ffforeveranyone here?00:02
ffforeverthis bug still affects me on jaunty https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/27224700:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272247 in linux "System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down" [High,Fix released]00:02
dandeloh boy... this last round of updates rendered the system unbootable.00:36
dandeljaunty tho00:37
maxbthat's why they call it a development branch :-)00:38
dandelit worked after the first reboot, but then after it failed to suspend properly the whole system went down on jaunty lol. ( regression from kerel changes in 8.04 to 8.10 )00:39
maxbsuspend issues are hardly "unbootable"00:39
dandelit's been an ongoing issue though, my bug even got put as a duplicate even though after further testing i revealed my was not related to that.00:40
dandelthe 2.6.28 kernel fixed by fn keys on this laptop, which was broken for 2.6.27, however suspend issues still occur, and this is in both 2.6.27 and 2.6.28, however 2.6.24 didn't have this issue.00:40
maxbDoes anyone know if the "jaunty suspends again immediately after wakeup if suspended by keypress" bug has been filed?00:44
maxbIt's not the easiest thing to search for00:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272247 in linux "System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down" [High,Fix released]00:47
maxbffforever: um, no00:47
ffforevermaxb, and it was fixed......... seems jaunty broke it =)00:47
ffforeverwhoops i miss read the thing sorry00:47
roe_anyone having success with X and an intel video chipset?01:01
roe_did you have to do anything funky?01:02
Teknono, just XAA insted of EXA to xorg.conf (better performance for GMA900)01:03
roe_I"m using the 84501:03
roe_you're setting an option XAA?01:04
Teknoyes. windows movement was jerky and laggy without XAA01:04
roe_so you created your own device section?  I guess the default is to have a blank xorg.conf01:04
TeknoOption "AccelMethod" "XAA"01:05
Teknodoes to Device section01:05
spitfireTekno: what?01:08
spitfiredoes it help for 96501:08
TeknoI don't know01:09
spitfireBut what does it change?01:09
Teknoif you are experiencing laggy and jerky windows01:09
spitfireTekno: sometimes.01:09
Teknothen it should help01:09
spitfireMostly it;s smooth;)01:09
spitfireWhat are cons of using it?01:09
Teknoyou need to exit xorg.conf01:11
Teknoadd Device section there01:11
Teknothen paste Option "AccelMethod" "XAA"01:11
Teknothere is sample01:11
PeddyHow do I install nvidia-glx-173 from apt without uninstalling xorg? I mean like this: http://pastebin.com/m549450a601:29
roe_after configuring xorg.conf by hand, I am able to startx, however, I get the background and a blank dialog box, and the machine just stalls there, nothing ominous in Xorg.0.log or syslog01:33
maxbPeddy: IIUC. 173 is useless with Jaunty's xorg and that's why the dependencies are the way they are02:22
Peddyok, thanks maxb :P02:24
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AmaranthRAOF: dude, GNOME is killing compiz :/04:46
RAOFAmaranth: In what way?04:46
RAOFI mean, in what way _in particular_ :)04:46
AmaranthRAOF: gnome-shell (default in 3.0) is gnome-panel + metacity + desktop drawing04:47
AmaranthSo if you want to use compiz you lose your panel and desktop04:47
RAOFRight.  In _that_ way.04:47
AmaranthRAOF: I was told by one of the devs XFCE is for people that want to build their desktop out of pieces04:47
AmaranthSo in about a year and a half no distro is going to ship compiz by default anymore04:48
Amaranth2 years if they wait a release to put gnome-shell as the default and use gnome-panel a little longer04:49
Teknothere are distros without gnome...04:49
AmaranthWhich means compiz is either dead in 2 years or compiz needs to grow half a DE in 2 years04:49
AmaranthTekno: KDE distros use KDE 4 which has kwin04:49
Teknoso ?04:50
AmaranthMost people consider kwin compositing "good enough" to just leave it enabled04:50
RAOFHow tied to mutter is gnome-shell?  Absolutely?04:50
AmaranthRAOF: gnome-shell is a plugin built on top of the mutter plugin system04:51
RAOFOh, right.04:51
AmaranthAnd they don't seem willing to split them anyway04:51
AmaranthI'm a man without a country04:51
RAOFThat's a bit sucky.04:57
RAOFAlso a bit sucky: audio in Kubuntu, particularly amarok.04:59
* RAOF wonders where kubuntu's 05:06
RAOF"Please play my mp3's" option is.05:06
BUGabundois there a bluetooth irc channel ?10:12
TamagotonoBUGabundo: #kdebluetooth10:19
BUGabundoTamagotono: thanks. but I meant for ubuntu!10:20
BUGabundognome-phone-manager wont connect via Bluetooth10:20
BUGabundoI filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-phone-manager/+bug/32223910:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322239 in gnome-phone-manager "gnome-phone-manager wont connect via Bluetooth" [Undecided,New]10:20
BUGabundoits been like than since ibex development cycle10:21
BUGabundohope it gets fixed for jaunty10:21
simion314hi, ii had a problem with the networking in kubuntu 9.04 yesterday when updating,( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6625115 ), i do not found any solution so i reinstall kubuntu alpha 3 and made a update and i have again the networking problem and kde background is not rendered , is this a known or expected problem? the networking problem has no logic to me10:21
TamagotonoBUGabundo: how about this #bluez-users  they may be able to help10:24
BUGabundothanks Tamagotono10:37
thehook_hi =) when can i expect a server release of jaunty?11:13
Unksithe same time as the others, next april11:14
BUGabundothehook_: april11:16
BUGabundo !release11:16
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases11:16
thehook_BUGabundo: i mean a alphaor beta version of cours11:16
thehook_i noticed the alpha3 version was only a desktop and alternate version.11:17
thehook_what about server edition?11:18
BUGabundo !daily11:18
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/11:18
BUGabundoI thought there were server too11:18
thehook_yeah, so did i until i was going to download alpha3 yesterday :P11:19
BUGabundoits there thehook_11:19
BUGabundodon't get milestones11:19
BUGabundojust get the daily11:19
thehook_thank you BUGabundo :)11:20
BUGabundoA3 is a bit old already!11:20
BUGabundobut who tries ALPHA on their servers??!!!?11:20
thehook_BUGabundo: hehe i know what you're thinking :P but i'm only testing my scripts etc :)11:20
BUGabundoI know!11:22
BUGabundoit would be almost as stupid as me using alpha on my main laptop11:22
thehook_I am making some script to install and configure lightweight and secure services with minimum user-interaction :) I have made one for installing nginx with php and mysql support already. and are making more for mail server (dovecot, postfix using mysql backend) and more you can find the ne for nginx here http://insecure.no/2009/01/easy-nginx-php-and-mysql-installer-script/11:23
thehook_BUGabundo: we're both stupid I hear :P11:23
BUGabundoshare them with MOTU or server team11:24
thehook_i was using alpha as well for hardy on my main computers :P11:24
BUGabundomaybe you can get them as a TaskSel task11:24
thehook_BUGabundo: you think so? if you're interested you are free to take a look and give me some feedback also :)11:25
BUGabundono need!11:25
BUGabundodon't use servers that much11:25
thehook_what was MOTU again?11:25
BUGabundoalready have my dovecote+postfix working as I want11:26
BUGabundoMasters of the Universe11:26
thehook_are you using mysql on dovecot/postfix?11:26
thehook_virtual users11:26
BUGabundoplain /dev/users11:26
isaacyesterday/today's update has caused my touchpad to stop working :(11:33
isaacin a macbook11:33
BUGabundoisaac: lucky you11:36
BUGabundomine (not mac) is acting like a double click11:36
BUGabundoeverytime! grrr11:36
isaacBUGabundo: oh, sounds interesting too11:37
isaacI am using a mouse for the first time in years11:37
jronhas anyone reported random file corruption issues with jaunty?11:53
jronat first I thought it was ext4 acting up so I formated and went back to ext3... same problem.11:53
jronmemory is fine and smart reports my disk being ok too11:53
BUGabundoI'm having trouble with torrents on xfs11:56
BUGabundothe same thing jron?11:56
jronBUGabundo: using ext3 now same problem11:59
jronand yeah my torrents are getting corrupted11:59
BUGabundodeluge is failing on me for the past week11:59
jronare your files getting borked?11:59
BUGabundoI had to fix the downloaded torrents with Transmission12:00
BUGabundobut even that failed me with 2 of them12:00
BUGabundoI see many logs telling me about Too many Open Files12:00
BUGabundohumm Kernel bug?12:00
BUGabundo2.6.28-4 & 5 ?12:00
jronwhere can I find that log?12:00
jronright now i'm running 2.6.28-4-generic12:01
jroni'd think more people would have reported it though... i mean that is a pretty big deal =)12:01
jronI downloaded a vid, watched it, then downloaded and sfv application and ran it on my video's sfv... checked out OK. ran it again and bam 2 files were corrupt.12:03
BUGabundohumm is it , 'cause i'be running both pidgin and kmail in gdb12:12
cwillujron, smartctl -t short /path/to/device, and then a minute or two later run smartctl -a /path/to/device12:42
jroncwillu: i ran a long test last night for an hour and 40 min, results came back ok.12:45
jronmemtest was OK too.... the only thing left is software or the mainboard...12:45
jronor smart isn't reporting correctly.12:46
cwilluwhat are your mount options?12:48
jronit is just a default ext3 installation.12:50
jroni first had the issue with ext4 and I thought it just wasn't ready... switched back to ext3 after a format and the problem is still here...12:51
cwillukern.log and syslog12:51
BUGabundocwillu: and my case is / in etx3 and /home in XFS12:52
BUGabundoinstalled from ibex and upgraded to jaunty12:52
jroncwillu: nothing in the logs othher than 4-5 lines of normal output12:52
cwilluBUGabundo, xfs is probably unrelated to jron's troubles12:53
BUGabundoI only had data corruption and XFS fs errors recently12:54
BUGabundoit never happened before12:54
BUGabundoin almost 3 years using XFS12:55
asranielhi there. is there a little tutorial somewhere how to get the nouveau driver to work? i need it because the nv driver does not find the right resolution, and the binary driver does not work (71)13:15
fosco_binary 180 works fine here13:20
asranielyes, but my card is not supported by 180, but i need 71, which does not support the new xserver13:26
asranielis there a way to create a x.org file from the current configuration?13:34
fosco_X -configure13:39
asranielthank you . that new x server is still confusing without a config file13:42
fosco_since X 1.5 xorg.conf is not needed14:06
fosco_it is only usefull to force some options that can not be detected14:07
asranielfosco_: is there another way to change between the nv, nvidia and nouveau driver than the xorg.conf?14:24
fosco_don't think so14:24
fosco_but is so simple14:25
asranielok. neither for the screen resolution? mine is fixed at 640x48014:25
fosco_change Driver "nv" by Driver "nvidia" or Driver "nouveau" to change used driver14:25
asranielyeah that i know, i was just asking if there was another way.14:26
asranielyou don't know by any chance how to stop the x server? because for  "X -configure" to work, the xserver can not run14:26
fosco_X -configure works in a running server14:28
asranielnot for me. but thats not a problem, found out how to stop it14:30
tuxxy__hey anyone got any news on the nvidia binary drivers compatibility in Jaunty14:36
maxbOnly nvidia can know that14:37
asranielthe 71 one does not work14:37
fosco_tuxxy__: version 180 works fine for me14:41
fosco_OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE214:41
DrHalan1is anybody esle having troubles updateing dictionaries-common?14:57
teethdoodI just upgraded to Jaunty. No problems whatsoever with upgrading process (that's a first) I didn't even know I was using Jaunty15:37
teethdoodvery nice!15:37
mahfiazstay upgraded and most likely you will encounter some :)15:37
mahfiazbut good to hear about that15:38
mahfiazI really cannot say myself, I have mixed repositories and don't know yet how to get rid of external packages15:38
teethdoodso KDE4.2 is out, supposedly many good things are said about it. However people have been migrating to gnome in droves.15:41
teethdoodso I'm not even sure if I should give it a spin15:41
Unksiteethdood: 4.2 is *a lot* better than 4.115:41
DrHalan1hm strange i get "Kann »./usr/share/app-install/desktop/egoboo.desktop« nicht erzeugen"  the german stuff means  cannot create" why is there a dot in the beginning?15:52
charlie-tcaIt is trying to create in the current directory15:54
DrHalan1yeah i know but that seems wrong15:56
DrHalan1but maybe they cded to /15:56
DrHalan1charlie-tca: now it complains about no free disk space but ive 136 gigs free :S16:00
shadowhywindhay all i am having a odd issue with my touchpad. If I use the toucpad button to select, it pastes instead16:05
charlie-tcaDrHalan1: I have no idea what is wrong. Appears something is wrong with whatever is installing16:06
teethdoodok KDE here I come. See you guys later16:10
DrHalanhey, where can i find other sound themes? in synaptic?16:25
fosco__but this is not a jaunty related question16:26
DrHalanbut ive a jaunty related question. all packages i try to install show me a full harddisc :S16:30
DrHalanbut nautlius tells me ive a lot of free space (136 gb)16:31
fosco__df -h to see your free space16:31
DrHalanfosco__ it shows the same.. ive only 4% of my disc that is moutned to / in use16:32
DrHalani should add that it only appears with some of the packages16:32
DrHalani think they all want to write to var16:33
fosco__var is full?16:33
DrHalanit shouldnt ive two discs one is mounted to / and one to home16:36
DrHalanand both have plenty of free space16:36
fosco__try to install anything and paste both command and error at pastebin.com16:38
DrHalanits german im sorry http://pastebin.com/m21a89fa216:41
fosco__i understand nothing, sorry16:42
DrHalanwell i think that line is important "Cannot create »./usr/share/app-install/desktop/arora.desktop«: No space left on device"16:43
hggdhand you do have space on /usr?16:46
hggdhand on (perhaps) other filesystems? /tmp comes to mind16:46
maxbDrHalan: pastebin the output of "df -h"16:48
DrHalanas i said there shold be a lot of space16:48
DrHalanyeah sec16:48
DrHalani translated it http://pastebin.com/m297a138b16:50
hggdhI just checked to be sure, but arora.desktop is a quite small file16:50
DrHalanyeah desktop files are small16:51
hggdhI know. I just wanted to be sure there was not a runaway16:51
hggdhand /tmp is under /, as well as /var. Sigh16:52
DrHalanyeah that is strange16:52
hggdhDrHalan, did you try to look at the dpkg.log?16:52
DrHalanmaybe the message printed bei apt-get is just wrong?16:52
DrHalanwheres that file?16:52
hggdhit /var/log16:53
hggdhit might be wrong, but what you get there is the text for a errno16:53
DrHalanis there anything special i should look for?16:54
hggdhdifficult to know, since you should not even have this error... any and all errors on the last run..16:56
DrHalanhttp://pastebin.com/m7fe94176 but that doesnt log any errors16:57
DrHalanthink there was also a kernel update as a notification tells me to restart. maybe i try doing that..16:58
hggdhDrHalan, this error does not make much sense. Indeed perhaps rebooting may bring relief16:59
hggdhthen look at /var/log/apt/apt.log16:59
DrHalanbtw where did "open as admistrator" go?17:00
DrHalanah heck i jsut reboot :P17:01
DrHalan1yeah taht fixed it17:05
DrHalan1lets see if the problem reappears if i install some more packages17:05
DrHalan1hm strange my webcam doesnt work anymore :(17:07
FFForeverhow can i disable bluetooth?17:21
FFForeveri don't use it and it just sucks up my battery =P17:21
mahfiazmost laptops have special button for this17:23
mahfiazif not then rmmod bluetoothmodule whatever it is, should do it17:23
FFForeverwhat can i do with my phone via bluetooth?17:24
DrHalan1send files?17:25
DrHalan1maybe use it as a headphone17:25
mahfiazbrowse also17:25
mahfiazhave you searched for sync software?17:26
mahfiazopensync-plugin-moto - OpenSync Plugin for syncing with Motorola phones17:26
FFForeveri have an android =P17:35
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AmaranthFFForever: If you have a G1 you should install Banshee17:44
AmaranthFFForever: It has iPhone+iTunes levels of awesome with the G117:44
FFForeveriphone+itunes levels?17:45
FFForeverAmaranth, yeah the g1 =P17:45
AmaranthFFForever: http://abock.org/2008/11/17/banshee-14-hits-the-streets-packed-with-awesome/17:46
Amaranthkeeps things in sync with the amazon mp3 store between the two too17:46
macoproblem...resumed from suspend and now have no kbd in my session. Can login as other users fine.17:47
FFForevercool, i only rooted my g1 so i could tether it =)17:48
macoi'm using OnBoard to type. so slow17:48
Amaranthmaco: You somehow need to get HAL to send the "keyboard connected" signal, I guess17:50
FFForeverhow come the default ath_hal and ath_pci NEVER work for me?, i always have to use ndiswrapper =\17:51
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FFForeverAmaranth, how is banshee with the ipod?17:55
DrHalan1how can it be that my UVC cams picture is extreeeemly dark?17:57
AmaranthFFForever: it's alright as long as you don't mean iPod Touch17:58
AmaranthFFForever: Doesn't sync play counts or rating afaik though17:58
FFForeveri have an ipod classic17:58
Amaranthdo you literally mean an "iPod Classic"?17:59
AmaranthLast I knew those didn't work but I've been out of that area for a few months17:59
Andre_Gondimin the last update i lost my audio, how may i recovery?18:00
FFForeverwell i have the ipod classic witch is the newer version of the ipod?18:00
FFForeverAndre_Gondim, wait for another update?18:00
Andre_GondimFFForever, sounds good =/18:00
FFForeveri updated but didn't reboot i hope i don't loose my sound =P18:01
kabanother no space left :'(18:02
kabtar: ./md5sums: Cannot open: No space left on device18:02
kabtar: ./control: Cannot open: No space left on device18:02
mahfiazkab, you can delete .thumbnails18:04
kabmahfiaz, # df -h18:05
kabFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on18:05
kab/dev/sda2              12G  4.6G  6.0G  44% /18:05
mahfiazok, it makes a difference18:05
kabmahfiaz, and yes I do18:05
roe_so jaunty's intel video chipset support is a little shakey eh?18:05
roe_gnome seems to crash hard on my system18:06
DrHalan1hm damn i forgot my keyrings password. is there a way to reset it?18:07
macoAmaranth: how?18:08
Amaranthmaco: That I don't know18:08
Amaranthmaco: I suppose you could try restarting HAL?18:09
AmaranthNormally I'd say unplug the keyboard but this being a laptop that's probably not easy :P18:09
macobut it exists for other users so wouldn't hal have to know it's there?18:10
hggdhDrHalan1, no, there is no way to reset the keyring passphrase18:12
macohggdh: you can  replace the keyring...18:13
Amaranthmaco: Yes but X doesn't remember18:13
Amaranthmaco: So you have to make X think the keyboard just got plugged in18:13
DrHalan1how maco?18:13
Amaranthmaco: I'm guessing here, of cours18:13
Amaranthmaco: Just save your work and restart X18:13
macohggdh: also, if its the login one its pw should be user's pw18:14
mahfiazor old users pw18:14
macoAmaranth: oh but now ihaz experiment18:14
DrHalan1no it asked me to set the password the first time i connected to an ftp-share18:15
hggdhmaco, yes, but not always18:15
macoAmaranth: restarting hal not help18:17
Amaranthmaco: Does plugging in a USB keyboard work?18:18
macoAmaranth: don't have one18:19
* Amaranth revokes your geek card18:19
Amaranthmaco: Not sure what else you can do then18:20
Amaranthmaco: Check your log, I guess18:20
AmaranthSee if syslog or Xorg.0.log say the keyboard went away18:20
maco(EE) AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: Device has changed - disabling.18:22
DrHalan1in the new audio app how can I set to front mic?18:24
Amaranthmaco: File a but, attach that log, restart X18:24
legodudeany idea why vlc would suddenly be giving my videos a green cast?18:32
DrHalan1hm strange i think they just removed that fron mic swithc :S18:34
Tecumsehhi there, is there a known issue with kubuntu jaunty alpha 3 related to the installation of the restricted drivers?18:37
fosco__any issue with the installation of the drivers, but X server can not use them18:39
slaviknot yet18:39
TecumsehI tried the restricted drivers manager but it does not list any available drivers18:40
fosco__Tecumseh, sudo apt-get install your_driver18:40
Tecumsehfosco_: X server can not use any driver?18:40
fosco__it is known nvidia drivers can be used with a little of xorg.conf modification18:40
fosco__don't know about ati nor intel18:41
Tecumsehok, I'll be good then cause I have a nvidia card18:41
fosco__so you're lucky :)18:42
fosco__explanation there18:42
Tecumsehhmmm, found another anoying bug. Kicker and Lancelot menu do not update after installing additional packages. Also a known one?18:43
fosco__gnome user here :)18:44
roe_I can't seem to get gnome to start, I get a background and a blank dialog box18:44
CarlFKapt-get upgrade... Errors were encountered while processing:  /var/cache/apt/archives/dictionaries-common_0.98.14ubuntu1_all.deb; E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)19:07
CarlFKis that enough for a bug report?19:08
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stefanlsdAnyone else not have sound after todays pulseaudio updates?19:18
AmaranthCarlFK: No, the real error is probably further up in the log19:24
AmaranthCarlFK: Unless your dpkg has actually stopped working, in which case you've got bigger problems19:25
CarlFKAmaranth: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/dictionaries-common_0.98.14ubuntu1_all.deb (--unpack):  subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 219:37
CarlFKthat's as far back as my shell buffer goes19:38
AmaranthAdding `diversion of /usr/share/dict/words to /usr/share/dict/words.pre-dictionaries-common by dictionaries-common'19:38
Amaranthdpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/share/dict/words.pre-dictionaries-common' with19:38
Amaranth  different file `/usr/share/dict/words', not allowed19:38
AmaranthYou could have at least _tried_ to read it19:39
AmaranthAll I did is skim and the non-normal thing jumped right out19:39
AmaranthCarlFK: Anyway, don't hack around this, wait for a proper fix so you can make sure the fix works19:39
CarlFKso no need to post anything to lp?19:40
AmaranthI suspect there are already about 100 copies of that bug filed, apport does it automatically19:41
Amaranthfunnily enough, there are no bugs filed for it19:42
AmaranthCarlFK: File a bug with the bit I pasted in here included19:42
Amaranthor just the whole log, but make it an attachment in that case, don't paste it in or link to the pastebin19:42
CarlFKagainst what package ?19:43
cwilluCarlFK, the package that died19:43
AmaranthCarlFK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dictionaries-common/+filebug19:44
Amaranthit seems this has actually broken before, on the +filebug page is shows the most duped bugs and they involve broken diversions of the words file19:45
Amaranthheh, one is from warty but not the same19:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322448 in dictionaries-common "dpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/share/dict/words.pre-dictionaries-common'" [Undecided,New]19:47
CarlFKanything else before I reboot?19:47
AmaranthCarlFK: I think that should be good19:48
AmaranthCarlFK: in any case you've still got the broken stuff there to pull up again if they need more info19:48
CarlFKthanks.  I always stress over what additional details I should track down19:51
CarlFKrebooted, get a dialog, click details, see: /etc/gdm/Xsession: 129: can not create /dev/null: permission denied20:02
=== sdkafsfa is now known as DBO
CarlFKthen the same thing, but replace 129 with: 130, 148, and bunch with 19220:07
CarlFKno networking, so i can't cut/paste20:08
spitfire hi. What should be ownership rights for ~/.gnupg ?20:39
spitfire I'm getting these warnings about unsecure ownership of  ~/.gnupg ...20:39
RAOFThere we go.  GNOME + KWin (very nearly) FTW!21:07
JediMasterhey guys, since a recent update (today) I seem to have lost audio for several apps, e.g. mplayer and vlc no longer produce any sounds21:18
JediMasterI can't see any errors, just no audio21:18
JediMasterif I open the volume control I can see mplayer etc in the applications tab, not muted, and with the volume at max21:19
JediMasteroh and on the volume control, it shows an input device but no output device, anyone have any ideas?21:20
JediMasteroh and I'm still getting login audio21:21
macodoes it continue working on other apps?21:21
macoex: rhythmbox?21:22
macoJediMaster: ^21:23
JediMasterlet me try21:26
JediMastertried totem and rhythmbox21:29
JediMastertried avis, mkvs, m4a files21:29
JediMasterI can see the programs in the applications tab in sound preferences21:30
macowhat's "aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav" do?21:31
JediMasterPlaying WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono21:32
JediMasterno audio21:32
JediMasterno error21:32
macono error? :(21:32
JediMasteryes, the speakers are plugged in, volume is up, nothing is muted that I can see21:32
JediMasteryeah, that's the only output21:32
macodid you check the sliders in alsamixer or in gnome's thing?21:32
JediMastergnome's thing21:33
macocan you try alsamixer?21:33
JediMasterok, turned up the random ones that weren't up on alsamixer all to 100%21:34
JediMasterand same thing21:34
macomy laptop keeps being muted on all channels but master, and master's all that shows in gnome21:34
JediMastermore worrying is that there's no output device under the sound prefs21:35
macoalsa-info.sh output?21:36
JediMasterwhere can that be found?21:37
macosave it and run it. then gimme the url it gives you21:37
maco(run it from a terminal)21:38
JediMasterta for the help btw maco21:41
macolsof /dev/snd/*21:43
JediMastermixer_app 4897  tom   22w   CHR  116,8      5013 /dev/snd/controlC021:43
JediMasternothing is playing at the mo21:43
macoyour soundcard is being recognized fine...21:44
macopulseaudio's not running though21:44
macocan you try starting pulseaudio?21:44
JediMasterI get a bunch of errors21:44
JediMasterheh, already on it =)21:45
JediMasterdoes it need to be run as root?21:46
macoO_o it says it's already running21:46
macops -ef | grep pulse21:46
JediMasterlol I was typing that as you wrote it21:46
JediMastertom       4846     1  1 21:04 ?        00:00:30 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start21:46
JediMastertom       4854  4846  0 21:04 ?        00:00:00 /usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper21:46
maco:( that looks like mine21:48
JediMastervery odd, not had any audio issues with any version of ubuntu since I started on 5.04 I think it was =)21:50
macoer, id file a bug on the fact that the volume control isnt showing an output device when the output device is detected and include the link to the alsa-info21:50
macohaha oh so you're overdue for an audio issue?21:50
JediMasterthat's not a very nice way of putting it21:51
JediMasterok, I shall brb21:52
JediMastermaco: I ctrl-alt-backspaced, went into the console and ran mplayer on a .m4a and it played fine21:58
JediMasterwent back to X, logged in, got the into audio as I did before, but it appears to be working now21:59
macopulseaudio starts when gnome runs21:59
JediMasterweird, I even rebooted earlier and no luck21:59
JediMasterbut the output device now shows21:59
JediMasterdidn't change anything, heh22:00
JediMasterthanks for your help22:01
CarlFKa few weeks ago owner of  /dev/raw1394 changed from root:disk to root:root.  pretty sure this is a problem22:06
CarlFKbut I am not sure how to report it22:07
macoCarlFK: launchpad.net, id guess udev22:11
CarlFKmaco: thanks22:11
ashpAnyone else get their sound break today?22:34
ashpI don't have an output device in the volume control thingy anymore.22:34
ashpargh, and 'screen resolution' is broken too, not my lucky day22:43
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
hggdhwhat is the application to control theme sound on 9.04 nowadays22:57
CarlFKapt-get update borked my box: rebooted, get a dialog: "your session lasted less than 10 seconds"  click details, see: /etc/gdm/Xsession: 129: can not create /dev/null: permission denied23:10
CarlFKshouldn't Shift-Alt-f7 give me a VT?23:10
macoashp: someone was just in here making that complaint.23:20
macoashp: it was JediMaster23:20
macoi told him to file a bug23:20
hggdhCarlFK, usually X is running on it23:21
macomy output device is still there, though i havent rebooted in about 6 hours23:21
hggdhCtrl-Alt-F1-4 should give you a term23:21
CarlFKah, right23:22
CarlFKso I log in to the VT, and get a about 200: -bash: /dev/null: Permission denied23:24
CarlFKstarted up networking, sshed to it from here, same thing.  (just checked, 193, not 200)23:25
CarlFKwhat should the rights be: crw------- 1 root root 1, 3 2009-01-20 18:16 /dev/null23:31
maxbCarlFK: 666. There are no security implications in reading or writing to the null device, so anyone should be able to23:43
CarlFK apt-get update, rebooted, now its 600, which cuases problems23:43
CarlFKunless it was me trying to fix /dev/raw1394 ...23:44
CarlFKno - i rebooted, that worked.  then update, then reboot, now dev/null is 60023:45
CarlFKhmm, set it to 666, X starts, I get the login, enter user/pw, still get error23:47
CarlFKso I guess the "/dev/null: Permission denied" wasn't related23:47
legodude_crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3 2009-01-27 12:17 /dev/null23:56

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