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darkmatteroh dear... someone has blatently ripped gnome 3.0's default look... so much for the NDA... http://jordanfc.deviantart.com/art/rubber-control-part-11077256312:49
knomezomg, comic sans12:50
darkmatterknome: comic sans is the least of the worries ;)12:51
* _MMA_ waves.14:32
knomedarkmatter, is it really? :P14:48
darkmatteroh look! stupid chain mail! *deletes*14:49
_MMA_thorwil: What the hell was that? "Bagus,"16:26
thorwil_MMA_: no idea16:27
_MMA_kwwii: You get a Firefox update today?16:29
_MMA_kwwii: nm16:41
savvas_MMA_: most unlikely, no update for it: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.016:44
_MMA_savvas: Yeah. I just hit something odd here where my homepage won't stick. No big deal. I needed to blow the settings out anyway. My .mozilla folder is like 3 years old and Im sure pretty chaotic.16:46
savvasI had problems with the 2->3 transition, I exported my passwords and bookmarks and was good to go!16:48
savvasfor reference, password exporter: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/284816:48
_MMA_Ahh... I grabbed the bookmarks but forgot passwords. Ill get them to. (still have the old folder)16:48
_MMA_savvas:Hmm... Where do you manage the passwords? import/export? Or is it just a folder to drop in place?16:49
savvasyou export them in a file16:50
savvasxml I think16:50
savvasonce you install the plugin and restart firefox, you head to Edit > preferences > Security > Import/Export passwords16:50
savvasIt does backups on demand, not on a daily basis unfortunately :)16:51
_MMA_Oh. There's a plugin for it. I thought it was built in. Got a name for the plugin?16:51
savvas17:49:40 < savvas> for reference, password exporter: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/284816:51
savvashands quicker than the eye :)16:52
_MMA_savvas: Man that's handy. Thanx. Would be a nice default feature IMO.16:55
savvasI know, but how does someone recommend these?16:56
_MMA_For default? I'm unsure. I have seen  a couple of features pulled in that were extensions before.16:57
_MMA_Im sure the Mozilla folks monitor the popularity of them.16:57
_MMA_savvas: You know Moonlight came out right? Works great here. http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight16:59
savvasoh an xpi!17:00
savvas_MMA_: do you have a site to test it? :P17:00
_MMA_After you install it, go here and you'll be prompted for codec installation. http://silverlight.net/learn/learnvideo.aspx?video=5701017:00
savvasis it different than flash?17:01
_MMA_As much as I hate to say it, kinda. :)17:02
_MMA_Depends on what you're looking for.17:02
savvasquality :P17:02
_MMA_Generally, I've seen betterimage quality with less CPU usage with the vids I've looked at.17:03
savvasthat's nice17:03
_MMA_But, without knowing the bitrate of the feeds it's kinda hard to really measure.17:03
_MMA_I know the US inauguration looked *great*.17:04
_MMA_(though not as good as my hi-def tv) :P17:04
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, I actually booted into Vista just to watch the inauguration17:04
_MMA_kwwii: Apparently the Moonlight guys worked all night to get this ready just for the inauguration. I have to say, worked like a charm.17:05
savvaslooks cool17:05
kwwii_MMA_: hehe, it is good to have friends :p17:06
_MMA_Damn. I gotta find someone who can make a Breathe theme for Firefox/Thunderbird.17:07
savvasheh this is fun: http://silverlight.net/samples/1.0/Grand-Piano/default.html - use keys: C, B, V :PP17:09
savvas(wrong button pressed :p)17:10
savvas_MMA_: all my add-ons are here: http://imagebin.org/3698317:12
* _MMA_ looks cautiously17:13
savvasit's an image :P17:14
_MMA_Oh I know. I just expected a crap-tastic amount of extentions. Like most people I know have. :P17:14
savvasnah, I can work with adblock plus, gmail manager, secure login and password exporter17:15
_MMA_Jesus. 3 years worth of cached imaged makes me look like a big perve. (I'm just a little perve)17:19
* _MMA_ sets cache to 5MB. :P17:19
savvaswell.. besides bookmarks and passwords there's nothing else to keep in my opinion, you can safely remove the whole .mozilla folder (once you back up your extensions that is)17:20
_MMA_Yeah. I'm pretty much there. And it's actually a little snappier.17:20
thorwilmidget pr0n fits into 5mb easily17:22
knomei'm wondering if this channel gets logged17:23
thorwilso what? boobs!17:23
knomegood for thorwil17:24
savvasthorwil: I have another idea for the ubuntu free culture showcase - How about collecting images out of all ubuntu members/launchpad users and making a huuuuuge image out of them of ubuntu logo? :)17:27
thorwilsavvas: if you think you can pull that off in the little remaining time, i won't stop you ;)17:29
* kwwii made a collage like that for canonical not too long ago17:30
savvasaww, and I thought I was original ;p17:30
savvasI just got the idea, there's no way I can pull that of17:30
knomea script? :P17:31
_MMA_Man I forgot the app that does this. Tiles smaller images into 1 big one.17:31
savvasthere is the python API of launchpad, it supports getting users images.. but what about their license? :\17:31
* _MMA_ searches bookmarks again.17:31
savvasI'll be blamed for spamming :P17:32
_MMA_*Just* as I think the kernel has settled down and I can use manually installed nVidia drivers there's a new kernel for Intrepid. :P17:40
* thorwil now and then receives a request for a design, but the only person who wanted to pay didn't follow up so far17:44
thorwil_MMA_: on a positive note, the ardour guys are implementing a connection matrix pretty close to my mockups. i love it when that happens :)17:48
_MMA_I still gotta finish my conversion of the ardour gtkrc to a "normal" one.17:49
thorwil_MMA_: you mean one that picks up as much as possible from the desktop theme?17:50
_MMA_I mean making a gtkrc that looks like Ardour.17:51
thorwiloh, other direction17:51

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