kelviethe kde 4 theme for firefox is out of date... and buggy00:00
earleit works pretty well for me...00:00
DerStillePeteokay how do i check it out ?00:00
earleapart from the odd scrollbar arrows :)00:00
legodude__kelvie: howso buggy?00:00
RoeyIs 4.2 not going into Intrepid Ibex by default?00:01
kelvielegodude__: the scrollbar arrows00:01
earlekelvie: good to know it wasn't just on my machine!00:01
legodude__it crashes a lot for me, is unusable00:01
Roeywill it only appear natively in Jaunty?00:01
kelviebut can anyone else with an intel card try changing resolutions within KWin?00:02
kelvieit crashes X :O00:02
kelviefor me, at least00:02
kelviewhich means I can't do presentations on my laptop00:02
legodude__kelvie: I don't know if it is the same problem, but whenever I try to go fullscreen mine crashes00:03
DerStillePeteearle: where do i find this kde 4 firefox theme ?00:03
Freddy2DerStillePete: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/757400:04
earleYeah, what Freddy said. Sorry, I'm running in console mode now so not much good for webby stuff.00:05
mefisto__the firefox kde4 theme is a good idea but needs a bit more work00:06
psycohey guys, so installed kde 4.2, and now when I boot up I get "kinit: no resume image"00:07
psycoand it stays in console,00:07
psycoand it asks me to login....00:08
DerStillePetethanks so far, i'll have a look at it later00:08
psycoand when I "startx" it tries but it can't find splash, windows managers, anything00:08
earleI see the no resume image message as well, come to think of it.00:08
earleNot sure if that's just debug info.00:08
psycohow should I get past it? I get stuck there00:09
DerStillePeteso is there an issue with gwenview and digikam ?00:09
DerStillePeteor libkipi600:10
DerStillePeteseems like i can only have either digikam or gwenview....00:10
earleUH. WHAT. kde-core wasn't installed o_O00:12
mefisto__earle and psyco: maybe try editing your fstab and replace the UUID for swap partition to /dev/sda5 (or whatever your swap partition is) then reboot00:12
Macerthis sucks00:12
Macerkubuntu on a macbook doesn't support adhoc networking00:13
Maceri give up00:13
earlemefisto__: *nod*00:13
Macerguess it's back to osx00:13
Macerit's a shame too because i really like kubuntu00:13
earledon't go back to the dark side!00:13
Maceri need to be able to have my phone tethered00:13
Macerand adhoc wifi is the only way to do it on a G100:13
Macermy n800 works great with the adhoc network stuff.. kubuntu (most likely because of the wifi driver) can't seem to grasp the concept of an open adhoc network00:14
earleosx is made of slugs, used gum and the tears of orphaned children00:14
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Maceri've tried it every which way00:14
RoeyIs 4.2 not going into Intrepid Ibex by default?00:14
Roeywill it only appear natively in Jaunty?00:14
Roeyor debut in jaunty, rather?00:15
earleO LAWD IS DAT SOME KDE 4.2?!00:15
earleI can't believe the problem all this time was that *something* uninstalled kde-core00:16
earle:D :D00:17
ofvafter upgrading to 4.2, the taskbar is blue-ish instead of black. how can i revert this change?00:17
Freddy2switch to oxygen theme at desktop options00:17
earleI have now seen that blue for the first time. I like it!00:17
RoeySo again00:17
earleOxygen is too Vista-ish for my tastes :)00:17
RoeyI noticed according to the FAQ that KDE 4.2 is in the PPA experimental respository for Intrepid.  Will it stay there indefinitely, or will it move into the main repository?00:18
Roeyearle:  oxygen has no contrast00:18
ofvFreddy2: the theme is oxygen, it is the only one.00:18
JontheEchidnaRoey: eventually it'll be in intrepid-backports, but it should stay even after KDE 4.2 is in -backports00:18
Roeyhmm ok.00:19
Freddy2i've just tested a live cd including kde 4.2 and the droplist had a few themes, including blue, black, ..00:19
DerStillePeteahhh and finally ark is usable00:19
RoeySo kde 4.2 is really only going to come by default in Jaunty then00:19
jammen33anyone having anything break when going to kde4.2 from 4.2beta00:19
RoeyI assume the same thing with kde 4.3 and Jaunty00:19
Freddy2DerStillePete: but no ark plasmoid for drag & drop in order to (de)compress files/folders, isn't it?00:20
RoeyJaunty comes out in April and KDE 4.3 two months later00:20
mefisto__earle: so you've logged in to kde4?00:20
earleYep :) Using the new user I created.00:20
earleIt looks DELICIOUS.00:20
DerStillePeteplasmoid are not really working for me so far00:20
earleSorry, feeling slightly euphoric at the stress release.00:20
DerStillePetewell some of them do actually00:21
JontheEchidnaRoey: Yes. KDE 4.3 and its prereleases will be delivered in a similar manner in Jaunty as 4.2 was in Intrepid00:21
mefisto__earle: how did you work out that kde-core was not installed?00:21
jammen33do any plasmoids break from beta to final?00:21
DerStillePetei didnt had the betas installed00:22
DerStillePeteso i came from 4.1 with some self-compiled plasmoids00:22
earlemefisto__: I was going to uninstall it completely and reinstall it. Imagine my surprise!00:23
DerStillePeteso for instance weather is not working right now00:23
emanuelIs kontact showing '%n' in the summary page for someone else here? I have it in Spanish an it says, for example, for a coming event, "en %n dias" (Spanish for 'in %n days') instead of showing the actual number.00:23
Freddy2mola XD00:24
Macerlet me install osx again00:24
ofvthe taskbar is blue, but teh background of some widgets (luna, volume, kcpuload) is black. The application launcher has a black backround, and the taskbar tooltips have a black background too. This is not nice at all.00:25
earleHmm. New problem. I moved /home/testuser to /home/earle, now I'm getting "kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 3. Check"00:25
gorgonizer also having problems with a number of plasmoids, though that may be due to the number I have running :(00:25
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DerStillePeteso how do i get rid of the old plasmoids an make sure the new ones work ?00:26
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=== peter__ is now known as expat
earleOkay, moving it back works... Hmm.00:26
DerStillePetewas there an issue with the plasmoids in the rc's ?00:27
gorgonizerI have had the same issue with plasmoids since Beta 2 if I recollect...00:27
DerStillePetecould not find requested componend   is what i get00:28
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:28
DerStillePetebut the calender plasmoid for instance work....00:29
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matt___When can I apt-get upgrade to KDE4.2?00:29
JontheEchidnaare the ones that don't work for you self-compiled?00:29
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* earle waves from KDE 4.2-land00:30
DerStillePetei think i had only weather self-compiled00:30
DerStillePeteif i remember right00:30
DerStillePetebut the world plasmoid is also not working00:30
JontheEchidnayou'd need to recompile it, if it still compiles with KDE 4.200:30
JontheEchidnawhat version is kdeplasma-addons at?00:31
JontheEchidnaapt-cache policy kdeplasma-addons00:31
DerStillePeteah oh.... installed: none00:32
DerStillePeteso im supposed to install this one, right ?00:33
JontheEchidnathat's where the globe plasmoid is provided in KDE 4.200:33
DerStillePetethanks ! and weather too ??00:33
JontheEchidnathere is a weather widget, but not the same one as available from KDE 4.1 in Intrepid00:34
gorgonizerI have 4:4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa2 installed, and the globe and LCD Weather plasmoids fail to load... well, the Add widgets window just sits there and nothing happens...00:34
gorgonizereventually I have to kill the Add Widgets window, which kills plasma, and then I have to restart plasma..00:34
JontheEchidnaare you sure there aren't any packages that still need upgrading/00:35
gorgonizerI did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade...00:35
gorgonizerI have to force the installation of the wallpaper package, but everything else seemed to install okay..00:36
DerStillePetejon, the globe no fails with OpenGL shader not supported00:36
JontheEchidnaI'd do a sudo apt-get install -f to make sure all the packages were configured properly00:36
JontheEchidnaDerStillePete: yeah, that's expected if your card doesn't have pixel shaders or you aren't using the 3D drivers for your card00:37
JontheEchidnaif you do then that's a bug00:37
DerStillePeteno its okay on this laptop i think i do have a low profile hardware00:38
psycoanyone know how to solve this problem? http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/8990/p1040024so7.jpg00:38
BluesKajohoh , desktop is frozen...havent seen that in kde 4.2 before :P00:38
DerStillePetebut weather forecast still fails00:38
gorgonizerall the plasma packages for 4.2 seem to be installed..00:39
psyco* I just installed 4.200:39
DerStillePetepsyco: yeah me00:39
gorgonizerapt-get install -f only indicates that a package could be removed, nothing needs configuring/reconfiguring..00:39
psycoDerStillePete: elaborate?00:39
DerStillePetepsyco: well i dont care. it looks for a resume image.00:40
DerStillePeteactually thats what it says00:41
DerStillePetemaybe you didnt see it before00:42
psycoyeah but my computer stops there now...00:42
DerStillePeteahhh okay. my doesnt.00:43
DerStillePeteJontheEchidna: any hint for the weather forecast plasmoid ?00:45
Bizzehhi. from what i can see on the link on the kde4.2 news, i can get kde4.2 for kubuntu right now?00:45
JontheEchidnanope :(00:45
JontheEchidnablizzeh: yes00:45
JontheEchidnaDerStillePete: nope00:46
earleoh fucking hell00:46
earleagh bad language sorry00:46
BizzehJontheEchidna: is it stable? gentoo seem to be having problems with it00:46
JontheEchidnaA few components do crash on startup but it's more of just an annoyance because it puts up a "this app crashed" dialog00:47
JontheEchidnawell, we've gotten reports of that. I myself haven't been experiencing them00:47
khalidmiandoes amarok pretty much cover and do what kaffeine can?00:48
psycoamarok plays movies?00:48
JontheEchidnaamarok doesn't play movies00:48
khalidmianpsyco: i dont know i thght d ask00:49
Bizzehnot adding movie playback now is just lazy00:49
Bizzehits as easy as audio now00:49
Bizzehthe only hard bit is the syncing00:49
khalidmianisnt vls  then kaffeine?better00:49
khalidmianvlc i mean00:49
earleDanger! Attention! Deleting a symlink in the folder view widget moves the *symlink target* to the trash!00:49
earleI just narrowly avoided trashing my whole home directory.00:50
Freddy2khalidmian: you can try smplayer too00:50
psycoHey guys, I installed kde 4.2, but now I get stuck at this screen on bootup http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/8990/p1040024so7.jpg00:50
gorgonizerlooks like it is failing to start an X session...00:51
JontheEchidnaearle: works fine here00:51
khalidmiani do one question i have no clue where and how to look for - i need a dvd/cd emulator open source ofcourse for ubuntu something like alcohol 120 for example00:51
psycoand when i login and "startx"00:51
robin0800psyco: x server has faild to start00:52
earleJontheEchidna: Hmm. Must be a special case; it definitely happened, though.00:52
gorgonizerhave a look at the x log..00:52
psyco"There is no /home/user/.xsession" file00:52
khalidmianis kde 4.2 out then?00:52
kde185khalidmian: yes00:53
gorgonizercheck /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:53
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robin0800khalidmian: yes and no00:53
robin0800khalidmian: you can update to it but there are no binary dists. yet00:55
psycois there a way to uninstall KDE 4.2?00:55
earlepsyco: out of curiosity, what happens when you sudo apt-get install kde-base00:55
robin0800psyco: what driver is it using00:56
dvoidis 9.04 going to support bluetooth? ;)00:56
Bizzehkubuntu already supports bluetooth00:56
Bizzehhas done for a while hasnt it?00:56
dvoidnot for me it doesnt :P00:56
psycoearle: "package not found"00:56
mefisto__earle: already tried that, seems somethings wrong with psyco's sources.list00:56
Bizzehthen you use some dodgy bluetooth stack :P00:57
dvoidBizzeh: they magicly forgot about bluetooth in 8.1000:57
psycorobin0800: the restricted driver for the radon 960000:57
Bizzehbuild your own kernel then00:57
Bizzehproblem solved00:57
dvoidits not the kernel, its kde400:57
robin0800thats the problem then00:58
kde185I think there was some bluetooth stack incompatibility with phonon00:58
dvoidit does not support the backend in kbuntu00:58
Guest95116does anyone have or know where qt 3.0.2 is00:58
earlemefisto__: ah. It was worth a try :)00:58
psycorobin0800: explain?00:58
=== Guest95116 is now known as stagga
ur8uplooking for help with adept manager00:58
staggawhat you need ur8up00:58
robin0800psyco: change to ati00:58
DerStillePeteJon, can you give me the name of the weather plasmoid in 4.2 ? I think i'm tryin to activate the old one....00:58
ur8upI do a search and nothing shows up example would be a search for minicom00:59
psycorobin0800: fglrx?00:59
khalidmianhow do i remove koffice-data-kde401:00
robin0800psyco: yes change to ati01:00
cuznthow does one remove all plasmoids?01:00
psycorobin0800: how would I do that in console?01:01
staggadpkg -r koffice-data-kde401:01
psycocuznt: apparently  its only the ones you manually installed01:01
ur8upcan you help stagga01:01
cuznti dont think i did any01:01
boblenyIs there a command to list the currentlly installed hardware?01:01
staggawhat are you trying to do01:01
zedorityjust remove the plasmoids from the desktop?01:01
ur8upinstall minicom and also kino01:02
SophtyHow do I access my internal card reader on my laptop?01:02
SophtyIt's not coming up CDs or USB drives do, nor can I find it anywhere else.01:02
staggaupdate sources use entire list then search01:03
carpiiSophty, have a look in /etc/mtab01:03
psycorobin0800: according to xorg.conf my driver is fglrx ....01:04
SophtyWhere/how do I update sources? carpii, it's not there. I ejected it/plugged it back int o make sure.01:04
staggavim /etc/apt/sources.list01:04
zedoritysophty: the update sources suggestion was intended for ur8up01:06
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khalidmianW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch  - any help?01:06
staggait was for sophty to01:06
DrbloodI need a lot of help with Kubuntu I just installed it.01:06
staggayou can update your sources from there01:06
SophtyHaha.  It sounded like it could've helped.01:07
Drblooddoes anyone know how i can change what display driver I am using01:07
staggajust remove # if you want to use that source01:07
psycois there a way to uninstall kde 4.2?01:07
ur8upit says I can edit the /etc/apt/sources.list01:08
SophtyStagga, you assume I have any idea of what I'm doing.01:08
staggahold ur8up im checking to see what you see01:08
staggasophty just remove the # sign on the lines with deb or deb-src at the beginnig01:09
staggathen use apt get update01:09
staggathat will update sources01:09
staggakubuntu sources.list in google to get new ones01:10
Estagus_re all01:10
earleoh my god I am having a heart attack from how awesome 4.2 is01:10
staggame to01:10
psycostfu, you're making me feel bad01:10
earlethank you everyone who suggested solutions to my problem.01:10
ur8upif I go into the gui and go to manage repos it will let me add them01:10
earlestick with it buddy, I almost gave up earlier01:10
staggabut i cant get plasmoids to work can anyone help01:10
ur8upi will work on this stagga thx for the help01:11
staggago sources edit software source01:11
staggakubuntu software click all of them01:11
SophtyOh, while I'm here, does KDE 4.2 solve the knetwork idiocy?01:12
staggathe fetch current package list01:12
staggait works01:13
Estagus_I have ubuntu installed. then installed kde 4.1... some time uses nightly builds of kde 4.2.... now I want to see kde 4.2 release. I have "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main" and done "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -" and after apt-get update I have "http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: BADSIG 60487016493B3065 Launchpad PPA for Kubuntu Most01:13
Estagus_Experimental Packages"01:13
earleHmm, knetworkmanager looks a lot better01:13
Estagus_and I can't install release of 4.201:13
staggause this mirror instead01:13
SophtyEarle, but does it work better? Like, actually show nearby networks?01:14
staggaestagus give me a sec then ill tell you the mirror01:14
* cuznt finishs upgrade brb01:14
x-iphi! i'm on ubuntu 8.10, followed this guide http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 and added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main to my repositories but what packages should i install to get kde4.2Released ?01:14
staggaapt-get install kde-nightly01:14
earleSophty: I'm about to find out01:14
x-ipstagga, i dont have that package01:14
staggause this mirror instead i just gotta finish a dowload01:15
robin0800psyco: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:15
staggathen ill show you01:15
earleSophty: Er... I'm not seeing any :/01:16
stagga# deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu intrepid main01:16
x-ipstagga, they are updated to the relese from today from kde ?01:16
x-ipin this mirror ?01:16
x-iplast time, project-neon has the release candidate01:16
x-ipnot the final relase launched today01:17
staggai already got it last night from that mirror01:17
staggaestagus you got the mirror01:17
x-ipso surely its the release candidate, not the final release01:17
staggayea but it a start01:17
x-ipi dont want the release candidate bugs x'D01:18
staggaworks for me just a few minor issues01:18
Estagus_stagga: ? what mirror?01:18
stagga# deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu intrepid main01:18
staggathen apt-get install ked-nightly01:18
staggathen apt-get install kde-nightly01:18
staggait works good01:19
staggadoes anyone have or know where qt 3.0.2 is01:20
Estagus_no, it don't.... it uses separate .kde4-neon dir and If I make symlink to .kde it will frequently crash. more then current rc101:20
khalidmiani cant seem to find kscreensaver or xscreensaver through search in adept01:21
staggabut i don't think the other is realesed yet01:21
cbwcjwHi, can anybody help me get 4.2 onto my standard ubuntu? Id like to try it out, but when I add the kubuntu-experimental PPA repo it wont download because of no public key01:21
Estagus_stagga: why there instructions if there no normal builds? http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.201:22
cbwcjwUnfortunatley, I just read that01:22
earleHmm. Not having much luck on the wireless front. Something to play with tomorrow, I reckon.01:22
khalidmiancbwcjw: u need to open treminal and paste :W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch01:22
cbwcjwand the command that says should fix the key, and its not working.01:23
dagwoodI had previously installed kubuntu-desktop on an ubuntu 8.10 system.  Followed kubuntu 4.2 and added kubuntu-experimental repos.  Did the upgrade but getting errors.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110611/.   Any ideas?01:23
khalidmiancbwcjw: sorry paste gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -01:23
cbwcjwkhalidmian: I did that.01:23
staggadoes anyone have or know where qt 3.0.2 is01:23
khalidmiani just installed it without errors01:23
cbwcjwtheres a screenie01:24
khalidmiani cant seem to find kscreensaver or xscreensaver through search in adept any help on that?01:24
staggacb was that 2 me01:24
cbwcjwstagga: Im not sure, whoever can help me figure this out :)01:24
stagganeva mine thought you knew where qt 3.0.2 is at01:25
gorgonizerdagwood: from the command line, do dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb01:26
robin0800khalidmian: might be kdescreensaver01:26
gorgonizerworked for me, with wallpaper packages that failed to install..01:26
khalidmianrobin0800: nope01:27
cbwcjwCan anybody help me out here, the public key wont add.01:27
khalidmiancbwcjw: sorry i have no help on that i apologize01:28
dagwoodgorgonizer, no dice: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110613/01:29
staggakeep using apt-get update01:29
staggagive it time01:29
staggacheck back frequently01:29
staggaand it might just work01:29
staggai have had the same problem and it was fixed by apt-get update01:29
gorgonizerdagwood: you will need to ensure the packages listed are installed, so ensure that kdebase-runtime, kdelibs5, libkdecorations4 and libkwineffects1 are installed..01:30
carpiiis there a kde app which will show a list of choices (buttons, listbox etc), than i can script from bash for simple interaction?01:30
dagwoodgorgonizer, ok, thanks. will do01:30
earleOkay - thanks for help all, I'm hitting the sack. :)01:31
gorgonizercbwcjw: I have not added the public key for the kubuntu-experimental repo, and can install from the command line..01:31
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Awesome. How so?01:31
gorgonizerfromt he command line apt-get update && apt-get upgrade - you will get an additional prompt warning of the lack of an auth key, but you can type Y to bypass..01:32
gorgonizeryou may also need to add && apt-get dist-upgrade at the end of the comand..01:32
gorgonizeroh yeah, I always sudo -i before hand.. as I get sick of typing sudo..01:33
gorgonizerI am lazy, for which I apologise..01:33
cbwcjwI do sudo bash :D01:33
robin0800khalidmian: your right its kscreensaver01:33
khalidmianhow do i get new amarok01:33
gorgonizeron interpid?01:34
cbwcjwalright, so apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-updgrade ?01:34
gorgonizercbwcjw: indeed :)01:34
gorgonizeryou should get an additional prompt after agreeing the packages to update..01:34
mefisto__you could also add --allow-unauthenticated to the apt-get command to ignore the gpg auth stuff01:34
gorgonizerkhalidmian: you will need to add a different repo to Intrepid to get it..01:34
dagwoodgorgonizer, they are all installed and are listed as 4.201:34
cbwcjwgorgonizer: www.mxclan.org/ss.png so yes and thats it?01:35
p_quarlesis it just me, or is kget in 4.2 completely non-functional?01:35
khalidmiani tried sudo apt get amarok-kde401:35
gorgonizercbwcjw: tat is indee the extra prompt :)01:35
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Awesome and thanks.01:36
zedorityugh. kde4.2 install failed.  the package python-plasma i had installed conflicted with it, apparently01:36
gorgonizerdagwood: try the dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb command again..01:36
khalidmiani forget install duh01:36
khalidmianits sudo apt-get install amarok-kde401:36
dagwoodgorgonizer, I did, same thing01:36
staggadoes anyone have or know where qt 3.0.2 is01:37
zedoritynow when i try to remove python-plasma apt-get complains about broken packages01:37
neothecatwhat is the "de-facto" media player for KDE, mainly video?01:38
gorgonizerdagwood: exactly the same error message as before, with the same list of problem packages?01:38
kde185neothecat: dragon player01:38
gorgonizerdagwood: does apt-get install -f try to install owt?01:38
neothecatkde185: thanks01:38
dagwoodgorgonizer, yes exact same libs01:39
zedorityhow do i get apt back into a sane state?01:39
gorgonizerdagwood: what if you run dpkg --configure -a01:40
darrenhey, i am trying to get the fglrx driver to activate in 8.10. but i cant seem to make it activate.. i have ran a full update so that everything is up to date as of about 20 seconds ago, and rebooted to make sure, but when i hit activate on the ati/amd proprietary fglrx graphics driver.. the hardware drivers app just sits there and does nothing01:40
darrencan anyone tell me if i am missing something, and why i cant activate the fglrx driver?01:41
gorgonizerdarren: waht driver is selected in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?01:42
darrennot sure, all i know at the moment is that im being told that fglrx is not active, and when i hit activate, nothing happens01:43
dagwoodgorgonizer, ok apt-get install -f set up most things the I did dpkg -i --force-overwrite on the systemsettings package.   It looks like I'm set.  Thanks a ton.  What a help01:43
mathiasbritosomeone did get google gadgets in 4.2 final released to kubuntu 8.1001:44
gorgonizerhmmm.. not tried a ATI card for a while tbh... I would check the xorg.conf file to see what driver X server is using..01:44
darrenxorg.conf doesnt seem to have anything in it at all except for a very basic device/monitor/screen config, no drivers are selected at all?01:44
gorgonizerdagwood: happy to be of assistance...01:44
dagwoodmuch appreciated.  Now off to look at 4,2...01:44
gorgonizerdarren: is there a device section?01:45
khalidmianadept still not showing me option to install kscreensaver or xscreensaver01:45
mathiasbritoi'd never got google gadgets working in any release of kde 4.2 for kubuntu 8.1001:45
mathiasbritonor beta1, beta2, RC, and now final01:45
darrengorgonizer: yes, but there is nothing in there other than the name of the device.. thats it01:46
khalidmianpaleez help01:46
mefisto__darren: just put it in: Device  "ati"01:47
gorgonizerdarren: add a new line which has Driver  "fglrx"01:47
mefisto__um *Driver01:47
darrenwont some automation kick in later on and delete it?01:47
darrenthought ubuntu tried to keep me away from manually editing files01:48
gorgonizerdarren: not that I have had a problem with, though I am on nvidia...01:48
khalidmianalso the other question i have for everyone- i need an emulator cd/dvd drive for kubuntu  a virtual drive to run disc images01:49
satan2kbonsoir tout le monde01:49
satan2khello everyone01:49
darrenmount -o bind /path/to/iso.iso /mnt/mountediso01:49
neothecatdoes anybody know which plugin i need to get dragon to play AVI files?  i tried xine-plugin-all, and it still won't recognize AVI files01:49
gorgonizerkhalidmian: kscreensaver appears in Adept for me, after typing kscreen01:50
khalidmiandarren: i dont know if that was an answr to my question01:50
seelehow do you uninstall old plasmoids? or does that just mean plasmoids you installed through ghns?01:50
khalidmiangorgonizer: let me check01:51
satan2kneothecat : non-free-codecs ?01:51
darrenalso, its a good job i have a 20mbit connection here... installed 8.10.. then to get to kde4.2, had to install over 400mb of updates01:51
darrenwas 300mb without kde4.201:51
khalidmiangorgonizer: nothing here at all01:51
=== midnightkiss24 is now known as midnight`kiss
gorgonizerneothecat: try installing kubuntu-restricted-extras..01:51
mefisto__khalidmian: sudo mount mycd.iso /media/mountpoint/ -t iso9660 -o loop01:52
khalidmiangorgonizer: i typed kscreen - no results in adept01:52
gorgonizerkhalidmian: that is worrying, have you tried from the command line?01:52
satan2kneothecat : why not using vlc, it has been ported over QT now :)01:52
khalidmiangorgonizer: im sorry i havent01:52
satan2kQt (sorry)01:52
neothecatgorgonizer:  thanks, i'll give that a try01:53
khalidmianmefisto__: isnt there an open source program similar to alcohol 1201:53
gorgonizerno need to apologise khalidmian, also kiso may do what you want with regards to running virtual drives (I think)..01:53
staggathe burning software alcohol 1201:53
khalidmiangorgonizer: would it be sudo apt-get kscreensaver01:53
gorgonizerit would be sudo apt-get install kscreensaver01:54
mefisto__khalidmian: maybe. I did find a konqueror servicemenu that worked well to do it automatically01:54
khalidmianstagga alcohol is more then a burning software its an emulator of cds/dvds01:54
khalidmiangorgonizer: would it be sudo apt-get kscreensaver???01:54
seele"Old Plasma packages are not compatible with KDE 4.2, you should uninstall any plasmoids." < just plasmoids i added to the install or does that include the base plasmoids as well?01:55
gorgonizerkhalidmian: sudo apt-get install kscreensaver (press tab at the end of the command, as there are additional packages for kscreensaver)01:55
satan2kdamn kde 4.2 is working really great :)01:56
zedorityhow does one emulate a cd/dvd?01:56
devinhey, can someone help me with a broadcom card?01:56
mefisto__stdin: are you still around?02:00
devinhey, can someone help me with a broadcom card?02:01
mefisto__khalidmian: the thing I found to mount iso with a gui I think was created by stdin. so if he turns up, ask if it works with kde402:02
khalidmiangorgonizer: i seem to be having issues with xscreensaver02:02
gorgonizerkhalidmian: what issues are you experiencing?02:02
khalidmiangorgonizer: i tried the same procedure you suggested on kscreensaver install tab at the end but it deosnt install dependencies02:04
khalidmianif you call them dependencies lol02:04
gorgonizerkhalidmian: I just did sudo apt-get install kscreensaver kscreensaver-xsavers kscreensaver-xsavers-extra - seems to work02:06
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I return! Updating.. didnt work. I dont have the actual packages :)02:07
andre_plso is it true that the experimental ppa repos for kubuntu have 4.2 final?02:08
cbwcjwandre_pl: yes02:08
JontheEchidnaandre_pl: yes02:08
=== Carlo is now known as Guest24042
andre_plwhat exactly do I need to install to get the basics? just kdebase?02:08
gorgonizercbwcjw: which packages are missing?02:08
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I dont know :P Is there one package that covers it all?02:09
JontheEchidnaandre_pl: installing the kde-core package should pull in only the basics02:09
JontheEchidnait's the bare minimum02:09
cbwcjwWell that hits my question.. sort-of. Is there something that covers it all?02:09
JontheEchidnafor a more "normal" experience, installing kubuntu-desktop should give you all the KDE apps installed in a default kubuntu installation02:09
cbwcjwThanks :D02:10
gorgonizercbwcjw: did you get an error at the end of the upgrade?02:10
cbwcjwNo, I just didnt get anything. Also, kubuntu-desktop could not be found02:10
cbwcjwoh wait.02:10
mathiasbritoHi folks, someone did get google gadgets working in kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.2?02:10
andre_plthanks guys, brb. going to log in now.02:10
cbwcjwThats better. Thanks fellas02:10
Talon^i've recently installed kubuntu with kde4.1. I'm the only user of the computer and i'd like it to just start as me, how do i auto login like kde3?02:11
Talon^its my home computer, there never will be any more users, it should just auto-login as me02:12
carpiido i need a certain package in order to mount a remote nfs share from fstab ?02:12
carpiiim getting the error "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on"02:12
tbr281whats the command line for upgrading to kde 4.2?02:12
gorgonizerTalon^: you hould b ale to fin it in he Login manager option n th systemsttings..02:13
gorgonizershould be in the Advanced section..02:13
Talon^there is no login manager in the system settings02:13
gorgonizerahh, I am on KDE 4.2, and it is there..02:14
JontheEchidnaIt's in KDE 4.1 too, just in the Advanced tab of System Settings02:14
gorgonizerI cannot remember 4.1, apologies..02:14
gorgonizertbr281: if you have the repos added to /etc/apt/sources.list, you should be able to do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:15
Aranelis something wrong with kde4.2 packages? they fail at kde-window-manager and systemsettings02:15
gorgonizerAranel: does the error indicate that they cannot install as they fail to overwrite previous files?02:16
Aranelgorgonizer: yeah. exactly.02:16
Aranelplasma-add-to-shorcut-menu and kcm_fonts.so02:16
gorgonizerfrom the command line, do dpkg -i --force-overwrite (packagename), eg dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb02:17
cbwcjwIn about 5 minutes I hope to be on KDE 4.2. I used to REALLY like KDE, but gnome overtook me for usability02:17
gorgonizerI had to do that.., worked for me :)02:17
gorgonizercbwcjw: KDE 4,2 is starting to re-add the features that I loved in KDE 3.5..02:18
cbwcjw:) Cool02:18
khalidmiancant seem to find kscreensaver-webcollage02:19
cbwcjwIm 15, but I know my stuff, and KDE 3.5 was.. great. I just didnt get to appreciate it, being my age Ive taught myself this stuff, and its definitley awesome.02:19
uspis kde 4.2 working good? (does it exist ?)02:19
Aranelthanks gorgonizer, trying now =)02:19
gorgonizerusp: working great for me :)02:19
Talon^i think its still beta02:19
cbwcjwusp: It exists and released today, january 27th02:19
gorgonizerthe final release came out today02:19
Talon^so its not beta02:19
cbwcjwnope :)02:20
gorgonizeror yesterday, sorry, forgot the time.02:20
Aranelgorgonizer: in kubuntu.org, it says "hen you log in you will have KDE 4.2 Release Candidate 1. Enjoy. " , Is it a typo error? Its not RC.02:20
tbr281whats the distro upgrade repo?02:20
uspgorgonizer : and its ok with out bugs with plasma and etc... ?02:20
gorgonizerAranel: yeah I think they just reused the page for the RC1 release.02:21
Aranelgorgonizer: it works :) thank you. i'll restart X and try new KDE.02:22
cbwcjwGo figure, people are lazy :D02:22
gorgonizerusp: I am finding the occasional bug.. but they may just be from the way I use KDE4.2..02:22
cbwcjwgorgonizer: and hows that o.o02:22
gorgonizercbwcjw: o.o?02:22
cbwcjwTis a face.02:23
cbwcjwA very scared face.02:23
andre_plmeh... :)02:23
cbwcjwIs there any way to change the startup "Kubuntu" back to "Ubuntu"02:23
andre_plwhy is the text so horribly pixelated when you tilt these widget things on an angle?02:24
andre_plzero anti-aliasing02:24
carpiican anyone help me mount a nfs share in fstab please....   http://pastie.org/37283802:25
gorgonizercbwcjw: reinstall gdm (I assume you waht the gdm login screen, rather than kdm)02:25
cbwcjwWell I chose GDM for the login screen02:25
cbwcjwI ment the loading screen02:26
gorgonizerahhh, for that, I am not so sure, I would assume reinstalling ubuntu-desktop might do it..02:27
usppeople where did u get 4.2, is it official repository ?02:27
gorgonizercbwcjw: I have plasmoids everywhere, I think I may have reached a natural limit of the number of plasmoids that can be used..02:27
JontheEchidnacbwcjw: removign kubuntu-artwork-usplash might do it02:28
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Awesome hahaha02:28
cbwcjwJontheEchidna: Alrighty.02:28
Aranelgorgonizer: :( new release messed up everything02:28
gorgonizercbwcjw: I would try removing the usplash first, as mentioned above..02:29
gorgonizerAranel: what has happened?02:29
cbwcjwAwwwesome im so happy. KDE 4.2 so far is awesome02:29
Aranelgorgonizer: kwin: error while loading shared libraries: libkephal.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:29
JontheEchidnaAranel: sounds like the upgrade wasn't completed02:32
urantherim trying to upgrade to kde 4.2 using these instructions http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 and i get 72 packages that are "kept back" and i'm still in KDE 4.102:33
JontheEchidnaAranel: do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to make sure that there aren't any packages that still need to upgrade02:33
cbwcjwGuess who just started to love KDE again??02:33
gorgonizerAranel: is kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 installed on your system?02:34
Talon^im doin the upgrade right now02:34
gorgonizercbwcjw: Is it Brian?02:34
mefisto__cbwcjw: that's how I feel, and I've only seen video of it on kde.org02:34
JontheEchidnauranther: how did you upgrade?02:34
Talon^im on a slow dsl connection so its gonna take me an hour02:34
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Perhaps :P but this is VERY nice.02:34
urantherapt-get upgrade02:34
uranthernow i'm using dist-upgrade and i think it's working :D02:34
JontheEchidnauranther: yep. ^_^02:35
JontheEchidnathat's what I was gonna suggest02:35
Aranelgorgonizer: I tried JonTheEchidna's command and it says i need to install 70+ packages. But apt-get upgrade says its already updated.02:35
cbwcjwmefisto__: Yea, this was definitley worth it :) KDE just got its respect back. Maybye linus thinks so too haha02:35
gorgonizercbwcjw: I have loved the look of KDE4 from the off, now at least the functionality returns..02:35
=== fernando is now known as Guest65351
* uranther hopes kwin 4.2 is less buggy02:35
cbwcjwgorgonizer: yea :D Thanks so much, you guys seem more intresting than #ubuntu anyways.02:35
urantherin 4.1, in flips out when GTK apps are running in the desktop02:36
Aranelgorgonizer: no. i dont have this package.02:36
* cbwcjw knows kwin 4.2 is less buggy02:36
uspthere is now way to dowgrade in 4.1, isn't it ?02:36
gorgonizerAranel: did the upgrade fail for you at some point?  It may be installed, but not configured... try dpkg --configure -a02:36
JontheEchidnaur8up: that's actually a nvidia driver problem, fixed in the latest 180 series released02:36
gorgonizersorry, should have had a sudo at the start..02:37
JontheEchidnathat was meant for uranther02:37
Aranelgorgonizer: not failed. im trying now dist-upgrade02:37
Aranelgorgonizer: thank you and JontheEchidna =)02:37
urantherJontheEchidna: oh.. how do i update that?02:37
gorgonizergood luck! Aranel: If I can, I am always happy to help :)02:37
cbwcjwgorgonizer: more sudo fail :P02:38
JontheEchidnauranther: I don't know. I know Kubuntu jaunty has the drivers but...02:38
gorgonizeryeah, I know..02:38
urantheri'll look it up later02:38
gorgonizeruranther: they are not on Intrepid yet, yu ca getthem from the Nvidia website I think..02:39
urantheri see02:39
gorgonizercbwcjw: lazyness is in my genetic code, I cannot help it :(02:39
cbwcjwgorgonizer: sudo bash, and the permission problem is solved. haha02:40
cbwcjwI do it to02:40
gorgonizerI just do sudo -i02:40
cbwcjwhaha, that works to02:40
gorgonizerand then have a root prompt open forever!!02:40
Tamagotonogorgonizer: do you have libplasma2 installed?  I am having the same issue with kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 too.02:40
gorgonizernope, libplasma3 now..02:41
khalidmiani have serious issues with adept i need help02:41
khalidmiangorgonizer: i tried searching firefox under adept and it doesnt work02:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:42
khalidmiangorgonizer: can i try reinstaling adept?02:42
JontheEchidnakhalidmian: sudo update-apt-xapian-index, then try again02:42
gorgonizerwhat version of Adept do you have khalidmian?02:42
Talon^khalidmian, did you enable 3rd party lists in your adept package lists?02:42
Talon^did you edit them yet/02:42
Talon^cause i installed firefox today, and thats what i did02:43
khalidmianadept ver beta402:43
* mefisto__ looks up update-apt-xapian-index02:43
gorgonizersame here... are the additional sources added to sources.list?02:43
Tamagotonogorgonizer: hmm.  I wonder if that is the problem...  I need to reboot to my intrepid install, then I'll check if maybe I just missed a package... back in a few02:43
khalidmianTalon^: yes third party is enabled02:43
Talon^odd.. thats all i did, re-fetched the lists, and firefox was there and i installed it02:44
cbwcjw2Yes, this is definitley the best version of KDE. Im loving it so far, im actually talking from it now.02:44
Talon^i just installed kubuntu 8.10 today tho02:44
khalidmianTalon^: refetching index via terminal02:44
gorgonizerkhalidmian: do you have main universe multiverse restricted  enabled?02:44
khalidmiangorgonizer: sorry one sec02:45
khalidmiangorgonizer: talons answer worked- very odd02:46
khalidmianTalon^: ty for that help02:46
gorgonizerkhalidmian: glad that problem has been solved for you :)02:46
khalidmianthat was so odd for adept to go blank02:47
khalidmiangorgonizer: stil looking for a virtual drive program02:47
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: This is great. Like, very good. Using KDE on this laptop used to be hell. Now its perfect, or at least a LOT better02:47
gorgonizerkhalidmian: The only one I have used is KISO, which I found to be a bit limited for me..02:48
Talon^i wanna try kubuntu on my laptop as well, but i dont wanna go thru the package updates all over again lol02:48
gorgonizerkhalidmian: what are you doing with the virtual drives?02:48
cbwcjw2:) I use windows on my main machine. Unfortunatley, Gaming :(02:48
Talon^ive been gettin this thing all updated n gettin stuff workin since last night02:48
gorgonizercbwcjw2: The laptop I have is so shit I have to use fluxbuntu..02:49
Talon^cbwcjw, most games work in wine.. I play css in wine, and doom302:49
khalidmiangorgonizer: lets say i want to run an iso file i downloaded instead of burning in on a cd i can run it via virtual drive02:49
gorgonizercbwcjw2: I haven't really gamed for years, apart from the occasional bout of Openttd..02:49
cbwcjw2Talon^: Yea, Ive experimented with crossover, ect, but I just cant seem to break it. Im not sure.02:50
Talon^im a counter-strike fan, old cs1.6 and cs:source02:50
gorgonizerkhalidmian: are the isos of films, or summat else?02:50
carpiiyou can just mount an iso in console02:50
cbwcjw2Counter strike is great, but.. im not sure. There seems to be nothing stopping me from switching, but Im so hesitant.02:50
khalidmianTalon^: films or software02:50
=== devan is now known as drblood
drbloodhow do i change my background02:51
Talon^khalidmian, what do you mean?02:51
gorgonizerdrblood: the wallpaper?02:51
gorgonizeryou should be able to right click on the background and choose theappearance settings option..02:52
carpiisudo mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/iso02:52
khalidmianlets say i have linuxjaunty.iso and i want to run it using a virtual drive program rater then burn it02:52
carpiisee above, just mount it then access it from /mnt/iso02:52
mefisto__khalidmian: sudo mount mycd.iso /media/mountpoint/ -t iso9660 -o loop02:53
Talon^hmm.. i have a buncha dvds on my computer, i wonder if i can make the video_ts folder an iso, mount it, and play dvd video with kaffiene... i dont want to burn all these movies just to watch 'em02:53
drbloodi dont see that option02:53
mefisto__khalidmian: just create the mountpoint first02:53
drbloodnvm i found it02:53
khalidmianmefisto__: lol ill have to remember that sudo line everytime?02:53
gorgonizerTalon^: some programs can play the VOB files without conversion..02:53
Talon^windows dvd xpack has an option for play dvd from folder02:54
carpiikhalid, so script it. thats what linux is all about :p02:54
mefisto__kaffeine plays dvds from a folder02:54
Talon^gorgonizer, some of them work if i open the folder with kaffiene, but some dont.. so not all are watchable02:54
gorgonizertry VLC instead..02:54
Talon^mefisto__, how do you do it properly/02:54
Talon^gorgonizer, i did, vlc locks up02:54
khalidmiancarpii: ill get back to u on learning how to script im a newbie02:54
=== amelie is now known as Amelie1973
jimdbanyone in here?02:55
khalidmianvlc rocks02:55
Talon^vlc fails on my pc.. dunno why02:55
Amelie1973i'm unable to view youtube because of adobe flashplayer02:55
jimdbvlc with the iphone remote rocks.02:55
cbwcjw2VNC and VLC rock. If it starts with V and ends with C, most likley it rocks.02:55
Talon^kaffiene works great02:55
Amelie1973i've already installed it, and it doesn't work02:55
mefisto__Talon^: File, open directory...02:55
cbwcjw2Does kopete still NOT support chats...02:55
gorgonizerI occasionally get issues with Kaffeine, but VLC works without fault usually... have you tried MPlayer, or one of its frontends (kplayer/smplayer)?02:56
mefisto__Talon^: this is in hardy, kde302:56
Talon^mefisto__, will the menus still work?02:56
gorgonizercbwcjw2: what chats?02:56
jimdbamelie:  remove the free flash and download/install the flashplayer 10 from adobe's site.02:56
mefisto__Talon^: menus work for me. it's just like dvd on a disk02:56
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: AIM chats :(02:56
Talon^mefisto__, sweet im gonna try it02:56
gorgonizerTalon^: as long as the VOB file containing the menu is present, the menus will work..02:56
jimdbdoes anyone know how to change the digital clock in kde 4 to show a 12 hour format?02:56
mefisto__Talon^: I can also right-click the dvd folder and there is "play with Kaffeine"02:57
gorgonizercbwcjw2: I don't use AIM, just WLM..02:57
cbwcjw2gorgonizer:Meh, its fine :D Pidgin is still my standard02:57
gorgonizerahh, I prefer Kopete, except when it decides it cannot connect to WLM servers..02:57
jimdbwlm servers?02:58
Talon^menus dont work for me in kaffiene02:58
gorgonizerWindows Live Messanger..02:58
cbwcjw2Windows live messenger can fail.02:58
Amelie1973can't revove it!02:58
jimdbdoes anyone know how to make the digital clock in kde 4.2 show a 12 hour format?02:58
Amelie1973i don't remember the name02:58
Amelie1973of the file02:58
Talon^ohhh ok02:58
jimdbthat's where pidgin  has its strengths.02:59
Talon^i was opening just the video_ts folder, instead of the actual folder containing video/audo_ts02:59
Talon^now the menus work02:59
mefisto__Talon^: I was just going to ask you about that02:59
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?02:59
JontheEchidnajimdb: in System Settings, go to Regional and Language02:59
gorgonizercbwcjw2: I have 2 accounts on my system, and one would login, the other wouldn't, but worked in kmess..03:00
Aranelgorgonizer: it works great =)03:00
Talon^man im loving this! is there any good ripper tools for linux like anydvd for windows?03:00
gorgonizerAranel: glad to be of help :)03:00
gorgonizerTalon^: DVD to avi, or DVD to ISO?03:00
Talon^like convert dvd movie to a folder on your hdd03:01
Talon^not iso03:01
Talon^just a video folder03:01
gorgonizerright, time for me to go to bed..... goodnight all!03:02
jimdbthanks jontheechidna03:02
cbwcjw2Aww, alrighty. Thanks gorgonizer03:02
Amelie1973i can't remove the adobe flash player03:02
mefisto__Talon^: you want an app that can copy/shrink dvds? or you just want to copy to hard disk?03:03
Talon^copy to hdd, decoded so i can re-burn it later if i want03:03
mefisto__Talon^: well you can just copy the files/folders03:04
Talon^it auto-decrypts during a copy?03:04
cbwcjw2Anybody know how to set a custom IP adress with knetwork manager03:04
cbwcjw2its definitley different than what im used to03:05
mefisto__Talon^: to shrink a dual layer dvd for burning on single layer disk, k9copy is great03:05
Talon^nah i dont need to shrink nothing03:05
cbwcjw2Anybody know how to set a custom IP adress with knetworkmanager?03:06
Amelie1973finally could remove the flashplugin03:07
Amelie1973i tried to install the package from the adobe website03:07
Amelie1973but the result is the same03:07
Amelie1973is not working03:07
Amelie1973where is supposed to be installed the flashplugin.so file?03:07
booleancatHello, Anyone else having trouble with KMail? All of my processes "unexpectedly die"03:08
booleancatimap and smtp both with similar errors03:08
Talon^all i got is dual layer dvds anyways so no point in shrinking03:08
Talon^brb kde 4.2 just got done installin03:08
booleancatnobody else gets this?03:13
Talon^nice! kde4.2 looks sweet!03:15
cbwcjw2Yea, Im loving it03:16
mefisto__Amelie1973: you can put libflashplayer.so in ~/.mozilla/plugins and it should work03:16
Amelie1973anybody could help me with the adobe flashplayer plugin?03:16
cbwcjw2This is defintley what stays on this laptop :D03:16
cbwcjw2Amelie1973: Whats up?03:16
ibeekmanI am a new kubuntu user and need some help: I meant to type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras but typed ubuntu-restricted-extras03:16
Amelie1973i'm unable to install flashplayer; well, i could, but it doesn't work03:17
mefisto__Amelie1973: you tried installing flashplugin-nonfree and it didn't work?03:18
cbwcjw2Oops, wrong link03:18
cbwcjw2There, thats the offical one from adobe.03:18
Amelie1973no, it didn't03:18
ibeekmannow I am in some sun-java (JRE?) license agreements03:19
linuxloverHello room. I am in search of some browser plugin or some software which can give me the EXIF info of a picture which is on my Firefox browser. Like Opanda iEXIF on windows.03:19
Amelie1973mefisto; also tried to putthe libflashplayer.so in .mozilla/plugins03:21
Amelie1973and didn't work either03:21
Amelie1973i think i messed up something while was trying to install/uninstall03:21
ibeekmanI am stuck in the middle of a package installation and can't figure out how to get out of it, can anyone help?03:22
cbwcjw2linuxlover: try the forums or #ubuntu haha :D03:22
linuxloverthank you cbwcjw2, lets try there.03:23
mefisto__ibeekman: why not just let it finish?03:25
carpiianyway to disable white utlines on icon text, in kde 3.5 ?03:25
mefisto__carpii: yes, but I can't remember how I did it03:26
ibeekman@mefisto: I accidentally (from konsole/bash) typted sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:26
ibeekmanrather than kubuntu-restricted-extras03:26
carpiiibeekman, just apt-get remove it03:26
ibeekmanand now I am in some license agreement within the konsole window, but it looks like and old ms-dos psuedo gui03:26
carpiihmm mefisto, if you can remember that would be great. it always bugs me :)03:27
ibeekmanI scroll to the bottom and there is '<Ok>' written03:27
ibeekmanbut typing yes, ok, enter, etc. does nothing03:27
mefisto__ibeekman: use tab to highlight the "ok" and then hit enter03:27
ibeekmanomg thank you, sorry about that03:27
mefisto__ibeekman: happens to a lot of people03:28
Amelie1973i tried a lot of things03:30
BentFrankdid something weird happen to freenode last night?  like a lot of bouncing connections or something?03:30
Amelie1973and still can't watch youtube03:30
mefisto__carpii: ok, system settings, desktop, (in "background" tab) advanced options03:30
Amelie1973because of the adobe plugin03:30
Amelie1973i tried install from the terminal03:30
Amelie1973tried downloading the package from the website03:30
mefisto__carpii: turn off "use solid colour behind text"03:31
Amelie1973tried extracting and putting the libflashplugin.so file into ./mozilla/plugins (i had to create the directory)03:31
Amelie1973tried to uninstalled and install it from synaptic03:31
carpiisolid color was already turned, off, but i turned off shadows too03:31
carpiiworks great, thanks a lot :))))03:31
mefisto__carpii: I made my text colour white too, and enabled shadow03:31
Amelie1973can't make the flashplugin work!!!!!03:32
Amelie1973someone help!!!!!!03:32
carpiiah solid color controls the block of color the text sits on, a bit like windows03:32
mefisto__Amelie1973: and you close firefox and restart it after install?03:32
carpiiawesome, even better i can now have white icon text regardless of the backdrop color03:32
carpiifunny how ive reinstalled ubuntu completely today, and im managing to set thigns up better than it was after 6 months of using it03:33
Amelie1973of course!03:34
mefisto__Amelie1973: sorry, just checking03:34
Amelie1973i've been closing the browser and restarting everytime03:34
Amelie1973how do i purge the adobe installation?03:34
Amelie1973i think maybe it is a conflict between some libraries i installed earlier to play dvds03:34
Amelie1973i just copy an information from a website to get it downn03:35
carpiidoes anyone else get a trail of dotted outline left behind, when dragging kde 3.5 desktop icons ?03:35
mefisto__sudo apt-get purge flashplayer-nonfree03:35
mefisto__carpii: I sometimes do, but it disappears when I drop the icon. I think it's graphics driver related03:36
carpiifor me it only disappears wheni drag a selection box over the artifacts03:36
carpiino biggie, just a little annoyance03:36
mefisto__carpii: do you have ati video card?03:37
ibeekmanI just want to say this is my first time using KDE 4 and damn I am enjoying it03:37
carpiinop, nvidia with restricted drivers03:37
pgreptomHi; I'm trying to install amarok2 from the archives.. and I have the correct repository in my sources.list file.  but after i update --fix-missing, amarok-kde4 is still listed as the 1.9 alpha version.. I can't seem to find the 2.0 version.  Anyone have any ideas? :/03:37
Amelie1973when i open youtube03:38
Amelie1973i see a black screen on the video, and the progress bar is loading, but no video, no audio03:39
mefisto__Amelie1973: so you see the play button, volume controls, etc?03:39
Amelie1973ok, now i see it turns out it is playing; the video and audio is choppy and the play button, and volume controls, have a faded look I never saw before03:40
Amelie1973and i'm sure is not my internet conection03:41
mefisto__Amelie1973: in firefox, type in address bar about:plugins and you should see Shockwave Flash 10.0 listed there03:43
ibeekmanwhats the best way to browse packages?03:43
Amelie1973it is03:44
Amelie1973do i have to remove it?03:44
mefisto__Amelie1973: no, flash 10 is the current version03:45
Amelie1973no no! sorry03:45
Amelie1973is shockwave flash03:45
Amelie1973but is 9!03:45
Amelie1973    File name: libgnashplugin.so03:46
Amelie1973    Shockwave Flash 9.0 r999. Gnash 0.8.4, the GN03:46
Amelie1973do i have to remove it?03:46
mefisto__Amelie1973: ok you have to remove that03:46
Amelie1973apt-get remove shockwave flash?03:46
coreymon77is there a better scanning program than kooka03:47
coreymon77its kinda limited?03:47
coreymon77didnt mean the ?03:47
mefisto__coreymon77: xsane03:47
Amelie1973and, now... how do i have to install the flashplayer03:47
mefisto__Amelie1973: is the .so file still in .mozilla/plugins  ?03:48
Amelie1973i erased it03:48
Amelie1973i found now03:48
Amelie1973doing the about: plugins03:48
Amelie1973the shockwave 10 is listed now!03:49
mefisto__Amelie1973: try youtube again03:49
Amelie1973    File name: libflashplayer.so03:49
Amelie1973    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r1503:49
Amelie1973you are a GENIUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS03:50
Amelie1973now is working perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfeeeeeeeeeeectttttttttttt03:50
Amelie1973and the youtube screen controls are normal; not faded like were before03:50
carpiiyouve started slurring, is that a side effect? :p03:50
Amelie1973this is happppinnnesssss!!!!!!!!!03:51
Amelie1973well, Mefisto, Carpii, you were really kind03:52
Amelie1973thanks a lot03:53
Amelie1973i have to go to sleep03:53
carpiioh i didnt do anything really, but goodnight :)03:53
Amelie1973yes, you helped :)03:54
Amelie1973thank youuuuuuuuuuu03:54
carpiihehe ok, bye!03:54
gkffjckHi all I'm downloading jaunty to try in vbox... But I was wondering if it will have kde 4.1 or 4.2 on it? Also which is the default? .1 or .2?03:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kde4.203:55
carpiia default KDE install has 'Templates' 'Music' etc in my home dir. Can i just delete these ?03:55
gkffjck!kde 4.203:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kde 4.203:56
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde403:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 4.203:56
pgreptomHi guys; I'm triyng to upgrade to amarok 2.  I currently have 1.92.2.  I added the rep. (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main) to my apt, but the latest version is 1.92.2.  Any idea how I can upgrade to the 2.0?03:58
anjamesJeez ubottu, get with the times03:58
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!03:58
anjames4.2 is the hippest. If you're gonna be rad, you got to jive the hip software.03:59
carpiii dont wanna be rad, i wanna be productive :/04:00
carpiiand kde 4.x kinda jibes with that for me04:01
carpiiis there a nice 'personal wiki' app for kde ?04:02
carpiinon web based04:02
carpiiatm i run ZuluPad in wine, but I wanna get away from all these windows apps04:02
conferen34is there an app to chat via webcam with msn?04:03
cbwcjwcarpi: I find it funny you immediatley take the question to #ubuntu :P04:08
z666no one has ever tried  to run a bct15 uniden in ubuntu??04:09
jon_high9000hi there. i have reinstalled kubuntu 8.10 today and also reinstall KDM Theme Manager again. im still having problems accessing the kdm theme manager. has anybody else had better luck?04:13
mefisto__jon_high9000: don't know if kde4 uses the same commands as kde3, but try doing this in konsole: kcmshell --list04:21
jon_high9000<mefisto> No protocol specified04:24
mefisto__did you put in --list at the end?04:24
jon_high9000<mefisto> kcmshell: cannot connect to X server :004:25
jon_high9000at the end04:25
mefisto__jon_high9000: you're doing this in konsole? or a virtual terminal?04:26
jon_high9000<mefisto> does it matter if it is in superuser account or no?04:28
mefisto__jon_high9000: have you enabled root account? or you just mean you used sudo?04:29
jon_high9000it is both actually. yes i did04:30
mefisto__jon_high9000: so you're logged in to kde as root now?04:30
jon_high9000<mefisto> yes.04:30
mefisto__oh man04:31
jon_high9000<mefisto> i will log out of root and retry. ok?04:31
astrommeas anormal user04:31
astrommetry: "sudo /usr/bin/kcmshell4 kdm --lang en_US"04:32
mefisto__ahh so it's kcmshell404:32
astrommemefisto__: Yeah, I guess so04:33
sorsethi, can i have normal desktop, like kde3 in kde 4.2?04:33
mefisto__is kcmshell maybe symlinked to kcmshell4 in kde4?04:34
jon_high9000<astromme> that did the trick thanks.04:34
astrommejon_high9000: Glad to see it worked04:34
jon_high9000<logged out ofcourse.04:34
astrommejon_high9000: It _should_ also be in the System Settings -> Advanced -> Login Manager04:35
jon_high9000but it worked anyhow04:35
jon_high9000<astromme> yes it is.04:35
sorseti mean use desktop as folder!04:36
jon_high9000<astromme> is there a way to set it so i dont have to keep entering the command just to access kdm theme?04:37
jon_high9000<astromme> i.e. shortcut to kmenu04:38
astrommejon_high9000: Well... you don't have it in systemsettings?04:38
astrommesorset: Kubuntu 8.10? with kde 4.1?04:39
jon_high9000<astromme> no unfortunately i dont04:39
jon_high9000Kubuntu 8.1004:39
sorsetastromme: 8.10 with 4.204:39
astrommejon_high9000: Hmm... well you might be able to create some sort of launcher, I dunno.04:39
astrommesorset: Unlock your desktop. go into Appearance Settings (right click on desktop) and switch the "Type" to a folderview04:40
jon_high9000<astromme> i have the location now thanks to you. that should help. ;)04:41
astrommejon_high9000: ok04:41
sorsetastromme: thank you :)04:42
sorseta believe its better04:42
astrommesorset: No problem. I do suggest experimenting with the new desktop and normal folderview(s) however, they are very flexible.04:42
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carpiican someone please resolve carpii.homeip.net for me ?04:46
geniicarpii: carpii.homeip.net (
carpiimany thanks :)04:52
=== rob is now known as Guest52936
geniicarpii: np04:53
geniicarpii: Is not responding to ping btw04:53
carpiiok thanks, maybe my router is acting up04:54
carpiithe ip is correct04:55
rtaycherIs anyone else having problems updating to kde 4.2 from deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main04:57
geniicarpii: I'm getting high latency on in-between boxes when using traceroute, but that might be because I'm in Canada and most of the boxes seem to be in the UK04:58
carpiiyeah im uk based04:59
carpiiive got a feeling i might be blocking pings at the router anyway04:59
carpiiand since ive not yet set up lighttpd, i cant test it any other way :p04:59
geniicarpii: It hits 4 boxes in succession on the 217.41.176.X range then starts timing out05:00
carpiiah, perhapsits not my box then05:00
=== [1]nsaw is now known as nsaw
sorsetrtaycher: whats your problem?05:05
sorsetrtaycher: haev you added the key?05:06
QContinueumi read that kde4.2 has been released. any idea when it'll get pushed out to us kubuntu folks?05:07
BattleStarJesusHow do I fix dependancy problems05:08
=== integer is now known as Shital
astrommeQContinueum: Jaunty has 4.2 now, Intrepid will have it in the experimental repository soon. see kubuntu.org05:12
QContinueumastromme: how stable is the experimental ppa?05:14
carpiiassume its not and youll be fine05:14
BattleStarJesushow do I install gflashplayer05:15
QContinueumheh, i suppose i'll just sit on my hands then05:15
astrommeQContinueum: I agree with carpii. I haven't used it myself though05:15
astrommeSome have had great success with it. It's probably (or will be) an improvement over the 4.1 that ships with intrepid05:16
cbwcjwIts a lot of fun05:16
astrommeI'm on Jaunty myself, which works fine for the most part. I know how to tinker and fix things though, which helps immensely05:16
cbwcjwwww.mxclan.org/ss.png <-- theres a screenshot of my desktop currentlly05:17
astrommeFor example nvidia doesn't work unless I pass a special parameter (ignoreABI) to X1105:17
carpiii dunno how you can work with that05:17
carpiiall these nice monitor resolutions and they just make everything so damn big again05:17
carpiiits like 800*600 all over again05:18
RAOFHow would one get (Jaunty's) amarok to play mp3s?  It seems to play flacs fine, but not mp3, not with the xine backend nor the gstreamer backend.05:20
astrommeif we're in the screenshot sharing zone, mine is here: http://blog.chatonka.com/Desktop-Plasma-4.2.png05:21
RAOFI presume that System settings->Multimedia->backend, selecting gstreamer, and hitting "apply" will _actually_ make it use the gstreamer backend?05:21
cbwcjwAwesome astromme. You people who like to customize :)05:21
cbwcjwI dont really, partly out of lazyness, partly out of, well lazyness05:22
astrommeRAOF -> you should be able to install something akin to libxine-extracodecs. Search for it with apt-cache or adept05:23
RAOFSo the gstreamer backend is a no-go, then?05:23
cbwcjwAnywhere I could get that neat little todo app? That seems pretty useful.05:24
astrommesudo apt-get install libxine1-all-plugins should do the trick05:24
astrommeRAOF: I've heard the gstreamer has weird bugs and generally doesn't work very well05:24
RAOFThat's a bit of a pity.05:24
astrommecbwcjw: That's a plasma interface for rememberthemilk. I'm developing it in playground, but it needs some time still05:24
cbwcjwastromme: Anywhere I could get that neat app? seems pretty useful05:24
cbwcjwastromme: Ah.05:24
astrommeRAOF: yeah, I agree. Although the xine backend seems to work wonderfully for me, playing mp3s from it now05:25
astrommecbwcjw: Don't worry, I'm working on it =). I'd be just as pleased as you would be to see it in a release (of either Kubuntu or KDE)05:26
jessieSo, any news on whether or not mysql 5.1 will be included?05:26
cbwcjwastromme: Especially hanging out right there on my desktop :)05:26
RAOFjessie: In Jaunty?  Certainly; using it now for amarok.05:27
astrommeThat's exactly what makes it so appealing for me. I can do most tasks I need to instantainously without needing to browse to a website05:27
astrommecbwcjw: but I still have the benefit of getting my tasks from anywhere that I _can_ access the web, say my phone or another computer05:27
jessieRAOF: Really?! :D Yes!!!! I'm excited, now!05:27
astrommejessie: I'm using it too05:28
RAOFWell, it's a build-depend of the new, external-databaseless amarok.05:28
astrommeVersion: 5.1.30-2ubuntu405:28
jessieExcellent. I'm excited!05:28
cbwcjwastromme: iPhone?05:28
jessieThe last time I had checked, things weren't quite right05:28
astrommemysql-server still defaults to 5.0, but you can install mysql-server-5.1 to get it (and replace 5.0)05:28
cbwcjwastromme: I looked it up a bit :)05:28
astrommecbwcjw: Nope, Nokia N78. Wonderful slick phone05:29
jessieDoes that mess with Kmail and/or Kontact?05:29
madrazrHi all, do any of you know when the KDE 4.2 binaries will be available for Intrepid? (approximately at least please)05:29
cbwcjwcbwcjw: Awesome.05:29
madrazrI mean from the PPA repos05:29
astrommecbwcjw:  http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/wp-content/phoneimages/2008/03/n78.jpg05:29
astrommejessie: Yes, it does at the moment. akonadi-server still depends on 5.005:29
astrommejessie: So I recommiend not upgrading until they get that sorted out.05:30
jessieastromme: That's what I thought.... We'll see how things go. If all else fails, I'll just revert.05:30
cbwcjwmadrazar: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.205:30
cbwcjwmadrazr: They are out, but uh.. yea. They can have some issues, but mines working fine.05:30
RAOFOh, dear.  It doesn't like pulseaudio one bit, does it.05:31
astrommeRAOF: What doesn't?05:31
cbwcjwastromme: Nice phone, haha. Im stuck with a run-of-the-mill phone. Keeping todos neatly though would be very nice05:31
RAOFSomething in that stack.05:31
madrazrcbwcjw: I see only 4.1.96 release, which I thought would be 4.2 RC105:32
madrazrcbwcjw: and the news says it will be available shortly05:32
astrommeRAOF: it seems hit or miss for me at times. I usually only use phonon or alsa apps though, which play nicely05:32
cbwcjwmadrazr: Are you sure? Im looking at instructions for intrepid for 4.205:32
astrommeAlthough I probably have a hardware mixer in my sound blaster live05:32
cbwcjwmadrazr: www.mxclan.org/ss.png05:33
RAOFastromme: I mean, amarok chews the first 3 seconds or so of audio output.05:33
RAOFastromme: I presume you don't hot-plug audio devices much, then :)05:33
astrommeRAOF not audio devices... what do you hotplug?05:33
RAOFUSB headsets, USB speakers.05:34
RAOFOnboard laptop sound quality is not particularly wonderful :)05:34
astrommeRAOF. Hmm, yeah, not often. Although the one I used to use just showed up as another audio device. Phonon even handled it beautifully05:34
astrommeRAOF /agreed. I like my desktop sound much better with even a simple (and old) Sound Blaster Live card05:35
RAOFastromme: As in: made it the default device, and migrated all your currently playing streams to it?  I'll have to try that.05:35
astrommeRAOF Not sure if I ever tried it when things were actively playing05:35
madrazrcbwcjw: thanks a lot05:35
madrazrI did not see it now05:35
madrazrsaw it some 4-5 hours back and asked05:36
madrazrgot it now05:36
RAOFYeah.  That's the killer; when something's playing.05:36
astrommeRAOF but I mean that for example I went and set my usb speaker out to be the default. Then I unplugged it and phonon asked if I wanted to remove it permantly, and I said no. So when I replugged it it was default again. I think that's what happened05:36
astrommeRAOF and not easy at all =)05:36
RAOFastromme: Not easy at all, but /basically/ done now in GNOME + pluseaudio.05:37
RAOF(It still needs some UI hooked up)05:38
astrommeRAOF well I do have a pulseaudio backend for phonon...so I suppose it could use that?05:39
RAOFYeah; phonon would just need to expose the pulseaudio devices too.05:40
astrommeRAOF: http://blog.chatonka.com/Phonon-Pulse.png05:40
RAOFYeah, but that's not quite what you need.  That output is what I'm using.05:40
RAOFAnd hey!  Phonon handles that OK.  Sweet!05:42
duriwhich one is the experimental PPA where to get kde 4.2 for 8.10 ?05:42
RAOFSo, now only kmix needs to handle that properly :)05:43
jessieHmmmm..... I just realized my sound's broken. Help?05:44
astrommeRAOF hehe =). imo KMix needs some love05:44
mefisto__duri: look at the link in the topic05:44
cjaeHi, I am using twinview nvidia on kde 4.2 tvout. My tv flickers when I do anything on the monitor side. I have read about some drivers doing randr, but my flicker is not consistant. Is this a plasma bug? or is it having to do with auto setting for video in kaffeine? Or something else05:45
jessieHmmm.... odd. i don't seem to be in the audio group. that can't be good.05:46
cjaeAlso kaffeine video is kind of horizontally choppy05:46
jessieRAOF: I'm supposed to be in the group audio, correct?05:46
RAOFjessie: I don't think so.05:47
jessiewould you check to see if you are?05:47
* RAOF is not.05:47
jessieHmmm.... odd. :( I have no sound then...05:48
* jessie is sad05:48
mefisto__doesn't really hurt to be in the audio group. I am because some audio apps I use need root access to certain things05:49
RAOFBah!  I *always* get surprised by the "apply" button.05:49
RAOFOh, yeah.  _That's_ what window switching should be.  Go KWin!05:50
astrommeRAOF: I'm such a big fan of kwin in 4.2. So beautiful05:51
RAOFThey've fixed the rotten stiff animations.05:51
astrommeNo kidding05:51
RAOF4.0's animations looked so very, very wierd.05:51
RAOFThese have that nice kinetic hit.05:52
astrommeand the nice spacing in the present windows05:53
RAOFAnd, importantly, are nice and fast without 3d.05:53
RAOFUm... What does the "keyboard shortcut" for the desktop switcher applet actually _do_?05:54
mefisto__it doesn't switch desktops?05:55
durimefisto__: thanks ... the banner scrolled by and did not catch it. got the info I wanted ... thanks05:55
jessieHmmmm... after a restart, all is well. Updates must have messed w/ it05:55
RAOFmefisto__: That's what I hoped it did, but no, it doesn't.05:55
jessieHey, what package is the .mp3 codecs in for amarok?05:56
jessieit's not ffmpeg-extracodecs, but something similar.....05:56
astrommeor what RAOF said05:56
jessiebeautiful. :D05:57
RAOFastromme: The difference between libxine-all-plugins and libxine-ffmpeg is that you get an ESD output and GNOME VFS plugin with -all-plugins :)05:57
jessieWell, I don't use gnome, so meh. But ESD can be nice.05:57
RAOFYay!  And it's possible to munge kwin to not kill Do!06:00
RAOFSo, kwin's focus-stealing-prevention prevents Do from working properly.06:01
jessieAhhhh..... I see..06:01
RAOFAnd by "properly", I mean, from being the topmost window.  Since it takes a keyboard grab, this can cause strange behaviour.06:02
jessieSounds that way.06:02
jessieOH! YES! When I open up Dolphin, it finally goes to my home directory, not documents! :D06:02
RAOFAaaah.  KWin doesn't do shadows of ARGB windows right.  That's why it looks strange!06:02
astrommeRAOF: You could disable focus stealing prevention for the Do window06:04
RAOFastromme: Yup.  That's exactly what I did.06:04
RAOFAnd set it to always on top, for good measure.06:05
RAOFAnd then disabled shadows, and it no longer looks crazy.06:05
astrommeI pretty much have focus stealing prevention off for everything. Then I can set different windows to show up in different virtual desktops and have my viewport "pan" to them when I start them06:05
jessievery nice. lol06:05
RAOFHm.  I thought KDE's notification system worked with libnotify, but that looked like a standard notification-daemon popup.  Is there anything special I need to do?06:06
astromme RAOF to do for what?06:09
RAOFastromme: To get KDE's notification system to handle libnotify requests.06:09
astrommeRAOF oh. Dunno06:10
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astrommegrr, this is getting late. Silly engineering problemset06:21
jessielol. :S06:22
beachsurfinhow do you upgrade to kde 4.2?06:30
jessiebeachsurfin: look at the banner deal.06:31
beachsurfini see: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.206:31
jessiebeachsurfin: that's correct. are you on intrepid then?06:32
PSiL0does anyone find that most of their plasmoids are broken after upgrading from 4.1.4 to 4.2?06:32
PSiL0libplasma2 is uninstalled and libplasma3 is installed06:32
jessiePSiL0: That's a known issue. You have to re-add most of your plasmoids06:32
PSiL0jessie: thanks06:33
jessiePSiL0: Yup. :)06:34
beachsurfinjessie: yes06:34
beachsurfini didn't have the plasmoids working in the first place, so that's not a problem for me06:34
jessiebeachsurfin: you have to add the PPA to your sources.lst and then update/upgrade06:35
beachsurfinjust a few default ones06:35
beachsurfinadept said there was nothing to upgrade06:35
beachsurfinpsh, i'm using apt-get in the terminal06:35
jessielol. sounds good06:35
=== tanim is now known as fannagoganna
beachsurfinwhile i'm getting responses... what's with the terminal telling me "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" when i try viewing man pages?..06:36
beachsurfini get this error too often, and it starts displaying crazy text when i scroll in the man page06:36
jessiebeachsurfin: that's odd..06:37
* jessie shrugs his shoulders.06:37
beachsurfinnot the response i was looking for :)06:37
astrommelol. Yeah, very odd. I've never gotten that06:38
jessiebeachsurfin: sorry. lol. I haven't gotten that error ever either....06:40
Ace2016_-Hi all06:40
Ace2016_-anyone having issues with autohide in kde4?06:40
Ace2016_-kde 4.206:41
Ace2016_-jessie: autohide panels06:41
jessielet me see06:41
jessieNope. :)06:41
Ace2016_-there seems to be a 1px border around the edge interfearing with its operation06:42
jessieHmmm. and I think I just might have fell in love with that. Quite a bit more space now. :)06:42
=== uk is now known as uk__
Ace2016_-how do you select multiple files in dolphin?06:44
jessieAce2016_-: Ctrl06:45
jessieOr click the little plus thingies06:45
jessieOr change your mouse to be double click, not single06:45
mefisto__beachsurfin: look here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/terminal-is-not-fully-functional-410946/06:46
Ace2016_-jessie: thanks, control works06:46
Ace2016_-if it was on double click dolphin would drive me mad06:46
jessielol. i see.... i'm the exact opposite06:46
Ace2016_-double clicking on icons seems like excessive work now after getting used to single click, but selecting multiple files has been annoying06:47
jessielol. nice. i do so much selecting of files, it's worse to have single click going06:48
Ace2016_-but how do you open multiple files without using right click > open with?06:48
beachsurfinmefisto__: already saw that, doesn't work06:49
Ace2016_-anyone else use the blinking cursor in konsole?06:50
beachsurfinnot me06:51
jessieAce2016_-: Nope06:51
=== Guest19432 is now known as TweakedEh
jessieAce2016_-: enter?06:52
jessieto your multiple files question06:52
Ace2016_-it opens lots of instances06:52
Ace2016_-i used to use: program  to give the list of files to the program but not anymore06:53
Ace2016_-i used to use: program % U to give the list of files to the program but not anymore06:53
Ace2016_-[without the space between % and U]06:53
jessiehmm.. i dunno. :?06:54
astrommeAce2016_-: For autohide.... do you have desktop effects on or off?07:04
Talon^anyone know how to configure apache2 to allow cgi scripts without using mod_perl?07:06
Talon^mod_perl doesnt seem to allow turning off perl buffering07:07
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
Ace2016_-astromme: certainly, i love desktop effects07:16
=== vipet is now known as Guest59808
pstrwhat line am i supposed to add to my 'add apt repository' so i can get kde 4.2?07:30
Talon^pstr,  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.207:31
Talon^the tutorial works wonders07:31
pstrthanks talon07:32
g3arupdated to kde 4.2 but I'm getting plasma errors - is there a way to check I have the latest plasma 4.2 ?07:33
carpiiif it looks like shit, youre on the latest version07:33
g3arhaha, thats how I felt with 4.1 at the beginning07:35
g3arwith 4.2 I want to try the latest google widgets07:35
g3arinstead I get a bunch of "Could not find requested component" messages07:37
roconnorwhat's the replacement for kpdf in kubuntu 8.10?07:44
=== vipet is now known as Guest78861
amine27<roconnor> :Okular07:45
erpoHow do I check the version of KDE4 that I'm using?07:46
erpoNevermind. I figured it out.07:48
erpoI'm curious if the nvidia stability problems have been solved in KDE 4.2.07:48
Tm_Terpo: is07:49
Tm_Terpo: rest is because of nvidia drivers and/or Xorg07:49
erpoTm_T: I see. Is there a reason to believe that KDE 4.2 is more stable than any of the release candidates or betas?07:49
Tm_Terpo: sure, there was much work done before release07:50
erpoTm_T: Sounds good. I'll give it another try then. :)07:50
j_hello to all07:51
j_anyone know if plasma and plasmoids insall works if you download from kubuntu experimental mirror07:52
erpoj_: I'm using http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu and it seems to work. I just updated to 4.207:53
j_you got notepad to work again07:53
erpoj_: You mean Kate?07:53
j_no the desktop notpad07:53
j_the one thats there from starup until closing07:54
erpoj_: The first thing I did was remove that, but it seems to work if I add it.07:54
j_ok i like to use it for commands that im yet to memorize to do list and things of that nature07:55
roconnoramine27: so I should reconfigure fixfox to run Okular?07:55
roconnorwhat a pain :)07:56
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
j_roconnor how do you do that do you know how to do it in opera07:58
amine27Okular is AIO program07:58
j_and oh operas alot faster than firefox07:58
roconnordoes opera support link elements and ISBN URIs ?07:59
j_explain or give example ill check for you right now07:59
roconnorhang on I'll find one08:00
g3army plasmoids are not working, upgraded to 4.2 and cant add widgets :(08:00
j_un install them then try to use this mirror08:01
roconnorj_: http://r6.ca/blog/20050521T185500Z.html08:01
roconnorj_: first link is a ISBN URI08:01
roconnorand the page should have forward and backward navigation buttons to move through my blog08:01
BalisticHi, is Multiple monitor support(On nvidia with twinview) still broken in kde4.2?08:02
j_does God play dice08:02
roconnorj_: that is the link08:02
j_choatic orbitz08:03
j_and yea God plays dice08:03
roconnorwhere does the link take you?08:03
j_i think i actually had a vision08:03
j_chaotic orbitz and random quapdhdks or somethin like that08:04
roconnorquapdhdks  ?08:04
j_it doesn't hold on while i see if i can get it to work08:05
sandGorgonguys.. when will a packaged 4.2  iso be out. I'm planning to install on several machines and it would be nice to have08:06
CugelI have a KDE 4.2 question -- anyone who can help?08:06
j_does that work for any book08:07
j_whats the question08:07
j_roconnor does that work for any book?08:08
roconnorj_: the ISBN link is simply a way of referencing the book.  What the browser does with it is upto it.  It could take you to amazon for example.08:08
roconnoror google books08:08
CugelI upgraded to 4.2 -- and now I cannot add any plasmoids to desktop etc. -- it gives me a big red cross and 'unknown widget'.08:08
roconnoror whatever08:08
roconnorfor example, I used a firefox extension to get the link to take me to amazon08:09
j_you were supposed to uninstall them before install08:09
roconnorbut firefox extensions are totally borked08:09
* roconnor grumbles08:09
j_i thought you could actually read the book08:09
roconnorone day08:09
roconnorand when that day comes08:09
roconnorthat link will work08:09
j_you right08:10
roconnorwhat about prev/next buttons for the blog?08:10
j_try to use this mirror and then install them08:10
roconnorto take to to the next and previous blog entries08:10
roconnoropera probably has that08:10
Cugelj_: any solution (apt-get reinstall or something?)08:11
j_deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main08:11
j_apt-cahce search plasmoids08:11
j_install kdebase-plasma and the other plasmas first08:12
j_then install plasmoids08:12
j_idk if it works im currently doing it08:12
Cugel"kdebase-plasma is already the newest version." it says.08:12
j_which ones08:12
CugelMaybe first get rid of plasmarc08:13
j_you must change your vim /etc/apt/sources.list08:14
j_take out all mirrors except08:14
j_deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main08:14
CugelI already did that, kde 4 was upgraded to 4.208:14
CugelBut http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu was also still in there.08:15
vitalWhen I updated to kde4.2 I no longer can start krunner with alt-f2, any easy way to fix this? as I would guess it's a problem on my installation. running kubuntu jaunty..08:17
Tm_Tvital: hmm, you use jaunty? then go to #ubuntu+108:18
Tm_Tvital: prolly more jaunty knowledge there08:18
Tm_Tvital: but FYI: when you use alpha software, it will break at times (:)08:19
j_diffrent packages what mirror did you use to install08:19
vitalTm_T, yeah, I know :)..08:19
j_when i installed i used deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main08:20
j_and im going to get these plasmoids to work with that mirror08:21
j_most likely08:21
j_tm_t you got all the channels or somethin08:21
Tm_Tj_: nah, only some ~50 channels08:22
j_where you get um from08:22
j_im just lazy08:22
Tm_Tj_: sorry I have no idea what you're asking...08:23
Tm_T!list | j_08:23
ubottuj_: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:23
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:23
Tm_Tj_: ^^08:23
j_oyu got aim08:24
MyNameIsEarlBhey everyone08:24
MyNameIsEarlBfirst time here08:24
MyNameIsEarlByep... i like ubuntu08:24
j_but we are on kubuntu08:25
MyNameIsEarlBanyone know how to make windows open underneath the panels?08:25
MyNameIsEarlBvery true08:25
MyNameIsEarlBi'm not using kde, i'm using gnome08:26
j_i don't ever use gnome cause i dont like the name08:26
j_kde is cooler08:27
MyNameIsEarlBvery much so08:27
j_and it looks better to me08:27
MyNameIsEarlBi like how gnome looks08:27
j_and i like the programs better08:27
Tm_TMyNameIsEarlB: #ubuntu might help you better with gnome (:)08:27
MyNameIsEarlBthanks tmt08:27
mansooru fain08:27
j_whats a fain08:28
j_i would like to know what this fain is08:28
=== mansoor is now known as MN9
MyNameIsEarlBme to08:28
Tm_Tanyway.. just so you know:08:29
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!08:29
j_constrained to08:31
j_feelin obliged08:31
j_happy pleased08:31
j_inclined desirous08:31
beachsurfinhmm, tried upgrading to kde 4.2 however..two packages won't install, two apparent packages when you try using the DE08:31
Tm_Tj_: please stop08:31
beachsurfinkde-window-manager and systemsettings08:31
j_i just wanna know wht mansoor meen08:31
MyNameIsEarlBhey, how do i view a list of all channels available on this server?08:32
stdinor /msg alis help list08:32
j_were do you type in /list08:32
MyNameIsEarlBubuntu irc08:33
j_try taking out all the mirrors and then just use this one08:33
j_deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main08:34
MyNameIsEarlBwow the list goes on forever08:34
j_use this command08:34
j_gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -08:34
j_and then update when it appears in system try08:35
beachsurfinthat didn't work08:36
j_did you use apt-get update08:37
j_what version you using08:37
beachsurfinah, yeah08:38
j_then uninstall all the programs you just installed08:38
j_and follow the instructions on this website08:38
=== payam is now known as payam_
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
beachsurfini did08:39
=== payam_ is now known as p4yam_
j_you used that website and it didnt work08:39
beachsurfinthe only diff being that i used apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade08:40
beachsurfininstead of using adept08:40
p4yam_hi all08:40
beachsurfinwhich i've had problems w/ in the past08:40
beachsurfinoi p4yam_08:40
stdinbeachsurfin: use this: "sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/systemsettings_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb" then "sudo apt-get -f install" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"08:41
p4yam_i have some problems about adept!08:42
j_sounds like stdin got a better solution08:42
beachsurfinthis could take awhile08:44
beachsurfintime for bed08:44
beachsurfinthanks for the suggestion stdin08:44
beachsurfinand j_08:44
* robin0800 just a heads up the KDE Four Live iso, available to downlad, is SUSE and not ubuntu08:45
=== j_ is now known as stillstuntin
stillstuntindoes anyone have qt 3.0.208:50
stillstuntinor know where to find it08:50
stdinstillstuntin: use qt3-mt-dev when something you're compiling says it needs Qt >= 4.0.2 (headers and libraries)08:51
stdinerm, >= 3.0.208:53
* stdin gets more caffeine08:54
KennethPTrying to install kdeplasma-addons via synaptic gives me Depends: libkexiv2-7 but it is not going to be installed. How can I resolve that?08:55
robin0800KennethP: try sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade in konsole08:57
vitalWhen will all kde4.2 packages be built for jaunty? right now there is a mix of 4.1.96 and 4.2.0 :)08:58
stdinKennethP: that package has been replaced, you don't need it08:58
stdinvital: when they build08:58
KennethPstdin: Where to find the widgets then? I have some old ones lying around but only the .desktop file remains08:59
robin0800vital: no iso's at present must have caught them by surprise!09:00
vitalrobin0800, ah, okay :)09:01
KennethProbin0800: Thanks. Did that and it runs fine except for keeping the gwenview package back...09:01
* robin0800 they can have count down clocks etc but can't prepare iso's or perhaps its not realy complete yet09:02
stdinKennethP: wait, it's another package that' been replaced. can you do "sudo apt-get install kdeplasma-addons" in a terminal and see if it wants to install09:02
KennethPstdin: one moment...09:03
vitalrobin0800, is there any webpage where I can see what packages are built and what is in queue?09:03
stdinut should want to remove "digikam kipi-plugins libkexiv2-3" (which is ok, because they are a part of other packages now)09:03
robin0800KennethP: synaptic might install gwenview09:03
TamagotonoJust wondering if anyone else noticed....09:04
KennethPstdin: I think I have a broken package... it says09:04
Tamagotonono cachew!09:04
KennethPkdeplasma-addons: Depends: libkexiv2-7 but it is not going to be installed09:04
KennethPE: Broken packages09:04
OxDeadC0deyeehaw 4.2 woo!09:04
stdinKennethP: hmm, try "sudo apt-get install libkexiv2-7", maybe it'll be more clear on what the error is09:04
KennethPstdin: ok09:05
KennethPstdin: Looks like its trying to remove digikam digikam-dbg kipi-plugins libkexiv2-3 showfoto09:06
KennethPstdin: I better backup my photos...;-)09:06
stdinit should want to remove "digikam kipi-plugins libkexiv2-3" (which is ok, because they are a part of other packages now)09:06
stdinand it wouldn't remove your images anyway09:07
stdinbut apt should have worked that out on it's own...09:07
=== pool is now known as seenka
g3arstdin: installing kdeplasma-addons seems to have fixed some of my plasma issues, I can no add Blue Marble09:08
robin0800KennethP: dpkg --get-selections09:08
KennethPstdin: hmmm09:08
stding3ar: some of them need rebuilding against the new plasma09:08
stdin!ru | seenka09:08
ubottuseenka: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:08
KennethPstdin: maybe some leftovers from beta and RC testing of KDE 4.x09:09
stdinKennethP: maybe, apt seems to figure it out for me http://paste.ubuntu.com/110753/09:09
KennethPstdin: yeah, that was smooth. I'll try installing the addons now and see what happens09:11
=== Mamarok_ is now known as Mamarok
XVampireXYo, Is there going to be a kde 4.2 remix for 8.10 ?09:13
stdinprobably not09:14
stdinbesides, Jaunty is out in < 3 months09:14
Tinasonwhy is kde 4.2 in the experimental repos and not the regular ones?09:14
stdinTinason: because the PPA is quicker09:14
Tinasonis it a reflection of its potential instability?09:15
stdinno, it's just a name for the PPA09:15
stdinit did have the betas for 4.2, hence "experimental"09:16
Tinasonso, the fact a packace in is experimental repositories has absolutely nothing to do with how stable the package is?09:17
KennethPstdin: That went smoothly... and I now have the widgets ready. I don't think I can reproduce this so I'll leave it here09:17
Tinasonhi mate09:17
KennethPstdin: Thanks!09:17
KennethProbin0800: thanks!09:17
stdinTinason: it's the 1st release of 4.2, it will still have a few bugs as 4.1.0 and 4.0.0 did09:18
Pconfigthere's a litle typo in the KDE4. news on the kubuntu site09:18
Pconfigstep 6 claims it will install RC1 but it installs the stable version ofcourse (at least since yesterday)09:18
stdinPconfig: yeah, we know09:19
stdinit was written near midnight last night, so a couple mistakes ;)09:19
Pconfigpretty understandable :p09:20
Tinasondo packages have a tendency (over time) to migrate from the experimental repository to the regular repository?09:20
=== john is now known as Guest66093
jeankk1 de la france09:26
jeanpour m'aider09:26
stdin!fr | jean09:30
ubottujean: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr09:30
blinkzhi how do i change my pw09:31
stdinSystem Settings -> About Me -> Change Password09:31
blinkzfig it was easy but couldnt find it first day with kubuntu09:32
bdizzleI had heard on slashdot that KDE 4.2 was out. How do we upgrade?09:40
stdinlook at the topic for a start09:40
=== eric is now known as Guest10194
bdizzleyeah, I figured that.09:40
bdizzleis there a way to do something along the lines of sudo apt-get kde4.2 ?09:40
Pconfigjust read the news post09:41
Pconfigit's explained there09:41
stdinare you going to read the topic or not?09:41
bdizzleyes, I'm reading it now09:41
bdizzleis it actually ready for 8.10? What do they mean by experimental?09:42
stdin"Packages for Kubuntu 8.10 can be installed by following the instructions below. If you installed KDE 4.2 Beta or RC you can merely update your existing installation."09:42
=== integer is now known as Shital
bdizzlequick question09:44
bdizzleit mentions to uninstall any plasmoids09:44
bdizzledidn't they turn the former "Kicker" bar and desktop into a plasmoid?09:45
stdinit means plasmoids you compiled yourself09:45
bdizzleoh okay09:45
bdizzlejust making sure09:45
Longfieldmorning here09:45
LongfieldI have installed kde 4.2 thanks to the ppa sources. Now I would like to try powerdevil, but I cannot install it because libplasma2 cannot be installed. How can I achieve this ?09:46
stdinit needs to be recompiled against the new plasma09:47
Longfieldyou mean there is no powerdevil in the ppa sources (that would work with the other ppa sources ?)09:48
gerryxiao_how to install flash plugin for konqueror09:50
stdinLongfield: it's actually integrated into KDE4 now, System Settings -> Advanced -> Power Management09:50
stdingerryxiao_: install the flashplugin-nonfree or kubuntu-restricted-extras package09:51
=== jerome_ is now known as xaless
TamagotonoLongfield: Actually, powerdevil is already included with kde4.2.  Check SystemSettings>Advanced>PowerManagement09:51
Longfieldok thx09:51
HeliodorWhy do kde install mysql 5 server?10:09
stillstuntini dont know10:10
LokkiQuick question about KDE 4.2, it says to uninstall any plasmoids before upgrading, how does one achieve this?10:11
Heliodorah, its needed for all PIM apps10:11
awidegreenLokki: "accept the solution" - apitude will ask if you do a dist-upgrade10:12
Shockanyone upgrade to KDE 4.2 from kubuntu-experimental?10:12
Lokkiawidegreen: what?10:12
LokkiI'm using 8.10 and looking at: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.210:12
Heliodoris the generic linux kernel images compatible with multi-core processors?10:13
Heliodordont i usually need SMB kernel package?10:13
stillstuntinto unistall plasmoids apt-cache search plasmoids10:14
TamagotonoHeliodor: It is compiled for SMB.10:14
Lokkistillstuntin: I have ones I installed myself10:14
awidegreenLokki: if you do a "aptitude dist-upgrade" you will be asked if you want to uninstall the old plasma-packages10:15
HeliodorTamagotono: Ah, okay, thanks!10:15
Lokkiawidegreen: 2 questions, that link: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 makes it sound like using dist-upgrade wouldn't update to 4.2, and also, I also have ones I compiled myself which wouldn't be included in the package10:15
Lokkiawidegreen: Users of our development Jaunty version can do a full upgrade to get the latest packages. Packages for 8.10 (Intrepid) are in the kubuntu-experimental PPA.10:16
LokkiI'm using 8.10 not Jaunty10:16
awidegreenLokki: it did it that way ... it works: http://wiki.kubuntu-de.org/Installation/Upgrade/Kubuntu_8.10_auf_KDE_4.2_aktualisieren10:16
awidegreensorry its german :D10:16
stillstuntindont think you cant get touch10:17
stillstuntingo up there youll still get met10:17
spionlalai installed kubuntu-desktop today on my ubuntu install, but for some reason my window decorations still get painted by metacity, how can i enable kde to do it?10:17
Lokkiawidegreen: ok, but what about the plasmoids I compiled myself?10:18
awidegreenoh ... good question - i don't know :D10:18
stdinspionlala: Alt-F2 and enter "kwin --replace"10:19
spionlalastdin, thx, will this persist after a reboot?10:20
stdinLokki: you'll need to recompile your plasmids for the new libplasma10:20
stdinspionlala: it should, but it I can't say for sure as I don't use matacity10:21
spionlalatrying a reboot.-..10:21
kwtmAnyone know if Kubuntu will get a Long-Term Support version now that KDE 4.2 is out, since 8.04 was only long-term-support for (GNOME) Ubuntu but not Kubuntu?10:25
Tm_Tkwtm: no until next LTS Ubuntu release10:26
Lokkistdin: I know that, but I'm asking how do I remove them10:26
stdinLokki: if the makefile has a "remove" target, use that10:27
stdinor "uninstall"10:27
stdin"sudo make uninstall"10:27
kwtmTm_T: Thx for the info.  Darn, so 6.06 is expiring in 2009-06.  When's the next Ubuntu LTS?  Is it 9.10?10:27
Tm_Tkwtm: prolly 10.0410:28
=== jens is now known as jens5655
jens5655Hello, just updated to kde 4.2, seems like plasma takes 100% when i try to add a widget to the desktop.10:45
jens5655100% cpu10:46
spionlalai installed kubuntu-desktop today from within an ubuntu intrepid install, everything works so far, but im unable to hear soundoutput in amarok, audacious and quakewars, basically everywhere, altho systemsounds WORK.. tried all kind of options, removed pulseaudio, etc..10:54
EagleScreenwhat happens with kweather plasmoid in Kubuntu? It is installed but does not figure in widgets list, so it cannot be added/used10:55
=== ced_ is now known as ced__
willo:-@ Just installed the KDE-4.2 upgrade  . . .11:13
willoand all my window decoratiosn disappeared11:13
jens5655willo: have you restarted the x-server?11:15
Shitalhow can i set the system to shut dowm after 1 hour?11:16
cuzntwere they added plasmoids?11:16
jens5655sudo shutdown 6011:16
SeeteePardon me, I use KDE-nightly/neon. Everything run perfect up untill three days ago, when a mayor upgrade broke QT in some way. Plasma crashes and some programs like VLC will not start, they report that "Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries". Google does not seem to be my friend, in this case. Any tip?11:18
SeeteeI can find that error message, but non of the solutions apply to my situation.11:18
stdinneon support is in #amarok.neon11:19
willojens5655: Yes, I even created a new user and logged in with him - same issue11:19
Seeteestdin: Ah, I am sorry, I do not think I should have mentioned neon at all, actually. This is most probably a KDE related problem.11:20
SeeteeOr a Kubuntu one, rather.11:20
stdinSeetee: we no one else has reported the issue, and I'm running KDE 4.2.0 now with no issues11:20
stdinso it's most likely something to do with neon11:21
Seeteestdin: I will look in to that, thank you for your patiance. :-)11:21
jury?Is there anybody there from Russia11:23
mobyhey, who use ubuntu? how I can join to another chanel from lithuania11:24
Tm_T!lt | moby11:24
ubottumoby: Šiame kanale bendraujama anglų kalba. Jei ieškote pagalbos lietuvių kalba, prisijunkite prie #ubuntu-lt kanalo.11:24
juryHow fix ATI X1100? kubuntu 8 10 64-bit11:26
juryhey )11:28
ye||owmy kdepim on jaunty is still the 4.1.96. is this right?11:29
ye||owi'm waiting for kmail because of this nasty IMPA-inbox crash11:29
juryI didn't abaut kde 4 1 96? may be. SEE kde oficial web11:32
Seeteestdin: You were absolutely correct. I removed /opt/project-neon/ and it was there the conflicting QT-libraries where. So, no good ide to combine kde-nightly with amarok-neon. Thank you!11:32
yeniklasorrIs it possible to change time on my locale over ssh, without root password ?11:36
jarcois it normal that kmix chraches when you use alsamixer?11:38
willoDoes anybody have any other tips?11:38
jarcoalso: is compiz available for kde?11:38
=== minack is now known as mie
flithmjarco: yes11:41
flithmjarco: it's not gnome specific11:41
jarcoah great11:42
jarcobecause i just switched to kde11:42
jarcoand was missing my wobly windows :d11:42
cuzntbut kde effects are just as swell11:42
jarcokde effects?11:42
flithmhey everyone, I am installing kde4 here and I get a conflict with kompare that I had previously installed.  I can't remove anything because it says I need to apt-get install -f, but I can't do that because of the error... anyone know what I can do to fix this?11:42
shadeslayeri KDE out for  download on interpid ??11:44
Tm_Tshadeslayer: see kubuntu.org11:44
shadeslayerok thanks11:46
asranieldoes somebody know if the 4.2 packages are complete in jaunty?11:46
jens5655jarco: system settings>Desktop there you can config kwin's dekstop effects11:46
Tm_Tasraniel: should be but apparently some possible issues there11:46
jarco soubnd programs at the same time. In kubuntu the problem is gone. Is there a difference in the sound architecture or something?11:48
flithmdoes anyone know if kde4 has any vpnc integration like gnome's network manager has?11:48
ye||owflithm: kvpn11:48
flithmye||ow: haha thanks, that's so obvious :)11:48
ye||owflithm: ;)11:49
jarcosorry it got messed up there: Question: zhat is different between the sound use of kubuntu an ubuntu? All my problems are gon under kubuntu :D11:49
ye||owflithm: sorry, kvpnv :)11:49
jens5655willo: ok, perhaps we just have to wait for an update then, then at least i know im not the only one with the issues.11:49
flithmye||ow: just found it, kvpnc :) thanks11:49
rohanok whats the command line to update to KDE 4.2??11:50
rohansudo apt-get update install???11:51
=== rohan is now known as shadeslayer
jens5655rohan: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade i think11:51
nonickname2jarco: kwin has got wobbly windows, too :)11:51
jarcoi ll give that a try first11:52
jens5655jarco: but you got to add the exprimental repo to11:52
jarconot big into that now11:53
jarcoi just got a LOAD of problems solved11:53
jarcoi hope to keep it this way (working)11:53
nonickname2aren't wobbly windows in 4.1 already?11:54
nonickname2with less configuration options maybe11:54
nonickname2(not sure)11:54
jarcodunno just exploring kde as i go :p11:54
jarcoi miss the minimise all windows key they have in gnome11:55
willojens5655: Hmm, so U too? That sucks. :(11:55
Captain_HaddockHi, anybody upgraded KDE on Intrepid to 4.2?12:03
Captain_HaddockAll OK?12:03
Notch-1very nice :D12:03
Captain_HaddockAny idea which version of KTorrent it has?12:03
nonickname2elegance theme looks worse :(12:03
jarcoanyone knows where to load themes?12:03
jussi01Captain_Haddock: 3.1.212:04
Notch-1it's just strange balck/blue/white ... no color consistence :D12:04
Captain_Haddockjussi01: the same then :( cheers12:04
shadeslayerwhats the keyboard shortcut for enabling desktop effects12:04
Captain_HaddockI was hoping for a ktorrent upgrade... has a bunch of new plugins and lots of fixes12:05
nonickname2jarco: you probably can set a keyboard shortcut for minimizing the windows12:05
Notch-1Captain_Haddock: ktorrent is 3.1.212:05
nonickname2or showing the desktop12:05
Captain_HaddockNotch-1: thanks12:06
jarcoah ok12:06
jarcoalso i donwloaded a theme. I just cant find where to set it so that kde will use it12:06
nonickname2plasma just crashed12:07
Shocknonickname2: happened to me too12:07
nonickname2getting themes and wallpapers doesn't work12:07
Shocknonickname2: getting themes worked for me12:08
Notch-1anybody knows when i will upgrade to kde 4.2 using the main repository only?12:08
Notch-1(with intrepid)12:08
shadeslayerjarco: how about the desktop settings12:08
LynoureThere does not seem to be kpilot in Kubuntu anymore. What's the best practice to syncing Palms nowadays?12:08
Captain_Haddockjarco: if you right click on the desktop and click desktop settings, you can download and install the theme12:08
Captain_Haddockelse I think you need to go to system settings and appearance and look around12:09
jarcolol thx guys :p12:09
jarcoits so different from gnome12:09
shadeslayeryeah alot more12:09
Shockgetting walpapers also worked12:09
ced_for me plasma and all stuff works fine12:10
shadeslayerdesktop effects anyone12:10
shadeslayershortcuts for the desktop effect12:11
ced_I have an EEEpc, dont think it'll be soon that i activate compiz :E12:11
ced_ I have an EEEpc 1000H, and installed kUbuntu 'cause windows was a b*tch, now i know i have a ralink wireless card, but i cant get it working, it shows in lspci, but i dunno how to connect it to a network, kWlan didnt gave any options, and rtx200 thingy said there where no wireless cards. What should i do?12:12
shadeslayerced_: tried disabling and reenabling the card12:13
ced_The shortcut buttons for enabling and disabling hardwarematically wont work..12:13
shadeslayerno in Knetwork manager12:14
shadeslayerthe lil icon at the bottom right12:14
ced_I tried using Knetworkmanager, it says 'disable' clicked, then it said enable, clicked12:14
ced_still nuffing12:14
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:14
shadeslayertry that,it has some help with the issues12:14
ced_will do.. thanks12:14
nonickname2any idea how to set kickoff's height?12:15
=== TeLLuS__ is now known as TeLLuS
Notch-1on the 701 compiz worked pretty well, not so usable but still... so on the 1000H i think it's perfect12:15
TeLLuSbugs.kde.org down. Can't connect to the database.. :/12:16
shadeslayerced_: it has support for the ralink cards too12:16
ced_shadeslayer: Yea, saw that..12:16
ced_shadeslayer: Hm, well, if i do iwconfig, it says there are no carrds with wireless extensions12:17
shadeslayerno idea12:17
shadeslayerthats ll i know12:17
ced_eth0, and pan, but pan is quite sure bluetooth >_>12:17
shadeslayerim new here too12:17
shadeslayerstarting too learn to learn to use konsole properly12:18
shadeslayerhey i want to map a wireless finder key on my laptop to find wireless networks12:20
shadeslayercan that be done12:20
ced_like netstumbler or something?12:20
asranielis there a known problem with the nvidia drivers and the latest kubuntu alpha? somehow jockey does not really see my nvidia card, there is no xorg file i could manualy add the driver..12:20
shadeslayerits a seprate key,like on windows12:21
shadeslayeri have a Dell XPS M153012:21
ced_hm, dunno >.>12:21
shadeslayerin windows,when i press the key it finds wireless networks around me12:21
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=== Guest83973 is now known as Bou
ced_oh that way12:23
ced_lol, still dunno >_>12:23
Heliodorafter upgrading to 4.2 my internet stoped working and cant get it to work again.12:23
Heliodorive tried manual config of network/interfaces12:23
Heliodorbut wont help12:23
Heliodoralso seem like it upgraded the kernel12:23
asranielhow does one chose the graphic driver? the xorg.conf file is empty. is there a graphical tool?12:23
Heliodorperhaps that is the problem12:23
shadeslayerHeliodor: wifi??12:23
Heliodorshadeslayer: no wifi12:23
shadeslayerim upgrading right now12:24
BouKubuntu has officially proposed the update to KDE 4.2 ??12:24
Boui thought it was supposed to be released with Kubuntu Jaunty?12:25
Heliodorrebooted with the old kernel, still no internet!12:25
shadeslayerit is available with jaunty too12:25
Heliodorand no errors12:25
Heliodorand network restart says OK12:25
ced_you get an IP and stuff?12:25
Heliodorof course12:26
Heliodordhcp works well without errors12:26
Heliodorbut nothing12:26
Heliodorcant ping12:26
shadeslayerHeliodor: try enabling the ethernet again12:26
shadeslayerdisable then reenable12:26
Heliodorshadeslayer: enabling?12:26
ced_Pinging on a host adres, or an Ip adres? maybe its a DNS problem12:26
Bou"packages for Intrepid are in the kubuntu-experimental" ..12:26
Heliodorced_: i tried that to12:26
ced_odd, i dont know whats going on then >_>12:27
Heliodorpinging local net works12:27
geiseri_will KDE 4.2 make it into backports, or updates for intrepid?  or will we have to use a 3rd party repo?12:27
Heliodorthen must be DNS problem12:27
Bougeiseri_: "packages for Intrepid are in the kubuntu-experimental"12:27
Heliodorbut i tried setting resolv.conf but its like it dont read it12:27
geiseri_Bou: yes12:27
geiseri_Bou: but they will never make it into the supported updates?12:27
shadeslayerHeliodor: did you try re-enabling the ethernet12:28
asranielis there any documentation how to use the new xorg server in jaunty? how can i configure it?12:28
Bougeiseri_: as I understand it, it will be in supported updates of Jaunty, not Intrepid12:28
geiseri_Bou: what about LTS?12:28
* earle grumbles about knetworkmanager still not showing nearby wireless networks12:28
Heliodorshadeslayer: isnt that the same as a reboot?12:28
Bougeiseri_: I don't think Intrepid is LTS anyway?12:28
=== scott_ is now known as Guest79872
geiseri_Bou: right, hardy is12:29
Bougeiseri_: yep12:29
shadeslayerHeliodor: no12:29
geiseri_Bou: that is what we use at my company12:29
shadeslayerjust try it12:29
Heliodorshadeslayer: how do i do that?12:29
OxDeadC0decan we get qt 4.5 in kubuntu without manually compiling it? ^^12:29
ced_earle: FFff same problem here, i cant get silly wireless to work, and the driver should work ._.12:29
Bougeiseri_: and hardy is running kde312:29
geiseri_Bou: right, im assuming that wont get the update either?12:29
shadeslayerknetwork manager>deactivate eth012:29
Heliodorshadeslayer: Hm, stoping the interface then starting it again worked.12:30
Heliodorshadeslayer: how come??12:30
shadeslayerit works for me too12:30
ced_Restarting stuff oftenly works >_>12:30
earleshadeslayer: That's not an option in my knetworkmanager.12:30
=== andre is now known as Guest60791
shadeslayerjust dont as why12:30
Bougeiseri_: I really don't know. Introducing KDE4 in Hardy which is supposed to be stable and get only bugfixes seems not likely to happen12:30
ced_It rechecks configs, resets errors, etc12:30
Heliodorshadeslayer: very wierd!12:30
ced_maybe that solves a lot12:30
shadeslayeri use to get my wifi working12:30
geiseri_Bou: okay, thanks :)  i at least know my options :)12:31
ced_yarly, welcome to computers, stuff can be weird.12:31
Heliodorshadeslayer: anyhow, many thanks for the help! I would never had thought of that12:31
shadeslayerstupid keyboard12:31
OxDeadC0deced_ more like welcome to programmers, we can be weird12:31
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shadeslayerearle: what options do you have??12:32
ced_wait, Ox, didnt you wrote some wireless stuff? I saw your name in adept..12:32
ScottQWhen I use my computer in Windows the fans slow down.  But in Ubuntu they're constantly running on full making it very noisy.  Is there a way of getting them to slow down?12:32
shadeslayerearle: try setting up a new ethernet connection12:32
Bougeiseri: i'm using 4.2 for a while now in Intrepid (i build kde from trunk regularly) and get no problem12:32
OxDeadC0deno.. cpufrequency selectors in ghns though12:32
shadeslayerthats works to12:32
OxDeadC0deand making other plasmoids atm12:32
ced_Oxdeadc0de: Now i remember :P12:32
ced_It doesnt work for me though ><12:32
ced_It nags about ruby >_>12:33
shadeslayercan anybody help me in remapping keys12:33
OxDeadC0debtw I fixed the ruby applet today for 4.212:33
OxDeadC0dedid you install all the deps?12:33
shadeslayer*new keys12:33
OxDeadC0delisted on the description for it on kde-look12:33
ced_not sure, ill recheck12:33
Heliodorhow do i set to use the KDE login manager?12:33
Heliodordpkg-reconfig kdm?12:33
earleshadeslayer: "Deactivate connection" only allows me to deactivate wireless.12:33
shadeslayerK>system settings12:33
shadeslayerearle: ok then set up a new ethernet connection12:34
OxDeadC0deced_ might just be "ruby-kde4" that you need12:34
shadeslayerearle: DHCP???12:35
jarcoi tried the themes provided in the desktop settings menu. But i also downloaden one from the net. Any idea how i can use it?12:35
ced_Ox: If i search for 'ruby' in adept, it gives me 1 result, ruby browser12:35
shadeslayerjarco: K>system settings12:35
shadeslayeradvanced>desktop themes12:36
jarcothat option aint there :s12:37
OxDeadC0deced_ just go to a command line and do "sudo apt-get install ruby-kde4" (That is if you're using kde4.2, if you're on 4.1.X install the ones listed in the description)12:37
shadeslayerget new theme>search12:37
ced_Ox:  will do12:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remap12:37
gernotah shit. i'm sorry, but i'll have to bug you guys by begging for help. i thought i could upgrade to kde 4.2 quick, but it encountered errors and fails. i should have waited for an opportunity where i would have more time. now, however, i would really appreciate help with getting back to 4.1. Please.12:38
shadeslayercan somebody help me map some keys12:38
ghostcubeanyone can tell me how to get the plasma panel to opacity with compiz in 4.2 seems not working anymore12:38
OxDeadC0deif in 4.1.x sudo apt-get install libkorundum4-ruby1.8 libqt4-ruby libqt4-ruby1.8    ;)12:38
ghostcubethis is a screenshot for oxyglass12:38
OxDeadC0deI like oxyglass12:38
ghostcubeyeah not working here i get a bad blue plaxsma panel12:39
OxDeadC0dehmm yeah the bar does that for me too now... but the popup applets are still transparent with compiz12:39
earleshadeslayer: I'm now using the new, named ethernet connection; I'm not sure how that's going to help my lack of wireless.12:39
ced_Ox: It works now ^^12:39
ghostcubeOxDeadC0de, yeah but wth should this be12:39
stdingernot: pastebin the errors12:39
OxDeadC0deghostcube I know I used it before, should be transparent12:39
jarcoshadeslayer: that option is not there ...12:39
shadeslayerone sec12:40
Heliodorcan kdenetworkmanager set static ips?12:41
shadeslayerHeliodor: yes12:41
gernotstdin: i can't, i'm in a virtual terminal. also even if i could i would really like to go back to 4.1 for now. i'll try to document those errors on the weekend then.12:41
shadeslayeryou have to edit the connection in Knetwork manager12:41
shadeslayerearle: you want wifi??12:41
Heliodorshadeslayer: ok, thanks, perhaps better than to use manual settings12:42
shadeslayeror ethernet??12:42
ced_OxdeadC0de: It works now, but it nags about permissions, and asks me to chmod, if i do, it says the dir doest exist.12:42
stdingernot: it'd be much quicker to fix the errors that try to downgrade (which would have more errors)12:42
HeliodorDamnit, cant get the nvidia drivers to work anymore!12:42
shadeslayerHeliodor: best bet,set up a new ethernet connection12:42
shadeslayerand use the static ip12:42
earleshadeslayer: I was talking to ced_ about wireless.12:42
shadeslayeroh ok12:42
stdingernot: if it's something like "trying to overwrite file ... which is also in package ..." then it's quite simple to fix12:42
OxDeadC0deced_ cpufreq-selector right?12:42
shadeslayerearle: whats this" shadeslayer: "Deactivate connection" only allows me to deactivate wireless."12:43
ced_selector? It just says '/usr/bin/cpufreq-set'12:43
OxDeadC0dek, (there's two of them, both part of the cpufreq package)12:43
gernotstdin: there are conflicting packages (at least). what's the best way to do this? pipe the output of upgrade to a text file?12:44
earleshadeslayer: I was replying to when you said "knetwork manager>deactivate eth0"12:44
gernotand then see how far i can get with elinks and pastebin.. oh silly me12:44
OxDeadC0deced_ apt-get install cpufrequtils , you'll also need a kernel module for your cpu (different one for amd and intel), and kernel modules for the governors12:44
OxDeadC0deced_ sec I'll find a website detailing setup12:44
ced_OxdeadC0de: Thanks, will do.12:45
stdingernot: how are you upgrading? "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?12:45
gernotstdin: yes12:45
stdingernot: does it immediately error out or does it ask you to continue?12:46
gernotstdin: no it started to replace stuff, i set the mysql password. but somewhere along the line it encountered errors and stopped.12:47
gernotstdin: i can run it again to have a closer look at the errors. i just came here hoping to undo it.12:47
stdingernot: if you do "sudo apt-get -f install" it should make it esaier to spot the errors12:47
stdingernot: it'd be difficult/impossible to undo it without knowing the errors anyway12:48
shadeslayerplease can anybody help me map some keys12:49
gernotstdin: okay. and thank you for your time, by the way. i'll try to pipe the output to a text file since there's only so much i can see with this terminal resolution12:49
earleHm. Since 4.2, all my terminals start in ~/Documents by default. Where can I change that?12:51
gernotstdin: you made a good guess there in the beginning: i do have "trying to overwrite ... which is also in package ..." errors12:51
jens5655shadeslayer: have you checked in system settings>input action or ss>keyboard and mouse?12:51
shadeslayerjens5655: theyre not working under any of those keyboards12:52
stdingernot: at the end of the output it should list the .deb files that caused the errors, just type "sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i " and add the file names at the end (you can use tab completion to make it easier)12:52
shadeslayeralso one of them is more ton a bu12:52
shadeslayeralso one of them is more of a button12:52
stdingernot: then "sudo apt-get -f install" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" again12:52
earleHuh. When I plug in my power cable I get two differently styled notifications at the same time :/12:53
stdinearle: one is from guidance-power-manager and one from powerdevil12:53
earlestdin: I figured something like that. I noticed powerdevil in system settings, but guidance is still running. Should I uninstall it?12:54
jens5655shadeslayer:have you tried sys settings>regional & language and try to change keybord layout?12:54
shadeslayerwont work12:54
jens5655okie, then im out of tips :(12:55
stdinearle: you don't need to uninstall it, you can just close it for now (it's the battery icon in the system tray)12:55
stdinearle: powerdevil may replace it in jaunty12:55
Heliodoris the message "your starting without administrative rights" something to worrie about??12:55
earlestdin: Cool. Thanks.12:55
gernotstdin: thank you so much. it worked. it's kind of sad though that little oxygen icons can cause me so much trouble. thanks again!13:00
stdingernot: no problem, we'll get all the issues worked out by jaunty ;)13:01
ghostcubeOxDeadC0de, i have the problem fixed13:01
OxDeadC0dehow? :D13:01
ghostcube<MoRpHeUz> ghostcube: try cleaning your cache (rm -rf $HOME/.kde/cache-machinename/kpc/plasma*)13:02
ghostcubeMoRpHeUz> ghostcube: after cleaning the cache you have to restart plasma13:02
OxDeadC0dehmm, my panel is still blue after doing that13:03
fshbqhello everybody,i am coming13:03
ghostcuberestart plasma Orbjinzo13:03
OxDeadC0deI did, kquitapp plasma && plasma13:04
ghostcubeand you cleaned the cache ?13:04
ghostcubecheck the folder13:04
ghostcubeif all is gone13:04
OxDeadC0dejust did it again, and cleaned the cache while plasma was quit even13:04
OxDeadC0deohhh need to remove machine with machine name duh13:05
ghostcubeyeah thats just an example13:05
OxDeadC0debah, still not working though13:06
Heliodoram i really supposed to use the kubuntu-experimental repository in the future for 4.2?13:07
OxDeadC0deoh haha ghostcube, no wonder, I'm in nightly right now that's why13:08
ghostcubehmm ok worked fine here13:08
earleHeliodor: AIUI, until jaunty.13:09
Heliodorearle: Then they change to 4.3 dev instead?13:09
earleI'm no expert, this is just what I picked up yesterday :-)13:09
earleI'm sure somebody here is more knowledgeable about release schedules13:10
Heliodorearle: Hehe, good enough for me :)13:10
agustinvinaoBuenas, alguien sabe como crear un USB booteable de Windows en Ubuntu?13:12
earleEek, Exposé! I wasn't expecting that to happen.13:14
=== john is now known as Guest77391
ced_Thats what i used to install kUbuntu on my EEEpc (without cd drive)13:14
OxDeadC0dehey what do you know ghostcube, it worked, but I accidentially did an rm -rf $HOME/.kde-neon/cache-machinename/kpc/plasma * (notice the space...) from me ~/.kde/ dir.. so I erased all my non-nightly kde settings hah13:14
agustinvinaoi need to create an USB boot with windows, from my ubuntu SO13:15
ghostcubethats not good13:15
agustinvinaoany of you know how do that?13:15
OxDeadC0dehaha won't hurt anything, just lost a bookmark to myspace *zomg*13:15
ghostcubeok then :) sounds not so bad13:16
ct529I cannot start eclipse .... I installed 3.4.0 + openjdk ....13:18
shadeslayercan someone point me to a link to remap keys in 8.1013:29
HeliodorWhat is best OpenGL or Xrender ?13:32
Heliodorremap keys?13:32
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest45446
shadeslayerto get it to display the battery icon13:33
shadeslayeror status of battery13:33
Heliodorxrender was really slow13:34
shadeslayerHeliodor: thats a function key13:35
shadeslayerhow do i remap it to launch an appp13:35
Heliodorthink you need an application launcher13:35
shadeslayerits basically a dell quick set function13:36
Heliodorkeyboard ninja13:36
shadeslayercommand line install??13:36
=== Guest45446 is now known as Bou
jarcohello all i have a question (again): How do you start compiz settings thingie on kde when u installed compiz?13:38
shadeslayerjarco: compiz doesnt run13:38
shadeslayeron KDE13:38
shadeslayeror thats what i heard13:38
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion13:38
jarcothis channel told me different before :S13:38
shadeslayerlook at that13:39
jarcoi installed it already :p13:39
simcajarco: ccsm  (compizconfig-settings-manager)13:39
shadeslayerhehe looks like im wrong13:39
shadeslayerHeliodor: anyard ninja idea on keybo13:39
shadeslayerHeliodor: any idea on keyboard ninja13:40
shadeslayer!keyboard ninja13:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyboard ninja13:40
jarcothx simca13:40
jarcoright what i needed13:40
shadeslayeranybody who has some experienard ninjace with keybo13:42
simcahow is not all kde4.2 packages are built in jaunty, but https://launchpad.net/+builds says i386 0 builds waiting in queue?13:43
shadeslayeranybody who has some experience with keyboard nnja13:43
thomas_I enabled expirmental packages to use 4.2, now that 4.2 is out I'd like to remove all the expirmental packages.  I see how to disable the ppa reppo, in synaptic, but not how to switch any left over packages to the main version.13:45
shadeslayerhey how do i restart X in kubuntu13:47
shadeslayeri cant enable desktop effects13:47
q_press CTRL +ALT+ BACKSPACE13:47
sandersonAre there log files of kde-startup-process? Mine (kubuntu jaunty on macbook white) don't start.13:49
=== rohan_ is now known as shadeslayer
shadeslayerok i still need help with Fn+F313:51
shadeslayerand the wireless device finder13:51
FrauHansenhello. can anybody tell me if the problem koffice 2.0 beta 5 vs. kde 4.2rc1 is solved in 4.2final? there were some incompatible packages...13:59
shadeslayerFrauHansen: i think not13:59
shadeslayertledhe site still says that those packages must NOT be instal13:59
shadeslayerok i still need help with Fn+F314:00
shadeslayerand the wireless device finder14:00
FrauHansenshadeslayer, ok thank you. I will not install it then...lets hope beta 6 will come soon :)14:01
boblenyHi, does anyone know of an issue where th installed version of a program is different from the version that adept claims is installed?14:07
ced_reinstall it?14:07
wershow do i sync kontact calendar with google calendar? :D14:08
reinholdIs it save to upgrade an office machine from kde 4.1.3 (plain intrepid packages) to kde 4.2 packages?14:08
wersis there a keybind for show desktop?14:09
boblenyI completely screwed up.... I figured it out. Thanks for your help though.14:09
thomas_reinhold: I'm not sure, I upgraded to 4.2 and now I can't the plasma-addons pack to install14:09
thomas_so if you need those, you might have a problem14:10
patmanpatowhats the name of the updater tool that sits in the system tray? it keeps disappearing on me...14:10
thomas_However, in my case, I installed the rc version, but now I don't know how to make sure that all the expirmental packages are gone, and I've gotten no help here14:11
=== reinhold is now known as reinhold_away
=== reinhold_away is now known as reinhold
sandGorgonhi guys... need some help - I want to install KDE 4.2 from Ubuntu 8.10 - not Kubuntu. How do I do this: all the help i read on the night ask to install "kde-nightly"14:15
reinholdthomas_: No, I don't need plasma at all (I'm really looking forward to hiding the panel again, so I have more desktop space available). all I need are the usual office applications in a scientific desktop: kmail, korganizer, konqueror (file+web), okular, kile, good printing support for theses and other term papers etc.14:17
JontheEchidnasandGorgon: check out http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.214:17
jarcoi accedently removed the system digital clock. When i try to add it as a widget i have a problem ... .. ecerywhere i click on the toolbar i get a little calendar popping up. Any suggestions?14:17
reinholdsandGorgon: Ubuntu 8.10 and kubuntu use the same packages, just the initial set of packages is different...14:17
HeliodorWhat happened to krunner?14:18
flithmhey everyone... just testing out kde4.2 here... really awesome so far.  Only one catch though, gtk based java apps no longer work for me.  In fact they don't even work in gnome unless I run gdm as opposed to kdm -- and for some reason if I use gdm I can't log into kde 4 (just hangs)... anyone have any ideas for me?14:19
Heliodorno worries, i found it14:19
JohnFluxHeliodor: It became Alive.14:19
ced_It ran away.14:19
JohnFluxflithm: hmm, what if you disable desktop effects?14:19
JohnFluxflithm: All I can think of is that they are going through opengl or something14:20
=== babbo is now known as babbo_
drbloodwhats the command to join 2 IRC servers at once14:21
flithmJohnFlux: tried that, same thing.  remember the same thing happens if I try to run them in gnome (no compiz) with kdm as the login manager.  If I use gdm it works fine.  very bizarre... there must be some sort of process running that gdm launches that kdm does not?  I tried gnome-settings-daemon but that's not it14:21
sandGorgonJontheEchidna: i checked the page and added the software sources list accordingly. do i now install "kde-nightly" ?14:21
JohnFluxflithm: very bizare14:22
=== babbo_ is now known as bambolo
flithmJohnFlux: totally!14:22
Heliodoris there no tool to mount my harddrives?14:22
shadeslayerim gonna gow insane anytime no14:22
JontheEchidnasanderson: nope, kubuntu-desktop14:22
shadeslayerim gonna go insane anytime now14:22
jarcohow can i compile a theme as discribed here? http://kde-look.org/help/index.php?type=914:22
JontheEchidnakde-nightly is a different service provided by a different repository14:22
JohnFluxHeliodor: I got a computer icon thing in the systray14:22
Captain_HaddockJust finished installed KDE 4.2... any idea what the deal is with widgets like showdesktop? Adding it creates an "unknown widget" with the message "Could not find requested component: showdesktop"14:22
sandGorgonJontheEchidna: alrighty.. thanks14:23
JohnFluxHeliodor: If I click on that, it shows me unmounted harddisks14:23
BluesKaj'morning all14:23
HeliodorJohnFlux: Hmm, i dont seem to have that.14:23
shadeslayerim begging you people14:24
Captain_Haddockshadeslayer: what's the problem?14:24
=== nicolas_ is now known as Bou
conferen34hi greentings from Brazil. Is there an app to convert avi do dvd?14:24
shadeslayeri need to map some keys14:24
shadeslayerlike Fn+F3 to dis meterplay my battery14:25
shadeslayerlike Fn+F3 to display my battery meter14:25
JohnFluxshadeslayer: that's what's driving you insane?14:25
shadeslayerand a wireless network switch to display wifi networks14:25
shadeslayerno response14:25
shadeslayerfor about 2 hours14:25
shadeslayerbeen on ##windows,#ubuntu,#hardware14:26
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:26
JohnFluxshadeslayer: looked in system settings?14:26
JohnFluxshadeslayer: and?14:26
JohnFluxshadeslayer: there's a keyboard shortcuts thing there14:26
shadeslayernone of the keyboard layouts  work for me14:26
=== adam is now known as adam000
HeliodorUmm... i dont have the "disks and harddrives" config in system settings either14:27
JohnFluxshadeslayer: I mean, add a shortcut?14:27
shadeslayerfor the battery meter14:27
shadeslayernothing there14:27
shadeslayerno shortcut for battery meter and wireless14:28
unanxbtHow can I install kde 4.2 in my ubuntu interprid?14:29
shadeslayerbtw my keyboard goes beserk too14:29
HeliodorAh... dolphin is the shit14:29
shadeslayerunanxbt: www.kde.org14:29
shadeslayerHeliodor: konqureor is shittier14:30
unanxbtshadeslayer, i followed that and added the repo but it is not told there that whether I have install kubuntu-desktop package of kde package or some else!14:30
sandGorgonunanxbt: go to  http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 - add the software repositories and then do "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"14:30
Heliodorshadeslayer: shittier?14:30
shadeslayermore shitty14:31
Heliodorshadeslayer: you mean better? :)14:31
unanxbtsanderson, will it install kde 4.2? how can i confirm?14:31
shadeslayeri mean worse14:31
ryanvwhat is the apt source entry that I need to pick up kde 4.2 in kubuntu?  is it this?  http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu14:31
thomas__im using fglrx and get some corruptions while a menu (example from kickoff) gets opened, is this normal or is there some workaround?14:31
ryanvoops nvrmnd - thx sandgorgon14:32
sandGorgonunanxbt: that is the latest "release", so yes u should get it14:32
shadeslayerJohnFlux,Captain_Haddock any idea??14:32
unanxbtsandGorgon, ok, thanks14:32
JohnFluxshadeslayer: google?14:33
shadeslayerno go14:33
BluesKajunanxbt , once instaaled , check 'about kde' in konqueror14:33
shadeslayerhavent found a thing14:33
Marfianyone know where to get the new stable 4.2? =)14:33
Captain_Haddockno idea14:33
shadeslayerJohnFlve for quicksetnatiux: any idea if dell have a linux alter14:33
shadeslayersee my keyboard went beserk14:33
unanxbtBlueEagle, woof!! so there isn't any way for prior confirmation? :)14:34
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: I just updated adept after adding the repo and it offered me the updates14:34
noaXesshi all14:34
Heliodorshadeslayer: so you dont use either of dolphin or conq?14:34
shadeslayerJohnFlux: any idea if dell have a linux alternative for quickset14:34
shadeslayerHeliodor: i use firefox and dolphin14:34
noaXessis there any information about kpowersave for kde4? now, it's kde3 based.. yes it can be installed in kde4, just wondering if there is a plan fpr a kde4 version14:35
unanxbtCaptain_Haddock, but i am using ubuntu so package manager is not offering me to install kde14:35
shadeslayercant find an alternative for dolphin14:35
BluesKajunanxbt , it's under the toolbar help option14:35
Marfiunanxbt, to install ubuntu, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop14:35
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: not sure.. just run sudo apt-get update in a terminal and sudo apt-get upgrade following that.14:35
shadeslayerlooks like ill have to live with it14:36
Heliodorshadeslayer: ah, me 2, dont like conq14:36
Heliodorshadeslayer: i dont think dolphin is that bad14:36
* Captain_Haddock dislikes Dolphin very much.14:36
unanxbtI heard that there is an option of "force version" that will let you choose but here in my synaptic this option is dull14:36
Captain_HaddockKonq > Dolphin14:36
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: try using the commandline14:36
shadeslayereven though xevodes give's me scan c14:36
carpiihow do i bring up task manager. My prev 8.04 install i could use CTRL/ALT/DEL14:36
Marficarpii, system > admin > task manager14:37
Captain_Haddockcarpii: ctrl + esc perhaps14:37
BluesKajunanxbt , you'll find the source repository here: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive then choose Intrepid at the Display sources.list entries for: option14:37
unanxbtCaptain_Haddock, i prefer command line installation but how can i force to use ppa repo?14:37
* shadeslayer flings curses at the keyboard list development team14:37
HeliodorCaptain_Haddock: dolphin is NOT conq..14:37
shadeslayerif they exsist14:37
SAZI'm trying to install kde 4.2 from ppa kubuntu-experimental. If I try to run apt-get upgrade, I get a "size mismatch" error on package libpcre3_7.8-2ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1_i386.deb. Is there any known workaround for this?14:37
carpiictrl + esc worked, thanks14:37
Captain_HaddockHeliodor: Konqueror is also a file manager... I don't use it as a browser.14:37
unanxbtBlueEagle, yes, i have already added this repo and also updated the source14:38
HeliodorCaptain_Haddock: yes i know, but they are not the same14:38
shadeslayerCaptain_Haddock: they have every dell keyboard on that list14:38
shadeslayerjust not mine14:38
BluesKajunanxbt , my nick is BluesKaj , not the other guy :)14:38
shadeslayerif DaSkreech were here,he would have known what to do14:39
Captain_HaddockHeliodor: yes.. which is why I said that Konq > dolphin14:39
unanxbtBluesKaj, oh sorry ;)14:39
Captain_Haddocki.e., dolphin still sucks quite badly14:39
unanxbtBluesKaj, so you are closely watching the chat and not like me (a lazy person) :)14:39
BluesKajthe only reason i use dolphin is to access my windows partition14:40
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: what happens when you run apt-get upgrade?14:40
Captain_Haddockand do you already have an older version of kde installed?14:41
MarfiSAZ, im installing it right now...so if it kicks back an error, ill let ya know. =)14:41
shadeslayerBTW whats the shortcut for enabling desktop effects14:41
unanxbtCaptain_Haddock, i run sudo apt-get update and the database is updated now i want to confirm the kde version before installation cuse its 200+MB and i dont want to wast that much time for downloading a inferior version :)14:41
MarfiSAZ, oh, i know. search for that file that gave you problems, and delete it. apt will re-download it14:41
BluesKajunanxbt , so why can't you upgrade to 4.2 ?14:41
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: I only have to use it when I mount something via the device manager14:41
unanxbtBluesKaj, how can i upgrade to 4.2?14:41
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: and you are in gnome now? no older KDE installed?14:42
unanxbtCaptain_Haddock, yes14:42
Marfiunanxbt, http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.214:43
Marfithat should be placed as the topic, because everyone is going to ask. ;)14:43
=== magical_trevsky is now known as magical
unanxbtMarfi, we discussed it many minutes ago :)14:43
Captain_HaddockMarfi: he's got that added... he wants to know which version of KDE he's going to be installing14:43
Marfiah, ok14:43
unanxbtnow i just have to run one command "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" but i am looking for version confirmation14:44
Marfiunanxbt, do sudo apt-get update first14:44
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: when you run update, you should be able to see the ppa repository.. if that's there, then there should be no reason why an older version will be installed.14:44
Marfithen it will14:44
boblenyHi, I have another question if you don't mind.... How do I disable the launch feed back in 8.04? Didn't there used to be a button in system settings for that?14:44
SAZMarfi: Thanks. I will give it a try.14:45
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: you should be able to confirm the version in synaptic after you run the update.14:45
unanxbtit means that now there is no other way than "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"? :)14:45
unanxbtCaptain_Haddock, kubuntu-desktop version 1.10114:46
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: how about something like kdebase?14:46
simcaunanxbt: maybe use the -u option of apt-get ( Show upgraded packages; Print out a list of all packages that are to be upgraded)14:47
=== m is now known as Mohammad
unanxbtCaptain_Haddock, yes, kdebase is 4.2,14:47
=== Mohammad is now known as Guest16066
Captain_Haddockunanxbt: well that's it then.14:47
unanxbtsimca, lemme check it14:47
simcaor -s which is simulate14:47
Captain_Haddockyou can also use sudo apt-cache showpkg kdebase etc.14:48
jarcois ther eno option in kmail to leave emails on the server?14:48
shadeslayercan i rant??14:48
unanxbtok friends! atlast download started :)14:48
Marfiunanxbt, im just finishing up the installs on this end. ;)14:49
Marfishadeslayer, about?14:49
unanxbtWhats your average download speed?14:49
shadeslayerabout 2 of my keys not working14:49
Marfii was going about 300kb/s14:49
shadeslayerFn+F3 and a wireless button14:49
Marfihit 800-900 at my house14:49
unanxbtmine is 70KB/sec14:49
Marfishadeslayer, do a search for your computer + key bindings14:50
shadeslayer19KBps :(14:50
bernhard141mb updates, you crazy xD14:50
unanxbti have a laptop hp dv5 which has finger print login option, how can i enable this option in ubuntu (8.10)?14:50
SAZMy problem still exists. Here is the error I get: "Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pcre3/libpcre3_7.8-2ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1_i386.deb  Size mismatch"14:51
shadeslayerunanxbt: youll need an extra softwaer14:51
SAZapt-get update doesn't fix it.14:51
unanxbtshadeslayer, which software?14:51
shadeslayerdont remeber the name14:51
SAZThe same goes for apt-get update --fix-missing...14:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fingerprint14:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about finger14:51
shadeslayerits out there somewhere14:51
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows14:51
shadeslayeri saw it somewhere for my XPS14:52
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:52
shadeslayersont remeber where,coz i dont use it14:52
unanxbtxps? what that?14:52
shadeslayerXPS M153014:53
shadeslayerunanxbt: you too??14:53
unanxbtshadeslayer, me what?14:53
shadeslayerXPS user??14:53
shadeslayerok ive gtg14:53
unanxbtshadeslayer, u mean win xp?14:53
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=== Guest98686 is now known as faileas
shadeslayerno i mean an XPS M1530 notebook14:54
unanxbtshadeslayer, no, i have hp dv5 came with vista and a good option of finger print, other things like vista sucks :)14:54
BluesKajunanxbt , did you sudo apt-get update , after adding the ppa sources ?14:55
unanxbtBluesKaj, yes, did and now downloading is going on14:56
BluesKajok, unanxbt14:56
unanxbtIs it possible that i put quota on login time of my users, like i want my users to use ubuntu a total of only 10 hours in a week and not more, how can i do that?14:56
unanxbthard question?14:59
thomas_unanxbt: my guess is, write a shell script15:00
unanxbtthomas_, hmm, can you give any idea?15:00
utenhey ppl15:02
thomas_This is daily, I'm guessing you could modify to weekly15:02
utenkde4.2 upgrade question15:02
unanxbtshadeslayer, http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/get-your-fingerprint-reader-to-work-in.html15:02
utenI followed the release notes here:http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.215:03
utenbut after restarting x, still not kde4.215:03
unanxbtthomas_, thanks a lot, lemme check it15:03
CreapHi. I only have Ubuntu Intrepid installed, not Kubuntu or KDE, but want to try out KDE4.2. Will it be sufficient to add the kubuntu-experimental reps and then install kubuntu-desktop?15:04
thomas_unanxbt: a comment said "...timeoutd in the repos as well."15:04
BluesKajCreap , yeah , that should work, after you do a sudoa pt-get update , first15:05
aljosawhere can i find kubuntu-experimental key/gpg for apt?15:05
Creapok thanks, will try15:05
BluesKajerr sudo15:05
unanxbtthomas_, i am also reading the link you gave and its a good one15:05
shadeslayeryeah fprint15:06
shadeslayerthats the one15:06
stdinaljosa: read the link in the topic, it has instructions15:07
thomas_unanxbt: let me know if you get it to work, I may want to limit myself to 16 hours a day ;-)15:07
shadeslayerthomas_: 16 hours :O15:07
shadeslayeroh he left15:08
unanxbtthomas_, i read it but i will practice it after 3 or 4 hours on other computer which is shared :)15:08
=== sigma is now known as Guest53082
Guest53082how do i disable panel tooltips on kde4.2?15:08
utenso yeh, as I said i followed the instructions on the kubuntu 4.2 release guide15:08
utenand it downloaded all the packages15:08
utenand still nothing15:08
utenjus 4.115:08
shadeslayer15 min to KDE 4.2,standing by ;)15:09
unanxbtshadeslayer, did u check the link?15:09
unanxbtuten, yes, what are you asking?15:09
shadeslayerfprint iss the one15:09
unanxbtshadeslayer, now remember :)15:09
utenunanxbt: how do I force it to use the 4.2 packages15:09
juryhow install ATI radeon drivers for integred gpu x1100?15:10
utenbecause I have restarted x several times and it doesnt use them15:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:10
unanxbtuten, first add the repo; deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main15:10
sigma_how do i disable panel tooltips in kde4.2? 4.1 had a option but i dont see it in 4.215:10
ubottujury: please see above15:10
unanxbtuten, then sudo apt-get update15:10
student8Howdy,  To be the safe side I installed Kubuntu in safe graphics mode and I think it stuck after installation.  How do I get regular resolution back?15:11
utenunanxbt: i did sudo apt-get and upgrade, and restarted x and nothing15:11
boblenyDoes anyone know how to disable the launch feed back in 8.04? Didn't there used to be a button in system settings for that?15:12
boblenyNobody knows!?15:14
progmanoshow can i use google gadgets in kde 4.2?15:14
shadeslayerprogmanos: wine15:14
progmanosbobleny, i'm not sure how to do that15:15
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help15:15
progmanosshadeslayer: it's supposed to work with plasma15:15
shadeslayerthen ill like to learn that too15:15
shadeslayerBTW why is my notebook heating up so much in linux15:16
shadeslayeri dont even have desktop effects enabled15:16
blahjakeshadeslayer: macbook by chance?15:16
shadeslayerXPS M153015:17
KRFshadeslayer, no problems here with that nb15:17
KRFrun htop and check what occupies the CPU15:17
shadeslayerKRF: maybe im updating thats why15:17
shadeslayerKRF: any problems with the keyboard??15:18
boblenyCould someone atleast tell me how to revert back to an older version amarok?15:18
shadeslayermy kerdcursor kjumpsyboa15:18
shadeslayerlike above15:18
shadeslayersee it goes beserk15:18
shadeslayerwhich keyboard layout do you have??15:19
KRFhm? maybe your striking the touchpad15:19
urbinekAnyone knows wil be kubuntu with kde 4.2 ? or i must upgrade it from 4.115:19
shadeslayerKRF: whats your keyboard layout??15:20
shadeslayerin regional settings15:20
KRFgerman layout, qwertz15:20
KRFbut thats irrelevant15:20
Unksiurbinek: jaunty will have 4.2, but you can have it on intrepid with an unofficial ppa repo as well15:20
KRFurbinek, check kubuntu.org15:20
shadeslayerKRF: and does Fn+F3 work??15:20
KRFshadeslayer, no!!!!!11115:20
urbinekUnksi: when will be official release of jaunty ?15:20
Unksiurbinek: april15:21
shadeslayeryeah,thought that was coming :)15:21
shadeslayerand neither does the wireless catcher15:21
KRFi dont know what its good for anyway15:21
urbinekUnksi: arigatou gozaimas :)15:21
urbinekand one more, i've got problem wiith alsa15:21
shadeslayer2min to update,standing by15:21
urbinekit looks like it doesn't see my sound card15:22
urbineki dont have any idea what's going on15:22
gribouilledoes intrepid include kde 3 ?15:22
Unksigribouille: no, hardy does15:23
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81015:23
jarcohow can i compile a theme as discribed here? http://kde-look.org/help/index.php?type=915:23
shadeslayershouldnt it be Kubuntu??15:23
urbineklook > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=663218615:23
gribouilleso, there is no way to have kde 3 on intrepid ?15:23
faileasshadeslayer: its just a matter of deskkktop15:24
Unksigribouille: ive heard theres an unofficial repo somewhere, no idea how well it works15:24
shadeslayerhouston we have an upgrade15:24
shadeslayeroh ok15:24
gribouillebut kde 4.1 sux15:25
BluesKajgribouille, yes thereis but it has to be installed during the OS install ...do a google-linux: kde3 with Intrepid15:25
shadeslayergribouille: use KDE 4.215:25
urbinekgribelu: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.215:25
Unksigribouille: kde 4.2 got released yesterday, theres a repo for intrepid alreaddy15:25
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde415:25
shadeslayeroh the guy with ubuntu15:26
ubottukde4 is KDE 4.1.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.3 |  4.2 Beta 2 packages http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 | Support in #kubuntu15:26
shadeslayerdid he get KDE btw??15:26
gribouilleBluesKaj, you mean it can't be installedafterwards ?15:26
crispy--time to update bot!  :D15:26
crispy--Unksi: got more info on that repo?15:27
boblenyI don't like KDE4....15:27
Unksicrispy--: theres info on it at http://kubuntu.org15:27
BluesKajgribouille, it might be possible , check this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96369515:27
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
urbinekso nobody knows how to fix this ?15:29
gribouilleit's really a shame that kde 3 isn't available anymore. kde 4 has been released only one year ago, and hasn't been a success yet15:29
boblenyHopefully the full release of KDE4 will be a thousand times better than the current....15:29
urbinekgribelu: kde3 is avaible in kubuntu 8.10+15:29
BluesKajdunno gribouille, but I think uninstalling kde-desktop first, if kde4 is installed15:29
BluesKajerr kubuntu-desktop15:30
boblenyI'm gonna go and install gentoo....15:30
BluesKajgribouille, did you see the URL I posted ?15:31
siekaczi've just installed KDE 4.2 from kubuntu-experimental repo15:31
gribouilleBluesKaj, yes I did, but it doesn't seem very simple to install kde 3 on intrepid15:31
admin_Hey, is there any way to upgrade 4.1 to 4.2 on kubuntu, what repo would I use since I have hardy15:31
siekaczand strigi does not work15:31
siekaczbartosz@bartosz-desktop:~$ strigidaemon15:31
siekaczWARNING: field 'http://strigi.sf.net/ontologies/0.9#debugParseError' is not defined in any rdfs ontology database.15:31
siekaczASSERT: "d" in file /build/buildd/kde4libs-4.2.0/kdecore/kernel/kcomponentdata.cpp, line 19115:32
gribouillekde 4.2 won't be available on hardy, right ?15:32
siekaczgribouille: no15:32
admin_gribouille: i'm trying to figure that out :/15:32
Tm_Tgribouille: atleast not yet15:32
admin_aww really?15:32
faileasgribouille: maybe through experimental repos15:32
philippI do not have a folder view applet. How can I install it?15:32
gribouilleit doesn't mind, kde 4.1 sucks on hardy anyway15:33
siekaczbut you can try to install intrepid packages15:33
Tm_Tsiekacz: not recommended15:33
* faileas uses 4.2 on intrepid, its pretty good15:33
BluesKajfaileas, yeah it's much better now15:33
siekaczhow to repair strigi?15:34
Tm_TBluesKaj: even better in 4.3 (;)15:34
philippHow can I install the folderview applet15:34
BluesKajTm_T ...are you trying 4.3 ?15:34
Tm_TBluesKaj: using, developing15:35
siekaczphilipp: hmm... it is plasma-extragear15:35
Tm_TBluesKaj: well, 4.3-series15:35
faileasBluesKaj: ya, i'm using the experimental repo... and its excellent15:35
BluesKajfaileas , 4.2 should be in the multiverse/universe soon , so we can drop the experimental15:36
siekaczi'm very excited about 4.4, 4.5 - they will fight with Windows 715:36
khalidmianwhat is 4.4 /4.515:36
siekaczKDE 4.4/4.515:36
philippsiekacz, there is no plasma-extragear15:37
BluesKajW7 , is ok so far but a bit boring ...nice eye candy to some15:37
khalidmianwindows 7 sucks anyways i tried the beta15:37
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:37
faileasBluesKaj: ya15:37
Tm_TFYI (;)15:37
BluesKajkhalidmian, wel to each his own :)15:37
faileasBluesKaj: windows 7 is what vista shoulda been IMO ;p15:37
siekaczphilipp: i don't what exactly is the name of this package15:37
siekacz*don't know15:38
khalidmiani need some good repositories for kubuntu - any recommended15:38
philippso how can I find it?15:38
Tm_Tkhalidmian: official repositories are good15:38
khalidmianBluesKaj: agree- i bored of Windows15:38
siekaczlook for plasma packages15:38
siekaczin repo15:38
BluesKaj!medibuntu | khalidmian15:38
ubottukhalidmian: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:38
faileaskhalidmian: depends on what you need. i just add official (fastest one adapt finds) + medibuntu + some app specific ones15:38
khalidmianfaileas: that sounds about what i need15:38
stephi, I am trying to upgrade to kde 4.2 but I can not get past the kdelibs5-data conflict with kdelibs-data about some/usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/launchpad.png15:39
BluesKajkhalidmian , if you want kde 4.2 https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive15:39
faileasi think on mine, i have kde experimental, virtualbox and winff's ppa15:39
* faileas recommends that wholeheartedly15:39
khalidmianBluesKaj: have 4.2 already15:39
BluesKajyou asked :)15:40
=== rohan_ is now known as shadeslayer
stepcan any of you take a look at this http://pastebin.com/d61b5233215:41
stepits about kdelibs5-data conflict15:41
stepupdate stops and there is no kde 4.2 nor KDE 3.515:42
=== hugo__ is now known as hugo123
stepany comments on this?15:43
Unksistep: do dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/package.deb (or whatever the actual path was)15:43
student0aHi.  I run a computer lab and just to save time I installed kubuntu 8.10 with safe graphics mode.  My problem is that on monitors I know support higher resolutions I'm stuck with 600x800 afterwards, making programs unusable in some cases.  any suggestions.15:43
Unksiwith sudo, of course15:43
student0aThere's plenty of how to's on entering safe graphics mode, none on getting out15:43
stepUnksi: lets see what happens15:44
OxDeadC0deUnksi what kind of video cards do they have? You should be able to safely use "vesa" in xorg.conf and get alright resolutions15:44
OxDeadC0debut with vesa the rendering will be slower and might not do 3d at all.15:45
Unksistep: i had that very same problem and that fixed it for me, hope i remembered the switches right :)15:45
BluesKajstep, are you running kde 4.1 , right now ?15:45
david_im having the same problem15:45
OxDeadC0deer student0a I'm sorry unksi, got names mixed up15:45
student0aYes I am15:46
stepUnksi: result is : http://pastebin.com/m107bc72815:46
khalidmianBluesKaj: any reason behind my inability to view other ppls cam on yahoo plugin for kopete?15:46
stepBluesKaj: no I am not15:46
OxDeadC0destudent0a see what i said to unksi just above15:46
Unksistep: looks like its fixed now, just run upgrade again now15:47
OxDeadC0destudent0a what video cards do you have, the "problem" lies in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:47
student0alet me check15:47
david_is kde 4.1 unstable?15:47
Unksidavid_: has been marked as stable since end of july15:47
david_Unksi: any reason y it wont let me download the proprietary ati graphics driver?15:48
BluesKajkhalidmian, i'm not familiar with cams or yahoo chat on kopete , ..sorry15:49
Unksidavid_: could be just about anything,  do you see any errors?15:49
david_Unksi:  yup15:49
khalidmianBluesKaj: can i add more clocks other then local to kubuntu in taskbar15:49
Unksidavid_: which are?15:49
BluesKajstep, maybe a look at your sources.list may tell us something15:50
khalidmiannevermind that question15:50
BluesKajyes khalidmian ,look in the add widgets options15:50
=== quassel24 is now known as seele_q
zeltakcan anyone helpa bit? i installed kdenlive a few weeks ago and it messed up all video settings (all videos are blue)... i know it has to do with ffmpeg from the kdenlive PPA15:51
zeltakcan anyone help me get rid of all traces?15:51
zeltaki cant seem to do it myself15:51
Raylzive upgraded to kde 4.2 and still have this graphic bugs in the systray15:51
Raylzrunning acer aspire one 110L and intel graphics chip15:52
david_is there a way to look and see if i have a graphics driver allready installed?15:52
BluesKajstep, also you're trying a force overwrite , with the wrong repos from what i can see15:53
student0aum sorry, my lab flipped a breaker, say again oxdeadc0de.  (btw your name reminds me of some friends Cult of the dead cow)15:53
neothecatgood morning.  is there a way i can have kmail just check for new mail in my IMAP "Inbox" instead of every single folder?15:54
earleHurrah, desktop effects have completely stopped working.15:55
stepBluesKaj: how can I fix this?15:55
student0aI think you essentially said, see what graphics card I have, that probably my problem and the solution will lie in researching the right xorg configuration.  Am I right?15:55
Raylzfixed it http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17028315:55
Ahmuckin kde 3.x, i was able to place icons in the taskbar, making the taskbar transparent.  how do i set icons in the taskbar in kde 4.x15:56
=== rohan is now known as shadeslayer
BluesKajzeltak, it's best to compile ffmpeg from source if you're running intrepeid , some of the repos are carrying diff versions of ffmpeg that are broken , the unstripped ones are recommended IMO .Read this tutorial on installing the dependencies that work15:57
shadeslayerBTW ho do i check what version of KDE i have??15:57
zeltakthx BluesKaj: , which guide is that?15:57
BluesKajstep , post your sources.list , so we can have a look15:57
BluesKajzeltak, it's from launchpad15:58
lakis1982i installed kde 4.2 on my kubuntu 8.10 ..  does anyone know how can i install google gadgets beccause i cant .....15:58
BluesKajshadeslayer, open konq/help/about kde15:58
=== miguel_ is now known as Guest5945
shadeslayeruh konqueror :P15:58
stepBlueEagle: i followed this instruction  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.215:59
zeltaki will but BluesKaj how do i first get rid of all ffmpeg parts? i apt-get removed it but i still have lots of ffmpeg stuff like gstream ffmpeg etc..15:59
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest17295
BluesKajzeltak, use adept or synaptic to remove all ffmpegs16:00
=== Guest17295 is now known as Bou
step<BluesKaj> step , post your sources.list , so we can have a look -  I have never used ubuntu so I have no idea where it is (it is not as simple as in gentoo)16:00
=== Maniac is now known as Guest65507
BluesKajstep. you posted your errors on pastebin , do the same for your soources.list . alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list , copy and paste the text to pastebin16:02
shadeslayerno terminal line16:02
earleUgh, I managed to get desktop effects to switch back on in system settings, but now nothing's happening at all.16:02
earleThis needs work :P16:02
wesley__Is the hard disk drive spinning?  what would they mean?16:02
stepBlueEagle: http://pastebin.com/d1e2847fc16:02
shadeslayerearle: ubuntu with KDE??16:03
wesley__Yes it makes thicking sound but thats because its broken16:03
earleshadeslayer: Kubuntu.16:03
shadeslayerstille searching for the version16:03
=== pool is now known as seenka
wesley__Are you experiencing bad sectors, clusters or partitioning errors?  should i fill in no? because i didnt have such problems when it worked16:05
HerrHuthow do i have to configure konversation when i want to join on EUirc??16:05
earleAha, alt-shift-F12 got the effects back.16:05
patmanpatoi added the source listed on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 ,     and then ran 'apt-get upgrade' , however when i restarted, it still boots up saying "kde 4.1" :S is there a way to check what version of kde is actually running?16:05
bentob0xevery time I startup my machine, I have ARK starting up and when I close it, it crashes16:05
wesley__yes help or about kde16:05
wesley__i am running 4.216:05
bentob0xand every time I reboot it's the same16:05
bentob0xKDE 4.2 too16:06
=== mini-man_ is now known as mini-man
stepBluesKaj: is the sources.list OK?16:06
HeliodorWhat is akonadi?16:07
stepHeliodor: no one knows16:07
Heliodorstep: ?16:08
patmanpatoah... help > about kde is reporting 4.1.2 ,  i would have thought apt-get upgrade would  upgrade to 4.2 after adding that source?16:08
Heliodorstep: No one knows what an kde app is?16:08
mefisto__patmanpato: did you apt-get update before apt-get upgrade?16:09
stepHeliodor: Akonadi is an extensible cross-desktop storage service for personal information (google)16:09
siekaczHeliodor: i'm not sure, but it is something to manage personal data(mail, callendar, etc)16:09
wesley__Warranty will be voided if the hard disk drive is not shipped in protective packaging. See the packaging guidelines for information on how to package and return Hitachi hard disk drives.  is that expensive ?16:09
Heliodorsiekacz: Uh... okay. Seem quite resource intensive16:09
patmanpatomefisto__: nope, i'll try that now :)16:09
khalidmianwhat is virtual box?16:10
siekaczmy problem with strigi is so annoing... :/16:10
BluesKajstep, first you must uncomment (delete the # infront of the debs source urls), except the cdrom ,then add these sources :deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main , deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main,  then save the file , sudo apt-get update .  Install kde 4.216:10
khalidmianwhat is virtual box?16:11
BluesKajstep , sudo apt-get update should do it16:12
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox16:12
khalidmianeh what does virtual box do16:13
patmanpatoah, i did the equivalent with the adept gui tool, enabled all the sources, and then did apt-get update, and now im using the adept updater gui tool to do the upgrade, should be ok right?16:13
SlimeyPetekhalidmian: it provides a fake PC within your PC, allowing you to run one OS inside another (e.g. run Windows inside Linux)16:13
patmanpatoi just downloaded 200mb of updates, now its downloading another 200 :P16:14
BluesKajkhalidmian , read the url ubottu posts16:14
=== gsteinert_away is now known as gsteinert
agustinvinaoany know how to create a pendrive with windows in ubuntu?16:17
faileasagustinvinao: not really, unless the bartpe builder runs on wine16:17
=== rohan is now known as shadeslayer
shadeslayerhow do i install amarok 2??16:19
ubottuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok16:19
shadeslayer1.4 huh16:19
shadeslayerthis does not work16:20
shadeslayerand neither this16:20
stepBluesKaj: sudo apt-get update just gets the lists16:21
techbwhi all, looking for a way to install kubuntu on a laptop that does not have a cdrom, nor a stiffy drive, it does not have the option to boot from usb, I can however connect a cdrom and access cd's in windows, but it uses a pcmcia cdrom controler, so can't boot from it.  Is there still a way for me to install kubuntu?16:21
faileastechbw: got network?16:21
faileasas in a wired, ethernet connection16:22
techbwyeah, it's got wireless, no ethernet though16:22
faileascould try unetbootin16:22
techbwwireless via pcmcia16:22
faileasthen make it boot into a live cd mode16:22
stepBluesKaj and "upgrade" gives me "The following packages have been kept back:" that are  KDE 4.216:22
faileasthen isntall from there16:22
techbwfaileas: how can I make it boot via wireless network? no option in bios for network booting?16:23
faileastechbw: no need to16:23
patmanpatolol stiffy drive16:23
faileasunetbootin will download an ISO, then boot from it16:24
stepBluesKaj: kde 3.5 got fracked so I need to get this update done in shell16:24
techbwstill a problem, as I can't boot from cd, usb, network, or stiffy16:24
SlimeyPetewth is a "stiffy"? O.o16:25
SlimeyPeteUSB stick?16:25
techbwcan't boot from usb either no option in bios16:25
techbwcdrom is a pcmcia, type so can't boot from it either16:25
SlimeyPetedoes it have a floppy drive?16:25
SlimeyPeteis that what you mean by "stiffy"?16:26
carpiihave fun16:26
SlimeyPetetechbw: I suppose you could use wubi, though from what I hear that's not an ideal solution16:27
techbwwhat is wubi?16:27
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.16:27
ganymededid anyone else get dpkg-type errors while trying to upgrade to 4.2 using the repo in the topic? i got some sort of "couldn't not overwrite kcm_fonts because it is also owned by kdeworkspace-bin" or something, and now i have a somewhat borked desktop, can't run kwin so it's hard for me to paste the message anywhere16:27
olewolfganymede: I just upgraded to 4.2, and I didn't see any such error.16:28
techbwwill it format the drive, I don't want windows on that laptop, and it is winME for that matter, so even worse than xp16:28
ganymedeolewolf, from kde 4.1.4?16:28
olewolfganymede: Granted, no. It was from 4.2 RC, which in turn was from 4.2 beta.16:28
Happynesshi, need some help.16:28
Tm_T!ot | carpii16:29
ubottucarpii: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!16:29
olewolfganymede: However, I didn't see any such errors even when I upgraded to the beta.16:29
HappynessI switched to version 4.2 stable last day and just like that I cannot access my NTFS drives anymore. t just says permission denied.16:29
SlimeyPetetechbw: I don't think it will, no. I'm not sure though as I have never used it.16:29
ganymedemaybe i'll try to clear all of kde and start again because maybe a different package owns this file since 4.1.416:29
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
HappynessDoes anyone recognize this problem?16:29
faileastechbw: how big a hard drive?16:29
techbwIt is 30Gb16:30
faileasand ram?16:30
khalidmiani cant seem to find vol control for spdif or digital out in kmix can anyone help/assist im a newbie16:30
techbw192 I think cpu 500Mhz16:30
olewolfThe are a few problems yet to be resolved in the KDE 4.2 experimental repo, aren't there? When I want to install powerdevil, apt-get suggests I downgrade to 4.1.4. Is this a known bug (or isn't it a bug)?16:30
HappynessI think something happend to fstab, but I do not know how to fix ...16:30
techbwenough for kubuntu, had it runnin on another laptop, 300mhz with 129mb ram16:31
faileasunetbootin + alternate installer disk is what i;d suggest16:31
techbwwill search on unetboot, and see what I can do, thanks for the info16:31
astrommeolewolf: I'm pretty sure powerdevil is part of kde in 4.2, you don't need to install it separately16:31
olewolfastromme: Well, it does complain, so I don't know what's wrong.16:31
HappynessI need help now, please?16:32
faileastechbw: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ lettme save you the time ;)16:32
techbwthx :-)16:32
techbwvery helpful16:32
HappynessNeed help with KDe 4.2 .... hello?16:33
Tm_T!patience | Happyness16:33
ubottuHappyness: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines16:33
olewolfHappyness: may I suggest you be a little more specific?16:33
Happynessolewolf: Thank you, innaly some response :)16:34
Happynessolewolf: YEs, well when I installed v4.2 yesterday, after that my mounted NTFS disks doesnt mount anymore16:34
olewolfHappyness: did you used to have a line in /etc/fstab that mounted the NTFS drive?16:35
Happynessolewolf: Well I mean, everytime my PC started before, KDE just automounted them. But recently efter i installed 4.2 it does not work at all.16:35
Happynessolewolf: Not that I know about.16:35
bdizzlehey, I just installed KDE 4.2, and I can't get any of the widgets to work16:36
stepit refuses to upgrade KDE but and likes to uninstall most of the KDE components16:36
bdizzleI even tried deleting and installing the new ones, and I keep getting big red X' boxes16:36
olewolfHappyness: Eek. Can't help you then. I'm kind of "old school" in that I always add mounted filesystems to /etc/fstab. I never tried to mount them via KDE.16:36
stepbdizzle: how did you install it ? I can not get it going16:36
Happynessolewolf: Okay I looked over there now, and yes there is some lines. But it seems that the permissions has been changed.16:36
khalidmianhow do i instal jasper via adept or sudo16:37
Happynessolewolf: When I am trying to mount both manually and automaticly it says permission denied :S16:37
techbwfaileas: Think I will strip down the laptop, remove hard drive, and install using another computer, and take the drive back to the laptop, that is what I had to do when re-installing WinME on the thing.  Thanks anyway, unetbootin will come in handy in the future :-)16:38
bdizzlestep, I just followed the instructions from the channel topic16:38
stepbdizzle: me too but no luck16:38
faileastechbw:  ;p16:38
bdizzlewhy would you install WinME on it?16:38
bdizzleI mean, seriously, other than Vista, its the worst OS they have come out with16:38
olewolfHappyness: Could it be that the mount folder belongs to a wrong group or so? That's usually what happens when I have problems accessing or mounting the drives. Or, maybe you need to mount it as root.16:38
faileasbdizzle: might have come with it16:38
bdizzleyou poor dear ...16:38
faileasbdizzle: me is worse than vista IMO ;p16:38
olewolfHappyness: maybe what you should try is to see if you can mount it as root. At least that will show you whether it can be mounted at all.16:39
bdizzleI know it is16:39
techbwI was not in with the linux thing back then, I have now been running kubuntu on my laptop for a short while now, and since kubuntu and other flavours are starting to support more hardware, and media formats, I have made the move16:39
Happynessolewolf: I have no idea, I am a real n00b on this. It has been working before, every single time since a several years ago.16:39
bdizzleit had a memory bug in it that could not be fixed16:39
Happynessolewolf: It should be possible to mount, thats for sure. I am root, but I dont get access. Then it says mount point does not exist, but it is.16:40
olewolfIf you do an "ls -ld <mountpoint>" where <mountpoint> is the folder that will contain the windows files once mounted, does it exist?16:41
techbwit was not my choice to have that OS installed, but it was what the laptop came with, now with the better support in the linux flavours, I want to make the change, it's been lying around the house since I changed to another laptop, so I want to revive it, I know ME was the worst OS that M$ came up with16:41
vbgunzwhat is required to go from a single core 32 bit processor to a quad 64? I plan on doing a brand new installation and then transferring my /home over. I see a 64 version of kubuntu. will this also automatically take advantage of a quad processor?16:41
HappynessFailed to access volume '/dev/disk/by-uuid/D90D8DBBB4F9B4A3': Filen eller katalogen finns inte16:41
HappynessPlease type '/sbin/mount.ntfs --help' for more information.16:42
xp-killerhow do i hide the desktop icons?16:42
olewolfHappyness: Can't you just try and mount the /dev/sda2 (or whatever partition holds your Windows garba... er, files)?16:43
techbwHappyness:  I think you need to install ntfs-3g and mount using mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hd? /mount/point16:43
bdizzlealright, so no one knows how to get the widgets back?16:43
olewolftechbw: Happyness probably has ntfs-3g already since it was merely a KDE upgrade.16:43
olewolftechbw: that is, unless Happyness forgot to mention something important. :)16:43
Happynessolewolf, techbw: I have been using KDE 4.2 BETA for a long time, it worked. Then I upgraded to 4.2 Stable yesterday, then it did not work.16:44
techbwmaybe he did, I didn't know when starting out, so maybe he didn't either16:44
xp-killerhow do i hide the desktop icons?16:44
techbwok sorry, was not following earlier16:44
Happynessolewolf: I have ntfs-3g installed and have been trying to mount.16:44
olewolfHappyness: can you find your Windows partition in the /dev/sda* (or whatever the name of your hard drive is)?16:45
nuxilanyone got a eee pc with kubuntu on it?16:45
Happynessolewolf: Yeah well I found it yes.16:46
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC16:46
ganymedewell removing all kde packages first worked, but now it seems like the skulpture package is no more. any info about that? i used to install the skulpture package through kde4-styles-skulpture16:46
olewolfHappyness: okay, this is going to be off the top of my head; I haven't checked.16:46
techbwHappyness: Try removing ntfs-3g and re-installing it, maybe it is broken in the upgrade16:46
Happynesstechbw: YEah maybe, I am trying to re-install, just a sec ...16:47
olewolfHappyness: try and "sudo mount -t nfts /dev/sda_ /your/mount/point where /dev/sda_ is where your partition is, and /your/mount/point is, well, your mount point.16:47
faileashmm, silly question but where do i switch themes?16:48
Happynessolewolf: Already tried that, it does not work.16:48
ganymedefaileas, go to systemsettings and under appearance16:48
gmathewsHi there, I am running Ubuntu 8.10 - If i follow the instructions here -http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 together with sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop Will I be able to get KDE 4.2?16:49
olewolfHappyness: well, I'm out of suggestions. I usually don't tamper with Linux/Windows combinations for obvious reasons (i.e., because Bill Must Die, and Ballmer Must Be Hanged).16:49
faileasganymede: i can't seem to find the ones i installed16:49
Tm_Tolewolf: watch your language16:50
faileasHappyness: was the windows drive unmounted cleanly?16:50
BluesKajstep, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop16:50
ganymedefaileas, same-ish problem here16:50
Happynessolewolf: Understandable :D Not a fan of M$ mysefl, but I have to use there piece of shit.16:50
Happynessfaileas: YEs, positive.16:50
stepBluesKaj: i did that to get back my kde 3.516:50
olewolfHappyness: if you can wait a bit, maybe I can locate something that worked for me, unless it's long gone.16:51
faileasHappyness: what does the error massage say.. in english?16:51
Happynessolewolf: The device '/dev/sda5' doesn't have a valid NTFS. :S16:51
olewolffaileas: it says the file or folder doesn't exist.16:51
techbwHappyness:have you finished to the re-install of ntfs-3g? take it it did not work16:51
xiongBluesKaj: i just joined -- i would also like to use kde316:51
techbwHappyness:oooh!!! sound like a corrupt file system16:52
olewolfHappyness: that souds like either a *very* serious error, or /dev/sda5 isn't actually the Windows system.16:52
HappynessOH fuck, I know the answer. It is because I have isntalled Windows 7 which does not use nTFS.16:52
faileaswindows 7 uses ntfs ;p16:52
jussi01!ohmy | Happyness16:52
ubottuHappyness: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!16:52
faileasjust a newer version16:52
Happynesstechbw: Yes I have reinstalled16:52
Happynessjussi01: Sorry16:52
nuxili want kubuntu on my eee pc. however my usb pen is only 512 MB.. is it possible to install from net/Lan ?16:52
Tm_THappyness: please keep your language clean16:52
faileasnuxil: there's a mini installer disk16:53
HappynessTm_T: YEs, was not meant to hurt somebody. Just did not think.16:53
jussi01!minimal | nuxil16:53
ubottunuxil: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:53
malgonhello, i wanted to know if KDE 4.2 package was operationnal, because i cant launch Google widgets16:53
Happynessfaileas: I think they use a new kind of system which build on NTFS.16:53
faileasHappyness: new version of NTFS... i think exFat is an option too.16:54
* faileas is... sadly enough... also a windows geek16:54
xiongis it possible to download and install kde3 without burning a cd? i have 8.10 running now16:54
olewolfmalgon: the Google Gadgets thing seems to be missing from several KDE 4.2 repos.16:54
Happynessolewolf: I do not want to mount my Windows OS. I need my other NTFS partitions.16:54
techbwHappyness: can you access the partition when in windows?16:54
nuxiljussi01 this minicd work the same way with usb? dont got cd rom you know lol.. only 2 eee's16:54
jussi01nuxil: no idea to be honest.16:54
olewolfHappyness: I'm with techbw on this one. Try and boot into Windows and see if it works from there.16:55
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate16:55
Happynesstechbw: Of course, and I could before yesterday to. THis happened directly after I isntalled v4.2 ...16:55
faileasnuxil: try unetbootin ;p16:55
faileas... second time i suggested it today...16:55
malgonso i think i will compile KDE 4.216:55
Happynessolewolf: But it works from there, trust me.16:55
nuxilfaileas i'll look into it16:55
olewolfHappyness: you mentioned something about several NTFS partitions?16:55
techbwHappyness: then it must be newer version of NTFS that ntfs-3g does not yet support16:55
faileasnuxil: you can use unetbootin to start a netinstall from whatever os you have now as long as its ubuntu or windows ;)16:56
Happynessolewolf: YEs, I have 5 NTFS partitions, but that should not be an issue, because it never troubled before.16:56
techbwHappyness, don't know if they made any changes in NTFS for windows 716:56
Happynesstechbw: Yes, probably.16:56
Happynesstechbw: Neither do I, but maybe. If I remeber correct they have a new version of NTFS in Windows 7.16:57
OnlyWhiskyHello! I have problems with nvidia 9500, it doesn't work with binary drivers provided  by ubuntu.16:57
olewolfHappyness and techbw: this could be just me talking <insert expletive here>, but I've heard that Windows 7 does use another kind of NTFS. Perhaps you should double-check that.16:57
Happynesstechbw: Not sure if this problem occured before though. It was a time ago I used Linux sadly.16:57
Happynessolewolf: YEah I will do16:57
techbwolewolf: I aggree, that is why I noted that it might be an incompatability16:58
olewolfI recall seeing it in a "this bug hasn't occurred yet" bug report on Ubuntu. That is, "please make a file system driver that can mount Windows 7 drives".16:58
malgondo you know when intrepid packages for KDE 4.2 are going to be fully operationnal ?16:58
olewolfmalgon: unless I'm mistaken, think 9.04.16:58
Tm_Tmalgon: what you mean by "fully operational" ?16:58
malgonTm_T > some fonctionnality are away such as google gadgets16:59
olewolfTm_T: let's just say KDE 4.2 doesn't appear to be fully "final" in the Kubuntu repos.16:59
Happynessolewolf: But on the other hand, I havent format my partitions.16:59
olewolfThen again, it's experimental so that's to be expected.16:59
naceri need a pro of kmail + korganiser ?16:59
malgonolewolf > not before ? :(16:59
techbwHappyness: when you installed did you format using windows7 format util, if not you would still be on old NTFS16:59
Tm_Tolewolf: malgon: feel free to file bugs so packagers knows16:59
olewolfmalgon: that's my impression. I could be wrong, hopefully.16:59
naceri need to know how can i configure kmail pour add more thant 3 lines of my mail when i create a to-do from a emails16:59
olewolfTm_T: actually, the kubuntu web page says not to file bug reports.17:00
Tm_Tolewolf: does?17:00
olewolfYup. Or at least as of one hour ago.17:00
Happynesstechbw: No, I just upgraded from Vista to 717:00
olewolfTm_T: let me just check it out.17:00
techbwI doubt that it would have updated the FileSystem in the process17:01
olewolfTm_T: yes, kind of: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 says to say it here.17:01
Tm_Tolewolf: interesting, perhaps we need proper list of "whats broken" then17:01
zwoxhi there17:01
Tm_Tolewolf: so go and collect a list (;)17:01
olewolfTm_T: that could be useful. I had problems with powerdevil and the Google Gadgets.17:02
Happynesstechbw: Okay seems that it should be caused by v4.2 of KDE then.17:02
malgonso olewolf, there is no support for google gadgets in the packages ^^ (first of the list :-° )17:02
kasdayeKDE 4.2 is great :U17:03
olewolfmalgon: it seems that way, yes. Then again, I also found some complaints from this Frech distribution, whatsitsname.17:03
kasdayeDoes anyone know the shortcut to switch through virtual desktops a la alt+tab for your windows?17:03
techbwchanges desktops17:04
zwoxi'm trying kde4.1 on kubuntu8.10 but i can't figure out if it is possible to extend desktop panel and background to second screen using twinview17:04
techbwalt+tab changes windows17:04
olewolftechbw: Er, it could also change tabs in Firefox...17:04
malgonolewolf > okay17:04
Happynesstechbw, olewolf: Seems that /dev/** does not exist anymore ...17:04
techbwtrue  :-)17:04
stepis there a way to upgrade to 4.2 from 8.04?17:04
OnlyWhiskyzwox: add second panel on second monitor17:04
zwoxthank's OnlyWhisky17:05
techbwHappyness: check sd* as well as hd*...some of my drives show as sd* and not hd*17:05
olewolfHappyness: I take it you mean, not the entire /dev/*, right? Otherwise I really don't want to know. :)17:05
Happynesstechbw, olewolf: There is /media/*** which does exist, but the mount file or what you call it, does not exist.17:05
Happynessolewolf: No, not the whole /dev :D17:05
khalidmiani cant seem to find vol control for spdif or digital out in kmix can anyone help/assist im a newbie17:06
olewolfHappyness: I'd say, try and find out if Windows 7 really does use an NTFS-esque thing that isn't yet supported by Linux.17:06
Happynessolewolf: No Windows 7 is not the problem, I have checked.17:06
oleHi, Kde 4.2 looks great! thx. I was wondering if there is a recommended firefox theme for kde 4.2?17:06
zwoxso i guess this isnt't possible yet to manage panels and background the same way than in 3.517:07
mini-manole: I use the oxygen gtk port17:07
Happynesstechbw: I checked and found some sda, but I have also sdb and sdc ... But sdc6 which is one of them in fstab, does not exist.17:07
mini-manole: with the oxygen icon theme plugin for firefox17:07
olemini-man: this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/796217:08
mini-manole: yes17:08
olemini-man: thx17:08
mini-manole: np17:08
techbwHappyness: the parition that you want to view, is that on the same drive that ubuntu is installed on or is it on another drive?17:08
olewolfHappyness: I'm guessing that either you specified a non-NTFS partition or Windows 7 actually does update its filesystem.17:08
Happynesstechbw: Another drive.17:09
techbwHappyness: if it is another drive, then it will be either hdb* or hdc*17:10
techbwwhen you mount are you mounting it /dev/hdb* or hdc*17:10
techbwHappyness:what is the command you trying to mount with17:10
Happynessolewolf: Hmm seems that Windows itself was a unclean shutdown. Or Linux mark it as an unclean shutdown. I managed to mount my OS partiton and one another system. But one of them does not exist anymore ...17:10
techbwHappyness: you say that one of the partitions are missing?17:12
Happynesstechbw: YEs or something is not okay. But I can access them in Windows, so there is another prob.17:12
faileasif its hardy or newer they should all be sd17:12
Happynesstechbw: It seems that it is only the sdc* that does not work. I managed to mount sda* and sdb*17:13
roconnorin kubuntu 8.10, how do I get my programs listed in my bottom bar into two rows?17:13
roconnorI pulled the bar wider17:13
roconnorbut it just makes the listed programs taller, not adding rows17:13
Happynessolewolf: Do you know if there is some way to check which drives Linux has access to?17:14
techbwHappyness: stills sounds to me like a corrupt NTFS partition, have a clients machine doing a similar thing, but I am able to mount, but not access data.17:14
olewolfHappyness: no, I have no idea. Or, you could visit fdisk just to see which partitions are there, but be careful.17:15
techbwtry running windows chkdsk from the boot disk17:15
olewolfHappyness: I'm still with techbw. Try and boot Windows, make a clean shutdown, and then try again.17:15
Happynessolewolf: But that does only effect the OS partition not the other ones?17:16
techbwHappyness: if it is a corrupt NTFS then bootdisk will try and fix, that is what i am busy with on the clients machine now, takes forever if it does have errors17:16
olewolfHappyness: otherwise, consider it yet another reminder from fate that you should never get close to any Windowish thing, and that Bill and Steve should... be exposed to proper punishment.17:16
Happynessolewolf: Haha, yeah :D17:17
Happynessolewolf: Quite annoying, I shoud just be use Linux to properly install the idiotic software matlab.17:17
=== jamie is now known as Guest46661
Happynessolewolf: Btw, do you know how to mount an iso?17:17
=== Guest46661 is now known as jatos
techbwHappyness:Just because it only affects one partition, does not mean the file system is ok, partition table is ok, since you see the other partitions, but your file system on that partition is corrupt17:18
olewolfHappyness: yes, mount -t iso9660 -o loop file.iso /mount/point17:18
Happynesstechbw: The thing is that the sdc* drive is not the same as my OS drive.17:19
Stalker72How do I auto-align icons in KDE 4.2?17:19
Happynessolewolf: Thanks :)17:19
olewolfHappyness: there's an open-source alternative to MATLAB. I think it's called scilab.17:19
Pici!info scilab17:19
ubottuscilab (source: scilab): Matrix-based scientific software package (a la Matlab and Xmath). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.1.2-5 (intrepid), package size 5273 kB, installed size 57804 kB17:19
Happynessolewolf: Yeah, but my school uses Matlab ...17:19
* Bou hated Matlab17:20
techbwHappyness: boot into recovery console do a chkdsk, and see if that help, other than that I don't think I can help, windows partitions tend to corrupt after improper shutdowns, powerfailures and the other obvious reason virus17:20
olewolfHappyness: you might have luck with scilab anyway. Could be that the .m files are compatible for the most part.17:20
martonhello all17:22
Happynessolewolf: Hehe, well hopefully I could manage to install Matlab in Linux. I heard that it did not work for my other school mates17:22
martonpls help me, my pc is not play the music17:22
martonjust in amarok17:23
martonwhat can i do?17:23
Boutry #amarok ?17:23
Bouit plays only in amarok?17:23
Bouor everywher except in amarok?17:23
martonthx :)17:23
olewolfHappyness: I wasn't aware there was a recent Linux version. But then again, we're getting into chat mode now.17:23
tictricStrigi Daemon still does not run here in Intrepid with kde4.217:24
olewolfHappyness: you might want to see this page about NTFS: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions/ThirdPartyNTFS3G17:25
cbwcjwSo, did anybody move to 4.2 yesterday?17:25
Happynessolewolf: Okay, well there is :)17:26
olewolfTm_T: I realize you were joking about me compiling a list of issues, but is there anyone that actually monitors this channel for bug reports on the KDE 4.2 experimental repo?17:26
Tm_Tolewolf: no i wasnt joking17:26
Tm_Tolewolf: but no I do not know about that17:27
cbwcjwolewolf: Sorry to barge in, but it says NOT to report bugs just yet. Im keeping a list of what Ive run into at the moment, but none have been big17:27
Happynessolewolf: Hmm, is it possible to create directories in / root?17:27
sandGorgonshould i opt for kdm or gdm in a 4.2 install on a Ubuntu 8.10 base17:27
cbwcjwsandGorgon: If you like the KDE 4.2 Login screen, do KDM17:28
habitHello. Adept manager is not able to use proxy servers, is there alternative package manager for kubuntu?17:28
olewolfcbwcjw: great. I wouldn't say any of the defects I've encountered classify as "fatal", but it's good to hear you're keeping an eye on the cahnnel. :)17:28
techbwHappyness: yes it is, using sudo, but not recomended unless you really have to17:28
cbwcjwsandGorgon: If you like the default GNOME login, keep GDM17:28
Happynesstechbw: Well I need to creat an directoy for my virtual, or nvm btw.17:28
olewolfHappyness: of course it is. As root, that is.17:28
cbwcjwolewolf: :) Yea, ive just had plasma crap out acouple of times. Otherwise, im fine.17:28
sandGorgoncbwcjw: let me very shallow here ... which one has more themes ?17:28
techbwHappyness: sudo mkdir directoryname17:28
cbwcjwsandGorgon: GDM. Any GNOME login screens will do for GDM, KDE 4.2 still isnt too popular17:29
olewolfcbwcjw: the bugs I've found thus far have been either "inconveniences ever since KDE 3.1" or "missing stuff in the repo".17:29
Happynesstechbw: It occured to me that I did not really needed to create a new dir, but thanks anyway :)17:29
cbwcjwolewolf: Nice, i havent run into any of that.. yet haha17:29
techbwHappyness: no prob:-)17:29
olewolfcbwcjw: there's this "Google Gadgets" thing. The koffice equation editor (whasitcalled) and powerdevil also seemed to be broken. Minor things, though.17:30
cbwcjwolewolf: Personally, I use google gadgets on my homepage, so seeing them on my desktop would be GREAT haha17:31
ct529does anyone use bibus here?17:32
ct529I cannot make it work on 810 + 00317:32
olewolfcbwcjw: er, that's those Google thingies for the Google Desktop. They were supposed to be supported by KDE 4.2, right?17:33
cbwcjwolewolf: Right, but im terrified to mess with them. Some gadgets/widgets make plasma crash17:33
Happynesstechbw: Another prob :D Sorry if I am a trouble boy, but I want to have full sudo/root rights in every single application on my account, is that possible?17:33
olewolfcbwcjw: well, there's a couple of bug reports for the KDE team then. :)17:34
cbwcjwolewolf: Im making a list now hahaha17:34
=== adriano is now known as malv
olewolfHappyness: yes, that's possible.17:34
Happynesstechbw: BEcause when I for instance should create an directory in / somewhere, it is not allowed because I do not have permissions. But hey, it is only me who uses my computer ...17:34
Happynessolewolf: How?17:34
olewolfHappyness: costs $10 for the answer. :)17:34
techbwHappyness:I did that once, can't remember how, I had to edit a file but it wasn't long then17:34
olewolfSorry, lemme check. :)17:34
techbwI mess up17:34
cbwcjwhappyness: Cant you just ALT+F2 then do kdesu application or gksudo application17:35
techbwHappyness: you could use alt+F2 then kdesu17:35
olewolfHappyness: you need to edit the sudoers file. Enter the line "yourusername ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL".17:35
cbwcjwhaha :D17:35
Happynesscbwcjw, techbw: I could yes, but thats quite annoying. I want to have access all the time, 24/7 even if i restart system.17:36
olewolfHappyness: editing the sudoers file requires some "vi" skills and a particular program that I've forgotten everything about. So I cheat.17:36
techbwHappyness:  If you need it only for editing files that you double click on etc, the easiest would be alt+F2 and run konqueror, then double clicking a file would be as root17:36
olewolfHappyness: my cheat is as follows, and I'll have to say: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!".17:36
olewolfHappyness: First, "sudo su" to get a root shell. That's bad enough.17:37
olewolfNext, chmod 666 /etc/sudoers17:37
olewolfThen edit the file as root.17:37
Happynesstechbw: Yeah, but I want to be able to have sudo everywhere. I hate when it says, you do not have access to your own computer.17:37
olewolfThat's bad, too.17:37
techbwIf you do TRY IT AT HOME then remember make backups :-) not like me17:37
astrommeolewolf: woah, you don't want to 666 sudoers17:37
astrommeolewolf: That's REALLY REALLY bad17:37
olewolfFinally, make dead sure you "chmod 440 sudoers".17:37
astrommeolewolf: ok, ok.17:37
olewolfastromme: I know, that's why I said "don't try this at home".17:37
olewolfastromme: of course, one could simply chmod 600 sudoers.17:37
cbwcjwastromme olewolf: Im scared haha17:38
techbwAll I did was edit a file, can't remember which one, I actually asked here, how to do it17:38
techbwbut that was to log in as root, not as normal user17:38
olewolfeveryone: like I said, that's a bad cheat. Don't do it unless you have no other users logged in and you have a rescue cd handy.17:38
cbwcjwtechbw: What if we asked #ubuntu :P17:38
Happynesstechbw: How do I login as root?17:38
Happynesstechbw: I thought I was root :D17:39
olewolfHappyness: you can do what I said, but beware, it may render your computer useless.17:39
cbwcjwThats a pleasnt thought17:39
techbwubuntu still has root user, but it does not allow you to log in with root, you have to sudo, to allow login via root you need to edit a file to allow root logins, but I really don't remember which file17:39
Happynessolewolf: Well I think I do not wanna try. Last time I tested something like that I screw up my whole system. I have alread installed Liinux SOoo many times.17:40
olewolftechbw: sure, "sudo su" means you have a root shell.17:40
techbwno you can actually log in with username root, and root password,17:40
olewolfHappyness: the proper way is to "visudo" the file, but I never tried that, primarily because I have no clue about vi's user interface.17:40
xiongi have done this thing, to allow login as root from the login screen17:41
cbwcjwvi is lame :P I prefer nano all the way17:41
techbwyou can use nano, mach easier17:41
olewolf(Still, even if you visudo the file, you can turn your computer into a brick.)17:41
Happynessolewolf: Btw, when I am installing matlab it ask me where I want to put it. Which folder is best to use in /root ? I need write access17:41
olewolfcbwcjw: yes, but visudo creates proper locks and such.17:41
xiongdespite the word that this is a) unnecessary and b) stupid17:41
TakeABowHey, can someone help me with configuring vsftpd17:41
techbwoh ok17:41
cbwcjwolewolf: I suppose so17:41
olewolfHappyness: er, put it wherever you want it. But by some loose convention, /opt/matab would be a good choice.17:41
=== Maniac is now known as Guest84654
Happynessolewolf: It says: "/opt/matlab is not writable"? :S17:43
techbwHappyness: allow root login http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6108717:43
techbwHappyness: post number 617:43
olewolfHappyness: well, create a directory then and chown it you username.username (where, obviously, username is your user name).17:43
olewolfHappyness: Or "sudo mkdir /opt/matlab ; sudo chown username.username /opt/matlab".17:44
olewolfWhere username is you-know-what.17:44
Happynesstechbw: Thanks :)17:44
techbwHappyness: That way you are able to secure your root account with a password, and not sacrifice too much security17:44
techbwIt is still however unsecure to be logged in for normal usage17:45
cbwcjwSo im definitley in a good mood with KDE 4.2 hahaha.17:45
Happynesstechbw: Yes, other external threats become visisble.17:45
olewolfHappyness: if you're installing MATLAB system-wide, then you'll probably have to install it via sudo. Otherwise it will have to go either to a directory in your home folder, or yoǘll have to make a directory outside of your home folder that you own yourself.17:46
Happynessolewolf: Yes thank you, I forgot to install as sudo17:46
techbwHappyness:anyways, hope that sorts you out, got to run, cheers17:47
* techbw waves to all and says goodnight17:47
Happynesstechbw: YEah, thank for all your hellp .)17:47
techbwHappyness: np17:47
marek_hi, is there a way to synchronize contacts from my linux with google contanct?17:48
cbwcjwmarek_: I read something that does that a week ago, let me find it17:49
marek_cbwcjw ok17:49
Happynessolewolf: Jises, Matlab is for sure a real large software17:50
ct529is it possible to install openoffice 3.0 on kubuntu?17:50
cbwcjwmarek_: http://www.linux.com/feature/122054 hope that helps17:51
cbwcjwbrb, moving downstairs.17:53
tyler_d1my sharing applet is not working... ie. when I go to a folders properties and click sharing, then configure I am prompted for a password, however nothing after that.17:54
tyler_d1samba is installed however no configuration has been made to this17:55
TraceRouteIs there a command that can add my new grub entries to menu.lst because grub is only listing my old ones i tired update-grub and it list it (Found kernel: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-11-generic) but its not shown in menu.lst17:56
xp-killerhow do i hide the desktop icons?17:57
songwindI updated the repositories like the news item said, but it has not offered the chance to upgrade to 4.2 - it's still stuck at 4.1.  Is there an apt-command or anything I need to run (other than update)?17:58
jarcowhat must i do in kubuntu to be able to mount my internal ntfs drive?17:59
BluesKajTraceRoute ,if I understand your question , just open grub menu list using alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /boot/grub/menu.lst , then add edit by deleting and adding required text.18:01
BluesKajand save the file18:01
=== step is now known as EskimoBob
malvwhere does it say how to enable the experimental 4.2 ppa?18:01
jarcowhat must i do in kubuntu to be able to mount my internal ntfs drive?18:04
cbwcjwjarco, I like how you pasted that to both channels. Its easier if you do it on install, like mounting the NTFS partition to /windows or something.18:05
jarcomm yeah sorry bout the spam bntw18:05
jarcoproblem is thatr its all set up now18:06
jarcoi just ned some data from the windows disk18:06
jarcobefore i get rid of it18:06
jarcoand the other ntfs needs to be mounted forever18:06
songwindjarco, does it not show up in /media?18:06
helpdeskcan anyone please, help me out with embedded linux?18:07
jarcobut the weird thing is that it shows up in the file browser on the left side. When i click on it to mount it it asks for my passwd but just jumps back to the previus tab. It wont mount18:07
helpdeski am trying to apply a patch to my kernel18:08
cbwcjwjarco: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountwindows I know its for GNOME, but try some of the things18:08
mefisto__does everyone get many images in http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/ not displaying? or is it just me?18:08
jarcook thx cbwcjw18:09
sandGorgonumm.. i have a plasma crash.. should I report it (it was mentioned somewhere not to report new bugs)18:09
Rioting_pacifisterm i cant ping www.google.co.uk but i can go to the website18:09
cbwcjwsandGorgon: No, but make a list.18:10
Rioting_pacifistcan somebody give me a google ip? i think my dns is broken18:10
cbwcjwmefisto__: Thats funny, but no, the pictures work for me.18:10
sandGorgonRioting_pacifist: use openDNS !18:11
malvopendns probably makes bucketloads of money with that information18:12
mefisto__cbwcjw: the main page looks ok here, but what about the articles? did you click any links to articles?18:12
cbwcjwmefisto__: They look fine to me: www.mxclan.org/ss.png18:13
Rioting_pacifistswitching to opendns seams like a bit of an over reaction, but how would i set a dns server manually?18:13
olewolfRioting_pacifist: depends. If you have your own named server setup, then it's easy. But setting it up just to switch to OpenDNS is probably overkill.18:14
olewolfRioting_pacifist: some routers let you specify your DNS settings directly. That could be your best bet.18:14
olewolfRioting_pacifist: and finally, somewhere in your network settings, which unfortunately I can't help with.18:15
helpdeskdoes anyone know how i could install the patch command?18:15
olewolfhelpdesk: er, it isn't there already?18:15
helpdeskolewolf: yes it isn't18:16
Rioting_pacifistnah this is just a home laptop, changing the router setting seams like overkill for a temporary problem18:16
olewolfhelpdesk: well, I wouldn't have expected that. But otherwise, try "sudo apt-get install build-essential".18:16
olewolfhelpdesk: no guarantees, but I'd expect this to suffice.18:16
helpdeskolewolf: tried sudo apt-get install patch but it's asking that i insert the kubuntu cd18:17
olewolfhelpdesk: try with the command I suggested.18:17
olewolfhelpdesk: BTW, you may want to remove the install CD repo from your repository list. It will stop asking you to insert the Kubuntu CD then.18:17
beachsurfinhow do you change the clock from military time to a 12 hour clock?18:18
helpdeskolewolf: i just tried the command but saying no command called build18:18
beachsurfinstdin: your commands last night worked18:18
mefisto__cbwcjw: I often get the image alt text description, but no images. eg http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Debian the debian logo doesn't show up, but clicking the link will show for that particular image18:19
helpdeskolewolf: how do i get the cd repo from my repository list?18:20
helpdeskolewolf: would you consider this a good advice though?18:20
NetSKaVeNanyone trying KDE 4.2 for Intrepid?18:20
stdinbeachsurfin: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Time & Dates18:21
cbwcjwNetSKaVeN: I did.18:21
olewolfhelpdesk: I removed it immediately, so in my personal opinion it's good advice. :)18:21
NetSKaVeNit is working great here, but I have problem with Java and Konqueror18:22
olewolfhelpdesk: I edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file and put a # (hash) in front of the line that refers to the CD.18:22
olewolfThere's probably some Adept front end that can be used to accomplish the same thing.18:22
xiongwhy can i not use adept to install kde3?18:23
olewolfxiong: the short answer is that it's probably not in the kubuntu repositories.18:24
olewolfxiong: I haven't tried to locate any repositories that sport KDE 3.5 for Kubuntu 8.10, but you may have luck on Google.18:25
White_Pelicanis there any way to change the color of the text and background when you mouse over the icons on the panel?18:25
quassel24White_Pelican: you mean the tooltip colors?18:26
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White_PelicanI think so anyway18:26
White_Pelicanright now it's white text with black background18:26
seele_qWhite_Pelican: System Settings > Appearance > Colors page18:27
seele_qWhite_Pelican: Color tab > in the dropdown select Tooltip18:27
ka_I have a problem I just dont' know how to google for i ooocalc. How do you drag cells and drop them between to other cells without overwriting the one that is there in the first place... Make sense?18:28
beachsurfinthanks stdin :)18:28
beachsurfinhave to logout now...18:28
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OnlyWhiskyhello, my kde4.2 hangs while loading screen with lastest nvidia driver.18:29
songwindNetSkaven - I enabled the experimental repository, but it won't let me upgrade anything18:30
songwindSo while I *want* to try 4.2, I can't for some reason.18:30
ka_I have a problem I just dont' know how to google for in OOcalc. How do you drag a cell and drop it between two other cells without overwriting any of the two cells, but rather making it squeese in between them?18:30
White_PelicanI don't think it's the tooltip18:31
White_Pelicanthe tooltip txt shows black, the background light blue18:31
olewolfsongwind: what exactly did you add to your sources list? (It's a single line, so no pastebin is needed.)18:32
evoxis there a repository with the latest version of pidgin (2.5.4)?18:32
helpdeskolewolf: thanks i will try that now and see what's next18:33
gorgonzolahello. i was updating to kde 4.2 from experimental just now, and got this:18:33
gorgonzolaSup-process returned error code 1,18:33
gorgonzola    Error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-libs4+5_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb : trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kconf_update_bin/krdb_clearlibrarypath', which is also in package kdebase-workspace-bin.18:33
gorgonzolawhat should i do?18:33
songwindolewolf: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main18:33
olewolfsongwind: well, that looks allright. When you did your "sudo apt-get update", did it report about a hundred or so updated packages?18:34
songwindolewolf:  No, it reports that there are none.18:34
OnlyWhiskyxorg log show this loop (WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (2, 6, 0x8000, 0xffffffff, 0x00001930)18:35
olewolfsongwind: well, now it probably does. The question is whether it did so just after you had added the repo line.18:35
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songwindole:  Still says 0 to upgrade if I run "sudo apt-get upgrade"18:35
olewolfsongwind: Have you tried dist-upgrade?18:36
songwindolewolf:  Just tried - also 0.18:36
stdingorgonizer: sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-libs4+5_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa4_i386.deb && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:36
mefisto__ka_: is it supposed to work like that, with drag and drop?18:36
senorpedrois kde4.2 available for kubuntu? as package?18:37
mefisto__ka_: you can insert a cell using the insert menu18:37
stdinsenorpedro: topic18:37
olewolfsongwind: kind of odd. If you do "sudo dpkg --list |grep kdelibs-bin", does it report a 4.1.* version?18:37
olewolf(Just double-checking.)18:37
stdinsongwind: have you updated the package list?18:37
helpdeskolewolf: i tried it but i found under the /etc/apt/ directory the following:18:37
olewolfstdin: yes, he/she did.18:37
helpdesksources.list, sources.list.d18:37
songwindole: 4.1.318:37
olewolfhelpdesk: it's probably in sources.list, so edit that file.18:38
stdinsongwind: what architecture?18:38
olewolfhelpdesk: it's not needed though.18:38
helpdeskso, i tried the souces.list but got a long file that i had to stop with the ctr c18:38
olewolfstdin: I've installed KDE 4.2 on both amd64 and i386.18:38
stdinolewolf: those aren't the only architectures in the world18:38
olewolfstdin: but, they're darned likely. :)18:39
stdinsongwind: when you do "sudo apt-get update" does it list "http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid/main Packages" ?18:39
olewolfsongwind: it's a far cry, but you could try to remove the repository (or comment it at least) and apt-get update again, then insert the line again and try once more.18:39
stdinppc is also a possible arch18:39
olewolfstdin: those that use ppc tend to let others know, but yes.18:40
senorpedrothx stdin18:40
gorgonzolaok, narrowing down: installing kde 4.2 throws a bunch of deendency problems: libplasma3 not installed, and kdebase-workspace-bin complaints that it needs kdebase-workplace-data 4.2 but only 4.1.4 is available.18:40
gorgonzolathis is *really* annoying18:40
White_Pelicanwhy is it, when I change my desk top theme to anything other than oxygen, the color of knots disappears, and does the outline for the desktop?18:40
stdingorgonizer: do you have kubuntu-desktop installed?18:40
ka_mefisto: I was hoping I could insert and cut and past all in  one action... Having to insert x number of rows or colums is a pain when you are copying and pasting 100s of rows.18:41
gorgonzolai think so, i haven't remove it... le tme check18:41
songwindolewolf: No joy.  It shows all the signs of reading the new package list, but still no upgradable packages.18:42
gorgonzolastdin yes, apt says its "already the newest version" as usual18:42
stdingorgonizer: ok, try just "sudo apt-get -f install" again18:42
gorgonizerhello all!!18:42
ka_Of course I am not using my spraedsheet mainly as a spreadsheet but as a todo list with timetracking on top. It syncs perfectly with my phone so...18:42
stdinsongwind: what does "apt-cache policy kdelibs5" show?18:42
olewolfsongwind: and you installed the GPG key? (Probably not that this is really important for what you're seeing here, but still.)18:43
gorgonzolastdin_ what does th -f opt do?18:43
stdingorgonizer: fix18:43
gorgonzola. . .18:43
songwindolewolf: Yes, I did.18:43
olewolfsongwind: yeah, it would probably complain otherwise.18:44
stdingorgonzola: ^18:44
gorgonzolaok, now it finished. safe to restart x?18:44
kickmetoandyhello, which package do i have to install to get the kde debug messages for the backtrace ?18:44
stdingorgonzola: make sure it's all upgraded with "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:44
olewolfsongwind: have you tried the "apt-get autoclean" and "apt-get autoremove" options?18:45
songwindstdin:  Installed 4.1.3, candidate 4.1.3, version table lists 4.2.0, and has a line that says "500 http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid/main Packages"18:45
gorgonzoladist-upgrade offers four new packages, and asks to update a whole bunch o' them. ths is normal?18:45
dhazinhi all! I have a weird problem with kde 4.2 on ubuntu 8.10, i can't login at all :( I posted short description here http://paste.ubuntu.com/110962/18:45
olewolfgorgonzola: yes, that's normal.18:46
roconnorin kubuntu 8.10, how do I get my programs listed in my bottom bar into two rows?18:46
stdingorgonzola: yes18:46
gorgonzolastdin: also, gwenview is being "kept back", does that mean that i have place a hold on it, or is a repo thing?18:46
dhazindoes anyone knows if it's a known bug? is there any workaround for it (http://paste.ubuntu.com/110962/)?? thx!18:46
helpdeskolewolf: i still couldn't get the CD option out of my repository list.18:46
stdinkickmetoandy: kdelibs5-dbg kdebase-dbg kdebase-runtime-dbg kdebase-workspace-dbg for most18:47
olewolfhelpdesk: remember to apt-get update.18:47
olewolfhelpdesk: my entry in sources.list says:18:47
olewolf#deb cdrom:[Kubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release amd64 (20081029.1)]/ intrepid main restricted18:47
olewolf(not the hash mark)18:47
olewolfhelpdesk: but then again, it's probably not a big deal.18:47
kickmetoandyanother question: in the system setting i tried to change key bindings however i am not able to launch the d-bus browser, since it is not installed. which package contains the qdbusviewer ?18:48
stdingorgonizer: it's because it need to replace a library, you can install it manually later18:48
stdinsongwind: what are the other numbers?18:49
gorgonzolastdin: i updated gwenview manually, nad now apt is happily completing the upgrade.18:50
gorgonzolastdin_ thanks18:50
MithsirHi! I need a quick pointer on how to  enable an USB soundcard (specifically, I want to hear flash audio output) under Kubuntu 8.0418:51
songwindstdin: sent to you in /msg18:52
stdinsongwind: looks like you've pinned it18:53
songwindstdin:  pinned?18:53
stdindo you have the file: /etc/apt/preferences18:53
songwindstdin: yes18:54
stdinin there, look for "Pin-Priority: 900"18:55
stdinbecause that's what's messing with it18:55
songwindstdin:  Ah, I see18:55
mefisto__ka_: holding down alt+ctrl while dropping the cell will insert the cell and shift adjacent ones to the right or down18:55
songwindstdin: I take it I should set it to 500 ?  Or remove it?18:55
stdinsongwind: it depends what you've pinned18:56
dhazinhm.. does anyone has the same problem as me? can't login to kde 4.2 after installing packages for 8.10?? and segfaults in the log..18:56
songwindI have "intrepid-proposed" pinned to 40018:57
songwindstdin:  It was to fix an error in gpilot without wholesale taking changes in intrepid-proposed18:57
stdinsongwind: if you don't need it, you can just remove the entire file18:57
MithsirHow do I "switch" soundcards on the fly (I have an internal one and an usb one)?18:58
songwindstdin:  There it goes.18:59
songwindolewolf: Thanks to you, too.18:59
malv4.2 + kubuntu = pure awesome18:59
malvi'm really in awe right now18:59
mefisto__ka_: look in openoffice help, search for "moving cells by drag and drop" and there is a table explaining how to move/copy/insert cells19:01
mefisto__stdin: you made a (gui) iso mounting script that I tried on kde3. will it work on kde4?19:03
stdinmefisto__: probably not, I've neglected it recently.19:03
bakytnHello world!! I've just updated to KDE 4.2 and most of the plasmoids are showing error (Unable to load the widget: Could not find requested component: <component_name>) any idea?19:03
stdinit'll definetly need editing to use kdesudo19:03
stdinbakytn: install kdeplasma-addons19:04
stdinmefisto__: I'll probably create a KDE4 version some time soon, in shiny python or ruby19:04
bakytnstdin: Thanks! installing..19:05
mefisto__stdin: someone was here asking about about a gui way to mount iso's, that's why I ask19:05
stdinmefisto__: yeah, there's a "gap in the market" there19:06
stdinI've learnt 4 (or 5) programming languages since I made that script, I can do better :p19:06
khalidmianneed to know what steps to take inorder to read ad write my ntfs  sector of the drive- i have kubunt installed withing windows19:06
songwindstdin:  Well, wish me luck, time to restart. :)19:07
stdingood luck :)19:07
stdinkhalidmian: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions19:07
mefisto__stdin: I believe it was khalidmian asking about gui iso mounting19:08
bakytnstdin: Super cool!! Worked, thank you very much! KDE 4.2 rocks!!19:08
stdinmefisto__: if I get time, I may even get around to writing a plasma applet to do it19:09
songwindstdin:  and... it works!19:09
sigma_stdin: do you know how to disable plasma tooltips in kde? like the one from hovering over the k menu button? There was a option in kde4.1 but i can't find it19:10
stdinsigma_: what tooltips?19:10
stdinahh, that kickoff one19:11
stdinI don't use kickoff so didn't see it19:11
Rioting_pacifistmy disk being full meant i couldnt access the internet, dhclient couldnt write the dns addresses, couldnt some sort of ram cache be used?19:11
sigma_stdin: yeah its really irritating lol. the clock one and device notifier ones are ok i guess because they actually provide useful information. what do you use instead of kickoff?19:12
stdinsigma_: hmm, I have no clue how to disable it19:13
sandGorgonhow do i make firefox a little better looking in 4.2 - i suppose that is the gtk problem ?19:14
cbwcjwsandGorgon: it should look nice already?19:15
cbwcjwsandGorgon: www.mxclan.org/ss.png19:16
mefisto__sandGorgon: there's a kde4 firefox theme you could try. not perfect, but it looks good http://ramonantonio.net/kde-firefox/19:16
sigma_stdin: so what are you running in place of kickoff?19:17
cbwcjwI thought it automaticlly changed the GTK theme for apps to look like QT19:17
cbwcjwyour Qt theme*19:17
khalidmian(gksudo:16450): Gtk-WARNING **: libbonoboui-2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:17
khalidmianwhat does that mean19:17
HappynessIS there any kind of config gui to access my sound card and drivers?19:18
techbwhi all again19:18
stdinsigma_: the "Application Launcher", the one you get from right clicking the KMenu and choosing "Switch to Classic Menu Style"19:18
HappynessBEcause my sound-settings in system-setting only fall backs to Intel analog sound.19:18
stdinkhalidmian: means you need to install libbonoboui2-019:19
techbwIs there a way to copy an existing install from one machine to the other without using dd, the hard drives do not match.19:20
khalidmianmefisto__: since i have kubuntu instaled with windows can i still view and edit my windos dir?19:20
sandGorgondamn... firefox crashed again19:20
sigma_stdin: ah i was wondering how to switch to that! I thought it would have the whole black theme like the new kickoff though19:20
cbwcjwsandGorgon: ChatZilla? haha19:21
mefisto__khalidmian: yes it's quite possible to access windows ntfs partitions19:21
sandGorgoncbwcjw: yup... i actually like it19:21
khalidmianmefisto__: is it the same process stdin was saying or do u have something else up r sleeve as a suggestion19:22
techbwI use kubuntu to access ntfs to remove virus from clients pc's19:22
sandGorgoncbwcjw: i wanted to show u the screenshot of firefox being crappy19:22
mefisto__khalidmian: install ntfs-config and it makes setting up automounting on boot very easy19:23
cbwcjwsandGorgon: uhh ok. PM me?19:23
mefisto__khalidmian: after installing it, it should be in the menu under "system" called NTFS Configuration Tool19:24
ka_thanks mefisto :-)19:25
EagleScreenPanel change its color after resizing it19:33
EagleScreenin KDE 4.219:33
rdevaanyone here?19:33
rdevaok quick question on firefox dependencies19:34
rdevai just installed KDE4.2  and removed gnome19:34
rdevawhen removing hnome, FF got uninstalled19:34
rdevanow i'm trying to reinstall it19:34
AethelredI'm having trouble with K3B un Ubuntu 8.10. When I try to burn a disc, the only Writing Mode available is "Auto". I used to have DAO as an option, and that's the option I need. Any clues what's going on?19:34
rdevabut when I apt-get it, apt makes me download a lot of gnome libs with FF (including synaptic)19:35
EagleScreenrdeva install it in a special way19:35
stdinrdeva: blame the packages, he insists that FF without gnome support is "not complete"19:35
EagleScreenrdeva use "sudo aptitude -R install firefox"19:35
EagleScreen!spanish | yare19:36
ubottuyare: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:36
Jonahhey guys, just updated to 4.2 but now when i login i've just got a black blank screen. i have a mouse cursor i can move about but nothing else. please help...19:36
EagleScreenJonah try Alt F2 and run plasma19:36
mefisto__Aethelred: have you inserted a disk? that selection menu should change depending on the medium in the drive19:36
JonahEagleScreen: alt f2 isn't doing anything....19:37
JonahEagleScreen: i don't get a run prompt thing or anything19:37
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olewolfWhoa, KDE 4.2 was out for, what, one day, and several files are updated in the repo already! Looking forward to finding out whether this has solved the problems I've seen. :)19:37
olewolfSo, bbl.19:37
EagleScreenJonah when it stared to happen?19:37
JonahEagleScreen: ah if i hold alt tab it does bring a box up that says no windows19:38
JonahEagleScreen: it happened after i updated to kde 4.2 from 4.1.319:38
sandGorgonguys.. does the "search" in the kickoff application launcher turn black whenever you start typing?19:38
astrommenot for me19:38
rdevabtw, 4.2 is awesome19:38
rdevanot for me either19:38
EagleScreenJonah are you sure the update is complete?19:38
astrommeJonah: Have you relogged/restarted after installing 4.2?19:39
Jonahyeah i've rebooted etc and restarted X19:39
Jonahyeah update all completed etc19:39
astrommeoh, whoopse, was reading wrong comment. But good, that helps.19:39
Aethelredmefisto_: Genius, thou.  Just checked, had what I thought was a blank CD-R in there, but was a burned (and unlabeled) disc.19:39
astrommeJonah: Plasma probably isn't loading. alt-f2 and start konsole. Then from konsole try starting plasma with "plasma" see what happens.19:40
Aethelredmefisto__: Thank you for considering that I might be a bonehead, and offering appropriate advice.19:40
astrommeoh, disregard that... no alt-f2?19:40
Jonahastromme: no alt-f2...19:40
mefisto__Aethelred: well that's not what I was thinking, but you're welcome I guess :)19:41
Jonahastromme: but i do get a "no windows" from alt-tab19:41
sandGorgonfunny... the kickoff search bar goes absolutely black on clicking. This happens ONLY on enabling "desktop effects"19:41
astrommeyou could switch to a text console (ctrl-alt-f1 or so), login, and run "DISPLAY=:0 konsole", then switch back to the gui with alt-f7 and see if konsole shows up19:41
marvin_hello there, first kde 4.2 is a great peace of software!19:41
sandGorgonthis bug is reproducible...19:42
Jonahastromme: yeah that's given me a gui konsole19:42
astrommeJonah: great. From that try running plasma19:42
marvin_but i have problems with powerdevil, i cannot install it because he wants to have libplasma2, but when i install libplasma2 hes going to delete alot of other packages19:43
simcadoh it's so depressive, everyone talks about 4.2, but it's still only half-baked in jaunty19:43
astrommemarvin_: You should already have it with KDE 4.219:43
astrommesimca: Jaunty is also months away from release19:43
khalidmianmefisto__: i installed ntfs config and enabled write support for internal device all it shows me is the system info19:43
khalidmianmefisto__: i installed ntfs config and enabled write support for internal device all it shows me is the system volume information19:44
marvin_no i have guidance19:44
Jonahastromme: ah plasma not installed, it says i need kdebase-workspace-data19:44
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simcaastromme: yeah i know, i tought i will upgrade to it to get the newest, bestest kde :)19:44
astrommeJonah: Ahh, yeah, I had that problem too upgrading from Intrepid -> Jaunty19:44
sandGorgonastromme: even the alt-f2 text entry bar goes dark on enabling "desktop effects". there is some amount of tearing. this does not happen on other text entry bars (e.g. Konversation)19:44
stdinmarvin_: powerdevil is built-in to KDE now, System Settings -> Advanced -> Power Management19:45
astrommemarvin_: Even if you go to System Settings -> Advanced -> Power Management19:45
* astromme lols19:45
simcaastromme: i mean a lot of packages are still 4.1.96 in it19:45
Jonahastromme: i don't get why i don't have that installed. and now i can't install it cos it seems my wireless isn't working so i'll have to try plug ethernet cable in19:45
mefisto__khalidmian: where do you see system info?19:45
marvin_ok i look19:45
astrommesimca: Yeah, that's just slow building probably.19:45
khalidmianhow do i unmount my system volume information19:45
astrommeJonah:  =/19:45
astrommeYou can run knetworkmanager or nm-applet from your konsole19:46
astromme^^ was for Jonah19:46
Jonahastromme: wow you're right of course! wow cool19:46
simcaastromme: https://launchpad.net/+builds this says the i386 building machines are idle currently, or i don't know something19:46
khalidmianmefisto__: when trying to unmount sys vol info it says only root can unmount /dev/sda1 from /media/system volume19:47
Jonahastromme: that seems to be installing it ok. thanks a lot19:47
marvin_thank you astromme! i actually found powerdevil19:47
mefisto__khalidmian: sudo umount /dev/sda119:48
marvin_but is there a option to show a icon of powerdevil in the taskbar?19:48
astrommemartijn81: You should be able to add a battery meter plasmoid19:48
marvin_to quickly look at cpu scaling etc19:48
astrommemarvin_: erm, you not martijn8119:48
marvin_but it only shows the battery, cpu scaling on-the-fly is not possible19:49
khalidmianmefisto__:when i mount dev/sda1 i only see vol info19:49
astrommemarvin_: It should do that automatically based on your power profile. Check out that systemsettings page19:49
marvin_well its not so important, thank you anyway !19:49
Aethelredmefisto__: What other CD-R burning/authoring software would you recommend, or warn against?19:49
Jonahastromme: wow kde 4.2 looks amazing!!!19:49
khalidmianmefisto__: i do not have a grub install19:49
Jonahsee ya guys19:49
astrommeJonah: =)19:50
marvin_bye guys!19:50
cbwcjwastromme: got another person to kde 4.2? :D19:50
astrommecbwcjw: lol, you might say that =)19:50
mefisto__Aethelred: k3b is all I've ever used19:50
astrommek3b is my suggestion19:50
cbwcjwastromme: Awesome, i love it.19:50
astrommeglad to hear19:50
mefisto__khalidmian: how do you boot without a grub install?19:50
Aethelredcould boot with LILO ?19:51
khalidmianmefisto__: i installed kubuntu within windows it doesnt use grub19:51
roconnormy icons in kate (and probably other programs) are messed up since upgrading to 8.10 last night19:51
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roconnoris there some way to reset or fix my icons?19:51
Happynesshttps://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=474259, exactly my problem I occured recently. Does anybody recognize it?19:51
* talonstriker echoes roconnor's request19:51
mschiffthanks for the intrepid 4.2 packages! will there be languages packages too?19:52
asranielhi there. i'm in jaunty. how can in permanently mount a partition? i can do it temporary with dolphin. But in kde 3.5 there was a hard disk manager in systemsettings where i could define a mount point19:52
mefisto__khalidmian: that may be why the ntfs partition is not mounting properly. I'm not really sure how things work when kubuntu is installed in windows19:53
roconnorby icons I mean the save and open icons and such19:54
JontheEchidnaasraniel: you might try installing mountmanager and see if that will do what you want19:55
khalidmianmefisto__: k19:55
neothecathas anybody have trouble with no icons showing up in Oo.org after updating to 4.2?19:56
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askeneothecat: try to switch from crystal to human theme in Oo.o20:01
PSiL0hmmm, I had my taskbar setting set to show only the apps in the current desktop... I del'd plasma rc and another config file inhopes of preventing plasma from crashing20:01
PSiL0then I received a few updates (including kwin)20:01
PSiL0now, I can't find the option anymore20:01
PSiL0btw, most of the plasmoids still crash20:02
stdinright click the taskbar -> task manager settings -> Only show tasks from the current desktop20:03
neothecataske: thanks for the hint.  i found "openoffice.org2-kde", installed it now it works.  thanks.20:04
PSiL0stdin: ahh, thanks!!20:04
freeRagcan i install a deb package in ubntu ?20:05
wesley__no rpm20:05
asranielJontheEchidna: not exactly userfriendly, but it might do the trick20:05
wesley__or ex20:05
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wesley__ofcourse you can install a deb20:06
Happynessanyone recognize above URL i pasted?20:06
freeRaga deb from debian ?20:06
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.20:07
freeRagwhy do you think the new kde 4.2 live cd comes from suse ?20:07
stdinbut don't install ones from debian, unless you WANT to break your system20:07
* __phil__ waves hi to all20:09
freeRaghow can you wave a sound ?20:10
__phil__I just ran the adept updater on my 8.10 kubuntu and now X freezes on startup.  Tips?20:10
__phil__I've tried resetting xorg.conf; I've tried booting into a previous kernel.  No dice20:10
__phil__freeRag: cute20:10
mefisto__freeRag: is that a question about .wav files?20:11
Dekanshow can we install google gadgets as plasmoids ?20:13
__phil__I guess here nobody has a clue20:13
Happyness https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=474259, exactly my problem I occured recently. Does anybody recognize it? I wondering if it is a problem in general?20:14
helpdeskhello anyone knows how i could apply a patch to my kernel tree directory?20:15
helpdeskonewolf: u still around?20:16
beachsurfinhow do you move the icons on the panel? http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2-rc.php shows a picture of the device notifier and other widgets located on the left side ...20:17
beachsurfinit even shows the system tray with an arrow indicating that you can increase or decrease the system tray length20:18
JontheEchidnabeachsurfin: press the plasma icon on the right of the panel to open up the configuration mode20:19
JontheEchidnayou can then move widgets around20:19
JontheEchidnaif you right click the system tray you can select its configuration dialog, where you can hide icons20:19
JontheEchidnawhen icons are hidden that arrow will appear20:20
gorgonzolahello. where can i get more plasmoids for kde 4.2?20:21
beachsurfingorgonzola brings up something i have problems with as well, i never can install plasmoids from the internet from the add widgets dialog20:23
gorgonzolabeachsurfing: i have had varied experiences with that.. some work straight out of the box, some don't. Right now, the problem is that get hot new stuff just offers a few plasmoids in kde 4.2...20:25
Marvin_hi there, i have a very big problem20:27
Marvin_look at that: http://img3.imagebanana.com/view/4qojri7o/DSC_2865.JPG20:27
Marvin_this is how it look after i logged in kdm20:28
DekansNo google gadgets on Kubuntu ?20:28
Marvin_i have the nv driver installed20:28
=== rdeva is now known as talonstriker
Marvin_any suggestions?20:29
Heliodorhow do i get a printscreen?20:29
talonstrikerHeliodor: use ksnapshot20:29
Heliodortalonstriker: thanks!20:29
roger_hi could someone help me with the new kde 4.2 packages for intrepid ?20:30
talonstrikeranyone figured out how to add icons to the Desktop20:30
Marvin_add the folder view widged20:30
roger_I have added the ppa and installed all the packages with no errors20:30
roger_but when I login to KDE 4.2 I am presented with a black screen and nothing more20:30
roger_alt+f2 shows krunner and ctrl+alt+del shows the logout interface20:31
Marvin_when i login in it looks quite funny : http://img3.imagebanana.com/view/4qojri7o/DSC_2865.JPG20:31
roger_but krunner cannot load anything, just gives a kdeinit error20:31
roger_I do see a segfault from nepomukservices in /var/log/syslog20:32
dionetwith the kde 4.2 update, all kde/phonon sound output is too high and I can't control it in the mixer20:33
dionetbut non-kde applications are not affected20:33
Marvin_anybody any ideas concerning my login glitch???20:34
amigravecan someone tell me why kubuntu 8.10 takes twice the memory +-300Mb on a fresh install than ubuntu 810 +-150Mb and how can I lower the memory usage ?20:34
Rioting_pacifistamigrave: is that actual memory useage or does it include cache20:35
Rioting_pacifistamigrave: eitherway a good way is to look at what programs are eating up memory with ksysguard or htop20:37
talonstrikeramigrave, i imagine the widgets are eating up a bit of memory20:37
roconnortalonstriker: one solution I have found so far is to change the icon theme from crystal svg to oxygen20:38
amigraveRioting_pacifist: this is the memory usage provided by the system monitors provided by respectively kde 4 and gnome. I'm going to test with free and htop to do a fair comparison20:38
sandGorgonmy Notes Plasmoid is transparent - is this a known bug?20:39
roconnortalonstriker: I don't know why crystal svg is broken.20:39
tarimarihi guuys.there were some updates today at 4.2. what are they about? is there any changelog?20:40
amigraveRioting_pacifist: on gnome it's used ram minus cache. going to test kde4 but have to reinstall. hang on20:40
roconnortalonstriker:  I'm tempted to install kde-icons-crystal to see if that would fix the crystal set20:40
roconnortalonstriker: but maybe oxygen is supposed to be the default theme?20:41
roconnorwhat icon theme do people here use?20:41
thinkgnuwhich one is better for my system (dual core2  , 1GB ram) ?  kubuntu32 but or kubuntu64 bit ?20:42
Rioting_pacifistthinkgnu: well it depends, 64 have few benifits but using flash can be a bit more difficult20:42
thinkgnuRioting_pacifist: but it is possible20:43
Rioting_pacifistyeah just use ndiswrapper or isntall flash 10 beta manually20:43
=== fernando is now known as Guest83394
thinkgnumy problem is with my ram ! is 1GB enough for 64bit version20:44
Heliodortalonstriker: thanks for the tip!20:44
thinkgnuor maybe i'll have better performance with 32bit version20:44
Heliodortalonstriker: know of any screencast software?20:44
senorpedrois it safe to upgrade vom 8.04 to 8.10 via dist-upgrade??20:45
senorpedroor will my systsem be broken and i dissolve in tears?20:45
Rioting_pacifistthinkgnu:  ram requirements arn't affected20:46
Picisenorpedro: Dont use dist-upgrade20:46
roconnorsenorpedro: I upgraded yesterday.  Lemme see what I used20:46
Pici!upgrade | senorpedro20:46
ubottusenorpedro: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes20:46
talonstrikerHeliodor: Well..not for linux20:46
Heliodortalonstriker: to bad :-(20:47
Heliodortalonstriker: thanks anyway!20:47
senorpedrothats to complicated20:47
senorpedrocant i just str_replace every itchy to snitchy in sources.list and then aptitude dist-upgrade?20:47
senorpedrosorry, i dont know the ubuntu release names20:48
senorpedroonly the numbers20:48
roconnorsenorpedro: I used sudo do-release-upgrade -d20:48
roconnorbut I'm a little weird20:48
roconnorI had no signifigant trouble20:48
Picisenorpedro: Thats not the reccomended upgrade method.  Listen to roconnor20:48
senorpedrowhy's there no man page for do-release-upgrade?20:49
roconnorsenorpedro: you may have to install update-manager-core20:49
senorpedrowell -d is to devel release....20:49
martin__Hi! Upgrading Intrepid to KDE 4.2 left me unable to log in -- will somebody help me?20:49
senorpedrothat would be 9.04?20:49
senorpedroupdate-manager-core is installed20:50
Picisenorpedro: Yes, sorry.20:50
senorpedrono man page available20:50
roconnorsenorpedro: you either need to use -d20:50
roconnorsenorpedro: or Edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set:20:50
Picisenorpedro: The wiki page ubottu linked you to has all the instructions you need20:50
roconnorsenorpedro: the only proglem I had was that libghc6-HTTP-dev-whatever didn't uninstall properly.  But you probably don't have that package ;)20:51
senorpedroroconnor: so do you have 9.04 or 8.10 right now?20:51
senorpedrowhats in /etc/issue?20:51
roconnorsenorpedro: as of today I have 8.1020:52
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »20:52
roconnorsenorpedro: yestrday I had 8.0420:52
roconnorupgrading took several hours20:53
roconnorwith occasional prompts20:53
roconnorbecause I changed some configs20:53
senorpedrodo you have a 56k modem?20:53
senorpedrowell i did change configs too20:53
roconnordownloading too about 1 hour or a bit less once I found a resonable mirror20:53
roconnorbut setup and configuration of all the new packages too several hours20:54
roconnormaybe 220:54
roconnor1.2 GHz laptop here20:54
senorpedrook i need 8 min for the download....lets see how long installing takes20:54
senorpedroomg now 40min20:54
roconnorof course the upgrade time depends on which packages you have and how many you have20:55
senorpedrodoes kubuntu 8.10 still have kde 3.5?20:56
roconnorsenorpedro: it appears to be kde 4.1 AFAIK20:56
senorpedroor whatever the latest kde 3.* is20:56
senorpedrohm thats bad20:56
geniisenorpedro: No. It comes only with 420:56
senorpedroi like 3 more20:56
geniisenorpedro: 8.04 is the last Kubuntu to have KDE 3 series20:57
CrypTomhi all, I'm trying to access an usb-device (phidget rfid device) as a normal user20:57
CrypTom I compiled the shared object (make and sudo make install)20:57
roconnorsenorpedro: I suppose you could stick with 8.0420:57
CrypTomI compiled a test application (from the manufactor). when I run this test application with sudo, it works20:57
stas__Hi people! Does someone here has VirtualBox on PC? I have some problems with host interface setup in ubuntu20:58
CrypTomwhen I run the app as normal user, I cannot access the device, although I've copied a udev-rules file into /etc/udev/rules.d20:58
roconnorironically the upgrade to 8.10 broke the very thing I was upgrading for :P20:58
CrypTomI even tried to relogin and rebooted20:58
roconnorbut it wasn't actually a big problem20:58
roconnordamn it.  I can't get privoxy to work as my HTTP proxy for KTorrent21:00
mefisto__stas__: what's the problem?21:00
senorpedroroconnor: you mean for the search feature in ktorrent?21:01
roconnorlooks like I'm not the only one: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=5261621:01
stas__ After seutup host interface in ubuntu, I can ping my host from VM(which is WinXP), but I can't ping VM from host machine(Ubuntu)21:01
roconnorsenorpedro: no for tracker connections21:01
roconnorsenorpedro: and webseeds I guess, but I'm not using that21:01
reagleBRKLNwhen i go to that url konq+kdewallet won't autofill login info21:02
khearanyone happen to know if Akonadi in KDE 4.2 uses/requires the full mysql-server that is installed with the kubuntu packages? or does it have an embedded version of mysql or something?21:02
mefisto__stas__: don't know, sorry. have you tried in #vbox ?21:02
geniiCrypTom: The user may need to belong to group called plugdev21:03
martin__Hey, I'm really screwed here - upgrading Intrepid to KDE 4.2 left me unable to log in -- will somebody help me?21:03
stas__Ok, I'll ask there21:03
CrypTomgenii: ok, i'll check21:04
CrypTomgenii: hmm, the user already is in the plugdev group21:05
vitalWill jaunty be pulseaudio or alsa?21:07
princeduganhello, I have two problems. S-video out and USB soundcard works in windows not in ubuntu.21:09
=== stas__ is now known as netslow
BlueEagleprincedugan: Well, first off you would want to find if you've got an ATi or nVidia or other graphics card.21:13
princeduganIntel, I think21:14
BlueEagleprincedugan: Then you would want to check that you do have the correct drivers installed. And then you need to figure out how your graphics card manages the s-video output.21:14
BlueEagleprincedugan: You can think in philosophy class. Here we like to be certain. Try this command in a terminal: lspci21:14
mefisto__lol BlueEagle21:15
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
OnlyWhiskyhello! I have problems using nvidia 180.11 driver with kde421:24
OnlyWhiskyactually kde4 hang system while loading.21:24
OnlyWhiskyblackbox works fine and kde4 works with nv driver21:25
princeduganlspci is a command-line thing?21:27
princeduganthe videocard is 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)21:28
=== roland is now known as Rollz
cbwcjwHi, welcome to #kubuntu21:36
princeduganthe internal sound card is Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)21:36
Rollzthank you21:36
princeduganthe external card is Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0d8c:0103 C-Media Electronics, Inc. Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro21:37
Rollzhow did u know ?21:37
sebranybody know how to solve this? W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60487016493B306521:40
neothecathas anyone seen this error on 4.2 GA "KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/konsole'."?  but konsole does start up...21:40
sebrah nm, found the instruction on the website21:41
princeduganxrandr shows I only have one screen21:41
XVampireXprincedugan, sounds like an onboard sound card actually, but if that's the output of lspci there's no arguing with it21:43
XVampireXAnyhow people, any way I do a clean install WITH kde 4.2?21:44
princedugansorry, I didn't see the USB card in lspci. so I tried lsusb, it seems logical and seemed to list it21:44
XVampireXAh, so it's lsusb21:44
XVampireXeven better21:44
princeduganoddly, there seems to be no lsisa :)21:45
XVampireXSo you don't get sound nor get accelerated graphics?21:45
XVampireXRegarding the sound you should probably try to go to #alsa and check there and regarding accelerated graphics you gotta tell us the video display adapter you got, You said you got Intel, right?21:46
XVampireXYou need to change something in /etc/X11/xorg.conf I think21:47
XVampireXI'm not sure though I don't run onboard video card21:47
princeduganXVampireX: using the onboard cards I get sound and video on my screen including 3D. but the external USB doesn't output sound and the S-video out does not work. xrandr reports I only hace one screen.21:49
princeduganthe onboard videocard is 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)21:49
XVampireXYes I see that I found a solution but it seems for 7.1021:50
XVampireXWill most likely work for 8.1021:50
XVampireXAFAIK there are free drivers from intel for that card...21:50
XVampireXgo to terminal for a sec and do: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel21:51
XVampireXthen if it says that everything is fine or if it asks you to install, then install21:51
XVampireXThen if you can check in terminal: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:52
XVampireXin there do ctrl+w and input "Device" if I remember correctly, it should jump to the correct section and there you have Driver tell me what it says21:53
chris-rc1i am trying to add plasmoids to my desktops, but with almost all of them i get: "this object could not be created" "could not find requested component". i am running kde 4.2 and it seems those plasmoids are from 4.1, but i cannot install any 4.1 packages any more21:54
cbwcjwchris-rc1: Plasmoids from 4.1 arent compatible.21:54
XVampireXchris-rc1, I'm not sure but perhaps 4.2 broke compatibility with 4.1 plasmoids ?21:54
cbwcjwchris-rc1: It says on the installation page to remove your 4.1 plasmids in order to update.21:54
chris-rc1that is strange. why wouldn't they be compatible. and moreover, why haven't they been ported?21:55
chris-rc1how do i remove them?21:55
cbwcjwBecause of different architecture, and i dont know :(21:55
cbwcjwI went from ubuntu -> KDE for a cleaner transition :D21:55
chris-rc1in synaptic it says there are no 4.1 packages installed any mote21:56
gorgonzolahello folks...21:56
XVampireXchris-rc1, because KDE folks think it's funny... maybe they realised that 4.0 and 4.1 were jokes so they didn't want to relate to it :P21:56
gorgonzolado you know how can i force kubuntu to autodetect my monitor prefered settings?21:56
gorgonzolai just changed my monitor to a bigger one, but don't know how to tell kubuntu to re-detect settings, like at install time...21:57
XVampireXgorgonzola there's this tool called krandr or something like that  I think21:57
gorgonzolaXVampireX; yes, i know of that. but this is not what i'm saytingf...21:58
gorgonzolaXvampireX when you install a new system, kubuntu detects the screen and configures X to handle itr in the correct res21:58
gorgonzolaXvampireX i was wondering if there's some option to do that... ie, leave all usrs with the correct "default" rs...21:58
astrommePlasma broke binary and source compatability because there were still some fundamentals being worked out . It wasn't in place for 4.0/4.1 because it needed real world applications to test and use the API to see how things could be done wbetter.21:59
OxDeadC0dehas anyone else found Amor? he's cool21:59
XVampireXastromme, Yeah, that sounds just about right... but still 4.1 and 4.0 were jokes :D21:59
JontheEchidna4.1 was pretty good21:59
astrommeI will say they weren't quite ready for everyone. However they were far from jokes.22:00
chris-rc1that still doesn't really help me :-(22:00
Riddell** Kubuntu meeting now in #ubuntu-meeting22:00
astrommeThat's like saying Mac OS 10.0 and 10.1 were jokes. Not many used them, but they sure were necessary.22:00
XVampireXchris-rc1, don't worry the plasmoids will catch up, will probably find better ones in 4.222:00
chris-rc1so you wanna tell me there just aren't any?22:01
astrommechris-rc1: I agree, it doesn't help you =/. But they will be ported, give it a little time. The ones that aren't in the base KDE were added by Kubuntu folks and need to be ported/re-added22:01
XVampireXastromme, anything that's released half-assed is a joke.22:01
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1 what are you trying to install even?22:02
chris-rc1OxDeadC0de: anything. let's say the analog clock22:04
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1 the api changed slightly between 4.1 and 4.2 because plasma became part of kdelibs, so the plasmoids might need to change a (very)little in the source, but many bugs were fixed and many new developers are being attracted22:04
_ubuntuI have a question.  I am considering installing Kubuntu. I wanted to get an opinion before I do.  PC is AMD CPU 1.4Ghz.  20GB hard drive.  256MB memory.  I believe the video is an ATI Rage.  Will Kubuntu work on such a system?22:04
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1 you need another package, sec22:04
=== _ubuntu is now known as Dragonmaster
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1 you said 4.2 right? so you're using the experimental22:04
XVampireXDragonmaster, yes it will work, not very fast but it will...22:04
=== Dragonmaster is now known as DragonmasterDani
XVampireXnot too slow either22:05
chris-rc1OxDeadC0de: yes22:05
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1: sudo apt-get install kdeplasma-addons22:05
DragonmasterDaniIf I was to install and check out Linux on the sstem, what distro do you suggest.  I believe that is what it is called.22:05
=== DragonmasterDani is now known as Dragonmaster_Dan
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1 I assume your upgrade went badly? it should have removed the old plasmoids22:06
XVampireXDragonmasterDani, Actually I'd suggest you try Ubuntu first, the gnome version... Then after some time when you get used to the whole linux thing, and think you want to try a different graphical user interface, try Kubuntu (KDE)22:06
Dragonmaster_DanOkay, I shall give it a try.  Thank you.22:07
XVampireXUbuntu is famous right now because of the mostly friendly support you get, and because of the many different user friendly features like easy codec installation, easy driver installation and so on.22:07
XVampireXSo you don't make a mistake with trying ubuntu at first22:08
Dragonmaster_DanRIght now I am running an old version of Kubuntu Live CD I found.22:08
stdinchris-rc1: install kdeplasma-addons22:08
XVampireXOLD is bad22:08
XVampireXWith linux you get new things ALL of the time22:09
XVampireXSo in a certain sense running todays version is not the same as running yesterdays22:09
Dragonmaster_DanThis is Kubuntu Linux 5.10 Live22:09
OxDeadC0deXVampireX New is bad when it breaks things used, until those things are fixed..22:09
XVampireXSo anyhow I just wanted to say how much I'm a hypocrite I'm talking about linux/k/ubuntu from Windows :)22:10
chris-rc1kdeplasma-addons is installed22:10
roconnorwhat is the replacement for ksvg in 8.10?22:10
XVampireXOxDeadC0de, Yeah, but it may break things, and it may also FIX things :) so that's what's good22:10
roconnorrsvg-view ?22:10
Dragonmaster_DanI am off to find and download ubuntu.  Thank you.22:10
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1: kbuilsycoca4 && kquitapp plasma , wait a sec, plasma &22:11
XVampireXDragonmaster_Dan, try 8.10 live cd if you're running something older like 7.10 or even 8.04 you'd be surprised at how much better it is22:11
Dragonmaster_Dan8.04 is beter then 8.10?22:12
princeduganXVampireX: reports xserver-xorg-video-intel is already the newest version. thanks for this info, I'm gonna try the Intel rpm. So I hope to see (really) you after reboot22:12
OxDeadC0deXVampireX Sure, eventually the fix's outweigh the breaks, it's that annoying "bugfix" time that gets to me :P22:12
XVampireXNeed some help?22:12
XVampireXDon't forget the golden rule, don't ask to ask just ask :)22:12
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1: sorry, kbuildsycoca4 (missed the d)22:12
jordanohow to block open two session of the mercury messenger?22:12
lex79join #ubuntu-meeting22:13
cbwcjwXVampireX: hahaha22:13
lex79ops sorry22:13
XVampireX8.10 is better than 8.0422:13
cbwcjwIts all opinion.22:13
malcolm_hello, I'm new to linux22:13
malcolm_I want to share files with windows22:14
XVampireXI mean if you're running 7.10 then most certainly 8.04 is better, and 8.10 is even better22:14
malcolm_I have installed samba22:14
cbwcjwmaclom_: Hi, welcome to #kubuntu!22:14
malcolm_but I can't access my windows files22:14
malcolm_hello cbwcjw22:14
cbwcjwmalcom_: Thats odd, are you dual booting?22:14
XVampireXmalcolm_, why? What are you trying to do?22:14
malcolm_I am trying to setup a file sharing server22:15
mefisto__just installed kde4.2 and I'm looking for a weather widget. I only see LCD weather station, which I find hard to read. how can I get another?22:15
XVampireXmalcolm_, you need to install samba22:15
malcolm_do I need the samba package or the samba4 package22:15
malcolm_I installed samba and it did not work22:15
chris-rc1OxDeadC0de: ok that was weird22:15
cbwcjwmefisto__: Your probably out of luck. Remember, 4.2 came out yesterday!22:15
chris-rc1i lost plasma completely22:15
chris-rc1black desktop22:15
XVampireXmalcolm_, samba works fine, you get a tool to configure it too, you need to configure it22:15
Dragonmaster_DanGetting Ubuntu 8.10 now.22:16
mefisto__cbwcjw: yeah but I watched the demo video at kde.org and they were using a very nice looking one, with a one week forecast too.22:16
XVampireXmalcolm_, like what folders/files you want to share, linux won't do things you don't want so it won't share the whole partition, it's unsafe too just so you know22:16
mefisto__cbwcjw: false advertising?22:16
malcolm_What are the tools I need to configure/use to get samba working22:16
XVampireXDragonmaster_Dan, Great, hope it works out for you :)22:17
Dragonmaster_DanSame here.22:17
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1: did you do plasma &22:17
cbwcjwmefisto__: They couldve just not released it yet. I really dont know, but my LCD weather crashes plasma, so I wish they had another haha22:17
Dragonmaster_DanThank you. XVampireX.22:17
XVampireXmalcolm_, to be honest I'm not sure, I know when you install samba it adds a config tool in gnome, but not sure about KDE :O22:17
cbwcjwXVampireX: Probably just appears in the settings22:18
malcolm_I want to share all my files22:18
XVampireXalso you might want to right click on the folder/file you want to share and click properties or whatever and click on share22:18
chris-rc1well, i did do plasma &, but only after kquitapp ;-)22:18
malcolm_but shoudl I install the samba4 instead of the samba?22:18
XVampireXmalcolm_, what kde are you using anyway?22:18
chris-rc1OxDeadC0de: well, i figured it out myself and now plasma and the plasmoids seem to work. can you explain to me why that is?22:19
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1: takes a sec for it to finally quit and it won't let it run again until it's fully quit, so running it right away doesn't work22:19
mefisto__cbwcjw: I'm actually quite surprise with how stable everything is. absolutely everything works perfectly so far (30 minutes after 4.2 upgrade)22:19
OxDeadC0dechris-rc1: Looks like you didn't get a transitional package installed somewhere to upgrade the plasmoids22:19
XVampireXnot sure, malcolm_ don't think so, samba should work fine...22:19
cbwcjwmefisto__: I was suprised too. It replaced GNOME for me.22:19
cbwcjwbbl, im setting stuff up22:20
mefisto__kde raises the bar for everyone with this release I think22:20
cbwcjwmefisto__: It brings back KDE 3.5 times for me.22:20
SSJ_GZmefisto__: That Weather widget is still in kdereview, I think.22:21
mefisto__cbwcjw: me too. I was heartbroken about kde3.5 until today22:21
chris-rc1OxDeadC0de: thanks for the help. what i don't get is that kdeplasma-addons must have been 4.2 all the way. do you mean something like a package installing a link to the right location or sth?22:21
malcolm_I am default installation22:21
malcolm_I have samba installed but it is strange22:22
gorgonzolaok... me again. how can i reconfigure the all monitor settings?22:22
malcolm_It looks like I have missing icons when I click on samba under network22:22
gorgonzolafor example, kdm still uses some weird resolutions, and only after accessing the display module in system settings, it catchs up and sets the res to the right value)22:22
XVampireXmalcolm_, that's because it's an old KDE, Oxygen theme is still not complete22:23
malcolm_often they don't appear at all22:23
malcolm_they kinda disapear22:23
XVampireXmalcolm_, You shouldn't be worried about icons just check the settings22:24
malcolm_which settings where?22:24
XVampireXno idea22:24
XVampireXSorry can't help you there22:24
emperor_tuxwhen I try to add the kubuntu (KDE 4.2) version repository on intrepid I get a "W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60487016493B3065" error22:27
stdinemperor_tux: read the link in the topic22:27
=== fernando is now known as Guest747
thomas_For some reason right-click in KDE4.2 kickoff classical menu doesnt work for me. Right-Click works everything else, but in the Menu it just starts the Application (like left click)22:29
=== jojo__ is now known as Ruben
=== Ruben is now known as Ruben_____
|bart|Hi all, just wanted to mention that my kubuntu upgrade went pretty smooth. Thanks for the good work!22:38
|bart|Small problems: Kopete shows MSN buddies that no longer exist, because the MSN plugin is now something else, and something with Akonadi, but all in all a really smooth upgrade. Great job!22:39
marek_hi i have one big question, im installing kubuntu from alternate disc, it is asking me for a mirror ubuntu server host, can you tell me what can i type there?22:41
cbwcjwHi cikky welcome to #kubuntu22:43
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gizmobayAnyone know where I can get digikam-kde4?22:48
jussi01gizmobay: yeah, there is a digikam ppa22:51
catoHello, I installed the newer amarok from http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-, When I start it, it simply crashes:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/111028/22:53
gizmobayIs this it deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/notz/ubuntu intrepid main?22:54
catodeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main22:55
Pconfigcato: maybe try at #amarok22:56
chris-rc1gizmobay: is there a kde4 port of digikam at all? i thought it's still the kde3 version, which is in universe, if i remember correctly22:58
gizmobayI upgraded to 4.2 when you add the plasma addons it removes digikam22:59
jussi01gizmobay: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main22:59
jussi01deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main22:59
Pconfigbtw cato, you're not alone https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/31612622:59
jussi01gizmobay: however, PLEASE NOTE: EXPERIMENTAL!!22:59
catoPconfig: nice to know, but doesn't solve the problem :)23:00
Pconfigcato: i know, was just doing some research ;à23:01
chris-rc1gizmobay: you could also add the kde3 repos for intrepid. that's the way i do it23:01
gizmobaydigikam works until you add the plasma addons23:02
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gizmobayI think I may hold off23:08
ubuntu_hi all, i'm trying to install kubuntu 8.10 from hard disk using these instructions but the hard dive doesn't show up in the installation step 4, any ideas? http://deepbluespaces.blogspot.com/2008/07/install-ubuntu-804-from-hard-disk.html23:15
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marcelwhere i cand find a vt102 docuemntation to write some functions in "C" ?23:17
KCKPOLICEFORCEMAwell ubuntu... i dont know, im running Kubuntu 8.10 without any problems right now, srry:(23:18
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Guest43849Why ubuntu does not recognize the correct screen resolution in VirtualBox?23:20
ubuntu_Guest43849: you need to install virtualbox "guest drivers"23:20
gmclachlGuest43849: did you install the guest-additions23:21
rdevahey guys a quick question about kate...any idea how to force kate to use tabs when indenting rather than spaces?23:21
rdevathe old version of kate used tabs23:21
ubuntu_rdeva: settings > configure23:22
rdevaubuntu: Yes I was playing around with it, but which option in particular?23:24
lakis1982i have installed kde 4.2  but i cant install any mac widgets ..how can i do this ???23:24
rdevanvm figured it out thats23:25
rdevalakis, I think you need superkaramba installed23:25
rdevabut not sure, check the superkaramba website23:25
lakis1982superkaramba for kubuntu ?23:25
ubuntu_mac widgets are supported natively by plasma23:26
gmclachlhmmm, I think that's meant in the losest terms23:26
ubuntu_you download the widget file then from the widget browser select "install from file"23:26
lakis1982ubuntu thats what i did23:27
ubuntu_didn't you find an select option for mac widgets?23:27
ubuntu_after that it should appear in the widget list23:27
gmclachllakis1982: I have found it to be a bit hit and miss, sometimes it won't show up, when it does the widget doesn't display properly23:27
lakis1982but it doesnt install23:27
ubuntu_as gmclachl just said it depends on the widget23:28
lakis1982that right like gmclachi says23:28
ubuntu_some will work some won't23:28
lakis1982sometimes it doesnt show up on list and if it is , it doesnt show correctly on desktop23:28
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wesley__Dragonplayer is clearly lighter then vlc23:34
roconnorwhy is update-manager-kde filed under gnome?23:34
wesley__Because gnome doesnt have that stuff, so they need ours23:35
gLAsgowMonkeyis it possible to sync playlists with an ipod in amarok 2, if it is I can't find out how to23:38
hvgotcodeshey how do i tell if i have the official version of kde 4.2 installed?23:40
cbwcjwhvgotcodes: if you got it from the kubuntu-expermental repo23:42
liz_hello all, I have a simple question, is openoffice.org 3.0 a stable release or still experimental???23:43
gizmobayhvgotcodes: if you open dolphin then go to help -> about KDE will tell you the version23:44
WalzmynI'm running 8.04, but with a bunch of KDE4 apps. If I do a dist-upgrade, how it it handle my  mix of apps?23:45
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clay_i just finished installing the new 8.10 kubuntu and i cant get any sound now. Any help?23:45
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liz_Anyone know if openoffice 3.0 is a stable release?23:47
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ameliei need to discuss an error23:53
ameliewell, need help with an error23:53
amelieI made a RAID 1 with 2 500gb hard drives23:53
ameliei mean (2)  500 gb hard drives23:54
amelieformatted the partitions with ubuntu server 8.1023:54
ameliethen, downloaded the kubuntu-desktop23:54
ameliemy system was working right during a month23:54
amelieand suddenly, I've got this error:23:54
amelie/dev/md6: clean, 37/24096 files, 34600/96256 blocks23:55
amelie/dev/md9 contains a file system with errors, check forced.23:55
hagabakadoes http://scruffy.rubyforge.org/ crash konqueror for anyone else using kde 4.2?23:55
ameliei reformatted everything as it was23:55
ameliebut i coudn't get off this error23:55
gLAsgowMonkey hagabaka not for me23:55
amelie(i.e., without -a or -p options)23:55
ameliefsck died with exit status 423:55
amelieit ended with that23:55
ameliedoes anyone knows about this?23:56
joao_fala portugues23:56
amelieno, espan~ol23:56
hagabakagLAsgowMonkey: are you using kde 4.2 with packages from ppa repository?23:56
legodude_why is WICD not default over knetworkmanager?23:56
legodude_it seems to work a billion times better23:56
gLAsgowMonkeyno I am using Jaunty and the official 4.2 release23:56
hagabakai see23:57
ameliecan anyone help me?23:57
joao_falo so portugues23:57
legodude_!pt | joao_23:57
ubottujoao_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.23:57
hagabakaamelie: did you try running fsck manually?23:57
gLAsgowMonkeyamelie: you might be better asking in the server channel23:57
ameliethank you very much23:58
amelieis it #server ?23:58
ameliedidn't tried the fsck because i don't know how to use it23:58
ameliei just hit control D to restart normally23:58
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: Are you there?23:59
gLAsgowMonkeyamelie: not sure, but you can't fsck on disks that are mounted, you can boot from a live cd and run it23:59
gLAsgowMonkeyamelie: #ubuntu-server23:59
ameliethankyou very much guys23:59

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