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zachtibis the ppa build service particularly backed up today?01:24
maxbzachtib: https://launchpad.net/+builds01:32
maxbIf there are any Canonical people around.... the amd64 and lpia PPA builders look to be wedged on something01:34
spmmaxb: yeah we're chasing atm. ta!01:38
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* bigon does't remember who talk about a rmadisson like tool for ppa10:17
mrevellhey bigon, cprov would be a good person to speak to but he's not around for another couple of hours. noodles775 could you help? ^^^10:20
* noodles775 looks up what rmadisson tool does...10:23
noodles775bigon, mrevell: the only info I can find mentioning rmadisson is an invalid bug on Launchpad:10:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 180851 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync take the first line of rmadisson response" [Undecided,Invalid]10:24
bigonI will have a look at my logs tonight10:25
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cprovbigon: I vaguely remember of a blog post from james_w about a 'madison-ppa'10:50
bigonoh right10:51
maxbbigon: ^11:05
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persiaHas anyone looked at bug #277311?  Is there further information I could add?  It is becoming quite frustrating to have to manually adjust the URLs from LP mail.12:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277311 in launchpad-answers "Launchpad sent an edge URL to a non-beta user" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27731112:08
persiaI can also reproduce with Malone: perhaps the bug should be retargeted?12:09
persia(or rather, reproduce a variant: in that I receive email with .edge., although I don't seem to generate it)12:14
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vadi2Is it possible to make a link that depends on the user's id to work for everybody? (for example, if I need to point someone to change their launchpad email but don't know their id)14:15
thekornvadi2, do you mean: launchpad.net/people/+me14:16
vadi2Thanks a bunch14:17
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asaci prob with package failing to upload after building in PPA: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110877/15:27
asacwhats wrong there? any clue?15:28
asaci think i found it ;)15:28
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abentleyrockstar: call?16:31
rockstarabentley, sure.16:31
ftai wish i was able to edit my own comments in bugs, i hate to leave typos behind... and i submit too fast :(17:14
Ursinhafta, I know how that feels :/17:15
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persiaIs there already an enhancement request for an embedded spellchecker?  If not, perhaps that would be one way to address it.17:18
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Ursinhapersia, I use firefox's one17:21
ftapersia, browsers already have that, it's not a problem. i'm worried about missing words, or bad terminations or wrong words because something in my brain switched while i was typing, etc.17:22
persiaHrm.  Probably needs a contexually-sensitive grammar checker in the browser then (yes, this is possible, just annoyingly difficult, and currently restricted IP held by InSo).  Still doesn't help with wrong words or extra appearances of "not" (my personal annoying mistake)17:27
ftathat's why an "edit-my-own-comment" feature would help. the ubuntu forums have that17:31
ftaif you edit in less than x minutes, your changes are invisible, otherwise, a sig saying the comment has been altered is added.17:32
andrea-bsfta: there's already a bug for that: bug 8089517:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 80895 in malone "Give people five minutes to edit/delete their comment" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8089517:33
ftafiled ~13 months ago :(17:36
savvasfta: only thing you can do is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/80895/+affectsmetoo17:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 80895 in malone "Give people five minutes to edit/delete their comment" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:38
ftasavvas, i know, i always forget to do so, done17:40
rockstarfta, to be honest, the "Me too" button probably should be a bit more prevalent.17:45
ftaI agree17:46
andrea-bsrockstar, fta: I've reported bug #322401 just some minutes ago :)17:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322401 in malone "+subscribe should let you to mark the bug as affecting you" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32240117:47
ftais the counter visible somewhere/somehow?17:48
andrea-bsfta: no, and maybe it won't17:48
ftabugzilla exposes it17:49
andrea-bsI read that the Launchpad team doesn't want people to register more than one account just for give importance to a bug17:50
savvaspeople do that? :p17:50
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spitfirehi. What should be ownership rights for ~/.gnupg ?20:38
spitfireI'm getting these warnings about unsecure ownership of  ~/.gnupg..20:38
stdinspitfire: 700 for ~/.gnupg/ and sub-dirs, 600 for files20:48
spitfirestdin: thanks!20:48
spitfirecouldn't find the answer anywhere;/20:48
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flavourThe 'blog post' link re: tonight's upgrade features is missing from all posts I've seen...can anyone share it?21:22
* flavour intrigued21:22
mwhudsonflavour: not sure i understand?21:24
flavour(& Twitter/identi.ca same)21:30
flavourThey say 'see this blog post for release announcement'21:31
flavourBut there's no link21:31
mwhudsonit says "see this blog"21:34
mwhudsonnot post21:34
mwhudsonthere will be a new post after the release21:34
flavourSo in the same place will come a further annoucnment post-upgrade21:39
flavourFIne, I'll be patient21:39
flavourJust ;)21:39
YokoZarThe top slashdot story "How to track the bugtrackers?" seems relevant to launchpad.21:50
YokoZarIn fact, I added a "launchpad" tag to it -- perhaps you should too21:51
spmha. that's well timed. I'm about to shutdown LP in ~ 7 minutes :-)21:52
warrenUsing saved push location: bzr+ssh://wtogami@bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ltsp-trunk/22:03
warrenssh: connect to host bazaar.launchpad.net port 22: Connection refused22:03
Ursinhawarren, we're rolling out now22:03
mwhudsonwarren: will be back in < 1 hour22:03
Ursinhawarren, see the topic22:04
mtaylorso - in general I love everyone's work, and I know it's always the middle of someone's day - but shutting down launchpad in the middle of the work day for an hour sure is annoying22:25
mtaylorand sure does make it harder for me to convince people that it's ok for us to place more dev process on and around launchpad22:26
henningemtaylor: If it helps: The last code update where done much quicker (abt. 30 min).22:27
henningebut I am not promising anything ...22:27
mtaylorhenninge: :)22:27
mtaylorit's not the length of time, really22:27
henninge"code updates were"22:27
mtaylorit's that taking websites down is sort of fail22:27
henningeIt's late where I am ;)22:27
mtayloryes. but the world is all globalized and stuff now :)22:28
thumpermtaylor: we have plans to make this less painful22:28
henningeI know, I work for a global company ;)22:28
thumpermtaylor: you can be sure that we are thinking about this22:28
mtaylorthumper: oh, I'm sure...22:28
thumpermtaylor: and it effects us too :(22:28
mtaylorthumper: I just thought I'd be "helpful" and register my dissatisfaction22:28
rockstarmtaylor, it affects us A LOT.  :)22:28
warrenit will be middle of the day somewhere no matter when you choose22:28
flavourmtaylor: I'm on GMT so this works for us...no time is perfect ;)22:29
thumpermtaylor: sure22:29
mtaylorin case sabdfl takes it more seriously when it affects me :)22:29
thumpermtaylor: I'm sure he has a collection of personal frustrations :)22:29
flavourSubscribe to news updates so you get alrted ahead of time22:29
* cody-somerville sends hate pings.22:30
* charlie-tca thinks it must be night in more than 1/2 of the world22:31
mtaylorwell, it's day in US and OZ22:32
LaserJockis there *any* possible way to do some sort of redirect notification when PPA URLs change?22:32
mtaylorthe PPA url's changed?22:32
LaserJockthey will soonish22:32
mtayloroh. great22:32
* mtaylor should read his email more often22:32
LaserJock"you should let your PPA's users know about the archive address change as soon as possible" how are we supposed to do that exactly when we have no idea who our users are?22:33
mtaylorLaserJock: telepathy. that's what telepathy is for22:34
LaserJockI guess22:34
mtaylorssh my-brain "apt-get install telepathic-abilities"22:34
mtaylorhrm, that didn't work22:34
cody-somervilleLaunchpad is back!! :D22:36
spivLaserJock: replace all your packages with packages that do "echo The PPA url changed"? ;)22:36
flavourSo when do we see the 'new features' announce? :)22:36
LaserJockspiv: I'm not sure that'd work, it'd probably need to be a zenity scrip, I don't have an CLI packages22:37
LaserJockbut seriously, while I certainly don't have a popular PPA by any means, my PPA is essentially going to break for all my existing users :(22:38
thumpermtaylor: gee, telepathy isn't in pat, it is in python "import telepathy"22:42
* mtaylor knew my brain ran python...22:42
jcfphow long is that period gonna last where both the old and new ppa url will work?22:42
LaserJocknot sure, but is that going to matter much?22:43
LaserJockI mean, if the user doesn't know it changed all it does is push out "breakage" to a later date22:43
jcfpwell, on release updates all non-official repo are disabled iirc, so that would "help"22:44
LaserJockwe need like a LP->libnotify systems, "Hello, this is your friendly PPA maintainer. We are changing URLs soon so please visit the PPA page and update your systems information."22:44
jcfpmaybe I'll just push a fake update, making it display some nice message in the tray22:45
jcfpjust like the "you need to restart" messages22:45
LaserJockthat's pretty nasty, but I guess it'd maybe work22:46
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jcfpwhat else? I really dont want every user complaining in my mailbox22:47
jcfpor even 1 in 10 for that matter22:47
LaserJockyeah, I don't know22:47
jcfpor even better, auto update sources.list from an install script :p22:50
LaserJockwell, that might kinda work but you'd have to take into account /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:50
jcfpI posted newbie-proof instruction, 99.9% will have used these and put it in the list file22:51
jcfpalthough I don't really like messing with people's systems this way22:52
LaserJockyeah, for sure22:52
LaserJockespecially if it's not really expected22:52
LaserJock"Hello World ... and I'll just take care of that sources.list for you" ;-)22:53
jcfpI'd sure need to be real sober when writing that script :|22:54
spivJust remove all other sources... your packages are the only packages your users will ever need, right? ;)22:54
LaserJockyou'd want to back up the sources.list for sure22:54
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sabdflLaserJock: AIUI there's a period of redirection23:28
sabdflor a period where the old URL will work23:28
LaserJockright, the email says the old URL will work23:29
LaserJockbut that is no help to migrate users23:29
sabdflfor a month or three23:29
LaserJockI mean, for sure I'm grateful for the idea of having multiple PPAs23:29
sabdflhmm... you might want to ask mvo if he would do that in the upgrade script23:29
sabdfli.e. spot all the old-style sources, and migrate them23:29
LaserJockbut it's nice to get features without breaking existing, working things23:30
sabdflLaserJock: it was an accident that the first url scheme didn't allow it, it was considered but slipped by23:30
LaserJockespecially since we have no form of communication with PPA users other than very non-standard behavior :-)23:30
LaserJockright, I assumed as much from discussions I remember from the beginnings of PPA23:30
LaserJockI'm trying to encourage LP devs/designers to perhaps take a closer look at the implications of their changes :-)23:31
LaserJockbetween the PPA signing and now breaking URLs it's a bit unfriendly23:32
anderskWith all the exciting PPA changes, is there any progress on bug 270817?23:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270817 in soyuz "Allow pinning based on individual PPA repository" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27081723:36
Ursinhaandersk, it was fixed23:38
anderskFix committed, not fix released.23:38
anderskhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/anders-kaseorg/ppa/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/main/binary-i386/Release still lists Origin: Ubuntu.23:38
Ursinhareleased a few mins ago, in this rollout23:39
Ursinhacprov, ^23:39
mwhudsonandersk: i _guess_ that will change next time something gets published in your ppa23:39
anderskI see, thanks.  Is there a plan to go update the existing PPAs so that this can be useful for PPAs that don't change frequently?23:40
cprovandersk: no, indexes will be updated only when there is a change (publication, deletion or copy) in the corresponding suite.23:42
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maxbcprov: Ah.... that means any PPA with superseded binaries *is* going to get updated straight away then? :-)23:45
maxb(over 30 days old)23:46
cprovmaxb: no, no, 'binary file expiration' != 'deletion'23:46
maxbwell... that's interesting, because my PPA has been updated and I haven't touched it since the rollout!23:47
cprovmaxb: and, BTW, binary expiration is not implemented yet.23:47
maxbWhat was the announcement email saying then?23:47
cprovmaxb: it doestn't say we are removing it right now. It's an announcement to get user prepared.23:48
LaserJock"From now on" sounds like it's implemented23:49
cprovmaxb: what's your lp_id ?23:49
cprovLaserJock: maybe, but even though we should wait 30 days to do the first removal.23:50
LaserJockbut the new process is being implemented now, right?23:50
cprovLaserJock: will be.23:51
LaserJock... ok, but that's not what the email says, right?23:51
maxbcprov: I am maxb23:51
maxb     release v=9.04,o=LP-PPA-maxb,a=jaunty,l=Ubuntu,c=main23:52
maxb^from apt-cache policy - that o= is what we are talking about, right?23:52
cprovLaserJock: the emails says that files superseded today will be removed in 30 days23:52
LaserJockcprov: exactly, so the process is in effect *right now*23:53
maxbHmm, I did copy some packages between series a while back. I can't remember if I did it via edge or not - might that explain it?23:53
cprovLaserJock: the policy in effect, not necessarily the process ;)23:53
LaserJockthe policy is a process though23:54
cprovmaxb: the last change in your PPA is from 21th this month, is you index older than that ?23:57
cprovmaxb: and your indexes for jaunty were generated at 2009-01-21 19:4023:59

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