formats I think it would be a minor problem before some point in the future when a faster repository format is the default, don't you think?19:11
LarstiQI know I switched to fsfs after the nth time of bdb breaking on me.19:11
LarstiQmm-mysql: let me have a lookg19:11
LarstiQmm-mysql: I know launchpad uses the information, and some trac hooks too19:12
kfogelLarstiQ: you mean in svn?19:12
mm-mysqlLarstiQ: okay...thanks19:13
LarstiQkfogel: yes, sorry19:13
kfogelsantagada: having to think about repository format at all is a major problem, I think.  But it'll be solved once a) the best format is the default, and b) format interop is better.19:13
kfogelLarstiQ: yeah.  Fortunately, fsfs is the default and no one has to think about BDB these days unless they're doing something very unusual.19:14
LarstiQmm-mysql: `bzr help bugs` mentions it is stored in the revision property, but not how to get at it, looking at more code19:14
LarstiQkfogel: yeah, when I switched bdb was still default19:15
kfogelLarstiQ: long time ago! :-)19:15
Lo-lan-dojelmer: I'm happy to find myself able to work on the svn repo through bzr again, but I'm back into performance problems.19:15
Lo-lan-dohttp://pastebin.com/d59b55836 for a timing19:16
jelmerLo-lan-do, was there a bug open about this yet? If not, please file one19:16
jelmerLo-lan-do, I would like to get this fixed, but I'd like to get 0.5 out first, otherwise I end up maintaining 0.4 and 0.5 in parallel19:17
santagadaIs bzr already able to serve a repo using svn's protocol? that was mentioned on the python scm migration thread19:17
LarstiQkfogel: yeah, I started using svn on 0.11 or something?19:18
jelmersantagada, somewhat19:18
jelmersantagada, It's not production ready yet19:18
jelmersantagada, but some commands (e.g. svn log) are supported19:18
Lo-lan-dojelmer: I'll file a bug, sure.19:18
kfogelsantagada, LarstiQ: not bad: http://paste.lisp.org/display/7443219:18
kfogelLarstiQ: wow, looooooong time ago19:19
LarstiQkfogel: you has a branch :)19:20
LarstiQkfogel: not important, but you know you could `bzr init-repo --1.9 emacs-bzr` and save a mkdir step?19:21
kfogelLarstiQ: yes, knew, thanks19:22
kfogelLarstiQ: I put some other notes in there too; didn't show that in the transcript as it can't possibly affect anything, right?19:22
kfogel(they're unversioned)19:22
LarstiQkfogel: you've lost me. You have unversioned files in the emacs-bzr repo, or in the emacs-merges-ce-master branch?19:24
LarstiQlog only reads historical data, so I would be very surprised if that affected anything19:24
kfogelLarstiQ: 'mkdir emacs-bzr; cd emacs-bzr; emacs mynotes.txt; bzr init-repo --1.9 .; ...'19:24
Lo-lan-dojelmer: Would you remind me of the magic monster sequence of -D flags I should use?19:24
LarstiQkfogel: unless you get in the territory of 'it was in the file cache and had to be swapped out first', but I think we can ignore that19:25
jelmerLo-lan-do, I usually only use -Dtransport19:25
jelmerLo-lan-do, oh, -Dcache may also be useful19:25
kfogelLarstiQ: now I'm doing a 'bzr log --long -v'19:25
LarstiQkfogel: I know we can be finicky about creating a bzr object in a non-empty directory, I don't think init-repo minds though.19:25
kfogeland wondering what the difference between -v and --long is (that is, wondering if one is a superset of the other)19:25
kfogelLarstiQ: *nod* thanks19:25
LarstiQkfogel: -v adds a list of files touched in the revision19:26
kfogelLarstiQ: that wasn't the actual order anyway19:26
LarstiQkfogel: so it needs to act on more information than just displaying the log19:26
LarstiQkfogel: -p and -v should have the same cost on reading/parsing I think.19:26
kfogelLarstiQ: conceptually, some people may think of the list of changed files as *part* of the log, the same as all the other metadata associated with the log19:27
santagadajelmer: is there any plans to support http repository access for svn clients?19:27
jelmersantagada, that's already supported19:27
LarstiQkfogel: right. commit message only > add status output > diffstat > full diff19:28
nuais .bzrignore depreciated?19:28
santagadajelmer: to serve to svn clients? cool, can I read more about it somewhere?19:28
jelmersantagada, oh, you mean the server side?19:28
LarstiQkfogel: displaying/needing progressively more data from left to right, all can be considered the "log of changes"19:28
santagadajelmer: yep19:29
jelmersantagada, no, there's no work going on to suppport that19:29
kfogelLarstiQ: yeah, that's how I think of it19:29
LarstiQnua: not at all. `bzr ignore/unignore` are preferred ways to interface with it though.19:29
LarstiQnua: if you just made it by hand, you might want to `bzr add` it19:29
LarstiQkfogel: I disagree with people pasting all that information into the commit message though.19:30
nuaLarstiQ: ok thanks, it appears to work for me, I was just suspicious as after commiting it to a shared repo the repo died on us. could of course be unrelated19:30
LarstiQkfogel: the pyglet project for example has (not all of them luckily) commits where the log includes the full diff.19:31
sidneijelmer: barry mentioned somewhere that the server might start supporting svn clients soon19:31
* LarstiQ finds that unreadable19:31
kfogelLarstiQ: !!19:31
LarstiQnua: unrelated, I'm rather sure.19:31
kfogelthat's insane19:31
jelmersidnei, the http server?19:31
LarstiQkfogel: yeah.19:31
sidneijelmer: he wasn't very specific.19:31
LarstiQsidnei: launchpad, or svn-serve?19:31
jelmersidnei, I have put some effort into supporting the native svn protocol (not http)19:31
jelmersidnei, and that's not very far away19:32
sidneijelmer: that might have been what he was referring to then19:32
sidneisantagada: so i guess that answers your question19:32
* LarstiQ runs to the supermarket for groceries19:33
LarstiQif bialix shows up, I've been busy with scmproj today and have ~400 lines of raw notes, the main problem I don't know how to solve is how to use subprojects19:33
theAdib_hello: what does does answer to bzr pull means? (I did a bzr branch bla days ago)19:48
theAdib_adib@nbdel171:~/Projekte/libgnupdf$ bzr pull19:48
theAdib_Using saved location: http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/pdf/libgnupdf/branches/trunk/19:48
theAdib_http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/pdf/libgnupdf/branches/ is permanently redirected to19:48
theAdib_bzr: ERROR: No repository present: "http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/pdf/libgnupdf/branches/trunk/"19:48
=== rizitis_ is now known as rizitis
thumpertheAdib_: it seems that the repo is at http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/pdf/libgnupdf/19:51
thumpertheAdib_: are you missing something? redirected to what?19:52
kfogelLarstiQ: this has been running for at least half an hour I think: time bzr log --long -v > log-long-verbose.out19:52
theAdib_thumper: I only wanted the files from http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/lh/pdf/libgnupdf/branches/trunk/files and not the additional directories branches/trunk in my local file system19:54
thumpertheAdib_: sure19:54
thumpertheAdib_: what have you done so far?19:55
theAdib_thumper: I only build and run the test suite19:56
thumpertheAdib_: so you did a `bzr branch what?`19:57
theAdib_ bzr branch http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/pdf/libgnupdf/branches/trunk libgnupdf19:57
jelmervila, pqm seems to hang on a request from you19:58
theAdib_thumper: I took this from http://www.gnupdf.org/Dev:Newcomers .19:58
thumpertheAdib_: and then you did a bzr pull?19:58
theAdib_I will remove everything and start again ....19:59
thumpertheAdib_: I'm trying this too to see what I get19:59
thumpertheAdib_: no, don't do that yet19:59
theAdib_Yes I did bzr update and after bzr pull19:59
mtaylorlifeless: upgrading from pack-0.92 to 1.9, there are local operations that should become quicker, right?19:59
theAdib_thumper: btw I work here an Ubuntu 8.1020:00
theAdib_adib@nbdel171:~/Projekte/libgnupdf$ bzr version20:00
theAdib_Bazaar (bzr) 1.6.120:00
theAdib_  Python interpreter: /usr/bin/python 2.5.220:00
theAdib_  Python standard library: /usr/lib/python2.520:00
theAdib_  bzrlib: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib20:00
theAdib_  Bazaar configuration: /home/adib/.bazaar20:00
theAdib_  Bazaar log file: /home/adib/.bzr.log20:00
thumpertheAdib_: sure, since it looks like you have a standalone branch, you shouldn't need to do an update after the pull20:01
thumpertheAdib_: as the pull will update the working tree20:01
thumpertheAdib_: you should get a message like: Tree is up to date at ...20:01
theAdib_pull will synchronize my branch with the original source even I modified my branch?20:02
thumpertheAdib_: if you have committed to the branch locally, you should get a warning about diverged branches20:03
thumpertheAdib_: if you have uncommitted changes, I think it updates and merges and will let you know of conflicts20:03
theAdib_I did not commit anything20:04
fullermdkfogel: Interesting set of benchmarks, that.  Nice contrast to the more common "make a history with 1..5 revisions and make claims about performance"20:08
kfogelfullermd: when I look at the in-progress log, it's going incredibly slowly.  It's only back to March of 2008 so far.  The Emacs history goes back to 1985!20:10
fullermdOh, the log -v?  Yeah.  That's "special".20:11
santagadakfogel: I think cvs is from around 1984 no?20:11
fullermdOn bzr.dev, log --long >> /dev/null takes a bit under 30 seconds for me.  Last time I tried it with -v, it was like 15 minutes or so.20:12
fullermdkfogel: I walk talking about that URL you pasted earlier today.20:12
kfogelfullermd: not sure which of several URLs you saw20:14
kfogelsantagada: cvs from 1986, but RCS predates CVS20:14
santagadakfogel: cool, so you have history from before cvs...20:14
kfogelsantagada: we do, yep20:15
kfogelsantagada: Most people don't know it, but Emacs was originally written in ancient Babylonian times on base-60 machines.20:16
Lo-lan-doAnd before RCS... CPOLD?20:16
kfogelheh.  I think RCS was Emacs' first vcs.  Unless sccs, maybe.20:16
Lo-lan-do(...by people with 24 fingers)20:16
ubottuHi! I'm #bzr's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:18
thumperperhaps he was wanting people to reply?20:19
fullermdkfogel: The DVCS Roudnup one.20:20
kfogelfullermd: ah yeah, thanks20:23
sidnei_my guess was that emacs was literally 'written', as in handwritten. that was a close guess then.20:24
fullermdWritten?  Why write, when we have chisels and all the free stone we could want?20:26
fullermdbialix: LarstiQ was looking for you about an hour ago with scmproj notes.20:26
LarstiQand I've just returned myself20:27
LarstiQfullermd: thanks :)20:27
bialixfullermd: hi!20:27
fullermdSynchronicity   :)20:27
bialixLarstiQ: heya20:27
LarstiQbialix: evening!20:27
LarstiQbialix: did you also just buy toilet paper? ;)20:27
bialixfullermd: thanks, you're my favorite immortal20:27
bialixno, dinner with daughter20:28
* bialix reading backlog20:28
bialixwhat is !summon?20:29
bialixLarstiQ: I gues you can ask AmanicA about scmproj20:30
LarstiQbialix: summon means 'ask to come'. !summon is then an attempt to ask the bot/internet to make you appear :)20:30
LarstiQsometimes it works, but maybe that is random chance ;)20:31
bialixUbootu is not wizard then20:31
LarstiQAmanicA: hello20:31
bialixLarstiQ: subprojects actually in the active development20:32
AmanicAhi LarstiQ, bialix20:32
LarstiQbialix: ah ok20:32
LarstiQbialix, AmanicA: I've got a 'libraries' scmproj with 11 branches from a svn repo, that worked nicely after I figured out how to get it there.20:32
* LarstiQ would now like to include that in a different project that has 3 components itself, and then the libraries subproject20:33
bialixyou're using bzr-svn20:33
LarstiQbialix: are subprojects supposed to work yet?20:33
bialixmore or less20:33
LarstiQbialix: yes, I considered branching them from svn myself first, but I figured, why not let scmproj do it!20:33
LarstiQbialix: only minor point with bzr-svn is that I had set FORMAT in [COMPONENTS], but it didn't carry over to the sub components20:34
bialixI think jelmer and J2ck very close to make bazaar people more happy with bzr-git20:34
bialixall components are independent20:35
LarstiQbut I have lots of notes I can distill out into bugreports/patches20:35
bialixthat's great20:35
bialixAmanicA, LarstiQ: while our new layout is not shaped yet I can code subprojects support (experimental) based on old spec. What you think?20:36
LarstiQbialix: right. But BRANCHES and RELPATH seem to only need to be set in [COMPONENTS] if they're the same for every component (RELPATH = {COMPONENT} suits me fine)20:36
LarstiQbialix: how much work do you think that would be?20:36
bialixLarstiQ: hmm, do you want to say it will be useful to specify default format in COMPONENTS section?20:36
AmanicAthen we would have a basis for further work20:37
LarstiQbialix: yes20:37
LarstiQbialix: assuming it can be overriden?20:37
bialixLarstiQ: an old spec does explicitly disallow nested subprojects20:37
LarstiQbialix: one level deep works for me I think20:38
bialixso it should be as easy as one sleepless night20:38
LarstiQbialix: and if I hit that limit, I know I have to just specify all components again, I can do that if that is how it is20:38
bialixLarstiQ: yes, all defaults can be overriden20:38
LarstiQbialix: cool20:38
bialixAanicA: yes, basis sounds great20:38
LarstiQbialix: I don't want to give you sleepless nights, but if it's not too much trouble I'd appreciate subprojects :)20:38
bialixAmanicA: ^ , sorry20:39
LarstiQkfogel: yeah, log -v is too slow :(20:39
bialixactually the core is already there20:39
bialixit's run_action method20:39
AmanicAbialix, how stable is the config file format? can I start using hacking on it yet?20:39
bialixnew format?20:39
AmanicAthat format branch20:40
LarstiQbialix: is [SUBPROJECTS] needed? It's missing from the default project.cfg20:40
AmanicAbialix (I'm not in a hurry, but I may have some time next week)20:40
bialixAmanicA: to make the sketch of subprojects I'll use old format (from trunk branch). New format is good enough, just "everything is optional" is not implemented20:41
bialixLarstiQ" [SUBPROJECTS} ?20:41
bialixI'd like to defer them right now20:42
bialixthere is much smaller set of options for subprojects20:42
AmanicAbialix : I thought you would rather branch lp:~bialix/bzr-scmproj/format-change/20:43
LarstiQbialix: get_subproject and set_subproject seem to index on it20:43
bialixAmanicA: but I guess LarstiQ uses trunk20:43
LarstiQbialix: I did, but if I should use a different branch, I'll switch20:43
AmanicAbialix: I'm just scared that to merg it into format-change later might be more effort20:44
bialixwait a sec guys20:45
AmanicAbialix: but if you think the changes are isolated enough, it should be fine20:45
bialixAmanicA: I guess so.20:47
AmanicAbialix: its up to you as your the one thats going to merge it:)20:47
bialixLarstiQ: will you be there some time? I'll look into the code20:47
LarstiQbialix: I'll be here till ~23.00 CET20:48
bialix1 hour?20:48
LarstiQat least, I always plan to go sleep at time, doesn't always work20:48
LarstiQbialix: yes20:48
bialixthat's ok, I need some time and I'll give some answers about subprojects20:49
bialixLarstiQ: if you want to summon me then it's better to use jaber/googletalk/icq rather than IRC20:50
LarstiQbialix: aah, good to know20:51
LarstiQbialix: you have some method of reading irc backlog even though you're not on-channel?20:52
bialixbut it's usually 2 hours late20:53
fullermdDarn timezones.20:53
=== sabdfl1 is now known as sabdfl
LarstiQbialix: it explains how you could reply to things I said :)20:53
bialixno, the script itself is working by cron Iguess20:54
fullermdIt's a little known fact that there are actually timezones that never get anything until several hours after it should get there.20:54
bialixLarstiQ: :-D20:54
fullermdFor instance, everybody I need things urgently from mysteriously lives in them...20:54
LarstiQfullermd: :)20:54
bialixfullermd: :-D20:54
fullermdAt the moment, there are several that are days off, even.  Luckily, in those cases, the alleged "urgency" is on their side, so it's Not My Problem.20:55
bialixLarstiQ: "~400 lines of raw notes" -- wow20:55
bialixLarstiQ: ping20:57
bialixLarstiQ: I'll try to make something workable, though our new format/ new layout should be better here20:58
LarstiQbialix: those notes include pasted output of scmproj commands, so I didn't write a lot of prose ;)21:00
LarstiQbialix: ok21:00
bialixLarstiQ: I guess today I'd better look at your notes21:00
LarstiQjelmer: are you sure 82086 is fixed?21:00
jelmerbug 82086 ?21:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 82086 in bzr "pycurl transport causes tracebacks if the server's SSL cert cannot be verified." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8208621:01
LarstiQbialix: they're currently in a very raw state, I ask questions that I later answer and such21:02
bialixLarstiQ: that said I'm better to ask the question and write some code at morning21:03
bialixor maybe answer the questons21:03
LarstiQbialix: fine with me too21:04
jelmerLarstiQ, yeah, you're right. Thanks21:06
jelmerlifeless, ping21:06
jelmerlifeless, pqm hangfs21:07
LarstiQjelmer: I didn't check all of that spree intensively21:07
lifelessis it hung now?21:07
jelmerlifeless, yes21:07
jelmerfor a couple of hours on "Wed Jan 28 17:03:20 2009 UTC: Vincent Ladeuil <v.ladeuil+lp@free.fr>, '(vila, jam) Make merge_content lca aware' "21:07
LarstiQjelmer: bug 294479 I'm also not sure of21:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 294479 in bzr "Vast number of round-trips pushing stacked branch" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29447921:08
jelmerLarstiQ, crap, you're right. thanksd21:10
lifelessspm: I'm going to peek21:10
jelmerI'll check the others again as well I guess21:11
lifelessspm: multiple reports of this21:11
LarstiQjelmer: ok, let me know if I should do a more indepth check too21:11
jelmerLarstiQ, launchpad didn't actually send me any sort of notification though :-(21:11
LarstiQjelmer: about the changes you made? I got ~60 emaisl21:11
jelmerLarstiQ, yeah21:12
jelmerI'm still waiting for them21:12
Lo-lan-do(It's all an evil plot by me so you'll fix my bugs first :-)21:13
lifelessspm: mail -s Rev... (pid 7014) is blocking pqm21:13
lifelessspm: can we *not* kill it but rather debug it21:13
lifelessjelmer: pqm isn't hanging per se; sending mail is blocking21:14
james_wlifeless: hey, are you in Berlin next week?21:14
spmlifeless: yerrrs. but we're kinda a bit busy with the prep for the LP rollout atm. But will do what I can?21:14
lifelessjames_w: no; have metric tonnes of bzr code to get done21:14
james_wlifeless: shame, but I look forward to the output :-)21:15
lifelessspm: ok, well please unhang it for now, but the next hang this really needs debugging21:15
spmlifeless: can we hold for another hour or 2?21:15
lifelesswell, commits to bzr trunk are blocked21:15
spmis that a yes or no? :-)21:16
lifelessjelmer: ^ please answer yes or no :P21:16
spmHahahahahaha :-D21:16
jelmerno :-)21:18
jelmerI think we need a multi-threading PQM and patch order analysis21:18
spmoki, unblocked and should all start working again shortly21:19
AmanicAjelmer: did you run some script or something to close all those bugs?!21:20
AmanicAjelmer: did you run some script or something to close all those bugs?!21:20
AmanicAjelmer: did you run some script or something to close all those bugs?!21:20
AmanicAjelmer: did you run some script or something to close all those bugs?!21:22
AmanicA(sorry if I repeated myself but somethings up with my irc client)21:22
LarstiQbialix: I'm really sleepy, I'll talk to you tomorrow21:33
bialixme too21:33
bialixgood night21:33
LarstiQsleep well21:33
* bialix waves bye to all21:33
jelmerlifeless, still there?21:55
jelmerlifeless, I'm pondering about introducing ControlDirFormat and using a separate registry for them21:55
sewmyheadonHi Folks!  Been using BZR for the last three months (migrating from SVN) and have a boneheaded question: I've setup five local repos for projects and would like to change the directory name in which they reside.  What's the best way to 'move' or rename the containing directory without harming things?  Thanks!21:55
jelmersewmyheadon, simply renaming them using mv21:56
sewmyheadonI think I found my answer here: https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/2553521:56
sewmyheadonjelmer - thanks a bunch!21:57
xnoxI've used Olive to see what it looks like and what it does. Played with it until it crashed =D now the bzr tree is locked. How can I unlock it?22:03
xnoxErrno 1122:03
phanaticxnox: bzr break-lock from the command line22:03
* xnox feels like he is doing a bank job22:05
xnoxphanatic: bzr: ERROR: The lock for '/home/dmitrij/src/libsword/dima' is in use and cannot be broken.22:05
xnox 22:05
lifelessbeuno: thank jml please :)22:06
jelmerlifeless, you already mention a hypothetical ControlDir and ControlDirFormat class in bzrdir.py at the moment - was that intended to just be a superclass of BzrDir and BzrDirFormat?22:09
lifelessthe generic logic not tied to.bzr22:10
jelmerlifeless, does it sound reasonable to just add that superclass for now, providing the same interface that BzrDir right now implements?22:13
lifelesssure, I mean the reason I haven't is that there aren't obvious benefits other than a sort of clarity22:14
lifelessand it will need tests etc22:14
lifelessso I'd be glad to have it there; if its absence is causing you a problem definitely do it. But if having it won't actually help you, well - its your time :)22:15
jelmeryeah, I think I'll just look at making BzrDir.register_control_format() use a registry22:15
lifelessjelmer: isn't it already?22:16
jelmerlifeless, no, it's a list22:16
lifelessoh hmm22:16
lifelessI used a list for ordering22:16
jelmerlifeless, it's the last thing blocking bzr-svn's __init__ to just being a list of register_lazy() calls22:16
lifelessso this object that is in the list could be a lazy object22:17
jelmersimilar story for bzr-git and bzr-hg (that one will save a lot of time)22:17
jelmerIf ordering matters I guess I should keep it a list22:17
lifelessprobing costs22:18
lifelessold obsolete formats shouldn't be probed before current [thats internal to the bzr specific ones atm] but also .bzr should be probed before .svn/.it/.hg22:18
spivYeah, I agree with lifeless.22:20
lifelessa ListRegistry would be useful22:21
lifelesstransports need this too22:21
lifelessbut I think its done specifically for transports today rather than generically22:21
jelmerSo I could use _LazyObjectGetter and _ObjectGetter from registry, but they're private at the moment22:22
lifelessthat just means they are not stable IMO22:22
lifelessconsenting adults - its ppython22:22
jelmerI always get confused by what _ means22:23
lifelessit means nothing22:23
lifelesspython fails so epically here you can basically ignore it22:23
lifelessa thing without _ is 'public stable supported and maybe deprecated' in bzr. Something with '_' is not (public and stable and supported)22:24
spivI could have sworn bzr imbued a leading _ with meaning that's relevant to plugin authors?22:25
jelmerlifeless, yeah, that bit I do get - it's clear for external API users. It's a bit more vague for internal or plugin users22:25
lifelessspiv: we try, but I think we fail22:25
jelmerlifeless: So I take it to mean it's fine to use those objects from bzrlib.bzrdir ?22:25
spivjelmer: hmm, I think of plugins as external API users.22:25
lifelessconcretely we have no way to discriminate between 'I used this for impleentation noone else gets to play'22:26
lifelessand between 'this is not to be used outside of bzrlib because its subject to change'22:27
lifelessso really, you need to read docstrings to decide22:27
lifelessthe key thing is that if you use something with _ you need to be willing to deal with it changing or being told that its not supported to you get to pickup both pieces22:27
lifelesswhich boils down to 'be a consenting adult'22:28
lifelesslifes too short :)22:28
lifelessspiv: I agree that plugins are external users - but they have the same needs as much of the in-bzrlib code - to reuse things the author didn't expect reuse to occur on22:30
lifelessAaron has expressed a desire not to incur tech debt or migration costs for code he doesn't consider 'done', which came up in a discussion around what _ really means22:30
spivOh definitely.  Plugins are great at finding places where our public+stable+supported API needs improvement :)22:30
lifelessspiv: thats one side of the coin :)22:31
spivHmm.  It is nice to avoid tech debt.  But it's also nice to enable sexy plugins...22:31
jfroy|worklifeless: This will be an unusual, out of the blue question which you may not know the answer to, but here goes: who at Canonical should someone contact about Bazaar?22:31
lifelessspiv: so sexy plugins should use what they need; and if they care file bugs asking for the things they use to be made into stable apis. But don't block on the api existing - thats a chicken n egg situation22:32
lifelessjfroy|work: well, any of us are good starts. What can I help you with ? :)22:33
spivlifeless: right.  But at that point a "not done" API has magically turned into something that starts to incur a bit of tech debt for someone (possibly us, possibly the plugin author).22:34
lifelessspiv: my point is that on the bzrlib side it doesn't have that debt: the plugin author using it has the onus of dealing with changes until the thing is made stable22:34
* spiv nods22:35
LaserJockis there a reason why the ~bzr repo has been inconsistent for a bit?22:36
lifelessLaserJock: ?22:39
LaserJocklifeless: I've been unable to upgrade bzr/bzrtools/bzr-svn for a couple weeks22:39
LaserJockit keeps wanting to remove bzrtools and/or bzr-svn22:39
lifelessoh you mean the ppa?22:39
LaserJockyeah, the ~bzr one22:39
lifelessheh, repo terminology conflict :P22:40
LaserJocksorry, was perhaps not clear22:40
LaserJockoh, right, too much overloading22:40
lifelessI'm not sure22:40
lifelessjam: ?22:40
lifelessprobably a on uploaded bzrtools and bzr-svn or something22:41
jamlifeless: I believe Martin failed to build the extras like bzr-svn and bzrtools when he built the bzr-1.11 package22:41
LaserJockI know often bzr will get updated and it takes a while to get bzrtools/bzr-svn updated22:41
jelmerI uploaded bzr-svn a couple of days ago22:41
jelmerI mean yesterday22:41
LaserJockyeah, it looks like right now it's blocking on bzrtools22:42
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thumpersomething in the last few days of bzr updates has made it impossible over the smart server22:55
thumperespecially to launchpad22:55
thumperI'm not sure what it is22:55
thumperbut it was taking over an hour (I killed it) to pull udpates22:55
thumperwhen there wouldn't have been much22:55
thumperis this just me or are others effected?22:55
spivthumper: it's news to me, at least.  What's the -Dhpss trace look like?22:57
fullermdCasual use in the last few days didn't show anything up to me.22:57
asabillifeless: did you see my message ?22:58
lifelessasabil: oh thanks22:59
lifelessasabil: did you see my updated test?22:59
asabilno, I got disconnected yesterday22:59
asabillifeless: 1171 bytes23:00
asabiland branching over http works now23:00
thumperspiv: I'm going to privmsg a pastebin as it has some sensitive stuff in it23:01
lifelessasabil: 1171 is still short :(23:01
asabilI guess one of their proxy wasn't working correctly23:01
asabiloups sorry23:02
thumperspiv: it may just be my freaking ISP23:02
thumperspiv: I've been having some issues with disconnections on IRC23:03
thumperspiv: however I did manage to stream a big bzr branch over http at almost 4meg/sec23:03
asabillifeless: 1448 + 117123:03
asabilsorry, didn't count the 1st chunk23:04
lifelessasabil: ah cool23:05
lifelessasabil: thats good23:05
asabilthanks a lot for your help and patience23:05
lifelessbzr is close to my heart :)23:06
asabilhehe :)23:06
fullermdThe angioplasty of version control.23:06
thumperspiv: I'm investigating my local network speed, it seems to be somewhat fuxored23:08
spivthumper: interesting; it got the start of a readv response, but didn't get the body of it23:09
asabilif someone with some free time can help me with bzr-filter-branch I would be more than happy23:09
spivthumper: the largest .six file in that repo is < 3MB, so I doubt the server got bogged down with buffering it23:09
spivthumper: so yeah, I suspect network issues.23:09
asabilthe code is in lp:~asabil/+junk/bzr-filter-branch23:09
asabilit rebuilds the history graph correctly, but the commits are empty23:10
asabilno deltas23:10
* thumper doesn't really want to talk to stupid ISP help desk :(23:10
lifelessasabil: so this is meant to be a git-filter-branch lookalike ?23:16
asabillifeless: yes23:17
asabilbut better23:17
asabilsince it's for bzr23:17
lifelessso I'm curious why you are building fresh rather than reusing rebase23:17
asabilit will probably be merged with rebase23:18
asabilit is still experimental23:18
asabilI talked to jelmer about it yesterday as well, for the merge with rebase23:18
asabil(and maybe have some kind of bzr-history-manipulation plugin)23:18
asabilI am still trying to dive into the bzrlib APIs23:19
mwhudsonis there a ui for "make this branch not stacked" yet?23:20
mwhudsonsomething on reconfigure?23:20
* mwhudson looks23:20
mwhudsonseems not23:20
* fullermd . o O (bzr topple?)23:20
mwhudsonanyway, the python command line is all the ui _i_ need :)23:21
lifelessasabil: is it unit tested?23:23
asabillifeless: nop, not at all23:24
lifelessk, well I probably won't look then :P - I know rebase's unit tests, and would be inclined to add this sort of thing there23:24
asabilas I said, for now, it is a way for me to explore the bzrlib apis23:24
lifelessok, cool23:24
asabilbut I am a fervent lover of tdd, so don't worry23:24
asabilI just need help understanding how history information is represented in bzr23:25
lifelessthere are various docs scattered around23:26
lifelessmost of the library talks about apis for history rather than actual representation23:26
sohailhi, I want to do some parallel development on version+1 with my bzr repo... how do I do it without creating a copy of everything?23:28
lifelesssohail: do you mean you want two branches but only one working copy?23:28
sohaillifeless, that would be ideal23:28
asabiloh thanks lifeless23:29
lifelesssohail: assuming you have a branch today, you just need to seperate out the branch and tree23:30
lifelesssohail: so ...23:30
lifelesscd $branch23:30
lifelessbzr push ../b123:30
lifelessbzr push ../b223:30
sohailwhat what...23:30
lifelessbzr bind ../b123:30
sohailI'm lost already23:30
lifelessthen hack hack hack, commits will be going to ../b123:31
lifelesswhen you want to switch, 'bzr switch b2'23:31
lifelessand you'll be on the b2 branch, hack hack hack here, commits go to b223:31
sohailok so I have (on another machine) /home/sohail/bzr/code/master23:31
sohailI have done bzr clone $THAT_REPO here23:32
sohailwhere does bzr push ../b1 come from?23:32
lifelesswell you need two branches23:32
lifelessso if master is one of the branches23:32
lifelessyou still need to create a second23:32
lifelessthat is seperate from your working copy23:32
sohailbut my repo is gigantic23:33
sohailare you saying I need to create another copy (i.e., the second branch?)23:33
lifelessif you have a huge repo we need to be a little bit more complex23:33
lifelessis there a repository at /home/sohail/bzr/code on the other machien?23:33
sohailI have a "main" repository at server:/home/sohail/bzr/code/master that I push to23:34
lifelessthats a branch23:34
lifelessdid you setup a shared repository for that ?23:34
lifelessok, lets do that, its only a couple commands23:34
lifelesscan you ssh in there?23:34
lifelessdo so, and please psate the result of 'bzr info master'23:35
sohailok I'm there23:35
sohail  shared repository: /home/sohail/bzr23:35
sohail  repository branch: master23:35
sohailI guess it is shared...23:35
lifelessah - there is a shared repo :)23:35
sohailwhat does that mean anyway23:35
sohailnm, I'm reading please continue23:36
lifelessit means that the history store - the thing that gets big with all your commits :) - is shared across multiple branches23:36
lifelessbzr branch master $NEWBRANCHNAME23:36
lifelessthis should be subsecond23:36
sohailstill going...23:36
lifelessok when it finishes23:37
lifelesscd $NEWBRANCHNAME23:37
lifelessbzr info23:37
sohailstill going hehe23:38
sohailok here comes the paste23:38
sohailRepository tree (format: pack-0.92)23:38
sohail  shared repository: /home/sohail/bzr23:38
sohail  repository branch: .23:38
sohailRelated branches:23:38
sohail  parent branch: /home/sohail/bzr/code/master23:38
lifelessbzr remove-tree .23:38
lifelesswhat happened here is that your repository is set to create working trees, but you don't need one here, you just want the branch data23:39
lifelessso you should have an emptyish directory (only having .bzr)23:39
sohailyep.. 44k23:39
lifelessnow, back on your other machine23:39
lifelessdo you want to work disconnected ?23:40
sohailnot usually23:40
lifelessso the simplest thing then is just to go to your clone that you made23:40
lifelessand run 'bzr bind $URL_OF_MASTER'23:40
lifelessnow, when you do a commit, it will go immediately to master on the other machine23:41
* sohail was getting tired of commit && push :-)23:41
lifelessto change the target you can run 'bzr branch $NAME_OF_NEW_BRANCH'23:41
sohailok so if $NEWBRANCHNAME was next, I do bzr switch next23:42
lifelesse.g. 'bzr switch next'23:42
lifelessand you can switch back with 'bzr switch master'23:42
sohailmaybe I should rename that to be... current23:42
lifelessyou can give switch any url you want, but short names are looked up adjacent to the current target23:42
davidstraussCan I reorder threads in bzr loom?23:42
sohailso how would I merge between them?23:42
lifelesssohail: bzr switch master; bzr merge url_of_next; bzr commit -m 'merge next'23:43
sohailthanks lifeless23:43
sohailam I set?23:43
lifelessread up on this stuff if yo ulike23:43
sohailyou are a saint23:43
sohailI tried23:43
sohailis there a bzr book like the svn book23:44
=== thumper_laptop is now known as thumper
sohailoh one more thing, is it possible to see which commits would get merged? It would make a changelog easier23:44
lifelessbzr st -v23:44
lifelessafter doing the merge before committing23:45
thumperspiv: my network was slowed to dial-up, which may have been part of the problem23:45
sohailthanks lifeless23:45
spivthumper: ah :)23:45
lifelessdavidstrauss: there isn't really a ui for it today; it is effectively a cherrypick though - so23:47
lifelessbzr create-thread new-lower23:48
lifelessbzr merge -r thread:one_below_old_upper..thread:old_upper .23:48
lifelessbzr commit -m "merge old -upper"23:48
lifelessbzr switch old-upper23:48
lifelessbzr remove-thread23:48
lifeless(roughly that; do a record first, so you can revert-loom if you mess it up :)23:49
davidstrausslifeless: thanks!23:49
davidstrausslifeless: remove-thread?23:50
davidstrausslifeless: that command does not exist23:51
davidstrausslifeless: after reverting the changes, i assume23:51
lifelessdavidstrauss: uhm maybe :P23:52
lifelesshousekeeping wise what you want to achieve is23:54
lifeless- merge the higher thread into a new lower one, and propogate this up through all the threads that didn't previously have the higher ones content23:55
lifeless- tell the thread immediately above where the higher thread was that it still has the content of the moved thread23:55
lifeless- remove the old higher thread as its now a meaningless placeholder23:56
davidstraussIs there a way to collaborate on looms?23:56
davidstraussLooms seem to not replicate over push23:56
lifelessabsolutely - bzr record; bzr push URL23:57
lifelessthe thing missing today is 'bzr merge LOOM' cause noone has gotten around to it :(23:57
lifelessthe data structure has space for it though23:58

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