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hggdhgnome bug  56941102:03
ubottuGnome bug 569411 in Misc. "svn build dies in camel-local-private.c" [Critical,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56941102:03
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zetabyt_hey i'm new here04:06
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dholbachgood morning06:05
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HewWhat should we do about public bugs that still have coredumps?08:00
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andolHow does "Ubuntu Sponsors for main" and "Ubuntu Sponsors for universe" work? Are those subsribers you yourself can add when you have debdiff-solution, like to get someones attention? Or do they subscribe themselves?09:06
dholbachandol: you subscribe them09:06
dholbachbasically it's the "reviewer team"09:08
andoldholbach: thank you09:08
dholbachandol: if you have any more specific questions about packaging, development, sponsoring and stuff feel free to stop by in #ubuntu-motu :)09:09
andoldholbach: Will do09:10
dholbachrock on!09:10
BUGabundogood morning09:20
BUGabundoneed an advice09:20
BUGabundowhen my webcam is turned on by Flash in Firefox09:20
BUGabundoit won't turn off again, until I restart the browser09:20
BUGabundois that a bug in FF, Flash, webcam driver?09:20
maxbmvo: Hi, maybe you could direct me to the proper place to file this? On intrepid->jaunty, linux-doc got kept back because apt didn't want to remove linux-doc-2.6.27 in favour of linux-doc-2.6.28. Do I file against linux. linux-meta, or update-manager? (If you know?)09:53
mvomaxb: update-manager for now, if you could attach the upgrade logs, I have a look09:54
mvomaxb: please give me the bugnumber when its there (apt.log is the one I'm mainly interessted in)09:55
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AbtZok, im starting a bit early on the hug day. i found a bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/221698) that i can confirm. can i just do this, or is there something else i should do too?14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221698 in compiz "Cannot resize window taller than screen." [Undecided,New]14:04
pedro_AbtZ: yes please, also add a comment saying which version of Ubuntu / Compiz you're currently running14:10
pedro_AbtZ: don't forget to edit the wiki and put your name on it14:10
davmor2Guys I'm having an issue with jaunty.  When I've had a major update and the restart icon appear on the panel if I click on it and select restart now it only logs out rather than reboots is anyone experiencing this?14:22
maxboccasionally, yes. Not reproducibly14:32
davmor2hey guys is apport on the fritz I got a crash with bluez on jaunty and it's trying to send the bug to file:///ubuntu/+.....  I'm guessing it should be something like https://launchpad.net/........14:52
charlie-tcaKnown bug, davmor2. bug 31596614:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315966 in apport "Apport opens crash files as "file:///" urls (dup-of: 314263)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31596614:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314263 in gvfs "regression - URIs opened with firefox %u load as local files (file:///...)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31426314:53
davmor2charlie-tca: ta :)14:53
charlie-tcano problem.14:54
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jgoguenquestion about https://launchpad.net/bugs/312483 - the reporter is using thunderbird 3, but the bug is equally valid for thunderbird, so should this one be marked as Confirmed and the user informed that thunderbird 3 isn't provided by Ubuntu?19:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312483 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird's date format not changed easely" [Undecided,New]19:36
mrooneyjgoguen: that sounds pretty reasonable!19:37
jgoguenthanks mrooney :)19:38
mrooneyI would just explain that v3 isn't supported but you confirmed the bug in v219:38
skorasaurusmy question is, if I am triaging, should I try to see if the bug has already been fixed upstream (in a newer developmental version) or try to reproduce it ?19:50
skorasaurus(which one should I do first) ?19:51
skorasaurushttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#Confirming doesn't state which order I should do it in.19:51
jmarsden|workskorasaurus: Do whichever you think will be easier/quicker first :)19:53
hggdhif it seems a valid bug, you can (and should) check upstream19:53
skorasaurusjmarsden, k. thanks.19:53
skorasaurushggdh, i understand that, but sometimes it seems more work trying to reproduce it than finding out that it's already been fixed upstream.19:54
skorasaurusso, it's on a case by case basis.19:54
hggdhskorasaurus, yes.19:55
hggdhbtw, not only fixed, but also still open upstream19:55
anderskBug 295127 seems to be getting no attention because it is marked Fix Released, but still requires an Intrepid SRU update.  Is there anything I can do to get someone to look at it?19:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295127 in libpar-perl "libpar-perl won't install on intrepid due to libfile-temp-perl (>= 0.05) dependency" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29512719:56
hggdhthe MOTU SRU is already subscribed.19:58
hggdhperhaps a nicer comment would do the trick19:58
hggdhor a debdiff19:58
anderskI just added a debdiff.19:58
hggdhgood. Thanks19:59
skorasaurusif it's fixed upstream, then should I confirm it then ? the howtotriage guide doesn't say anymore than just only to confirm it. (even though a fix has been released, upstream).19:59
jmarsden|workskorasaurus: Document in a comment that it is fixed upstream, in what version, and how you know that, and then confirm it.  At least, that's what I would do.20:08
shaman87i've got a problem. i'm not sure it is a bug or not, but i hope you van help me :)20:39
Elbrusshaman87: usually you can just ask your question20:40
shaman87so the problem is, when i copy files to or from my external usb2 sata drive, my whole system gets slow, the load is seriously high, especially, when copying from that drive20:40
shaman87the external drive is an 1TB samsung, with an 800 GB resierfs partition20:40
shaman87and the rest is an ntfs partition20:40
shaman87the problem is the same with the reiserfs and the ntfs20:41
shaman87but with ntfs the load is even higher20:41
shaman87can i do something about this?20:41
shaman87i just switched to ubuntu from windows and i really find this issue annoying20:42
shaman87and oh, i forgot, the copy speed is ok. (reiser: 18-20 MB/s, ntfs:14-18 MB/s)20:42
* Elbrus doesn't know enough about this to help, but I guess it depends on what you really do, copy from one filesystem to an other?20:43
shaman87my system disk is in ext320:44
shaman87and the computer is a dell laptop20:44
shaman87one of my friend said that the kernels usb driver can cause this20:44
Elbrusthe best place to look is launchpad and see if somebody reported a similar bug report20:44
shaman87maybe  i can wait for a new kernel or the 9.04 ubuntu and see what happens? :D20:45
Elbrusif you really suspect a kernel driver, you might need to tweek somewhere (I know, it should work out of the box, but that just is not true sometimes)20:46
shaman87yeah, but what to tweek? :) I google it,  know :)20:47
shaman87i tried searching on launchpad, but all i got is that file transers with usb are slow20:50
shaman87and that isn't my problem :(20:50
bdmurrayshaman87: you might test it with a Jaunty (9.04) live cd20:55
shaman87i will :)20:57
shaman87and does that makes difference if  i use another usb port? i just realised that i never tried it :)20:59
hggdhshaman87, it might, if the ports are under different USB controllers21:00
shaman87i will try it, thank you21:01
shaman87and there is another thing: firefox very often crashes on sites with flash (like google analytics). I heard that this is the problem because the poor flash support of adobe21:23
shaman87or can i help this somehow?21:23
macoshaman87: if you use nspluginwrapper, then just flash crashes without taking firefox with it. this however can cause audio problems because nspluginwrapper needs ia32libs which conflicts with libasound2-plugins (i think that's the package) because they both provide a certain file21:25
shaman87and what is  nspluginwrapper ? a FF extension? or just a package? And when flash crashes, how can i restart it?21:28
macoits a wrapper for browser plugins so you can use 32bit plugins (like flash) on 64bit linux21:29
shaman87it's installed on my system21:31
macoyou can use it to install flash in there, but ive never done it. i use open source flash21:32
shaman87which package?21:34
shaman87by the way i use ubuntu 8.10 64-bit version21:34
shaman87my friend suggested that i should use the 32 bitt version and the problems would be gone21:35
shaman87could that be true?21:35
macowait so then youre already using flash in nspluginwrapper?21:35
macoor are you using the native 64bit flash 10 alpha?21:35
shaman87nspluginwrapper is on my computer21:35
shaman87but i never did anything with it21:35
macohow did you install flash?21:35
shaman87from firefox :S21:36
macodoes that mean you clicked an apturl flashplugin-nonfree, an apturl adobe-flashplugin, or that you went to adobe.com?21:37
shaman87sorry, im a beginner :)21:37
shaman87i went to adobe.com21:37
macoand did you get adobe flash 9 or 10?21:37
macodo you realize that flash 10 is only in alpha state?21:39
macoits not an ubuntu bug at all. it's adobe's bug, and it's because you're using software that's nowhere near done being written.21:40
shaman87oooooh i didn't know that this is only alpha, sorry21:40
shaman87you suggest that i should switch to flash 9?21:41
macowell if you use flash 9 by installing the adobe-flashplugin or flashplugin-nonfree from the repos, i think itll install inside nspluginwrapper21:41
macoand then it shouldnt be able to crash firefox21:41
macothere is no flash 9 native for 64bit21:41
shaman87okay, ill try that too after i finished sem things21:42
shaman87thank you for helping me out21:42
salty-horsecan anyone reproduce this vim bug? http://vim.pastey.net/10718522:05
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